1-1-2001 - This was part dream - part cartoon.

I was shown something and how to reconstruct it in pieces. I was shown a large field like on a hill. There was something in the sky and things fell from it. I rant over and saw they were like long skinny sdees.

I grabbed one and broke it open. It looked like a grown man curled up in a seed pod. I had to save him from being eaten by a big goose which was strutting around the field.

Good = Cygnus

In the cartoon I was asked if I ever saw a Schimelfurg. It looked like a fancy letter 'A' in a circle.


1-1-2002 - DREAM - I was in the livingroom of my house and finished writing down my last dream on a yellow pad of paper.

Then the Pastor of the local Lutheran Church came in and I was so happy. Finally I was going to have someone with authority and knowledge to read my dreams to.

However, my kids were talking and laughing amongst each other at the other end of the room and the pastor couldn't hear what I was saying.

Also, when I flipped a page of the writing pad, all my drawings of ETs and various symbols all fell out on the floor and I had sit there and put them all back together before I could go back to reading. It was very frustrating.

All of a sudden, two large, tall, official looking men came into the livingroom. They said, "We are so n so and so n so (can't remember the names) from the National Lutheran Church Association. We came to listen to your dreams.

I was so excited to finally have someone 'official' listen to what I had to say because I knew how important this was.

All of a sudden, I had a flash of memory that two 'official' men like this had come in two weeks earlier and listened to my dreams and I had completely forgotten that.

Yet, here I was having the same trouble and the pictures of the ETs and symbols all fell out when I flipped a page and I had to put it all back together in order before I could start to read them.


1-2-02 - DREAM - I saw myself as having 8 layers, intertwined such as a watch as a clock mechanism. The inner core which was shaped like a watch battery was crystal clear of silvery blue/white color. It was about 1/2" thick and looked much like a sewing machine bobbin or watch battery.


1-2-02 - DREAM - I don't remember enough details to explain this, but I had 20 layers. This was not explained the same as above 8 layers, but was related.


1-2-02 - DREAM - I was on a farm, rather more visiting and helping, not living there. One of the women who lived in the house was trying to have a relationship with a man who lived in the barn. The man in the barn was interested in this woman but he could only have a relationship with a virgin and she wasn't quite a virgin. She didn't have a child, but wasn't virginal.

The man started to come towards the house and I felt something negative and 'wrong' with him, so I headed for the front door and headed down the street to get away.

The man was following me and I started to feel fearful. Next door there were some young adults out in the yard so I headed towards them so I wouldn't be alone.

However, as I headed towards these people they were heading for a door of the house where they were going to play a game of basketball inside in a gymnasium. I saw at least one female in this group so they weren't all males.

As they headed towards the door, a couple of them pulled off their socks so I picked up one green sock and one blue sock which were somewhat rolled and used them like a 'ticket' to get myself inside the house for safety.

Everyone was inside the house by the time I got to the door. The owner of the house was holding the door open for me as I was holding up the two socks for him to see.

The strange man was coming up behind me but I couldn't see him. I just knew he was there.

The man opened the door wider for me to enter and I saw a quick movement to my side and I knew that the man behind me had gotten into the house.

I entered the door and handing the socks to the house owner when I spotted the strange man standing along the wall to the right.

He was wearing dark clothing, but had slipped on ill-fitting light brown corduroy jacket over them. The man was blonde and blue-eyed, but had an odd non-human look to the eyes and I sense some kind of evil about him.

The man spoke and said, "I've been here a little over a year. I'm not quite sure what is going on here myself, but I know something is."

While he spoke, the thought came to me that he was one of the Langoliers. (See Stephen King's book on this topic)


1-2-02 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house or next door to it, working on a computer. I then went into another room where I was told by someone that I wasn't really working unless I was 'hawking' I took that to mean 'promoting' my work.

I then had several conversations with other people that I met as I went through a doorway as they were going the other way through the same door. In passing, when the asked what I was doing, I told them in turn what I had been doing and the conversation about "I wasn't really working unless I was 'hawking'.

NOTE: Now that I'm awake, I see there are 4 ways to take the word 'hawking'. Promotion, selling, going 'birding', or actually using the traits of a hawk, which is my totem. Later on I discovered it might mean ' studying the work of Stephen Hawking', the physicist.


1-3-02 - DREAM - I was in Wisconsin, probably New Berlin, My kids were in their early teens on down to about age 7 or so. It was late winter or early spring and there was snow on the ground.

The kids were outside playing in the snow and I was rushing around the house, cleaning, as we had guests coming over.

I went upstairs and discovered that my son Ken had used the tub or shower and there was about 4" of water in the corner. The floor was obviously slanted so this was possible.

I had to quick-mop this up. There was no time to make the kids clean up after themselves.

The rest of the kids came inside from playing and took off their boots, shoes, and socks and lay them upsidedown over the heater grate to warm up and dry off.

