MARCH 2012


3-1-12 -  I was in a house somewhere and there was a tiny little baby girl there we were taking care of.  I put her down to sleep and let one of the other people watch her for a bit.  When I looked at her again, it looked like she might be dead, but I looked at her again, and her eyes were open so I picked her up and held her in front of me.  All of a sudden, she changed into an old man about three feet tall.

I hate it when things shape-shift in dreams so I was going to wake myself up, but the old man said, "I am a Shaman and I appreciate you for the way you treat people."  and he started making mouth movements like  he was chanting but I couldn't hear anything, so I told him, "I can't hear what you are saying,?  so his mouth stopped moving and he just sat there like a stone faced man.

I eventually woke up after staring at his unmoving ancient face for a bit.


3-1-`1 - DREAM - I was in a similar house and went shopping with my Mother, my Great Aunt Cora, and my Grandfather Henry Wilke.  My Great Aunt Cora picked out a doll that cost $325 and my grandfather picked out a cloth doll that cost $698 plus $20 for a sticker in a mesh bag that looked like the HOME icon on  mail page.  I was sounded by the cost of the dolls, but said I was going to purchase them anyway, because my relatives had picked them out for me. 

I woke up as I went down some stairs to go home.

NOTE:  All those people have been dead for many, many years.  I don't recall ever dreaming about that grandfather before.  It's been quite some time I dreamed of Aunt Cora, but it dream about my Mom a lot.


3-2012 - NAP DREAM -  I was in a room with three young boys -  probably early teens.  They were wearing thick heavy goggle like glasses.  They told me they wanted to climb the tallest building in the world.

I told the boys I had a book about the tallest building in the world and I pulled the book out and showed them a fold out in the front of the book that was long as the height of the building.  It was 210 stories.

Skyscraper – all categories Burj Khalifa United Arab Emirates Dubai 829.84 2,722.57 2010 25°11′50.0″N 55°16′26.6″



3-3-12 - DREAM -  This entire dream revolved around the plant that looks like Coleus, pink in the center and green on the edges.  This plant was in every scene, some in the garden, and some in pots in my house, but none of them grew normally.  I saw them with tall spindly stems, when they have pulpy stems similar to celery but softer. In my room, in the pots, there was no dirt and I was planning on rooting them, there was no water, and the coleus stems were dry and woody at the bottom, the leaves were still normal at the top of the plant and I marveled at that.  They held the water remarkably well from March 30th through September.  I also grew many plants from seeds - hundreds of them.

I was an apartment manager and I had to inspect an apartment where we had evicted two men who lived together.  I refused to go to the apartment alone because one of the men wrote us what seemed like a warning note seemingly like a threat that we might find a bloody body hanging in the apartment.

I had collected a great number of green leaves and then place a single coleus leaf on top of each pile, with the exception of one that was brightg red and green striped - a different kind of plant I can't remember the name of.  I intended to give each person a collection of these leaves.

Later, at home, I had invited a man I called John (movie star face with a smile like Tom Cruise, but it wasn't him)  He apologized when he arrived at my Mother's 16th St/ house for being late because he had been working on his own Mother's garden all day.  He complained that there had been a tremendous amount of bees at his house.

I told him that I hadn't seen a single one all day.

NOTE:  We personally had bees delivered to our orchard about Feb. 15th, and the almond orchard is in full bloom and I haven't seen or heard a single bee here either.

Back in the dream -  I walked with John and my Mother up the front stairs of the house and introduced John to my Mother as 'Mom" then wondered if I should have told her that real name which was Lucille.  But I didn't.

John offered my Mother his left arm to walk up the stairs and into the house, and when they tried to walk into the front door together, my Mother whacked her left hip into the side of the door, and John said to her, "Blonde!"

My Mother said, What?"  and John pointed to his jacket and aid, "Black" which it was (a shiny rain-shine jacket) and pointed to her hair which was grey and said, "Blonde!" 

My Mother smiled.  "She didn't get the joke, and I didn't think it was nice either.  But I let it go.

We went into the kitchen then and I was setting the table for dinner.  I put a knife at each place setting, but John's place I gave him serrated steak knife and a pile of messed up utensils, rather than just one fork.  I didn't give my Mother or I a fork at all. \

My intention then was to put a water glass at each place, but in my mind I was thinking about what kind of water to serve.  I wasn't going to use tap water which tasted metallic, and thought about using bottled water, then decided to serve home-made distilled water which tastes sweet.

and I woke up.;;_

COLEUS PICTURES:;_ylt=A0oGdUol5VBPzkcA8JhXNyoA?p=coleus&fr=slv8-att&fr2=piv-web


  1. Symbolic Crusade; Dealing with Drugs; Life with Heroin; The Forbidden Game; Marijuana, The New ... No one is exactly sure what gives coleus its psychoactive kick, but we do know that ... - Cached
  2. Extraordinarily inventive, this bright coleus plants stamp is symbolic of the many outstanding postage designs obtained in the Nature's Beauty category. - Cached
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  3. Color symbolism is the use of color to represent traditional, cultural, or religious ideas, concepts, or feelings or to evoke physical reactions.
    now I know why I dreamed about this plant. I just did a blog page about Shamanism and drugs.


3-3-12 - NAP DREAM AFTER BREAKFAST -  I went to the doctor's office and told Dr. Brian my coleus dream.  He showed me a sequence at a distance where I was swinging John around in a counter-clockwise direction and John's feet were dragging on the ground.

Dr. Brian called someone on the phone and said, "She wants to come in right away."

I woke up immediately.

I didn't feel like getting up and going to the computer, so I decided to go back to sleep.

SECOND NAP DREAM -  I was sitting on the front porch of what I thought was my own house, but the house across the street didn't look familiar, so I turned around to go into the house.

On the door was a sign that said  GUPTA.  (That's the name of the doctor who owns and runs my doctor's office.

I opened the door and Dr. Brian met me and took me to his office.  I felt a little intimidated by this and when we got to his office, the door was smaller than normal and I had to duck down to get inside the room.

Inside the room, I told Dr Brian the coleus dream again. 

Dr. Brian then told me the dream about coleus and John was about my diet.   He said that the problem was that I had fed john 'chicken' for dinner and that brought about the sequence where his feet dragged on the ground.  I was then shown a sequence where I fed John what I call 'FAKE EGGS',  they have no yolk  they are just the whites and have no cholesterol in them.  The sequence I was shown then, was I was swinging John counter-clockwise and his feet were flying about three feet off the ground, and it was way more fun.

I woke up at that point, feeling really freaked out.

I had had three dreams about the coleus plant which I found out later is a hallucinogen.

I tried to relate the dream to myself but I haven't eaten any meat for many months.  I eat a lot of eggs however, and make a tuna/egg salad or lunch most days, and occasionally eat a hard-boiled egg for breakfast or a snack.

I have learned that eggs - though they come from a chicken and have cholesterol is considered a good cholesterol because the cells are too large to go through the wall of a vein or artery and do not cause plaque like bad cholesterol does.

I then told Joe Mason - my partner the three dreams, and he interpreted it this way:

You can interpret the word 'chicken' in more than one way - and the word 'chicken' can mean that you are fearful,, or feeling fearful and it keeps you from doing things that might be fun, or dangerous.

However, when you remove a 'yolk' you can take that in more than one way also.  "The yoke of an oxen of example keeps you tied to another animal or human who keeps you from doing things that are fun or dangerous as well.  When you remove the yoke, you are free to do what you want, when you want to.


3-3-12 - DREAM -  I  was working on a computer screen which was a document about UFO sightings.  Evidently there were three of them at the same time.  I don't recall the details, but I was editing it. 

I discovered that the computer screen could be operated just by pointing at an arrow in the upper left corner.  The whole thing was operated by energy from my finger.

At that point, I was sent some tapes of a trial going on in Canada.  I saw the names of the people involved in the trial -  the lawyer had a statement in the introduction that he had been appointed to this job, and the whole tape was of the trial.  There were multiple people involved - some very high ranking officials. 

At some point, I could interact with muy friend Michelle - I could see her and she could see me, and had girl talk about tour hairdos, and the clothes was wearing which was a cloth cape with a lot of fur trim on it.  I wondered if her boyfriend knew how much real fur she was wearing when he was against such things.

Then I went back to watching the trial, which was rather boring I must say because I twas about political stuff.  But the technology was fascinating and I showed it to my husband who was vacuuming the stairway to our apartment - which had beige carpeting and the stairway was very long and quite steep.

I showed him the tape of the trial, which was inside a piece of technology that was a hand held projection TV -  which I could point at the wall or any flat surface and watch the trial going on.   The tape was just laying on my bed at first, and I picked it up and shone the trail on the wall.  I don't know what kind of electricity it had - if it was batteries, they sure weren't 12 volt batteries and it wasn't connected to the wall.  It could be used anywhere.

It was amazing. and fun to use too.\\

NOTE:  They've had this technology since 2003.



3-3-`12 - DREAM OF MIKKI -  I was driving a car with my husband Paul and Arnie running alongside.  Arnie was piggy=-back on Paul.  They had no problem keeping up with me.

We went  to a place where a group of Greco-Egyptians were going around giving shots to people and animals that made them 'FROZEN IN TIME", which meant they were no longer alive - they were actually zombies with no emotions - but could continue walking around doing what they were told.  The animals were also like this after they got their shots so that the lion could lay down with the lamb as the Bible says, and people no longer had any problems because they no longer needed to eat nor did they get sick.  Even cancer seemed cured because it went into remission as the people were really dead.

I even saw large rhinoceroses standing there and  I was able to walk up to them and pat them because they ere so docile.

The people started building a new temple which had a CUBE in the center, and glass walls, however, the temple walls were hidden by woven shawls with secrets woven into them made of rough off white thread with dark blue, and purple woven into them.  Nobody could read the secrets because the shawls woven together in spirals which they used to hide the  walls of the temple.  There were statues of stone woman laid out in front of the temple which had not yet been stood up and would stand around the walls of the temple with their shawls on - with their arms outstretched like one sees in King Tut's tomb. There would be two stone women per panel of wall.

Next to the temple on the right side was a round tower with a minaret on top of it.

