MARCH 2009

3-1-09 - DREAM -  I was working in a nice office with a beautiful large desk.  Our whole company was moving to another building though which was supposed to be bigger and nicer.

I had a project to work on that nobody else knew about.  It was an embroidery project, done on bright orange cloth  -  a very large piece of cloth - the color of the sun. 

I had it on top of my desk neatly folded up and could work on it in the office as long as my other work got done, but I had to hide it from everyone so they didn't know I was doing the project.

To prepare to go to the new office, I had to go upstairs and get my coat and purse because I lived upstairs in the same building.

I went upstairs, and having not taken my keys to the office with me, I took a woman with me, and felt very fortunate that I hadn't locked myself out of my own apartment.  The first thing I did was to find my key ring, which I did and put them into my coat pocket.  I put my purple wallet into my purse.  I had so much stuff in my purse, the woman commented about how large it was.  (I can't remember the details of what else was in it)

We then went back downstairs to the office.

A bus had been hired to take everyone to the new office, but I didn't want to go on the bus, because I wanted to take my embroidery project with me and didn't want the others to see it.

I and a man friend (I think it was David from All My Children TV show)  waved at the others as they left, and then we got my stuff together to drive over separately.


3-2-09 - DREAM -  I was in New Berlin, WI living in our house on Calhoun Rd.  (172nd st. approx)  I looked out the front window and saw our neighbor Hub dragging a body by the hands across the street from where our mailbox was.

My husband and I didn't want to confront our neighbor so we got in our car and drove slowly out the driveway to see what we could see by the mailbox, like blood and tracks.  We saw nothing.

We stopped driving about a mile down the road, feeling really nervous that maybe our neighbor had followed us to stop us from going to the cops, but he didn't, so we turned around the drove back home again.

Right after we got back into the house, another neighbor from down the road came to the house for something, and we asked him if he had seen anything down by the mailbox.  He said he didn't.

While he was still saying he didn't see anything, I looked out the window again, and the guy's brothers came walking up the road to where our mailbox was and there I saw a very wide speedboat embedded in the ground.

I wondered how that got there, and why didn't we see it when we drove out the driveway?  Was that where the body came from?

NOTE: How do you choose which body it is?

*** ********

3-2-09 - DREAM  -   I was at home with my husband and daughter.  I don't know who it was -  someone short and balding (Paul?)

He took some photos of sailing ships with our first camera and we were going to hang 8 1/2 x 11 inches photos on the wall of our office.

I said I would print them out and he said, "Okay!"

So I uploaded the digital pictures to the camera and printed out the first one, which was two photos in one of different topics, one photo was of a sailing ship; the other was of a land scene.

To my surprise, when the photos printed out together, they were about 2 x 3 feet.

I got all excited and picked the photo up from the floor where it had fallen, and ran with it into the other room to show it to my husband because it had come out so large.

When he saw the photo, instead of liking how large it had printed out, he started yelling at me that if I didn't know how to print out a photo 8 1/2 x 11  I should have asked him.  He then started to explain how to use the printer.

When he was done yelling at me, he said he was leaving to go shopping.  I said, "Fine!"  with no emotion or feeling (rather like I was saying, "Go ahead - good riddance)  but with no emotion.

A couple of minutes later, he came back into the room and said he was going to the store to buy a better camera.

I had no problem with that, but having had experience with buying a better camera for myself which has exchangeable lenses, and are adjustable, depending on what you are photographing and the distance away objects are, I started telling him how difficult it was to get the right digital camera that were better than the one we already had.

He stood across the room from me to tell me that he was leaving, and our daughter ran up to him to tell him what she wanted him to buy for her. She was a very slim girl, pretty, and with long dark hair. (Looked like Kayla)

But at that point, I wanted to go to the store to help shop for the camera, so I grabbed her by the seat of the pants and pulled her away from him, and I got up close to him like she had, and threw my arms around his shoulders, and said that I wanted to go with him.

Just then the phone rang, and it was Michelle, calling me from Walmart. She didn't say what she was shopping for, but I told her about our camera issue and before I was done talking, she walked away from the phone and another woman came on the line and told me that Michelle had gone over a few feet to talk to a guy name Earl, or some other name similar to that.

I thought that was really rude, so I hung up and started picking up some things off the floor the kids had let lay when they were playing. One object was a small model of a house with a chimney on top.  It was yellow with a silver chimney.  I placed it on a shelf that overhung a window from the kitchen to the dining room.

While I was doing that, I could hear my husband yelling towards me and it was 'Paul's voice - and he was telling me about our son typing up his homework and then deleting it by accident.  Our son was really upset about deleting his homework, but at that point Paul was laughing because Paul had installed a server and there was the homework displayed on the computer attached to the server.  Paul said, laughingly, "and there was God's other eye blinking at us.!"


3-3-09 - VISIONS - I saw a man holding a letter addressed to Airman Nimrod Shellas_______, giving him instructions.  The letter was quite lengthy on the page.

VISION 2:  I saw a closeup of Nimrod's face.  He had thick blonde hair and blue eyes with bangs over his forehead.  He raised his rand to brush his bangs upward, and I saw a thick blonde braid right in the center that was cut short so it wouldn't stick out from under the bangs which hid it.

The first thing I thought was 'unicorn', and then I remembered that when I was young, I had a very prominent 'widow's peak in that same spot and I was blonde and blue-eyed as well as a child.


VISION 3 -  I looked out the front door of our house, and on the porch was the ugliest dog I've ever seen in person.  It had short chopped off hair it appeared, in three blotchy colors, and it had short stiff legs, and resembled a hyena.  When it saw me, it turned and san stiff legged from out of my eyesight, but I don't think it left the porch.

NOTE:  On 3-4-09 -  on the Jeff Rense show, Webster Tarpley was being interviewed and he said, "And Obama is good at keeping the hyena at the door too.!"  hahahah  -  Coincidence?  I don't think so!


3-3-09 - DREAM - I worked in a large office somewhere, on the ground floor. (I can't remember what I did there)  When I went home to my apartment, which is the same placement from another dream I had recently,  the door was wide open and I was afraid someone was hiding in it. So, I went from closet to closet, and even checked the kitchen cabinets, to make sure no one was hiding in the apartment.  I then left the apartment, and asked the woman next door to listen for noises - just in case I missed whoever might be hiding there.  I then left the building to go back down to the corner drug store to use the telephone there to call my mother.  (I had no phone in my apartment). 

The hallway of the building was really nice, and every os often down the length, it had areas set aside where people could congregate and talk with each other.  I did note though that there wasn't anywhere for people to sit down. though.


3-4-09 - DREAM -  I was living in my New Berlin, WI house.  It was early morning and everyone was still in bed but me.

I looked out the back door toward the east and the sky was bright blue and it was warm outside. All of sudden I saw a pitch black cloud come over the horizon (our weather normally came from the west)  The clould came down to a point at the bottom just like a tornado.

I ran to the stairs and started calling everyone down by name.  I called every child by name and told them to come downstairs immediately. Mikr, Ken, Tom, Bob, Bill, and I called Richard who was my old boss at A-C  (Allis Chalmers)  They all came down but Bob.  I kept screaming for Bob to come down, and all of a sudden someone told me he was already in the other room downstairs, so I went there and he was in the downstairs bedroom getting dressed.  I don't know how he got past me. Perhaps he had been in the downstairs bedroom the whole time and I didn'' know it.

I went back to the back door to check on the progress of the storm cloud.  It was now right outside the door - absolutely silent.  It wasn't a real point, but close to it, and it hung there, pitch black and while I watched, it started to rotate.

Again I ran back to the children to make sure there were in safe places in the house, and just like that the rain started pouring down so hard, it was coming through the windows. 

It wasn't long, however, and the sky was bright blue again and the house was still standing just like before.

I looked outside and a man was selling cars that looked like they were from 1946.  They were in perfect condition, but most had no engines.  They sold really fast, most of them being pushed out of the lot, but a rare few had purring engines and were able to be driven.

The last car was no sooner sold and the sky turned black and the rain came down so hard, it was not only coming through the windows, it was coming through the ceiling.  This time there was a tall businessman and his wife there and he was a glass expert - and his wife told him to use this opportunity to make stronger glass that could withstand a storm such as we were having.  He agreed.

I was about to wake up and a figure which looked like Betty Boop with a perfectly round face said to me in a cartoon-like voice, "Our wisdom is in our crafts, Ma'am!"

and I was instantly awake.



