By Joe Mason


Several nights ago, I had an extremely important ET related dream.

Since then, my dream partner, Dee Finney and her friend Michelle Lavigne-Wedel, who is a UFO/ET researcher, and author of important books on this topic, have been discussing my dream, trying to analyze it for meaning.

Dee had been asking me for more and more details about the dream as I had not written it down. I didn't think it was that important an event until Dee relayed the information to me that my description of the ET in the dream, according to Michelle, is the closest to 'real' ETs that she has ever heard.

Here is the dream:

I was sitting on the couch in the living room of a house somewhere. I was lucid and knew I was dreaming. There was little furniture in the room. There was a large window across from me and the only light in the room was coming from the moonlight streaming in through that window.

There was a large screen, like a large television set, across from  me on which I was watching various shades of blues and black, like clouds under water. On the bottom of these clouds were shapes coming from them like festoons of color and it was mesmerizing and beautiful. It seemed like this was in water like in a pool.

Then I noticed there was a woman sitting on the couch to the right of me and she was asleep, sitting up.  I was pretty certain the woman was a celebrity like Barbara Streisand. She was leaning against the arm of the couch.

I knew I was dreaming and wanted to wake up, but instead I was trying to wake the woman up.

I then noticed that woman actually looked like the singer, Cher. I actually called her name, "Cher!!" 

I had the strong feeling that I wanted to wake her up, that it was extremely important for her to wake up. She moved and stirred a bit, but then I had an odd feeling on my left arm like someone was wrapping a towel around my left arm and pulling it a little.  I looked and there was nothing there.  

I looked up and ahead and to the right a little, and a greenish/yellow ET came into focus. It was a tall and spindley type of ET with stick-like limbs and was walking towards the sleeping woman. He walked slowly and languidly and appeared similar to the tall ET that was in the movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

When he appeared, I realized that he was the one who had pulled on my arm. I looked towards Cher and said to her, "See! They're here! It's time to wake up."

It seemed like she stirred a little bit more, and at the same time the ET rather evaporated from view.

Then I started hollering out loud to Dee to wake me up, but I was actually saying, "Joe! Wake me up! Joe wake me up!" Dee deliberately didn't wake me up right away, hoping I would say something else, but I just kept yelling to her to wake me up as I was lucid in the dream and couldn't get out of it by myself.

Dee finally touched me on the hand and I was instantly awake and told her the dream.

Here are a couple of examples of ETs from famous movies that are similar to what I saw. The blue ET on the left is from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." See how thin and spidery his arms and legs are.  The second picture is from "Visitors in the Night," which another abductee told us is similar to what she has seen.  Neither one is the same color green as in my dream, but will give the reader an idea of what I saw.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Visitors in the Night

The discussion of this dream reminded me of a letter I had written to a dream researcher in 1992. I kept a copy of it and it's worth telling again.

Prior to my correspondence with the researcher I had a dream on April 16th,1992 in which a voice said, "A member of a UFO group will get in touch with you in September."  A thought message came with this indicating that this contact would happen through a woman who ran a dream network.  

At the time, I thought the woman would be Josephine Goodman of St. Louis, MO.  I had been a member of her small dream network for about a year.  Some months after the dream, I learned about the Dream Network Journal, and wrote to the editor, Roberta Osanna.

In September, I received a letter and a pamphlet from a man named Dean McClanahan in Springfield, MO. Dean wrote:



Joe Mason:

Roberta Osanna called last night. She told me of your "Crop Circle" dreams. Enclosed are a couple of pamphlets I use in my research. We are on very similar territory. .She suggested cooperating in a joint effort to cover these subjects in a future issue of DNJ (Dream Network Journal). I agreed, this was a good idea that should be brought to fruition. I hope you feel the same.

May your Crop Circle dreams multiply.

Dean McClanahan


Enclosed was a small pamphlet with the following information:




Dean McClanahan

For more than 40 years a growing mass of evidence has been pointing to the fact that extraterrestrials with their UFOs are interfacing with humans. This information continues to grow despite serious efforts to debunk, discredit, and ridicule those that have been the providers of this knowledge.

Ingo Swann, a well known psychic, postulates the connection may be telepathic. My research indicates this is highly probable.

I hypothesize that the major connection lies in what is called the 'dream state'. Contemporary psychology regards dreaming as an adjunct of consciousness. This concept is an artificial creation as is such concepts as conscious, unconscious, and subconscious.

When the dream state and what we term consciousness is viewed as a focus-of-awareness, the possibilities for expanding the psyche are greatly increased. This allows us to approach dreaming as reality, just as we view consciousness as reality.

In order to heighten one's focus-of-awareness, one must eliminate the superfluous and limiting beliefs that are contained within the group and personal belief-systems. The group and personal ego must be subdued.

