MARCH 2014


3-1-14 - DREAM - I was looking at a page that was numbered like a calendar.  The squares were large enough to write in and every square had something to do written in them.

I had to find a new place to live by number 11.


3-1-14 NAP DREAM 

 I had rented a house near the beach so my kids could play on the beach whenever they wanted to.

On this particular day, all the kids went to the beach to play and when the day was over, my son Bill didn't come home with them.

I was really worried about him, but knew he was really okay.  He just needed to come home and eat dinner and be in his own home for bedtime and sleep.

My husband came home - he looked like Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful TV show. He had just come home from the beach and he had not brought Bill home with him.

I asked him excitedly,  "Where is Bill?"  and my husband answered, "He's on the beach!"

I said, "He has to come home," and I went outside and got into my car and raced the car through heavy traffic to the beach.

Somehow I had rented a house on the beach, and Bill had gone into it and made himself at home.

I walked into the house and my sister was there along with Ridge, and all I was wearing was a beach towel.

My sister asked, "Does she always dress like this?  Ridge answered, "Yes!"

I felt a little embarrassed because for a moment my beach towel fell off of me and revealed my naked body beneath it.  I grabbed the towel back up and walked into the bathroom because that's where Bill was at the moment.

Inside the bathroom, Bill was standing next to a bright green shiny bathtub, and he was only about a foot tall, not the three foot tall child I expected to see.

My voice echoed in the bathroom as I said, "Bill!  There you are!"

Immediately his body shrunk down to the size of 6 inches by 6 inches, and he was wearing clothing the same color at the green bathtub.

I was about to ask him how he was and tell him to come home, when Bill walked into the bathtub - I thought there was a tunnel through the tub and I expected him to come out in the tub itself, but when he disappeared into the tub, there was no tunnel - he became part of the tub itself.

and I woke up.


In January I also dreamt about Ridge:

1-23-14 - DREAM - I was near an ocean shoreline, with a man who looked and sounded like Ridge from The Bold and Beautiful TV show.  He had built a small wall with boxes that looked like cigar boxes, and he was a 'do not harm the animals enthusiast and advocate.

It seems I was hearing some soft music playing while I looked at these boxes, but I can't identify it.

He also was on One Life to Live and All My Children before that:


Full detailed profile on Thorsten Kaye playing Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

Kaye (ABC)
Thorsten Kaye

Birthday: 1966-02-22
Birthplace: Mainz, Germany
Marital Status: Married, Susan Haskell
Currently playing: Ridge Forrester

Thorsten Kaye also played the part of a man named Alex on One Life to Live when that was on the air.

I know an angel by the name of Alex who teaches universal truth in his channeled personality.

I dreamt about Bill from the same show in February as well.



(I'm calling this the underwear wars because everyone's underwear had a name and mine was a long name starting with the letter "L" which I can't remember so I'm calling mine Laverne.

The man I was having an argument with was Bill from "The Bold and the Beautiful TV show" I can't remember his underwear name either.) 

Apparently, it was a crime of some sort to pick up a magazine off of someone else's table of laundry and read it and talk about it or show it to someone, and then leave the magazine out in the open, but that's what our crime and argument was about.

So, when the crime came up for discussion, our laundry name was used (not our given name).

Another issue here also is, everyone was barefoot, and if you reached out and touched someone with your bare toes, that was the lowest insult you could give someone, and I did that a few times just for fun and that was really looked down upon too and people's feelings were hurt by that also.

So,, the fact that I borrowed Bill's magazine from his laundry table and left it lay out in the open on my laundry table, was one of the worst crimes and it was talked about and written about and our laundry names 3-3-were mentioned in public, everywhere we went and it was extremely embarrassing for both of us.

And every time the argument was talked about, the embarrassment and vulnerability grew and grew, and would provoke the other one to use the other person's laundry name again, and it made the whole thing worse and worse.

Since everyone's laundry was out on their own table, we walked around carefully, as we were all barefoot and wary that we could walk on someone else's laundry if it fell off the table, and at the end, I reached out with my toes of my right foot to pat the face of one of my friends, and she was so insulted, I had to tell her I was sorry that I was only kidding and she burst into tears and I had to hug her and apologize.


3-3-14 - DREAM - It was nearing the time of my birthday (late December) and I had a deadline to complete a project I was working on.  (I don't think this about me personally, unless this is totally symbolic)

There were leftover parts laying around that were metal pipes that were about 3 feet long, some of which had metal joints holding them together.  A young military man came by to check on my progress and I didn't show him what I was working on, but I KNEW that my project was done, and it looked like a home made motorcycle.


3-3-14 - DREAM - I was dating a man who looked like Cain Ashby from The Young and the Restless TV show.  I really liked him a lot. 

We went for a ride out into the country and stopped at a very large concrete home that was rather rundown and ramshackle outside and inside.

In the house, the furniture was usable, but not something you would show off to the public or take photos of  - really old comfy stuff you use on vacation - functional - but not beautiful.

There was a young couple there in the beginning and they didn't know us, but they decided they recognized my voice as a famous singer, and once they decided that, they played a CD with a song on it that sounded EXACTLY like my voice.  Even I had to admit that it sounded like me, so I pretended it was me and that they found me out that I was in disguise.

Another woman showed up then that I didn't know - very chubby.  she looked familiar but I didn't really know her, and she was acting nosy and wondering what we were doing there.  I really didn't know myself.  These were Cain's acquaintances.  I can't call them friends because I didn't know them at all.

The girl was really tall.  I thought we were the same height until we stood next to each other and I realized she had to be at least 8 inches taller than me, and her boyfriend/husband was at least that much taller than her, so he had to have been almost 7 to 8 feet tall, and she was close to 7 feet tall.  They were both like Ken and Barbie -  that good looking.

Cain was much taller than me too.

In this case,  I was wearing sweat pants and they were way too long for me, and when I lay on the couch, I realized that these sweat pants would fit someone at least a foot taller than myself if not taller.

I was thinking that I had lost a great deal of weight, but the man who was there recognized my pants as coveralls that a man in the Navy wears over his uniform for safety that is bullet proof.  That made me feel better than I had about my clothes.

He said that he recognized my uniform as being Navy so he didn't care that it wasn't fitting me.

Meanwhile Cain was outside collecting rocks.  He had five piles of them in front of the house.  These rocks were such that they were small that looked like they were glued or cemented together and had a lot of iron in them.

I felt compelled to ask Cain what these rocks are for, and that made him very angry at me, angry enough to break up with me.

I got so upset to his reaction to my question, that I had to quickly apologize to him for asking the question. 

We rather made up and he said to me, "The CIA doesn't like it when you do gun running in your personal car."




2-14-14 - VALENTINES DREAM - I started out with a web page and sorting out a series of number = mostly 11s and 5's and the names of Biblical men.

Then it switched to a dream, and I was in a large room with Daniel/Cain (he's used both names in the Young and Restless TV show) He was designing a series of boxes we were going to live in - within that larger room.  The boxes were about 4 x 4 x 8 - (like little caskets laying down, and stacked on one another.