DREAM -  I was working at home, actually from bed.  It was early morning, when a man named John Jahr came upstairs to my room, which was my Father's Master bedroom, and asked me to copy a letter that was written on a bright yellow professionally done newsletter and after I typed it on letterhead, he was going to respond to it.

While he was standing with me in the bedroom, I could see a large map and then a picture of the area he worked in - out in a dry rolling field that looked like it was in the southwest of the United States.  (It wasn't necessarily the United States, but it looked like it was)  I asked the man, "Isn't it fabulous to be out in the field in person, to see this land?"  He was rather committal about it, like it was no big deal to him.

He left the room and  I started typing the information that was on the yellow sheet of paper, on my computer, and while I was doing that, I found myself driving a car out on a highway - a two lane road. 

While I was driving, I was also typing the letter on the computer, so it was like my mind was in two places at the same time.

There was a man with me in the car and at a certain point in the road, we drove off into the field and turned around.  Because there was some traffic, I drove slowly along the gravel strip with the right wheel and the car partially in the road.  At that point, a car came from behind me and passed me. 

After the car passed me, I pulled out fully onto the blacktop roadway and continued on toward home, at which point I realized I couldn't drive and type at the same time and do either one justice.

I stopped typing and saw ahead of me a man standing in the road, and a car coming towards me in the opposite direction.  Just as the car passed the man, I could see down into the car and its open windows, the man on the road tossed what looked like a roll of toilet paper into the open window of the car and whole interior of the car caught on fire.

It was horrible to see as the man driving the car was immediately being incinerated by the fire inside the car which was totally ablaze.

Only a moment later, the man from the road was standing in front of me on the highway, showing me a rolled up roll of toilet paper held together with a large pin, and then he showed me some kind of electrical winding that sent inside the center of the roll of toilet paper and that's what exploded the gasoline in the tube into the fire bomb.

I tried to continue typing the end of the letter and couldn't make out the last five words on the yellow sheet, and I knew that seeing the man in the road was a threat to me as well if I finished that letter.

NOTE:  Here is a dream with the same name from 2003



3-5-09 - VISION -  I sat down and closed my eyes, and on my lap was a box about  14 x 14 or 16 x 16 inches square.  I took out a piece of paper like a sheet from a coloring book, and the picture was of a large rabbit.  I said, "I'll deal with that later." 

1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999

People born in the Year of the Rabbit are articulate, talented, and ambitious. They are virtuous, reserved, and have excellent taste. Rabbit people are admired, trusted, and are often financially lucky. They are fond of gossip but are tactful and generally kind. Rabbit people seldom lose their temper. They are clever at business and being conscientious, never back out of a contract. They would make good gamblers for they have the uncanny gift of choosing the right thing. However, they seldom gamble, as they are conservative and wise. They are most compatible with those born in the years of the Sheep, Pig, and Dog.

The Rabbit ( ) is the fourth animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. According to traditional Chinese astrology, the Rabbit is quiet, reserved, retrospective, thoughtful and lucky. The Year of the Rabbit is associated with the earthly branch symbol



3-5-09 - NAP DREAM -  I and a companion were driving down a small road that had rather new blacktop on it.  I don't know where we went, but when we came back, there was a young man sitting on a riding lawn mower in the middle of the road.  There was no room to drive around him and still be on the road,  so I said, "Excuse me, but we don't want to hit you, but there is no room to get around you."

He waved at us to drive on his lawn because he was waiting for the grass to grow, and he said, "That's okay to drive over there because the grass hasn't come up yet."  But I looked at his lawn and there were millions of little grass spears growing out of the ground.  I wondered if he couldn't see it from where he was sitting.

But to get around him, we didn't have any choice but to drive on his lawn, which we did for some ways, as others had driven this same way before us.  We had to carefully drive back onto the road past a large tree or bush that was in the way, so we followed the other people's tracks back onto the road.


3-7-09  -DREAM - I was observing some people in a beauty contest type situation.  It was the men who were in the contest, all looking wonderful.

As soon the contest was over, one particular man, let a scruffy beard grow, and let his beauty go, just to have a big meat sandwich.

His wife looked on in dismay.



This dream appeared in snippets like short movie scenes. 

My daughter was driving a car really fast down the freeway, and I was driving behind her in another car.  She was in a convertible, and her antenna was really tall, and we drove under an overpass highway, and there were metal struts sticking out which she was driving really close to, and a couple times, her antenna actually touched one of those struts. 

I yelled ahead, to drive on the right side of the freeway before her antenna hit one of those struts and broke off and came back and hit me like an arrow and killed me.   Just then, she drove even closer to one of those struts, and fortunately, the antenna was strong enough when she hit the strut with her antenna, and it didn't break off, but she sure scared me.

Shortly after that, we were in a large yard somewhere, and I was confronted by a chubby military man who was of a high rank.  He confronted me and I picked up a tire iron to defend myself, and I told him I would hit him with it.  Just then I heard another man's voice right behind me, and I don't know how someone could have gotten behind me, but I got scared enough to get away from the wall I was standing in front of so nobody could actually be right behind me with me seeing them.

Then, I was sitting in front of that same wall and Saddam Hussein was sitting in a chair leaning against that wall to my right and making remarks to me that of a sexual nature.  Off to my left was a large black convertible car and I thought I would offer to give it to him if her would leave me alone, and before I could ask him, he disappeared, and I heard my mother say,  "I asked him to marry me, but he hasn't responded yet.!"

I knew what my mother looked like, and she was Jayne Mansfield.

Jayne Mansfield (April 19, 1933 June 29, 1967) was an American actress working both on Broadway and in Hollywood. One of the leading blonde sex symbols of the 1950s,[1] Mansfield, like Marilyn Monroe, was a Playboy Playmate of the Month, and appeared in the magazine several more times over the years. She won the Theatre World Award, Golden Globe and Golden Laurel. Mansfield starred in several popular Hollywood films that emphasized her platinum-blonde hair, hourglass figure and cleavage-revealing costumes.

Though Mansfield's career was short-lived, she had several box office successes. As the demand for blonde bombshells declined in the 1960s, Mansfield was relegated to low-budget melodramas and comedies, but remained a popular celebrity. In her later career she continued to attract large crowds in foreign countries, and in lucrative and successful nightclub tours. Mansfield died in an automobile accident at the age of 34.

Born Vera Jayne Palmer
April 19, 1933 (1933-04-19)
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, United States
Died June 29, 1967 (aged 34) (1967-06-30)
U.S. Highway 90 near Slidell, Louisiana, United States
Occupation Film, stage and TV actor, singer, nightclub performer, Playboy Playmate
Spouse(s) Paul Mansfield (19501958)
Mikls Hargitay (19581964)
Matt Cimber (19641966)
Mansfield, of German and English ancestry, was the only child of Herbert William and Vera (nee Jeffrey) Palmer. Her birthname was Vera Jayne Palmer.[2] A natural brunette, she was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, but spent her early childhood in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. When she was three years old, her father, a lawyer who was in practice with future New Jersey governor Robert B. Meyner, died of a heart attack while driving a car with his wife and daughter. After his death, her mother worked as a school teacher. In 1939, when Vera Palmer remarried, the family moved to Dallas, Texas. Mansfield's desire to become an actress developed at an early age.



As I woke up from the dream, I heard this:  HOW DO YOU STOP A GOVERNMENT? HAVE YOU FAILED?

Female Celebrity in Prediction and Prophecy
By Michael McClellan

March 9, 2007 (12:48 AM EST): Of late I have been attacked by some viewers for paying too much attention to female celebrity predictions. This has particularly been the case with the death of Anna Nicole Smith and how it fits in with a prediction I made concerning the tragic death of a model/actress happening by September 2007, as well as the remote possibility that she may have been the "blonde supreme" of Quatrain 1.39 (we won't know if this is true until the medical examiner finally provides a cause of death, reportedly a week from yesterday).

All prophecy is inter-related and the outcome of some predictions can have unimaginable consequences for everyone. Does anyone now doubt that Madonna could one day become the personification of the Whore of Babylon in light of recent remarks she made about wanting to be worshipped as another Jesus or Gandhi? On the other hand, the pathetic breakdown and attempted suicide of Britney Jean Spears (who I have been warning is in danger of self-destruction since November 2002) reveals just how common are our human fears and disillusionments. One can only feel pity for her and hope she escapes the diabolical influences that are pursuing her.

Yes, diabolical. For it is evil itself that stalks these women. Call this evil the devil if you like.