I obviously had a few moments of missing time because I found myself sitting on the couch and a tall, white-haired woman was standing at my knees. I had my eye closed for some reason while we talked and she was holding both of my hands in both of her hands and vice versa. I felt very intimidate by her and she looked very familiar.

She was talking about the past good old days when there were 7 female UFO groups. She named what kind of group this was. I responded by saying, "Yes! I know what you mean. I was a member of one of them back then."

She said, "I'd like to invite you to the gathering of Goddesses in April."

I said, "Thanks very much, I'd like that very much," after giving it some quick thought and knowing it would be good for me to get back out in public after a long spell of not participating.

Feeling intimidated, I took her two hands and clapped them together like a pretend patty-cake. She laughed.

I opened my eyes and saw her standing above me, by my knees. My daughter was standing there shivering, wearing red slacks. I was wearing light orange slacks and light purple blouse. I knew my color combination was very strange and I should probably change it.


1-4-02 - DREAM - Everything in this dream was wrong and it upset me and while I was thinking about it, I fell asleep and tried to fix it.

In the dream I was moving into an apartment that had no furniture. Two other people asked me to live with them, and then promptly move out on me, leaving me in an apartment alone with no job and no way to pay the rent. The light switches were in the wrong place .. they were too high. I had no key and I had non I.D. ot prove who I was. When I went back into the dream to fix things, everything was still wrong. I was trying to fix things, save people from dangerous situations. Finally I was presented with two avocado green telephones in a box, which when I tired to use them, they foamed up like pea soup in the box.

At the end, I was presented with a sign that said, "Thanks for participating in our early morning gooning revelry."

I thought to myself, "I could live the rest of my life without a dream like that.

I was then shown a big white sign with pictures of wired telephones and it said, "Two Free Calls!"

NOTE: What a waste of time.


1-4-02 - DREAM - I was in a city several times I went to look at the price of flowers for a project. I heard someone say, "You never buy flowers without having a funeral do you.?" I felt kind of embarrassed about it, because I bought flowers for lots of special occasions.

But I went into a door which I thought was a floral shop and I was actually like outside a mall or something. I walked down 3 steps and there were some pretty yellow and white Pussy Willows blooming, just starting to bloom. I started to admire what a pretty shade of yellow they were before opening and turning white, and I heard and saw a window open and Lee C. stuck her head out and said, "Dolores, What are you doing?"

I felt embarrassed but I shouted back over the distance to where she was, "I'm just checking on the price of flowers."

I kept walking towards home and 3 young black girls lit one of those smoke bombs on the sidewalk ahead of me. At the same time I could hear the music from a radio playing the music from "Cheers" about 'being a friend'.

The sidewalk was black asphalt and was raised on the sides, so one couldn't walk off the side of the sidewalk. The pall of smoke was so nasty, I turned up the nasty, dark alley where the 3 black girls had gone rather than walk through the smoke.


1-5-02 - DREAM - I was moving colored energy strings around. I was lining them up, shifting them, realigning them. It seems there was other activity going on around one but I don't know what it was.


1-5-02 - DREAM - I was working in the executive offices of A-C on the 5th floor. There were many empty unused desks, but those that we in use had multiple women sitting together. I don't know exactly what they were doing, but they were all using index cards, reams of computer sheets of numbers and cross -checking their work to make sure it was accurate.

I was roaming around from desk to desk. I had my own desk, but I wasn't working at it, since there wasn't anything for me to do at the moment.

I answered a telephone and was talking to a woman in Denver who had an order for 1 bullet. She said that she had sent the first one to the wrong phone number and wanted to make sure of the right phone number before she sent the second bullet.

I gave her the phone number of one of the phones in our office, and while I was talking to her, I heard her put the single bullet into a pneumatic tube like they use in large stores.

I was shocked. Did she actually send that bullet by pneumatic tube all the way from Denver to Milwaukee?

I started to tell this story to the other girls because I was so astonished, but when I was telling it, I said Denver to Chicago, knowing it was Milwaukee.

Some of the bosses and engineer started to come into the office then. The boss gave us a short lecture on answering phones and then when it rang, he and the engineers huddled around the phone, leaving us girls lined up at the desk to gossip. there were 4 of us standing at the desk. My friend Mary, two other women I don't know the names of and myself.

One of the women supervisors came in then and I told her the story, using a phony 555 phone number and made sure she knew it was fake. I said it was 555-5543.

I then went back to my own desk where there was a series of untyped purchase orders sitting there. These purchase orders have been sitting there untyped for man years and I keep using the excuse that I can't place the order for the impeller because there is no pattern for it. They can't make it without a pattern, and I've been in charge of patterns since 1973.

