JULY, 1999

7-1-99 - DREAM - This was a longish dream in which I was given access to hidden files that gave me information that nobody else had. It had to do with the building of a house.

NOTE: After I woke up, some scenes were vaguely running through my mind but I had already gotten up and gone to the bathroom and couldn't bring them back.


7-1-99 - DREAM - Another dream about secret information. This one was about the stockmarket. I can't remember any of it.


7-1-99 - VISION - ( I went to bed depressed because my 1st effort in the stock market was going down the toilet)

I was in the office, standing by a desk watching a soldier with a dark mustache studying some papers intently with a kind of scowl on his face.

Then another soldier came in the door wearing the same color khaki green uniform but without the battle fatigue marks on it. He looked happy and content and I immediately though how much more pleasant it was to look at him.


7-1-99 - VOICE - I heard a telephone ring in my right ear so I waited for the message. It was "Sustain the topic" which meant to me, "Don't do anything" which was my intention but I was fretting about it because I had made a wrong choice in my stock pick for the day.


7-1-99 - VOICE - "Sinclair Lewis"

Sinclair Lewis site


7-1-99 - DREAM - First I was talking with a design engineer and then e-mailing him about a new house I was designing for me and Joe.

Then Joe and I were in our brand new car, driving out in the country. The freeway was wide and newly paved ... really black. I said to him, "I thought you didn't believe in UFOs!"  He said, "I never said that.!' and at the same time was making a huge, wide U-turn in the road.

I knew he had the car under control, but it was leaning way over from the speed of the turn. He got the car going the right way again when all of a sudden the car started to shimmy and shake and lurch. He quickly pulled off to the side of the road and ahead of us was a large sandy area that had no pavement. ... it was like those hard packed areas are before the pavement is laid.

However, instead of being flat there were water filled low spots and it looked wet though it was the dry season.

We got out of the car, and I said, "A new car isn't supposed to shimmy and shake like this even on an unpaved road."  Joe looked in the owner's manual of the car and it said something to the effect that there were no guarantees. At this point, the ground shook so violently, it threw me to my knees. As I picked myself back up, another car came speeding by and somebody hollered out, "Why don't you drive more carefully!"

Joe went to the car and got the Polaroid camera out and came around the car to take my picture. I said, "I don't take a good picture!' Joe said, "Just put your lips together and give me a big grin!" The he snapped my picture. I looked at the picture and I looked like I was 12 years old with long straight hair and I had one strand wrapped around my finger like a 12 year old child would.


7-2-99 - VISION - This was a computer start up screen. It said, "ME - 10 B.C."


7-3-99 - DREAM - LUCID - I was laying in bed seeing and feeling a story of marching horses with warriors on them ... marching down from my brain and down my face onto my body.


7-3-99 - DREAM - LUCID -  I was laying in bed ... awake... seeing and feeling... both thighs were like computer/TV screens and I was seeing marching horses with warriors on them, marching, marching, marching ... like they were going to war.

I knew I was awake fully aware of this phenomena. I was afraid to move because I would ruin the event, yet when I finally moved, it continued on until I came fully awake and rolled over.

NOTE: I made this web page about this event:  ARMAGEDDON - REVELATION 9:16 - THE WARRIORS COMETH


7-3-99 - DREAM - In this dream within a dream, there was an ice storm and I was helping rock a car back and forth with my hands to move the car from where it was stuck so it could go forwards.

It seems I woke up and went about my day and the same thing happened for real. I'm not sure this was Joe (my honey) but I think so. There had been an ice storm and the event was the same as my dream, so I planned to go out and help rock the car, to get the car unstuck and move it forward, but he was racing the engine as hard as he could and it broke out of the ice drift and shot forward while I was still several feet away.

I noticed then that the left half of the car was missing and Joe was driving just the right half of the car.

I mentioned this to him. He said, "Yeah! Some thieves came along and took that half, but that was okay because that was the half that came from T.M. I was worried about the stuff I had in the car and he said, "You don't have to worry, your driver's license, keys, and all that is in the garage. I saw it there. They didn't take that.

I was relieved. We went to a restaurant then for breakfast. It was run by a Chinese guy. It almost seems that this was not a normal scene because it has blue overtones in my mind. The Chinese restaurant owner had a blue flame coming out of the stove, however he refused to cook because I had dreamed of a fire and he believed in my dreams. He was told by the owner that he HAD to feed the people but if Dolores' (me) dream said there would be a fire if he cooked, he was NOT going to cook no matter what anybody else said.

I looked out the door and saw a dark atmosphere outside and knew he had just prevented a huge fire in his restaurant.

I then went home and was in the livingroom, looking down into my fish tank. I had lots of goldfish in it, and they seemed to have human expressions on their faces. Half of the water was gone. I saw this and felt like I had just awakened and had forgotten I was working on the fish tank. I took a black kettle (that's what I normally use) to go get some fresh water and dozens of fish jumped out of the fish tank into the kettle to go along for the ride so they'd get to the water sooner. I kinda freaked out but knew they'd be okay if I got them to the water quickly.  There were so many goldfish, a few fell off the rim of the kettle on the way to the water spigot. I saw them fall and decided to keep going and pick up the fallen goldfish on the way back to the tank with the water.

The water spigot was in the middle of the livingroom floor. There were several other people there to help me.  I turned on the water. Inside the kettle, the water was white and thick. It looked like oatmeal color to me.

A whole bunch of goldfish fell out of the kettle on the floor. I had to hurry to get the water back to the big tank and I had to concern myself with the goldfish that were still in the kettle too.

A young man standing there said, "Don't worry!"  He took a slotted spoon and scooped some fish back into the kettle, but there was a huge black wide mouth bass amongst the fish now and he didn't fit in the spoon and fell out, knocking some other fish back onto the floor.

I had to hurry back to the tank and at the same time, I saw the young man struggling with the black wide mouth bass. It's huge mouth was gaping open. It wouldn't fit in the spoon, so the young man tried to use a larger flat cooking spatula and the big fish just slid off. He tried and tried to get this fish on the spatula, but the fish began to fall apart. I could see its spine and bones back by the tail, it's flesh was turning white and falling off the bones. It was dying. The big mouth just gaped open.

I couldn't stop to worry about it. I had to get the little goldfish back into the tank with fresh water. I knew too, that these fish would grow big like that one day too. I couldn't sacrifice all the little goldfish to save one big black wide mouth bass.


7-4-99 - VISION - I heard three loud knocks on the right side of my temple.

I heard like a fireworks bomb go off on my left temple and saw many white pieces of a puzzle jumbled together over a partially worked games of solitaire which three rows starting with Kings and Queens.


7-4-99 - DREAM - had this dream twice.  There was a large pink panel with crop circle names. The job was to punch out all the crop circles that were unimportant leaving only one that were important.

The second time this large pink panel was punched out leaving one crop circle name and the panel hung in a doorway and it was "WHITEHORSE"

1999 - Whitehorse Crop Circle:

This appeared in the field WHILE I WAS DREAMING IT!

NOTE: I did this web page also:  THE  1999 WHITEHORSE CROP CIRCLE


7-4-99 - DREAM - I can't remember the dream itself except that I walked into the bathroom and someone had pressed a small mirror into the center of the large mirror. The small mirror had a small mirror set into a larger mirror with mirrored border that had dual triangles at each corner and each mirror reflected exactly the same picture.


7-4-99 - DREAM - A web page about Crop Circles. I was impressed to look one up on the right side.  M _____ or W_____


7-4-99 - DREAM - I was laying down thinking about the above dream and the crop circle at Milk Hill which is at Whitehorse, U.K.

A woman said to me, "It can't be the right one because it doesn't have the blue helmet."

I replied, "Oh! But it did have the blue helmet." and saw a blue helmet like kids use  to ride bicycles these days.


7-4-99 - VOICE - An older man's voice which sounded Irish said, "Dolores! One of these days you're going to break my heart!"


7-4-99 - VISION - I was one line of type: "EXPIATE THE CHIEF!"


7-4-99 - DREAM VISION - I was working on a web page and it flipped over and said, "Accept responsibility!"


7-4-99 - DREAM - (This dream is confusing and has no sense of reality to it.)

I was at my New Berlin house, but other people lived there also like it was an apartment building. Some of the people who appeared in the dream cover a 30 year period of life who never were at or even heard of my New Berlin house, much less lived there.

In one scene, I was in the livingroom. At first glance the carpet looked okay. It was like orange shag and quite worn all over. The woman who came to visit was named Dawn (Lorna's sister) She told me that she always sat with her feet under her on the couch so the carpet didn't get worn in front of it. I got down on the floor and looked at the carpet closely. The fibers were constructed of huge dead bugs like locusts. Some of them were coming loose, so I took a vacuum hose and hand vacuumed the entire carpet. I was not grossed out by the bugs but understood the loose ones had to be removed. Dawn watched this whole process. I was about done and realized that the vacuum cleaner had not really sucked up the bugs, they had merely accumulated in the vacuum cleaner hose.

