JUNE, 1999

6-1-99 - DREAM - In a dream I was introduced to a man where I was in a car garage where you could get spare cars delivered so you didn't have to sit around and wait.

The young solid blonde kid who delivered the cars called himself GODZILLA.  Through these men, I got access to ALL the e-mail name lists to ALL the masters. I saw one name as

NOTE: I tested this e-mail name and it bounced as no one by that name.

In the garage, I met a little red guy about 6 inches tall who was in a cage with a little 6 inch white guy. These guys were considered servants. The little red guy tried to reach up and get out of the little cage. I slapped his fingers and commanded him, "You have to stay in there for the duration!"

Later, he was in the kitchen and he was pretty magical. He could leap up onto the cabinets and in one leap and could control objects with just a thought and undo accidents.

The little red guy, whose e-mail name was bangbang@atomic.bomb complained to his supervisor that he was tired of all these spiritual beings gathering together because he had to work harder and harder. His superior was a Chinese guy with a solid build.

I was able to lucid dream and save the master e-mail list so I can call it up at will.

NOTE: I had a final vision "CANNON ARRESTED".


6-2-99 - DREAM -  I was with some women in the backyard of my 16th St. house. This was not a fashion show but one small woman came out of the house wearing a tight fitted golden brown skirt, knickers like boys wore in the early 20's and high tight boots.

The other women stood around trying to think what someone could use clothes like that for.

I was thinking it would be great for bicycle riding, but they finally decided it would be good for mountain climbing.

I immediately had a vision of a barren purple mountain that had two twin peaks that was barren and light brown.

In my vision, the mountain was not tall but like a small hill and was below me like I was flying above it.

This same woman earlier had been inside the house and had disappeared from doing her work. I spotted her out in the back yard building a snowman with her kids. Rather than ask her why she was doing that, I just let her enjoy her time with the kids.


6-2-99 - DREAM - I was seeing lists of Indian names which were related to problems coming in the future. The list was going to show me the name and face of a specific Indian who I could relate this too, but I had to get up and go to the bathroom.

When I went back to bed I finally got the impression that the Indian with the problem was Robert G. (name withheld).


6-2-99 - VISION - I saw a back with a single red rose bud on it.


6-2-99 - VISION - I wasn't feeling well... stomach acid.  I heard a bell ring in my upper left forehead. I waited for a message and didn't seem to get one.

I then fell asleep and was in a car on a highway going up a freeway ramp and a gas tanker truck pulled in front of us.

I looked down to where we were driving. We slowed down to make room for the truck ahead of us, but then I saw that we didn't have wheels on our car. It looked more like a chair leg and it was riding along the edge of the road with a big drop off. It didn't drop off but was right on the edge.


6-2-99 - VISION - I heard a bell ring in my upper left forehead. I saw a page that said NUMBERS - Please call direct.

But as it came down, the numbers were short and I couldn't recognize any of them.


6-2-99 - VISION - I called Lady Nada. I heard what sounded like X-66 but I saw three buildings by a road and the one on my side was a small church with a tall white steeple with a cross on top.


6-2-99 - VISION - I called Lady Nada and found myself inside a library setting on a couch with an old grandfather-type man. He said, "Who receives also needs to give."


6-2-99 - VISION - I was calling Lady Nada and I saw a hand holding what looked like a potato masher with a bend over handle.


6-3-99 - VISION - As I was going to sleep, I began to see a garden full of little girls playing. They were all wearing flowered dresses and matching flowered hats.


6-3-99 - DREAM - I was in a house with some other people but working by myself on my computer.  The page was scrolling down and there were hundreds of words and sayings about Indians. I cannot recall any specifically, but this page contained everything I had ever seen about Indians.

My son Michael was there and he stubbed his toe and hollered, "Ouch!" I looked at his toe and the nail was completely off except for one tiny thread of skin. He told me to pull it off before it hurt too much, so I yanked the toenail all the way off for him.

My eyelids were aching so I looked in the mirror. I touched my eyelids with my fingers and saw that my eyelids had become detached from my body and were about to fall off. I carefully held them in place despite the pain because if I didn't I'd never be able to close my eyes again and I'd see more than I wanted to from now on.

NOTE:  This is certainly true and exactly what happened to me.


6-3-99 - VISION - There was an old man sitting at a long table when I walked in. He said, "You are being rewarded because you just reached 1,000,000 visitors!"


6-4-99 - DREAM - I belonged to a group of people who met on a hill in the park and we sang a song like 'Over the Rainbow' which has the words  . . . 'like the bluebirds do' . . . (That's not it exactly.. but the gist of it.)


6-5-99 - DREAM - I was shown two pieces of paper which had 5 long sections which enumerated changes that were being made to the DNA in myself and others.


6-5-99 - DREAM - I was at work in the executive office on 70th St. at A-C. It was approximately 5 minutes to 5 at the end of the day. I was changing clothes and putting on a orange flowered dress that was floor length. It was actually so long, it was dragging on the floor. My boss came and told me I needed to see Debbie in the office across the street before I went home because she had something to give me. Then he realized that Debbie probably had left already and I should be sure to go see her first thing in the morning. He was acting a little angry that I hadn't gone to see her before. At the same time I was wondering why they continued to pay me because I had an office on the east side of the street and was never there; I was always working on the west side of the street.

NOTE: I made note that this boss looked like the reptilian military guy in another dream who had given me instructions as to learning to speak German in order to translate for others.


6-6-99 - LUCID DREAM - I was working on a puzzle of sorts. There were 12 pieces.  Each person had the picture of a giant on it on the upper left corner. I could not see any of these things clearly except for the word Potassium which is the only piece I felt was successful.

Each piece had a name of the giant.
Each piece had a list of vitamins.
The pieces seemed to be large, large cards 4 x 6 or 5 x 8 seemings of white metal with an embossed rim around the outside edge.
These things were divided into sections with a raised embossed line.
I don't know why I was working on this puzzle or what it signified or what a finished puzzle was worth to me.


6-6-99 - DREAM - When I woke up in the morning in the dream, I was in a house with a lot of people. My daughter was about the size of a two year old. She was wearing a brown one piece pajama suit. She had stringy diarrhea both inside and outside of the pajamas. I had to put her into the bathtub to take off her pajamas, wash her, and then wash the diarrhea off her pajamas.

While I had her in the bathtub, there were piles of men's laundry which was washed and folded but not hung up and it kept falling into the tub and getting near the drain hole, so I had to keep moving it back from the hole and each piece I moved dislodged more pieces from the pile so that I eventually had a huge job to put away all these clothes.