A man walked in with a stack of new computer run off sheets to deliver. He didn't know who was supposed to get them. I didn't either. The only one I recognized was Mining Systems and I told him that was on the other side of the street. (That's how I knew I was in the executive building)

I went over to a work area where numerous foreign people were working at a set of racks with narrow slate trays were set on. I was supposed to work on one side and they were working on the other side. My side was all west and rusty and I refused to work on it. one of the Asian men said it couldn't be rusty because it was supposed to be slate. But it was rusty from something that rusted onto it when it was wet and it was still wet.

Instead of wiping it off, I decided to work at the empty bosses desk instead of my own. So I went to my own desk which was multi-tiered. On the top level was the untyped impeller purchase orders, a vase with yellow roses and two bright red, unused long-stem wine glasses. I decided I would gather up some pens and go work at the bosses desk which I did.


Joe and I were watching a program about finding the largest elephant in India. I got really tired and went to bed.

1-5-02 - DREAM - I saw a profile of mankind carrying an elephant through the jungle to use him.

A process of education went by for a time. Then I saw an elephant, waving a man up high in the air with his trunk.


1-6-02 - DREAM - I was in a city but don't know where. It seemed like it was Milwaukee.

I met a man who was looking for someone to fill a job which was available on the northwest side of town. The woman who had the job was messing up and they needed a new person.

I told him I knew that the 3 women who were working in the 1st 3 stores down the street were looking for new jobs and I knew of two other woman who were also looking for a job. (5 total)

I decided to walk across town and apply for the job myself. I walked with the man through the apartment building where I was.

The 1st two sections of floor were friendly varnished and still sticky, but we had to walk that way so I had to walk on the sticky floors.

We stopped for a moment in a large area where there were benches to rest on. There we met people who used to work at A-C. They all came up and hugged.

We then started to walk again and I saw a black couple down a side hallway. I asked them if they had a key for the building. As it turned out, they had all the keys for the whole building.

I asked them if they knew of any apartments for rent. They said, "Yes!" # 31 right here. We are moving across the hall to #13.

They wanted to know who was looking for an apartment. I pointed behind me to the man I was walking with. and that man, who happened to be black . He said his buddy who was a trumpet player came looking for an apartment. But, he said, he'll only play 7 times.

I was with two women. They and myself were going to walk cross town. We decided to pack all our jackets into a suitcase instead of just carrying it but we had too much. So someone showed us how to pack a suitcase properly. He even got a yellow wash basket into it, along with our colorful jackets and towels, and some flat objects we needed like tennis rackets, brooms, umbrellas, etc.


1-6-02 - DREAM - I was sitting in a church, way in the back, with my mother. The church was full of opeple. Lots of my relatives, and friends were there, but there were strangers there too who didn't know me or even know who I was.

I was being honored for something. It might have been my birthday, but I was being given the highest honor and it was like a confirmation ceremony though I didn't have to do anything, just be there.

The gift I was given was the highest honor anyone could get. It was a portrait picture of my Father, with two portraits below it which weren't revealed to me in the beam so they were in shadow.

So this portrait was like three in in one, with my Father at the top and the other two below him, so the whole thing was about 9 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

The portrait was hung on the wall of the church and my kids ran up to it and jumped and danced and sang beneath it.

I didn't know if that was appropriate, but I heard a woman in front of me say that when she got her award, her kids had done the same thing, so I breathed a sign of relief.

After the ceremony, I was taken in a big yellow van or bus to the mall as a treat. However, I was not in my body in this scene and I didn't look like myself. I was observing it like a movie.

During the ride to the mall, the woman was given the front seat in the van, the seat of honor to the right, front seat.

There was a driver, which I couldn't see, but there was another man, who asked the woman if she would do something for him. She said, "Yes!" so she was handed a small job to do which was, some kind of office work. as soon as she had said, "yes!" and was given the first job, she was asked if she would take on another job, to which she also said, "Yes!" and it was placed on top of the other one. No sooner I had she said, "Yes!" to that job, she was offered another and another and another. Shortly, the work was piled on her lap higher than she could see over.

Then the Father appeared, the same man in the original portrait at the church. (My own father) and he said to her, "How would you like to meet Benny the gambler?" (This is not a real person that I know of)

The woman got so upset by that, when she got to the Mall, she dressed in black leather, spike heels, and a motorcycle hat like in the old days, and walking down the mall, she looked like a guy in mobster/motorcycle drag, and she pulled her shirt down and exposed her right breast which I saw in profile.

And when she did that, all the other strangely dressed people at the mall began to do the same thing and she was honored by them too.


1-8-02 - DREAM -  All night I dreamed about a computer screen with names and numbers on it and was making adjustments on it. It seems that it was about myself and past lives, but I couldn't read any of it, so I'm not sure.


1-9-02 - DREAM - I was out in the country with some people. It seems that the house was of rough wood like a log cabin or something. Then these people were going to have a race around this lake which I knew I would win because I knew the secret way.

And I had a pattern that was oval, and it seemed like it was twisted on one end , almost like an infinity symbols, but it wasn't supposed to be and there was something wrong with it. 


