JULY, 2003


Solano Dream  (I dream of these things before they happen sometimes- Dee)

Farmer Discovers Crop Circles In Solano County

POSTED: 12:01 p.m. PDT July 1, 2003

ROCKVILLE, Calif. -- Larry Balestra could hardly believe his eyes as he stared across his western Solano County wheat field. What were those strange impressions out there in the waist high grass?

Solano County Farmer Finds Crop Circles In His Field

With his curiosity piqued, he waded into the field and suddenly found himself standing in the middle of a 140-foot circle of bent grass. And then there was another and another.

His first thought?

"What the heck?" he told the local paper when asked about his initial response. And then he called his wife on his cell phone and told her of his discovery.

Balestra's field had "crop circles' -- designs made in bent grasses by either pranksters or aliens depending upon whom you ask. The designs were most recently the subject of a Hollywood movie -- 'Signs' -- and have been reported around the globe for several hundred years.

To the veteran farmer's thinking, the circles were the product of "some people who have too much time on their hands."

On average more than 200 such designs are reported across the world each year and several thousand reports have been documented since researchers began keeping track, according to data from the Southern Circular Research, which monitors and surveys crop formations in England.

Whatever the cause, the designs are certainly intricate.

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7-1-03 - DREAM - I was working with a list of Masters. It was an extensive list and I completed it. 

SEE:  Ascended Masters - Who They Are
... head of the Spiritual Hierarchy and is often called the "Master of Masters". ... of rare
attainment and a direct disciple of the immortal Himalayan master Babaji. ...


7-1-03 - DREAM - I was making a pair of mittens and reach the point where I had one done and was sewing the right hand together, when I got interrupted by my boyfriends two little kids who he was raising in a cave - like area behind the driver's seat of his car. He left for work and left me to watch them get ready for work. The two of them looked like miniature Kelly  Justin from American Idol TV show - at about age 4.  Because I had to help them get dressed for school, I didn't have time to finish my mitten, must less knit the left hand. 

At a distance, I saw Lee Chin talking to another woman who was going somewhere with her in July and she suddenly backed out. Lee was really upset about that. 

I was trying to take a vitamin pill that looked like a piece of star-shaped cat food. I didn't even need water with it and it didn't taste bad either.


7-2-03 - DREAM - I was outside the entrance to a huge school. There was a man trying to paint one of the huge pillars by the entrance. I will call it the King Arthur pillar because the names of the characters in the King Arthur story were embossed on this pillar like "Lancelot" 

People were standing around, laughing at the man for making the effort to make this pillar look good again. Much of the previous paint had worn away and the pillar was rough and looked a little damaged from people knocking it here and there. Because of the derision he was getting, he wasn't doing a very good job especially when he started using the pink paint, so I offered to help him paint the pillar. 

The only problem was that the paint can was hard to get at and the brush was too big for the type job it was, however I did the best I could to paint the pillar so it looked good again. 

... call it "The King Arthur" pillar because the names of the characters in the King
Arthur story were
embossed on this pillar, especially "Lancelot" which was ...

When I was done, I went into the school which was concrete and the rooms were immense. 

I was there to rehearse the music for a program the choir I was in was going to put on. My friend and co-worker Carol Hapke was there. We weren't going to do a full voice singing; we were just going to do a quiet voice run-thru. We would sing full voice when the whole choir arrived. 

There were a lot of people at the school. I started to hear a loud rumbling sound and some large size maintenance men said that there was danger that the boilers might explode. 

They said they were safe enough for the moment, but there were calling for evacuation of the school.

The exit I wanted to take was right between two of those boilers. I was too scared to go that way with those boilers roaring the way they were, so I told Carol we should go the other way - up some narrow stairs - and I'd get my car and drive her home. 

So we headed up the narrow stairs, but because there were so many people evacuating at the same time, it took a long time for all of us to get up those stairs and get away from the school in time.

I hoped we would be far away enough from the school so we wouldn't hear the boilers explode behind us. It was dark out, so it wasn't easy getting to my car either, because it wasn't parked close by.

I woke up before we got to my car.


OLR History 1939 to 1963
... was done by the Liskowiak Studios of Milwaukee, Wis., world ... won by Our Lady of the
Rosary School teams during ... In May of 1962, a boiler explosion in the school ... History1939to1963.html


7-3-03 - DREAM - I was in my apartment, trying to get it ready for a prayer meeting. It was almost 7 p.m. and the phone kept ringing from the office. The operator not only called me with every little problem and complaint people were calling in, she was patching her calls through my friends' calls as well. I finally told my friend Kimber that the office was supposed to stop calling at 6 p.m. because I had other things to do too. She told me I would just have to be firm and tell her that. At that point, I had 3 phones going at the same time. 

The house wasn't ready for a meeting yet and I wasn't dressed for a meeting either. Finally 3 guys showed up for the meeting at 7 p.m. I wasn't ready, so I told my brother-in-law to play some music in the living room and handed him the phone on a long cord that was still ringing from the operator with people's problems.

Now - it was 7:30 p.m. I was still trying to button up my pink blouse and I saw out the window - whole crowds of people crossing the street, heading for my apartment for the prayer meeting. 

It was a blessing they were all late, because I still wasn't ready. I had to go to the bathroom first and woke up.


7-4-03 - DREAM  - I was at work. It was supposed to be at Allis-Chalmers (A-C) but it didn't look like it and the Pump and Compressor Departments were on separate floors and some of the people lived here as well. 

Two of the older men were sick in the morning. I got a phone call from a secretary too the President to go remind these two men that they had to show up for work at 1 p.m.  as soon as lunch was over. These two guys were in the Compressor Dept. upstairs on the 4th floor, while I was in the Pump Dept. downstairs on the 3rd floor. 

I don't know how it came to be my responsibility but I didn't have these guys phone numbers so I had to actually go upstairs and knock on their doors. I knew one guy was in apartment 306 but I didn't even know the other guy's apartment number. 

So I went upstairs to the Compressor Dept. to find the head secretary and ask her if she had a master list of all the people, what their phone number and apartment number was.

There were a lot of women working in the Compressor Dept - their desks jammed so close together I couldn't walk between them. They all had lots of paperwork piled on their desks. 

I couldn't tell who was the head secretary, so I asked one of the women which one was the head secretary. She just laughed and said, "Can't you guess?"

