1-1-06 - DREAM -  I was in Wisconsin, in New Berlin.  I heard the baby cry. I ran into the bedroom and saw that an infant had fallen off the bed and hit his head on the floor. 

I picked him up and put him back on the bed, telling him that I would put back up his crib with the railings so he wouldn't fall off.

Then I saw that the baby's mouth was crammed full of candy mints, Tums, and allergy pills. They were all white, but were not meant for infants.

so I turned the baby face down and forced him to spit them out. They were no good for babies.

I went into the kitchen then and my husband was just going outside. He was wearing a red fall jacket with a red winter neck scarf.

I then saw him out the window and I saw that he had a spray jar with bee killer chemical in it. A tree in the yard had a hole in it and there was a bee swarm inside the tree. 

He stood about 40 feet away and aimed the chemical at the hole in the tree. Then he cut the tree down and the bees swarmed all over the tree. 

If the golden bees lived, they would swarm and go to another tree, so the bees had to be killed. 

So I took the chemical spray jar and sprayed the remaining bees that were on the tree stump. 

Immediately, two cats went over to eat the dead bees and two little girls ran over to play with the golden bees because they were pretty

I had to shoo them away because even dead, the golden bees were deadly to play with. 


1-2-06 - DREAM - I was helping a crew of people to set up an outdoor carnival under a huge tent-like structure. 

There were going to be a lot of different kinds of activities for all ages of people from young kids to old people.

My supervisor was a black man, and the work crew were all black people who had been given knitted caps and sweaters to wear while they worked.

At the end of the day, the work crew took of their sweaty caps and sweaters and threw them on the ground and I had to pick them all up. I used a long garbage sticker thing to stick into the fabric and then I had to carry all this stuff with me as I continued to pick up all their hats.

I had noted earlier that there was being garbage thrown on the ground and someone, instead of picking up the garbage, put a roll of red carpet over the garbage so people would have a clean place to walk. 

I designed a character that kids could talk to and get advice for teen problems. I said I didn't want a Harry Potter type guy, so I made him a Nerdy looking guy with glasses instead.

Once I had all the garbage picked up my supervisor said he anted to get to where the music and dancing was going to be, so we went to that area. 

People had to sit on the ground because there were no chairs. I did find a lawn mower - the old fashioned kind with blades on. I told someone to put a few sheets of newspaper over the blades so no one would get cut if they sat on the mower.

The newspaper was rather bunchy on top so I told a woman there to flaten them out.

She said she couldn't flatten it out because the object beneath the paper was round.

I said, "It'll be like Fire on Ice." 

Somewhere, while walking, I saw that the venue where gambling was going to take place had been stripped clean and all the money was gone.


1-2-06 - NAP DREAM - (I had hurt my leg for the third time today by scraping it on the table. It hurt so bad, I decided I would go to bed and take a nap.)

DREAM - I went to the doctor because I hurt my leg and I wanted the doctor to look at it.

The nurse put me into an examining room. She left and then, by intercom, was was asking .me why I was there.

I told her I had hurt my leg. 

The nurse asked me if I had any other problems and I said, "A few!"

So she wanted to tell the doctor 'all' the things that were wrong with me, so she asked me if I was depressed.

I said, "A little"!

She asked me if I was suicidal.

I knew she would want me to be hospitalized, so I answered, "Well, I was thinking what would be the point of going on if I really hurt myself!'

So while she wrote all that down for the doctor to read, I forgot that the doctor still had to see me and I got up and left the office and went home. 

It took about 15 minutes to walk home and just as I was walking up the stairs to the porch of my 16th St. house, I remembered that I had forgotten to wait to see the doctor.

So, when i walked into the house, my mother was upstairs in the bedroom, so I went up there to tell her what I had done. I told her, "I don't even remember getting up and leaving. I didn't remember until I was coming up the steps to the porch that I was supposed to wait for the doctor."

My mother said, "Well! If you walk back, the doctor probably still hasn't gotten to you and you can go back into the examining room and they won't even know you left."

I thought that was a good idea. I asked my mother if they had a back door and she said they did, but they wouldn't me in that way.  She assured me I could still see the doctor if I went back.

For some reason, I had unzipped the zipper on my black skinny slacks, so I zipped the zipper back up and pulled my sweater back down over my slacks and then began the long slow walk back down the stairs. I had to do this carefully because I was wearing big clunky high heeled boots.

As I left the room, my mother had a large brown envelope she was going to send to my friend Michelle. I didn't ask what she was sending her, but she had several addresses and I said Michelle had left there and moved. She gave me like 3 different addresses so I told her they were all old addresses and that her current address was in my address book that was on top of the dresser. 

So my mother said she would look it up and I continued walking down the stairs in carefully placed steps with my high heeled boots.

I started walking back down the porch stairs and saw that there were people waiting to talk to me at the bottom of the steps.

I knew I couldn't stop and talk to them because I still had a 15 minutes walk back to the doctor's office.

So I woke up and then the phone rang. I couldn't even roll over in bed and my leg hurt again so I said, "The hell with it." and just lay there until the phone stopped ringing. 


1-3-06 - The radio was on with  a researcher about Egypt.

DREAM:  I was in an Egyptian museum type building made out of marble walls.

A man and I were rushing from one end of the building to the other and I said to him, "What I read to do is get out my Giza- Mars connection book."


1-4-06 - DREAM - I was at some apartment building and we were given flowers by someone which we started to plant in a circular pattern.

but then another person came and said they wanted a second row of flowers that were tall red spikes amongst the low white mounds.

Then I went into the building and I was getting ready for my wedding. My hair was hanging down my back and on my shoulders in long dark spirals. It needed a little smoothing but I knew it was going to be beautiful for the wedding.

The wedding was going to be on the far side of the flower garden which was on the other side of a small pond.

So we crossed the pond and someone handed me a bouquet of the white flowers and there was a snake crawling right in the center of the flowers.

I could touch the snake because I was afraid to, so the only thin I could do was to put a dollop of thick honey on top of the snake to keep him from crawling 


1-6-06 - LAUNDRY, LAUNDRY, LAUNDRY - Doesn't it ever stop>

DREAM - I was trying to get enough quarters together to do a couple loads of laundry. Other people were stacking damp piles of bath towels so I knew I would have to start with them. I had closets full of clothes and still couldn't find anything I wanted to wear. 

Meanwhile, some young men were using sledge hammers and breaking down the walls of the cement walled garage to remodel it. 

