JUNE, 2010


6-1-10 -  DREAM   I was looking out the window and saw a beautiful wall made of triangular shaped colored stones of pastel tones, blues, greens, mauves.  I admired it a lot.  It was really beautiful.

A few moments later, I saw what looked like the arches of St. Louis, but made of stone, but it was swinging wildly and it went completely upside-down.

The final scene - everything looked like solid grey concrete and I could see nothing else.

NOTE:  Pole shift?



6-1-10 - DREAM - I was feeling quite tired and was laying on the couch after Joe left for work.  I could hear a lot of noise in the neighborhood, so I made myself get up and looked out the west window and a large orange machine and truck of some kind like construction was going on next door past the trees.

I went and lay on the couch again, too tired to do anything else, and I heard a truck or something pull up in front of the house.  I wasn't expecting visitors, so I just ignored it, until a man with a big beard came to the window and peeked inside at me.  Perhaps he thought I'd get up and come to the door, or he was just curious, he came to another window and again peeked inside at me, and that scared me because I didn't know what he wanted.

So, I went to the door, and when he saw me, he made motions with his hands that he didn't want to bother me and backed away and got into his truck and left.

I hadn't even lain down yet, and another knock came at the door, so I reluctantly went to the door to see who it was.  I opened the door to see a tall, thin woman who may have been selling something, but as soon as she saw me, she made the same hand motions with both hands that she didn't want to bother me and backed away back to her vehicle and left.

Now, I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me that nobody wanted to talk to me.

I looked down at myself to see what I was wearing, in case I looked scary.  I was wearing a silk robe, with long sleeves, and it was black with red roses on it.   I didn't see anything wrong  with what I was wearing, unless they thought I was in mourning or something.

Just then, John McBain (from One Life to Live TV show came up the driveway with a couple other guys and I asked them if there was something wrong with the way I looked or something wrong with the front of the house that people were being scared off.  I told him, "Five people came to the door and all of them backed away from me like something was really wrong!"

John said he didn't see anything wrong at all.

As we were walking through the house, John was ahead of me and as we walked through the kitchen door, there were like bread wrappers hanging in the doorway, each one taped to the other like a fly curtain or something.

I started pulling them out of the doorway, one by one, and noticed that each bread wrapper was from a different type of bread, but they were all the same size.

I tossed them aside as John started telling me that T.J. wanted to take Sabrina down to Florida to do some pornography to bring in a little money.

That was a little distressing to hear, and John went on to say that there would be monologues in the film that Sabrina would have to say and wondered if she was capable of remembering her lines.  

I said I thought she could, but I was still wondering why she would do that. Were they that desperate for money?

We walked into the next room, and it was a child's bedroom attached to the house on the east side.  (there is no room like that).  It was decorated really pretty in pastel yellows and flowers, and decorated for a little girl.  The room hadn't yet been straightened up for the day so while the men sat and chatted, I straightened up the pillow and saw that there was a cute little yellow teddy bear on the pillow case, and roses on the yellow and white bedspread.  I noted there was a picture hanging on the wall between the windows and everything was bright and sunny outside, and woke up. 

It was 7.06.. a.m.


6-1-10 - NAP DREAM -  EUCALYPTUS    .

I was at home, picking up after my kids who had dropped papers all over the floor in front of the sofa.  I was trying to get done so I could get on the computer and study up on how to grow Eucalyptus. 

I was on my way into the office where the computer was, and my Mother stopped me to show me a newspaper she had in her hand with an article about someone stealing some vases with Eucalyptus in them on 68th and Medford in Wauwatosa, WI and that they were looking for the culprits.

I remembered clearly my Mother and I walked east along Medford St. headed toward home where we found these beautiful yellow/gold vases stuck in a tree, and there were little plants in them and we didn't know what they were or how to take care of them.  We had them in our greenhouse room, taking very good care of them.  We never gave a thought to the people who might have owned the tree we took them from.  And here it was in the newspaper about someone stealing them, and it was us - my Mother and me. 

I woke up and remembered dreaming the whole stealing of the vases last month and wondered if I even typed it up.

NOTE: I couldn't find that dream posted.  Evidently I forgot to write it down when I originally had it last month.


6-2-10 - I didn't dream for the longest time during the night, and I woke up feeling chilly because I didn't have a blanket or sheet over me, and each time I awoke up I was thinking about Jesus in the Garden.

so, I pulled up the afghan of many colors and immediately fell asleep for a real dream.

DREAM:  I was in a large room and from a high perspective, I was watching Paul from 'As the World Turns" practicing some lines he needed to say.  He was wearing a black preacher's coat, and he said he needed to carry the green leather book, which he had.  He had very blonde hair, and I wanted to tell him that he was a 'natural' but it wasn't my place to say anything to the actors.  Allison was in the room with him, preparing for her lines as well.

I then looked outside and watched a line of roller skaters skating backwards along a narrow strip of concrete atop a short wall, that went down step by step towards the beach and to the ocean.  Nobody fell, but their destination seemed  to be the ocean.

I turned my attention back to my own room, where I was sitting at my desk, getting ready to type a purchase order that was already signed by Janet Carlson.  I didn't notice what the purchase order was for, but it signaled to me that the other typist was not in her office so I was doing her work, and I noticed on my desk was several receipts for smaller items that had already been purchased and that I needed to file those.  Those were my own purchases.


6=2=10 = NAP DREAM -  I was following a woman - might have been my mother down a busy street, and there were so many people I lost track of her.  Finally, I got home by myself, and most of the people were done eating around this large square table, but I brought all kinds of great food with me.  The only person who wanted to eat what I brought was my son Michael.  So I gladly served him what I had.


6-3-10 -  ANOTHER PARTY.  DREAM - I was at ,my own house in New Berlin, and we were partying out in the garage. 

For some reason my mother had bought all new dishes and put them in the kitchen, and brought all the old dishes out into the garage.  I saw my favorite cereal/dessert bowls in the stack. They are a really pretty light blue color and I always use those first, so I was upset that she was discarding them to the garage stack. I went over to rescue my blue bowls, and found that they had bright blue frosting around the edges - like cake frosting.  So, I wet my finger and wiped it on the frosting so I could eat it.

While I was looking at the bowls, I noticed that there was a big stack of what looked like sets of brass doorknobs wrapped in gold tissue paper along the side of where the car would be parked.  The young men were moving the stack of these brass doorknobs that looks like dumbbells wrapped up and they moved them to the front door of the garage which would block the car from coming into the garage, and they explained that they wanted to save them from the flood that was coming.

Some other women gathered around then too, and wanted some of the bright blue frosting that I had.

I woke up and my mouth tasted sweet like the frosting.


6-3-10 - PARTY THREE -  DREAM -[   was living on the east side of Milwaukee, and some of my neighbors wanted to party, but I wasn't dressed for it, in fact I went to the bathroom and put on a diaper, it was one of those wrap around baby diapers with the sticky paper on the side, and it went all the way to my knees, but at least it was clean.

I went back out to the living room to the party, and I really liked these people, though they weren't really my type of people I would normally hang out with/  I was thinking maybe I could dress up and go to their house the next time. 

We didn't have anything to drink in my apartment, so I went with one of the women to the bar, and she ordered two drinks and she carried them home in one glass in each hand, she carried them between her fingers so I could see the glasses beneath her fingers, but I was admiring her fingernails because they were painted white on the ends and neatly manicured, and she had silver rings on every finger.

We got to my father's house somehow on this walk, and on the front porch was this tall narrow bookcase, and on each of the three tall shelves were red glass vases one puts candles in so when the candle burns, the glass glows red.  there were 5 of these candle vases on each shelf - the bottom shelf had the really tall wide ones, the second shelf had 5 narrower glass vases, and the top most shelf had very narrow red glass vases - 5 of them.

We went inside and in the house, I found a floppy rubbery piece of fabric with a doll of Rod Stewart haphazardly stuck to it.  His hair is normally blonde and cut rather wild looking, and I decided his hair was too wild, so I got a silver scissors to cut his hair and put the doll back on the rubbery piece of fabric to stick on the wall by the candles,  but the silver scissors got caught in his hair somehow, I couldn't get the scissors out of his hair.

There was another man standing next to me, waiting to help me put Rod Stewart's doll up on this memorial candle stand on the porch then, and I just couldn't get the scissors out of his hair.  Rod Stewart Video - his hair is sticking out on one side.  :-)  Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting - All for Love


6-4-10 - DREAM -  I was living with my husband somewhere in the country, and I had invited my long time friend Wendy to come and visit, whom I hadn't seen in a long time.

We waited and waited and waited but she didn't show up.  So, my husband decided he was going to cook dinner anyway and we could worry about what happened to Wendy the next day because it was getting late. 

So. my husband went downstairs, and  I could smell in the air that he was cooking hamburgers.

So I went downstairs, to find there were a couple other young men downstairs in the kitchen, waiting to be fed as well.

I saw a head of lettuce sitting on the table and it had a different kind of plant growing in the center of it.  I figured it was some kind of herb and I wanted to plant it to find out what it was.  So I began tearing off the outer leaves of the head of lettuce and tossing them on the table, and the men, who were starving, grabbed the lettuce and ate it just like that, from the big chunks I was throwing on the table.

I thought that was rather amusing, but all I cared about was the plant growing in the center of the lettuce head.

I walked around the room while I was tearing off the lettuce leaves, and I stopped by the table where one of the men was sitting.  On the table were three sheets of paper that were magazine size, with advertisements on them.  I stopped walking to glance at the pieces of paper and see what they said, and the man thought that was strange.

I told him that I always had that habit - that I read everything I went past no matter what it was -  (which is true  including the sides of cereal boxes), but he thought that was rather amusing.

Before I got down to the core of the head of lettuce which would release the plant I wanted to save, the telephone rang, and the voice was Wendy's.  She said "Hello!", and I said, "Hi! Are you awake?"  and she said, "What?"  like she didn't understand the question.

So I repeated the question, "Are you awake? and she responded, "I guess so!"

I heard a female voice in the background and Wendy started talking to the other woman, who apparently was going to a birthday party. 

Wendy came back on the phone and said, "Audrey is going out to a birthday party!" 

I didn't know who Audrey was, but apparently Wendy lived with her ....  and I started to wake up so the conversation just ended with me being awake.

NOTE:  I just got reacquainted with Wendy G yesterday after about 15 or 16 years of not being in contact because Wendy had been moving around the country and so had I.


-6-4-10 - DREAM  I was on the shore of Lake Michigan and I was speaking out loud like I was a reporter observing an event.

The scene was rather country-like and there was a river between myself and a couple people in the scene, but people on my side of the river as well and the river ran into Lake Michigan which I first called the ocean, then called it the Lake.

On my side of the river was a tall man, dressed in workman's clothing like an electrician or maintenance man.

On the opposite shore was a little girl dressed in a first communion dress, carrying a white Bible in her hands, and a white veil on her head - (not covering her face)  Also on that shore was a young woman, riding a very heavy red bicycle which was akin to a motorcycle, very shiny red.

At the exact same time, the little girl in the white dress jumped off the shore on her side of the river into the Lake, the man on my side of the river jumped into the Lake.

It didn't appear that the man was trying to save the little girl.  it was more like both of them were committing suicide simultaneously.  No one tried to save them.

The young woman on the bicycle/motorcycle was rather like an observer on her side like I was the observer on my side of the river.

The scene changed and I was in a living room type place where I was taking care of a young infant boy.  He was so sweet and innocent, a chubby little round face with a tiny dimple on his cheek up by his eye when he laughed.  He was laying on the floor next to a cabinet, and almost rolled under the front edge of this cabinet, and when I went to rescue him, he laughed like I was tickling him, and I saw his little dimple on his cheek.