I said, "No! I can't,"  but instinct told me it was probably one of the older women. Her desk was almost impossible to get near because it was so jammed in by the other desks. But I managed to get her attention and asked her if she had a master list of names, phone numbers and apartments of the people working in the Compressor Dept.

 I actually felt guilty for asking, like it was some secret information nobody was allowed to have.

I woke up before she gave it to me, but I woke up with the name Christine in my mind, but the umber 71 was attached to my memory as well. 

NOTE:  I looked up Christine and 71 and came up with this:

16) And when he rises to the plane of Christine consciousness, he knows that he himself is king, is love, is Christ, and so is son of God.



7-6-03 - DREAM - I had a vague - all white dream in which I was collecting websites of King Arthur for a web page and on each page, there was a large picture of a white flying dove embedded in the top center.



7-6-03 - DREAM - I was living in a big house with my sons. My son Bob said he was going to start a car repair business. I thought that was a great idea. He then left the house to do something. 

A few minutes later, one of our neighbors came to the door and told me that her car wouldn't start, so I told her that my son repaired cars for a business and made an appointment for Bob to go over and fix her car. I made the appointment for 5 minutes later because she only lived across the alley - two houses down. However, when she left the house I couldn't find Bob to go fix her car. Since I had I had made the promise, I had to go fix her car myself.

I put on my coat and boots and went to go out the back door and go up the alley to her house, it was sowing like a blizzard outside and I realized that I should make promises for other people that I wouldn't want to keep myself. 


7-6-03 - DREAM - I was standing in my bedroom, facing a tall dresser. On the to pat the back was a tall dark green bottle of perfume and the cover was off. 

Someone came in and told me that my daughter was going to marry a man I didn't like. I was so distressed, I jostled the dresser to the point that the perfume bottle fell off the back of the dresser - top down . 

I heard fluid running and dripping and for a moment I ignored it. Then I thought, "Oh no! It's going to smell. 

So I pulled out the dresser quickly and not only was there no smell, the perfume bottle had miraculously flipped over and was caught upright between the dresser and the wall. 

I was amazed by that impossible feat because there was no possible way there was enough space for that bottle to flip over again as it fell. 


7-7-03 - DREAM - I had a cookie sheet with 25 white birds on it. They were in 5 rows of 5. I took a spatula and move 5 birds at a time which were laid out on their sides like they were either dead birds or replicas of birds. I just moved the birds. I didn't rearrange them in any way, except to move the rows closer to each other so there was room for another row of birds. 

I think I dreamed that twice. I remembered it all night.

NOTE: I had 5 birds die in January of 04 - don't know if its connected or not.


7-7-03 - DREAM - I was working for Ralph in our apartment building. I was supposed to have two desks - so I would be facing one and have another one to my right to keep his legal work on. But he took that one away. For some reason I worked faster on his legal work then because there was nowhere to put it but on the floor. 

I had a large pink receipt for some milk another secretary had purchased with a purchase order and had delivered somewhere, but she hadn't followed procedure and given me a copy of the purchase order. It was important that each piece of paper receipt had a matching purchase order so that it could be tracked properly, so I had to ask her for it. - she said she would get it for me. 

It was time for me to go home to my own apartment then which was in apartment 15 across the hall and down aways.

Before I could go there though, I had to look out in the hall and see if the way was clear because I wasn't wearing anything below the waist for some reason. 

I opened the door and looked out and saw that everyone's apartment door was open and I could see women in each apartment, dressed in pajamas, sitting on their beds, waiting for something to happen.

A little baby boy came up to the door. He wasn't wearing a diaper - only had on a little T-shirt. 

One doesn't get too excited over a baby without a diaper, but then he did what baby's usually do - he pooped on the floor and then smeared the poop all over the floor and then the walls and everywhere he could reach. 

His mother came running and grabbed her baby and said she would clean it up right away. 

I closed the door to my office again because I didn't want to be seen without my clothes on, so I sat I my office looking through a Lane Bryant catalog at the underwear section. The first couple of pages were of women with bras on - but around their necks, they had winter scarves on that were crocheted in alternating rows and lines of red and orange stars - 

   red orange red orange red
 orange red orange red orange
red orange red orange red

I figured since those were so easy to make, I could make one for myself instead of buying one. 

By then it was time to check again if the coast was clear to go back to my apartment.  I opened the office door again which I realized then had been unlocked all night. I didn't see anyone coming, - nor any other women in their apartment, so I quickly went out into the hall and headed for apartment 15 which was up the hall a ways. 

I had to pass a stairwell that had a glass door in it and heard someone coming up the stairs so I walked faster to get to my apartment.

My own apartment had 4 entrances to it, none of which were locked. The 1st door was to a room that was more like another office and it had a glass door on it and I could see that the sun was shining brightly into that room. I quickly ran into that doorway, closing the door behind me, I went down the inside hallway through my apartment, hoping my boss wouldn't notice that I really had 4 apartments adjoining to myself and take away the one with the sunshine in it and build a wall between that apartment and my 3 other rooms. I really liked having 4 rooms but my boss was known to take away things from people to get them to work faster, rather than give them extra things for incentive to work harder - so people worked faster out of the fear of having something less rather than working faster to get something more. 


7-8-03 - VISIONS - I was falling asleep, I found myself in 3 different meeting rooms. All 3 of them were full of people. There were no chairs in the 1st one but when the people came toward me, at least one guy was over 6 feet tall with a big head, but very prominent features on his face.

In the 2nd meeting room, it had wooden chairs lined up in rows. It seemed like they were all men in that room, not sure. They were voting on something, but they all raised both hands at the same time. 

The third meeting hall was like a small auditorium with raised seating all along one side. This too was full of people, both sitting in the seats and standing on the floor in front. 

  DREAM - People were bidding for the chance to be operated on to be all human. It looked like the people were like part animal or part alien and they needed some surgery to get help to look all human but they had to pay to get the surgery. 


7-8-03 - DREAM - The whole dream was about the logistics of getting to a church service with two piles of unpaired - unmatched socks, and who was going to pick up whom and get back home again. 

My friend Alyse decided she would drive - She's a (7th Day Adventist) I just wanted to go to the nearest church - whatever it was -  I wasn't fussy. And we picked up a male friend and his armful of socks too.

At the church, they were distributing books - but not church books - they were all hard cover reading books. 



Hi all: This was a dream of a friend of mine. She called me on the phone this morning and said she had this dream about 6 a.m. and I wrote it down as she told it to me.


