JULY, 1993

7-1-93 - DREAM - I was following a man up a mountain of books. At the top of the pile was a book rack with a series of books. The first one I chose was titled ' FEAR '. The cover showed a series of other titles of shorter stories included inside. I opened the book at random. At the top of the pages was the word 'TEAR'. Highlighted below in a sentence was the word, 'AWE'.

Over to the right was a collection huge Atlases of maps of various parts of the country. I looked through them until I found one titled, 'PACIFIC NORTHWEST'. I opened that book to the State of Washington.

On the map, towards the northern part was a series of lakes and rivers. They spelled out the word ' NEWVILLE'.

Knowing that was meant for me, I took both books and continued up to the top of the piles to pay for the books and took them home.

Later on, at home in New Berlin, I kept losing the book titled, ' FEAR '. It finally fell under the white kitchen table under the window.

I got down on my knees to retrieve it and found a rack of dishes under these which needed washing. Inside was collapsed measuring cups. I pulled them out and handed them to two women who were washing the dishes.

I admired these super-thin women with waistlines as small as two handspans, but their legs were toothpick thin and they had club feet. They weren't perfect people just because they were thin.


7-1-93 - VOICE - (Female) This afternoon I am directing you to 'DOG 2'.

NOTE: maybe

I knew that was a map coordinate.

When I got out my maps, the vertical waterways were in Washington, just as I saw. and D2 was in Seattle, west of I5 and south of Denny Way. At that point was a street called 'Terry Ave'.


7-8-93 - NOTE - I was at the hospital since 7/2 - Had a lot of nightmares and was on Nitroglycerine, asperin, pepsin, and premarin. Wrote down nothing but meditations.


7-8-93 - MEDITATION - I saw a woman trying to buy a lottery ticket with a check. A man using a lottery ticket said, "This is a close opportunity." The lottery ticket shriveled, turned black and disappeared.

NOTE: The 10 p.m. drawing, a single winner of $110,000,000 was won in Fondulac, WI


7-8-93 - DREAM - I got a phone call from a radio announcer in Iowa. He said, "I heard that you can do past-life research. I said that I could. He asked for my address so he could send me his information. I said, "My name is Annie." I didn't want to give him my street address, so I asked someone at my right what my post office box number was. The person didn't know, but I knew it was either #82, #72, or #63. (It's none of those) I decided to walk down to the post office to see what my number was. When I crossed the street to the post office, I saw that I lived on the ocean and a huge freightliner was coming in to dock at my building. I ran back towards my apartment and when i got there, the ship put its nose in at the dock at my apartment.

As if offloaded, I ran back towards the post office. Some people dressed as clowns were running that way too. When I got down to the other end, the ship had finished offloading and the captain was up at the top waving. I waved at him, gave him the OK sign. He then held his grandchild up at the window. I continued waving and he pulled the ship up to the shore and handed me his grandchildren to hold. I held the youngest one and patted him on the back and praised him as a treasure. The grandfather said he could be ornery too. I said, "That's what makes for a balanced life."

He accepted my commenta nd went back to his ship. There were animal puppets all along the ship rails and his ship was now a tall toy-like Noah's Ark.


7-8-93 - MEDITATION - I saw a thin black book and on it were the words, 'SPANT is the name of the body after it is deceased."

I questioned the word that maybe the word should be 'SPENT'. The book opened and there were two gold words at the bottom. They both said, ' GOTHIC'!


7-10-93 - DREAM - I was in West Alis and wanted to go home to 16th St. I was having difficulty with various men and while this was going on, I wasn't able to go home. Then I met my old girlfriend Nancy F. (I still miss her to this day though she passed on in 1967). She was having difficulties also. I decided to take her and her children with me when I went. I knew it would be crowded for me, my children, her, her children, and my parents, but we'd figure out sleeping arrangements when we got there.


7-10-93 - DREAM - I was at a large meeting at a large Catholic Church. There was to be a mass said and there were no eligibile males there to do it, so I agreed to say mass. I was sitting down, planning the mass, which prayers to put in when I got to the end and the Benediction would go in. I suddenly realized an uncomfortable feeling about giving the Benediction, knowing that as soon as it was done, the people would get up and leave and there would be no further time for prayer or explanation. An ex-priest came up to me and gave me some advice. He told me that I should not give the Benediction because I had once been married and marriage takes the fire out of your eyes and you no longer have it. So the Benediction was skipped and the mass ended without it.