My friend David (mean's love) arrived. I also got a phone call from an old boyfriend who said that an ex-co-worker had met him on the street and had asked him about me and whether I had gotten over being raped. I didn't now how that information got that widespread, but I decided I needed to put a shroud on to sleep and I slid the shroud over a narrow board on the bed while David stood by my side. I would sleep on that narrow board. (It was shaped like an ironing board)

I then went to the bathroom to get ready for bed and discovered that the toilet had been running over for some time.

I opened the doorway to the hall and discovered that the bathroom had now separated from the hallway and the house had actually split off separately on the 3rd floor.

This panicked me for other people's safety as I was not the only one who used this bathroom. I carefully jumped the gap to the other side of the hallway and went down to the 1st floor to warn other people about the problem. I told the other people they should gather in apartment #101 rather than risk falling into the gap on the 3rd floor by the bathroom.

I was concerned that I needed to tell my husband who was off working on the night shift. At that point, some supervisors from work appeared, one was named John from "One Life to Live" TV show. He assured me that he had a cell phone if we needed help and Paul was with him and had another cell phone if necessary.

I thanked them and they left.

I made sure that all the people were safe in apartment #101, then went back up to the bathroom on the 3rd floor. The sag and separation between the bathroom and the rest of the house was even greater now. In the gap was only darkness down below and falling into the abyss would not be pleasant.

The corner of the bathroom was held up by a strong pillar so there was no problem there, only in the separation between it and the rest of the house.

Again, as I stood in the bathroom, the toilet bowl stood solitary in the center of the room and a tremendous amount of brown water came up and ran over and down the outside wall and I knew that the bathroom would soon be standing alone on the 3rd floor and nobody would be able to use it.

I went through the livingroom again which now had brand new carpeting which was light aqua wall to wall. It was really pretty and had been installed to keep me happy.

Again I went to the door of the bathroom to jump the ever widening gap to warn the people that the house was separating.

(After I woke up, I lay there thinking about the dream, a voice said, "You need the Elf of truth!")

Either before this dream or within the dream, I saw a flash of a magazine ad which was for  tourism to Scotland. At the upper right hand corner of the ad stood Dawn and her new "cop" boyfriend waving joyously as they flew across the blue water on a jet ski. He stood close behind her.

NOTE: Dawn and her cop boyfriend bought matching jet skis during the summer, but I can't recall if it was before or after the dream.


7-8-99 - DREAM - I had a bunch of machines in a large office that weren't working properly. I was told they should be in the order of the chakra stars and they weren't. I printed out a copy of the chakra stars and attempted to wire all these machines together in a series. The plug wouldn't stay in the working machine at the end of the series.

A large woman in charge of washing machines looked at it and said she couldn't fix it and said she couldn't fix it until next week.I pointed out all the machines and told her it would be nice if we had all new ones.

I had that dream several times and I knew it wouldn't stop until I got up and wrote it down.


7-8-99 - VISION - A scene of a drug store. On the top shelf, about eye level were 5 pill bottles. I saw my name clearly on one of them.


7-8-99 - VISION - (SEEN TWICE)   A ceramic and brass bird. It had a brass head and heck, an upper body of white, a lower body of robin's egg blue, and brass legs and feet.


7-8-99 - VISION - I was standing on a grassy strip between the street and a sidewalk. There was a large round sewer cover hidden in the grass with what looked like a red and white soda cup on it.


7-8-99 - DREAM - I was seemingly in a small town or suburb. I didn't recognize the streets though it resembled a street I had been on several times in New Berlin that was... "heaven" or "heavenward".

I either lived there or was caretaking there. It seems there had been a close call that I almost hit a woman with my car. She wasn't hurt and she didn't even notice.

I was rinsing out some small towels and cloths in a pan of water on the front lawn of this house.

I decided it would be nicer to dip them in the blue pool behind the house across the street. As I stood up, I couldn't tell if I had any underwear on, so I had to reach down and check. I felt cloth there so assumed I at least was wearing underwear. There was a small portable radio on the lawn by me with loud music and I knew a baby was sleeping nearby, so decided to take the radio with me across the street to the pool.

Suddenly I was driving my car down a city street and three people started to cross the street right in front of me, so I jammed my brakes on and stopped just short of hitting them. It was an old man, an old woman I assume was his wife and a younger woman who was a teen or in her 20's. She was so close to the car, I could see a chocolate stain or smudge on her upper left chest on her tight pink T shirt.

The old man and woman stopped short when they saw me coming but the young girl was so oblivious to me, she didn't look at all and almost walked into the car.

I hollered to her, "Maam, you should look where you are going, you almost got hit."  I paused and said, "Maam, we've met before," realizing she was the same woman I almost hit earlier in the day, and knowing there would be a third time and I wouldn't be able to stop in time if she didn't  open up her eyes and became aware of what was going on around her.


7-9-99 - VISION - I saw the date, "May 30, 1999". I then heard Michelle's voice say: "I'll fire it up and send it to you."

NOTE: I have no idea what it is. I already published a page on one of my 5/30 dreams about my father. The other one was about spiders and food and the characters from One Life to Live TV show.


7-9-99 - DREAM - I was working on a web page about the Book of Revelations. Each section was a different background print. I don't have a clue about this because it was not clear to my right.


7-9-99 - DREAM - This was a people dream describing the web page.


I was quite shocked by the news that follows:

First see the vision I had on 7-9-99:

I saw a hand with soil on it presenting me with a white cameo like it had been dug up out of the dirt. It was very small like a charm for a bracelet. The cameo was the face of a woman looking toward the left.

I then saw a portion of a web page with the words

RED LINE (This was underlined in red)

BLUE LINE (This was underlined in blue)

That had links to another page and were very small.

Then the RED LINE (underlined in red)

BLUE LINE (underlined in blue)

flipped upside down next to a large white space and they were like attached to it but upsidedown and hanging precariously off the edge.

I spent weeks trying to figure out what that meant and couldn't come up with anything that made any sense though there are many things that it could be.

On the morning of 8-26-99  I had a dream which started out normally but symbolic and I sent it to a few people . Here is the scary part:


I then went to a farm house I don't know what happened to the golden girl child here, but there were other people in the house.

I went to the back door and looked outside. There was a huge apple tree right by the door. The apple tree was in full bloom and I could smell the apple blossoms. They were so sweet and beautiful pinkish white. The flowers were so large, they were almost like orchids.  A female voice behind me said, "It's like this all over the world."  I stood there and using my imagination, I could see the entire world covered in pinkish white apple trees, smelling like apple blossoms all at once. It was wonderful.

I looked behind the house and saw a small rain shower coming from a small white cloud. Then suddenly, warm snow began blowing across the whole area. It was like rainbow sparkly snow (not like real snow) and it covered everything.

The woman behind me said, "Here is another cloud."

A larger white cloud came over and off the edge of the cloud, over the dried, brown drought colored (light tan) field to the south of the house, poured a shower of dark heavy rain water.. It wasn't the cloud raining, this heavy dark rain water came down over the edge of the cloud, actually bending the cloud over with it's heavy weight.

When the water hit the ground, it exploded back up into the air and became a ring cloud in the sky that was white on the outside, with a huge pitch black ring on the inside and blue sky in the center... like a donut.  What was worse was, that there were names of cities in the white ring part. (I  couldn't read any of them) (There were about 21 cities names listed in this ring).  This happened 6 more times, so there were a total of 7 ring clouds, each one with the names of 21 cities in each ring.

I woke up feeling startled.

NOTE: (The number 21 is an estimate...not an exact known number)

The Book of Joel in the Old Testament has a similar type prophecy. The Book of Joel also was clued in a previous prophecy dream in June. "The Barked Tree" THE BARKED TREE DREAM - A PROPHECY OF JOEL The book of Joel is quoted fully on this dream page.

Now see the news below I took from the web page listed:


Breaking News

July 29th, 1999

(The following is a special report unrelated to the information contained on the CUNBD web site.)

CUNBD has been in direct contact with an agent within a powerful government intelligence agency. This agent's name, address, phone number and position with this intelli-gence agency has been obtained. Other validative info has also been obtained. .

The source reveals, if not confirms, that at least 50,000 U.S. citizens are to be "rounded up" and taken to "concentration camps" by the U.S. Government in collusion with foreign governments and bodies. This may take place sometime after or during September 9th through 13th, 1999.

This mass culling of people will be conducted in raid-like fashion as "targets" are covertly taken from their homes, placed in unmarked vans, transport vehicles, and large Chinook helicopters. NATO, United Nations, and foreign troops will be used for this "round up". The people targeted will be sent to "concentration camps", in the words of the informant, where they will be killed.

Those targeted likely include militia members, anti-government activists, conspiracy theorists, and so-called "patriots" and proponents of the U.S. Constitution.

This event will occur in accord with another "planned" event. Sometime during the dates of September 9th through 13th (these dates are tentative) at least ten Neutron bombs will be detonated in all major U.S. coastal cities. Cities named as targets include Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Boston and Miami.

The bombs, according to the source, were brought into the U.S. "two weeks ago", or in mid-July, through Port Arthur in Texas. This operation is being facilitated by the Russians.

However, factions of the U.S. and British governments are fully aware of it and will do nothing to stop it. In fact, in concert with the denotation of these nuclear weapons the named governments will plan for the "invasion" of a "peace-keeping" force in the U.S. These forces will also be used in Nazi-like fashion to seize dissidents and so-called "threats".

