JULY, 2001

7-1-2001 - DREAM - Most of this dream is unremembered.

I was in a room with an old woman. She handed me what looked like a fancy cut-out wooden pattern about the size of a violin. It was about 1/4 inch thick. I was told that when the pattern was soaked in water, the pattern would become it's true self.

NOTE:  Fits in with my dehydration problem. I never drink enough water.


7-1-2001 - I wasn't sleeping. I thought Joe turned on the TV. An announcer said excitedly, "We just got a newsflash that a girl named Genevieve was shot in a classroom in Oklahoma by none other than a classmate named Timothy McVeigh!"

I then heard in the same male voice, "To to the base:  See Piponi

NOTE:  I went on the internet and looked up 'Piponi'. He lives in the UK and is very into aliens and UFOs. I found a page on New Science, which I'll have to create links for.


7-2-2001 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee at 20th St. school. We were expecting elephants with huge tusks to come rushing down the street. But there were children playing on the sidewalk. All of a sudden the elephants came rushing down the street and caught one of the girls.  (This was a young black girl) I thought she was dead, but she moved so I rushed over and picked her up and carried her into the house.  (The rest of the dream unremembered)

NOTE: This seems to fit in with a black woman I know on the internet, who found a radio interview file about ETs from 1997.  Unfortunately, I know some bad stuff about the guy who was interviewed and I have to give her the bad news, and then tell her the truth.


7-2-2001 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house and it was up for sale. Two women came to look at the house, a tall one and a short one. I began the tour by taking them into the diningroom and pointing out the dual windows on the left and right. I also pointed out the two dual matching corner cabinets, which were originally made for dishes but I kept books in them.

The tall girl said, "Where is the secret compartment where people can hide in ?"  I didn't know how she knew about that, but I answered by saying, "Oh, we plastered that up two weeks ago."

At the same time, I was visualizing the space which had been in the diningroom wall facing the east. It was like a box in the wall big enough for two people to crawl into and smoke in secret.

The woman quickly pulled out a cell phone and called someone and said to me, "Well, the deal is all set."

NOTE: I woke up singing the song, "I can't wait to be King." from the Lion King movie.


7-2-01 - Nap Dream - I was walking down a city street where there were a bunch of stores. I looked in the window of one the larger stores and I could see that they were setting up a display that had two ducks in it with ice skates strapped to their feet. I thought that was really cute and unusual. Who ever heard of ice-skating ducks?

It was starting to get dark outside. I was still looking in the window and I saw them turn on a bright light over the duck display like one would do in a fish tank, but then they lowered a curtain over the window so nobody would be looking into the store during the night when nobody was there.

But the person didn't do it very well and there was a gap between the curtain and the edge of the window one could still peek into and see inside.

So, as people walked by, I would say to them, "Hey!" There are two ducks ice-skating inside this store!"  People would disbelieve me and think I was lying. But I could show them the evidence by saying, "Just peek inside past the curtain," and sure enough they could see the ice-skating ducks for themselves.

NOTE: After I had this dream, I compared it to the problem of telling people about ETs and UFOs.  In the dream, I could show the people the 'proof' of the ice-skating ducks, but in the physical world, I could tell people about ETs and UFOs, but I had no physical proof I could show them so they disbelieved.


7-3-01 - DREAM - I was reading excerpts from people's writings about encounters with UFOs and aliens. (I had been doing this before bedtime in "Communion Letters) by Whitley Streiber)  

I had several more small dreams exactly the same.


7-3-01 - DREAM - I was in a building with my daughter-in-law Becky. It was an old building. We were painting the long central hallway pink. I was starting on one end and she started on the other end.

I was using a rather small can of paint and a small brush and was very meticulous about the painting, however the job seemed that it take forever at this rate. I went down to look at how Becky was coming along on her end.

Becky was painting a lot faster than I was and was painting some side rooms as well. She was using a roller and a large can of paint. However, she got to an area where water pipes or electrical conduits came out of the wall and went back in again in another spot. Behind the pipes, the plaster was peeling so she peeled the old plaster away in order to paint. However, when she peeled the plaster, big holes gaped open to the darkness behind it.

I was dismayed about this. We couldn't paint where there was no plaster and we couldn't replaster because there was nothing for new plaster to adhere to. There was no backing to the wall.


7-3-01 DREAM - I was in a school on the 5th floor. School was to start in a few moments. I saw some teachers come in and I saw some students come in. The bell was about to ring and we started to wonder where everyone else was. Even the young black elevator operator noticed something was wrong. Only 5 rooms at the end of the 5th floor were it up. We had 5 teachers with 5 students each. The elevator operator told us that there was no one else in the building. Where were all the rest of the teachers and the rest of the students. When we all came to the realization that something was wrong, we all started putting our winter coats on.

There was a man waiting then to take me home and as I recall, I was dressing for winter in all brown clothes of sweater, coat and boots and I will make a guess here that I was putting on 5 items of winter clothing as well.


7-4-2001 - DREAM - I was doing some research in a big government office. I was given the number D724. I looked nd looked to find out what that was. I finally found out the "D" was the "Games category". There was nothing in "E" but then they used "F" perhaps because "E" and "F" look too much alike. I wanted to take a picture of what D724 was. It didn't look like a game, it looked like a mechanical device. However I didn't identify exactly what it was.

While I was researching this, I found myself under water which was greenish rather like ocean water. I could see markings along the side that showed I was 90 feet down. I don't know how I got there but I discovered I had no problem holding my breath and wondered if I had somehow developed gills like a fish. I started swimming using just my hands and found that surprisingly easy as well. I was thinking that I must be setting a world record for holding my breath and wasn't at all uncomfortable when I discovered I was breathing under water. At first it was a surprised and I never did take a big breath, but I was definitely taking little inward breaths. I was not at that point breathing outward though, just inward while I was using my hands to get to the surface of the water.  When I popped to the surface of the water, then I took a big gulp of air and breathed freely. I was amazed I had done that.

NOTE:  Abductees sometimes being made to breath under water or in liquid. I've never heard one of these stories personally though, only 3rd hand.

I may have woke up and went back to sleep.

I was now in my New Berlin house in the garage. We were packing to move and I decided we might as well take everything into the house that we were taking, then we shouldn't have to worry about whether we were missing anything. I turned around and discovered that the garage was already clean and empty behind me, so all I had to worry about was right in front of me.

I took some old unused clothing into the house and went upstairs to my old closet and found my daughter there going through boxes of my old clothing.

She said, "look what I just found ... a box of red clothes."  I looked and it was all red and black plaid sweaters and skirts ... all my old stuff.  The top one looked a little dusty, but I knew there was nothing wrong with any of  it.  I then hung my heavy brown coat on the rod in the closet as well.

Another scene I remember took place in the office. I believe it was prior to being underwater.

A blond girl I was wit had used some new blue hair dye. She was so happy with the new color, she wanted to call the patent office and tell them that the hair dye also dyed clothing.

I looked at her hair. It was so pretty. It was all blonde curls and tendrils, but some of the tendrils were rather a a baby blue color. Then she had used the leftover water in the sink from the blue dye to soak her sweater in it, which was a thin turtleneck type. It exactly match the blue streaks in her hair. It looked outstanding.

I was going to call the patent office at the same time about the D724, but she got through to them first because she was so excited about her discovery.


7-5-2001 - Deliberately ignoring dreams. These were obnoxious dreams about other known people.  I noted the next day that the people I dreamed about had problems that were very similar to what I dreamed.  I don't like being that nosy with my psychic dreams. It was unpleasant to know some things that personal.


7-6-01 - DREAM - I was with someone in a vehicle going West from 16th St. on Clarke St. in Milwaukee. There was a black mark in the road where someone had stopped fast as a funeral procession was coming East on Clarke St.

The cops were going to arrest us for that but I swore that we hadn't made that mark.

I was then in the courthouse and again someone accused me of being somewhere at a particular time and I denied it. I couldn't prove it but I was certain about it. Again, the wanted me to submit to mental testing over it and I asked if the testing could be postponed until Monday.  They agreed and meanwhile I got the heck out of there quick, but met my Mother on the steps of the courthouse.

I was just about running and jumping down the last 5 steps and went as quickly as I could across the broad icy street.

Then again I was back on Clarke St. where the black mark in the street was and the scene was replaying itself.

A funeral procession was coming East on Clarke St. I told my driver, whoever it was to pull up on the grass so we could watch what happened.

Then they dug up a body by the black mark in the road. It was a baby from 1982.

NOTE:  I have no clue what this is. My journals from 1982 are in a dump in Santa Rosa and there is no way to get them back.


7-6-01 - DREAM - I was in a truck driven by a man. We crossed an intersection where there was a brand new liquor store on the left and a Post office on the right. There were 3 teen girls crossing the street against traffic in the intersection, so we pulled into the Post Office parking lot. There was nobody in the liquor store parking lot. I thought the driver was going to the liquor store, but he said he thought I was going to the Post office. I didn't have a stamp to put on the envelope in my hand, so I was surprised he said that. I carefully wrote over the number on the return address so it w as clearer.  It was 2303.

