MAY, 2000

5-1-00 - dream about a woman and the number 310 . I chose to forget this one because the radio was on.

DREAM - dream mostly unremembered but I was in a large house with a younger woman.  She and I agreed to split the house in half for use... she would get 5 rooms and I would get 5 rooms.  However, I then realized there were 2 bathrooms and they were both on my side, so I would have to let her use the bathroom closer to her side since the bathrooms were the dividing line between the two halves of the house.


5-1-00 - DREAM - I was in a house I've never been in before.

In the bedroom, over the bed was two rods with a curtain hanging off of them. The rods were at a approximately 37.5 degrees from each other, but were movable and the curtains were waving in the breeze. The were a blue-green color and hung from the rods which were ceiling height to the bed which was normal height for most people.

In my opinion, the rods were too short.  They were about 3 feet long and if they were meant to keep one private, they certainly were too short.  

A tall man came in and said he wanted to have a relationship with me. I recognized the man as the same one who usually represents Satan in other dreams. He was wearing black and red clothing.  I was kind of wishy-washy with my answer because he was so handsome.

I told him that there was no privacy in this room.  The windows went from floor to ceiling besides the curtains were too narrow for privacy.  I told him he should pull the shade down on the window.  He rather flew up to the ceiling and pulled the dark grey shade down.  

Then he flew to the ceiling and he and an old man were working on pulling the electrical plugs out of a length of plastic material like we use to plug in several things with one plug to the outlet.

I couldn't really see the old man, he was in in my peripheral vision, but I could see his arms helping the other man who represented Satan, who was now dressed all in white and walking on the ceiling like a fly would. It made me feel like I was the one upsidedown. It was a strange feeling.

I didn't know if there was an electric fan up there or what he was unplugging. There were 8 plugs in a row.  There seemed to be something between him and me that looked like a X or +

He finished unplugging all the plugs with the old man, then he came back down to lay on the bed with me and I told him I wasn't interested in having a close relationship with  him.  

He asked me if I would be willing to have a 'hugging' relationship with him, and at that point I couldn't hardly say ,"No!" since he had already grabbed me.

However, I got out of the bed and went back to the livingroom and sat on the couch where there were other people wandering in and out of the apartment.  The door to the hallway was open.  

The man who represented Satan was now dressed in a black top like a T shirt, with some kind of marks on the front which I could really see but they were red, and had orange flowered pants on.  Very strange for a man to wear.


5-2-00  - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, WI, on 16th St. at home. It was rather like twilight time of day. The kids were playing outside and lots of people were in the streets as it was warm outside.

All of a sudden I heard a kind of 'ziiiing' noise and an airplane clipped the tree top down in the next block as it went by very low. It rather slewed through the air and crashed with a huge explosion.

Then another plane and another plane came by doing the same thing, clipping the tree tops with a 'ziiiing' noise and crashing with a huge explosion.

It almost seemed like these planes had a different type of propulsion than normal because we didn't hear them coming.  Everyone was running for dear life to get home. I got the kids in the house just as another plane came 'ziiiing' over the tree tops and exploded with an even larger explosion than all the others.

By now it was much darker. I had all the kids in the house but neighbor kids were still running by.  My white dog ran out of the house and down the steps to the sidewalk. I called it back and it ran into the house, but then a neighbor girl had a similar problem with her larger white dog and it too came up on my porch. She struggled to get her dog to go home with her and finally it did, and I ran inside and closed the door.


5-2-00 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, WI, in my 16th St. house. My brother Marty and his wife were there. We were upstairs in the front bedroom.  (The rooms were not the same as normal however). (Name Marty means 'warring')

We were going to go on vacation and my brother handed me his electric razor to shave my legs with so I'd look really good.  I took the razor and the rubber thing around the blades was loose so I couldn't use it. I told him I'd have to use a regular stick razor.

He was upset by that. He said his wife always had razor-stick-itis for two days after she shaved her legs. That made her in a bad mood. So it wasn't a good thing.

The room was now filled all the way up to my knees with warm water and I began to shave my legs.  (I never had this much hair in my entire life).  The razor worked good and the water floated off the hair and we would use the vacuum cleaner later to pick up all the water and hair, so there was no problem.

The scene switched and a man began dragging a military airplane through the hallway and it bumped into the walls on both sides. I noticed that the wings were rather thin, made of some rubber substance and paper glued together.  Three quarters of the right wing pulled off, and part of the left body also got damaged. I told the guy he was out of business for the day and he was upset. He had planned to fly.

I was sitting on the bed and a woman came in the room and was looking on the dresser and the bed and we were comparing lipsticks. It seemed that this woman was Arabic, but I'm not sure. We both had lipsticks that were worn way down so it was difficult to put it on straight and cover the whole lip. We were both using the mirror on the dresser to get the lipstick on right. I managed to do pretty well, but she smeared hers way beyond the lip line. It was pretty messy. It felt a little ominous at that point.

Right then my daughter-in-law Becky came in with a gadget to put on my face that were goggles and headphones like pilots wear.  I always put her off when she brought in gadgets for me to try out, but I decided I would put them on to get rid of the other woman.

I put on the goggles which automatically adjusted for my eyesight so that my eyesight was clearer than it's ever been. I could see out these two small eyepieces to focus, but between them was a lazer light that shined out to aim the guns of the airplane automatically where I was looking.  The red light of the lazer shined out onto the mirror where the woman was standing and I could see fear in her eyes and she scampered from the room.

I told Becky that those goggles were the best piece of eyewear I'd ever had.

As I woke up I heard a song sung.   "Right - three degrees -  then through the trees -"  to the tune of  'Sinking Sand'.  The name of the song is really My Hope is Built on Nothing Less.

The music is playing on this page:

My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less
Lutheran Hymnal

written in 1834


5-2-00 - MEDITATION - I saw a series of words, some of which were, MG plane, 3D storyteller...   there was more but I can't remember.

Later in the day, I decided to meditate again and I had a very vivid, long vision/dream in which I was in a modern office at a desk. A large man came walking in the door, introduced himself, "Hi! I'm Gary Juber (Jubber). We had an appointment, remember?"

I didn't remember. In fact when he walked in, I thought it might be Mitch Battross from EarthchangesTV whom I had received an e-mail from this morning.  

In the vision, I typed the name Gary Juber into the computer and an e-mail popped right up.

In the vision, my old friend Julie from Milwaukee was in the office with me, and when Gary Juber walked in, she looked at me like she was wondering what I was up to.


I drove myself a little nuts trying to find Gary Juber (Jubber) on the internet. I found one in Salt Lake City, Utah, but no e-mail address, nor a web page. Whether he is the right one I don't know.

I decided to meditate on the name and eventually found myself climbing a long white stairway and hollering up the stairway and saying, "Is Gary Juber home?"

So, perhaps Gary Juber is on the other side only, and not in the physical.


5-3-00 - DREAM - I was with a work crew in a very large building and we were sweeping down the stairs which was very wide as well as very high.

There were other women and girls with me and we were talking about the blessedness of being able to get pregnant and have a baby. One of the young girls there had decided she didn't think it was so great and she had never had children. Others, like me, who had had children before thought it was pretty great, especially when it was easy to give birth like I had.

We were talking about the age one had to be in order to get pregnant and have children and how long one could achieve pregnancy, etc. I didn't tell them that I had had surgery to prolong this ability ... in fact that I had a series of surgeries that made it possible for me to be pregnant and I was at that moment pregnant with child.

While we were talking, I realized I was then starting into labor and the type of surgery I had, I should have had labor in only one section at a time and I was feeling the contractions in all the sections at once.

We finished our job and went to hear a man singing for the people in public. He was singing, "Isn't it wonderful to be you."  He had such a sweet voice, I began to sing with him, "Isn't it wonderful to be you," and I started to wake up and realize I was feeling the labor pains in the physical also as I was laying on my back.

So I rolled over on my side and the pain went away.


5-3-00 - DREAM - I was moving into a new apartment. It seemed to be a completely furnished apartment, except that I was bringing in my own clothing and personal items. The furniture was already there.

The rooms were humongous, probably about 40 or 50 feet across in each direction ... seemed like more in some cases.

My husband Edward was there and trying to be helpful, but he made more of a mess than helpful. Everytime he opened a closet door, he would leave stuff hanging out and I'd have to clean up after him. He eventually went to the basement to look for something and I didn't see him again.

I was taking this apartment over from a professional teacher. It even had an alcove in the livingroom where 4 students could sit at a built in desk and study their work.

I've heard of 'pit' type couches, but this livingroom actually had a 'pit' where the couch was. It was about 3 feet down from the rest of the room. I have no idea why this was. The carpet was messed up also in that area so this whole thing needed to be straightened out.

There were a lot of people in the apartment, all trying to either help or go about their business, whatever that was at the moment.

My daughter-in-law Becky had entered a cooking contest and the contest man was there judging her. He told her that her recipe for yogurt was wonderful but she was way too young to even be in the contest.  Becky is 36 or 37.  He said that only 'old' women won that contest, women who had been cooking longer than she was alive. I butted in and said that maybe Becky could teach me her recipe and I would enter the contest. He said that then perhaps I would have a chance to win.

Personally, I wanted to bring into the apartment a large piece of colored glass and place it against a bare wall. This piece of glass was as tall as myself - almost 6 feet, and equally as wide, so that when I slid it along the floor my arms reached as far sideways as they could go and I just barely reached the edges.  This piece of colored glass was gorgeous. It was made in sections like stained glass and had a huge white flower in the center, and other colored pieces appropriately placed around the flower, in red, green, blue, and yellow.  I wanted to place it where it could be seen in it's entirety. However, I couldn't find one wall in this entire apartment that had a space large enough to hold this work of art.

I went down the hall to get it out of a storage closet, and met the teacher who had moved out of my apartment. She had moved into another apartment with her mother down the hall. She wished me well and offered me cookies to give to the children. All the cookies were in the shape of men like gingerbread men, but were sugar cookies.  She had lots of other kinds of cookies there too, all with colored sugars on top.  I chose 5 of the hand-sized men cookies to take to the kids and took them back down the hall to my apartment.

I took them to the pit where the couch was and had to jump down into the pit with the kids to hand out the cookies.

I then went to the kitchen to find that Becky had called in an entire work crew and they had the entire stove in pieces on the floor. I asked her what was wrong and she said that a light had gone out on the back of the stove so she called in some workers that owed her big time for some ski tickets she had given them.  I told her that the building had it's own maintenance crew that could fix anything that wasn't working, but she insisted that these guys owed her so they were working on the problem.

I then went to my bedroom which was also humongous. It had two sets of rheostat switches which controlled little spotlights on the ceiling that faced two different directions. The switches weren't together all in one spot, so it took me a little experimentation to figure out which switch went with each light. There were 4 lights on the ceiling.

Here too, there was no wall large enough to hold my piece of colored glass.  One would think in a place that was 40 to 50 feet wide and long that there would be one spot 6 feet wide with nothing on it, but there wasn't.  

I finally found a hallway that had a spot just wide enough, but then I worried that people walking down the hall would bump against it and hurt themselves or knock it down.

I finally decided I would slide this big glass flower art behind the headboard of my bed which was made of gold rods in some kind of design which I didn't look very close at.  My whole bedroom was gold with the spotlights shining down, so this flower would look good behind the headboard.


5-3-00 - MEDITATION - I was trying to help a woman who is deathly ill in a hospital. Though the help came that I asked for, it didn't seem very positive. As soon as I started to meditate, a deep voice jumped into my head with the word, "Death"!  I told it to go away that I was going to try anyway. I called Babaji and anyone else who cared to help. I saw a Buddhist Monk carrying a sun umbrella come down from a Temple on a high hill. I then saw two men trying to get there on a tricycle.  One man was giving directions, the other was standing on the back of the tiny tricycle.

I then saw a bunch of black flies gathered, and then a clock with the hands at 2 minutes to 12. (It was then about 9 a.m. in California, but was exactly that time where the woman lived)

I came out of the trance with the bed vibrating beneath me. It was difficult to go back, so I asked to dream about her and to be taken to her so she would remember me when she comes back to consciousness.

DREAM - The dream took place mostly in the garage of my New Berlin, WI house. However, it started in an office with a computer and being interfered with while trying to contact ETs.  In the garage I was wearing 5" high black shoes and a black coat, and we had the hood open on a black vehicle which we were working on to get the motor working properly. My brother Marty was with me. (Marty means 'warring') He was more trying to work on me rather than the car.