Anton LaVey and Jayne Mansfield:  Jayne Mansfield drinks from the chalice of SatanThe age of the first modern false prophet, Aleister Crowley (who called himself the beast), has been with us for nearly a century. Crowley began as a good man, a great thinker, and a seeker of truth but ended utterly obsessed with the occult. His law, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" ("Do your own thing"), facilitated the climate of innocently disguised occultism that has produced nearly every significant scandal from Hollywood to Paris and other celebrity havens where some famous or aspiring actress, singer or dancer has ended up dead or driven insane (like the 1920s Fatty Arbuckle rape scandal and the persecution and resulting mental breakdown of 1930s actress Frances Farmer). It is believed aspiring actress Elizabeth Short (the "Black Dahlia"), the inspiration for the recent Brian De Palma film of the same name, fell victim to Satanists in 1947. In the 1960s there were no pop religions like Kabbalah or Scientology, but there was Eastern mysticism and there was always Anton LaVey and his "pop" version of the Church of Satan. Not surprisingly, two of his most famous followers ended up injured or dead in horrific car crashes. Singer and "Rat Pack" member Sammy Davis Jr. was first, losing his eye in a frightening automobile mishap. Next came blonde actress Jayne Mansfield, LaVey's favourite. Depending on what source you believe Mansfield was either brained (scalped, only much worse) or decapitated in a car crash.

Is it any surprise that poor, Kabbalah-crazed Britney Spears, unable to face her own personal demons following the breakup of her marriage, has shaved her head, written occult symbols on her hands and 666 upon her bald head, proclaimed herself the Antichrist, and then attempted to end it all with a ritual hanging? I knew the moment she shaved her head that she was preparing herself as a sacrifice. I pray that the worst is finally over for her and I hope all of you wish her well too.

It is too late for Anna Nicole Smith. Depending on what the medical examiner says, we will know if she too, perhaps along with her son Daniel, was also a sacrifice.

Why do female celebrities make the best targets for all that is evil in the world? Because, unlike their male counterparts, they have the global spotlight on them all the time. In this day and age they have become the role models for females everywhere, and, when sex is taken out of the equation, they become potential role models for everyone, male and female (as was the case with Princess Diana, a blonde, Mother Theresa, and former political and glamorous heads-of-state like Benazir Bhutto, Sonia Gandhi, and Tansu Ciller, another blonde). In two months time it is possible the very attractive, sexy, and charismatic woman, Segolene Royal, will be the new president of France and in less than two years a similar situation may happen in the United States.

Whilst most serious prophecy seems to be about men, especially male leaders, and the fates of nations, we ignore the females of prophecy at our own peril. There are many views on what the Whore of Babylon is, the most prevelant view being that it is somehow tied to the Catholic Church and a future pope. However, the mention of the mystery religions (Kabbalah is a mystery religion) and gross carnal and immoral excesses that typifies this "woman" makes it clear that this is a pagan religion and a culture of hedonism that will one day prevail throughout the entire world. How can anyone doubt the possibility that this immoral system will become personified by an actual person? And, considering her lofty ambition to be worshipped as Jesus or Gandhi, her self-crucifixion antics, and search to buy real estate in Greek islands where Hera and Artemis were revered as goddesses alongside Sappho, the Black Madonna and Mary, why couldn't this person be pop icon Madonna?

Aside from the Book of Revelation, the prophets St. Hildegard and Maria Calvat had much to say about the condition of female celebrity. In their view, it will be a future female celebrity, demanding to be worshipped as a saint or goddess, who shall give birth to none other than the Anti-Christ!


3-8-09 - DREAMLETS  - I was working for a man who knew everything there was to know about realestate.

He was going to help me buy a house up the mountain and he told me to take a notebook and a pen and take notes as we went and then we would publish it and create a best seller.

H was an older man and looked a great deal like Ezekiah on the cover of his book about channeling but without the fancy clothes.  His clothes were non-descript.

There was also a younger man who was doing the same thing but his experience was so much less, we needed to get ours out first.

So we got in our car to go up the mountain road. (Our car was more like a fast moving surf board we were standing on together.)

We got part way up the mountain road and came to a spot where the snow pack was melting in a spring runroff and there was a raging torrent of water coming down the mountain and it crossed the road.

there was a man dressed in a long white robe standing by the side of the road preventing people from trying to cross the raigng torrent of water, so we had to turn back and wait until later in spring to go up the mountain.

I was then back in the realestate office with Ralph (my old boss) and we were both using building blocked to improve ourselves.

We were using 2x3 inch, three foot tall stakes with letters on to do the work.

Mine were numbered 4556, and his were DEEG.  (They are the same thing if you count the number of the letters)

NOTE that its almost Joe's e-mail address and Ralph's contained my name.

I was then walking down a street where homeless people were crouched down alongside ea building trying to keep warm and sleep.

It was very early morning and as people stood up to go find a place to wash up, the stood up and shook themselves , they looked like large girds for just a moment fluffing up their feathers, and stretching, then they looked normal again.

There was a water trough installed along the street for them to line up and wash themselves, and get water to drink from a spigot, after which they were going to a doorway where women had prepared a meal foro them.

As we neared the door, I heard one woman say to my companion, "Tell J. R. that his friend died."

(NOTE:  J. R. is from All My Children TV show."


3-8-09 - NAP DREAM - I was living in an apartment somewhere in a city, and a neighbor asked George Noory to come over for dinner and he came, wearing a red squared off jacket and jeans.  I was shocked that he came and actually stayed.

My daughter and her daughter and I sat on the couch, having a picnic type meal, and George sat on a chair behind me.  We were laughing and laughing over really nothing, but then the phone started ringing.

I answered the phone and these old people were calling me, asking me questions about things and asking my advice about things, nothing specific.  I didn't even know these people who were calling.

All of a sudden George jumped up out of the chair and ran out the door.

I chased after him, yelling, "Wait!  Wait!"  because I wanted to explain to him what happened,  but I couldn't go fast enough enough school had let out and mobs of kids were coming up the stairs to their apartments and I couldn't get past them.  I didn't even know that many people lived in our building.

I got out on the street and I thought I saw a red car leaving, and then I saw a man in the red jacket walking down the street, so I ran after the man in the red jacket, but kids kept stopping me and asking me questions, and I coudn't be rude, so I couldn't catch George - or whoever the man in the red jacket was.

So, I went back to the apartment, feeling really bad, and the apartment was full of people, all asking me questions and I could hardly speak, I was so disappointed that I ruined my dinner with George.

All of a sudden, George walked back into the apartment, still wearing his red jacket, and I ran to him and threw my arms around him and started crying. I blubber, "Oh! I'm so glad you came back!"  I was so worried that you didn't like it that all those people were calling me while you were here."

George said, "Don't ever worry that when a man walks out your door that he won't come back.  Don't ever worry about that!" and we sat down on the same hard chair together, with our arms around each other, and my head on his shoulder, and we sat and hugged and hugged and hugged, and I didn't want to let go.

Finally I put my head up and discovered I was awake and my red sofa cover was around my shoulder like George's red jacket, and my head was on the pillow like it was on George's shoulder and I was still feeling loved and comforted by my blanket.



3-9-09 - DREAM - I was working for Tom, the locksmith on a Sunday, with the locksmith on duty - and we had five jobs to open cars at the auto plant, near the airport, at an area called Circle.  Then on Monday, when Tom was working himself, the first job was at the same place, and for some reason, I got all tongue tied, and couldn't get the words out straight, and ended up saying, "Duh!"

Tom got mad at me and told me 'to get your act together.". 

NOTE: After taking out 'rentals' and 'sales'  there are still 267,000 places like that.

When I added the word Milwaukee where I lived, there are still 25,000.

Lots of auto places in business, considering the economy - that's a lot of people affected.


3-10-09 - DREAM - I was working in an office, and when I got there, a stack of mail was on the credenza, all addressed to GREATDREAMS PUBLICATIONS.  Though it was personal mail for myself, I took it to my desk to open it at work because I had gotten there early. I had a large round wastebasket there to throw all the trash mail away.

I soon realized that I had all the paperwork for a horse named MYTHBY as his owner had passed away.  I had the entire stack of invoices relating to his care.  It was apparent that the owners last name was Mythby and there was a Mrs. Mythby, and a young girl with the last name Mythby as well.  I saw a vision of them so I knew what they looked like.