NOTE:  2303 in the Bible Concordance is:

2303 chadduwd {khad-dood'}

AV - sharp

1) sharp, pointed, sharpened

2300 is:  2300 chadad {khaw-dad'}

AV - sharpen , fierce

1) to be sharp, be alert, be keen

1a) (Qal) to be sharp, be keen

1b) (Hiphil) to sharpen

1c) (Hophal) to be sharpened

I get from that I am to be 'sharp and alert'.

Continuing with the dream:  I then went to the Post office door which became A-C when I got inside. I decided to go up to my own office and staple the piece of paper securely inside the envelope. I worked on the 4th floor, but when I go ton the elevator with some other girls I didn't push the button and they took it to the 10th floor.  (A-C only 4 floors)  I got off the elevator which was like an open freight elevator with fancy carpeting and hanging brocade and fringed curtains.

There were people working on the 10th floor but half the lights were out.  I didn't want to go down the hall because it was so dim, so I just crossed the hall and went into an office where the light was on. I used the stapler and stapled my paper.

Then I noticed there were some small handwritten notes on the floor so I picked them up and put them on the desk.  

I saw some men coming into the office whom I didn't know, like a night-shift meeting.  I quickly excused myself and went out into the hallway. I then discovered that everyone going home was carrying Christmas gifts and plates of Christmas cookies.  That made me aware that it was Friday night, the 24th of December and the next day would be Christmas and the whole place would be shut down for at least a week or so.

I was going to go down the elevator, but it wasn't at the 10th floor and it made me queasy to look down the elevator shaft. I decided to take the stairs instead.

By this time, people started giving me gifts, a huge red and green wreath with white fake snow on it, and plates of Christmas cookies. One woman said, "Mr. Wells (The President) wishes to thank you for coming in" and gave me a gift, another man had walked up from the 8th floor and gave me a plate of cookies that was about 5 feet x 3 feet across, way too big to even fit in the truck. I was so overwhelmed with all these plates of cookies, I couldn't even carry them all.

NOTE: As I woke up, I heard a strange bell in my right ear that I 've never heard before. It was like an odd sounding alarm bell, not high pitched - rather medium pitched.  It didn't sound like a door bell or phone so I didn't answer it. I thought perhaps it was a physical alarm like a clock, but Joe said it hadn't rung.

NOTE:  After the following dream, I again heard an alarm, this time in my left ear. This time is was a fire alarm like they use in the hallways of large buildings.  It was three short blasts in a row ... and I thought my ear drum would break because it was so loud.  

This is the fire season in California, and there are fires every day, so I thought perhaps it was a warning of fire, and I know we have one light switch that is bad which flashes inside when you flick it, but it's for a fan we never use so I wasn't too concerned about that at the time.

At this time, I feel it was a flood warning, followed by a fire warning perhaps.  I don't know yet. Considering I had a vision about the word 'preparedness' which was about 'water', and the dream about the number  2303 which was about being alert... there is no doubt this is a warning of some kind.

NOTE: This was one of the worst fire seasons in history.


7-6-2001 - DREAM - I was at a house where I met someone who had to do laundry and I was given the number 216-316. I went to the washer and did the laundry which was light blue items. Once the washer was running, I looked inside the washer to see if the washer was okay and balanced. Two blue pillow cases were standing on end like they were full of air. It was difficult to pull them up and put them back in the water to balance the load because of the air pressure in them.

Then I went into a room where I decided I should water the plants. In the sink was a big blue glass, a white lamp with a bulb section rather loosely bobbing the bulb around. I accidentally got water all over the lamp, but it needed washing so I wasn't too distressed then I watered the plants which were beautiful.  I noted then that there was a WATCHER on the balcony of the next apartment over. I could see him through the window.

I turned around and a young couple were exclaiming over some cobalt blue water glasses (My favorite color)  In fact, besides the two they had, there was another set of cobalt blue glasses one upside down over the other and I carefully picked them up and moved them to the sink to wash them along with orme other cobalt blue dishes that were standing there.

I then spotted my daughter who was small about age 3 or so. I wanted to take her home for a nap, but that was at a different house. She wasn't very cooperative, so when I was out on the street with her, I met a thin black woman who had a baby in a carriage. Somehow during our meeting, she ended up with my daughter and I ended up with her baby.

I bent down to look at the child who was wrapped in swaddling clothes. I uncovered the baby's face and looked into it's eyes. I expected the child's face to be brown and the eyes brown like the mother, but it wasn't. The face and eyes were ' COLORLESS'.  They weren't white, not blue, not brown, but colorless.

It was then I realized she had my daughter and I had to run after her and get my daughter back.

I then took my daughter upstairs and we had to go tot he bathroom first. My daughter went and then I was going to go, but I noted that here too was a large window through which I could be watched.

I woke up and in my left ear, I heard 3 blastingly loud sharp fire alarm beeps like large buildings have in them. It was so loud, I thought my ear drums were going to burst.

NOTE; This was one of the worst fire seasons in history.


7-7-01 - DREAM - (In yesterday's dream I washed 216-316 in a washing machine together and they were blue)  In today's dream 216-316 were boiled together in a pot with onions to make a soup.  Prior to that, a great deal of effort was made to merge the 216-316.

See 216-316


7-7-01 - DREAM - I was at a beach that once was very small, but the people who  owned the land filled in a huge area of the lake with white stone and sand and then placed bit white square tents on it for people to change clothes in. There was about 12 of them.  

This filled in area was square, separated from the land by 8 feet of water. There was a newly built arched bridge towards the east to get to dry land.  I noticed that the water was rising and off the edge of this built in sandy area, the ice was melting and people were falling in and getting cut on sharp crags of ice under the water. This melted area was also square.

My green books fell into the water. I quickly retrieved them and put them on a desk. They didn't appear to be wet or damaged in any way.

I went into a building where the 216-36 were boiled together to make a soup with onions to feed the people.

Then T.J. (Thomas Joseph) and another guy were standing together in a doorway, they were like joined at the hip, dressed like identical twins though they looked nothing alike. They were wearing heavy olive green coats with fleur de lis on them. I was wearing a suit-dress of the same color with fleur de lis also but it wasn't quite exactly the same we noticed.

I was going to hang my coat in the closet but there was no spare hangar to do this.

I then went to the airport where T.J. and this other guy were again dressed in olive green and though they didn't have the fleur de lis, they were like joined at the hip, dressed like twins with odd flat topped hats of the same olive green color.

T.J. and this other guy were flying off to England. Even though the other guys girlfriend (with dark hair) was crying that they were going on this trip and I was feeling quite emotional about it as well, T.J. and the twin guy seemed totally unemotional  ... more like stoic.  They allowed us to hug them and kiss them on the cheek, but they didn't return the emotion back.


7-8-01 - DREAM - (The Shower Curtain Hypothesis)

There was nothing abnormal about this dream except for one thing. There was a series of shower curtains hanging on a rod between me and whatever was on the other side. I looked at them. There was about 50 rings on the rod. (I don't know the exact number) and shower curtains hug from the rings. There was nothing special about the shower curtains. They were white to colorless,  yet opaque and I felt that if I pushed aside the shower curtain there would be someone standing there I couldn't now see.

I went about my business of the day, cleaning up little bits of paper to throw away. I was near a man's workbench and I ended up with a calculator, some small bits of paper and what looked like a small gold ear piece which had small wires protruding from it.  (It could have had some other use... I don't know for certain)

Though it wasn't being used at the moment, I decided I would leave it on the workbench where the man could find it easily and use it.

I then looked out the window at some people walking by in the snow. They were wearing light beige clothing. I admired how slim the woman looked in her suit-dress. The man was following the woman and the man wanted to talk to the woman. The woman turned around to face the man and then he called her name. The impression was that the scene was like a stage play and the woman turned 'before' her name was called instead of waiting to turn 'after' her name was called.

I then went to find something to eat. The food was rather Mexican, refried beans, tomatoes, etc. I just picked at it a little while thinking about all this, then remembering I hadn't eaten much for the last 3 days, I sat up and woke up.

See Ring-pass-not Dreams of Curtains and the Ring-pass-not


7-8-01 - DREAM - I was living in my new house. It was so large, I hadn't even been in two wings of it yet. I was downstairs in a room that had a lot of plants in it. there were many people there. I didn't even know all of them.

A heavy set blonde woman asked me if I had met Michael J___ yet. I said, "no!" and she lifted a small toddler boy by the arms towards me and he toddled towards me. He was so cute with dark hair and wore a little white cotton shirt with a standup collar and bright blue shorts with cloth suspenders to hold them up. He went over to a plant and started to pick a leaf off. We stopped him and then I said, "We don't eat plants here."  Then I wondered how we could be vegetarians then... well we just don't eat potted plants.

I then had to make my way to a bathroom and had to walk through a room where people were camping and sleeping over. I picked up my own coat which was orchid colored.

I then made my way towards the bathroom. There were several side rooms there. One had a big TV on in the room, and in the other direction I could see into a room where I could actually see the newscasters discussing the news ... people you would recognize at first glance on your own TV.  So, I had to find another bathroom because I was in direct view of them.

When I went back into the hallway, I could see hallways in two directions where I had never been yet. My husband/mate said, "We can get a smaller house if you wish."  I said, "Oh no! I'll get in to those other rooms too eventually.