I had to go around the front of the vehicle and had to stand on the front bumper to get around there. I noted there were numerous magazines and envelopes under the left front wheel. I picked these all up, intending to take them to the wood stove to burn them.

As I walked past the car the other direction, there was a couple standing there. The woman had almost all her hair cut off which was white and was super skinny like a holocaust victim. The man was so busy answering telephones for his business, he had no time for her. Some of the calls that came in, there was nobody there when he said, "Hello!" He had two telephones going all the time.

I rushed past them because I didn't want to speak to the woman and have her stop me from getting to the stove to burn the magazines.

I noted too that I had a box in my hand that seemed like it would hold bank checks. I decided to open it before I burned it, and discovered that a copy of Jimi Furia's book and Jimi Furia's CD was attached to the back of it.  I tore those off to save them and a young couple came into the garage at the same time and watched me.

I woke up thinking that this dream was about exchanging the Nazis for the Buddhists.

NOTE: The woman is an atheist and I was hoping I could dream of her and she would remember seeing me when I came back into consciousness.


5-4-00 - DREAM - I was working on a web page about what it takes to become Pope.

NOTE:  See:  Councils of the Catholic Church.


5-4-00 - VISION AND EXPERIENCE - I went back to bed because my eyes were tired. When I closed my eyes, I was seeing people kissing each other and the scene was dark grey.

The telephone rang so I forgot I had the vision until later in the day. My friend Michele was on the phone, all excited about a couple phone calls she had just had.  The whole country and Europe was all upset about a new computer virus that just hit, and her husband and brother had just called her to tell her that all their computers were hit with it and were trashed. It wasn't until later in the day after I went on line and told everyone I knew about the virus, that I realized that my vision had foretold this virus ...  The 'I Love You' virus or as some said later, 'The Love Bug'.  The e-mail's subject title was ...


5-4-00 - VISIONS - I was working on the web page about Stigmata which I felt needed to be worked on since I watched the movie recently. I got very tired and as usual took my notebook with me, because I usually get messages that way.

I no sooner closed my eyes, and I heard a southern sounding voice which could have been either male or female ... I'm not certain -  The voice said, "I'm going to build  a house FOR me!"  (with the emphasis on the word FOR)

I then was hearing a conversation between several people, which was very clear, discussing the church's thoughts on Stigmata. They were speaking fast, so I can't repeat all their words verbatim. They were saying that it is 'not' an automatic response to prayer and fasting.

I then fell asleep and had a dream:

DREAM - I was with my family. I was typing on a typewriter, a study and story about Stigmata and the church. My family wanted to go to the grocery store for food for dinner, so I went with them, taking my typewriter with me.  

I placed my typewriter on an unused counter at the front of the store, and continued working on the paper.  I got distracted a few times by people wandering by, and my brother Marty who was young decided he was going to play in a sandbox with the other kids.  I also noted that there was a huge indoor swimming pool being constructed in an adjoining room and the ceiling was being painted with the sky and rainbow colors.

I turned back and there appeared a pleasant looking man wearing a yellow polo shirt and matching pants. He placed a piece of paper on top of my typewriter and I saw his name imprinted on top. It was Dominique Delmonico.  I saw that he had written something on two sides of paper by hand and the word Stigmata was outstanding but so was the name SATAN in big letters.

I turned to look at who had placed the paper there and looked up into his face and recognized him. He stood to my left.  I put my left hand on his left arm and said, "I know who you are." I smiled broadly at him, knowing him, yet not quite placing him in my life.

He grinned broadly back and said, "I hope you'll read my words."

I said I would and turned back to my typewriter.  It was gone.

I spun around to see what had happened to it and there was no one in sight. I thought then that perhaps my brother Marty had taken it.  Marty was then playing in a sandbox with some other kids over against the wall and it had a high wall around it to keep sand out of the grocery store, but nobody could see in either.

So, I went to fetch my typewriter and someone said that they saw someone grab the typewriter and take it into an adjoining house. I ran there and the person who was at the top of the steps said, "No! I saw someone run down into the basement with it."

The steps were rather dark to start with, but when I got down a few steps, someone yelled, "Stop!"  I looked down and I could see the floor of the basement was being remodeled, and rather like polished, etc.  I could hear a work crew down there, but out of sight. The woman's voice, who remained behind the stair wall said, "I saw the person with the typewriter scamper around the corner and down the hall." The place looked really large down there, more than just a house ... more like an apartment building.

At that same moment, Sam Rappaport, the attorney from One Life to Life appeared, and coming around another corner was a woman dressed in a slim brown gingham dress with long medium brown hair. They met in the center and sat down right in front of me to discuss going to dinner.

I put my hand on Sam's arm like I've known him all my life ... (The characters on One Life to Live are like my family after having watched the show for over 30 years. In the recent show, Nora, his fiance and wife to be , also an attorney has just been supposedly blown up in a train derailment and subsequent explosion. He is upset and in denial over her death and says that he can 'feel' her spirit and that he remains loyal to her and to her life which he knows is still there. Everyone else is saying she is dead and there is no chance she can possibly have survived the explosion)

So, I grab Sam by the arm and say to him, "If you are really upset and feel like beating someone up, you can go down in the basement and get my typewriter back and beat up the guy."  

He doesn't answer but leaves in that direction, leaving the brown and white gingham dressed woman with me.  She is very thin.  At first I had though she was a plain looking person, but now when she looks at me, she smiles and her face is radiant, her eyes blue and freckles adorn her nose. I see how truly beautiful she is and why Sam would be so attracted to her.

At this point, she is laying on her left side and I'm rather leaning on her right hip and can feel her body beneath her dress. She is very frail.

The woman looks at me and say, "I'd like to roll over." I look at her, wondering why she wants to lay down, but I moved over so she could roll over and she does, now laying on her back comfortably.

At this moment, I start to sense that two priests are coming along, discussing Stigmata and are at odds with each other over, not agreeing on it's reasons for appearing, and I start to wake up.


5-5-00 - DREAMS - Two astronauts were dragged into a theatre to show them off.  They were both strapped up and immobile, and hooked to wires from a crane which hoisted them up to a standing position after they were on the stage.  Why they had to drag them across the floor to get them that far I never understood. They seemed fine once they were hoisted up for all to see.

One of the astronauts kiddingly said the women could bid for a date with the other one. One woman bid $350. I kiddingly bid $500, hoping someone would outbid me. Finally, someone bid $7500 and I gratefully didn't rebid, but they acted like they had won some kind of prize. I was really happy I didn't win the date.

When the men were let down from the hoist, they came down by parachute. I could see one in the distance, looking very tiny, but he came down, closer and closer, and he looked like he was sitting in a big paper rowboat. He actually came through a wall where we were standing and almost hit a woman in the head who looked like Princess Diana. She never flinched.


5-5-00 - DREAM - It was Christmas time and there was to be a big party but I wasn't ready. My hair was still all in rollers and wet and not enough time had passed for it to dry yet. However, I didn't want to miss out on anything, so went to the mall where the party was going to be.

There was hardly anyone in the mall, but the clerks had to work anyway and I felt sorry for them.  I went into the candy store and looked around and spotted some great looking chocolates there. I didn't want any with nuts, but another woman came in and said she would buy some for me as a treat and bought some with walnuts in.  That was fine with me as long as it wasn't peanuts which I'm now allergic to for some reason.

I then went to the party with hair still in rollers.  A man named David offered me a glass of wine. The glass looked more like a fluted eye cup rather than a wine glass.  (They used to use these to treat eye diseases in the old days of the early 1900's. They are lower on one side than the other to tip the fluid up to the eye without spilling in order to cleanse the eye)

The wine was purple and I never did drink any of it.

There was a discussion whether I had gone to see any of my relatives yet and I admitted that I hadn't. I wasn't ready for the party yet.  My mother was standing there with my Aunt Irene (deceased) and I was supposed to go see my Uncle Lester who was upstairs. (Also deceased)

I can't recall how this ended.


5-6-00 - DREAM - (Qualifying note: Lori Toye the end times map prophetess was on the radio while I was dreaming)  

I was somewhere in California on a farm.  We all had to leave because the ocean was going to be coming in and covering the land where we were. I looked toward the barn.  There were two side by side lofts in the barn with like an abyss below it.  On the left were white goats and on the right were white sheep.  I had to get them down and take them with us, but there was no way to do this unless they would jump down into my arms across the abyss.

What was even worse was that there was a humongous bull in the yard that I was afraid to pass and he was getting ever closer and was dangerous.  

I also saw some farmers coming over the hill and knew that when they got to the house, we had to be out of there.  It seemed impossible to get the goats and sheep to jump out of the barn lofts over the abyss and I couldn't figure out how to accomplish this and we had to leave.

However, by then, the farmers all arrived and the lead man came up to the door and pushed his fist in through the door through a round hole about belly level and I knew the time was up.


5-6-00 - (Qualifying note:  Lori Toye, the end times map prophetess was on the radio)

DREAM:  I was with a young couple who were going to be looking for a home to purchase. They had a map which was showing a subdivision right along the ocean coast.  The streets were labeled A, B, and C.  C was right along the cliff overlooking the ocean. All the lights were on in the houses and it was truly a beautiful street with an incredible view of the ocean.

However, I knew the ocean was going to come in and cover all this land and I couldn't encourage this young couple to buy a house here.


5-6-00 - (Note: We shut the radio off)  The first dream repeated with the goats and the sheep. I still didn't get them to come down from the barn to cross the abyss in time to leave.


5-6-00 - DREAM  - I don't know where I was. I was living in a messy house. There was stuff everywhere.  It was time to get ready for work. I looked at the clock and it was 5 minutes to 8 in the morning. That should have been sufficient time to get my shoes on and go, but there were other things I had to do first.

Part of the problem was the J.L. came to the house and we were going to go to work together. That caused even more disruption because some other women showed up and he had to dally with them..  they were older women.

I couldn't get my shoes.  A blue pair of shoes was on the floor with no laces and mud on the left toe where I had stepped in the garden with them, so they were no good.  The shoes I wanted to wear were upstairs, but I thought there was a gas leak upstairs and a work crew had to come and look at that before I could go upstairs.

I had my work in my arms. I had a real estate map and real estate books so I could find another place to move to while I was at work.

I noted that one of my vines had come out of the vase of water, so I had to get the ends of the vines back into the water so they wouldn't die.  The more I worked with the vines, the more pieces broke off and the more pieces I had to get into the water.  One of the vines was in a ring of brown mulch -like stuff.  There were so many new plants in this ring, that I broke the ring in half so that the ring would fit better into the neck of the bottle of water. I then found more leaves on the floor and I gathered them all up and got them all into the water.

By then, some other people showed up and wanted an old guru to show them what he could do.  Gurus don't show their skills to other people. That is a spiritual 'no no!'  However, the people convinced the Guru to show off his stuff. He relented and practically flew up onto this long table. He sat on the end in a Hindu meditative stance, legs crossed, arms crossed. He then levitated off the table and sailed about 3 feet down the table length.  I could see he was an old man. As he sat on the table, his face rather distended and expanded and brilliant blue shiny spots appeared all over his face.  His face then went back to its old man wrinkled self and again he levitated and sailed about 6 more feet down the table.

The old man's face absolutely exuded love and when he got off the table, I gave him a big kiss and everyone was telling him how much they loved him.

I still wasn't ready for work, and I attempted to go up the stairs to get my shoes ... the tan mocassins I love the most.  There was a wind blowing through upstairs so I knew the gas wouldn't blow up but there was a blue glow in the air upstairs and I was afraid to go up there without the work crew shutting off the gas.  So, I reluctantly went back down the stairs to find some different shoes.  

I finally slipped into some nondescript brown shoes and yelled at J.L. that I was leaving for work.  It was now 11 a.m.  He was still dallying with a couple older women.  The women came out and kissed me. Their faces were soft and pliable like old women skin.

I started walking down the street by myself and I saw J.L. coming down the street after me. I got to work first. It was now 11:11.  The company where I worked would never know that I wasn't in the office on time.  The whole place was full of troops of kids trying out for parts in dance routines for some play.  They were all in groups of 6.  The first group of boys all looked alike. They were about 10 to 12 years old I think and were so adorably cute. They were all grinning and winking at me. They were dressed all in long sleeved yellow polo shirts and matching yellow slacks. They were so cute.  Beyond them were more groups of 6 kids each.  Each group of 6 dressed alike to each other, but no two groups were the same.