7-11-93 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house. A new stairway was being constructed around the outside front of the house. Meantime, one had to go outside of the house to get back and forth from upstairs to downstairs and back.

I had delayed everyone from getting up for school, but now I was calling them all out of bed to hurry and get ready so we wouldn't be late.


7-12-93 - DREAM - I was advising a young man as to how to find a job. I asked him what he was interested in, which happened to be mining. I told him that if he wanted a job in that field, he might have to go as far as California to get a job. In the meantme, I was making a loaf of bread for him with yeast and adding flour. The dough was getting larger and larger as I worked with it. I told the young man what I was making. He said it was cake. The color was yellow. I was going to put raisins in it and it would be raisin bread. I knew I couldn't eat any myself. I made it just for him for a treat.


7-12-93 - DREAM - I was clerking in a store. A black man was hiding atop a cabinet waiting for closing time to rob us. I discovered him and several people managed to get him down, beat him up a little and get him out of the store. I was the redecorating a room for some Chinese people. They didn't understand English very well so protested and I did the work for them. Throughout this, the Chinese didn't understand our ways and went on strike 4 times. I had to do everything for them.


7-14-93 - MEDITATION - I asked to call a UFO expert. I saw someone with a telephone, making a call.

Q. Are UFOS originating on Earth or from beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

A. VOICE: "From beyond"

Q. Are aliens good or bad as assessed by people of the U.S?

A. VOICE: "They are both".

Q. Are the aliens who do experiments of sexual nature good or bad?

A. VOICE: "They are considered, 'bad'.

Q. Will UFOs land in some big city like Washington, D.C. or some other big city?

A. VOICE: "No! There is too much fear and people are too gun-happy. Too many people still do not believe.

Q. Would this ever happen?

A. VOICE: "Some day!"

Q. Any time soon?

A. VOICE: "No! We do not predict dates, but some day!"

Q. Do aliens ever take over a person's mind?

A. VOICE: "Yes!

Q. Do aliens ever take over a person's body?

A. VOICE: "Yes! That does happen!"

Q. Do aliens ever work in prominent places?

A. VOICE: "Yes! There are aliens working in many places in the world."

Q. Are there any large objects heading towards the Earth?

A. VOICE: "Many of them!"

Q. How big are they?

A. VOICE: "8 - 5 - 10 feet"

Q. They would burn up wouldn't they?

A. VOICE: "Yes!"

Q. Are there any larger?

A. VOICE: "No!"


7-13-93 - DREAM - I had 2 dreams where I was being chased by bad men with guns and Dr. Schklyser from Apt. 116F was protecting me from harm.

MEDITATION - Alice came into the apartment and told me to relax. I was told that they didn't want to discuss past-life readings until June 21st.

I asked, "When are we going to Washington?

A. "Within 5 years."


7-15-93 - DREAM - I had been ill and a large white triangle was placed in my abdomen on the left side. This was seen many times.


7-15-93 - DREAM - I was going to a dance and I saw a model show off a dress that I wanted for myself. It was made of multi-layered thin material. The skirt was slit at the left thigh all the way to the waist. at the bottom hem of each layer was a long, long colored ribbon which extended from the ends of the slit skirt. Then all the ribons were gathered together and tacked into a loop at the waistband, allowing the multicolored ribbons to hang down where the slit in the skirt was. White shoes with high heels were worn with the dress. It was beautiful and sexy, especially while dancing.

I went to buy a new pair of white shoes to dance in. I pulled out a pair of size 11 and they were too small. The only size 12 pair of shoes were way too big to dance in. I stood up in them and stood a foot higher than my daughter who is 5'9" tall. Those shoes weren't meant for dancing either. They were way too clumsy. The only thing I could think of to do was to wearing slippery panty hose and try the size 11's again, because they don't make size 11 1/2.


7-16-93 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. I was told that to have a healthy body, you have to activate the cells to do their job by putting pressure on them. You could change an acidic cell to an alkaline cell or reverse the process. There are 3 kinds of cells and they are labeled A, B, and C. At that point in the conversation, I didn't know how to put pressure on a cell.

I then read an article in the newspaper about an atlete named Brian Sessler who injured himself in an accident and he was using this process to heal himself.