I picked him up, and the young woman came into the room with her red bicycle/motorcycle.  Apparently one could ride it both ways, either by foot or by motor.

Someone behind me, seemingly female yelled at the young woman riding her bicycle/motorcycle into the room, that it was too dirty to have in the house.

At being accused, the young woman turned her bicycle/motorcycle upside-down on the floor and apparently, it was also a vacuum cleaner, as she opened a hatch on the bottom of the bicycle/motorcycle and out poured a great deal of water, followed by a lot of thick dust in a huge clump.

The young woman then closed the hatch, turned the bicycle/motorcycle right side up, turned it on, and in an instant, all the water and the dust clump was sucked right back up into the machine.   The young woman, then looked at the woman behind me, as again I was the observer - as if to say,  "My machine is more powerful than anything you could throw at me!"

NOTE: For some reason, as I woke, I thought that this dream was about the 555 like the dream yesterday with the red candles.


6-5-10 -  DREAM - I was in an office somewhere.  I looked at the desk closely, and on the edge where the visitors sit, was a large lily pad and on the lily pad were hundreds of tiny little green frogs with yellow dots on them.

Unique FROG figurines and handmade Frog favors

Frogs represent transformation of the Positive Kind and are a Good Omen representing Happiness and great Friendships.
Scroll down for more interesting Myths and Symbolism of Frogs.
The frog has been a symbol of prosperity, wealth, and abundance in some cultures; fertility in others. The people of Ireland believed them to be close relatives of the leprechaun and capable of playing tricks on you when least expected.
Legends from China and India say the world rests on the back of a giant three-legged frog. If the frog moves, it causes an earthquake.
In the Native American culture of the Southwest, the frog carries a piece of wood in its mouth because the Mojave people believe frogs brought fire to humans.
Frogs represent transformation of the positive kind and are a good omen as they represent happiness and great friendships.
For the Romans, the frog was a mascot believed to bring Good Luck to ones home.
The native Aborigines of Australia believed that Frogs brought thunder and rain that would help the plants to grow.
Frogs are also said to be effective in speeding up recovery from disease.
Among the ancient Egyptians and Greeks Frogs symbolized inspiration and fertility.
In Egypt, Hekt, the frog goddess, protected new-born babies. Frogs are symbols of fertility and birth.
A Frog is symbolic of the spirit of water, the frog cleanses, brings the rain and is the protector of newborns. Frog is also said to attract true friends and to help you find long-lasting love.
In ancient Vedic myth the world is supported on a giant frog, representing the primeval state of matter.
In China and Europe, frogs are associated with water and rainfall. Frogs are also linked with wealth. Their remarkable metamorphosis from tadpole to frog has led the frog to be associated with magical transformations and with the changing phases of the moon.

Dream symbolism:
Folk wisdom tells that dreaming of a frog means good fortune, happiness and great friendships. Modern dream interpretation books regard the frog as a symbol of the unconscious, because it lives in water. They also represent transformations because the symbolism of the metamorphosis - and of course because of the famous fairytale of the frog turning into a prince. If a man dreams of a toad, it is said to represent their feminine-motherly aspect which protects and warns against dangers.

Frogs and toads ~ symbolism and mythology:
In many cultures frogs are linked to the element in which they reside: water. In myths they figure as bringers of rain or thunder, calling the water down with their croaking. In the Vedas, the croaking of frogs is said to be a thanksgiving to Heaven for the fertilizing Spring rains. In Vietnam the toad was called the 'sky-god's uncle' who told the sky-god when to pour out the water. The person who harmed a toad would be struck by lightning. In the Celtic tradition, each stream and spring had its own spirit, and frogs were considered the messengers of these water spirits. Because of its connection to rain and water, the frog was also associated with the cleansing and healing powers of water. Frog eggs were thought to cure rheumatism, and to cure a sore eye, a person only had to lick it after first licking a frog's eye. Frogs and toads were considered lunar creatures, and were connected to the underworld. The symbolism of the toad was generally darker than that of the frog: it was sometimes regarded as a malignant spirit, a witch's familiar or depicted as the attribute of a skeleton. In Ancient China however, toads were a symbol of longevity, and they were associated with Liu Hai, the God of wealth. The goddess of the Moon was also depicted as a toad. Frogs were not symbols of death but, on the contrary, of rebirth and renewal, because of its remarkable metamorphosis of egg into tadpole and from tadpole into frog. The Egyptian goddess Heket was depicted as a frog or a frog-headed woman. She was a patron of childbirth and one of the midwives who assisted at the birth of the Sun. But the frog was not always a positive symbol: in Christianity it was a symbol of uncleanliness because it lives in mud, and the bible tells of a plague of frogs in Egypt.

Frogs in shamanism:
As in mythology, modern shamanism links the frog to earth and to water and its cleansing, healing and creative powers. Frog medicine can help you to refresh and renew yourself, clear up your emotions, become more sensitive to others, and eve to dive deep into your unconscious and maybe carry some truth found there up to the surface. Frogs also teach a connection with the earth and everything on it, and the ability to see the magic and beauty behind it all. Because of its famous croaking voice, it can also teach how to use your voice to stir emotions.



6-5-10 - DREAM - I was in an office somewhere in a large building. Apparently people were applying for jobs and I had some say-so about who got hired.

One young woman came in and was applying for a job as an actress.

I said to the recruiter, "If she really wants the job, have her take a scrub brush and clean off the spider webs around the wall plug sockets.  They were nasty looking.

Spider embodies female energy, with the exception of Lakota Sioux tradition. According to Native American legends, she created the first alphabet and the dream catcher.

Spider’s powers and medicines are global and similar. Her body is shaped like a figure eight, which, on its side, represents eternity. She has links to the past, future, birth and creation. The Greeks associated her with the Fates; Asian Indians with Maya, weaver of illusion and the Scandinavians, with the Norms, women who wove the threads of life. Many Native Americans believed that Spider wove the first alphabet, the dream of the world become manifest. Spider’s web signifies the tapestry of life.

Spider Symbolism, Weaver of Fate and Creativity

Her energy is the feminine one of creative forces weaving life’s designs. Spider’s lessons are maintaining balance between physical and spiritual, past and present and feminine and masculine. Her expressions of magic are that of creation, creative power and the spiral energy linking the past and the future.

Spiders, despite the female’s mating habits, are usually non-aggressive creatures and, like Deer, embody gentleness. Like Bat, symbolic of rebirth, her bite represents the process of death and rebirth.

Lakota Sioux call Spider Iktomi, a Supernatural Spirit who tries to deceive by shape shifting into human form. Like Coyote, he outsmarts himself, reveals his nature, bringing laughter and lessons taught by his foolish actions.

Two Native American Spider Legends

Deer asked Spider what she was weaving and why the lines looked liked symbols. Maka’s, Earth’s, children needed to make records. Deer said they already had petroglyphs. Spider said this was true, but life was getting more complex and future generations will have forgotten how to read them and needed an alphabetic system.

According to another legend, Grandmother Spider created the first dream catcher. She was sad because Earth’s children had bad dreams. She asked Willow for a branch to construct a circular frame and Eagle for a feather. Spider wove her web within the frame, allowing for a hole in the middle and attached the feather to Willow’s branch. Bad dreams got trapped in the web, but good ones entered Dreamtime though the opening. In the morning, Wi’s, Sun’s, rays turned the bad dreams into dew which fell to Maka from Eagle’s feather and were neutralized


6-5-10 - DREAM   I was at home in the kitchen.  High up in one corner was a bird cage that had five birds in it, each one of a different color.  Above the bird cage was flying hundreds of little bugs - very tiny ones like gnats or mosquitoes - but very small.  I knew the bugs needed spraying, but it couldn't be done while the birds were there, so I suggested to the other person in the room who was unseen that we take the bird cage out into the back hall, and spray the bugs which would hopefully just keep flying where they were once the bird cage was out of the room.



  Marc Edmund Jones

This lesson considers the third chapter of Through the Looking Glass and the fifteenth great principle of wisdom in the Philosophy of Concepts as revealed through the adventures of Alice is that knowledge is stimulating or that the acquisition of knowledge lies at the beginning rather than at the close of any given activity and is challenging rather than rewarding in its nature. The law of growth or of evolution is conflict and it is in and through challenging competition that civilization has been born and has progressed to its present point. The mere transmission of knowledge is worthless if knowledge is not seen to be more than the facts imparted by textbooks and oral instruction. Thus it is notable that the most ancient example of a thorough educational system is to be found in India. In that country the antiquity of definite teaching methods is unexampled. Moreover the intellectual subtlety developed among the early Aryans in that country is unrivaled anywhere else in the world. But the philosophy of the East Indians was essentially non-competitive and knowledge was transmitted as absolute and beyond question and taken without the slightest indication of critical attitude or not taken at all, and as a result the progress of education and civilization in practically every other section of the globe has pressed so far ahead of India as to leave that country to be viewed in recent centuries as backward and as perhaps the world's most fertile field for missionary work and introduction to civilization. The transmission of facts and principles theoretically is never the basis of real knowing. Knowledge creates a necessity to do things. It is significant that with the gradual advancement of modern civilization the aristocracy or favored classes of various lands are increasingly recruited from the fields of intellectual or organizing achievement and that the scions of wealth are pressing out into the world to a greater degree to make their own way rather than remaining mere beneficiaries of transmitted advantage.

Here is the principle of classification and organization. Knowledge is found to be less the collection of facts than the correlation or fitting together of facts. Man has become the king of creation because of his ability to classify things or to establish them in categories in accordance with various organized points of view. In the Bible allegory of Genesis this principle is seen in the description of Adam's naming the animals or recognizing them and establishing that recognition in a name. Nomenclature and all fundamental agreement on terms and representations is the very basis of civilization. The symbolism of the third chapter of Looking Glass is interesting at this point in the delightful drawing or characterization of the woods in which all names are forgotten. As is pointed out a name must be answered to if it is to be a name and in the magic grove there is no answering or no responsibility and therefore no stimulation to effort because no names can be remembered. This was the general character of the land of the Lotus-eaters. In attaining a state of perfect peace within of a wrong sort as when responsibilities are forgotten there is an idle dream existence that is delightful only when contrasted with some state of present unrest and fear. It is a state actually sought by none but neurotics and subnormal individuals. Alice here has the idyllic comradeship with the fawn until they emerge from the woods but as soon as he is removed from the spell of forgetfulness the animal sees Alice for what she is and is off with a bound. Forgetfulness serves a constructive purpose that can be made very useful in psychological work by making possible a direct contact with those factors in life that will be most stimulating on any sudden rushing return of memory.

The achievement of imagination in the chapter, or the fifteenth great scientific anticipation, is the revelation here of the principles of a real education. This is marked in the modern world by a new elective system that is still in the stage of trial and experiment and the subject of much bitter controversy when this lesson was written in 1928. In ancient times it was well understood that whatever was forced into the being would not stay there, and now educators are beginning to realize that their task is more to interest students in the subject of study than to supervise the details of that study. More and more the world of every day is coming to realize that the principle factor for inducting the student into the consciousness of his section of country, his generation and his stratum of life. The basis of social being is the group consciousness that the organization of knowledge and its classification must serve fundamentally.