Then all of a sudden, we were in a vehicle, being driven by Cain and juxtapositioned behind his Father's car, such that his Father could see my laughing face in His rear view mirror of his car - and we were racing down the highway, and Cain was laughing like a maniac, to tell his Father, "You are getting married.  You are getting married."


bible verses 11:5


3-4-14 - DREAM - I was in a large building with sloping floors with chairs on them rather like an auditorium, but I was with only one person who looked like a young John Travolta, dressed all in black like a priest.  I was dressed all in black like a nun.

We were there for some kind of treatment to purify us.

I went through the treatment first, which was like prayer as far as I can remember, and then it was my partner's turn.

After the treatment, I was at the bottom of the stairs, and my partner was at the top of the stairs, and he hadn't had his treatment yet.

So, I was watching and waiting for his treatment to begin, so we could be equal partners.



WEST coast of the US




























3-5-14 - DREAM -  I was working in a ramshackle place that fixed cars way out in the country in the woods somewhere..  I worked in the office handling the money, making change, etc.

When we first got there, my husband parked his car in the lot which was just a bunch of dirt ruts, and the ruts were just rough spots in the dirt - each car size ruts like cars had parked there for years without moving.

My husband drove us there as he was one of the guys who worked on the cars and I worked in the house, making change and answering the phone.

My husband parked in the second space from the front and then got worried that he wouldn't be able to get out of the spot later in the day.

I told him to park either in the front space or in the last space so he didn't have to worry about it.  I then went into the building to work.

Men were in the room, talking about wolves and coyotes.

The phone rang and a woman said she needed her car started and if she didn't have enough cash, she could guarantee by paying with a check.  I told her I couldn't guarantee a check over the phone, only the guy taking the check could do that.

Apparently she paid with cash, and when I opened the cash can which was like an old metal candy can from Christmas - many years ago.

I opened the can and little bugs flew out - not fleas, but really tiny bugs came up out of the rolled up money in the can.

I thought the bugs were from the animals that had been killed in the area when they flew up.  The money was so old, some of it had faded into lighter colors of old green, compared to the new money I had just taken in.  Apparently, these people didn't believe in banks...  they kept all the money right there in the office.


3-5-14 - NAP DREAM - I was walking down the street and walked past a house that was a bungalow type like in West Allis, WI, where my Uncle Lester and Aunt Ida lived in when we were kids.

On the front porch of the house, rather hanging in the air was my name, in the various versions I've used over the years, and under each of the versions of my name were words that described me - my personality, and other descriptive words.

Because it was all about myself, I felt no problem in taking away anything that I didn't like, and the one I took away and left a bare spot was my e-mail name Dee777 and everything below it that that name represented.

NOTE:  is this just synchronicity that I'm having a problem getting on AOL so I can use that name?  OR does that have a bigger meaning?


3-5-14  NAP DREAM - I was going to the school where I spent the first 8 + grades at, and when I went in the door, a woman showed me an award she got for something.  It was a ring with two symbols on it -  a dove coming out of a container - perhaps a nest, and a circle with a multiple edged star on it.

After that I went home and went to do some gardening, and the water hose was connected to some kind of gas run machine, and I had to turn the handle to get the water to come out of the hose. 

I then went out to the garden and watered it, and in the garden was a huge cabbage, without a spot or hole in a single leaf, and other plants growing in weed-free circles that were very neat and round.

I then went into the house, and told my husband about the gas connection not being very good.

When I went to the bathroom and turned on the light the same woman I met at the school was there, again with her dove/star ring and a container like I had in the garden - with a dove coming out of it.


3-6-14 - DREAM - This was the story of myself getting awards for things I did in my life, such as saving the pine trees from dying.

(In my personal life, millions of elm trees died from disease and were cut down, and others were saved by being inoculated to save them with some kind of chemical.) 

Joe woke me up because he got up early and I lost the other details that might have been in the dream.


3-7-14 - DREAM - (After watching a documentary film about Bush and Cheney and the Iraq war to gain control of their oil fields.)

I was in a room with both G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and gave G.W. Bush a check in the amount of $780.00 to purchase from him what looked like a flag with 4 crosses flying toward the right on a slant.

I saw the flag, and gave him the check and had to follow him into the next room where I intended to have sex with him as well.

When I followed G.W. Bush into the next room, Dick Cheney came after me because he said he wanted to have sex with me instead.

I wasn't about to do that, and argued with him that I had just paid $780 to purchase the flag with the crosses on it.

I woke up before anything else happened.



flying crosses

On 3-7-13 - A Chinese airplane disappeared over the South China Sea without a trace.

  1. Malaysia Airlines plane vanishes over South China Sea - The ...
    The Washington Post
    4 hours ago - BEIJING — Vietnamese air force planes have spotted two large oil slicks that officials believe are from a Malaysia Airlines flight that suddenly ...
  2. BBC News - Search on after Malaysia Airlines flight vanishes
    17 hours ago - A search begins in waters between Malaysia and Vietnam after a Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people vanishes on a flight to Beijing.
  3. Oil Slicks Found in Hunt for Missing Malaysia Jet - ABC News › International
    ABC News
    14 hours ago - Vietnamese air force planes on Saturday spotted two large oil slicks close to where a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 went missing earlier in the ...
  4. China: Vietnam detects signal from missing Malaysia Airlines plane
    17 hours ago - Malaysia Airlines said Saturday it lost contact with a plane carrying 227 ... Malaysia Airlines plane vanishes with 239 passengers aboard.
  5. Malaysia Airlines Flight Vanishes, Four Americans on Board - ABC ... › International
    ABC News
    14 hours ago - A possible relative cries at the Beijing Airport after news of the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 plane in Beijing, March 8, 2014.


When I meditated on the disappearance of the Chinese plane, I recalled Joe's dream this morning about the Mayan Time Cycle.

In my head came the words,  "IT GOES FROM CREST TO CREST".

I was thinking about the Bermuda triangle where 19 planes vanished and were never found and then:

When I meditated on those words, I saw 4 lists of Chinese symbols. There were about 6 symbols in each row.   plane goes missing



3-9-14 - DREAM - I was in the living room of my house and was given 10 new PINK brushes to work with.  These brushes were as tall as I was and bigger around than myself.

It was like I was introduced to them individually, one by one.  Each one was different, yet much alike at the same time, and they moved and felt soft as I recall.

I'm not quite sure what I was supposed to do with them though.


3-9-14 - DREAM -  I was given a knitted hat to wear while working with the brushes..   It had a white flat top, and on the side - it had a large brown diamond, and the whole brim of the hat had two brown thin lines all the way around the hat.

I was trying to figure out how to knit the hat without having to break the thread to knit the different colored diamond.


3-9-14 - DREAM - While thinking about the above dream, I went into another dream where I was at my Father's 16th St. house, while waiting for my husband to come home.

My son Tom  came to the back door and I asked him if he had seen his Father as I was waiting for him.   I told him I needed his Father to help me clean off the stairway to the attic.

Instead, Tom took my hand and we started walking up the stairs to the attic together, with him holding my hand all the way, and just before we got to the top, there was another way to go, and standing up the whole way, we went on a roller coaster ride back down and around up and down several times and then all the way back down to the basement, where it went into a loop, loop, loop, loop, loop, and then all the way back up to the attic, all without stopping.