7-9-03 - DREAM - I was at a HUGE circus-like place. I was taking photographs of everything going on. There were hundreds and hundreds of people everywhere. I saw 3 red and white helicopters come flying over the crowd in tandem. The 2nd helicopter was flying such that it was right behind the first one - so close it was underneath the blades of the 1st one. The third one was also in tandem - but flying upside-down.

Because the third helicopter was in trouble, they had to land. There was a 'rotary' problem with the third helicopter.

By now, I looked at my camera and had taken exactly 128 photos. I wanted to download these photos into my camera so I could take more photos of the landed helicopters.

I watched the helicopters land, then went over to the pilots, said Hello and told them I was going to download the photos and come right back.

I went into an office and downloaded the photos, but something went wrong and the photos turned into little pink pills instead of photos. I knew I could reconstitute these little pink pills back into photos later, so I went back outside to talk to the pilots of the helicopters.

When I went back outside, I found out the there were 12 signs to the End of the World, but the government was telling the people there were only 9 signs to fool the people into thinking 'This is IT!". The other three signs hadn't happened.

So, the government had a lottery for the military to leave earth to go off world for safety. Only 1 civilian was to be chosen. They were choosing only military men because they were deemed worthy of saving. No civilians were deemed worthy.

Finally, they held the lottery and one civilian man was chosen. He was so excited, he started yelling to the crowd, "I'm going to live! I'm going to live!" The other people who had been in the lottery were so jealous, they jumped on the man and killed him.

End of dream.


7-9-03 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building that had some plumbing problems. In the laundry room, the water coming from the hot water heater was coming out bright orange, but the cold water faucet was crystal clear. But nobody wanted to wash white sheets in cold water. So I complained to the boss who came promptly to take care of the heater where the problem was, he started taking out the washing machine and there was water 4" deep all over the basement floor we had to walk through.

While he was doing that, I was getting ready to entertain the people who lived in the building. I had some sheet music there and was going to play the piano for them.

All of a sudden Michael Jackson came in with a stack of great old antique music sheets with classic sing-a-long- hum-along tunes. I remember Clair de lune and Abraham as 2 of them and then he said that Bob Costas was going to come and play at 2 p.m.

I was so excited. I looked at the music itself and it was complicated to play. I hoped to be able to play it myself and do it justice.

Because there was water everywhere on the floor, I put all the music into a stack and decided I would take it home for safe-keeping.

Then we had guests come. A pregnant woman came and it was really deep snow outside and everyone went outside to play. She was carrying twins. the woman wanted to enjoy the snow too and went walking out in it with her kids. She slipped and bend over backwards very awkwardly and ended up delivering the twins right there. They were dressed in identical pink and white snowsuits and they could toddle already and they toddled over to where I was so I took care of the babies so the Mom could enjoy himself.

Back in the apartment building, they were going to arrest 2 guys so the boss told these guys he was going to send a cab for them to come to his office - one at 9 o'clock and one at 10:00 o'clock.

He put flowers with a stick pin on their doors to let the cops know which door to go to.

At 9:00 p.m., the first guy wasn't there and never answered the door. At 10:00 p.m. the cops came for the second guy and the boss saw me standing there with a bent pin from the flowers of the 1st guy and thought I had given the ploy away - but I didn't. I assured him of that.

Meanwhile, there was still orange water coming out of the hot water heater, which still hadn't been fixed.


7-10-03 - DREAM - I was at home in Wisconsin getting two of my sons ready for school - Ken and Mike. It was exactly 8:30 a.m. on the clock. I wondered why Bob hadn't come down yet to go to school and Ken said that Bob was in bed with his Dad.

So I walked into the bedroom and there was a huge King size bed. My husband was I the middle of the bed with the rest of our kids on either side of him - Bob, Jeanne, Tom, and Bill.

I said, "What are you doing home?" because he hadn't gone to work either.

He got an evil look in his eyes and a big grin on his face and said, "This is one of those  'no work' Thursdays.


7-11-03 - DREAM - I was in a school yard somewhere with Irv R. We were going to be doing something there and 3 cowboys came. They were really skinny and about 11 feet tall.

I was afraid of them for a few moments until I realized that they were there to help me.

After that, I wanted to tell people about these guys and prove they were real, but couldn't figure out how. Who would believe there were guys who were actually 11 feet tall?


7-12-03 - DREAM - I was working in the office of a large church - but  didn't do anything with the church itself. I was wondering why we didn't get a newspaper delivered there.

I recall a scene in which I saw a group of female aliens which looked like female humans, puppets all dressed in spaghetti strapped powder blue tops, and black silk pantaloon bottoms.

I couldn't identify them individually.

I went to the bathroom of the church and saw that Joe - the maintenance man and another man were knocking the tiles off the bathroom wall. That made some holes in the plaster through which I could see there was a 2 foot space between the bathroom wall and the next wall of the church. I asked Joe if we could expand the bathroom by that 2 feet and offset the bathtub into that space and give us more space to walk in the bathroom. He said there was no reason why we couldn't do that.

I walked through a secondary door of the bathroom into the church area and saw that the space beyond that wall was a 4 x 8 foot alcove used only for a small metal bookshelf with a bunch of books on it.

Back in the bathroom, I remarked about something about the electrical wiring. I said that when the man/Father who wired this church - he had "Mickey Mouse' wired it and I looked up and visualized trails of wires going through the ceiling - of wires that made no  sense - and at the same time thought about the "Mickey Mouse' and crop circles that have been put on earth  -having the same meaning.

Just then, the newspaper man came through the hallway next to the bathroom and I told him I ran the church office. I told him that I wasn't getting the newspaper - that perhaps the maintenance man was getting it, but I wanted one too. He aid he would make sure I got one also.

NOTE:  We got a subscription to the daily newspaper - but never have time to read it - just use it for flooring in the bird cages.

Here is the Mickey Mouse Crop Circle page.


7-13-03 - VISIONS    

Another vision was of a whale, a bent over Indian and a woman?  I didn't quite get that one.

The dream explained the symbols and what they were for.

LUCID DREAM: I spent hours reading on a computer screen about on of the leaders of the Guardian Alliance. His name is Solona and he is Umbra 150.

The definition of Umbra is: 

1 : a shaded area
2 a : a conical shadow excluding all light from a given source; specifically : the conical part of the shadow of a celestial body excluding all light from the primary source b : the central dark part of a sunspot

Exactly how the word Umbra relates to a 'being' I don't know.