When I finished cleaning up my daughter, I then had to clean the room. There were so many piles of clean folded clothes sitting around I couldn't walk through the room. I finally asked someone to take a blue chair out of the room that was sitting right in the middle of the floor.

It seems that we were going to be moving and that I was manager of this house/apartment.

I heard my boss interviewing a woman who was going to take over my apartment. He was behind double-wide doors in the office. The room directly outside the office was clean and was all yellow. That one was pretty clean so that when he brought new prospective people through for interviews, they wouldn't be scared off to see how much work there was to do.

In my mind, there was a ready apology about the place being messy because we were getting ready to move. I knew they would understand because they had all been through this themselves.


6-7-99 - DREAM - I was in a series of schools where people were practicing war. One was underwater in a big underground place, one was on the mountaintops and one was on the city streets. I was the observer in all these cases and none of the ammunition was live but pretend for both sides as it was practice.

In one case, some men were on horseback with rubber shields in front of themselves on top of the horses and the enemy was on foot shooting yellow lightening bolts as large as themselves. They seemed very cumbersome because the lightening bolts were also pretend.

It was all practice and nobody was really trying to kill each other for real.

When I left there, the men ran ahead out of the elevator and dumped fruit on the floor which I had to pick up before I could proceed and then I had to walk home and it was a long ways.

In one area they were practicing shooting at pumpkins and got tired of using only orange targets so they made up red apples to shoot at just out of boredom.

I came to an area where there were big blowup construction barriers of blue rubber and I ran across the tops of those for a shortcut. I met many people along the way that looked familiar and got introduced to some who said I looked familiar but didn't really know me, only reputation.

It all seemed rather dumb and Joe woke me up with coughing fits.


6-7-99 - DREAM - I got a new job to work in a special office where I had to type a payroll check for my son Tom who had a job as a spy in the same company I worked for. He worked in the underground garage. I worked on the 4th floor.

To type this check, I had to attach a special board to my typewriter which then the check and three duplicate copies had to be inserted and lined up perfectly before you could type. I had two days to type one good check. The first check I didn't get lined up right and when I typed the numbers they weren't aligned so the check had to be redone.

The second time I got it lined up right, but  had been concentrating so hard, I typed my own name on it, so I had to destroy that one too.

By this time, it was noon and I had to show one of our new employees where the lunchroom was on the 5th floor, so I had to take the contraption apart and set it against the wall while I was gone.

I then took the girl up to the 5th floor. The lunchroom was packed with people of all ages. The first section, as I pointed out to the girl, was like a cafeteria, but it was dimly lit and you had to eat whatever they provided for the day. You didn't get to make any choices.

The second section which was more brightly lit was like a grocery store and dairy products were mainly featured and they carried a lot of milk. The only problem with getting food in the second section was that you had to cook it yourself.

The third section was very brightly lit, but so crowded, unless you were the first one there, it was hard to find a seat. The seats were also very, very narrow so you couldn't be overly fat or you'd never fit in a seat. (I don't think it means fat, probably that you couldn't be overly inflated with ego. :-)  )

The seats were filling up fast, so I asked a little girl if she would sit on my lamp so I could sit down. Her mother was there also and the little girl agreed, so I picked her up and sat her on my lap.

The little girl was beautiful. The little girl had a cookie to eat and I helped to feed her a little piece. She was choking on it, so I stuck my fingers in her mouth and found a long gooey fatty piece of bacon stuck to the roof of her mouth. I pulled it out and showed it to the mother. The mother was aghast and apologized profusely to the little girl for feeding her fatty bacon. The little girl then sang a cute little song about cookies from God while she ate.

I told the mother that anytime she wanted a babysitter, I was it! She smiled broadly and left.

At the same time, a whole bunch of little children had gathered to eat cookies at a big blue round table that was children's height, so I taught them the 'cookies from God' song while they ate. They loved it.

I still had to type Tom's payroll check so when I went downstairs there was all kinds of problems with the office and getting things to work right. It was extremely cold in the office and this check attachment had a heater on it which was gasoline fired. It was dangerous to use unless you knew how to run it. Meanwhile the air-conditioning system was noisy and annoying. (I think Joe was probably snoring and getting into my dream causing this scene)

All of a sudden Tom showed up to get his check. He arrived in a very small car. He parked it by the curb outside and expected to be handed his check without getting out of his car. His boss, who looked like a bus driver supervisor, parked in another car, just a little larger, but still very small right next to him,...double parked.

I was introduced to the supervisor whom I think was named Paul, but I'm not positive at that memory of the name. He said that it was really great that we provided curb service so Tom could pick up his check, but I had to apologize because the check wasn't ready.

So Tom and Paul got out of their cars and came upstairs to the fourth floor. When Tom came upstairs, he met a spy buddy named Ben (From One Life to Live TV show) and they spotted a third guy they suspected might be working for the enemy as well...a double spy (counterspy).

I had to show the guys how to get to the lunchroom. The elevator was the office supplies closet in a small office. It only went from the 4th floor to the 5th floor. The spys were carrying some kind of electronic gadget for their work, so I had to get on the elevator first which diffused the gadget somehow and they came into the closet/elevator after me. There were other people in the elevator as well. A sweet old lady with white hair said she made this trip twice a day. There were chairs in this closet/elevator for the old people, but Tom, Ben, the third guy, Paul, and I stood for the ride. It was only one floor and we felt the speed of ascent as the whole office supply closet/elevator rose to the 5th floor without knocking any of the stacked little boxes of clips down. If you didn't feel the speed, one would never know you had ascended from the 4th to the 5th level.

We got out of the elevator and I showed the men the cafeteria, store, and the lunchroom. They were impressed. Lunchtime being over, the cleanup crew was working and the pizza delivery guy couldn't get his pricing gadget to disengage from his delivery tray. I offered to get Tom to help and took it from the guy and promptly began eating little scraps of ham and pepperoni, etc. from the gadget tray, then handed it to Tom to fix.

There were three nurses dressed in white up here too. Each one had a silver tray with first aid equipment on it and whatever they needed for emergencies.

I still had to type Tom's check so I took him back downstairs to where my office was.

We were still in the hallway and I was trying to show Tom where the checkwriting gadget was. I could see it through a narrow window to where it was, but Tom couldn't see it at the same time because there was a thick red brick wall there. I had to move over so he could se it.Only one at a time could see it because the window was so narrow.

By this time, it was late and Tom had to get back to work and I had left the blank checks on my desk and didn't want my boss to know I was so careless, so we rushed in and I wrote the check by hand for $2,975.00 and Tom took it and went back to work. That gave me the next span of time to figure out how to get that check writing machine to work properly.


