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July 4, 1999 - I had this simple dream twice.

There was a large pink panel with crop circle names. My job was to
punch out all the crop circles that were unimportant, leaving only one
that was important.

The second time this large pink panel was punched out leaving one
crop circle name. The panel hung in a doorway and it was 'WHITEHORSE"


1999 - Whitehorse Crop Circle:

This Crop Circle appeared on the morning of July 4, 1999

This appeared in the field WHILE I WAS DREAMING IT!

Hackpen Hill, nr Broad Hinton, Wiltshire. Reported 4th July.


Image Colin Andrews C.P.R. International Copyright 1999



This four hundred-footer arrived in Wheat, July 4th

below Hackpen Hill (between Avebury and Barbury Castle)

©Peter Sorensen


The location of Hackpen Hill, has been a focus for the phenomenon since the early nineties. In 1991 we had a wonderful triple Dumbbell appear below the slopes of the White Horse, and was keenly celebrated by the Crop Circle Community. Its has taken eight years, but the same field has now been visited again by the Circlemakers, but this time by something that surpasses anything that has been seen before below these slopes.

Its appearance close the White Horse, it’s quite simply majestic! The shock of driving down the road early on Sunday morning was enough to swerve on to the curb, as colourful vocabulary of joy came pouring from myself. This was quite extraordinary, and to make it even more intense was the fact that we had been sitting onto of the hill on a night watch on the very night it appeared!

Only hours before, we had decided to drive out to Hackpen, as it’s not a generally popular place to night watch. We parked the car in the Car Park above the White Horse at around midnight, and proceeded to walk along the Ridgeway some 200 yards from the Car. After some minutes of discussing a dark patch in a field directly below us, we noticed some lights that had suddenly appeared to our right, some two fields away from our present location.

Four lights came on at once, and then went off, as soon as they had appeared. Then a huge searchlight started to scan the fields, in what seemed to be cottage grounds as we located it on the map the next morning. The light was searching the field for over twenty minutes, and was not moving from its location. We were all very curious, but unusually not one of us decided to investigate further, we were all quite contented to watch it from a distance. The light disappeared not long before we decided to call it a night, but what would have we discovered if we had investigated further? Now! Many of you will be thinking about the work of people but let me put this question to you all. Why would they be attracting attention to themselves with a powerful searchlight? Could this have been farm security, the Police, or perhaps someone who knew a little more then the rest of us? Many questions, but judging by how dark this night in question was, and the enormous size and complexity of this formation, could anyone have created it? Perhaps the report and images will speak for themselves, we leave it up to you, but at the end of the day, this is an exceptional design, with beauty and outstanding geometry and presence!

The design itself is regarded as a vortex, than as a Galaxy, seen on many formations in 1994. However, the pattern is made of interlocking crescents, which seem to criss-cross each other, swirling round into three main arms. The overall diameter is around 390 ft, making it the largest ever design to appear below Hackpen Hill. Its geometry is something, which I have never experienced, purely because of the shear scale of the formation, and the organisation involved creating such a design. It reminded me in many ways of standing in the Windmill Hill formation in 1996, not only because of its diameter, but also its floor construction, which was equally outstanding. We were luckily enough to be the first people to enter, and could literally bounce on the freshly flattened crop.

On first appearance I could not see any evidence of mud on the stems, but there as a wonderful combing effect throughout the crescents, very similar to what Ilyes has been researching with regard to her Bols theory. The crop seems to be laid in three sections of flattened crop with slightly raised portion between in section. But the overall construction had the feeling that it was very lightly flattened, no heavy pressure was involved with the flattening process. Although the plants are very young, they still crackled when force was applied with each step, which indicated that the seed heads and stems were not effected by the actual event. The central part of the formation had a wonderful centre, creating a feeling that the whole process went down together, not in stages. That is an important point to raise, especially with regard to the overall diameter of the formation.

This formation I’m sure will be regarded as one of the highlights of the season so far!

Report by Stuart Dike



Amazingly the latest major formation that appeared below Hackpen Hill on July 4/5, 1999, is not just new in its never before shown geometry of mixed crescent and fibonacci-styled spirals but again an encoded diagram connected to the phenomenon of the sun-eclipse. It seems to be an artistic version of the so-called ‘Saros-cycle’ 145.

One Saros-cycle takes 1000-1200 years to be completed and is made of about 42 sun-eclipses each 18 years, 10days and 8 hours.

The diagram shows the actual cycle of the ‘zones of totality’ wandering southwards by starting at the Northpole and completes at its southern opposite.

The actual cycle had its first eclipse in 1639 and will be completed in 2648 with its latest eclipse over the Southpole – and then starts again on Northpole.

