1-1-2000 - DREAM - This was a lucid dream though I don't know how lucid compared to others. I had a box like a game boy and the number 72 was coming down and I was lining them up starting at the top, all the way across and then filling the rows from the top ... down.

NOTE: I did a web page called 72.htm. It's about the number 72 and the Names of God.


1-1-2000 - DREAM - I was in a school-like place and I was shown, by an older man to spin a red wire of considerable length so that it formed a series of loops and secured itself.  I was so proud that I had accomplished that. Then I met a man who had a blue wire of considerable length which was looped together. He began to spin it very fast and it looped itself into a series of figure 8's all still connected with a loop around the outside to hold it together. I was astonished that he could do that, already forgetting that I had just accomplished a similar feat with the red wire.

We then went into the school proper and a woman was applying for a job in a blue dress...a young tall blonde woman. One of the teachers told me he had started to take some pills for some ailment that I was feeling the symptoms of. It made me feel kind of nervous about the ailment which had no name yet. I didn't know what exactly was wrong.

I sent the blonde woman to the secretary's office which was down at the far end of the school. There were some papers that had to be filled out.  I had a series of forms myself but there was one kind missing which she went to get. Then my old boss Brian A. from AC came along and it seemed he was one of the teachers or the principal and he was looking for the woman in the blue dress. I told him where she went and he was reluctant to go all the way down to the secretary's office, so he sent one of the other girls who was standing nearby. I told him the office was on the other side of the auditorium.


1-1-00 - This almost seems like cheating. :-) I was working on a page about this number before I went to sleep.  DREAM - I was working on a page about the number 72, so I went to sleep and dreamed about the dreams I've had about the number 72. duh!  There were 5 of them. I opened up the files and read the dreams. One of them was actually about the number 72,000.  My dream told me that this base-10 harmonic meant the same thing.


1-2-00 - NOTE: I had watched several hours of film about Roswell, New Mexico and the flying saucer crash before I went to bed.

DREAM - This was a symbolic dream about the Roswell flying saucer crash. I was looking at wall made of bricks that were whitish.  There was a rather off shape heart in the bricks 5 thin layers deep with small diamond shapes around the outside that held the layers together.  I knew by this that there were 5 questions that had not been asked yet, and 5 questions that had not been answered about the event which would bring out the truth.


1-2-00 - DREAM - I was in a house that was newly constructed that still had some raw wood showing.  I needed to go into the bathroom and Joe was sitting on a toilet in the bathroom, in a stall like space, but behind a plastic curtain so I couldn't really see anything except his knees and feet.  I needed to go really bad so I began to pull the curtain across the opening so that we couldn't see each other while I was going. There didn't seem to be any door on this room, and there were several other people in the house as well. . . a young blonde woman and my mother who was very old, but who didn't look anything like my real life mother.  There was also a problem with my being able to figure out how the house was wired because it appeared to be wired in series such that if one flipped a switch in the bedroom, a light appeared in the hallway and in the bathroom, or if you flipped the switch in the bathroom, the light came on in the hallway and bedroom also, so you couldn't lose your way in the dark and hurt yourself.  I was just figuring this out when my mother appeared and told me that she was being interviewed about her UFO abductions. This made me very upset. Not only couldn't I remember any conscious abductions like she could, the house was a mess.  My mother began folding a pile of socks in the hallway, and while she and I talked, and I thought about how messy the house was, I helped her match socks, some of which were very large and shiny white like silk (unlike any I've ever seen). Then she told me that NBC was coming to film, and while I was thinking that maybe I could hide out of sight while they interviewed her, I also thought perhaps I should get on the computer and tell everyone to watch us.  

Suddenly, a memory popped into my head about seeing a humongous black flying craft over the neighborhood that defied description.... and while I thought about that memory... I woke up.

NOTE: My only sightings have been a large white craft, a white greenish white craft, and odd red and white lights high up in the sky.


1-2-99 - DREAM - I was looking at a chart that had series of numbers set up in grids like the periodic table and the words codes and grids were mentioned.  People were around me but I didn't see them at first. One older man said, "Throw me a contact." I said something knowledgeable, but sarcastically.  We were in the alley between 16th and 17th St. For some reason I had access to the house on 17th St. though I lived in the house on 16th St. There was a younger woman with me like our daughter-in-law, mid-twenties with dark hair... a thin woman.  She heard me say this and as soon as I did I saw a slow moving jet - under the ominous dark blackish/dark greenish fake-like clouds in the sky. It started to back up ... it was a hover-jet type plane. I got scared and hollered for her to get into the house. I had the back door of the house held open for her and holler, "Sue, get in the house."  (I might have called her something else...several names stick in my mind like Jackie or Kathy... as well as Sue) She didn't come, so I got braver and went around the side of the house again. The blackish/dark greenish fake clouds were still in the sky, hanging low but I didn't see the jet.  Sue was standing on the sidewalk at the alley on 17th St. looking north on 17th St. because something was going on.  I didn't know what.  I started running towards 17th St. and woke up.


1-3-00 - DREAM - I spent hours working on a computer screen with lists of subjects ... same as I've been working on for the last few days. I was lining them up alphabetically, putting them neatly on the screen.

When I was done with that, I was working at my job as supervisor of maintenance. My boss was buying an old school that was old and cracking and falling apart. He was told to take a picture of a cracked wall outside where the cars were parked. It was an ugly khaki green. I don't know why my boss would agree to buy this place. The parking lot was all dirt instead of poured concrete. However it was protected by a large overhang so the cars wouldn't get wet there if it rained. This was a huge place. Besides supervising the maintenance crew, I had to watch out for the women who worked with me because they were always getting themselves into trouble with the men.  It wasn't really bad stuff, but stupid things like losing their wallets and purses, getting their cars backed into bad places like muddy swamps, so they needed the men to help them out and then they felt guilty and obligated. Instead of turning out well, they would end up wrestling over the money, or having to have sex for the obligation. I was constantly trying to keep them out of trouble to start with. While this was going on, I had to change clothes and put on a purple shirt and skirt so I was properly attired for my job.

I met my painter coming down the hall. He was dressed all in white but he was so drunk he could hardly see straight and he was weaving as he was walking. I just avoided him and walked around him. It wasn't worth talking to him in that condition. He seemed to be able to get paint on anything anyway so it wasn't worth arguing with him at this point.

I then met the two plasterers. They looked like twins, dressed in brown work uniforms. They were roly poly, almost as wide as they were tall. The boss showed me which walls he wanted done first. They were in bad shape, all cracked. The plasterers had to do their job first before the painter could come in which they did, however, when I came to see how they did, the plaster was rough and the plaster strips they put on were too loose and didn't stick, so I pulled them all back off and made them do the job over.

I felt I was about to get things under control and got the girls out of the building. I had to hold ones hand to get her out of there fast enough to keep her out of trouble. We got out to the parking lot and I saw that all the painters and plasterers all drove cars that were really old and were covered with paint splotches just like their work uniforms. They were all going to breakfast at the same place.

I heard one of the maintenance guys laughing, and as I was waking up, I heard Joe laughing in his sleep exactly the same. When he wakes up, I'll have to ask him if he remembers dreaming and what it was about. He seems to be in my dreams from time to time but he doesn't remember anything.

NOTE: Joe doesn't remember his dream, but he remembers laughing at something in the dream.


1-3-00 - VISION - I was laying in bed because I had gotten suddenly tired while working on my new web page about the number 72.

I heard Joe walk by in the livingroom. I immediately saw "THE NUMBER 72", and then saw a soldier wearing an ugly khaki green uniform, get down on one knee and shoot someone else with a machine gun.  

The color green uniform of the soldier was the same color green which was the color walls of the garage of the school from my dream earlier today.


1-3-00 - DREAM - There was an old white haired man. He was upstairs but he did his best to keep the people in separate blue and white  boxes  over the number 72.

I was living in a house where the bathroom was built up against the outside of the house, but was bricked in on the outside wall, but had huge glass walls on both ends. I had to go really bad and debated whether I should use this bathroom. I didn't have much choice in the matter. If was going to go, there was no other place to do it, so I had to take my chances that nobody was looking.

When I was done, a young woman and her son came into the house in the downstairs hallway.  There were three stairways going up into the house proper, and I choose the one in the center of the house with the black stairtreads. The other two stairways were prettier but they were more on the outside of the house.  

When we got upstairs, I found two wastebaskets by an upper doorway. Someone had been thoughtful enough to collect the households garbage and separate it, but it was left inside the house, and not taken outside, so I carried the wastebaskets back into the kitchen and set them down.  Recycling garbage wasn't much good if one didn't take it outside.


1-4-00 - VISION - I saw the name Leadbeater and heard the tone "Middle C".  After I heard it I went to the computer to do a search for that subject and when I did I got an e-mail from Tami telling me she had a vision of me and a twig snapping.  She interpreted that as something major ending. While I thought about it, it came to me that I was making a major breakthrough.  I think it is about sound and healing.

I created this page about it.


1-5-00 - DREAM - I spent a long time in a kitchen doing the dishes on a high white sink. Just as I finished the last dish and put it away, someone tossed in 4 woven flat baskets that hold paper plates for dinner. That forced me to straighten out the mess and stack them properly.  I realized then that it was time to make dinner and start all over.

I was working on lining up receipts in a long row on the path that were already paid for and outside forces kept throwing in extras I had to make room for. It seemed an endless chore and then as  I got to the end, I saw that they went up the wall where someone else was making a list of things that remained to be bought and paid for.

I went outside where a maintenance couple were working on my husband's car to get it started. They used a lawn mower to jump start it but it didn't work and just created smoke as it was whirling under the car.  I was surprised because that had worked before. They continued to let the lawn mower run under the car and it was smoking really bad, so I went over aways to sit and read a book while they did that. I didn't want to be too near the smoke in case the lawn mower blew up.

While I was reading, my grandchildren woke up and came out of the darkened bedroom. I was by then cleaning the bathroom which seemed like more than one type of appliance.  I was down on my knees under the sink trying to clean some silver grid-like things that were rippled like a corrugated box but metal. I told them that every person has to clean at least one sink.


1-5-00 - DREAM - I was in the yard behind my house on the hill and for some reason, I took one more look to make sure the yard was the way it should be and I made an extra wide sweep and saw a German Shepherd dog laying on its side in the garden on top of the flowers. I knew it had been dead for 3 days but it wasn't swollen, more so it was a little thin. I was going to tell my mother about the dead dog when it got up, looked at me, and started walking down the hill and then straight north on 172nd St. I knew that I was going to have to follow it to see where it went.


1-5-00 - DREAM - I was in a large public place like a school. There were quite a few women here.  I was looking for the showers and I couldn't find a private stall even though they were individual, there were no doors and one would be seen by someone no matter which stall they used.  I saw another woman going through the same process I was. There was no privacy. Finally, after going out into the hallway I saw that the other woman had found a shower in the hall and had turned on the water.  Unfortunately, there was a huge window at the end of the hallway and people were standing outside looking in. I had to take a shower so I decided to ignore those people outside and took all my clothes off, turning around at the last moment so all they saw was my bare butt. I put a blue towel around myself and just as I did I saw two maintenance men coming down the hall from the other direction. They came closer and I went to backhand the closest one and he began telling me who I was and that he had gone through my purse and read my ID. He saw that I was going to hit him and he hit the floor by himself. I told him he was lucky he had done that because I was going to deck him if he hadn't.

Nevertheless, I went back to where he said my purse was which I didn't know I had with me. Next to my purse, I saw the other woman's purse, a radio, a camera, and various other things she had brought with her.  I grabbed my purse and her purse, the camera, the radio, etc. and turned to find her coming towards the shower from around the corner. I told her to come with me to find another shower safe from prying eyes and she came with me.

We came to a kitchen cafeteria-like area. When we first came in, there was a glassed in machine that had three hot dogs on spits. I saw a cloud of steam come down from above and fill the machine but didn't understand what that was for. Three hot dogs wasn't enough to feed all the people that came here. Just as I was about to leave, I saw either the same machine or another one fill with steam and when the steam cleared, I saw that there were numerous spits inside the machine, each with a hot dog on it. Now I wondered where the people were who would eat all those hot dogs because I was the only one there.


1-5-00 - If I get this wrong, the spirit world is going to think I'm awfully dumb :-) I lay down asking the spirit guides to each me something about the Phi ratio: -  DREAM:  The scene took place on a country road.  A young boy came along in a buckboard wagon with big spoke wheels. He came to help us do something. He seemed rather inept though. I was a young girl it seems. My parents said they were going to go to a wedding at 1 p.m. but first they were going to show the boy something and they said they knew a secret. I thought they were going to tell us that the girl getting married was already pregnant.  I looked at the clock when we got to the place where they were going to show the boy the secret and it was 9 a.m. My parents were sitting in the buckboard wagon to my left. I stood up and the boy was now like Roy Rogers and the horse was like Trigger. The horse was like a reddish brown (roan?) with yellowish mane. A palomino?  (Sorry I'm not up on my horse types)  

The horse got in his way and he hollered at the horse, "Get out of my way!" and the horse did.  The young man got up into an umbrella stand like he was going to sing a song to the horse or something. I was watching. The purplish-white  umbrella had the spokes, but no fabric on them so the young man stuck his arms through the spokes and hung on and then lost his balance and the umbrella flipped over with the young man hanging onto the spokes like it was now a wheel.

First I saw the spokes spinning in clockwise direction and they were now like a white spinning wheel.  Then the spokes spun in the counter-clockwise direction. Then the spokes spun in both directions at the same time and I said to myself, "Oh boy! Now they are going to hypnotize me!"

I went into another room while the young man hung on this umbrella thing, and got the notion to masturbate. I was in a dimly lit corner and put my hand down into my shorts. I was surprised to find that I was not female but like a male and I had a small penis. I was again surprised to find out what it felt like for a male to have an orgasm.  

NOTE: Now I have to analyze that while being embarrassed for writing it. :-)

Regarding the spinning wheels:  taken from Helena Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine, "The active Power, the "Perpetual motion of the great Breath," only awakens Kosmos at the dawn of every new Period, setting it into motion by means of the two contrary Forces, and thus casing it to become objective on the plane of Illusion. In other words, that dual motion transfers Kosmos from the plane of the Eternal Ideal into that of finite manifestation, or from the noumenal to the phenomenal plane. Everything that is, was, and will be, eternally is, even the countless forms, which are finite and perishable only in their objective, not in their ideal Form. They existed as Ideas, in the Eternity, and , when they pass away, will exist as reflection. Neither the form of man, not that of any animal, plant or stone has ever been created, and it only on this plane of ours that it commenced 'becoming," i.e. objectivizing into its present materiality, or expanding from within outwards, from the most sublimated and supersensuous essence into its grossest appearance. Therefore our human forms have existed in teh Eternity as astral or ethereal prototypes, according to which models, the Spiritual Beings (or Gods) whose duty it was to bring them into objective beings and terrestrial Life, evolved the protoplasmic forms of the future. Egos from their own essence. After which, when this human Upadhi or basic mould was ready, the natural terrestrial Forces began to work on those supersensuous moulds which contained, because their own, the elements of all the past vegetable and future animal forms of this globe in them. Therefore, man's outward shell passed through every vegetable and animal body before it assumed this human shape."

The centripetal and the centrifugal forces, which are male and female, positive and negative, physical and spiritual, the two being the one Primordial Force. 1`

On 1-6-00 - as I was researching two other things, I saw two pictures similar to the dual spinning wheels. One was of the chakras in a book, and the other was a fibonacci spiral coming out of a torus shape.

1-6-00 - It was a no dream night. However when I was waking up, I was seeing computer files coming down like in a game I play all the time. They were about UFOs and aliens, but I couldn't read them. All of a sudden I had a vision within this screen that said,  LAST HOUR - BUST

Then another screen popped up that was all white, and it said - NEXT HOUR - GOOD - and the files continued to come down but didn't go into the white screen.  

I got up very disappointed. So I went back to bed to dream good stuff. :-)

1-6-00 - DREAM - I was in a room trying to catch two birds similar to parakeets. They were like aqua blue colored bodies with black wings and heads. They were so pretty, I wanted to cage them. However, I was moving slow as molasses with my net, and even when I thought I could catch both birds at the same time because they were so close, I moved so slow, I only got one. The birds looked at me as if it say, "You'll never get us that way!"

NOTE: This blows me away:
Note the color of Shiva's face and that they are two as one.  

NOTE: On 1-18-00 the site was missing, so here is the pic. twoasone.gif

In another scene, I had a baby boy and he was crawling on the floor, playing.  I kept losing track of him because there were so many big brown dogs running around the kitchen. I was afraid they were going to eat the baby, but every time I rushed in there, he was okay. I'd drag him out of there and he'd go right back...  (sounds familiar)  

Finally, my son Ken at about age 8 to 10 came and sat next to me. He was dressed real formally with a long sleeved white shirt and black pants. He looked really great but seemed very thin for his age. He said that his brothers had been beating up on him. I felt bad for him, but can't remember what I did about it.


1-6-00 - This was more like a visionary experience... just voice with no scene.  I had dialed the telephone to call Robb in Milwaukee. The phone rang on the other end and a man answered who wasn't Robb.  He started gushing about how good it was that I had called and how he hadn't talked to me in over a year.  I knew it wasn't Robb and realized that I hadn't dialed the area code... just the number... so it couldn't be Robb.  I apologized that I had a wrong number and the man was devastated that I wasn't who he thought I was. I felt so bad for him.  Here was a man living in my own town who was so lonely and so hurt because someone was forgetting about him. It just broke my heart.


