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Dr. Diane M. Rousseau,
Spirituality, Science and Healing Suffering
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H. H. Swami Maheshwarandji, Austria (Yoga in Daily Life,  International )





Dr. S. L. Gandhi, Conference Organizer, India, 
Mr. Narayanan, Journalist, India
Dr. Diane M. Rousseau, USA, Presenter, Prof. Yoshikawa, Japan, Presenter

Vedic Blessing by H. H. Swami Maheshwarandji


International Round Table Conference


Science, Spirituality and Intercultural Insights

28 – 29 December 2006

Jaipur, India

Presented by

IOU (Intercultural Open University) Prof. Jan R. Hakemulder

Institute of Vedic Studies, Pt. Madhusudan Ojha

Rajasthan Patrika, Dr. Gulab Kothari

Theme Paper

Spirituality, Science and Healing Suffering

Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

President, ISS


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Spirituality, Science and Healing Suffering

By Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD (candidate) IOU

December, 2006

In 1941, a well marked time in the political and religious history of India, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, who was called “Vedanta Incarnate” (Truth Eternal) by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan (the famous philosopher and the successor of Dr. Prasad of the Indian Union) accepted the holy throne of Shankaracharya of Jyothir Math, the principle monastery of Shankaracharya at the age of 71.

In the transcription of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s lecture on Indian Philosophy in Rishikesh, India 1966, Maharishi states, “That for more than one and a half centuries the light of Jyothir Math was non-existent and North India had no Shankaracharya to guide the spiritual destiny of the people. Swami Brahmananda Saraswati held the spiritual perfect discipline of Sanatana Dharma.”

Currently in the civilized world, there are still so many injustices being done, so many people being killed, so many dying without thought, so many stories of continued suffering due to natural disasters, the continued problems of hatred, acts of anger and problems of those living in need and neglect. Why is it that for some, until something happens in their own “backyard,” they will not feel it at all? Apathy is the greatest form of ignorance. Every time something happens to anyone, anywhere, it affects all of us. This is true for suffering anywhere, starvation anywhere, abuse and neglect anywhere, animal cruelty and the misuse of nature, anywhere.

During this period of Kali Yuga, most of mankind is in darkness and humanity tries to find the answer to darkness in darkness itself, i.e., indulgences of the lower mind such as substance abuse, power struggles, prejudices, inciting fear and ostracizing others as well as gross materiality. It is proof that despite the current idea that “everything is ok,” the pressure of suffering in this world still continues, still touches everyone, it is in the atmosphere and affects us even on subtle levels.

There will be no outside intervention as humankind’s responsibility is to BE that intervention for themselves, which in turn will affect the destiny of the entire planet. Sat Yuga is individual as well as collective; it is Divine Awareness due to one’s Spiritual realization of God, it is the knowledge that one IS the Light within that is IN everything. One must go where the Light is to find the answer to darkness; this Light is within one’s own Being. Realization of this is not an intellectual understanding, it is due to direct cognition; each person, each animal, each life form holds this precious Divine value. How can one “hurt” their own Being, their own Self or most close to us; what makes up the Body of God? Unless each person understands their own real spiritual value as divinity, they will not know right action, right speech, right thinking or see, feel or care about the value of others. They will continue to be prejudiced and limit the unlimited aspects of God in themselves and each other, they will continue to create more disharmony in the world.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said in the 1960s, “First one must realize God, then one will know to do right action!” The Almighty in Divine compassion and mercy always gives humanity hope. The Spiritual Teachings of the Vedas as passed down throughout time by the Rishis remain pure, clear and go straight to the heart, “adhering to the courses of inner development laid down by the systems of Indian philosophy,” as stated by Maharishi in 1966. “These Eternal Truths give the people the spirit of religion.”

From all we know the Light within is Consciousness, it is the fire in our hearts which makes this Light of Consciousness Divine by expanding to Eternal status our unlimited growth IN Divinity. The lower mind can never know the higher, it is only by raising our consciousness to our natural divinity that we can transcend the lower mind. The lower mind, the animal man, is the only aspect of us that lives in the relative. This is due to the fact that Spirit is non-relative and Eternal, one transcends relativity by becoming a conscious Being while living in the world as a living trinity of the Mind, Will, and Heart of God.

How does this inner Light heal the world we live in? Through our expanded inner Light and cultured heart, we perceive with greater awareness infinite intelligence and through spiritual understanding appreciate the divine value of all life. Each person, the animal kingdom, Nature and eventually all are understood as our global family, our family of Light. This love branches out encompassing more of life and in our inner unity, the planet becomes surrounded and is held as precious, is known as totality, is held in the Christ Light (That which is Anointed in God) the inner and outer sunlight of Divine Love also known in the Gita as Krishna, an embodiment of Divine Love and Wisdom. This is the Atman as Divine Love and Intelligence descended in Truth; the Golden Light of God, the Living Christ, it is by our heart that we are seen by God.