It was coolest roller coaster ride I've ever been on in my life - bar none.

NOTE: After I woke up, Joe came into the room and I told him the dream and he said it was like the movie TRON-legacy -  and I said we should get the movie, and he said, "I just recorded it," and he showed me how to get to the recorded film, and we watched the men (one of whom looked just like you) and watched 5 men on electronic motorcycles inside a computer doing very similar things, up and down and around and around inside the computer

What a neat movie.  Everyone should see that one.


3-10-14 -  DREAM - It was near Christmas time, and I and some friends decided to make some hand decorated Christmas cards.

I had some cards and candy in one location, but about 100 feet away down a path was where we were going to make the cards.

So I carried the first batch of candy and cards to the second location, and the radio was on with the weather forecast.  The man on the radio said, "There will be 6 inches of snow in the mountains tonight."

While I was walking between locations, its was really dark outside and I looked up into the night sky which was perfectly clear, I saw millions of stars, really fast airplanes going over, and a few meteors as well.  It certainly didn't look like we were going to get any snow any time soon.

In the second location, another man showed up - probably a teacher - and he didn't like the idea of the candy coated cards.  I had planed to melt peppermint on top of pictures of red roses, which sounded nice to me.  However, he didn't like the idea.

But, I had forgotten to bring enough candy and cards, so I walked back through the dark night to get more, and dropped some of it on the side of the path and had to pick it all up again.

By now I was changing my mind about candy coating the cards and just giving the people the candy, however, I had just dropped the candy into the dirt, and couldn't use it to give it to people, so I decided to eat it myself instead.


3-10-14 - CHANNELING

Your are going to injure a long time friend .  (I saw myself stabbing into some food with a fork.)

You are never going to see the garden of Eden.

You will endure much.

You are ready to come into your own being.

You will know your true self and teach others to become their true selves.

This will happen in a short time.

You will be the nun you have perceived yourself to be.  (I dreamt that two days ago)

You are much loved, but you know it not.  This is going to change.

You will think you are being deserted but when you quash yourself from the true devil of yourself you will see the true light.

This will happen shortly.

The blood moons are coming.  (I have read of them several times) and this will show and you from what you need to know and prophecy will fulfill itself.

Prophecies you yourself will have seen coming in the future will happen.

Count on it and it will come to pass.




3-11-14 -  DREAM - I and my husband went to a place that was all loose dirt where people of all types were selling things outdoors.  (We used to do that in our younger years because we had relatives that sold refurbished bicycles there and my Dad liked to go there and hang out too. 

From there we went to visit some older women who lived in a house that was carpeted in light tan all over the floors, walls, and ceilings.  The carpet was rather loosely hung, not glued down in the centers, so the carpet rather sagged in the centers of the rooms.  I looked to see if there were cobwebs or bugs anywhere and there weren't.

They cleaned the place by sweeping and I noticed that the floors and walls were all solid concrete beneath the carpeting.

They also had a couple or several very large animals that were probably wolves that were also tan and rather blended in with the carpeting color- and they moved around constantly at a half run everywhere and when we moved around the rooms at the same pace, they acted like we were one of the pack.  We probably smelled the same after a time as well because as long as we kept moving at their pace, they didn't pay any attention to us.  We became like them somehow.

I don't really know why were there, but it was an experience once doesn't forget easily. 


3-12-14 - DREAM -  I  was in a slanted floor room with quite a few people - probably over a 100 - it was quite crowded.  There was one boy child there - not a newborn - somewhere between 15 months and two years old, and there was some question  about his identity and I believe his name was Joseph, but nobody was quite sure if that was his name for certain.

My friend Mikki was there, and she seemed to be in charge of making sure of the child's identity and she was the one who voiced his name.

The room either was a stairway or slanted because the people in the back of the room were on a higher level than where I was at the front of the room near the child.

It didn't seem like the people were wearing modern clothing - more like very early 1st century or before.


3-13-14 -  DREAM -

I was a passenger in a car going up a mountain road that had a lot of curves in it and some of these curves were on the edge of sharp drop-offs and the right wheels of our car were right on the edge.  We were following another car up the mountain and he was driving fast and the ride was a little scary.

Then we had to make a long curve to the left through a canyon and there was a long red smear of something in the road that looked like a bloody accident had occurred earlier and that was even scarier and we just drove on through the red stuff on the road like it wasn't there.

After we got to the farm where we were going  to work, I was in the kitchen, cleaning up the mess left by the person before me, and I looked out the kitchen window and saw what looked like the sun and the moon in the sky side by side low on the horizon.

They were both white in color but one was twice as large as the other.

Then the larger one I thought was the sun got even larger very fast and all of a sudden, both objects went racing across the sky together.

So, then I went around the place asking people if they saw the sun and moon racing across the sky and nobody did and they all looked at me like I was an idiot.

So I went back to work correcting the mistakes of the person who had my job ahead of me.

She had made a pattern of blue droplets of fingernail polish on a white bedspread and they were done really sloppy, not nice at all.

So I was trying to peel off as much of the blue dots as I could and replace the spots with pink fingernail polish.

I saw that my pink fingernail polish bottle was almost empty and I wouldn't have enough pink polish to finish fixing the person's mistakes when I saw a message on the bedspread the said.

"When you come across eddy's in life, you don't have to fix them all, because that's what makes life interesting."



there were many other people to the side and below him all in picture format.


3-14-14 - DREAM - I was stading in a lecture hall where there are higher levels to seats in the back than in the front.  All the people were of dark black skin,


and I sensed that they were all slaves.

Then in a very clear Irish accent, one of the men toward the back said, "Why don't you say, "It must have been January 21st."

and I woke up instantly.

After I typed this, a voice in my head said, "There were 22 victories.  It was a sweet success."

I assume that the spirit is from Ireland to say that.

And the spirit said, "Of course! I was there to see it in person." And then he said, "It was on Dunhegan street, and we drank green beer.  I was the captain. I parlayed all my belongings.

Those were harsh days.  But in the end, we won. That's why it was so sweet - after all that sorrow. Victory wins out!  It's amazing how memory takes one back to the place is happened and the horror of it all - the blood and the gore.  One doesn't want to go there, but one can't help it.  It's all to clear in the memory of it all. I was probably more horrorfied than most because I did most of the damage myself, with my trusty gun.

Will wonders never cease.  Dee doesn't want to remember that day, because she was there herself in that lifetime.  It was pitiful, indeed. She died that day.

I said to her.  "Do not worry.  It will be sweet in the end, and she took her last breath and was gone."

And then she found out for herself. And I lay by her side and grieved for her. I loved her so.  "


3-15-14 - DREAM - I was part of a small group of people who went to abandoned houses and apartments to find furniture they left behind, then we'd take that abandoned furniture, refurbish it and sell it.

I went wiith the group one day, and followed a young man into a bedroom that was abandoned but they had left one of the dressers behind.

I saw the young man go up to the dresser, open a small jewelry box on top of the dresser and close it again real quick.  Figuring the young man didn't like jewelry, I opened the box myself and inside was the small nest of a tiny fat bird, but I didn't close the box quickly and the bird hopped out of its nest and started flying around the room.

There went our anonimity - the bird was flying around the room showing that someone had fiddled with the contents of the room and the jewelry box.