1-5-00 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. sorting out esoteric magazines on the front porch. I stacked them up neatly and put them on the sidewalk and expected them to stay right where they were while I was up the street getting something I wanted. My children were playing on the sidewalk and on the porch and my son Wolf was whining he wanted a new bicycle. I told him he would get one when the time was right, but it wasn't now. While I was up the street, I remembered I needed to water the dog, so I continued on around the block through the alley though it would have been closer to go back along the sidewalk.

I walked into the alley and came up to the T intersection of the alley. I heard a car roaring it's engine and waited a moment while it came tearing out of the alley, making a right turn to where I was standing. It was a yellow car with a blonde older teen or young man at the wheel. The car was older, about an 69 Dodge/Pontiac like I used to have except mine was a used brown Sheriff's car. It was similar to that. The guy was kind of wild looking but when he saw me, he got out  of his car and followed me down the alley.

It made me nervous to have him behind me, but I was walking fast. The alley was wet like it had rained and I was barefoot. Totally different than it had been on the street. We got to about the center of the block and one of our neighbors was having a moving out sale in the back yard. There was a large round table sticking way out into the alley, stacked with books that were covered with other stuff, but I knew I was going to have to stop and see what they were and probably buy them, but I hadn't brought any money with me.  

As I stopped to see what the books were, the young man went into the yard and said, "Here is a bicycle for Wolf. This is just what he needs." The bicycle was adult size, colored like platinum silver, futuristic, such as one would expect in the year 3000. The handle bars were thick and shaped like a African Black Water Buffalo. He rolled the bicycle out into the alley right in front of me. It was so lightweight he could carry it in one hand. I was astonished at its appearance. It was so beautiful. The man said, "It's only $500.00 and they want a money order. They won't take a check." I was heading down the alley towards home to get some cash so I could buy the books which I never did stop to read the titles of. He said something like, "Even if it's not worth $500.00, they'll still take the money order." He was expecting me to come back with the money order without even considering the price.

I continued on down the alley and around the corner to the left where the other end of the T was ... it was another T intersection. Now there was a woman with me. She lived on the same street in another house. The street was not like before, but now it was like a street of huge apartment buildings made of old brick somewhat like you would expect in 18oo's England in the movie Oliver Twist.  There was no sunshine at all. It was like being in a canyon and I told the woman so. She said that was to be expected. I came to my own steps and saw magazines strewn on the sidewalk instead of stacked, and up on the porch were more magazines strewn where someone had been going through them.

I was feeling rather angry about the magazines as I was going up the steps. I got up on the porch and tried to open the front door and found it tied shut with red electrical wire. My daughter was on the other side with her friends and they were hanging onto the wire for dear life to prevent anyone from getting into the house.  I hollered at her to let me in and she opened the door reluctantly because I was spoiling her fun. I told her, "Let me in the house or you will soon be dead." She opened the door and inside the house, it was bright and sunny. The sun was coming from the West as it was going down. There was none on the east side of the house at all in the canyon on the street.


1-6-00 - DREAM - My husband and I were in the country, in a house, watching TV. The show that was on was about a husband and wife who traveled around the world, never knowing from night to night where they were going to be sleeping. We both that was rather exciting to do. Then my husband had to go somewhere so we couldn't be together that moment, and I found myself in the company of another man whom I knew but not all that well. We were going to go somewhere for the night but I didn't know where. I was laying down in his van for some reason and he was driving from the right front seat where the steering wheel was ... not like an American vehicle. We started off down the driveway and I was thinking about the couple on TV and how exciting it was not to know where one was going.  So, I tried to stay where I was and not ask where we were going, and try to go with this man without fear.  I was trying not be afraid and I could feel the van slowing down for the road and that we were going to be turning left towards the city. I was realizing the difficulty now of not being in control of what was going on and trying to be trusting. It wasn't easy.


1-6-00 - DREAM - My husband and I were watching TV a program about some people who had a little box they asked questions of which made decisions for them about where to go and whether it was Yes or No whether they could go. We thought that was pretty great.

We, ourselves had our own oracle. It was an eagle and it answered all our questions and gave us our Yes or No answers.  

That night when we were sleeping, I dreamed I heard a commotion downstairs and and the sound of crunching that some animal killed and ate our eagle. I just kept sleeping like that could never happen.

However, when we got up in the morning, we went downstairs and under the diningroom table, I saw a large white feather. Then I saw other feathers that were gray and smaller, numerous ones. Then I saw a white wing of feathers whole under the table. I didn't want to find the body of the eagle but I knew it was under the table somewhere and our eagle oracle was gone and we'd have to make our own decisions. It was a horrendous feeling to think that our eagle was gone.

NOTE: After I went back to bed, I was thinking about this dream and I started to see some notes about this dream and I was told that the name of the company other people used was E.C.L. Corporation. There was also some other writing after that in like old-English . . . the type of language we don't use anymore. I dismissed that and don't remember it anymore.


1-6-00 - DREAM - I got up in the morning and had to get ready for work. I lived with other people and lots of little kids. It seems I worked at my old grade school building. I came to an agreement with one of my co-workers that I would meet her at 7 a.m. to go to a special class for algebra after not agreeing to go play Bingo at 5 a.m. I told her I would walk up to her house which was just past 19th St. and Clark. I was hoping she would drive us the rest of the way to 20th and Meinecke which was 3 1/2 more blocks.

While I was looking for clothes to wear, another woman I lived with got a phone call that she was going to get some kind of message by telegram and she didn't want it, so she called the cops about it. I saw the cop out the window as he arrived and he was talking into a tape recorder about the case, preparing to come to our door. I decided to leave that to her to deal with.

When I went to get some clean clothes to wear, they weren't hanging on the rack where I thought I had left them. They were hanging on a lower rack with several blouses on one hangar. Some of the clothes were actually hanging in sets with the colors already put together properly. I finally chose to wear a brown corduroy suit with a yellow blouse of which I had two to choose from. The brown was like a burnished gold overtone and it was pretty. I was originally going to go without underpants, but decided at the last moment to wear a pair of light green underpants just in case the seam of the suit would decide to separate and leave me embarrassed.

As I gathered up the clothes to put on, my daughter brought out a toy she decided she didn't want to play with and threw it on the floor. As she went back out the door, I went after her, while stepping on little pegs which were strewn all over the floor along with Tinker Toys and other little pieces of toys they had played with.

I went into the other room and told her to come back and pick up the toy she didn't want and throw it into the wastebasket. When we got to the so-called wastebasket, it was actually now a washbasket, or to be more correct, three wash baskets sandwiched inside each other and there were three little babies inside the baskets, all playing with discarded toys.

As I walked through the room, I took hold of my daughter and gave her a sort of pretend smack on her butt to show my displeasure at what she had done and told her never to throw toys on the floor again. She agreed.

I then came to another little blonde girl and I did the same with her. I asked her if she understood why I was smacking her butt in advance even though she hadn't done anything and she said she did. Another little boy was playing in water in the sink and I was about to do the same with him so he'd know the rules ahead of time.

Somehow I began to remember the eagle dream and that I needed to get up and put in the E.C.L. note and made myself wake up.


1-6-00 - This is one of the most bizarre real dreams I've ever had.

DREAM - I was sitting on the couch in the livingroom and everything looked normal. My sister called on the phone and said she had found a Cocker Spaniel puppy and I said I wanted to see it. She said, "Okay! I'll bring it over."  A moment later, my sister appeared on the front porch with the most beautiful black Cocker Spaniel puppy I've ever seen. She was holding it with a red leash and red collar. I was thinking, "Oh no! I wanted a white one." The black puppy was beautiful but reminded me of a black labrador puppy I once had that was very destructive to my furniture and chewed everything and we had had to give it away. But, I went to the front door to let my sister in. I had a soup cup of potato chips in my hand and decided I'd better put it up high so the dog wouldn't get it. The ironing board was also in the middle of the livingroom so I was delayed in getting to the front door. As I went to the door, my brown tweed coat fell on the floor and I kicked it behind the door because I was in a hurry.

I opened the door and this should have been a clue but I ignored it. My sister had a large mustache and wore a gorgeous mink coat. She came in the door with the puppy on the leash and brought a small dark haired woman in with her. I recognized the woman but can't name her. My sister said she had brought her mother with her. Duh!  My sister's mother should be MY mother, but this was someone else.

I let them in, closed the door and turned around. The house had changed completely. The rooms were 4 times normal size, and the walls were pure white, unlike the real house which walls were peach colored with my Dad's idea of paint wallpaper which was way ahead of its time.

None of the doors were the same, and what I noticed first was that the piano was gone. I got so distressed over the loss of the piano I immediately thought my brother had taken it (actually he did a long time ago) The whole family was there. My brother Marty came over towards me and I was in such shock, I said, "This is a dream, isn't it!" He said "No! What makes you think it's a dream?"

I said, "Well, the walls are all different, the rooms are 4 times as large, the piano is gone and the doors are all in the wrong place and even the stairway is gone." He quipped back, "Well, we just remodeled."  

For some reason that made a little sense. I looked around a corner in the room and there was the piano and I relaxed a little. From there I saw my Father, he was sitting in a blue car, rather relaxed and laying back. He said, "Why is music so important to you?"

I was going to tell him that it was important because it was so important to him that he spent 7 years of my life making sure I went to piano lessons and every week and standing behind me every week to play the violin with me, but I didn't get a chance to. The family started to tell me that they knew someone who liked to play the piano and started getting me all upset again.

I could see a shiny cabinet through a door and I thought it might be a bathroom (which we didn't have on the first floor).  I went through the door and saw that this was a large public bathroom with a green floor. I walked back and found myself in a hallway and looked up. I could see there was several floors above, the walls were all white, and there like white glass walls along the hallway so the light could shine through onto the walkways on each floor.

I kept thinking, "This has got to be a dream, this has got to be a dream!" Nobody else was acting like it was a dream. Everyone else was acting like this was normal.

I turned around in the hallway and started screaming, "Mama . . . Mama  . . . Mama!"  All of a sudden my mother appeared in front of me, wearing a pale green dress and looking like she did when she was 40 years old.  I hugged her and she hugged me. I said, "This has got to be a dream!"  She said, "This is no dream!" and started to evaporate again. I screamed again, "Mama!  Mama! Mama!"  My mother started to speak to me through the air like there was hole in the veiled wall between us.  She said, "I'm still here, but you have got to stop calling me!"  I was crying. "This has got to be a dream, I know its a dream!"  

"It's not a dream," she said and started saying some nasty noises to make me not want to call her.  But I felt her slip away and started screaming again, "Mama, Mama, Mama!"  She reappeared in front of me. She said, "You've got to stop calling me and making me appear like this. I've got to go now!"  

"No!" I screamed. Just tell me this is a dream! She said, "This is not a dream!" and again evaporated. I began to scream again, "Mama!" and she started saying nasty noises again and made me stop screaming her name. I had to let her go. The noises stopped and I moved forward and found myself in my old highschool.

I decided to find the bathroom which I knew was on the first floor and ran into Cary Loose who was teaching a class there. We greeted each other and I started to tell her my dream. She said, "I love your dreams!"  She and I were walking along the hall and we came to a steep, wide stairway going up.  The carpeting was red and black paisley, very plush. I said as she started up the stairs, "Oh! I've gone too far!"  She continued up and stairs and I turned around to find the bathroom. I found the office but it looked like a bar entrance but there was no bathroom. A tall football player came along, wearing an all gold uniform and helmet. He pointed across the hall. I laughed and saw a sign over a door that said, "Ladies room!"

I went inside the ladies room and to my shock, the toilets were smaller than baby potties. There was urine on the floor next to the toilets. I decided I had to use one of these because there was nothing else to do. So I sat down on the baby size toilet the best I could, and the toilet immediately morphed into a bidet type toilet but then laid me down flat on my back. This action scared me and I didn't know how I was going to get back up again, but the toilet began to flush when it went as far back as it was going to go and I was afraid I was going to get flushed down too, but then the seat of the toilet began to raise up like a motorized chair and it actually pushed me all the way back up to a standing position. At this point I saw blue water all over the floor on the right side of the toilet and it was running across the room.  I was in such a state of distress by this time, I just wanted to go home and as I walked out of the door I woke up.


1-8-00 = DREAM - All I recall is seeing boxes named 'SOUND'. I woke up and with my eyes still closed, I had a vision which again was a box and it said, "PUT SOUND IN BOXES'.


1-8-00 - DREAM - All I recall is being in a large room with my brother or a man like him. He had laid a wide stream of liquid along a length of runner carpeting. I saw that the first section was light yellow. That was separated from another stream of liquid that was white by a long narrow bar. I somehow bumped the stick with my foot and my brother got upset and said that the bar had to remain to keep the colors and liquids separate. Just that quick, the yellow flashed over to a brilliant forest green with specks of darker green pigment in it.


1-8-00 - VISION/VOICES - Joe and I had listened to several interviews by Philip K. Dick (the author) and other interviews about him and his lifestyle. Then we listened to a reading of one of his science fiction stories. It was so funny and so stupid, I was laughing all through it. I didn't find it inventive at all since my father used to tell stories just like it, and I remember kids in school making jokes about their ties hanging them, or your own hand choking you to death.  The story was laughable and I didn't find anything remarkable about it, so I wasn't very impressed.

When I lay down to rest around noon on Saturday, I saw these visions:

I received a lengthy e-mail from Philip K. Dick. I can't recall anything it said, just that it was from him. I then saw an url for a webpage. I think part of it was or something like that. It went by too fast to read. Then I saw an url that said ,'AM Knowing'.

I then saw a house tied down to an 18 wheeler truck whiz by on a road.

A voice said, "Other people like to rush around, he (PKD) just likes to sit down and rest. (The interview had said that he lived on amphetamines, rarely slept, and used heroin)

I then heard something about politics, then 'our Jim Morphet'.

Then a voice said, "We just heard him on the radio, how come you speak so indifferently about him?"

The last voice said, "He was just plain R & O revolutionary."  (The Interviews)


1-9-00 - DREAM - I was watching a long dissertation on bifurcation, a term which Joe explained to me briefly last night for the PHI - SOUND and HEALING page. The term bifurcation and another word fibrocation (might not be correct :-(  )  were teamed together and I was told that knowing these two terms together would make me the richest woman in the world.

When I was done reading this paper, I met my sister who was taking bus driving lessons.  The last time I was with her, her car had turned into a green bus and when she turned left, it turned into a huge garbage truck and tipped over. So, I was a little nervous when she invited me to ride her new bus with her. They had taught her to turn right and the turn was smooth.  However, once we were turned around, I was now sitting on the front end of the bus like a flying buttress and nervously trying not to scream and he hurtled down a long curvy hill to the left.  On the right side of the road were a series of narrow black metal posts which held something up. It seems that there were flowers along here too but with her driving record and our current speed, it was pretty scary. When we got to the bottom of the hill, we stopped and met Joe the maintenance man who had just gotten permission to run a snow plow and he proceeded to plow a driveway which went straight up a hill. There was another man who had plowed straight down and they passed in the center.

There was a woman here whom they met and she was told about the bifurcation/fibrocation connection.   For some reason I get the feeling there was something about a frog about her, but common sense tells me that this can't be right.  She was an older, kinda ugly woman... rather like Helena Blavatsky now that I think about it.


1-9-00 - DREAM - It seems the previous dream continues because it has all the same people in it, however, I was up and walking around the house for 1/2 an hour in between.

I met some of my family members in the city park across the street from my apartment building. They were going to help me move.

I was totally unprepared for this move and I didn't even have keys for the building, hadn't arranged for a truck or packed. I didn't even have boxes to pack into.

I left the family in the park and went across the street, hoping to find someone who would let me into the building. A young man came along and I begged him to let me in the building, telling him I was the manager. He almost walked away but finally relented and opened the door for me.  Once inside, I met a snotty young blonde guy who saw me coerce the other guy to let me in which was against our building rules.  He said, "I'll tell them that it was the lady from number 7 who took the wheelbarrow." (or a similar one wheeled vehicle) I laughed and told him he could go ahead and tell them anything he wanted to, that I had nothing to hide.  I then met some little girls who were playing with toy trucks and cars on the floor and told them that was not a good place to play, then as I went up the stairs, I found numerous books on the stairway, some actually stuck under the bottom step, and told the girls that they should read them. I stacked them on the side.

When I got to my apartment which was number 7, I needn't have worried how I was going to get in without a key because the door was wide open and the lights were all on.  

I went inside to find Joe the maintenance man and Kenny, his maintenance man friend (they both worked for me for 5 years) They were looking around, wondering where I was and why I wasn't ready since this was moving day.  I don't know how they knew that but since it was the first of the month, they were right about that. (People normally move on the last day of the month, not on the first).

Joe asked me where I was moving to, and I honestly didn't know. I just knew I was moving 600 miles to the north. This was apparently Wisconsin and I was in Milwaukee. (I'll have to look on a map and figure out where that gets me to) (This is also probably symbolic)

I started looking around noticing how unprepared I was, no boxes to pack into. I hadn't been in this apartment for quite some time apparently. I looked inside a kitchen cabinet and found the entire lower cabinet full of bags of potato chips. I said, "I Y2K'd enough potato chips for a year!"  A woman came in then who was going to be moving into my apartment. She went right to the freezer and saw that I had a bag with some lettuce leafs in. She said, "They always say that you shouldn't eat lettuce if you can see it through the bag and you can see these, but I'll eat them anyway.'  She took the baggie with the lettuce leafs in (about 7 of them of varying colors of lettuce) and went to her own apartment.  I recognized this woman and I think her name starts with L but can't remember quickly who she is... I'm thinking Louise, but that's not right.