After I had the visions, I heard the name 'Henry Joost'.  I didn't find that name anywhere on line.


7-13-03 - DREAM - Joe and I  drove to a country-western bar to order dinner. (I've dreamed of this place before - even though I've never been there in the physical realm. )

We pulled into the parking lot. I got out of the car and went to the door and I thought Joe was right behind me.

When I got to the door, the restaurant owner got there two steps ahead of me, with a newspaper in his hand and said, "I'll be open in a minutes and be right with you.

There were two doors side by side there. He opened the right hand door, then went through an inside door and opened the left hand door. I was standing in front of it.

I was going to apologize for being so early. I thought it was 4 p.m., but inside the restaurant on the clock it was 3 p.m.

Joe still hadn't come into the restaurant behind me. I was standing in this bare-boards ante-room of the restaurant waiting for Joe - when another man came from a left-hand inner door and opened the outer door that was at the other end of this ante-room that went out to the parking lot in the other direction.

I decided to sit on a bar stool and wait for Joe. The two men were in the restaurant  -getting ready to cook dinners for customers but I was the only one there and hadn't ordered yet.

After awhile, I saw a bowl of chicken soup on the counter, so I decided to eat it as long as I was sitting there doing nothing. I ate it all the way to the last noodles and Joe still hadn't come into the restaurant. All this time I had been hearing a baseball game on the a radio from the other room where the men were.

I didn't want to order dinner without Joe actually being there, so I crossed the ante-room and went out the door the man had unlocked.

That led to a small hallway. In the hallway there was a door on the left with a glass on the top half that led to the restaurant owners house. There was a screened door that went out into the parking lot so I went outside through that door.

Joe had parked quite a ways from the door and I was barefoot, so  I had to tip to over stones, broken and cracked concrete to the car where Joe was sitting in the car, listening to the ballgame that wasn't over yet.

I asked him if he was going to come in the restaurant and he said he'd be there in a minute, so I went back into the restaurant to wait for him. Again I was sitting in the ante-room alone, while the two men were still listening to the ballgame in the other room. Finally the game was over and they were announcing the scores of all the teams that had played.

Joe still hadn't come in, so again I cross the parking lot barefoot, but this time the car was at the top of a steep hill and I could see a young couple standing by the car.

Joe and the guy were hugging like old buddies or perhaps the young man was a friend of one of Joe's sons I surmised.

The young man gunned the car and it slewed around and one of the side doors flew open and almost hit me. I managed to side-step the slewing car and I could hear the young woman yell at the young man driver - "Look out!!!"

They left and I walked up to Joe who was again sitting behind the wheel of the car, but now when I talked to him, he was drunk and looked like a much smaller, thinner man, almost like my grandfather.

He said rather sarcastically, "I never wanted to be a father and a husband. On a Friday afternoon I just want to go to Sentry and listen to the ballgame."

I said, "You can listen to the ballgame all you want. I have no objection to that."  I had just listened to the ballgame myself in the ante-room of the restaurant.

But now that Joe was drunk, I just let him sit there and went back to the restaurant to order dinner by myself.


7-14-03 - THE PARTY

DREAM - I hosted a huge party for everyone  I knew. It was a pre-remodeling party. Most of the people just went home, but a small group of men and women stayed behind to help get ready for the remodeling.

The men took all the electrical switch covers off in the kitchen, then went outside, while the woman helped me clean up from the party, move the cars, and haul the final loads of laundry to the basement.

I saw a sheet of paper that listed a number value for each color car and each color clothing. The highest number for any one color was 50. the goal was to reach 100% - 50 on the cars and 50 on the clothing.

The last color car to be moved was red. The road was empty when I moved the last car from the party, but the road was narrow and I was going faster and faster and the road was getting more and more crowded - with all the red vehicles being moved at the same time.

The cars all got moved and then I asked the last few women to help me get the laundry to the basement.

The kitchen would be the last room left to work on. Once washed, all the clothing would be piled neatly on tables in the kitchen, and the floor of the kitchen was going to be remodeled as well as it was divided into thirds and I hoped it would be made all one color - it looked like the color blue of the ocean with waves on it.


7-15-03 - DREAM - I was working in a large office. It seems that this was my first day on the job.

I sat at my desk and I was handed a letter from the President of the company on letterhead that was hand-written by him.

The letter stated that he had a dog and took it to a vet to deliver its pups. Consequently all the pups died or were stillborn, but the vet wanted him to pay the entire bill as though all the puppies were born alive, plus he was out all the profits from selling the puppies as well. Then he asked the question, "Shouldn't the vet be responsible for at least 1/2 the cost?"

I was honored that the boss would think that highly of me to ask my personal opinion and that he would take the time to send me a handwritten letter.

Then my dilemma became, should I hand write a personal letter back or type it? What kind of paper should I use?

I finally decided to hand write my letter o a yellow legal pad and use a brand new pen. I planned to ask what costs were involved in delivery these puppies and also to say that there is no guarantee that all puppies delivered will be live births.


7-17-03 - DREAM - I thought I was in Wisconsin, but everyone in the dream was from New York and spoke with New York accents - with an Italian sound to the voice.

This was my first day on the job so they didn't know who I was. I was the manager of the building - their boss.

I was coming into the building late in the evening. I had forgotten my key, so my husband walked in ahead of me and stopped at the security desk to ask for the key. (My husband was also Italian and dark haired like them.)

They didn't ask questions or ask for I.D., they just handed him my key and they didn't know who I was either.

There were two large check-in counters at this entrance, more like a hotel than apartment building.

While I was standing there. I was overhearing the conversations of the security guards and the men and women who were taking care of people coming in, making reservations and asking for keys.

The conversations told me that they were dealing drugs, gambling and arranging sleazy sex parties at some posh mansion for the weekend elsewhere in the state.

I decided not to confront these people about what they were doing, but just to report it to the boss later.

They didn't know I was their boss, so for the moment I felt safe, but by the time I got to the other end of the building, I was met by a woman, dressed in a beige suede leather suit. She knew that the jig was up. I can identify her face but can't think of her name. She had a rather masculine face. She hadn't been at the check-in desk and nobody knew who I was, so I don't know how they knew who I was, except that when I took the elevator, it went to the basement and when the door opened, the janitor was right there mopping the floor. He may have known who I was and reported to the front desk that I was in the building and described me.

The woman who confronted me about what I knew, had a high position in the company, she just let me know that she knew that 'the party was over," for them.