The informant mentions the "Red list", of which he and 50,000 others are included, along with the "Blue" and "Green"  lists. "Those on the Red well be taken to FEMA concentration camps and immediately executed. The Blue will also be taken to FEMA camps and be given the choice between 're-education'  or execution. The Green well be 're-educated' then returned to what is left of society", said the source.

The source has also indicated that various para-military personnel are currently being contracted by the Justice Department and the FBI to carry out specialized "assassinations" of key people within the militia and right-wing movements. These planned killings will begin on August 4th of this year and continue on quietly thereafter.

While much of this information has been known for years, we decided to publish it due to the fact that this information appears to be coming from a person deep within government intelligence.


August 19th, 1999

The source reports more information to us:

"To my knowledge it's still scheduled on 9/11/99. However, things change. We made the move on the militia/patriot groups so public that they 'rescheduled' that heinous event. Instead, they slowly move a little closer each week by staging maneuvers. They could be rushed in September, or in October. The militias in Michigan think they will be outright attacked in October. That is what all these rainstorms and landslides are about 'up here'. All man made, and they are used as cover within which to move men, supplies, etc. closer into position. And they practice containment exercises."

We cannot vouch for the accuracy of the above claims!

7-10-99 - DREAM - I was working in a very large office that had living quarters above it. In the office I was using a pencil with a large putty-like grey eraser. However I found another putty-like eraser that was even larger and was dark red. I decided I wanted to use the red one but I wanted it ON the pencil.

In order to go upstairs I had to sneak there so no one would follow me and know how to get there. It was the bosses private quarters.

Two men were following me, so I ran out in the hall and around the corner and slipped into a door that looked like a small empty closet. In reality, it had a secret passageway which I went through and upstairs and through an undeveloped room with rough boards. There I met two engineers who were going downstairs. They looked surprised that I knew the secret way to get there.

I went into the bosses office to get his scissors. He had a special scissors. It was gold and attached to a long metal case with special clasps. I took out the scissor and sitting at the bosses desk I started the task of exchanging the grey eraser to the red eraser.

While I was working on it, the boss came in. (He looked like the Reptilian guy from my other dreams)  By now, the eraser had started to lose some pieces off it, still large enough to be used, but they couldn't be put on the pencil.

I was now sitting on the corner of a large King size bed and the boss indicated that he expected me to have sex with him. But I had been told by other women that when they avoided the sex, he liked them all the more, because the chase was more exciting if he couldn't have them. So I decided I would do the same.

The boss said he had lost a special gemstone. I told him I would help him find it. It was a simple matter. I spotted it on the blanket. It looked like a small silver blue egg. It was kind of sparkly even thought it was smooth like an egg.

He picked up the stone and I told him I need to go to the bathroom. I left the bosses office and go to the bathroom. I left the bosses office and went into another large room. It was like a livingroom but it had many chairs and couches which could be used for many guests at the same time. Here I met my daughter who also needed to use the bathroom. I let her go first while I changed clothes.

I dressed in all white . . . an outfit like Fredericks of Hollywood . . . all white. . .long white stockings with a satin garter belt, 5 inch white high heeled shoes and a frilly, lacy, beribboned Teddy. This is what I was going to wear to teach.

I was fading out of the dream here but I was seeing the teaching material. It appeared to be the book of Revelation and certain words were highlighted on the pages. They moved like there were alive. I know I'm not remembering the right words. One started with W which I'm remembering as WRITE. The next word started with T which I'm remembering as meaning,. . . "Put it here!"  (The Living Word)

NOTE: "In the Bible it says that it should not be added to, but obviously I was being told that something is missing that needs to be added.

"Rev. 22:17 - "And the spirit and the bride say, "Come! And let him that hear say, Come, and him that is without come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely. (18) For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book. (19) And if any man shall take away from the words of this book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. (20) He which testifieth these things saith, surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus."


7-11-99 - (Can't remember whole dreams, only one scene from each)

I was on the shore of the ocean. We were waiting for a ship to come in.

I was at a movie theatre in the lobby. There were many people waiting to go in. They were all men around 7 feet tall. I said to one I recognized, "Hey! Wait for me, I have some beer stashed over in the other hallway!"


7-11-99 - VISION - As I lay down to take a nap, a bird chirped outside the window really loud. The instant the bird chirped, I had a vision of a window and outside on a tree branch was a beautiful bluebird.


7-11-99 - VISION - I fell asleep but didn't dream. I woke up disappointed, but immediately had a vision of 5 cars in a row, starting with a real dark car and each car progressively light. The last car in the row was pure white.


7-11-99 - DREAM - I was having a party for some kids. It was an underwear party where they could decorate their own T shirts. I provided the T shifts. Afterwards I had to wash the T shifts. Joe didn't want to go along so I drove to a large public laundromat. I put the clothes in the machine and went home again while the clothes washed.

I wanted to visit some new people I had met They were really creative women and lived in apartments on a high hill off of Bluemound Road. (This is in Brookfield, WI)

But now I forgot where Joe parked his car. I thought it was in front of the school, but when I looked there, there was a car the same color, but it looked more like an armored tank.

I thought I remembered that he might have parked the car way at the other end of the school grounds but couldn't remember having walked that far. Then, on top of it, it was a dangerous walk. There were huge dropoffs from the parking lot I was walking on. I almost fell in one when I dropped soda cup. I looked over the edge and there was another parking lot down there, obviously with a different entrance. People were living similar lives down there and weren't aware of us on the level where I was.

Then I remembered that I had to get my laundry and went back to the laundromat. The machine was empty. I was devastated but I knew you weren't supposed to leave clothes alone. It was my own fault. There were several pillow cases on the floor stuffed full of clothes but they weren't mine. But I saw two small broken and crushed laundry baskets and one had a huge heavy rag rug that looked like the one my grandfather made, so I picked it up and took it with me, carrying the broken laundry baskets with me.

Now I found out that not only my laundry was missing  . . . the T shirts . . . but a whole bunch of people were missing.

The TV station had to put on the news and half the people were gone, so they drafted the cleaning lady to do the news. She was transformed into a woman of beauty. She had been wearing a grey work dress and they made her up, did her hair and put ona pink dress. She was truly beautiful. But she was no newscaster and obviously the TV cameraman wasn't used to doing his job either because he kept panning around the studio as people frantically ran around getting signatures on a large gift card for someone's birthday.

The woman in pink was about to do the news when they put the gift card in front of her and instead of giving the news, she stopped to put her signature on the card, so the cameraman panned in one the card. It said, "From God, to my son, The Righteous One!"


7-12-99 - DREAM ENDING - There were three purchases made. The last one was by the Mother and Father. It was made by credit card. It was written on a piece of paper     . The paper was placed into a brown envelope and a voice said, "When the Mother and Father make this purchase, it will be the sign of the death knell!"


7-15-00 - DREAM - (portions) I was at a party for a variety of children. They were playing with trains on the floor. I thought I heard a real train coming and sure enough there were real tracks coming through a portion of this building. However, there was a young teenage boy pulling boards out that held the tracks out. I stopped him and put the boards back, and took a loose stick and poked it at the boy until he backed away from the track. He kept saying, "I hate people, I hate people, I hate people."

I kind of led him towards the other children who were playing with a huge set of toy trains on the floor that were in a maze shape. The treat train track was now connected to the toy train set.

NOTE: On 7-31-99 - A man in Atlanta, Ga killed his wife and children, the went to a daytrading office and killed 12 people.

continuing the dream:  I then left there and was driving a grey car. There was an obstacle in the road so I drove the car up on the side of the street over a cobblestone area. There I saw a car coming from the other way with the same idea. I slammed on the brakes and stopped short of hitting the car. The cars came to a stop...not touching but then like a gently kissed sides in a gentle touch.

I left there, now on a large tricycle and was going through a narrow passageway. There was an even narrower like a gateway that I knew the handlebars wouldn't fit through. I planned to turn the handlebars sideways to get through. There was a woman standing there to help me. There were a lot of women ahead and sitting way at the end was a woman dressed in a long black gown and looking very unhappy. It looked like Joe's ex-wife Debbie.


7-15-99 - VISION - A white cover was pulled off of what looked like a mummy.

I asked, "Who is that boy?"

A male voice boomed loudly , "I am taking you to your own people ... RUPIAN!"

A smaller female voice said, "I want to invite Dolores to tell Art how much ...........

Another female voice said, "It was an indigo/windigate mixup. "

Numerous voices: There was a discussion going on between several people.  The boomer voice said, "Will they come?" and the woman said, "I want to get them here!"

Another voice said, "The man of war is Filipino!"

A male voice said, "Call me The Black Spine!"

An old woman's voice said, "Nevra! They are calling you Nevra!"

Another argument started. One voice said, "People like you... get away from me and don't come back!"

Another voice said, "No prisoners!"  (It was a hollered command)

A woman's voice said, "That is where we got married."

A male voice said, "She was the leader!"

A male voice said, "Is there a home? It really matters!"

An old man's voice said, "If she is just letting him sit there, it is a (shutr/shitr sp?) mistake!"

A young woman said, "I didn't think he was that hurt. He guaranteed me!"