The symbolism of the inner voices in this chapter shows the Joan of Arc relationship of the group or overshadowing consciousness of life with each soul that is sensitive enough to feel the stimulating encouragement from above or more technically from within. The man dressed in white paper is recognizable to the student of symbolism as the man in linen of the Book of Daniel. As linen in the ancient world was the very finest fabric, so a real rag paper is of regal importance in the modern. This is merely the representation of the initiate higher consciousness or the visual form of that from which the voices have emanated as the outer matter or superior authority to which every aspirant must look for guidance. The thousands are a symbol of the fourth dimension, or the field of this consciousness of voices, because of the dimensional significance of all ciphers to the right of the unit in tabulation. Thus a millennium is not a period of time but a state of consciousness as suspected by all but literalists among the students of higher knowledge.

The law of applied psychology, or the fifteenth big idea for the solution of personal problems, is brought out here in the technique of foundations. Permanent things must be built on rock and this is consciousness as Jesus pointed out in his pun on the word petra. The aspirant who refuses to be in a hurry and who thereby prevents his consciousness from being thinned out is the one who arrives at his goal. The tiny size of the gnat is a symbol of the initial smallness of inspiration or is a wee small voice, but as Alice listens the gnat becomes large and what is more survives the sudden leap into the new square of consciousness. In the aberrant attempts to add to the reality of things through the rocking-horse-fly and others, the higher consciousness is weakened. Because its jokes or seeking of inner meaning are bad or do not stimulate the gnat sighs itself away. Sadness undirected dissipates live but poignancy or conflict in consciousness met by consciousness produces growth. The student must learn to LIFT THE CONSCIOUSNESS of life and make a joke out of things or must lend a forward directed and interest-awakening significance to all. When he is depressed he must know that the depression is opportunity if he will but grasp it. He must find the purpose in anything that occurs and then act


Symbolism in Kate Chopin's The Awakening

Kate Chopin's The Awakening is a literary work full of symbolism. Birds, clothes, houses and other narrative elements are powerful symbols which add meaning to the novel and to the characters. I will analyze the most relevant symbols presented in Chopin's literary work.


The images related to birds are the major symbolic images in the narrative from the very beginning of the novel:

"A green and yellow parrot, which hung in a cage outside the door, kept repeating over and over:

`Allez vous-en! Allez vous-en! Sapristi! That's all right!'" (pp3)

In The Awakening, caged birds serve as reminders of Edna's entrapment. She is caged in the roles as wife and mother; she is never expected to think for herself. Moreover, the caged birds symbolize the entrapment of the Victorian women in general. Like the parrot, the women's movements are limited by the rules of society.

In this first chapter, the parrot speaks in "a language which nobody understood" (pp3). The parrot is not able to communicate its feelings just like Edna whose feelings are difficult to understand, incomprehensible to the members of Creole society.

In contrast to caged birds, Chopin uses wild birds and the idea of flight as symbols of freedom. This symbol is shown in a vision of a bird experienced by Edna while Mademoiselle Reisz is playing the piano.

"When she heard it there came before her imagination the figure of a man standing beside a desolate rock on the seashore. He was naked. His attitude was one of hopeless resignation as he looked toward a distant bird winging its flight away from him." (pp26-27)

In this vision Edna is showing her desire for freedom, desire for escaping from her roles as wife and mother, from her husband Léonce who keeps her in a social cage.

After these episodes, the images related to birds are absent form the narrative until the chapter 29. Following the summer on Grand Isle, where she had awakening experiences, she starts to express her desire for independence in New Orleans through her move to her own house, the pigeon house "because it's so small and looks like a pigeon house" (pp 84). The nickname of the pigeon house is very significant because a pigeon house is a place where pigeons, birds that have adapted to and benefited from the human society, are kept cooped up.

In this house, Edna wants to enjoy "the feeling of freedom and independence" (pp 79), keeping only the things that she owns, "everything that she had acquired aside from his husband's bounty" (pp 84). In the end, however, the little house will not be the solution which Edna expected. While it provides her with independence and isolation, allowing her to escape from the gilded cage that Léonce's house constituted; the pigeon house becomes another cage. It represents her inability to remove herself from her former life, as her move takes her "just two steps away" (pp 79) from Léonce's house. Edna finds herself cooped again, being an exile and a prisoner at the same time.

Mademoiselle Reisz is one of the most important secondary characters of The Awakening. She provides Edna music that awakes her soul, letters from Robert and advice. She sees Edna as a bird, who is seeking to fly away from society's conventions and from her responsibilities as wife and mother. Mademoiselle warns Edna:

"The bird that would soar above the level plain of tradition and prejudice must have strong wings. It is a sad spectacle to see the weaklings bruised, exhausted, fluttering back to earth." (pp 82)

Mademoiselle Reisz seems to know Edna. She knows that Edna will try to fly away from Creole society, but she is not certain if she will be strong enough to succeed. Mademoiselle is in many ways omniscient, warning Edna that her flight may not be successful. However, Edna does not understand Mademoiselle Reisz's advice:

"I am not thinking of any extraordinary flight. I only half comprehend her." (pp83).

In the last scene of the novel, Chopin uses again the image of a bird, a very similar image to the one described by Mademoiselle Reisz to Edna:

"A bird with a broken wing was beating the air above, reeling, fluttering, circling disabled down, down to the water". (pp 113)

This bird embodies Edna's disillusionment as she learns that her ideals of freedom and independence are not reality in the Creole society of 19th century.


Edna lives in many houses in the novel: the cottages on Grand Isle, Madame Antoine's on Chêniére Caminada, Léonce's magnificent house in New Orleans and her "pigeon house". These houses are used as symbols of the different stages that Edna undergoes through her awakening.

Grand Isle is a place of women (most men only visit it on weekends), full of symbols of domesticity, that is, tangible items that we typically associate with family and traditional values. Porches, pianos, mothers and children are props and properties of domesticity, the elements which belonged to the so-called "women's sphere" in the 19th century. Edna is placed at the beginning of the novel in this setting. While she is living in the cottage on Grand Isle, Edna is confined within the cage of traditional roles of mother and wife.

Edna's sleep and rest in Madame Antoine's house on Chêniére Caminada symbolizes the shift that Edna is undergoing through her awakening. It is also a place of escape from the island of women into a new romantic and foreign world. In this house, Edna acquires knowledge about her soul and her own body.

New Orleans is the bastion of social rules, of realistic life and duties. Edna is expected to be the perfect social hostess, especially by her husband. However she does not follow this role imposed to her and she tries to escape from this social cage through moving to her own house, the "pigeon house" (Symbolism explained in the images related to birds).

Throughout the novel there are some flashbacks to Edna's childhood in Kentucky, a place similar to New Orleans, where Edna was also caged by the strict figure of her father and by society. However, Edna found in Kentucky a place of freedom in the blue grass meadow away from the ridged rules of society.

Finally, Edna feels "at home" nowhere. Only in death can she hope to find the things that a real home offers: privacy, relief and comfort.


Clothes are a symbol related to the rules and conventions of society. Throughout The Awakening,. In the first chapters of the novel she is fully dressed; slowly in the course of the novel she removes her clothes. This process of nakedness symbolizes the liberation from the social rules imposed to her and also emphasizes her physical and sexual awakening. In the last scene of the novel Edna is totally naked for fist time in her life:

"But when she was there beside the sea, absolutely alone, she cast the unpleasant, pricking garments from her, and for the first time in her life she stood naked in the open air, at the mercy of the sun, the breeze that beat upon her, and the waves that invited her." (pp 113)

This final episode with Edna naked for the first time stresses the idea of rebirth in Edna; she is now "some new-born creature" (pp 113) at the end of her life.


Art becomes a symbol of freedom for Edna. Through her process of trying to become an artist, she is able to express herself and also to acquire a certain economic independence from her husband. However art also becomes a symbol of failure. Mademoiselle Reisz sees becoming an artist as a test of individuality. Edna fails because she is finally unable to defend her individuality against the social rules.

Music, especially piano playing, is also an important symbolic element. The manner in which the characters use and understand music gives the reader a sense of Edna's ideological position in relation to other characters. There are four characters in the novel that play the piano: Adéle Ratignolle, Mademoiselle Reisz and the Farival twins. Each of them, especially Adéle and Mademoiselle Reisz, represents a different aspect in the narrative.

Adéle Ratignolle does not play for art; instead she plays to keep her children and husband cheerful and to set time for parties. Mademoiselle Reisz, on the other hand, uses music as a form of artistic expression, not merely as a way of entertaining others. Mademoiselle Reisz's piano playing stirs new feelings in Edna and it makes her discover unexplored emotional territories.

"The very first chords which Mademoiselle Reisz struck upon the piano sent a keen tremor down Mrs. Pontellier's spinal column. It was not the first time she had heard an artist at the piano. Perhaps it was the first time she was ready, perhaps the first time her being was tempered to take an impress of the abiding truth." (pp 27)

"She saw no pictures of solitude, of hope, of longing, or of despair. But the very passions themselves were aroused within her soul, swaying it, lashing it, as the waves daily beat upon her splendid body. She trembled, she was choking, and the tears blinded her."(pp 27)

The difference that Edna discovers between the use of music of Mademoiselle Reisz and Adéle emphasizes Edna's emotional growth. Thus, music, or Edna's changing reaction to it, also helps the reader to locate Edna in her awakening process.

Finally, the Farival twins play the piano purely for the sake of gathered company. Their piano playing is pleasant for the social and conventional ears and similarly it serves as the, model for how women should use art. For a Victorian woman, the use of art as a medium for self-expression and self-exploration constitutes a social rebellion. Therefore Mademoiselle Reisz's piano playing places her as an outsider in the Creole society; she is rejected and disparaged by this society. In this way, the piano playing becomes a symbol of social rules and regulations.


Adéle Ratignolle and Mademoiselle Reisz provide the two different identities Edna associated with herself. These two women symbolize for Edna two different female roles.

Adéle serves as the perfect "mother-woman" in The Awakening, being both married and pregnant, but Edna does not follow Adéle's role. For Edna, Adéle appears unable to perceive herself as an individual human. She has not identity apart from her roles of mother and wife, therefore Adéle exists only in relation to her family, not in relation to herself or the world. Edna wants to be independent, and the role of mother-woman does not provide that. In contrast to Adéle, Mademoiselle Reisz gives Edna an alternative to the role of "mother-woman". Reisz has in abundance autonomy and independence, something that Adéle completely lacks. However, Reisz's life lacks love, while Adéle's life abounds in it. Mademoiselle Reisz's loneliness makes clear an adequate life, according to Creole society, can not be built upon female independence. Although she has a secure sense of her own individuality and independence, her life lacks love, friendship or warmth.

What Edna chooses for her identity is a combination of Adele Ratignolle and Mademoiselle Reisz, more honest in self-identity than Adéle and more dependent on human relationships than Mademoiselle Reisz.

Birds as the Symbol of Bondage and Freedom in The Awakening

Birds that are enclosed in cages indicate solitude and bondage; those that roam in the open air above the seas represent freedom and happiness. The captivity or freedom of these animals is the symbolism that Chopin uses to illustrate the captivity Edna experiences from society and the freedom she desires.  Through this vivid bird imagery in her novel The Awakening, Chopin elucidates the struggle and freedom Edna encounters.


6-5-10  DREAM - I was at a college, driven there by my friend David.  Once parked, we had to walk several blocks to get to where we wanted to enter the building. 

My shoes were in the back seat - they were backless reddish-brown color - and so was my dark blue coat. 

David left me there to get my shoes on and walked on ahead.

While I was getting my shoes out of the car, I was accosted by two short skinny teen boys who apparently got a kick out of harassing people, and they started laughing at me for having no shoes on.  

While I put my shoes and coat on to walk to the college entrance, they made fun of me for having to walk so far, and that I didn't like walking which I had to do whether I liked to do it or not.

Because they were laughing, I treated them the same way, and I said to them, "If you like cactus so much, there is a whole grove of it over by the college entrance." and I walked away from them in a different direction.


