MAY, 2004


5-1-04 - DREAM - T.M., Irv, and I were in an apartment in West Allis. It was a 1st floor apartment. We were in the kitchen, standing by an island-type peninsula counter. Irv was on one side, T.M. on the other side and I on the end. The three of us stood together there talking, then holding hands, then the three of us put our heads together gently and just let the energy flow between us. It felt very sweet and peaceful. 

I don't know whose apartment it was. Possibly T.M's  It didn't seem like it was mine.

A storm came up and T.M. went to the patio door to see how bad it was. As soon as he did, a wind came in and seemed to deliberately suck T.M. out the door and T.M. and the screen-door went tumbling along the edge of the parking lot quite a ways. 

The storm was already gone and I ran down to where T.M. was laying on the pavement and other people were gathering around to see what happened.

I helped T.M. get to his feet and we walked together back to the apartment. I asked him if his arm was broken and he said he thought it was, though I could see whether it was for sure because he was wearing along sleeved plaid shirt.

I asked T.M. if he had an insurance card, so I could call an ambulance and he said he did and got his wallet out of his pants pocket. 

He handed me his wallet because he couldn't use his left arm at all. He sat at the kitchen table holding his hurting arm. I stood by the peninsula looking through the wallet.

There was a lot of stuff in the wallet, restaurant napkins, and three boxes of pink candy with just a few pieces in the bottom of each one.

Irv was gone but there was a young boy there now. I gave the three boxes of candy to the boy and told him to consolidate the candy into one box. They seemed to be like pieces of licorice with a pink coating - like they used to sell at move theaters.

Then I had more room to go through the napkins and cards to find the health insurance card, but I couldn't find one.

I decided to go to the phone and dial information and ask them to connect me to West Allis Memorial Hospital.

I picked up the receiver and before I could even dial, there was a little girl on the phone who told me that she hadn't done her homework and apologized.

I forgave her and told her to try again.

I hung up and dialed 411 and nobody ever answered the ringing. I hung up and picked the phone up and another child was on the phone reporting that she hadn't done her lessons. I forgave her and told her she still had time left and told her to try again.

I dialed 411 again and again and got nobody to answer the phone.

Then, some people came to the door. They were all wearing pale blue shirts. It was an older couple, with white hair, a young man who stayed outside by the car, and a young woman with a tiny, one week old baby.

T.M. was still sitting at the kitchen table, clutching his broken arm (the left)

The man rather wandered around the apartment, the woman looked at me and just walked past.

I don't know who these people were - they looked kind, but not at all concerned or panicky. 

The young woman was angry at her baby  and laid it down on the sofa. It was dressed in pink pajamas but it seemed to be a boy. The baby was fussing but not really crying.

I sat down on the sofa and picked up the baby. I could tell immediately it was hungry and it tried to suck on my fingers and on my face.

I told the woman the baby was just hungry and she snapped back, "It's not time to feed him. He was already fed."

I didn't argue with her, but continued to comfort the baby.

I looked up at the man and asked him if he could drive, "him" to the hospital, and he said, "He prefers to ride with her."

and I woke up.

NOTE:  T.M. ended up being rushed to the hospital by ambulance a couple months later and had a pacemaker put in because his heart was fibrillating.


5-2-04 - DREAM - There was nothing particular about my dreams, but everything that was said was categorized and alphabetized and it was driving me nuts when I realized it.

When I finally decided I was done dreaming, I saw the name Xruber and then "PYTHON", the software of your dreams." like it was advertising for what I experienced.

NOTE:  Google search engine uses' Python' which works on UNIX and OS2 servers.


5-2-04 - DREAM - I don't know if this was all one dream or a series of dreams. It consisted of asking children of various ages which tribes of Indians they studied at school in classes 1 thru 8.

At one point I took a javelin from a man and threw it west across the intersection of Beloit Rd..and Calhoun Rd. (172nd) St. in New Berlin, WI. Then I had to retrieve it from the field and take it home (which was on Calhoun Rd.) 