Jesus Christ said, “Seek Ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all things will be given unto you.”

The Kingdom “realized” enables each person to go out and BE that which nurtures, loves and knows through their divine understanding that the hand they extend to others is due to God’s hand which is always extended in Divine Love to them; this is Grace. God sees, feels and hears through us and witnesses the true intent behind all our thoughts and actions. The Almighty while in all manifestation remains unmanifest.

How much suffering will we see or have to witness before each heart finally sees and knows that they are the ones who will bring Heaven on Earth; that they are divine and are meant to BE that?

Today, this understanding is also referred to as the “Unified Field,” or the field of the Divine; the Almighty. It is unified love and intelligence, a projection from the Divine Almighty into the field of all possibilities. It is infinite in its nature, it is Divine Bliss in pure intent and intelligence, it is multilayered and multidimensional, contacted by the degree of one’s awareness and spiritual development. The highest aspect is reached through devotion to the Almighty which then merges in Supreme Unity.

The reflection of the Unified Field in one’s life is one of beauty, wisdom and truth in the highest sense, the knowledge is not dry; it brings the source of creative love into all fields that enhance all aspects of intelligence and manifestations of beauty. This is the field where an artist will get divine inspiration, vision, and perceive the inner beauty in nature and create this beauty in their work, so too the scientist who brings forth the knowledge to help humanity due to this contact with God. This higher aspect of the Unified Field does not offer knowledge that could be misused by the receiver; love is the key which reaches this finer level of knowledge. All outward projections can be seen in refined art, music and literature, the spiritual Sciences of medicine, astronomy, architecture, agriculture and in the care of nature, ecology, animal welfare and humanities.

Currently there is talk of using machinery to perceive God along with continued use of drugs to alter perception to feel God and use His gifts; this is based in ignorance and can never develop a lasting true connection to God. Science will never be able to duplicate ones connection to God, it would be like visiting Heaven but not being able to stay; for the experience was not earned and love within one’s own heart would be missing. The mind is a tool and a synthetic mind connection to higher psychic power is dangerous, for one would not have the ability to feel truth or understand the Laws of Cause and Effect.

Likening spiritual gifts to merely activation’s of brain cells or the use of powers without any understanding of spirituality is misleading and sadly takes one away from their true divine nature; for what is to be said for the responsibility one incurs due to lack of understanding or misuse; or more importantly, the state of the Soul when the body dies?

In the book, “Words of the Master” (selected precepts and compiled by Swami Brahmananda) Sri Ramakrishna states, “If the mind of man be always turned toward God, he will steer clear of every danger,” also, “One who constantly thinks of the Bliss Absolute becomes full of Bliss.” Further Sri Ramakrishna says, “There is but one God, but endless are His Names, and endless the aspects in which He may be regarded.” We can see that by one’s own inner illumination and devotion to God, the ideas of separateness dissolve over time and all will know Unity.

In Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s lecture on Indian Philosophy in Rishikesh, India 1966,  Maharishi states, “Knowledge about life forms the basis on man’s behavior. Patterns of Behavior in different fields collectively present man’s culture in a given time and place.” Maharishi adds that, “Man creates his culture on the basis of how he behaves, what he does and what he accomplishes. Establishing the standard code for man, Manu (the Lawgiver) presented the structure of Eternal Religion and gave expression to the Universal philosophy. Different aspects of this wonderful knowledge have been explained by different seers.” The ancient texts, the Vedas are the Spiritual Sciences of life and include all values of life.

Why today do we see such a lack of unity? Due to the nature of time, most of humanity loses the knowledge of their true nature unless it is held within their own Being or one returns to the source of knowledge and the Scriptures. Without this is knowledge of Truth, politics and Religion become the soil to further create separation instead of returning to the source of Truth and the seeking of God within one’s own heart.

Unless the Word of God is written upon one’s heart,
one will not understand the true meaning of the “written” Word.

Meditation infuses Being, the lost Word being the Mantra that holds the power of the Almighty when passed down correctly as written in the Puranas. The Word is living, it is both Almighty Father (scientifically the left hemisphere of the brain) and Divine Mother (scientifically regarded as the right hemisphere and connection to the heart).

In meditation one infuses the Divine, creating unity with the heart and mind while directly cognizing higher realities with the understanding of the Universal Laws of Cause and Effect. Here again we see both the Scientist and the Artist are able to directly tap into the field of Almighty known today as the “Unified Field.”

I was told by my Teacher and friend Charlie Lutes, who was Maharishi’s right hand man and World President of SRM from 1959 to 1976 (The Spiritual Regeneration Movement) started by Maharishi in 1955 in India that, “Unless one is Spiritual, unless God is experienced within; humanity will continue to be led away from what and who they are.” Charlie added, “In man’s quest for technology, man is not spiritually evolved enough to use his technological mind.” In other words, the more dependant on outward sources, the more misled and lost people will become. There will be little or no understanding of the Divine Laws of Cause and Effect, self referral, inner awareness or understanding of God’s infinite Grace or the proper use of energy.