6-7-99 - DREAM - I had this part of the dream twice during the night. I was looking at a yellow computer screen. It was on Geocities. I had typed three lines on it, starting with the number 2295...and three lines on it...and then something about my son Tom. After doing this twice, I realized I shouldn't use Geocities because it would never be accessed.

This second dream had a message put on it for me. There were actually two, but I couldn't read both of them, only the second one. It was, "Are you a healer yet this trip?"


6-7-99 - DREAM - I was in my apartment and I could hear people talking out in the street. there was an oriental couple out there listening to a radio type contest where they were giving out a name and waiting for the person to call in to win. The name was Cindy or Cynthia. The oriental couple was gesturing to some friends in an apartment over farther on the same floor I lived, wondering if they were listening. I was listening too to see if she would call in.

My phone rang then and it was my daughter-in-law Debe. I started telling her about T.J. (Joe's son Tom) have his four wisdom teeth pulled out next week, but there were so many people in my apartment and they were all talking at the same time, and one guy was actually leaning over me helping me to say the right words to Debe. I finally had to excuse myself to Debe and told her, "There are all kinds of new people in the apartment this week." (It was like they had to be trained to speak one at a time and not get in my face when they were trying to be helpful)

Debe's husband Ken (my son) was in the apartment also, in the kitchen, gathering ingredients to make bread. He was looking through the cabinets for flour (which I don't have because I'm allergic to it) He had two bread wrappers tucked under his arm with what looked like two slices of ends in each one. On the end of one wrapper it said, "NO POTATOES!"

I had to go to the bathroom really bad and while I was in the bathroom, I could hear snoring coming from the bedroom. (This was probably Joe snoring again. :-) ) While I heard this snoring, I was thinking, "Oh no! I hope it isn't Tom and he didn't go back to work!" So, when I went to the bedroom after I was done in the bathroom, it was kind of dark in the bedroom. I had to get pretty close to see who it was. It was my son Bob. He was laying on the bed so that his knees were on the floor, so he was only half way on the bed. He was just waking up!


6-7-99 - DREAM - I had been studying the stock market intensely all day yesterday, so I dreamed all night of doing the same thing.


6-7-99 - DREAM (This was very bizarre)  Someone told me to watch for someone name Eric. Later on I was on a busy street and a tiny little boy walked up behind me and kissed me on the small of my back. the pain I had been feeling there earlier went away.

I had an instant vision of a past life where I had been run through with a sword and killed.

I was then told to watch for someone named Evelyn. A while later a woman walked up to me and said, "My name is Evelyn and put her arms around my back about shoulder height. The backache I had been having went away.

I then had an instant vision of being sliced in half in a past life as a soldier when an enemy soldier cut my body in half and killed me in a war.

My pain was instantly gone. I was told that the man's name was TOMMY STRUTHERS.  I was told the other man's name also. It was Donald something which I can't remember.

A woman knocked on the window of my ground floor apartment but I let her in the door. She wanted to rent an apartment. She wanted to know if she should give the money for the deposit to the man in teh apartment. I told her, "No!" and that I needed to get some paperwork to fill out. I didn't even know if I had any because I had just started this job.

She went over and sat on a couch, put her head down on a big box and went to sleep.

I went into the bedroom to see if I had any forms to use for the rental and spotted a small dark woman hurry across a darkened room next to it with a big overstuffed clothing bag and hide it in the closet.

I didn't know who she was, or where she went but I was curious about what she put in the closet.  I took down the clothing bag on the bed and unzipped it. There were two fake man-sized dolls in it, both dressed in blue work overalls. Both dolls were identical with blonde hair.

I tossed them on the bed and then found a heavy winter jacket with a fur collar that belonged to the woman. Over on the bed, one of the dolls came to life and I saw the other doll start to get a huge erection under its coveralls. The other doll quickly sat on the erecting penis and started to moan. (neither doll was uncovered and the whole scene was pretty disgusting to watch)

I then went back to find the rental forms I needed and found some apartment and house inspection forms I had made many years ago.


6-8-99 - DREAM - I was looking for a particular person to fill a particular place in a plan I was working on. While I was doing this, people were arriving at my apartment and bringing me gifts. I thought it was Christmas because it all had Christmas wrappings.

I had to go to the bathroom, but I couldn't find one where nobody could see me go. In the 1st bathroom, the door didn't fit anymore. It had somehow shrunk so that it was too narrow and too short, so a workman took it off to go get another one.

So I had to go find a different bathroom. Every room I went into, people were gathering. I went into a room where women were gathering to celebrate my birthday. I knew it wasn't my birthday because it was June 7th, but I figured if they wanted to celebrate my birthday on that day, it was fine with me.  (My birthday is actually the day after Christmas)

I looked down at my clothes. I was dressed all in pink from head to toe including stockings and shoes.

I went back out into the hall and a girl handed me her mailbox key so I could pick up her mail while she was gone on vacation. She said she had two puppies in her apartment also to feed. I was surprised to hear that. I had forgotten that the new management company had said that we could have dogs now.

I went back into my apartment. My son Ken was there and helped me get all the gifts into one place. I started with a Christmas ornament. It looked like bell but it had a face of a dog on it.


6-9-99 - VISION - I was show to do a page on Jason and the Argonauts. (See below)


6-10-99 - DREAM - (Michelle and I were IMing each other discussing what is the truth about Reptilian ETs. Her versions were different than what I had heard. I said it would be nice if we knew the real truth. I got so tired I could hold my head up or my eyes open so I went back to bed. This is the dream I had)

I was looking at a web page of links and the clearest one which was at the top was "Jason and the Argonauts" . That was the male aspect. There was also a female aspect which also started with the letter "A". It seemed that all these files started with the letter "A" but I couldn't remember them.  After that I left the computer and began doing my work around the house or building where I was.  While I was doing the cleaning, I was putting things away where they belonged. One thing I had to do was put all the winter clothing away. There was no room in the closet so I went all the way to the back of the closet and found a little girl's pink bicycle, and also found what looked like a pink bowling bag, but inside was two pillows with hearts on them which I thought would look great on the bed. Also in this closet I found a pink egg which seemed to be like what silly putty comes in.  I opened it up and inside was was pink and glittery confetti-like stuff. It was really pretty.