I was trying to figure out how I was going to pack and go get boxes from the basement dumpster when my entire family walked in. My sister and my daughter were larger than life, really tall and large. My son Bill heard me say I didn't have my keys and he produced numerous copies of the building keys which he had made at work, and he gave me the keys... large gold ones. One key was actually white. It was the building master key, and was a two pronged fork thing with unequal forks on it.  The tine parts were about 1/2 an inch wide and the whole key was about 2 inches wide and about 3 inches long.

I took the keys from him, then realized that I hadn't picked up the mail in months and I didn't have the key for the mailbox. So, I decided I would take a kitchen knife and pry it open like other people do. I took a knife and went down to the mailboxes and saw that along the metal ridge above the mailboxes were a series of 7 large stamps embedded.  I pried off the first one off. I thought to myself, "Aha! Barbara Walters!"  The next was like Monica Lewinsky, but probably wasn't. .. just a dark haired woman like her. The rest were scenes from movies and I was thinking they were all of Kathryn Grayson.  I took all the stamps with me.


1-9-00 - VISIONS - (I had just uploaded some information about Colloidal Silver and I decided to meditate on that subject. )  

I immediately saw a silver man's suit hanging on a hangar on the wall.  This was followed by seeing a web page with numerous web site urls coming down a page.

I then saw myself laying down inside a store. There were two men inside the store with me. One of the men pulled a gun out of his pocket. One man ran outside and the other ran to the back room. I was laying down, observing. The man who ran outside came back instantly with a black man and they stood outside the glass door of the store, shouting at me whether or not I could see the man with the gun.  I shook my head, "No!"  They asked me if I was in any danger. I shook my head, "No!"  I noted that the store was completely empty except the color of the carpet was green and white. They didn't come in and rescue me though... just stood there.

I was then visited by a woman in a pale green dress. I don't know who she was, perhaps the woman who was then speaking on the radio in the other room, Cecelia Wise on the Hilly Rose show.


1-10-00 - DREAM - This was a rather long dream ... like a look at World War II from a romantic memory standpoint. I played all the major parts myself, although there were supporting players. We created the representative flower, the representative candle, the representative airplane, the representative airport, all for memory sake. I then had to go somewhere and had a hospital-like place call a taxi for me. They said they would pick me up on Jaspar street which was on the other side of the hospital. I had to quickly get back to my apartment, change clothes and get to the other place. As I walked along the hallways of a school-like place, I picked up all my old shoes, the yellow ones, the white ones and took them with me. I got to my apartment and chose a model who was wearing a 1945-ish green dress with gold buttons. I unbuttoned it and took it off of her and put it on myself and someone had to button me into it as all the buttons were in the back. I then got back down one level where I was supposed to meet a man and then get to the taxi to leave. I looked over towards where Jaspar street was and thats where all the hospital's dead bodies were removed and taken to mortuaries. There was a huge grey hearse there and several long station wagons parked behind it. I met the man I was supposed to meet, a white haired guy like an old movie star. I told him I would meet him on Jaspar St. His old wife followed me, trying to show she was jealous and tried to stop me. I ran up a flight of stairs, went the whole block on the higher level, then just before I came to the stairs that went down to Jaspar St. I came to what looked like a special greeting place that had sparkled stuff suspended in the air on a webbing-like stuff. I went through it with my face and it felt like chain link fencing. I went through it anyway to prove to the man's old wife that I could take anything she dished out, then went down the stairs to the waiting taxi-cab where the old man again waited me  to go with me into the future. The old wife was wearing a pink dress and she tried to push me down the stairs and ended up falling down the stairs behind me instead.

I woke up as I got into the taxi-cab.


1-10-00  - DREAM - I was working in a large office with another woman.  Asa Buchanan from One Life to Live was the owner of the company. It was a liquor company. Part of my job was to keep track of the accounting.  He came in and wanted to know how much money he had taken in. He said he thought it would be good if he had made $500,000 for the year.  I had quit keeping track of the income in April of the year and it was now December. The income was over $500,000 in April.  He was really happy about that but I didn't tell him that I had quit keeping track of it. He said he wanted to see the books and I told him that I'd get them for him and bring them to his office, not telling him that there weren't any.

I was sorting through the office supplies on my desk because the bosses wife wanted to use the desk.  One of the envelopes had a rolled sheet of paper.  It was grid paper. It was 20 feet long by 10 feet high and was marked in 1/2 inch squares.

I also saw a picture of an old fashioned gas pump on the desk inside an envelope. It was a red gas pump with a yellow ball on the top which said 13.99.

A kid came in and wanted to draw pictures of women's boobs, so I showed him how to do it the easy way, by drawings the letter B. I drew three of them. . . B  B  B.  I thought it was amusing.


1-10-00 - VISION - I was thinking about Colloid Silver and was seeing a park-like area and men were flipping other people over their heads. I saw this three times.


1-10-00 - VISION - I was seeing a railroad switching yard with numerous troop trains in it. Then I saw numerous soldiers dressed in dark green colored dress uniforms get off the trains and run along the tracks ahead of the trains.


1-10-00 - VOICE - "This morning at 6 a.m., all the boats in the harbor lurched."


1-11-00 - DREAMS - There were several dreams about getting ready to go home, and had to go through a mall to get there.  I was inside a warehouse where huge containers were stacked that were opaque white and were used for collecting garbage. They were of numerous sizes.  The man who was in charge of moving the stacks of these containers used a crane that was sort of like a red dragon on long extensions where the neck would be and the head was like a steam shovel type bucket, only looked like a dragon head.  I was rather afraid that the dragon head would get near me as he was swinging it wildly over our heads, but I managed to avoid it.

While I was in this warehouse, I found two wooden candle sticks about 3 feet high. They were carved, but plainly and had a wide indentation on the top where the candle would stand in.  

On this adventure, I met a woman who was selling a cactus plant I really wanted but she wanted $28.00 for it.  I told her that was way too expensive.  After I left her, my companion bought a piece of the plant for me and gave it to me with one branch and the plant stem looked like a barrel shape and exactly fit into the candle stick top, which I used to carry it home. The cactus type was one I'm familiar with, the branches are not round, but shaped more like a thick X shape.

I was being driven home by I.R.  At first the street was two way, but then changed to one way and he said that he didn't even have to look to drive the car.  We were a long way from the cars in front of us which were all golden colored. However, he was always a bad driver and I kept my eye on the cars ahead even though he didn't... he was sightseeing instead.

NOTE:  I understand through the grapevine... that I.R. is in very bad health with a heart problem, so this may be reflected in this dream.


1-12-00 - DREAM - I was watching a computer screen with numerous urls and file names coming down. I was getting excited about passing these on to other people but the more I tried to remember what they were, the less I remembered and finally as I was waking up, I couldn't even remember the subject matter.


1-12-00 - DREAM - It seems that I was back in Milwaukee, and after being there a couple weeks it dawned on me that I could call Tom my old locksmith boss and tell him I was back and ask if I could work for him again. I felt really good about that.

Meanwhile I was in a hardware store with my husband, Dave the locksmith, and some teenage boys.  I don't know what we were there to buy, but I saw a big drunken white man outside the store who kept looking at me. He was standing by a picnic table and his bottle of liquor was on the table and every few minutes he would pick it up and take a swig of it and then watch me again.

I decided I would leave the hardware store by the back door so I didn't have to confront the man, and I hoped the men I was with would protect me. However, the man came into the store to watch me, and I moved so that I was surrounded by the other guys I was with and even put the young teens in front of me so I was behind them.

But, the drunken man came over anyway, pushed past the guys I was with and confronted me and started to speak to me like he was in love with me. Then he said, "I just don't know what to do."

I said, "I'm a married woman with six children. I'm not looking for a new relationship!"

With that he fell down on his back and changed into a Mexican/Spanish appearing man, started speaking Spanish which I couldn't understand.

Dave, the locksmith leaned over the man and talked to him a second, asking him how it was he was all of a sudden Spanish.

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open over the sudden change.

The man on the floor didn't seem to know what was going on either.

Go figure!


1-12-00 - DREAM - A weird and crazy dream.

I thought I was in West Allis, WI.   I met my mother on the street and asked her if she'd like to go with me and see the new apartment I was going to move into. She agreed she would like to do that. I showed her the keys I had in my left coat pocket. I had a silver apartment key and a gold mailbox key. I proudly told her that I had just got my new library card the day before. She looked surprised and other people on the street kinda giggled at hearing how proud I was.  

We crossed Greenfield Ave. and went south. There was a rather alley-like... maybe I should call it a concourse-like protected way between buildings, but we had to walk a couple blocks.  My mother got way ahead of me because I obeyed the traffic lights and she just kept right on walking. I couldn't believe an old lady of 83 could walk so fast.  I couldn't keep up with her.

When I got to the westerly door of the building, I went inside and went up the stairs to the 2nd floor to apartment 242. I opened the door with the silver key and went inside. My mother was nowhere around. I don't know where she went.

Inside the apartment, I was kinda tickled at the preparations that had been made for me.  On a board-like area below the wainscot divider board, was a light green area where you could write notes to yourself in wipe off marker and someone had gone to the trouble of writing a couple of my dreams on there with an extra note telling me how proud everyone was of my old maintenance man Michael. I grinned and looked at some of the other notes. They had prepared it for notes to myself like "Things to Do", phone calls to make, food to shop for, etc.  It was kinda a cool idea.  I thought it was very thoughtful of them.

I went down the hallway towards the bedroom, and a young man came bursting out of another bedroom. I questioned him why he was there and he said he had just moved in.  I asked him how he could move in when it was MY apartment. He said that he was there first. I said there was no such thing as squatters rights and it was MY apartment.  I told him too that I had just bought new blue livingroom furniture yesterday which was going to be delivered.  He had already put HIS yellow furniture there which I hadn't noticed at first.

Then another guy showed up in another bedroom and I complained to him too. I decided to go get my mail which was stacking up because I hadn't picked it up, and when I went back down the hall, there was a father and a son huddled in front of a computer in the livingroom that hadn't been there before. I also saw that there were numerous other bedrooms that shouldn't be there. I was amazed how large this apartment was.

I went towards the hall and there didn't seem to be a door anymore, it just went out onto a dark red with yellow paisley carpet, very plush. Music was playing over a loud speaker. It was very pleasant ballad. I can't remember what it was. A man was singing.

I went towards the easterly door to where the mailboxes were supposed to be.  (That's where they were  when I lived in this building before)  When I got down to the first floor, I saw the manager of the building standing in the doorway of the office. He was tall, wearing a dark brown suit with curly hair and a big mustache like the movie critic on NBC morning show. (I'm guessing at that. It might be ABC morning show) (Can't think of his name)

He was surveying his domain. It was really pleasant. The music was playing and people had gathered to talk, sitting on couches and chairs. I really liked what he had done with it. The front lobby was huge. The only problem I saw was that the cleaning lady hadn't vacuumed the carpet recently and little bits of paper were on the carpet.

I considered going over to meet him because I hadn't actually formerly filled out an application for the apartment.  (Oops! No wonder other people were living in it. :-)  ))  I thought about filling out the application and wondered what would I do if they turned me down.  But I had good credit. I didn't see any reason why they would turn me down.

I went over to where the mailboxes were.  There seemed to be a lot of them missing and I couldn't find one for apartment 242.  I figured I was looking in the wrong place. I was finding mailboxes with numbers that jumped from the 1st floor to the 7th floor. There was nothing in between.  I couldn't figure that out. Sure wasn't like that when I lived there before.

While I was puzzling on this, I decided I would go up to apartment 310 and visit my old friend Toni who lived next to me when I had lived in apartment 311 before. I went north down the hallway and found that all the fire doors were shut which was good because the fire department had told us we had to keep them closed. These doors were all painted light yellow now though, instead of the beautiful oak they had been before.

I saw a red light blink off over the head of the manager, and he closed the office door and he and another guy he called Kevin went down the elevator. I could hear him yelling at Kevin as they went down the elevator. He sure changed his personality when he thought nobody was looking.

I continued down the hall to the other end where the north stairway was and they had installed an escalator.  I thought that was great because the 3rd floor was a hard climb when you aren't used to it.

Some real little girls went up the escalator ahead of me along with some teenage girls.

To my surprise, the escalator stopped just half a flight up and there was a large platform there, almost waist high with linoleum on it and then stopped. There was no stairs the rest of the way to the 2nd floor.

The girls were struggling to get up on the platform. It was too high to turn around and slide your butt up first, but I got lucky and got a grip on the side of the linoleum and hauled myself up before they managed to get up there. I stood up on the platform, and went around a corner to find the stairs the rest of the way to the 2nd floor and to my shock, there was a huge empty space, between where I was and the apartments on the 7th floor.  It was all nicely finished off in grey paint and was clean... but where was the rest of the building between the 1st floor and the 7th floor?  

I was in such shock, I must have looked white as a sheet because when I turned around to go back down, some old ladies whispered to each other, "Maybe we should tell her the truth!"  I looked at them and one old lady whispered to me, "We had mice!"  

I just couldn't believe it. They tore out the whole inner building because they had mice?

I was absolutely astounded and made my way towards the door to go back outside because I was quite a ways from here through the building back into my own apartment. I figured I'd go the outside way instead of back through the building.

I followed some elderly women out the door. This was such a friendly place. The music was still playing the ballad and there seemed to be a cosmetic and beauty place right by the doorway where one could get fixed up at a moment's notice.

I went outside and was so surprised. There was shopping stores for every imaginable thing right outside the door across the street. One would want for nothing if one had the money to pay for it.  The Sentry Food Store was predominantly directly across the street.  I was absolutely thrilled to see this, but astonished at the same time. I loved having everything so close and convenient, but I was shocked that it had changed so much from before when I had lived here in 1996.

I woke up reluctantly. I really liked it there. :-)


1-13-00 - DREAMS - It seems that rather than dreams I was having more or less a series of ideas, most of which I can't even remember now except for this which wasn't even a dream. I heard a distinct voice say:  "9 tribute"

Another dream was that of  some vague step shape pushing everything else aside to make room for itself. That just kept repeating and repeating.  

Another dream was reminding me of things I had seen yesterday to make a web page out of.  It'll have a simple name.  "nine.htm"


1-13-00 - I went back to bed to meditate on the number nine and was reminded that I can use the number 72 and 153 as well.  However, those are separate subjects in my mind which deserve pages of their own.

I had this dream:

The housework was all done, so I went out to the garage to clean that too. My son Ken met me at the door with a broom in his hand. I looked past him at the garage floor. He had kindly already done that for me.  All that remained to be done was one load of laundry. Nine pieces of light brown laundry had to be done, so I put them on a table and turned to get the washing machine out and put it next to the garage floor drain, when my husband came in and pulled more laundry from the clothes chute which came from upstairs. He piled voluminous blue sheets down and these too had to be washed.

As I woke up, I was told this:  "Remember Shekinah of the Living Light"


1-14-00 -  DREAM - I'm not sure if this was two dreams or one but the events were with the same people on two consecutive Friday's.

I was living with several other women, in two different generations of age. Two of the girls were in their early twenties, the others of us were older... maybe 40 or so.

We all worked across the street in a large office building or at least I did.

The two young girls met some good looking guys and immediately wanted to get married on the first Friday.  The guys, being more sensible didn't want to jump right into a serious relationship so when the guys left, they girls were all upset and crying.

Becky, my daughter-in-law came to visit and gave me a puppy. It had ears like Dumbo the elephant, but the puppy was small enough to hold in one's hand.  I figured it would grow quite large so I didn't know if I should take it or not. She also gave me one large potato and when I looked at it, it was ready to plant as it had roots starting to grow all over it. I talked with one of the women about it because it needed to be planted in a special place with a specially dug hole and then watered carefully all year.  It took a lot of work and discipline to grow the potato well.

One of the older women needed to get some work done for herself personally, but needed to do it in our building across the street.  She needed to mail a package, get an immigration paper for someone and do some paperwork. I told her that the mailing room was on the first floor, immigration was on the 5th floor, and that the office was on the 8th floor.

As she was leaving, we discussed whether or not the building needed fumigating for something and she was going to arrange for that. That meant I had to get dressed and do something with the turkey I had gotten out of the freezer for dinner.

I started hunting for socks to wear and I had a lot of them but couldn't find any that matched and when I thought I found some yellow ones, they were shredding and falling apart. I almost threw away some earrings made of feathers of the same color yellow in the pile of shredded socks, but grabbed them back just in time.

I looked at the turkey, and saw that I had two of them thawing. They were both in large pans under running water. The water was running on the floor and down a drain so I wasn't too worried about them.

The boyfriends of the younger girls came to visit and it was suddenly the following Friday. (I'm thinking this has to be a separate dream because I woke up in between the two Fridays.")

One of the guys sat down on the couch and we started talking about the girls and how they had reacted to their refusal to get married on their first date.  I tried to make him understand how emotional young women were and how they couldn't think clearly because of the emotion, and how the men were more mature and more in control of their emotions. It was quite a serious discussion about that.  They still were willing to see the women however and were looking forward to another date with them.

I know went to look at the turkeys again to see how they were coming with thawing and the young man went with me. The turkeys were now hanging in a refrigerator of some sort I think, or it might have been a large oven. I'm not sure.  However, there was no meat on the upper half of the turkeys at all, they were basically just carcasses with legs. I was rather distressed that the top half of the turkeys was missing and that there was no point to cooking the whole carcass if all the meat there was was the legs.

It was about that time I found out that the fumigator was there and he had lined the hallways with red tape every couple feet the entire length of the hallway, had put little pointed things that looked like large incense cones every few feet between the red taped lines and was getting ready to light the first of them . . . though I didn't see the man, I knew he was there.

But I didn't have my shoes on yet and ran into the apartment to get my shoes. I went upstairs to my apartment yet remember running down the stairs into the basement to find my shoes. I was looking for my shoes, yet every shoe I found was single, way too large or too loose or too dirty, and I couldn't find any two alike... only single shoes.  These were obviously not just MY shoes, because one white deck-type shoes was like 8 times bigger than my foot.

