compiled by Dee Finney

5-26-03 - NAP DREAM - VISION

I saw a broken star in two layers.
It was called ' The Maori Flower'

(Attributed to the Maori)

The sun may be clouded, but ever the sun, Will sweep on its course till the cycle is run.

and when into chaos the system is hurled, Again shall the Builder, rebuild a new world.

Your path may be clouded, uncertain your goal, Move on, for your orbit is fixed to your soul.

And though may it lead you through darkness of night, The torch of the Builder shall give it new light.

You were, you will be, Know this while you are, Your spirit has travelled both long and afar,

It rose from the source, to the Source it returns, The spark which was lighted eternally burns.

It slept in a jewel, it leapt in a wave, It roamed in a forest, it rose from the grave.

It took on strange garbs for long eons of years, And now in the soul of yourself it appears.

From body to body your spirit speeds on, It seeks a new form when the old one has gone.

And the form that it finds is the fabric you wrought, On the loom of the mind from the fibre of thought.

As dew is drawn upwards in rain to descend, Your thoughts drift away and in destiny blend.

You cannot escape them, for petty or great, Or evil or noble, they fashion your fate.

Somewhere on this planet, sometime and somehow, Your life is reflecting your thoughts of your NOW!

My law is unerring, no blood can atone, The structure you built, you will live in alone.

From cycle to cycle, through time and through space, Your lives with your longings will ever keep pace.

And all that you ask for and all you desire, Must come at your bidding, as flame out of fire.

Once list' to that voice and all tumult is done, Your life is the life of the infinite one.

In the hurrying race, you are conscious of pause, With love for the purpose and love for the cause.

You are your own devil, you are your own God, You fashioned the paths that your footsteps have trod.

And NOTHING, will save you from error or sin, Until you have harked to the Spirit within.


Here is an e-mail received by David P. concerning two suns

Two suns dream
Date: 96-12-31

From: David P

Dear Friends

I had an interesting dream this morning - saw two suns in the east.

One was dancing about in a regular pattern. It wasn't bright sunlight, it was as a bright white disk as if through light cloud.

Anyone any similar visions?


David P.

He also writes:

"I had the honor of being part of a group which visited Egypt to do sacred ceremony with a Maori elder in fulfillment of the prophecy of his peoples.

We went in November of 1996. At the completion of one of the most powerful ceremonies, as we were returning on the bus in Cairo from the Red Pyramid, there were two suns. All forty of us on the bus saw them. They were overlapping each other, one orange and one yellow. One of the members of the group said that the two suns appear only every 3,500 years, and that they are an indication of the change of the age.

I should add that the Maori prophecy has to do with the shifting of the earth's energy to assist with the coming of the new age. That was the intention of the ceremonies we performed. The Maori elder felt that the prophecy had been fulfilled."

From: Two Suns

The Mystery of New Zealand's Maoris

There is evidence among the Maori and people of eastern Polynesia that the sun was deified as Tane and that Ra, the sun god, was the tutelary god of Borabora. The Maoris, also, made use of ancient solar observatories. "At Kerikeri, in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, there is a miniature Stonehenge, the blocks standing about 7 feet out of the ground; and near Atiamuri, north of Taupo, there are other great monumental blocks -- some fifty of these still standing erect" (Maori Symbolism, p.137).

Interestingly, ancient Maori traditions relate that since antiquity the Maoris have observed ceremonial and dietary laws very similar to those of the ancient Hebrews. They even kept the seventh day "Sabbath" as a day of rest! Also, every 7 times 7 years -- or 49 years -- they observed a Jubilee Year similar to that of the ancient Hebrews." These similarities simply cannot be explained away as "mere coincidence"! The Maoris, like the Hebrews, even had a "sacred month" given over to Harvest thanksgiving, corresponding to the Hebrew month of Tishri and the Festival of Tabernacles.