UFO's, and ETs began to appear in my dreams during the fall of 1989 when my focus-of-awareness became centered upon UFO-ET research. My primary interest was in the manner in which these experiences are portrayed in what we commonly refer to as a dream. It quickly became evident that regardless of how we viewed these events consciously, in dreams they are treated as actual experiences.

The following are examples:

Male, returning to Missouri after attending a UFO conference in Florida:

"I was driving somewhere in Alabama on a lonely stretch of Highway 82. I had not encountered vehicles for some time. It was late, about 3:00 a.m.  I noticed a peculiar light in the sky, no matter what direction I turned, the light always stayed on the driver's side of the car. I stopped, got out, and took a picture of the light with my flash camera. The light began moving towards me. I became alarmed, jumped back in the car and sped away.

Looking back through the rear-view mirror, I could see the light following me. Suddenly, the red trouble light indicators on the dashboard began flashing on and off. My car began to sputter and came to a stop. I jumped out and looked to see where the light was, it was very close. I was bordering upon panic, experiencing a depth of fear I had never known before. A truck suddenly appeared from around a curve in the road . . . the light shot away at high speed. I felt a tremendous sense of relief."

When questioned about dreams relating to his encounter, he replied, "I dreamt I was standing at a chalk-board writing down my experience and explaining it to others."

It was suggested his dream may be telling him to "Chalk-one-up," an expression used many times in the military to indicate a successful confrontation with an enemy. Therefore, this should also be construed as a warning, next time you may not be able to 'chalk-one-up.

(DMM) DREAM 6-6-92 - "I was walking down a long concrete ramp that paralleled a building. It was not quite dark. I looked up and became aware of a great number of UFOs in the sky. I watched the lights of a UFO as it descended to the ground. I ran over to where it had landed and saw what appeared to be a man dressed in a gray coverall uniform. He was carrying a clipboard and walking towards me. During the dream I knew that he had come down to earth to do some work. I was thrilled by this and wanted to tell others. Upon looking around, few of the other people who were present appeared to be interested in what was taking place. This dismayed me. The only indication this man was not human was in the manner he projected himself. One had to carefully scrutinize his behavior in order to detect this. I was elated at having this experience."

(DMM) DREAM 3-29-90 - "Was inside this cave watching the alien Grays, those responsible for abductions and cattle mutilations. They could not see me but I could see them. During the dream, I knew this observation was being made from a dimension lying beyond their awareness. I was intrigued and delighted by this experience."

My wife's dreams parallel mine.

(Shelly) DREAM 2-17-90 - "I recall seeing three or four UFOs. My first thought was, "I'm dreaming." But I know it is much more than that. We are inside the house. The ETs are of light and energy. One approaches me, my whole being lights up. I feel different. This seems to be my imagination working but it's not. They are friendly and want to teach me things. We go outside on the front porch. I see three space ships, the mothership is like a large planet. I'm amazed. I jump up and down with excitement!  They send a space ship, and board me. This is not the first time this has happened, when I lived with my mother I had other experiences. I recall the inside of the ship but I can't find words to describe this. As I get on board, an ET approaches me, then steps inside of me. I feel like a child in it's mother's arms, safe, loved. When the ET stepped back out of me I asked, "What have you done?"

The ET replied, "You needed that."

I began to cry.

"Why are you tearing?" the ET asked.

"I don't know if I'm happy or sad," I replied.

This took place in an enclosed setting so I could slowly accept this.

I inquired, "Why was I not aware of past boardings?"

"You would have went mad," replied the ET. "You have expanded your consciousness and are now ready for this."

I felt as though I belonged here. This dream left me with feelings of joy that lasted all day."

My daughters dreams are similar.

(Autumn) DREAM  6-18-90 - "I'm taken somewhere. I see these small Grey ETs that are wearing robes. They are interrogating me about my purpose of visiting Lynn, a friend. They regard this as an intrusion for she lives upon their territory. They also inquire about the channeling. I feel strange but unafraid as there are other ETs present who are protecting us. When I think upon this I begin to hyperventilate."

(Autumn) DREAM 5-27-91 - "Shelly and I are greeting several ETs of the same kind. One is light purple, another is light blue and the rest are white. They are very tall, over six feet and have dark black almond shaped eyes that do not dominate the face. I feel positive energies coming from them."

The emotions and feelings evoked by these dreams are those which are also experienced during that period when our focus-of-awareness is directed to waking reality.

Indications are that true reality involves more than the solidity of the physical material world and its narrow and limited sciences.

Dean McClanahan


On 9-26-92, I responded,

Dear Dean:

Thank you for making contact. Believe it or not I was expecting it. On April 16th, a voice in a dream said, "A member of a UFO group will get in touch with you in September."

So, I am thrilled in two ways, a confirmation of the validity and incredible wisdom of dreams, and the similar nature of your project and wish to co-operate. I am ready, willing and able to co-operate with you on the Dream Network Journal project or your own research.