I knew the fumigator was going to start lighting the fumigating cones in a moment and started to panic that  I was stuck in the building and he didn't know I was down there looking for my shoes, so I woke up.


1-14-00 - DREAM - I was invited to a party by one of my sons or a young teen. When I got there, he had a baby grand piano there so I went over to it to see what kind of music he had there to play. It was more like coloring book pictures on top, but I played some notes and the piano sounded wonderful.

As I sat there picking out a little tune, some other people arrived on bicycles whom I hadn't seen in a long time. I said, "Hi!"  in an excited voice because  I was surprised to see them.  

The area I sat in was next to a garden and there was a bricked in area right behind me which my chair was partially sitting on. The young woman on the first bicycle decided to ride behind me and as she went over the bricks, my whole chair went up and down as the ground vibrated it.  I asked her if she had room and she said she thought so.

She rode her bicycle down the portico area and as I stood up I knocked over a cup of coffee or water onto the piano. My son was right there and asked if he could help with anything. I said, "You can mop up this water if you like. "  

Then I noticed that the light wasn't bright enough. We had already put in a larger light bulb but it still wasn't bright enough. I looked up at the bulb and asked if we could put in a larger bulb.

On the table was a strange looking bulb. It was narrow and tall. . . silver on the end with a window like opening on each end, but there was liquid inside of it also like water.

I asked the young men if they could put this bulb into the bulb socket as it had a threaded end to screw it in.

I woke up as they were going to do that. As I was waking up, I heard a noise like breaking light bulb... a clanging-like noise. It wasn't until later that I thought about the connection though. The realization that the light bulb probably blew up because of the liquid in it.

NOTE: Coincidentally, our fluorescent lights went dim and blinking the other night and we replaced them. The sound I heard after the dream was the same sound as a fluorescent light bulb breaking.


1-15-00 - DREAM - I don't know where I was, but all the people seemed to be from Wisconsin. Some of the people are  deceased, and some not.

There is a theme of going through events twice, once for practice and  once for real.  The first time was to get past the fear, the second because you know you can do it without serious harm because it must be done.

At first I was in the country, going down a road. There were numerous brown horses along the road and I was afraid that they would get out of control. The second time I went down the path, the brown horses were all laying down alongside the road in the mud after a rain. I was disgusted to see them wallowing in the mud.

I was then high on a hill waiting for a flight in a white airplane. I've always been afraid to fly ever since my Father wouldn't allow me to join the rescue organization for young people when I was 14 that went up in planes to look for lost people.

While I was in the plane hangar, it was raining outside so the plane couldn't go up. I was standing near the entrance to the hangar with another person and began sliding down a steep hill standing up. I ended up at the bottom of the hill thigh deep in mud.  

Nobody bothered to watch or to care how I was. When I came back up the hill to the plane hangar, I had to walk through an area that had thousands of glittering icicle hanging down like stalagtites in a cave. I had to bust them off as I walked through the area so they wouldn't cut me. It wasn't until I was completely through this area that others noticed I had been gone and they marveled at the broken ice, but not at what I had survived.

NOTE: On Sunday following this dream, there was a show on TV where they showed a new cave just found and being protected and they entered through a square doorway just like in my dream and showed all the stalagtites that were hanging down that took millions of years to form.  See what I did above compared to real stalagtites that no one can touch because it takes so many years to create drop by drop with water.

continuing dream:

Then  the engineer I used to work with (now deceased)  Don Waalkes asked me to go out to the plane with him. (The name Don means Chief or Lord and Don was Chief Engineer where I worked) . I asked to see the contract I had to make sure I was authorized to do this. I tried to read the fine print, but we did this so fast, I couldn't find any statement one way or the other about this.  The other men who were there were questioning whether I should be doing this instead of them. They were acting jealously like they should have been chosen for this privilege and not them.

We got out to the plane and I was taken inside the working of the plane where the motor was and saw all the hoses that delivered oil to the motor to make sure that the pistons and other working parts got the right amount of oil.  A woman engineer showed me how this all worked.

When we got back to the hangar-like area where the men were standing, we were in a first aid or hospital-type area. An old white haired woman was in a bed and a man was sitting next to her as a visitor. The hospital brought her a food tray and they were nice enough to feed visitors also.

I saw that the woman was given a soda cup sized red jello. The visitor got the same. Along with the jello was a gift pack of small items you could use while at the hospital in case you didn't bring your own things and you could take this home with you later.

I looked through the visitors gift pack and saw that there were feminine and masculine type things in it. Since the visitor of the old woman was a man, I went through the pack and took out all the feminine things like perfumes of various kinds since the man didn't need them and I felt I had earned them.

However, there was a man there from my hometown whom I wanted to give a gift to and I offered him a bottle of men's cologne called "Sunbeam". He turned it down at first until I finally said he should take it as a souvenier and I emphasized the word souvenier a second time.

After I woke up, I was again seeing the pattern of the icicles like they were on the ceiling, but this time it was just the pattern I was seeing and it was dark gray. The pattern was somewhat geometric but indescribable, not a specific shape one could point out and say it's name.

I was then told to take this pattern and turn it sideways and go through it again.  I don't know why this was necessary, but it fit the pattern of doing it the first time to get past the fear, then doing it again because it was necessary.


1-15-00 - DREAM - I was in a house where a party was going on. There were people there of all ages but mostly women and girls. At the dinner table, on of the girl babies was eating a cookie and started to choke. I ran over to her to stick my finger into her mouth and dig out the piece she was choking on, but when I got to her, her mouth was open wide and the piece had gone down and she was okay.

After dinner I wanted to find the Names of God, but I had to go pee so bad, I was running for the bathroom every couple of minutes. I'd just barely get done, pull up my pants and go back to the party and I'd have to go again. I did this over and over and over.

I went outside and saw that the man of the house kept a prostitute in a little yard on the other side of the fence. She was exquisitely beautiful, an exotic Asian face perhaps Hawaiian, or Tahitian. She was naked but crouched in the tall grass with her arms in front of her trying to keep herself covered from prying eyes.

I had to go pee so bad, I squatted in the grass across the fence from her and peed while looking into her eyes. I was no different than her at that moment. I got up quickly and ran back into the house, again having to go. I ran upstairs and found a bathroom, but found that the potty was being moved and I'd have to find another one. The little baby I was going to save earlier had to go pee too and I had to let the little ones go first.

I finally decided I had a bladder infection because I had to go so often, and that meant I needed to drink more water. Ugh! Then I'd have to go even more often.

Finally, I was seeing some words and they were 'the the Names of God' and I knew what the problem was, I had to delete 'the' and leave 'the Names of God' so I did this and woke up.


1-16-00 - DREAM - The first part of this dream is missing in my memory. Vaguely it seems there was something about the environment and the changes it was undergoing.

I then went to school. It was an all girls school with all women teachers. It was a segregated school but I didn't know that in the beginning. I was asked to make a speech about something as a substitute for one of the teachers. There were some notes on a piece of paper, but I was unfamiliar with the subject.

While the teachers were on break, a Spanish girl named Maria came and knocked on the door and I let her in. She was very helpful to me and showed me where things were

I was trying to get ready to make the speech but I knew I wasn't really good enough to do this. I looked at the girls I was with. . .we were all older teens it seemed. Everyone's bodies were covered with scars, some old scars, some fresher scars. My own left thigh had a fresh wound that had just barely stopped bleeding. So Maria gave me a new, perfect body that I could just step into that was scar-free.  It fit perfectly.  The perfect body was slit from top to bottom all the way up the front and all I had to do was step into it and close it more or less like ???   and it stayed closed with no apparent seam.

In this new body, I had to wear different clothes and got some light weight purple gauze clothes to wear to make the speech in.

The teachers then came back and started to turn some lights on that hadn't been on before. That's when Maria was discovered by the teachers who had kicked her out of the school which I hadn't known about.  Maria, begged to be allowed to stay. I didn't see any reason for her not to. She, of all people had been the most help to me.

I still wasn't quite prepared mentally for the speech, and I asked for pencil and paper and went into the room where it was and turned on the light.  There, sitting in the dark, were all the white students. They had been there all the time, just sitting and waiting.

I was quite shocked to see all those other students who had been kept in the dark.  Now I had to give the speech to twice as many students and felt twice as unprepared. But I had my speech makers perfect body  on with my purple clothes and I was going to do the best I could. I had my notes prepared by the older teacher. I was as ready as I was going to be.

I was just going to start the speech when I woke up.


1-16-00 - DREAM - I was in a large building somewhere. My hair was falling down because I lost a pin on the right side, so I looked for something to pin up my hair with.  I found a 3 or 4 inch light green round pin with a logo of some union or something and pinned it into my hair on the back of the right side of my head.  

There was a smaller 2 inch size round pin which I decided to pin on the left side in the back, but first I wanted to tape a piece of paper over the logo on the pin. I went to find apiece of paper to write "Name Me" or "What's my Name" and stick it on there for a game. That took a few minutes of wasting time getting the paper, writing the words, finding the tape, etc.

I then went to the elevator and on the way down, the elevator door opened and I thought someone came on the elevator. The door closed and the elevator continued down but I didn't see anyone. I then felt behind me and there he was, almost attached to my back.  I tried to pry him away from me, but I had trouble moving... it was like slow motion and it was really difficult and I wasn't successful.

I got home and the man was now attached to my left leg below the knee and when I got into bed with Joe, the man lay down on the bed, still attached to my leg.  This time I was able to see who is was and he looked like Jesus Christ. This was not a full size man but a shadow of a man about 3 feet tall or so.

I was still trying to detach from the man and I still couldn't move my fingers very well, it was very slow going and slow motion. Finally, the Jesus Christ man fell off of my leg and rolled onto the floor. But then, he climbed back on the bed and climbed up between Joe and me.

He got half way up on the bed below the knee still. Joe was sleeping and wasn't aware he was there, but I was, and I again tried to pry him off the bed and again I couldn't move my fingers very well and was trying to push him off the bed, but couldn't.

NOTE: I then woke up and was thinking about the dream and Joe got up, went out into the livingroom and I was going to get up and type up the dream.  But I fell asleep.

DREAM - I got up out of bed and went to type up the dream above.

I was in a house unlike ours and I was trying to type on a laptop that was partly TV and partly computer like Web-TV.  There was a logo on the laptop something like Quinlan or something. It was very hard to type on it because it wasn't wireless. The cord between the TV part and the keyboard was way too short. I tried to find a good place to type and tried a round backed chair and nothing was working well. I sat on the couch and put the keyboard on the chair and I could hear a motor revving up on the keyboard. It just wasn't working out.

All of a sudden, somebody showed up at the window and I told Joe he'd better go see who that was. There was a man, a woman, and a small boy outside. They had come to get a narrow mattress which we gave to them.  They had never had a mattress for their son before so they were thrilled to get it.

Right after they left, Joe and I were standing in the livingroom and T.J. and another big guy showed up. They came in really fast, trying to catch Joe and I naked together.  I was wearing a light blue flowered sundress and Joe was dressed in summer wear, but can't remember exactly what. They laughed and Joe left with them to go move furniture.

I recall there was a refrigerator in the corner of the livingroom with some stuff piled on top and it seems it had something to do with books about Indians. It had to be moved to another table and it was done in a teepee type fashion or something. I can't recall that part very well.

I then discovered that our baby had woken up and I went into the bedroom to change his diaper. I lay the baby boy on the bed and started to remove the pins from the diaper and the diaper opened up and I saw blood under him. Lots of blood. I rolled him over and there was so much blood, it had soaked through onto the mattress of the bed.

I was terrified of what might be wrong. I  picked up his legs and saw that the blood had come out of his butt. That was very clear. I lay him back down and the baby clutched at his lower abdomen. I was panicked. I found a clean diaper and transferred him to the clean diaper, but now I couldn't find pins to pin the clean diaper on him. I was going to have to take him to the doctor immediately but I couldn't find the pins for the diaper. They had disappeared as soon as I removed them from the original diaper.

Joe had left with T.J. and the other man to go move an air conditioner or something and I had no way to take the baby to the doctor either. I didn't know what I was going to do and woke up.


1-16-00 - VISION - This was a large city near an ocean. There was a large ship of some sort being pulled through the downtown area with a jeep or some other vehicle like that. There was an accident of some kind. The voice said, "Okay! The paramedics have been called. The voice then said, "Our medes are you!"  (I don't understand what that means.)


1-16-00 - VISIONS -

#1 - I forgot it because I didn't write it down.

#2 - I saw a telephone caught in a fishing net

#3 - I saw two men going backwards in a white pickup truck

#4 - I saw this question:  "What should I do with my research group?"

#5 - I saw "8 separate subjects linked to NASA

#6 - I saw "There is an Extraterrestrial Connection to NASA"


1-17-00 - VISIONS -  I saw myself being dressed by someone else. They put me first into a dark blue sweater, followed by a dark blue quilted jacket with a square edged front edging of flowers. I was thinking it was Chinese.

I then saw a sports-type scene and a voice told me that _____ Mason was chosen for the team. He came in #18.


1-17-00 - NIGHTMARE - This dream started with me laying in bed in a house which seemed to be New Berlin, not my current house. As I was laying in bed, I was using a computer to type on. I must have fallen asleep for a moment and when I woke up, two men were coming into the room wanting to use the electrical outlet to plug in some test equipment.  I think they were checking the lines.  After they left, I got up and was typing a series of numbers that I was supposed to be duplicating and I thought the key pads were programmed to do that. . . there was a number keypad for the left hand and one for the right hand. I realized too late that instead of keying in the numbers in the order of the original computer printout, I was pressing the keys at random.  I knew it would have to be done over, but there was no way to change it now... what was done was already done. It was too late to change it now.

Finally I went out into the main house and found that my husband was packing stuff up, and moving. He hadn't discussed this me at all.  All the clothing was laying on the floor and had to be washed. I saw my own slacks on the floor. It appeared that I had probably pooped in them but didn't wash them immediately. They were actually inside-out, had red, white and blue stripes for legs and flowered underpants print was on the outside of the back. I tried washing this by hand but couldn't get the imprint off completely. I could still see the pattern there.  I confronted my husband about the mess he was making and about what he was doing, and he said that if I wanted to talk I should put a pot of coffee on first.  

I went to the kitchen to make the coffee and found two strange people there . . . a man and woman. They were living with us and I hadn't known it.  The man was an alcoholic who was trying to quit and she didn't trust him and they were fighting over this.

When the coffee was done, I decided to give them some also, but instead of cups they wanted me to pour the coffee into two cake pans because cups were too small. The point being that I wouldn't be able to pour the coffee into a smaller cup because their hands were shaking so bad the cups would shake and I wouldn't get any coffee into it.

I went back to the livingroom with the coffee pot to pour some coffee for my husband and myself and the man followed me and asked me why I had poured the coffee into a cake pan for himself instead of a coffee cup and I explained what his wife had said about spilling it. He then got angry at me for not trusting him and there was no point to living there anymore.

It didn't much matter to me since I didn't know them, but I knew their relationship was in big trouble.

I  found a large square piece of cardboard on the floor and decided to put it in the back of a green paisley overstuffed chair to stiffen the back.  We still had some nice furniture in the livingroom but it was being moved.  I was packing water glasses into a box without wrapping paper. I had no idea if this would save them or not.

I didn't see my husband again but my son talked about him and said that his job was to provide goods for the world that were not considered necessary, and I looked and he was providing child's colorful toys, like Big Wheels bikes and other child vehicles like that. Very small colored ones.

I went across the street where it seemed we were going to be moving and found a woman there who was making landscape changes. She moved a black wrought iron fence and put it right in the center of the lawn. The fence had a grapevine on it and that was nice, but it was right in the middle of the lawn and one had to walk around it. I thought it should have been in the garden.

In front of the house, the people who had lived there had let the shrubbery get overgrown and this woman was rearranging the shrubbery and we were finding old concrete and stone structures on the ground that were in squares. It was like it was an old temple or something. It had that feeling.

I went out on the road and found that my husband had packed everything into large black trash bags and threw them out on the road. A black cat ran across the road in front of me. I was distressed about this for two reasons, . . . number one that he had done this instead of moving this stuff properly and number two that all our ID would be inside of the bags and the authorities would know it came from our house.

I asked my son what was in those bags and he said that his father had gone through the house and put all the rubber boots from the attic into those bags. I was extremely distressed at this point.

I went back to the house across the street and found the green paisley chair in the yard. I was hearing music like a love song of goodbye. Some of the words were, "I wish we didn't have to say goodbye."  At the same time, I was seeing a ballet of sorts being done by two very tiny people hanging on rubber strings in the center of the back of the chair that kept the chair covering on the chair foundation.  They were no more than half an inch tall. The string of the woman had come undone and she was hanging by one thread, so I attempted to reattach her string and it had to be twisted together to keep her hanging on. It wasn't pretty but she was still attached. The man was hanging by a loop which she should have been also.

I then went further into the yard and came to the swimming pool. In the pool, floating upsidedown was a baby grand piano with it's four legs sticking up out of the water.

Next to the upsidedown piano was floating a very yellow skinned man with his chest bare. I was scared half to death and knew I had to get out of there and woke up.

NOTE: The position of the yellow man was like the crazy Pink Floyd floating in a crucified position in the bloody swimming pool in the movie "The Wall".


NOTE; EXPERIENCE THAT HAPPENED DURING THE NIGHT: I woke up and opened my eyes. I thought I heard Joe sneaking quietly out of the room to go make coffee and saw a shadow of a man walk in front of the light that shines in the front window from across the street in the livingroom. I didn't hear anything further.  I waited for the kitchen light to turn on and it didn't and I didn't hear any more noise. I decided to check the other side of the bed and to my horror, when I reached over to my right... Joe was still laying in bed with me.  Who then was the shadow man and the noise like feet walking on the floor?