On top of some other words, in big letters was  WATCH PENDULUM

Then a man's voice that sounded like a gentle God RA said "GOOD MORNING!"

DREAM - I was in a kitchen wiping off the table, and there was a white ring around a large oval on the wooden table, and I couldn't get the ring off the wood.

Everytime I crossed the room, there was more dirt to clean off the table, and the laundry wasn't done and I kept running from my apartment to another apartment across the hall, trying to get the laundry done.

On one side of the room, a bucket of water had three fish in it a goldfish, a black goldfish, and what looked like a baby shark.  I needed to change the water, and I was afraid I was going to lose the fish down the drain too so I had to be really careful.

I was called to the phone and said Hello, and a man named Jeffrey WEEKS  and he talked like he had heard me and Joe on the radio for quite some time, but only Joe remembered him.  I didn't!  But he talked like he knew us.  I was really confused when I finally hung up.


LATER:  I was dreaming about something else, and a man said over it, "Everyone knows that the journey takes eons of time."

I came out of that dream, and then saw a whole series of web page names - CHANGE - CHANGE - CHANGE, and then changeback, changeback, changeback.

I then went into the bedroom and started telling Joe all this, and he said when he woke up, he woke up to the song "Good Morning!  Good Morning!" which used to be on a TV show he once watched a lot.  Donald O'Conner, Debbie Reynolds, and Gene Kelley. (it's from 1952)

As I was sitting there, looking at the bookcase - I saw some tapes that Joe and I had made sandwiched between two bright yellow tape boxes that said MOTHER GODDESS AND MOTHER GODDESS.

Between them were these tapes:  9/11 (which is 2001)  The movie 2001 - A Space Odyssey, Dimming Sun, Saved by the Sun, Saving Hubble, Jewel of the Earth - Amber, Pope John Paul II - Funeral, 4-5-05, Oklahoma Bombing 4-19-05 , Anniversary (it happened in 1995), Pope Election 4-18-05. Mary, Petra City, Aging Mind, Solomon's Temple, Bible Code, Crop Circles, Heaven on Earth, Saddam's execution, First on the Moon, Alien Abductions, Andrea Bocelli - Broadway's Lost Treasures, Judy Garland, Pop Country, Bob Dylan. (2004)

see: blog -



3-16-14 -  DREAM - I was looking at a series of words, and the song "Look to yourself" by Enigma was playing over and over.

Later while on the computer, I started getting messages about something going to happen on the East Coast.  It was not specified exactly what it is to be, but it isn't good.


3-16-14 TWO DREAMS - I had two dreams actually, very intense dreams about my ex-husband, who is supposedly really sick right now, maybe in the hospital, and in the dream he was with a young blonde woman named Carol, and they seemed insepararable.

She sat at a table and showed me that she had already pre-addressed all her Christmas cards and left the envelopes open to put letters into at the last minute before sending.

Neither one of them would leave me alone for a second, and I got so desperate to be alone, that I went into the bathroom, and they both stood outside the door still talkikng to me and in both dreams, I heard the numbers 75 and 79, and didn't know what they referred to - perhaps the timing of an event, but I woke up feeling very irritated that I could never be alone.

3-16-14 - While I was sitting at my computer, I was thinking about the dream I had about the War in Ireland, and as soon as I did, the same voice from before started talking to me again, and I was trying to do something and it got irritating that I was being talked to without asking for information.

So I decided to write to my friend Mikki, and ask if one could cross someone over before they died, and then decided to call her on the phone instead and ask her that question.  When I did, I told her about Ed contacting me from the spirit realm and that he wouldn't leave me alone, and she said she could check me and remove any negative spirits around me.

When she did that, she said, 'Oh my gosh, there are so many of them1"

That didn't surprise me because any time I meditate there is always something there to answer a question. 

She said, I'll just remove the negative ones.  Some of these are really ancient and wrinkled and don't need to be there - (she was only removing negative ones)

While she did that, I could feel little headaches moving around in my head, and she said she took one away from my left shoulder and asked me if I felt that, which I didn't, but I got a small headache in the back of the right side of my head that wasn't going away.  She said that was like a raw wound, but it would go away and eventually it did.

That was amazing, and I couldn't help wondering whether I'd ever have a spirit guide again.

Later again, I was watching an Acient Aliens show talking about the Anunnaki, which is one of my favorite topics.

Now I know why.  They showed a photo of the skull of an ancient Anunnaki with an elongated head that looked just like Akhenaten, who was my Father and husband when I lived in Egypt way back then.  I was his third daughter.

Akhennaaten had an enlongated head and so did I, so we both had to be descendants of the Anunnaki, which is probably why the God RA comes and talks to me ocasionally because Akhanaaten worshipped the God RA and so did I.

Queen Puabi

What do we know about the woman who was given the elaborate burial known as PG 800?

The forensic examination of her remains, undertaken by London’s Natural History Museum, indicates that she was roughly 40 years old when she died. She stood just under five feet tall. Her name and title are known from the short inscription on one of three cylinder seals found on her person. The two cuneiform signs that compose her name were initially read as “Shub-ad” in Sumerian. Today, we think they should be read in Akkadian as “Pu-abi” (or, more correctly, “Pu-abum,” meaning “word of the Father”). Her title is “eresh” (sometimes mistakenly read as “nin”), and means “queen.”

In early Mesopotamia, women, even elite women, were generally described in relation to their husbands. For example, the inscription on the cylinder seal of the wife of the ruler of the city-state of Lagash (to the east of Ur) reads “Bara-namtara, wife of Lugal-anda, ruler of the city-state of Lagash.” The fact that Puabi is identified without the mention of her husband may indicate that she was queen in her own right. If so, she probably reigned prior to the time of the First Dynasty of Ur, whose first ruler is known from the Sumerian King List as Mesannepada. Inscribed artifacts from the Seal Impression Strata (SIS) layers above the royal tombs at Ur name Mesannepada, King of Kish, an honorific used by rulers claiming control over all of southern Mesopotamia.

[stextbox id="grey"]The fact that Puabi is identified without the mention of her husband may indicate that she wasqueen in her own right.[/stextbox]

This diverse group of objects includes items from Puabi’s dressing table, such as her cosmetics. The semicircular object with carved relief showing a lion attacking a caprid (a sheep or goat) is the lid of a poorly preserved silver box that contained kohl, a black pigment, used to highlight the eyes. The cylinder seal bears the name “Abarage,” whose identity is unknown. Woolley believed Abarage to be Puabi’s husband.



3-16-14 - While I was watching the ancient aliens show, and they showed the photo of Queen Puebe's skull, I wanted to tell Joe about it and the Egyptian connection, and he decided to tell me his theory of that same time period, and per usual, when he tells the story, its in full detail, and while he talked, my eyes started going wonky and I felt like  I was going to pass out and go into a trance or something.

Finally Joe stopped talking withhout me having to ask him to, and I had the show paused, so I turned off the light and went to sleep while asking the question about the spirits that Mikki had removed.

DREAM:  I was evidently living in a city with Joe in an apartment building, and one morning I wanted to clean a large rug, which was white - it was very large, oval, and white and a fringe around the outside.