I finally found enough quarters to do 2 loads of laundry.

Then the dream switched and I was looking at a page in a notebook that had 3 groups of stars in a circle and those groups of stars had to laundered - after the groups of stars was a symbol that had a T in it and at the bottom of the T it ended in TV - the word Leitz comes to mind.

I then looked at the notebook farther back at notes of projects that had been started and never finished and I knew  I had to start a new page.

Then it came to me that one group of stars should be labeled 1776 and the second one was Leopold 1744, I don't know what the third grouping was labeled.

1-7-06 DREAM - I was shown 3 circle groups of 50 stars side by side.

This circle of stars was labeled
Leopold 1744

This circle of stars was labeled 1776

This circle of stars was unlabeled

When I researched Leopold 1744, I found that the heredity prince Leopold was the head of a group of soldiers who invaded Belgium, which began in 1744.  


I kept hearing my name called - Dolores - and I looked out the back window and didn't see anyone, but I thanks the spirits for calling my name anyway.

Then I went to the front of the house and saw that all the relatives had gathered to work o the garage, but it was pouring rain out, so the men were sitting on one sofa and the women were sitting on another sofa.

I said to them, "With this rain, maybe you could begin stuff from the garage."

My husband said, "We've already started."

There was no place for me to sit, so I went back into the house and found an old woman sitting in a wheelchair and saw a long snsake hanging on the wall eating a pile of crap on the floor. 

I brought that to her attention and then saw that there were other snake marks on the walls and other crap piles on the flloor so I had to start washing the walls.

She told me the name of some kind of chemical which I can't recall. I don't know if the crap was made of that chemical, or I needed that chemical to clean it up, but I had to clean the floor because the crap piles were staining the linoleum. So I was using a lot of water and the water was running under the bed and down the drain. 


1-8-06 -DREAM -I went to the doctor for a checkup and got a blood test. When the results came back, I sat in front of two doctors, one was younger than myself and the other I would describe as 10 years older than myself and he had pure white hair in back, not much hair in front or on top.

Then, instead of facing me, he faced the other young doctor and said, "Her level of  N is supposed to be 2, but instead, its 11.8  The best way to get that down, if for her to be with more people. "

The young doctor said, "Okay!"

The older doctor then took charge of my case, and said, "I'm going to give you an injection and I want you to stay in the hospital until it wears off."

Before I could say anything, he gave me a shot of something and  I started to feel really out of it, and even the air seemed to look darker than normal.

He left me in a room by myself and I was sitting on a bed and the only people I saw was a couple of nurses, dressed in sky blue uniforms who had darker skin. I don't know what ethnic group they were. It wasn't anything I recognized.

When I started to feel a little better, U just left the room and walked towards home, telling people about this white-haired doctor and my level of  N of 11.8 that should only be a 2. 

When I was close to home, I came across a nurse who was caucasian. She said , "I know what that is all about" and she started rattling off numbers which my daughter wrote down.

Then,  I rewrote the numbers underneath the nurses numbers - one digit less in each case and woke up.


1-9-06 - DREAM - It was the 4th of July. My telephone was broken so I was preparing a package of papers to be delivered by special messenger.

Later in the day, I was thinking about the evening coming and what the rules should be for those young people next door who were going to be celebrating. I was thinking about how dangerous it was to shoot fireworks and fly airplanes.

Just then I heard a child outside screaming "Mommy! Mommy!"

I and other children ran to the front window to see what was going on. 

I saw I was in my New Berlin house and down in the road with a boy with a bicycle and a black plastic bag laying in the road with what looked like a body in it. Alongside, was my puppy Lily. Someone picked up the body in the body bag and the puppy Lily and Lily was waving bye bye.

I woke up and was very upset. I as thinking about the dream and what it might mean and fell asleep again.

Dream #2 - It was the 4th of July and I was getting a large package of papers ready for special delivery.

The tlephone was broken. The part where you push in the numbers had fallen off, so I couldn't call anyone.

A male neighbor came over and offered his cell phone and my son Ken said he could fix the phone if we could find the part for it that was missing.

There was a box of papers on the table and a spirit drawing appeared on it about 2 men who were going to do something bad. I grabbed the paper and the image disappeared.

I was disappointed and put the paper down again.

As soon as I put the paper down, the image reappeared and I quickly took a pen and drew outlines around the image to capture the spirit drawing and then ripped the paper off the pad so spirit couldn't take my drawing away again.

(Kind of sounds like remote viewing process)

My daughter-in-law Lorna came over to visit and I started telling her my earlier dream about the 4th of July and how I hoped it wasn't prophetic.

Then I noticed that Lily was next to me and she was now an adult dog and she was going into heat.

Then I looked up and out on the road - was a boy on a bicycle and a dog running loose on the road. The dog had a huge wound in its die from being hit by a car. 

NOTE:  Lily had surgery 3 times so far this year, but she is her adult size and she seems fine otherwise. I had her spayed after two eye surgeries.


1-10-06 - DREAM - (There is no sense of reality to this dream)

(The house where the dream takes place is built on the side of an 'esker' and limestone outcropping at the edge of the last ice age where the glacier dropped a pile of stones and sand as it melted.)

When I woke up in the morning, my husband was working out i the yard o the lawn and flower beds.

He came running into the house and asked if I had felt the earthquake.

I answered, "No!"

He went back outside to dig in the yard again and came running back in yelling, "There it goes again!"

I hadn't felt anything, but I looked out the bedroom window from upstairs and the dirt was rising from something pushing from beneath. (That window faces west)

My husband went back outside to dig again.

As I sat in the bedroom watching, I could see the land rising up outside the window and the house.

Where there was once a swale along the foundation of the house, where the water could could run off, now there was a mound of dirt and black tarry stuff all the way up to the second floor window.

My husband continued to dig holes out in the yard, trying to stop this ominous mound from growing, but it was climbing higher and higher up the side of the house, threatening to push it over. 

I decided to run across the street to Allis-Chalmers where I worked and ask my boss who was an engineer what we could do. (A-C was actually 15 miles from our house)

When I got there, it was late in the day and he had left already and gone home. 

There were 4 other tall engineers there and I explained what happened right across the street.

Either they didn't believe me oro didn't care, and just walked away. 

I walked down the hall where some women co-workers were still sitting at their desks and told them what was happening. They agreed to come over and take a look. 