NOTE:  In December of 2000, I was laying in bed and started thinking about a man sneaking in the house and chasing Joe with a gun and was wondering whether I might sneak through the bathroom and across the street to get help, or would I cower under the blankets.  I then realized that I was thinking something really dumb and wondered why I was thinking like this.  All of a sudden Joe started hollering for help in his sleep and I poked him awake. I asked him what he was dreaming and he said that he was dreaming that his brother Johnny was laying the bed where I was and that he had pulled a gun out from under the mattress and they were wrestling with it and his brother was trying to take it away from him.

I also recall another time during this past year where I was laying in bed in the dark and someone grabbed me by the crotch and there was no one there, and other times when I've felt someone sit down on the bed.

It may be that we have a ghost ... perhaps Joe's brother Johnny.  I could be wrong about that, but I am seeing and feeling something strange here.


1-17-00 - VISIONS

#1 - I saw a list of 5 different kinds of music

#2 - I saw a magazine page with a large letter K like K Mart in the center. There were some other words below it I couldn't read.

#3 - I saw a man doing some karate movement. The last movement was with one foot forward and one palm forward. After I thought about this, I realized he had made the letter K with his body.

#4 - I saw a man in the livingroom in our current house. He made some movements with his arms to indicate that he wanted me to go into the bedroom.  I was too lazy to get off the couch and do it so Joe went in my place.

#5 - I saw someone dump some stuff and red rubber ball out of a beach sand pail.  (Strange, but I tried to download an Mp3 file earlier about the red rubber ball that suddenly struck me as music I liked very well.)

I finally got up and went into the bedroom like I was told to. I didn't see anything starting with the letter K, so I crawled under the covers to meditate on the letter K.

These things came to mind:

K for Kelloggs Cornflakes
K for Special K (also from Kelloggs)
Vitamin K

I then had a vision of a magazine page all with items starting with letter K. It was multicolored but I couldn't read any of it.

I then saw another white magazine page with multicolored letters like for children.

I didn't get it yet, so decided to take a nap.

1-17-00 - DREAM - I was working on some kind of earthchanges program on the computer and its relationship to music - "harmonics".

A huge event occurred and I had to spend $20 on food for my mother and myself. After the event I thought I deserved to be paid back. I had $100 in 20 dollar bills in my purse and my mother had $100 in 20 dollar bills in her purse. I saw no problem with transferring $20 from my mother's purse to my purse since I had bought the food and SHE was the mother.  

But when I opened my mother's purse to take the $20, I suddenly got greedy and wanted to take $40.

While I struggled with my greed for the extra $20, a woman from One Life to Live . . . 'Blair' came and showed me that she had a million dollars in $500 bills. Her money was bright red printed on a pale tan background, not green like mine. She was flashing it at me but I knew she had stolen it. I said, "I wouldn't mind having even one of those. What would I have to do to get one of those?"

In the meantime, someone had a whole handful of red $1 dollar bills, and I managed to mix one of the $500 dollar bills in with the red $1 dollar bills and hoped she wouldn't notice the difference.  Then I gave her the choice of the $1 dollar bills like she was playing 'Go Fish' out of my hand.

So I ended up with the extra $40 from my mother and the $500 from Blair. None of the red $1 dollar bills was mine either so I had all those too.

Someone asked if we had seen the new green eyed baby which had just been born. They had named her either Linda or Katy. (I heard them say the name but for some reason I couldn't bring it to mind when I woke up) (Linda means 'snake' and Katy mean 'pure') (I'm thinking it must have been Katy)

Nobody had ever seen someone with clear green eyes before. Everyone who saw her was astounded.

I went out in the yard where there was a lot of water left in big ponds on the lawn. I decided to smooth out the lawn which I did on my hand and knees using large hot pad mitts on my hands.

However, there was a ridge at the easterly end of the lawn where the water wave had stopped and instead of just grass, there was a long ridge of flotsam and jetsam of furniture, junk and toys that I couldn't just throw out on the lawn, so some men and boys came and decided to make a big bonfire of it.  There was a place near the pile where they could burn it safely.

Suddenly someone said, "There's the green eyed baby!"  I looked across the yard and saw the beautiful green eyed baby. Her eyes were pure crystal clear green and sparkled.

I then saw her mother. I didn't notice her eyes, but saw that she had pure white eyebrows, which she promptly drew over with green marker like an Irish Elf and she did the same on the baby.


Red Money - The Song

Words by David Bowie. Music by David Bowie and Carlos Alomar.


Oh, can you feel it in the way
That a man is not a man?
Can you see it in the sky
That the landscape is too high?

Like a nervous disease
And it's been there all along
It will tumble from the sky
It's been there all along

Project cancelled
Tumbling central
Red Money


Can you hear it fall
Can you hear it well
Can you hear it at all

I was really feeling good
Reet Petite and how d'ya do
Then I got the small red box
And I didn't know what to do

'Cause my fingers could not grope
And I could not give it away
And I knew I must not drop it
Stop it, take it away

Project cancelled
Tumbling central
Red Money


Project cancelled
Tumbling central
Red Money

Red Money (four times)

Such responsibility
It's up to you and me


Red Money was just the same melody with different lyrics as Sister Midnight from Iggy Pop's "The Idiot".   This song is about responsibility. Red boxes kept cropping up in David's painting, representing responsibility.

Bowie Sounds    More Bowie Stuff

1-19-00 - DREAM - I was in a manufacturing type place and was shown metals that were necessary for the process. My Father then brought in two long squared-off silver bars which was the next step. They were like silver steel and I was supposed to present them to the manufacturer. I said, "No way! I couldn't possibly carry those!" When I said that, I was perched precariously on the edge of a stairs that went down into a basement on the outside of a building, and a man engineer was looking at long pneumatic tubing alongside a fencing protecting people from falling into the stairwell. I was hanging on the fencing, making my way around it because I wasn't going to go down the stairs. I accidentally got my foot caught in the tubing and was pulling my foot out of the tangle as I woke up.

NOTE: I recall that somewhere in the earlier part of that dream the shadow-man was looking in the window.


1-19-00 - - DREAM - I was working on a web page and links were scrolling down.  I asked to see the original time line. Then I attempted to save it as a file.

The dream then turned to a people dream and it was early morning, and I decided to go to the mall and be the first one there so I could get what I needed and get on with my day.

When I arrived, there was very little traffic on the road, and it was snowing, so when I made my right turn into the mall parking lot, there were no cars ahead of me and I actually slid past the entrance where a female guard stood. We talked a moment and she told me that there would be no problem  if I made the first track through the snow. I preferred to wait and follow the first person since I didnt' really know the best way to go myself.

When I got to the mall itself, I seemed to be the presenter of a long line of people who were to get a doctor's checkup before they were allowed to continue their day and attend classes.

I spoke to the first woman in line, who came dressed in a light blue satin ball gown.  Since she and I were going to attend classes together and were coming from the same direction, I asked for her phone number. It was 306-1030. She said she was reluctant to give it out but understood I might need it. After that she made a comment to someone that she was going to be hanging out in the hallway with the others and I knew she would probably give her number out to everyone she met.

One of the other women who was standing in line was wearing a light purple satin cat suit.  She wanted to be different. All the men wore black tuxedos and lined up near the forest edge. They would be presented after all the women went first. All the other women were wearing voluminous ball gowns and lined up alone a circus tent like building. It was funny because there were other people inside the tent making it hard for the women to stand in line to be presented. They were like jostling them as they tried to stand still and wait their turn.

I then went into a cage-like room where we all sat in round backed chairs waiting to see the doctor who was to examine all these people to make sure they were fit.  He thought I was one of the patients but I told him I was just the presenter. He was a young, blonde, blue eyed man. Since I was the presenter, his first patient was then a tall, blue eyed, blonde male student.

Once I got established what was going on, one of the other women said that I must really know a lot of people in order to get this all together. I really didn't know how these people were chosen to be first so I asked the first woman in line who was a tall, masculinish type person. She was sitting next to me at that point. She said she had bought a ticket for $25 for 2 hours.

That made more sense to me.

After I woke up, I again was told that I would see the first time line. A lion-man type creature appeared and said his name was 890 Lion. His suit was rather handmade ... not a real lion... I could tell there was a person inside a costume. His suit was golden brown fur where the long fur was and short yellow fur in between like on the belly.

He then said his name in a rather like roar, "My name is 890 OLiono".

NOTE: I meditated on the 890 and a voice said, "F sharp".

There was also something about 7 colors but I can't remember the details.

I looked up 890 on the internet and found out that the Dewey Decimal System of Library filing is that it is about Literatures of other Languages, followed by Africa.  Lions come from Africa.

I then looked up "f sharp" and pyramid and came up with this:

It's about the Giza Power Plant and we have that book.

It also seems that my visions about the K pages from the other day are probably related to an e-mail we received yesterday about a K field and some information we are going to be looking at relating to the pyramid.

NOTE: I had all the dreams and visions BEFORE we received the e-mail and two days before I saw the e-mail and read what it was about.


1-18-00 - VOICE - "Bridgette and I became friends as soon as we knew we were sisters."

NOTE: On 1-25-00 I read in a book by Anna Hayes this sentence:

"The four primary members of the Ra confederacy and the Brigijhidett ( a sub-group of the Brigijhidett are presently incarnating in your Earth system as members of the ascended masters family of Vairaigi"


1-18-00 - DREAM - I lived on a old-fashioned farm with my husband. The house contained all the old-fashioned things one would expect in a cozy country home, things on the walls that were handmade, all the food handmade from scratch, etc.

A woman and her tall young son came to live with us. My husband didn't approve of that for some reason.  When we went down for breakfast, my husband left the house as soon as the woman came down to eat breakfast. Her son sat on a chair by the wall and didn't eat anything. She was eating Doritoes like I do, cramming them into her mouth without looking while reading a book which was on her knees propped open. I noticed that there were Doritoes on top of the sewing basket that was on the table also.

I saw a car or truck coming into the driveway and it went past the house towards the back. I went to the back door to see where my husband went. I accidentally put my hand through the screen on the door when I went to open it. I almost didn't bother to close the screen door but did anyway even though there was not a big hole in it.

The garden was wonderful. It was full of fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, etc., really crowded with plants.  However, I saw the pickup truck going past the back of the garden. Some of the farm had been sold off to a developer and the man was arriving even before daylight to begin work on it.


1-18-00 - VISION - I saw my desk in the house. It was a white table with a thick clear glass top. There was a white phone on it and everything was lined up perfectly.


1-9-00 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building and taking care of several children. My cousin Shirley was with me and she went home, taking her youngest daughter with her, but the left the boys with me.  There was also another woman and her daughter.

We didn't seem to have a TV and I was trying to keep the boys entertained by reading to them. The woman and her daughter were both bored, so I allowed the daughter to go visit a friend in the building after I told her to telephone the girl first. The girl was going to just go out and knock on doors to find someone to visit, but I told her that if I was still Manager, and someone called me that they were being bothered by someone knocking on all the doors, I would have one big fit. They were going to write the girls phone number down for me, but I don't recall seeing it on the piece of paper they presented to me before the girl left.

The mother, who was dressed in a pink dress was really bored so I suggested I knew several single men who would be pleased to go out with her, and she said she would enjoy that.  She was laying on a couch of some kind at the time. I looked at the clock. It was then 10:30 p.m.

I had to look for the men's phone numbers and the problem was I had several phone books so it took me awhile. I figured it would be a simple thing to go out since we were living in a building that had it's own mall attached with a bar and dancing and everything. One never had to leave the building and get cold or wet. One didn't even need a coat.

I saw a guard in uniform outside the window. He was checking things to make sure we were safe. We assured him that the boys and I were fine.

The daughter then came back, carrying all my mail from Sunday's delivery. It was immense, voluminous envelopes, folders, and ancient books with records that went way back in time. All this was to keep records on people for years on their income and taxes, etc. It seems my job was to keep track of everyone forever or something.

The daughter and her mother who was then returned home, said I should look up one of their relatives. The person's name was "Penultimate" and it was in the red folder.  So, I started to look for the Penultimate name.

Somehow the scene changed and I ended up in a dark car that was hurtling down the highway with the guard and the boys and the guard was talking into a pager like he was announcing the news or our position. I couldn't figure out how he was doing that since he wasn't connected by wire or by phone. The guard, the boys and I were all in the back seat of the car. I don't know who was driving.

The scene switched again and I was looked at bright shiny red writing on a darker red background like a web page. The words I was looking at all started with the letter "A". Some were just words and some were names. I didn't see what I wanted in "A" and thought perhaps I needed the word 'color'. I started to scroll down the page towards the letter "C" and woke up.

NOTE: I was laying in the dark alone, but was seeing wild flashes of color through the cracks in the door out in the livingroom. Joe wasn't in bed and I hollered for him and he didn't answer. I jumped out of bed and opened the door to see the TV flashing wild colored pictures of travel scenes of the ocean with no sound playing.  (salt water?) (I'm starting to look for coincidences in events)

The dream jumped back into my head like it was a packet of information. I think I'm missing some details about working on a computer, but otherwise the information seems pretty complete.


1-19-00 - DREAM - I was doing some studying about something and began to write about it on a computer. I was trying to determine what was the best color to print in for this project. It seemed that I remembered that I had something in storage that I wanted to find. I had been to the storage place before but it wasn't easy to get to. I had to climb on a ledge, crawl through half a window and haul myself up under a porch area. I looked up to where I had to go, so I used this pole for leverage to get up on the ledge.

Once I got on the ledge, I got a good look at where I had to go and it didn't look very easy. But I was determined so I raised the sash on the lower half of the window through which I couldn't see because it had something on the outside of it.  On the outside of the window was a black plastic looking poster of a famous singing group in full costume.

When I pulled aside the poster, behind it was an air conditioner with a fan, dirt, and dead leaves on top of it. Ugh! All this prevented fresh air from coming into the building.

Seeing this was the case, I more or less put the poster back into place and lowered the sash in order to crawl up out of the basement under the porch which I could see.

Just as I was going to do that, I heard a voice behind me holler, "Hey! What are you doing up there?"

I turned quickly and to my surprise there stood 7 to 10 of my all time favorite people I've talked with in my life about dreams and projects. I was so surprised to see them.  I jumped down from the ledge as they approached me.

Bob, the painter, always dressed in white, held out a black BIC pen to me and said, "Here! I want you to use this pen. It was a gift to me and I've found it to be the most reliable of any pens I've ever used."  He showed me his arm and on his skin were little marks of every imaginable color where he had tested all those other pens.

He handed me the BIC pen and I thanked him.

NOTE: Obviously it is thought best that I write the dreams out in longhand with my trusty black BIC pen before typing them. That way I have a written record of my dreams if something goes wrong with the computer. Coincidentally? or not, Joe and I discussed this subject just yesterday.


1-19-00 - VISION - I had several visions all about writing in the color red and none of them were readable or memorable.

The last vision was of a large yellow school bus going south on the corner by our house. It was pulling a train behind it. It was a country scene as it started, then as each train car went by, the scene was changing to more and more citified until it was a big city and then as the caboose went by, it went back to the normal country scene again.

A portend of the future?  Or of Life?


1-19-00 - (A friend of mine meditated on the Shadow man. This is what she saw)

The shadow man appeared and morphed into the Pillsbury Doughboy. He winked at her and laughed and then morphed back into the shadow man.  

The Shadow man then asked Dee if could go ahead and do what he came for.  Dee answered that she didn't have the right to make that decision.  The Shadow man continued to ask the question and Dee continued to say that she didn't have the right to make that decision. The Shadow man got very stern and asked the question again, and Dee, feeling quite exasperated finally said, "Okay! Go ahead!"

The Shadow man then rapidly grew very large, walked around Dee and enveloped Joe.  Joe stood up tall and said to Dee, "Everything is going to be all right!"

NOTE: Just one moment after Dee hung up the phone, the television came on with a commercial that showed the Pillsbury Doughboy dancing around and winking and laughing.  What a coincidence.


1-20-00 - DREAM -  I was looking at a block of squares like a it was a calendar which were set up in 5 rows of 5. The background was a watered orange color. I started uploading pictures of nice things about Greece in each of the squares starting from the first square which was labeled 'Greece'. However, when I got to the 4th square in the second row, there was a huge "?" question mark.  Then I stopped uploading pictures and woke up.

Greece  ..   .  ..    .  ..    .  ...     
. . .


. ............ ............ ............ .............
. . . . .
. . . . .

NOTE:  CNN news reported that the Catholic Church in Greece is considering investing their cash, amounting to several billions of dollars, into the stock market.  

Church considers investments

ARCHBISHOP Christodoulos led a discussion of the Holy Synod yesterday on how to best manage the church's finances. The discussion focused on whether finances could be invested in mutual funds, real estate or whether the church should establish its own companies. Investing directly in Greek equities was not considered to be an appropriate way for the Church to manage its funds. The director of the Church of Greece' financial services reportedly told Christodoulos that he would not recommend investing in the stock exchange, although the final decision remains in the hands of the church.


1-20-00 - DREAM - My husband and I were leaving one place and moving to another but we weren't telling anyone. We each had a grocery shopping cart which we had parked side by side. We were laying on top of them so they had a wire grid on top as well as the sides and bottom. There was nothing inside the baskets.

When we left the place where we lived, we pretended we were just going shopping and didn't say goodbye to anyone so nobody would be sad. We left as though we would be right back. Then we pushed, pulled, and rode on the carts side by side down the road.