5-3-04 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment, trying to get ready for work. I was already late so I planned to get there at 8:30 a.m.  I had to choose between three coats depending on the weather and it was pretty cold out and I'd have to walk west on Greenfield Ave. so I chose the brown tweed coat to wear because it was heavier. I laid it on the bed and then went to the bathroom.

I was constipated and while I sat there, I fell asleep. I don't know how long I slept, but when I woke up, I knew I'd be lucky to be at work by 9 a.m.

People started arriving then and asking me to do things for them and talk and I knew I wouldn't get to work by 9 a.m. either and thought maybe I should just call in and tell them I was taking a vacation day and would be there tomorrow. 

I then went to a restaurant with family members and while we were there, a wedding party went through the restaurant. (The bridesmaids from the Bible. We all need to be the bridesmaid with our lamps lit.)  The bridesmaids all looked like they were about 10 years old and in the middle of the group was a much taller, white-haired woman.  They were all dressed in light green satin gowns. An older woman - perhaps the maid of honor had on the same color dress but with a lace jacket over the dress. I told one of my companions that it was exactly like my dress.

I then started thinking that the woman with the white hair was out of place with 10 year old girls.

After I woke up, I realized that the white-haired woman looked a lot like myself. 



5-5-04 - DREAM - I was at home, writing about something spiritual. I turned the page and expected to see an esoteric symbol and it was missing. 

NOTE: Examples of spiritual symbols are:

Tree of Life
5 pointed star with 2 horns upward (Kali Yuga symbol)
5 pointed star with 2 horns downward (Pentagram)
5 pointed star 
Lotus Flower


5-4-04 - DREAM/VISION - I saw a stone shaped like a dome.   It was marked off into 16 sections.

NOTE: This is probably the 'dome of the world' or the Omphalos stone.



5-5-04 - MEDITATION - I asked if there was any specific information the guides wanted to give me about the community.

First I saw what looked like the cover of a book, magazine, or brochure. The cover was rather bent and the main word ended in Y. I asked for it to be shown it again, but even shifting it around, I could never really read what it said.

I asked for more specific information and I saw an outline sheet, but it wasn't in English, it was either Et language or shorthand and I couldn't read it.

I asked to be shown it again in English and it focused in on one paragraph that said, "The road is approved", but I couldn't make out the rest of the paragraph.


5-6-04 - DREAM - This dream was more like analogy or metaphor. Some children went looking for a rainbow and they found it and carried it with them. It was pretty and light colored and they could take it with them everywhere. 

But then they got busy for awhile and didn't pay attention to the rainbow. It got rather stored in the closet so-to-speak.

Later then, they went looking for the rainbow again, but when they found it - indeed - it was still there but to the adults now, the rainbow was dark colors - and heavy - not the light, pretty rainbow of childhood.

They tried carrying this heavy rainbow around with them, but it became a burden and they would lay it aside from time to time. Only occasionally did they have time to take out the rainbow and dust it off and try to make it shine. 

But it was always there for them if they needed it and wanted it. It was up to them what they did with it.


5-7-04 - DREAM - I was in a living room where I had done some knitting earlier and for some reason I had to unravel it back to where it was solid and well done. That part was finished. Now I had to rewind the previously used yarn, throw away the yarn thread I had cut off and make a ball from the rest so I could finish the knitting project. It was a slow and complicated procedure. 

At the same time there was a bunch of young kids that needed disciplining. One of them was even mean when she was outside, but when she was in front of me she was okay, so I decided she could stay.

The third thing I had to do was clean up and throw away the dead leaves that had fallen off the vine. There were many types and they were useless laying on the ground. Only the leaves that were attached to the vine could remain so the plant could grow.

NOTE: This is about the community project.  It could also refer to the Holy Grail Vine.


5-8-04 - DREAM - While sleeping, Joe made a whole long speech out loud in a foreign language. I couldn't understand any of the words, but one line was Shama Yama ya.