I then went to another area of the house to work. I was going to wash all the green men's work clothes. (This has been repeated frequently lately) The two maintenance men who were there, didn't want to give theirs up.  They were already wearing two shirts, one cowboy type plaid shirt with a plain color over like blue...but as soon as they saw I wanted to wash their green shirts, they grabbed them and put them on over their other two shirts.  The shirts didn't look was my job to do ALL the laundry.  There were lots of green men's work clothes everywhere, piled all over the floors and furniture. While I did this, I noticed I had two walnut shells in my hands and there were little bugs crawling in them.  I eventually had to throw them away. There was nothing fit to eat in them, nor did I want them around.  I remembered the pink egg and preferred that anyway.  So, I got busy and went to work doing the laundry. I couldn't figure out why the maintenance men wouldn't let me wash their shirts.


6-12-99 - DREAM - (I can't make any sense of this). There was a whole series of people who left their houses or apartments to go do something and before they got back, somebody had already moved in. The original people would get a shocked look on their faces that they could be replaced so easily.

In my own case, I was replaced by a woman in a dirty dark blue uniform dress and she admitted that she hated the job.

But I was busy ironing a nice brown tweed dress so I looked nice for my next job.

I noticed that one of the women I lived with was working on a puzzle. She didn't have all the pieces in the same room. She had some pieces together in the livingroom and a whole lot more pieces together in the bedroom being placed with by her kids. So I took all the pieces to get them all in one place.

All the pieces looked the same and were like a sticky-backed carpet. They were all red octagonal shapes.

After I picked up the puzzle pieces, I realized I had to do some more ironing but the other woman had too much stuff in the hallway, so I decided to get everything out of the hallway first.


6-12-99 - VISION - I was seeing a long oval raised mound and knew I was in Tennessee. There were also several statements about death and I saw the letters XXLD and on top of this vision I had a flash vision of T.M. like that was where he had died in the past.

(That would make sense because he had other past lives in Tennessee)


6-12-99 - DREAM - I was driving my car laying down, mostly asleep. There was a man driving a car next to mine who was more wide awake than I was. We made a turn going East on Center St. going up hill towards the intersection of Humboldt Ave. I raised myself up into more alertness because the way was so narrow. All of  a sudden a whole bunch of boxes fell into the road ahead of my car. Most of them were semi-empty but I pulled them into my car like free gifts. Some of it was rolls of pink toilet paper.  I had the opportunity to get a big stack of clothing also, but rejected that.

However, while I was engrossed with doing that, all of a sudden, I found myself standing at an intersection alongside this tall man and didn't know how I had gotten there. It seemed like it was Center St. and Lake Park Drive but I'm not sure. It was beautiful.


6-13-99 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house. I went into the house and saw my female orange cat there. Beyond her were about 6 or 7 orange baby kittens about a couple days old. Beyond her was my dog. It had a kitten in his mouth and was shaking it hard... killing it.

I turned around and saw a shriveled dead baby kitten lying on top of a folded envelope.

I went up the stairs to the library room. A man was standing there naked from the waist up because it was summer and hot.

However, I was freezing and told him so. I had to figure out why I felt different than he did and decided I was coming down with a cold.

I went into the livingroom to watch my soap opera, "One Life To Live" because it was 1 p.m.  But, my daughter was there watching a cartoon of a dog on her T.V. There were three T.V.s in our livingroom I discovered.

My daughter said I could change channels, but I wasn't able to do that, but I tried turning off her T.V. and couldn't do that either. As soon as I let go of the button, it would come right back on. So to watch One Life To Live, I had to hold the button in on her set and then watch mine.


6-13-99 - VOICE - As I was remembering the above dream, I saw a futuristic ray gun hanging in the air. As I was waking up, I heard a voice say... "You are influencing the Pentagon."  

NOTE: Just me say,  "Hi Guys" Welcome to my dream pages. :-)


6-13-99 - DREAM - I was near a city park it seemed. I was pressed up against a big tree right next to a black wrought iron fence. I had heard that the cops caught criminals by peeling the bark off the tree.

One tree stood there stripped of it's bark and I was standing next to the other one they intended to use. I was trying to figure out how they could peel the bark off this tree while I was pinned to the tree and couldn't move away from it. I struggled to move a little but I wasn't able to leave the tree.  See:  The Barked Tree Dream


6-13-99 - VISION - I had a vision of myself laying in the center of a bed with a red and white checkered coverlet over it and a huge heart headboard with a big ruffle around it.


6-13-99 - VISION - I was seeing outside the house. A water spigot sticking out of the ground. A huge spider web covered the water spigot and a huge carpenter ant type bug was crawling through it or under it towards me. I began to see numerous other bugs everywhere.


6-13-99 - VISION - I was seeing a map of the United States divided up into the states by color. A hand was over by the east coast and waving over the state of Florida, and both Carolinas and said, "And over here we have storms coming in."

NOTE:  We had the worst hurricane season ever.  See Hurricanes 1999


6-13-99 - MEDITATION - I asked for guidance about the barkless, branchless tree from today's dream and was shown another barkless, branchless tree and was told that I had dreamed about it before.

NOTE:  This is it:  5-12-98 - The most memorable people dream was this: I was sitting by the window at my 16th St. house and the tree in the back  began swinging it's branches like they were arms and the branches jumped off the top of the tree like leaping into the next yard to start its own tree. Meanwhile the remaining tree trunk turned white and died. Although no people seemed to be involved, I could see that the stumps of the tree were obviously sawed.

A man in New Berlin used that incident to be late 1 1/2 hours to work at a restaurant where we were employed which made it impossible to open on time. but the owners weren't angry and took t in stride. They went ahead with the food preparation anyway while I stored a gallon container of hamburger in the refrigerator.


6-14-99 - DREAM -  All night I was watching little squares making patterns of bigger squares. Each little square had the first initial of a character of Jason and the Argonauts which web page I'm working on. The argonauts were all J1, J2, J3, etc.


6-14-99 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building. At this point, but the new manager and me...the old manager... were in process of moving. It was quite confusing because we were both so busy, neither of us felt really in charge, but we were both trying to do what needed to be done.

A woman came from another apartment complex with a packet of new brochures. There was $15 (a 10 and a 5) paperclipped to it and I removed it and stuck it in my pocket. I also had some of my own money in my pocket and mixed it together. (All mine was in 1's)

When I went into my apartment there was a stack of money there to pay for a car repair that was ongoing. I put that wad of money in my left pocket and kept it separate from the stolen money ($15)mixed with my money in my right pocket.

I was carrying the receipt with me, trying to watch for a place I could dump it without it being traced back to me.