Looking at the universality of the Vedas, the Source of Knowledge since ancient times, we know that Eternal Truths are relevant in all ages of humanity. These Eternal  Truths focus on all aspects of life and are called “Spiritual Sciences” because the Truth held in the Spirit reveals the truth in relative life. Called the Absolute, the Almighty, Being, the experience of the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah and also known as the Great Spirit, Truth in purity and love of God is always Truth and these Truths are Eternal. Ram Naam Satya Hai, “Lord, Thy Name is Truth.”

In the book, “The True History and the Religion of India” first edition, 2001, Delhi, By Swami Prakashanand Saraswati, he shows Sanskrit is the source of all languages. The alphabet and vowel system of the Sanskrit language are found in every language of the world because Sanskrit is the first language of the planet earth. (A diagram of the history of languages is found on page 229.) In 1964, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi gave a speech to linguists where he stated, “I can take you from A in any language to the source of A.” Maharishi is also referring here to the experience during meditationwhere we transcend all boundaries of languages, races and religions.

The return to Spirituality while using Science as support demonstrates the practicality of life, showing beyond any doubt the Spiritual Science of the Vedas that has been brought forward in purity and love throughout time. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has recently stated again in 2005 that the Unified Field is the Almighty.

The Unified Field has many dimensions to it and each unfolds as higher consciousness is realized. This is not an intellectual understanding; it is real due to experience.

Concepts of consciousness each have their own unique signatures:

  • Cosmic Consciousness - Inner illuminations of higher strata.
  • God Consciousness - Self Realization; Knowing one is a cell in the body of God.

  • Unity Consciousness - Unified Field; Experiences of being part and connected to all life.

  • Brahman ConsciousnessThe ability to create from the level of Divine Wisdom and direct
    understanding while knowing within the Divine Laws of God.

  • Atman Consciousness, Pure Being – The divine spark becomes the Living Flame, the
    expression of being a “Pillar in Thy Temple,” the living manifestation of the Word, Mind,
    Will and Love of the Supreme Being. The aim of I Am That, Thou art That, all this IS That.

One knows that they are a Divine Cell in the Body of God, being one with Divine Unity of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Transcendent Almighty. Sri Vidya is the Divine Wisdom which understands that all of us at some time must bend the knee to Divine Love and the Absolute Supreme Being. Truly, all is created from the heart of God and within our own heart, is “The Kingdom.” This is the purpose of Meditation.Christ said, “Seek Ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all things will be given unto you.” When one realizes God within their own heart and unity within as understood by Science as the mental state of coherence, one can understand more deeply the importance of Spirituality, the value of Science and one’s place in the Universe.

The Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM) was started by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi In 1955 in New Delhi, India. The direct inspiration of SRM came from His Divinity Swami Brahmananda Saraswati Maharaj Jagadguru (1870-1953) Shankaracharya of Jyothir Math. These Teachings were brought to the United States by Maharishi and formally started on December 31, 1957, the last day of Guru Dev’s 89th Birthday Anniversary. Guru Dev’s Divine Plan of the Spiritual Regeneration of the World as set forth will change human destiny, bringing with it the Light of God in all people, a return to the importance of Religion, restoration of family values and eventually changing political structures as the Light of God increases in each heart.

In the Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter Two, Verse 41, Lord Krishna is speaking to Arjuna while he faces the upcoming battle and tells him, “In this Yoga, O joy of the Kurus the resolute intellect is one-pointed, but many branched and endlessly diverse are the intellects of the irresolute.” The practice of Yoga shows through meditation, the mind transcends most naturally while infusing superior spiritual energy that integrates the light and expands consciousness. One is then able to take this divine infusion out into the field of action we call life which can often be seen as a personal battlefield.

Maharishi’s commentary of this Verse shows that one-pointed attention, which is a result of meditation over time, stabilizes the mind while one experiences inner Bliss. Maharishi states, “The mind does not wander; it remains focused in one direction, unwavering and resolute.”

The Spiritual Regeneration of humanity depends upon the Eternal Truths of the Vedas which are Spiritual Sciences, these Truths lived will change the world. This marriage of Science and Spirituality taught in all Schools, Institutes and Universities will cross the boundaries of culture, race and religions bringing a new spiritual and scientific understanding based on direct cognition of higher realities. Human destiny will change as a result of expanding consciousness and we will see a return to family values, changes in political structure and appreciation of one’s chosen religion due to the self-realization taking place within each individual.



"Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD (candidate) IOU University

 is a SRM/TM advanced Meditator of 36 years representing the
Teachings of The Holy Tradition as brought forward by H. H. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi."


Mr. Ray J. Rousseau with Elephant
(photo by Diane)








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