Now I was where I belonged.


5-7-00 - DREAM - (I don't know what the theme of this dream is. It was about rebellion, small misbehaviors, avoidance, little frustrating behaviors).  There were small children involved in each frustrating scene.

One scene took place in a darkened theatre full of people.  We were there to watch a movie. There weren't enough seats for everyone to have their own seat. We had a small rebellious boy with us who insisted he had to have his own seat.  He was behind us between the seats. I offered to have him sit on my lap, but he wouldn't do it and just stood there and shrieked to have his own way.  

We left the theatre because he wouldn't shut up.  So we were going to walk up 17th St. to Center St. All these same kids were with me.  We turned the corner to walk north up the street and way at the other end of the block was a woman I can only describe as humongous. As large as she was, she would have had to be 40 feet tall and 10 feet wide. To continue the way we were going, it would have been a horrible experience for all of us, for me, for the children, and for the woman.

So, I decided to take the children through a shortcut through my neighbor's yard which was located on the other side of the alley from my own backyard.  However, though most of the children agreed willingly to go this way, one child decided it didn't want to, and ran back the other way with my grown daughter running after him, giggling loudly.  

In order to go through this yard, we would have to tiptoe quietly because there was like a boardwalk between the houses and even tiptoeing our footsteps were echoing loudly in the stillness of the twilight.  Meanwhile the child was squealing loudly and my daughter was giggling so loud, there was no way this was going to work.

The dream switched to a web page with tiny black stars around the edge.  There was a line at the top that said, "Click here to see this page in Hungarian", however I was impressed with the knowledge that Arnold Schwartzeneger was to be part of this page and he is Austrian.

What a puzzle... I can only think perhaps that this page was to be about venial sins ... a Catholic word for 'small sins'.  Large sins are called 'mortal sins'.  ??????


5-7-00 - DREAM - I was walking through the alley from 17th St. to 16th St. and one of  my neighbors had put several boxes of books out into the alley to throw them away. I could no way walk by without looking at them.  Meanwhile several of my sons came along and some other women. I then noticed that there was infant shirts there on the ground and some of my own underwear and some towels and I realized I had dropped my own laundry on the ground and some infant wear which I had picked up at a yard sale since I was going to have a baby soon. My daughter-in-law Sabrina was there who is expecting a baby and I grabbed the infant underwear because I needed it myself and she was having her first baby so would want all new clothing for her baby. I was willing to get used clothing for my babies.

But I didn't let that distract me for long, I wanted the books.  I saw that one huge box seemed to be all National Geographics. We collect them so I asked my sons to take that box home and I grabbed the other one. Then I noticed that there was a third box there that seemed to have garbage in it, but I looked closer and saw that there was a book underneath the white foam stuff packing material.  I took the packing material out and saw that the book looked like an almost new copy of "Second Insight". I wondered why someone would throw that away. I went through the pages quite quickly and saw that someone had scratched some of the center of the book to make a hole to put some little treasure in it.  I had read the book before but I was no way going to let this book go even with some of the text missing.

I grabbed the boxes of books including "Second Insight" and headed for home. By the some other women were coming through the alley.  One woman was dressed in dark clothing and stopped at the first house to ask about the stuff left in the alley. I could hear her crying about something.  I heard two women farther over saying, "I hate it when women cry in public."

Meanwhile I had two long coffee tables on wheels ahead of me, and I was pushing them towards home along with my stuff.  I wasn't leaving nothing behind that was of use.


5-8-00 - DREAM - I was working at A-C, but it seemed like HELL.  I was asked to work overtime and type a couple of letters which were handwritten on the type of paper I was expected to type on. These were pre-printed form type letterheads.

We didn't have any typewriters in the division I worked in it seems because I was asked to go into the next division over and type the letters and to be sure and lock myself into the office while I worked.

I intended to ask the head secretary of that division which office I could use, but she left before I got to her. There were a lot of men staying late, and few women. I had to find a desk with a typewriter that was in an office that locked. This seemed like an impossible task.

The men that were staying late didn't type so there were no typewriters where there was a man.  The outer offices where the secretaries sat had no doors on them to lock oneself inside.

I had to go quite far down the hall to find a typewriter that worked and fortunately another secretary was staying late so I wasn't alone. I went over to the desk where I intended to work and people started gathering around to see me type because nobody knew how to work these old fashioned typewriters anymore.  It was a non-electric, change lines by pulling the hook bar on the right side type. Fortunately, I've been around long enough to know how to use one of these hand managed types.

However, this desk didn't have the right form letterhead to type on so I was still stuck. After a lot of looking, I decided I would not work late, but come in early the next morning and do the work where I knew where the paper was. It was already quite late.

Getting out of the building was another story. Men were gathering for some kind of important meeting and they all looked rather familiar. They all treated me rather fondly like they knew me or maybe like they wanted to know me better.  The way they were acting I knew it was better that I leave because I didn't want to know them that well.

I met one man who was coming in from outside and I called him by name, "Mr. Benson" and he got all astonished that I knew who he was and he came running after me to see how I knew him. He looked very familiar to me but I didn't really know him. He asked me to wait for him, but by the time he got done with his conversation with another man I had quickly run down the hall and around the corner into a stairwell.

Getting out of the building was another matter.  There were other people leaving, but the way out was not that easy. Some stairwells which were dark marble-like walls and stairs went to an inner courtyard garage and I didn't have a car so I had to find one that went outside to the outer doorways to the street.

I was meeting other people on the way who were also leaving and it seemed it was like rats deserting a ship the way they were acting and being steered. One hallway almost seemed like a long skinny elevator the way people were packing into it and the floor actually raised up behind me as I was the last one into the hallway that led to this particular stairway.

This stairway didn't go all the way down however, and I found another one through another door that people were calling the 'red rockway'.  All the way down which was similar to a maze was covered with miscellaneous sized red rocks, and had railings on the side which I sometimes had to scoot underneath in order to get into the correct ramp downward which went in the right direction.

I eventually made my way down to the street and as soon as I walked outside, I woke up... grateful to be out of that building.


5-8-00 - DREAM - I was in my apartment and the telephone rang. It was my boss asking me if I was coming in to work to finish the special letters I hadn't finished.  I looked at the clock and it was 5 minutes to 8 a.m.  I had planned to go in early and didn't.  I said to him, "I'll be right there!"

I threw on some clothes, and ran out to the street and walked up the hill towards work.  (I used to live this close to work, but in another direction from the building)  I was living on 70th St. down the hill from the office building.  So, I walked up the hill and where the office building used to start, there were dozens of stores, only about 5 feet wide, all with famous names of shops in malls everywhere. All their goods were hanging on the outside windows of the shops below the names of the stores.  I rather took a little time to gaze at some of the items as I walked along, fascinated. (Note: There is a mall in this same spot now, but the stores are not just 5 feet wide)

The moment I walked into the door of the building, I woke up as my physical telephone rang.


5-8-00 - DREAM - It seems I was back at my apartment on 70th St. but I'm not sure. There were a couple of eating breakfast scenes with my son Michael. He was cooking something like macaroni and whipped cream or something and I tried to taste some and he asked me if I wanted him to cook me something and I said I didn't want anything.  In the pantry were many boxes of potato chips and I was looking around to see what else there was.

I somehow got back to work and met some girls who used to be the bane of my existence at work back in the late 70's and early 80's, rather a rivalry because they were younger than I was and were always making plays for the men to get promoted.

However, the tables were turned now and the men had made plays for me last night in the 1st dream and I told the girl that and told her I felt sorry for her because the guy she wanted so much wasn't true to her and she deserved better.  She didn't want to believe me, but I told her the truth. She deserved that.

Again I woke up when I finished talking to her.  It seems that these three dreams perhaps weren't really dreams.  They were unusual in that the scene was the same in all three dreams.


5-8-00 - After listening to Anna Hayes, I meditated on Scalar Wave Mechanics.  I asked for a visual clue to it:  I saw a baby buggy with 4 wheels.  The form of the buggy was like this:  

I did a page on Scalar Physics and Free Energy Database


5-9-00 - I was dreaming lucidly while Richard Hoagland was on the radio talking about Mars.  I was seeing a visual half a mountain all the while Hoagland was talking.

Once the radio was off, I was lucidly dreaming a web page design which was actually started the other day about finding the book on "Second Insight".

At the end I realized that the baby buggy I saw in my vision yesterday was the same as the Scalar Wave mechanics and drawing I was sent by e-mail yesterday.  The "Second Insight" of coincidence and synchronicity was all falling into place.

Second Insight
Security - HAARP - ELF

Scalar Physics - Alternative Energy


5-9-00 - MEDITATION - I wasn't thinking of anything in particular. I started seeing or dreaming of pink and brown airplanes. These were rather small, more like toy size, but still like real.

When this was over I heard a voice say, "At 3:10 p.m. the plane of Juan Gonzalez will take off and then crash."

NOTE: I hope not because if it does, no doubt little Elian will be on the plane with him.


5-10-00 - DREAM - I was with my family somewhere. It seemed like home but I don't know where.  According to what I was seeing, some certain people were  being rounded up who had been given some kind of drugs.  Each person was assigned a number previously and were being labeled with this number as they were rounded up. The highest number I saw was 800.  I saw other numbers like 160 and other lower numbers.  There were big gaps between numbers because these people hadn't all been found yet. These people were being given a shot of some kind so they wouldn't be susceptible to the drugs they had been given before.  I was one of them.

My husband and kids wanted to go to church but nobody but my husband was ready so he went alone and the rest of us were trying to get ready to at least attend the Christmas luncheon to be given at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. We couldn't find matching socks for anyone.

I put on a pair of brown woolen pants and somehow they were a foot too long and a foot too wide so I couldn't wear them anymore. I was going to wear a dress with panty hose and high heeled shoes instead.

A woman who used to be the secretary to the President of our company at Simpson Electric told everyone that we should keep track of everything we do on the computer, including all our monetary trades, etc. but I didn't think that was such a great idea that everyone would know my business so I wasn't going to do that.

I went into the bathroom and saw that the toilet (not the seat) was stained with pink, red, and brown, so I got down on my knees and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed until it was pure white again. All my computer records were dipped in the toilet and wiped clean again so nobody would know what I had done in the past. (It was like a lap top or large Palm Pilot type gadget)

Later I was still at home but like in an office and discovered that my daughter was the boss lady who did job interviews.  So, I was rather teasing her by calling her number with a series of 3 beeps on her phone and then hanging up. Finally she became aware that it was me and called me. She kept her hand over her mouth so she was talking secretively, but jokingly and talked quietly and so did I and she said I should meet with her at 2:30 p.m.

Several times I woke up and thought about this dream and the third time I remembered the shots and numbered people I had a vision under the picture that said, "Guardian Alliance Notice".


5-10-00 - DREAM - (Several hours have passed since the last dream)  I was dreaming I was at work, with my bathrobe on, trying to tell people about the dream about a group of people being gathered together to be given a shot so that they would overcome being drugged by a previous group.  I didn't personalize the dream and tell them it was about me, just about a group.  However, nobody wanted to listen.

My boss was having problems with his wife and was acting like he wanted sympathy from me so I thought it would be a good opportunity to tell him my dream.  But as soon as I started speaking, three really tall black guys got between him and me and other people did too, so my talking was like to the wind instead of to him.

I was really pissed that he didn't want to listen to this important dream that might be real. Another black woman who was younger than me, (perhaps Heidi) was willing to listen, but she wasn't the one who needed to know this.

Finally, I saw that my boss, who was wearing a bright green windbreaker jacket, was walking across the parking lot that was full of mud where it had rained really heavily and was now just starting to dry up, but yet had large puddles in it. I was walking from one building to another. I didn't look my age, but I was thinking that for a person who was over 60 years old, it sure felt good to have guys who were a lot younger than me still be interested in me. That made me feel good.

At the same time I was thinking, "Well! If he's really interested, there is always the telephone." He can call me. I wasn't going to pursue him.

After I woke up, I was thinking about the dream, and a telephone rang in my head.  (The real phone was off the hook)  I said mentally, "I'm ready for a message. The thought came strongly, "Michelle is trying to call you on the telephone."  I rather ignored it because I was tired. Finally the telephone rang in my head again, and the message was repeated, "Michelle is trying to call you on the telephone."  So I got up , put the phone back on the hook and it didn't ring immediately, so I dialed Michelle on the phone and got her answering machine. She was obviously talking on the phone on her end.