As we walked back across the street, I could see the big mound of dirt with a layer of black tarry stuff behind the house. There were big square holes where my husband had dug, attempting to stop it, but to no avail, it was still growing. 

I brought the women into the house, going from room to room. I could smell something burning. All the other people who lived with us were doing something different and each one was doing something with an electrical appliance, but nothing seemed amiss.

But then, in the window was the evidence, this big black mass of dirt, leaning against the house, threatening to topple it over.

One of the women ran outside and I followed her. She was dressed in a light green dress, and I saw she had a matching light green face and she had a skinny light yellow doll that she threw ahead of her as she ran.

"We have to pray over it. We have to pray over it!" she yelled back at me. 

I thought she had lost her mind. 


1-11-06 - DREAM  - I was in Milwaukee and my friends Paul and Michelle came to visit. Michelle had to do something by herself so to kill time, Paul and I went to watch a small parade in a nice neighborhood.

In the parade was a widow in a car. I had known them well and when the car went by, I gave her condolences. Paul wanted to give her a hug, but sh was already driving on by.

So Paul stood on the sidewalk and cried and I had to stand there and hug him so he'd feel better until he was done crying for the woman. 

The worst part was that he was about 9 or 10 feet tall and I was about 5 feet tall and  he was wearing shorts so all I was hugging was his bare legs. It was very embarrassing.

I had to go back to work then at a bank. I needed to have a $10 money order made out and my daughter-in-law Becky  was helping me out with it. The clerk had the paper all filled out and then she needed to have $10 plus the fee so she could process it. 

I reached into my pocket and had no money. I told the clerk I didn't have the money in my pocket, but I had some money in my desk and I showed her my keys to the office and my desk. 

The clerk walked with me to my office. My boss Ralph ( the Jewish judge) was standing on the other side of the room. He rather glared at me because I hadn't been there for 4 days and I hadn't called in.

I was going to go to my desk but obviously some things had changed while I was out of the office.

I didn't see my desk. It had either been moved to another room or I didn't have a job anymore.

The room was jammed with desks side by side in front of massive file cabinets with drawers full of 3 x 5 cards on which women were writing numbers on, keeping track of something - it was rather like a human computer.

Each desk had a hook on the side, where each woman hung her purse and a briefcase which made it look like they took their work home with them too.

Becky was sitting at one of the desks working on a drawer full of cards so I walked over to her to ask her what was going on.

 She told me that a company named Cyclops had moved in and because she had made an error in her job while I was gone, she had been demoted to being one of these number crunchers and writing on these cards.

I asked Becky what she did wrong. She said she had typed out a letter with several pages and made a copy of it on the Xerox machine and a couple of pages didn't copy. She had sent out the letter without checking to see if she had all the pages copied, so they demoted her.

I said, "Wait a minute! Why didn't you call them and ask them to fax back copies of the missing pages?"

She said, "The boss wouldn't let me call them, so he just got mad and demoted me for making a mistake."

I said, "Wait a minute! For example, if we sent out a letter with an order to a company for a million and a half dollars, we would sit there for 3 months and not communicate with them to see if they at least got the order in the mail?"

She just looked at me dumbfounded.

The other women didn't get it either, but then again, I could see they were otherwise occupied as some of them had their kids in the office and were not dedicated to their jobs, but to their families.


1-12-06 - DREAM (This dream confuses even me)

I was working in an office on the north side of Milwaukee. One of the women I worked with noticed that some other women who worked in a different office came into ours to use our Xerox machine and used up huge supplies of long strips of yellow legal paper and then threw it away.

She suggested that we buy 3 boxes of yellow legal paper and store it in a secret place behind the emergency exit door stairway. She said that during the day, those women would have access to that paper, but at night they wouldn't.

The three boxes of legal paper were priced differently. One receipt was for $75 and the total came to $119, though right nowo the number 176 jumped into my mind.

We had to add u the numbers several times to make sure our math was correct. 

After work, I went around the office, making sure that the roots on the vine plants were healthy. I had 4 vines rooting in a rose vase and they were perfect. I just had to change the water which had become brackish.

I then had to check 3 radios that I had to make sure the tuning was good. One of these radios was like a CB radio with a long antenna, that I kept by my desk. 

Then I had to ask Tony Bajcik - (he was Quality Assurance Engineer) to take me to a place on Highway 100 (108th St.) to pick up a retracing order to take to my mothers house on the south side of the city. (I can't remember why she needed it)

We got into his pickup track and while he was driving, he put his hand on my knee and I knew I was going to have to 'pay' for this ride to my mother's house. 


1-13-06 - IMPORTANT DREAM - 

I was manager of a large apartment building. My maintenance crew were all very tall men.

We had just moved into this building.

It was a Sunday afternoon and Ed said he didn't have any clean clothes for work the next day. 

I told him to pick out what he wanted to wear , that it would only take me an hour to wash and dry the clothes. 

Since I was in charge the building, I had to make sure everything worked properly, so I went to the laundry rom, I stopped to reapair things in other apartments as I went. I fixed a refrigerator in an apartment, and then a few minutes later, someone told me that a little boy had died in the apartment where I had fixed the refrigerator and I hoped it wasn't my fault.

In another apartment I found several curtain rods - long and silver - so I had to take them back to my apartment. 

When I got back to my apartment, a Mexican family had moved into it and they had put all my blankets and towels in a pile in the hall, so now I didn't have an apartment to live in. 

But I and the maintenance crew had to continue our work.

An another apartment, there was a refrigerator with a bad door hinge and that was full of 5 gallon bottles of water, so I told them to make sure that the refrigerator hinge worked properly.

Then I went into an apartment where I had tuned a radio previously. I could hear soft music playing. The whole wall was lined with old fashioned wood cabinets, each with a radio in and I couldn't remember which one I had retuned. So I had to open each cabinet and find the one that had the music playing in it, so I could watch it for the tuning. 

Then every apartment had a new telephone installed. Each telephone was a different color and each telephone had pieces of wire rubber coating pieces by it, which meant to me they had just been newly installed.

It was my job to make sure every apartment was perfect. 

VOICE upon waking:  INTERNET 212   (wonder if it means 2012. 


I had the mate to this dream on 7-15-06 - 

DREAM - I was living in my New Berlin house. It was early morning and I saw a work van pull into the driveway, pulling a wagon full of building materials. 

I ran to the back door and the van had pulled up to the garage doors and stopped.