According to Wolfgang Held, author of a book on the actual eclipse on August 11, 1999, the Saros-cycles can be view as counterparts to sun’s light and heat projection on earth’s surface because those shown eclipses interrupt it regularly.

By comparing the diagram with the actual formation it seems that both fit very precisely also in small details. But we should consider that the formation is not the diagram itself but it’s artistic and aesthetic interpretation.

It makes no difference that the diagram shows a different rotation of the spinning system because this is just question of projection. If the earth would be shown from behind, the spinning direction would fit.

I personally feel that this formation compared with its diagram-twin can be interpreted as a task for science and, what some call ‘esoteric’ or ‘para-science’ to meet again as they did in the past with much better results to important questions as today. I wonder if it was just again one of those coincidences that I had a discussion inside the formation exactly about this question while both of us did not know about the actual look of the formation from above nor about the diagram.

Out of ‘Die Sonnenfinsternis am 11. August 1999’ by Wolfgang Held ( Verlag Freies Geistesleben, Stuttgard ) Page 30.

Actual diagram by J.Schulz: ‘Rhythmen der Sterne’

Andreas Muller
‘I.C.C.A. – The International Crop Circle Archive’


The 11:11:99 Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 1999, Final Quest for the Holy Grail

Patterns of Eclipses.

The Crop  Circles of 1999

E-mail to:   Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike


A similar pattern was reported on July 17, 1999
at Cherhill, nr Calne, Wiltshire.

The Noise Room Page of this pattern

Another Nine Pointed Star in 1999


Image Steve Alexander Copyright 1999

Field Report

Located directly below the famous White Horse of Oldbury Camp, or more commonly named Cherhill Hill Fort, is one of the finest formations to have appeared in the Avebury area this year.

Its appearance came within a flurry of reports that hit the area between the 15th of July to the 17th. The entire week was one of the quietest we have experienced at this time of year, but none of us expected such an amazing amount of formations within just a few days.

The Cherhill formation incorporates a design, which has similar elements to previous formations in the general area. We are looking at a much smaller pattern to what appeared at Hackpen Hill a few weeks earlier, but the central section of the Cherhill design includes a number of crescents creating a vortex, which is also present within the Hackpen formation.

The floor constructions on these years’ formations have been extremely impressive, and Cherhill was no exception. The pattern around the triangular sections on the outside of the vortex flowed in two directions between each interlocking triangle. This is a feature seen on many designs over the years, but the Cherhill formation incorporated a separate pattern positioned just off the main design. This shape is not the first time to have appeared; it was first seen on the Silverstone formation in Derbyshire back in 1998. It includes a small fork with a swirled central circle with standing crop, and a small tail at the end. On closer inspection of this small pattern, it contained an extremely important detail, which needs to be published. Looking at the central swirled section with the standing crop placed in the middle, on the outer edge of the standing stems, there were about 8-10 stalks, which were completely bent over at the very top of the plant. Not only that, but the stems themselves had discoloured to a brownish colour, which resulted in the seed head being completely dehydrated, with about half and inch of stem included.

On the standing walls surrounding the formation, and the small feature pattern, we could not find any evidence of the same effect, it was only concentrated on that small standing centre. A very interesting detail, which I am confident, has not been seen before. It maybe just as mysterious as the Dead Flies found by Janet Ossebaard, but what was so uncanny, is that Janet also discovered this new detail in the Cherhill formation, only a field away from her Dead Flies discovery in 1998.

What an amazing formation to photograph and report on, it’s positioned in the field quite beautifully, with the White Horse as a wonderful backdrop. On walking around the formation, you experience a feeling of peace, very similar to walking into a church. This feeling has been present on many formations around this area, and I am sure its about positioning in the landscape which is having a direct effect upon the individual.

Reported By Stuart Dike

Comments about the Nine Pointed Star


The Ennead "flows around the other numbers within the Dekad like an ocean." Nichomachus of Gerasa

Multiplying by nine reveals a mirror symmetry among numbers. If any number is multiplied by nine the resulting digits always add to nine. For example 2 x 9 = 18; 3 x 9 = 27, 4 x 9 = 36 and so on. Thus, the Hebrews referred to nine as the symbol of immutable Truth.

The Ennead, or nine pointed star, is an ancient and sacred symbol. It comprises three trinities. The Egyptian, Celtic, Greek and Christian myths all have an ennead of nine gods and goddesses, representing the entire archetypal range of principles.

The magic square is also considered sacred and full of power in the Islamic, Tibetan, Buddhist, Celtic, Indian and Jewish traditions. A magic square is when each number is used only once, but the horizontal, vertical and diagonal sums are all equal. The Chinese have patterned their architectural temples along the harmonious principles of the magic square.

Gurdjieff also uses it, called the Enneagram.

