JULY, 2010


7-1-10  - DREAM -  I was taking care of a very small girl in my house in a large city.  There were other women in the house as well, and we had to get ready for a wedding.

The problem apparently was that there wasn't enough room in the bathroom for everyone to get ready at once, and that left me and the little girl to get ready last.

Finally, I determined there wasn't enough time to get both of us ready for the wedding, so I decided not to go.

I then spent the rest of the time, looking out the window across the street, where a lot of people were climbing several stories of stairs of this really old red brick building that was shiny brick, and next to it was a huge old church, that looked like nobody ever went there.  I assume the wedding had to be at the building where everyone was climbing the stairs, but it didn't look like a church to me.

So, I really didn't decide before I woke up to the phone ringing.



I was living in an older wooden house near the top of a hill.  But, it was raining, and raining, and raining and the water was creeping up to the door sill. 

I had worked earlier in that day and needed to change into my home clothes.  I wasn't feeling very well, and one of the other people in the house asked me what was wrong.  I answered, "If I don't get my period, then I'll know something is wrong.".

One of the women asked, "Who did you sleep with?

I looked around the room and glanced at Rex (from One Life to Live TV show).  She wanted to know what kind of sex it was, indicating it wasn't romantic at all. It was just sex.

I went out into the yard to see how bad it was, wearing rubber boots almost up to the knees.  I saw that the driveway was full of piles of black bags of rotten grass and garbage. I had to walk very carefully so as not to fall down in the slippery mass.

Just then a bull dozer came up the hill, pushing ahead of it a pile of sand and small stones that had washed down the hill, but also garbage that had washed down the hill.

I went back into the house and in the kitchen several people were gathering for dinner. 

I looked at the table, which was littered with old food and dog food powder.  I decided to clean it, and found a can of kitchen cleanser. Unfortunately I spilled a little bit on the meat that one of the women was going to cook. 

I apologized profusely about spilling the kitchen cleanser on the edge of the meat, and picked it back off with my fingernail.  We were laughing while I was apologizing - "I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!  I'm so sorry!" 

Then I looked at the meat and it was more grease than it was meat, the meat always having been carved off the bone for someone else to eat earlier.   It was disgusting to even look at, much less contemplate eating all that fat.

I woke up feeling very depressed about the whole thing.


7-3-10 - DREAM - I went to a high school reunion (I've never been invited to one in real life)  There were quite a few people there.

I was sitting on a sofa, and  I felt the presence of someone behind my right shoulder, so I turned around and saw Norman M. standing there all alone.  He was dressed in a light grey suit and looked very lonely because no one was talking to him.

So, I reached out my hand and patted the top of his hand to get his attention, and when he saw me, I took a hold of his hand and I got up and walked with him through the room, and nobody noticed us at all. 


7-3-10 - DREAM -  I was looking at a strip of land on a map.  It was green, but barren.  There were supposed to be Indian tipis there, but nobody had put any there. 

I had thought that my friend Donna was supposed to have been working with them, and she didn't help them get the tipis there either.

I didn't know where this map was located, so I couldn't help either.


7-3-10 - NAP DREAM - I was watching a new DVD by Ray Arthur ______   the guy who got arrested in Arizona for creating a deadly scene forcing people to breathe in steam when it was over 107 degrees inside a tent all day. 

Anyway, here is the dream:

I was busy working in my Father's house, and I had to go to the bathroom upstairs.  We only had one bathroom at the top of the stairs.

When I got there, I discovered that my brother had taken rope and tied knots all over the door, tying it shut with over 1,000 knots, and a young girl named Georgia was inside the bathroom.  I needed to get in and she needed to get out, so I was untying the knots as fast as I could, and she said, "That's okay!  I'm not in a hurry!  I don't need to be anywhere until Thursday! "

That wasn't funny since I needed to get inside the bathroom worse than she needed to get out.  I managed to untie knots along the edge, and I realized that it wouldn't matter about the knots on the hinge side, since it was only on the opening side I needed to undo them - along the edge, so it didn't take me as long as I thought.

Once in and out of the bathroom, I went downstairs, and in the dining room, the table was missing, but an old thing man was sitting on a sofa waiting for it to get cleaned so he could watch TV and enjoy visitors. 

Another sofa, on the west side of the room, was piled high with clothing that no longer fit anyone and it needed to get sorted so we could give it away to the Good Will.  There was a lot of it, and once I started sorting, I found that there were dolls in the pile below the baby clothes that no longer fit anyone and these dolls were beautiful, each one with a gorgeous outfit someone had lovingly made for a young girl.  I stopped to admire the dolls and their beautiful clothes, and then started to cry a little, because I didn't have time to play with dolls or make clothes for them any longer, so I started stacking the dolls on the side to give to the Good Will too.  I just couldn't keep everything that once meant so much to me.

When I got that all sorted, then the floor had all the piles of sorted things and clothes and that all had to be packed up into boxes and removed from the house.

I then went outside and was going south on a street, and someone had lined up three barrels of orange juice so bicycle riders could dip a cup into them and drink juice and keep on riding.  That seemed like a good idea, but when I got a little farther, the street was covered with every imaginable color congealed J-ello!  and I remembered having made J-ello! the night before and suddenly I was in my own kitchen, trying desperately to clean up the congealed J-ello!  which I knew would eventually melt with warm added water, but it would take forever. 

I asked someone standing there if it would chip off the floor, and he said 'No!  It's has to be melted off with warm water!  So I just kept going.

It was a colorful job, but it had to be done.

I woke up more tired than when I went to sleep.


7-4-10 - DREAM - My husband and I were watching TV, and on the screen were two men, high up in the air inside a metal cage of thin rods, that was filled with metal rods that were crooked and spiked and really scary looking, and these two guys were in that cage fighting with each other at the same time.  One guy got his arms twisted around the metal bars and couldn't get one of his arms loose, and I was afraid the other guy was going to really hurt him.

I then went out to the garage, and I found a large box with what looked like a bird cage, made very similarly to the cage on TV, except the bird cage was made of wooden sticks with a dome shape top and had to be constructed by hand by the purchaser.  It wasn't anything like the nice metal cages you buy in a store. 

I keep thinking about 'a bird in a gilded cage' but there was nothing gilded about this cage.  It was all individual loose sticks one had to put together oneself.

I opened the box in the garage and to my surprise, I saw two parakeets in the box - really pretty ones that were colored blue and white like blue jays..  They were really large size.

The box was wide open and the garage door was open and I thought for sure the birds would just take off and fly out into the yard, but I was able to grab them without them biting me, and put them into the lid of the box with a cloth over them and they didn't try to escape.

I went back to the box with the sticks in it, and found three more birds, but these were smaller - akin to finches, and they were different colors of blue and green.  I quickly snagged all three birds and put them in the box with the other two, so now I had 5 birds.  I had no idea how those birds could have lived and been so healthy in shipping boxes like they were. Who knows how long the bird cages were in the warehouse, and the store, etc. before people bought them, and there were lots more boxes of these cages at the store.

I went back to the box with the cage, and spotted two more birds on the floor - different birds.  One was a light green dove, and one was probably a cordon bleu finch - very colorful, and when I picked them up, I saw a third bird that was quite different from all the rest - very thin body, but multiple colors.  Somehow I got all the birds together under the cloth, and went back to making the cage for them which was just like the metal cage I had seen on TV with the two men fighting in it.


7-4-10 - DREAM - I was typing an e-mail to my friend Barbara and it was really long.  I have no idea what it was about, but near the bottom of the page, I spotted a really long name of a volcano I'm quite sure it was - made of three long words.  I was quite afraid this was predicitng it was going to blow up, and I had the feeling it was one of the volcanos near Sri Lanka which has many volcanoes in a row there.

