MAY , 2007

5-2-07 - DREAM - I was with a couple other people, and we went into action at a couple different places and pre-positioned $100 bills in easy to see spots for people to pick them up and what they would do.

One place was a country store full of groceries. The clerks at the store were friends too and knew what was going on.

One of the guys was John Blackman and the other was David Golden.

For the kids test we salted the same area with tickets to important sports games.

One of the clerks handed me a check that appeared to have my own signature on it, but I didn't remember having signed. I wondered if she had forged my name on it. (I don't know for how much money it was, and she handed it to me upside-down so I just didn't notice. I only noticed that the check was green.)

Then I went home where there was a wedding and I told the guy I preferred eating at home and that exactly what I did. I didn't eat until I went home.


5-2-07 - NAP DREAM - I was working on a computer, preparing to do something.

My friend Michelle came then and we had matching teacher's kits. (There was many things in each kids)

We had to go into the school to the 4th floor. The elevator was crowded so we were going to climb up the stairs.

Michelle asked me if  had medicine by Gabian. I said I did, but I had something similar.

We started climbing the stairs and got to the point where another stairway joined it.

Two young men were carrying a jar of Mayo. One of them, a student, asked me what was the eat-by date on it.

I had to tell him, "I don't know. I didn't make it."

NOTE: After this dream, we went through the various jars of Mayo we had in the refrigerator  to make sure our Mayo was still within the 'sell-by' date.


5-3-07 - DREAM - There was a group of politicians (24?) who were supposed to get checks sent to them every month like people who are on social security, but they were getting different funds, not S.S. The problem seemed to lie in the fact that these politicians were to be paid like this without anyone knowing about it.

It was up to me to make sure that they lived where they said they did and that the payments were on the up and up.

One politician - a female, was also a musician and gave music lessons on the side, and when I went to where she lived, there was some kind of screen over the window of her upstairs room. At one point the screen blew aside and I could see that inside the room there were wide boards nailed to the window from inside to make sure no one could look into her window to see what she was doing.

Back in my own apartment building, I lived on the 7th floor and the man below me on the 6th floor was one of the politicians. I was supposed to have contact with these politicians as well, but somehow the phone of the man downstairs wasn't ringing when I called it.

I was talking to another woman in the building about the problem and she said that when that happened to her, she had to put a warm shoe on their car in the underground garage and that grounded them and that would make the connection work.

I thought that was pretty strange, but worth a try.

I could hear the man's car coming into the garage blow and told that to the woman, so I thought I'd better hurry and put a shoe on his car roof so my phone would connect to his.

I looked out my apartment door into the hallway then, and saw a whole group of older white haired ladies walking by towards the stairs to go to a meeting downstairs and I didn't want them to see me rushing downstairs with a shoe in my hand, so I didn't know how I was going to accomplish this strange job I had to do.


5-3-07 - DREAM - This dream had three seen characters and hundreds of unseen characters.

The seen characters were Janet Delerion (sp?) the crazy mother from All My Children TV show, a doctor who never kills and myself.

Janet D. dug a hole at the front door of a big mansion and crawled under the door and entered the house. Her goal was to capture a person, kill them with a long wire whip and make them into a pint size can of yellow paint.

I saw that a person made a shade of yellow from pale to bright yellow depending on how fat they were.

The doctor protected me all the way to the end, but finally, she got the doctor, so it was just her and me ...  and I'm still here.


5-3-07 - 5 LEVEL WAKING UP NAP DREAM.  I was in a camera/jewelry shop with my husband.  He was buying a camera for me and I was buying jewelry, but it was taking so long, I sat down and closed my eyes to take a nap and rest my eyes for a bit.

While I was sitting there with my eyes closed, I was over hearing my husband talking about the camera with the sales clerk. I heard the clerk say that the price of the camera was $16,000.  I was really shocked and I was thinking that I could write a check for that amount and wondered if my husband could just put it on his credit card and we could pay for it $100 a month. That sounded unlikely too.

I opened my eyes and looked at some turquoise jewelry I was thinking of buying and took my earrings out of my ear lobes that were also turquoise.  My earrings that I had made myself weren't anywhere near the same quality as what the jewelry saleslady had handed to me while I was waiting. Then I wondered if the saleslady would accuse me of stealing the earrings I had just taken off.

I was so tired I closed my eyes again.  All of a sudden I opened my eyes and found myself sitting at a desk in the hallway of a school. Somebody had just walked by me and had thrown their sweater school colors which was black with an orange arm band.

I jumped up and picked up the sweater and decided  I would keep it for myself and I ran outside with hit to put it in my car to take it home.

I was really tired and I had a hard time moving. I had to cross a really wide street and a car was coming from the sight in the other lane.

So I started crossing the street hoping no cars would come from the left while I was waiting for the car coming from the left.

None did, and the car passed so I ran the rest of the way to my car to throw the sweater in the window onto the seat. Then I had to cross the street back to the building and I was still so tired, I could hardly walk and again I had to wait for traffic going both ways.

I made it back into the building and sat down at the desk and again closed my eyes because I was so tired.

Again I heard a sound and opened my eyes quickly and found myself sitting in my car at a stop sign at a 4-way intersection.

I needed to cross the intersection and drive home.

On my right there was a line of cars at the curb but it didn't appear that anyone was actually driving.

On the left there was no cars coming.

So I put my foot on the gas pedal to go forward and nothing happened. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, and then I noticed the car wasn't making any noise, so this car must have stopped.

I put the key into the ignition and put my foot on the gas pedal hard and nothing happen. 

Then I was afraid I was flooding the carburetor so I pulled my foot off the gas pedal.

I heard a sound and opened my eyes in the physical world and realized the dog had barked and I was pushing my foot on the floor and felt really stupid.