I wasn't ready for the remodeling because they hadn't told me when they were coming.

Because they hadn't told me the timing of the remodeling, I hadn't prepared for it either. 

On the wall next to the back door I had a huge wall map of the area. It was quite close up of the area I was moving to. It was topographical with the hills and rivers showing.

I didn't want anyone to see where this area was, though I couldn't even see what state it was in - I wasn't able to quickly change the picture to something else, even though it was a computer screen. The screen refused to change to a different picture. 

By then, I turned around and the workers had already come into the house, bringing with them stacks and stacks of loaves of fresh bread to eat. 

The head remodeler was Glenn R. from down the road. He and the other guy were already in the bathroom ripping at the tub and toilet and Glenn was pulling down the wall behind the sink. 

I walked in and he said, "Can you get rid of all this stuff?"

The shelves were lined with all the cans and bottles of stuff that we used to keep ourselves beautiful - the shaving cream, the shampoos, perfumes, curlers, etc. 

I thought maybe I could find a box real quickly, but I couldn't, so I found a rectangular wash basket (that was red) and started grabbing stuff off the shelves and putting into the basket and didn't have time to be careful. I dumped all the curlers into a corner of the basket and found a hidden bottle of medication (they were oval pills - thinking they were probably Xanax) I pulled the bottle out separately, not wanting to lose it. 

I wondered if I could quickly move to the apartment I had rented in town. I had rented apartment 315 in the next block, but I hadn't check in with the rental agent this month and didn't know if I had paid the rent. The last time I had been through the building, I seemed to remember that a Mexican woman had moved into that apartment. 

I quickly went to look at the apartment because it was so close. The apartment looked like a school bus interior. It was lined with bus eats on the walls (bright blue) and above each seat on both sides were hanging chandeliers with 5 globes of yellow and they were all lit at the same time so it was really bright in there.

So, I went back home to finish packing and now my friend Michele's daughter Kayla was visiting and she wanted to know about her future and what astrology said about it. She asked me if I knew what "Rice" astrology was. 

I said, "There are all kinds of astrology, but astrology isn't enough, you also need numerology, and you need to know the 'power of the moon'.

I pointed across the room to the Moon Power book I had propped open (I got this from Dr. Turi's website) The book is about 6" thick 8 1/2 x 11 printed sheets (on 1 side)

She didn't look where I was pointing, so I said, "Look where I'm pointing," and made her look at the Moon Power book. 


1-14-06 - ANIMAL ABUSE - DREAM - I was at a farm somewhere. It didn't feel like home, but someone asked me by the phone if I would take care of 8 puppies because they couldn't manage it. I agreed.

Within a few minutes, 8 scrawny little puppies were dumped off in my yard. They were small puppies, short-haired and long tailed. At first they looked cute, but within minutes they were all underfoot and because there were other dogs on this farm as well, it was overwhelming to say the least. 

I decided I would put these new puppies in a baby playpen so I wouldn't step on them.

This took some time. The playpen was in the attic and for some reason I had to be driven to the house where it was and the woman who drove me there had to drive into the yard backwards. She asked me if I could handle the playpen by myself. I figured I could if I folded it up, it would fit into the back seat of the car. 

So I got the playpen set up for the new puppies and by that time, I saw another group of puppies had arrived in my yeard.

This was the worst mismatched bunch of dogs I had ever seen. I couldn't even tell what kind of dogs they were except a couple were partly curlyhaired poodles, but only partly and I don't know what the other part was at all. None of these dogs had their tails clipped by a vet and one of them had a tail that looked like an African Wart Hog. It made me squeamish just to look at it. 

Then I saw a pile of cats fighting. I say 'pile' because that what it was - about 5 or 6 cats fighting in a pile, all biting at the head and neck of the largest old cat. 

It was too dangerous to get in there and rescue the old cat, so I looked for something to hit at them with and found a short length of black rubber hose.

I started whipping at the pile of mats and each one made one of the cats jump off the pile and run away.

Finally, the old cat was alone and it simply fell over. It was too weak to stand up alone.

What shocked me more though was, when the last cat left the pile, I saw this obviously rich kid, dressed in a knicker type grey tweed coat get up from the ground. He had been behind the pile cheering the fight on. Since he was alone, I couldn't say he was gambling, but he might have been training these cats to fight.

The boy's parents saw him then and they were both dressed in business suits. They seemed angry at the kid and they dragged him by the arm to their waiting limosine, yelling at him all the way about abusing animals.

By then all the dogs in the yard were out of control and I saw lots of cats too.

I saw a pile of white stuff on the ground, covered by white see-thru powder and the pile was making a hissing noise.

I have no idea what was under the pile, but I decided I'd better try drowning it. I went and got a water hose and dowsed the pile of white powder and and ants like with with the water which for some reason was hot.

I've never seen an outdoor water spigot with hot water before, but I didn't have time to investigate it, because there were a lot of unwatered plants around in pots.

It was too late for most of them. I sprayed them from a distance, figuring the water would cool off before it reached the plants but the dried leaved all fell off the plants as soon as the water hit them. All the flower petals just dropped off.

I did see some green leaves of vines underneath the dead flower petals though and I knew they would survive.


1-16-06 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere, driving from one place to another. My car had a single red spotlight on the front of it which shone down onto the ground right in front of it.

From high up in air, I saw myself driving the car through a heavily forested area, cross a highway onto a parkway, make a U turn because there was a lot of water on that side of the highway and then quickly drove back to the highway where I saw an open convertible car. In the car was a young blond woman, witting up, who was in heavy labor. She was screaming to her husband to call ahead to the hospital to "Tell them that Nellie was coming" as she was pulling off her pants because she was going to deliver the baby right in the car as they were speeding along.

I then drove to my friend's apartment building which was on a high hill and behind the building was a steep staircase with no railings and people who came out of that building had to balance themselves carefully as they walked down those stairs into the parkway below it.

I then went home and called my friend on the phone and her husband answered. I asked him, "Do you have a long stairway on the back of your building?"

He acted surprised and answered, "We have 15 buildings here and we have many lakes in the area. How would you know that?"

I said, "I dreamed it."

He appreciated that and I could see their place from so far a distance.

In the room I was in, I had a plaster statue of a man who was tall and dressed in blue clothing. At his feet sat a little red fox looking up at the man expectantly.

A woman in the room said, "There is a Hindu tradition that tells the story of a man who delivers (gives birth to) 4 infants our of green water, and placed them in a tank of special water and tries to get them to survive. For those who don't live, the fox gets those."