At the end of the dream, the men who were giving the shots were trying to give them to us,, but one had to agree to it or they couldn't give you the shots.  The dreams ended as a whole group of men were coming at us with hypodermic needles.


3-5-12 - DREAM - I can't even explain this stupid dream.  I have no idea where it took place either.  It seems there were 6 women and six men - some of them married or partnered eighth another - all had good jobs.  They started scheming against one another, and in the end all the men left on their own and took off, one of the women said she was going to Hawaii, three of the women crawled into a hole in the ground and pulled grass over themselves as a cover, one woman was standing alone on the sidewalk and I was left standing there watching all this after the one standing there had asked me for money and I didn't have any.   Meantime there were three empty houses they owned standing empty side by side with nobody in them.

Before the men left, one of the men was up in a tree while the others were scheming against him, and I saw an oval lake shimmering like applause rippled across it.

I can't even explain it.

Joe Mason states that this dream is Kabbalistic for Rev 4 because of the numbers.  The man in the Tree is Christ - in the tree of Life.


2-5-`12 - DREAM -  I was at my Mother's  35th st. house.  There were a lot of people in the house, and my husband was also there, but I was out in the driveway, and a young man from next door called me on my cell phone and asked me if I was lookiing East.

I looked East and as the moon.  However, then there were two suns side by side, and then 4 moons in a square pattern.  Then a golden guitar shape UFO came fling over headed north - glittering in the sun which was behind me in the West.   As I watched, then came a huge black bomb looking UFO which was very frightening looking.

I ran into the house to wake up my husband so he could see all the UFOs in the sky, but I couldn't wake him up.

I had to go to the bathroom, but there were so many kids playing in the bedroom, I couldn't use that bathroom and went through another door and ended up outside in the cold.

I woke up with an urgent need to go to the bathroom and I had the rolling chills like I was sick, but didn't feel sick.

NOTE:  This dream can take on more than one meaning as well - not UFOs, but prophecy for war coming.


3-5-12 -  DREAM -  I was in a house we were remodeling.   My husband praised me for doing such a good job of patching a hole in the wall where I had removed a nail on which Christmas Tree boughs had been hanging.


While he was standing in front of me, we could hear a machine outside doing some work, and I touched the wall and could feel a vibration like a heart-beat in it. 

While I was waiting to tell my husband about the vibration in the wall, I saw a straight crack a little higher than head high cross the wall and then down and when we touched the wall, a whole in the wall appeared like a window.

I looked through the hole in the wall and suddenly felt queasy because there was no floor on the other side of the wall, it looked down at least two floors to the first floor.

In the room on the first floor stood a man I recognized as Nash from One Life to Live TV show.  (Nash means sad or morose)  He said we needed to put in a second floor in our remodeling scheme which I agreed with, no matter what the cost would be.

To get another opinion on that, I went out into the hallway where women ere gathering to rehearse for a singing group.

The women who came along first I wanted to call Judy (means praise)  but another woman called her Geneva  (derivative of Juniper)  just like the Christmas tree boughs I had removed from the wall.

I asked Geneva to come into the room to give me her opinion, but the leader of the singers ( all women in their 40's and 50's)  she went into that room first, and the leader put a silk mauve floor length cape on her with a hood on it.  I then finally got her to come to the room with the hole in the wall, but woke up before she arrived there.

NOTE:   this dream is a throwback to THE SINGERS ARRIVE - SING A NEW SONG;_ylt=A0oGdbWk.FRPdgUAo8Sl87UF?  WHICH IS biblical - ALSO FROM THE BOOK OF REVELATION:









I dreamt that I was out driving my car in a countryside that was rolling hills, and I started to see fields of Oil tanks - large ones like I've seen photos of in Texas.  These were placed far enough apart so that if one caught on fire, it wouldn't catch the next one on fire from the heat.

I woke up and decided not to bother getting up and writing it down because I didn't even know where this was and Mitt Romney had mentioned a pipe line in his speech the night before that he would approve the pipeline that Obama had just rejected.

I went back to sleep, and in the second dream, I was doing my job as locksmith dispatcher  (a job I did in the 90's for seven years on nights and weekends).  My boss Tom, when he got to the job, started talking really loud and sounded angry, like he was mad at something I had done wrong when I took the job.  He was saying to the guy there that when a locksmith gets to a job and a child is stuck in a car and it looks ike abuse, you have to call the cops.  I was wondering what kind of situation he was in, but he stopped talking. 

5I turned on the TV then to have something to do while he was working at whatever he was doing, and on the television I started to see the oil fields with the tankers I had just dreamt about, so I ran to the TV to run it back those few seconds to hit record, because I wanted to be sure I was getting it, thinking that Tom was sending this video to me on his cell phone.

I then heard Tom say  " 964 Model"   and I woke up instantly. 

Then I knew I had to get up and write it down.  I looked at the clock and it was exactly 3:30 a.m.


984 Model:;_ylt=A0oGkkcYj1dPzwoAKnSl87UF?p=984%20Model&fr=slv8-att&fr2=sfp


OIL TANKS IN WISCONSIN;_ylt=A0oGdWDFj1dPiUQAvndXNyoA?p=oil%20tanks%20in%20wisconsin&fr2=sb-top&fr=slv8-att




3-7-12 - DREAM - I was now at my New Berlin house, and got out of my car, followed by a woman who looked just like me, except she had curly hair and my hair was straight.  She handed me the keys as she had been driving and we determined that we were twins, and she went into the house.

I looked around the yard and saw a great many trees felled and I couldn't figure out where they had come from.  (Our own large elm trees had been felled back in the early 60's when elm disease went through the state. 

I met some men who looked like lumberjacks and they said they had brought the trees in to cut them up, which made no sense to me, but they were done in seconds, and I heard them talking about how to get to Minneapolis next, and they were going to drive to a town near Madison and catch the bus from there and go there via I-94.

I went into the house then and I and my sister decided to go to Menomonee Falls to see a house I knew about that was made of very tiny stones.  We were there in seconds and I loved that house.  I had wanted to tour it when it was for sale some time back.  The house next door was made of normal brick, but these tiny stones were uniquely cemented together to form this special house.

My sister got out of the car first and decided to go into the house.  I sat there for a moment, noticing that the neighbor had a     RAM LAMB for sale and I thought to myself that I would prefer a female, not a RAM.

All of a sudden a man got into the car and I recognized him as looking like Jerry Seinfeld.  He recognized me then and gave me a kiss and I told him I loved his house and he thanked me and got back out of the car.

I then got out of the car and noticed that there were some very large house cats there, and the thought came to my mind, that the Lions lay down with the lamb, and then I saw the RAM lamb and he was larger than I thought he should be and he was the same size as the cats and they were being raised together.

I ten walked around the house to the back and met the Jerry Seinfeld look-alike and he told another man to give me a check because I had earned it, and I wondered what my sister had done to earn the money.  :-)

The man gave me the check then went back into the house and when he closed the dor, apparently the house was really a vehicle and when he closed the door it looked like the house was going to drive away, and I woke up, feeling very odd about that house. Ny twin sister was still in it.


3-8-12 - DREAM - i got a job in a Federa type office.  It seemed like a lowly clerical type job, but I was able to talk t othe Press in my job.  My boss idn't like the Prewss, and when one of the men came into the office, she told me to ask him, by rote, a spiel using the word 'intelligence' in it.

A woman was there who was very plump and happy, and instead of talking out loud, she made exagerrated mouth movements, and I know the irst thing she said was, "Oops!  I have to fart." and then went on to describe something which I didn't care to know, so I refused to look at her mouth.  I know her name was Vivienne.  (means  "alive".

Two of my boyfriends were there to congratuate me and they both followed me down the hall to my new office.  I could see my shadow on the wall and I was super skinny - way too skinny in my own opinion.

Part of my job was to make name tags for mail boxes, and the names had to be placed on the box one letter at a time.  That was very tedious because I had to sort through a wole passel of loose letters for each name.  Apparently, this job was not for anyone who had 'intelligence' of anyh high level.


3-8-12 - MEDITATION:  I  was trying to locate the Andromedans in another dimension.  I went to the 5th Dimension and I was told by a voice there that the Andromedans were not on the 5th Dimension.  So I tried the 4th dimension and no one answerd there either.

I then went into a dream where I found a telephone number of a woman inn the newspaper.  All oof a sudden, a man showed up and immediatelyw ent to the telephone to call that number. 

meanwhile I was scrubbing the kitchen table off with a blue scrubbie, and had to get wet paper towels to get the blue stuff off the table.

So are the Andromedans in the physical realm with us?



3-9-`1 -  LATE IN THE DAY  NAP DREAM -  I was in a shopping area somewhere.  I saw dark ksea green water coming from one direction rising quickly.  The water looked clean - nolt full of debris.  It hadn't been raining, but the sun wasn't shining and there wree no shadows from any partiicular direction either.

I ran down a side street, seeing old women pullinng empty shopping two wheel carts behind them to go grocery shopping.   I put up my hand to stop them and told them t oturn around and run home because the water was rising quickly.

I went to an alley way then and told the people heading for the street that the water was up to a foot and a hal already, and someone else who had just come from the street that the water was up to three feet now.

There were a loto of people standing around thinking what to do in a larger and alrger group. 

One of the men rather bowed to me and a woman said,, "He's a cop and that's his way of thaking you."  I grinned and said, "I know quite a few cops too.  This man was plain clothes type -  wearinng a rather cowboy type shirt and pants.  I ddin't notice if he had boots or shoes on though.

I grabbed some folders with aper in them to take up to the second floor with me, noting that there was a seed catalog on the top fo the pile.

NOTE:  Seed catalogs start comiing out in December and cotinnue, usually through March and Apirl when plants are usually sold, rather than seeds.

While I was telling Joe th edream, trying to figure ut where I was, the words LA PALMA started coming into my mind.  I couldn't ell any particular ethnic or cultural group from the way people talked -  it was rather people from everywhre gathered together.

So, this flood seems to be happening between December and April, probably ona Saturday when old ladies do some grocery shooping.



Apparently, it was Christmas time and I went to a party wearing a nice soft fabric squa colored two piece dress.

At the party, I went into the bathroom to check my makeup in the mikrror and make sure I was presentable. 