This is Hebrew and the message was for me. 

... They were "Shama Yama Ya!" The next day I told Joe about what had happened,
because he had been totally asleep while it happened. ...

These words are also Hindu

Five Lakshana (Qualities):

·         Tranquility (Shama, Upasham) - suppressing of the Kashäya (passions - anger, ego, deceit and greed),

·         Spiritual craving (Samvega) - desire for Moksha

·         Disaffection (Nirveda) towards the worldly attachments and their miseries

·         Compassion (Anukampä) - desire to eliminate suffering of those in misery

·         Faith (Ästikya) - Faith in right god, right guru and right Dharma.

Renunciation of Bhogas and Upabhogas is of two kinds: Niyama and Yama.  That which has a time limit is Niyama and the other, which is undertaken for life, is Yama.  Limitation of time could be for an hour, a day, a night, a fortnight, a month, a season or a year and renunciation could be from food, conveyances, beds, bathing, clothes, ornaments, cohabitation or music etc.  Honey, flesh, wine, etc should not be consumed to avoid injury to living beings.

It is not enough if one gives up what is undesirable; he should also limit or give up what is desirable.  Considering his own strength, the wise should renounce even those objects of senses, which are not forbidden; and in respect of those objects, which he cannot renounce, he should limit their usage by day or night.  Again having regard to one's capacity at the time, a further limit to the already set limits should be put every day.  He who being thus contented with limited objects of senses, renounces a majority of them, observes Ahinsä because of his abstaining from considerable part of Hinsä.



5-8-04 - DREAM - My husband Ed got out of prison and came home. I automatically began watching his every move to make sure he didn't make any mistakes. Someone gave him a job to sell a car and when he got back with the money, there was a large-sized black man there who wore a big brimmed brown buffalo hat, who was there to pick up the money. He was supposed to pick up the amount for the car right down to the last dime. I decided I would provide the change which was 60 cents. 

I opened my wallet and gave the man a 50 cent piece and a dime. (I noted that I had many pennies (cents)(sense?)  in my wallet plus several dimes, so I had the situation covered. 

My husband left then to do some other work and I had a lot of work to do yet too. I was in charge of accounting and I had all the books with me, plus I had a lot of other things which I was responsible for. I was supposed to re-wallpaper the library as well as take care of some matters for children and was carrying some dolls with me for them.

I was working in a huge office building that had richly carpeted floors - with fleur de lis patterns on them.

Because I had so much to carry, I was going to have to make two trips up and down the hall. I couldn't carry it all at the same time.

So I picked up half of it to take with me and when I did, another young woman I worked with  - a dark-haired Mexican woman, she said she had to go upstairs to work.

It was a long way and I didn't want her to have to walk it alone, so I went with her.

As it was, as we walked up the stairway, which also had fleur de lis carpet on it, a large group of men came along behind us.

It felt very ominous. They didn't say anything to us, but I didn't feel safe. 

I got her to her destination, but now I was alone and had to not only go to the first office myself, I still had to go all the way back to where I started and get the rest of my work so I could finish it.

I managed to get back down the stairs safely, whereupon I ran into some teen boys who were having a dueling match, holding numerous 3 foot long pencils in their mouths. They shoved as many of these pencils in their mouths as they could . ( I don't know exactly how many, but I keep thinking 9 )

I stopped there and put my things down to admonish them and tell them how dangerous it was to try dueling with pencils as well as they might fall down with even one pencil in their mouth and hurt themselves.

I didn't want to carry everything back to the original starting point because that would defeat the purpose of only taking half in the first place, so I left half of my work lay on a table near the boys with the pencils, but I took the baby dolls and 1/2 of that work with me and planned to put it in the library where I had yet to wallpaper. 

I was still walking on fleur de lis carpeted floors and I still felt afraid of running  into the dark man , when a man came out of a door who I recognized as someone I knew. I asked him if he would walk with me. 