I didn't understand what that myth meant.

So I took the statue with me to a group meeting that my psychiatrist friend was having.

It was a rather small room with a large brown table in the center and chairs around it for 12 people. There were people sitting in all the chairs and a young man standing by the wall. There was no room for me to sit either as all the chairs were full.

The psychiatrists female supervisor stood behind her observing the group.

There were 4 windows behind the psychiatrists and I could see a long distance out the windows and it was bright and sunny out. It seemed like a country setting beyond - not a city.

I didn't want to speak first, so I carried my cloth covered statue over to a small side table at the far side of the room and set it down because it was heavy and stood almost 3 feet tall.

I nudged the elbow of the young woman sitting closest to me to look at what I was doing while another young woman , wearing a bright yellow sweater stood up to tell her dream to the psychiatrist for her interpretation.

I lifted up the cloth enough to show the woman next to me the little fox sitting at the man's feet, and the woman gasped in delight to see it and she quickly and happily, "Awww! B'rer Fox!"  and she smiled at me.

A few minutes later, someone whispered to me, "Boy! Are you lucky you had that statue covered. There were 4 judges out in the hall who were about to walk in and they would have had to judge your dream and your myth and that would have been a tough situation.


NOTE: Nellie is a nickname of Helen and means "Light!"


1-18-06 - TIME FLIES - DREAM - I was at a school and there was a big storm and there was a flash flood. 

When the water sent down a bit,  Iwent outside and saw black wild turkeys come flying out of the forest covered with what looked like cattle dung.

From another direction came a whole cluster of noisy little monkeys covered in some color of range dung. 

I started walking down the road next to the school and looked out into a field and in one breath the field was covered with civil war soldier in gray uniforms gathering to go to war and in the next breath the same space was full of kids in colorful blue uniforms getting ready to play baseball in the same spot. 

People were gathering to watch the kids play baseball.

I decided to get a comfortable chair to sit and watch the kids play baseball and went into my apartment to get me from the living room.

I opened the bedroom door to look in and saw monkeys, goats, a donkey and one little lamb.

I holled to some men going through to please get the animal out of my bedroom.

I had to move my kids toys so the men could get through and saw my newborn baby in his crib. I ran over to him because there was a piece of plastic over his face.

I reached down and found 3 layers of clean plastic over his face. He looked like he was dead and not breathing.

I pulled back the plastic in sudden fear and picked him and he moved and took in breath and I felt relieved.

I looked at the babies wrappings and pulled them back and saw that at the hospital they had wrapped the baby in blankets, then in a layer of butcher paper, a layer of plastic, another layer of butcher paper, another of plastic, another blanket and  another layer of plastic to prevent him from getting wet in the storm.

It almost killed him.

After removing all those wrappings off the baby, I went back outside and walked down to the baseball field again, taking a yellow fabric covered chair with arm son it to sit on to watch the game.

I walked along the crowd, carrying my chair and saw my friend Michelle arrive for the game but she was way down at the other end of a tall stone wall with bleachers full of people in front of it.

I wanted to say "HI!" to Michelle but I didn't want to carry the chair all that way and back again. So I set my chair down, knowing someone else would sit in it until I came back again and hoped I could convince that person he was sitting in my chair when I returned.

So I set down the chair and hurried along behind the stone wall so as not to block people's view of the baseball game and realized I could breath better and wasn't out of breath.

I said, "Hi!" to Michelle and then hurried back to where my chair was. I had no problem getting back to my chair, but was surprised to see my long time friends from church come by riding on their bicycles.

Ray Montano, an elder of our church was a specially close friend of my husband and I. They worked together and our families went to church together, and we also went square dancing together. We really enjoyed their company.

Ray told me to tell my husband that he had been so busy that he wouldn't be able to come back again for 18 months. I said I would tell him. I understood how that was to be so busy but time flies these days.

I looked up and another neighbor came by. His kids and our kids played together and we went to their house and were good neighbors.

I tried desperately to think of his name because it had been so long since I saw him last. I knew I would think of it eventually.  It was Glenn Schaff (sp?)

He said I should tell my husband he could return for 17 months because he was so busy. But I knew that as fast as time was flying, it would seem like only moments.


1-20-06 - DREAM - I was in a normal house somewhere. I was working with my friend Gayla about something. on one of the forms I needed to fill out, there was no line to put my name, so I filled out the other information and put the papers away.

A short time later, I got a computer phone call from two men from that company. The computer was wall-size.

They wanted to know what form was it that didn't have a line for my name.

I looked on the paper. There was no page number or form number.

I said, "I don't know, but I could bring it to you and show you."

They laughed and said, "You could do that, but we're in South Africa."

I was rather surprised because they spoke perfect English with no accent.

I just said, "Oh!" and put the paper away again.

I didn't see any indication as to what company they were with.

I heard a commotion in the other room. I heard my Father say, "Oh, my vice President is here!"

Before I could escape upstairs, they were all in the room and I was forced by circumstances to meet the man and his family.

He was a thin man, much like Dan Quayle and he had just purchasing some new running shoes and they were red, white, and black plaid.

I thought that was really strange.

His wife was very plain, on the short side, pleasant looking with soft brown curls on her head, middle-aged.

He had 3 daughters, the oldest was about 12 and she looked like she had been drinking purple Kool Aid or Grape juice. Her mouth was stained.

I said, "Hello!" and watched as the Vice President put on his running shoes.

and woke up.



1-21-06 - DREAM - I was sitting in a classroom in an art class. I had a lot of paints in front of me on a large table.

A darker-skinned female teacher (She was Egyptian) sat at a table in front of me, working on a clay sculpture.

She got up from her table and brought her sculpture with her. It was an Egyptian head looking like a Pharaoh.

She pointed to two indentations on the Pharaoh's face. One indentation was in the area of the third-eye and the other one was on the side of the right eye and was smaller.

She asked me to use my paint and put a daub of black paint into the indentation to the right of the eye.

I agreed but found that my paint brushes were too large to fit neatly into that indentation on the face.

First I made a mistake and put the brush into the large center indentation between the eyes and daubed the black paint deep down.

I realized my mistake, but the clay was soft and the Pharaoh's head began to come apart and when it did, I saw there was a hidden box inside the Pharaoh's head that slid up and down and there was a message written on the lid of the box.