There are a number of problems with this communication. We each are seeing the strange phenomena from different perspectives. We develop our theories and tend to reject others. If we could get together, present all the evidence, and discuss it at length, we might get somewhere, but there is a set up for this, so we go our separate ways. In my case, I have a huge stack of material (about four feet high). That is difficult to comprehend. I've been trying to communicate it to others for two years without success. Roberta is the first one to understand a significant part of it.

There are other problems in communicating my material specifically. Besides being enormous to see, it's mostly about dream symbols that all interrelate to one another. It's analogous to learning a foreign language. The overall message seems to be saying that an absolutely enormous great change lies ahead for mankind. People tend to reject it on that ground alone, without looking at the evidence.

I'm not sure how you envision a collaboration on the "DNJ" project. I guess the best way to start is to explain the general idea of my experience. As you said, it's similar territory.

I seem to be led in multiple directions, the UFO phenomena is one of them. I have carefully recorded my dreams and gathered the dreams of others. I try to interpret the meanings of the symbols. I look for the symbols elsewhere in the 'real' world. I find them in myths, religions, art, events, crop circles, world history, the UFO phenomena, etc. I try to put it all together and see the overall picture. I am looking to see if there is a message coming from other realities, what it is, and where are we going.

I did not set out with this in mind. It just seemed to go that way. I have an evolving theory that is constantly being re-evaluated. I have been attempting to share this material for almost two years. I have written to a number of people and organizations that I believe a great change is unfolding. Ironically, the are not interested in hearing other theories.

My feeling is that many people and groups have parts of this overall message. A time will come when they will be put together like pieces of a puzzle. As you say, the major connection is dreams.

In my view this is true not only for UFOs, but all of the other fields. It's like we each have a piece of the puzzle. My dreams and the others I have gathered are clearly related to myths.

Roberta can vouch for this.

One of my theories is that the great mysteries of all time will be unraveled. The real meaning of myths and religions will be made clear. We will understand that thy came from the same source and the elementary ideas were the same. We are nearing the end of a disconnected, warring cycle of time, and will start a new cycle of unity. A period of stress proceeds and is necessary to bring about the Great Change. This began with WW 1 in 1914. The great battles predicted in sources such as Nostradamus and the Book of Revelation in the Bible are the spiritual battles involved in winning over the hearts and minds of people worldwide in these final stages.

I have evidence to back up each claim I am making here. Of course, it is not proof, just strong hints. I can't be sure how much of it is on the mark, but I can present evidence that is convincing that we should look further into these ideas. I am not dogmatic about my theories and do not have an axe to grind in a particular direction, I am simply looking with an open mind and (hopefully) an unprejudiced eye at the symbolic side of things. I expect my own ideas to change and evolve as I make contact with others such as yourself.

As to your project, if I strictly give you only dreams of UFOs/ETs, there are only two that I recall, and I will tell you of these. Two people told me of actually UFO sightings. But I have much more to report about UFO sightings in terms of dream symbols.

A significant part of my material concerns the crop circles. I don't know how familiar you are with the subject, so I'll mention a few things, strange lights, like glowing spheres and beams are frequently reported in conjunction with the crop patterns. Many people feel that the crop circles are made by ETs. In this sense, all my material on this may be related.

In my view, crop circles and the UFO phenomena are more of a spiritual nature, rather than actual visitations from remote physical beings. I am open to the idea that I could be wrong, after reading "Out There," by Howard Blumb, I was pretty convinced that a UFO crash did occur at Roswell, New Mexico. Apparently, a craft and bodies were recovered. This suggests that physical matter can be created by spirit reality intelligence, so I can't take the Roswell incident as absolutely proving ETs are physical. (and from outer space) In terms of looking for dream symbols, it doesn't matter.

I recently read, "Miracles" by Scott Rogo. It is mostly about Religious miracles, like Marian apparitions, stigmata, bleeding pictures and statues, etc. Mr. Rogo is a parapsychologist and relates some theories about the miracles. He touches on the UFO phenomenon on page 311. He proposes that it is similar to the miracles. He suggests that a spiritual realm interacts with our reality, and our world-view influences how it appears. He mentions Jacques Vallee, a computer expert and astrophysicist at Stanford University, who proposes that a "control system" exists in the universe and attempts benignly to manipulate our cultural and religious evolution by presenting us with bewildering enigmas that cause us to re-evaluate the way we normally view reality.

I found a number of symbol connections in the book. A few have possible crop circle connections. It's too involved to tell here, but I'll mention a few things in the book you might find interesting.

A number of people at the 1917 Marian apparitions at Fatima reported seeing a sphere of light come down and hover over the oak tree where the apparition was visible only to three children. Such spheres have been reported and video-taped in crop circles as well as by UFO researchers. The same type of light sphere was films during the first flight of the Concord airplane.