I noticed in the upper left corner of the mirror, was another small mirror that was too small to be of much use.  I touched that little mirror and discovered that it was expandable, so I pulled on the sides and bottom and it expanded easily and the first thing I saw what I thought was myself as I looked last year, wearing the same dress. 

Oh my God!  " I thught to myself.  "Is that what I really looked like."  Since I had just lost 90 pounds, I never looked in the mirror to see what I looked like and I hoped I didn't look like that.

However, the woman in the mirror was my facial image, but I never felt like that and she could communicate with me, so we became friends very quickly, and eve4ntually, when comparing our images, we came to be in the same room - not just mirror images to each other.

I compared how wide she was compared to me now, and much wider her thihgs were from mine and I was glad I had lost 90 piounds.  (I've done that three times in my life already and hope to never have to do that again - believe me. 

I noticed that she started getting thinner, and her dress shorter and shorter until finally I coiuld see the tops of her stockings rolled up likek they wore in the 40's.  My dress was quite long below my kneeds because my hips were no longer too wide.

I decided to wake u pbefore her dress disappeared completely.




I  was in downtown Milwaukee, living at Juneau Village.  I thought I was Manager of the buildinng, but they ddin't even know I was living there, and I hadn't gone down to the office to tell them I was there yet either.

I had to go to the court house and file a paper of some kind and was driven there by two men in a large white car.

On the way there, David (a tall lanky handsome hunk of a guy - name means LOVE )  drove me there, with another man in the back seat who I recognized at  IEOSOUS  (real name not revealed here)  We've been in love since I was 18 but rarely see ach other except in dreams.  We've been in many lifetimes together.  On the way to the court houose, none of us spoke to each other.

When we got to the court house, we parked by the curb, right behind a police car - practically touching it. 

I don't remember going into the court house to file the paper, but the policeman confronted us about not parking there so we hda to leave.

Back in the car, David decided to loll on the back seat (he was wearing a Hawaiian type shirt and cotton pants)  and I thought I was going to drive, but IEOSOUS got behind the wheel of the car which forced me to sit in the front passenger seat where I had sat on the way there.  They were really taking me for a ride. 

I hoped that IESOUS hadn't been drinking as he was gripping the steering wheel quite tightly at the moment.

David then said,  "Lets talk abut LOVE."  to which I replied "NTo to! "Lets not.  That's too painful."

To that IESOUS said, "Yoiu need to express your emotions."

I looked down at my legs then and saw that I was wearing a bright yellow shirt, but my slacks were a darker yellow - going on brown, and I didn't like that my pants didin't match myy shirt very well.

By then we were back at the apartment building, driving on a roadway that went around the building, and we canme to a man who looked like a salesman.

We stopped to see why he was wandering around and we stoppepd and I said, "I'm the manager", and he replied, "Nice digs!"  and kept walkikng.

We started to drive again and discovered that this driveway had no exit to the street unless we wanted to drive over a bu mpy curb,  so I woke up.



3-10-12 - immedinent pole shift?  DREAM

I drove out to my Dad's lake cottage with my boyfriend where we were going to get married that afternoon.  It had never been that nice out there at that time of day, and the sun seemed to be on the wrong side of the house like the polel shift had already occurred

MJy brother then told me that the people on the end were leaving for Colorado that night at 12:16 a.m. and he rather chuckled like he was makikng fun of them and when I looked at him, he had a pure white tongue.  (spiritually bankrupt?"  See:


REV 12:15    "And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.

REV 12-16 :"And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed the flood, which the dragon cast out of his mouth."



3-10-12 -  DREAM - I was driving south on 14th st from Center St.  I would make a right turn and then north on 16th St. to my Father's house.

As I drove south on 14th St. I saw three black dogs standing on the sidewalk.  I didn't want them tol jump at the car as I drove by so I slowed down, and the dogs lay down on the lawn.  However, by the time I drove past the firstr black dog, there were now seven black dogs, and by the stime I drove past the second black dog, there were now 10 black dogs, but all laying down quietly, and I felt relieved that none had jumped at the car.



3=10-12  DREAJ - I was out in the yard, harvesting carrots, onioins and a red sweet potato from a very large pot.  I put all the vegetables in a heap on the ground and then carried them by the stems into the house where I placed them on the floor.

My husband was sitting at the kitchen table with the children and I said to hhim, "I really feel out of pllace goikng this.  Nobody else does this."

By then, my daughter was picking otu the best accort which she wanted to eat right away and that was fine with me.

I had to clean up the dirt mess and went t ofiknd a rag to get it wet and clean up after myself, and by the time I got back to the dirt pile, my husband had taken the children into the next room and closed the door.

I could hearing him counting loudly and he was up to 76, 77, 78, 79 when I opened th edoor and on the wall was a huge map with all the towns listed on the map, which was rather round with wiggly lines around it on the border.  The map was bright yellow and he was counting the towns.

I knew he planned to take the chidlren there without me.

I woke up and I could still hear the banging of his marker on the map even after I was awake.

Joe swears he ddin't hear anything, but I sure did -  he would have had to have been up to 100 by the time the banging sound stopped.

I looked on the map, and the country might have been Romania.  Why my husband would want to go to Romania I have no idea.

romania map;_ylt=A2KJkK0IgFtPYhEAMMaJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?

romania details



WHY ARE DREAMS SO CONFUSING?  DREAM  - I  was in a school following some kids down the hallway to their lockers.  I followed a Jewish kid to his locker, then the kid turned into a character from One Life to Live who never knew who his real Father was until near the end of the show, and then his Fther rejected him for oquite awhile and then finally decided he was good enough to be his kid afterall.

In this dream, that particular character went to his locker and there was a blue sign on it that said, "Whose your Dad?  Then the sign said, "Whose your real Dad?  Then it changed to:  "Your real Dad was preented to you in last night's show." and then said some other stuff I couldN'T read."

I woke up and started thinkinng about that -  and I always knew who my real Dad was because I looked just like him, and his real life sister because I looked like her too.  I felt adopted as a child, but I still looked like my Dad and he sure treated me like his kid and even at age 35 he treated me like crap and said bad things to me and told me he'd disown me if I divorced my husband, and I couldn't stand that so I stayed married until after he died.

But if this dream was true and they showed me my real Dad in yesterday's dream, he'd have to be the guy who looked familiar on the stairway - the guy in the dark grey trenchcoat which I didn't even bother writing down that dream yesterday.

The guy in the dream looked familiari but I didn't know his name and he wasn't introduced to me.  I just followed him up to the top of a long stairway where he callled the name of "PETER and then went into a room that looked like a doctor's office.

So I followed the woman on the stairs who he had invited for drinks later, and we went into a room where women were in individual round bathrubs and I entertained the little kids in the room with a story about all my kids and how I blew white feathers all over the floor in a very dramatic fashion and how I made the children pick up the feathers so I could blow them all over the room again.

In the dream, nobody responded to my dramatic story in any way, no laughter, no applause, no noise of any kind so I woke up.

If that was my Dad - the man with the familiar face I didn't really know?  That's just too weird.


3-11-12   WE\RE IN THE ARMY NOW!!!

DREAN -   I don't know specifically where I was, but my Mom was with me so it was probably Wisconsin. It was was wintertime with ice on the ground everywhere.

We went to an Army recruiting station as voluunteers as far as I know - but we could have been drafted.  There were no children there with us.

It was very crowded with people from the age of 18 through at least 50 or so - could have been higher, but those were the ages I saw there.

While in line, everyone was walking over metal plates on the floor that gyrated back and forth or up and down in a variety of ways.  One older man actually fell over as he couldn't keep his balance on the side to side plate on the floor.

I went over them all too and some vibrated,, but I didn't feel hardly anything.  When my turn came to sign in, I told the guy at the desk that I don't know why all those people were falling over and acting weird, I didn't feel anything at all."

The guy at the dek said, "Oh?  You need to go directly to Sargeant  ....  I forgot his name immediately.

He said, "Just intial this piece of paper."  It was a very small piece of paper -  like a posted minature size piece of paper.  I put a giant sized F on it and he said, "You're in."  and waved me towards the door.

I immediately purchased two puppies, a Dahshund and a Chiuaua which were the same color as the Army uniforms.  I put them on a piece of newspaper and they immediateluy started pooping the same cololr as themselves and the Army uniforms. 

I then picked up the puppies and carried them over to my Mom who was sitting nearby in a side chair.  (She hated dogs), but this was for a good cusae.

I then went to the door and met two young black men who were shorter than I was. I assumed they were 18 years old.  They wanted to know if they could hang out with me and I said "Sure!"  I didn't see any other young females around at the time, mostly older people and young men.

A few minutes later, one of the army guys came outside. a large burly shaped guy, wearing  a white T shirt, army pants, and ice skates and carrying a hockey stick.  He said to the two kids I was with, "Lets go play a game of  'wrassle-tail"  and off they went to the hockey rink which was in full ice and with lots of people on it.


SEEl  gttoL..www,greatdreans,com/blog2012/dee-blog165.html



DREAM - I was working in a place I've never seen before.  It was in the country, and the building I worked and lived in seemed to be made of concrete, but I didn't look at it that closely.

There was a concrete sidewalk with one electric light -  like a spotlight attached to a long wire that came on when the sun wasn't shining every few seconds and a voice said, "Watch your step, be careful where you step."   I wondered why it was in the center of the walkway rather than on the side.

There was a large rushing river off of a grassy small hill with short cropped grass on it.  Across the river was rather like an animal compound where I saw no grass - it seemed to be made of all limestone.

There was an opening in the limestone, where I saw broken limestone on the ground and no grass, and saw a herd of furry sheep, and some large animals theh size of African or Indian elephants, but furry all over with the faces of African male lions.  I didn't hear any sound from them so I don't know what sounds they made.

Inside the concrete building where I lived and worekd, everything was either white or grey.  White walls, grey carpet - very thin carpet on the floor.

I saw only four people.  A black skinned couple who lived with me, and  two females who went out to get provisions.

The black skinned couple came into my bedroom and I told them if they needed to fool around with each other, they should use the bathroom.  They didn't talk to me so I don't know what they sounded like.  They had very dark skin and didn't speak to me.  I can't remember what they wore, if anything, they were covered with a white sheet.