VISION - It looked like a woman laying down with a white patch shape on her right temple. She said, "Hey! Why am I being interfered with?"

She says she would like someone to take care of her. It's only 100 years of history.

VISION - I saw a playing card - The King of Spades

VISION - I saw two more rows of cards, each with writing on. In the second row, the first card said ' ALIEN' in red.

VOICES - Two women - One invited the other in. The younger one said, I didn't think he was coming!"  The older woman said, "He should have virginal understanding!"

A voice that sounded Irish said, "Well. You didn't have to ask him!"

Voice - A woman - I don't know why you don't help him. Another woman said, "There is growth there!"

A womans voice sounding like she was channeling someone said, "As long as I see his light ... the yellow ... I know he is still there!"

Two women talking ... One said, "She did say that one day... you wouldn't get married."  The other one said, "Well sometimes 'dreams' just doesn't do the trick!"

A man's voice said, "I think you should call Edmondon O'Brien!" (Might have been Edmonding)


7-16-99 - I must have had crop circles on my mind when I went to bed because I saw lists of them as soon as I lay down. Actually, I had been thinking about some other sky phenomenon when it started.

DREAM - I was on a tour of a building with some other people and it had to do with the phenomena of crop circles. For some reason, whoever was in charge had invited this 7 foot tall handsome actor to go along to distract me. He was obviously many years younger than I was and I could see no reason why he would be interested in me, so even though he gave me a big smile when we met in passing, we were going in opposite directions.

The group began going upstairs in this house and we got to the second floor and some thought we should go to the third floor but it was dark up there so I refused to go.

We then gathered in the livingroom and sat in a circle. I sat on the floor because there weren't enough chairs for everyone.

The handsome guy sat on the floor on the other side of the couch from me and I was thinking he must have been a hired actor because he started telling a Christmas story as soon as he sat down and got everyone's attention.

But I was thinking about crop circles and saw some carpenter's tacks that someone had dropped in the middle of the floor.

I began picking up the tacks and as I did the less that crop circles was on my mind  By the time I had picked up all the tacks I could hardly remember the words 'crop circles' and I was very confused about what crop circles had to do with the Christmas story.


7-16-99 - VISION - (I was thinking about the eye of Horus) I was in a kitchen with a man waiting for someone to come with information.  We heard some footsteps and my ex-mother-in-law Audrey walked in with a man behind her. I was going to say, "No wonder it took you so long to come here; you have a man with you!"  But I didn't want to embarrass her.


7-16-99 - DREAM/VISION - I was in the same kitchen with the same man (Michael?) My friend Alyse was sitting at a table on the side of an aisle and there was a short wall between us. There was also a man who looked familiar on the other side of the table from me; wearing glasses. Alyse wanted to talk about cars. I said to her, you want to know who can talk about cars?" and I pointed at the guy with glasses and said, "That guy there! He can talk to my husband about cars endlessly!"

The man with the glasses came closer to me by leaning over our table. He was kind of intimidating. He was wearing bifocals, a pair of small binoculars in front of them and had flip up sunglasses which were flipped up. (In other words, he had 4 extra vision aids in front of his two eyes).

He said to me, "You didn't get who you wanted because you weren't forceful enough in your request!"

I kind of sat back in awe and woke up.

While thinking about him I had a vision of a digital clock. It said  8:11:11


7-17-99 - DREAM - I was looking at pages of names of crop circles then a green card popped up identifying the inventor of crop circles. His picture was on it and his name was Patrick Henry.  ?????


7-17-99 - This is a dream I had just prior to waking up and before  the TV was turned on.

This first one almost doesn't seem connected, but the guy looked somewhat like JFK, Jr. I think the 4 friends were probably his 4 uncles.

7-17-99 - DREAM - I went to hear a lecture at a library. I was so tired, I had my head down on my arm on the table. I was at the far end and wasn't bothering anyone. Then they introduced the speaker and he jumped up from his chair. To my shock, he had been sitting behind me where I had my head down. I was embarrassed to have been rude. The speaker went up to the podium and started his speech. Meanwhile, I put my head back down on my arm again because I was so tired. Suddenly, the speaker stopped talking, jumped up on the table, and scooted over and lay down on the table so his head was about a foot in front of mine. I felt so embarrassed.  He looked me right in the eyes. He said, "The heck with the lecture, I'm  throwing caution to the wind. I've never felt this intensely in love before." He lay there, staring into my eyes just experiencing his emotions which were so intense, even I could feel how he felt. He just lay there looking  and me and the lecture was over. I looked at his hair and it was curly, but fuzzy on the ends. I could tell that his hair had been dyed, it was really white. His four friends came along and he asked me to meet them.

These 4 guys also had this weird fuzzy dyed hair to cover the white.  I couldn't figure out why this guy would love me so intensely when he just met me and I was wearing Joe's ring and that didn't seem to make any difference to him. He just continued to act like a loony tunes love struck guy.

Dream 2: I was in a large house busy with my new baby son. He had just woken up and needed to be changed and fed. He was growing really fast. My friend Nancy (deceased) wanted to help take care of him so I let her do that while I kept busy cleaning the house. Suddenly I heard my son squeal from outside. I looked outside and some neighbors were picking on him. There was a father and his four sons. They were riding in a motorized cart all together. I ran outside to confront them. They boys were all curly haired like their father, bushes of fuzzy hair. I asked them why they were picking on my son. The father said, "We were just trying to get acquainted." I remember his own kids making squealing noises when they were little too when they were picked on, so I understood that.  Then I looked at my son and his whole backside was covered with red jelly, so I hosed him off and carried him slowly back up the stairs into the house. He was so intelligent and was already talking even though he was so little. As I carried him up the stairs, he was identifying the sounds we were hearing from outside on the street. I made note that I too could identify what a truck, a railroad train, a car, etc. and their various sounds were just from hearing them, and without seeing them. At his tender age, he could do the same. He was developing very fast.

Dream 3: - I was in the bedroom with Joe. He looked normal except his arms were really tan but thin like a cadaver. I sat next to him and I was my fat self. I said, "We look like "Jack Spratt could eat no fat, and she could eat no lean". Nah! That can't be right!" Joe left the room with his arms  straight up in the air. I followed him out into the other room. He now had a beard but still had those long cadaverous thin, tanned arms. He was now sitting on a stool with his 4 sons sitting on stools next to him. (My Joe only has two sons) Joe was being interviewed by a radio guy with a microphone who also sat on a stool in front of them. Joe was telling the man how important it was to have your family with you.

NOTE: These four sons didn't look like my Joes sons either. They were all curly haired guys. I told my Joe about these dreams, and we remembered that the elder Joe Kennedy had 4 sons, Joe, Jack, Bobby, and Ted. Since Ted is alive, the other one could have been John, Jr. Just speculating , but it makes sense.

Now here is a vision from yesterday. This occurred after they announced that the bodies would be cremated and buried at sea. I lay down to meditate and this is what I saw:

A male voice asked me, "Do you know who you are?" I answered, "A spirit in a flesh body!" He said, "Ah! But do you know your name?" I said, "No!" Then I saw the man. He was standing on the bottom of the ocean. He was standing near some rocks which were covered over with a white sheet. The man had royal robes on. He was an older man, with dark curly hair. He said, "Ah hah! You have found me! I am King of the Sea!" The sheet that covered the rocks was removed revealing a large white seashell standing on end. The man pulled the seashell over like he was opening a container and when the seashell was laid down, a huge round coin-like shape appeared with the profile face of J.F.K., Jr. (This was silver-grey).

End of dreams and visions.

NOTE: I know I was shocked when I turned on the TV after I woke up and found out the JFK, Jr. was missing. I've been walking around in a fog ever since. It was such a shock to me. Though I know all about life after death, and karma, and all that, I still grieve for the love he had with his new bride and the children he never had and all that he would have done for our country as he grew older. Maybe that is a selfish thought, but even though I never knew him personally, it really hit me hard that he left so young.  I just don't want to believe that it was their time to leave us.


7-17-99 - DREAM - I went into the kitchen where a woman was working. She was setting up two long tables into the shape of a T. She was going to iron something. I moved to walk around the tables, but no matter which way I turned I was surrounded by tables in the shape of another T.

I decided to go into a side room where another woman was. She was standing by a small round white table in the corner with a small lamp on it that was lit. Her purse was on the table. I looked at the scene and thought it was the ideal setup to have customers come in and do readings for them.

I then went into another room off the kitchen. Here, some other women and girls were sitting around. I wanted a drink of water so I picked up a glass and pulled up on a lever which was on a side counter, but the water came out of the faucet. I then noticed that the glass was full of some kind of pink substance (looked like Pepto Bismol) I rinsed out the glass until it was clean then filled it with water.  The water was almost hot.

I looked at the lever and that was all full of pink stuff too.

A heavyset woman was sitting at the counter. Her little girl wanted a drink of water also. I told her the water was too hot to drink. Her mother picked up a jug of water she had next to her and said, "This is what we prefer to drink!"

I went back to the kitchen where another woman said, "Isn't it neat how the rooms are all surrounding the kitchen?