6-5-10 - MEDITATION:  I saw the words - 'modify it'. 

Unfortunately, it didn't say to modify what?  So that became a guessing game.

Later in the day, I discovered that the 'school' in my blueprint was in the wrong place. The law states that it has to be 'on the road'.  It actually was on a road, but not the state road, but the community road.  I think it's way more dangerous right on the road for the students.  But I guess I have to move it.


6-6-10 DREAM -  I dreamed about the blueprint.  It showed me that the section with the 'hand' was the wrong size.  It showed me a blob of ink in green that looked like a hand, but didn't say whether it was too big or too small. 

To me, the 'Health Centre" is 'the hand' because of the hand's on healing'.  So is the building too big or too small, or is it the property space - 5 acres too big or too small?  I will get advice on that too.


6-6-10 - MEDITATION -  I heard Michelle talking to me on the telephone.  she said, "What is it you wish to know?"


6-7-10 - DREAM - I and IEOSOUS met once again.  We couldn't tell anyone that we were in love, because others wouldn't approve of it,  but we couldn't stay apart from each other either. 

We had a huge confrontation in which we had to discover who the other was.  He went behind closed doors to gather together all the things he was, and I gathered together behind closed doors all the things I was, and then we had to go into each other's room and discover them for ourselves so we could understand each other.

I was crying hysterically when he came into my room because I was so afraid to show him who I was.

He came into the room, all well groomed in modern clothes, as was I.

He went over to two stacks of books which would show him what I knew, and he picked up a small paperback book and said, "I read all these books, and this small book told me the most about you." 

I had been so afraid for him to know that  I read all those 'New Age" books.

I knew that he had left a similar stack of books for me to read, and I had read none of them about him.

He was preparing to leave, and hadn't finished combing his hair, so he turned around and I took a comb and combed the fine hair on the crown of his head so it was perfect, and he went to the door and opened it and there was a white haired man walking by he called by name, "John".

He said, "I'm going across the street to the bar now."  and when he left, I knew he would return, because he always did.  I knew that for certain.

After he left, I was making the rounds of my messy apartment, and my husband said that everywhere I walked, I was leaving a thin brown thread behind me from a spool of thread.  So, I started gathering up all the threads I had left behind me, and it became this huge brown net, and inside the net were what looked like tools.  They were very heavy, and I left the net with the tools in them behind the sofa for my children to find and play with and discover what they did.

I had to get ready for work then, and I knew that if IESOUS looked out the bar window, he would see that I had been promoted to the executive building and that I was wearing a female suit with a bright green man's narrow tie like a man does.

And when I got to my office, I had a huge executive desk, and on the desk I saw this large brass or gold plaque on it that had a lot of fingerprints on it, and I knew they were the Fingerprints of the gods, and I took my finger to wipe the fingerprints off the plaque because it now belonged to me.

The last thing I saw was me, trying to wipe off the fingerprints and no matter what I did, they would 'not come off.



I had been reading fire code for the State of Arizona most of the day, so that may have been the reason why I had this dream.

6-8-2010 - DREAM -  12:28 a.m.   I was in a very large building.  I was in a large kitchen that had about four stoves in it, and old fashioned kettles, some with bakelite handles on them.  Whether we were making soup in some, I was heating water to make tea in smaller kettles.

There was some kind of aquarium in this room too, and we got enthralled with watching a tiny creature half in the water, trying to give birth and having great difficulty.  We were so engrossed in watching the birth process, we lost track of the heating the water, etc. that was going on in the kitchen.

The little creature was having so much trouble giving birth, we had just decided to help it because the head of the creature wouldn't come out the birth canal despite the struggling and pushing the creature was doing.

Finally, we decided we might have to do a C section on the mother creature to save the baby.

We turned our backs on the creature, just long enough to grab a hand towel and a knife, and when we turned back, the baby had been born and the mother creature was sitting up - still panting from her efforts, and the baby was crawling along on all fours down a big stick towards the water of the tank.

There were fish and other creatures in this tank, and everything seemed right with the world, so I turned back to the kitchen itself to finish making the tea.

That's when I discovered that the flames from the gas stove had set fire to the bakelite handle of one of the kettles.

Without getting the towel wet first, I just grabbed at the handle to put out the fire, and instead, the towel caught fire, so I dropped the towel and tried to put out the flames of the towel with my foot, which apparently just made the flames jump off the towel in pieces onto other things and set them on fire too.

There were other pans on stoves with blue flames under them from the gas burners, but I couldn't worry about them.  I didn't have time to shut off all the stoves, I could only let the burning gas do what it was going to do.  There were a lot of people in the building I had to warn about the fire.

So, I ran out of the kitchen into the hallway, yelling, 'Fire! Fire!  Fire!"  and people weren't paying attention to me.  I yelled into a couple of offices and told them there was a fire and they should get out, but they didn't understand the urgency and kept on putting on coats and scarves, and trying to figure out if their makeup was perfect enough.

I just started grabbing people by the sleeve and shoving them towards the exit, yelling 'Fire! Fire! Fire!"  but nobody understood the urgency of the situation.

I got down to the other end of the hall where a wide stairway was and people were coming downstairs after viewing a film of some kind.  These people of foreign nationalities, not small people, but tall Russians, Chinese, Japanese, etc. and all grateful because American's had done so much for them, and they wanted to thank me and show me the exhibit in another direction showing the good we had done for their countries.

But, I was still yelling, "Fire! Fire! Fire!" and trying to pull them and push them by the coat sleeves toward the exit, and they were just as insistent that I go with them to see the exhibit of thankfulness that they wanted to show me.

I just couldn't get them to understand what the word, "Fire! meant because they didn't understand English.

These were all big and strong people, and there was no smoke in the hallway, so there was no indication to show them that they were in dire danger to lose their lives but they didn't understand the word, "Fire!"  nor my urgency for them to move in a different direction than they wanted to go with me.

I finally got so frustrated, I woke up.


6-8-10  - I don't have a clear memory of this dream.

DREAM - I was with a group of women.  We were all wearing white robes - like in the Middle East.  We were in a white domed building.

We were worried about the fish we had left to eat and whether we could get more. 

I can vaguely remember that there were five types of fish.


6-9-10 - DREAM - I was in a car driven by a companion.  Apparently we were headed east as fast as we could down Capitol Drive in our vehicle, trying to get to the freeway to go downtown for a meeting.

The road became narrower and narrower so we were forced to slow down, especially when a fluffy cat crossed the road and ran in front of a small truck coming the other direction.  I thought to myself, I hope that wasn't a black cat.  It didn't really look black, it looked more dark grey.

We turned left after that, and I noticed that if we had gone straight we would have been on the road where the entrance to the freeway was that went downtown, so we had made a wrong turn.

In order to get back to Capitol Drive, we had to go around the block.  Now we were at a stop sign and had to turn left back onto Capitol Drive. We were facing north at that point, sitting at a stop sign and in front of us a bright blue pick up truck was spinning its wheels so fast, it had no tires left on the wheels and was leaving sparks behind the wheels. 

I wondered why he was going so fast and discovered that it was trying to get out of the way of two busses who were fighting for the right of way to cross Capital Drive right behind it - one going north like us, and one going south.  We almost got caught between those busses ourselves because the bus drivers didn't car that we were there and had the right of way.

We finally made it through that intersection and went downtown to our meeting.

The meeting was of a group of reporters, and we saw that the bright blue pick up truck had a female driver, and in the room was a display of 3 panels of plaques with country names on it, and each reporter had a specific icon it used to track itself from country to country they wanted to be expert in, and we could see the direction that reporter was going - which was up and towards the left, from the rightmost panel of countries, onto the center panel of countries, of which Greece was dead center in the center panel.

I thought that was a good thing, because it was evident that nobody was following any of the countries on the far right, and we could take our pick of any of those countries to be expert on.

I noted the group of reporters that she reported for was called the Dragoons or Dragons.

6-9-10 - 3:30 a.m.  DREAM SNIPPET:  I was apparently in a big city, living in an apartment.

I went to a theatre and watched a couple guys dancing on a stage.  The backdrop was old, made of carpet, and was patched in places and the guys dancing were so good and so strong, they could even dance up the walls a few feet.  I really enjoyed watching them.

I left the theatre and went home, where I had to do some writing on a table.

Some other people came in and wanted to help, so I showed one girl some old clothing that wasn't worth keeping and told her to throw it away.

Then a cleaning lady came in with a large cart and I told her I didn't need her to do anything, so she started to leave, but as she did, this old white-haired guy came in.  He had a full white beard too.

He stood in front of my table with his arms folded and closed his eyes.  As he was rubbing his chin with his right hand, he said, "I'm thinking about McCarty."  (not McCarthy)

He just stood there and stood there with his eyes closed.  I got so concerned he was going to open his eyes and turn into a monster or something that I forced myself to open my eyes.

NOTE;  I looked on the internet for the name McCarty and there are over 2,000,000 pages of them, including the word dancer.  I have no idea which McCarty this guy was thinking of.


6-8-10 - 9:30 a.m. NAP DREAM - The same man from the previous dream appeared in a window above me.  Then the window broke in the center into a star shape opening, and the man poofed through the star shape and disappeared.

Dr. Foster McCarty DO

Family Medicine

Male - 40 years experience
Granite Reef Medical Group
7555 E Osborn Rd Ste 104
Scottsdale, AZ

Then the cleaning lady from the above dream came to the house and collected the garbage.  She said, "When the garbage man comes, you can send him into the basement to clean out the machine."

I then took my laundry and went to the basement and put the clothes into the washing machine and it made a small noise for less than a minute.  Then the top opened completely up and stood up by itself, and a hole opened at the bottom of the machine, and all the clothes fell out onto the floor, all warm, slightly damp, and completely folded into a square.

As I was taking the clothing back upstairs, the garbage man came - a really handsome man, dressed in an all green gabardine uniform.  He had a clip board in his hand and said to me, "You don't look like Mrs. Kirk".

I had my hair in a pony tail and was blonde, wearing jeans and T-shirt, and I replied, "Maybe I just look different because I was sick all last winter."  and then said, "My husband is at work all day!"

He went across the basement to the washing machine, reached underneath it and took a clump of fuzz out of it like it was a dryer filter, and took it with him and left.

NOTE;  Kirk means 'church'. 


This dream was so adorable, I had to label it.

6-10-10 - DREAM - This was a point in my life when I was giving away to the next generation all of the clothes that were good enough to save to pass on to my grandchildren from my own children.  (I don't think this really happened in real life, but this was too precious not for it to have happened)

I was in the bedroom, amidst piles of clothes that my own children had worn when they were little and had outgrown.  My own Mother was at work and we were waiting for her to arrive and my own children were coming home from school, but they were all too big to wear such little size clothes anymore.

As the kids came home from school, they gathered in the living room, while I sat on the bedroom floor, looking at each piece of clothing, and remembering what the kids did when they were that little.  I was particularly fond of the sweaters that I had knitted for them which were still almost like new except for a stain here and there when they had spilled something on the front that stained the yarn, but were still wearable. 

I set aside the girly girl sweaters that my daughter had worn because the new grandchild was a boy and wouldn't wear girly girl colors or designs.  They were so cute though, and I stacked those girly girl sweaters aside in a different stack.

My Mother never worked outside the home once she got married, so this dream had memories in it that didn't really happen, but when my Mother came home from work in the dream, she sat down on the bed behind me, while the boys busied themselves in the living room playing video games on TV and roughhousing together and laughing. 