Someone then went to the store and bought a huge bag of candy which I distributed to everyone who was with me. The colors were layered in the bag and so were the shapes. So, the first person got little red cogged wheels, the next one got green somethings. Someone got yellow, the last one got green. I gave away handfuls to everyone. There was practically none left. I thought, "Next time, we'll have to buy two bags."

I then met a divorce attorney and he told me it takes 15 years to divorce a person. I was really upset, because it take such a short time to get married.

I was then on 16th St. at a restaurant or else in my Mom's kitchen and Brian Sessler came in with his family. I had the newspaper article about him on a table and I went right up to him very brazenly and thanked him for allowing the press to write about him. I told him that reading the article about his progressing injury gave me incentive to go on with my own recovery experiments. He thanked me for telling him that because my own recovery story and stories likemine gave him the incentive to go on with his own recovery process.

At that point, I knew that cells could be activated by using a rolling-pin action against the skin to put pressure on the cells. It was a long process.


7-16-93 - DREAM - I was attempting to meditate on the subject I wanted. A blond woman came into the room and handed me a big white box and a giant-sized thermos bottle. Then she took this oxygen mask type ting and stuck it into my nose. Since my mouth was closed, I cloud't help but get a whiff as she said, "Here! This will help you meditate." She walked right back out of the room.

I pulled the oxygen type thing out of my nose so I could breathe, but sniffed it a couple more time before examining the box and its' contents and the thermos which was placed in the refrigerator.

The oxygen type thing was Sandalwood and the thermos stuff smell like warm lemon pudding. I thought so maybe it was lemon tea. I spent some minutes trying to read the labels on things. Then I spotted a card. It was birthday card to me from the woman. It as hand-printed and had little cartoons drawn between the words. Part of the verse said, "Nobody could hate you and there was a little lign drawn by the word 'hate'. The whole thing was meant to be nice but done in a very negative way. I then looked at the name on the box. It was 'BERIT BECK'. (That was the name of the girl who was murdered by strangulation on her trip to a school in Wisconsin 3 years ago.)


7-18-93 - DREAM - My teacher's teacher came to town. She was in a small meeting hall of the auditorium in town. We all went down there, but I refused to go in to see her, because of some slight she had done to me in the past. She was only in town a couple hours. I thought maybe I would have a private audience with her later in her hotel room. I was willing to pay $200 to talk with her privately so she could tell me something for my future, but Alice said she was leaving again right away. I was asking Alice questions about this.

The teacher came in, with her hair done up in a bun in the back of her head with a pretty ribbon in it. She had come to town with a man named Steve. This was just a stop-over on her way to a religious gathering of some Tibetan group. I asked how many people were there to see her. Alice said, '5'.

Alice said she would be celebrating an anniversary the next day and then an earthquake on the mental level on the 6th of the month.

My husband and I stood out on the sidewalk in front of the place and he decided he would study her stuff after all even though he didn't like it in the first place.

Alice said that the teacher planned to come back next year with Steve for Summerfest. (A Milwaukee event) I was mad at myself for acting so stupid because I never did get to see her.


7-19-93 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin with Becky. There was a festival going on in the field next to my house. They were doing square dancing. Becky and I watched awhile, then sat down at an open bar. Becky said there was two Christmas presents there for us. I looked and sure enough, there were two hand-carved, very intricate chairs and each one had the name 'Dolores Wilke' hand-carved in a design on the back of the chairs. Other people were sitting on them. Each was a different type of chair.

I decided to go home to 16th St. and I wanted to take the chairs with me, but I couldn't find them. Becky told me that someone named Lucy (a relative) had sold them because she thought they were inappropriate gifts. I was quite put out and wondered of Lucy had pocketed the money or what.

I went across the street to go home, but I had to check in with someone on the dispatch radio to announce my change of location. My nmber was 40 and I answered #340 was leaving for home. He asked me how long it would take me. I said '20 minutes' I went across the street to my yellow car and found it full of loaves of bread. I had to move them because they almost filled the car. I had walked past rows and piles of harvested orange pumpkins but they were all too heavy too carry.

By the accelerator, I found a yellow bag with 6 large potato chips in it.

Then I was ready to leave.


7-20-93 - DREAM - I experienced a 2 1/2 level earthquake where just little stones were dislodged and a 5 1/2 earthquake where huge rocks were dislodged.