I closed my eyes again and was back in the car.  Now there were cars coming from the right and a couple fire engines. So I got out of the car and tried pushing the car across the intersection and I was so tired, the car was only moving about an inch a minute and I was going to be in the way of the fire engine and traffic.

I was pushing the car really hard, struggling to get the car out of the way.

I put my hand down on the top of the car and closed my eyes to push really hard and when I opened my eyes, I was sitting in a chair in a young woman's apartment. I think there were people out in the hallways waiting to see her apartment, but she wasn't quite ready to let them in yet.

She was standing at an ironing board ironing a shirt. So I closed my eyes again while I was waiting.

I opened my eyes again, feeling really tired and heard some noise in the other room and I thought the woman was showing the apartment herself.

So I jumped up out of the chair, feeling all embarrassed that I had slept through showing the apartment. I could see a blue light flickering a couple rooms away, so I ran into the next room and saw that it was hexagon shaped and that it was rather like a dining room but it had nothing in it.

So I walked into the next room where the blue light was flickering. In that room, it was like a dome with 8 sides - an octagon and there was nobody in that room but a very large TV set with a woman advertising something. The walls seemed dilapidated and need of painting.

So I turned around and walked back to the door, hoping the people were standing at the door and hadn't gotten tired of waiting for me. I opened up the door and found myself laying on the couch where I had really been sleeping.


5-4-09 - DREAM - I got a job in a restaurant.  I was told that they changed personnel so fast that sometimes people only kept their job for 16 seconds and they were promoted to better jobs.

I was hired to wait on tables, but I really wanted to work in the office - it was just another table out in the open with stacks of papers on it.

The place was a mess.  All the tables had crumbs and grease on them.  Fortunately there weren't many customers so we had time to clean off the tables.

Then a short - older - Jewish lady came in and asked for a cup of coffee.  She was served and stood there drinking it.

I was then told to place her at a table in the far corner, one of those tables that wasn't yet cleaned.

So I asked the woman if she would like a seat at the corner table and as she walked over to it, I had to rush around to find a rag to wash off the spot where she was going to sit. I had to actually walk on top of another table to get someone else's wet rag to wash her table off with and not the whole table, only the corner where she was going to sit.

I was then asked to mix up some dough to make some coffee cake. I saw that there was pineapple in the batter and I can't eat pineapple, so I was trying to figure out if there was some way to separate the dough so that only part of the dough had pineapple and part didn't.

Then I saw a piece of dark fruit that was already overripe and I had to fish those out of the dough completely.

by now the dough was separated into clumps and it seemed that it was not possible to keep the pineapple sections separate from the plain sections.

Then I was asked to make hamburger patties from a big slab of hamburger.  The hamburger looked fresh, but here again I had to work with some older hamburger and really fresh hamburger and make the patties with my hands.

I didn't rally like that job and woke up.


5-4-07 - VISION - I asked to see myself as a child when I lived in Abados.

I saw my own face as I looked about age 8 or 9 in that lifetime.  It didn't look like the sculptures they have in Egypt with the elongated heads. I had a normal shaped head.


5-6-07 - DREAM -  I was a married women with a son.  I prostituted myself in a very public bathroom at hotel.

I didn't know until the last second who the man was going to be.  He turned out to be a tall man in a brown suit, and he joined me in the ladies room stall, he said he was Puerto Rican.

It seemed like it lasted on a minute, and he left, assuring me it would happen again.

I was glad it was over and I left the hotel and went home.

The next day I went to my son's school where my husband who also was my son's teacher.

He looked like Neil Winters from 'The Young & Restless TV show, with darker skin, beard, black hair and eyes.

I was standing at the blackboard, tall and rough looking.

Then the assistant teacher walked into the room.  It was the young Puerto Rican man I had prostituted myself with the night before.

I saw him walk in and introduce himself to my teacher/husband.  Then he glanced over at me and caught my eye and smiled.

He looked very much like my husband - tall with a beard and mustache, black hair and eyes.

His smile told me that he recognized me and that he would see me again.


5-7-07 - DREAM #1 -  There were so many people in this dream.  I was offered many pieces of bread either with X's or O's on them and I was supposed to eat the bread of whichever side I chose to believe in. I couldn't tolerate either side because I'm allergic to bread, so I was not able to choose at all.

DREAM #2 - I was given larger items (what exactly I can't remember) to choose between countries and lands and a gain I couldn't choose between them because I couldn't accept either side.

I then saw a piece of paper on which were written short sentence describing pronouns.

There were a lot of them and all about I or me. Again it was intolerant to choose.

I never did choose one side over the other. At no time were people ever seen. The choose was abstract.


5-9-07 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building and the mailman left stacks of packages that hadn't been deliver for Christmas.  I decided I would wrap them in Christmas paper and take my baby boy who was dressed in a pale blue snowsuit and have the baby present the gift to the person receiving the gift.


5-9-07 - DREAM - I was in a large room somewhere.  There was a bookcase about 4 feet tall on my right with a lot of books on it.  I was looking for something to read and T.M.  handed me a notebook - black - about 3" x 6" or a little smaller.  It had a lot of paper in the notebook and it said on the top page that his book had been written using these large religious terms and I knew that if I read those terms I could write a book with them too.

I was very impressed by the words.


5-10-07 - PREJUDICE - DREAM - My friend Lee Chin and I were living in separate apartments on the top floor of an apartment building.  We decided it would be nice to live together. We could each bring our best furniture and give away the rest.

I had it visualized in my mind how our apartment would look, but the problem was - the apartment I wanted to live in wasn't available.

Since I had been the manager of every apartment building I had ever lived in for 11 years, I figured I must be the manager of this one too, even though I hadn't yet been in the office of this one.

It was about 8 a.m.  I looked out the window and it was raining lightly.

From my balcony, I could see onto the balcony of the people below me one floor to the right. They had a big shaggy dog about 4 feet tall and 5 feet long.