My boss came into his office and went to his desk so I moved the wastebasket on my side of the desk so my boss wouldn't have to look at all the trash in the wastebasket.

At some point, I was walking along a dirt road, where someone had ridden a blue motorcycle and it was about to tip over so I leaned it against a big oak tree.  Then as I crossed the road to go into the building, I crossed the path of a man who was walking behind me and he bumped into my left shoulder, so I apologized.

My boss had Mr. Mythby's wallet and it fell on the ground, so I picked it up, nosy to see what was in it.

My boss said, "Look out for black widow spiders!"  and as I opened up the wallet, I could see a hole in it, so I didn't want to take a chance on a black widow spider being in it, and tossed it back on the ground for someone else to look at it themselves.


3-11-09 - It was summertime and lots of people were outside and it seemed like it was the 4th of July or we were getting ready for it.  All of a sudden, hundreds of jets came screaming over a hill in a stream, and as each jet came over the hill, it dropped colored smoke in a large puff.  Each cloud of smoke took the shape and form of a historical person or event of the United States. They were all easily recognizable and in chronological order.

The display stopped suddenly and we all went indoors to a ballroom where the women were wearing evening gowns and men wore tuxes.

I saw Hillary Clinton in the center of the ballroom by herself, laughing joyously and men came into the room and started handing out white stretchy buffs like they were on the Survivor TV show.

Hillary Clinton put her white buff around her neck and everyone else could wear them around any body part that they chose, head,  neck, arms, chest, etc.  right over their gowns or suit.

I suddenly became afraid of what was expected of us next.

Were we now in survivor mode, now that Hillary was the winner?


3-11-09 - JOE'S DREAM - It was spring and seemed dark.  I went outside and heard buzzing of bees.  They were thick on the side of the house and dripping with honey.

I started yelling to the people in the house to come and see the bees.  Then I started pulling a branch out of the tree and bees were all over the branch a foot thick.

I started telling Ken Edwards and all he said, was "Oh!" and went on his way.  He didn't care.


(Joe is doing a web page on this)


3-12-09 - - DREAM - I was at my own house somewhere.  A tree fell, hitting the house.  It was a dead tree with a huge trunk and the whole house shook when it fell.  Then the tree trunk rolled down a small hill and I had to jump out of the way so it didn't hit me.

3-12-09 - DREAM - I was living in a house that had like a Florida room on it with glass all around.  A deer came and got into this room.

3-12-09 - DREAM - I was living in what seemed like my current house, but some of the characters were from All My Children TV show, and some were from my ex-husband's family who I haven't seen in 30 + years.

I was inside the house and a large wasp came and I felt threatened.  Ryan (from All my Children) came to the house with his new fiance Judy and he managed to kill the wasp and the wasp died right on the mailbox.

Ryan left to go do something and left his new fiance Judy with me.  She was a really sweet girl and I liked her right away.

I had to go to a funeral reception and as it so happened, Ryan's mother-in-law was there and because I had taken Judy with me, I ended up having to introduce Judy to Ryan's mother-in-law, which was very uncomfortable for everyone ( except for Judy) because Judy didn't know anyone there.

I apologized to Ryan's mother-in-law a few minutes later, and she was very understanding, but there were tears in her eyes that Ryans would find a new bride so quickly to his wife's death.

Back at home alone, Ryan's mother-in-law, father-in-law and their young teen age son came to my house, looking very angry and it was all about Judy being at the funeral.  (I'm assuming it was the wife's funeral now at this point)  

The son came into the house, while the mother-in-law and father-in-law stayed outside , not wanting to witness what I was going to say to their son about Judy and the fact that Ryan was already engaged to another woman before his wife's funeral had even been completed.

I can't remember what I and the boy discussed, but it was very short, and the boy wasn't upset at all. 

I had to go shopping later, which I did and when I was driving back home, I spotted the family again waiting for a bus, and when I got home, the bus had beat me there and the family was standing at the bus stop near my home.  I stopped to talk to them, saying how amazed that the bus got there faster than my car did.

NOTE:  In the Bible: 

The Assyrian King Nebuchadnezzar sent his chief general Holofernes to lead an army west to Judea.  On the way, Holofernes plundered numerous towns, so that news of his approach reached across the land.  Despite a warning from one soldier that the people of the western lands were defended by God, Holofernes planned to capture the small Jewish town of Bethulia. Hearing of Holofernes' plot, Judith, a widowed resident of Bethulia, put on beautiful clothes and jewelry and entered the Assyrian camp, purporting to be a spy against the Jewish people.  She promised to tell Holofernes how to destroy the Jews; but when Holofernes became drunk at a celebration, she followed him into his tent and cut off his head.  Thrown into chaos by the death of their leader, the Assyrian army was easily defeated by the Jews of Bethulia, who celebrated Judith's clever plot against Holofernes.  Judith never remarried, but was celebrated for the rest of her life as the heroine of Bethulia.

 Judith in the Hebrew Bible: 

Judith (Hebrew: יהודית, Standard Yəhudit Tiberian Yəhḏṯ ; "Praised" or "Jewess"), the feminine form of Judah.

Judith is the name of one of the two Hittite wives of Esau in the Book of Genesis 26:34. Reportedly, Esau's two wives were a great deal of annoyance to his parents Isaac and Rebekah. As with in-laws in contemporary times, it is not uncommon for a few families to be grieved or inconvenienced by their children's spouses. It is written that when Esau was age forty, he took Judith, a Hittite and the daughter of Beeri, as his wife along with Bashemath, another Hittite and the daughter of Elon. The two wives were a grief of mind unto Isaac and Rebekah as written in Genesis 26:35.




3-13-09 - DREAM - I was living in a house and moving some goldfish from a small tank that had green water in it, to a cleaner tank with clear water.  There was a male companion with me who was doing the catching of the fish in a net and moving them to the clear tank.

There were quite a few fish, and the man let the fish fall to the floor before he scooped them up to put them in the larger clear tank.

One of the fish had a bright yellow belly rather than gold, and I really wanted that one, but the man let the fish splat really hard on the floor and told me I couldn't have that one.  He only let me have the pure gold ones.


3-13-09 - DREAM - It seemed I was living in my 66th St. house and the people upstairs (thats where the landlord lived) had moved out and we were going to rent out that flat to someone else.  However, the people had left some things behind.  The livingroom was empty, but all the appliances were in the kitchen, and lots of things were left in the bedroom.

I went into the bedroom where I found a brown metal shelf stand by one wall (the south wall) On the shelf was a whole lot of baseball gloves.  I grabbed all of them for my own sons, I can't say how many gloves there were - it seemed like it was enough for all the basemen and fielders. The fielders gloves were larger and darker leather than those who would man the bases.  I also took a pair of beautiful leather boots. I took everything leather that was on the shelf, and wondered why he left them behind - perhaps he bought all new ones for his team.

I wanted desperately to go up into the attic and see what he left behind up there, but first I had to take the baseball gloves downstairs to use before the new people moved into the apartment.


3-14-09 - DREAM - I was living in a large house or apartment. I looked out the window and across the street was a park with a large meadow. I saw crowds of people gathering as they were bringing in the elephants one by one for a three ring circus.  There were many elephants and I said to myself, "Lots of people like to see the elephants!

I got this e-mail on 3-26-09


I've always said politics is like the circus: the worst job is cleaning up after the elephants.  We're just beginning to find out how true that is.

President Obama has done more good in just 8 weeks than George Bush did in his entire 8 years, but you and I both know it's going to take longer than that to clean up the Republicans' mess - especially with a whole herd of 'em in the Senate willing to filibuster change at every chance.

We need every last Democratic vote to overcome their obstruction.  That's why the DSCC is fighting so hard to get to 60 Senate seats.  It's the best way we can help President Obama change this country.

March 31 is the first big fundraising deadline of the 2010 campaign, and I'm telling you to get involved right now.  Your urgent support is the only way we'll be able to match the energy - and the resources - of a united and energized Republican party.

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Even with Republicans trying to block him at every step, President Obama has already expanded health care for kids and moved mountains to try to put our economy back on sound footing.

Imagine how much more President Obama could do without Republicans throwing sand in the gears.

If you help the DSCC win 60 Democratic Senate seats, Barack Obama can truly deliver on universal healthcare, better education and a real plan to get us off foreign oil.

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I'm asking you to please click here to make a contribution of $5 or more by midnight, March 31 to help fund the DSCC's efforts to win the 60 seat filibuster-proof Democratic majority Barack Obama needs.  Act before March 31 and get a free car magnet.