7-20-93 - I started moving into a new school. It was co-ed. The bed was all white. The curtains were like pink shower curtains. One of the men said he wanted fancier heavy drapes. I told him it didn't make any difference because this was only a temporary place anyhow.


7-20-93 - DREAM - A voice said, "I understand you want to know where UFOs come from. Look in the sky for the stars that line up like a tall letter 'T'. The look along the 'T' bar towards the left, that is your left, follow it a long way until you see another stand of stars, count up from the bottom to number 4. Then look to the moon. We are coming to divide the world. Then I saw the world split into a long volcanic fissure that glowed as brilliant as the sun on the horizon. I could hardly look at it because of it's brightness. I felt extremely afraid.

NOTE: There is an ancient legend thousands of years old that tells of a time when Earths inhabitants knew perfect peace in heart and mind. During this era our solar system was moving through a different part of the cosmos. In the story in the South Pacific there was a constellation of stars, known today as the Southern Cross. When this group of stars passed over land at a specific angle each year it brought the rains for the gardens. The shape of this constellation inspired the letter T. It was pronounced Tau (tah-oo).

The letter T is one of the oldest symbols known to humanity and comes from this legend. The Greeks have carried this symbol forward and have made it the nineteenth letter in their alphabet. The letter T heads the word "Tree" and can be seen as a tree. This T also centers the word "altar". The vertical line holding up the horizontal line reveals the structure of the T, as well as the basic design of most altars - elevated structures. The "Tau" heads the Zodiac constellation Taurus, the Fixed earth sign. The brightest star in the constellation of Taurus is Aldebaran, which in Arabic means Follower of the Pleiades - the seven sisters, the seven levels of being. The term "Tao" originates from "Tau". "Tau-ha" means the stars that bring the rain, conveying new life with their waters. "Tau" is synonymous with the word "emersion". Thus, the T is a true symbol of the Tree of Life.

The twentieth letter of the English alphabet. In the Latin Alphabet its value was 160, and, with a dash over it signified 160,000. It is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the Tau whose equivalents are T, TH, and numerical value 400. Its symbols are as a tau, a cross +, the foundation framework of construction; and as a teth (T), the ninth letter, a snake and the basket of the Eleusinian mysteries.


7-21-93 - DREAM - A voice asked me a question, "Should Russians live in the United States?"

I answered, "No! They have a country to live in that is bigger than ours is."

The voice said, "Not letting the Russians live here would be like allowing people only to wear grey clothing."

I then saw a lot of people with only 1/2 a body in various ways.

The voice said, "Or only grey with a little blue."

I then saw people which looked a little more complete.

The voice went on, "Or maybe just a hint of pink."

The clothes immediately got prettier.

"Or a little green, a little yellow, or a little red."

With each additional color added, the clothing became more and more beautiful.

"Or a little purple, or a little white."

Then I saw my cousin Shirley come out of a store dressing room wearing a beaded dress with all those colors in it. It was simply gorgeous. I began to understand that having people together from so many varied backgrounds is what makes this country such a beautiful and interesting place.

Then my cousin Shirley's mother came and called her name. She's been long dead and Shirley looked kind of shocked, but Shirley's mother came and linked arms with her and they walked away together.

Then my mother came and asked, "What did you get Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas? I started to say, "Grandma and Grandpa have been dead a long time", but she had already gone past. I decided to tell her later, but she was already too far gone to hear me.

NOTE: This seems to be a real experience rather than a dream. I believe it to have taken place on board a space craft, but I can't prove it. I have no idea who the voice belonged to.

As an added note, the apartment building I really managed started taking in many Russian immigrants and I became friends and worked with several of them and got to know them a bit. They were so thrilled to be in the United States. One of the men had given up a great medical teaching practice to come to the United States. His wife (which I believe was arranged to come to the U.S. had been the manager of an airport, and she had to work as an assistant in a blood testing facility after she took a crash course in English. They were willing to do anything to come to the U.S.)


7-22-93 - DREAM - My neighbors husband came home from work and told her they had just installed a lottery center next to the factory where he worked. She got all excited and decided to go down there and buy tickets, hoping she would win and her husband would never have to work again. I decided to go with her and try my luck too and keep her company.

We got to the place and stood in line. There was a door one had to go through to get the tickets. We were almost to the door; she was next, and an employee of the lottery came thru the door roughly, went to get something and when he came, he began to shove her roughly aside. She began to stumble from his pushing. I got angry and told the man he couldn't treat people that way. He laughed at me and told me he could do whatever he wanted and I couldn't do a thing about it.