I continued typing to Barbara, but now my lines were shorter so I could get the e-mail done and send it to her.


7-4-10 - MEDITATION:  I was just raising my vibrations, when all of a sudden I thought I was at my computer reading an e-mail from my friend Barbara who lives in Florida, near Kissimmee.  In the e-mail she was talking about having an experience where she knew that a tsunami was coming to hit Florida.

NOTE:  When you combine the dream I had above where I was writing an email to Barbara about a volcano exploding, and then her e-mail back to me telling me about she knew a tsuanmi was coming to hit Florida.  The only volcano possible is the BP drilling hole volcano.

OR could it be the one out in the Atlantic Ocean that everyone has been afraid of.


7-5-10  DREAM -= My mother and I went to an Indian reservation to claim what we had won in a lottery the tribe had had.   Besides the stuff we won, my brother won $25,000 woth of property.  The clerk told us we couldn't claim the property, that my brother had to do that himself, and he didn't have to pay the taxes either because the giver in a lottery had to pay the taxes.

We wondered how much property my brother had won in the lottery because nothing was that cheap anymore. 


7-5-10 - DREAM -  I was an 8th grade teacher, living in New Berlin, WI.  Two little girls came to the house and invited me to a 70's party.

I thought to myself, "I can do that!  I still have 70's clothes hanging in my closet".  (That's not a joke :-)

The party was in Oak Creek, but I went anyway.

When I got there, the woman who answered the door wanted me to answer a questionnarie because it was for early childhood education.

I said to her, "I thought this was a Tupperware Party!"  and she left the room to go back to her early education bdudies.  And as I left the building, I holllered to them, "They don't like 8th grade teachers in this building."

I had a hard time finding the front door, so a nice gentleman showed me the way down a long hallway and it turned out, the building was owned by Japanse people and everyone in the building poke Japanese.

I thought about asking my husband to meet me part way home and buy me some chocolate, but I drove so fast, I was half way home within minutes and decided against it.

Weird thing was, there was no steering wheel in this car, it drove like a boat with a rudder and one wheel in the back, and no gas pedal, only a brake.  The roads were at least 8 lines wide in each direction.

I drove way too fast I noticed too.

Weird dream!



The characters in this dream were from several TV show, "The Young and the Restless, and All My Children.  There were pairs of people, all dressed like it was winter. Evidently there was no heat and there were few of us left, and we were all paired off as couples.

I was told that when someone wanted to leave the conclave, one of the others had to shot them with a special electronic gun, seven times , which forgave them.  And if you could forgive them, you were considered an 'adept'. 

One of the men decided he wanted to leave, so one ofo the other men shot him seven times, then he had to use a brush like device attached to a long tube which cut their body hair short and made them vulnerable to the cold air.  When they were shot electronically, their body was labeled with an electronic tag which flashed red for a period of time.  If they could survive the cold long enough, the light would go out, and they were free to go out into the wilderness on their own, taking a few provisions with them - very few.

Several people left like that, and then another man, named Jake was ready to leave and I shot him seven times, and the did the brushing routine on him.  And because there were few of us left, I had to also shoot his dog and brush it, and then short out some clothing, and books, wome of which he could take with him.

As I went to the book shelf, I started at the top to choose which books he could take with him.  On the top shelf was a large, thick red book, which I opened up and I showed it to one ofo the other men named Jack and asked him if he wanted the book since there were only two men left.  The title of the book was  "Chief Hawk" and there was a picture of Chief Hawk who looked very Indian-like with a rather large feathered headdress, and very warm winter clothes on made of cloth and leather.

He shook his head, so I put it back on the top shelf of the bookcase. 

Since I had already been shot and forgiven, Jack and I were going to head out into the wilderness, and we had a vehicle with which we were leaving on, which was soundless, probably electronic.  Jack and I were leaving together to go to the quarry, and as we drove down the road, we had to drive past Jake and his female partner who were standing in the road.

Jake had already been shot but was still in his waiting period, but his female partner had not yet been shot.  They both started running as our vehicle approached them in the Y-shaped intersetion, and we had to pass them and turn right on the quarry road.

Jack and I decided to let them go, and turned right onto the quarry road and just kept going, leaving them with all the provisions that were left bheind.


7- 6-10-DREAM -  I was living in a house with IESOUS.  I was so in love with him, I would do anything for him.

IEUSOUS was in the livingroom, on the fllor with a dram size bottle of perfume which he was trying to perfect, and it just wasn't going right, so he would destroy the bottle.  Then he'd ask kme for another bottle of the same size and expect me to produce it within moments so he could try again.

I tried to explain to him that I didn't have an endless supply of perfume bottles on my dresser, but if I did that, he would get angry, so I just went to get another one.  This time I gave him a perfume bottle with a little filly pink hat for the lid. 

He took the bottle to work on perfecting his new perfume, and another woman showed up.  Her name was Debbie.

I didn't trust Debbie and I was sure she wanted nothing more than to take IESOUS away from me, but IESOUS sent me outside to do another errand for him, and I was afraid to leave him alone with Debbie.  As I left the room, I noticed that I was dragging a red thread behind me everywhere I went, so he'd always know where I was.

I went outside to the car, which was black, made in the 1930's apparently, and it looked new.   From there, I could see over the lower curtains in the kitchen window and Debbie was telling something to IESOUS and waving her arms over her head, but I couldnl't hear what she was saying.  I was just glad she was doing that and not trying to get OUSOUS away from me.  I was feeling so jealous about her.

I went back into the house and as I passed IESOUS in the hallway, I heard him says, "If my mother hadn't have done that nine times, things wouldn't be the way the are!"

I didn't know what his mother had done nine times, but maybe that's why he had to perfect the perfume he was trying to make.



VISION 7-6-10

Secondly, I saw the woman from The Young and the Restless TV show who just gave birth to twins (a boy and a girl) by Caesearean section on last Friday's show.  7-3-10.

She said, "That must be the reason why it hurt so much!"

Her neame is MacKenzie Browning. Her real name is Clementine Shepherd-Ford.  The babies are named Charlie and Matilda (named after Australian Dad relatives?

Third I saw a blue lion sphinx with his head turned to the right.



The Sphinx currently faces east towards the east. 

The Sphinx has a base length of 240 feet

height of 66 feet

width of 20 feet.


The Arab name for the Sphinx means "The End of the End connected to the Beginning of the Beginning".This is definitely a "Timeline". One of the meanings of the Sphinx is a time cycle from the beginning of Leo to the end of Pisces, the age we are in and the beginning of Aquarius.

The Sphinx, the Lion Man in this interpretation represent the Zodiac signs of Leo and Aquarius. When the Sphinx was built some 12,000 years ago, in the Age of Leo, it faced almost due east, where the equinox point was in the Age of Leo. In the New Age, Aquarius, the Sphinx will be facing the zodiac signs in the sky 180 degrees rotated from it's original position and now facing Aquarius which is MAN on the map below.  


astrological signs

The Great Sphinx is centered exactly 11.77245771 longitude seconds East of the Giza prime meridian, and is also centered exactly 29 deg 58 min 37.79504853 sec North of Earth's equator



7-7-10 - DREAM - I was sitting at a typewriter that was electric, copying stuff from one computer to a typewriter that was electric.  The typewriter didn't work well at all.

My Father came through the room and went into the next room where he was playing a piano.  I have no idea what he was playing, but in my room there were big grey mice running around. 