1-10-02 - DREAM - Twice I dreamed that certain events in my life were listed as 3, 2, and 1 and the years 1988, and 1983 were mentioned. 

I can't remember the dreams themes.


1-10-02 - DREAMS - I was in a farm house in Wisconsin. I wasn't feeling very well, so my husband left the house and the older kids went to school. 

I was laying on a bed that had a blue cover on it. It started shifting beneath me and I was hearing lots of snapping noises in my head. 

I was laying my head down on my arm, feeling really out of it and my old friend Loretta and another woman came to the door. She really looked good compared to how I looked. She just asked, "What happened to you? I felt really old at that point.

All of a  sudden, a large wall-size map of Wisconsin appeared, which I could touch.

The lower southeast quadrant of the state was more or less inundated by water. All the lowlands was covered by water, with patched of land where the hills were.

Then anther map of Wisconsin appeared in the same place. This one was totally different. There were no features on the state at all - it was light brown and flat all the way down to south of Chicago. On this map, it said, ' ICE AGE - 2123'

Below the Illinois border, across the central 1/3 of the state were numerous rows of what looked like ice blocks or limestone blocks - perhaps ice.

The map vanished and I could hear a heavy wind blowing through the house. There was a young woman there trying to light the gas oven to no avail. The wind was blowing through the house really strongly. There were two children playing there who hadn't eaten anything.

I decided to grab two sandwiches that were wrapped up and go upstairs and go back to bed.

I wondered what happened to the old Mother and Father of this house. As I headed for the steps to go upstairs, I saw that they had locked themselves in their bedroom and I could hear the Old Man snoring.


1-10-02 - VISION - I was laying bed with my eyes closed. I could see a man standing in front of me with a large board covered with a white sheet. The man resembled the actor Garner. He said, "This is going to seem real misleading."  Then he pulled back the sheet. He said sharply, "OK - KILL 10 MILLION PEOPLE!"



1-10-02 - VOICE - "Are you afraid of the Premiere of Mozambique? He needs to have a fear of being prosecuted."


I saw a man with a similar name beating his wife - President of Mozambique. 

1-10-02 - VISION - I asked when the 10 million people were going to be killed and I saw a star map of the constellation. The focus went from the center to the southern edge. 

1-10-02- I asked HOW the 10 million people were going to be killed. I saw a boy with what looked likea white vacuum clean on his lap sideways. The focus was on the cord wire.


1-11-02 - THE HOUSE

I had lived in this house earlier in my life and was moving back in. My brother Marty was living with my Mom in the center section but was using the livingroom to the right to his genealogical and historical work. 

A young woman whom I know well but can't name was moving into the left half with her fiance/husband to be. 

Upstairs was an apartment building where I worked. 

I've been in this house numerous times, but I lived there alone. Nobody ever lived with me in the house, but I moved out at some time in the past, obviously upstairs for awhile.

Joe was with me and I saw him a couple times, discussing things with my brother in the diningroom on the right side. 

My mother was there in the center section of the house and had the doors to the two sides closed off. She didn't' want to take care of them. It was a lot of work.

As it was, the faucet in the kitchen wasn't working. When I turned it on, the water shot out the top all the way to the ceiling. Since the men were busy, I told the other woman I would call in the building plumber. 

I also told the woman we should open the doors to the two sides of the house and use them and spread out. 

I went over to the right side. It was all set up to use. The furniture was all in place. It was all in place. 

Then the other woman said, "You have to see the other side. It's so beautiful. 

I remembered how I loved that side of the house. We went over there to look at it. It was just as I remembered it, but I discovered that she and her fiance were moving furniture into it to live there. 

Then I went to the other side and saw my brother had set up a little podium type desk in the middle of the livingroom. On the podium was a beautiful little booklet that was wider than it was tall, and this booklet were old photographs of old Milwaukee city buildings downtown and officials like judges, Mayors, etc.  My brother had used green ink to write on the photographs. He had all these people named and photographs labeled.

Then I saw in the front of the book, he had all the family names and history. This was the list I had been wanting myself.

I ran back to my mother's section of the house to get a piece of paper to copy down the family names and that's when I discovered the front lobby and the public bathroom, which a Spanish man was washing his hands in. A young black woman was doing reception duty next to he wide double stairway that went upstairs to the apartment building. 

I ran to get the paper and all the papers and notebooks was all written in  with lists of names. I couldn't find a clean sheet of paper to write my list of names in.

Then I discovered that these lists of names were all people that the other woman had gathered who were going to be invited to the woman's wedding and to mine and Joe's wedding. 

I didn't realize that Joe and I were included in this list and I ran to apologize to Joe who was talking to my brother.

The other woman, her fiance, and little kids were there now too. 

I apologized profusely to Joe that I didn't know that the list was for us too. He didn't answer, and the two cute little boys were jumping around, trying to get my attention. 

Joe never said a word. I asked the young woman, "What should I do now?" 

She answered, "Just go back to work as usual."