I then found another bathroom which was also a laundry room

So I woke up.



DREAM - I roasted an entire bear in an enclosure outside my house, in it's entirety, with the fur on.

When it was done, I went outside to carve it into pieces so I could eat some of the roasted meat.  I gingerly started cutting it into small pieces starting at the tail end. I didn't want to keep any of the fur and skin because I didn't know how to tan nit so I was cutting that into strips. All I wanted was the roasted meat.

People who were obviously actors started flocking around to take the parts I didn't want. One man started dancing around me, wearing a bear-skin cape with arms on it to show me that bear skin was beautiful. I could already see and feel how soft the fur was, but I didn't want to keep any. I just wanted to cut it up as fast as possible before the wild animals gathered around.

Then I discovered that the bears left front leg was completely missing. Whatever animal had killed this bear had ripped its front left leg off and ran off with it.

I continued to cut the bear into small pieces, then I saw a beautiful bejeweled cobalt blue vulture grab a leg and tried to take it into my house but I chased it off. It couldn't fly with the heavy leg in its beak and ran off down the sidewalk. It went around the corner of the garage, and at the exact same moment, a male actor dressed in a cobalt blue Toucan costume of the same color with a huge fake yellow beak, came around the opposite corner of the garage and started tell me what to do.

By then, other people had gathered, and I noticed some of my plants in the greenhouse had damaged and blackened leaves like a maddened crowd had run through the place. Yet, there were branches with new buds that could be re-rooted.

The Toucan man gave me a golden brown cylinder 4" wide x 4" tall similar to a 45 record stacker which he told me I could use on my record player which was running over in a corner of my patio. It was playing a 33 1/3 record. I pressed the reject button and then placed the cylinder on the record so they could be stacked to play automatically.

Women had gathered by now as well who were only concerned with sewing, crocheting and watching their daughters sing. I made friends with some of them. We were sitting around a large round table, and I found two miniature sized tools to keep in my purse in emergencies, a tiny crochet hook and a tiny ball-point pen. I had full sized ones in the house, but would keep these in my purse.

We then discussed a large crocheted rug that I had made, showing them how it was finished off. The one woman showed me the front of her dress which was crocheted in a large oval of many colors. She complained that she was tired of being asked what it was called.

Another younger girl wanted the leftover burnt wood platform that was under the roasted bear carcass. She made a comment similar to, "Waste not, want not!"

I went back to carving the bear, making sure the bones were far enough away from the house so when the inevitable wild animals came around, they wouldn't come to my house.

Toucan symbolism

The Blue Toucan in the Lion King movie is the guide of the animals to keep on them on the straight and narrow path.

In the movie, "George of the Jungle" Tookie-bird, the Toucan is George's messenger.

See also African Art by Mauze p. 84 & p. 67; a toucan (hornbill) presides over ploughing, sowing and harvesting.

NOTE:  In  April, I had a Toucan vision:  4-15-99 - (I was struggling with a web page on my computer and couldn't get it to show the print on it's face no matter what I did. So I went to lay down and take a nap. )

VISION: I saw a vision of a TOUCAN with a really yellow beak, then I saw my web page and it was fixing itself in a vision

(When I got up to go back to the computer, I went back to work on that web page and there was nothing wrong with it. )



7-10-01 - I had 3 dreams. One was about doing research as usual. The last dream was about being reunited with old friends from Milwaukee. I actually woke up tireder than when I went to bed.

In one scene it came to me that I should write a novel about murder cases and have it end the way I wanted the story to end instead of the pathetic way that it really did. in this case it was about Jeffrey Dahmer.  In the dream I thought it was a great idea, and took several books out of the closet to do the research.

Now that I'm awake, I don't think it's such a great idea.


7-11-01 - DREAM - I was working on a computer researching alien bases. I was told they were listed in a normal progression and the first one I thought was Andromeda, but I couldn't actually see that. Each spot where the name should be was a blank spot. I couldn't prove anything I was told.

See Alien Bases


7-11-01 - DREAM - I don't know how old I was in this dream, but my daughter was about 8 years old. I was going to night-school classes and was taking a match course. I spent most of the time in class just sitting there. I can't remember ever actually looking at the book.

During the day, I was in another class and I started to suspect I was pregnant. I don't recall specific symptoms though. I sat there in class thinking about it. I realized I hadn't had sex with anyone in a long time so how could I be pregnant and started to doubt myself. However, I remembered having sex with multiple men aboard 'the ship'. But then again, how could I tell anyone about that?  I was in a real dilemma. I didn't know what to do.

As I sat there in class, it seemed that Todd from One Life to Live show was the teacher. He was standing by the wall fiddling with things and acting important.

Dorian Lord Hayes called on the telephone from Europe and Todd was talking to her a bit. I indicated that I wanted to talk to her. I knew she would understand how I came to be pregnant. Todd knew I wanted to talk to her, but he lay the phone down on a ledge and continued fiddling with things. Then he was going to let me talk to her and he picked up the phone but she had hung up ... tired of waiting on that expensive long-distance all. So I never did get a chance to discuss my possible pregnancy with her.

I had to go home then and get ready for my night class. I walked into my 16th St. house and saw on the clock that it was 20 min. past 8 and class started at 8. My daughter followed me into the house and picked up some things that we stacked by the front door. They looked like small books like children read, similar to Golden Books. On top of them was a plastic see-thru cover of a set of water color paints.

The paints themselves were bright colors in big round circles, reminding me of the chakra colors.

Because I was late for my night class, I decided it didn't really pay to go because it was a 1/2 hour drive to Waukesha just to get to school and if they gave a test, I'd flunk it because I never did any of the work, much less even looked at the book. besides that I was pregnant ... so I decided to drop out of night-school completely.


7-11-01 - I had been watching One Life to Live where Lindsey was accused of murder, which she didn't do, but because in the past she had lied and lied and lied, nobody would believe her when she said she as innocent.

DREAM - A woman was telling people things and nobody believed what she said, but a voice said that "People will believe her, because it was that Blessed Child's Destiny."


7-12-01 - DREAM -  I was working on the page about alien bases and had a dream about working on the alien base page. Within that dream, I had a drawing done by someone named David about some kind of energy with 13 stacked rings.  They were stacked 13 high as well.

In that dream I wondered how I was going to remember enough of the dream to get it on the alien base page, and of course I've forgotten 1/2 of it already.



In a near future...On the thirteenth floor of a classified building, a genius scientist, Hannon Fuller, has created a simulated world, his personal dreamworld, where every inhabitant is a complex, self-learning program that only believes it is real. Right after the first testing of this world, Fuller is found murdered. Douglas Hall , his closest friend and business partner, immediately becomes the prime suspect and must enter through the thirteenth floor in search of the truth


7-12-01 - DREAM - I was back at Juneau Village as co-manager. The woman who ran the place didn't live there. She had all the rules posted and yet the place was totally out of control.

There was a small brick wall outside the office that had 8 x 8 - 64 lightbulbs all lit - for decoration. There was a large protest going on in front of it to remove the lightbulbs and up a picture instead. Her argument was that that it would cost too much to unwire all those bulbs so it was staying.

She had a rule that the office was closed from 7 to 9 so she could get some work done. But people came right into my bedroom while I was sleeping to take care of business that could have waited and she didn't show up until 7:30 p.m. I thought the office first opened at 9. I was out in the halls and office working at 7 a.m. because it was so out of control. There were noisy kids waiting for the schoolbus in the south hallway, all chattering, noisy protests in the hallway.

People were friendly to me though and some still lived there from before though greatly aged in a strange way. My old friend Pat didn't even resemble herself, but I knew who she was.


7-12-01 - DREAM - I was researching crop circles looking for a 13 edged one. I got to a site, where all I could see was the edge of a crop circle picture that was so cool looking, it had scalloped edges and at the center of each scallop had a little tuft of wheat sticking up. I was trying to figure out how large this crop circle was in order to show that kind of detail. I was scrolling down the page which was all about this kind of crop circle when I came to a link which I clicked on. This took me to another page that kept flashing between a picture of the crop circle and a drawing of the same crop circle which described it but was in different colors. that picture had various links on it where you could download the picture or go to other places. I clicked on the download finally and I could see a little box that was showing me the percentage of the download.

Then I clicked on the home page which was called the FLIP PAGE. The flip page was set up with pics of little scalloped 4 leaf clover things to click on that took you to other crop circle pages.and were listed on the page by number of edges like 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc. or by type in case you were looking for something specific. I did see the name Timestar listed there, so it linked to other peoples sites as well.

NOTE: I started this page, but never did anything with it.


7-12-01 - DREAM FRAGMENT - I was dressing a doll in little boy's clothes and I got to the feet and discovered I was dressing a live rabbit.


7-13-01 - DREAM - I was living in a house similar to the one I live in now. We were in the country and were going to be moving.

I went into the bathroom to put some moisturizer on my face, then for some reason I also put some on my shirt which had the name of my friend Alyse on a little tag on it.

I went back to the bedroom and looked in the dresser drawer and saw that I hadn't even started packing.

I then got back in bed because I was tired, but I couldn't sleep because the movers arrived. I hadn't know that was going to happen.