The female pair, I can't remember what they wore, they left immediately after I saw them. They never spoke to me.

I was evidently the cost accountant, which I did on long strips of white paper.  All the numbers were like American but with 7 or more digits and I had to add them up in my head - the lists were always about 20 numbers or more long.  I'm not certain whether I used a pencil or a pen. There were no machines like a calculator or radio or anything.  I didn't see any electric lights either.  I never saw it dark outside - only twilight once.

At one point, I started to feel very nervous while alone and attemped to lock the doors, both front and back, but the black man came in anyway, and so did ithe female pair when they returned.

There was one large window in that room and it seemed to have a screen on it, the sun was extremely bright outside.  There were no drapes on the window.

There was a sofa but I didn't sit on it, because there were two of those very furry male lion-faced animals sitting on it that were the size of a large St. Bernard dog.  They were blonde, just like the large ones I saw across the river.  While I watched them, a third one appeared from behind them, so there were three of them laying on the sofa watching me.  They didn't make any sound and were very docile and didn't move - just watched me.

I felt very uncomfortable with them watching me and I wondered who took care of them in mating season.

When the black male came in the back door, and the two females came in the front door, I decided to wake up and did.  I never spoke to anyone except the black couple in the bedroom in the beginnikng.



3-12-12 - TIME WARP DREAM.  I had been trying to meditate while my too dry breakfast made it's way down my esophagus in a hurtful way, and my mouth was watering and I kept swallowing and couldn't meditate enough to raise my frequencies well.  So I fell asleep instead.

In the dream, it was early morining, and my boss Tom the Locksmith (second time this week) called and asked me if I'd take the phones while he did a job and I said, "Sure", so I turned on the radio and sat there waiting for him to do his job.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man came to the door who looked like Paul W. (bald on top with Einstein swaggles of hair on the sides sticking out) He was wearing black rimmed glasses, a grey sweater, white shirt and grey pants.  He had on shoes - I assume they were black. 

We went out to his car - I didn't notice what cololr it was and we drove a short way to a restaurant.

When we went into the restaurant, it was one of those smallish Mom/Pop type places and it wasn't quite ready for business and had been remodeled - badly I must add.  The man was still mopping the floor so there was a puddle in the middle of it and he was moving counters around.

The nice thin woman gave me a soda (smething like Yellow-mellow or something - and I took a sip and we had to wait for our hash-brown potatoes to be cooked. 

Meanwile I looked around the restaurant and they had remodeled so one had to order the food, and take it down 5 steps, go through a blue swinging gate, around a U shaped hallway past the bathrooms, and then into a very nice large blue and white decorated eating area with lots of tables set up rather like a 5 x 5 table setup with 4 chairs at each table.  The exit door was just beyond, but there was no way back to the counter without going all the way back through the hallway, through the gate at the bottom of the stairs and back up the 5 steps to the ordering desk and cookiing area.

Once back up there, I met two young women who placed their orders and I showed them where to go with their food which they didn't have yet either, and while down in the eating area, I found two tiny blue rubber boots that went over baby size shoes, so I picked them up to take them to the woman and ask her if they had a lost and found.

So I went through that gate four times - twice down the stairs and twice up the stairs.  I still didn't have any food and lost the soda along the way.

The Paul-looking guy had disappeared, I had forgotten to take my radio with me. I had no cell phone, no wallet, no money, and now no way home. Besides that I felt really tired and I felt like I was in a time-warp.

I gave the little blue boots to the woman to put in her lost and found box which she said she had.  The man cook was nowhere to be seen, there were no counters in the room, no cook stove, just the woman standing there.

So I went outside to the parking lot to see if the Paul-looking guy had left me stranded.  There were a lot of cars in the parking lot but they were all empty except for a bright red car that was moving sideways with its tires screeching wildly.  It finally stopped when it ran into another car.

Just then, someone way down at the end of a path next to the restaurant called my name, "Dee Finney" very loudly and I looked down there to see a young man dressed in a red sweater, white shirt, red pants, and black shoes, jumping up and down with his hands and arms straight upward - calling my name.

I didn't know who it was, but my thought was - "Oh good" someone can drive me home.  I felt really out of it, like I was in a time warp.

I saw then that two little kids and a young woman were with the guy in the red and white outfit, and following him was the Paul-looking guy dressed in grey and white.  The Paul-looking guy stopped half way up the path to toss one of the kids up into the air playing with him, and I was just grateful to get a ride home.  I really felt out of it.


stkvester hanes gates abd itgers ib eubsteub



Received 30 September 2010; published 18 July 2011

It has recently been shown that light can be stored in Bose-Einstein condensates for over a second. Here we propose a method for realizing a controlled phase gate between two stored photons. The photons are both stored in the ground state of the effective trapping potential inside the condensate. The collision-induced interaction is enhanced by adiabatically increasing the trapping frequency and by using a Feshbach resonance. A controlled phase shift of π can be achieved in 1 s or less.

© 2011 American Physical Society


Dr. Sylvester James Gates Jr. - Higher Education News and Jobs

The equations that Einstein gave us say that we cannot build starships, Gates says. Yet, perhaps, a century from today, someone using Gates' equations will be able to ...

Wormhole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lorentzian wormholes known as Schwarzschild wormholes or Einstein-Rosen bridges are connections between areas of space that can be modeled as vacuum solutions to the ...


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For the last 30 years of his life, Albert Einstein struggled unsuccessfully to find a ... Gates, a pioneer in the development of the theory, sees it as a 21st century lathe ...

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3-`13-12 - MEDITATION AND DREAM - I was sitting in my favourite chair with my eyes closed after a phone call, just resting my eyes, and I saw in my mmind's eye, a beautiful woman in a pink dress sitting sideways in front of me.  She was blond and blue-eyed as far as I could tell and She was almost transparent in her spirit form.  She spoke to me with a British accent and said, "You are doing quite well."  and just that quick I was in a dream. (This was Tippy - an Anunnaki who is visitng Earth at this time.


I was in a room, sitting on a chair, sitting half slumped over to the right.  In front of me were four babies and small children playing on a large bed with a sheet over it.  On the right sat my husband on a chair, and on the far end of the bed which had no headboard on it, sat another man.  The two men started to chuckle that all I was good for was suckling babies. They thought it was funny.


Just that quick, I was looking outside where there was a dirt road coming towards me, apparently trucks or vehicles or carts used that road because there was a hump in the center, but on the sides, there was no grass, just more of the same dirt which was reddish.  Growing in the dirt was a few scrub bushes and a few trees.  The sky was blue and seemed bright but I didn't see any sun or shadows to speak of.


Coming towards me on this road was a person it seemed and as the person got closer, I could see the person was riding on a gaunt medium brown cow or heifer. 


Then as I watched, more people in a large group followed that person towards me on the road, each one riding another one of those gaunt cows of the same identical color. 


I didn't remember what color clothing the people wore, I assume it was all faded and worn.


All of a sudden, the lead person fell over with the animal under it as if dead and became a black and whiite playing card with a picture of them on it.

Then, just that quick, all the rest of the crowd of people each with their animal fe4ll over in an identical way except their black and white picture cards were laying helter skelter all over that dirt field.


UT FELT LIKE A FOREIGN MIDDLEE EASTERN COUNTRY.  I WONDERED IF THOSE PEOPLE HAD BEEN GASSED LIKE THE KURDS WERE BY SADDAM HUSSEIN. - interesting comments here;_ylt=AhTy0jnSzJhLHb0_Njy0oNebvZx4?p=kurds+gassed+saddam+hussein&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-500-14


I was awake durubg that whole episode.


NOTE:  The peoplel turning into cards means that we are all just part of a 'game'. 






i had just moved to Hollywood with my new boyfriend (my old maintenance man from Milwaukee) who I wasn't really sure about yet, and he left to go do something during the day and I wasn't sure if he'd return.


On the way to omy new apartment, I stopped at a gardenn store, and pcked up some tiny nenw plants.  I tried to buy three tiny newlyh sprouted trees which I was told I couldn't buy because of a law that they had to be a year old befroe they coiuold be sold.

In my really nice aparrtment, which was on the second floor, I was rearranging some plant stands in appropriate places, each with new plants on them.

Finally my boyfriend came home, (I can't even remember his name - olnly his face)  brougjht home a huge box of bone dry black dirt - but without the box - it was just in a hunk about 6 feet long , about 3 feet wide - the size of a coffin.

I told my bolyfriend that nothing would grow in  this soil or it would burst into weeds which is more liekly when water touched it, and then all of a sudden I saw tiny plants come forth and I got all excited becaue I couldl water it and have a whole new garden.  It would be like the Garden of Eden.


I then saw a white car pull into the driveway alolngside my building and a woman came upstairs with a box of clothing which she said belonged to Mitch who ohad disappeared with his girlfriend.


She dumped it off on my living room flolor and went away agaikn, and I realized that I hadn't brought my dishes or clothing in my move either and I had to go get them or I'd have nothing to wear or couldn't cook or eat dinner either.


A neighbor invited us to go to dinner with them, but all I wanted was a burger, not a fancy restaurant, so we declikned going with them.  I just wanted my own stuff and had t ogo get it.


I was starting over and thats all that mattered.

NOTE:  As I was typing this up, I got a hone call teling me today was PI day   3.14







3-15-12 - MEDITATION:   After listening to an interview of George kavasalis by Kerry Cassidy about the moon, they both said they had seen creatures on the moon -  some little green men about three feet tall with round eyes and manyy little teeth, plus a larger Rep[tilian type creature.  Kerry said she didn't know how she got there, but they agreed they saw the same beings.

So I decided to look fo rmyyself.

I started at 4 1/2 dimension and saw nothing, then saw the Pleiadian blue orbs come, and one of them told me to ask ksomeone named Ruth for p[ermission.  I still didn't see anthing on that legel, so I moved to the 4th dimension and still saw nothing, so moved to the third dimension.

At that point I foundn myself in a two room building it seemed with bron nubby carpeting.  It didn't have any furniture in it.