I felt very bad, depressed and sad for not realizing that Joe and I were supposed to have been married too, but went back to work to continue cleaning. I had rugs to take outside and hose off so they were clean. 


1-12-02 - DREAM - I had moved into a different house with my kids, but nothing was in its proper place yet. I was slowly putting the furniture in its proper place. I put some arm chairs in the livingroom where I thought they would look good. Then I placed 3 plants on a cookie tray under a small table by the front door. There was a 2 small cactuses and a small vine. 

While I was doing this, someone came to the house and attempted to park the car in front of the house, but bumped into the house. Then they moved the car to the back of the house and it looked like a broken wicker basket. At the same time I found some metal parts that had fallen off the car by the front door and the tools to put them back on. I decided I could wrap them up and keep them safe until they were asked for, rather than running to the back door and giving them to the man who I could hear blaming his wife for everything by the back door. 

In the closet were some large containers and I decided I would move everything upstairs that didn't get used more than once a year. 

We got some visitors then, who didn't know us well and I was also babysitting our grandson. While I was discovering what the baby would like to eat and found a bottle of formula in the pantry for him, the older woman sat at the kitchen table talking on a cell phone and tell them a blow by blow account of what I was doing and that it was being 'bottle fed'. I had to clue her in that this was not "my" baby, that I was just baby sitting, because it sounded like she was thinking that it was terrible that I wasn't breastfeeding the baby with my own milk. 

Joe was sitting in the car then and I was holding the baby up to him. I was teaching the baby to call Joe 'Papa' and at the same time teaching Joe to turn his head in response to the name Paper but not turn his head when the baby wasn't speaking. that way it taught the baby that the sounds PA PA meant the name of his grandfather.


1-12-02 -  I was fighting cold rolling chills. It seemed I kept waking up, trying to figure out how to get warmer so I could sleep and never could get past these rolling chills. 

DREAM/VISIONS - Twice, I saw a letter with the words NAME SAT highlighted. At the end of the letter which was shown to me, there were 7 photographs in two rows - 3 over 4 - The 3 were men, the 4 were 3 men and a woman and she was 2nd from last. I thought they were actors who were sponsoring whatever this NAME SAT was.

SAT means "being, existence, Pure existence, the thing that truly is, the right, the highest or best, or eal good.

SAT - eternal life.  pure knowledge - SATTva


1-14-02 - I've been very disappointed at my dreams the last 3 days. Theyw ere all about investigating things but with a non-real sense and almost cartoonish. They all faded the instant I woke up.

1-14-02 - VISIONS - I asked about the trumpet Pulse even with Anna Hayes spoke of which was supposed to stop the pole shift in 1008. 

I saw 3 visions of what looked like sheets of paper. The first one looked like colored symbols or notes on white paper. It was off kilter somewhat and I couldn't make out what exactly it was. 

I then saw a piece of note paper with printing on it. This too was crooked and the only thing I could read on it was CCC. 

The third piece of paper looked like a letter and was so off kilter, I couldn't read anything on it at all. 

Following that I saw the numbers 76 and then 47. (SEE STS 76 AND STS 47)  CCC is the U.S. construction deal of F.D.R.

I then slipped into a dream where my ex-husband Jim came into a room where I was sitting in a kitchen. He kissed me so sweetly like he had been gone for years then he told me he had built a shed out in the yard that was 76x 47 inches.

I thought about writing that down in my journal when a young blonde woman came in with her father to visit. (The woman is so familiar tome but I can't think who she is.)

I was surprised that she had come along with her father. The two men went outside to work on something. 

I was still sitting at the kitchen table. The girl went out of the room, then came back in carrying 4 giant sized dark green corduroy jackets like man would wear to a sporting event. I thought to myself, "I wonder if they are from the army?" I didn't know what she planned to do with them.

She sat down at the table then, and commented how she liked the white appliances and how the room looked. 

I had an instant vision of how the room looked originally with an old upright greenish gas stove on one wall and a small sink on another wall. It was really ugly.

I came back to reality and saw that it had indeed improved but one wall over the sink was bright blue.

I told her I was going to have to write down my vision in my journal.

We then went to the livingroom and sat in a big overstuff chair. She followed me in there and lay down under my feet.

I couldn't figure out why she would put herself in such a subservient position. 


1-14-02 - I saw a very thin being pick up 'someone?" by the head. I was afraid he was going to hurt them, but he didn't I didn't see this beings face or the person. It was small and bald. 

I saw the picture of the Partiki grids from Anna Hayes book get large. I heard the word 'capsule' 3 times.

I was told I had better get working on it. 

I then saw next to the grid the standing scalar waves.  They were each like the color of the rainbow with a pearlescent white over them.

They were lined up 12 across and 24 rows down, 

I then saw a light ____ machine for putting pictures up on the wall. The #'s 1, 2, 3, and 4 were above it.