After being interrupted by my husband who wanted to mess around with me, I told him 'NO'. because my Father was in the next room, I got up and went into the closet to change clothes, and that was a big mistake because there were mice in there by the hundreds, but they were cute - brown and hwite polka dots on light brown, and they were big as small dachshund dogs.

I found a torn off paper bag that had white droppings of some kind on int, and it said  New York, NY, 1890  on it.

Stupid dream.


7-08-10 - DREAM -  i was looking down on a plan for a community that was laid out in a rough circle.  Each building had a colored symbol and words on it as seen from the air.

I knew that a meeting was held once a month of the managers and Directors of the community who brought in their financial records for the Accountant to do his work for the organization.

Everything around the buildings was green and very beautiful.


7-8-10 - MEDITATION -  I saw towels striped like with indian colors mixed with white, and a cheap wheelchair being used in the health/wellnesss building in the community by the pool.

I then saw a large livingroom, also rather indian motif, and on the long wooden coffee table was three brown jugs with thin openings and was told to put pencil-thin candles into the jugs.

I also dreamed that a man was visitng and he slumped over on my lap and then fell to the floor.  For some reason, something else was happening at the same time and I had to leave him lay on the floor and go do something outside and clean up something he had let lay on the floor.


7-10-10  DREAM - I came home from work, just as the mailman came late in the day.  He delivered mail to three mailboxes that were mine, one on each level, and he brought envelopes, boxes and bags to each mailbox.  It was way too much for me to carry all at once, so I was going to have to make two trips to my second floor aartment, and I was in myh third floor apartment when I gathered all the mail together.

Fortunately J.R. from All My Children came to my rescue at the last moment, to carry the largest box for me down to the second floor.  At that point he had to go to work, so he left. When heh walked out, I looked out the windnow and saw a blizzard occurring outside and felt so happy that I didn't have to go out to work like he did. It was really nasty outside despite the lights shining on the snow listening in the wind.

My attention turned back t omy third floor apartment which needed the kitchen straightening out.  For some reason it wasn't as clean as it should be, and there were potatoes I needed  to take downstairs with me, and I had three sizes of elephants (memories?) on the counter to take downstairs with me too.  These elephants were like 6 inches, 9 inches and 15 inches, and the largest one looked ceramic but I swore I heard him grunt and wave his tail once while he was standing there.  I didn't know how I was going to carry all three elephants and all that mail too.

The doorway to the hall was open and my boss and his secretary came in.  He had a late night assignment for me.  It was written in bright red on white paper and he said he needed it to be done right before bedtime. 

I looked at the assignment, and even not knowing what it said, when I saw the bright red lettering, I said, "I hope it doesn't give me bad dreams!"    (I think I said that last night myself remembering what a lousy day I had yesterday, talking with a person I had trusted and nowo didn't).

The secretary started showing me her new hairdo.  It was rather cute with curls piled up on top of her head.  She must have had thick hair as each curl was wound up and pinned individually.  I told her it was cute, but I knew I couldn't have that same hairdo as my hair is too thin for that sort of curling.

I woke up just as I was going to pick up the elephants and take them downstairs with me.


7-11-10 - DREAM -  I was standing in a bathroom with two little boys - one about 7 years old and the other one abou t11   (see also the date today)

The younger boy was just standing there, and a little squirt of blood came out of his belly button and fell t othe floor. 

I told the older boy to give the younger boy some tissue, and he was slow in doing so, so I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped the blood off of the floor.

NOTE: I woke up just enough to hear the TV and a man said, "some church groups believe there is a prophecy in the stars because of the 4 cardinal astrological points   the lion, the egale, the bull and the man.

According to Western Astrology, there are no "cardinal points" in a horoscope, just Cardinal Signs of the Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

There are points of a Western style horoscope which mirror the four Cardinal signs, these are known as the "Four Angles of the Horoscope": Ascendant, IC, Descendant, and MidHeaven.

Sphinx were often placed at entrances to palaces or temples of antiquity. This positioning implied power, authority and protection. The bodily form of the sphinx combines two to four animals, a lion, bull or eagle with the head of a human. Sphinx Cherub - Cherubim are said to have components of Man, Eagle, Bull, Lion

The combination of all four creatures in one constitutes what is described in Ezekiel and elsewhere in the Bible as a type of angel.

The word kerubim means "one who prays", or "one who intercedes." Cherubim or Kerubim are an order of angel described in the Bible and ancient texts as a combination of two, or more often, four creatures -- including that of a human. Both the mythical Sphinx and the scriptural cherubim are "hybrid" beings combining two to four creatures. The meaning of these creatures can be found in the zodiac narrative.

Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. 

The true meaning of the celestial zodiac and the symbols of the ecliptic, the course the sun appears to travel the heavens, seems to have been lost to the majority of mankind. The purpose of the zodiac symbols can be understood by connecting the sequence of pictures in story form.

But what is that connection? What point in the circle of heaven is its beginning?

Sphinx in Greek means to "connect or bind together".A sphinx combines the head of a woman and the body of a lion. This fixes the beginning and ending of the celestial narrative --  beginning with Virgo and ending with Leo.


7-10-10 - DREAM - I was sitting at my desk in my office at work, playikng a game on my computer when the telephone rang at the desk behind me.

I turned around and watched my boss who was sitting at a table on a chair, drop seven colored balls the size of basketballs on the flloor behind them. Each one was a different color.

He answered the phone and started talkikng to the woman who worked upstairs in accounting, and told her he couldn't spare me because I had too much important work to do.

I realized that his bragging on me meant he was probably lonely, because we hadn't had an order in months, so there had been no work to do.  I just basically kept the chair warm at myh desk.

I turned back to my computer and made sure my boss couldn't see that I was playing a game on the computer, and just kept typing things - like I was writing a book.



i was living in a house somewehre with my husband.  I don't recall seeing any of my kids in this dream. 

I started out inside the house, telling my husband that I had to do the laundry, but I hated having to go down into the basement where everyone else did their laundry because it was always crowded, and you had to vacate the laundry room by 10 p.m.  done or not.  I told him, "I wish I had my own washing machine."

A few minutes later, we went down to the basement to do the laundry and it wasn't the same basement I expected.  This one was filthy, there was brownish red mud in piles at least 6 inches thick that men had dragged in.  It appeared that the men used beautiful pastel colored blankets to wipe off their boots and their tools with them in the aftermath of a hurricane or something.  There was hardly a clean spot to walk on to even get close to the washing machine.

 I opened the washing machine which was quite small - about 1/2 the size of the one I currently use at home.  It was colored yellow, and inside the machine, the water was black and full to the top.

I thought I would run that mahcine through as it wasn't workikng, and when I looked to see where to turn on the mahcine, the wire had been cut that went from the machine to the wall.  The plug had been removed from the wall as well, and there was no way to turn on the machine whatsoever.

My husband said he would go upstairs and get his tools and repair the wire and put a new plug on it.  He was capable of doing that, so I walked with him to the door, and looked outside again at the devastation outside.  There were beautiful blankets and towels everywhere that people had used to clean up the reddish brown mud and nobody had started cleaning up the mess.

So, I proceeded to pick up the blankets and towels and sort them out to be washed, trying to sort out the fabrics by type and color, though only one blanket would fit inn thaht machine, if at all.

I walked back to where the machine was, and it was gone. 

That really made me upset and there was another woman there now with a broom, an older lady in her 40's or 50's, and she was trying to clean up the floor a bit so it could be walked on.

I asked her accusingly, "Where is the washing machine?", thinking she may have stolen it,  and she seemed reluctant to tell me, but pointed out that she had moved the machine to the opposite wall.

I went over to the machine and it was still in the same deplorable shape as it had been on the opposite wall, still with the black water in it, so nothing had improved.  Everything was just moved to different positions - not really cleaned up at all.