Eventually, the noise of the video game got louder and louder, and I could hear the voice on the TV saying "'STAY, STAY, STAY, STAY, STAY" - on and on and on, and it was getting too loud, so I got up from the floor and went into the living room to tell them to turn the sound down.  When I got up, my mother rolled over on the bed into my spot that was still warm from where I had been sitting.

When I went into the living room, had invited friends over as well, so there was a group sitting on the floor with multiple players and several boys were sitting amongst a pile of books that I had gathered that they were too old to read, but there they were reading them again before I gave them away. 

"I told the boys with the video game to please turn down the sound, "STAY, STAY, STAY, STAY, and told the boys who were reading to turn on the light on their side of the room. 

There the boys were sitting between stacks of books, sitting on a stacks of books, and actually re- reading them.

I wanted desperately to take their photograph because they were so cute, but I knew that if I went to get the camera, I couldn't take a photograph of them as they were because the scene would change before I came back and I couldn't take that memory into real life with me, except in the dream.

awwwww.  Almost makes one want to cry.  :-)


6-11-10 - DREAM - I was aware that I was looking  at a round room - similar in shape to a ufo inside - everything was round -= the walls, the floor, the ceiling, etc. and on the floor was a perfect circle, that had circles within it, gradually smaller towards the center, but inside the circle were rectangles that were square on the left side and jagged on the right side, but each one was different.  Apparently there were wires embedded within these lines and as the people who were Navy military personnel sat on this circle, their brains were being changed.

6-11-10 - DREAM - I was aware that I was looking at a round room - similar in shape to a ufo inside - everything was round - the walls, the floor, the ceiling, etc. and on the floor was a perfect circle, that had circles within it, gradually smaller towards the center, but inside the circle were rectangles that were square on the left side and jagged on the right side, but each one was different. Apparently there were wires embedded within these lines and as the people who were Army military personnel sat on this circle, their brains were being changed.

6-11-10  DREAM - I was waking up very slowly in a huge bedroom, and I was sitting on the floor next to a huge bed in which my husband was sleeping, while wearing an army military camouflage uniform, obviously not in a normal sleeping position because his body was like crumpled face down and head down towards the foot of the bed.

There was a woman sitting on a chair in the room as well, whom I didn't get a good look at, and I gradually started looking around this room, I saw that the door was open, and a huge, tall, burly soldier also in camouflage uniform started coming into the room to challenge my husband who was also coming back into consciousness after some ordeal he had been through.

I was rather afraid of what was going to happen when the standing large soldier confronted my husband and challenged him to stand up at attention when my husband didn't even know where he was, and I told him so.  I reminded the soldier that my husband was well trained and would not be meek and mild if confronted suddenly and would come to quickly to attack his attacker as he had been trained to do.   So, the soldier didn't get too close.

6-11-10 - DREAM - I was waking up in the morning in a bedroom somewhere, feeling quite groggy like something - other than sleep had occurred.  I looked out the nearest window and saw that the sky was just now turning from light blue to bright blue as the sun came up and the clouds moved away.  Through another window I could see an ugly brown cloud that was just starting to dissipate.

I knew that the first thing I had to do was write down my dreams, and I went over to a table where I had a thin notebook and began to write, "I became aware .... " and then looked out the window again at the changing shape of that brown cloud, and when I looked back at my notebook, I saw that it was a different notebook with different notes on the page, divided into time schedules, and on the top one, I saw the word  GQ3, and some other words of something that had happened, but it wasn't clicking in my mind what that was, just that it was different from what I had just written - like something completely changed in the last few seconds.

On the table now was a television set, and reflected on the window from the back of the TV set, I saw the bright reflected logo of  CBS flickering there.

I looked back down at my notebook, trying to figure out where I was and why I was writing notes in a military notebook about CG3.  The rest of the page was blank except that I knew I would be writing in it every hour of the day as that's how the page was divided - into time sections.

NOTE:  A quick search of the internet brought up this military census file:

General Group 3 - listing the populations of military facilities.

Ephesians 6:11 Put on the full armor of God so that you can take ...

6:11 Put on the whole armour of God. The ancient soldier was not equipped for war until he had put on his armor. Paul was at that time a prisoner, ...

Ephesians 6:11 (ESV) - "Put on the whole armor of God, that you ...

Ephesians 6:11 (ESV) - "Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil."


6-11-10 - MEDITATION  - asking about the previous dreams, and I saw a pilot in a tight red, white, and blue uniform, carrying an upside-down red, white, and blue helmet with a flip down visor on it.


6-11-10 - NAP DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house, but Joe was in the garage working on something.

We had a white and brown spotted dog, and it was chasing a rabbit, when a huge ugly old chemical sprayer started pulling into the driveway, and the dogs and the rabbit both got so scared they ran into the garage, afraid of the sprayer.

NOTE:  I believe that's the third time I've dreamed of the sprayer and the dog as well.


6-12-10 - DREAM - I was looking at a page of lists of bicycle parts.  I pictured in my mind a red bicycle.  This list would have made  over 25 bicycles.

NOTE: Is that one bicycle per year?  If not, that's not long enough for me.


6-12-10 - DREAM -  I was in the living room of my house.  I was looking for a pen and a piece of paper to write something down on.  There was newspaper all over the place.  There were pens all over the place.  I even found my wallet, which I opened up.  I didn't see any money, but I saw my driver's license, so I stuck it down the crack of the chair in the corner so I'd know where to find it again.

I saw my young son Bob peeling against the wall in the corner.  It wasn't much, and he's just a kid and it doesn't hurt anything, so I didn't stop him.

I didn't find a clean piece of paper to write on though, so I told my son Mike who was older that I'd make his breakfast.  I asked him how he wanted his eggs, economy, or extra economy.

He said, "What's economy?" 

I said, "never mind, you can have them over easy or over hard!"

He didn't respond, so I said, "I'll make them over hard", because I knew that made a better sandwich.


6-12-10 -  DREAM - I went to visit my son Tom at his new house and his new wife and family.

When I got there, the house was full of women and children - all I remember is girls, though there might have been a boy amongst the children, I don't remember seeing one.

Our family is almost all boys, so that felt unusual.  I soon felt right at home.

I had a whole lot of light blue crystal gemstones with me, and the woman across the table from me was sewing on leather jackets.  I really liked that.  She was being very creative and industrious with her work.  I could tell.  I liked her right away.

My gemstones got rather out of control on the edge of the table, and the girls scrambled to find the ones that fell off the edge of the table.

The women got to talking and one of the women said to me, "Don't you know you are a Deacon?"

I said, "I heard my mother say something about that a long time ago, but I don't recall exactly.  It was something around 1850"

A handsome looking blonde woman with a round face sat down next to me and was about to tell me all about it, and I was staring at the side of her face - and her mouth went into slow motion, and I woke up.

NOTE:  According to tradition, my family arrived in America around 1848.  But now I don't recall which side of the family that was.

Looking ..... This is the earliest Deacon in Wisconsin

View Record Name Place of Death
(Township, County, State)
Estimated birth year Place of Birth Race Gender Age View Image
View Record
Patrick Deacon Princeton, Green Lake, Wisconsin 1860 abt 1859 Wisconsin   Male 6 months


6-12-10 - DREAM - I was looking at a notebook with the names of married couples who had had huge parties for their weddings.

I then saw their names on grave-stones and their graves were covered over with grey concrete, and only a single flower stuck up where they were buried.


6-13-10 - DREAM - I was young, about 18 or 19, and worked as a secretary in a large corporation.  The corporation was right by the ocean in California and I and other girls like me walked everywhere. I saw no vehicles at any time.

I walked to work in the morning and was told that my  boss wanted to see me right away. Apparently there was a big business meeting that day, and I was asked to help wash the windows which is something I would never be told to do in normal circumstances.

There was some writing with a grease pencil on one of the windows and it did not come off well and left streaks behind. 

One of the young men who worked at the front desk gave me a red cloth to use - it was a specially treated cloth, and when I used that, the glass became so clean, one couldn't tell the grease pencil had ever been on the glass at all.

The boss came by and saw how clear the glass was and was very impressed with my skill.  I didn't tell him it was because of the red cloth. I just accepted the compliment.

I then had to go to another building and show them how to clean the glass as I was now the expert, so I took my red cloth and walked along the road.  While on the road, there was a sudden snow squall and the wind was so strong I had to turn my back towards the wind and walk backwards a few times.  It was a pure white blizzard for just a few moments and I didn't feel any cold with the wind nor did it knock me over, but I heard on the radio when I got to the next building that the wind had been 95 miles an hour during the squall.  It had come out of nowhere.

I did my magic on the glass windows in that building with the red cloth as well, and then was asked to go to another building, to which I also walked.

On the road, I met another girl who was going to the same place, and we looked a lot alike.  Again, there was a snow squall. This one was worse than the one before, a pure whiteout and we both turned our backs to the wind and walked backwards during the whiteout.  Again we felt no cold - and we could only see white in any direction. 

When we reached the next building, we heard on the radio that the whiteout had brought 6 inches of snow in that squall.

In this third building, we now saw hundreds of girls who looked like us - tall and thin, and to our amazement, all these girls were wearing frothy thin tunics and pantaloons, all the same color - light pink.  The pantaloons were so thin, the fabric was see-thru and we could see the girls legs through the fabric. It was very harem-like

All the girls walked with the same stride, very delicate and model-like, all blonde, long curly hair, and everything in this building was the same color pink.

arabian pink pantaloons

It was amazing to see and I and my new companion apparently were going to be dressed like those other girls and join them - for what purpose - I have no clue.

I Dream of Jeannie has a pink harem outfit like that. That's a show about NASA or space flights. Barbara Eden. Barbara means barbarian. Eden is starting over with two people. I hope that doesn't happen.  Sheila


6-13-10 - DREAM - I was living in the country somewhere in a small house.  My husband was apparently away on business and I was afraid to stay alone for a protracted period of time, so my cousin Judy came to stay with me and keep me company.  (She was my Dad's brother's daughter)

She and I got along fine, but she tended to stay in her room a lot, and finally she came out and said she was lonely for her family and wanted to go home to her mother. 

I was very disappointed about that, and wondered how I could send her home to her mother since I couldn't drive that far alone - if I could drive at all.

So, I called her mother on the phone and she had a similar voice to my deceased mother-in-law from my second marriage.  She was sad that her daughter couldn't stay longer, but said that I could put her on the bus as the bus stopped right at her farm.

The mode of transportation being settled, I told Judy she could go home on the bus, and that was okay with her as long as she could go.

Before she went out the door, she signed her name on the bulletin board in the kitchen.  She wrote, "Mrs. Wilke".

That stunned me that she wrote that name down, and puzzled me greatly, as I wondered how she could sign that name, when it really wasn't her  name.

My brother John was there and his last name is Wilke, and my name used to be Wilke before I got married, so I had to guess that perhaps she was signing Wilke as her maiden name, and putting Mrs. in front of it to show that she was also married.   Doesn't make sense, but it showed that she was family nevertheless.

So, John and I took Judy to the bus station, and after the bus left, I saw that Judy had left behind a whole stack of notebooks and papers on a small table by the wall of the bus station.  I picked them up to save them and then send them to her, but I couldn't help but read one of the papers I thought was perhaps a dream she had had while she was staying with me.

I started reading the paper, and it was no dream, it was religious sermon of some kind, and I didn't understand the complexity of the words she used except that she said her experience was that of the barley seed.

I put the paper down to take care of some other paperwork.  Apparently my husband had not been away on business - he had been in jail, and they were letting him go because he was innocent.

I had all those papers with me as well, and went up to the window of the bus station that doubled as the check out window of the jail.

When it was my turn, the word 'case' came up on a little box, and the clerk at the window told me to sit down with the paperwork and read it thoroughly so I  understood it all while they processed my husband out, and when he said that, he got a small smile on his face - that at least one man was innocent of what he was accused of.  Whatever that was - I don't know.