The driveway for some reason came right up to my front door, and one of the maintenance men I had the hots for was driving a car and pulled it so close to the door I couldn't open it.

Just then Joe came up the driveway and started talking to the guy who was driving a convertible car with a younger woman by his side. I don't know if she was his girlfriend or his wife, (she looked like a TV character I've seen recently with dark hair).

But the man pulled the car back a bit while Joe was talking to him, and that gave me an excuse to open the door and ask Joe about cleaning the carpet.

As soon as I did, the maintenance man got out of his car and brought a beautiful brand new yellow carpet cleaner into my apartment, and I got all excited that I was going to have my white carpet cleaned free by my 'hotty' new boyfriend.

He put the machine down in front of me, then went back to his car and brought out a huge longe rifle with a long bayonet on the front.

That was really impressive and scary looking but Joe said to him, "Now that's what we need in the militia when we get it going."

and I woke up.

WOW - I didn't lose anything in my dream world - WOW


3-17-14 - DREAM - I spent my dream time trying to decide whether to wear an ankle length dress in brown or wear a brown pants suit to work.

note: when I went to sleep, my feet were hurting a lot from being swollen from too much salt in my diet.  I have no idea how it got there since I don't add salt to any of my food.


3-18-14 - DREAM - I was at my sister Bernice's house.  I saw her close up and she had cropped dark brown hair like a man.

On her living room floor she had a brown oval rug that was loose and soft like a blanket with small orange and white stripes on it here and there.

She had several children playing happily on the rug.

The rug had to be loose because it had to be shifted every quarter.

The food she served also changed every quarter and this quarter she was serving shrimp.    This page mentions Berenices hair too.


3-18-14 - NAP DREAM- I was busy crocheting pink lace on the edge of an oval object.

It involved making a X shaped (cross) from one edge to the other and entertwining them to make an intricate border all around  the object.

It was very beautiful.

3-19-2014 -  DREAM -  I was walking along the ocean, following the very long names of programs, which one couldn't really read because of the way the letters were positioned to one standing up, but I wanted to follow the one that took me the farthest and they all seemed to take one really far.

I finally found myself at a very tall building, and inside one had to climb a stairway that wound around like a spiral, and on the stairs were five very heavy vacuum cleaners one had to carry all the way up to the top of the stairs in order to keep the rugs clean when one got to the place one belonged.

There was no man around to help me carry those heavy vaccum cleaners, but I discovered that when I picked them up, they really weren't all that heavy aftter all, they just 'looked' heavy.

On the way up the stairs, I can to a branch off the stairs that was fancier than the one I was on.  The carpet was nicer, the railing along the stairs was highly polished, and it looked like a really rich person owned that stairway.

I thought maybe the fancy stairway went up the farthest, but I discovered that even though this stairway was owned by a really rich handsome guy who I saw at a distance, it actually didn't go all the way to the top afterall.

So, I discovered another stairway that went all the way to the top, and I still had to carry all those vaccum cleaners with me - all the way to the place I belonged. 

And when I got there - and opened the door -  all those carpets had to be vaccumed before one could even walk on them... because nobody had been there in a long time.

At least the room was brightly lit from the sun. 

I knew this was the right room because it was at the very top of the stairs.


voice:  don't ever let it slip until June

because we are partners

remember that

it depends on you

its a program and its yours

success depends on that

can't you concentrate? (I am playing a game of solitataire at the same time)

some day you'll wish you had.  (I have no idea who is talking to me)

you coul ask my name if you wished.

It is remarkable that you never do

I realize that you think that it doesn't matter what I say who I am because I could say anything and it wouldn't matter what I said anyway because you don't know who I really am no matter what I say.  That's very interesting and very astute.  It really doesn't matter what name I go by, does it.

I will leave you now to ponder that.


3-19-14 - DREAM -  I  was in a house somewhere, walking down the center hallway, and on the floor was laying a vacuum cleaner handle.  Just the handle part. 

I picked it up and it was very light - the part where the heavy motor is was not attached. 

There was a name on the handle.  I looked at it and read it - the name was EXCHANGE

I thought that was very strange, and I took the handle with me as I walked through the house.

A girl and her mother was with her and the girl went into the living room that had a big front window and in front of the window was a piano, and the girl st down and began to play the piano - all from memory - or just out of her head.  There was no music sitting in front of her like I would always need.

I didn't interrupt her, but listened to the music as I continued to walk and I took the vacuum cleaner handle into the bedroom and laid it on the bed.

I went back out into the hallway and when I did, two men came past me and went into the bedroom where I had left the vaccum cleaner handle.

When I looked in the door of the bedroom, both men were on the bed and it looked like the old mana was attacking the younger man with the vaccum cleaner handle - OR he may have been pretending to clean the younger man with the end of tghe handle.  I couldn't really figure out exactly what the old man was doing to the younger man - but he seemed to be cleaning him with the handle.

I know it sounds nasty  but maybe that's what it really was.?


3-19-14 - NAP DREAM -  I was sitting on a chair and it seemed I was drawing on a window with a  ball point pen with a fine tip.

I was drawing with great difficulty because of the surface and the ink had difficulty coming out of the pen and staying on the surface where I wanted it to especially where the tail was.

First I drew the shape of a lioness facing left and because that was so difficult, I decided to do it again facing right.

That was also difficult to draw and get the tail positioned correctly.

When I was done, I stepped back and saw  what I was really drawing on, and it was the carcass of a bear.  That's why the ink didn't want to stick to the surface.

NOTE:  When I woke up, Joe was nearby and I asked him what the symbolism of a female lion was, and while he was talking, it came to me that the female lion was Hillary Clinton and the bear was Russia.


3-21-14 - DREAM - I was weaving together what looked like plankton in the ocean. 

I did that twice, trying to get it woven together correctly.

It was not easy.


3-22-14 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere with a family. It was winter.  The sun was not shining and the whole world seemed dimly lit.

Everyone was hanging clothing that looked like winter weight army jackets that had been in storage to air them out on washlines strung out underneath the roof of a structure - maybe like a big empty garage or shed.

There was music playing, and at the end, I was wondering what music was playing, I saw this name  ZHIVKOVSKI

there is nothing on the internet with that name

but this is

Todor Zhivkov - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 

Todor Hristov Zhivkov was the communist head of state of the People's Republic of Bulgaria (PRB) from March 4, 1954 until November 10, 1989. He became ...

Early life - Rise to power - Policies - Dissent

The song was probably one I've been listening to from ENIGMA

I have a sudden fascination for that group. There is lots of their songs on



I went to my Mother's house for Christmas, and my daughter was there, and a man walked in, swarthy skinned with dark hair, and she said, "This is my boyfriend."  (She didn't tell me his name)

I went into a state of shock, because she had never communicated to me that she was having problems with her husband (other than his health).

She stood in the room, smoking a cigarette like an old trooper, and we started to argue that she had never communicated to me about her change of status, and she said to me, "You  wouldn't understand the pain I  went through," and I shot back at her, "You never understood my pain either."

She walked around me and was eating some kind of little pieces of candy from a round basket, and the candy was hidden under a brown square cloth.  Then she started eating potato chips.