1-15-02 - DREAM - I was in someone elses house, just going through the city. A young black woman was visisting here as well. There was a book left in the room where someone had moved out. the black woman asked if she could buy the book. I looked at. It was a dark green hardcover book. the author's name was Dara Runyin. The cover flipped open and inside was the author's picture. It was the same woman who holding the book.


1-15-02 - DREAM - I was walking through a city and saw that work crews were cutting down all the big old trees. I was shocked they were doing that. As I went down the street there were more dead trees - all laying in the street. Cars couldn't even drive - the tree trunks were all laying in the road - particularly where I had to go through - there were two huge tree trunks I had to jump over. 



1-15-02 - VISION - While watching a video by David Sereda, I had my eyes closed for a moment and had a black and white vision of a reptilian head and face. I thought it was female, because of the pointed chin, but I could be wrong.

MICHELLE thinks that this could be a reptilian watching over me to make sure I'm okay because I was really feeling sick.

VISION - I saw President Bush standing in front of a large crowd of people saying, "We've been standing here and we've had enough grief"

The crowd of people were behind him while he spoke into the microphone.


1-16-02 - DREAM - This takes place in Milwaukee but has no sense of reality to it.

I was living in a very large home. It seemed to be summertime. There was going to be a week long program for all ages of people from children to grandparents ages. Within that week, there were many types of things to do from games, toys, books, pencils, and drawings for the kids, all the way to dancing lessons, and theatre for the older people. To participate in everything cost $400 and I thought that was really expensive, but I decided to participate as a teacher and helper in the children's programs.

There were many people I knew in the beginning as I was trying to find my purse and shoes. Kimber was there and my cousin Shirley. We wree all going to do something different, but were all participating. 

I put on some lipstick and no sooner did I do that, a seven foot tall man tried to kiss me on the lips.

I turned my face so he kissed my cheek instead, admonishing him that I didn't want to mess up and smear my makeup.

I was barefoot and asked advice if I should wear shoes. the people suggested I should and also a sweater. I had 3 pair of shoes to choose from. I chose the Indian moccasins. I also chose a sweater that had geometry on it, including turquoise triangles.

I needed to get my purse and then drive down to 12th St. The others were ready to go but I had to get my purse so Kimber and Shirley left ahead of me. I quickly peeked into the room where the kids supplies had already been delivered. There were many puppets in the center which were very colorful, all of the boxes of books and pencils surrounded them.

I then turned to go past the old people who were preparing to go. the old people did a meditative ceremony first, which included some kind of magical quality to it, where the old man was raised up off the ground by the old woman and then lowered to the floor

I tried to go a different way but a man who was dressed in white, had blocked it off with sheets becase he was practicing his magic show for the kids.

So I had to go a different direction and go through the long way around.

The first place I went through was a flower shop where a tall black woman was standing, holding newborn twin babies. I asked her if I could go through the mall behind the flower shop. She said, "Yes!" so I found my way through the flower shop and the back door came out in a bridal shop. 

There was an older black woman standing there, waiting on customers. she looked a little shocked to see me come out of the flower shop because the door was so narrow. I had to go through the door sideways.

In the bridal shop, I met two young women I knew who were wearing white flowers in their hair. I admired their hair so much. The 3 of us joined up and walked through the bridal shop together.

At the other end of the bridal shop, we came out first in the courtyard of a large apartment building which had a huge blue pool in it. There were no people by the blue pool and we just walked by and opened another set of doors which went into an indoor zoo.

There was such thick spider webs overhead, we had to duck under them to walk under for quite aways so we didn't get he spiderwebs in our hair.

There were many people standing along this walkway, including some tall men who were wearing matching sweaters to what I had on which were white with turquoise blue triangles on them. I felt better that they were wearing identical sweaters to mine and I wasn't the only one.

I gradually woke up at this point. 


1-16-02 - DREAM - (This dream refers back to the other dream)

I was managing an apartment building and when I walked into the hallway, there were two guys standing by apartment 15 waiting for a man named Harold to come home. 

The strange thing was that each man was about 7 ft. tall and one man was standing on the other guy's shoulders so the ceiling had to be 14 ft. high.

Then Harold arrived and the hallway filled with men and they all went into apartment 15. 

I woke up, trying to remember what the men did and it seems that there was a 3 ring circus inside but that doesn't make sense. 

I fell asleep and was driving down a road where rich people lived. At the curve in the road, there was a big dugout portion where the regular people could use the beach. It was pretty crummy there. There was a little sand brought in from elsewhere, but most of the end of the lake was mushy, a little water and some grassy and muddy areas. One could launch a boat to go fishing but there was nowhere to seven and it seemed the longer I stood there, the less water there was.

Mike and Lorna showed up with Lorna driving. They see-sawed their car back and forth a bit, then I saw they were both wearing pajamas.

I then went over aways to a little ten-like area where a bunch of kids were sitting around. There were windows all the way around this tent - it seems that it was either 12 or 16 sided. There were computers in the tent for each child.