NOTE:  Since all of our parents are long deceased, I don't know if that is implicated by this dream or not, since I don't communicate with my cousin Judy all that often.  She is Mormon and lives in Utah, and I live in California.  I haven't seen Judy's parents since I was a kid when we all lived in Milwaukee.


The Weights, measures, and monetary systems of the Nephites are unusual. Are they just arbitrary imagined systems or do they have historical reality? It will be interesting to compare those systems with those of Elephantine, the Jews, some eight Semitic civilizations, and elsewhere. The system as recorded in the Book of Mormon is not a continuation of the system known in the Old Testament.  The Book of Mormon makes it clear that their systems, particularly the monetary systems were different from that of Jerusalem. (Alma 11:4)  One might also note that the word for "coin" is absent from the Book of Mormon.  There must be an important underlining reason for the inclusion on the gold plates by Mormon of the detail found in the first half of Chapter 11 of Alma. We learn from the Book of Alma:

"Now these are the names of the different pieces of their gold, and of their silver, according to their value. And the names are given by the Nephites, for they did not reckon after the manner of the Jews who were at Jerusalem; neither did they measure after the manner of the Jew; but they altered their reckoning and their measure, according to the minds and the circumstances of the people, in every generation, until the reign of the Judges, they have been established by King Mosiah. Now the reckoning is thus - a senine of gold, a seon of gold, a shum of gold, and a limnah of gold. A senum of silver, an amnor of silver, an ezrom of silver, and an onti of silver. A senum of silver was equal to a sinine of gold, and either for a measure of barley." (Alma 11:4-7)  Note the emphasis on "either for a measure of barley." What is a measure of barley?

Gold and silver, the universal precious metals are linked here with barely, just as they are in ancient systems. "The Nephite system of weights and measures at the time of Mosiah is specifically outlined in Alma 11:5-19, presumably to underscore the moderate value of a bribe that Zeezrom offered to Amulek while Amulek was preaching in Ammonihah. Zeezrom offered six onties of silver, equal to one limnah of gold, or the equivalent of 42 measures of grain [also equal to 42 days of pay for a Nephite judge]; (Alma 11:3, 13), to Amulek if he would deny the existence of a Supreme Being. (Alma 11:22, Largey p. 609).  A pretty cheap offer; needless to say, Amulek declined the bribe.

Thus in Alma we find a number of important points for discussion. First, since the Nephites did not reckon after Jerusalem or any other known Mesopotamian Semitic  system, can one make a limited comparison with actual monetary equivalents and weights and measures with known post-exilic or pre-Diaspora Jewish systems, or any ancient Near or Middle Eastern system? One possible comparison can be made between an Egyptian system and the Nephite system, and this has been discussed in an interesting paper by Paul Richard Jesclard in 1973; published by the Society for Early Historic Archaeology (S.E.H.A.).

See:  for more.


6-13-10 - MEDITATION:  I asked my spirit guides to give me another vision or dream to advise me of the meaning of the empty bread wrappers from the dream I had on 6-1-10.

I then saw what looked like a magazine cover - it was in brilliant color.  The entire cover was a wreath of flowers against a blue sky.  One third of the flowers from about the 11 o'clock point through the 3 o'clock point were dark blue, the flowers from the 3 o'clock point to the 7 o'clock point were bright red, and from the 7 o'clock point to the 11 o'clock point were pure white,  rather like the colors of the American flag.  Then all the flowers turned white, including all the center portion of the wreath, and the whole thing became a fully blooming bouquet of flowers - like chrysanthemums.


6-14-10 - DREAM - I was playing a game type race between some colored painted rocks and I fell on the wrong rock, and I was told to slow down.

NOTE: Probably because I've been researching some strange stuff the last couple days.


6-14-10 - VISION -  I was told there was going to be a 'book', a Hollywood script, and a movie".

YAY!  I've been thinking about gathering my notes together for several weeks.  Now, I'd better do it! hahaha


6-14-10 - DREAM - I was outside, working on my desk and watching the kids play so I could keep my eye on them at the same time. 

The kids went inside to get ready to go to the park and play, so I made sure they were dressed for the weather currently, and the possibility of weather change, then went inside to work on my inside desk.

The inside desk was a mess.  I had so many things to do, I couldn't keep track of anything.

My brother Marty came in, and I complained, "I've got so much work to do!"  He just stared at it and walked away - saying nothing. (That's my brother for ya!)

So, I got up from my desk and went over to where the kids had been standing before they left.  There was a big black grate in the floor and I could see it glistening a bit, so I looked closer, and sure enough, it was wet.

I have no clue why it was wet.  Maybe from the baby peeing his pants?  No idea!


6-14-10 - MEDITATION:  I asked for any advice or information the spirit guides would like to give me today.

I saw that looked like myself, John McBain (from One Life to Live TV show) and another guy -  we were all the same height, all dressed in black, all with black hair cropped off below the ears, and we said, "Good luck!"



6-14-10 - DREAM -  I was looking at a typewritten paper, about the plans for the community

That's all I could remember when the phone woke me up.


6-15-10 - DREAMS -  all night long I was looking at pages that 1 inch square pictures of the Gulf oil spill under water.  The last one had 57 of those pictures.  That was so many it had to be divided between two pages.

NOTE: I believe today is the 57th day.


6-15-10 - NAP DREAM 8:30 a..m   I was at work at A-C in West-Allis, WI  (all the people in the dream I've met there and that part of the building has been torn down to make way for a shopping mall. The company moved out many years ago.)   It was about 11:30 a.m.  and I noticed how messy the drawers in my desk were, so I started cleaning them out because they expected us to have clean desks.

I was amazed how many plastic beads I had in my top center drawer, and instead of taking the little boxes and putting them into a bigger box to take them home, I was dumping them all out of the little box into one big box and setting all the little boxes aside.

At one point during this process, one of the bosses walked up to me, saw the work stacked on the desk I had to do, and he asked me what I was doing.

I said, "I'm cleaning out my desk drawers!  'I'm going to take all this home!"  and expected him to say, "Good! because you are fired!"  but he didn't respond at all, but walked away again to the other side of the office.

I looked to my left and saw that one of the men had opened an office window to let some fresh air in (a no no because the whole building is air-conditioned) and I saw that the sun was shining brightly in the sky and wondered how hot it was outside.

I got up from my desk and noticed that I had a lot of stuff, mostly clothing I had worn to work and changed into something else later in the day and all that was piled around on the floor near my desk in the corners and thought I'd better take all that home too.

Once I had the center drawer of my desk completely empty, I got back up from my desk, and walked into the conference room next to the office and found that a lot of people had been having a Christmas party in there.  There were several tables in there that were still strewn with the crumbs and leftover cakes, cookies, pies, and tiny little pairs of salt shakers about an inch and a half tall which were really cute, but I saw one lone jade elephant there, and slipped him into my left pocket, feeling guilty for taking it immediately, but I didn't put it back because he was alone and not in a pair like the salt shakers were.

 I planned to wipe off the table with a wet cloth and clean up the mess, but I noticed that some women had a sewing club in that room after hours and all their ribbons and laces and small pieces of fabric were stacked in the corners on small metal tables and I wondered why nobody told me they had a sewing club in there.

One of the older women came in then to clean up after the party so I left, and when I went through my office, I noticed that the sky was getting darker outside and figured it must be getting close to 5 p.m.

I didn't see any men in the office, until I walked down the hall and in one office on my left sat Paul (one of the bosses) and I smiled and he made a wry odd goofy smile back at me as I walked by.  Other than that, he was the only male left in the building as I walked along the hall and met other women still working at their desks.  I wondered how come my boss wanted to know what I was doing at my desk like I was committing a crime to be cleaning out my desk drawer when all the men were gone from the building before quitting time.

I got pretty far down the hall, wanting to voice my gripe to someone, but the women were all working at their desks, so I didn't stop and say anything to any of them.

I finally turned around to come back, and discovered that all these women were now cleaning up after their Christmas parties, sweeping the floors of the confetti , cake and cookie crumbs, and in one space on the hallway floor, it was covered in tiny gold oak leaves that were being swept up.

As I walked back up the hall, I started to notice weak spots in the floors between the main floor supports crossing the hall, and I came to a woman who had a broom in her hand, and I mentioned to her about the weak spots in the floor, and she responded, "You should have seen it when we were installing the fans under the floors when it was built!"  She didn't explain any further what that meant, but apparently she had noticed then the shoddy workmanship that went into the building when it was first built and that we were lucky it had lasted this long.

I just felt grateful that the floor hadn't collapsed under me as I walked along the hallway. 

I woke up then, amazed to find where I really was - in California - dreaming!


I got this e-mail right after I woke up:

Lightning Razes 62-Foot Jesus Statue

Neighbors Watch As Landmark 'Butter Jesus' Burns

Monroe police dispatchers said a bolt of lightning struck the Kings of Kings statue at the Solid Rock Church, setting it ablaze and eventually leaving behind only a metal frame.

Dozens of local residents told TV station
WLWT they watched the iconic landmark burn to the ground.

Photojournalists were not allowed on to the church property. However, several fire companies were called to the scene.

A photo submitted by a WLWT viewer showed what remained of the statue.

The 62-foot-tall statue has been a local landmark along Interstate 75 since 2004. When it was erected, church officials said the Styrofoam and fiberglass Jesus was the largest one in America. The torso-up sculpture has a 42-foot span between upraised hands, and a 40-foot cross at the base.

The well-known statue is often called "Touchdown Jesus" because of its pose or the "Butter Jesus" and is a popular destination for people who wish to take their picture with the statue.

Church officials haven't said if they will rebuild the iconic statue.

Distributed by Internet Broadcasting.



6-15-2010 -  NAP DREAM -   I was sitting on stool at a corner bar next to my Mother (deceased June 21, 2005)  She was wearing a black dress and hat.

We were waiting for my Aunt Cora (deceased Nov  3 1972 ) to arrive for a family reunion.

My Aunt Ida (deceased Jan. 12, 2003 )  was sitting on another stool to my Mother's left.  She was also wearing a black dress and hat.

It was almost 5 p.m.  and Aunt Ida had to leave to catch a flight to Florida to visit with her family there and have another reunion.

We were worried that Aunt Cora wouldn't arrive in time to meet with Aunt Ida before she left for Florida.

Just then we heard a commotion outside, and I turned on the stool to look outside, and I saw Aunt Cora slowly coming up the stairs towards the bar.  She was wearing a black dress, black coat, and a large brimmed black hat.  There was about 12 stairs from the sidewalk up to the door of the bar, which was on a diagonal down to the corner of the street, so the stairs didn't face either street - but the faced the corner of the intersection.

Behind her was running up the stairs, the child Dolores, also wearing a black coat and dress, but no hat.  She was about 4 years old, blonde with short cropped hair just below her ears.   She tripped on a stair and almost fell into Aunt Cora which would have been a disaster if she had done that.

Someone yelled, "Dolores!  Don't run so fast, you'll fall on the stairs!"

and I woke up.   It was exactly 4:55 p.m.

NOTE:  Thanks for sharing dream - I think it is fitting that everyone was in black, as yesterday, June 15, Ethel May Block Hanel Gromacki died in 1963. the 17th being the wake and 18th was the funeral,. She died on the Saturday that Paul Boehlke got married and your mom and aunt Ann hid behind a tree and cried waiting for the bride and groom to come out of the Church. I can't believe it's 47 years ago.  I remember those days vividly. Take care Shirley

The dream was probably a warning to me not to stress out about events in the future which I had been before I took the nap.  I've been in a hurry to get things done on paper so I can physically build a new home in Arizona a couple years from now.