It made a shape like this:

Kitchen and Rooms


 The San Damiano Cross     The Tau Cross

The Tau Cross   The Tau Cross


7-17-99 - VISION - I was seeing a page of writing. It wasn't English and it wasn't like foreign language I could recognize. It looked more like hieroglyphics but not that either. I started to hear voices reading the words. It sounded like ETs. The words were like moving in and out of sight and then my focus went back to the greeting. It said in English 'GRAIL MESSENGER'.


7-17-99 - VISION - I was seeing a small drawer which had many white plastic spoons in the bottom but in the middle was one dark blue spork. (spoon with fork tines on the front end) That was the most useful tool.


7-17-99 - VISION - I was seeing a clear drinking glass. On the inside of the glass was painted a blue map of Wisconsin. I recognized the shape of the state, the the glass turned so I was looking at it from West to East.


7-17-99 - VISION - I was standing and taking a white ribbon off of a few sheets of paper which were folded over. I opened it up, curious to see what it said. It looked like a web page bottom. It said, "Keats Biography!"

An essay on Keats    A Tribute to Keats


7-18-99 - DREAM -  I found a real life computer program which was as large as life and it showed all the various level of existence. What was so interesting was that you could click on one of the levels and actually go there and experience it. I went through a few of these myself, then wanted my friend Michelle to see this incredible program.

So I got Michelle to look at this program and we clicked on some of the levels and experienced them together. In one of the levels I was shocked to find out that the ground under our feet was solid potatoes. There wasn't even any ground between them.

A Father and his grown son were there and the son took a shovel and dug down into the potatoes to show me it was real.

I was so excited about this program, I wanted everyone to be able to see it. So I had to set it up on my own computer.

In one last scene I was going to sing a duet with another woman and all my former singing teachers walked into the room to listen. I was so surprised I didn't know what to do. I never expected to be heard.


7-18-99 - DREAM - I was taking over as manager of my old apartment building on Jackson St. I moved into the old apartment 311 as well. The only thing different was that I allowed two women friends to live with me.

They had their own way of doing things and I allowed them to do that but I wasn't very comfortable about it. I spent some time sitting by the window watching some kids at play so they wouldn't get hurt. Then I heard one of my own sons holler and I ran in the other room and were experimenting with something they shouldn't and I told them to quit it.

My ex-mother-in-law Audrey said I didn't look very happy and we hugged and I said, "I guess this is what I miss the most!"  (She is deceased since January of 1999)  

My friend Michelle and her husband Paul came. They went to a meeting with me and Paul offered me a 3 inch TV set because he was throwing it away and getting a bigger one. I was glad to get it so I could put it next to my computer. It had lots of cords and a huge antenna so I was glad to get it. I decided to take it right home.

On the way I ran into a black older couple just about to engage in sex in the basement of the building. I hollered at them and told them to 'GET OUT!"  The woman said, "I'm not crying rape!" and the man said, "Well, who is going to make me?"  I said, "I don't care what you do, just take it to your own apartment!"

Three men were standing around me and I said, "These guys can help you get there if you like!"  and they left on their own.

I then went back to my apartment on the third floor and decided I should go to the public bathroom. There I spotted my two roommates having sex with someone, standing up in the public bathroom.

I turned around and went back to the apartment and slammed the door, but it didn't shut because the door was shifted to the right. My two roommates came running after me, all upset because I had caught them.  I hollered at them and told them they could get out. They were all upset and asked what was wrong. I said, "You don't care about God's Will and you have no will of your own!"

At the same time they were pointing to a picture of an ancient statue of a woman with a protruding belly and outy belly button and I knew they were following some crummy preacher who only wanted their money.

I said, "I lived alone before and I don't need you to support me. I can live alone again. I have a job!"  I had already forgotten I was the manager of the building.

Another scene in the dream was about a cabinet door that was shifting to the right. A carpenter was sanding it down so it still fit in the hole, but it wouldn't be long and there would be nothing left to hold it in place and it would fall out.

Another scene was when I was in the backyard to hook up a long green hose for water so we could do the laundry. My ex-mother-in-law said she would help and went to put the hose on the spigot. However there were seven spigots all at ground level and the water on the ground was rising so fast, they were all below water level in no time and we couldn't see the spigots anymore.


7-18-99 - VISION - I was thinking about the Hebrew language and the Grail message or messenger and I saw a two hole wood stove and the lid on the right side opened up showing me that the fire had to be kindled and the fire started.


7-18-99 - DREAM - I was again in bed, almost asleep ... in the dream. I heard a truck pull into the driveway and a red, white, and blue mail truck pulled up to the house. I thought I should get up but I was so tired I couldn't. I heard a noise like the door and I tried to make myself get up but I was so tired I closed my eyes again. I heard the door noise again and I thought to myself, "I've got to force myself to get up and go get the mail."

I made myself get up on my elbow and at the same time, did so in the physical ... realizing consciously that it was just a dream.  

Joe came in and gave me a kiss and I told him I was so tired, I just couldn't wake up. (I thought he really did this, but this was in the dream too.)

All of a sudden my old boss Tom walked in. He had driven all the way to California to see me, just so he could see how I was. He laid on the floor in the corner ... resting.  Then he asked me what I had been looking at and I had a green folder with tax papers falling out. He was lamenting what a bad thing that was that had happened to me.

All of a sudden my other boss Ralph walked in and the two guys started talking about the tax situation. Ralph laughed and said, "They (meaning the state) was paying her rent."  (I actually got free rent, but his company issued a wrong W-2 like I had earned cash. Actually, even that , though not taxable in my case should have been reported on unemployment)  Tom said, "Well, she had to live on something."  Ralph laughed again and said, "Well, next time the state wants to pay her rent, you and I will cooperate so they can!"

NOTE: Joe came into the bedroom and gave me a kiss and I told him I was so tired, I just couldn't wake up. (I thought he really did this, but this was in the dream too.)


7-19-99 - DREAM (I had this dream twice)  I was in a house with several other people.There was a big opening in the wall and I could see clearly way down the street, on the other side, was a green Russian army tank aimed right at us.

The first time someone raised their arms, there was a big shot from the green tank in our direction. I ducked and didn't see if anyone got hit.

We seemed to just go on normally with the day and then someone raised their arms and there was another shot from the tank, but it wasn't quite as big.  I ducked again and didn't see who was hit.

Shortly after that, again someone raised their arms and there was another shot, the same size as the second shot.

I was holding a baby at the time. My son Tom indicated that we'd better get out of there. I actually dropped the baby on the floor and ran after Tom who led me out the front door of this building that was all glass doors.

There were other people with us as we ran and we went into another building where they were either selling or manufacturing green lawn chairs that folded or metallic curtains that were folded. They weren't heavy and we held them up as screens to hid our faces because we were going to leave out the back door where some Russian troops were loading these same items into troop trucks.

The people I was with were making sing-songy fake language like they were speaking a foreign language to fake out the Russians. It was obviously not a rea language so I don't know how they thought we were going to get away with this but we did. We held up these screens and walked right out past the troop tucks without beings stopped.

NOTE: later on while I was thinking about the dream, a voice said, "Patrick Bouvier Kennedy is a clue to the dream."  Not long after, I heard another voice which said, "Chappaquidic is a clue to your dream."

I personally don't see a connection ?????



7-19-99 - DREAM - I was in a room with a little girl about 3 years old. I sat down and picked her up and put her on my lap. I asked her if I should rock her to sleep. She said, "No! I don't want to take a nap!" and jumped off my lap. She wore blue long pants and a long sleeved brown and yellow polo shirt.

I knew she represented the Audubon Society.

The Audubon Society


7-19-99 - VISION/VOICE - A young man called on the phone and asked if I had any two bedroom vacancies. I said, "No! I don't have any vacancies at all!" (I used to love it when I could say that. :-)  ) He said, "Oh my God!  Where am I going to live!"  I was going to tell him to call back in an hour, but he was gone. I would have had checked around to find him a place to live.


7-19-99 - VISION  - I asked to see the cause of the John F. Kennedy plane crash. I saw men wading in the water with a rack of some kind with a body in it and a bright yellow circular objects. There were hundreds of leaves floating on the water.


7-19-99 - VISION - I saw a name squeezed in between other names.


7-19-99 - VISION - I saw a woman stand in a bathtub, rolling glue onto the wall to affix new tiles to.


7-20-99 - DREAM - I don't know where I was, but was with a group of younger adults.

A signed up for a shrimp cocktail luncheon with some young women. Then I looked up the address of a religion group I was interested in visiting.

I got into my car to drive there and the street when I needed to turn right was called "The Street of Lights". There were many men hitchhiking in this area but they were all going a different direction.

I saw my husband standing in the same area and tapped on the right side door and he came running over and jumped into the car with me. I wondered what the hitchhikers thought about my decision to pick up the one man.

When I got to the Street of Lights, the intersection looked like this:


As I made the right turn I had to join the flow of traffic going the same way without causing them any distress or making them slow down. I was actually pushing the car at this point and the road went uphill, so it was very difficult to get up to speed which was 35 mph.

When we got into the city portion, the street had all huge buildings, all churches and cathedrals. I remarked to my husband that I remembered having been on this street before. I wasn't interested in any of these. I was looking for a small group I had seen advertised. They didn't have their own building, just an upper room rented in another building.

When we found it, it was very different than I expected.