Part 2 or a second dream:

Joe was now the maintenance man and I had a gold mailbox key at the new place. I went inside the building to get the mail and found that the manager had opened up my apartment and was using it for her office to show people apartments from.  She said that anyone who didn't check in every day was assumed to be gone.  I didn't know that was a requirement.

I had apartment #6.  She was showing apartment #7 to a woman and told the woman that if it was too big for her, it would be no problem to divide it in half for her.

I went into my apartment. The carpet was cocoa brown and there was plants everywhere almost like a jungle. (That's the way my apartments always were)




1-21-00 - DREAMS - I was seeing a computer screen with animated red lines going across the screen. The term used was '240 cycles'. I don't know what it referred to.

Another dream seemed to be about the Chinese people or China, but I can't remember the dream at all.

I decided to look up the term "240 cycles" on the internet. Besides some junk files, one file was about music, one was about tachychardia of the heart, and one was about NASA.

I wanted the one about music to be the right one so I spent the morning looking up files about music theory since I'm working on a file about sound.

I still didn't feel comfortable about the meaning of the "240 cycles" so I decided to meditate on the term.  This is what I saw and heard:

#1 - I saw four sizes of bullets or missiles, starting with a small one on the left getting progressively large towards the right.

#2 - I put my thumb on the 1st one and a voice said, "Oh! That's the micro-lockout thing."

#3 - Then I saw some guys . . . older teens or young 20's. There were 5 of them. Three of them were sitting on a long table with their legs hanging over the edge. Two were standing. . . one to the left, one to the right. They were wearing baseball caps on backwards, at least had on white shorts. They wore T shirts and oversize sports shoes. They were having an argument or loud discussion with each other.  (I couldn't understand the words.)

#4 - "Nuclear weapons!"

#5 - "Funerals!"

#6 - Two men were arguing with each other. One said, "Can you tell me what's going on here?" The other guy said, "Bills and more bills!"

#7 - "Rumours of war!"

#8 - "The legal system is messy!"

#9 - I saw an older man sitting behind a large desk. He was wearing a medium blue long sleeved shirt. I think he wore a tie, but not sure. He was in a large business type office, but I couldn't see the background walls of it. He said in a deep voice, "You asked a question and the answer was 'No'! Now the answer is 'Yes!' Can't you wait until you notify your own countries men?"

#10 - I saw a man in a white shirt sitting on a long table similar to the young men earlier. He said, "It's coded in 3  . . . Agnus Dei!"   (The meaning of Agnus Dei sacrament)

NOTE: According to the tradition, the Agnus Dei sacrament has not been used since 1964 and since only a Pope can consecrate the wax used in this ceremony, and no Pope has done it, there is NO Agnus Dei available. It is only done during Easter week Saturday.

#11 - I saw the words ...' It's the 4th move Mr. Schultz!'

#12 - "It goes into effect at 90,000 hours"  

NOTE: (This meditation was done on 1-21-00 at 12:30 p.m. PST.)  90,000 hours - 3,750 days.  3,750 days = 535.71428 days.  535.71428 days from today = June 18, 2001

#13 - "This hurts me more than it hurts you. You don't now a mosquito from a missile!"


1-22-00 - DREAM - This was a seemingly useless dream about keeping a roof over my head and living in a shelter. The shelter was a building that was an unused hotel made of all light green marble.

My sister came to visit with her new baby. At first I thought the baby had no arms, but then the baby showed me that she did. She was smiling and happy.

My friend I.R. was there. His old car was battered from an accident so he was given a new one.  (This probably refers to his recent episode of walking pneumonia and hospitalization for that)

It seemed that I was going to start a new job on Monday and I was concerned where I was going to live until then because I couldn't afford to rent a new apartment. Then I realized that I had already paid the rent for the month and that I was okay and didn't have to worry.


1-22-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment and received a box of books. The box was about 4 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches. The books looked like paperbacks and I saw a folded piece of paper in the box that was probably the invoice. There were 5 books.

I then saw 3 charcoal colored rectangles in the air towards the right. There was a design on these rectangles but the charcoal color was over the design so I couldn't make them out. (I'm assuming that means "death') (That's just a guess)

My sister came to visit and we went shopping together. We crossed the street together, walking really deliberately slow with our heads down, looking at our feet, making a car stop to let us go by. When we got on the other side of the street, I asked my sister if she thought we had walked slow enough, as if to say we had done that deliberately for revenge against fast drivers.

My sister got some plastic invoice type things. There were 5 of them. They were like hand-held computers. When you pressed a name on the top half, the lyrics of a song appears on the bottom half and played the tune.

I went home then and made arrangements by telephone (I don't remember talking on the phone) to go to a hospital to have my stomach operated on.

I wrote my sister a note about what I was going to do and put it in a pink card-type envelope. I placed it out in the hall for the mailman, then put my beige rain and shine coat on to go to the hospital. (I don't own a coat like that)

Someone knocked on the door and when I opened the door, there stood my sister and her husband Ralph and all their kids who were all about toddler age. (Her kids are all adults)  She and Ralph were each carrying one child and two were walking. (That's the actual number they have)

I was standing there with my coat on and told her I was just leaving to go to the hospital for surgery. She was shocked to hear that. I said, "I sent you a note about it."  She looked down on the stairway leading down to the lobby and picked up a blue envelope with no stamp on it and smiled. She was glad to know I had sent it to her. I told her that I would be back within 24 hours.

We all went down the stairs and I woke up.


1-22-00 - MEDITATION - I asked about the 90,000 hours in the previous meditation regarding the nuclear war.

A woman said, "It's been cancelled!"
A woman's voice said, "It's a hard widow's page."
Another woman said, "I have to go!"

I wasn't satisfied that these women knew what was going on, so I again asked the question.

This time a man's voice said, "In a heavy wind, they call it 'SNOW'.

Another man said, "This is mission alignment."

Then a discussion started between some entities who did not have human-like voices... more like ETs.  They said that many women were going to get these messages and that eventually its for our health and vitality.

Then the conversation turned to the wisdom of giving out these prophecies, the ability of people to prepare for their ultimate destiny.

I saw the 90,000 being scraped off the page, but not the event itself.

Now the timing of the event is not to be known.

I was asked if this will make the widows and the P.O.W.s happy.

I was told this will be the Oratorio of 12 women.  (This conversation was more detailed but I couldn't remember the whole thing in detail)

I then saw this symbol:


In 1989, at Winterbourne Stoke, England, this crop circle appeared.

Researcher Carolyn North stated that this was an ancient Celtic symbol indicating the coming of great changes. The wheat was lying in a different right angle direction in each quadrant. The circle in the center represents the deity. Around the edge was a clockwise band around the circumference, half of which lay under the heads of the surface quadrants.

The whole circle had a 18.5 metre diameter.

Joe Mason states: My dreams led to another symbol for these things - the Swastika, another universal ancient symbol. It is composed of four "builder" glyphs, the right-angled squares, an "L" shaped tool, used by carpenters, masons, and other craftsmen. As a "builder" from each of the cardinal directions, it represents the "Demiurge," the helper of "God," or a "god" who is subordinate to the Supreme Creator. The Demiurge is the creator of the physical world, and can do "good or evil." The counterclockwise Swastika, or West-going Swastika represents a negative, yet learning creation. The clockwise, or East-going, Swastika represents "good luck," a positive creation. In some cases, the "builder" glyphs are curved horns.

A recent set of dreams indicated that the counterclockwise, negative  Swastika also represents the "past," and the clockwise one is the "future." We are being "pulled by the future, and pushed by the past."

I was quite surprised when I found the idea in the Bible, in Zechariah 1:18-21 -

<And I lifted my eyes and saw, and behold, four horns! And I said to the angel who talked with me, "What are these?" And he answered me, "These are the horns which have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem."

Then the Lord showed me four smiths. And I said, "What are these coming to do?" He answered, "These are the horns which scattered Judah, so that no man raised his head; and these have come to terrify them, to cast down the horns of the nations who lifted up their horns against the land of Judah to scatter it. >  

The "return" of the Avatar, or the like, I believe, is indicated. Jesus, a King of the Royal Bloodline of Judah, is the one in our Western tradition. Another is the legendary King Arthur, which came from Templar-inspired stories of the same Royal Bloodline of Kings. In Meso-America, he is Quetzalcoatl, Kulkukan, the Feathered Serpent. To the Hopi Tribe, it is Prana ("white man"), the twin that departed long ago. When he returns, it will be the time of Purification. He will be carrying the Cross and the Swastika, to symbolize the feminine and masculine forces in the world.

1-22-00 - VISIONS - I was seeing visions and web pages about something that started with the letters CH _ _ _ . . . a long word that was a religion or something. Everything was a little off to the left and blurry.  I was thinking that if I turned my head a little to the left I could see it straight on... but then logic told me that this was inside my head and I was already looking at it straight on.  As I was coming back out of it, I saw the date July 16, 1996 and the city Wheaton.  

NOTE: I know that Wheaton, IL is the home of the Bahai Temple, but that probably isn't linked to the CH word. I'll have to investigate this further by researching my journals.

NOTE:  This is the first site that came up with a web search for Wheaton, church, and Christian - "A Look in the Mirror . . . how to determine what your spiritual gifts are." - 1996 - Understanding the Inspiration of the Bible.   The Christ of the New Age Movement - 1994   Allegories and Types  

As I recognized the date and city, I got up out of bed because I was hearing Joe talking to someone at the front door and though we had visitors.  Mind you, I thought I was awake....NOT!!!!

This is a dream:  I got up out of bed and went out into the livingroom where Joe was just opening the door to greet some people out in the yard. I called his name a couple times to ask him who was here, but he continued out the door.  So, I put on my shoes and went out the door also.  Off to the left of the house there were a couple people like farmers and coming up the driveway was a sleek, shiny black car.  (We have a driveway on both sides of the house  . . . a black paved drive on the right side . . . a gravel and grass grown drive on the left for the tractors and orchard machinery to use.

The car pulled up to the house more or less facing east and out of the car got a man dressed in a heavy black winter coat. He had black hair and looked very familiar. He named himself.  It was Sunny Korinthos from General Hospital TV show.  

The car was so sleek and shiny, with not one fingerprint on it. Joe and Sunny coming from the same country background (Sicily) had some business to talk over. I volunteered to take Sunny's bag and put it away in his bedroom so it would be safe. The bag was like a gym bag but black and shiny like the car, made out of patent-leather. You could see yourself in the shine if you looked. (I didn't... just explaining how shiny it was)

I took the bag from him and instead of going with Joe, Sunny followed me into the house to make sure I got the bag put away safely.  

I went into the house and it was changed.  It was twice as  wide as normal and had an addition on the left side of the house that was as large as the original house. However, it was so far out in the future, everything in it was old and worn... though we were all the age we are now.  There was a kitchen that was like a galley kitchen but all the cabinets were brown.  (Our kitchen is all white).

I went over to where I thought the door to the bedroom was and it was just a cabinet with many old doors and latches on the doors like the early 20's.

A young woman came in with a frilly summer dress and she showed me the stairway to the upstairs.  (We have an upstairs with a stairway but only half of it is finished off) (This was a stairway leading to the left side of the house and didn't connect to the right side of the house.  

I counted the stairs as I went up because there was more than normal. There were 24 stairs and then a board which was actually like 1 inch higher. . .making 25.  (We have an 8 foot ceiling and our stairway only has 11 steps which is higher steps than normal and hard to climb)

This led to a central hallway and Sunny's bedroom was off the hallway with carpet that used to be bright blue but was so worn, it looked like it had 50 years of wear on it. Only good carpets last that long these days. There was a cabinet in Sunny's closet just like the one downstairs and he showed me which drawer he preferred that the shiny bag went into. Everything in the closet was enclosed in cabinets so I couldn't see what other kind of clothes he had.

Back out in the hall, I saw the young girl with the frilly dress. She went back towards a large room which looked like a huge dance practice hall with mirrors all around. A huge woman in a bright blue sweatshirt was in there. She was about 6 feet tall and 350 pounds, but not just fat . . . she was muscular too. She was around 50 years old or so, maybe even the mother of the girl.

We went back down to another room that was like a livingroom in their half of the house. This room was dark and there was a black man laying on the floor there.  He was about the age of  Michael Jackson, but I couldn't see his face.  I looked at him and he asked me if I thought there was anything morally wrong with him being there. I didn't want to say that there was though I knew something was wrong so I told him there wasn't anything 'morally' wrong.

And I woke up for real.


1-23-00 - DREAM -  I was dreaming about searching for information about the missiles from the meditation above and was shown that I should look in Adobe Photoshop. This happened a couple times.

I woke up, really wide awake, then fell asleep and dreamed I was dreaming and waking. I was telling my kids not to drop raisins on the carpet and then eat them off the carpet right after my son told me he had seen maggots on an apple or something on the floor.

Then I was sitting on the floor myself, trying to remote control the TV just with the use of my mind and changing channels that way when I fell into a deeper sleep. In the dream I was taking bird seed and putting it into a tall charcoal plastic container with a hole at the bottom. I planned to put a short candle on top of the bird seed, knowing that the plastic might melt anyway.  The bird seed kept coming out of the bottom of the hole and I couldn't get the plastic container to stand up straight no matter how I adjusted the pile of bird seed. Finally the candle and the bird seed formed a bird itself and the bird's neck was drooping farther and farther onto the table in front of me and I was trying really hard to get the bird's neck to stand up, when all of a sudden, the whole thing jumped up into the air and plopped itself into a ring holder on the wall, and the birds' head rose up and became a beautiful lily.

I woke up in rather astonishment and disbelief in the impossible event I had just witnessed.


1-23-00 - DREAM - I had a really bad headache after the last dream and couldn't fall back asleep, but finally did found myself in a large apartment building I've never been in before. A young woman showed me the apartment I was going to live in. It was number 7 on an upper floor off of a newly remodeled hallway.  This place had huge hallways and numerous stairways.  Some time must have gone by and it was the middle of the night and I found myself coming down a stairway half asleep. Obviously there was a problem somewhere in the building I had taken care of and was on my way back to my apartment.  I was wearing a thin cotton short house coat that was supposed to be buttoned down the front but wasn't.  I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to even get all the way down the stairs and stopped half way down to close my eyes for just a moment. I opened my eyes again to find myself half naked lying on the stairs.

Now I could hear the voice of my boss Ralph somewhere in the hallways talking to someone else. I clutched my house coat together in the front and made my way down the stairs, shaking my head in an attempt to wake up.  I got half way across the hall and there popped up Ralph.  I saw him put a key in a door that I didn't have access to , then he started questioning me about my ability to do my job. He was saying that others were questioning whether I was too old to do the job well. He asked, "What am I going to do with you?" I said, "What is the real problem?"  He said, "Wendy is complaining that her faucet is dripping and it never gets fixed!"  Knowing Wendy and his other cronies like I did, I told him that that bunch was always arguing with each other and pointing fingers at everyone. I asked him whether anyone else was complaining and he said, "No!"  I said I would take care of Wendy in the morning. He left and I realized that he had left his keys in the door.  I went over and pulled them out. They were little silver bars, more like locksmith picks but not quite, more like tiny pry bars. I quickly slipped them into my pocket so he wouldn't see them if he came back. I intended to pretend I hadn't seen them.

In my mind I was planning to reinvent the wheel so-to-speak and have meetings with maintenance on a daily basis to make sure the work got done. I would have no problem showing apartments myself. If the building didn't get full it wouldn't be my fault, but his for not advertising enough. I knew I had the stamina to handle the building myself. It wasn't too large and I knew every inch of it already.

I went into my apartment after meeting a small boy who said Hello to me in the hallway. He was behind my back so I couldn't see him  either by turning left or right, but I said Hello back to him anyway.

I into the apartment to find several people visiting me. At the same time the telephone rang and it was Ralph, calling to tell me that he had just bought a newspaper called "The Yellow Paper".  It was for selling odd items that people wanted to get rid of and they could advertise for next to nothing and the papers got passed out in the grocery stores. I knew of other newspapers like that and asked him if people could advertise flea markets in it. He said Yes but people mostly sold shoes in the paper.  I wished him good luck with the paper and didn't say anything else and neither did he.  

The other people in the apartment were feeding themselves on snacks and I rather ignored the phone in my hand for a few moments. I finally put it back to my ear and a woman who worked for Ralph began speaking. She said her name was Patricia and that she would be working in the office in Ralph's place in the morning while he went off somewhere to do some other business. She said I wouldn't see her, that she would appear as Wessel.  I said "Okay!" and hung up.

I then told the people that the apartment was their and that I really had to get some sleep. I went into the livingroom and closed the door. This room was all yellowish white. I lay down on the couch and covered with a brilliant blue shawl. The couch was so soft, you sunk right down into it and as I closed my eyes, I woke up in my real bed.

I was rather disoriented not knowing where I was as I expected to open my eyes and find myself in the yellowish room still.

It took me a moment to realize I was somewhere else.


1-23-00 - (2:45 a.m.) VISION - I saw two fold-out pages in a magazine of city streets. The scenes were rather yellowish. The second fold-out page was brick red. A voice said, "A woman who is going to be showing these cities on television at 9:30 a.m. and an earthquake will strike at 9:33 a.m.

NOTE: I turned on the TV at MY 9:30 a.m. Nothing was live on the news channel, but they showed, Clinton, Iowa, Atlanta, Georgia, somewhere in South Carolina, New York City, and Miami in that order.


1-23-00 - VISION - On the right I saw the name of a city and a crop circle. (I couldn't remember the name)


1-23-00 - DREAM - I was in my current house and went out on the front lawn to the street. I looked east and saw a silver refrigerated truck (without the cab) spinning clockwise slowly.