5-11-00 - DREAM - I was living in a city, unknown state, with my daughters and some other people. My daughter Jeanne looked to be about 20 years old and my other daughter, whom I called 'my baby' had just turned 16.  (I don't have another daughter. She looked like my sister's youngest daughter) Jeanne was taking 'my baby' to get her driver's license.  She dropped her off there with the car and came home to await the results of the testing.  It didn't take too long and 'my baby' came into the room, looking all grown up and smiling.

I asked her if she had gotten her license and she answered, "Yes!" I was astonished ... her first time out ... she got her license.  Lots of kids have to take the test twice if not more. I asked her, "What are you going to do now?"  She said, "Me and my boyfriend are going to write 2,000 to 3,000 words a day about the Irish!" (She pronounced it E-rish).  She gave me some old copies of a large newspaper-like papers. I flipped one over and there was a picture that went from one side of the paper to the other of a lovely cloudy/foggy Irish scene. Below it, it read, "Once in the long ago, on a balmy foggy day .... "

I was astounded. My baby was going to write like this. It was so beautiful.

She left and life went on. I went out into the street where some workmen had just arrived.  On the back porch-like area of the house stood a huge old freezer-type box next to the refrigerator. The men put a rope around it and pulled it off the porch to take it away. Then they pulled the refrigerator off the porch too.  I hollered, "Wait! There's still milk and bread in the refrigerator!"  A woman on the porch opened the door of the refrigerator, grabbed the milk and bread out to save it, and the refrigerator and old freezer box was hauled away.

I went down the street to look at the shops and got caught in the rain which was coming down quite heavy. I was standing underneath the overhang of a large store so I wasn't get wet, just a little misted. I had a problem finding two quarters to ride the bus, but I found them by turning my purse upside down and rode the bus back home.

Once there, I was in the hallway and heard a knock on the door. I went to the door and let three men into the hall, then climbed the stairs ahead of them. I was wearing a nurses uniform that had the name, 'Ms. Spears -Psychiatrist' on it.  Another woman at the top of the stairs said, "What are you wearing?"  I showed her my uniform and told her the name on it, and buttoned the waist band buttons. She said, "You're not wearing that during the day ... you're not!"  

NOTE:  Later that same day, I was IM'd by a woman who regularly got psychological counseling, but I didn't know that until the end of the conversation. We talked about UFO sightings and then dreams. She told me how her dreams had changed from before to after drugs. She was under the impression that flying dreams were 'strange' and I assured her they weren't but were 'astral' experiences.  Now who sounds strange.  :-)


5-12-00 - I don't know if this is one dream or two.

DREAM  - I was in the woods, wearing a doe skin dress and short boots made of deerskin.  It seemed there was some question about whether I was indeed an indian or not. I was in a happy mood though and scrambled up a tree and stood in the branches.  I bowed deeply from the waist to the four directions like an actor on a stage, and the rustling of the leaves in the trees blown by the breezes sounded like applause. It was a wonderful sound.

I was then in an office setting, trying to find the name of an Indian woman named Keylonta. I assumed that if there was such a famous woman, her name would be in the dictionary, in the encyclopedia, or on the computer. On the computer I was searching through a long page of vined tendrils like a timeline, trying to find the name Keylonta and couldn't find it.

A friend of mine named Robin who is 1/2 Indian said she would help me and brought out a huge red dictionary. She told me that if such a name existed, it would definitely be in the dictionary. We didn't find it, so how could she exist?

On the internet we now find this:

Keylonta = language of light, sound, symbols and energy. It is structure upon which manifestations are built. Is the language of communicating thru time/dimensional portals.

However, it is not an Indian maiden's name and is definitely not in the dictionary or encyclopedia.

As an added note, when I woke up, I could not get the word Nequoia out of my head and still can't. Perhaps it's a name? An Indian woman? Me? Just asking.


5-13-00 - DREAM - Movement through time and space seemed to be portrayed by tiny lines streaking either to the right or down on a black background.  Then I came out of this and was in a boat on a huge lake which seemed to be Canada. There was a man with me, but I don't know who. I was scanning the sky for an airplane which was also searching for people on the ground or in the lake. Then I could hear the plane but couldn't see it. At this point, I came to what seemed like an outhouse or some kind of fishing shack in the middle of the lake. I wanted to look up into the sky to look for the plane, but couldn't do so unless I was hanging onto something solid, so I hung onto the corner of the building in the middle of the lake. The sound was getting louder and louder but I couldn't see the plane.  

My companion said from behind me, "Hey! I'm going to crawl under the sofa and read the greensheet."  I said, "What?"  He turned and said, "Forget it! It's too late anyway!"  I was confused. I said, "Why is it too late?"   then I was back to the black background, flying through time and space again ... going downward   and woke up.


5-13-00 - DREAM - I don't know where I was though it seemed similar to my 16th St. house, it wasn't exactly the same.

There were several people in this dream that I knew quite well, but never in this same circumstance.  We were all wearing night clothes, pajamas or long winter-type gowns with heavy robes. I also had on heavy white garden-type gloves with a narrow black band around the thumbs.

There was a scene in the kitchen and a short discussion held which I can't remember but that's okay.  It was the last scene that was so memorable.

I went into the 'parlor' which is what we called this room at home. Here there was a brown old-fashioned organ, with a bench, a small table with a lamp and a couple arm chairs for others to sit on.

Someone had brought some music in a manila colored folder, like it was being studied. I was wearing these heavy white gloves and yet when I sat down to play the music which was called 'Concerto ____' or a word like 'Concerto' the sound was so incredible that all thoughts of problems or worries were gone ... only the music reverberated through the air.  

The keyboard of the organ was rather short compared to a piano and for the left hand was a small gold organ that didn't have regular keys on it, there were thumb shaped tabs which when they were played the tones came out with glorious vibrato sounds in the bass level of sound.

After I was done playing the music the first time, an older man came in and sat on the bench with my on the right side. I was never comfortable playing for other people, though I've done it numerous times, but when this man sat down to listen so closely, the music went flying off to my left on the table, a young man grabbed the gold thumb keyed organ and ran outside with it, and the main organ seemed shorter than ever.

Now when I looked at the music again I couldn't figure out which sheet of paper I had played off of and I didn't have the gold organ, but I made an attempt to play the music from memory.  I could only remember the first page.  It began in the key of G, with the right hand playing middle C and the upper G next to it with the right hand four times and then both hands playing an octave of Gs four times.

Without the gold organ for the left hand, the music sounded so flat. I needed that vibrato gold organ for the sound to be correct.

So I got the young man back into the room with the gold organ and set it up on the organ, got the music back and again played the 'Concerto' in the key of G.  It was glorious.

After I woke up, I replayed this dream in my mind numerous times. I didn't want to get up.  Then I got out my Casio keyboard and played that first line of notes the best I could with the electronic vibrato in the organ sound.  It doesn't compare to the dream very well ... but it sounds wonderful to my ears.

NOTE:  I spent the day searching for the music. I think this is it:  Mozarts Piano Concerto No. 17 in G - andante.mid

Piano concerto No.17 in G, K.453 (Reduct.) (R.J.Fisher)

1.Allegro (74k); 2.Andante (30k); 3.Allegretto (64k).

Now I need to know why I dreamed that.

I meditated later in the day and saw several visions:

Electrical Connections

Electrical Connections

Electrical Connections

NASA Electrical Connections

And then I saw a page of math that came when I heard a noise. It was kind of a buzzing sound and the green page of math came up that was about the math of the electrical connections.

I still can't figure this out. I never studied much science, nor music theory, so I guess I need to do that now.


5-14-00 - DREAM - Today was Mother's Day. (It really is) I had just moved from one apartment building to another several days earlier. I had done some laundry in the old building and had forgotten to take it out of the washer. I was assuming now that someone probably took it out of the washer and left it lay there somewhere and I needed to retrieve it.

In the new place T.J. and a friend showed up to help me arrange my furniture or something and he saw that I didn't have any sheets or blankets on my bed, so I told him about leaving them in the old place.

I got a ride over to the old place to retrieve my laundry. I can't remember who drove me or if I drove myself. The car got stuck under the garage door so nobody could go in or out while my car was there. So then, someone got stuck behind me, then someone got stuck behind them, etc. Then my ex-husband with my son Bob on the back of the motorcycle came by on the way to my new place and spotted me standing in the street. They stopped to find out what was wrong. More and more cars were now in the way of going where they belonged and one of the women from the building whom I knew well came out to complain about the commotion.  I got out of the car and she saw me and came towards me to hug me, then discovered that I was the cause of the commotion so I had to basically beg her to forgive me.  She did so reluctantly. She didn't really want to but finally did.

So then we set about trying to figure out what was wrong. My ex-husband found that the lights on the back of a red car had been deliberately turned off, so he managed to get them turned on again.

I discovered that my green sheet was still in the dryer. I took it out and it was burned in some places. I had gotten there just in time. The washer was spouting steam in several places. I thought that was probably good because the released pressure had prevented it from exploding.

Back outside my friend Kimber showed up in a bright red shiny car that was larger than everyone elses car. She volunteered to drive me away from there, so I got into her car and we just barely made it out between the other cars. Her car was huge. We made several right turns and ended up back at the new place.

I went into the basement in the new place to continue doing my laundry there and heard some loud noise from upstairs. Suddenly then, several Chinese or Asian looking young boys/men came downstairs into the basement to practice their war games.  They all wore black loose suits like Karate type outfits (I'm not familiar with that type of clothing) They also wore black helmets and black goggles and carried black guns that shot needles which they called stun guns. They didn't even have to face to person to shoot at them. They could aim the gun backwards over their shoulder and still hit them. They showed me how they did this and hit one of their own kids in the forehead with a needle from the gun.  When it hit the kids forehead, a sign came down from his forehead.  The sign was in two parts. The print was tiny so I couldn't read it... but it was a sign non-the-less.


5-14-00 - DREAM - I was back in the old apartment building. My whole family was there to help move my furniture. My ex-husband wanted to know if there was an easier way to get the furniture out, so I and my son Michael walked through the garage to the other end to see if there was a wider door.  There wasn't. But this was really strange.

There was a large room which we walked into. An old retired soldier was there. He said to me, "Remember this number from Eisenhower's emphysema class - "Herschel B - 875111"  .  Then he laughed and said, "Watch! she'll be like all the rest and remember 874111."  but I didn't. I wrote the number down on some guys paper on a writing desk and then tore it off.  On the other side, he was doing some math calculations, but I didn't care. I wasn't going to forget the number.

Michael and I continued walking through the garage and came out at the other side of the building. This was even stranger. On our side of the street were rather modern buildings ... I would say all built in the 1900's.  There was like a steep rock wall down to a street, then on the other side of the street were huge buildings ... all made of dark red brick, perhaps built in the 1700's or 1800's.  There was no way to get from our side of the street to the other... the road was down like in a deep chasm.

When I turned around, I saw that on the lower level of my building, there were little shops, each one selling material from secret organizations. They were almost hidden from the general public, but there for easy access if you knew where to look.

We went back into the building, all the way through to the front entrance. Up in my apartment, my son Ken was changing clothes. He had on 5 layers of shirts ... I was amazed. I was going to change clothes also, but there was no privacy. Too many people around. All my clothes were stashed in piles of certain colors. All the blues in one stack, all the greens in one stack, etc. Each pile was about 3 feet high and it was hard to walk down the hallway, but I did it just to find something to wear.  I never did change my clothes though, because there were just too many people around.


5-14-00 - MEDITATION - I decided to meditate and asked about any information regarding the blue flame and the grid system of earth. I also asked if there was anyone there from the Guardian Alliance, figuring they would know the most about it.

I started to hear some fast, high pitched talking. There were 5 statements made, all with a word in it that sounded like 'juice' but I couldn't understand any of the rest of it. It sounded like a foreign language I had never heard before.


5-15-00 - DREAM - I was in a large school and it was nearing graduation.  I and another teacher were trying to devise a system whereby all the students names would be posted on a stiff piece of manila colored paper in the form of a computer screen in alphabetical order, and attached to the face of a watermelon sliced in half lengthwise.  It didn't take me long to figure out that this wasn't going to work. First of all, printing the names by hand was too haphazard and messy, the names got too wide, so I decided we would type them in sections and glue them onto the manila paper. But then, I realized even that wouldn't work since two of the girls were going to be wearing all white lace dresses with nothing underneath and so were I and the other teacher.  