I then saw a boy who looked to be about 10 yuears old, and I thought he was my olwn son Thomas except my own son Thoams was never that chubby. He was standing arther behind me in th ebeginning playing with wha tlooked like a rope of dark blue clay which he formed into a figure 8 and put it under his nose. 

I got upset at what he was doing, and went over to him to remove the blue thing from under his nose bu tit wasn't there, so I told him to open his mouth which he did, and he had a blue mark on his tongue in th ecenter, at which poiknt I got angry and told him to go sit down somewhere.

During tht period of time, I hda a round ball of pinkk gun in my fingers and tossed it onto the carpet and immediately knew I shouldn't have done that, but I couldn'tsee it to go retrieve it.

I then decided to leave, as I was very disappointed.  I also asked to see what Ruth looked like but she din'ta ppear.  I onlyh saw the Pleidian orbs the entire time.




I was living in a small town near Boston, Massachusetts, and my job was the weather reporter.

Circumstances were such that we were expecting a very large storm and I had to write the report quickly so we could get it on the air.

In order t oreport it, we had to drive to the television studio and get it on the air in person.

I recall starting it out by saying that the weather station was owned by Barbara, and the report written by Dee and Paul.  Folowing that was a rather lengthy explanation of he storm that was expected to come through the area.


We got into our vehicle and Paul was driving very fast, and we had to make a left turn at a large intersection where a chemical truck usually opakred that carried DIGYOXIN as it was manufuactured nearby.

At the intersection where we took kthe corner very fast, was a large pink refurbished bus that said TV/VIEW on it.   I felt quite relieved that the DIGYoXIN was not parked there that morning.


When Paul finally stopped driving, we got out of the vehicle where some men were building a very large wooden barn.  I walked inside to take a look at it, and I noticed that the door was just barely hhigh enough to get in, and I wasn't the tallest person that would use that door - we had other peoplel working for our crew that were much taller.   However, the inside of the barn was very high, though the workmanship did not seem very high quality, p[erhaps because they were working very fast, but I noticed that high up, I could see that the joists were held together with those screws that had wing-bolt nuts on them and that amde me feel better.  It was held together with more than just nails.


See:  http://www.greatdream.som/blog-2012/dee-blog171.html


3-16-12 -  DREAM I was going to work on the 4th floor of an office building, and my bos was Mr. Sells.  This was the second time I had worked for hhim.


I got there early in the morning and walked all the way down the holl and i twas dark down there.  I said outloud, but to myelf, "What is this?  Am I expected to turn the lights on here/"  (Immediately I knew I was supposed to do that.)


As i twas, I was actually pushing the button to get on the elevator, and an alarm went off and a whole elevataaor repair crew came to asssit me.


They fixed the elevator,kand by then, other people had pushed the elevator button on their flolors, so when I got on the eelvator,we had to go fetch them first and then go back up to the 4th flolor whre were alll worked.  I was really glad to see that I was working wiht all older people.


My first stop was in Mr. Sells olffice.  Apparently he slept in his office and I immediately saw that he was a worse slob than I am.  He had stuff and clothes piled all over the bed, the desk and the floor. 


Mr. Sells said to me, "I'm glad you are here.  REmember you said you could store my books for me.  (That was a long time ago)


He went on tol sayk, while he was measuring himself with his arms outstretched over his head,  "The alternative would be to store them in Elgin, Illinois"


I thought to mysyelf, "That's really too far way especially since I've moved."  but I said to him, "That's too high.  Books are heavy."


He agreed, and I told him I hd ot hang up my coat and get started wokring.


I went tol where I was supposed to wrk, and one of the women frolm the elevaotr was seated at a typewriter in the room, and there didn't seem to be a desk ready for me to work at.


So, I was talking out loud, and said, "Wehre am I supposed to sit?"


The woman said, "What?  Are you yelling at me already?|


I said, "No!  I alwasy talk out loud.  I talk to the walls and t otheh flolor mostly!"


She grinned and said,, "I do that too sometimes.  By the way, would you like to join the suppolr group for my daughter?  She was arrested lasat night folr murder and jailed for killing her cat."


I thought to myself, "Lots of people having their pets put tol sleep tol stop their suffering." 


She asked me, "What do you do?"


I said, "I write books.  I've actually published four books already,, and I'm writing a fifth one."  (They are sold at


I'm currentluy writing the story of my spiritual journey!

O wple i[ omstamt;u. sir[rosed tjat I wasn't really at my job.



3-17-12 -  BLEED THROUGH DREAM - SHAPE SHIFTER  I was with my cousin Shirley and she ws going shopping.  I asked her if she co9uld get me a cell phone and she turned into a beautiful skinny ET wit the most beautiful black eyes I've ever seen.


#2  -  I was with a little girl and she was handing me the pattern for a purple flower cross stitch pattern.  I reached out for it in real life and myy hand hit the file cabinet next to the bed.  Butu I could still see the pattern on the paper, so I told the little girl to lay it on the table and I'd p[ick it up when I could get to it.

#3 -  I was with my husband andn son and we decided to go into the locksmith business together.  I took two jobs by phone but two young men decided to try to scam us for a freebie job, which  I caught on to.  The young boys turned into a group of reallly young boys about two to three eyars old who just stood there and smiled and then grinned at me.  I started to laugh and made myself wake up and I could still see them in the air in my dark room. 

That's been happening more and more often recently where I can still see peiople afer I wake up.


3-18-12 - DREAM -  see: 

marie Osmand and Grace Kelly - 





I saw a piece of paper that looked like a legal dolument with the name Eric Holder on it.


DREAM -  This was the second time I dreamed about wanting to eat potatoe chips and couldn't. 

Yesterday, I dreamed about visitng my parents and mybrother and sister, and they were like two couples and I was alone so I decided to eat some potato chips out of two 5 pound bags and realized I couldn't.


In today's dream I was visitng with a young woman who had a young boy child and she and I were walking with him, each one of us holding one of his hands.   We were walkikng up a slanted floor hallway and there was a long streak of red juice spilled on the carpet and I called for Maintenance to come clean it up, and she said she had done it herself, so I asked her if she had a squeegee mop to clean it up and she said she had.


I also told her that I had spent years picking up glases out olf the carpet. (I had foot surgery two years ago to remove glass out of my foot as well.)


Her little boy wanted a drink of water from a bubbler in the hallway and I saw rust running th ewall underneath the bubbler and knew that needed fixing as well   (Taht could be a personal health issue because I'm drinkng distilled water.)


I then went into the apartment and went tol the refrigerator and wanted to find potato chips and of course there were none in there, so I decided to eat some mint candies (green) and do some knitting, and woke up.


As soon as I woke up and rememberd yesterdays potato chip dream, a voice asked me if my parents were pawns back then, and told me that the hallway was 367 feet long.



3-19-12 - DREAM - i was managing a large apartment building that had a recreation room where meetings were held.  On Friday night, which was tonight, there was going to be a wedding held there.  it was my daughter''s wedding.  That meant everything had to be spic and span clean.


I had the maintenance man washing windows, wiping spolts off hallway walls, etc.


jThe maintenance man said he needed something from the store.  I didn't want hiim to stop working so I said, "What do you ned?"


He answered "a pound of coffee, a bag of potato chips and one other thing I can't remember." 


As I wias going out the front door, a chubby woman came u pto the door ahnds scotch taped a large white sign in the ront window that had just been washed anno9uncing the wedding.


How could I complain about that. ?  I had shopping to do to get ready for the wedding.



3-19-`2012 -  I CAN'T STAY AWAKE TODAY./  My right eye is nearly swollen shut from allergies and my right ear hurts - also from allergiew.  I already took my allergy pill.  All I can do is rest my eye until the medicine kicks in.  So I took a nap in my comfy chiar.


DREAM -  I was in a two bedroom house, living with my husband and tiny daughter who co9uldn't even crawl yet.  She was sleeping on the living room carpet, dessed in a pink footie sleeper.  I was napping in a chair and she was at my feet.  I felt sorry for her and picked her up and cucddled her so she could sleepin in my arms.


Evidently, a friend of my husband was also living with us.  (On TV he had more money than God and the biggest house in town they always call "the mansion".  He ws never happy.  That Tv show went off the air.  All My Children. the rich man with molre money than god 

David Canary Adam Chandler Stuart Chandler 1983–2010, 2011 1984–2009, 2011
  ALL THE CHARACTERS:  the shoow is running re-runs on the SOAP network now.  J. R. Chandler is now playing the part of Ricky on The Bold and the Beautiful. 


He ws in the livinroom also, watching TV and listening to the radio at the same time.


I was so tired, I turned off the radio and went to look for a place to take a comfortable nap


the front hall was empty -  there used to be a cot there.  Now the room was full of spider webs, and dead leaves were caught in them and there was no front door.


In the Master bedroom, my husband and the rich man hahd chopped up my Father's lifelong bed and thrown it away.  All that was left in the room was a very narrow cot along the wall and a dresser that held the rich man's stuff.


In the other bedroom was a narrow bed where I usually slept, but the rich man liked to take a nap there so I didn't feel comfortable laying there.  The other narrow bed along the wall is where my husband liked to nap.  He wsn't home but that was his spot.  So there was nowhere for me to nap but in the livingroom chair with my infant girl baby.


When I got back to the living room,  I asked the rich man why he and my husband had shopped up my \father['s bed.  I said, "Couldn't it be repaired?"  His response was, "It wasn't wroth it."


I saw a newspaper headline that said  "BARIOS AND BEDROOMS ARE EMPTY".  i couldn't read the article.  It was too blurry.


The rich man complained that a hair on the back of his hand hurt him and the doctor couldn't figure o9ut what was wrong with it.  He said, "Every time I cut it off, it grows back in sharper.


I immediately thougt, "You could put lanolin on it to soften up the hair."  but what do I know.  He had been to a real doctor.

The rich man then got a delivery of two medicines to cure his sharp hair problem on the back oof his hand.  Both of the products were more than a gallon of liquid - too heavy for me to even carry with one hand, so I let him take care his own problemm.  Why would he listen to me?


I needed to go back to sleep, so I and my daughter got back into the living room chair and went back to sleep.