I turned and looked west and saw another refrigerated truck (without the cab) spinning clockwise slowly.  Beyond this truck was the reflection of the other truck in the east and the reflection obviously was spinning counterclockwise.

I again looked east and saw the refrigerated truck slowly turning clockwise.

I felt quite confused.


1-24-00 - DREAM - I can't recall this part of the dream very well, just that I was using a method that my Father had devised to examine some upright silver bars that had spaces between them and I was going to fill them in with other silver bars to provide a solid foundation for whatever this was I was working on. It was like a machine it seemed. The spaces were the same width of the silver bars, but not of the same height. It was like the silver bars started at different levels so it just appeared that there was nothing there until one examined it closely.


1-24-00 - DREAM - My Father had built a new addition onto the house and I noticed that there were some wide cracks between the floor boards.  The rooms were not yet finished so these were the big 2 x 12's first put down to support everything else. Using the method of Gil.Ga I looked down into the cracks between the boards and saw that there were cracks in the earth beneath the boards. I attempted to fill in the small cracks I saw, but then I saw that there were even deeper cracks below those and it was so dark down there, I had no idea how far down those cracks went.  I was dismayed at how dangerous this might be for those of us who lived in this house.


1-24-00 - DREAM - I was outside the house working on the lawn and the new garden I was planting. I found some newly sprouting potato plants coming up from last years potato plants so I thought I would try to grow them from the new sprouts rather than the normal method of planting potato pieces and waiting a long time for the plants to come forth. There was an old woman with me but I don't know who she was. She was trying to advise me as to how to plant potatoes. I told her I was going to try it my way first. I smoothed out the ground and began digging a hole for the new plants. However, the hole became ever much larger than I dug and I saw that there were cracks in the ground.

One of these cracks led to the foundation of the new extension on our house and I was worried about that, so I followed the crack to where it got to the house foundation and decided to fill it in. However, the more I dug, the larger the crack got. There didn't seem to be any end to the crack.  So, I thought as long as I was outside the house, I would enlarge the crack and take a look at what was causing it.

Of course the more I dug the larger the hole got. But then I saw that my Father had buried some stuff along the foundation of the house to help fill in the space under the house.  Curious the Cat that I am, I began to pull out some of the things that were under the foundation of the house.  The first thing I pulled out was an old fashioned wooden radio. . . the old tube type. It was really pretty . . . a light brown color, rather rectangular, but carved wood like good furniture used to be. It had a yellow dial on the front and I thought I'd like to keep that, so I pulled it out of the hole.

Beyond that, I saw boxes full of old things we would probably call antiques and knick knacks so I began to pull those boxes out also.

By now I could see under the house.  It was hollow. I can't describe my shock.  I crawled down under the house and saw that below the wide floor boards of the house, was about 8 inches of dirt and then big empty space for about 12 feet and then more earth. This was a very large area.

This was like a hidden basement under the house. I have no idea what held up the earth that the floor boards were laid on, but it was dry and solid. Who knows what would happen if somebody spilled water inside the house and it seeped down between the floorboards and soaked that dry soil.  It would probably fall in just like the dirt I had previously tried to fill the cracks in with from above. There was no bottom and I couldn't put enough dirt in to fill the cracks.

But looking at this space from below was like a found treasure. There was no limit to the use for this extra space now that I found it. For instance, my husband could use it for extra garage space, and then I thought that might not be so good because of car gas fumes, but he could park his new speed boat down here. There already was a ramp of soil that made an easy access driveway of dirt. This excited me and I went back up the ramp of soil and saw that the neighborhood restaurant had set up a sign on a pole with an arrow that pointed down the next street which was 32nd street. But now that I had opened up this hole under our house, the arrow on the sign would make people think this was the street and they would turn too soon and find that we had an open access below our house and want to explore it.

So, I pushed the sign over and pulled it out of the post hole and carried it over to the side of the street and laid it down for the restaurant owner to find later.  There was a second post with an arrow sign on it I also pushed over and laid it down by the street. Now there was no way for people to know we had a secret access to our house.

I decided to take a walk around the house at this point and when I came around the other side, there was a sprinkler going, one of those with a narrow spray of water that went pretty far out and rotated. I didn't have too much problem avoiding the spray of water as it watered the grass and trees as I walked, but of course, one couldn't stop and look at anything because the water spray would come around again.

I decided I wanted to stop and look at something, so I went over picked up the hose nozzle which was about 3 1/2 inches wide and rather flat, maybe an inch thick. Now that I picked it up it wasn't working the way it had and I saw that the hose was flattened out and no water was going through it. There was a quilt that was a dark blue background with daisy flowers laying on the ground and thought I could wash it with the hose and lay it out in the sun to dry and it would be pretty again, so I began fiddling with the hose trying to get it to work.

A voice began telling me the purpose of the hose, that it was constructed such that it only worked between midnight and 6 a.m. and its purpose was to prevent damage from drought caused by the earthchanges. I thought that was a rather clever idea.

I had managed to get some water out of the hose to wash the quilt and then I saw that there was a large bed on the lawn and I whipped the quilt up into the air so that it would land on the end of the bed to dry in the sun. The bed had 4 short posts on each corner perhaps about 8 inches across.  It was a good solid bed.

I now went back to the house, thinking about all the wonderful things we could use the new addition to the house for that my Father had constructed.  This was so exciting.  I went upstairs and looked around all the extra empty space we now had to use for a good purpose.

I heard my husband come home and I went to the stairway to excitedly tell him of the newly found space beneath the house. He came around the corner to the stairs and I said, "You'll never guess what I found today. . . but it might not make you happy!" thinking that my ideas might not necessarily be what he would think.

As he put his foot on the first stair, Joe touched my arm in bed and I awoke with a startled jerk.


1-25-00 - DREAM - I was working in a large office building. Most people had gone out to lunch and when they came back, a young man sat amongst the desks and serenaded them by singing a love song.  The only problem came when one of the men came and sat next to me on a couch on my right side in front of the singer, and told the story of the song and how it came about in tones louder than the singer was singing. Finally the singer stopped singing. I felt so embarrassed for him and I went up to him and gave him a hug and told him I was  sorry that the other guy was such a jerk.

I went to my own desk which was  around a corner and eventually my boss came around with a guy who looked like the same singer but not quite. This guy offered to come to my house to sing for me and I thanked him and he went on his way.

After work, I went to my friend Donna's house who lived up the street from me on 16th St. in the 2500 block. I lived in the 2600 block. I was in the kitchen and saw that a few dishes needed to be done, so I took it upon myself to start to put hot water in the sink and started washing a few small sharp knives that were in a rack. All of the water glasses had been done and were sitting in a small tray upsidedown but ready to be used by the family. My friend came along and said she could wash the knives faster in the bathroom and that I needn't do them, so she took the whole tray and went to the bathroom.

I looked around to see if there was anything else that needed to be done and their wasn't. I carefully hung up the drying towels neatly. Meanwhile I heard a radio program on which was broadcasting a bowling show, but no talking  . . . just the sound of the pins falling over when the ball hit them. I was astonished that someone would broadcast a program with only that sound on it with no description of what was happening.

I looked at the clock and it was 10:30 p.m. and realized how dark it was outside. However, I wasn't afraid to walk the distance between her house and my house in the dark and wished that it could be that way all over the world.


1-25-00 - DREAM  - I was in my friend's house on 16th st. in the 2500 block. She told me that my Father's house on 16th St. was  being vacated by the renter and that it would have to be sold. She said that I could be the sales person since I had real estate experience.

When my mother found out that the house was being sold, she wanted to make sure that my Father would get the credit he deserved and said something to the effect that she wanted to make certain that he got the 'cherry' on the top. I said for certain he would get top billing since he was the owner and would have to sign the paper as  owner.

The house was being rented at the time and the renter was getting strange with the payments of the rent. Where he had been regular with the rent, he wasn't making the payments on time anymore and was leaving at the end of the month.

I didn't know what date to put on the sign or the ads in the paper as I didn't know what condition the house was going to be in when the renter left. I thought perhaps I should let the house be vacant for one month in order to clean it up, but then realized that putting a light in the window would let vandals know that the house was vacant unless I changed the color of the lamp every night.

I planned to make a handmade sign and stick it on the front lawn stating, 'For Sale By Owner". I thought perhaps a real estate agency would buy it from us and make it easy, but couldn't know that for certain.

I then realized that I should be feeding the cats before I went over there and went outside. It seemed rather dark outside for 4 p.m., then thought perhaps it was 7 p.m. and couldn't figure out where the time had gone to.  As I walked across the yard to the out building where the cat food was, I saw a flash of light in the sky in the East, like a UFO and I saw two huge German Shepherd dogs coming running from across the street. I ran inside the outbuilding and slammed the door behind me, while yelling at my husband that the dogs were coming as he was coming outside from the barn.

My husband yelled back that the only problem was the non-working dog.  However, some people came with a huge lawn mowing machine built as large as a tank and I then felt safe to come outside to feed the cats again.


1-25-00 - MEDITATION: (This was for a young woman who is having seemingly emotional problems dealing with the subject of aliens and ETs.)

I called the woman's spirit to me, and instead almost instantly a very young girl child came in front of me. She was dressed all in pristine black and white with black patent leather shoes.  She said, "This is none of your business!"

NOTE:  I interpret this to mean that someone, probably a very nice young woman, still a child spiritually who does not understand the subject of aliens or ETs, and sees everything in strictly black and white religiously speaking, does not approve of my subject woman is doing and has been causing her distress.  She was very reluctant to discuss the activities of the ETs to begin with because of her religion.  It appears that her fears and religious upbringing is still causing a problem. Many religious people still feel that aliens or ETs are demonic which is far from the truth.  


1-25-00 - DREAM - I was in a hotel of some kind, taking care of many children. I had just gotten there. I saw that adults were arriving also, and the hallways were a mess with children's toys, food, and dirty laundry laying everywhere.  All the children's clothing were blue and red plaid.

I found three small laundry baskets on the floor and put all the clothing in them, then began to gather up the food that was laying in piles. It had already been harvested, but not  prepared for keeping. . . that is canned or frozen to be eaten later when food was not available in the fresh state.

I cannot say that any of this food was familiar to me though one kind may have been mulberries.  Each food was sweet to the taste and I knew it was a good thing. Some of the food I was cutting up in preparation for the process was falling into a brown purse which was inside the basket of a bicycle. I took the purse out of the bicycle and put it on the floor and continued to do the work. There was a lot of it.

I saw then that the hallway was cleaned up so I then went outside in the yard to see what else had to be done.  I had a rake that didn't just rake, it actually cut and raked at the same time.  Around a large tree was a garden type place in a circle. It had many different kinds of plants which I assumed were weeds, but I then realized they were herbs and should be saved, so I tried to put some of the already cut ones back.  I knew that these were good things also.


1-26-00 - VOICE - I closed my eyes to sleep and heard a voice say, "Are we going to a party? "  I invited Joe to go along and told him I'd meet him on the other side. I fell asleep smiling and feeling really good. I didn't see Joe in the dream though.


1-26-00 - DREAM -  Though this dream had humans in it, it had an other worldly feel to it. Nothing seemed normal.

This seemed to be a smaller type town, not a big city. It was just past 7 p.m. and was on a rather busy street where there were smaller shops. The people in the area were  all older teens and adults, no little children. We were at a place that was school-like, but not like any school I've ever been in. There was an escalator that went up into the school, but there were no steps on it, it was more like a ramp and some of the girls in the group did belly-flops on the ramp and rode it up that way for fun, not just to get up the ramp to a specific place. Then they would run back down and ride it up again on their bellies.

I went into an enormous sized room and spotted a coffee pot carafe, still wrapped in plastic behind a door. I saw that it has a useful life yet and offered it to my bosses son. He seemed rather disdainful of it but agreed to take it if I washed it first.

There was no running water in this place but there was a huge refrigerator/freezer in the galley kitchen. I opened the bottom door of the refrigerator for light, and opened the freezer door a little and let some ice melt water drip down onto a rag which I then used to wipe off the blue spotted dust that was on top of the carafe. This was not really an easy process but it worked. The son then accepted the gift and we all left.

We then went to a huge indoor gymnasium where the teens were all seated in bleachers against the wall. They were all dressed in parti-color shirts and pants, which were multi-color small geometric shapes on a white background.  There were three groups and the designs were not much different, but just different enough in multi-color to pass for different. Each group was named when they were introduced, but I can't remember what they were. I seem to recall that each group had the word 'world' at the end.

Then everyone was told to come down and mingle and the event game was to feel each other's clothing as they went by.  I was sitting on a chair on the main floor and I didn't get to feel any of the multi-color clothing, but the adults that went by were all wearing knitted sweaters of various colors and I noted that all the clothing felt very rough to the touch.

While I was experiencing this, a man came in off the street who didn't fit in with the color scheme of things and came up to me. I was a little startled until he introduced himself as the maintenance man from somewhere else I've been.  He looked familiar but not that I would have known who he was. But I felt better about it once he said who he was and we felt rather like comrades against the world in this strange event.

After that, there was to be a game of some type played and we were all issued green play suits that were like baby clothes.  They were one piece of cloth that snapped at the shoulder with two snaps on each side made of bright green terry cloth. One merely held the back up by the shoulder, reached down between the legs and brought the front part up and snapped it at the shoulder. Though it sounds awkward, it worked really easily. I thought it was rather a good idea until I realized after I woke up, that they were open all the way down the sides. So, these would be more like something you put over other clothing just to have a different color on for teamwork.

I don't recall playing any game, we just walked around discussing how to put these things on and I was marvelling what a great idea the clothing was to use.

After this was all over, we were back at the shop-like area and I heard that there was a rummage-sale type thing going on way at the other end of the block.  It was a long block so I was happy to be offered a ride by my so-called husband who I didn't recognize so I didn't have to walk all that way because I was afraid the place would be closed by now anyway.

I woke up as we walked out the door to go to the car.


1-26-00 - VISION - I closed my eyes for a moment and had a vision of these words:  



1-27-00 - VISION - Joe and I went to bed and we turned out the light, but Joe was talking and gesturing in the dark and I started giggling because he can't talk without making arm movements like the Sicilian he is. (He is part Greek Sicilian and has the nose to prove it. :-)  )

I closed my eyes and began to see someone between us . . . just the hands holding a magazine on edge, thumbing the pages back and forth like trying to choose what page to go to.

I told that to Joe and he mumbled and he went to sleep before me as usual. He falls asleep extremely fast.

Joe started talking out loud like an Indian and I heard him say several sentences. Some of the words were  'hu kai ai'.  I poked him awake and asked him what he was dreaming because we've been so curious as to where he is when he talks like an Indian.

He said he was in a livingroom with his two brothers and his niece Lauri who was on the couch. He got mad at his brother and started swearing at his brother, saying, "Fuck you!" in a loud voice.

I was hearing this conversation in Indian language. Huh?????
This has been going on for years and we've been trying to figure out what the Indian chanting is and what time period he was from. Hah! Perhaps the intenseness of his anger brings him through into the physical and somehow goes through the Indian higher self or something?


1-27-00 - DREAM - I was in a house which was not mine but we were visiting. My son was there with me and some other people and T.M. was there. We were having a meeting. My son went into another room like a library and was picking out some books and magazines he wanted to read. I spotted a magazine that had some archaeological photos of a new find they had made in an Arizona canyon where some ancient tribe had carved like doorways in the mountain . . . more like picture frames and each frame had a hand gesture like telling a story with the hands. Everyone was so excited by this find. It had never before been seen by white man. I pointed this out to my son. We, by then had 5 books and the magazine.  

T.M. pointed at the author of the smallest book. It was a black leather book and part of the name he read was Veritas. T.M. was very impressed by my sons' choice.  I had the companion book at home so I knew he liked the same subject matter that I did.

We then went into a small meeting and at the end T.M. went to sit in a high backed chair and he asked me to sit on his lap. He said that this was only going to happen once in our lifetimes so no one should get upset by this. I agreed to go along with it. So, I sat on T.M.'s lap and two other people put a basket on my lap with a high handle to which were tied 7 candles (each about 5" tall) so that the handle looked like a Menorah.  There was a yellowish cloth hanging down over the handle so that I couldn't see through the basket to whoever was on the other side of it.

Someone lit the candles and T.M. and I began to pray. I didn't know what else to pray, so I started praying the 'Our Father" and T.M. started chanting . . . not words, but high pitched sound which got more and more intense . . . just one long note.  I got to a point where I got really into the praying and said in the loudest voice I've ever spoken in, "THE POWER OF GOD!" and pushed my fist through the cloth on the basket and T.M. pushed his fist through the wall behind him. ( I remind you... this was VERY INTENSE!)  

I opened my eyes and we were no longer in the room. We had gone through the fabric of time and space and were in the canyon that I had seen in the magazine.  Above us, on a ledge along the walls of this purple, blue, and red canyon walls I could see the Indian doorway carvings.

People were up on the ledge and saw us below them and began throwing rocks at us.  I didn't know what we looked like but we were not the white humans we had been before. I had the feeling we were like Mammoth elephants, but we could have been like bigfoot. I don't know... just that that we were different.

We began to run away from these people up on the ledge as they threw rocks after us.

Somehow either the scene changed, or I began to see what was going on in the room we had just left. Everyone was so excited by what they had experienced that T.M. and I were gone that they wanted to do it again.  I was with them, observing, like I could see them but they couldn't see me.

We went out through a theatre and the manager of the theatre was angry because there was a mess left behind.  He said, 'whoever was sitting in seat 502 better clean up the mess there.'  I looked over and saw that there was  a white sheet and a lot of water.  