I asked the children if anyone had a savings account. They pretty much all raised their hands. They all gathered around me, seemingly very interested. I asked them if they knew why they had savings accounts and nobody really did. I told them that when you put your money in a savings account, the bank pays you to have our money in their bank. They all liked that idea. 

At tat point, I saw a man come out of his house across the street and at the same time I saw a little girl outside the tent carrying a bad of red licorice sticks.

I heard him holler over at her, "Okay! Where's the treat?"

This seemed rather ominous to me for some reason.

The man came over to the tent we were in and came inside. He was very tall and dressed in grey.

He said to the children, "I want you all to gather at the back of the room. I got very defensive of he children when he said that, and I made him know that he couldn't talk to any one child alone. 

He guaranteed me he wouldn't. Then he asked the children a question about their computers. He aid, "If you were walking on a math problem on your computer and walked away and the screen saver came on, would you remember what was on the screen before without touching it?"

 I think the question was a little more detailed than that, but I touched my computer table and the screen saver went away and revealed the screen had 16 red bar graphs on it. (I don't know what that represented, but I remembered that the girl also had a similar number of red licorice sticks in her bag.)

A bunch of people arrived then. They may have been the children's parents, but I don't know that for sure. 

Then a work crew brought in mounds and mounds of meat chunks and stacked them on tables. I asked them if this was the meat from the other party - (past dream) they said "yes" and they were going to flash freeze it.

I knew it would have to get awfully cold to do that. They brought in a tent which they put around the meat, but it was way larger than that. 

I was outside the tent, but inside a larger room. The tent was filled with air and then seemed rather fun because even though we were outside the tent, we were rather walking on the edges and people were falling down and bouncing right back up. They said nobody need fear falling down, which was true - one just bounced right back up. 

I went to another area where dinner was being served. I had a small salad with a lot of lettuce. The woman behind me had a large platter with some large black olives which I didn't have.

Mike Mason came over and sang Happy Birthday to her, then he started singing Happy Valentines Day to me and handed me a bouquet of what looked like parsley or a similar herb. Then he crushed the leaves wit his hands and said, "These are crushed." I laughed and said, "Watch out or I'll crush something on you." We laughed then I went outside. 

Outside in the sky, it looked like there was a war going on in the sky. In two areas, it appeared there were tiny planes, making puffing kinds of clouds when they were shot their guns at each other. I asked if there was a war going on. I was assured that there was no war, that they were just fixing the sky. At that point, I could see a work crew up in the sky. It was so high they looked like toys, but they had big yellow cranes - the whole works like a humongous construction crew. Then they started making puffy clouds around them so nobody could see what they were doing, but we knew they were still working up there behind the clouds. 

I saw my husband up on a nearby hill at a house and red wire going up there. There was a huge crowd of people surrounding the house and hill and I asked if I could climb up there so people let me through and helped me climb up there. They said that my husband was up there, ready to sound the alarm. 



I saw a white jeep turning left and driving into a ditch on purpose. Then a yellow school bus was turning left and driving into a ditch on purpose.

 NOTE: It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong - Voltaire


1-16-02 - VISION - I saw a book with a title that referred to the Kennedy flight.


1-17-02 - DREAM - I was in my house. There was a large picture window overlooking the backyard.

My son Mike came into the yard and then into the house, following by a group of the most incredibly beautiful bird/butterflies and regular butterflies. they had the most incredibly thin gossamer wings and they floated rather than flew through the air. I also saw what looked like little tin soldiers which were actually butterflies with their wings folded together. 

The bird/butterflies had long necks similar to cranes with tiny birds and soft rounded yellow beaks. Their pale blue wings had little tufts of tiny red feathers here and there. 

There were other gossamer winged butterflies that were light blue.



1-18-02 -  DREAM - I can't remember the beginning.  There were 48 (24) cars in a rectangular parking lot. A new little yellow car came and needed a place to park but there was no spot for it, so an Old Man who had a huge old maroon van said he would move out to make room for it. 

There was a scene that showed a huge rectangular piece of farm land which had been cut out of a hill to grow plants and someone wanted to build on it. I and some other people went down there to block that and saved it.

There was a lot of scurrying around, cleaning for a banquet. 

There was a banquet then where everyone sat at a long rectangular table in pairs. 

As I woke up, a huge black and white merry go round turned in front of me showing me messages. The first one said, Momasita  _____ wishes you well, and there was a large feathered crown above the message. The merry go round turned and showed the next message which was similar. This too showed a crowned headdress of some kind. There were like 12 tribes represented on the merry go round. 


1-18-02 - DREAM - I was working with black people where there was racial bias going on. One black male singer who had his hair died an odd shade of red, was led down the street by cops dragging a heavy 30 ft. chain. Then I was working with the neighborhood black people to keep things calm.


1-18-02 - DREAM - I was working in a city helping people who had died previously of diseases or handicapped and were rehabilitating themselves. 