I spotted a second suede leather jacket on the back of a chair. I tossed it to her and it rather flew through the air and almost covered her.  I immediately apologized that I hadn't meant it, but symbolically she knew that her respect and place in the company was done.

I went to another door of the building and looked out. At this door, it was brightly lit and outside were two men, large and muscular, twins with red hair which was cut short and tough-guy style. They were taking care of someone's car - helping a man get into it. But they looked up and aw me standing in the doorway and I knew instinctively that they knew who I was and they were going to come after me. 

I turned and quickly ran through the building hallways, taking turns that even I didn't know where  I was, hoping they couldn't follow me that way.

I then worked my way somewhere upstairs to my own apartment where  I had to feed a baby who belonged to my boss.

The baby was really hungry - a boy. He was wrapped in a white blanket . I fed him a bottle - unfortunately feeling the fear that these two big red-headed guys were going to come to the door and finish me off for knowing too much about what was going on.


7-16-03 - MEDITATION: I mentally voice my concern over the ETs messing with the sun.

I can't remember the exact words, but the voice was gentle - seemingly feminine, or non-sexual - and I can only say that I have the impression that I shouldn't worry about it and let it go and not concern myself over it.

... I can't let this lay in secret - because I've seen the evidence of what she told me on the website of another friend - in the sun. The black-ops ETs with IQ's ...


7-17-03 - DREAM - It came to me, the thought that I didn't have anything from my artist cousin Jackie and thought about what I would like her to paint for me, then my thoughts turned to triangle-shaped bread and then to triple twisted chocolate bread and then to - 'nobody makes chocolate bread'.

It just seemed dumber and dumber and dumber, though still intriguing to think about.

NOTE: Sadly, my cousin Jackie died during the California fires in winter, 2002. I never did get anything painted from her, and her house was damaged in the fire. I haven't been able to contact the family because their house burned in the fires as well.


7-18-03 - DREAM - I was researching the names of ETs. I saw one that said, "Orico Moon".


7-18-03 - DREAM - I was in a farm house and aw a forest-grass fire coming towards us. I gathered everyone together and I got them into the car. I managed to get away from the house before the fire jumped the road to burn our house down. I saved my family but we had nothing else.

NOTE: This again points to the California winter fires where my cousin Jackie died.  There were 22 deaths due to the horrible fires all over the southern end of California.

I didn't have any money, no wallet, no purse. Finally I was forced to go back home and see if the house was still standing. It was!

While I was still outside the house, I saw what looked like another fire coming, but as it got closer, I could see that the red-gold was a huge pile of hay in a wagon pulled by two ponies. The ponies came closer and came towards me (colts) with them too. The colts were only about 2 feet high. The ponies were about 4 feet high.

The ponies had blue eyes. They came up to me and put their heads in my lap so I could rub their faces and pet them and they made little noises of appreciation like love.

It was so adorable and lovely.



#1 - Michelle and I went into an old barn to take care of the caged finches. It took all day to feed and water these birds because there were so many of them - like 'millions'.  Then we discovered that the chicks being born were little golden chickens and they could feed and water themselves, so we put all the chicks outside so we no longer needed to take care of them individually.

#2 - ROV (a lightbeing) came to pick up Michelle and Dee in a car to take them to Alex's place so we could pick up something because it was too big and heavy for either one of us to handle alone.

NOTE: We still don't know what this is. :-)


7-19-03 - DREAM - I was working with some people to paint some 'feathers' or something that looked like that on white clothing - maybe robes -

Memory is not good on the details.


7-19-03 - DREAM - I was at home, living in an apartment wit ha lot of other people I worked with.

I needed to go back to work to finish typing a several page purchase order. I planned to work from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. but I was late because I couldn't find anything clean to wear. Everything had a sticky chocolate stain near the hem.

I was cleaning up in the kitchen and discovered that someone had knocked all my jewels onto the floor , so that  I had to crawl under the table and pick them up.

While I was under there, I found two boxes of chocolate mints from Christmas, still wrapped in green and red foil papers. I brought them out to share with my husband, but I didn't want the kids to eat them because these were special.

I also found a piece of broken pottery under the table and when I came up from under there, Bob the painter was there. He had just came back from a yard sale with broken pottery he planned to fix. It looked Etruscan.

I finally found a clean white dress to wear, and made sure everyone knew that I was going to work and what time I would be back. Because I was late, I would now work 6 to 9 p.m.

I walked outside and it was winter. There was ice and snow in the street everywhere, but it was melting too, so I had to wade through 6" of slush in the road in places too.

Across the street was a school for nurses that was for sale. It was an ugly brown and yellow building. I hoped the inside looked better - like Early American or something. I didn't blame women who wanted to be nurses not to want to live in an ugly place like that.

Down the street a ways  I came across one of the most horrible sights I've ever seen. It reminded me of the Oklahoma City Murrah bombing. It looked like the whole facade of the White House was blown off. The entire building was blackened and burned out.

There were some men scurrying around near the building, but I couldn't ell if they were looking for bodies or trying to fix it.

Snow and ice would flash across the whole scene, instantly melt off and then more ice would flash across the building and melt off again. I'm sure that was the icy slush I was walking through.

It was getting so deep, I was now thinking I might have to spend the night at work.



7-21-03 - DREAM - I was a finch, talking to two other finches.

7-21-03 - DREAM - I was with 4 other people talking about selling some finches.


7-21-03 - DREAM - I was out shopping and came home and my roommate Elizabeth - (she was my Catholic confirmation sponsor) told me it was her birthday and was expecting a phone call from her mother to wish her a Happy Birthday and to please call her to the phone if it rang. Then she went outside to do some yard work.

I had intended to just lay in bed and read, but felt guilty that  hadn't gotten even a card for Elizabeth, so I decided I would go out to the drugstore and get Elizabeth a card and a gift.

I was getting ready to go shopping when I heard a ruckus at the door.

I had to go down about 7 steps to the door. The door was already open and the door was only about knee-high, so I had to get down on my knees to look out the door.

When I did that, I saw 3 cops outside and one of them started laughing at me for getting down on my knees.

The cops were there to complain about a round pebble platform that some boys who lived in our building had built so they could roller skate out the door.

I crawled out the door while the cops were still laughing at me.

I and a man from our building removed the illegal platform and fixed up the yard so it looked pretty again and woke up as I went back in the door which looked normal from outside.