The strange thing about that dog was the it not only had a big shaggy dog head where it was supposed to be, it had a human head on a long 6 foot neck stick out of it's stomach, and a smaller human head on a long 3 foot neck sticking out of the stomach looking in the other direction.

The large human head swiveled up toward me and smiled.  Even the face was handsome, it creeped me out.

I decided I would go down to the office and check out the tenant file and see how many people lived in this building and what the rules were for animals and children.

I knew that if I was manager, I would have keys to all the doors in the building including the office.

I pulled the keys out of my pocket.  I had keys of every imaginable size and shape in my pocket - even my key ring had key rings on it.

So I went down to the manager's office door with my keys.  There were at least 50 locks on the door - it looked very formidable.

I decided I would start with the top lock and see if I had that key  - it was the smallest lock.

So I tried the first key and put it in the lock and turned it to the right and the door popped right open.  Then I knew that all the other locks were fake and just there for show.  None of them were locked.

I opened the door and looked into the office.  It was very small and the far wall had two large double doors that were closed. I wondered what those led to.

I was feeling guilty for sneaking into the office and looking in the files without permission and heard a noise behind me, so I closed the door again to see where the noise had come from.

I went out in the hallway where I met two old men and they asked me what my qualifications were for being manager. I told them that I had managed for 11 years and managed a total of 328 apartment at the same time.

That seemed to be okay with them and went past me on down the hall.

I turned to go back into the office and in front of the door were the maintenance man's shoes.  They were brown work books three feet long by 2 feet high and all muddy on the bottom, telling me they had just come in out of the rain.  That also told me that the big double doors on the other side of the office was where they worked and kept their supplies.

Since I didn't feel comfortable meeting them right now, I decided I would pick up my mail in the lobby.

I started to open the door and I heard a man's voice say in an intimidating way, "There better not be any Indian blood behind this door!"

On the right was a young woman with little kids.

I knew that was too many kids for an apartment.

I kept pushing the door back until it revealed the white man behind the door.  he was shorter than me and I said to him, "And aren't you glad there isn't!" and I glared angrily at him for his prejudiced statement.


5-11-07 - 5:55 a.m.  Slowly but surely, in abstract, line by line,  terms which I can see being transferred on paper in my dreams, but not remember when I wake up.  I'm being turned into an Indian.

A phone rang in my right ear again this morning and I was able to thank them/him and have a one or two sentence conversations, but I'm evidently not allowed to remember any details.

Last week, I also had a dream like this where the lines were short and I was shown that dream in the dream to remind me, but I saw the lines not so defined and they had to be adjusted.

In this dream, the lines of text vs numbers were much longer and in more detail.

It would be nice to remember so I could make more sense of it.


5-12-07 - DREAM - I was looking at a web page called

I woke up and went to the computer. The .com was already being used by a truck/car repair place, so I ordered .org, .net, and .info.  I will use  .org.


Later, I was dreaming about the page and saw that Paula Abdul was dancing violently and jumping up and down.

NOTE:  It has come to light that she has had a lot of health issues with pain and medicines she takes.


5-13-07 - DREAM - I was in an underground tunnel and the words 'Water Quality were seen everywhere I looked. I was determined to get the place clean.


5-13-07 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, WI.  I had moved into a different apartment, but I had to go to the old one to pick up my mail because I hadn't been there for a month.

My cousin Judy was home. She got two pink telephone directories in the mail.  I made sure I got one because it had my telephone number right on the front.  Everyone's did.

I then walked down the hallway and realized I was on the 2nd floor of 20th St. school.  The floor was carpeted in a maroon oriental rug. It was so dark in there because the walls were paneled with dark wood and there were dark doors every double dozen feet.

I got down to the other end where I met a little boy and I told him I had gone to that school when I was his age. I walked into the classroom on the end. 

It was brighter in there because there were huge plate glass windows for walls.  But a big wind came and blew in the windows.  I was expecting to get cut by glass but we didn't.  Then I wondered shy I didn't hear sirens from the fire department coming to help.

I made sure everyone was okay, then I went down to the first floor and walked back to my new apartment. It seemed different and then I realized someone was carpeting the walls as well as the floor and they were doing a lousy job and not trimming the edges off even.

I met the supervisor of maintenance Antonio Vega from One Life to Live TV show and complained about it. I told him that if he didn't have the job done right, I'd have to move again.

I had a sewing machine in my apartment and I decided to patch a pair of blue jeans. It needed a blue patch on the outside. I decided to put a buttonhole type patch on the hold. I was afraid this machine would sew over my fingers and then I discovered that I could direct the stitches to go where I wanted just with though alone - even around corners, and I didn't have enough thread either. So it a perfect patch without even turning the fabric around, just by thinking how I wanted the stitches to go.

Pretty neat!


5-15-07 - All my dreams have been in the abstract the last few days.  In this one, I had a baby and was then shown 4 figures representing time periods.  I chose Egyptian.  The man was standing sideways and was sky blue in color.


5-16-07 - Another abstract dream.  I was given a choice of 5 different occupations and I chose 'newspaper reporter'.


5-16-07 - There was no sense of reality to this dream -

DREAM - I was living in a farmhouse somewhere.  On the kitchen table was a number of items that always stayed where I put them.  No one ever moved them.  One was my dream journal.  Another was a smaller notebook, perhaps an address book or something like it. There were also a number of plastic bags.

I folded those up and piled them neatly , but they remained on the corner of the table.

In another room behind closed doors, I could hear a woman talking to my husband. I wondered how she had gotten there without my knowledge.

When my husband came into the room, I confronted him and told him I wouldn't put up with it.

Then one of my sons came from the same room. He had to have been between 7 and 8 feet tall and extremely thin. I believe it was Bill. He came over and gave me a big hug.   I asked him if he was still growing.