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I was living in my New Berlin house.  There were five cars parked in the yard, so I know3 there were at least five drivers living in the house.  As I walked through the yard past the garage door, which was open, I had to step over someone's collection of old auto ash trays that were removed from previous cars.  I don't know whose collection it was or why it was there.


From behind my Ii heard my Father call my youngest son and I turned and saw them.  My youngest son was just four years old.


My Father told my son to get into the car as they were going on a road trip and they might end up in Arizona.


I remembered clearly the last time I made a road trip across America like that and how the fields looked in the sunshine - it was so beautifuul.  I wondered why my Father didn't ask me instead of my son and I started t ocry.  I really wanted to go to Arizona so badly.


I forced myself to stop crying, thinking I could find someone to love anywhere I lived, but then I realized therew as someone special in Arizona I was supposed to find and love and started crying again...  and wke up.



3-21-12 -  DREAM -   I was in a classroom of teens, evidently their teacher.  I was standing in the back of the room, and saw a blonde boy put a gold bullet into his mouth, and when he saw that I saw him do this, he tried to pass the gold bullet to the boy in front of him who looked exactly like his identical twin brother.  It took them so long to pass the gold bullet from mouth to mouth, it looked like they were sucking on each other's tongues, which was totally disgusting to me personally.  Then I noticed that the second boy had a face on each side of his head and the gold bullet passed inside his head from face to face and then I saw that there was another identical boy in front of him to which he also passed the gold bullet, and then I saw a third boy exactly like him, and realized the entire row of boys were all identical and each with two faces and they were all looking like they were sucking on each other's tongues - so the entire row of boys was doing this simultaneously. 


Because this was so personally disgusting to me, I forced myself to wake up, but unfortunately, even though I was awake with my eyes open, I could still see these boys, and I had to work consciusly to get that sight out of my mind which I couldn't do, though I tried desperately to raise the freuency of my own consciousness, it only worked a little, until I noticed the light of the clock face which was red, but when I looked directly into the light and said, "I see the light", "I see the light",  I couldn't see the faces sucking on each other's tongues at the same time.


A male voice in myy head said, "This is all about getting control of your own consciousness.


After a few moments of looking into the light, and saying, "I see thhe light", the boy's faces faded away.


It wasn't uuntil mmorning, that I realized, I had been looking at the God Janus (the two faced God)



I also realized, this is the third time thiis happened to me this month, where I could still see the faces after I woke up , floating in the air.



3-21-12 -  DREAM -  I was with a pretty woman who said she heard that a friend of ours named David had gone to look at a house that only cost  $259 a month rent and when he got there, he decided to buy the house outright because it was only  $4,000. 


I asked her if he had already paid theh money, and she responded, "No!  That's why I want to go look at it myself and see if it's worth buying."  Then she asked me to go with her and I agreed.


Just about the same time, anonther woman and her husband came up to me and aid that they were going to radionics treatments and that she was terrified to have it done.  She asked me to go with her, and I agreed because she was a good friend.


That et up a dillema for me - which friend do I please - the woman who wanted to buy a house before someone else did, or the woman who need medical tgreatment.  Of course, I chose the woman who was terrified to get the radionics treatment.  So I went with that woman and her husuband.


We got into the building and met the clinician who was going to do the treatment, and she showed us to a rom where we could change clothes into hospital gowns. 


While we were doing that, I noticed a brochure about the reatment, and a piece of paper talking about the time schedule of the treatment which was going to take two successive days.  Including in the treatments was listed several sumptuous meals being served.


So I wondered how bad could the treatment be, if you were able to eat all your meals whie being treated, and then I asked the clincian what time the treatment was going to start, and she said  , "12:16 p.m.  after lunnch.  She also said, she would be out of the building herself until that time.


By then, the pretty woman, who was Erica Cain from "All My Children TV show walked into the rom alsok, and I saw she was wearing white shoes that were pristine clean.  I also realized, it was oly just past 9:15 a.m. and we'd have three hours to go see that house she wanted to see so I could please both women within three hours, so I started putting my clothes back on and go see the house.  Who knows, maybe I'd like the house and buy it mysef.


AT the time, I didn't stop to think how David would feel if we snatched the house out from under him, but he didn't have the $4,000 so we could still rent the house to him.


The name David means LOVE!"




I was just basically sitting in my chair with my eyes closed, thinking about my friend Mikki whose migraine headach started at the ame moment the Mexico earthquake hit yesterday.  She said that her headaches start like getting hit in the head with a hammemr, but she never related it to being earthquake sensitive.


So I started thinking about why my earthquakes sensitivities had stopped and realized I just wasn't paying attention..  Within a mojment, I got jabbed  in the back of my right ankle - and a moment later heard a diesel truck toot twice in the right back of my head and I could feel my heart beating in that same spot. as the aching started there.


I also heard some voice messges.

"Black vote"  3 5-8 wild hairs  (which reminded me of the rich guy from All My Children in a dream the other day, say that he had a wild hair on the back o fhis hand, he had t otreat that one hair with two gallons of some kind of fluid.


I then saw a piece of paper that said  CASTINGS 30-40





wild hair 73 up, 11 down
Sudden decision that is not expected.
Grisham said the judge from N.Y. got a wild hair and set up his own outfit in Memphis
After our marriage, my wife got a wild hair and got involved with the Nudist Movement




3-21-12  - MEDITATION:   At precisely 12:15 p.m.  I st down in my comfy chair to meditate, and went to the 5th dimension healing temple.  That was really a trip.  I found myelf in a very large rom with a couple of white tables and chairs, a computer on one wall, and a large empty space in the center.


My friend Mary Daddato (deceaased) was there, and the other woman from the earlier dream.  We watched a video of the procedure in which our friend Sharon from ihgh school had been in the demonstration of the procedure was in.  When the demo was over, I printed it out. 


Just ust then my old boss Leoanrd came in and I shwoed him the print out of the dmeo, which had faded quite quickly, but a blue outline showed of the clincian standing at the head of a massage table where the patients head would go.  I apoloigized for using his computer without permission.


He left then, and we girls sat there, with large pieces of paper drawing lipstick pictures with real lipsticksk ofr various shdes of red and pink, and then I was given a mirror so I could redesign my eyebrows that would also get plucked during my treatment.  It came 9ut in our conversation that all three of us had sold makeup from various companies in our earlier days.  That was quite a coincidence.  We'd now not only be healthy but beautiful too when we were done.


Before I left there, I went over to a corner table whre the telephone was because I wanted to call Sharon and tell her I had seen her in the video of ehr demonstration.  I oped I could remember her alst name to find her phone number in the white pages.


When i sat down by the phone, I saw four boxes stacked which came from the record store at the mall where we were near.  The large boes looked like red and black ches boards, the smaler ones looked like they held CD's or 45's of maybe video DVD's.  The larger boxes were the size of 33 1/3 records.


At some point in all that I had a vision of a large game board that looked like a scrabble board of orange, blue pink  and yellow with letters every so often that didn't make words yet.  That was cool ltoo.   Lots of colors.



3-11-`12 -  2:22 a.m.


DREAM - I was at home somewhere.  I cleaned up the house, put away all the toys, piled up all the empty plastic clothes baskets in the closet, cut two huge flat birthday cakes into at least 1,000 squares, with a large chef's knife, cleaned up all the crumbs.  All that was left was a pile of broken and eyeless doll parts on a ledge under the table.  There was nothing left to do.


I looked outside and saw the neighbrhod women sitting in their unmowed yard with nothing to do.


I heard theh man next door, an executive of some kind trying to convince his wife to find a job so she'd have something to do.  He aid, "Maybe I could find something ror you to do there.  She was reluctant to even try.


Afer he left, I decided to go say Hello to her.  I hadn't seen her in many years now that the kids were all gone.  I, at least had been a secretary and a writer - she had never done anythiing outside the home.


I went over and we hugged  She took off her shirt for some reason and she and another neighbor and I walked along together through the unmwoed grass.  She was absolutely devoid of any fat, with no discernable muscle on her body.  She walked alonog, with pssty white skin, like a timid deer as though she had never even been outside before.   It was very sad.  She was like a scared deer walking slowly along.



3-24-12 -  see:  http://www.greatdream.som/blog-2012/dee-blog179.html  




I was embroidering the number 7 on a white cloth with white thread and then a man dressed in white came from behind my right shoulder (Jesus) and gave me a tool to install a white light like a white candle at the bottom of each number 7.  (there were 3 of them.

I then went utside and in the field were 7 white cows laying on their sides in a field and a large white horse went whizzing by on a train car very fast and we marveled aat that sight until we saw a man dressed in white following behind the horse with a radio antenna on his train car making the horse car go forward.

Back at home,  I stood in the yard as a car went by lighting up the entire yard so that the green grass showed crisp and clear, then my sons went to church in three cars.  I heard them say they were taking the beer and the cop car would follow them with the hotdogs.

Just as they left, I then saw 7 men running down the road toward the church, followed by a man in a white burial cloth - also running as fast as he could after them towards the church - and that last scene kept repeating itself, starting from the exact same spot from a large tree - over and over and over until I finally opened my eyes.





i Was crosing a very busy intersection where five raods came together in the middle olf the city.  I was going t owork at a convention center on the other side of the street.


I ahd to dodge several big trucks and busses on the way,, but finaly made it just as the large Frito-Lay truck was making its delivery.


I was on the sidewalk next to the driveway, talking with a woman, and the black driver of the truck said, "It ure is nice having Dolorese with us."


I smiled at him, anmd aid to the woman,"  Is he talking about me?"  and she said, "I dubt it!"  and we went on with our conversation for anothe rment.


i went insdie where I was in charge of some restaurant where we served water and I had to make sure the glasses were spotlessly6 clean.  I made a comment to that same woman,  I hope they do a better jjob on the water glasses than they do on toilets around here.


A few moments went by as I inspected water glases, and then anolther yoiung woman came along who managed an open truck which was parked at the curb.


On thisi truck she cared for eople['s birds while people wnet bowling and didn't wwant to elae their birds at home.  jShe took care of huge parrots on her truck.   A man was there who wwent to conventions and took his parrot with him.  He aid he considered going to conventions his vaction where he could have fun and relax tool.  So he went bowling in his free time and the girl took care of his bird


I admired the girl for doing this service and I ended up buying a huge bird encylopedia from her.