I started picked up the blankets and towels and moving them into piles until I woke up.


7-12-10 - DREAM - I don't know where I was, but the building was built in a square and whatever floor I was on, the hallways went all the way around the square. 

David from One Life to Live was working on painting the walls in the hallway, rather I should say, he was attempting to paint inn the corners, like one would do to 'edge' the paint int he corners.  Nothing had been painted with a roller on the walls themselves. 

I went into a room where a series of cards had been stood up in rows with numbers on them.  These were not playing cards, but cards like one would make a giant calendar out of, and not all the cards were in place. Some spots were blank, and I saw numbers up to the number 26.

I don't know why certain numbers were missing.  Evidently only the numbers that showed were important.  But I didn't pay attention to any other number than the 26.

The cards were standing folded over likek this:   /\ except facing one - not sideways like that.


7-14-10 DREAM -   I was living in an old farm house with a lot of people - big family - and when they came in for dinner,  they hung their jackets on nails pounded into the wall at the back of the house.  I looked at their jackets, and every one of them was covered iin black oil, and I knew those jackets would never get clean again, and I may as well throw them away and buy them new ones. Nothing would clean those jackets.

I don't know what was wrong wtih that house, but to clean the woden floor, a bucket of water was thrown on the wooden floor and all the water sloshed to one end and went down a carck between the wall and the floor and didappeared.

My husband and his friend came in from work last, and the friend said he had gotten sunburnt out there, and my husband said, "Look wht happeend to me", and I looked at his left hand and it was oozing blood and it looked like it was mixed with oil, and the blood woouldn't coagulate - it just kept oozikng.

NOTE:  It seems like this is about the oil rig in the Gulf.


7-15-10 - DREAM - I was looking at a screen and moviing letters around and creating news headlines.

I don't remember any of the headlines, but they all felt feminine and they all were pastel colors.

It hours - and it felt like it took all niight when it was just under 3 hours.


7-15-10 - DREAM - I was looking at a screen and saw that all the feminine news had been deemed not worthy of publishing, and all the news was about men instead.  The screen looked a lot darker and nothing was in pastel colors - it was just black and white like news usually is, and it was all male oriented.


7-16-10 - DREAM - I was living in a city somewhere, in an apartment building on the second floor.  I was living with a man - evidently not married though.

I was notifed that Edward was coming home from prison, so I went to the bus station to pick him up.  We were walkiing so I evidently didn't own a car in this town.

As we were walking home, he handed me a letter he had written but never mailed.  It had the date 2008 on it.  He had cut out pictures from magazines or newspapers and attached them to the paper and wrote around them - perhaps about whoever was in the picture. They were about women, both tall and dressed in long brown dresses, but I don't remember what the letter said.  It was really long and I was trying to read it while I was walking.

I heard a church bell toll the hour, and saw that the trees were blooming, so it must have been spring. I think the bell only rang once.

Ed got a big smile on his face, and said, "Hey Honey!  The sky is telling me what time it is!"  and he laughed. 

Then he got more serious and said, "What are we going to do to get more money so we can do some fun stuff?"

I said, "What kind of fun stuff?"  and he didn't have an answer to the question.

I was thinking about whether he was home for good, or just on a temporary furlough, and he didn't know I was living with a man yet, and how was I going to handle that.

One of  female friends walked by and I introduced her to Edward and she seemed all friendly until he moved in to give her a hug, and then she got afraid and ugly look on her face.  I don't know what she was expecting, but I thought he just went to hug her and she couldn't deal with it.

We got to the apartment building.  It must have been the 1st of the month, because people were moving into the building, and two elevators side by side were full of furniture and Mexican looking workmen.

So we took the stairs to the second floor.  For some reason, my neighbor across the hall was seated at the top of the stairs writing a letter, and I wondered how he would handle it when he found out that Edward was back home.

We went into the apartment and Edward noticed that his 'thing' was starting to twitch, which surrised him because it hadn't been used in such a long time.  I wasn't prepared for that either and tried to ignore it. 

and I woke up.


7-16-10 - DREAM - I don't know hwere I was living.  I had a blonde dog who couldnh't be controlled, and even with her leash on, she dragged me to a stack of boxes that had water in them, and she went into the water and turned around and insisted on reading a book under water and refused to come out.

Edward was home and had his hair died blonde, so I called him "Blondie", and I pulled him over to me, and kissed him until our glasses fell off our faces.


7-16-10 - DREAM -  I was in my bedroom in my Father's house,  working on my computer.

I heard a noise and turned around and discovered that my first husband had parked a big black van in my closet, and was loading up all my clothes into the van. 

I asked him why he was doing that, when I heard my computer suddenly go louder, so I turned around and found my daughter's friend _______ standing there in front of my computer, so I told her how to turn the sound down with a little round button to the left of the screen, which she did.

When I turned around again, my husband, my clothes, and the van were all gone.

I went downstairs and discovered that my husband had boxed up all my clothes in large suit boxes along both sides of a silver storm fence, and was selling them all in a yard sale.

I ran up to the people who were going through my clothes, yelling, "These are not for sale, these are not for sale,"  and I could see that my husband had put all my white gemstones mixed into the boxes with my clothes.

As I ran along the fence, grabbing all the clothes back from these people, I got down to the end of the fence and turned around and everything was gone.  The people simply walked away with everything after I said the clothing was not for sale - so they just took it for free.

I turned around, and there stood "David"  with a big smile on his face.  It took me a minute to realize who he was, but I didn't say anything. I was just too hurt to acknowledge him.

All I could do then was go back to the house because there was no people, no clothes, no gemstones....

When I got into the house, I looked back out the window and saw that there were square boxes in the sky - very dark like storm clounds, but I had never seen square clouds before. they looked like upsideown houses in the sky with flat roofs on the bottom.

Then I noticed there was a layer of 'shsped' clouds that were whizzing past the square clouds but in back of them.  I saw a whale followed by a goldfish.  There were some other shapes too - various types of animals.

I tried to get my daughter's attention and show her the square clouds with the layer of animal clouds whizzing by behind them, but she couldn't see them.

Then I tried to tell her that my husband ( her father) had sold and gave away all my clothes and hy white gemstones, and she didn't believe me about that either.

i just couldn't figure out why I was the only one seeing these hthings happen and others were so oblivous to them.


7-17-10 - DREAM -  I was sitting on a carpeted rug in a room somewhere and a black woman was selling books which I was looking through to see what would be interesting.

I picked up a book titled STRICTURES AND STRUCTURES and inside was a series of math problems being worked on in symbols of little stick men climbing ropes.  I set that aside for my son Ken to learn math concept with it.

Another young black woman came in the room and wihin seconds grabbed two very large books off the top of the pile without even looking to see what was in them.  These books were brown, and about the size of a blueprint sheet of paper.  There was a whole stack of those books, but it made me upset that I didn't get a chance to look at those large books before she grabbed them and ran off with them.

Afterward, two more lback women demonstrated in another room using a half hitch thick rope and stringing it through a doorway, an open window, up and over some file cabinets like they were trees, and back through the door and supposedly through some large rocks and then back to the original dooro.  Just exactly what that was showing me, I don't have a clue.

Then some people came into the room looking for a place to rent and they didn't want the rental agent to know exactly what they were looking for, so I engaged the rental agent who let it slip to me that the economy was bad in the business wowrld, and places were getting hard to rent.

After that conversation, I went into the kitchen, where another black woman put a big blue mottled kettle like a canner onto the stove, and turned the heat on high, and smoke came rolling out from under the kettle because the heat was too high, so I turned it down whether she liked it or not.  When the stove cooled down, I looked under the kettle and the heat had made rippled lines of dark burned lines on the stove.