He assured me he was about as tall as he was ever going to be. He had a dark-haired male companion who was even taller and thinner - at least 8 feet tall.

In my mind I was thinking.  This is your mother's Day visit" and I was glad he thought of me.

Then he said, "My wife is going to have a baby in 2 months!"

He was acting rather nervous about it, so I said, "In a couple of months, it'll be all over," and you'll wonder about how it used to be and wonder how it ever could have been so quiet without the child and never want to go back."

After he left I was changing clothes and noticing that I had lost at least 50 pounds and exchanging yellow clothes for pink clothes that fit me well.

I then went outside and there was a black dachshund dog and he crawled into a small hole in a concrete wall of a building and then crawled out of another one and the wall began crumbling.  The dog went in and out enough times that a whole section of wall came out and I could see into the building and up high but within reach was a closet of my own clothes that I used to wear.  I pulled down a pink square dance dress I used to wear.  It was still beautiful as I remembered it.  I wondered if it still fit me and I held it on my lap and the threads were so old, the top started to separate from the skirt and then to begin to separate from the zipper.  I pulled on the threads until all I had left was pieces of fabric.  They were still lovely to me and brought back many happy memories.

I was still standing outside, when a dog-like human like him came out of hiding and grabbed a big piece of turkey meat and drank scalding hot coffee.

It was too much for him to swallow at once so he started coughing violently and coughed back up the turkey and I could see what looked like a thigh bone with a lot of meat still on it.

The noise brought out the lioness from a closet and with her, she brought out 2 cubs.   I was afraid she would try to drink my scalding hot coffee too, so I tossed the coffee onto a rug that looked like animal fur so it would cool quickly and the cubs ran over to it and began licking the warm coffee off of the rug.

I looked at the back of one of the cubs which seemed to be male and I saw that it looked like it had crawled through a net that had been holding it captive until now.


5-18-07 - DREAM - I was given a model of a wooden dome home similar to what native Americans might use- made of sticks and told to find out who the most-likely society would make use of it.

 So I visited many different types of people and found that oil barons would be the least likely to use it.  Those who lived on the land would be the most likely to use it.

The windows went all the way around it.

DREAM #2 -  I went to visit my friend Michelle to show her the dome home and to tell her about the project.  While I was there, Kayla asked me if I would go out to the yard with her and talk.  Michelle didn't like the idea and I was reluctant, but Kayla insisted and we had to walk down a long stairway to get outside.

By then, I told her I had to go to my dentist appointment so they could check my teeth.

The dentist was tall and thin, and he checked my teeth and told me I still had food from dinner on them.  I was embarrassed so I had to brush my teeth again.

Kayla and Michelle were both still waiting for me outside in the yard and I heard Michelle tell Kayla it was 8 p.m. and it was too late to talk about the dome home.

I was going to go down there when this chubby Jewish lady who was the main teeth inspector in the dentist world insisted she wanted to look at my teeth to see what kind of job the dentist had done.

I told her I had to brush my teeth again because the dentist had told me  I still had dinner on my teeth.

So she and the next dental patient (a man) waited while I brush my teeth with spearmint toothpaste at the sink.  I was looking in the mirror. I had long dark hair, slightly wavy.

She instructed me to brush vigorously and I watched in in the mirror while I brush my teeth myself.

I woke up and my mouth still tasted like spearmint.  (It's probably the green mint ice cream I had before dinner.)


5-19-07 - DREAM - I don't know where I was, but I was working in a large building and we had contracts with the government.

My boss (unseen) asked me to deliver a contract for signature to a government office.  I don't know which building it was in, but I looked at the name at the top of the contract.  There were so many name, the print was extra small - like 8-point, and I remember the name Balestreri as one of them.

I hadn't been in this building before, and I went down the wrong hallway and came to a wide door that would slide up rather than open like a normal door.

There was a wide window all across the top about 3 feet high about shoulder height and it was curved on the sides with heavy black rubber gasket around it.

I looked in the window and standing in a group, facing me, ready for attack was a group of  Ewok "mookies" all white beings with big black eyes or goggles on - all facing me.

When I saw them, I immediately thought, "This is just like Star Wars!"


I realized instantly I was in the wrong place and turned and went in the opposite direction.

I found the office I was looking for and the men who needed to sign the contract were all there - all older men - all with grey hair and pudgy looking - suits that looked like they wore the same  one for months at a time with no real shape or tone to them. - brown and grey suited guys.

They were all sitting around a table in close quarters and there were a lot of file cabinets around and desks and shelves with old papers on them.

I would venture to say, these men didn't need to worry about losing their jobs every 4 or 8 years; though I don't know what governmental department it was.

When I got into the room, I told them I didn't have a white envelope to put the contract in and one of the men at the table and found me one and I slipped the contract into it and closed the flap over, and then handed it to them, and said it needed signatures on it.

They thanked me and I left.

NOTE: This almost seems like MJ-12

DREAM #2 - I woke up briefly, rolled over in bed and went right back to sleep.  I know I was in a small town type place, one of those places where nothing ever happens and the farmers come into town to pick up supplies and do grocery shopping for things they can't grow themselves.

I was sitting in a room at first, reading what I would call a booklist - it was about 3 x 4 inches with small print in it.

A guy I was friends with was also reading it, and we had torn the book into 3 sections so we could read the book at the same time, just that one of us was farther into the book than the other.

My friend Robb Russo (deceased) came I there and saw the ripped up book and wondered shy I had done that.

I waved the book at him and said, "Because the book is so exciting and I can't put it down, we're sharing the book so we can read it at the same time."

He was intrigued by that but said he was having trouble with his car and told me it was parked at the curb around the corner.

When I went out there, I got into my car and drove it around the corner, there were a lot of old men standing around in the street with little mutt dogs and little kids milling around.