Somewhere near the boys, I noticed that that had made pencil marks on the wall near the ceiling along with some drawings of ducks. I knew that was wrong to do and the boys would need some discipline over that. But I had to deliver my work to the library and then get the work I had just left on the table, and then go back to where I left my original work and get that so I could finish that too. 

The tall man who came with me was very accommodating as he walked with me. I slipped my hand into his as we walked along and I felt safe.

He asked me about the wallpapering job I was going to do in the library. I said, "Its not difficult - its' just tedious." 

By then we had reached the end of the hallway and came to some doors that were familiar to me. The very last door was a large bronze double door to an elevator. The next one was a door to my old apartment and the third door was my bosses office. We had somehow missed the library door and would have to backtrack.

As we passed my bosses door, a man dressed all in white popped out suddenly and asked me if I was M_____  (a long name) I said, "Yes!" and he said, "Hugh (HU?)  is on the phone and he needs to talk to you."

I said, "Okay!"  The tall man came inside with me, but when I picked up the white phone receiver - he left the room quickly and I couldn't stop him. I knew I still had to go back and get my unfinished work and I'd have to do it all alone. 

I promptly dropped the white receiving and it fell down a square hole in the floor that had a ladder going down into the basement that I noted was also lit up and had a bare concrete floor. 

I fished the phone back up by pulling on the spiral phone cord (DNA) and said, "Hello!"  This is ... and I said meekly, "Wilke". 

He ignored what I said even though hew as looking for M______ and said, "This is "Hugh! Remember the man with the big brown buffalo hat?"  (From the first part of the dream)  

I said, "Yes!"  

Hugh went on. "He's the biggest anti-crime lobbyist in the world of all time."

I wanted to hear Hugh say more but I felt myself slowly coming into physical consciousness and I could stop it. 

NOTE: Sacred Buffalo Hat
Source of spiritual power for the Cheyenne

From:  Custer's Last Stand

"Indians still in the lower village also became aware of the second group of soldiers advancing on the other side of the river. The Ogallala White Cow Bull was with his Cheyenne friends, Roan Bear and Bobtail Horse, as they stood near the lodge where Esevone, the sacred Buffalo Hat, was kept. They were guarding the teepee during the early action when Bobtail Horse saw more soldiers approaching from a high hill in the east. "They are coming this way!" he cried. "Across the ford! We must stop them!" The three rode toward a ford at the northern end of the village, where they met up with the Cheyenne Lame White Man. The latter, older and wiser in the ways of battle, urged caution. The soldiers were too many for them to fight, he said. Bobtail Horse replied: "Uncle, only the earth and Heavens last long. If we four can stop the soldiers from capturing our camp, our lives would be well spent."  See:


5-9-04- DREAM - I was working in a large city, but I didn't go to work, I met a beautiful blonde woman who was similar to Marilyn Monroe, but thinner.

I met her at a train station and on the way to where she was going, I accompanied her.

First as we walked along, we met people standing next to horribly smashed cars who had miraculously survived and listened to their stories.

Then we went into a garage with a Roseanne Baar look-alike and they put me in a blue car that had broken windows and I drove the car around and around inside the garage listening to broken glass breaking.

We left there and went to a huge building - similar to a court house. As we walked past a bank of elevators, I told her, "I used to manage this building", but it sounded more like, I manage this building," in the present tense. I actually did neither.

We walked into a large room where other people were working. She started giving me little jobs to do. First they had me dress up in a Jane Russell costume. It was really tight, but it went on and once I had it on, the men whistled at me, and that felt rather nice. 

But the jobs they gave me were strange. First they asked me to oil a bathroom floor with a mop - It wasn't as easy as it might seem  First there wasn't enough oil on the mop and then when I put more oil on the floor, it was dark blue instead of clear and I had to wipe that off and start over. 

Then they gave me a jog to type some legal papers. These forms were all filled in by someone with a scrawling handwriting and I was supposed to type the handwritten part into a new set of forms. 

The stack they gave me was 2 to 3 inches thick. I looked at the scrawled handwriting and said, "How are you supposed to read this?"