Not a good thing!

NOTE: Wondering if this is about real life economy.



and I'm the only one left alive because I opened my eyes.

DREAM  - I wss in a place where stars went to get theire makeup done and relax before going on stage.  We were upstairs and there were two black women up there who  may have been the makeup artists. I saw some fashion magazines laying on a table and I saw them go into a dressing room and look for other things in some upper drawers in a built in dresser.

After they left the room, I opened the drawers and found only sheets of paper in them.

I went downstairs and outside, and when I was standing on the street, I could see some really long drag marks across the yard where someone had captured another person and dragged them across the yard with a hose or something.

I ran over to where the two people lay.  Both were alive but they were half entwined with each other - each accusing the other of attacking them.  One was female and one aws male. They both had blood coming out of them, but I couldn't tell which one was guilty and which one was innocent. 

Within a few minutes, I determined that it was the woman who had attacked the man, and just then, another man came up to me, and I asked him to help hold down the female, which he did so I could get away from her because he was stronger. 

While she struggled to recover in the arms of the second man, I ran back into the building, followed by the second man who came upstairs and wanted to dance with me,. He grabbed me in his arms and he was bloody from the woman and if you've ever seen "Dancing With the Stars"  they take very large steps around each other as they twirl in a circle, and we did that once, and I flew out of his arms into the arms of another man who had come into the room.

He wanted to do the same thing with me, wrap his arms around me and make those large steps around each other - which he did and then flung out of my arms into the arms of the second man and tried to kill him.

At the same time, a fourth man came up from the street where he had been on the freeway and he wanted to get into the action as well, and I could see he was already wounded and had two weapons in his hands that looked like the ends of antlers.  He was already bloody, and he grabbed the third man and they made the big steps around each other and he stabbed the third man, and then he came after me and just before he grabbed me to make the big twirl and kill me, I slammed the door in his face, and forced my eyes open.

I had to lay there a few minutes, realizing there had been music playing in the background of those twirls, but I don't know what the song was.  It was slow and deliberate sounding and ascending notes. 

It comes to me that this dream wasn't about people, it was about the interaction of the star bodies who are coming into our solar system and swing around each other as they go around the sun and cause havoc before swinging back out into outer space for awhile before they come back for another twirl around the sun to do it once again.

I can only remember two names - Lorna - which is Scottish and is from "Lorna Doone" by Blackmoor (a character in a book and movie)  and Craig - the second man - whos name is also Scottish and means Rock (rocky)

The other two men are also characters played on One Life to Live and As the World Turns.  Craig is also from "As the World Turns".


Each of those 'stars', and planets were shown to me in  previous visions, and are on this page:



DREAM -  I was looking out the second floor window of my house and saw my little blonde daughter go down the street and into the driveway of a house down the street (on my side ofo the road)

She went so far back in that driveway, I could no long see her.

A few minutes passed and a white pickup truck pulled a small light blue house out of that driveway and parked it across the street. 

I immediately thought I had seen this happen in a movie some years ago.

Just as I thought that, my daughter appeared at the doorway of my own house and I had not seen her come out of that driveway, nor out of the blue house. She suddenly just appeared.seemingly out of nowhere.

NOTE: I think this is connected to the 'dancing stars' dream from this morning.


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Poem - Maya Angelou In & Out of Time

In & Out of Time by Maya Angelou

The sun has come.
The mist has gone.
We see in the distance...
our long way home.
I was always yours to have.
You were always mine.
We have loved each other in and out of time.
When the first stone looked up at the blazing sun
and the first tree struggled up from the forest floor
I had always loved you more.
You freed your braids...
gave your hair to the breeze.
It hummed like a hive of honey bees.
I reached in the mass for the sweet honey comb there....
Mmmm...God how I love your hair.
You saw me bludgeoned by circumstance.
Lost, injured, hurt by chance.
I screamed to the heavens....loudly screamed....
Trying to change our nightmares into dreams...
The sun has come.
The mist has gone.
We see in the distance our long way home.
I was always yours to have.
You were always mine.
We have loved each other in and out
in and out
in and out
of time.

ျမန္မာလို မဟုတ္ေပမယ့္ သိပ္ေကာင္းတဲ့ ကဗ်ာေလး တပုဒ္မို႔ပါ။
From Movie: Madea's Family Reunion - good movie

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Audrey Niffenegger is really into cemeteries—particularly London's Highgate Cemetery, resting place of Karl Marx and Douglas Adams and stomping grounds of the fabled Highgate Vampire. Niffenegger—whose best-selling first novel, The Time Traveler's Wife, is now a movie, opening nationwide August 14—worked as a guide at the cemetery in 2004 as research for her new book, Her Fearful Symmetry.

click to enlarge Audrey Niffenegger
  • Audrey Niffenegger

Due out September 29 from Scribner, which according to the New York Times advanced her $5 million for it, Her Fearful Symmetry tells the story of two mirror-image twins (the kind that seem to be exact reflections of each other) who inherit an apartment near Highgate. Their super-intimate relationship is disrupted when one of them falls in love with a morbid cemetery guide.

Between stints at two artists' colonies this summer (Oxbow in Saugatuck, Michigan, and Yaddo in upstate New York) Niffenegger, 46, found time to make her regular pilgrimage to London, where she likes to "hang out" at Highgate and still gives tours of the cemetery. "I have a little fantasy about living in London part-time," Niffenegger says. "But since I travel so much it would be silly to have two homes to be away from." The city on the Thames, she says, is "quirky, literary, old, and full of strange things that make sense only to Brits." London is also the setting for "The Night Bookmobile," published last year by the Guardian newspaper as the first installment of her serial comic The Library. Work from "The Night Bookmobile" is on display through August 22 at Printworks, 311 W. Superior.

For the half of the year that she isn't on the road promoting her work, Niffenegger remains on the north side with her cats, Claudine and Whimsy. She offers backhanded praise for the relative obscurity in which Chicago artists work. "Chicago is great if you want freedom to do your thing without anyone interfering or noticing," she says. "The worst thing is the blank look I get when I'm out in the world and people ask me where I live. 'Chicago?' they say, and I can see that they have never given Chicago or its art a moment's thought."

Niffenegger was an unfamous visual artist and maker of art books when she wrote The Time Traveler's Wife, which has sold about 2.5 million copies since 2003. The film version, starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana, was developed by Brad Pitt's company, Plan B Entertainment, as a vehicle for Pitt and Jennifer Aniston before their divorce; Plan B has stayed on to coproduce it with New Line Cinema and Industry Entertainment. The Chicago-set movie shot here for a few days in 2007, but was filmed mostly in Manitoba. Bana plays a librarian at the Newberry who slips in and out of time, first meeting McAdams as a young girl on one of his temporal forays. Their eventual marriage is tested, but also kept fresh, by his tendency to disappear into the ether. (Some of the most dramatic responses to the book have come from readers in the armed services, Niffenegger says. "Military personnel are far from home and their partners, and my first novel often resonates with them because of that separation.")

Niffenegger declines to talk about the film, except to say that she wasn't involved in the adaptation. "I haven't seen it," she says, "and I prefer to let people form their own opinions about it." She also won't discuss money. Regarding the reported advance for Her Fearful Symmetry she says, "That was a private thing that happened to be made public. I don't talk about deals."

Success has afforded her the luxury to write and make art full-time, but it's also changed how she works. "When I was writing my first novel I was alone with it," she says. "For my second novel I had the benefit of other people's expertise"—an agent and editors—"but it can make the work go slower because I . . . question myself more as I go along. I know I will be hearing from readers if I get it wrong."