70,000 people witness the final miracle at Fatima, called, "The dance of the sun". The people were drenched by rain, when the young girl told them to look at the sky. The clouds parted and they saw a disk that looked like pearl turning in on itself. It moved about and started emitting a rainbow of color, then zig-zagged toward the ground. The people were frightened and felt heat. It stopped, returned back up and disappeared. The rain stopped and the people were completely dry.

On page 184, Mr. Rogo tells of a portrait of Jesus encased in plastic that bled tears of blood in Roswell, New Mexico in 1979. What do you think? Is it a coincidence, or is it related somehow to the UFO crash?

I completely agree with your contention that contemporary psychology's view of dreams and the subconscious is quite lacking. It's a pseudoscience attempting to fit these unknown realms into the mechanical universe world-view. This view is changing and is sure to fall before long. The average person is not aware of this, but a weight of evidence is building that conventional view just cannot explain.


It's now October 4th. Each essay attached conveys UFO connections in my material. There is also an essay about Epsilon Bootes that I wrote some time ago.

This should give you the general idea of my experience, but it is actually a particular area of it. There are other areas, such as a symbolic story of evolution, that includes quite a few actual events.

A pretty startling coincidence occurred as I was writing these essays. It's at the end of my "ET DREAM" essay. I ask you, what are the odds of finding such a perfect confirmation of the dream concept so quick, without actually looking for it? I would say the odds are long, quite long. It's seems its almost routine now, except that I am always thrilled and surprised.

There are some incidences in "Out There", that are similar. I loaned out the book, so I'll tell you as best I can from memory. Mr. Blum investigated the Roswell UFO crash. He interviewed a man who has been after the story for years. He worked secretly with two other men, one of whom lived back east.

The man says a package was dropped at his house that contained microfilm of government documents that confirm the Roswell crash. He does not know who left the package. Later, he received a postcard with a cryptic message. It hinted that more information could be found through "Reese's Pieces", and to try "Suitland". He and his West coast friend couldn't figure it out. Then, the East coast contact called and told them that new government documents were being released through the 'Freedom of Information Act".

He suggested going there and examining the huge stack of documents, because it might contain a document about Roswell. He didn't have to go himself. The West coast men said they didn't want to go to Washington and sift through the documents. The East coast man said, "Actually, it's not in Washington, but at Suitland, Maryland. The man to see is Mr. Reese.

The cryptic postcard became clear, so they went to Suitland, and indeed found the new document!

My question is this: If human sources were behind this, would they choose such a way to reveal it? If so, how did they know the phone call would be made and the correct words chosen?

It seems to me that this was brought about by a higher intelligence that seems to know the future. It appears to us as a coincidence, because we are unaware of realities beyond our own. I have had a number of experiences where objects appear unexpectedly that seem to be related to my dream experience. I don't know if it's accidental, but it's very strange just the same.

I realize that my material is unpalatable to many people in various ways. It confronts the world-view, which makes people uncomfortable. Speaking of a great change smacks of ideas previously heard and rejected. Discussing religious concepts, such as the Bible is taboo or repugnant to many. All these things cause misunderstanding in my view. Just the mention of such things as the Bible cause people to make assumptions based on their past experiences. They read-in their assumptions and quickly reject what they think is the viewpoint. I am not looking for or preaching a religion. I am looking to see what is true by following symbols. To me, religions are myths that are widely popular. They contain some truth along with misguided dogma. I am studying symbols wherever I find them, and there are many in religions, I am approaching it from the view that 'today's' dreams are the best authority. I never get to a point where I know anything absolutely. I just have theories based on a weight of symbolic/coincidental evidence, and it's subject to change. You might say I developed my personal myth. This is about the best we can do in this realm of the unknown.

I have a few comments about the material in your pamphlet. There is a similarity to the UFO sightings of the light on highway 82 and a sighting in my essay, "UFO Sightings".  In both cases, the object always stayed in the same position relative to the car.

The man's dream of writing on the chalk-board may have been a suggestion that he should communicate his experience to others. I don't know if it is related, but crop patterns have appeared near ancient chalk drawings on mountainsides in England, such as White Horse and the Long Man of Wilmington. In some cases the patterns are aligned toward the figures. The Hopi Indians have a myth that might have a correlation. They say the creator put them on the earth and told them to leave many footprints and rock drawings, because men would forget that we are all One. It could be related to religious experiences, where people feel compelled to write a gospel, or otherwise tell of their experience.

My dream voice once said: "Once the conveyor button has been pushed to show one, it would not behoove him to keep it to himself."

I took this to mean that I should communicate my experience to others. I was already doing this, but frustration was setting in. I only want to tell it to those interested, and I find few.

Your dream of the ET in coveralls who came to do some work has some similarity to a number of dreams. ETs are not involved, but construction of buildings or industrial planning is going on. One woman dreamed of  a renaissance city being built and it had to be finished by a certain time. In May, 1991, I dreamed of  a big antenna being bolted on top of a big building.

A voice said, " In today's world, we cannot afford to miss one of the parts that support the structure."