I was trying to put things where they belongs and pick up paper, looking for a paper something I could stick the stolen receipt in. I must have looked uncomfortable or guilty because a man I lived with (his face was foggy) said to me, "I know what you want". He put his arms around me and began dancing slowly with me. It felt nice, but I was barefoot and he was wearing bark soled shoes. We were also directly straight across from each other so he was standing on my toes with every step.  It was uncomfortable, but not painful so I didn't say anything.

I knew what the problem was, so I didn't say anything. Another couple in the same room was dancing twice as fast as we were to the same music. That man had his partner's feet really flying. They were having a good time so it didn't really matter. At least he wasn't standing on her feet.

An older couple came into the hallway needing to rent a two bedroom apartment. Nobody was taking care of them so I told them they could look at my apartment.

I continued picking up pieces of wrapping paper from the the floor to throw away and found on suitable piece to put the receipt with and dumped it.  So, now I had the $15 that didn't belong to me, but nobody could trace it to me, because the receipt was gone.


6-15-99 - VISION - Two white horses came up out of a river. One was stepping smartly. The other was a warrior on a smaller horse but it was walking on its hind legs, rearing up...and he had a sword in his left hand, prepared to charge ahead.

The scene pulled back and they were actually inside a white toilet coming up out of the water.


6-15-99 - VISION - I was looking through a pattern book trying to decide which one to buy. This was repeated again.

I saw a little blond baby boy smiling at me. This was repeated also.


6-15-99 - VISION - A man was holding a little tiny garden of weeds in a glass jar.

A voice said, "This is Y2K"  (see this page:


6-15-99 - VISION - I saw two men talking. The main one said to the other, "Mr. Schafer, I need a new Manager of Communications".


6-15-99 - VISION - I was seeing red and white striped cloth. A man was saying to another man, "considering all the upward movements toward the ceiling, I would say it's already there"  (Like a circus tent)


6-15-99 - VISION - I  was thinking about the stock market. A voice said, "Considering you don't have access to the NASDAQ screen . . . it would get severely ambushed.


6-15-99 - VISION - I was in a classroom and Mr. Greenspan got up to give a lecture. He was wearing a light grey suit. He walked over to the white chalk board with marks on it and said, "I've been fooled."

NOTE: He's been raising interest rates 1/4 point at a time almost every month because the economy is so good and he's trying to prevent inflation.


6-15-99 - VISION - A pirate with wild long feathers sticking out of his hat in both directions was running around wildly gesturing.

I then saw a man sitting down in an audience. He said softly and quietly, "I refuse to be interested."


6-16-99 - DREAM - My friend R. got out of prison and came to California with his mother and a woman friend. I thought it was nice he had a new woman friend after all the years he had spent alone, until she grabbed me and I felt a penis under her dress. As she continued to press against me I could feel balls too and I got more and more disgusted.

NOTE: I don't know how this dream ended, but this situation is one of R's fears in prison.


6-16-99 - DREAM - I was seeing a web page and I scanned down it to see if I recognized any words. The big word was 'Phonecian'. (That subject has come up several times recently.)


6-16-99 - DREAM - I was in the process of moving. I was getting a lot of help. The man whose apartment I was getting left his bed behind. It was a King size it seemed. Later, someone brought the headboard in... it was gold cloth covered. I was surprised that he had left that behind.

A woman telephone person made the transfer of my phone lines ahead of schedule which I was happy about.

I went into another woman's apartment. It felt cold in there so I went up to her thermostat and it showed 75 degrees. She and her husband didn't seem to be happy. She was giving me a fish tank for some reason. It collapsed down like those camper cups we used to have. That surprised me. Her two sons were carrying it to my apartment along with their little white cowboy and Indians toy men on a table.

They kept bumping into the walls on the way but we got it all the way from their apartment to my apartment.

What surprised me was that the boys were staying with me too. I could see that the intention of the one boy was to scatter his little white Indian men all over my floor and leave them there. I already had enough toys on my floor. They looked like Monopoly houses. They were scattered everywhere. I gave him a very stern lecture, bordering on a threat that he was NOT to leave his Indians on the floor.

A woman telephone installer arrived then, wearing a dark blue trenchcoat. She saw that I already had my telephone installed and I thanked her and praised her and her company for the other woman to install my telehone the same day I moved which was last Thursday, the 19th.

At the same time I was picking up little squares of chocolate from the floor. When she left, I decided to call someone in Milwaukee. My phone was all battered and the old dial type. The dial wasn't working properly and as I dialed 414, the operator appeared in front of me to help me figure out what number I was dialing which was going to be 'Information"...411.  I told her I could use a new phone while she was at it. She smiled and said I really did need a new phone I could dial out on. I told her I also needed new bedding.


6-16-99 - VISION - A man dressed in a white robe standing in a big round circle with a beautiful mandala around him. Around the border it said, "The Community of 500,000 is ended."

I then saw the same white robed man standing in a sideways diamond shape.

A voice then said, "7 - 11:11 includes Victory".

I heard the sound of a rooster down the street, but embedded within the sound, in my mind it said, "Texas"

I then had a vision of putting together a puuzzle in the center square of a table. Many of the pieces were old and crumbling. Some maintenance men were laying a new linoleum floor next to me. I said jokingly, "I could use some of that over here." At that, the young man pushed me aside to lay in a solid piece of yellow linoleum in the center square. It was then I realized that it would cover up all the details of the puzzle pieces and we could see them no more.  It would be like starting over from scratch.

I then had a vision where I was visiting my friend Loretta. I was kidding her and saw a built-in dresser in a closet. I said, "Just for the heck of it, let me see if youare still so neat!" I opened the 3rd drawer from the bottom of 7 drawers and sure enough, she had sections in the drawer of colored hair rollers, red, brown, and some other color. There was nothing in the front section. Each section was lined perfectly with these rollers standing on end perfectly with others. None was out of place. It reminded me of people, all segregated by color.

I was then visualizing the shape of the diamond in my mind, and it came to me that the diamond shape said 'REGISTERED', but I'm not sure of that.


6-18-99 - VISION - I wasn't going to bother writing this down, but it won't leave me alone so this is what I saw:

This was a list:  7/32    and a picture of stonehenge  and 11/32


6-18-99 - DREAM - I was laying in bed with Joe. It was approximately 5 a.m. The sky was lightening up but the sun hadn't come up yet. Soemone knocked on the front door so Joe got up to see who it was. I was still laying in bed and Taylar, Ethen, Emily, and a couple other little boys came into the bedroom and climbed up on the bed. They started bouncing up and down like kids do. I knew that was the end of sleeping. I told the kids not to jump on the bed, but they continued bouncing.  Out in the livingroom, loud, loud, music started playing. I asked Taylar to run out in the livingroom to ask Grandpa to turn the stereo down a little, but she ignored me. I asked Ethan to please run out in the livingroom and ask Grandpa to turn the stereo down, but he kept bouncing on the bed. I asked a third kid wiht the same results so I knew I had to get up.