I could see them out the window and overheard all the conversations going on from where I lay.

Our female relatives were going ahead to make sure the new place was ready which was a large old farm house on a farm.

The movers were standing in a line outside the window. I could see al the women lined up, all wearing pink shirts and bluejeans. (I think there were 6 women and 6 men)

From the gist of the conversation, these movers hadn't done such a great job when they worked for the owner of the moving company, but they assured my husband that they were working on their own behest and promised to do a good job.

They said they would do the bedrooms first and of course that's where I was laying ... in bed.

While I was listening to their conversation, one of their requirements was that the garage had to be emptied out and I remembered from the other day that the garage was done. They said they would handle the stuff in the attic and I could see up into the attic from where I was laying. I knew I hadn't packed anything and I could see light streaming down from up there. But I hadn't packed anything ... nothing at all.

I knew I was going to have to get up, because the movers were going to come inside any second. I actually forced myself to wake up and get up because I felt so guilty for being in the way.


7-13-01 - DREAM - I drove East to the house where we were going to live. there was a little house on the property and then a big old farmhouse. I was going to do dishes and turned on the water but there was only magazines and clothing in the sink.

I went into the little house and woman brought a little tiny girl for me to take care of. She was petite and blonde. I wrapped her in a little yellow blanket real tight and she didn't like it and started to cry, so I unwrapped her and she told me she didn't want to be all curled up anymore.  Within a few minutes she had grown so much she could give kisses and answer questions with 'yes' and 'no'.

I noted that the sun wasn't even up yet, which was true. It was 6 a.m.

Michelle came over to visit and while I took care of the baby, Michelle cleaned the house and vacuumed. Then she left.
(Michelle had a fit in September over this issue, trying to get someone to take care of her baby while she cleaned.  :-)  

The baby and I sat outside for a bit by the river that flowed by. There was a bunch of rabbits and small dogs playing by the edge of the river and the dogs pushed the rabbits into the water with a big splash. The dogs and the rabbits played in the water then. It was about 1 1/2 feet deep right there.

Michelle finished the work and left.

The baby fell asleep so I put her down for a nap so I decided to go over to the big house and see what it was like.I had never been in it yet.

There was a huge gravel farm yard and an 18 wheeler moving van was pulled up to the big house with a big tar over it to protect it from the elements or whatever.

I hoped the baby would sleep long enough so I could just take a quick peek inside the house.

I opened the door and went inside the hallway. there were several stairs that went directly up to a landing. But on the right was a narrow door with a little thumb turn latch on it. I figured it was probably a broom closet, but decided to look inside anyway.

I opened the door and was completely astonished. there was a high step up and beyond was a pure white hallway, all the brick was painted white, with all white woodwork.

I climbed up to look at this hallway which went along the front of the house, all brick and woodwork, and even windows looked out into this hallway and I could see another larger door into the house down always.

I could hear a noise to my left which surprised me because I thought I was alone. To the left was another narrow door, which I opened and inside was an all white stairway up tot he next two levels.

A beautiful slim young blonde teenage girl came down the stairs from the 3rd level carrying a basket of laundry which she was taking to the laundry room which was on the second level.

I said, "Hello!", you must be one of the young women who lives on the upper level."

She answered, "Yes! and you must be Dorothy or something?"

"It's Dee," I responded with a smile. And she smiled back.

She said, "No matter what it looks like around here," indicating she was talking about the other women, who would be there later, "be careful what you think, because I'm a minor!"

I smiled and thanked her for the information, thinking then that she must be 17 then. She was truly beautiful and very much resembled the baby I had left in bed in the small house.

The girl went into the laundry room and I turned to go back to check on the baby ... and woke up.



I had a job as a puppet master at a place where people lived and worked. Some of the people dressed up in suits like Cookie Monster, Barnie, and other characters where their own bodies didn't show. The large and uglier people played those parts. The pretty faced and thin people got parts like 'the bride', 'the princess', etc.

My own part as puppet master, I had puppets of Barbie and her little sister Skipper. They didn't have movable arms and they were as thin as pencils, not at all shapely. They were about 5 ft. tall.

When customers came, I and the pretty/thin people had to plaster huge smiles on our faces and greet the people like we were happy, happy, happy. It didn't matter how we really felt.

One of the character people had been up all night mourning for a friend who had been in a terrible accident, then fell asleep and slept too long. Her friends came looking for her to make sure she was okay.

Then the woman who was in the accident came back from the hospital. Her head was so badly damaged, she looked like broken maniken with a hollow head, no eyes, and no wig, but the big smile was plastered on their face non-the less just like th rest of us who were worried sick about her.

Then T.J. came and said he wanted to work there too. I showed him where he could park. There were spots 1, 2, and 3 vacant, but he said he wanted to park near me. I told him the rest of the lot was parked at random. She he pulled his car into an empty spot near me.

We then walked into the puppet theatre part and I was holding Barbie and Skipper up on strings like they were walking. Barbie was wearing a sparkly red dress and Skipper had on a pink dress. I don't think there was a Ken, at least I didn't see it.

I walked Barbie and Skipper over to where a woman was standing. I moved Barbie in her red dress over to where a comedian woman was standing and pretended like Barbie was kissing her, 'hello'. The comedian woman said, "do you think that is okay to do?"

We were all so concerned about the broken doll woman, including the bride e and were standing around her, and the bride sat down on the greasy concrete where cars had dripped. I kept telling her that she couldn't sit down in her bride gown and one had to keep checking it for grease marks because she kept trying to sit down.


7-16-01 - FIRE, FIRE, FIRE

I was in a house with some other people where I've never lived. The furniture was fancy and old fashioned. It was striped material, gold and blue.  The men seemed old fashioned too. nobody seemed to want to go to bed. We were all snoozing in the livingroom. This house was several stories high.

For some reason, one of the men began turning/spinning the chandelier which had 4 lights on it. First it spun clockwise, then when it reached as far as it go in one direction, it spun back counterclockwise against the torque of the chain holding it to the ceiling.

Finally it snapped back but now there was only one light on the ceiling and the chandelier fell broken on the floor, busted from it's chains.

One of the men took the chandelier to examine it. He said it was very strange. Two of the light fixtures had tobacco in them. Durham and Raleigh.  The other two had water in them.

While the men were talking about it, I was looking at the ceiling. I thought I saw flames flickering up inside a hole where the wire from the fixture had come from, but there were other spots on the ceiling where lights of yellow, blue and red were blinking, so I had to look extra careful at where I though I saw flames and again I thought I saw flames.

So I started yelling at the men, there's a fire in the ceiling, there's a fire in the ceiling.. Is there anything special you me to get out?"
They didn't answer but finally went to investigate.

I grabbed my youngest son's hadn (bill) who was about 4 and led him from the house, all the while screaming at the top of my lungs to the other tenants who lived in the house, "There's a fire in the house, there's a fire in the house."

I got outside where it was dark and it looked like all the people from the 3rd floor were out of the building, all the people from my previous UFO group from Milwaukee were sitting in the dark on the concrete steps. I heard Bonnie say, "We prefer to call it," The 13th floor."

I continued around the house still screaming 'Fire alarm, fire alarm, the house is on fire."

I heard one man say, you are closer to the fire yourself than anyone else.

I continued around the house where a Russian family I knew in Milwaukee was hauling all their precious furniture outside.

I asked them if my children were still inside. The doctor's wife said, "The oldest children are still inside and the flames are six feet high.

I could see terrible, yellowish/black smoke coming out the doors and windows now and I started yelling again, "Fire alarm, fire alarm, fire alarm, the house is on fire," and my two older sons, Michael and Kenneth were physically pushed out of of the house because they didn't want to leave.

I could now see flames leaping off the top of a fancy chair of blue and gold stripes.

I woke up suddenly, still screaming, 'the house is on fire' and my heart was racing uncontrollably. I took about 5 deep breaths and my heart started to beat normally again, but there was no way to go back to sleep.


7-16-01 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere. I gave a thin black woman my baby to take care of while I was off doing something else for awhile.

I had the head of a red _____ to use for a weapon if I needed meanwhile (can't remember what it is)

I then went to find the black woman and get my baby back. while I was hunting for her, I discovered that the black woman had a huge container of orange juice in her garage that belonged to Joe and she was storing it for him while he was off doing something else.

I finally spotted the black woman. She was walking down the middle of the street. She was carrying my baby in her left arm and selling samples of Joe's orange juice, calling out to customers that the orange was 'some other kind of wine."

I then followed her to where she worked to get my baby back and found her slinging hash in a restaurant.

I went into the restaurant and asked for my baby. She said, "She's right around the corner, being watched, but be prepared to chuckle."

I went around the corner and found an older man sitting in a booth with colorful cards, red, orange, and yellow, laying face down on the table. I don't know what game he was trying to play as the cards were all face down. They were not in any order, but all messed up.

I got my baby and was ready to leave, and then saw that the black woman had the head of a white ____ (animal) to use as a weapon for protection.

As I woke up, the words, "Use it or lose it" came to mind.

I could feel the memory of both animal identities being removed. After thinking about it, it seems that I had a red lion and that it represented the throat chakra but that doesn't make any sense.