They saw me coming and had made sure there was a large parking spot right behind Robb's car, like I was being honored for my presence and I was able to drive my car into the spot going forward up along the curb.

I smiled and waved at the old men like it was old home week.


5-19-07 - NAP DREAM - I was living in a compound of houses.  A white-haired woman from next door walked past the window and then came to the door and handed my husband a thin, red covered reddish book - an old one and she said that my first husband had been given this book as a birthday gift and he wanted me to read it.

The title was:  "The Man Who Killed Kenned" by Arthur Renfrew.

[NOTE: Kennedy was killed on my husband's birthday, Nov. 22, 1963. I was baking him a birthday cake when it happened. and I had sat on the livingroom floor in front of the TV, crying, with my 3 young sons on my lap all at the same time.]

I took the book and then wondered how this woman knew my 1st husband and why would he give her a book to give to me.

I'm missing part of the dream where I went to 16th St. to visit my Mother and Father. My Mother was wearing a darker green flowered dress with an apron over it and my Father came down from upstairs.

I went out and started walking up the street with the book and for some reason, I tossed the red book on the front stairs of the house next door where the attorney lived. Then I retrieved the book again.

I was very upset about now that woman knew my husband and how they knew that I studied the Kennedy assassination.

NOTE:  Here is what turned up in a web search I did for Arthur Renfrew  (typing this page in 2009)

Sometimes I surprise even myself. :-)


5-20-07 - DREAM - I was having a series of dreams that ran into each other - this is the last one.

I was sleeping on a desk, by the wall, in a large hall full of desks.  nearby, other people were sitting quietly. It was very early morning.

I could hear a man talking loudly to several other people about an organization that dealt with mental health issues. 

The organization had 4 letters - two of which were G & W. He looking for supporters to his cause.

 I thought to myself, "I could speak to mental health issues."

I became aware of a man sleeping on my left. and then a man was brought in on my right. He was wearing a grey sweat suit and was evidently still having health issues and was only going to be working in the mornings from his bed on the desk next to mine.  It seemed he had had a hand injury in an accident.

Several doctors huddled over him, checking his vital signs, asking him how he was feeling.

The tall female doctor, who I recognized as my psychiatrist, saw me and said, "Oh! Hi Dee!"  Then she turned to her colleagues and said, "Dee is an interesting case." they walked off out of earshot. She was still talking about me.


5-20-07 - NAP DREAM - I was living with my husband in a town or city. I met my husband at a large intersection and I noticed that the street was just dirt.

Some people passed by but I didn't pay much attention them at first.

My husband found a box in the street and went behind a telephone pole so he could open it without anyone seeing, but that included myself.

I kept pleading with him to let me see what was in the box but he wouldn't let me look.

He walked off toward home but in order to get there, we had to climb onto a high wooden platform where the walkway was.

The people were directly behind me, and pleaded with my husband to wait for me because my skirt was tight and above my knees and I didn't have any underwear on.

I prayed the people weren't looking when I climbed up onto the platform.

By that time my husband was already at the house and I quickly followed him into the house.  He went through the bedroom and into the bathroom to look into the box again.

On the way through the bedroom, I noticed that he had moved the dresser against the wall, and slung a long rag over it.

It was my underwear dresser and I couldn't open the drawer to get a pair of underwear with the rug in the way, so I had to stop and take the rug and that almost toppled the dresser, but I managed to stop it and get my underwear.

 Since my husband was in the bathroom, I needed to find a place to put my underwear on, so I went into the large room behind the bathroom.

there was nothing in this room.  It was large with high ceilings.  It also had very large windows and I saw that it was pitch black outside, but I knew that there was a house very close to ours and the people there could look right into our house since our lights were on and there house was dark.  I had no way of knowing if there was anyone there and when I looked at the windows, there was a wooden yellow shutter on each side that covered only half of the window.  On one side (the left) was 1/2 of a sun with rays coming out of it, and the other shutter (on the right) it had 1/2 of a moon shape cut out of it.  They didn't meet in the middle either so I couldn't close them.

Some people walked by and  didn't want them to see that I needed to put my underwear on, so I had behind the wall.

On the side wall was a short double door. I knew that one side had a cubby hole like a closet but there was a stairway that went down on that side too.  Behind the other side was a set of dresser drawers built into the wall.

I couldn't remember which side was which. I was thinking that the closet with the stairs was behind the left door and drawers behind the right door, but I wasn't sure.

but I needed to find a place to put on my underwear and I had to take a chance and get into the closet without falling down the stairs.  The doors had odd handles on them.  The knobs were smaller than normal and they didn't just turn, you also had to squeeze them and a mechanism depressed and unlocked the door at the same time.

So I squeezed the knob on the left door and turned it and woke up.


5-21-07 - DREAM - I was with my first husband Jim.  We were standing on a road that wound down around a mountain to the right.

He was demonstrating to me how fast he could drive his car remotely down the curving road.  The car would drag along the fence on the left and it wouldn't go off the road.  He did it several times to prove it.

Then he said he was going to get in the car and drive it himself after another car went down the road with people in it safely.

He wanted me to get in the car with him and I refused, telling him profusely that it wasn't safe.

But he got in the car and started down the road so fast as he could go - the car dragging along the fence like it had before.  But when the car got to a certain point, the car took a bad bounce against the fence and it crashed through the fence and the car went off the road, and landing into he lake or ocean that was off to the left of the mountain.

I screamed and ran down the road to where the car lay in the water. A rescue crew was already there and they had extricated him from the car and he was laying unconscious on a board floating on the lake.

I didn't know if he was alive or dead

NOTE:  That's the story of my journey with the Catholic church that lasted 18 years of my adult life.  After that, we all turned Lutheran.


5-21-07 - DREAM - I went to church with some people and one of the ladies had a bible that had yellow pages where the gospels were.

that made it so much easier to find them and I wanted a Bible like that too so I could read from it.