The dresses were easy enough to make and put together. A blonde girl demonstrated how they would look and they were gorgeous. There was no problem with wearing no underwear as long as the dresses didn't get wet as I told the girl.

One chubby black girl decided she wanted to decorate part of this fake computer screen and they drew hearts and roses and pasted their paper on this fake screen and the whole thing started to look really messy and I discovered that the girls were too wide and they wouldn't fit either.

I finally decided to just type the names on a real computer screen and place the computer between the girls in the center. I knew before I even started this project that this wasn't going to work either. You can't put a computer on top of a watermelon to start with, and you can't put girls and paper on top of  watermelon either.

So, I had to scrap that whole idea and come up with something else, because I wanted the girls and the teachers to wear these white lace dresses.


5-15-00 - DREAM - I was in the livingroom with my husband, a dark haired young woman and my baby. I was sitting on the floor at my husband's feet and I started to feel like having sex with him, so I started kissing his leg. He got the idea I was trying to convey, so we got up to go to the bedroom, however, the young woman got up to go along, and I picked up the baby to take her with us also because I was going to give her a bottle to feed her and keep her quiet.

By the time we got to the bedroom, with the dark haired woman tagging along, I was feeling a bit angry. Then I had to find a bottle with which to feed the baby and the one I found had old milk in it about 1/2 inch worth. I lay the baby in her little bed, took the bottle to the kitchen to rinse the old milk out and put new milk in and my husband followed me and started washing his hands with soap right over the bottle so that soap went into the bottle.

Now I was really feeling angry that he had done that and went back to the bedroom to find another bottle that wasn't contaminated with soap. I found 3 spare nipples but no bottle. So I went back to the kitchen where the dark haired woman and my husband were now washing the dishes.  I stood to my husband's left side and literally screamed, "We need to buy new bottles for the baby!"

He didn't answer and neither did the woman, so I screamed again, "Did you hear what I said?"  The woman said, "I think he did!"

I was so irate by now that I wanted to scream again, but then quickly realized that my husband was now with the dark haired woman and I wasn't getting what I wanted from my husband and that was his love, so I shut up.


5-16-00 - DREAM - I was reading web pages which were divided into 4 quarter sections, black type on white background. Each section was about the number 16 or 17 and their relationship to 137 but also about baseball.

 Duh!!! I had just spent hours searching for sites about the number 37 and planned to do a search for 137, but 17 came up quite frequently. But what does that have to do with baseball?  Guess I'll have to find out.


5-16-00 - DREAM - I was walking down a road and ahead of me I saw a brownish shadow-like figure walk toward a haystack and leave again. It seemed like smoke or dust was coming out of the haystack and I was concerned that it was something dangerous going on in there. I mentioned this to my companion (male) who was somewhat to my left and behind me that maybe we should look and see what was going on.

My companion said that we had better not, and just then, the brownish shadow-like figure came back, picked up a small child size shadow-like figure and walked away with it again. My impression was that this was bigfoot.


5-16-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building and went into the apartment where an old woman had passed away suddenly. There was an old man maintenance man in the kitchen. He was inside the upper cabinets cleaning them out to put the stuff into storage for the relatives to pick up. (This is not normal procedure)

From the upper cabinet, he removed hundreds of small pink easter baskets which she had used for children over the years. He stacked them on the counter. Then he found a box of jewels in this same cabinet. I really wanted to see the jewels but he didn't show them to me.

I saw that the old man and an older woman who was with him had helped themselves to a large brown basket for themselves. Each basket had a tall handle on it, which I thought would be great for holding knitting projects or magazines or such. However, there wasn't another one there for me and I was very disappointed.

I then went to another apartment where clothes were hanging on racks. I had determined that I needed a new skirt because I didn't have one. I found a yellow one that was pretty, but when I took it off the hangar, it wasn't a skirt, it was a dress and it was much too small for me.

Another woman there made a rather nasty comment to me that I was humongous. I told her that I wasn't humongous, that if she wanted to see what humongous was, I could introduce her to a couple women who really were LARGE.

I decided then I would go shopping and buy myself a new skirt. The time was then 10 minutes to 9 p.m. and there was very little time left for the stores to be open. As luck would have it, I had no money in my purse and I decided I would borrow a couple bucks from someone.

I went out into the hallway to go visit someone and ask for some money, but it looked rather scary out there. Some young spanish men said they would accompany me to protect me, so they went with me down the hall into the next section of apartments.  

In this section, it turned out that everyone was dressed for bed, already in their nightclothes though they were wandering the halls visiting with each other. I didn't have the nerve to ask any of these people for money, so went back to my own apartment.

I decided I would go to work to keep busy, so went to the laundry room. I opened a washer and used a silver spoon to clean rust and lime off the cover of the washer. I had to be very careful though, because it was a spinner type washer and was in operation when I got there. However, when I lifted the lid, the spinning stopped until I was finished and put the lid back down.


5-17-00 - DREAM - (This could be a book)

I don't know where I was. Nothing was familiar. I was part of a 4 couple team it seems. We all lived together in a rather small town, at least it didn't have any skyscrapers in it. This dream lasted a long time and was broken up into several parts because I woke up scared several times but went back to sleep and was right back in the dream. We were all young and athletic and it seems that we were in the town working on a murder mystery of some sort.

There was a rivalry between the guys so it didn't always run smoothly and as I found out later, there was more of a rivalry between the women than I realized. It wasn't as cool as it appeared on the surface.

Finally, we noticed that one of the men, who was like a young Brian Donlevy ... blonde and husky and muscular, was acting rather strangely. We women discovered that he was furtively hiding food and at the same time, he challenged one of the other men to a fight.  He allowed that the other to guy train for the fight, so he was fair and gave him a chance to get ready. I was propping up the other guy and supporting him while he was laying on his back, making bicycle movements with his legs and arms while exercising.

At the same time, I was scared of the blonde guy and was making ready to flee the place myself. I didn't want to get left with the blonde guy when I liked the guy who was challenged. I started to furtively put our jackets outside and hide them under some other stuff so we could sneak out in the dark and take off without the others.

There were some strange scenes in here where some dogs were being trained and a new one came along and the blonde guy demanded that I give the new dog a whole apple to see what he'd do with it. I wasn't going to make waves over a strange dog, so I fed the apple to the dog which took the whole thing in his mouth. At first he didn't seem sure how to handle it because his teeth sank into the apple and he couldn't dislodge it from his mouth, but then he discovered that if he bit down harder, the apple gave way and he split it into several parts and he was able to drop some of the parts and eat what was left. I thought that was rather clever. The dog, being successful at this mean trick, was allowed to stay with us.

There were also some very small electronic gadgets being manipulated along the shore of a lake to make people and animals do what they wanted. I was offered the chance to try my hand at it, but I was more anxious to get away than play with the gadgets, so I made one small effort with a dog and then gave it over to someone else to play with.

I was just about to sneak out and get away from the others and was waiting for my special guy to show up, when the blonde Brian Donlevy guy disappeared with one of the cars and all the food. The others had ordered pizza and I used that opportunity to sneak out. My guy didn't show. It seems that the guys had feigned the fight scene to throw us women off the track and all the guys had left together. I sneaked up a nearby hill and discovered that three women from next door were doing the same thing, so I joined up with them and began hiking out of the area with them.

An older woman came after me, begging me to come back and telling me that one of the other women was sorry and she didn't mean to be so heavy handed and man grabbing, etc. I decided to stay with the new group of women and made excuses.  We got downtown and saw a train station and went there to take a break from our hiking. The trains were strange ... It looked like a regular track, but one train ran on one track and another train ran in the opposite direction on the other track. Each train had a set of wheels underneath like roller blades ... all in a row.  

The train pulled into the station and we saw a group of women come in, who looked suspiciously like we did ... like a detective team.  We women looked at each other and said, "Hey! Want to go for a train ride?"  and when the next train came into the station ... we were on it and out of there.

And I woke up.


5-17-00 - VISION - I was laying in bed, thinking of nothing. I heard a tone in my right ear. I then had a vision of a coastal area with a bay, similar to San Francisco, but it could have been any similar coastline.  It was partly cloudy. I was like flying overhead, two long wispy clouds were over the coastline. The color of the area was like a map, yellow, brown, and green like high and low areas.  

NOTE: I think this was an earthquake warning. The tone on the keyboard was the note, 'B'


5-17-00 - DREAM - I was trying to gather some information secretly and quietly. I didn't want anyone else to know I was doing this.  It wasn't wrong, I just didnt want anyone else to know it. I went through a series of rooms in my house, just outside of the view of others who were there, but unheard and unseen. I could hear them, and see them, but they didn't know I was there.

I woke up and had a vision of a magazine page with some large writing on it and the background was a series of outlines of black and white baby buggies.  That reminded me of the baby buggies I had seen earlier in the week.

I went back to sleep and continued my search for information. This time, I picked up some books and was going to go to an extension of the house to another bedroom where nobody else went and nobody else knew and do that. I went through a hallway to the right through a doorway and found myself in an outside hallway where there was a curtain over a screen, but no door to block the wind and a cool but heavy breeze was blowing in. I was thinking to myself, "I wonder if this has been open all winter?"  I knew there was someone else living over in the direction, but there was supposed to be a series of unoccupied rooms between us.

I looked to my right and there was another livingroom where the other people lived and a heavy white curtain hung down almost to the floor between the hallway and where they lived.

I made a right turn to go through a smaller doorway and way down several rooms I saw an old woman standing.  She was wearing a red dress so she was easily visible to me, and while I was also dressed in red, she was turned sideways so I backed up quickly so she wouldn't see me.  I didn't know that these rooms were now occupied. They were supposed to be empty.  I tiptoed back towards my own rooms, hoping she wouldn't see me, but I could hear her coming behind me ... thinking she might have seen me.  I was walking through the hallways which was made of shiny red bricks, wearing a red dress, red high heeled shoes. I was tiptoeing, but anybody knows that no matter how quiet you are, patent leather soles on shoes make a kind of squish squish sound on shiny red brick.  I tip toed as fast as I could to make my get-a-way and lucky for me, the old woman met up with another old woman just behind me, but out of sight still and I could her ask the second old woman, "Have you seen Dee?"  

I was just out of sight and slipping into my own doorway so if they had turned their heads, they might have seen the back of my dress just fleetingly, but I was quick and I was certain they hadn't really seen me, and from the way the old ladies were talking, I could just say that it was their imagination if they had seen me out of the corner of their eye.

NOTE: Doesn't that sound familiar?  hahaha


5-18-00 - I lived in a large apartment building. I lived at the far end of the building from the mailboxes. I wanted to get the mail, but I wasn't dressed. I was still wearing my nightgown. Too, I didn't know which way to go to get to the mailboxes because there were different people on each floor I didn't care to meet up with should they open their door and see me go by. Finally I decided I would put on my green bathrobe and go down the stairs right by my door, go down to the second floor, walk along the second floor hallway to the other end, then walk down to the mailboxes and then retrace my steps.

So, I put on my bathrobe, went out into the hallway and started down the steps and discovered that because there had been so much mail, it didn't fit into my mailbox that the mailman had brought it all the way up to the third floor for me. He set it on the uppermost stairs so I could carry it into my apartment.

I then went to my 16th St. house and there discovered that my Father had been delivered of numerous thick envelopes with mail for other people also. I knew he didn't have time to open up and read all his mail so I took the ones that weren't addressed directly to him.


5-18-00 - DREAM - I and a friend went to the library to get a book or two to read.  When I first went in, it looked very familiar and I went to the LAW section where all the fat/thick books were. However, the longer I was there, the less it was like a library. Fewer and fewer books were there, and they started putting in racks of used clothing. They even had one long row of wedding gowns. All this was in front of the empty book shelves. I quickly ran over to some of the shelves where I knew some good books were and took two.  One was 'Deliverance'. I can't remember the other.  There was a third book there that was 3 times as thick but I knew I couldn't read all three in 2 weeks time. I then went back to where I started and all the LAW books had been removed and in their place were tall children's picture books. I was very disappointed in this library.

NOTE: A coincidence. This is the very first web page I went to:

"Da'at, (contact), at the level of the eyes, is representative of the written Law. In reading the written Law, the reader should see every letter. Contact at the level of the mouth is the secret of the Oral Law.