She still teaches one course a year at Columbia College's Book and Paper Arts MFA program and continues to work with T3, a writing group for visual and literary artists, which she cofounded five years ago with former students from the Columbia class. T3 published the first issue of its zine, Little Bang, in October.

"Writing is a rather isolated activity," Niffenegger says. "It's fun to sit in a classroom and thrash out someone else's problems." Does her notoriety affect the dynamic with her students? "It sometimes makes them shy at first," she replies. "But we all manage to get over it."

Niffenegger says she's rarely recognized in public, and in the visual art realm she toils largely free from the attention showered on her as an author. "Very few people see my visual art. I have always had the luxury of working for a small but loyal and curious audience." The illustrated books she's been making since the 1980s, and even her two recent graphic novels, The Three Incestuous Sisters (2005) and The Adventuress (2006), have made much smaller splashes than her straight prose.

Niffenegger is now illustrating chapter two of The Library, and she's 20 pages into writing her third novel, The Chinchilla Girl in Exile. "I'm in the happy stage of making up the rules," she says, "naming the characters, making a family tree, reading piles of books that might somehow be relevant, and generally loafing around waiting for things to click." Extrapolated from an unpublished short story, The Chinchilla Girl in Exile centers on a nine-year-old girl with hypertrichosis, a genetic condition that causes her face and body to be covered with hair.

"I am interested in how our bodies shape our experience," Niffenegger says. "Because fiction is entirely abstract—I put some symbols on paper, you decode them and construct the story in your mind—it's a great medium for considering people whose appearance might be too exciting to let us get to know them. In fiction a different-looking person can speak without their body getting in the way of communication."

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7-19-10 - DREAM -  All the people in this dream were short and roly-poly.  It started out that my roommate received an envelope in the mail from her aunt with a single unused $1 stamp in it.

That started off a series of encounters with a man who resembled  Jack Ruby (the dallas enterprenear) who was put in jail for killiing Oswald.  (I'm not saying this was him - but he resembled that type of guy)

One of my friends wanted desperately to be a serious singer.  She had a glorious voice but never had the chance to use it for various reasons, and her mother had no confidence in her.  I heard her siing one day and 'know' she had 'it' - the quality that makes one a star and I found a way for her to sinig and make money doing it.  She was so tickled - even her mother couldn't stop her career now that people had heard her sing.

My roommate had a job answering phones for another person whom she never saw and she smoth-talked to that person until she earned her money doing so.

I knew what she was doing, but nobody else did, except a roly-poly man came along and 'knew' and wanted her to work to him.

I worked so hard to keep the two of them separated, but he showed up one evening with a truck load of food, like cheese and Christmas chocolates - the packages being so large, he could barely carry them.

He was still out in the hall when I said to him, "What have you don??????"  in a very loud voice.

He brought the food into the apartment, and indicating that my roommate was talking on the phone, I told him, "she's talking to 'her' client".

And he made it known that he wanted someone to do the same thing for 'him'. 

I told him that was no problem.

He indicated that it needed to be done on a line that had no record to it from the phone company.

I told him I had friends who could make that happen....   and as soon as I said that - I woke up.


7-19-10 - DREAM -  After breakfast, I slumped over on the sofa and suddenly was asleep and dreaming about a star named Penelope.  that sounds like a sweet little blonde girl's name, doesn't it.  Penelope?  I never heard of a star named Penelope.  But, suddenly, I was looking at a long web page about a star named Penelope?  Mythology?  we'll see.



7-19-10 - MEDITATION -  I saw a photograph from the latest MUFON journal of a supposed alien.  The photograph then morphed into a clown.

Did that mean that the photo was a hoax?


7-20-10 - DREAM -  I belonged to a small community of older women.  I went to the school to  volunteer to sign up and help with whatever they had going on, but they just ignored me.  I managed to find a scrap piece o fpaper and put my name on iti anyway.  They acted like I wasn't even there.

I went home, and my little house had practically nothing in it, not even any furniture.  There was a little girl playing in the house by herself.  She was trying to make things out of yellow sticks and not much else.

Out the window I saw some young boys - around 12 or so  riding bikes, dressed like they were in the army.  They whooped and hollered and made a nuisance of themselves and acted like they were trying to intimidate us.

They finally got close enough to the house so that I could speak to them and i invited them inside for a snack.  Some of them came inside, except the leader of the group.  I could steal hear him riding around on his bike with a really low toned voice.  I told the boys that they should speak to him and help him raise the tone of his voice so he didn't scare people.

The boys left then, and they treated us better after that.


7-20-10 - DREAM - I was on my hands and knees on the floor of a diningroom wall where there was a large window with a wide window sill in f ront of that wrapped around the wall through a doorway to the kitchen - like it was a shelf.

The kids and I had all kinds of things stored on this window sill shelf and on the floor beneath it, and some of it was was mixed with chunks of dirt like a potted plant had tipped over onto the floor. There was no pot, nor plant, just the chunks of dirt left after the potted plant had been picked up evidently.

I decided to sort out the things that were on the shelf so the kids things were in one spot and mine were separated into my own spot.

When I got to the doorway where the shelf went around the corner, I saw a baby girl, dressed in a yellow onesy outfit playing on the kitchen flooro just out of reach with a bunch of her own toys. I made sure that her toys were separate from everyone elses and that no dirt got on her side of the doorway.

I was moving the dirt along to the left with my hand as I moved along that direction, sorting 'theirs' from 'mine' and I saw some kind of telephone gadget I can't really identify - it wasn't really a toy, but some kind of electronic gizmo that one could talk into and listen to - maybe more like a radio broadcasting piece of equipment.  I picked it up and put it down again because it wasn't mine but it didn't look like a toy either.  I wasn't quite sure who it belnged to.

i planned to vacuum up the dirt when I was done sorting, but I woke up before I got that far.


7-21-10 - nap dream -  my friend Ruth brought me three songs to play:  this is the only one I could remember.


7-22-10 - DREAM - My father and mother took me out into the country in their car.  We ended up at an old abandoned family community of buildings that were long unpainted, but still had all the stuff in them from the families who had long gone from them.  When I looked in the windows I could see collections of crayons and paints and coloring books and toys, etc.   Everything was pale grey in the buildings, however, because they hadn't been used in such a long time, but I suggested to my father that we should buy it because it was so beautiful there.  The communinty was on a bluff, overlooking a canyon of rocks and beautiful trees with a river at the bottom.  It was absolutely gorgeous there.


7-22-10 - DREAM -  I was with my friend Barbara.  It was a Saturday night and we were asked to work overtime at our jobs, which conveniently were eright across the hall from our apartments. All we had to do was answer the phones if they rang.  One of the women with mousey brown hair was complaining that her boyfriend used drugs, some kind I never heard of, and she assured us that he only used enough to take the edge off of his moods, not enough to get strange or high.  I was wondering if she would tell us what it was, but I was afraid to ask.

Living across the hall was convenient, though it was cold in the apartment.  I checked the temperature guage on the wall and it wasn't working either.

Barbara's arpartment was down the hall, and we fixed up the phones so I only had to dial three numbers to get Barbara  373.   I started to get lonely so I dialed 373 and it didn't ring, so I walked down the hall to see what she was doing.

Her apartment was gorgeous. She had a beautiful sofa and bed - but the sofa was almost touching the bed.  I didn't realize her apartment was only half the size of mine.  Mine was more plain, but a lot larger.