NOTE:  The woman 'Chandra Levy' came up missing right after this, and the cop investigators said, "The cards are all on the table.'  That made me remember this dream.


7-17-01 - DREAM - I was in a car with someone in New Berlin. We were driving down a long curving hill as fast as possible, trying to beat the speed record for that hill. We reached 64 miles per hour and we were all hollering excitedly to beat the record and then we actually flew into the air as we crossed a perpendicular road (17th St) and landed in the water in Lake Lucerne. (which does not exist in that location)

NOTE: There are several Lake Lucernes. Switzerland, and near Orlando Florida for two of them


7-17-01 - DREAM - I was in a library with some other people. I had to change clothes to go there and wore dark green dress suit with a matching sweater. It was 11:30 a.m. while we were getting ready to go.

My friend Alice almost missed going because she took an extra shower, but she hurried and went also.

I was going to look up Lake Lucerne and was concerned that I would have enough time.

I asked the clerk what time they closed. She said 1 p.m. I thought that was enough time, but all of a sudden the clocks stopped and it was 2:20 p.m. I don't know how the clocks could stop at a future time, but then we had to keep asking what time it was so we wouldn't end up at 1 p.m. without being done with our research. Somehow though, we didn't leave until 2 p.m.  The clock still said 2:20 p.m.

NOTE: The Barbury Castle pictogram occurred on 7-17-91.  Noah's ark landed on Mt. Ararat on 7-17. Gen. 8:4


7-18-01 - DREAM - I was walking along a city street somewhere ahead of me, s I walked there was a series of English sentences in the air. I was shown and told several times that the government had the opportunity to do something right and they kept side-steeping the issue each time and they called it TAILHOOK.


7-18-01 - DREAM - I was in a large building, getting ready to go meet some old highschool friends and my slacks wouldn't pull up all the way without help. They zipped in the front and wit help I managed to do that, but the top button was missing and I hoped the zipper wouldn't go down all by itself. I was going to meet Wesley Bates and I hadn't seen him since 1956.


7-18-01 - DREAM - I was sitting on a bench on the corner by the bank with my boss Ron Klofta. I saw a single cloud forming in the sky in the southeast. The cloud changed gradually into the shape of an airplane then then into the shape of a big white TV set.

I point it out to Ron and said, "You don't believe in UFOs?"  Look at that!" He looked up and the plane/TV set flew over the city, ominously and silently.

This probably isn't connected because it's about 4 planes... Terrorism at WTC.


7-18-01 - EXPERIENCE - It seems that Joe had an OBE last night. He called it a dream but I don't think so. He said that he was standing next to the bed and then started hovering above the floor. He said he got scared and got back into bed and put his arm over me and asked me if I was awake.

On my end, I was laying awake, listening to Art Bell on the radio. I heard Joe stirring and then he mumbled, "Are you awake?"

I answered, "Yes! I'm awake?"

Then Joe woke up and I asked him why he was asking me if I was awake. He aid that he had a nightmare and described his OBE/dream. I told him it was probably an OBE rather than a dream, but he doesn't want to believe me.


7-19-01 - MEDITATION: Q. Where is Chandra Levy? Where is Chandra Levy? Where is Chandra Levy?

A female voice said, "Life is full of mysteries ... Germany!"


7-19-01 - DREAM - I was shown a card or something with a picture of 5 stars on it and was told that two of these stars had planets with aliens on it. However, they were not named for me.

Another girl came along. She was shown the same 5 stars but was told nothing at all about them.

I didn't tell her what I knew either. I wondered why they had told her exactly the same thing they told me.

NOTE: At not time did I actually see any people, only the drawings.


7-19-01 - DREAM - I was working at Juneau Village again, but nothing about it was the same. thea apartments were huge and all one room rather than several small rooms.

The woman I worked for was the same woman from last week when I started the job.

The elevators were different and there were 11 floors instead of 3.

She gave me a job to type up some personnel folders with some blank forms in them and some finished purchase orders to file.

I was barefoot because I hadn't finished dressing for the day but was carrying my blue bedroom slippers with me. I finally put them on so I wouldn't step on anything that the maintenance crew dropped while they were working.

In the office I was told that the two Juneau Village apartment complexes were owned by these same people again so Juneau Village would be called, "King!" The girl showed me a little gold and green brochure that they handed out to people. I repeated the words, "Then we should call you King."

I noted on the clock that it was almost noon ... it was about 11:50 a.m. I decided to check up on the maintenance crew to see what they were doing.

They were completely remodeling an apartment on the 1st floor. It had all new carpeting that was like off-white. There was also many stands with plants in them. I wondered if my plants were in here because I had left a lot of them behind when I left the last time. Sure enough I found them. They were all blooming in soft pastel colors. even the cactus I grew had colored arms on them. I wondered if I could move into this apartment when it was done.

Michael or Joe told me that the apartment would be ready for me to clean tomorrow. That would be part of my job.



I said, "I cover myself with the Blessed Blood of Jesus Christ."

"Very good My Dear. You may now begin."

I said, "Thank you Mother!"

"We will begin by thanking you for putting our words on the internet . The blessings bestowed on the people are abundant. The locution you are receiving is blessed by both me and my Blessed Son Jesus. We acknowledge that the words are most dire and we must get the attention of those who will not listen.

President Clinton had a most glorious opportunity to make a difference in the Middle East and let it slip through his fingers. This must not happen again. Colonel Powell must be diligent and do everything he can to stop the fighting in Israel. It is getting most dangerous there with the Palestinians doing the bombing and Israel retaliating swiftly without a thought except revenge.

Revenge is mine saith the Lord, not the Israelites. Not the Jews. It is not for them to do. If they do this, they will surely be the losers overall.

We must be watchful over all. There is so much going on all over the world, more earthquakes, more terrorism, hurricanes, death will be swift and merciful. None shall linger long. the suffering will be done by those who remain. Death will be swift and painless. In  one instant, they shall be gone from the body and home with us in glorious Heaven.  Those who remain behind will suffer loss and devastation. I wish it did not have to be this way, but those we love would not listen. They want about their merry way and let the world be turned into a dirty ball of ice and water and dirty air. The consequences of this are not good.

Mother Earth can only take so much punishment and she must rebel. The earth rumbles and 'spins' (?) The earth turns upon itself in agony and anger. It cannot help itself s the consequences of injury are anger with the destruction heaped up it.

Soon this shall occur. The time is now for weeping and caring for one another. It will be much longer when the time for love and joy are gone. Make hay while the sun shines is a good saying for soon the sun will not be shining. It will go dark. The 3 days of darkness are soon upon us.

Be well, my dear, for soon the real work of understanding will be upon you.

Care for those around you. love them for they will not be around much longer.

Be careful with diet and health. Be well for assuredly the sun will shine tomorrow but not much longer.

Be well. We are with you always.



7-20-2001 - DREAMS - For a long time, I dreamed about the number 132 in a geometric shape. It was a series of circles on a great circle.  I had this dream 3 times and in the last dream, I was trying to draw this shape and instead it came out with 248 circles. I couldn't determine where to place the circles on the circle to come out with 132 like I was shown.

In dream 4, I was in a room that had a TV or computer screen in front of me. The picture was in black and white, with a white background with the geometry in black. First there was a dot, then a dot within a circle ( 1 and 2)  However, the next shape was 4 which was 4 rectangles on a left angle across the great circle.  The rectangles were not flat, but more like an odd shaped box which I can't even draw much less describe or put a name to.   It was moving to joyous music which I believe to be in the key of F sharp. Then came the number 8, then 16. I lost track of the numbers after that because of the activity in the room.

Some men came into the room and I pointed out the pictures on the screen with the music.  They got all excited about it, but instead of watching the film which was cartoonish with dancing shaped and listening to the joyous music, they wanted to photograph the pictures on the screen.

But the men started arguing about what kind of camera to use to take the pictures and whether the flash of the camera would white out the screen and they'd have no photo at all and about how long it would take to get various types of film developed, they missed the whole show.

Then, I was sitting in a room and my Father was sitting by my right side.  I saw that my right thumb had developed another right thumb at right angles to my regular thumb.  People told me to cut that extra thumb off, but I didn't want to. The extra thumb didn't bother me and didn't get in my way at all.  

I saw a tiny pearl forming at the juncture of the two thumbs where they came together and I knew that my Father had designed it that way. Once I had two thumbs, then I'd grow 4, then 8, then 16, etc. just the way he planned it an I'd leave it alone because it was meant to be that way.

See:  Number 132 and Sacred Music Geometry


7-21-01 - DREAM/VISION - A sheet of writing that highlighted the words, "Praise the Lord"


7-21-01 - DREAM - STUPID - About past memories. I was in an apartment I never lived in. Kimber lived in the next apartment to me. She was pointing out to me that her walls were hollow when she knocked on them. I went into my own apartment and knocked on the kitchen wall. That wall was hollow too.

NOTE: Kimber wrote an e-mail after this and told me that her walls were hollow and they were finding old papers in them that were really interesting.

I went to another apartment which was a bar full of people. everyone in the bar was depressed. When I walked out, I felt depressed too.