Folks, I'm sorry to say it.  These Senate Republicans just can't be helped.  They're just too beholden to Rush and the rest of the right-wing fringe.

We have to clean out as many as we can in this next election.

Let's get to work.


James Carville


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Paid for by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
This message was sent to DEE777@AOL.COM.






3-15-09 - DREAM -  I was in a car with my friend Erv and we were going East toward his house, but his house was on the east side of the road if we went south, so he had to  go around the block so we would be going north.

As we came around the block, on the side of the road at the intersection lay a large red cow like they have in India, but as starved as those cows are. In my mind I wondered why there would be a red cow laying there watching the cars go by.

Then Erv got disoriented again and we were driving south again and he almost drove off the wrong side of the road.  Fortunately, there were no other cars on the street, and we didn't get into an accident, but Erv said, "I was seeing wheels and stars".

So, when we got to Erv's house, which was all white inside, and I realized that every house in this part of town was built unique. No two were alike.

I knew I had to take him to the emergency room at a hospital and have him looked at to make sure he was okay.

Before we could go, I had to go to the bathroom, and in the bathroom, facing north, there was a large window, and the house next door had a large window facing south, that was facing our window and that made me feel very uncomfortable that they could see me, but when I sat down, they could no longer see me and I felt better.

Our in the hallway Erv met a tall man I didn't know was in the house, and they greeted each other.

When I came out of the bathroom Erv was talking to Dr. Phil, and since I hadn't determined which hospital to drive Erv to, I said to Dr. Phil, "You are a full fledged doctor..... correct?"  Dr. Phil nodded, 'yes!"

I continued talking to Dr. Phil to ask his opinion as to which hospital to drive Erv to and suggested the one on Wisconsin Ave. or St. Michael's.

Then I realized that Erv might have his own hospital he would rather go to, but before I could ask him which hospital that might be, Erv was standing on the back of a rounded chair, and by hooking his right foot behind the chair, he stood on his left foot, and proceeded to do some very physical exercises that looked like full body bowing in three directions to prove how physically healthy he was.

I was so stunned at how physically able Erv was, I woke up.


3-15-09 - DREAM -   I was living at home (I thought).  I had pure white King size sheets out on the washline.  They were brilliant in the sun.

I went inside to do some more laundry but I couldn't find anything that needed washing, so I went into the basement and discovererd that my husband was already washing the clothes and was washing everything together, including whites and jeans in the same washload. Even worse, the wash water was pitch black like it had oil in nit.  Then I saw my beautiful white sheets laying on a large table folded in half.  I went over to the washer where more clothes were being added to the water.  I saw what looked like a baby doll being thrown into the washer also, and I grabbed it and it turned out to be a live baby.  It was my grandson named Joel  (I don't have a real grandson by that name)  There was a little baby blanket of a baby green color and wrapped it around him and carried him away from the washer.

As I left, a professional washer/dryer maintenance man was taking a set of washer/dryer out of the basement and he asked me how many apartments we had in this building, and I said, "This is no apartment building, it's a 2 family home!"

I went back upstairs and it turned out that I was living in an apartment building.  I carried the baby through the hallway toward the apartment I lived in, and I passed an open door, and heard some people yelling about a murder and it had something to do with a pack of dogs. 

There was a man in the apartment and he saw me by the door, so I took off down the hall and discovered that the man was following me to find out what I knew about the murder.

I hurried out the front door, intending to go back into the building through the garage door by the street.  I made it back into the garage, which was a double garage with an overhead door between sections inside as well.  It was a huge garage.

I managed to get into the secondary garage where there was a door back upstairs.  There was a lot of people in this section, one was a group of men who were having a meeting of some kind, and women with kids were hanging around talking while they waited for the men. 

I didn't have my key to get back inside the building because I hadn't intended to go outside to begin with, so I yelled into the crowd,  "Is there a resident with a key?" 

I heard a female voice yell back, "I do!"  and I spotted her by a side door, but I knew that door didn't go upstairs.  It went outside into a play yard on the side of the building.  Since I was in a hurry, I followed her through that door, still carrying my grandson Joel.

Outside in the yard, was a duel yard, part of it was grass where adults could sit and watch their kids, but the kids themselves had to play inside what looked like a concentration camp behind barbed wire fence at the top of a tall diamond shaped wire fence, and a wired locked gate.

I decided to go inside the kids play yard to make sure the man who was following me couldn't get to me.

I woke up as I went through the gate.


3-15-09 - NAP DREAM -  I was sitting on the lawn in front of my house on 16th St. in Milwaukee.  I saw a woman way down the street waving high in the air and waving a dog leash at me to get my attention.  Meanwhile,  Joe was out in front of the house, putting our dog Lily into the car using a red leash.

The woman kept walking towards me waving the dog leash and I knew it couldn't be mine because I just saw Joe putting Lily into the car with our red dog leash.   The woman just kept coming closer and closer and she wouldn't take, "No!", or "I'ts not ours as an answer, and she gave it to us anyway.  This leash was a long one and it was dark pink.

She sat down on the lawn next to me and we talked about how it was possible for a dog leash of ours to get way down the street, and I knew it wasn't mine.

All of a sudden, there was a tiny baby laying on the lawn as well, and it was just wiggling a bit, so I picked it up.  It was very small. 

I looked at it's eyes, and one eye was twisted sideways like a doll's eye can get in the socket, and I saw an owl on one side of the eye, and the eye ball next to it, and all of a sudden, the eye flipped, and there was a picture of a large owl in the eye socket.  I must say I was very unsettled by it.  Then the eye righted itself, and it became a real eye again.

The baby was very fussy and I knew it was hungry and it would need to be fed.  I wondered where its mother was and then  I remembered that I had a dream about eight puppies being born a couple weeks ago, and wondered if this one one of those puppies, but it looked quite human except for the eye that had gotten messed up for a few minutes.

I felt the urge to nurse the baby, but it wasn't my baby, yet it needed to be fed, so I took the baby to the car to take it to the store to get what I needed to take care of an infant so tiny.

When  I opened the car door,  I woke up but before I was fully awake, I heard a voice in my left ear say, "What about the catastrophe on South Way Beach?"

NOTE:  I got up off the sofa and came to my computer to look up Southway Beach and South Way Beach , and there was nothing, but kept offering me South Bay Beach near Los Angeles.  It said it was the most oppulent community in the United States.

But what about the catastrophe?



3-17-09 - DREAM - I was visiting my cousin Judy in the country, but my Mom was there, so was my friend Michelle, and some other people I don't know who they were.  I seemed to be laying around a lot, so it must have been my vacation.  Judy went out goose hunting, and while she was gone, I discovered that I had been hypnotized by Michelle while I was there, and she did it instantly as I walked into the door of an elevator, and she kept me hypnotized until I came back down.  Then I found out that my Mom had me hypnotized for awhile also.  I don't remember what happened during that time.

I was getting ready to go home, and was given some plants, and I determined that one of them was my friend Nancy's spirit, and I pulled all the plants out of the pot and put them in a bag to take them home.  I also knew that Nancy's spirit was in a large Abysynnian cat that had a tan body, black head, and black tail.

Michelle was making a list of gifts to give to young boys, and she asked me to keep them at my house so she wouldn't forget the birthdays. So I put them up on the shelf in a yellow plastic box on the shelf in the panty at home at my 16th St. house.


3-18-09 - DREAM - I was in the attic of a large building with a great many people who were standing in lines -  I think there were 12 in each line.

The point of the lines was that each line of people had the opportunity to win a great amount of money if they found the cash that was buried somewhere in the attic.

My husband was in the attic with me and we were observing, but my husband was in a hurry to leave to go home, while I wanted to watch the contest to see who found the money.

One of the lines started out, each person holding onto the person ahead of them by the waist, and the whole line of people were making the sound Bzzzzzzzzz as they walked forward, looking for the money amongst the boxes in the attic.

Then the second line of people looked for the money, each person holding onto the person ahead of them by the waist, and the whole line of people were making the sound Bzzzzzz as they walked forward to look for the money.

My husband said, "Let's get out of here!, and stood up to go home, but I was reluctant to leave without having a chance to look for the money.  So, I walked over a few feet and opened up a long box, and there, right on top was a huge stack of green backs -  it was either $500 or $5,000. 

And I woke up and Joe was just sitting up to get out of bed and go to the bathroom.  (I think his snoring woke him up and that was a Bzzzzz noise)

As soon as Joe went to the bathroom and left the room, I fell asleep and was back in the same house with my husband.