I went home then and had my Bible and rather than yellow pages, my gospel pages were highlighted with yellow marker so I could read them easier.

I was on the computer with my friend Alyse.  (she is 7th day Adventist)  She was trying to send me an e-mail with an attachment on it and I was trying to tell her about the yellow gospel pages.  Her attachment was stuck in the computer and couldn't come out and print, so I couldn't type either.

While this was going on, I heard the mailman at the front door trying to put gift packages through the mail slot.

I don't know why he didn't just knock, so I headed for the front door, still dressed in my bathrobe and hair up in curlers with a scarf over my hair.

When I got to the front door, there was a gospel page attached to the wall over the door and I saw 7 geckos go scurrying down the wall to the corner.

I cringed to see so many geckos at once.  All of a sudden, the 7 geckos ran back up the gospel page - each gecko stopping on a certain word.  One gecko was on the word  AN.

I thought to myself, "I should read just the words the 7 geckos stopped on and see what the message was.


5-22-07 - DREAM - It was Friday at 5 p.m. and I was leaving work and was supposed to be driven home by three guys in their car.

They guys were standing around chit-chatting and in no hurry.  I had trouble opened the heavy steel door to get into the parking garage and finally figured out that I just had to push it.

The guys were standing gin the garage with several other guys and their car was the last one in the garage, so I stepped into the lunch room off the garage where a lot of people were still hanging around talking - in no hurry to go home.

There was a short Chinese girl waiting on the tables. She asked me if I needed any help and I said, "No!"

I saw a bookcase along the wall.  I thought maybe I would find something interesting for the weekend, and there were books of all sizes, some in sets.  I looked at a couple of smaller one - they were about Chinese life from 1715 to 1754.  One was about a farmer's life and one was about sailing on the ocean.

I was going to look at a larger volume for something more medium, but then I realized I 'd better get back to the garage.

I pushed open the door and to my shock, the guys and the car were gone.  The whole garage was full of kids playing like it was an after-school program.  I saw adults so I could tell it was supervised.

I thought maybe the guys had left the garage and drove around the block looking for me, but I soon realized that they wouldn't have.  They would have thought that I got tired of waiting for them and found another way home.

I toyed with the idea of looking for them but then decided it wasn't worth the effort.  I would just find someone else going the same way I was going.

Out on the street in front of the building, it looked similar to 70th St. in West Allis, WI, until I saw that across the street was a huge mountain.  Way up high, I could see a narrow trail and only one man was climbing the mountain - he was all alone.

On the street I saw some familiar faces, but I decided not to ask for a ride from them.

The first guy was picking up drunken friends from the gutter and that didn't feel like a good idea to ride with drunken guys.

There was an apartment building and some women were standing on the lawn amongst flowers and small trees.  They were happy and seemed to be waiting for a moving van. I heard one shout, "It sure feels like a Friday!" and I shouted back, laughing, "That's because it is!"  and laughed again.

I then met a woman I knew who was heading for her car and I thought maybe I would ask her for a ride, but she was obviously drunk because her face was all red and ruddy looking.

So I decided I would just catch a bus down on the corner and go home by myself on the bus.

I knew I didn't have to worry about going to the bathroom because I had already done that for the day.  So I headed for the bus stop and woke up.


5-22-07 - NAP DREAM - I was looking at a tall, skinny kid sitting on a rock.

A woman walked up to him and said.  "How long have you been here, Charlie?"

I blinked and the kid was now Superman, and he answered, "Oh!" I've been here a long time, "Ma-am!"


. 5-23-07  -NAP DREAM - It was lunch time so I stopped in a restaurant to get something to eat.  There was a lot of people in the restaurant. I recognized, including Diane W. who brought in a man named David.  First - a radio announcer interviewer. I want to talk to him, but I had just seen my friend Irv walk by the window and I wanted to talk to him more, so I asked her to keep David busy until I got back.

I ran outside and called Irv to come into the restaurant. He was dressed like a railroad engineer, cap and overalls and everything.  I also remember him having a white string around his hat and trailing off like a broken thread.

He came into the restaurant and we walked all the way to sit in the back of the restaurant and picked out a 2-seater table against the wall.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom, saying I would be right back.

The ladies rooms was just a few feet away.  I opened the door and walked inside.  It was a 3-stall restroom.  Someone was in process of cleaning the bathroom, but hadn't finished the job and was gone from the room.  The stalls were clean but the old toilet paper rolls were tossed on the floor and no new ones had been put into the stalls.

I grabbed one of the old rolls off of the floor and headed into one of the stalls in the 1st position.

Before I could sit down, a bunch of little girls and their dogs came into the room. There were 2 German Shepherds and a small black terrier dog. They all to go to the bathroom too.  It was okay for the girls to use the bathroom but the dogs couldn't stay.

I left the bathroom with the girls and their dogs and went back to the table and Irv was gone.  I knew that less than one minutes had gone by but he hadn't waited like her promised.

In Irv's place T.M. sat and another man sat across the table from him.

I explained the situation and then said that I still needed to order something to eat.

T.M. pointed over to the side wall where the menu listed all the foods. He said, "Choose the third one down on the volunteer list.

I looked at the menu and wasn't sure where the volunteer list was, but I looked where I thought the list was and the third item down as a chocolate cookie.

Since I can't eat chocolate cookies, I went up to the serving girl and she suggested that I get a scoop of cottage cheese and a half peach on top.

That sounded good to me, so I said I would eat that for lunch.

I woke up and it was lunch time.  There wasn't any potato salad left, but I remembered the cottage cheese and peach from the dream, so I opened the cottage cheese and it was all green.  Gross!  I had to throw it away.  Ack!

NOTE:  On 7-8-09 when I'm typing this, I just had cottage cheese and peach slices for lunch.  Synchronicity?