I looked out the door and saw out into the livingroom. Two women were sitting in big wicker high backed round chairs, each with a bare branched tree next to them. I recognized one as Shirley Montano from Peace Lutheran Church in Wisconsin. I thought at first that the other one was Joe's ex-wife Debbie, but I think it was was also someone from Peace Lutheran Church as well.

There were sitting on the chairs, not talking... just watching what was going on.

I was wearing a thin sundress in bed for a nightgown and though I should put more clothes on. I saw my green jogging suit/pajamas on the bed and I thought to put them on but they seemed kid sized and too small, so I didn't put them on.

So I got up out of bed, leaving the kids to bounce on the bed and went out to the livingroom. There was nobody there and it was like I was outside. There was a big old-fashioned tall wooden radio standing there, still playing music very loudly. It was one of those old radios with the church-like shaped top.

I reached over and turned off the music, wondering where everyone went.

It seemed that the women left to go shopping. The men were out walking in the fields.

I looked out at the landscape and saw that it was on a huge farm with rolling hills and fields, arund the corner from the house were all the barns and outbuildings.

I saw a big yellow pickup truck start up the engine and begin to back out of an open garage door. One of the men was leaving for work. I needed to get out of his way so scooted across the narrow lane and went inside the barn.

There were no animals in the barn, but it was huge and I walked thrugh it with a feeling of awe. The cattle stantions were unusual. They were built in 5 pointed star shapes so 5 cows would stand nose to nose in them.

I thought about hwat it would be like if all the animals would be here and I knew I'd be too afraid to walk through here then. I noted that this building was sturdy built with all heavy beams, painted battleship grey and very clean. I walked around a corner in the barn and was in a factory type area wiht a huge concrete pit in the floor with a metal railing around. this room was full of machinery, all humming and running smoothly. It was ominus but comforting at the same time. Everything was running well.

I walked around another corner to another barn-like area. This one also being huge and built out of heavy beams. this one was built from normal brown wood. It was huge, empty and clean. Around another corner was another huge machinery room, another pit in the floor with a railing around it. It was also full of huge machinery, all humming and running smoothly.

Around another corner was a kitchen-like lunchroom. A door flew open and the maintenance crew came up a stairway from a basement area. But, my painter, dressed all in white, with white hair, and white beard, like Obe Juan Knobe, Norbie Hamm, my first metaphysical friend, who was an engineer and another man who was the boss who I recognized as a newscaster on CNN, a big blonde guy.

They opened the refrigerator door and asked me if I wanted a juice. I said, "Yes!" and we all got a small orange juice container. Mine was hard to open and was attached to a huge bag of loose leaf lettuce.

I was asking Norbie how he was, but he never answered. I was busy trying to open my juice to really be upset though I asked him several times. I was just feeling happy to have all these people here, I thought to myself, "We should start a community right here."


6-18-99 - VOICE - Someone suggested, "Guard your book!"

Someone suggests lesser work on this!


6-18-99 - VISION - A woman was sitting next to me. She said, "I'm not with you always but I want to be. " I then saw a young grey and white kitten witha white tip on his tail. He ran behind a card table leaning up against the wall.


6-18-99 - VISION - Lorna and T.J. were talking about Joe. T.J. lay on the grass laughing... saying and pointing like down towards the river place Joe used to live at. He said, "We used to call him, "That man that lives out there!"


6-19-99 - DREAM - I donn't know where I was. I was with a lot of people in a conference room with a lot of tall big men, a couple of which I recognized as family but others I've seen before.

 I remember seeing yellow markers or wristband labeling groups of people. I remember one as "Gods and Goddesses". I was helping out at this gathering... everyone was standing around. It was the atmosphere of a part and the people were in various rooms.

The last room I was in was huge. I was going to help serve dessert type things like a Continental breakfast thing. Some of the women were performing like singing solos but I avoided that part.


6-20-99 (GERALD APPEARS AT MY HOUSE) DREAM - I was in an odd building like houses strung together by computer. (I've been here before). I obviously had been away for awhile. I had been asked to participate in a computer game. I pinged another guy's computer who wasn't aware of the game. His screen was dark, but I pinged him anyway. He answered and said, "Hello!" like it was a radio or IM. The miniature screen representing his computer was high up on a wall.  I said, "How much are you?" and laughed. the guy was a little set back and said, "What? Again I laughed and said, "How much do you sell for?" Then the guy recognized my voice and said, "Dee! Is that you?" Are you selling computers on line?" I responded, "Yeah!", even though I knew I wasn't. He started to laugh. He said, "Dee! This is Jeff. I'm so glad you are back."  All of a sudden this happy young guy appeared, almost next to me by an open window. I recognized his face. He brought three gifts with him and told me to pick one. I really didn't want one, but I didn't want ot hurt his feelings by refusing. He had three cards in his hand about 4 x 6 inches or so. One of them was like a Christmas-type card with a tree on it with sparkling red and green things like lights. The middle card looked like a scene of a tree with a sqirrel running up and down the trunk. There was a tiny book attached to the card which told the story of the little squirrel which ran up and down the tree.The third card is too vague to remember. I was about the choose the squirrel card when another man appeared next to Jeff. He had a lighter in his hand which he flicked into a flame up near his head and then he brought the flame down low where it was dark, revealing a fly or mosquito sitting on a branch.

I thought he might burn me, so I pulled back a little. The man repeated his gesture again. He lit the lighter again up by his face and then lowered the flame quickly down toward where it was dark between us to reveal more clearly a mosquito sitting on the branch of a tree.

I got the picture very clearly taht time and the man said with a French-type accent... "Remember! Seeing is reality!"

(The man was dressed all in brown like old leather it seems. I would take him to be like an Irish elf though he was full size and spoke wth a French accent!" He had longish unkemp wavy hair- like reddish brown also.)  This turned out to be Gerald D'Aoust from my dream group online. He is a French Canadian.


6-20-99 - DREAM - I was at a school and went inside. One wall of the elevator had a huge mural of red and yellow flowers. A black man and a white woman got on the elevator with me. There were two locks on this elevator because there were two doors, one on each side. All three of us had a large set of keys which all fit this elevator. However, the black man had a large knife with a longer silver blade and a long red glossy handle. I didn't want the other woman to get hurt so I told her to take her keys out of the other lock and hand them to me, so she did as I instructed. I told her to leave the elevator so she did.