"There is no good outside of the Law." The "pe" is the seventeenth letter of the "aleph-beyth," the numerical value of the Hebrew word "tov," (good. The first words spoken by the Mouth of God, "Let there be light," upon which the actual creation of light happened, were subsequently seen, by His Eyes, "to be good." The word good, is the thirty-third word of scripture, the sum of the values of the two letters "ayin" and "pe" (33 = 16 + 17), thus alluding to the union of the two levels of da'at, (contact) - that of the eyes (the written Law), and that of the mouth, (the Oral Law).


5-19-00 - I was awake most of the night, listening to the radio, but when I finally fell asleep, I was dreaming of mothers preparing their sons for war.  They were knitting caps with 33 stitches around the cap at the forehead and the top of the hat where it expands went to 60 stitches.

There was a woman there who didn't want to listen to the man who was giving the instructions for the preparations. He made a pronouncement that no one was to take their bicycles out into the dark. But one mother did and her son was killed. She came back in with the rubber from the wheel of the bicycle and it was black and white striped like a snake lengthwise striped.


5-20-00 - DREAMS  - (These were little dreams)

This was an all white dream - There was a white circular tray with white bulls on it with long horns.  It seemed to spin around a few times. I seem to recall white men with white hats, then I saw on the tray all white cows. The impression was that this was Hungarian. My impression that this had to do with getting ready for war.

This was a color dream. We received an envelope in the mail, not addressed to us personally, but in our mail box. In the envelope was a stack of picture postcards all in Italian.

I thought I had done all my laundry, but the more I looked the more laundry I found. I didn't even want to get out of bed, but I had to wash the bedding too, and I began hauling the laundry down to the basement to do the wash. There was an undertone of worrying about war and preparations being made for war by the Italians.


5-20-00 - DREAMS - I must have been feeling guilty for staying in bed too long. (It was 6:30 a.m.) I thought I heard the phone ring, but I also heard it hang up. Joe called me to come to breakfast that he had made french fries. (huh?) But I was talking to Michelle in my head and didn't want to end the conversation.  So, I didn't get up and rolled over again. I thought I heard Joe call me again and finally felt so guilty about laying in bed so long, I made myself get up.

There was a small sink in the bedroom on the south wall and the water was more than dripping, it was running. It wasn't running over, and I was too lazy to go turn it off, so I pushed aside all the laundry that was laying on the floor with the door and went out into the livingroom.

Out in the livingroom, Kimber was sitting at a desk talking on the telephone. I knew I was interrupting her phone call so I crawled back in bed in the livingroom (where the couch really is).  I could overhear only part of her conversation. She was trying to talk quietly so I couldn't hear her.  She was telling someone she had met a new guy and that the good news was that he had just got divorced. Then she started talking quieter and I tried to bury my head under the blankets so she wouldn't think I was trying to listen in on her conversation.


5-21-00 - (I had this dream while the radio was on. I recognized the conversation of the man with me as the 'exact' words that the man on the radio had said in the first half hour of the show, so the dream must have taken place during the rerun of the interview)

DREAM - There was something surreptitious going on with some airplanes. In real life these planes were real size, but in my custody, the planes were miniature. I kept them parked inside a garbage can type container which I could hold in my hand. If someone wanted to fly plane they had to come to me and ask me. I kept them under the lid.  The one they wanted to use the most was silver. It had no wings and no tail. It looked like a silver fish. There was a huge hole for the exhaust at the back end where the tail would be. It was jet propelled.


5-21-00  - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, in the Jackson St. apartment building. In the basement, I overheard a maintenance supervisor saying that he would never use a particular type of fleuorescent light that had rounded ends.  While he was saying that, I could see one exactly like that being used in the basement, so I removed it and left the room quite a bit dimmer, lit only by regular light bulbs.

I then went upstairs to the third floor.  I was visiting my friend Donna. (She never actually lived there).  Donna was involved in something mysterious because she looked like Princess Diana. I looked out the window and from my perspective, I could see a huge spotlight searching the skies in the northeast.  Then I could see three Donnas as the same time. Several streets over, a beige coated Donna was shoved into a car by several other women.  One street over, a waving Donna was driving by some people on the street. In front of the Jackson St. building, a black and white coated Donna was getting out of another car and coming into the building.  From the street level perspective, Donna was seen in three different places at the same doing three different things, wearing three different coats.  Nobody would ever agree on what she did.

Inside the apartment where I was, I told the other women that I would know if the real Donna came in because I knew her so well.  The other women just laughed at me. Then the black and white coated Donna came into the apartment. I took a close look at her and saw that it was my daughter-in-law Karen with a lot of makeup and a wig on. She walked right past me without speaking. I told the women that it was not Donna.  They refused to answer and took Donna with them and they all left.

Because they had vacated the apartment and all the furniture was gone, I decided I would help myself to everything that was left. I took some bags and boxes and started packing up everything from the cabinets that was left. In an upper cabinet, was an entire set of dishes for 4 people.  The plates had a green and yellow pattern like fruits and vegetables. It was gaudy but pretty. I took the whole set, coffee cups, cereal bowls, little plates, and big plates. I placed all these on a small round table that was within reach.

I then started looking at the miscellaneous cups and glasses that were in evidence above the cabinet. There was a large pink sparkly vase which I liked, so I took that and placed it by the plates on the table. There was also a series of multi-colored jewel-like colored set of 7 cups. Each one was different.  (They were like chakra colors I've seen in a book)

A maintenance man came into the apartment to clean up, knowing that the women had left. He ignored me, but I felt guilty for taking all this stuff.  I told him, "I used to manage this building for 10 years, so I know what I can and can't do."  I walked into the bedroom and there were two twin pieces of furniture, which looked like dressers, but they were really blueprint cabinets with numerous drawers. They were on wheels.  I told the maintenance man I would pay him if he could get these two cabinets to my house.

I wrote down my address on a piece of paper.  I wrote  1753 N 53rd St. Milwaukee, WI. I looked at the paper and thought to myself ... 'there is no way I would live at that address'. I looked at it again and told the guy ... "Forget it! I don't even live in Milwaukee."

I woke up with those words.

After I was awake, thinking about the dream, I had two visions of the street number. First I saw a bright '20'.  Then I saw '58'.


5-21-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building searching for something. It seems I was searching for something belonging to Walt Disney, but it wasn't a cartoon ... it was something in writing. I also knew I shouldn't publish the paper I was working on without the 3 and the 4, which I know now that I'm awake that it means the 'spiritual alchemy', because I am working on the subject of physical alchemy'.

I decided I would go up into the attic to see if it was stored there. I climbed the stairs and opened the door into a white apartment. There I saw 'Minnie' who was my landlady on 66th St. in West Allis. I didn't realize she lived in the attic and I carefully backed out of her apartment but didn't close the door. She had another door which was open and partially blocked the door I had opened. I managed to go back down the hallway without her seeing me.

I went around a corner and heard a fire alarm and an announcement being made on the P.A. system, "There's a fire in the junction box' on the third floor. I was right by that apartment. I didn't see any smoke when I ran in, but other people had already beat me to it and had done something to the wires which had shorted and caused the smoke which I saw deep inside some animal cages in a room. I could hear people running towards this area where the fire was from all over the building. Everyone cared deeply about everyone else in this building and everyone who heard the alarm was coming on the run.

I was surprised to see that this woman had animal cages in her apartment. Normally, people can't have animals in an apartment building.  This person actually had a pet shop going in hers.  Because everyone was gathering around the junction box where the fire was, I took the opportunity to see what else this woman had in her apartment.

Another room was also caged off and I could see monkeys and evidence of other 'wild' animal babies in that room.  A third room was wallpapered in gold and had mirrors all over the walls for people to look in to see themselves. This was her 'haarp/harp' room.  I didn't see any harps, but I was imagining that the music that emanated from this room was glorious.

5-22-00 - We had the radio on, listening to an interview about people who had NDE's which were not pleasant, NDE's where people went to places that were not like the normal tunnel scene where nice people of light waited for them. While this program was on, I was having continuous visions of white semi-opaque descriptions of the people in a long list. Some of them weren't even whole people but only body parts ... they were not complete.

I turned the radio off when the interviews were done and I had this dream:

DREAM - This was not about NDE's but about real people who died. Their names and descriptions were now solid and about whole people. These people were complete and the descriptions were colored like their auras had been.

The dream turned into a real dream about the people and we were serving them breakfast and we were serving them slices of coffee cake and coffee before they went to work.  There were a lot of people so this took a long time.

We were still in the cafeteria and a woman who looked like Rosie O'Donnell came in with a huge tray of apple-turnovers covered with thick white frosting.  She was quite late and most of the people had already gone through the line. I told Rosie that breakfast was over and by being so late that the people had already been fed.

Rosie looked very disappointed. I looked at the clock and it read 12:05 p.m.  So, since it was now lunch time, I decided that perhaps people would be coming back to the cafeteria for lunch, they might be willing to eat one of her apple-turnovers and I allowed her to put the tray on the food line. It was up to the people to make their own choice whether to take her food or not.


5-22-00 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house in the bathroom and decided to wash my hair in the sink.  I turned on the water, used a glass that was tall and narrow (not like a regular water glass) and use it to get my hair wet. I started to put the shampoo on my hair and got it thick with white lather.  

Now, I could still hear the water pressure in the pipes, but no water was coming out the pipes. I flipped the faucet lever up and down but nothing changed.  I heard my father waking up in the dark bedroom and I knew he was going to want to get into the bathroom shortly and here I was stuck at the sink with lather all over my hair.

I decided to go to my Father's bedroom door and ask him what to do. He told me to look in the fuse box on the wall and see if one of the fuses has blown. I didn't think that electricity had anything to do with the way the faucet was not running, but I did what he said anyway.

I opened the door on the fuse box and it had flip levers for fuses, not the old fashioned ones. I looked for one that might run the water system, but only saw several that said 'air' on them. The background of the fuse box was brown.

My Father then came into the bathroom, looked to see what I was doing and told me that I was looking in the wrong place. That rather relieved my mind because I wasn't seeing what I expected to see. Nothing said 'water'.  

I went back to the sink with my Father and he flipped the lever and the water ran perfectly again. What a relief ... that's always the way it is when you call the plumber or the repairman ... the problem has gone away before they get there.

Now, there was a box of clothing sitting on the floor in front of the toilet and I saw that there was a blue and white striped shirt in the box so the laundry wasn't all mine.  I moved it out of the way, took a yellow plastic glass to get water to rinse my hair with and proceeded to rinse my hair. I told my Father I would be out of his way in just a moment.


5-22-00 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house.  It seems like everyone was the same age like 18 to early 20's including myself and my children. There was no seeming age difference at all.

I was in the house and an old friend came to the house. He was acting like he wanted to get friendly but I knew he was married.  I had just been talking to his wife on the phone. She was talking to me but I realized her voice didn't seem normal but we continued talking. I was moving around while talking and I stepped on an electrical train track and broke connector between two track sections. I said, "Oh my gosh! My dream of this morning just came true."  She asked me what dream I was talking about. I said, "Well this morning I went to bed and dreamed that I was seeing the underside of some electrical connections with copper connectors.  I just stepped on this track here and it looks just the same underneath."  She said, "Oh!" and I ended the conversation because I had to go to the bathroom.

Then this young man came into the house and while we were talking he sidled up to the wall where the telephone connections were and started asking me about them. He wanted to know why there were two phone jacks ... a single and a double. There was a wire going into both.  I thought this was really strange and I started to think that perhaps he was intending on putting in a phone tap on my line to track what I talked about. He pulled one phone jack out and wanted to know if it would work in the other jack. I said, "Yes!" The reason it is like that is that the phone man said he couldn't put two single jacks in, so he put a double phone jack next to the single jack and ran a wire between the two. I was feeling really suspicious about his questions as he pulled the wire out of one jack and put it into the other phone jack to test it.

I broke off the conversation to go upstairs to go to the bathroom. He said he was going to go outside and wait. So I went up the stairs and tiptoed across the room across from the bathroom. This room was humongous and carpeted with green indoor and outdoor carpeting.

I looked out the window and saw the young man fooling around by the telephone wires. I didn't want him to see me, so I hid.  When I went to look out the window, my son Tom was standing there. I hid again and when I looked again, another man was standing there, not quite so tall as Tom who is 6' 6" tall, but stockier with dark hair and a dark mustache.