I immediately thought about the hidden records that everyone thinks is under the paw of the Sphinx.  What if they are really inside the head of the Pharaoh on the Sphinx that doesn't appear to be the original head of the Sphinx.

I quickly remolded the Pharaoh's head so the teacher wouldn't know I had seen the hidden box and message inside the head. I then daubed the black paint in the small indentation to the right of the eye. Nobody would know there was a hidden message in the Pharoah's head, nor would they know there was an indentation to the right of the eye beneath the paint.


1-21-06 -  The dreams were disjointed so I'm not certain they go together but we'll see as we go along.

As I was falling asleep, I started having visions of civil war sailing ships with sails on them. A little voice in my head said, "Merrimac."

Battle of the Ironclads (Hampton Roads) Official Records and ...
Built on the hull of the USS Merrimac (which had been scuttled and burned ... An awestruck Union officer watched the one-sided fight as the Merrimac fired ...

I went into a dream where I was walking by a hospital and there was a white boy sitting in a wheelchair naked with a towel over his lap. It was apparent that nobody had the money to take him into the hospital and treat him.

I was pushing a brown baby buggy which was enclosed. I stopped to see what was wrong with the little boy in the wheelchair. He got up and pulled the little boy out of my buggy and lay him on the grass next to the road.

I knew I couldn't put the little boy back into the buggy, the hole was small I didn't want to cause further injury to him.

As the boys lay naked on the grass, I saw that they had similar injuries to their lower stomach areas. The white boy and the little boy from the buggy who was mullato colored, both had internal stomach/intestinal injuries with very prominent bruising.

I knew that both boys would need similar treatment in order to heal from their injuries.

I didn't want to bring the boys naked into the hospital. I told them they needed x-rays and IV feedings. They looked up at me like I was from a different century . They had never heard of x-rays and IVs.

I told the boys to lay still on the grass and I would run into the hospital and grab some towels or blankets to wrap them in.

When I ran into the hospital, the first room I came to, sat TV star Erica Kane from All My Children with my baby boy Bill/William. There was a blue and grey afghan I had crocheted there. I then saw a blue afghan I had knitted myself so I grabbed both of them.

I then ran into the men's room to find a couple of large bath towels. The men there were all about 7 feet tall, standing in line to use the facilities. I apologized for interrupting their line and grabbed a couple towels that were rolled up tight into bundles. They were brown and green.

I then saw David Adair standing there (or someone who looked like him). He made a joke to me which I can't remember and pointed his fingers at me in a jabbing way. So I jabbed my finger back at him, laughing, and said, "Only if you behave yourself."

As I ran back out of the hospital to wrap up the boys to take them into the hospital for treatment, the little voice in my head said, "Freemasonry."

Naval history was made on March 8, 1862, when the first Confederate ironclad steamed down the Elizabeth River into Hampton Roads to attack the woodensided U.S. blockading fleet anchored there. Built on the hull of the U.S.S. Merrimac (which had been scuttled and burned when the Federals abandoned the Gosport Navy Yard in April, 1861), the new warship had been christened C.S.S. Virginia, but in common usage retained its original name. After ramming and sinking the twenty-four-gun woodenhulled steam-sailing sloop Cumberland, the Merrimac headed for the fifty-gun frigate Congress. An awestruck Union officer watched the one-sided fight as the Merrimac fired "shot and shell into her with terrific effect, while the shot from the Congress glanced from her iron-plated sloping sides, without doing any apparent injury."
       The results of the first day's fighting at Hampton Roads proved the superiority of iron over wood, but on the next day iron was pitted against iron as the U.S.S. Monitor arrived on the scene. It was just in time to challenge the Merrimac, which was returning to finish off the U.S. blockading squadron. The Confederate ironclad carried more guns than the Union Monitor, but it was slow, clumsy, and prone to engine trouble. The Union prototype, as designed by John Ericsson, was the faster and more maneuverable ironclad, but it lacked the Rebel vessel's brutish size and power. The Merrimac's officers had heard rumors about a Union ironclad, yet, according to Lieutenant Wood: "She could not possibly have made her appearance at a more inopportune time for us...... Lieutenant S. Dana Greene, an officer aboard the Monitor, described the first exchange of gunfire: "The turrets and other parts of the ship were heavily struck, but the shots did not penetrate; the tower was intact, and it continued to revolve. A look of confidence passed over the men's faces, and we believed the Merrimac would not repeat the work she had accomplished the day before." Neither ironclad seriously damaged the other in their one day of fighting, March 9, 1862 though the Merrimac was indeed prevented from attacking any more of the Union's wooden ships. A new age of naval warfare had dawned.



The Lost Child - Paul-Peter - Dennis

At midnight, I realized one of my children was missing. I went from room to room looking for him.  I started in the bedrooms, checking for the normal  children sleeping spaces.  Each one was in his place, and one of the teens even had his friends sleeping over - some sleeping sitting up, but I couldn't find Paul-Peter - Dennis. 

His formal name was Paul-Peter but we called him Dennis.

I looked and looked. I wanted to look in the living room, but the light switch was one of those like a dimmer switch and it took forever to come on. I flipped the switch and watched the bulb flickering as it struggled to come on. I knew it was going to take some time, so I didn't want to just stand there and wait and then discover that Paul-Peter - Dennis wasn't even there, so I went outside to look in the garage where the children each had their own room upstairs to play or work on projects.  That's where I finally found Paul-Peter - Dennis - he had been working on a project and had fallen asleep working on it.

It was now almost 4 a.m. and was getting light outside and I hadn't slept at all. I still needed to pick up the clothing and bath towels from the previous evening and do the laundry and get ready for bed myself and it was already morning.

As I walked through the yard towards the house, I saw a little child coming into the yard. I asked him what his name was and he said meekly, "Joseph". He was only about three years old. 

I said, "Hello" and then noticed that his mother was following him. She was a pretty woman, with white-blonde hair all in her face. She was German and barely spoke English, but she had come with her child to introduce him and herself as she had just moved into the neighborhood and didn't know anyone yet.

I welcomed her, and as soon as I did, another mother came with her child to introduce her child to mine and to the others who were going to play together in my yard.

Then came fathers with their sons and mothers with their daughters and the parents stood around introducing themselves while their children played together. 

It was such a friendly gathering of people, it didn't matter that I hadn't slept.  Paul-Peter - Dennis had been found.