5-24-07 - DREAM - I was recruited by someone to help hire people to sell communication devices to large groups of people.  The communicator device looked like a large old-fashioned black telephone receiver, but inside the receiver were five creatures, each with their own responsibility, and the first one was 'the devil' in bright red.

I first recruited Antonia Vega (from One Life To Live TV show)  to help me get other people to sell these devices. at a large company. His wife would be the 1st volunteer we would use to put a program together because she was pretty an innocent. Then she would help advertise for others. The others we could get by putting an ad in the paper and be very 'to the point' we would need them for specific times during the day.

I didn't sow Antonio Vega the creatures wired together inside the receiver, but I told him how pretty they were as each creature was a different color.

I then went to my closet to find five different shirts hanging on hangers with the same colors as the creatures, the first one being bright red like the devil. (Other colors were blue, green, yellow, and one other I didn't notice)

No one yet knew about the device or the recruiting program. It was early in the morning, not quite 8 a.m.  We were going to get an early start and we prepared for it by putting an  adult sized tricycle inside the car, so that when we went to the first big company, Mr. Vega's pretty wife wouldn't have any problem getting around inside and would call attention to herself at the same time.

When we drove up to the company door, we were able to park right close by because we had the tricycle and it was smaller to maneuver and park than a large vehicle.

NOTE: This dream took a lot of thinking and discussions until I showed Joe the receiver on our Mickey Mouse telephone and his eyes lit up and brought me our copy of the book by William Henry 'Skywalkers and the Dimensions of the Blessed".

Here are the pictures compared:



5-24-07 - THE SINGERS ARRIVE.  I've written about this before:

This is my friend Michelle's dream.  Michelle and I were going to go into business together and manage the comeback tours of the Moody Blues and maybe the Partridge Family and the Beach Boys.  When the boys arrived they went out of their way to always be hugging Michelle.

Later, when we tired to get the Partridge family together,  they were busy making movies and one guy (David Cassidy) didn't want to do it because he looked too old. 

She said, "Be a 'review band!"

Dee didn't know which man singer was with which band.  (That would be true)





NOTE:  Farah Fawcett is in the first song with the Partridge Family.  She passed away just one week ago as I type this on 7-8-09.


5-25-07 - DREAM - I was working with these Marines in green uniforms.  They were standing like this:

                         *     *     *     *     *

                       *     *     *     *     *

                      *     *     *     *     *

                     *     *     *     *     *

                       *     *     *     *     *

                        *     *     *     *    *

These were United States Marines.  They looked pretty good. 

Someone then said, "Why can't they look more like this.  - These were the Russian Red Guard.

                         *          *          *        *         *

                         * *       * *      * *      * *      * *

It made me wonder exactly what they were getting at.  We've always been proud of our Marines.

NOTE:  These are the only pages that mention both:


5-25-07 - DREAM - I was at a large school at the end of the day and it was time to go home.

Someone showed me a photograph of a Royal wedding - a carriage was waiting outside the castle or church on the road.  It was a muddy scene like it had rained a lot. 

I asked, "This can't be a Queen wedding can it?  Wouldn't have someone cleaned that all up.

We then looked at a photograph of a real Queen Royal wedding and there was no mud in the photograph which otherwise was the same as the first one.

We were all leaving the building then and had to walk down a lot of stone steps.

About 1/2 way down, we came to a lot of belongings of a girl - books, notebooks mostly and little clothing - casual type stuff.

It was a impossible to tell whether the person was coming or going.

I was with a young girl - early teens perhaps wearing a light blue dress.  She had Royal quality to her.

We had to walk over and past the things on the stairs, so I took her hand so she wouldn't fall.

I continued to hold her hand because at the bottom of the steps were a large square hole like a pit - about 3 feet across in both direction in the stone.  It went down a long way.

I mentioned holding the girl's hand as we had to cross a road and I could see a car coming in the distance and it was coming fast.  The color I believe was Royal Blue.

I held the girl's hand as we crossed the road and walked single file, she was in front of me and then we went down a long gravel road on the other side of the road to my own home, where  was determined to take care of this girl and cook dinner for her.

On the stove, I had a large pan of fresh potatoes on the back burner.  On the left side and I balanced that on top of a taller pot that was cooking something on the back burner on the right side.


5-26-07 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house and I looked out the window to the north and saw a huge bear dragging another huge dead bear across the yard.  The live bear had already started eating the dead bear in the back.

I ran to the door and got my kids inside, then I saw that the neighbors were having a picnic in the yard with their little kids so I yelled at them to get into their house because there was a killer bear loose right on the other side of the house.

They looked at me like I was nuts and just kept playing and eating like nothing was going on.

My husband had a big important business meeting at the house.  The man was already at the door - an older, balding round faced man with a grey suit.

My husband was in the bathroom and I heard the toilet flush, but I wasn't dressed for company, so I hid in the closet and held the door shut so nobody could open it.

Then I realized the door had a lock with a skeleton key on the inside and I slowly but silently locked the door with me inside.

I needed to find something decent to wear and it came to me that I knew why the bears were in the rampage was because I was wearing a bear coat.

So I took the bear coat off, but I still didn't know what to wear.

the some kids came to the door and could look right in through the window and see me and I didn't want them to see me so I crouched down into the corner in a pile of clothes just out of their sight.

At the same time, I heard a noise outside the window and a panel came off the wall to the outside.

There sat a little boy about age two, dismantling the building one screw at a time.   

But there was room to get past him, so I stepped outside and found myself on a city sidewalk and there was a man walking by, looking up into the sky and crying out -  "Jesus is coming,. Jesus is coming!"  and I had to chuckle to myself because I knew he wasn't.

Some other people came along and I said to them, "I don't know what's more painful - to believe something is going to happen and it doesn't, or to know something is coming and nobody believes you!?"