I think these symbols refer to "building" the new reality, as in the big change. It may be related to myths about craftsmen as helpers of the Gods. My material hints that this is related to the right angled square that carpenters use, meaning "builder", and the concept of the "demiurge", as a skilled craftsman and a sub-deity as creator of the physical world.

A "builder" from each quarter is a swastika. Going clockwise, or East, it is positive. Counter-clockwise indicates negative activity. I think the demiurge, or four "builders" represent mankind.

Shelly's dream of light/energy ETs and one of them stepping inside her, I feel, is an important and revealing dream. It goes well with other ideas I have been finding. In my ET dream, the being came from a piece of cloud that was a mixture of two cloud layers.

Clouds are a form of water and seem to indicate spirit or non-physical consciousness. In Black Elk's great vision, he is taken into the clouds and enters the cloud teepee to see the six Great Grandfathers. Later, in the vision, he hears, "All of the clouds are one-sided."

A light-being also seems to indicate spiritual beings. Light also forms physical reality, in the sense of the electromagnetic spectrum. Two photons colliding forms an electron. E=MC2 means energy and matter are interchangeable. The Universe started with a 'big bang' of energy. So, we are like frozen light. Myths, such as 'let there be light' and the tantric phallic egg may refer to this.

I read a channeled message through Walter Russell from the 1940's. It said all things are light, created by the cube-sphere of God's heartbeat of dual thinking. The sphere is the cube compressed to the incandescence of white hot suns by the inward breath. The cube is the sphere expended to black rest in cold space by the outward breath. So, all things pulse to the heartbeat.





To the Sufi, creative expression which results from participation mystique - that is, a state of being one with nature, although not conscious of the Divine Presence - is an expression of one's vision of self within self. It is an expression which is not reflective, not polished, not aware of the total possibilities inherent in the nature of things. It is only through conscious expression that one has the more perfect vision of self reflected in the qualities of something else. The only way that expression can serve in its full capacity is when it is reflective; it becomes reflective only when conscious of the Divine Presence. The reflective surface now reflects something which is  contained, a Spirit which is not only one's own. this is the Spirit which is universal to all things; to the Sufi, it is the 'desire' which exists within things 'to be known'.

The Breath of the Compassionate. The preparedness within a thing, it's inner Archetype, is actualized in an intelligible form at the moment when its Name flows into it through a Word. The Divine Spirit or Logos flows into  a thing through the process of the Divine Breath, the Breath of the Divine name 'Rahman', Compassionate. The Name of the Compassionate manifested through the Divine Breath, is just one of the many symbolic processes which the traditional craftsman emulates. By blowing  or chanting the Divine Names upon the form to be transformed, the creative process of the breath, which contains the Divine Presence through a Name, transforms the object in hand. The creator participates as active agent and the object participates as passive recipient.

There is a Tradition of the Prophet in which he says, 'God created the universe through the Breath of the Compassionate.' The Compassionate 'Rahman' is the higher of the names, Ideas or Archetypes. "Where was your Lord before creating the visible Creation? someone asked the Prophet. His answer: "in a cloud. There was no space either above or below'. This cloud which the Divine Being exhaled, and in which it originally was, receives all forms at the same time as it gives beings their forms. It is the act of making things to exist. The Absolute, appearing in the Name, Compassion, overflowing with goodness, gives existence without limit and without end.

When the desire to be known, the preparedness, arises within a thing, the Divine in Compassion extends Itself as Archetype to the thing and becomes its receptivity, its ability to receive the theophany. This receptivity is actually what the Archetype, in its state of concrete essence, desires. Therefore, the actual effect of Compassion is to give a thing the possibility of receiving sensible existence. Compassion is given without any discrimination; Mercy, the complement, is given only for an act done. Compassion, in a sense, is the universal form of Divine giving; Mercy is the particular aspect.

Through the Name of Compassion, the Absolute breathes out upon the other Names or Archetypes. This breathing out is a means of bringing things into existence.  By means of the Command 'Be!" the Absolute through Compassion sends into the external, phenomenal world that which has been compressed within it.

This Divine Breath is Nature itself, just as the Breath contains all the forms of the universe in a potential state and actualizes them by exhaling, so Nature holds all forms of expression in a potential state of preparedness in which they await the appearance of the Breath of the Compassionate, the Spirit, the Logos, in order to be known.

This breath is essentially the initial act of the metaphysics of love. Love is the cause and secret of all creation and thereby the principle of all motion from desire to being known. the creation of the world, in this sense, was the motion of love towards perfection and completion. The Absolute loves to be perfect in both types of forms intelligible and sensible.

Ultimately, one who wishes to know the Breath of the Compassionate need only know Self, for Self is the Lord who is manifested in the form. One's innermost being is most directly expressed through speech. Speech on the human plane reflects the Divine Word or Logos; it was the Word that create the universe and it is through the Word that it returns to God. Invocation (zikr) is the means of reaching the very substance of things within us.