MU and the Enneagram - An Explanation

Nine Pointed Star symbolize the Fruits of the Spirit
The Bahai's also use the 9 pointed star as their symbol


Also, on July 17th, but in 1991, this Barbury Castle triangular crop circle appeared:

Joe Mason and others feel that this is the symbol of the alchemical trinity of sun/sulphur, moon/salt,  mercury/quicksilver. There is a great comparison between it and the New Jerusalem Plan which Joe wrote about here:

Note that Figure 988 above matches the northern glyph of the 1991 Barbury Castle triangle crop circle.

The Origin of Forces has always been a mooted question among scientists of the earth's
First Great Civilization, telling us what the origin is; and not only that, but also the manner and direction of their workings. Especially it shows us the curvatures apparent
throughout the Universe, which are causing so much controversy among scientists today.

How long ago this was written James Churchward cannot say, but certainly more than
12,000 years ago, he is certain.

This glyph confirms the one from Figure 1231 below and shows the direction in which the Forces are working throughout the Universe. This particular glyph shows the lines running from outside to the center - therefore it is the Centripedal Force.

This glyph, without any script, appears on many of the Yucatan and Central American inscriptions.

It is important to note that the wheat stalks in the Barbury Castle - 1991 glyph, were also laying from outside to the inside just like in the glyph number 958 above.

More connections to the Barbury Castle Triangular Crop Circle of 1991:

7-24-91 - Dream: I was in a house. A man told me to tell all my friends, if they haven't already done so, to purchase a circular mat to go in the center of their livingroom floor where they stand. The colors were 33 1/3% each of Red, Orange, and Yellow - in a curved triangle of each color spiraling in toward the center. There were 1/2" rings circling within.

NOTE: You can see glyph similar to this mat by looking at the crop circle at:

This crop circle was formed in England on 7-17-91 - It is the Barbury Castle Crop Circle. The mat was similar to the glyph at the lower end of the crop circle.

Notes from Joe Mason in 1997 after I told him about the mat dream:

8-17-97  The date of this dream (7-24-91) is a clue. 7-24-91 was just a few days after the Barbury Castle crop circle formation. The division of your circle into a triangle of three colors fits with the crop formation. It is three circular areas in a triangle. It is related to the Trinity of Creation, I do believe. Your drawing which you sent to me looks much like a crop circle, like lines of wheat stalks laying down.

The way your lines go toward the center may connect with the north glyph in the crop pattern. There were six lines with the wheatstalks going inward toward the center. The colors in your dream, Red, Orange, and Yellow are sun colors. I knew when I first the crop circle that the North glyph in the crop formation was a sun symbol, associated with "male". Very similar glyphs are in "The Sacred Symbols of MU". In a later article about the crop circle, it said that the three corner glyphs have parallels in alchemical signs, corresponding to sun/sulfur, the moon/salt, and Mercury/quicksilver.

In the Hopi Creation Myth, there is a sun inside a square shape in the sky. The mat in the room is like a circle inside a square.

by Joe Mason

On March 11, 1992, Joe Mason had a vision of a plate like this:

Along with the vision, he heard a voice say, "Cycle of Time"

A moment later, he heard, "to identify the lost tribes. "

After he woke up, he thought of the twelve tribes of Israel, the New Jerusalem star formed by the astrological zodiac signs, and the Hopi grandmother spider myth where humans figure out the meaning of life and become the various tribes, and learn how to weave.

He wrote an article about that here:  Humanity on the Pollen Path

In 1997, Joe and I were studying crop circles and found these coincidences to a dream that Joe's co-worker Jeff had.

The person who dreamed the crop circle had not seen these crop circle patterns.

Crop circle found in Britain

AUDLEY, 1996

Crop circle found in Britain


Crop Circle dreamed by Jeff

M. in January, 1998

Unfortunately, there are no public links to these crop circle page descriptions now but are available from Crop Circle Connector for a fee at:

Audley End, Nr Saffron Walden, Essex. Reported 13th July, 1996. Image by Russell Stannard. Copyright 1996

Design is a six petal design with three crescents in the centre. Actually, there are three standing petals that alternate with flatten ones. Noticed that the crescents point to the middle of the one beside it. 3*3 flattened circles, 3 rings, & 3 crescents. One photographer reports all three of his cameras failed in it.

Barbury Castle, Nr Wroughton, Wiltshire. Reported Sunday 20th April 1997An aerial shot by Lucy Pringle Copyright 1997.

Sunday, 20th. April 1997. Crop circle in oilseed rape below Barbury Castle (to the north-east (SU 157777)?). ringed circle with six half-crescents (clockwise direction) fanning out to outline. Overall diameter is c. 160'. Central circle 18-20', diameter of standing ring 48-50', diameters of seven rings which form basis of design 78-80'. There is also a 3-4' grapeshot nearby.