It came to me as I woke up that I should form an association of groups so that they could introduce themselves to each other and tell others all about themselves and what they were doing and I could send out a newsletter once a month to each of them to keep the groups updated and share their ideas with each other.



  1-24-06 - DREAM - I went to a party and one thing led to another and I ended up moving to New York City and got a job in some kind of accounting office.
It seemed like everyone partied there and I had to work late at night, trying to get the accounting lines straight on the paper and get the numbers to add up to 9, but I couldn't. The last number added up to 176 = 14 = 5.  The lines were always crooked and wavy because the table was bumpy and the numbers never added up right.
I got very frustrated by the job, so I went to another party. At the party, I sat at the bottom of the steps and a Mexican woman at the top of the steps said to me, "Oh, you have such beautiful red hair."
I saw her then, and she was an old woman and her hair was pure white. I looked in the mirror and my hair was white on top, but underneath I saw traces of red that my hair used to be.
I noted one curl was a little askew like I had slept on it wrong, so I patted it down so it looked better.
I then looked across the room and saw a white polar bear dressed like a clown. He had beautiful blue eyes at first glance and I loved his eyes. But then the clown polar bear turned to face me directly and his eyes were black, but worse yet, his right eye lolled around in one direction and his left eye lolled around in the other direction.
I couldn't love a bear that couldn't see straight and he looked like he hated everyone too.
End of dream.
This dream  is about the stock market.
See also previous dreams
THE ECONOMY - A PROPHECY - 1999 - 2001
At no time did anyone see the bear so they still weren't aware it was there. Then I discovered that the bears left front leg was completely missing. ...
I started to run and turned back to look at the polar bears who were now coming ...
3-10-01 - This one says even more about the economy: ...
2-3-92 - MEDITATION - ECONOMY - "It's not too soon to start making preparations ... The economy will get worse and worse, and the disasters will increase. ...
3-14-99 - DREAM - I had two dreams about e-mails about the economy going bad. I was trying to do a web search to my own web page about the economy going bad ...
Despite the booming economy, Ms. Burt said, there is no reason to believe ... "The economy is better but we are also cutting way back on the safety net," ...
The economy will have been destroyed, people will be hopeless seeing nothing ... The most important thing to watch now is the world economy and to rely on ...
This is just a short list of the pages I have about the economy.


1-27-06 - HOUSING MARKET - DREAM - I was talking to a man about his housing portfolio. He said that he used to be able to carry 2 "cold" houses and now he can't even carry one 'cold' house.

NOTE: In the California single family homes, houses used to sell in 3 days average . Now if house aren't priced at value - they don't sell at all.  Some houses have actually doubled in value in 5 years. I also noticed many, many, houses for rent which was rare 10 years ago.


1-28-06 - DREAM - I was working on some software programs in an ET-like environment in a large all-white room.

My job was to integrate two programs together. I was told that the program had to be wired together and married in effect - they couldn't be cut into quarters and made into applesauce. (That made sense to me)

It seemd I also live and worked in the same place. After a time, a young woman named Lisa and one named Barb came in to work also. I apologized for being so far behind, because I had been working alone for so long.

Then Norman M came to visit. That had a nice romantic feel. He kept himself busy by reading until I finished working.

Barb then did something strange. She said it was getting dark in the living room, so she pulled down the shade, then opened the windows and went outside where I could hear children playing.

But that made it even darker in the living room, so I had to turn on the lights in the room.

I asked Norman and Lisa if they would like some coffee. They both said, "Yes!" but Norman asked me if I would play my keyboard and sing for him.

I told him I would do that if he would like me to.

I then turned on the TV for him which seemed to take quite awhile to come on.

I noticed that on a shelf under the TV was a black box that looked like a converter, but even though it was plugged in, it wasn't turned on. It had a long box attached to the plug as well and I couldn't figure out what that was for.

I then went to make the coffee. I put the water into a glass carafe and put it on the stove to boil so I guess we were having instant coffee.

I went to get the coffee cups and Lisa helped me at that point. I opened the cabinet and all the coffee cups and sugar bowls etc. were on a tray already.

Lisa said, "You know, I don't get along well with the Manager - he said I can't have milk."

I almost yelled at her, "I'm the manager," then I realized I wasn't the manager here and kept my mouth shut.

Then Lisa helped me get out the tray and the coffee cups and sugar bowl.


1-24-06  - VISION - I saw a man in a dark blue civil war uniform.

I meditated on who Philip Burley was at the time of Christ - Before I woke up I had a dream vision of 12 men standing side by side. I was seeing them from above their heads. The someone drew a ring around the center 4 men of the 12.  (He was Philip)


1-26-06 - DREAM - I was at A-C in Milwaukee. I was attempting to get to the 4th floor where I used to work.

Taking the elevator to the 4th floor, was easy but there were so many people up there and it had changed so much.

I had trouble finding my way back to what should have been so familiar.

So I walked back down to the 1st floor on the stairway in order to find my way up to where I had worked on the other end of the building.

There were few people on the 1st floor and it was very dimly lit compared to how bright it was lit on the 4th floor.

I looked for an elevator on the end of the building, but it seemed to be blocked and guarded and it was very dark by the elevator, so I decided to walk up the stairs which was easily accessible.

So I started climbing the stairs which was no problem, but here I found there were silver gates with silver metallic curtains across them on the lower side.

The curtains and gates were easily opened, but you had to know how to manipulate them and where the latches were.

When I reached the 4th floor via these gates, the people on the 4th floor were surprised to see me there, because I no longer worked there and didn't really belong there any longer. 


1-26-06 - DREAM - I was at home, but I don't know where this was.

I had several children including a 2-year old son.

A woman came to visit who was a nurse. She was dressed all in white. It seemed she was going to have a baby at some point in the future.

We started talking about the function of nursing him (breast feeding) and I explained to her how they worked as she had never had a child before.

I told her I had a 2-year old son and that I had nursed him until the prior September.

She was very interested in seeing him, so my husband brought him into the house. I picked up my son who had a beautiful face for his age, not really babyish.

She oohed and ahhed over him and then I told her that my won was one of my most beautiful children. She looked puzzled. I told her that I had had a beautiful son once before who had died at age 2 when he fell on a stick and it had gone down his throat and killed him.

She was so shocked to hear that and so was I - so much so that I woke up.

Then I lay there for a few minutes thinking back to whether that had really happened.  (It didn't)

Thank God!


1-28-06 - DREAM - A deceased friend of mine (Norman M) requested me to play the piano and sing for him.