7-22-03  DREAM - NIGHTMARE OF WAR - All the people spoke English, but maybe that was just for my benefit. The people were poor. They reminded me of the movies of WWI or WWII in Europe. 

The war started off like a game in a school. Everyone pretty much looked like the same kind of people, but they chose up sides like in a chess match One side against another - the smart against the dumb. The smart ones knew when they were choosing up sides, which side was going to win. 

I was in the school and one of the kids had a little miniature elephant. It could float like a butterfly, but it didn't know which side it was on, so I was told to rescue it, so I grabbed it and carried it with me.

Then the parents came to the school and they pretty much had to go where their kids were, so the parents sides were automatically chosen.

At that point, I was wearing a dull orange colored sweater like an old granny but I was young and strong. I helped an old short Granny put n her old dull orange sweater that was just like mine and told her to keep it on because it would get cold as night came on. 

People started moving from place to place now, carrying small boxes of treasurers. Girls carried their dolls and toys in boxes. We were moving from one side of the school to the other. The lucky ones managed to get outside. I hid some kids in a classroom and told them to stay hidden and not make a sound and keep their heads down.

Some people were headed into what looked like old automobile chambers and all of a sudden they were flooded with water and then I heard an explosion detonate off in the distance and I knew the killing had begun. The explosion itself, even though it was at a distance could be felt by everyone in the chamber. Many died just from the concussion of the explosion. 

But some were near the edge and broke free when the concussion came and I helped them get up and run through the nearby woods to run away. 

In the school, the male teachers started choosing sides, because they had to turn in certain students, so the ones who were going to live with the teachers were the cute, tall, blonde kids. The short, dark, skinny kids were sent into the gymnasium to be gassed.

I was supposed to go with the tall, smart blonde kids, but the teacher saw me helping a short, darker kid, so he told me I couldn't go with him, that I should go into the gymnasium too, but I didn't. I helped other people hide in empty classrooms, behind doors and told them to be quiet and not make a sound.

Then I started running for the woods myself with some others. But by now, some of those who lived through the first round of attacks started fighting back. I saw even women with sticks for swords going after the shorter, slower kids to kill them for their food or the boxes of treasurers they carried. Everyone was hungry and thirsty now. Even those who were running through the woods to escape were getting knocked down and killed by those who were taller and faster. Only the strong people who could overtake the weaker ones were surviving. 

This was a nasty war and eve women and kids were fighting in it. Everyone was running the same direction, but only the fittest were surviving.


7-22-03 - DREAM - I was working in a major company in a city and having a secret affair with my boss.

One day I was sitting in his office while he was gone somewhere. On my lap, I had a drawing pad and I was drawing a picture of a strange creature. Next to me, I had a map of something I shouldn't have had.

All of a sudden my boss walked into the office behind me and caught me drawing the creature. He didn't really see what I was drawing so I slid the drawing pad underneath something else. He knew I had been drawing something - he just didn't know what. 

Before he could do anything about it, his boss walked in behind him, and since his boss didn't know that I was having an affair with my boss, nothing was said to me. I just sat there as still as if nothing was wrong. 

My boss was sitting on the corner of the desk and I was sitting on a chair facing away from the desk and when my boss got a chance, he whispered forcefully in my ear, "If you know what is good for you, you'll pick up your stuff and get the hell out of here."

I knew he was angry and there could be dire consequences for knowing what I knew and I had seen, so I slowly stood up with my hand over my lap so I wouldn't drop my drawing pad, picked up the map with my other hand and walked out of the office and got out of the building as fast as I could.

Once I stashed the drawing and map in a secret hiding place. I remembered that I had left my heavy brown winter coast hanging on the rack outside his office. 

There were many other heavy brown winter coats hanging on that same rack and I wanted to send my girlfriend up there to get my coat for me, but she would never figure out which one was mine. 

So, I would have to go get my own coat and hope I didn't get caught doing it.

As luck would have it, I met my bosses boss in the hallway. I was a portly man in his 50's it appeared. I didn't want to seem too familiar about my boss, so I said to him, "Is Mr. Byrd in his office?"

He answered in the negative, so I felt safe in running up there to grab my coat and get back out of the building before I was caught. 

NOTE: I was listening to a radio interview with George Noory and Al Bielik while this was going on - regarding Montauk. 


7-23-03 - DREAM  My husband, I, and our children moved to my husband's mother's house. ( I say it that way because I didn't know any of the people in the dream. They were all strangers to me.)

To begin with, when we got there, the landlord kept sending us little notes on tiny scraps of paper of information we needed to know. On one of these scraps, it said that he hand bought 4 items of furniture from the house before we moved there. He had bought the sofa for $500, the stove for $58 and two smaller items for $10 and $5. I told my husband I hoped he enjoyed the money because there was nowhere to sit except 4 chairs in the kitchen and there was nowhere to cook except a hotplate which sat on the floor between the refrigerator and the counter in the kitchen.

There were a couple of unique things in the house, there was a door that had an insurance label on it that was crumbling off and way at the bottom of the door, there were 2 white Buddhist or Hindu Goddess statues that had 3 legs with the center leg broken off, plus 7 white goddess figures. Those were all moveable to anywhere on the door. 

There was also a narrow stairway to a sitting room in the attic. I went up there. The sitting room was completely furnished with a sofa, chair, a couple of large dressers, tables, lamps, etc. I thought that would be a good place to spend my days when I had nothing else to do. I made sure to ask if the room was insulated so I could sit up there in the winter. My daughter said there was a sign on the door that said it was. I figured it would be neat to go up there and go through the drawers and see what treasures were up there. 

My daughter beat me to it and opened one of the drawers. It was full of C.Ds. She immediately mixed them all up. So I told her to bring me the drawer. When I looked in the drawer, I saw that it was full of old music and sheets of paper which listed every piece of music that was in the drawer, but it had just been thoroughly mixed up, so I would have to resort it to see what was in it. 

Then I caught one of the boys trying to bite the top of a bottle of glue or medicine. I yelled at him never do that again and told my husband to watch him. The doctor had told my husband to keep those items in the lower right hand drawer of the stove, but guess what - the stove had been sold.

So I thought I would put it in the refrigerator. 

I went to the kitchen and discovered that there was a giant sized container of warm milk there that needed to be refrigerated, but the container was larger than the inside space of the refrigerator and there were no smaller containers to put the milk into to save it.