Now, I met a tall handsome man, about 7 feet tall with curly blondish red hair. He had a beautiful face. I treated him like my son. He was married to an older woman with dark hair, but he had a lot of female admirers and I saw him go into the ladies room to pee twice and before the door was even closed, he went to the front of the line to pee in the sink because he was in a hurry and in both cases, the girl standing in line at the sink not only let him get in front of her, but lovingly put her arms around him and helped him hold up his penis.

I was a little distressed to see that because he was a married man, but I didn't say anything.

we had to go through a small hallway with a swinging door on each end. When the doors swung open, they just missed hitting the other swinging door and there were 4 of us standing in this hallway.  There were people going both directions.

We all stood there, laughing, saying, "Out or In! In or Out!" We got that straightened out and I went into the cafeteria where the shrimp cocktail was going to be served.

I had offered to drive the young man's wife to a place she needed to go, but then I remembered the shrimp dinner i had signed up for.

I offered the woman my car but the man didn't think that was a good idea either.

I went over to the long table where the plates of shrimp were lined up. Nobody had taken any. There was a huge bowl of cut up fruit and nobody had taken any of that either. I saw a plate with rolled up turkey sausage, and I decided I would eat that like everyone else had. I really didn't like shrimp anyway.

I then went into another room where laundry was being folded. The woman there was ironing and she said she liked a certain style of pressing. I agreed I liked that also. She stepped away for a moment and I picked up a dark blue sweater and it was sticky with jelly and so was the next one, so I took them to wash them again. That left nothing for the woman to press.

There was a big sweatshirt there with the whole front rubbed off. I wondered how that was done until I saw a man hugging his wife and rubbing himself against her. Then I knew!  I threw the sweatshirt away. Washing it was not going to restore the fabric to new.


7-20-99 - VISION - I saw a group of numbers and when they were added together, they equalled 3669.


7-20-99 - DREAM - I was in the lobby of a theatre with some children, waiting for a movie to start. I gave the kids ice cream, all except one who was busy doing something else.  She was a little dark haired girl.

A large man and his daughter came in also. She sat to my right on a stool and the father sat on a hassock in the middle of the hallway. The girl introduced herself and said her name was Costalones or something like that.  I told her my name was Dee.

I turned away to check my kids and turned back and a larger girl came and sat on the same stool to my right. Shew as a large Spanish girl with long dark curly hair. She introduced herself as Costalones again... I think ... (although the name Carlos Ortiz jumped into my head when I thought of it just now. I know that a man. )

Pastor Carlos Ortiz    Carlos Ortiz - Artist

Again. ... I said, "My name is Dee ... but it's actually Dolores."

We were sitting there and I saw strands of hair floating in the air. At first I thought it was mine, but then there were so many strands of hair and dust blowing in the air, I knew they couldn't all be mine.

The girl came over with a small booklet that was about 4" x 4" and only a couple pages thick. She asked me if I would read it to her.  It was kind of like a child's alphabet/animal book.

The words I pointed out was 'BE'. I told her that meant that she would always 'be' and the other word 'BEE' had a little picture of a black and yellow cartoon bee.

The other tiny dark haired girl came back then and I asked her if she had eaten her ice cream yet. She said, "No!"  She was the only one who hadn't eaten any yet, so I put her in the corner to eat it so others wouldn't  be envious. Before I handed it to her, I ran my fingers through the excess on the outside and licked my fingers. It was chocolate mocha (Yum!)  I told her, You have only 24 hours to eat this."


7-21-99 - DREAM - Seemed to be lucid. I was working on a computer about UFOS. I don't know what I was doing but I was pulling up page after page of numbers which seemed like condiments. I did this twice.


7-21-99 - DREAM - I was in a town somewhere, living in a house with people I used to know a long time ago.

I wasn't working so I started walking to the corner to the bus stop witt Murray Bernstein from highschool and Maria _____ from my UFO group in 1996.  But the wind was so strong and cold, I decided I wouldn't stand and wait with them.

But I didn't go straight back to the house because I detected that something bad was going on. So I sneaked around behind the building where it was now starting to snow. When I made it around the block there were some robbers up on the porch with the kids. My Father was parked in a car outside the house so I got in the back seat of the car with him. He pulled out a gun to stop the robbers so I walked behind him and I had a humongous ring of keys and a video camera.

Then we got up to the porch, the cops got there ahead of us. They were very impressed with our weapons and pleased we had come along to help them.


7-21-99 - DREAM - I was in my Mother's house. (not her real house) Everyone else was outside on the street. I was in a room by the front of the house where there was a huge fireplace. Near it was  large open window. The fire was in a line along the back of the fireplace. On the front of the fireplace which was almost ceiling high, there was a pipe across the opening with fancy white curtains hanging from it and a large bath towel covering most of it.

A strong breeze was blowing in the window and blowing the curtain deep into the fireplace. I knew the danger of having the curtains blow into the fireplace. But it wasn't my house and I needed permission to do anything in my Mother's house. I took it upon myself to take down the bathtowel, but I rushed outside to find my Mother to get permission to take the curtains down.

When I got outside there were crowds of women that I've known in the past. The disconcerting part was that for each person, there was a small or young duplicate person which took on the illnesses or infirmities of the real person. I was watching the duplicate of my Mother who was seemingly in good health and walking briskly. I would say that the duplicate person looked like she lived in the early 1900's with high top shoes and big flouncy skirt.

I was amazed how well the duplicate person was walking because I knew my Mother in real life was actually using a walker and rather toddling along.

I said out loud that she was walking better than I do. At this point, I was sitting on the ground surrounded by people who were coming up to greet me.  One woman was brought to me who I was told had been kidnapped and held prisoner for 10 months. She had a huge bruise under and to the left of her left eye. Her duplicate person was running around, playing with my Mother's duplicate.

I took her hand and told her how sorry I was that she had to go through that ordeal.

It was time to go into the school then and I saw that we were in front of 20th St. school where I spent my formative years. Everyone was lined up like they did when we were kids. I opened the front doors of the school for the group of people to enter the school. As I went in the door, I saw President Clinton standing at the top of the stairs on the 1st floor. He literally screamed at me, "Martin will be dead in 10 minutes." and I woke up.  

(I also had the name Carla in my mind when he said the name Martin.)

NOTE: I don't know anyone named Carla.  My brother's name is Martin. I looked at the clock. It was 7:25 a.m.


7-21-99 - MEDITATION AFTER J.F.K. JRS. death.

A male voice said, "Do you know who you are? "  I said, "A spirit in a flesh body!"  He said, "Ah! But do you know your name?" I said, "No!"

Then a man appeared to me at the bottom of the sea. He was standing near some rocks. It didn't really look like he was under the ocean but I knew it was.

He had like a royal robe on. He was an older man, but yet dark hair.

He said, "Ah hah! You have found me! I am King of the Sea!"

A curtain or sheet that was covering the rocks was pulled aside revealing large white seashell standing on end. The man pulled the seashell over and revealed a huge seal with the profile face of a dead man. He very much resembled J.F.K., Jr.


7-21-99 - DREAM - I was on Jackson street, about to take over the building again, but was standing out front. An old woman came out of the building, put a ladder up against the building under the awning on the porch and took out a lightbulb. I was going to run up there and ask her who she was, but she had already slipped back inside, ladder and all.

I continued to do whatever it was I was doing and it must have been a time warp because I was there all day. Then the woman came back out of the building with the ladder, set it against the building, climbed up the ladder, put the lightbulb back, came back down the ladder and went back into the building. She was doing this quite quickly. However, I was thinking faster this time and ran up the stairs to catch her and ask her who she was.

The door was still swinging shut, so I grabbed it before it closed. I didn't have my building keys yet. I went inside but the woman was already gone. I spotted the maintenance man Michael sitting on the floor sleeping in the East/West hallway with two other guys.

I ran over there. They saw me coming and jumped up, spreading out a dark blue paint tarp on the floor and looking all embarrassed to be caught sleeping.

They sat down again on top of the tarp. I asked them if they had seen the old woman with the ladder. Michael said, "No!" but they knew who she was. She was from the elderly building that we had.

I thanked Michael and gave him a left-handed high 5 to his right hand and left.


7-22-99 - DREAM NIGHTMARE!  Archie Bunker and Edith Bunker were my parents in this dream. We lived in an apartment building on the 2nd floor of a big city.

Edith Bunker, my Mother wanted to know if I wanted to read a particular book. I said, "Okay!"  I looked at it and in the story, the woman had been stabbed, mutilated, and shot, and tortured numerous times. After I read the story, I realized it was my Mother Edith Bunker who had gone through this torture.

There were other books in the series. I saw one cover where a black man had something to do with her and I  also saw her dressed up as a man and it didn't look like she was having any fun.

She told me these books had to go back to the library. I said I would do this for her. The books were in a child's wicker baby carriage.

I was going to wheel the baby carriage down the stairs to the street door, but I knew I couldn't do that without any noise and Archie Bunker, my Daddy, had a little white yippy dog trained to bark whenever I moved so that option was out.

So, I chose another door which went out int he second floor hallway. I slipped out quietly and managed to get all the way down to the other end of the hall without being detected.