Through the window in the door, I could see some kind of security officers on the other side. I called for the officer to come to our assistance, but either he couldn't hear us or was ignoring my call. The nasty man laughed at me, and again tried shoving my neighbor aside. I again called for the officer to no avail and tried telling the man about my neighbor's rights to be treated decently.

He laughed at me again and this time, he suggested I go home with him and tried touching me indecently. My anger flared and I told him he wasn't going to get away with that.

I told my neighbor I would go thru the door and get the security officer. I went thru the door and on the other side, the officer had gone down some steep winding steps and into another room. Since he was the only officer, I had to go down the steps to fetch him, the words of the nasty man laughing after me, "You'll be sorry!"

I went thru the door at the bottom of the steps and saw to my dismay, a room full of men smoking cigarettes and drinking. They were all so drunk, they couldn't walk straight.

I saw the officer and went over to him to voice my complaint. He was equally drunk. He came towards me and so did several of the other drunks, saying lewd remarks to me. Iknew I was in a bad place and made a hasty retreat back thru the door and up the steps. I knew my complain for decent treatment of women had fallen on deaf ears.

I got my neighbor and we went back home. I helped her clean her house and to get the kids ready for school. I regretting going to the lottery place and wished I had stayed home because today was the first day of school and we should have been ready.


7-22-93 - DREAM - I was working in an office and Mr. Bass (the boss) was working on a green accounting pad he said ran for a whole year. He was interested in working on smaller term pads, like 1/2 or 1/4 as wide. I told him that I had some. I ran to the basement and found several other things that resembled quad paper at first glance, but became other unfinished sewing projects. I finally found what I was looking for. I knew I as taking a long time. It took me 1/2 an hour to find it. I took it back upstairs and he said that was fine, but he had already gotten some of the paper from someone else because it had taken me too long.


7-24-93 - DREAM - I and my young son walked from our 16th St. house over to Teutonia ave. to shop for a new pair of shoes for him. We waited too long and the stores were closing. The farther up the block we went, the darker it got and I got afraid and turned back towards Center St. We got nearer to Center St. and I noticed we were carrying bowls of ice-cream. I ate some and told my son to eat some because it was melting. We both then turned back north on Teutonia, feeling silly that I had become afraid. We walked north along the block. All the stores were closed and again, it was getting darker as we walked along. I got afraid again and I turned back toward Center St. again. As we got closer to the corner, I recognized some black people who had just come out of the theatre. I decided we should hurry home to 16th St. We crossed Center St. on a diagonal to hurry as cars were coming quickly West. Two little white kids were on the sidewalk. They wanted to know why we were carrying bowls of ice-cream. My son said it belonged to Don. (the current maintenance man who worked for me. The name means 'dark stranger' ) They thought that was okay and we continued walking. We should have been on Center St., but somehow we were on 14th St., heading south. I didn't know how we got on 14th St., but I knew where we were and we hurried along so it was very dark, and I was a little afraid of being mugged by black men. When we got down to the alley, I looked West and saw my house and that would have been the shortest, quickest way home, but it was so dark, I was afraid to go through the alley and try it.

I decided to continue on to Clark St. and walk along the street where there were street lights.

We got down to the corner and turned West, but the buildings didn't look right and the numbers on the houses indicated we had been on 12th St. and not 14th St.

I thought, "Okay! so I was wrong. It's only two blocks further."

As we walked West along Clarke St., the numbers didn't match, they were going down, instead of up. So we turned East to correct what I thought was my mistake, but those numbers went down too.

So, I recorrected my error and went West again. Now the numbers on the houses were missing altogether.

Up ahead, I saw several black men and I didn't want to go that way at all in the dark.

At the next house, a young white woman was sitting. We went up the stairs to ask her what her address was. She didn't know as she just had moved in. I thought that was strange.

We still had the ice cream bowls in our hands. I asked her if she would keep them for us as they were annoying to carry for so long. I told her we would come back for them the next day.

She refused, saying that they were too sticky.

I said, "Okay!" and turned to go back down the stairs to the street. When I turned I saw two white men on the sidewalk. One of them had lassooed my son with a rope when I wasn't looking. The other one said, "Hurry home now." The lassoo was released and we went West along Clarke St.