That left me alone with the black man. I showed the black man that I also had a knife. Even though mine was a little smaller, he was afraid of it and began to leave the elevator. I got off the elevator with him. He had his knife in his left hand.  His hand was right by my right thighh and he could hav easily stabbed me with it. Instead, he dropped the knife and ran off. I ran over, picked up the knife. So, now I had all three rings of keys and both knives, one in each hand.

I went back to the school where a man needed to move some boxes from one place to another. The boxes were stacked to the ceiling in three stacks. They were about three feet wide and about 4 inches high and 4 inches deep.

One man had a dolly he could have moved a whole stack at once but instead he was instructing some kids to move them one at a time. Someone said, "This is just child's work". He got all mad that children were actually doing the work better than he was, and he finally finished the job himself.

At this point, I saw a vision of a big white screen with some numbers on it and was told to play 11 and 7 and 26.  I went into the classroom where some men were learning to play baseball, but weren't doing so well. I knew Joe knew how to play baseball and could show them how to swing the bat to get homeruns, so I sent Joe in to demonstrate.

I followed Joe into the classroom, hollering, "Hey ! Batter!" cheering him on.

I saw that there were three pieces of carpet on the floor where the batter was supposed to tand, but they were way too close to the wall to get a good swing, so I moved the carpet pieces so the batter could get a good clean swing and allowed Joe to show everyone how to play baseball.


6-21-99 - DREAM - I was shown many times a list of stocks that I owned. It totaled $500,000. At the end of the dream, I was shown a list of gifts that I gave away. It came to $100,000.


6-21-99 - DREAM - I was laying in bed with Joe and Joe got up to go to work. We were living with his ex-wife Debbie and some other people.

I was looking for a pretty top to wear that was big enough on top but they were all for skinny women. All of a sudden, Debbie showed up at the door stark naked. She had absolutely NO genitals... totally sexless. I thought to myself... "No wonder Joe said it was okay to be naked."

Debbie left to get dressed and I decided to do all the white laundry and started gathering it together. The laundry baskets were very small and I separated the towels and washcloths from the rugs which I would do later.

While I was looking for white items to wash, I found a small religious book which described various religions. I asked Debbie a question about one of them and Debbie ran from the room to ask the men in the other room their opinion on whether I should be studying a religion of which there was any question of. I was going to make up my won mind no matter what they thought anyway.

She came back and I was looking at small green book about another religion.  She pulled up a chair right next to me on my right and I was pointing things out to her. I knew Joe would be surprised at how close we were. I looked at her face and it was not like normal.  She had a large straight nose ... very highly made up with orange makeup and a lot of eye makeup. (It reminds me of photos I've seen of Egyptian queens)

I noticed then that the book we were studying was all questions and had no answers, but  I knew there was a companion book. So I went to get the companion book which had the answers. I knew it was the same light green color and it was in a box of other religious books I had. When I started looking for the books, I saw there were flowers and green plants growing out of the box. There was a white laundry basket propping up the books so I pulled it out. There was no bottom in it and the basket outside was divided into 4 equal parts so that it opened into 4 quarters... each one with a different kind of plant growing on it. The only one I recognzied by name is English Ivy.

At that point, I noticed that everything I had, had green plants growing out ofo them, some were just sprouting, some were recently transplanted. I quickly got a glass of water and began watering them so they didn't dry out.

The dream faded here and I can't remember how it ended, but as I woke up, I heard Debbie's voice say, "Thank you for teaching me about suffering and life."


6-21-99 - VISION/VOICE "The community of 500,000 is divided into 5 nations."


6-22-99 - I got too lazy to get up and write down my dreams, so this is all I remember.  DREAM - I was working at at television theatre. A girl came up to me to mock me and tell me that my job was so easy that anyone could do it. So, I said, "Okay! Then you can do my job!" and she agreed.

The job was to ask every 11th woman in line a question for an interview. So, she picked the first 11th woman to ask her a question. It took her so long to ask the woman the question, I had to pick out the second 11th woman myself. I had her standing there waiting to be asked a question and the third 11th woman was coming up and I pointed at her and told her she was next.  The woman who mocked me was still on the first 11th woman. She just didn't get it.


6-23-99 - DREAM - I was working in a huge office building. There was no paperwork in evidence and the only two employees were myself and the receptionist. She didn't have any work to do either. I kept busy by cleaning the desktops and moving things around. I recall containers of various shapes, squares, and triangles, nothing larger than my hand. I just moved them from one spot to another.

I was never all the way dressed. Either my skirt would be missing and once my panties and pantyhose slipped down in back as well. I decided to go to the bathroom. I was alone when I got there, but not for long. This is the place obviously where everyone hung out. I went into a stall with a full door on it. It was real old-fashioned, like from 50 years ago and the biggest two problems were that there was no cover on the floor drain and the hook and eye lock on the door couldn't be used because the eye wasn't screwed into anything. I decided I would bring tools with me and repair that next time.

I heard a man come into the bathroom talking to another man. I figured I could hold the door closed by hanging onto the hook, but then I couldn't sit down. The toilet was too far away from the door to do that. I went to sit down on the toilet and now I could see the two men, also sitting down. One wore a brilliant blue jacket. He seemed like he was a hologram or a mirror image, not a direct sighting. I didn't think he could see me in return.

Then a woman came into my stall without opening the door. I don't know how she did that. She reached for the toilet paper and I was afraid she was going to wipe me, but she just used it to dry her hands and left.

When I was done, I walked back to the office. The receptionist had been hemming and shortening her dresses and there were three dark blue flowered dresses hanging in the hallway on hangars.

I also had three dresses just like hers hanging on hangars in the hallway but in my own section.  

At that point I made some noise so the receptionist would know I was back but at no time did we ever see each other. She sat way back in her little office facing sideways, not towards the hallway. While I was gone, they had hired another woman. She was sitting in the desk at the far rear ... right in her office by herself. She was wearing a pink dress. That's all I could see of her. I planned to introduce myself at some point, but first I had to finish my work.

My office was completely clean and all that was left to do was to clean up the floor sweepings in the hallway. I picked up the last material scraps of green and blue... which was very thin, seemingly shaved off a thicker piece of material. All that was left to do was to sweep up the dust off the floor and all the work was done.


6-23-99 - DREAM - I was testing diskettes for a computer program. A woman came along and said that we could take a free trip to the astronomical site if we signed up for a new account at the bank.

Joe said, "Oh! I didn't now you offered that. He looked at me to see if I wanted to go. I smiled and he got all happy. A trip to outer space just for opening up a new account.