6-16-10 - DREAM - I was looking at a wide river with trees on the other side.

Standing in the river - upside down was a unicycle, with the wheel on top, divided into 7 spaces by the spokes, and each space was colored like the chakras in sequence, and the white space was the one facing downward.

On the other side of the river was like a sign:  "river through time"

NOTE:  I looked up the words in quotes and didn't find anything I could relate to.


6-16-10 - MEDITATION - I was still saying my prayers, when a voice broke in and said, "Go find men - 9/1"


6-17-10 - DREAM -  David Hasselhoff and a bunch of other guys were at long banquet tables, like at a roasting event.  The head speaker told David that he owed him 38 dollars just because he showed up because he could have sold the seat to someone else for a higher price.


6--17-10 - DREAM - I was in Wisconsin., living in our New Berlin house, which is on the side of a hill.  From there we can see a lot of valley below us which leads down even lower to Little Muskego Lake.

We evidently were running a business of some kind, and I was asked to keep track of the workmen's hours myself, when the men were already clocking in on time clocks in the garage where they worked.  I didn't understand why we needed to keep two different record systems on their time.

The boss, who resembled the owner of Apple computer systems (he was on Dancing with the Stars) was there and wanted to meet with a couple other prominent people including their wives and he wanted them to meet at our house.  I didn't have any choice but to agree.

There was a problem though.  The valley was flooding.

Everyone started coming into the house, because we were the only dry spot in the valley by now, the cats all gathered on the porch and wanted to be fed. They were all grey cats, and I said to let them into the kitchen which was right by the front porch door.

The shower was also next to the kitchen, and I needed to take a shower and I couldn't figure out why my husband kept sweeping water off the porch and then I realized the shower water had nowhere to go but straight out because there was no more 'down' for it to go.

The whole valley was now flooded all the way up to our porch, and everyone who had been working nearby was now in our house.

One of the men wanted to use the phone to call his wife, and the only phone we had was a portable battery operated handheld, so that had to be passed around to the men until the batteries ran out. 

There was no way anyone was leaving because we didn't have a boat.  I don't know if we had much food to feed all these people either.

NOTE:  There are a lot of flooding situations like this around the world right now.  Rain is coming down at the rate of like 9 inches in a single storm in many places.



DREAM 1 - My ex-husband was being transferred from one prison to another, and they allowed me to see him and give him a kiss as the men passed by. However, my ex-husband looked like my first boyfriend when he went past and he was about 16 years old - not 60 -  and music started playing a song that was familiar to me at the time, with notes that went    *        *       *      *
                                                                                            *        *       *      *
                                                                                              *        *       *      *
                                                                                                *        *       *      *

DREAM 2 - was very similar and ended with the same music

DREAM 3 -  was a brilliantly colored cartoon like in the Sunday newspaper -  It was of a large goldfish in a tank, talking to its companion fish in the tank.
It was saying,  "I set aside a kitten a week towards the future".....  and behind the goldfish, were tiny little kittens, all sitting there quietly playing amongst each other waiting to see what the future held in store.

I woke up with a headache after each dream - that lasted only five minutes.


6-18-10 - MEDITATION -  I saw a dome home - I could see that the kitchen had a rounded wall.  There was a sink in the center, with 3 stools on the opposite side of the counter, and a dining room was on that side, with a table that at least 4 to 6 chairs.  That was the focus. 

NOTE: From that we can speculate how many bedrooms and baths it had, because you wouldn't have three stools with less than three bedrooms, and if you had 4 chairs you could speculate 4 bedrooms.  If you said 6 chairs, you could speculate 6 bedrooms.

That is considering because we have no children, so children would not double up, and bedrooms can be used for other things like offices, crafts, library, music room, etc.

Those with children could figure out their own arrangements.


6-18-10 - NAP DREAM -  Joe and I lived in a suburb somewhere and he was buying two horses.

Before we went to see the horses, Joe was cooking a meal.  He stood by the side of the stove, not in front of it,.  He was wearing black goggles, black gloves, a white scarf around his neck and a full length white apron.  He was using tongs to turn over slices of sausage - (We would call that ring baloney) 

He used so much grease, it was running onto the front burner,  which was not turned on to be used.  He was cooking on the two back burners and the left front burner from the right side of the stove.

I was teasing him about a woman we knew that had a very shrill sharp voice, and her name was Caroline.  (We don't actually know anyone with that name.  I used her name as an adverb in sentences I said about something totally unrelated as a comment that was negative.

After the meal, we got into the car to go look at the horses.  It was dark outside, and we saw the horses ahead of us which had just been unloaded from a horse wagon.  They were standing on someone's lawn or driveway.  One was palomino and one was dark.  It wasn't light enough to really see them well from the car.

Joe pulled backwards into a parking space and I admonished him to be careful and not hit the horses.

NOTE: Joe says that it reminds him of Paladin and the Charlemagne

Origins of Paladin and Knight
Although it seems inconsistent with history, it is believed that the Paladin took its origin some time prior to the advent of the Knight during the 8th century when Charlemagne, the militant ruler formed a group of twelve powerful soldiers that were to protect him from harm and command his troops. They were known as the twelve Paladins of Charlemagne. Among them was one called Roland, who was the most famous and whose death while protecting Charlemagne has been perpetuated in epic poetry. But the Knightly orders that pertained to what is now known as Chivalry Code are believed to have sprung up in the 11th century during the time of the Crusades. When knights launched a violent assault into Italy on their way to the holy land, the first order of Paladins was formed. A limited number of warriors and some pilgrims kept behind to have their wounds nursed by a monk named Gerard since they had previously been in battles with indigenous people. Another Paladin order was formed when 8 badly wounded warriors took refuge in King Baldwin’s castle, who was ruler of Jerusalem. They also formed a Knightly order known as the Knights Templar, having been stationed in a Jewish temple.

Read more: Difference Between Paladin and Knight | Difference Between

6-19-10 - DREAM - Wish I could remember more.  I saw a poem.  One stanza said, "On the thirteenth day" the next stanza said, "On the fourteenth day, " the next stanza said, "On the fifteenth day."

Wish I could have copy and pasted that page to my real computer - I hate not being able to do that. hahaha


Later dream.  I was working on a pattern on the floor somewhere and laying seeds in the spaces between squares of something I had made, and then daubing them with a white solution of paste or at least something thick and then letting it dry.

There were other people there, behind me, and a voice said, "Wasn't your mother the Shamus of command?"




DREAM:  Apparently I was back at Juneau Village Garden Apartments, and it was being remodeled - can't say it was for the better either.

But, I woke up in the morning and wanted to do the 'white' laundry.  I gathered it together and wanted to start it, but I could hear someone using the machine so I took my time because I had to wait until the machine wasn't being used by someone else.

I noticed then that none of the doors closed - the openings were way larger than the doors were, and I started meeting people up and down the halls who were getting ready to go out somewhere and they were all wearing winter coats.  Most of those people were men.  On the second floor I didn't see any women at all, just heard them doing their laundry or men talking about them - but never caught a glimpse of them.

I met Ron Klofta in one of the rooms. He wanted to discuss my investment with me.  I questioned that because I never invested any money back in the 70's, but he showed me a business card, with my name signature Dolores Bauer on it and he said I had given him one dollar at the time in some energy company (forgot the name - a very large company)  and he was trying to figure out what my dollar was worth in today's market.  An interesting thought, but I have no idea. I let him work that out and took my laundry out the door.

I took my laundry down to the first floor and this is where it got really interesting.

 Down on the first floor, everything was being remodeled.  All the wood work had been removed and lots of brick work put up.  Here there were lots of women and they were commenting that the remodeling looked too masculine, and I had to agree that the whole thing did look very masculine, but it was nicely done and I couldn't really object to it.  But everything was being done in dark shades of brown, and there were no bare walls to hang up pictures or anything like that.

I met a group of men I knew from the past and I greeted them with a big smile and said, "hey guys!  I'm back"  and they looked happy to see me. 

Since these apartments were all open, I could see into them and they were huge - like 4 to 8 times larger than they had been.  One of the women said they only cost $250 to rent one, and I knew how cheap that was because back in the 90''s, a one bedroom rented for over $500 and a two bedroom was $950.  They were nice apartments, but less than 1/2 size of these.  I had no idea how they could rent them so cheap.

I also saw a lot of people I didn't know.  But I ran into some women and girls and though it was good natured, they decided to help me 'not' do the laundry, and I played along with them for a time because it was fun.  One young woman decided she wanted to add her laundry to mine and climbed in the sack I was pulling along with me, and I pulled her along for the ride.  It was kind of fun for a time.

Then I met a man, wearing a tweed cap, and he was getting ready to go out for the evening.  He said he would help me pull my laundry down the hall.  But he got ahead of me and disappeared down the elevator, and took my laundry with him.  The elevator was already full of people and I couldn't find him again and my laundry went with him wherever he went.

I thought perhaps he went back down the hall, so I retraced my steps back down the hall, and now I didn't find any women.  They were all gone, and all I met was men laying around on the floors, who were making remarks about me as I went by and I started to get scared here.             

A couple of them started to get up as I went by, so I started walked faster and faster and so did they.  I started to feel pursued and that was really uncomfortable because they were making remarks behind my back I couldn't really hear but knew they were about me and I needed to find familiar people and some women to feel safe. 

I finally made myself wake up because it was too uncomfortable to stay.


6-21-10 - DREAM -  I was in a large school building and had gone to the upper floors to see what was going on and met some teachers.

While I was up there, my ex-husband Ed came up there with his new girlfriend and started following me around.

I asked one of the teachers to distract him and his girlfriend, while I ran down to the street to get away from him.

I managed to get outside without him seeing me, and ran across an intersection and ran into a darkened alley, where I met a policeman, and then a fireman.  Just past the fireman was a church door.  So I pulled open the church door and went inside. 

Inside the room up 7 stairs was a nun reading to some children, so I asked if I could stay and listen and she said, "Yes!"

When she concluded her reading, we moved into a larger, candle lit room that had red candles in glass jars all around the room.

We sat there again, waiting for something to happen, and I noticed that the windows had some etchings on them on the lower 1/4 of the glass, and I could see two people walking by and I knew it could be Ed and his girlfriend, and I ducked down so they couldn't see me through the window.

I woke up, and I felt very paranoid that Ed could see me through the bedroom window if he came to our house, and I was so scared that he would find me, that I couldn't allow my face to be seen through the window, even after I was awake. 


6-21-10 - DREAM -  I was in the living room of my house, listening to a radio that was on a shelf way up high on the wall.   Someone came in the room and made me turn it off.

Then, I looked over at a long table by the window and there were a lot of little colored religious books there in multiple copies of each one.  I decided it would be a good idea to give the duplicates to a local thrift store so that other people's children could read these little books too.

Michelle and her mother came into the room then, and Michelle's mother sat down at the piano to play a new song for her daughter.  She sang very well and the song was beautiful.  Part way through the song, I could see that she was having trouble reading the music, so I turned on the light for her and the song got even more beautiful.

I went out in the yard then to prepare dinner.  There were a lot of chickens, which had already been eviscerated, and I got the impression that these chickens had sacrificed themselves because it appeared that some of them were still breathing.

My intention was to deep fry these chickens, which still had their wings on.  I wasn't quite done yet, and three men from across the street came over with a long tray full of fish they wanted to trade for the chicken in return.  They called the fish "snipe", and I knew it wasn't a good trade for the chicken, so I turned them down.    They went away angry.

After they went back across the street, they stood on their porch and kept shining a spotlight across the street on me, like that was going to make me change my mind.