I didn't know who that guy was at all.  

I needed to go the bathroom still, so quickly tiptoed back across the green carpeting to the bathroom which was on the rooftop for some reason.  While I was moving fast, I was making a noise like I was inside of an 18 wheeler truck going downhill.  I knew this was strange and I was going so fast, I like stuck my feet out like I was putting on the brakes and stood there for a moment until the noise subsided.

I then tried to figure out how this toilet worked because it was like a kiddy toilet with a pullout bottom and loose lid.  There was a telephone there and it rang and it was my daughter-in-law Becky on the other end.

Becky started to ask me about something, then stopped herself and said, "Oh! I'm not supposed to talk about you!"  I said, "What? You mean to tell me you aren't allowed to talk about what you want to?"

NOTE: This might be family inferences because Tom and Becky are now divorced, and they don't want me talking to each other about them?


5-23-00 - DREAM - I was dreaming about the pros and cons of Visual Basic C - all night. Some of it was lucid, some on printed paper, some on a computer screen. One piece of paper had all the words cut out so all the margins were gone ... just the words left.

I meditated on this as to why I would to know this, and the voice said, "There is something coming in the future."


5-23-00 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house. My cousin Shirley was staying over and sleeping on a daybed in the kitchen. My husband had left for work and I was trying to keep the kids quiet so they wouldn't wake Shirley up.  However, my daughter first turned on the TV right next to the daybed, then as I tried to get her to turn off the TV, she turned on a silver radio right next to it. I was unfamiliar with the radio knobs and switches, so as I tried to turn it off, I only succeeded in making it louder. I finally got it switched off and grabbed my daughter and went up the stairs to the next level which was the old kitchen before we remodeled.  (We remodeled a two story house into a tri-level)

On this level, the kids started making a mess on the floor by cutting up things, cutting cloth into puzzle pieces, etc. Then someone knocked on the door. It turned out to be the retarded girl from across the street. She brought a religious guy with her to show me in a very structured way with children's material that folded out with pop-out pictures about their beliefs. He was so busy working on getting his material straightened out, other religious oriented people were arriving and I ended up with dozens of people from every church in the area all gathering to try to tell me their religious beliefs.

Finally, some floating heads came into the room to introduce themselves. These were nice looking heads, and quite real, just had no bodies. They floated over some fake bodies and hands so they could shake hands when they introduced themselves , but I knew they were still just floating heads.

There were so many people in this room now, I started to feel guilty for not serving refreshments, so I asked if anyone would like something to drink. I went around the room, each person in turn telling me what they wanted to drink.  Every one of them told me something different.  I decided I wanted water.  My daughter said she wanted beer.

By now my husband had come back home and I asked him if he could go to the store and get some soda. He said he could but that it would take awhile. As I turned to go to the kitchen, I found that the refrigerator had been moved upstairs and was right behind me. I could barely get past it to go back down the stairs.

I then went back down the stairs and Shirley had woken up and gone into another room. I was glad of that, but meanwhile I started to hear my kids shrieking and my husband yelling at them and hitting them on their butts.

With all these religious guests in the house, I ran back up the stairs to see what the problem was. By the time I got there, the kids were in the room by themselves and my husband was gone.

By now, something else strange was happening. I was hearing the sound of wooden cabinet doors slamming and I'd wake up, thinking it was real. But I was so groggy, I didn't want to wake up and I'd go back into the dream and I'd hear the sound of wooden cabinet doors slamming again.

We don't have wooden cabinet doors, we have metal, so I know it wasn't real.  Finally, I decided I would stay awake because the dream had become non-meaningful by now.


5-24-00 - DREAM  - I was at a hospital where a doctor was going to be doing some facelifts on some people and I was chosen to be one of them. The doctor was going to do 18 of them in a row.

The people were all there, all had their photographs taken, blood and body fluid samples given for use in an emergency. Drawings were done of the after pictures so the doctor knew what you wanted to look like afterward.

The doctor wasn't quite ready to start, so everyone had the opportunity to go do an errand or talk to their loved ones before surgery. The doctor also had an errand to run so he left and would be back when it was time to do surgery.  I was to be the 18th one so I knew he'd have plenty of practice before he got to me.

I was kind of standing around, all excited. I had had this done before and was anxious to have it done again so I would look younger again. I had observed the doctor doing this on other people including men so I knew he was good.  I stood there and watched him actually lift the face off of person by prying up on their teeth and the whole face just peeled upward. Then the doctor made nips and tucks and put your face back together the way you wanted to look. It was a really cool procedure.

It was time to have everyone come back and get the face lifts done, but I arrived back first and the doctor hadn't arrived yet.  Instead of being #18, because I had arrived back first, the nurse decided I would go first. All 18 glasses of fluid and photos were all propped up on a shelf in a row.  We got to look at all of them. Some of the men were going to have mustaches put on where they didn't have them before. This doctor could change anything you wanted.

But, the doctor wasn't there yet.  We were standing out in the front of the building and heard a siren coming.  Across the street was a mountain of some kind which looked like it had a road running along the side half way up and we saw a yellow pick up truck coming with the electric company logo of Wisconsin on it. It was a dusty road and big dust plumed flew up behind it as it drove along. Right after it, another truck came flying along the road and it came abreast of us, it stopped and the doctor jumped out and ran down the mountain carrying a silver suitcase in one hand.  He had just robbed a bank.  He was going to do our surgeries, then leave town permanently. That was his plan. (I don't know how I knew this)

At the same time, I saw that a 12 foot tall cabinet that belonged to the doctor had come apart and broke on the side. One of the corner wheels had come off and was rolling on the ground looking like a large gold eye surrounded by a dark brown round frame like an eyelid. Some of us were knocking it around on the ground with a stick enjoying knocking this eyeball like thing around.  One of the women was really upset about this and was trying not to look at our antics.

By now, the rest of the people had returned to have their surgeries. They were all sitting around and because I had had it done before, they started asking me questions about how it was afterwards, the level of pain, what color your skin turned before it began healing, etc. How bad the swelling got.

I tried to be kind and showed them on my sweater, the shade of blue-grey that your face turned under your eyes.  (My sweater was a geometric pattern of brown, blue-grey, and cream color) I was really excited and told the people that when it was over, I was going to go and television and the movies. I knew it was going to be great.

However, in my inner mind, I was scared to be #1 considering that the doctor had just robbed a bank and he'd be nervous about being caught. I was wishing I was #18 again.

The nurse handed me two capsules to take for pain. I think she said it was Darvocet but I'm not quite certain of that. I also had a glass of some kind of liquid to drink. This was to make the procedure painless before they even knocked me out to do the surgery.

The nurse led me down the hall in the direction of the surgical suite, and the doctor was following behind me. I was getting more and more nervous as I hadn't taken the medication yet.  We got to the room and I could hear a baby crying really loudly upstairs. The floors had to have been really thin in this hospital.

The doctor pulled a curtain around the room, so I was still standing in the center of the room in the middle of this brown curtain which was on all four sides of me. I was standing in a large brown rectangle shaped area ... waiting for the doctor to tell me where I should lay down for the surgery ... and woke up.


5-24-00 - DREAM/VISION - I was seeing a glass or plastic bowl shaped like a heart. It was separated at the sharp end and I saw 3 little tabs that held it together that had come apart. I pressed them back together and thought that perhaps a little glue would hold it together.

Scene 2: I saw a woman dressed in white who showed me the heart shaped bowl again, and she told me that a doctor named Paulie Graves had passed on.

(I don't know who this is) I found a Paul E. Graves, but no Paulie Graves. There are numerous people named Paul Graves.


5-24-00 - DREAM - I was sleeping in a large bed on the 1st floor of a house somewhere. There was a TV there and a man came in and turned it on so I could see the news. However, two boys came in dressed in light weight light blue tunics and shorts sets. They were getting ready to go to school. The youngest of the two had his tunic on backwards and I told him I would help him turn it around. The older boy said he would help and between the two of us, we pulled the tunic up while the younger boy pulled his arms out and we turned the tunic around on his neck and had him put his arms back in the correct armholes. The tunic tied with a lightweight cloth belt of the same material.

The boys left for school and by now I was standing up and an old woman with dark pebbly-like bumpy skin told me that she used to be married to the boy's father. She named him but I can't remember what it was. I got the impression that he had passed away... She left the room and I decided I would go upstairs to my real bedroom and finish sleeping.

I went up the stairs kind of strangely. The steps were very shallow and close together and I was making foot motions but I don't think my knees were bending.  It was more like an escalator than actually climbing the stairs.

It was rather dark upstairs and as I reached the top of the stairs, I knew where the light switch was.  I reached around the corner in the hallway and flipped on the light. Across from the stairs were two dark rooms. The one on the left had the door open but was dark inside. I knew that was the Father's room.  (The Master bedroom).  My room was to the right of it but the door was closed. This made me think that someone else was in my room so I didn't go there either.

I went further down the hall and found myself in another apartment. Joe's ex-wife's second husband Tom was there and there apartment looked like a candy store, including candy cases just like in a store.  I got the impression that people could actually come up here and buy candy.  However, on the floor were hundreds of hand-made witches dressed in regular black gowns with pointed hats and carrying little hand-made brooms made of real straw. Joe's ex-wife Debbie had spent many hours making these little toy witches and she planned to distribute these on Halloween Eve morning to all the children in her apartment building along with baskets or bags of candy so the children wouldn't go out on the dangerous streets Trick or Treating.  

NOTE: This seemed like a rather good idea, though these days Trick or Treating isn't like it was when I was a kid when we went out in the dark alone and went house to house. Trick or Treating is now pretty much done with the parents taking the kids in full daylight on a Sunday afternoon or parties are held for them in an effort to stem the practice of going house to house.

Another man came into the room and asked Tom if he had contacted the next apartment building over. They were going to spread this idea around and be like Halloween-type Santa Clauses and give the children candy gifts instead of having Trick or Treating. It sounded like a rather good idea.

NOTE: I can't say at this late age that I approve of kids eating all that candy because it isn't healthy, but seems like a good idea to change the practice of Trick or Treating in the dark to an alternative.


5-24-00 - This is where the woman in white showed me the broken glass heart shaped bowl and told me about Doctor Paulie Graves.


5-24-00 - It seems to me that someone asked the question, does anyone else pray like this, and I had a vision of a black man who was bald, dressed in a rather pebbly looking dark silver skintight suit sitting at a table eating or rather drinking his meal through a straw and when he was finished he used a hand signal which seemed like it was saying 'Thank you for this food'.  He put his right hand out with the middle two fingers separated. Then changed his hand position to holding it out with the index finger and middle finger separated.

I got the impression that this man was an ET. It seemed appropriate.


5-24-00 - MEDITATION - I was seeing different shapes of geometrics. This was rather vague in my memory like I was very, very deep .

I saw a web page with the words highlighted - Un-imaginary objects ....

I saw a web page with the words highlighted - JoAnn McGann

I told the guides that if this was not correct, I was going to be very pissed.

I then saw another web page with the words highlighted ... "She'll talk"

NOTE: After I got up, I went to the computer to search for JoAnn McGann. This didn't come up. So I tried JoAnne McGann.  This brought up a web page for a 'friends of the library' at a particular school.  However, the web page was no longer there.  So, at least the name was correct.


5-25-00 - DREAM - I was in a school of some kind it seemed. There were many friends that I used to feel close to over time there. I went through a process of legal work and got a divorce from someone... (I don't remember if I even knew who it was from) However, from that divorce process, I was given two silver keys which I had to turn in through another process. When I got the keys, I went back to where my friends were and they surrounded me and I was overjoyed.  They all stood around me and hugged me. It was really a happy time for me. They seemed to be full of joy about it too.

I then had to stand in line to turn in these keys and I had to give the officer my marriage or divorce number which was a '6'. I didn't have the original piece of paper so I gave her a '6' made of bread dough which was quite fresh and soft. I had to shape it into a number 6 while I stood there. I hoped that would do.

I recall a scene where I was coming down an elevator. This could have been after the divorce. As I was getting off the elevator, I dropped a lot of junk out of my purse. On the floor were numerous used packets of pink fake sugar like you get in restaurants. There was other paper and pieces of cardboard which I had to pick up again before other people could get on the elevator. It was rather embarrassing to have to have them wait until I got all that garbage picked up.

I was then in a large classroom where an older woman was showing an audience some bread she had made. It was pathetic with a huge hole in the center of the loaf. She was trying to sell this bread recipe and the pans to the audience.

