6=1=12 - 3:30 am   this is a group of scenes, from multiple small dreams.

It all started out when a group of cousins got together in the kitchen of my apartment and Paulie decided he didn't like teaching anymore and wanted to go into stand up comedy.  so, we sat around the table, and Paulie thought up something funny about each person in the family and I wrote down each funny bit on a separate piece of paper. 

When Paulie finished with the kids, and realized they were teenagers, the stories got funnier because the kids got into scrapes that were hilarious because they were thinking for themselves. All that went onto other separate sheets of paper so Paulie would have something funny to present to the audience from the stage.

Then the boys went off to join the war effort and the cousins entertained themselves on the beach and a couple even got up to their necks in the water, telling each other jokes and some of us laughed at them hoping they didn't drown while we were laughing.

Then we watched the troops come home from war in their green trucks and dark green uniforms.  They regaled each other with laughter because they ere so happy to be home at last.

Then I was back in my apartment building, looking at the empty apartments, of which we had many - at least of half of them empty and I wondered if my boss was going to come up with some great advertising idea to fill up the empty apartments.

She didn't have to hurry too much though, because we didn't have enough maintenance men to do the work because the guys we depended on fro the work near came home with the troops. 

That was a sad day.


6-1-12 - MEDITATIOION  -  Because I had heard a radio show last night of Kevin Smith interviewing a man named James Horak, who stated that there were beings living on the sun (he's the 3rd one in two months who has stated that)  I decided I wanted to see for myself.

I asked my spirit guide to show me the beings living on the sun.

I had barely closed my eyes, and I found myself near the sun.  On the left was a beautiful 'boll'  multiple blue colored with the palest blue in the center - almost white, and gradually getting dark towards the outside.  It was quite large compared to the Pleiadians who are much smaller and a beautiful turquoise blue. 

This blue 'boll' then moved upward in step like fashion upward - in 16 levels.  (Whether that meant dimensions, I don't know, but I co9unted them as it went.

When the blue 'boll' arrived at the 16th level, I could see a cream colored metallic machine, which I had seen in a photograph of the sun earlier in the day on Mr. Horak's website. 

As I watched, this machine, which is constructed similarly to our own space station, started moving into itself like it was closing.

I watched, fascinated as it slowly came together, and dovetailed into each other so it had 8 separate parts coming together 4 from above and 4 from below. 

This was a beautiful machine, with no rough or sharp edges. Everything was rounded on the edges - like it had been molded - not machined, and when it all came together, it moved so that it was standing upright, like a doorway.

Interestingly, later on, when watching a video, it was mentioned that the sun was a 'doorway' or a portal to finding 'earth'.



6-2-12 -  DREAM -  I don't know who I was in this dream, clearly not myself.  I was a rather young, slim woman, wearing brown slacks and a blouse, and I may have been a black woman.  I discovered by reading something I found at home, that I had been kidnapped by the National Federation in 1925.  (I keep wanting to say 1917_

I didn't know anything about the National Federation, so I went to the local library and went up to a blonde woman in her 60's who was sitting at the desk and told her, "I'm going to knock your socks off today."  and smiled.  "I need to find a book about the National Federation .  I was kidnapped by them in 1925".

The woman didn't say a word, but went to an open file and pulled out a sheet of paper that listed various organizations which was much shorter than I thought there would be, and it merely said  NF  on it, which I assume it was known by.

The woman never did say anything to me, and seeing that sheet of paper is the last thing I saw before waking up.

Since I was born in 1938 - I had to have been someone else in this dream.



6-3-12 - This was a dreamless night, which was probably a good thing.  Lily our Cocker Spaniel died yesterday after being run over by our landlord's van in the driveway.  He felt really bad.  Joe and the landlord buried Lily so fast, I didn't even have time to put shoes on and go outside.  That was probably a good thing too because I didn't have to see how bad she was hurt.


6-3-`1 - MEDITATION:  I was basically resting my eyes and all of a sudden, I was seeing a glass baking dish wit water and a pile of sand in the corner.  In the water was a black Cloy Fish (like a long skinny shark or Sturgeon.


This fish started slapping its tail wildly back and forth and then using its tail, buried itself under the sand pill with only its nose sticking out.