They said, "Just do the best you can. Some of it is repetitive and you can just copy those without reading it over and over and trying to decipher each one individually."

That made the job easier, but didn't sound like it would be very accurate.

I started to wonder if my real boss missed me and wondered where I was. I took off the Jane Russell costume and started to leave the room but I got scared before I even got to the door because I was all alone. So I scurried back saying, "I feel afraid, - so afraid," and pulled the Jane Russell costume back on. For some reason I wasn't afraid while I wore it because men admired me and whistled at me.

The next chore they gave me was to teach kids the life cycle of snails. I knew on thing, if you threw them into water, they would love it, because they could live under the water or on land. 

5-9-04 - DREAM - I went back to sleep and dreamed that the phone rang and it was my friend Michelle. Inside the dream, I started having visions. 

I was in the bathroom, and under the sink a pad of green steno paper slid out. At the top, it read 'Pappy papers'.

I went out in the car to go to the store with my husband to buy some food. He drove across the corner of the lawn where it had been watered and there was a sunken dip. The left wheel of the car went into the dip and he spun the wheels and couldn't get out. I opened my door to get out to lessen the weight inside the car and the whole car promptly split in half. I could push my half forward and his half stayed in the hole. 

Back in the house, I saw the steno paper again and inside was a thank you letter from Rick Fisk. 

As I woke up, I had a vision of a newspaper. The giant-sized headline was 



5-10-04 - I was awake and heard my name called, "Dolores". I said "Yes" mentally. I then started seeing musical notes in my head. I heard a chord played. It was the key of "G".  It was beautiful. I then started seeing an entire piece of music played in my head, note by note. The notes were white on a black background.

They asked me if I could see them. I said, "yes!". They asked me if I could write them down. I said, "Yes!"

I continued to see the  notes and hear them in my head, single notes and chords. It was slow like a dirge.

After a couple of pages of notes like that, the key changed to 5 sharps. That is no problem. That is easily played as well. 

I then slipped into a dream. I was sitting at a piano and there was music on the rack. It is easily played. It started out in the key of "G", then 2 pages later, the music changed to 5 sharps and was played much faster - a happy tune.

It completely changed the mood in the room.

The woman who was playing the music was not myself. It was a young, pretty, blonde woman. 

I left the piano and began picking up white forks from amongst other dishes that had been washed at the sink. Those represented musical notes and Ii was collected on forks for each note.

At that point, I had 41 forks and I needed one fork for each note in the song.

My mood started to get lighter and lighter and I felt really happy and woke up to see the names: 

Carolin Timor and William Meleanea wrote the music.  (I can't find anyone like that on the internet)


5-11-04 - DREAM - I was working in a huge underground garage. My Supervisor was the 'Onan"  (the second son of Judah) who rode a huge white horse and a beautiful steed. He had a boss with an even bigger title

{Onan was the second son of Judah. After his elder brother, Er, had died an unnatural premature death, Onan married Er's widow, Tamar. Onan failed to carry out his obligation of siring children in his brother's name, and died suddenly, his death being attributed to God's action. Genesis 38.4, 8-10; 46.12; Numbers 26.19; 1 Chronicles 2.3 .  Judah, left his brothers and family home after they sold Joseph and told their Jacob that he was killed. He `went down’ (Gen. 38:1) to Adullam and marries a Canaanite woman (like his Uncle Esau). Given his feelings of guilt perhaps his father’s excessive mourning was more than he could bear. He becomes the father of three sons. The eldest Er  (1) marries Tamar, but God makes him die for an unstated offense. Then Judah has his second son Onan (2) marry Tamar as is his duty under ancient law to his brother’s childless widow. (is a Levirite marriage available to a non Jewish women?) `But Onan, knowing that the line would not count as his, spilled his seed on the ground every time he slept with his brother's wife to avoid providing offspring for his brother’ (38:9) a dereliction of family duty. God then makes him die. Nothing is said of Judah mourning these sons – perhaps a reaction to his own father’s excessive mourning. He is however protective of his youngest and last remaining son, Shelah. Judah, leery of Tamar, suggests that she wait to marry the third son until Shelah, a young boy, matures. Tamar understands why Onan died and perhaps also why Er died, but out of respect for Judah does not tell him. Thus she allows him to believe the deaths are her fault and not his children’s. Judah sends her home to her father. }

I was cleaning up the last details of things that had to be done to clean up. I made sure all the silver butter knives were clean and spot-free. 