I went back to my apartment and my son Bob who was about 10 years old was babysitting about 10 miniature brown puppies of various kinds. He said that was to prevent depression. He had 5 collies that were only about 5 inches high and 5 inches long. They were all together in a little ring. I decided that I would go next door to the pet shops which I could see out the window and by one of the miniature collie dogs so I could get over the depression I brought back from the bar with me.

There was no door directly facing the pet shop from our building so I would have to go the other direction and go around the block.

However when I left the building and drove my vehicle in the opposite direction, I couldn't make the sharp right turn which came first and I ended up going past it too far.

There was no way to back up a car on this road, so I had to get out of the car and push it backwards by hand as far as I could.

Now I was on foot and decided to take a short-cut through a large building which went the direction I needed to go.

When I got inside the building, it looked antiquish from the past and was enjoying looking at it, but then noticed it wasn't real. The whole thing was covered in soft quilted fabric, everything, the walls, floors, cereal boxes, furniture, was softly padded. I was very disappointed that it wasn't real. There were also some folded doors and doors that went the wrong way in dark corners.

I saw a window with a pink shade. I pulled the pink shade aside and it looked over a deep foundry where I saw fires burning and men working in this horrible place which was bricked in and hidden from the world.

I finally found a hallway with a bright light at the end where the sun was shining in. So I quickly went that way and the boss of the work crew showed me the stairway back up to where  I needed to go.

I climbed the stairs and woke up.


7-22-01 - DREAM - I was living in a house I've never lived in before, but my ex-husband was re-painting the entire inside of the house black.  It looked really nice so I didn't question it.

I rather felt like I was in a semi-stupor and didn't really notice what was goin on.

I had a housekeeper because I was too busy playing with my kids to do housework.

A young women with dark hair, who was one of my overseers or something noticed a pipe that went from the 1st to the 2nd floor and started twisting on it until it came dislodged. I grabbed it from her and put it back together.

My husband told her that it was an air pipe and it was inspected every 20 days by an outside inspector. I thought the pipe was more likely a communication tube between the 1st and 2nd floor.

The housekeeper was kind of perturbed with me because I never did any housework, but I told her it was more important that I play with my kids than do housework.

At the same time I spotted a couple of used menstrual pads on the floor and kicked them aside. She aid, "The least you could do is pick up the things you don't use anymore," so I picked them up and threw them away.

I went into the bathroom and found that the clothes hamper was full of water, which my husband had done. I picked it up and dumped the water down the sink. There was no laundry to do.

I went to turn the light on in the bathroom and the light didn't come on. I tried two different switches and neither one worked. I had to assume that my husband had turned off the fuses and I'd have to turn them back on myself.

An older man came into the house then, wearing an overcoat. He showed me a contract with 4 names on it. He asked me if I had ever seen it before. I said I didn't remember.

He said that the woman who had taken the air pipe apart was leaving an was being replaced. I didn't have much choice in the matter, but that was okay with me. She as rather destructive and unknowledgable.

We went into an office that was down a few steps from the rest of the house. The young woman scratched out her name and initialed it with another fake name she made up like ' green turtle' or something. The attorney said that was okay with him.

I was rather glad to see her leave since she had pulled my air/communication pipes apart.

Then my new overseer came in. It was a black man ... the newscaster Bernard Shaw. He scrawled his name in large letters over the top of everyone elses. I was rather appalled that my contract was so unprofessional looking, but the attorney said it was still legal.

Then the attorney handed me my contract and Bernard Shaw (who I call Bernie like they did on CNN before he retired) and I walked back up the stairs to the main house side by side. (He was on my right side.)

I then looked out the window and saw a tow truck with a black car hoisted up to take it away. I was afraid it was my car, but when I looked closer, I realized it was my landlord's car. It looked more like a hearse than a tow truck and the car was hoisted half way inside. (He is very sick both physically and mentally these days, due to old age)

I then looked around the corner and saw my own car. It was light aqua in color with a white stripe on the side like the 1957 Chevrolets had. It was a station wagon.

I then went outside and saw that my husband had repaved the whole parking lot which was large enough to be a church or mall parking lot. There stood my aqua and white car and 4 others (who I assume was my housekeeper and overseer) There was room for lots more cars as they were angle parked in painted rows.

The whole parking lot was paved with what looked like dark blue and white abstract design. There may have been a specific design but from my perspective I couldn't tell what it was. I would guess Fleur de lis but I can't say for certain)

I then went into an office building and lots of people were crossing in to go up an elevator. I was just watching from the lobby.

I saw President Bush come in with Laura Bush who looked young enough to be her own daughter. the people were so eager to get on the elevator, they didn't leave any room for the Bushes, but then some realized that the Bushes had just lost one of their daughter and they made room for them. Someone handed Laura Bush a yellow rose which she accepted with a look of interminable sadness on her face and they got on the elevator and I woke up.


7-23-01 - DREAM - This was a long dream in which I was looking at a web page called, "What is Energy and Where Does it Come From?"

I spent a long time working on the page, then I saved it to AOLPRESS and knew I as finished.

NOTE: I woke up and realized I had to have been lucid at the end of the dream at least and still somehow save web pages on my dream computer and think I  have them really be on my real physical computer.

I went back to sleep and was now in an office.

DREAM I was talking on the telephone which seemed to be like a speaker phone because I wasn't actually holding the phone in my hand.

On the other end of the phone was my spiritual teacher T.M. I was just about to tell him about the web page I had done on the energy topic, when a young man or teen boy walked into his office and asked him the same question I had just written about all night. "What Is Energy and where does it come from?"

My teacher started giving him the answers from his own knowledge and perspective including THEO (which I don't know if its means Theology or Theosophy)

I got kind of perturbed that he was listing off the answers so glibly when I had spent all night working on the topic.

I wanted him to stop giving away all the answers like that because it wasn't all that easy to rattle off little short answers like that, but when I pushed the button on the phone to alert him that I was listening.

I heard a little boys voice say in Spanish, "Ola". It actually sounded like it was coming in the window.

I knew I had lost the connection to T.M. and his lesson and tried to dial his numbers on the phone but couldn't get it to ring on his end for some reason.

I knew I had to get that page published as soon as possible.


7-23-01 - DREAM - I was in my livingroom. The TV was on but I don't recall what station I was watching. A young woman came over with her young son to visit. I asked her if he might like to watch cartoons while he visited. She said that would be okay but he was used to watching interactive TV where he could participate in the program similar to a video game and could actually make the geometric portions of the picture go up and down or spin.

I apologized and told her that the TV I had that did that was still in my old apartment and hadn't been moved to this house yet. I visualized in my mind that the old apartment was in a high-rise building nearby. I told her that on that TV I would dial in a number like 03-05-07 or 78and bring up the program that was interactive.  Unfortunately, this was just a regular TV and he could watch cartoons if she liked. She said that would be fine with her and I woke up.


7-23-01 - DREAM - I was living in the country and was living alone it seemed. I went outside to look at the gardens in the early morning dew time.

A man came around the house with cat food to feed my two black cats. I told him that my husband had tane the two cats with him when he went to house sit at the house next door thenight before. I indicated with my hand that the house was up the hill to the south.

Just then, two black cats appeared (very young like my own two kittens) and my husband came around the side of the houe riding on a bicycle with a young teen boy dressed ll in grey riding on the handlebars.

I was surprised to have him be there but grateful not to be caught lying about the whole thing when I had cat food all over my hands.


7-23-01 - VISION/VOICE - I heard, "Everyone has roses in their life," then I saw Chris (male) from One Life to Live TV show. He said, "But I came back to get the thorns."


7-24-01 - DREAM FRAGMENTS - I was watching a TV screen. It was in a house with a man and woman with their sexual parts over emphasized and bloody. The movie screen scrolled down to thow Marie Osmond singing a sad song about the missing boy, "Billy Travain".

NOTE; My friend Michelle miscarried her baby today. I found out after I woke up.

There was something about the number 19680.

In the next dream I was told that 19680 means the year 1980.

I saw a file marked 1970 and I was going to look at it. (No thanks! I remember that year too well all my myself. That was the year I was going to kill myself and ended up as a walk-in)


7-24-01 - MEDITATION - I waned to know who gives the authority for the title of Melchizedek.

VISION - I saw a field with trees beyond. I saw an 18 wheel truck like a logging vehicle. It was coming speeding across the field past the trees, then it turned in my direction.


7-24-01 - DREAM - I went grocery store shopping with Joe. I hadn't intended to go in with him, but I did anyway and decided I'd just take my time. Joe and I both had carts and we got separated early o.

First of all they had remodeled the store and it was 4 times the size it was before. This was not to say that the store was better. The aisles were wider by 4 times, I was finding babies left laying in food racks and I couldn't just let them lay there and walk by. I had to stand by each baby until someone came by who was prepared to be taking care of it. IN one case, the baby's bigger brother was supposed to be watching him and had ran off to play with something. I admonished him to stay by his baby brother and he said he would.

I knew this grocery store by heart, but when they remodeled, they moved everything around. One aisle I went down was being scrubbed and the floor was so wet, I didn't dare walk down it.

I almost took food from another woman's cart because I couldn't find what I wanted.

The whole center of the store was full of racks of birthday cards and gift wrappings.