Just then, I saw a brilliant white lighted sign like in the upper corner f the room and it was perfectly clear to read.  It said, "God bless you!"  You will soon meet one of these."


Within 5 minutes of that sign, wondering if a Cloy Fish was a real thing, and who it might be, the telephone rang, and it was Lee C on the phone telling me how unhappy she was that she didn't have the whole file of the garnet frequency and I would be the only one who would have it.


Nice challenge.  I have some copies of her stuff, but who really knows where it is, and I can't see to begin with, so how will I locate it fast enough to suit her?

NOTE:  What she described is already published on line, except the part she said is missing -  was never typed up by anyone and is lost to her missing memory and the computer she had the file on - she gave away to someone a long time ago.


6-4-12 - 3:15 a.m.   A SERIES OF DREAMS OR VISIONS

I saw a wall of looked like 3/4 carpets hanging on it - approximately 50 of them.  They were all multicolored but had more blue, green or red in the preponderance of them.  They were aligned vertically like they worked together.  Then one whole vertical row moved to the right, and ruined the entire pattern and made it ugly to look at.

I then saw a brown truck and on it was marked the word  TANK

I than saw my Father's Master bedroom with a young boy sleeping in the bed which was all messed up and on top of the bed were two empty yellow dog food bags.  It appeared that the boy had eaten all the dog food himself.

I then saw an older Caucasian man standing naked in front of me - facing to his left -  his entire right side had a massive dark blue bruise on it  -either the kidney or liver.  It was awful to look at and extremely serious.

I recall hearing on TV yesterday about Dog democrats and that Obama was one of them..  I've written about blue dog Democrats previously.


1.  I saw  " X-12"    A person came and picked it up and put it down again

2  I immediately saw a drawing of a blue and white owl laying on its side.  It had a string around its neck with a circular gear tooth saw around the edges type pendant.  It looked like this but was much thicker lines.  It came to me later that this pendant represented Planet X and it was weighing him down.



3.  I saw a paper bag like a grocery bag with a large sheet of paper and some cards standing up inside of it

4.  I then walked into my bedroom and  saw a whole bunch of blue post-it notes laying on the floor in the bedroom.  Someone came into the room from the bathroom and said they had tripped and fell with them.  I have to assume it was Joe since he is the only one living with me. We both agree that the blue post-it notes are messages from dreams and visions.

4.  I was then in my office at work, and my boss brought me a large black tray with curved edges on it to save my blue post-it-notes in it.   He walked down the hall and saw an engineer coming and he jumped up and down like he was dancing, and the engineer saw him dance, so he kicked up his leg like he was going to dance with him. They both acted really happy.

4.Then I was sitting in my car in the front seat and a man brought me my baby boy who had just woken up.  He sat him in the car next to me and I handed my ring of keys to him to play with, and the baby boy put his arms out for me to hold him and touched both of my shoulders and said,  "Make me feel better.!"  and smiled at me, and that made me feel better too.  Who could ever resist a baby's smile?

NOTE:  Joe and I both researched the pendant because we both knew it was a crop circle in England.  We found it in the 2009 series at Roundway, England.  The drawing above is similar to it, but in my vision, the lines were much thicker and the pendant looked like a grinding tool a carpenter would use to shape wood.

Joe remembered seeing a picture of Sumerians wearing pendants in drawings.  Here is Marduk, son of ENKI ( He is an Anunnaki)






6=6=12  odd visions -  I had a short dream about a red cat peeking out from behind a pillow with one eye, and then I kept having visions of that one cat's eye peeking out at me from behind things, and then floating in the air even with my eyes open above me on the ceiling of my room, and something floating in my left eye like a cat's eye.  (That is not there this morning and I remember that vision as feeling very unsettling.)

When I woke up in the morning, I found myself in the air above the dome and spire over the Empire State building.

In one dream, I was contemplating whether I needed to be eating some dill every day for the dopamine it contained.

DREAM   I was in a large room with Nora the District Attorney/psychiatrist Dr. Barton (same person)  and old Mrs. Chancellor from the Bold and the Beautiful (a multimillionaire) I asked Mrs. Chancellor if she wanted her fingers massaged which I didn't really know how to do, and I started massaging her fingers to keep them limber and supple, and then started wondering if I should study that.