The formation resembles Littlebury Green in Essex last year, incorporating six outer half moon crescents which fan out from a large inner ring which is made from each of the crescents themselves. A standing ring surrounds a central circle some 20ft in diameter, that lies within the central sections of each crescent.

The floor construction is clockwise, this also includes the central circle, with many stems still intact, and with no bruising visible. Some of the stems were snapped at the base of the stem, but we must take into consideration the brittleness of this delicate crop! The floor pattern with each crescent was directed towards the crescent walls, almost 90 degrees. A small pathway of rape, outlines each inner crescent wall, with a link outer pathway connecting every arm of the crescents.

The whole design is some 170 feet in diameter, with small pathways which link each crescent as it fans from the central section of the formation. The crescents themselves merge into each other, creating a Catherine wheel effect!

Report by Stuart Dike.


In 1998, the excitement raged as Team Atlantis went to investigate an underwater site near Japan where a pyramid was found. To our surprise, an old gentlemen who lived on a nearby island had this tattoo on his hand:

The tattoo of an elderly person who
lived on the island from which the
dives were made.
This stone was found on the island
where the underwater pyramids
were discovered.

When we saw that tattoo, we immediately knew it was an authentic ancient mark. This is it:

I posted this on their site:

July 22, 1998 - Hello everyone: When we came to this site, the underwater scenes were incredible, but what excited us even more was the photo of the elderly person and his tattoo in comparison with the stone. The stone shows the same picture as Tablet 1231 in Col. James Churchwards' 'The Sacred Symbols of Mu'.

Churchward states: This cross is the most valuable writing which has come down to us from the First civilization both as regards religion and science. This cross tells us that all Forces throughout the Universe have their origin in the Deity. That these forces are controlling life and all movements of matter down to the atom and particles of atoms, either directly or indirectly. It shows us that the Forces called Atomic Forces are only indirect workings of Primary Forces through Atoms. It tells us how the Great Primary Forces are working in a manner to maintain regular and perfect movements of each and every body throughout the Universe.

All of the arms of this cross are symbols of the Primary Forces coming from and out of the Deity. All of these arms or Forces are pointing towards the East - the four form a circle. Therefore, the Primary Forces are all working in a circle from a Center and proceeding in an Easterly direction.

There is no explanation as to where this stone was found. How did the elderly person get the tattoo that matches it exactly?

If what we suspect is true, this Atlantis team should be renamed the teamMU.



While researching the above symbol, we also found this one:

James L. Churchward spent 50 years studying the symbols of ancient man. He found that the Mound Builders in the Central United States used religious symbols that show a highly scientific knowledge, for they perfectly understood the great Cosmic Sciences which today are just dawning on our scientific world. The Cosmic Sciences include the origin and workings of the Four Great Primary Forces, the parents of all forces.

Churchward concludes that the Mound Builders of Central United States came from the same people's who inhabited Mexico who had originally come from MU. He states that the descendants of these Mound Builders now live in the southwestern states.

The water bottle above is one of many from a mound that was on a line between Southeast Missouri and Arkansas in Mississippi County. Therefore it is of ancient workmanship.

Figure 1 through 4 above  are such:

Figure 1 is a symbol showing the construction and workings of the sun. It shows that the Sun has a hard crust and a soft center. It shows that the sun is being revolved by her Superior Sun from west to east. The revolving hard crust carries around the soft center in the same direction, but not at the same velocity, thus forming a frictional line, a magnet. This is shown by the soft material in the center being curved. It is shown to refer to the Four Great Primary Forces by the central soft material being divided into four arms forming a cross, the first and original symbols of the Four Great Forces. The form of the rays of the Sun are in the shape of the symbol for activity, thus saying that the rays are active in carrying the Forces somewhere, i.e., the generated Forces are taken from the hard crust by the rays and delivered in a manner to carry out certain functions not shown in the diagram.

The cross symbol in number 2 is an artistic design of the cross symbolizing the Sacred Four, the Four Great Primary Forces. The lines of the cross are drawn to extend in westerly directions, thus running from west to east.

The symbol in Figure 3 is the same as the Mexican symbol from Figure 1231 above. It is from a collection of over 3000 items and are one of the most important finds in any part of the world. In both cases the Mound Builders and the Mexican show the Four Great Primary Forces emanating from the Creation, and are said by the ancients "To be His Commands, His desires, His wishes." They are, in both symbols, shown moving from west to east, as are all living moving spheres that revolve on their axes from west to east.

Figure 4 is also of the sun and is universal, that is, they are found among the writings of all ancient peoples. This one is a picture of the Sun as Ra, the monotheistic symbol of the Deity.

Note that these symbols are found among the crop circles we are seeing over the years being created by the circle makers in many countries.




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