I stopped to help clean up and so did the others. One of the girls was acting strangely and she went behind the seats and was trying to retrieve something I was using for a cloth to wipe up the water. I managed to keep the cloth. Perhaps it was the cloth that had been on the basket in the beginning. I heard one of the boys say, "We've got to do that again!"  and I woke up.


1-27-00 - I had gotten up and typed up the dream where T.M. and I went through the fabric of time and space through prayer and chanting. I was thinking about this and I heard a voice that sounded like Asa. . . the Patriarch of the One Life to Live TV show I watch every day.  He said, "This is what you've been waiting for. This is the discovery. This is the turn!"


1-27-00 - VISION - A voice said, "You haven't been  very responsive." I got rather got outside of myself and lined up things that were on the floor, then got back inside of myself. These things were rather like a barrier between me and a room which I began to see that grew and became more clear as I looked at it.  At the far side of the room sat a woman in a doorway who looked rather like Monica Lewinsky but probably wasn't her. . . just a look-alike. She was wearing a black dress and had black hair.  Beyond her was another large room that looked like a control room with panels and computers and lighted dials and things like that.  That began to fade away and then I started seeing links on a web page and deleted one  named Ken Jacobs and kept one named 231.


1-27-00 - VISION  - I saw the word 'realization' then saw the word 'harmonization'.


1-27-00 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere. There were several people with me. The main occupation was to get some very large goldfish into a fish tank that was large enough for them and yet not put them into tanks that had smaller fish that might get eaten.

There were fish swimming in the air like they were in water on several levels.  I had a Collie dog and it was licking the fish on the tail as we were running all over trying to save all the fish.

There was a white dove inside the washing machine . . . which opened sideways, (not up) and the washing machine was half full of water so I had to get him out of there and then he turned into a white rabbit.

I then found a miniature horse laying down on a counter and picked him up and he was prancing on my hand which felt really weird to have his little hooves on the palm of my hand. I gave him to my daughter.

I then saw three rabbits wrapped in a towel on the floor. I knew they had to be released. The first one was a white rabbit, the second was a squirrel which immediately started running around the house and we opened the back door to let him out.  The third one was a darker rabbit which had gotten squished. He was still alive but his guts were hanging out of his tummy, rather greenish and slimy, and I knew he wouldn't live. I left him there to save the others and get the squirrel out of the house.

There was a girl in the room next to the door and she had square tables laying on the floor which blocked the way to walk so I helped her stand them up so we could get to the door.

In the living room I spotted a white bird in a basket. I thought it was a dove, but when one man tried to pick it up, he got bit on the hand. I told him he had to put a towel over it's head to pick it up and there was no towel, but there was a white sweater there. He put the towel over the head of the dove and still couldn't pick it up because the towel rose into the air and we could see through the sweater that the dove was riding the back of a white rabbit like a horse.


1-27-00 - VOICE -  A mans' voice said, '"realization is the key"


1-27-00 - VISION - I saw the words "RECEIVING THE ONE". I then saw a stack of white animals, one atop each other, standing on each others backs with a dove on the back of each animal ... all white. I saw this 3 separate times. There were 8 animals and 8 doves according to the next vision.


1-27-00 - VISION - I saw this 3 separate times as well. I saw all the white animals with the doves on the backs.  There was a price next to each one. $1.00 on the top to $15 on the bottom.  The prices were 1 -3 - 5 - 7 - 9 - 11 - 13 - 15.   One would have to pay the price of the one on the bottom first in order to get the next succeeding one.


1-27-00 - DREAM - I was with T.M. and another man. We were walking up the stairs and into the outer lobby of a huge temple. There were three steps up to the golden doors of the inner sanctuary. We were discussing the animals that had to be lined up in the outer lobby and the order they had to be in before one could open the door.  I said they had forgotten the 'turtle'.


1-28-00 - LUCID DREAMS - These were computer programs like a hand-held game with words coming down into the bottom of the screen - rather like the game boy I play that has just little squares and shapes coming down to align in order to win. However, as I played this game I was singing and chanting little children's songs about "Jesus loves me". I came up with several songs on this theme and when I woke up, I was singing these songs for a long time before I went back to sleep.


1-28-00 - DREAM - I was taken to a small airport in the dark and requested to accompany a young woman who was a rather new pilot on a trip she had never made before in a plane she had never flown before.  Rationally speaking this is a totally ridiculous thing to even consider, but in the dream, I spent a long time coming up with reasons not to make the flight with this woman who didn't want to do it herself. She could only do this if I went with her. At the same time, we knew we were being asked to haul drugs to an unknown location which would be told to us only at flight time. She and I did not speak to each other. She was expected to make this flight whether she wanted to or not.  I was the one who could make or break this deal. I had time to go home and pack a small bag for the flight.  I had a business card with the man's name on who made this request and I had to call him 10 minutes in advance if I wasn't going to do this.  Finally, deciding that the reasons not to make the flight outweighed the reasons to do it and overcome my fear of flying, but feeling a load of guilt I reached for the phone to call it off.

I went into the bedroom to make the call. Firstly, the phone I was going to use was on a small square table rather behind the bed with an impossible tangle of wires on it that wouldn't even let me take the receiver off the hook. There was another phone on a smaller round table near the door but a young woman was talking on it. I told her I needed to use the phone and she reluctantly got off the phone to let me use it. I dialed the number and there was no answer on the other end.

At this point, the young woman decided that I owed her a big favor because she had done me a big favor. She decided she wanted me to feed her breakfast which I thought was not unreasonable. However, she took two bowls, filled them to overflowing with cereal which looked like corn flakes, poured milk on both of them, then proceeded to carry them both to a table where she spilled cereal and milk all over the table.

I was expected to keep the kitchen clean and of course had to clean up her mess and besides that she and I got into an argument over her attitude and I told her to get out of the apartment. I went to the door, telling her to get out and pushed her out into the hall. I tried to close the door but there was a man working on the lock system which wasn't working, so I couldn't lock her out. I had to stand there and hold the door shut while he worked on the lock.  I could see through the door like it was a divided door. Only the bottom half was shut.

Eventually I had to go back into the kitchen and finish cleaning it. There were limp vegetables laying on the table which someone else had left behind. I carried these back to the serving area where a chef/businessman was standing. I was indicating that I was bringing these vegetables back to him to put into storage and he began to argue with me that he couldn't pay me for these vegetables or he would lose money. I tried to explain that I hadn't taken them out of storage in the first place, but he wasn't really listening, just explaining that he had 'sold' them to the person who took them out and he couldn't buy back limp vegetables and still stay in business and make a profit.

I wasn't even asking for money, I was just trying to put the vegetables back into storage so they weren't wasted but he wasn't getting it. He would rather I threw them away. I didn't want to waste the food. We couldn't come to a compromise even for free so I just let the vegetables lay on the counter for him to do something with. I had done my part.

I then went to another room with a  woman who wanted to work with the men at some projects that were usually man's work . . .  things that men were trained to do automatically in life but women never were.  I understood that these things which were much more fulfilling to do because they were creative and kept the hands busy and I personally thought that women could do these jobs . . . they were just bench projects, not heavy work. I supported her thoughts on the matter. At the same time, there was a man there who preferred other types of work that just used the mind and was feeling guilty that he didn't like getting his hands dirty.  I could understand that too. So eventually, the woman changed shirts with the man and everyone was happy.

Finally, I had two huge stacks of paperwork I needed to re-sort into two other piles   . . . the ideas and thoughts I already knew and understood but hadn't been done yet, and a pile for things I had never seen before but needed to study.  I was sorting through these things, seeing some software on CDs that were labeled TRIAD, which I knew I should probably look at first. I woke up while I was still sorting these stuff, still feeling the guilt for not making the drug run with the first woman and still rationalizing my thoughts on it as I woke up.


1-28-00 - VISION -

Voice: "Veers on MulHaney Rd . for God"

saw: a punch card that was labeled  "This is a debate"

saw: a 3 x 5 card labeled on upper right "cgi.bin"

saw: A pure white Volkswagen car pulled up in front of me.

saw: a sheet of paper with an article about sound which a man was reading to me. It said that there were 10 different kinds of sound.


1-29-00 - DREAM - I can't remember a whole dream . My mother was teaching about sound and some television program wanted to interview her.  I was seeing myself as a child about 5 or 6 years old. I was standing in the doorway of a school, chewing gum obnoxiously with my mouth open.


1-29-00 - DREAM - I was inside 20th St. school. I was an adult and was moving everything out of the classroom on the 1st floor and taking it downstairs to the basement. I can't remember what grade was in that room, perhaps 2nd grade. There was a laundromat type place in the cloakroom of the class next to mine. I carried a bag of toys out into the hallway and sat it down by the stairs which went  downstairs. It was dark down there. I didn't want to make more than one trip down the stairs, so I went back to the classroom to get a stack of plates, half of which were ceramic and half of which were silver.

On the way back to the classroom, a man came up the stairs from the basement carrying a basket of laundry. When he did that, I spotted a huge plastic sledgehammer and some long yellow strips of plastic laying on the floor. They were part of some toys  some kids left behind, but I didn't want to leave them lay on the floor for the man to use in the wrong way. So I  carried them into the classroom to set them down while I went downstairs. I didn't want to leave the door unlocked either in case the man would come into the classroom and get the sledgehammer, however when I looked at the door, the lock was missing and two gold screws stuck out of where the doorknob was. The silver key had been there before but was now missing.

I went into the classroom to look for the key but didn't see it. I saw that one could lock the door from inside by using a thumb turned knob, but one couldn't lock the door from the outside without that key. So, I asked another man to stay in the classroom while I went to the basement.

I don't know if I was putting the toys into storage down there or if I was moving down there. That part of the dream is missing from my memory. I just remember seeing the dark stairway going down there and didn't like it.


1-29-00 - VISION - I saw a tower similar to a totem pole made of at least two round circles, topped with the Egyptian winged God symbol.  Where the central circle is had an animated roaring lion like the MGM symbol.


1-30-00 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house. There were a lot of people in the house. It was where I lived, but also where I worked.  Dorian Lord from One Life to Live TV show was my boss and we were trying to help get good things done for other people. When she went home, she told me to keep my eyes on things and call her if there were any problems.

As soon as she left, I looked out the window on the south side of the house and saw the maintenance men, Joe and Kenny out in the alley with a bunch of prostitutes they had brought in to dally their time with. There were also some beautiful young women behind them who they were trying to convince to join them.

I knew this was one of the problems that I was supposed to report to my boss, Ms. Lord, but I couldn't just call her, I had to go to her house and report it and SHE had to call the cops. To do that, I couldn't let the maintenance men nor the girls know that I was a snitch.

So, I sneaked out the back door to go around the back way and two men in dark suits followed me out the door.  As I was walking down the sidewalk in the back yard with the men behind me and I saw a smaller walkway towards the right, so I turned that way to feign the direction I was going.  In front of me on that walkway was an old white haired woman, and this part of the yard was a beautiful garden. I determined then that I would spend more time in the garden so it remained beautiful.  

Just before I got to the fence, two younger teen boys came along, wanting to climb over the fence and look at the fish tank in the yard to the north of our house. I went with them to help them cross the fence and at the same time, they provided an excuse for me to climb over the fence myself which I had to do in order to sneak around the back end of our yard to get to Ms. Lord's house.

In the yard on the other side of two wire fences which we had to step over, there was a huge fishtank. I couldn't see the fish but it was full of water which seemed to be evaporating in the summer heat. One of the boys went to get a huge bag of icecubes which he said would cool off the too hot water. He dumped half of the icecubes into the fish tank and threw the rest of the bag to me.

The bag landed in my arms and I used that as an excuse to leave them so the icecubes wouldn't melt right there uselessly.  

I sneaked around the back of the garage and positioned myself on my side of the alley so that I had the shortest route to cross the alley directly into Ms. Lord's house so the prostitutes wouldn't see me do that and run away before I could get Ms. Lord to call the cops on them.

As I crossed the alley, I saw that a well known TV reporter was sitting on a couch in my back yard interviewing three of the beautiful women I had seen. He was doing a live interview like Phil Donahue used to do, questioning them about their childhood. The tallest blonde woman was telling the audience on TV how badly her mother had treated her and how she needed love and approval.  

I was feeling sorry for her, but continued on with my task, having to crawl on my belly under some wooden posts and beams to get into Ms. Lord's backyard.

I made it there without being detected by moving slowly and stealthily. If anyone would have looked my way, I was moving so slowly and stopped whenever I thought someone was looking, nobody would have seen me. I looked like I was part of the landscape.

Ms. Lord's house was dark brown with a blue door. I thought her apartment was at the top of the stairs on the second floor. I could hear her talking on the telephone to someone.

I began climbing the stairs but got off track somehow and discovered there was another stairway going to the third floor that also went to her apartment from the other direction. However, this stairway had a round white table at the bottom, full of food people had eaten for lunch and it completely blocked the stairway. I had to maneuver myself past this table and haul myself up to another stair by hanging on the railing.

I managed to get up on the stairway, listening to Ms. Lord talking on the phone above me in her apartment and I saw a large green poster on the wall in old fashioned writing like from the early 1900's.  It was an ad for train and some other kind of mass transportation.

I woke up reluctantly, my job unfinished.


1-31-00 - DREAMS - I can't remember specific details. I was working with  'sound' and something, alternating orange and some lighter color... perhaps yellow or white.

After waking up, I was left with the word Grimoire. I looked up that word along with the word sound and ended up with 'sonimancy', and 'air magic' along with a lot of much more negative things. So I dropped the search.


1-31-00 - VISION - In the vision I was laying in bed exactly like I was in the physical. On the dresser was a dark brown house with a crystal ball on a platform of some kind on the front of it.

At the same time I had a 4 tined fork in my left hand and I was trying to place it on the dresser with the house of the crystal ball. It didn't fit no matter how I tried to place it there.

NOTE: The house resembled one such like Hansel and Gretel went to in the movie with the witch.


1-31-00 - VISION - I was riding in the front seat of a car. I turned around and looked out the back window to where I had come from. On the side of the road was a red farm tractor and yellow bulldozer.


1-31-00 - VISION - I was walking down a path with a man on my right and we were holding hands. Coming along the path behind me was a man like a director, and behind him was a heavy set woman holding hands with a man on her left.  the director made gestures to each of us to hold hands with each other, so the four of us continued on the path together.

I was counting up to 34 at this time.


1-31-00 - VISION - I saw orange squares like on a calendar and each one was numbered. The center of the squares had lines coming from the center  . . . not really star-like because they weren't even, but all went outward.  I saw that these squares were numbered up to 15 and each one was plucked up as time went along.


1-31-00 - VISION - I was seeing a page of poetry. The page was squished in like a web page not fully open so that lines weren't expanded out like normal, forcing the last word on the line to drop down into the next line by itself.


1-31-00 - (This dream makes me think I'm living a second life because it matches exactly some things that happened in another dream a couple days ago)

I was offered a job in an apartment building where I had just moved from. I went back to see what was different about the place that I should move back.

I walked along the first floor and didn't see anything different, so I decided I would go to the second floor. I started up the stairs seeing that each step had an additional two slats nailed on top of the real stair. That was strange enough, but then instead of nice slats, someone had nailed rough 4 x 4 boards on top of the step and not even nicely, some were crooked. I came to the platform where the steps turned and saw that this stairway went to a wall instead of to another doorway. I could hear voices beyond it so I knew there was people up there, but the stairway didn't have a door at the top.

That was very strange and disturbing so I went back down the stairs. When I got into the downstairs hallway, a woman I know quite well but can't name told me that if I was looking for the stairs that went to the second floor, there was another stairway right next to the other one. I hadn't seen that one. It was narrower than the other and when I got to the top, the doorway was very strange. It was only a foot wide at the bottom where the feet fit through, Two feet up, the door was widened to just barely fit the hips through. I wondered how a really fat person would fit through.

As I went through the door, I saw that I was in an office. It was an immense office. There was one young woman sitting at a long counter talking on the phone. She was also being interviewed by a reporter from some local newspaper. I had heard about this woman two days ago. She was the Information Lady, and there was a sign above her head that stated that.  She was being praised for being in such an important position.  I could have done that job with one hand tied behind my back. I wondered why she was getting so much praise for it.  As a matter of fact, anyone could have done that job with one hand tied behind their back.  I was really puzzled.

Beyond this young woman was a huge room and three women were sitting on couches talking with each other. This room was bright rose red color. I was impressed by the color.

I went out into the main hallway and was walking along and saw a hole in the floor with a blue head scarf that looked exactly like mine. I suddenly saw a bird, like a parrot, grab the scarf and pull it farther into the hole like there was a tunnel beneath the floor.

I grabbed at the scarf and got it just in time and yanked it out of the hole. I then saw there was a second scarf just like it. The bird grabbed that one just as I did and I managed to pull that one out of the hole also, but then saw there was a third scarf just like it only larger. The bird and I grappled over that scarf as well, but I won and dragged the scarf out of the hole.  I then saw more and more blankets and small rugs in the same place, so I pulled them out and piled them to my right. Finally, I must have gotten them all out because the hole disappeared and so did the bird.

I knew I was going to have to carry all these scarves and blankets to my apartment. I couldn't leave them lay there.

I then went to my new apartment building which I had just moved into two days ago.  I had paid $1060 to move and my family had helped to, so to move back to the other place was not something I could do lightly. There were quite a lot of young people in this building and they were in a position to eavesdrop on what I was saying to a person I wanted to help me make this decision. He, at least would give me some good pointers on the issue.

We were walking down the street as I was explaining my dilemma, and was thinking at the same time that I should call my old locksmith boss that I was back in town.  He might hire me again.


1-31-00 - VISION - I had a repeat of an earlier vision where I was seeing orange squares with numbers on them only the numbers were going by faster and faster. I woke up as it got to number 15.