Now, I was in the hallways with a skinned rabbit, which I gave to my cats and felt guilty for..

I looked in the mirror and I had purple bruises around my right eye - mostly underneath and one bruise to the right side of it.  The bruises were light purple, not like a bruise one gets when you run into a door. 

My husband came and said we had to finish butchering the animals before we went to bed, but I needed to go to the bathroom first.

As I walked through the room, there was a large skinned bull lying dead on the floor, in the next room was a large skinned cow lying dead on the floor, and when I got out into the hallways, there was a huge skinned pig lying dead on the floor.  Those animals all had to be butchered and put into a freezer before we could go to sleep for the night.  My husband knew how to do that, so I let him get started without me.

Just before I got to the bathroom, two old ladies crossed the hall and went into the bathroom, and I yelled at them, hurry up and do your thing because I need to take a shower."  (It looked like I had blood on my hands). 

Then I went outside, and all over the yard, were large holes, with either animals or stuffed animals in them.  One had a large orange teddy bear in it.  All these holes led to a huge underground tunnel which made me afraid.  I hurried back to the house to tell my husband we needed to move away from this place.

NOTE:  The skinned animals are probably political figures who are in office right now..


3-19-09 - DREAM - We were living across the street from a farm that was fenced in, and the farmer was growing corn in that field.

We got up one day and the farmer and his 3 sons let a small flock of sheep out into the corn field that hadn't been harvested.

I was very suprised by that, and I watched as the farmer and boys walked with the sheep in the field urging them forward along the outer corn row.

There was a family living next door to us on the right, and they must have been watching the activity in the field as well.

The farmer turned around and yelled across the street to Joe, "C'mon over" or something like that. 

The little girl from the family next door hollered to her Mom.  "Hey Mom!"  Those people next door are talking to Tiny!  Can we go over there too.?"

In less than a minute, the family was dressed in their coats  (it had to be a cold fall day)  and the little girl was riding a 3 wheel small vehicle and she had a big smile on her face as they rushed over to see the sheep.


3-19-09 - DREAM - I was following my husband who was going down into the basement to watch some guys fight.  First we went down a fast escalator, and he was running down the escalator to get to where we were going even faster. When the escalator ended, then we continued on down a narrow stairway.  I couldn't keep up with him because he was basically running down the stairs, and I didn't feel as sure-footed as he was, but I continued on down.  I was amazed how clean it was - and the stairs and walls were all pale yellow, coated with linoleum it appeared.  I don't know how many floors we went down, but we finally reached the end of the stairway and came out into a large room, which was also floored in pale yellow, and there was a group of guys - I would say young 20's mostly, dressed in dark blue uniforms or work clothes, and they were all fighting each other.  There were lots of people watching them, including some children I recognized but can't name.

I woke up and my heart was racing a bit, and when I cleared my throat, and my heart slowed a bit, I continued to go back into the dream, but now a whole crowed of people were going downward, on a wide stairway and I didn't want to follow them, so I fought it by opening my eyes a few times, until the image cleared and I was no longer going down with them.


3-19-09 - DREAM - I was with a small family and helping them do things around the house.  The woman had a yellow jacket, and her husband had a red jacket.  She left to go do something, and I washed and dried his jacket and took it outside to him so he could wear it.  All he cared about was making out with another young woman.  I got to look at the woman's jacket, and it was lined inside with light blue diamond clusters, many of them.

I've forgotten if there was more to that dream.


3-19-09 - DREAM - I think we were living on 16th St. in Milwaukee, WI.  My husband met someone new at work, and the two men decided we should go dancing on the south side.  I said great, and the man's wife like to dance, so I said, "I'll be Tammy!"  let me get my high top boots, which were black with high heels, and we'll go.

It took me a few minutes to find my boots amongst all the boots and shoes in the closet because I hadn't worn them in some time.  I put on a winter coat with a fur collar, and the other man fixed the collar for me in the back.  Then he commented don the two kids pictures on the wall and suggested that we should get more pictures up there.  I answered, My Mom has more pictures there than that" and laughed and we all went out the door humming polka music.

We were all going to have a good time at the dance hall on the south side of town.


3-20-09 - DREAM -  SOMEONE STILL STEALS MY SHEEP.  I had been in a large auditorium when an event took place outside. In the group of people in this building, which were all girls I had gone to high school with, we quickly made out way into an apartment building where I was manager. I was expected to rent apartments to anyone who came along if they had the money and the good credit, so when I ran into an empty apartment, the first woman who came along wanted that apartment.  While I was in there discussing what drapes she wanted on the windows, another woman came in who also wanted to see that apartment for herself.  Because I was already obligated to rent the apartment to the first woman,, I said to her, "Why don't we go down the hall and I'll show you the drapes we have hanging in that one so you can see what they are like."  So we went down to the next apartment, and on the way, I discovered that something was still going on outside, and the women in these apartments were afraid, scared, and hated some of the other women because they were of different ethnic backgrounds than they were. 

Since everyone trusted me, I was able to go into any of the apartments, where women were hiding in groups of three because of what was going on outside.

I made my way down the hall to an apartment where I knew the women, and when I went inside, on a table, I saw a note that had the name Daddato on it (an Italian school chum all the way from kindergarden through high school.  We were friends even in our elderly years when we found each other on the internet in 'Classmates'.  Unfortunately she passed on two weeks after she got married from an illness she picked up at her wedding dinner.)  On the same note with her name was another note that said, "Norelle bought a restaurant for over $500,000)  There was a marker there on the table, so I made a mark over the name and the note, and just then, a woman from across the hall came running over and came into the room.  I don't know if she was Iranian or an Israelite - she had darker skin than the rest of us -  and she said, "I just bought a string of restaurants, but someone is still stealing my sheep!"


Hi, Dee: Obama is Year of the Ox, which is a type of "bull" and 2009 is Year of the Ox/ Bull. The next Year of the Bull (calf in my dream below and the other bull in Dee's dream) will be in 2021. The Year of the Rabbit will be in 2011 (the year of the Iraq drawdown and also the year that al Zawahri, second in command to bin Laden turns 60). Hillary Clinton is Year of the Pig as is Mitt Romney.

I dreamed this morning that I was pushing a wheel barrow of baked beans or pork n' beans across the doctors' country estate pasture next door to the farm. Several calves jumped up out of clumps of tall grass where the cows had hidden them, like deer. I turned to warn a girl walking behind me about the cows, but I saw a small black bull a few feet away and only one cow in the distance chasing a calf. Bulls terrify me, but I turned my back and kept pushing the wheel barrow. Then a small black calf followed me and I was afraid it was going to touch the back of my calf with its cold nose like a white pig did in real life once and almost bit me, but I looked over my shoulder and saw the pig just in time and it ran away. A coworker told me that they bury people eaten by pigs, putting the pigs in their casket in the Philippine Islands.

Anyway, the Wheel of Fortune (wheel barrow) is the card for 2008. The edge at the farm where I was pushing it is the Joker/ Fool card in tarot and the Hebrew word for the Fool is aleph/ the Ox. it will be the card for 2020/ Year of the Rat which is George HW Bush's [CIA] card. The farm is a term for the CIA country estate in Langley, Virginia.

Also, about the sheep and farmer named Tiny with three sons. The new president of Pakistan is Year of the Sheep, exactly the same as the previous president, General Perves Musharaf. The Year of the Sheep/ Goat will be 2015.


3-21-09 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment in a big city.  I had a female friend who was a visiting nurse and went around the city taking care of various people who needed nursing services at home.  She told me she earned over $400 a day.

One day, she couldn't do her job for some reason and she called in another friend named Nancy - a young woman who did this work as a substitute. When she was brought to visit me by my friend and introduced to me, she said she only made $200 a day doing the same job because she had been in the system longer.

That didn't seem very fair to me, but I was more focused on Nancy's name because Nancy was the name of my best friend who died in 1969. When I hear the name Nancy, my thoughts immediately go back to me to my high school friend and how close we were through our young years, and bringing up our children together and our close friendship.


3-22-09 - DREAM - I was living in my 16th St. house.  My friend Angela lived around the corner from me.  The backyard of her house met the side of my backyard - and we could just walk back and forth between backyards easily.  My friend John was marrying Angela, and for a wedding gift, I sent him a book on the weather because he was the weather expert.  I addressed it to her house at 88 W Meadows St.  and mailed the book package in the morning, fully expecting it to be delivered the same afternoon because our houses were so close together.