It was pretty dark, but ahead I saw some people lined up on a porch with the light on. It looked like an oasis in the dark, so we hurried towards it.

On the porch was a series of men each one playing a red and white trumpet in front of a white house with red trim. They were playing jazz music. The music was soothing and I became less afraid.

We passed the house and came to the next street which I thought must be 16th St. The house on the corner didn't look quite right and I finally decided it wasn't 16th St., but 15th St. So we continued West. Ahead of us was two men walking side by side and I became afraid again. They were walking slower than us, so we came up behind them. Close up, they were white men, both playing clarinets or something. I slowed our pace to match theirs. They said they would lead us home and we stayed close behind them until we got home, and I woke up .... SAFE!!!!

NOTE: Ice cream symbolizes 'mother's milk in terms of food for thought from the other world.

Red and white are alchemical colors. Jazz music and trumpets and clarinets which are used in Jazz music are truely American.

See Dharmic Wheel -

Southwest - The place of Donn - The triadic symbol of Spirit, Soul and Personality brought together finally as one Unity. The place of Donn is the archetype of death and transformation.

At this point, spiritual maturity has been fully achieved. Further incarnations on the Dharmic Wheel are then unnecessary. The transformed Spirit of Light moves to the Center, symbolized by Bel, for further development in a different sphere of reality.


7-23-93 - DREAM - I kept dreaming about a house for sale that included Chrysoprase. It made sense in the dream, but Chrysoprase is a green gemstone. At the end of the dream, a voice said, "Chrysoprase is one of the most important gemstones ever discovered.


7-27-93 - MEDITATION - I called Babaji, Sohataji, Sohanna Lee, to take my teacher to the Highest Astral Healing Temple. I heard a male voice say, "I have come in, I have come in." I then asked the Masters to take the teacher to the healing temple.

I then saw my own Higher Self. I was talking on a white telephone to myself. This vision faded and I knew I was in a border-line state with my higher self and could ask questions and receive answers. My most pressing question was if I should move to apartment 311 in October. She said, "There is no need for you to move. All you have to do is clean up the one you live in. There is no need to move to have a blue apartment."

NOTE: Because it was easier to move than to change what I had, I did so and was extremely happy in my new apartment. Of course, once you live in a place for awhile, habits run deep and I ended up in a mess anyway.


7-30-93 - DREAM - I was experiencing the selling of a house and finding out the requirements legally of same and those costs. At the same time, I was conductings interviews with young women for some job position I was offering. I was commenting that the cost of a house inspection was $500 which you had to have. The other side also had to have an inspection which cost the same amount. I said, "Why can't one inspector come thru and both sides go by one inspection?" The just shows that there is no trust between people. At that point, I left the woman sitting there and went into the other room to brush my hair. I saw my hair as silver bluish white and I thought it was beautiful and that perhaps it was time to dye my hair all that same color. At that same time, I saw a couple of tangles in my hair on the left side which I to work out. There was a man off to the side and I said to him, "We're never going to make it in Eckankar are we?" He answered, "No!"

At that moment, I heard a crashing sound in the other room. I ran out there and found the woman lying down on a bench in the middle of the room. I asked if she had hurt herself. She said she wasn't sure. I asked her if I should call 911. She said, "No!" There is another special number I call. I handed her the phone. She dialed the phone and I could hear the woman on the other end of the line too. The woman asked her what she had done this time. The woman started to explain something about a huge plaster cast she had hidden under her clothes with green silk pajamas. The other woman told her to quit faking it. She hung up the phone and left on her own. I went into the other room to put on a hat. I looked in the mirror and the hat was knitted with a big bird on top. It looked like a pheasant, and it's wings dropped down to cover my neck in front and then I pulled a little white collar under it.

The more I think about it, I think it is probably a pigeon - in other words, I tend to believe everything people tell me.


7-31-93 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. My ex-husband worked in a hospital. He was wearing all white and was looking for a white sweater to wear to keep warm. The only one he had found was more of an ivory color.

An older woman with a rainbow colored hairdo came in. It was curled like a huge 3 foot high afro. It bounced while she talked very animatedly, but eventually it started to come down in front of her eyes. Soon, she couldn't see past her own hair to see where she was going and she ended up going into the pantry instead of out the door. The other people there tried to steer her progress and various ways, but with her rainbow hair in front of her eyes, she couldn't see where she was going. She was very confused.