Apparently we knew everyone on the floor and everyone's doors were left open, so when I walked down the hall to visit Barbara, the two guys who were talkikng to each other outside my apartment,in the hallway just rather moved into my livingroom where there were three tall bottles of yellow, red, and orange liquor standing under a light on a counter.  I hoped they were liquor, because if they were oil, they weren't going to like sampling them. 

I got down to Barbara's apartment, and I had to move some long sweaters off her love seat and hold them on my lap while she sat on the bed.

I just remember how beautiful it was in there with all the roses on the bedding.

373. anapano an-ap-ow'-o from 303 and 3973; (reflexively) to repose (literally or figuratively (be exempt), remain); by implication, to refresh:--take ease, refresh, (give, take) rest.

red, yellow, and orange are the colors of the lower three chakras.

oil and wine are mentioned in the book of Revelation.  6:1


7-23-10 -  ALIEN DREAMS x 3

I found myself in a perfectly round room that was white facing humanoid men and women - rather on the order of Charlie Brown - with round heads, round eyes, and hair that was too far forward toward on the face to be human.   They women's hair was rather more wavy than the men, perhaps deliberately set that way on purpose like human women do. They let me see behind them, in a darker alcove of the room, a collection of black metal star sighting stands which showed me that they were tracking more than one star - but multiple stars in multiple configurations.

The second time, they brought with them some other humanoid men, some with very tall bald heads and very white skin.  It seemed they had black eyes, not unpleastant to look at but their heads were taller than wide.

The thrid time, they let me see some other creatures that were more like children's toys but humann size - all white furred more like white rabbits and cats.  This too was in an all white room, and they indicated to me that they wanted me to draw them which I started to do after I came to consciousness and went into another room like an office.  I turned on a light in the room and saw that it was dark outside and there was an office building across the street and I was probably on the third floor of my building.  There was no traffice outside but I was clearly in a large city, maybe like Washington DC.

I started to draw the furry creatures first using a towel rather than paper because it more closely resembled their fur than trying to draw on paper.

I started to wake up when drawing the round headed man and the clock said 3:46 a.m. which is approx. 11 minutes fast.



DREAM - I was on the Big Brother show with relatives and friends.  It did not go well right from the start.   One of myh favorite relatives turned on me immedicatelyh and called me a 'bitch' because I wanted to eat breakfast. 

I was trying to rescue leftover food from the breakfast meal that gad been dumped into the sink,  because I hadn't eaten anything yet and was rinising it off so I could reheat it, and she started pushing me aside to make her lunch.  She was just as nasty as she could be. 

I couldn't find a single kettle that was a real kettle, only odd teapots and coffeepots you couldn't cook food in, because she was already hogging them to make lunch.  She left the room, and I was so mad, I started turning off the stove again so her lunch wouldn't get warm, and I vowed to quit and go down the street to the nearest restaurant so I could eat.

Meanwhile, I saw one of the other women there, slap a baby in the face as she walked by it, so I ran over there to rescue the baby, and picked him up and kissed his boo boo and the woman who had slapped him came over and said I was spoiling him, and of course, the baby started loving being cuddled and hugged, and she started molesting him right in front of me.   the baby didn't know he was being manhandleld and it was terrible what she did to him right in front of me.

I woke up before I could rescue the baby or get out of there. 

What a nasty bunch of people there. 

NOTE:  None of the people in the dream game were ever from the real show.


7-24-10 - DREAM -  I was with a huge crew of men.  We built a huge warehouse and when that was done, I helped string everything we had on large ropes, and labeled everything so that if we needed something, we could just ask for it and it would come swinging on the rope to where we were.

It was way longer then what this sentence would think it was.


7-24-10 - DREAM SNIPPET.  I was sending out invitations to something and I was 75 invitations short.

It was a much longer dream, and that's all I can remember.



7-25-10 - DREAM - I was working in a large office in a large building.  I was looking at my calendar notes, and for two months there were notes about  and I wasn't sure if it said there would be no show or not.  I just couldn't be sure what it said, so I deleted those notes.  I noticed that there was a note for 11/8 for Lily.

I got assigned some kind of speaking part with two young men, and that sounded like fun.  We planned to make it a funny bit.

Then my female boss came in and said there was no work for me to do, but they wanted me upstairs for a couple days.  She named three women, and said, "They love you up there!"

I was happy to go upstairs and work because there hadn't been any real work where I was for a couple months.  I had just been pretendinig to work just to keep busy. 

So, I packed my stuff to go upstairs, and I was pretty sure that after the two days were up, I wouldn't have a job at all.

I could see outside and it was dark out, and there was no traffic either. Nothing was happening.


7-25-10 -  DREAM -    This dream started out with me seeing two objects.

The first object was like a fat Hexagon with a donut hole in the center.  The hexagon was blue and white, and the donut hole was pale yellow


.The second object was a fat round circle with a donut hole in the center.  The circle was blue and white, and the donut hole was pale yellow.


Next came a lot of text which was about 12 inches worth on a printed page. 

At the bottom was again the round circle with the donut hole in the center.

This was on a computer screen, so I printed it out onto T-shirt material that was red with yellow flowers on it.

However, the Hexagon and Circle didn't print in the center like it should have.  It printed off to the right so if a person wore the T-shirt, the Hexagon and Circle was over by the left shoulder, and the text was printed below the neck.

I was trying to figure out if I could move the Hexagon and Circle down to where the text was so it was centered right above the text, because then I was shown that below the text shold be another circle just like the first circle.   Because just as I woke up I was told that the Hexagon was Osama, and the circle was Obama.

and only Obama was left.




DREAM - i was at work at A-C, and a crime had been committed in the building.  I found a bend screw in a chair I was sitting on, so I turned it in as possible evidence in the crime.

All of a sudden, all the cops were jealous of each other because I had given some evidence to one cop, when the other cops wanted to have the ev idence.

Then Bo Buchanan (from One Life to Life TV show) wanted to guard me so the criminal couldn't get back at me for finding the evidence.  Then the cops were jealous of each other over that too.

Bo Buchanon wanted to gaurd my life and that was a joke because they parked the cop car right over a tunnel that went under the street, and I could see a man walking in the tunnel right through the bottom of the cop car -  yeah right!

Then all the cops were jealous because Bo Buchanan wanted to kiss me.

They were supposed to take me home, and then bring me back to work in the morning to guard me, and when they did that, I was flanked by four cops in suits as they walked me to the door.

I wondered what the other people were thinking about me being flanked by four cops coming to work, but they seemed to ignore me.

So then Bo Buchanan walked me to my office and stood by the door acting like he wanted to kiss me again.

Then his face started to change to a thinner man, and I saw him mouth some words with his lips, "Let's go home!"  so I just opened one eye and the dream was over.

Really dumb! 


7-26-10 -  I got this sudden jealousy feeling that Rove (a light being) had a consort and couldn't remember what he said her name was.

Suddenly the name Salinas came to me, and that she was known as a living goddess.  I was told that I wouldn't remember the name, but in reality, once it was in my mind, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Then I wondered if I was her.  (That's ego thinking)


7-26-10 - DREAM -  I went to visit my daughter.  When I got there, she was wearing a gorgous white wedding gown, and all I could see was her beauty and didn'tnotice that she was nine months pregnant.

She and I decided to trade dresses.  I was wearing a long sleeve black dress with yellow roses on it.

My dress was large because I'm a large woman, so she could slip out of her dress and into minie quite easily, but as soon as she did, she began to cry.

I asked her, "Why are you crying!"  and she answered, "Because you are so thin!"

That's when I noticed that she was nine months pregnant.

There was a personal nurse in the next room to take care of my daughter, so I called the nurse who rushed to take care of my dauaghter so she wouldn't give birth early.