I found where they had put the bathrooms, but it was so dark down that hallway and young teens running pell mell to get through there. I thought I saw Joe ahead of me but he didn't hear me call him so I just kept trying to shop and hope we didn't duplicate anything.

I finally found the milk aisle. They only had one brand - St. Mary's - and when I opened the door which hid the cartons, they didn't have anything non-fat so I didn't get any.

The next aisle over had some rolls of toilet paper but I wanted either the 4 rolls or the 8 rolls, so I didn't get any of that either.

I finally woke up frustrated with nothing in my cart.


7-25-01 - DREAM - I lived and worked in a large building in the city. I rather gathered that my boss Otto who seemed like a really sweet guy had retired. I ended up with his keys.

One of the other bosses wanted to give Otto a Polaroid Camera as a retirement gift. I was pretty sure he already had one, but the man told me to call a Mr. Peterson to send him one.

The men left and I took the keys and started exploring the old man's domain.

I had one small key that opened the mailboxes. I looked inside and there was no mail, but there was odd little things stored there which I can't recall. In one section was a tiny radio on which I could hear a woman broadcasting. there was like a 12 volt battery stack in there which I tried to remove because I couldn't see any way to shut it off, but even when I pulled the battery out, I could still hear the woman broadcasting.

While I was doing this, an evil-looking guy, who I only saw out of my peripheral vision grabbed something out of the box and ran off.

I was able to quiet the sound of the woman somewhat but I couldn't shut off the radio and she kept on broadcasting.

I then went into Otto's main office and started exploring, using his key ring and other small keys to open secreet doors that had other secret drawers and doors hidden behind them.

In the first few doors and drawers, they were all empty. Everything had been removed. One cabinet which looked like rosewood or cherrywood because of it s deep red color, I opened the little drawers and hidden inside were little storage compartments for fancy handled pipes which I knew he loved to smoke, but again this cabinet had been emptied out.

I then opened one last hidden door which opened into a small theatre-type room. It had theatre-type seats in it. The theatre was about 12 seats wide with aisles on both sides and the seats in the middle. I recall that the seats were royal blue but the light was rather dim in there.

However, on the 1st three rows of seats were stone or plaster castings of faces of people laying there. They seemed to be all profiles of men.

I asked a person who was behind me what this was all about. The person said without hesitation, "this is the New World Order".

The hairs on the back of my neck and arms stood on end and as I looked at the stone profiles, there were two large ones in the 3rd row that actually had horns on like the old pictures of the Devil.

I thought there was only one Devil, but there wree two horned profile faces in the 3rd row.

I went to the 3rd row and picked up both stone faces. I intended to throw them out into the street and smash them, but as soon as I picked them up, they became animated and started writhing around in my hands until I dropped them.

Now on the floor, they started shape-shifting into little toy stuffed animals. I started to try to kick these little toy animals to try to get rid of them, but they were pretty quick in moving away so I never got a well-placed kick at them. They finally ended up laying in a corner. One looked like a little harmless pink bunny rabbit and the other like a little beige Teddy Bear.

I woke up before I could get rid of them.

NOTE: The pink bunny is "Bunny Harriman" and the Teddy Bear is 'Ted Turner"


7-25-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office like I did in the early 80's with my friend Barbara. Barbara and I were closer than sisters and I knew all her dark secrets. Interestingly enough, Barbara moved to the Washington D.C. area. and I moved to Washington State in 1985 and I lost track of her.

In this office I had my work and she had hers. Barbara was a secretary. I was a purchasing clerk in the old days.

Now Barbara had geen gone for awhile and was way behind on her work. She had it well organized and stacked in dark steel gray store bags t okeep it separated in categories.

She had been working on purchase orders so didn't have any of the correspondence done.

I was going to suggest that she ask for overtime to get her work caught up, then I realized I could offer to help her and maybe get paid for overtime too, then I woke up and realized we don't work together anymore.

NOTE: I've been dreaming recently that the purchase orders I used to dream about as not being done, are now being comleted and closed out and filed in the 'complete' drawers.



I went to the bathroom and these two words boomed into my head. I researched them and added it to these two pages - TWO SUNS and STAR OF BETHLEHEM.

NOTE: SOL INVICTUS is the name of the Sun God worshipped before Christ. It was part of the symbolism in the religion of Mithras. Constantine, in the 300 A.D. wanted to get along with the Christians but didn't accept Christianity until he was on his deathbed. Constantine had the symbol of Sol Invictus on the revserse side of the Roman Coins.

Timothy McVeigh also used Sol Invictus in a poem read when he was put to death. Sol Invictus mean "the Unconquered Sun".


7-25-01 - 9:30 p.m. I had been reading a book about the Illuminati, CFR, Trilateral Commission.

I closed my eyes and had a vision of the Russian doctor and his wife from Milwaukee. He pried a baby out of a high chair and gave it to our granddaughter Taylar. She said, "Give me the baby Daddy!"

(I don't know if it's connected or not)


7-26-01 - DREAM - It seems that we were playing the 'Game of Life', but we weren't playing on a board, we were playing for real and certain events would win as cards that were worth extra amounts of time. At the end, Joe gave our granddaughter 3 extra cards for her birthday. In the begging we were given what looked like woven-thatched houseroofs in 4 shades of blue triangles quartered.


7-26-01 - DREAM - I was in a hospital and had been unconscious. I wanted to know what happened to me. The nurse was all too willing. She took out a packet of some kind of drug and said, "A half of one of these is enough to take a cast off."

I didn't know what she was talking about and didn't want to take the drug - for certain.

I then had a vision which said.

"see the Goodall file - Wildlife and Fishkill"

note: I planned to do a page on this and never got to it.


7-27-01 - DREAM - I was at a gathering place where people were coming together from every direction. This was all being done (in slow motion)

It was time for the trains to come in and many children were sleeping on the floor. We decided to just elave them there. A descending escalator was bringing people and suitcases down to the trains. Every so often, something would go astray. One time a sheet of US stamps got pushed off the escalator ramp. I was trying to decide whether to pick it up or not and it tore in half.

The one half stayed as stamps with US flags on them. The other half turned intoa silver business card which said, "JEWS USA and "THE JEWISH NATION!"

I was then standing on the train platform which all the trains came rushing by. There was barely an inch of space between them.

NOTE: In December of 2001, Israel and the Palestinians came close to a big war, there was lots of terrorism and suicide bombers killing people in Israel. It was a bad time.


7-27-01 - LUCID CONVERSATION - I was talking with someone I could see about Ovarian Cancer. I don't know why the topic came up. I even wondered if it was about me, but I don't have any sumptoms, no pain, etc. I am totally at a loss what this was about.



This was my first day on the job. I was working in an office, trying to line up a piece of paperin the tyewriter and could do that. I was trying to type a form that could be copied and filled in by other people but couldn't line it up. I finally gave up.

My kids were small and refused to do anything I ased of them. All their toys were in the livingroom. I just asked for the largest one to be moved and Michael refused to do that. It was either a big red firetruck or a tractor. It was about 4 ft. tall.

I saw my fish tank over in the corner and wondered if I or anyone else had fed them recently. I went over there and the only food was bird seed.

I knew there was a new pet store on the corner and asked my son Michael if he would go down there and get some fish food and he said, "No. I have other things to do."

My friends were sitting around too. I asked them their opinion of what to do and they didn't know.

I then went out to the lobby and forgot to take my keys with me. It was a triple locked lobby so I was stuck by the mailboxes, which was the largest area.

People were trying to get into the building and I couldn't help them. Then a tenant showed up who had keys, and he refused to open the door for me and he refused which was both a good thing and a bad thing. He was following the building rules which I had made myself but he wouldn't make an exception for me so I could help anyone else either.

Then cops and firemen came to the door. They needed to get into the building and see the manager and couldn't raise anyone in the office. I explained to them that it was me who was manager, my 1st day at work and I felt really stupid.

One cop said, "You've worked here before haven't you?" He recognized me. I had to admit that I had, which made me feel any dumber.

The firemen who were there wanted to give an award t someone. It was a huge plant with a plaque stuck in it. The plaque was falling otu of the plant and there were ants crawling all over inside the plant so he was perturbed at the workmanship and complained about the firefighters union.

All in all, I woke up feeling very frustrated and stupid. I couldn't do anything right and couldn't help anyone.


7-28-01 - DREAM - Two dreams the same, all text, ending with a long list of fish terminology - For some reason, this felt 'star' related, not earth related.

Somehow I also knew that this related to people who were 'starwatching' and didn't dress their children well enough for the weather and their skin was reddened from too long exposure to the cold.

NOTE: This could be Sirius related.


7-28-01 - DREAM - This took place in an apartment building. The scene took place the day after Christmas and there was evidence that people had partied way in excess with drinking, and many other people had replaced their broken furniture and left the broken pieces in the hallways. It was really a mess and someone had to clean it up.

There also seemed to be a theft of some jewelry.

I went as fast as I could to the stairway that went to the basement on the south side of the building.

AT the first floor, the stairway turned into ajewelry display case which I had to climb over. It as the size of a grand piano with diamond studded jewelry all over it. A woman sitting there told me that the "Princess" number was the most popular number people watned. I was trying to relate that piece of information to the theft but couldn't quite make the connection.