I knew I could do much better, so I bought half of her dough from her. I saw that underneath it had a lot of yellow butter or mustard on it. I thought that was a good addition. So, I mounded up the dough so that I could show the audience how to knead it properly to make a good loaf of bread.

A male friend produce a serrated knife with which to cut the dough in half, but then put two huge slabs of barbecued spareribs on the plate with the dough. I took the spareribs away and put them into the refrigerator. I don't know why he thought it was good or necessary to have the spareribs there, but he was very upset when I removed them and just kept the bread.

I then washed my hands and went back to knead the bread dough for the audience. This was very successful, then I had to let the bread dough sit to rise, so I went to do something else.

I then met some people who were going to go somewhere else to gamble or something and I decided to go along.  The trip was over 400 miles but I acted like it wasn't very far. The car I was riding in seemed dark and the roadway was like brand new and pitch black, but the lights along the road were bright red so the roadway seemed to be reddish black. It was really pretty. I settled down for the ride because it was going to take several hours.


5-24-00 - MEDITATION - I was just laying there, thinking of nothing, and I started to see green plants and baby plants, then a garden-like area where I saw young cabbage plants growing.  Then I began to see some people walking around and a tabled area that was covered by a shelter where people sold plants.  It was like an outdoor farmer's market but not at harvest time... it was spring time.

I walked aways over and started to see some birds, mostly blue but with yellow feathers in the head area. They were flying around loose, but then I saw some of them caged, then other larger bird cages with birds like cockatoo size and some of the blue and yellow birds were sitting outside the cages like they were talking to them and comforting them because they were caged.


5-24-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building. It seemed like Milwaukee. I was the manager but I didn't have as much responsibility as normal. I showed apartment to people who wanted to rent, but I didn't collect the rents. I was more like the building's babysitter.

I knew that the painters had painted all the empty apartment recently.  (This seems so familiar, it seems like a continuation of another recent dream) I was planning on inspecting all of the painted empty apartments but I didn't remember cleaning any of them and I would have to do that.

The phone rang and it was Michelle. I was sitting in the office and while I was talking to her, two seemingly plastic sky blue snakes came out of the bottom of the electrical outlet on the wall.  I screamed because they were so close to me and I dropped the phone.

After I recovered from my fear, I picked the phone back up and it was dead. I then spent some time trying to get the phone back to working. There was no dial tone, but when I banged the phone, at one point, two other women were talking on the phone but they couldn't hear me. I continued trying to get the dial tone, but it just wasn't working no matter what button I pushed.

Finally, it started working again and it rang and a man wanted to know whether I had any apartments to rent.  I told him I had several available because it was spring. Normally they are full by summer and always full by fall. He didn't want to make an appointment and when I hung up I sat there wondering if I had said something wrong to him.  I know I hadn't given him a price. So, I sat there planning what to do next and woke up.

NOTE: The moment I woke up, Michelle called me on the phone in the physical. :-)


5-26-00 - Somebody tell me these two dream/visions aren't implanted.  I spent most of the night awake, listening to the radio. About 4:30 a.m. I turned off the radio and was laying in bed just thinking about a web page I want to type up as soon as I find the material about affirmations that I wrote many years ago.

Suddenly I had a vision of a black screen or web page with colored numbers all over it of various sizes. The only one I could read was in the center .  It said  $65

Then I fell asleep and had this dream. I was in a house somewhere in a somewhat darkened bedroom. The actress Nora from One Life to Live who in the story is laying in a semi-coma right now from a train crash, stood in front of a mirror and opened her golden gown to show off a silver dress that was tightly fitted and her breasts exposed.

I was thinking to myself, "That's rather a shocking dress". Then she walked to the bedroom door that faced the livingroom and stood there with her arms outstretched to show herself off, with her breasts exposed, but then I saw that she wasn't really exposed, she had on a golden undergarment that made her look naked but she wasn't. I felt better about that then.

Then I was outside on the sidewalk and these two husky guys like football players were walking towards me. Under their left arm, it looked like they were carrying a female breast instead of a football. But when they got closer I could see it was just the leading end of a huge penis larger than their leg and it was made of rubber.

First I thought to myself, "There is nothing a human could do with that", but then I thought, "Yeah! I could think of something .... "

I then had an instant vision of a web page. The url was

I then had a vision of these two same guys with the penises in tall white gift boxes looking like wedding gifts. Then I had an instant vision of a web page and the url was


5-28-00 - DREAM - I was in a large building like a school. I was in the hallway and both legs were hurting above the knee. Both legs were fractured above the knee but not casted and I was supposed to be on crutches but didn't have them with me.  My legs were bent to relieve the pain and I was limping carefully along the hallway looking for someone I knew who I could ask to bring me my crutches.

I didn't know anyone at all. I finally got down to an intersection of the hallway that went to the right, so I turned there and found a room in which there was a couch and I could lay down.

While I was laying on the couch, there was conversations going on by authoritative people who were sitting around in the room. (The radio was on and the sound was bleeding through into the dream.) They were talking about ET abductions.  (Derryl Sims was the guest on the radio show)

I noticed that my sweater was winter heavy and 3 shades of rose red and pink colors. (Similar to tweed) When I turned the other way, my daughter had spilled some stuff on the floor next to the couch. I couldn't tell if it was pencil sharpening shavings or something like that. I just knew I had to clean it up. (Maybe it was like the thin paper-like coating on nuts. I don't know)

I then went to bed and I was now wearing a thin light blue flowered shirt with short sleeves and it had huge cardboard-like shoulder pads.  I was going to show the nurse these so she would know I was really an ET.

NOTE:  At one point I woke up and was feeling pain in both legs above the knee which is rather normal for me since it's in the muscle and I've had that pain for several years.  I doubt that my legs are fractured though.


5-28-00 - Series of dream/visions

A contract paper with two little girls dressed in black and white at the top which were dancing.

A yellow contract paper

A white contract paper that was dated 1989 and the paper went on and on and on like a roll of paper and there was nothing on it.


5-28-00 - DREAM - This dream left me feeling disturbed somewhat because I don't understand it.

I was on 12th St. in Milwaukee. The High School I went to was on the east side of the street. On the West side, some farmer or someone was plowing up the entire area and the soil was turning to yellow powder.  It seemed like he was plowing it into useless nothing....???

I went to an outdoor bathroom and changed clothes. I put on a man's pair of black and white checked shorts with straps to hold them up. They also had a series of large black buttons down the front which seems superfluous but they all had to be buttoned.  I had to step into these shorts from behind, through the straps. It was kind of confusing but once they were on and I buttoned them, they fit pretty good.

I then went to a shopping mall where women were dressed like women in suits and high heeled shoes and for some reason I was angry or something and was throwing low heeled shoes at them like I was angry.  

I woke up feeling rather this way also.

I saw the word 'moire' which I've looked up. It seems to be a pattern of black and white which shifts as you look at it. Seems to kind of match the black and white shorts I was wearing.

See Atomic - "On the Beach" page


5-29-00 - DREAM - I was living and working in the same building where I managed an apartment building in Milwaukee.  I was told that the name 'Scott' was being eliminated from usage. This was like a vision in the dream and was typed in a white box in front of me.

The dream continued like normal and I had 4 pieces of paper to duplicate to pass out to people but I had to go somewhere else to do this.  I got in the car to go to the copying place and other people went with me who also working with me. I tried to tell them about the name 'Scott' being eliminated but they were acting silly and I didn't. I never got to the copying place either.

I ended up laying in bed and people came in to ask me questions and I had to change clothes and put brown slacks on and get back to the office.

Back in the office, the same people gathered around and were telling jokes and laughing. They wanted to do like a treasure hunt, but I didn't want to participate in that, just told them a joke about swinging my brown slacks around and letting them fly and asked them if they could figure out where they ended up. They couldn't. So I told them that they ended up on the back shelf of my car.  The whole episode was stupid. I was the only one who thought it was funny.

The dream ended. I got up and went to the bathroom, then crawled back into bed to think about the dream to find anything worthy in it and couldn't.  I started dreaming again. In the dream I was laying in bed and one of the girls I worked with came into the room, dumped a lifetime supply of pink telephone message pads on the bed, then crawled up onto the bed to lay down with me. All of a sudden it dawned on me... and I told her, "I just dreamed this, but now it's you doing the action instead of me."  She looked stunned. She said, "I've got four papers I have to get copies, so I'd better get going."  I realized then that what I had dreamed was being lived by someone else.  

What a revelation.!!!


5-30-00 - DREAM - I was dreaming that I was typing up the interviews of the callers and Mike Siegel about their NDE experiences.  

NOTE: I thought the caller's experiences were outstanding and it would be worth the effort to do this.


5-30-00 - DREAM - I saw a large golden/tan letter K in the air and it began flying around in the air. I was told that there were 5 Mayan games and I should work on them.  

The dream then went into a people dream and I was working for a man who sold toys and games to people. This was my first day on the job and I didn't know where any of his stock as located in the storeroom. I had no previous training to do this.  The first 5 people came in and I waited on them all at the same time.  I had had management experience so I was prepared with 5 clipboards with the sales paperwork on them and was able to write up the orders efficiently.

However, then I had to start hunting for the games and didn't know where they were. The choice game was numbered D17.  The others all had numbers from 227 or 427 or so. They were not kept together.  Finally, exasperated, after the customers even tried to find the D17 game, I saw a woman friend sitting at a long table playing with the game.  It was a plastic hamster and a toy man who was barely taller than the hamster.

I asked the woman where she had found the game and she said they were kept in a special cabinet in the corner. I looked where she pointed and the cabinet was the same color as the letter K was earlier - golden/tan and was 5 sided. It had a wooden door on the front.

I saw where she meant, but there were so many people in the place by now, I didn't know where the customer was that wanted it.  I looked into the storeroom and saw that there was a bakery shop attached to this store and that it was now 10 p.m. and found out that the bakery workers had been producing loaves of bread since 5 a.m. without a break.  There were hundred of loaves of fresh bread available because sales on Sunday of fresh bread was always the treat of the week when people went home from church.


5-30-00 - DREAM - This dream took place in the kitchen of my 16th St. house with my Mother and Father.  My Mother had heard of a famous singer who wanted to make a comeback, so she cut her hair. My Mother had a newspaper photograph and article of the woman taped to the wall of the kitchen.  The woman was petite and had short, almost white/blonde hair with the most brilliant white teeth in her smile I had ever seen.

My Mother was so excited about this singer, she collected all this woman's newspaper articles and we soon had covered the entire wall with the articles, all taped together so it was like wallpaper.  

My Father stood on the right side of the table and all he did was take a black marker and make black ugly tracks up her picture next to her face. It was apparent that he didn't think this was a good idea.

My Mother had a copy machine there and another woman showed up to produce massive amounts of colored pictures of this woman for publicity. In mere seconds, the machine spit out hundreds of pictures and already ran out of paper.  I tried to help to reload the machine with paper.

I turned and saw my Mother's taped articles on the wall and she commented how wonderful this woman was while my Father continued to make ugly black marker tracks on her picture.


5-31-00 - DREAM - (You don't want to know what this laundry smelled like ... yuck )

I was in an apartment building, moving from one apartment to another. The rooms were numbered 1 thru 15 and the laundry room number was 15.  The woman in charge of the laundry room was old and her name was Emily.

I wouldn't have had to do the laundry if I wasn't moving, but in this case ... everything had to be washed ... everything.   My teenage sons were there and said they would give me a helping hand.  Of course, not knowing how to do laundry by color, they grabbed everything at once and hauled it to the laundry room.  By the time I got there, Emily had helped them sort, tag, count, and every which way enumerate everything I had.  However, they didn't have the quarters to run the machines. I had to pay for that myself.

I started putting the white clothing I had into the machine which had a drawstring bag inside of it.  Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to control what I was putting into the machine and ended up putting the reds and blues in with the whites. I was so frustrated by now, I said, "The Hell with it." and continued shoving it all in the machine.  However, then I noticed that there were 3 drawstring bags in the machine, and somehow the machine had sorted the laundry by color and type all by itself. All I had to do was get it into the machine.

Then I went to help other people with their diets, their laundry, sorting things out and giving commentary and I ended up slicing, dicing, sorting, everything in sight. I started with white and the palest of greens and ended up with everyone wearing royal purple and indigo robes. It was pretty great.