NOTE:  I never had a friend named Angela, nor a real friend named John (though I knew several boys named John.  And John looked like Ryan from All my Children TV show.  88 W Meadows would definitely been somewhere else because the real address would have been 1608 W. Clarke St.

So, the address means something also.

The girl's name Angela \a-nge-la, an-gela\ is pronounced AN-je-lah. It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "messenger; messenger of God". From Church Latin, a feminine form of the boy's name Angelus. The older feminine form Angelis has been replaced by Angela, which became popular in Britain and America from the 18th century. The word "angel" is also used as an affectionate term for a good (or pretty) girl. Angie is the pet form; Aingeal is the Irish Gaelic version.

The boy's name John \jo-hn\ is pronounced jahn. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "the Lord is gracious". Biblical: the name of the longest-lived of the 12 apostles, who was especially loved by Christ. Also the name of John the Baptist, who baptized Christ in the Jordan river.

HERE IS WHAT WE'VE WRITTEN ON THE NUMBER 88 SO FAR - you can skip the ones dated 1988


3-22-09 - NAP DREAM -  TIME FLIES - I was living in California with my first husband, and we were planning on going to a concert that evening.

We went to Wisconsin for lunch and then back to California, where we went to the concert hall in a very large building that covered multiple blocks of space.

While we were waiting for the concert to start, we were approached in the theatre by a woman who handed me a large brown envelope, which had the name Cocoa on it, which was the name of my dog.  I was thinking they wanted my dog Lily or my dog Beau in the concert, because someone was walking by with three or four tiny poodles which were trick dogs and they were going to be in the concert which was for children.

I was feeling quite confused because I knew nothing about the use of dogs in the concert - like it was a little circus scene or something, and I stood up, thinking I needed to go home and get my dog and come back.

When I stood up, the woman said, "You just need to call the courthouse and tell them about your dog."

I was even more confused and wondered why the courthouse in Milwaukee would want to talk to me about the dog.  We had just been in Milwaukee for lunch. Why didn't they ask us to come into the courthouse while we were there???

My husband and I went outside, and I was carrying the brown envelope with the dog's name on it.  We started arguing about which telephone we were going to use.  I wanted to go through the building and use the telephone in the building, but my husband said the building was too large and he wanted to go get the car and drive around the building to use the telephone.

There were massive numbers of cars parked along the curbs by this time, all people who had already gone into the building for the concert, and there were still massive traffic jams of people trying to find parking spaces.  I told him that if we pulled out of our parking space, we'd never get one again, and he assured me, that there were always people pulling out of parking spaces and we'd find another space when we came back.

Meanwhile we were practically running around the perimeter of the building and he was getting ahead of me while I was standing still protesting what he wanted to do.

Finally, I followed him around the building and caught up with him at a public telephone near a fence on the outside of the building.  He was sitting on a bench with some other people I knew.  He was just hanging up the phone, and he said, "You've been replaced at your library job!"

I was flabbergasted about this news.  Why would they want to replace me at the library.  I was doing a good job there!!!!"

Meanwhile, I wias unrolling the curlers in my hair and in my reflection in a window nearby, i could see I had short red hair, rolled up in rollers.  I combed out my hair while my husband was talking to me.  He said, "They know all about the dog!"

Now I was really confused.  The dog was at home!  We had just gone to the concert hall.  We had gone to Wisconsin for lunch and then back.  Then I remembered giving Cocoa the dog away back in the early 1970's when she got into too much hassle with my Collie dog who used to chase her around the yard and grab her by the neck and shake her around.  I didn't even have Cocoa anymore. ...  I just had Lily and Beau now.

Then I started to wonder,  'how did we even go to Wisconsin for lunch and back in one day.  It's not a 3 hour drive - its a 4 day drive or more, and I didn't remember flying there and back -  even that took more than 3 hours.  I was feeling really confused now.  Did time fly???


3-23-09 - DREAM - I was at a high school where they were preparing for a concert.  It was early and only a few kids were there, and we stood around talking a bit.  All of a sudden, one of the boys started acting strangely and he fell over and passed out unconscious. Thinking that the boy was on drugs and had overdosed on them, I yelled towards the group of kids nearby, "Someone call 911!" 

One of the kids had a cell phone and called the number, and I got on the phone and they needed an exact address where we were.  I didn't know it, but I said it was in the 40000 block  thats as close as I could figure it out.   They said they would try and find us.

By the time I got done with the phone call, I turned around and the boy was gone, so we started looking for him, hoping we'd find him before the ambulance go there.  That apparently wasn't going to happen, and we went all over the school looking for him.

Finally, I found the boy and he didn't want any help.  He said he had been living alone and not with his parents, and I discovered he had been livng underneath a porch near the school, which was just all dirt - not even a floor.

All of a sudden, the boy's mother showed up and she was very distraught over her son, and took him home, saying she would get him some help.

I finally went home, the concert forgotten and found that the boy's father was living in a trailer behind our barn.  When he found out about the boy, he he attached the car to his trailer and pulled the trailer back to where his wife was living.

end of story


3-24-09 - DREAM - I was working in a small office in Milwaukee, WI.  We were a branch office and my friend Alyse worked in the big office.  I was told she was almost fired for answering the phone  D-2 LuLu one day.  I have no idea what that means.

We had a very large monkey or ape in our office.  He wasn't used to cold weather so he was very confused when he was outside and their was bellows of white steam coming out of his butt when he farted.  It seemed really funny because humans couldn't see their own farts, but when the monkey did it, he would turn around and watch the white steam come out his butt.

In the office, I and a young girl were rearranging our library of books.  I told her I wanted new index cards to log the books on.

She thought we should use the old cards, of which there were two sizes, but I told her I wanted new cards and she should buy two packs at the office store, because the Indian books had never been read.  I figured she could buy them with her own money and then get reimbursed from petty cash.


3-25-09 - DREAM -  I and my family were living in Milwaukee, WI.  We got invited out to Menomonee Falls which was at the far northwest edge of the county, to see a band play which was made up of older teens.  The group played outside - and they played pretend musical instruments just by making the sounds with their mouths.  They were so wonderful, the adults watching were rocking in their seats along with the music.  I was so enthralled with the group myself that I wanted to get involved and help promote the group.

The group was run by a woman named Betty, who was an older woman with a large build, somewhat like myself.  I liked her immediately and wanted to talk to her and offer my services, but I didn't get the chance to do it then because she was so busy.

The next morning, it was 6:30 a.m. and I was home in my apartment, which I managed.  A pot of leftover spaghetti was still on the stove, which I hadn't put away the night before.  There was some meat sauce left also on the stove, and I decided to give that to my dog which was a large German Shepherd.

I put the meat into a bowl for the dog, and then while I was looking at the spaghetti in the kettle, I started to see pale colored moths hatching out of the spaghetti.  I was so grossed out by seeing the moths hatching, I couldn't look at it.

I gave the meat to the dog, and then I heard a noise out in the hall.  Being that it was so early in the morning, I opened the door to see who was in the hall.  It was then that I saw Betty knocking on the door of one of the apartments down the hall. 

I saw that as my opportunity to talk to Betty about offering my services to her, but she was already going into the apartment and I didn't get a chance to say anything to her.

My office was right across the hall and I noticed that the door was ajar and the light was on.  I knew I hadn't left it that way, so I walked over to the door and pushed it open, expecting to find a burglar or something.  But, when I opened the door, my boss was sitting at my desk, and his boss was sitting on the opposite side and they were having a conversation.  As soon as I recognized them, I apologized to them for intruding, and knew they would be impressed with me for being up so early and being so observant.  I backed out of the office and closed the door so they wouldn't get interrupted again, knowing I would find out why they were there later when their meeting was finished.

I then walked back to my apartment and on the way, I met a man in the hallway who lived in my building.  He was a large man, relatively good looking for his age which was about the same as my own.  Having left my own apartment door open, he made sure no one had entered it while I was gone, but then I got nervous because I could see he wasn't going to leave immediately and his intentions seemed apparent that he didn't plan to leave right away either.

He said he needed to use the bathroom which I let him do, and I said I had to take the garbage out meanwhile, which I got together.  The pot of spaghetti was still sitting on the stove and again I saw moths hatching out of the spaghetti. 

I scooped out the spaghetti into a used dog food bag and walked out the door with the bag to go outside with the garbage.

I woke up as I opened the door to the outside.