Everything contains the Presence of the Divine. The ideas of intellections in our minds are like those Ideas in the mind of the Absolute.  A word contains both a meaning and the thing itself, which has a form. the meaning is permanent, the Divine Idea; the form the thing takes is but a shadow, transient. The Ideas are made temporal through the Breath of the Compassionate. In Sufism, Christ symbolizes the particular Divine Quality of the Breath of the Compassionate, for it is through the Breath that all things receive life. When the Word of God comes into the hart of anyone and the Divine Inspiration enters his heart and soul, its nature is such that there is produce in him a spiritual child having the breath of Jesus that revives the dead.'  (R. Nicholson, Mathnawl.)

The Universe, in the Sufi view, is being re-created at every moment. At every moment what appears to be a time-connected universe returns to God. There is continuous, instantaneous expansion and contraction.

The manifestation of actualized individual things occurs continually, as in successive waves. At every moment creation is annihilated  and re-created. With each heartbeat we die and are reborn. the world is in intense motion, ascending towards the vertical axis within all things to meet the descent of the Absolute in manifested forms. The flow occurs in such an orderly, successive manner, according to definite patterns, that we are unaware of it, and the world appears to us to stay the same. This ever-new creation is a process which only the human form endowed with consciousness of Self can come to know.

The wonder of wonders is that the human form and all other created things are in a perpetual process of ascending. And yet one is not ordinarily aware of this because of the extreme thinness and fineness of the veil (when one looks at something through a very transparent veil, one does not become aware of the veil between oneself and the object) or because of the extreme similarity between the successive forms. How splendid is God's description of the universe, and of its perpetual renewal with each Divine Breath which constitutes an ever new creation in one single entity!  

But this is perceived by only a few, as the Quran says: "Nay, they are in utter confusion regarding the new creation." (50:15)  These people who do not perceive are in confusion because they do not know the constant renewal of things with each Divine Breath." (T. Izutsu.)

Taken from: 'Sufi  Expressions of the Mystic Quest' by Laleh Bakhtiar

This seems to agree with the channeled Seth teachings, that our reality is created by very rapid vibrations in an Eternal Now. Time and cause/effect are part of this creation.

The "Mother ship like a large planet" may hint at this symbolism. The word 'Mother' here is interesting because various dreams led me to think the sphere is the feminine aspect of the dual Godhead, and the cube or square, the male aspect. Mother Goddess myths seem to have this idea.

"The Keys of Enoch", tells of a light-being that appeared to scientist J.J. Hurtak in the early 1970's. He was told that a great evolutionary leap was coming to mankind. It concerns light radiations. He explains this in depth. The change involves we humans putting on an 'oversoul body of light'. He says this is what Jesus achieved when he became the Christ. In the introduction of the book (Page xii) he quotes Jesus from the Coptic 'Gospel of Thomas':

"If they say to you: Where do you come from?, tell them, 'We have come from the light, the place where the light came into being through itself alone . . .  If they say to you: What are you?, Say, 'We are His sons, and we are the elect of the Living Father." If they say to you, "What is the sign of your Father?, "Tell them, 'It is a movement and a rest'."

The cube-sphere is one thing I had in mind in my theory about the Barbury Castle pictogram and the Quintuplet Set of crop circles.

July 17, 1991

Barbury Castle Pictogram

July 14th, 1996

Near Luton, England
Quintuplet with a thin
ring joining the satellites

John Price of the Quartus Foundation, and author of "Superbeings", also teaches of a great change involving people reaching a "Christ-self" level.

I have a significant amount of dream/coincidence material that seems to support this idea. Several hints suggest this level will eventually be achieved by everyone.

So, I see Shelly's dream as possibly showing the joining of spirit and body, or putting on the Oversoul Body of Light. The emotions she felt are much like those described in near-death experiences. Perhaps the meaning of "The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth", is everyone feeling this way all the time.

Shelly's comments, "This took place in an enclosed setting so I could slowly accept this ..." reminds me of something I read a few days before I received your material. It's on pages 104-5 of "Inner Reaches of Outer Space" by Joseph Campbell.

Mr. Campbell discusses the elementary idea found world-wide in myths of the metaphorical 'Promised Land' or earthly paradise. Examples are the "Garden of Eden" and the Navajo Pollen Path, which depicts a rectangular area enclosed by a wide line. He says the word 'paradise' comes from the Greek "paradeisos', meaning 'enclosed park', old Persian 'pairi', meaning 'around' and 'daeza', meaning 'wall', giving 'pairidaeza' or 'enclosure'.

The idea that Shelly was not aware of past boardings fits well with another symbol. On page 5 of my essay "UFOs and Symbols" I mention Jeff's dream where a knife becomes a feather. He told me that as soon as it became a feather, he realized he knew it all along, yet perceived it as a knife.