Her boyfriend all of a sudden got about a foot shorter and he decided to leave and he just walked out the back door, and I realized I couldn't say goodby because nobody ever told me his name, and as he went out the door, he said, "Well now that the NATO meeting is over, I can leave."

He walked out, and I was already putting on my coat, because I was going to drive to the store to buy my own potato chips because I didn't expect to eat my Mother's food like my daughter was - just shoveling it in like it was hers.

We walked around each other at arms reach, but avoided touching each other like hugging or saying anything.

I wanted to tell her that I still loved her and understood, but I didn't say anything either.

I was still in the room with her, and suddenly there was a pencil drawing below the scene, in abstract,  that looked like a dragon, facing towards the east, and in the sky was flying a rectangular shape on an angle upward towards the east as well - also in pencil.... there was also something off to the right on the ground that looked rather messy and dark, but I didn't want to take my eye off the dragon to see what that was on the ground.


3-23-14 - For several days, I've been sorting out the names of songs, and today I found the place to go to in order to find the perfect song, and that is in a metaphysical book store or library.

DREAM - I was going to stay home from work to go the metaphysical book store and I was like going to walk backwards to get there - so it was slowly.

I found a long sleeved green shirt to put on because my boss had taken my shirt off of me in the office, and I was naked from the waist up.  So I went into HIS closet to find a shirt to wear.

I thought I would wear one of HIS shirts.

Inside the closet, he had a clothes rack that belonged to his daughter which surprised me.  Then there was an empty spot where his sons's clothes should have been.

That's where I found the green shirt and put it on and it fit me perfectly.

I didn't want to go back to the office.  I wanted to take the morning off and go the metaphysical book store and find the perfect song to save men's souls.

The woman in the store was Jennifer Lopez - and she was so beautiful. 

jennifer lopez

I saw the name of the song.  It started with the letter P and it was about 'going through the river',  which I'm sure means 'the river of life'.

I wish I could remember the whole name of the song, but I had to search long and hard to find it, even in the dream.


3-24-14 -  DREAM -  I was living in what seemed like a small town - if even that big, and I decided to buy a horse and go horseback riding with my boyfriend.

The horse was a beautiful brown horse, rather on the young side, but old enough to ride.  We planned to go riding the following Monday.

The first thing  I did was get oats all over the bathroom, on the counter, all over my hands and clothes, and it got me so upset that I had to clean the bathroom, that when I washed the floor - for some reason, it looked like there was blood coming out from under the sink and toilet - it was really dark, and it was such a mess, I was angry, and told my boyfriend I was going to sell the horse.

At that statement, my boyfriend got really mad and threatened to hit me, so I kept saying, "Don't hit me, don't hit me", and that brought my young daughter (about 16) and her younger brother into the room and they defended me.

Then my daughter decided to wash her hair and when she was done, she put a towel over her head like in a roll around her head, but on top of it.

I don't recall what she said to her brother or what he said, and that started an argument , and my boyfriend stepped in, and he acted like he was going to hit my daughter, and again, we kept saying, "Don't you hit her, don't you hit her."

The whole thing was very unpleasant to say the least.


3-25-14 - DREAM -  I was living or visiting a very old large apartment building.  Apparently many musicians lived in this building and many had pianos in their apartment.

I was in a first floor apartment, and went to visit someone on a higher floor where a woman named Jan lived who I knew. 

When I got there , a little girl about age 5 was there, and I found out from Jan, that the little girl actuallylived downstairs, but stayed with Jan so she could learn to play the piano, which I thought was a marvelous idea, except the piano was marked 5/8ths.

I then went down the hall where my brother Marty lived, and he had two pianos , an upper electronic keyboard, and a lower electronic keyboard on another shelf right under it.

I thought that was a marvelous idea too, until I found out that the lower piano was tuned a 1/2 note lower than the upper one so you couldn't play them at the same time.

I always envied people who had two keyboards so they could be played at the same time, like the expensive organs that had two different sounding keyboards on the same instrument and the ability to change the sound on the keyboards just by pulling a knob or two.

And a foot pedal too , and not just for sustained and loud sounds.

When I left there, I went over to Norman's apartment which was in the same building.  He was studying anatomy with another man, who seemed to be a doctor.

Norman's book was massive, and pictures of the organs were life-size and larger, so they could be studied really well and understood how they worked.

I wondered if I could get one of those, not just the little coloring book size I had.

I left there then and went back downstairs, where the little girls were getting ready to go to a birthday party down the street.

One of the little girls went out to the street, and her little shoes were running down the street ahead of her and so she was chasing them so she could put them on before the party started at her friends house.


3-26-14 - DREAM - I was living in a small town - it was dimly lit  - maybe dusk of the day -  and I was walking down the street making a toy for a baby - a bracelet that had a small red ball in the center, and it kept popping up like the sun would, and I kept pushing it down because it wasn't supposed to be that high.

Then we met a man who looked like our old landlord Greg - and he was complaining because he raised rabbits, and he just missed getting the prize for the best grey rabbit that was worth $28,000.

The rabbit was really cute - a grey bunny rabbit -- very soft and cuddly to carry around.  But it wasn't worth $28,000.


3-26-14 - NAP DREAM - MOTHER RENTS A NEW APARTMENT  We were apparently in Milwaukee, but traveled by car - maybe down 27th St.

My husband was driving the car, but we had no kids with us.  Mom, Marty, and a very tall woman - maybe cousin Jacquie was with us.

Dad was never mentioned, so apparently he had passed on at this point. (I don't recall that date)

We were driving along  and my husband was getting low on gas, but it was his policy never to stop on low - only when he actually had to, so he didn't stop at the first gas station, but at the second gas station, which fortunately, we could actually see from the first gas station's location.

We then went to the rental flat, and went upstairs to see the apartment.

We were all very happy with the place.  The rooms were large, the floors shiny hard wood, and it was furnished.

What we really like though was that it had 10 foot ceilings, and the arch between the rooms was over 8 feet high, and in the center was a notch cut out special for extral tall people so Jacquie didn't have to bend down to go through the arch because she fit perfectly through the cut out in the notch.

I recall that Jacquie was 6' 4" tall, and I'm 5' 10" tall, and I don't know how tall Marty was but he didn't have to duck or go through the notch like Jacquie did. 

We commented that the notch was made just for her, and laughed, and the notch was the selling point that made Mom rent this place.

Mom immediately started cleaning the place, though I didn't see any dust anywhere, she started polishing the tops of all the wood furniture and cleaning in the kitchen.

I found some pink yarn in the living room, and sat down and started crocheting a pink circle into an afghan or something.

Eventually I started feeling guilty that I should be helping Mom clean, instead of crocheting.  I didn't see anyone else there at that point and we must have left my husband at the second gas station because I never saw him again either.

I only remember seeing Marty, Mom, and Jacquie after we got there.

I started polishing the dining room table and woke up doing that.


3-26-14 - DREAM -  The whole dream took place in a car.   I was the passenger in the right seat.

I was planning to work with a girlfriend of mine - a really cute young woman.  I don't know her name - probably an actress from TV I've seen.

We hadn't yet decided what we were going to do together - evidently some kinds of sales job, though I don't know what we were going to sell, or if we had even decided.