I was then observing work going on to fix up and remodel a building My mother was there as well, helping, with the actual digging around the foundation.

I went down in the basement of the building then and discovered that the whole basement floor had been pulled out and new building stones were being brought in to rebuild the building. 

The Jewish Judge came to the door with a special stone to use in doing this. 

NOTE: Did he bring in the top stone forward?
            did he bring in the corner stone?


1-18-02 - VISIONS - The name Michael Zimmermuth or Zimmerman

I saw 5 faces in a drawing - 4 were older round faced men and one was an alien.


1-19-02 - DREAM - I planned to read something - and a woman appeared who had blue eye shadow all around her eyes. she rather hovered like an angel as she talked to me. As she spoke, her whole face glowed light blue. She said, "As you read, look for the truth - I was shown a magazine article then and as I scanned it, there were holes punch in the paper every so often and it came to me is that how I would determine where the truth was. 


1-19-02 - DREAM - I was hired to do a new job in an apartment building and I moved into the apartment on an upper floor and after Imoved in, the painters came and painted it white all around me. Bob, the painter was there. I was a little stressed out, because they hadn't told me that it hadn't been painted before I moved in, so they disrupted everything I was doing and painted around me.

Then I discovered that my apartment was going to be open to the public as well with two entrances and was going to be the media center for everyone who lived in the building.  

NOTE; This must be my website and e-mail lists. 

I was invited to a banquet of the women as I went and ate quickly. I saw that my mother visited briefly and left behind a flowered curtain top, which was really pretty. I noticed then that I was wearing a bright red suit and I tied the flowered curtain around my shoulders and called it a Mayan shawl.

As I was leaving the room, I heard my boss and another woman coming down the hall. I caught a glimpse of my boss. She had a face similar to the teacher Our Miss Brooks. from the old TV show. She and the other woman were discussing my rate of pay and my job.

I managed to keep ahead of the woman, but every so often I'd catch a glimpse of them as they were both wearing bright red suits. Their voices preceded them. The teacher/woman was saying that they had offered me too much money and they wanted to cut my rate of pay from $9./90 to $6.90. They didn't think my job description warranted such a high rate of pay.

I told him I was aware of what was going on. I got back to my apartment then which was wide open and newly painted white. I saw then that the pervious person who had my job had left her purse and Master key laying on the ironing board. I put the purse away and took the key, because it was a Master key and opened all the doors including the bosses office and put it on a chain around my neck so I'd never lose it.








1-31-02 - DREAM - I was living and working in a place that was a combination of businesses owned by the Jewish Judge.

He was in process of hiring 4 new guys to work in his garage, which was furnished 1/2 with exercise equipment, and the other half which was a car repair place, but was empty at the moment.

He wasn't there when the 4 unemployed men arrived, so I began the interview process myself.

Then the Judge arrived with three other authoritative-looking men, all about 7 feet tall and he took over the interview and told them to report back at 7:00 a.m. the next day.

There was a slight discussion to make sure that 7:00 a.m. was okay with everyone. I always got up at 5 a.m. so it was okay with me.

At the same time, we were getting an 18 wheeler big rig to go somewhere, however an injunction had been obtained so that we couldn't pull the truck over the property line. So 24 blonde people with ropes/lariats over their arms had been hired to unload all the boxes off the truck, walk out into the street and reload all the boxes onto a truck that was already in the street. There was no law against that and nobody could stop us.

I walked out ofo the garage to go get dressed, as all I had to hide and protect myself on top was a large piece of green cloth and I was dressed normally from the waist down.

As I left the garage which had 3 cars parked in it, other people were moving the cars in a certain order, otherwise they would get bumped and scratched. The order it was done was most important.

Outside, I saw new blue and white paint being sprayed on the building by my son Thomas who was suspended near the top of the building by a rope. His two sons were helping out.

The apron of the garage was spray painted sky blue, and the side of the building was white.

Across the street on a building had been spray painted - the whole permit for this move wwas spray painted in Hebrew, very formally, including the number of the permit (a long number). Next to the permit was a clock with the time that said 11:11.

I then went to a different part of the garage where all the stuff was being repacked. All of the dinner dishes were in a box, but it seemed to me the box was too thin to support heavier boxes on top of it.

There was a lot of dark-wood antique furniture standing around, which had been dismantled. I wouldn't take anything that didn't have all the pieces ready to reassemble.

One table was made like a debarked tree stump. Part of the table top was in pieces. On two of the three pieces were there. It wasn't broken in straight lines - the table top had been made from 3 grandly scrolled pieces of wood held together like a great puzzle.

My son Ken was there and I suggested he take the 1/3rd of the table top that was 1/2 moon shaped. It had U.S.A stickers on it, with red, white, and blue flags. That was going with us.




Events 1972

The UN sanctioned troops to go to Lebanon

The Last Apollo moonwalk occurred