I think these things refer to 'The Awakening'. The idea is that we are spiritual beings who have a self-imposed amnesia as to our spiritual origins and connections, part of the Great Change involves a 'remembering', or 'awakening' from the self-imposed amnesia.

The story of Buddha overcoming fears, desires, obligations, etc. to receive the 'Eye of Transcendent Vision', 'Knowledge of Life Beyond Lives', and 'Comprehension of the Law of Dependent Originations', where all beings arise in mutual dependency, has this symbolism. Buddha is called the 'Awakened One', from the root 'Budh', of the verb 'Bodhati', meaning 'He Awakes'. There is a possible meaning of this in Revelation 3:1-3.

"To the angel of the church in Sardis write: These are the words of him who holds the
seven spirits of God and the seven stars. I know your deeds, you have a reputation of
being alive, but you are dead. Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die,
for I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of my God. Remember, therefore,
what you have received and heard. Obey it, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I
will come like a thief and you will not know at what time I will come to you."

One dream symbol for this is serving coffee, drinking coffee, and spilling coffee.

See "Dreams of Awakening"

I have a theory that one's house or other building in dreams, sometimes represents one's 'Dome-of-the-World', that is, the reality we perceive. The porch, patio, yard, or roof is the spiritual realm outside of our reality or perception. Going outside in a dream represents a visit to the spirit realm. (Sometimes)

Your dream of the concrete ramp next to the building, and Shelley's .. "We got outside on the front porch", may hint at this symbolism.

I realize my speculations here may be off the mark and I may be fitting symbols into my own notions, but this is the nature of a theory about the unknown. You make a hypothesis and then test it. In this case the testing is a comparison of symbols.

In my communications with others, with similar interests, I want to share my theories and evidence, and listen to theirs. In this way, we have a variety of theories to test against. As you stated very well, we need to eliminate limiting beliefs and subdue the ego. Our egos tend to make us favor our personal theories. After all, who likes to admit they are wrong? It's quite a challenge to just keep an open mind and let the dreams do the speaking.

I would like to know more about your project, to see what you have found and what you think it means. I would like to see more of the dreams and sightings.

Your have my permission to publish any of the information here, if you like. You can e-mail me at if you want to talk about this further.

Warm regards from your fellow dreamer...

Joe Mason


Letter to Whitley Strieber

I sent the following to Whitley Strieber years ago.

March 4, 1995

Whitley Strieber
5928 Broadway #263
San Antonio, TX 78209

Dear Whitley,

I saw your call for contact in your latest book, so I thought I should give it a shot. I have not read the book yet, but a friend wrote to me recently about it and explained a few of the new developments.

I have had a different type of "other-worldly" experience over a period of years. My sources suggest that most of the strange phenomena occurring are interrelated, and that a more clear understanding can be gained by sharing and comparing them.

It's like puzzle pieces that must be put together.

The purpose of this letter is to see if you are interested in this approach. If you agree, I am willing to send you parts of what I call "my material," and/or discuss it by telephone at my expense.

The major part of my experience involves dreams, my own and those of many others. For almost six years now, a constant stream of coincidences have occurred. I was led to other areas, such as crop circle patterns, myths/religions, and UFO/ET events.

In a number of cases, these "dream-coincidences" have proven predictive of crop circle patterns or UFO/ET events. By comparing the dreams, coincidences and events to various mythologies, a certain meaning seems to be revealed. Often, the dreams suggest a new "twist" to the myths, that is, new meanings about them are being revealed in dreams.

I have documented everything carefully over these few years, and now have quite a large stack of material. I have condensed some of the important parts into rough essays. Starting about five years ago, I began contacting others and sending some of the material to them. Some few, who took a close look, have found it significant.

The general thrust of the material suggests that a very enormous change is coming to the world, a total and complete transformation. We are being "awakened" to it slowly; mostly on the unconscious level at this time. For example, films and songs contain many of the same messages in symbol form. In time, we will start to become aware on the conscious level. It is difficult to elucidate the material, especially in a brief form.

I'll list a few things as examples.

I began to write about the symbolism of the Mandelbrot Set in July, 1990. A Mandelbrot Set crop formation appeared in August, 1991.

I dreamed of interlocking rings in a circle in October,

1990, and drew various diagrams based on them. Some had a flower-like appearance, others had stars within the patterns.

Other dreams and coincidences suggested that such shapes represent the soul or consciousness generally.

In 1991, several six-petal flower shapes within circles appeared. This was exactly like one of the patterns I had drawn.

The Bythorn Mandala crop formation of 1993 was very similar to the type of patterns I had drawn. It was flower-like, the petals formed by circular arcs, (suggesting interlocking rings) with a five-pointed star inside. This is also a well known eastern religious symbol. In 1995, numerous patterns appeared of interlocking rings in a circle.