I then ran past them and ran back into the building so I could find a safe place to hide.

There was an open door so I ran inside and found myself in an apartment that had a bed with a pile of brown blankets on it - all messed up.

As I looked at it, the blankets morphed into a big brown bear and started to rise up alarmingly.

I ran back to the door and there was a big brown bear laying on the floor right in front of me.

I decided I couldn't run anymore, so I said to myself, "I'll just have to beat you down right where you are!

I grabbed a rolled newspaper from the floor and started beating the bear with the newspaper until he lay flat.

I then looked up and there was a big newspaper painted on the wall.

In one column, the headline said,  VICTOR and I laughed at the coincidence, then I looked at the column next to it and it said, "The ET raise taxes to the taxpayers!"

I knew that was bad for me too.

As I woke up, I heard Dr. Phil say in my right ear, "GET UP!" and immediately I heard a loud noise behind the wall at the head of the bed.  I thought it was the back door slamming but something wasn't familiar about the sound.  I wonder what fell by itself.

I then saw a bear and something stomped it flat as a pancake.  I saw an elephant and something stomped it flat as a pancake.

I then saw a red man and something stomped it flat as a pancake..

But I couldn't figure out how ETs could raise taxes.



This dream took place mostly in my car. I was in Milwaukee and went to visit my cousin Shirley.

Shirley came out to the car and the kids - hers and mine - were in and out of the car from time to time.

My daughter Jeanne was out on the street and she watched as someone hit and killed a 35 year old woman down the street aways.

She was hysterical when she was talking because she had just seen the horror of the killing of the woman.

It seems that this woman was a UFO researcher which made me get out my chart of UFO researchers.

The chart was pale green and each person was listed inside a sky blue vertical egg and I saw John Mack's name in the top row and he had been killed by a car too.

Because he was dead, his name and egg should have been taken off the chart and the next person moved into his spot. The same thing would have to be done with the woman researcher who had just been killed.

At that point Shirley handed me a stack of brochures and asked me if I wanted to buy some needlepoint projects, which reminded me that I had bought four of them the last time I was with her and had never gotten them. I even had the check number and date written in my checkbook and I showed her it was on May 20th.

But Shirley said I didn't buy any, that I had just written her a check to buy flowers for Uncle Otto's funeral.  (We don't have an uncle Otto)

I was certain about the situation. I had to open the car door and place my large purse on the ground in order to put the checkbook back into the purse. I remembered then that I had lost the coin purse wallet out of my coat pocket while I was sitting in the car last night and that I had better look for it.

NOTE: I just got a new needlepoint catalog yesterday, which I hadn't looked at, and when I found it and looked through it, there were quite a few projects I wanted to buy and make for my walls.


5-28-07 - DREAM - I was living in a house/apartment somewhere with my family.  It was January 1st.  There was no snow on the ground, but it was wet and muddy outside.

I was sitting with a man on a sofa in the livingroom. One of my sons came into the room to bring me the breakfast he had made for me.

It was in a frying pan.  It was scrambled eggs with asparagus in it, swimming in tomato soup or V-8 juice.  I tasted it and it really tasted good.

The man who was sitting on my left, slid over and tasted it too. 

Then I saw that my husband was outside the window with a ladder, bucket, and storm windows.  I don't know if he was putting them on or taking them down, but he was working with them.  The shade was half way down and I couldn't see his head and he was trying to communicate something to me I couldn't get.  So I pulled the shade down and then let is slide up and he wasn't in the window anymore, so I went outside.

It was really muddy out, but cold, and I saw a ladder leaning against the building which was made of brick and stone.  My husband was around the corner on another ladder - up at the second floor level.  I couldn't see him, but he was squirting water on the building to clean it and the water was squirting through the building - all the way over to where I was standing  - above me - it was coming out all the crevices between the bricks.

I had to go back into the building as I was still wearing my light blue bathrobe.  I needed to get dressed for the day, but people came to the front door.  Mind you, it wasn't even 8 a.m. yet.  I went to the door and it was cold out, so I told them to come in anyway.  An older woman, I think was Winifred Barton (she's 85) and some other older people were behind her.  She said to me,  "You told me that if I was going to leave by Jan. 31st, I had to come and give notice on Jan. 1st." 

I said , "Okay!"  and noticed that there were a lot of older people planning to leave by Jan. 31st.  That made me kind of upset.

I turned around and noticed that the living room walls were all carpeted in orange fluffy stuff over brown paneling.

I went to change clothes for the day and woke up when I entered the bedroom.


5-29-07 - VISION - I saw a dark-haired pretty woman with wavy shoulder length hair - wearing a royal blue dress.


5-29-07 - VISION - I saw a red and white cafe-like restaurant with silver counter edges - silver stools at the counter.  There were many small square tables in the restaurant and a woman standing near the door.

5-29-07 - VISION - I saw the pink Reiki book being set aside and the words DO-ROY -


NOTE:  I had a message from Jehovah at another time in 2008 and he said ROI!


5-30-07 - VISION - I saw a circle in the coil divided in 4 quadrants. I put a large group of black rose buds into the 6-9 quadrant and it was too many so I moved 1/2 of them into the 9-12 quadrant and it was too many so I moved 1/2 of them into the 9-12 quadrant.  At that point I realized consciously what I was doing and I was going what I was doing and I was going to put some in the 12-3 quadrant and it suddenly didn't seem like a good idea so I stopped.

I raised my vibrations again and a very large woman sat down very closely to me. I couldn't see her from the shoulders up because she was too close. She was wearing a white dress with black rosebuds all over it.

She said, "nobody told me I was your girlfriend."

Just then a large truck went by- bounced hard and dropped a pile of sticks in the road and broke my concentration.  (I wondered if that was on purpose to stop me from seeing something they didn't want me to see.)