After I finished pulling apart the chicken parts into quarters, I washed them in a big tub of water, and started preparing the deep fryer for them while they drained.  And when I started picking up the chicken parts to fry them, I saw that there were stacks of white gift cards under the chicken parts.

I woke up and opened my eyes and it was 5:55 a.m.                                                                                


  1. Snipe fish

    The snipe fish is given so unusual an appearance by a long tubular snout with small toothless mouth at the tip, combined with a very long, stout dorsal fin ...
  2. snipefish (fish) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia

    Britannica online encyclopedia article on snipefish (fish), any of about 11 species in 3 genera of marine fishes of the family Macroramphosidae (order ...

NOTE: Interesting events this weekend  6-23, 24, and 25.  Three people, well meaning spiritual people I believe took turns sniping at my community idea because it was 'too hot' in their opinion where I was planning it, and all three suggested I put it where they were. 


6-22-10 -  DREAM -  I was decorating the costumes of some very hefty (not fat) Egyptian Hierarchy while they were being worn.

These Egyptians were not little skinny people, they were large, stocky build, more like one might say - the Anunnaki have been described.

I don't know who I was or what I looked like, but I was painting on the costumes, making them more vibrant in color, like the original colors had faded from weather or washing in the laundry,, so I was making the colors darker and stronger while they were being worn.


6-22-10 - DREAM -  I was looking at a 3 ring binder, open to drawings of the same Egyptian's - 4 times - 2 on each page.

While looking at these drawings, I said to myself, "Note, that I counted three changes"


6-22-10 -  MEDITATION -  I saw this man's face from the side.  He had a full beard - rather darkish brown.  He was not unpleasant sounding when he spoke. His voice was strong with a medium low tone.  I can't remember the first thing he said,  Perhaps, he just said, "Hello!"

Then I saw him again, and the mane said, in the same voice,  "Please let me speak with you!"

I responded, "Yes!  I will speak with you!"  but he turned his face towards me and all I saw was his beard.  and he didn't say anything at all.


6-23-10 - DREAM -  I was on the 4th or 5th floor of a very large building.  I was dressed in a black tux, which was a little large on me.  I was playing the part of a stand-in for a billionaire who was going to the opera with a rich woman, and I was given the crystal  setting for a ruby ring that the real billionaire was going to give to his real date on the way to the opera.

All of a sudden the billionaire showed up in his tux.  He was quite handsome and looked very familiar to me.  He knew I was his standing, and he asked for the crystal ring setting, which I gave to him.  I was walking with him, and he said he heard that his date looked like a battleship in disguise, and I knew then that he had never met her before, and I felt sorry for him, and I said, "I'll go with you!" 

He liked that idea, so we play acted that I was his date, and we slid down the metal stairway banister all the way down to the first floor, where his grandchildren were playing on the stairs with some older boys. 

The billionaire didn't like the old toys that his grandchildren were playing with, like a bright blue dump truck and other construction equipment, so he took them away from them and said he would get them new toys.  He went into the next room to pick out some new toys for them.  Meanwhile I was standing there waiting for him to return, and his grandchildren took a liking to me, and showed me their new toys.  They were pastel yellow farm equipment with little cartoon blue faces on them.  Quite adorable little toys. They were so cute.  But we were still waiting for the billionaire to return from the toy shop to take me to the opera .... and I got tired of waiting and woke up


6-23-10 - DREAM -  I was with my Mom, my friend Alyse and another woman whose named was Mrs. Tewes.  Alyse gave me a check for $26, which I gave to my Mom who, in turn, gave it to Mrs. Tewes.

Later, Alyse forgot that she had given me the check and what I had done with it, and she said, "I lost that $26 check I was going to give to Mrs. Tewes!"

I was going to call her on the phone and remind her what happened to the check, and when I picked up the phone, there were two men talking on it - like a radio station.  I had a second line to use, so I pressed the button, and there was another man on that line like it was a radio also.  I didn't have one line open to call out on.

Later, I was in the yard, and I saw Mrs. Tewes working in one of the gardens.

From behind me, came a woman from India, so I called Mrs. Tewes attention that she had a visitor in the back yard.  The two women then went off together.


6-24-10 -  This dream is most likely based on a TV commercial that was playing at great length while I was falling asleep about a vegetable chopper.

DREAM - The general idea of this dream was about human circumstances, which were written out at great length on a stage of some kind, and that if we didn't like the circumstances the way they were, all we had to do was change the circumstances by using some kind of pressure - like demanding change at will,  I'm not certain exactly how the change was made, but by sheer will, we could change the circumstances until we did like them.


6-25-10 - DREAM -  This was a long dream, and I probably don't remember all the details.

I was pregnant and so was my friend Donna.  I measured my belly and it was 26 inches.  Donnas' belly was 27 inches..

On top of my head, I had a

d ring of yellow petals.  I had 6 - and she had 7.

Then my brother Marty came in and he had 7 only they were taller.

I was getting dressed for work, when Erv came to the door.  I let him in though I didn't have all my clothes on.  Somehow I made myself a belt of pink clay and wrapped it around my waist, and we went to the music store down the street where they had a diner in front.  We sat down to eat and some young man started recommending music.  I wish I could remember the name - it started with an L.

When Erv and I were done eating, we went into the music section to get a copy of the music that had been recommended. 

Evidently, the music store wasn't making enough money to pay the whole electric bill, so the section where the music was that we wanted didn't have the lights turned on, though the clerk was standing there behind the counter, waiting for customers.

In the next section over, I heard a woman say, they were preparing for a Christmas section that started with S -  it was similar to solstice - but not that word.

I met a short chubby man who was sitting on the sidewalk while I was struggling to make my belt of clay stay on, and he knew everything there was to know about music, so he said he would help me.

Evidently, the original guy who made the music recommendation and this short guy had had some kind of dispute in the past, and he tried to make the short guy go away, but I said to him, "He's with me!"  so he'd leave him alone.  He really did know his music.


6-25-10 - MEDITATION - In one vision, I saw Victor from a TV show, and someone asked how many people were from Church of the Holy Grail, and in the foreground I saw dozens of people raise their hands up and wave at Victor that they were from the church.

In another vision, I was looking out the front screen door, and the sun was shining outside.  I could hear some growling off to the right of the door, but I was afraid to look.  That seemed way too real.


6-26-10 - DREAM - This started as a meditation, and I was trying to figure out where to put the required bus stop on the Montessori school in my new community, when we weren't going to provide bus service.  It just doesn't make sense.

DREAM #2 -  I was in a bathroom with the characters from All My Children TV show.  There was a workman sitting on top of a large piece of plywood that was nailed to the top of the bathtub.  While he was removing the board, I was passing out the belongings of the characters to the people it belonged to.

DREAM #3 -  I was seemingly in a kitchen, and sorting out all the different types of kettles that would be needed at the community.  After I removed all the kettles from their respective positions, there was a colorful board under them with the pictures of a man and woman at opposite ends of the board and under their pictures, it said, "MOTHER -  FATHER.


5-5-26-10 - NAP DREAM - I was napping on the couch like in real life, and when I woke up, it sounded like it was raining out.  I looked out the front door which was open, and the sun was shining.  There was a white-haired woman standing inside a booth that was placed right outside the front door in my garden.  She was taking money from people who were already running around in our back yard playing hide and seek. 

Inside the booth, it was painted a darker blue than sky blue, and on the darker blue was pasted silver decorations that looked similar to the crop circle that just appeared yesterday in England

crop circle 6-25-10


6-26-10 - SABRINA THE WITCH, and be careful how you design a bathroom.

NAP DREAM -  Maybe I was thinking of Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind, but in this dream, I wanted a pageant to be done, and I told my daughter-in-law that I wanted everyone to dress in red and black.

In no time at all, all the men were in black tuxes with red trim and red shirts, and all the girls were dressed in tall pointed hats and long black and red wide striped gowns. 

I told them all how great and fantastic they looked, and they all knew how great they looked because they behaved in an elegant and sweeping manner as they rushed past me to take their places in the pageant.

As the last girl left, she complained about how hard it was to turn off the shower in the bathroom without getting your feet wet.  So I went into the bathroom to do it for her.  She was right.  The hot/cold spigot was on the right-hand wall -  and the on/off pipe was on the far wall and this bathroom was about 6 feet wide by about 12 feet long and the on/off pipe was 6 feet away from the door and the whole room was the shower.

Fortunately, the water wasn't on too strong and the drain worked well so when I stepped into the water to shut off the pipe on the far wall, the water didn't go over the tops of my shoes.


6-27-10 - DREAM - I was looking at a colored oval, made of many different pastel colors and shapes, and I was attempting to move them from place to place and still retain the oval shape.

I then saw a white chart, written in English, and it was all about Indian heritage.

6-27-10 - vision - I was looking at Joe and my son Bill, trying to determine what kind of Indians they were, and then my own face appeared, with my chin tilted up and a huge Daddy Long Legs spider was sitting on my neck, right below my chin.

So I'm Mother Spider women or something?


6-28-10 -  This dream was television influenced because this is what the TV was showing while I was sleeping.

The dream was all about the coming trial of Natalie Holloway's murder, and my husband's connection to it.  My husband and one of his friends was involved in the coming trial, and while the television was on talking about it, both young men were taking notes and writing down tiny numbers on pieces of paper.  At the same time, I was writing down notes about the show.

When the show was over, the two young men went out to drink and hang out with other buddies, and I gathered together my notes and their notes to give to the attorney the next day.

Meanwhile, outside, there was a highschool band playing - which had to have been practice because the musicians were not that good. 

When the music stopped, my husband and his buddy came in.  I was very worried about what their condition was going to be, but when they came in, all they wanted to do was go to bed and sleep, which was fine with me, and each guy got in a different bed in a different room, rather ignoring my presence, and whatever bed was left free to sleep in, is where I got to sleep.

All I could think about was Natalie Holloway and what she must have gone through.

Not pleasant thoughts.


6-28-10 - VISION -  I was watching quite closely as the shuttle came to a stop on the tarmac, and three men came out of the door together.

There was a tall astronaut, a shorter astronaut, and a workman. 

The shorter astronaut didn't have the strength to come down the steps by himself, so the taller astronaut, and the workman stood on either side of the shorter astronaut, and pretended to just be buddy, buddy, and all three men had their arms around each other's shoulders and walked the short astronaut down the stairs to the tarmac.

I came out of the vision before I could see what happened at the bottom of the stairs...


6-29-10 - OPPOSITES 

DREAM - The dream started out where I was on top of a hill with a broad valley in the distance. 

There was a large dog house on top of the hill and there was a big black dog in it with barely enough room in it for just that one dog.

However, when I came along with my white dog, and the white dog went into the dog house with the black dog, the black dog made room for the white dog, and they got along perfectly well to my surprise.

Then I was shown other things that went together well, because they were opposties - like acid and alkali and sweet and sour and


6-29-10 - VISION - I was trying to go to sleep when I saw the words  Beowulf and Project Orpheus.

Researching that now.


6-30-10 - DREAM - I was working in an office - I was quite a bit younger than I currently am.  My friend Kimber came in and wanted to use a large stapler which I couldn't find because another young woman had been working in the office earlier and had put it away in one of the drawers. 

So we started opening drawers lookiing for the stapler and couldn't find it.  So Kimber found a bottom drawer and pulled out a quilt and blanket and laid them on the floor next to me and decided to spend the night, saying she had done that before.

DREAM 2 -  This seeemd to be the same two women, myself and Kimber - at much younger ages, and I compared them to myself as I am now - not by age, but by how they presented themselves - assertive and positive and sure of themselves.

It was a good feeling.