Just then, a small volcano I had purchased from her explolded and splatted brown gunk all over the snow where we were standing and almost go tall over my shoes.  It had just been smking a moment prior to that.  We laughed at that becaue it just barely missed my shoes.


Just then I heard crying over aways, and I lloked and my yo9ung boy child was wearing a blck snowsuit and boots and he had fallen when he tripped in the snow.  Instead of just standing there and bawling, he demonstrated to me what had happened, and fell again.


We had tol laugh before I rescued him.  He was so cute.


3-25-12 -  MEN'S MAJIC  -   TET WHET THET etc. 

DREAM  - I was living in a man's house that was beinng sold, and the front yard was sol full of trees that were old - like pines, I thought i t should be modernnized according to farmer's piinciples of tree managmemnt where the tree's were grown 20 feet apart for health of the tree and production o fruit and nuts.  When we went out into the front uyard, we used a quart dark brown beer bottle to meaure with and man of the trees weren't even the length of the beer botgtle.  Hwwever, when I thought about how many trees woould have tol be culled, we decided to elave them alone and live as nature made them.


He then showed me a book with a majic saying in it, which I could barely read, but he had memorized, and it contaend the words  TET WHET THET AND SOME EQUALLY INANE WORDS THAT MADE NO SENSE TO ME  -- ALL BASEICALLY rHYMING.


We then went into the house where all the men from One Life to lLive, the Young and the Restless and the Bold and Beautifull had gathered, and they told me that the most fun they could have was to go to a bar, get drunk, and sing men's songs together.   They all stood there with bushy mujustaches like they had back in the 1700's and early 1800's at the bar.\


They made me put my hair up in a French twist in the back and pin it there.  jThey liked that a lot because then when a woman let her hair down, it really meant something.


Then REX from One Life to Live sotod in front of me stark naked and with a sharp bristled brush he did a men's majic symbolism where he took the brush, made a swipe down the front, down the back and tied it across by swipikng the brush hhorizontal across his middle. 

He stated that if I didn't LOOK at what he was doinng, I would halt his progreses -  (I admit it was embarrassing to look at his naked body including his barely nub of a penis)  and his nose was red on teh end like a drunken man gets, and he stood in front of me and turned to stone. 



DREAM 2  I was living in a two story house with my Mother and brother Marty. (means 'of Mars - the war God)  It also had an attic and a basement.


I called a cousin on the telephone and she was at my grandmother's house, so I asked to speak to my grandmother (Helen) and told her my dream.  My grandfather (Raymond) wanted to know why I had to tell her my dream, and then my Mother (Lucille) interrupted and wanted to talk to my grandmmother but not directly.  She yelled at the telephone from three feet away, until I finally forced her to take the telephone into her own hands.


(Helen is Greek - meaning shining light - the bright one - helen of Troy whose elopement with Paris sparked the Trojan War, was the daughter of Zeus, and the wife Menelaus, King of Sparta  brother of Agamemnon who became the leader of the Greeks udring the Trojan War.) (The most beautiful woman iin the world.)


Ray - Raymond - guards wisely - German - counsel - mighty protection - Teutonic - wise protector)


Tootside - means


Neenah:  The Holy Wisdom Manastery is there and the Home for Benedictine women is located there.


Meanwhille I was collecting papers abutu my dream.  


I went upstairs and my brother Marty was in his room and my room was across the hall,   I went into the room and I saw that three lightbulbs had exploded all at the ame time, and I assumed we had ghosts, so I told my brother.


i went downstairs to get some new lightbulbs, and another aunt was there visiting who had brought chocolate candy for everyone - those long hard candy bars  calling it Tootsie bars (same candy as Tootsie rolls and colored candy has the ame chocolate centers)  She told us it was a good time to go home to Neenah, WI  and we thanked her for bringng the candy.


My Aunt Irene (Protestant Lutheran her name means Peace. (She was an early Christian martyr - and later borne by several Byzantine Empresses) was in the basement doing laundry, and all of a usdden the whole basement filled u with smoke that looked white.  We called Marty to come down and fix it because he knew how to take care of electrical work.

I woke up but still sitting in the chair thinking about the dream, I started seeing a ground creeping plant with fleshy stems and tiny pink flowers.  When I looked closer, there were no flowers, just broken stems, so I pulled back and saw the flowers again but not quite so many.


A voice in my head then said, "This is about three Popes in a row (probably murdered) and I saw one (he was thin)  and the voice said. "It's all about DEE"  (He is one of the scholars whoo wrote about ceremonil magic that I list below.






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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
by AE WAITE - Cited by 38 - Related articles
THE BOOK OF CEREMONIAL MAGIC. The Secret Tradition in Goėtia, including the rites and mysteries of Goėtic theurgy, sorcery and infernal necromancy.


The Book of Ceremonial Magic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
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The Book of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward Waite was originally called The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts. It is an attempt to document various famous ...



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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
by AE WAITE - Cited by 38 - Related articles
THE BOOK OF CEREMONIAL MAGIC. The Secret Tradition in Goėtia, including the rites and mysteries of Goėtic theurgy, sorcery and infernal necromancy.


The Book of Ceremonial Magic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
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The Book of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward Waite was originally called The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts. It is an attempt to document various famous ...


Wicca and ceremonial magic, qaballah, not judaism - YouTube 10, 2011 - 16 min - Uploaded by 1010bree
qaballah not monotheism part 2 banishing pentagrams and circle casting from golden dawn, crowley and g ...


Authentic Theurgy: Ceremonial Magic in Second Life (Morgan Leigh ...
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In this paper we describe an interactive, experiential learning activity developed for teaching the sociology of religion to undergraduates. The activity begins with ...





3-25-12 -  DREAM  -  I and my husband went to see a Father and his two sons go sky diving or something.  A little while later, we saw the two boys come shooting out of the sky.  We didn't see the Father come back down from the sky - just the boys.

We wanted to go see the boys to make sure they were okay, but a priest saidi that we had to pay to see them.  The price was $100.

I only had a few dollars, which I had in an envelope, which I showed to the priest, telling him that there was $100, and he took my word for it.

We then got into the car to go see the boys.

It was like everyone who knew about them wanted t odo the same thing.  There were hun dreds ifi not thousands of cars in line.

When we got to the place where the boys were, they stood in front of us like statues, about 8 and 10 years old - made of thick white modeling clay with black fingernail marks all over their bodies.     `   

They ddin't move a muscle, and neither did we, seeing the marks all over them.  We just stared at them until I woke up.


'Secret Space - The SOYUZ Conspiracy'
3-26-12 - DREAM  I was pricing N-45 aluminum wood grained sliding closet dors to remodel my houe for myy new baby/
My new OOAK baby doll Bella arrived today.
note:  I priced doors -  $80 to $180 per sqare meter.  Very nice.




NUMBER 1 =  was about a grove of trees which I don't remember anymore.

NUMBER 2 - was about meeting young people are the pavilion on the shore of lake Michigan.  Young people met there in small groups on Sunday eveninng just to hang out, meet new people and make new friendships.


I never met more than three people at a time, got aquainted, walked and talked briefly and moved on.   There were sports groups and spiritual groups.  Everything was quite plesant and enjoyable.


The dream end about 10 p.m. on Sunday evening.  It was just startiing to drizzle and I stood on the curb, watching the rain drift along the road and my car was across the road with th elights on the pavilion shining on the rian drops and my car.


It ended that way after a wonderful evening chatting with these young people during the evening.


I woke up feeling very peaceful and happy.



3-26-12  MEDITATION:  I was a passenger in Joe's car. We were supposed to make a right turn but Joe missed the turn.  We started to go up a hill, and the next place to turn around so we could make the original turn was quite a ways up a steep hill.  Instead of going up the hikll to turn aroun d, he jusut stopped ead in theh road .   The road ahead then strated getting covered with brown dead leaves until I couldn't see the road anymore.


A moment later, I hd a vision of getting a sympathy card in the mail.




3-28-`12- THE HOSES - DREAM

I'm not sure where I was, but I thought I was at home.   There was a woman on the second floor who wasn't normal.  Twice, when I was in her room, this tall, thin man came in with very strange hair for a man.  It looked like a cap or wig, curlyish, hanging almsot over his eyes in front, over his ears and longish in back as well.


He held this woman strangely as well, and looked like he was talking in her ear seductively, and she sat there, held in his arms with her head lolled over towards the right with her muth hanging open.  What was stranger yet, was that he had a thick rubber hose attached to something held very closely up to her neck as well. 


I didn't see any water connected or used with that hose.  It almost looked like he was speakinng into it, but I couldn't figure out why he needed to be holding that woman in his arms while he did that or why she acted so strangely at the same time.  He did that twice.


Down in the basement, was a lot of semi-coiled hoses exactly the same except two were flagged with red lines around them and two were flagged with blue lines around them.


I knew I had to remember which was which in case I had to do something with them in the future.

NOTE:  i figured out this dream on 5-1-12 when MARSHALL MASTERS was on  and he said  PROPHECY is like looking down a long hose. 

That made exact sense to me lin llight ofo this dream which I remembered instantly when he madme tha tstatement.


e-maill from a reader:


The red line is a subway and there was an explosion from methane gas in Ross Dress for Less downtown Los Angeles when they were digging the subway. The blue line goes from Long Beach up a corridor of empty land so it's above ground.

Passenger fatally stabbed on Metro Red Line |
[Aug 19, 2011] LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- There was murder on the Metro Red Line in Hollywood Friday night. It's the first homicide ever in the Metro line's history. A passenger was ...

--- In, "Sheila Toth" <sheiladreamimages@...> wrote:
> Dee, Los Angeles has red and blue train lines. They opened a new train line yesterday in Los Angeles and I happened to be researching to see how many there are now.
> All I remember seeing this morning was what I thought was an old fashioned pump, but it had a hose connected to the spout. It didn't really look like that kind of pump--the spout was pointed up instead of down and I thought it might be a cistern for storing rain water.
> Sheila



3-27-12 - DREAM:  I and my friend Loretta had to go get a young mule fron a pen out in the field and bring it back to the farm. All we had to work with was a ball of twine and yellow rubber gloves to do this job.