I got down to the basement and there I found some wooden hoops with springs wound around them to hold them together. I though I might use them for embroidery or quilting. I wondered why they had been thrown away.

I then met a man named Glen who was trying to help me salvage a room full of broken furniture, paticularly an old bed from the 50's. We were trying to fill in the base foundation of it, and there were stacks and stacks and cases of books on it.

We didn't seem tohave the same goals in mind tough, because as soon as I thought the bed was smooth enough to lie on with 5 blankets smoothed over it, he moved somethings and I had to start over.

I then found a pair of glasses with the left earpiece broken off. at first I thought they were mine but then realized they were my husbands and mine were fine.


7-29-01 - DREAM - I don't know where this was. It was in a house I've never been in before. My sister-in-law Mary was married to or befriending a man named Lee Chung. I only saw him at a distance when he was arrested ant taken away by the cops.

Mary was all upset that she was broke, couldn't pay rent, buy food, etc.

Since she rented from my husband and I and lived in our house, I told her not to worry about it. She could eat our food and live rent free while her husband couldn't work while in jail.

I had a check book and could have written her a check, but it was hidden under some books in a lower cabinet and I couldn't get to it without getting on my knees, I didn't want to get it while she was there in front of me.

A whole lot of other women were hanging around in the house and I couldn't seem to get rid of them until they went to work.

By that time my husband was acting oddly, which I couldn't quite put my finger on, so I suddenly didn't trust him to know my hiding place either, so I decided I'd better not show him where I hid my checkbook either.


7-29-01 - DREAM - I was trying to write a story about a flower. I as thinking the flower had a 5/4 code, a spiritual number. I scrolled down the page and saw a sort of bush. It had 5 branches on it, but no flowers.

I then had a vision. It was rather an elipse with some kind of design around it which I couldn't tell what it was because it was all black with a white center elipse space. Wtihin the elipse space was a wild looking dragon standing on two feet.

NOTE: I know where I saw that dragon before. It was on the banner of Queen Elizabether after Princess Diana died.


7-30-01 - DREAM - (This dream did not have a sense of reality to it, but in another sense, was very real)

I was with my friend Mary and we were at her house. I was telling her things she could do to make her have a sense of self-confidence and a little pride (not PRIDE) in herself.

Then her husband came home and she immediately dropped back into fear mode and submissive dependence, a person who could do nothing for themselves.

Because I had already taught her to be 'BE', I decided I would have a talk with the husband next about his 'changed' wife and I proceeded to talk to the man about how Mary had become a 'real' person to herself and feel self-confident about herself.

At first he didn't like the idea, because he waned her to be submissive and dependent and 'needy' so he could feel 'powerful and in control'.

But as I explained tohim, the 'changed' Mary was a woman he could feel proud of and walk around feeling that Mary was a perosn who could take care of herself and had skills he could admire.

As I talkd about his wife, I could his chest swell with pride at his beloved Mary who had become a 'real person'. As I left he gave me a hug and thanked me. He had become a 'real' man as well.


7-30-01 - DREAM - I was with a man who was very anti-holiday. He appeared to be of Arab descent. I told him that Christmas was coming and he became visibly upset at how Christians went about celebrating Christian Holidays.

I decided to show him how I celebrated Holidays and showed him that I didn't even keep a calendar. Each dog to me was the same as the next and they were all Holidays to celebrate.

So I took him down to street to my 'other' house to show him how people should and DO celebrate Christian HOlidays, other than the traditional materialistic ways.


7-30-01- DREAM - I was in my house ( not a real house I lived in) I had piles of work to do. It was quite over-whelming.

My friend Barbara was also there, sitting at a long table with a 3 foot pile of work in front of her. She was the same beautiful blonde woman she always was. As she sat down to do her work, she said, "I dedicate a full 4 hours a day to what's important, then I always know I've done 'waht is necessary.'

That sounded like a good idea to me. As a person who rather goes with the flow, I felt rather 'out of control' and thinkgs tended to run my life instead of 'me' running my life.

As I was sitting at my work table, 4 men came to say, "Good bye". This was a Father and 3 sons.

It seems they were all dressed in powder blue. It seems also that they were all 4 feet taller than myself as they explained that this was not a permanant 'good bye' but they were needed by someone in South Carolina, so they were leaving to go help that woman.

Just as they were leaving, the telephone rang and the woman who was a carpet-cleaner saleslady said that she had seen a photograph of a woman who had been followng my work and this woman had had the 'gall' or 'gumption' to go to another group in South Carolina and speak up. She had the photograph to prove it.

I didn't know whether to be proud or not. Obviously she was being noticed and stood out in a crowd. The woman then said that she was coming over in the morning to clean my carpets and asked if that was okay. I said, "Yes!" without thinking about it first.

Then she said, "What is the name of your company again?"

I rather gulped. I had forgotten about Kryon. Again I said, "Yes" without thinking about it and as soon as she hung up, I knew I had to move all my furniture before she showed up to clean my carpets in the morning.

(The Real Kryon is this:

Then a couple of salemen from the store showed up. I had called them because I was returning some carpeting to the store that was lime-green because it had been measured incorrectly and I wanted it to be 'perfect'. The man wanted to know what was wrong with the carpet and I said that there was nothing wrong with the carpet itself, but that the man who had come to measure the room had gone around the room and measured correctly, but he had not added an extra allowance all around the edges for fold-over. Then the salesman understood what I was talking about because he didn't make a practice of selling 'imperfect' products.

Then he said, "By the way, the round table we just delivered has little pits in the surface.'

I said to him, "The pits are supposed to be there because it is an outdoor table and that allows the rain of rain to roll off by itself.

He looked rather relieved that he hadn't made an error afterall and delivered, 'imperfect' goods. Then I said, "Indoors, I have beautiful wooden kitchen and diningroom table without pits.

As he left, I realized I had even more work to do, now during the night I had to move all my furniture out of the livingroom so the carpet would be cleaned.


7-31-01 - DREAM????- I was on 3 levels of consciousness at the same time. I had been listening to the radoi to Art Bell who was interviewing Phillip Kraph about being abducted. The signal from the radio station got too scratch to hear so I turned it off. Joe was awake so I told him it reminded me of the dog/man dream from a couple weeks ago, which was followed by a similiar dream by dream-link which was an incredible coincidence because he dreamed of a dog/man as well.

So, I was laying in bed facing Joe who had his back to me and I heard a loud snapping sound like electricity or someone cracking a whip. I was still laying in bed facing Joe but was in another reality where it felt like someone had stretched a panty-hose over my head. I struggled to get the panty-hose off my head and threw it on the floor, along with an extra pillow that was by my feet and bothering me.

I heard that snap again and went into a 3rd reality where I was still laying in bed behind Joe but other people were in the room with us.

From there I was going back and forth between the 2nd and 3rd reality, occasionally hearing that snapping sound as I went in and out between them, not realizing I wasn't really awake.

In the 3rd reality, a radio was on, which sounded like between a fire truck and a fire dispatcher. I got up out of bed and went to the back window where I could see a hill and beyond the hill was a tremendous forest fire. I called Joe and he looked at the fire and we were talking about whether we needed to evacuate or not. I wanted to open the door and see if it was smoky out and then all of a sudden I in the 2nd reality and thought I was awake.

Then I was hearing the snapping sound again and kind of freaking out because I started to realize I was going between two realities again.

Finally Joe decided to get up and go watch TV and that brought me back into the physical reality which then freaked me out because I realized the snapping sound was in the 2nd reality and not in the physical reality.

That was pretty weird.


7-31-01 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, Wi. I don't think I lived in this building, but I was having a UFO abductees meeting.

The room was very large and seemed to have an odd energy running through the center of it, which I didn't like walking through.

Cary Loose, our psychologist came. She was planning to go to Minnesota somewhere afterward.

A man who looked much like Tony Robbins, the NLP motivator also came with a group of people who were like a choir. They were also were going somewhere after the meeting.

My daughter came with a group of women and another older woman who brought a huge bag of gold yarn and there were 12 golden Christmas ornaments at the bottom of the bag, which we took out to put on the small Christmas tree I had put up. I told her that next year I would put up a larger tree.

I told everyone the story of my strange 3 level dream experience.

Tony and the choir rather diappeared into the odd energy in the room somehow. Tony came back, but the choir went out to the bus to be driven elsewhere.

Ton and I sat on opposite ends of a long couch and Cary came and sat next to me and roughly shoved Tony's leg with her foot.

There was some kind of conversation about who was stronger than the other between them, then Cary settled down and the three of us continued to sit on the couch with Cary between Tony and I.

My daughter had left with a bag of my clothes and Cary said she was going to Minnesota and I wondered if I should ride along, but then decided that wasn't the direction I was supposed to go.

The meeting broke up and I had to clean up. I recall that I had to rub some numbers off a couple pillars that held a desk or table up. The whole room looked rather shabby and there was still that odd energy that divided the room.

The faded as Joe started up his car outside to go to work.

NOTE: Rubbing the numbers off the pillars might refer to the Twin Towers 1 and 2 which were destroyed on 9-11-01 in New York City.