3-26-09 - DREAM - I've lost most of the details, but in the city where I lived was a communication contest being held downtown in a very large building.

We decided to enter a very young boy -  a toddler size child, and his communication system had a number which I remember as  51  51  51.  There was another man who also had a system and his was numbered 616.

51 + 51 + 51 =  153'

See:  153 -

See:  616 -



I was living in New Berlin, WI.  My Father said he was going to meet me in the parking lot at a school, so I was early and waiting for him.

I had to leave the car to talk to someone who needed some advice and walked across the parking lot.  I was watching my car the whole time for my Father to arrive but didn't see him.  I took my eyes off my car for just a moment, and when I looked back, I couldn't see my car, so I went back across the parking lot, thinking it was perhaps behind a snow pile, as it was winter and the snow plows went through some time ago, piling up the snow here and there.

I looked and looked and looked but couldn't find my car.  I then started thinking that perhaps my Father had taken my car home because I wasn't in it. So, I went home.

I didn't see my car at home either, but I got a phone call from my friend Norbie who told me he was bringing a man who wanted to talk to me.

I didn't want to meet the man in my house because I was expecting my Father any moment, to bring my car home.

So, I was out in the garage, which was very clean and there were no cars in it.  I was just messing with some things on the work bench.

I saw two women go past the door, and for some reason, that made me very nervous as they were just wandering around the yard. 

I started watching the sunlight on the ground because if someone came to the garage from the direction of the sun, their shadow would precede them and I'd be aware that someone was coming. But I carefully locked the upper door of the garage so no one could surprise me from that direction when I wasn't looking.

Frinally, Norbie's car arrived and a little baby, dressed in a pink pajama outfit with feet on came into the garage.  He was really sweet and began running around the work bench and under the workbench.  I talked to him in baby talk, and called him Sweetheart and finally went and picked him up so he wouldn't hurt himself in the garage.

Then Norbie came into the garage, bringing this middle-aged man with him.

The hair on my arms immediately stood up, and I used my professional, more affective voice in greeting Norbie and the man, who looked very familiar but I can't name him.

The man started telling me that I was two different people, and told Norbie that I wasn't who I said I was, and Norbie got very nervous  and decided it would be best if he left.

Norbie went out to his car and got in it to leave, and at that moment, the man's face turned an ugly dark green and I started running for the house, knowing my Father would be there waiting for me.  As I ran across the yard to the house, the man called me out, telling Norbie,  "See how she is now?! 

I thought perhaps he meant that he could see fat on my legs as I ran towards the house or something because my dress got above my knees when I ran, but I wasn't going to stop and point out to him that I was a mother, and wife, and a good person.

I ran into the house, and slammed the screen door behind me, locking it, and then slammed the wooden door with the glass window also, and locked it, hoping my Father was in the livingroom, waiting for me, and I woke up.


3-28-09 - DREAM - I was given a small satchel full of dollar bills compressed in cardboard packets by a Chinese man.  This money was being hidden from other people.

I then was asked by my friend Carol if I wanted her ninth kitten which was just born.  I said, "Yes!"  So I had to follow her across town on the freeway to go get the ninth kitten.   It was perilous journey because she was traveling faster than I ever drove before, and there were lots of hazards on the road, including your men hitchhiking right in traffic.


3-28-09 - VISION -   My eyes got really tired, so I sat on the sofa and leaned my head over on a pillow.  I then had a vision of a woman handing me a book and the title was:  "Soul and Sound Travel".


3-28-09 NAP DREAM -  I was sitting on the sofa taking a nap, just like I was in real life.  I heard a noise in the kitchen, so I raised my head up and asked, "Are you back home already?" 

The person in the kitchen said something that ended in the word 'kitchen', but I didn't hear the whole sentence.  I asked, "What did you say?"  but the person had already gone out the back door. 

I got up off the sofa and went into the kitchen, and several things were moved out of place, like the coffee maker which was on a small table car was in the middle of the hallway.  Inside the kitchen itself, several things were out of place on the kitchen table which was a mess of dishes.

Then I realized what the person had said, "Thanks for the use of the kitchen."

I was quite upset, because it looked like the person had thoughts of stealing something from the kitchen, then thought better of it and didn't. I thought to myself, "The next time Joe leaves the house, I'm going to lock the screen doors."

I went to the front door, and out front I heard some trucks going by, and right in front of the house, was a double length trash truck, and I saw a young black man putting his coffee cup away in the truck.  Then the men went to the house across the street to get their trash to pick up to put in the truck.

I went outside to get the phone number off the truck so I could complain to the boss that the men should not be going in people's houses and using their kitchens to eat lunch without permission, but I didn't see a prominent phone number or name of the company on the door like most trucks do, so I went up close to the truck, where I saw a metal plate (a very small one)  that had all the information about the company and the truck, but it was too blurry to read.

So, I started walking back toward the house, and my dog Lily had just come out the front door to follow me.  (I don't know why she didn't bark at the men inside the house if that's where she had been.) 

Inside the house was my young daughter - about age 7 and my boss Tom (the locksmith).  I went to a table and picked up and pen and an envelope that a bill had come in and asked Tom if he would go out to the truck and get the phone number for me so I could call the company.

He took the pen and paper and walked out the front door, and I woke up, surprised that I wasn't already awake like I thought I was.


3-29-09 - DREAM -  Joe and I were living in a house somewhere, and I found a newspaper article, including a very large map of Wisconsin showing where a crop circle had been laid in a field. 

I thought it was too important to just lay in the drawer and decided to send the material to Richard Hoagland so he could publish it on his website.

I got out some typing paper and planned to write a detailed letter by hand, explaining the whole thing.  I counted out 100 sheets of paper which it would take to write it all out, then started to have second thoughts about sending it to Richard Hoagland, thinking that Joe and I could just publish it ourselves.

I asked my daughter-in-law Becky to make copies of the newspaper articles on the copier, showing her how to lay out the map on the copier because it was already 4 sheets of paper pasted together.

Meanwhile, I could hear Richard Hoagland talking on the phone to Steven Greer because that's how big a news this was going to be - proving the existence of UFOs.

I started looking at the newspaper articles, proving the date it was published in the Wisconsin newspaper, (but I can't remember what I read there).

Meanwhile, Lee Chin called on the phone, and she told me she was sending Richard's girlfriend Robin $130,000 by wire transfer from her bank to Robin's bank, saying it had something to do with some Federal officials.  Then she told me Robin's address so I could address the envelope directly to Richard Hoagland c/o  Robin and I told her I already had the address.

By then, I had pretty much decided to publish the article myself on my own website and hung up the phone.


3-30-09 - DREAM -  I was at a school, and my daughter as a young woman and her friends came in to sign up for Obama's mandatory volunteerism.  I told them to look like teachers, and they all stopped smiling and got serious faces on them as they lined up for their duty.

Then George W. Bush came in to sign up.  He had a sardonic smile on his face.  just like that.

He said,  "My way?  No way!"


3-31-09 - DREAM -  In my dream, I had a dream that a building blew up from a bomb in New York City.  I saw the building blow up and seven people died, including some people from the building across the street from it. 

When I woke up, I called my friend Michelle to tell her the dream.  She had to go to work so we didn't talk long.

After I hung up, I remembered, I had had a similar dream about a building blowing up in New York City in December of 2007 and I needed to find that dream in my journal. 

While I was thinking about that, Paul, who is Michelle's husband called me on the phone to see if I was okay.  While I was talking to him, his telephone rang so he had to hang up, and I told him to call me when he was done.

I decided to call him back after a few moments but didn't know his phone number.  I knew his number would be on my caller ID, so I started dialing the number but dialed the wrong area code and the operator came on the phone.  I told her I was trying to dial New Hampshire, and she didn't know what the area code was.  I told her it was 603 and she thought is was 306, so I told her I wanted 603, but she and another operator decided to argue about it amongst themselves, so I hung up in frustration.

The maintenance people from my apartment building came to my apartment, and I started telling them my dream about the building in New York City, when the telephone rang again.  This time it was Michelle, telling me that 'Richard' wanted to talk to me about the bomb.  Richard was a small boy, and instead of being a live voice, he was telepathic, so I had to get very quiet while I waiited for him to talk to me.  He said that he too had had a dream about a building in New York City blowing up.  I waited to see if he wanted to say more, but he didn't, and I woke up.

I need to find that previous dream.- it wasn't in December 2007 unless it was the first 5 days, which were missing from the book.