I looked down at myself, and I was indeed much thinner than in reality, and I began to do her chores for her, which was to clean up the mess in the kitchen where a boy was sitting at a desk or table and just slopping water around on the table. 

I can't remember any more than that.


7-27-10 - DREAM - I was watching people, perhaps relatives, who were all dressed in black and white snow boarder type outfits, jumping around on small hills and the higher their score, the faster they got promoted.  Apparently, the high score was 10.



I was going to work in an apartment building I had managed previously, but time had passed and the building was now much older and in not in as good a shape as when I left it.

When I got to the elevator, I saw that the elevator was not in proper working order, so I took the stairway up the spiral staircase to the floor I was going to live on, and the stairs were so worn down, I sai to my companion, "I didn't realize this builing was this old!" and we continued to climb iti to the third floor.

Later, I went back down to the first floor and the offices were just now opening up for the day.  I intended to introduce myself to my boss, but instead I used Joe to make myself look impressive.  I was seven feet tall and my boss was about 7 1/2 feet tall.  We were both very well dressed in dress suits, and I started telling Joe to quit holding me back and let me do my job.  I saw that my new boss was watching me in stunned silence and that she was impressed with my work ethic and determination.

In another scene, I was eating the most tender raw beef I was slicing off the fat and eating the tender beef in between the fat pieces. The men who were watching me do this were astounded that I could do this.

Another man seated there, watching me work said, "I'll never worry about you in the future!"  as I typed and put together a document.

Then I isaw myself as a young unicorn sitting in the back seat of a taxi cab.

And then I saw a young man wearing a vest with triangles with connecting lines on it. The vest itaself was white to cream colored with dark bown triangles, and the connecting lines were white.  I've seen some recently pretty close to that design and found that to be very attractive to me.  I know it has some spiritual connotation.


7-29-10 - 3 dreams - all similar.  I was in a small round place seemingly with a stage.  On the stage were soldiers in light green uniforms - who pretty much all looked alike.  They were having singing contests with each other but I didn't hear any singing, so they were between contests when I was looking at them.

NOTE:  This dream seemed identical to the alien dreams I had earlier in the same setting.


7-29-10 - DREAM - I was at home in New Berlin.  I was assigned the job to answer the phones overnight for Allis-Chalmers where I had worked.   There was supposed to be people working at the company as well, but when I got the call from someone to place an order and I couldn't answer the person's questions, I decided to tell the woman to call at 9: a.m. in the morning when the day shift came in. 

I then tried to call over there myself, and there was no one there.

I then had a conversation with other women who worked for A-C and I came to the conclusion that the company wouldn't exist much longer because I knew that the division I worked for had over 500 people in it, and there was nobody there to answer a phone.

The other women were shocked that I would make such a prediction.


7-29-10 - DREAM  - I was in my New Berlin house.  I noticed that there was paper on the floor and garbage bags that needed to be taken out, so I decided to take them out myself since no one else was doing it. 

I recall seeing a handsome man in a bright blue uniform come through the room. He was looking around in disdain at what he saw.  I've seen him before, and I think I've seen him on TV but can't remember who he is.

I went out on the patio then, and I remembered someone telling me that one should decorate their home to look like themselves, and when I was there, someone had cleaned red and green cabbages, and those pretty leaves were in piles on the side of the patio, and I thought it would look pretty to make the patio red and green.

But I heard a noise and turned around and saw that the garage door looked like the entrance to a cave with all black dirt around it.  I noticed that someone had thrown a big flat brown game box out of the garage, and while I was watching someone threw another big flat brown game box out of the garage on top of the first one. These brown boxes were like Monopoly boxes, only larger.

So I walked closer and saw that my son Michael was the one who was cleaning out the garage and had thrown the boxes out onto the driveway.

I looked into the garage where Michael was working on a workbench doing something and I looked up and saw that there was no roof on the garage any longer, and I could see right up to the sky, but at the top of a garage was a large yellow bulldozer type of machine, tearing down the garage and was about to drop a load of destruction down on Michale's head.

I screamed, "Michael!  Run!  Michael! Run! and he looked up and saw the machine tearing down the garage and about to drop a load of destruction down on him, and he ran out of the garage towards me, and I woke up.

"The time has come," the Walrus said,

"To talk of many things:
Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—
Of cabbages—and kings—
And why the sea is boiling hot—
And whether pigs have wings."

Through the Looking-Glass

In The Annotated Alice, Martin Gardner noted that The Walrus and the Carpenter is one of the few poems in the whole of English literature to be remembered for its middle verse rather than its first (see right) and also that when Carroll gave the manuscript for Looking Glass to illustrator John Tenniel, he gave him the choice of drawing a carpenter, a butterfly, or a baronet (since each word would fit the poem's metre). Since Tenniel, rather than Carroll, chose the carpenter, the character's significance in the poem is probably not in his profession. Although the two characters have been interpreted, for instance, as two political types,[1] there is no indication of what they were intended to represent. Gardner cautions the reader that there is not always intended symbolism in the Alice books, which were made for the imagination of children and not the analysis of "mad people".

 Many portions of the Alice tales can be tied only to sheer whimsy, and while Carroll's life observations do make themselves obvious from time to time, it is

Cabbage smells unpleasant while cooking but tastes nothing like it smells. These symbols may indicate something or someone that may not be what they seem or something that balances by being opposite.possible that "The Walrus and the Carpenter" is not one of them. Carroll's character the Duchess says in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that "everything's got a moral, if only you can find it".[2]




7-30-10 - DREAM -  I got a new job, apparently in a prison facility.  All the women I saw in the offices wore bright dark green dresses or pant suits, but they weren't uniforms as each one was different - just all the same color.

One of the men said he would give me a tour of the facility, and we got into a van and he drove to the dock side of the buildings, which was apparently on a lake or river.  I say that because the water, though extensive, did not have large waves on it, and the water was right up to the edge of the concrete dock. 

And when we drove out to the end of the dock, the water came up on more inch and came over the top of the dock.

Quick as a flash, I was out of the van and ran all the way back to the building.  It was scary to be out there surrounded by that dark blue water.

Just then, the driver said, "We have to go get a few more boys,"  and turning to me and couple other women, he said, "Sorry! Someone forgot to tell you that you couldn't wear jewelry."  My reply was, "If I had known we were going to do this, I would have brought my flats," and looked down and saw that all the women were wearing black high heeled shoes.  Not a good footwear to have to run in.

We then quickly started taking off necklaces, rings, watches, even hair decorations and pins and all that stuff was put into storage. 

I was shown a close up of some decorative hair pins one of the women had in her hair, a single hairpin, attached to two hairpins, which were attached to three hair pins. 

I commented, I never could afford even one hairpin like that, as they were all covered with tiny jewels.

We then walked into the building where I could see down a dimly lit hallway where half a dozen young men sat, waiting for us and the van we were going to drive them somewhere.


7-31-10 - A DISGUSTING DREAM.  I had to force myself to stay awake to get away from it.

i was in my New Berlin house, but not with anyone who was in my real life.

I heard a crash, and looked out the front window and saw a convertible car crashed into the basement of the house and I could only see the back half of the car.

I wondered who was in that car, and when I turned around there was a tiny baby standing behind me.

I picked him up to take care of him and this led to cvhanging diapers, feeding him, etc.

I heard someone or a message in the air say:  "The time of change"

All of a sudden there was a big fat man standing in my kitchen, who looked like a comedian on TV, and the baby I had became a stack of what looked like baked beans.

I couldn't get rid of that image, even opened my eyes several times and as soon as I closed my eyes, the image came right back, so I had to get up and stop dreaming.  I didn't want to write all this down, but I can't get it out of my head either.