6-24-99 - I lay awake for several hours with my eyes closed, watching a screen of icons of various sorts, similar to a computer desktop. I was somehow encouraged to relabel some of them so they made more sense. Several of them I labeled INDIAN1999 because that was the subject of the file that came up if you clicked on it. Eventually a couple messages appeared, one of which was "Welcome to Solar Eclipse". This lucid vision/dream eventually went into a real dream as I finally fell asleep. This part I don't remember well.


6-24-99 - This dream came as I was meditating for a healing for a friend of mine.

DREAM - I was headed east along a highway in order to meet a train. I got sidetracked at a huge building I've been in before. It was similar to Simpson Electric in some ways. In other ways it was where I seemed to live.

The time was mid-afternoon. I decided to get the mail. I lived on the 3rd floor and the mail was on the ground level. I had three sets of tiny silver keys. Each set was different, but there were two of each which looked identical at first glance, but were just a tad different from each other.

I was barefoot. I was looking to see which pair of shoes to put on so I wouldn't cut my feet or get glass embedded in them.  I prefer slipons but I didn't see any so I picked up a new pair of blue jogging shoes. They looked amazingly like Joe's new shoes.

Before I got them on, I began to hear music and I had to dance to it. It was great fun but I was dancing alone. The music ended and I saw my friend Diane arrive. She's a very big girl... blonde... over 6 feet tall and large boned, ... very goddess -like.

She was in the next room. I was going to ask her to dance with me, but she put ona record of an Irish tune that was even livelier and I went in that room to dance with her to her music. But when I got in there, she was gone, so I began to dance to the music by myself.

Another blonde woman came in the room and said, "'I'll teach you how to dance to THIS music. She took me by the hands, then slipped her right hand around my back, holding my right hand with her left hand, and my left hand was around her back.

As the Irish music played, we danced eight steps in a circle to the right, as she counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ... then we danced eight steps to the left as she counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ... like a figure 8 (the infinity symbol)

When the dance was over a large black woman came in. She was going to be living with the woman I dance with upstairs, across the alley from me in my 16th St. house.

I was now alone again. I had yet to go get the mail. I went out into the hallway and met three people. I'm thinking this was the attorney Laura Buchanan from One Life to Live. She had two men with her. I was a little envious. I had nobody and she had two of them, but they showed me a book on the desk that had been written by me over a series of years. While I was reading the 1st page of this huge book, I was impressed by the fact that no matter how many times the story was told, it always remained fresh and new for the next perrson, and it had never been lost like I thought it was. It could be copied over and over.

By then, the other man and Laura came back from the soda machines on the 1st floor right next to where I was going to get the mail, buyh food from the machines there.

The shorter, other man, named Bear offered me a sip of his soda and I knew then that he was meant to be my partner. I still needed to go get my mail and again I had to pt uthe blue shoes on and this time Bear was going to go with me. We got outside and Ilooked up the hill to wehre the building was and a factory whistle blew and all the people came pouring out of the building. I said, "Oh No! It's 3:30 p.m.",  and Iknew that busses would be packed with people going home and many of them would stop by the soda and food machines on the way to the bus.

So I delayed again, standing with Bear by the road and I heard a train whistle, and across the street, just behind a knoll was a train track you could only tell was there when the train was going by.

I said to Bear, "I always knew there was a train running there, but I didn't know what the scedule was."  And we both went ot get the mail together.


6-24-99 - A car drove by outside with loud strange music. I opened my eyes because it was so close. VISION - When I closed my eyes, I saw a king on a large gold throne, dressed in robes. I saw him hand a large golden goblet to a man standing in front of him.


6-25-99 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house. I was wearing a brown tweed skirt that I had just made. I had to go out in front of the house to do something and when I came back up the stairs I noted that my slip was the same length as my skirt and that just a hint of my yellow lace at the bottom of the slip showed from time to time. I deemed that to be okay.

Inside the house, my father, brother, and husband were there. My father went out to the garage to get


Hi all: This dream was so unusual, I had to pass this along.

6-26-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were in a car. Joe was driving and we were on a busy street that came to a Y intersection. (It was more like |/ )  Our intention was to go straight at the intersection.

A beautiful dark-haired woman was driving alongside us in the lane to our left in a bright red car with a silver stripe on it. I looked over at her and she looked over at me and smiled. She was beaming a huge smile and I smiled back. She looked so familiar but I couldn't think what her name was.

She began pulling over in our direction and Joe immediately countered by equally swerving to the right. She continued to move to the right forcing us to continue to the right as well. Finally, we were both going down the right turned street and she continued coming towards us and forcing us all the way to the curb.

I don't don't know what made her stop but finally we were both stopped. She was still beaming this huge smile at me. We all got out of the cars. Hers was still immediately to our left, not one inch closer than it had originally been due to Joe's skillful driving.

I asked her if she was all right and she asked if we were all right. She kept on smiling. She came over and we hugged. I still thought I knew who she was but still couldn't think of her name.

We were going to part company at this point and I was sitting on her left. She stood next to me and I had my arm around her, telling her, I hope you drive home safely. Drive safely for your kids. Drive safely for your Mother. Drive safely for me." She continued to smile and agreed to do that.

Joe then said to her, "I think I should anoint you. " She got to her knees in front of me at my feet where I was sitting, and Joe got to his knees opposite me with her between us. She bowed her head and Joe opened a bottle which was white with a wide top (kind of like a deodorant or shampoo container) It had a blue liquid fluid in it and he began to pour it on the top and back of her head. She had her hands over her eyes; I had my hand on her head along with Joe's and I saw that he was wearing a large gold ring with a huge round topped ruby on it.

Joe said some words that weren't English. I dont know what language they were, but I'm thinking it was some form of Native American Indian.

When he was done, she stood up, all smiles.

She stood to to my left and we were holding hands and she said, "We should call each other on the phone." I agreed and remembered that I still didn't know who she was and that I should ask her to write down her name and phone number on a piece of paper.

At that point, two very tall men came up to us, about 7 feet tall. One was dark haired and one was light haired. It seems to me they were wearing somewhat light tan or yellow leather buckskin suits. There was a discussion about whether which man had the better  feeling/aura/spirituality. She chose one of them and I'm thinking it was the light haired one, but the men were together, came together, and were leaving together.

She said to them, "Remember my name is Beverly Behun."

Now I knew what her name was, but I still didn't know who she was. I never knew anyone by that name. Yet I recognized her face and her smile and knew we loved each other like sisters of the heart.

End of Dream