In April, 1992, a voice spoke in my dream, saying that a member of a UFO group would contact me in September, and it would be through a woman who ran a dream network. Several months later I contacted Roberta Osanna, editor of "The Dream Network Journal." She published an article I wrote about the dream/myth connection to the crop circles. That September, I received a letter from Dean McClanahan of Springfield, Missouri. He was researching dreams about UFOs, ETs, and abductions. Roberta had given him my name and address. Dean feels that insights about the phenomena are being revealed in dreams.

I sent Dean a number of things about UFO material, especially symbolism concerned with this. One item in particular proved interesting. I told of a dream reported to me about being submerged into a vat of water on a starship. I told of another dream about being underwater, and how the dreamer found that she could breathe under the water. Prior to hearing these dreams, a voice told me in a dream - "They (humans) are definitely aquatic animals." Some dreams and myths have symbolism involving being fish-like. I also enclosed a report about abduction cases where the abductees are submerged in a pool and find themselves breathing under water. Dean wrote back and said that he, his wife, and his daughter, had all dreamed of breathing underwater.

I later found that a scientist who claimed to be visited by a "Light Being," was told that we would learn to breath underwater.

An ancient meaning of the "fish" symbol was an auspicious conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces, indicating the time when a great new interpreter would be born. Indications are that this is a symbolic way of showing the ability to understand the unconscious.

In 1993, Catherine Knapp of New York reported recurring dreams of two circles, in various forms, rotating in opposite directions. A coincidence happen shortly afterward, when I by chance picked up two books at the library, and turned to pages that told of circles rotating in opposite directions. One of the books came from a spiritual being. The other was Valis, by Philip K. Dick. Although it is called fiction, the material came from a "spiritual bombardment."

As usual, this soon tied into the crop circle story. Prior to the appearance of a crop formation, people reported seeing lights in the sky forming two circles rotating in opposite directions. (A) By chance, a book was sent to me some months later that seemed to clarify the meaning. (B - Blavatsky quote)

The most clear and convincing insights in my material are also the most important. The "evidence" is too lengthy to go into here, but I'll give an overview. We are nearing the end of a cycle of time, known in the east as the Kali-Yuga. Kali has the same meaning as the "harlot" in Revelation 17. The duration of the cycle is shown in various forms, but it usually involves 3 1/2 as the midpoint of 7. This is called an "elementary idea" by comparative mythologists, because it is found in various forms worldwide.

Part of the meaning is related to the ancient eastern ideas about the seven chakra levels. The lower three involve animal instincts of survival, procreation, and the will to succeed. The fourth is the heart chakra level, where one becomes truly human, having achieved love and compassion. Humanity, en mass, will make this leap in the coming years, that is, we will go from the third to the fourth level.

The lower levels (below 3 1/2) involve the idea of karma or judgment. New insights about this are being revealed in dreams.

Conventional ideas about it are not quite right; it seems to be a learning process in our spiritual childhood. After the "leap" is achieved, karma itself will no longer function.

One of the symbols of the heart chakra level is 12 circles in a ring, with a 12-pointed star inside. This is one meaning of the New Jerusalem. (Rev. 21)

I know this is hard to believe. I can hardly believe it.

But I have seen the "evidence," and I am convinced that there is something to it. To say the least, it is worthy of study.

An example of this "evidence" goes like this: In September, 1990, I drew a 14-pointed star formed by overlapping triangles.

Three years later, I learned that this star appeared within a pattern found grooved into a dry lake bed in Oregon in 1990. It was huge, formed by 13.3 miles of lines. It was said to be a Hindu meditation symbol, called a "sriyantra." The story was released on the wire services the day after I drew the pattern.

When I discovered this in 1993, I was writing an essay about humanity's leap to the heart chakra. I went on to learn that the sriyantra symbolizes the path through the chakras.

The outer part of the star that I drew represents the fourth- heart chakra.

Dream-coincidence indicates that an important event will happen on August 11, 1999. The planets will be aligned in a "Grand Cross," pointing to Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio. These are the Four Living Creatures of Ezekiel and Revelation.

It is known in some systems as the "Merkabah," or four-wheeled chariot. A solar eclipse will take place on that day over England, the site where most of the crop patterns appear. It will start at 11:11 a.m. exactly. This is related to Revelation 11:11, where the two trees stand up after 3 1/2 days.

I hope I have sparked your interest enough with this brief overview, so that you will look into it in more detail. Your son once told you that reality is God's dream. A voice in my dream said, "We are on the eve of God's Dream." He also told you that the unconscious mind is out beyond the Quasars; it is a place we would like to go, to see what's there. It seems to me that dreams are our closest link to that realm. We all go there each night, but few remember or consider it worthy. I say they are wrong, as dead wrong as you can possibly get. Please let me know if you are interested in sharing ideas about such things. I am at a loss in determining who to contact about my experience.

I wish you good luck in your own endeavors.


Joseph E. Mason

Whitley responded with a short form letter, explaining that he did not have time to communicate with me.


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