by Joe Mason

I recorded this dream June 8, 1992 at 4:51 a.m.

I was sitting at a wooden picnic table in a large grassy area like a park. It was nighttime and other people were around. My teenage son's girlfriend walked up and sat down beside me, leaning her head on my shoulder, feeling sad.

I told her not to worry and gave her a little talk about it. As I talked, I noticed the clouds looked unusual. They were outlines of geometric shapes, spread evenly across the sky, and they were all moving steadily in the same direction.

Then, I noticed that there were two layers, one slightly above the other, and they were moving at 90 degrees to each other.

Then I began to see collisions between the two layers lit up brightly momentarily, almost like a small lightening flash.

I yelled, "Look! Look at the sky!"

As we looked, a large circular area of the geometric clouds in the center of the sky began to rotate slowly counter-clockwise. It accellerated, mixing all the clouds together in a big swirl. The color was a luminescent blue. It reached a high speed.

People were yelling in fright.

Then a piece of cloud material broke loose and fell toward the ground, looking like a big teardrop. It landed on the grass about 20 yards from us. When it struck the ground, it compressed a bit and then bounced back up, becoming an extraterrestrial!

It was the same luminous blue color and looked just like the E.T.s depicted in UFO literature.

This ET graphic was originally
used on the Heaven's Gate
site when Hale Bopp flew
past Earth.

Everyone ran, yelling in fear, except me.

I was very frightened too, but knew that I should overcome the fear. I was standing next to the table looking at the ET, and he/it was looking at me.

I slowly began to approach him, fightings my fear.

End of Dream

This is the only dream I recall about ETs. I think the dream is showing the merging of two realities, and that full contact or integration will be achieved. The two layers of geometric clouds, I think represent two vibrational levels of the realities. From other parts of my dream material, I feel this integration actually refers to the spirit reality and our world. The ETs may be part of the spirit reality, or a parallel reality that becomes visible when we tune in to its vibration.

This blending of two realities is portrayed in various ways in dreams and myths. A recent example is a woman having recurring dreams of a house, and trying to get to the attic. She gets half way and sees the floor is damaged, and is too dangerous. In her latest dream, the floor is being repaired, I felt I knew the meaning because of an experience about a year prior. I had two dreams of a house shape and drew pictures of them one morning.

I went to work, taking a book I was reading of ancient symbols. At break time, I began reading and came to a page with these symbols:

The arrangement of dots have appeared as crop circle formations. Triangular shapes have also appeared in the fields.

The first hint I had of a Great Change came in 1982 on the Ouija Board, although I did not believe it then. The communicating entity, who called himself, "Seth," said that unity would come after a period of stress.

We asked how we could help. He said, "Love is the answer .. it radiates you know." He went on to say that there is an overall universal plan, unity and love, that is multi-dimensional and all encompassing. He said, "You cannot fathom the extent of it yet."

I think the same concept is portrayed as the New Heaven and New Earth, or the New Jerusalem, in Revelations 21. It's not the literal destruction of the world, but a very  great change.

I think another meaning of my dream is that fear is one major problem. It may also foretell that great fear will be involved in the stress of the change. I have recorded a number of dreams that seem to show this in various ways. For example, a teenage girl told me she dreamed of seeing a pretty, young girl in her garage, named Celeste. The girl's face began to change, and the dreaming girl became frightened. Celeste's features changed to a scary image similar to the possessed girl in 'The Exorcist". The dreamer ran into the house, but Celeste instantly caught her. Then Celeste appeared pretty and sweet again. The dreamer broke free and ran again. Celeste became demon-like once more, and again caught the dreamer, once again becoming nice. This was repeated a number of times.

I asked this girl why she didn't just let Celeste catch her and quit running. She answered, "I don't knnow. I was just scared." I asked if she knew what the word 'celestial' meant. She did not.

I felt this dream was saying that other-world beings appear to us in relation to our thoughts and emotions about them. There is no time in the spirit reality, so appearances and movement can be instantaneous. So, it is our challenge to overcome the fear, as I seemed to be doing in my dream.

Some months before this dream, my wife dreamed that I opened a toothpaste-like tube in the bedroom. A substance came out and formed geometric shapes throughout the room. Inside each shape was a dot or a dot with a ring around it.

In 1992, I told my ET dream to Roberta Ossana. She told me that she also dreamed of the geometric shapes. In the dream, three tidal waves hit the shore. The foam from one of the waves became geometric shapes that filled the sky.


Update 10-3-92

I just read page 135 of Joseph Campbell's "Inner Reaches of Outer Space". He discusses the idea of ancient indian art to reveal the unseen power through images. I was starteled to read this line:

"For they are of the Delusive Veil of 'Maya', magical apparitions,
 bursting as foam from the breaking waves of a cosmic sea, which in its depth is still."