I went out that door into the stairway hallway on that end of the building and there I met my three sons, Michael, Ken, and Bill.

they were sitting around talking with their friends.One of them had some red wax moustache lips like we used to be able to get for a penny at the penny candy counter as children. He told me they didn't have them anymore.

The boys saw the books and asked if they could read them. I said, "yes!" But they had to go back to the library."

At that point I realized I didn't have my car keys and would have to sneak back into the apartment to get them. I left the children's baby buggy with the boys and headed back down the hall to the apartment, scared half out of my wits. This time the dog spotted me and started jumping up and down at the door and Archie Bunker came flying out the door to get me.

I dont' know what evil thing he had in his left hand, but in his right hand he had 3 empty milk bottles chained together and he was going to whip me with them.

I turned to run and saw 3 girlfriends of mine coming down the hall towards me.

I started screaming at the top of my lungs. "Daddy! Look what my friends have.  Daddy! Look what my friends have."

The girls had some strange toys in their hands and as they described them to Archie, I could see bright red words in the air which described them. One said, "This eats horses!" and I knew it was a bedroom toy because I had a vision of a woman standing on a bed with a man at her feet.

I used their distraction of Archie to escape and ran out the door to freedom.

NOTE: As I wrote the above dream, I felt that what I dreamed was actually happening somewhere.

As I lay in bed in the dark, the name Don Pedro came into my mind. That is an area of California. I was also hearing a man talking like a radio new announcer and he said, "The event scheduled for Tuesday night isn't going to happen."  

NOTE: A man killed a woman at Yosemite Park then confessed to killing 3 women there back in February as well.


7-22-99 - DREAM - I was scanning some writing which said that I had another dream just like this previously with the name Dave in it. I will have to check this but I have a feeling it is correct.


7-22-99 - DREAM - This was another reminder dream. This was a giant elephant dream. The giant elephant came out of the jungle and I was shown the word 'EXITATIONS' in the center of the page.

NOTE:  In one area in Africa... all of the large elephants were killed so they wouldn't tear out the trees. However, the rest of the elephants then didn't know what to do and ran wild and didn't know how to behave.


7-22-99 - DREAM - I then had a dream in which I sat down at the kitchen table to read my first dream and my kids, as teens came into the room one by one. Michael said that he had a dream just like mine with Dave in it and our dreams matched.  Ken came into the room and he went into the adjacent bathroom to take some aspirin because he woke up with a headache. I wondered if he drank too much the night before to cause the headache. A third son came in and propped himself up against the wall. He was wearing longjohns that were white.

We all sat around the table discussing the Dave dreams that had been so scary.


7-22-99 - VISION - I was in a kitchen and someone brought my new baby to me. I said, "Oh! I wonder if she's been fed yet today." I picked her up and a big gurgle of milk came up and out of her mouth. "Yes! I guess she has," I said.


7-22-99 - VISION - I saw two beautiful silver spoons.


7-22-99 - DREAM - I was working in a huge office. Everywhere I went I carried communication radios with me. Some had visual capabilities as well and I saw that one said,"King of Hearts" on it.

I had an errand to run so I left the office. Out in the hallway, I met an elderly couple which used to live in my Jackson St. building. The wife said, " We just came back from the nursing home. We kind of liked it there." I told them that my mother had been in a nursing home recently also and she liked it too. (This is true)

We came outside and in the sky was a pattern of nasty green and black clouds. The old woman said, "Isn't that pretty?" I said, "No! It isn't. Those are dangerous chemicals some shot out of an airplane."

We looked in the opposite direction and a similar pattern of nasty green and black clouds were in the sky there too, but beyond it I saw painted in the sky, an elaborate painting of three wreaths made out of white roses. In the center wreath was a large white rose and in the other outer two wreaths were young olive trees in full leaf. Surrounding the wreaths was a dark blue sky with daubed glitter stars. It was truly awesome.

Cary Loose was standing nearby and commented about the painting in the sky. I told her that it was easy to do that because we were living in a large box. If you looked, you could see the corners of the box surrounding where we lived. We continued to admire the painting in the sky and then I said I had many things to do, I'd better get going. I had to laugh then. I had just told everyone that we were living in a box, yet we continued to do our daily work like it was nothing unusual.

I went into a bathroom where I saw the water wasn't working and the soap dispenser was clogged, so I probed it with a stick and got it all to work freely again.

I then went back to my office and discovered that a teacher had brought an art class in and set it up on tables right outside my office. The tables were aglitter with colored paper and glitter with which they were making Christmas decorations.

I hurried into my office, my radios fell out of my sweater pocket. I quickly retrieved them and put them in a safe place. I didn't want anyone to take over my space, so I turned on the big overhead lights so everyone would know I was there and saw in my own space that I too had been creating art decorations for Christmas myself and my tables too were colorful with cutout paper and glitter for Christmas.

End of Dream


7-23-99 - DREAM - I can't recall any dream with this but I was looking at a calendar-like set of numbers. The only ones I can recall were on the top -  59- 108- 179


7-23-99 - DREAM - I was with my second husband Ed who had gotten out of prison. He said he wanted to travel. I had no objection to that as long as he didn't drink, but he was good at hiding that he was. Before we could leave, I wanted to clean the house and pack. The house was jam packed with stuff. One could hardly walk through the place.

I went into the kitchen to gather up the food first. A woman came in and said she would take it all to Harvest House which was a place where they gave food to the needy. She had it in a small basket. I remember seeing a half loaf of whole-wheat bread in a brown wrapper and an orange pumpkin about a foot across. I had planned to eat something myself, but let her take it.

Ed left for a bit while we were working in the kitchen, then he came back and demanded that we leave right then. I was nowhere near done cleaning even one room and I couldn't tell if he was drinking or not and his attitude was rather sullen, but I reluctantly got in the car which was a convertible.

We drove past Harvest House food stand first and then he drove to a Cul de sac at the end of the road. I was astounded at what I saw. Every square inch of space around the entire Cul de sac was decorated with cornstalks, straw bales, pumpkins, and all the kids were in Halloween costumes dressed like Indians (not witches or dumb costumes like from the store)

It was an amazing sight. He had done this all by himself and I had to praise him for it. That the first time I saw him smile.

NOTE: Somewhere in this dream or perhaps in another dream, I recall looking out the window and every man was standing in rows and every one of them had a white deer head on their head. It was a rather whitish scene.


7-24-99 -  DREAM - Joe and I both got new jobs at a place that was on top of a high hill near the house. On the outside it looked like a school. Inside it had offices and a reception desk. It also had a sales counter where people could either buy or win cute gifts by earning points.

I had a sample of the little gift book that was only as big as my thumb.  I wondered if I'd ever learn the cost of gifts without looking.

Neither one of us was ready to go in the morning.  Joe said that he had been told it was okay if he was late a little on the 1st day. I hadn't been told the starting time, all I knew was that had to work 5 days and one evening. The evening was a Wednesday and that would be a long day.

I wondered if one of us would have to leave if we were seen walking up to the building hand in hand.  As it was, we were late, and Joe had to leave and I still wasn't ready. It was 8:30 a.m. now and it seemed awfully dark outside. I took my little booklet outside to see if I could read what time I started in the rules but I could read the rules. The print was too small.

Joe had to leave and I would finish getting ready and I would have to drive myself there when I finished getting dressed and combing my hair. I had a quilt wrapped around me and was standing in the garden.

I kissed Joe goodbye and went back into the house. There I discovered two more men lived with us. when I wanted to use the bathroom, the door was closed because the older guy was in it.

I thought briefly about using a bucket, but thought I'd better not. The younger man was right behind me.

So I started to straighten the covers on his bed and put a green pillowcased pillow in the closet because he already had two white pillows on the bed.

In the closet were numerous mattresses - single sized. One was all askew and one was still in a tall box leaning against the wall. I knew I could have to deal with those later. First I had to go to work.


7-24-99  - VISION - I was in a bathroom. There were sheets lining the bathtub. I was trying to figure out why and the sheet pulled away revealing any loose and missing tiles on the wall behind it.



by Dee Finney

7-24-99 - Joe and I were working in the house. I heard a big cat growling outside, but as it growled, it was singing/humming a tune. It was a song I remembered the words to about having something that the world can't take away, and that we could have it.

I looked out the window and our own cats were all sitting at or laying near the back door where I feed them, but it didn't appear that any of them were making any noise at all.

I saw a movement then, and a black panther came into view from behind one of my cats. (I have 7 cats...3 black, 3 grey/brown, and one grey and white) The black panther was in a low slung crouching stance and moving fast once his singing was done.

All of a sudden a man appeared out in the parking lot. He grabbed the panther behind the neck with both hands and subdued the cat. He picked the panther up with his hands on the cat's neck and the cat remained in that crouched position even while he was up in the air.

I asked the man if he needed any help. He said he didn't just as the cat peed on him. The pee flew up into the air as the man deflected it away from his clothing. It was rather amusing, but I didn't laugh out loud.

The man got a firmer grip on the panther's neck and put it inside a pink psychedelic van that had blue flames painted on it in a sort of speed stripe.

We made an agreement to help each other with future problems but I can't remember the details. It was a general agreement.