We lived quite far apart, and I was going to suggest that we get an apartment together, but I hadn't yet said anything to her, but then she suggested that she get a different apartment, and said, "The only place I don't want to live is on Holly St.

That was the place I was just going to suggest but hadn't yet said.

She got out of the car and I immediately felt some kind of longing for her, and it came to me that I was in love with her.

Just then, a plain clothes cop came to the door - someone I knew well apparently - someone who was also a friend, and he asked me what I was doing in the car with the young woman.

Before I could explain anything to him, I woke up, feeiing very confused.


3-27-14 - DREAM - I was on a farm somewhere I've never been before.  I thought it was pretty late in the evening, and my daughter or granddaughter and her baby girl were there. 

The baby girl got into some makeup and scratched it with her finger and then put it into her mouth and started chewing it, and I didn't know if that would hurt her or not, so I grabbed her and took her into the bathroom and told her to spit and she did, and a lot of bright pink spit came out.  If she had swallowed some already, I was certain it couldn't have been much, so I just took her into the bedroom and put her down on what seemed to be a feather down coverlet on a fluffy blanket and let her crawl happily around until she got tired enough to go to sleep.  That didn't take too long.

I went out to the livingroom where the baby's mother (could have been my daughter or my granddaughter) was sitting and talking with some other folks, I don't recall who they were. 

I told her I'd like to have a little chat with her - mostly to tell her what the baby had done before I put her to bed.  She said she'd be with me shortly.

So I went to another part of the house and looked out the back window and saw that the men were bringing some cattle into a pen behind the house.  The cattle were rather rambunctiously active.

I decided to go to the bathroom and did that and then came out to where some women were sitting around chatting.

I could see the sky was black cloudy and decided to go outside for a moment because I was still waiting for my daughter/granddaughter to come and have our chat.

While I was outside, some missiles or jet planes went roaring over - several of them - all going the same direction which I can't say I knew which direction that was because I hadn't watched the sun go down to know that.  I just knew that the sky was dark.

The jet planes or missiles roaring over so low scared me quite a bit and decided to go back into the house because I didn't know what was going on out there.

I was with one of the women then and when I looked out the window, I saw that it looked like sundown with the sun showing on some billowy large clouds - and if that was true then the jets or missiles had been going west toward sundown direction.

But when I questioned the other woman about that, she said the sky was black with clouds, and when I went closer to the window, I could see a sheet of black thin clouds coming from the west that were pockmarked strangely and every so often had a huge hole in the black sheet cloud where I had seen the billowly cloud with the sun shining on it.

I can't recall ever seeing black sheet clouds like that with pock marks in them, especially such a wide expanse of cloud like that - covering the whole sky except where a huge hole was punched in it. 

I really questioned what made a black sheet cloud like that, especially since it was moving so quickly toward the east - the oppostie of the jets or missiles I had seen.

The TV must have been on and I heard that 7000 troops were coming home, and then as I looked out the window, I could see a line of cars pull up in front of the farm on the road, and young girls - probably 16,  and 17 years old with billowy dresses on were getting out of the cars and coming toward the house.

The girls were in twos and threes, looking like they had been at a party or something, but there were no young men with them - no boys - just the girls.

I was puzzled why so many girls were coming home alone.

NOTE:  this weather phenomenon is familiar to the northeast coast.


a dream from a friend:

Hey, Dee.
Well, yesterday I woke up about 4 hours into my sleep very thirsty.
I dreamed that I was in a communication center ( Operator's office - where I work), but this office was different in a lot of ways.
It was very high tech and had some computers that only did print outs.
Now what happened was there were about three EVS Supervisor's or Manager's in with us at the time.
EVS is our Kaiser version of Housekeeping.  
We were monitoring several monitor's that were showing awful devastation all around the World.
Large land areas were simply not there any longer and large clouds of dusty white powder filled the air.
We were communicating with teams all over that just kept saying they couldn't believe what they were seeing - nothing.
They thought that everything was being swallowed up into the Earth.
But they weren't sure.
At one point the lead EVS Supr. demanded to be seated to speak to one of the teams, but I said, no.
it was up to me - she was not an authorized Operator to use our equipment. I sat down at the only available station
and took control of the conversation with the team and then allowed her to sit down with myself placing the headset on her
head and then I woke up - thirsty.

* I really don't remember my dreams, and haven't for years, but lately ( the last two years or so, have recalled a few.)




This dream took place in our current house.

My computer telephone rang, and I answered it but couldn't shut it off once the man came into our house.

I saw that Joe's desk had 5 cell phones on it - all yellow - and they looked like various size small tubes - not like the black squareones we now have.

I don't recall what specifically he was talking about on the computer, but when he was in person, we were talking about remodeling my Mother's house from a dream I had yesterday, where the electricity has to be rewired, and we talked about the archway between the dining room and living room because his house had the same archway and his house was being rewired too.

The man was white-haired and he brought his son and daughter with him, both in their late teens or early twenties.

His son teased him about being a fisherman, but he was a well-known violinist as well - which is what he did for a living.

I made sure Joe was up but Joe didn't know the man was right here in the house.

Joe had white curly hair in a short pony tail, and he was walking around half asleep yet and barely had his eyes open as he came out of the bedroom and said he was going to eat some cereal and then call his friend back, and when he came out into the diningroom room which is how our house is set up, his friend was standing right there and gave Joe a big bear hug.

That's when I woke up.

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3-27-14  11:55 p.m.  DREAM - I was working with some other people in a brand new white concrete intersection, using drawings on white paper of people's fingers and hands into symbols that looked like opening flowers - a welcoming symbol.


3-28-14 - DREAM - I was standing on a white concrete road in a forested area.  There were several men around working on something.

I heard a loud clunking sound, and when I turned to look, a man had fallen over on the ground and I saw the number 7450 by his head and I thought it was his blood pressure number.  Then I saw the number 8400. 

I got really worried about him.

Then I saw the word "disclaimer" and this sentence.  "None of the above is real."

NOTE:  But what was this dream telling me -  that MY blood pressure is high?  Maybe so, because the tops of my feet hurt an are swollen.



3-29-14 - DREAM   I was at home sitting on the toilet in the bathroom.  I had a problem with my stomach  and it gave me diahrrea. 

I was sitting there with a half eaten fresh pear in my hand and I noticed that there was a bug in the middle of it  - perhaps more like slug.  so I decided it wasn't safe to eat this pear and was about to throw it away, when my husband walked in - also with diarhrrea - and the evidence all over his backside because he didn't make it to the bathroom on time.

He insisted he had to use my toilet and this bathroom even though there was a larger bathroom right across the hall that was unoccupied that he could use.

So, I'm sitting there on the toilet, and him standing in front of me naked from the waist down with diarhrrea on his back side, arguing over who could occupy this smaller bathroom, and I knew that he had been out with the boys the night before and didn't deserve to have priority in this bathroom when there was a bigger bathroom across the hall, when suddenly, I was at work and there was a counter where the wall had been, and one of the women  supervisors was standing on the opposite side of the counter, pusshing unfinished paperwork around - lots of orange tickets that had not been filed during working hours and they were now on some kind of summer hiatus and the work still had to be finished by someone.