I thought I would use some of the milk to make scrambled eggs. The eggs looked like reptile eggs. The eggs looked like reptile eggs - long and thin and when I tried cooking on the hot plate, the pan was too large, there was too much water in it and though the scrambled eggs scrambled okay, I was very distressed that there was no good place to cook and the eggs looked like pizza topping with black olives.

I walked around and around the kitchen tables, unable to decide what to do next. I was too confused.


7-23-03 - VISION/VOICE - "We bring you a person who can tell you  who is right or wrong - Diaz Sanchez

I was told " FREEDOM RIDES' and saw a toilet with black dirt at the bottom


7-23-03 - VISION - I saw a desert scene with a cave. Outside on the sand were colorful figures of horses and camels and people in various colors of robes. I was told  ____ and Lawrence of Arabia were wrong."


TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) | British Soldier and Author
... One other thing about Colonel Lawrence. ... the 1991 Gulf War , seething at the deployment of US troops in Saudi Arabia during the ... ..


7-24-03 - DREAMS - MOMS DEATH AND REBIRTH -  (At no time did I ever really see my mother)

My sister told me on the telephone that our mother had died and she had walked her downstairs in her pink robe and slippers. (Mom's favorite color)

I went to the house and what I saw was a series of long birthing tubes hanging from the ceiling - there were birthing tubes for the new souls to come down to be reborn.

DREAM 2 - My brother told me of our mother's death. I went upstairs and there was a mass of goldfish hanging together, waiting to be born, but the egg sac exit was closed off and thick so the fish couldn't get out that way. I was told that the fish would actually have to be blown out of the egg sac sideways.

DREAM 3 - My aunt Irene brought my mother into the room where I was sitting. Mom had her eyes closed like she was sleep walking and Aunt Irene was guiding her by holding onto her shoulders.

DREAM 4 - I was going to be the mother of the bride at the wedding. There was so much to do and I had to do it all by myself because everyone else was too busy. 

I had most of the cleaning done, but not all of it. I had most of the laundry done, but not all of it.

I went outside for a moment and saw I was on a farm. The house and cows were twice to 3 times normal size and I felt extremely intimidated by them, so I headed back towards the house. 

On the way, I came across a duck being chased by some cats. One of the cats caught the duck and tried to swallowed him head first like a snake does. I grabbed the duck and kicked the cat until it let the duck loose. I pulled the duck's head out of the cat's mouth and took it to the house.

The duck changed into a good sized baby and he had to be fed. But I didn't have time to feed him, so I handed him to my ex-husband who was there for the wedding. I gave him the bottle to feed him and everything. Somebody had to help.

I went back downstairs t check on the banquet hall and got lost in the hallway and tried to open a bathroom door and discovered a band player with a trumpet in his hands messing around with two of the bridesmaids.

The disturbance got them out of the bathroom and I found the right door to the banquet hall. They seemed to have everything under control and it was already packed with people.

I started to recognize family members and I saw that it was 6:30 p.m. and the wedding was at 7 p.m. and I still had to change clothes and get dressed for the wedding.

I started heading back towards the apartment and outside, everyone I ever knew was there, standing around, waiting for the wedding. I got into an apartment with my ex-husband about the top button on my dress which was really tiny and I couldn't open them, which I was trying to do on the run. 

He said, "You and your tic tac toe buttons..." So I started yelling at him - "That isn't one of my terms. You must have picked up that term from your girlfriend Nelda."

Everyone was staring at me now, with stunned faces and looking shocked.

I start to grin. It felt good to yell at him and shock people that I did it in public. 

I started heading upstairs. It was quarter to 7 now. Three older Russian women stopped me in the hall and recognized me and said they knew me. I was their Manager at Juneau Village Apartments and they had just moved into the place. They had a dark-haired son with them about age 10 or 11. They asked him, "Do you remember her?" He looked at me and tried to think about it. I said, "Think of Juneau Village" and his eyes brightened like he was remembering.

But I had to get upstairs and change clothes for the wedding.

I went into my apartment and to my shock, the whole wedding ceremony and the banquet was being held in my own apartment.

The banquet tables were around the outside 3 walls of the living room and everyone was seated already.

The whole room, walls, carpeting, and ceiling was a beautiful powder blue color.

I saw that the wedding itself was being held at the far end of the room on the 4th wall and it was decorated with festoons and bouquets of white flowers.

I saw two of the bridesmaids - also in powder blue dresses and holding white bouquets of flowers getting ready to come out for the wedding.

I still had to change into my blue dress so I could be in the wedding party as the mother of the bride.

I tried to get through the crowd sitting at the banquet table. There was a young girl laying ON the table in front of her parents, which didn't seem an appropriate thing to do, so I stopped for a moment and sat down to talk to the parents about the mother, knowing I had less than 10 minutes to change my dress.

Now I became lucid. I heard Joe start his car outside and I still had to get up from the table and change my dress but I couldn't get up from the table. I was lucid enough to realize I was laying in bed and my sheets were the same color as the walls in my dream living room.

I thought maybe if I got out of bed and went to the bathroom which was in the same direction as where I needed to go in the dream, I could get up from the table.

Finally I became lucid enough to start moving in the real - though I could still see my dream scene and get up from the table.

But, but the time I moved the sheets to get out of bed, I lost the dream scene.

So the wedding is taking place right at this very moment while I am writing this down.


7-25-03 - DREAM - I was helping people hunt for 3 different sea creatures before they become extinct. The Beluga whale was the largest one.



       1969 DL (or 1919 DL)


      I saw a conversation on a screen and 'Riddle of the Stars' was in it twice.



7-26-03 - DREAM - (after the vision)  I was working in a school and we were studying the stars. We were getting ready for a big event but before it could happen, two boys had to release the garbage so it could fall down from above and be destroyed. There was a big green dumpster there and two boys about 8 to 10 years old, stood on the release bar. Then they jumped on it and all the garbage in the dumpster fell into the pit and the two boys fell also and disappeared.

I was headed for the front door of the school to let the students in for the day and met my cousin Judy who was standing there crying. I reached out my arms to her and she cried for a moment. I asked her what was wrong. She said she was worried about her younger brother. I said, "Yes! I remember him well. Both Al (the older brother) and the younger brother (the dark one) worked for me for a time. He always did what he was told, even when he was rebellious. "

"Yes!" She agreed. "He always did what he was told."

I said, "You know, of all the beloved relatives I had, your father (Lester) was the most beloved."

She smiled through her tears and felt better. 