7-25-99 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee. Two men were involved, I.R. and another older man who seems familiar but I can't give him a name. I can't recall if I.R. was helping the man or the other way around, but the other man said that he had known I.R. for many, many years. I can't recall either which man I was helping. I was working on a puzzle that seemed like a calendar.  The pieces had all awkward arms on it and I couldn't get all the pieces to fit, so, the puzzle turned into a wheel with many spaces around the circle and the last piece fit in easily.

As I woke up and was thinking about the dream, I saw a greeting card with a stylized drawing on the front in black. It looked kind of like an ancient rock art painting where you have to figure out what it is. The card opened up and the same painting was inside, but it was fading on the ends. I knew then it was a bison, and the word DEATH came into my head.


7-27-99 - DREAM - I was headed west on Center St. I was going to work and intended to take a bus and cut over on 57th St. I didn't think I had enough change for the bus, so I stopped in a restaurant and sat at a table. Some interested bystanders saw me going through my purse because I spread it all out on the table. A young man on my left helped me sort it out.

I had 3 different pairs of glasses and each one had their own pocket. I was trying to find two quarters and didn't see them. I had a small leather pouch and decided to dump the contents out on the table too.  For some reason I expected everything to be small but everything was full size and there was more on the table than the pouch could possibly hold. It looked like I had a brown wooden bead rosary or prayer beads and I shoved those into my right pocket. I had all kinds of change but didn't have any questers.

I decided I would stop at the corner drug store and buy something and get quarters that way.

I went outside again and I had a little girl with me. I helped her up some stairs and she grew in size with each step up she made.

I heard a noise in the sky and looked up. I saw  series of lights in the sky like jets in formation, but as I looked the planes stopped moving and the sound stop too.  I said, "They look like cardboard cutouts."

I looked down and I heard the noise again so I looked up and the planes were closer. Now the lights, instead of being many jets in formation were clearer and I saw that the series of lights were on the bottom of several black bomber type war planes. It kind of looked like the bottom of planes in Star Wars, nothing like what I've ever seen before.

I told everyone to hide ... quick... I grabbed the little girl in one arm, who instantly was now a baby again.

I ran a little ways, noticing a huge glass window on the right like a store front, but I could see people inside watching us like we were on a stage.

Some kids said, "Follow us!"  There was a metal door in the building. It had a lot of odd holes in it. I didn't know why. The kids were ahead of me so the door had already closed when I got to it, but I pushed it open and found myself in a tunnel between buildings. The kids were way ahead of me. I had the baby clutched in my right arm and I was following the kids through the tunnel by glimpses of a light. I hoped I didn't run into any dead ends. I hurried along the tunnel and woke up.

As I lay in bed thinking about the dream, I had a vision of a medieval type scene. Three Kings stood close together, seemingly holding a big black snake.  a woman dressed in a fancy gown  bowed to the ground at their feet.


7-27-99 - VISION - I was thinking about Michelle doing readings for people and saw her and myself in my back hallway by the door with a black and brown German Shepherd puppy about 4 months old. A voice said, "Oh!. There's Mama's big boy!" and the mother German Shepherd dog came up to the door on the other side of the door. Another voice said, "Oh! She's just kidding with them!"


7-28-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were walking through a field that had a lot of bushes and underbrush in it. A short black bull was by one of the bushes and I was quite intimidated by it. Joe wasn't afraid of it and told me to just go around the other side of a bush. That worked fine but the bull was following us and I had to keep finding more bushes to go behind.

Then a second black bull appeared and that made it even harder.

I know if the bull turned into a wolf or the wolf just appeared but he was more aggressive. There was a black, round back chair in the field and Joe told me to swing the chair at the wolf to control it, so I did. I kept swinging the chair at the wolf's head until I subdued it. Joe was never afraid nor was he attacked. It just followed us.


7-28-99 - VISION - While I was thinking about the above dream, I slipped into a vision in which I saw a man with a tattoo on each shoulder, dressed all in white and he was going to show us how to keep the wolf subdued.


7-28-99 - VISION - The same tattooed man gave us two small books which were shorter than his fingers which were to teach us how to subdue the wolf.


7-28-99 - VISION - The same tattooed man continued to help us stave off the wolf.

NOTE:  Joe says that his boss had a dream in which he was dressed all in white and had tattoos on both shoulders. Perhaps psychically I was seeing Joe's boss in these dreams and visions.


7-28-00 - DREAM - This dream takes place in the near future. I had a new computer which was connected to the TV. Thus it had two screens, one above the other. The TV had cartoons on. I had bought the new computer because the power supply had gone out on the old one. (That actually happened two days ago)

I was trying to get the new computer to work when the next door neighbor came over to see it. (We don't have any houses next door) There was a button to push which switched from the TV to the computer, but there were numerous little buttons and I couldn't figure out which one it was.

In fact, the keyboard fell on the floor and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't type. The man kindly pointed out that the keyboard was on the floor.  I didn't feel too embarrassed and just said, "Oh! No wonder!"  

I somehow pressed PRINTSCREEN and the printer came out with two huge cartoon paintings. I told the man he could give them to his 7 year old son, and he thanked me.

I asked him what he was interested in seeing on the computer. He said, "Earthchanges and a page on fractals."

I couldn't remember exactly where on our site we had fractals but I was sure it was there somewhere.

My daughter came in then (her grown self) and she tried to help me figure out which buttons to push and somehow I ended up with "7 sevens". These were colorful like colorbook drawings of the number 7.

I then went back to trying to figure out how to get our site up on the computer.


7-29-99 - DREAM - This dream is impossible to explain in it's entirety. It started 7 different times with 7 different children. Each child had some kind of problem which I needed to solve, then realized that I couldn't solve all their problems. I had a husband who was given a whole armful of deserts like ice cream and milk and we were going to celebrate, but even then there were problems to overcome first and I ended up giving away all of it on the way to or our apartment. I went through some other people's apartments and there were an odd assortment of seeming bizarre goings on with preparations for Y2K or survival stuff/food.

In one case, I took in a woman and her kids and put them in a spare bedroom which I discovered had been remodeled into a one room complete unit with its own kitchen and bath. That woman was way ahead of me and prepared the room for living without being asked, including putting sheets and blankets on the beds which was just bare mattresses to start with. I was really pleased. The last scene, three young black men were trying to get my attention and when one would try to get me alone, the other two would grab me and hurry me away so I wouldn't be taken advantage of. I have no clue how this dream ended.


7-29-99 - DREAM - I had one of those annoying lucid dreams where lines of words were presented, none of which went together. In the last line would be small spaces and another small word would come up and fill the space to complete the line. Usually nothing stops these dreams unless I open my eyes and get up and walk around. This time the dream continued until this line appeared... carolinekennedydisappearsondaytrip

This dream ended abruptly.


7-31-99 - DREAM - I was living and working at home which seemed to be my  16th St. house, but it was getting bigger and more magnificent the longer I was there.

I saw doing two or three jobs at once. (That's typical of me) I had taken over from other people who had moved on to other jobs and this was the weekend also.

In the house, there were  many things out of place and I was putting them where they belonged and getting rid of things that were no longer necessary. On the other hand, in one room there was an empty wooden bookcase that was at least 18 to 20 feet tall. I knew I had enough books to fill it up and that would be fun.

I was also working for the locksmith, doing the radio dispatching like I did before . (I did that from 1991 to 1997)  My boss Tom had finally gone electronic but all the information was on little slips of paper. These had to be organized according to when the jobs had to be done.

I got a phone call from a woman on LeFebre street (or something like that). She said a locksmith in a white truck was there, but he didn't know where he was really supposed to be. I frantically started looking for the slip of paper that had that job and address on it and couldn't find it. The boss Tom came in and was all upset that I had messed up on a job and was blaming me (that was typical) until he finally realized that he had taken on the job himself on Friday and had never entered it into the system. Naturally that made it okay to be wrong because he had done it himself. (That was typical too)

So then he was talking to his wife and telling her to get out of the house and the only thing she could take was the dogs. (I was surprised the marriage lasted that long)

He no sooner got off the phone with her, he turned around and asked me to marry him. Right then I was trying to get to the bathroom and the answer was similar to a 'sarcastic', "I'll marry you when ice cubes melt in Siberia", or something like that, and that made him all happy. He went back to work and I continued to try to figure out how to use the toilet because there was no seat and I didn't want to sit on the cold porcelain and I was trying to use a towel that other people had sat on before me. I could tell because there were butt prints all over it. I was still trying to find a clean spot when I woke up.


7-31-99 - DREAM - I was working on a web page that was data base of links about God. This went on for a long time. At first, all the links had the letter x by itself in it, then all the links had the letter A by itself , then B, then C. I couldn't believe there were so many links to the subject of God. This went on and on, finally the linked words getting longer and larger.

The last line I saw was :  MISSION: The heavenly Father Comes Home.


7-31-99 - EXPERIENCE - I was laying gin bed and I heard LUKE outside holler something to his mother ... In my head I heard loudly ... "In the 21st Century".

Later I asked Luke what he had said to his mother. He had said, "Mommy! Look how deep the hole is!"

I spent some time reading a book of Luke and found 6 or 7 verses that fit the situation but stronger and stronger I felt it had to do with several dream I had about holes in the ground and the abyss dream which was just last week.