We managed to convnce my husband to go with us with his small yard tractor, which had a red front end loader type gadget on the front.


We started on 1th street and as we went along Clarke St. I walked in front of him with my tight blue jeans on instead of riding on the front end loader because I knew that would make him follolw me.  We had to go up 17th St. against one-way traffic.


In the net scene,  I had a boss who looked like John Wayne, and he had a side kick who looked like the little guy who played in TWIN and TAXI.  DANNYT SAVITO.


i was going to write down these names on a yellow legal pad with a bright green marker.


The first name on the paper was Laura Carleton.  I didn't really know her, but she was a volunteer.  The problem was after I wrote her name down, her name got obliterated by several rows of pine trees that appeared on the paper and I couldn't see her name anymore.


That situation threw me off kilter so much I couldn't figure out how to go forward with that project.


As I sat there thinkikng about that situation, a voice in my head said, "This is all because of YOSEMITE.


  1. Where to Get Gas in Yosemite |
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    Not that long ago fueling up your car in Yosemite wasn't an issue then, in the 1980's, stricter environmental standards came into effect in California forcing.
  2. Yosemite National Park; How To Do Yosemite
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    Gas in El Portal is (gulp) $5.15 per gallon!! Diesel is even more! Gas prices in El Portal are always the highest by a wide margin. There is NO gas in Yosemite ...
  3. Essential Yosemite Travel Info : Yosemite Park
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    Jump to Near-by Gas Stations‎: Gas stations in the Yosemite area are located in Wawona, Crane Flat, Tuolumne Meadows (seasonally) and El Portal.

    Gas Wars at Yosemite |
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    Dec 18, 2011 – I hope yall know that there is no gas in the Yosemite Valley. If you are coming via Hwy 120, you best get gas in Oakdale. Via Hwy 41 get gas in ...







I was at my New Berlin  house with my Mother and Father.  My Father taught me how to pick out the best frozen fish filets from the store.  This took a long time as they were in frozen packages and all I could see was blue marks in the dark like short links on a web page.  That took a very long time.


By the time I got the right package with five fish filets in it, both my Mother and Father were asleep in the car alongside the road  (172nd St.)

As we drove along, we passed an empty bus which was parked on the left side of the road.


We wnet back to the house to cook the fish.  Now my Mother, Father, paternal grandfather, and REX were there.  We each cooked out own fish filet.


REX cooked one with an onion slice in butter, my Father and Mother cooked plain fish filets, as did I, but my grandfather cooked one so that when it was flipped over, it had an Indian bead pattern like a sun flare in multicolors of red, white, yellow, green, and blue.  I couldn't figure out how anyone could eat that.  I thought at the time that it looked like the footprint of a Mexican or Indian man.


In the last scene, my Father was asleep in the front room and REX was asleep in the rear room.  It was very hot in the house, so REX opened his door to catch a breeze, but there was none, so I went into my Father's room and opened the front door to let a breeze flow through the house.  That woke my Father up but it was perfect in the house, and I went into the kitchen to heat up a tall pot of water electrically so we could make instant coffee.


NOTE:  My Father passed on when I was 36 and my paternal. grandfathher passed when I was 4 years old.  My Mother passed when she was 88 and I was 66 years old.   REX is from One Life to Live TV show, which ended in 2011.  It's now in reruns on the SOAP channel.




3-29-12 -   MEDITATION - DREAM

I was trying to transfer my consciousness to wherever my Higher Self was residing and didn't seem to be getting there, and fell into a dream.


Inthe dream, Joe remodeled the house on the second floor, and his Mom and Dad moved in with us.  They seemed like a happy couple, both were chubby and had white hair. 


I went acrolss the way tol tell Joe's family about the event and Joe's ex-wife Debbie put her fingers to her lips and said, "Shhhh!  Don't tell people that. We're all psychic around here but so-n-so-s brother is a 7th level psychic and people are always trying to kill him"


There was a lot of sutff going on in that house and I was helping by  cutting out pictures of things we might want to buy out of magazines.  When I left, I threw the littl.e scorro on top of a pile of stuff that was chest high, and said,"  This place i starting to look like mine,"  and laughed and walked out the door and woke up.


WHAT IS A 7TH LEVEL PSYCHIC?,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=8d01fdaf14e5d8e4&biw=1280&bih=785




i was in a non-place and a little boy came up to me laughing and jumped on my feet, he was followed by a slightly older boy, who did the same thing, always laughing and enjoying himself.  This happened multiple times, each time getting older and finally I realized the boy looked like Todd from One Life to Live TV show  (he's now on Generl Hospital on the SOAP channel)   The lsast time he came, dressed in a light beige jumpsuit and stood in front of me and he turned into my old friend Norman who passed away some years ago from emphysema.   He was heavier than I've ever seen him and he looked rather distressed and I could see his heart beating in his throat, but he didn't speak.


DREAM 2 -  This time Norman came to see me looking like his real self but younger.  I got to sit with him and hug him and hold him and he said he wanted to come live with me.


There was a woman with him who might have been his sister.  I didn't learn her name, but she was helping him.  And then there was his little girl named Percy who I became fast friemds with.  She was about age two and she and I had a love for potato chips which I shared with her.  She was adorable with short blonde hair and a cute smile.  She crawled around on my bed, eating potato chips which I gaveher.


Norman left to go get his stuff and the woman was with me and the littlel girl.  She was going to go help him move his stuff and she said I could help too, so I grabbed my keys and then Norman came back, saying he forgot his keys.  It was one gold key hanging on a ring on a golden rod about a foot long.


The woman then said she had to tell him seomthing and she pulled him aside in a small room and they started talking in private for a moment, but at the same time, a teen age boy appeared in another room wearing red and white striped pajamas.  He looked like a young Norman, and I could see his heart beating and he started to get younger as his ehart beat and it was beating very hard, shakiing his body as it beat.  He started getting smaller and smaller with each heart beat as well.  He finally stayed about age 10 or so and I finaly woke up.


NOTE:  Norman passed away in May of 2006.  He had had one lung remoed and part of the other one and was on a lung transplant list.  We talked on the phone a lot right up to the last minute when he asked me to come live with him if he got his lung transplant and he said he loved me and  I said I loved hiim.  


I found out several months later that he found out the next day he was no longer eligible for a lung transplant and a caregiver came the next day and gave him a morphine sot and he died that same day.   I think he lost the will to live that day.


I talked with his sister about three months later and she told me about is last two days.  It was so sad.  I've dreamed about him multiple times since then. 





  1. Old French: Pierce the veil
  2. French: Piercing the valley
  3. 3.  Pierce Valley

First name variations: Perceval, Percheval, Parsifal, Parsefal, Perce, Perci, Percival

Last name origins & meanings:

  1. English (of Norman origin): habitational name from any of various places in northern France, so called from the Gallo-Roman personal name Persius + the locative suffix -acum. The suggestion has also been made that it is a nickname from Old French perce(r) ‘to pierce or breach’ + haie ‘hedge’, ‘enclosure’, referring either to a soldier remembered for his breach of a fortification, or in jest to a poacher who was in the habit of breaking into a private park.
  2. Percy is the name of a leading Northumbrian family, who were instrumental in holding the English border against the Scots from their stronghold at Alnwick. Their founder was a Norman, William de Percy (?1030–96), 1st Baron Percy, who accompanied William the Conqueror. Sir Henry Percy (1342–1408), 1st Earl of Northumberland, and his son Sir Henry Percy (1364–1403), known as Harry Hotspur, helped place Henry IV on the throne. The earldom, created in 1377, has continued, on two occasions through female members, in the same family to the present day. George Percy (1508–1632), son of the 8th Earl of Northumberland, was in VA from 1606 to 1612, serving briefly as governor.

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It's hard to explain this. I had gone to bed and was laying down. Suddenly I started to feel severe pinching in front of my right arm pit - but at the same time I was having a vision like I was inside a bird cage and several dark birds were laying on their sides on the bottom of the cage amongst black fallen spiny cactus plants and white pop corn things with black neting over them.

The vision ended with the pain, but immediately I started feeling severe pinching on the back of my left shoulder blade. The pain did not go through my body. It was just on the outside even though the pains seemed to be exactly opposite on my body.

I didn't look at the time, but it was approximately midnight.

3-31-12 - DREAM - I went to a large party.  It may have been for a child's birthday party.  I'm not really certain.

Before anyone came, I was observing things and I saw a room in which 8 purple gloves were hanging on a wall.  While I watched, a young blonde man came in and put his on top of two of the purple gloves and the gloves turned green.  The young man then put his hands into the two green gloves.

My attention was drawn elsewhere and I stood up against a wall by the entryway and people of all ages came in wearing heavy winter coats and hung them on hooks, threw them on beds and placed them anywhere they could find them when they left.

The part ensued and it seemed there was a lot of game playing and card games where money was exchange.

Then the people began leaving and picking up their coats on the way out.  There were no leftover coats.

My Mother-in-law Audrey was the last woman to get ready to leave and she aid, "Someone stole $10 from me."

I realized it was possible for someone to mistake whose money they had as a lot of money changed hands during the evening, but I had a strange feeling about one of the dark-hared boys that had been at the party.  I started to tell Audrey that while I was standing by the door watching people pick up their coats to leave, I had a very uneasy feeling about a dark-haired boy at the party.

Before I could tell her who it was, a very tall, beautiful blonde woman came sweeping in the door, wearing a very bright blue dress.  Her name was Suzy and her daughter had been at the party.   Suzy had to been able to attend the party, but she came anyway just to leave her presents.

That ended my conversation with Audrey except I said, "Anything could have happened to that money they way it was flying around during the games."

After the women left, I had to go back to work, and I released a Press Release that was already typed up and printed in purple ink in all CAPS letters.

A separate signature sheet was attached also in purple ink.  It was then signed by  DAN, a space then, Dan Winter, and Two other officials of the company.

Just as I was leaving, the radio came on and I heard this:  "It is believed that 18 people from Monsanto were killed."

DAN WINTER is a very famous author and inventor on the internet whom we've written about a lot but Stan Tenon sued him and for some reason, censored all the pages where we mentioned his name.









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