NOTE: I had a keyboard in the attic but no real place to put it, but I subsequently found the taped music and songs I wrote in 1981 (52 hymns) so I went up into the attic and got the keyboard back down. The next few months, I will put the music back on paper and sing it onto digital tape and upload it on line.


1-29-06 - DREAM  - I was in the backyard of my Father's house on 16th St. with Beau, my dog.

From the back gate came a man with his black bull dog, pulling a cart. The man killed a goat (sacrifice) and gave his bull dog the goat's blood to drink. He then laughed as his dog peed goat's blood as he walked along with the cart.

So now there was a long trail of dog pee/goat blood all along through the yard.  (The man was walking east toward my Father's house)

The man laughed and said, "Look back there, it looks like there was a lion-bull fight back there", and I saw a huge puddle of blood along the path.

The man went on into the house with his bull dog.

I stood there holding Beau by the collar as I didn't want him getting near the goat's blood.

All of a sudden my Father opened the door and stood there holding a ferocious male lion by the collar and next to him stood the man, holding a maddened black bull with rolling fear-widened eyes by the collar. They were going to bring the two animals out into the yard and fight over the goat's blood. Both animals would be crazy and ferocious, smelling all that spilled blood.

I wanted to take my dog Beau into the house but I didn't want to go past those maddened animals. So I told the men to take their animals out into the yard and I would carry Beau around to the front of the house and go into he front door.

Beau was really heavy, but as my Father with the lion, still being restrained with both hands, and the man with the black bull, still being restrained with both hands, I walked, carrying Beau around to the front of the house so I wouldn't have to see the blood bath in the backyard.

Inside the house, my husband had received a package. I looked into the package and saw a bright yellow sun awning to go over the living room window that he had bought because the sun was so hot.

Someone said that Joe's son Michael could put it up, but I figured I could do it myself.

A short wizened dark-skinned woman came through the hallway just then. She looked rather like my mother-in-law Audrey who used to be an alcoholic in her younger days until she came down with emphysema from working in a cedar factory making shingles for houses.

She told me to follow her and we went out into an alley way where there were small huts or tents lined up along the way. She didn't want anybody to see where she was going, but she asked me to go with her to get a beer.

I said I would go with her and we went into the dimly lit bar. She ordered two beers and the male bartender brought out two shorties and poured them into short glasses on the bar.

But when I went to take a sip of my beer, she had already drunk all of her bear and mine too. I could find my glass. There was just a few drops of beer on the bar and I put my finger into it and it made marks on the bar like blood.

The bartender had gone into the back room, so the wizened, dark-skinned woman went behind the bar to serve herself and whoever else wanted to get drunk.

I could see the bartender in the back room, dressed all in black, and there was another man with him, also dressed in black.

I saw them look our way and I heard someone behind me ask where the bartender was, and another man said, "Oh! You mean the two men from Serrat?"



1-31-06 - CIRCLE OF LIGHT 

DREAM - I was working on a project where I had to create a CIRCLE OF LIGHT. 

In creating this project, written out it had to fit on a single 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper.  There were many ways of creating the project, but the words wouldn't fit on the paper if they were too large or the sentence was too long.

The letters also had to be identical in size. So all the sentences that included the name of a city or state had to be eliminated. (For example: I was shown that "The Circle of Light Starts in Indiana" had to be eliminated.  Another sentence that said, "THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT STARTS IN KENTUCKY" also had to be eliminated.  No one place was to be held above another or more important than any other. The CIRCLE OF LIGHT would be one cohesive whole.

So when all of the improper sentences were eliminated, it looked like this. 



When the project was finished and printed out, I took it to the place where I was going to play the music for the singers to sing to.

When I went to the piano, I was aghast to find out that the window had been open and wheat seeds had blown into the room and lodged themselves into crevices in the piano and they were sprouting. 

I had to quickly, but carefully remove all the wheat sprouts, which were all white and had tiny rootlets attached already, and carefully place them upright in silver trays on the floor in front of the piano so they could vibrate to the music they would eventually sing to when they became the singers.

NOTE: The fact that the circle is 8-side gives us several factors of sacred geometry.

She shape is an Octagon.

The number 888 represents Jesus in Greek Gematria

The number 888 is a Master Number.

The number 888 comes up in the following dream about the singers and the tuning. 



That meant I had to hurry back to Waukesha and make sure the drug dealers didn't get near the singers, especially since some of those kids would be tempted ...




1-31-06 - When my piano rehearsal was over, I had to write down what had happened so others would know about it.

I was writing in my journal in a bright and sunny rehearsal hall. None of the singers or the choir director had yet arrived.

I began to write about The Circle of Light, in great detail, when I noticed out the window - an orange buildings with many windows and attached to that building was a golden ratchet handle which was to be used for the tuning of the music the singers were going to sing.

I was somehow miraculously able to retrieve the tuning ratchet handle, but then I had to make sure it didn't get lost. Nobody, not even the choir director knew that the music was going to be tuned one tone upward but me and nobody could tune the music without the golden ratchet handle. 

The singers began arriving while I was still writing and now I had to write about the golden tuning ratchet handle as well. 

Someone told me the babies hadn't yet been given their milk and I saw they were in cages and I had to release the children so they could play and then my daughter who was about 10 years old grabbed the golden ratchet handle and wanted to play with it. I had to admonish her not to lose it because the choir singers needed it. 

I went back to writing and turned the page and found that the page was already written on and dated and the page was orange like the building across the street. The title of the page was, "Jesus Allegories." 

Then at the bottom of the page was a small paragraph about another mining accident.

I didn't know how I was going to continue writing because the singers were lining up.  They were lined up in 8 rows of 8 male singers with their 8 female partners.

Robb Russo (his given name is David)  and I were the last pair in the last row.

(Robb passed away last year of a sudden heart attack at the age of 55. He had a wonderful baritone singing voice. We used to sing together for fun on occasion while I played my keyboard) 

I saw that the male singers were on the left and their female partners were on the right.

Then the choir director arrived. He was an old man with pure white hair. 

I had the golden ratchet tuning handle in my right hand and before we started singing, I had to give him the tuning handle and tell him that we were tuning the music up one tone. 

YAY!!!!  The earth is going to tune UP and not down when the changes occur.


(For example: I was shown that "The Circle of Light Starts in Indiana" had to be eliminated ... I began to write about The Circle of Light, in great detail, ...