I moved on towards the lobby where there was a Christmas sale going on. Everything one could imagine of a decorative nature was in this room, on shelves and counters.

A woman named Joy was selling some special items. I was told this was a first. She had an emerald green bottle of glass that looked like a large Aunt Jemima syrup bottle and it had a 5 pointed star in a circle etched in its stomach for a belly button. Its head was a cross between Buddha and Santa Claus.

Once I saw the first one, then I saw that there were many others there behind her as well. The bottles' etching on the glass were all done inlaid with pure gold. They were truly exquisite. 


7-26-03 -DREAM - I then walked to the front lobby and I looked down and saw that I was dressed in green and gold myself (Green Bay Packer colors) and several of the men students outside were also dressed the same  in green and gold like me.  These men/students all had beards that were long enough to reach their waists. 

I opened the door to the school and all the students come in - filing past me one by one with huge smiles on their faces - so happy to be coming to school to study the stars.

When most of the students had passed by. I looked over at the hill next to the school. There were no dried leave of autumn on it - they had all been blown away and the hill was paved over in brilliant sky blue - it was really beautiful.

Then I closed the doors after all the students came in and school began.


7-27-03 - DREAM - I was living in a city, probably Milwaukee. It was 5 p.m. and I had just left work. I spotted my husband Jim (ex) ducking into the hallway of a brick building downtown with a duffel bag, so I grabbed my two purses and a bag and followed him up the stairs.

As it turned out, the 1st floor was a noisy bar and my brother-in-law Ralph lived above it in an apartment. I learned later that he owned the building. 

 Upstairs - my husband was moving in with him. I wasn't about to let this happen and I told him in no uncertain terms that his kids needed him at home.

All of a sudden, Jim jumped out the window and went running down the hill behind the building. I was a little stunned by that behavior, but all of a sudden, 12 tall young men and a woman came walking into the room. They were all about 7 feet tall except one short guy who was either blonde or bald. I said, "How did he get in this group?" as I walked past him. There were all happy people, but it was too crowded for me, so I prepared to leave. 

I told Ralph, "Tell Jim I will be at home where he belongs, and he knows where that is." 

I went down the stairs and walked along the sidewalk. (I don't know why I was doing this) I had a squeeze bottle of some kind of plastic resin and I was filling in spots on concrete decorations on a store front, because some had chipped off. 

A shorter dark-haired woman was coming along the sidewalk and she was about to question what  I was doing, so I ducked into a doorway that had a dark stairway that about 12 really tall women had just gone up. This door had a glass door and automatically locked and I managed to follow these tall women up the stairs just far enough so I could see the short woman standing at the door, but she couldn't see me.

I became lucid at this point. I was awake, but now  I knew there was a rivalry going on between the tall people who lived upstairs in these buildings and the little short Jewish man who all lived in the basements of others building where the stairways went down - rather than up like this one did.

It also seemed apparent that the tall people lived in buildings that faced south, and the little Jewish men lived in buildings that faced West.

I don't know if that means anything, but I realized that. 


7-27-03 - DREAM  - I was in Wisconsin. I was in a large elementary school which was in the country. Towards the end of the day, there was a band concert and students from Canada came down and played along with the students from Wisconsin. These kids were young - about 4th grade.

I helped with one young girl who was even younger - about 2nd grade. I even carried her at one point to help introduce her. Besides playing her instrument really well, there was something special about her sweater. She wore a cardigan and on the left side was the figure of a tall young woman - rather like Princess Diana and this young woman had a long belt or something that dangled awkwardly which the little girl always had to grab a hold of and control. 

I introduced the little girl to an old grandma lady so she could see how the sweater was made. 

I was then standing near a window looking out into the farm county toward the west and I could also see out the east window which were very large.

I saw two planes come in really low - not flying at regular altitude for airplanes. These planes were WWII vintage with motors on the front with spinning propellers. They were flying over, following the contours of the land. They just barely missed the school and one landed in the farmers filed west of the building, followed by another plane which either exploded as it landed, or shot off some kind of explosives which showered bright red exploding fires in every direction.

That was pretty horrifying to see for everyone but we were just starting to calm down, when two more planes came over, following the same course through the sky, but these two were even lower than the first two. One of the planes - a bright yellow one, almost hit the school roof as it flew over.  These two planes also landed in the farmer's field.

I didn't even have time to see what happened to those two planes, because a whole armada of planes came in from the east - it looked like Pearl Harbor attack all over again - but these were small planes like WWII - and these were throwing off sparking things too rather like fiery grenades. 

The first one almost hit the school and everybody jumped out of their seat. 

Somebody yelled - Get your coats and run to your classrooms - - as we were all still in the concert room. All the students had their coats hanging out in the hallways on hooks along the wall. 

The little girl I had helped to introduce earlier came running into the room and grabbed onto me around the knees - "I'm Gloria from 316."

She still had that danged belt hanging off her sweater. I helped her grab it so we could run and get her coat. I wondered why someone didn't turn the lights of the school off so we weren't such a bright target.


7-30-03 - VISION

A man who looked like an older priest stood in front of me. His name was Mark Brian Acheson

When he first appeared he had his head down - then he raised his head and smiled. 

NOTE: Was this the actor, or someone else?  I don't know.


7-30-03 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment complex out in the country.

We got a new neighbor and they had a humongous dog - it had 4 names and the last one was Clifton. 

I decided I would take the dog's picture because it was such a unique dog.

so I grabbed my camera and went t the back window to try to catch the dog unawares and take his photo. 

Instead, I met the 3 sons - they were like 4, 6 and 8 or 5, 7, and 9, etc. 

Then I found out the father - who was a hug man - was a psychic - a huge man about 500 pounds and he did Elvis impersonation on the side. 

I also me his wife. She had a very angular face and I really liked her a lot.

We actually sat under a blue blanket in her apartment for a bit to talk privately because all those people and animals were living n a 1 bedroom apartment.

She said that they had had some rough going for 8 years, but they were just now getting started and her husband wanted to go to college for 4 years too. 

While we were sitting under the blanket the sun shone in through a pinhole and made her face bright red like an Indian. 

I put my hand over the pinhole to block the sun because it was blinding her and then we finished our conversation.

Then I asked the psychic if he could do me a favor and ask the spirit world who Mark Brian Acheson was and more importantly - what was I supposed to do with him - or for him. I told him that he looked like a priest and I sure didn't want to treat him like an ordinary man if he was special.