(This woman was older than I, very thin, with short white hair - the spinster type)

She told me  that these orange tickets were from 'my' department, but I knew I didn't work in that particular department and wasn't responsible for that particular job.    These particlar orange tickets (about 4 x 6" inches - or perhaps 5 x 8" tickets)  were for iron piping that needed to be installed somewhere. 

While we were standing, and sitting there still, my husband and I started talking about when I had started working there, and I said, 'about 1980' and he thought it was more like 1983.  (It really was 1973 and I worked there until the big layoff in 1984)  

I told him how I had been hired by some really rich powerful white men who just sat in big offices but when the summer hiatus occurred, it was the lowly black men who really did all the work  in the factory and I highly respected those men who really did the work.

So, now I didn't want to tell the woman it was not my responsibility, even though it wasn't, so I looked at the book she showed me where all these tickets had to be logged in, and the particular one she showed me had the number 39362 on it and that number had not been written properly in the book of numbers, so I carefully wrote that number down and woke up.




3-29-14 - NAP DREAM -  I was standing next to a smooth black racetrack, watching hundreds of teen boys coming towards me.

I don't know what they had on their feet, but they were not running - they were on something on their feet.

They were racing around the track clockwise - not counterclockwise like most races are.

After the lead boys passed me, the secondary boy on the outside fell against the lead boy, and one by one, each boy behind him slammed into the one who fell in front of him until they were all piled atop each other along the side of the race track.

I didn't see what happened to any of the other boys who were in slot two or three as I woke up as the boys were piling up atop each other.

It felt really shockikng to see them all falling, one by one.





3-31-14 - DREAMS X 2

I was shown a list of words about the gyre, that I was supposed to alphabetize and put into two columns.  I knew I'd never remember all those words, but I knew it was about the Widening Gyre.

I didn't feel like getting up, so I flipped over the other direction to sleep some more, and immediately saw an ancient man blowing a horn, and I knew it was Gabriel blowing his horn.

NOTE:  Way back in my dreaming history, I was told that I was supposed to blow the horn myself and use my electronic keyboard with the horn tones, and play one specific key to blow the horn and while feeling guilty for doing so, I did it that day.

I mentioned this to Joe Mason, and he said he had just written about that himself because it was God's Judgment and there is a Tarot card that shows it.

judgment tarot

On the 5th of July, 2004, my friend Michelle and her family went to watch a drum and bugle corps contest in New Hampshire.  One of the teams named Carolina Crowns made the above symbol on the field during their portion of the contest. 

Michelle recognized that symbol as the ear symbol above with line extensions on it. She knew that I had published that symbol in our latest book 'OMNI': Are Extraterrestrials Steering Us To A One World Religion Through Crop Circles?' 

After the contest, Michelle and her family stopped at a McDonalds restaurant drive-thru and they were confronted by a drunken hobo-type man who knocked on their car window to beg for money.  Even though she was afraid of the man's sudden presence, she noticed that the man had that same symbol tattooed on his forehead above his left eye on the side of his head. 

The question remains?  Why did that man have that symbol tattooed on his face above his left eye? 

This part of the EYE represents the EAR. The figure points towards the ear on the face. Also, it has the shape of a horn or musical instrument. When we Hear a sound or combination of sounds we find this to be pleasing or unpleasant. The sound has a taste for us, causing a preference. Sound requires Touch + Taste and so is a combination of the lower senses.

What did it mean to him? 

Another spiritual friend called me on the telephone this afternoon and told me that to her the shape was that of a trumpet, which makes a lot of sense since many of those performers were blowing trumpets. She told me that to her it was the sign that Gabriel was blowing his trumpet. 

When The Saints Go Marching In

Oh when the saints go marching in, when the saints go marching in
Lord I want to be in that number, when the saints go marching in

I am just a lonesome traveler in this big wide world of sin
Want to join that grand procession, when the saints go marching in
Oh when the saints go marching in, when the saints go marching in
Lord I want to be in that number, when the saints go marching in

All my folks have gone before me, all my friends and all my kin
But I'll meet with them up yonder, Oh when the saints go marching in
Oh when the saints go marching in, when the saints go marching in
Lord I want to be in that number, when the saints go marching in

Come and join me in that journey, cause it's time that we begin
And we'll be there for that judgment, when the saints go marching in
Oh when the saints go marching in, when the saints go marching in
We will be in line for that judgment, when the saints go marching in

And when the stars begin to shine, when the stars begin to shine
We will be in line for that judgment, when the stars begin to shine

And when Gabriel blows his horn, when Gabriel blows his horn
Lord let me be in that number when Gabriel blows his horn

And when the sun refused to shine, when the sun refused to shine
Oh Lord let me be in that number, when the sun refused to shine

And when the moon has turned to blood, when the moon has turned to blood
Oh Lord let me be in that number, when the moon has turned to blood

And when they crown Him King of Kings, en they crown Him King of Kings
Oh Lord let me be in that number, when they crown Him King of Kings

Oh when the saints go marching in, when the saints go marching in
Lord I want to be in that number, when the saints go marching in

(C) 2004 McGuinn Music (BMI) / April First Music (ASCAP)

Trad. Arr. C. McGuinn / R. McGuinn

ga'-bri-el (gabhri'-el, "Man of God"; Gabriel):

Gabriel is attributed to the destruction of Sodom and of the host of Sennacherib, though they also regard him as the angel who buried Moses, and as the man deputed to mark the figure Tau on the foreheads of the elect (Ezekiel 4).

The name of the angel commissioned to explain to Daniel the vision of the ram and the he-goat, and to give the prediction of the 70 weeks ( Da 8:16; 9:21 ).

In the New Testament he is the angel of the annunciation to Zacharias of the birth of John the Baptist, and to Mary of the birth of Jesus ( Lu 1:19,26 ).

Though commonly spoken of as an archangel, he is not so called in Scripture. He appears in the Book of Enoch (chapters 9, 20, 40) as one of 4 (or 6) chief angels. He is "set over all powers," presents, with the others, the cry of departed souls for vengeance, is "set over the serpents, and over Paradise, and over the cherubim." He is prominent in the Jewish Targums, etc.

The 70 Weeks of Daniel

Daniel the Prophet said:

"And now I will shew thee the Truth. Behold, there shall stand up yet Three kings in Persia; and theFOURTH shall be far richer than they all: and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia" (Greece) (Daniel 11:2).

According to the Divine chronology given by God to the Prophet Daniel, there was to be Four kings or emperors over the Persian Empire and then would occur the mighty clash with the he-goat from the West (Alexander the Great), who would overthrow the Persian Empire.

"And a mighty king (Alexander the Great) shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will . . . And as I was considering, behold, an he goat came from the west on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground: and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes. And he came to the ram that had two horns (Media & Persia) . . . and ran unto him in the fury of his power . . . Therefore the he goat waxed very great: and when he was strong, the great horn was broken" (Daniel 8:5-8,11:3).

Ptolemy (who lived in Alexandria, Egypt, over 100 years after Christ), has 10 kings and the period is lengthened by about 80 years. This greatly confuses the modern student of ancient chronology and overthrows the fulfillment of the 70 Weeks prophecy in the Lord Jesus Christ.