I then saw the bank lady come through the garage. She wore a bright blue dress.  I needed to talk to her, but she was taking care of someone and I would be next. I made sure the door stayed open so she could get back into the garage.

My daughter came then, with her girlfriend. She was carrying four red shoes and she wanted me to have a pair. She brought four left shoes that were too small for me. We decided I should buy the pair with two straps rather than the one with one strap.

I took the shoes and went upstairs to the mall. There were three shoe stores - a man's store, Hermans and Sears. She hadn't told me which store she had picked these shoes up from. I went from shoe store to shoe store looking for the ladies department at Sears, but by the time I found it, it was 9 p.m. and everybody was going home, so I couldn't ask anyone for the 'right' shoe in my size.

I went home then and started to write down what had happened during the day and I heard a loud noise like a roar and decided I'd better go investigate.

I walked down the hall towards the bedroom and saw a huge splat of cat poop in the middle of the hallway. There was a small black and white cat laying down near it so I knew he hadn't done that. 

Suddenly my worst fear came true. A huge black and white striped tiger appeared.

I opened the door to the outer hallway and the tiger streaked past me out the door and I slammed it so it couldn't get back in.

I then went to the bedroom to see if it had done any damage.

In the bedroom was a large bed, but there was a high counter by the window and on this counter was a live baby laying there.

It was a beautiful baby girl with blonde hair with a curl that hung down her forehead.

I was afraid she would roll off the counter as I picked her up , wrapping her in her blue baby blanket and said to her, "And whose little sister are you?"

Over on the bed I saw another baby laying on another baby blanket and next to it was a white rabbit. 

I was so stunned by this, I felt the need to tell someone, so I asked a young neighborhood man to go with me.

I drove down the road in the dark to pick up the guy. We were going to drive downtown in separate cars and I would lead the way and he would follow me.

But when I got there, I showed him I was there, then turned around and started riving down the road, expecting him to follow me.

I got back down to 172nd St. (Calhoun Rd) and didn't see him behind me. I managed to stop the car at the T intersection because I was driving pretty fast and there were two black horses (steeds) standing at the corner on the right.

Once I stopped he caught up to me, but hew as only 1/2 awake and still wearing his pajamas. So I started telling him the story of what happened the day before.

In trying to describe who this guy was, he looked similar to John Denver, but it seems I met him in a store and he was the clerk.



5-12-04 - DREAM - My ex-husband Ed and I were in Milwaukee. We stopped at a hardware store that was having a sale.

As we got out of the car, my old maintenance man Joe and his girlfriend Robin came out of the store.

I teased them about always going where I go and then told them we were heading to fly to L.A. by plane later in the day.

We went into the store and discovered there was little left to buy. All he had was candy and plants.

First I looked at the candy and picked out 3 solid blocks of candy - each one was a picture of a man wearing a royal robe like a King. I remember red and blue robes, but I don't' recall the 3rd one. 

I then started looking at the plants. Everything he had left was sitting in water to be rooted - none of it was growing plants. I looked at several plants and the owner of the store came up to me and said, "I hope you'll give me your opinion on my plants as well as my candy.  

I promised him I would do that.

I looked at a couple vining type plants and asked the owner if had a photograph of a full grown plant, because I didn't know how they actually turned out.

They were like large bushes - so I didn't buy the plants.

I then saw some roses or Camellias in glass vases. I looked at them closely and discovered that they didn't even reach the water and had no roots at all, so I didn't buy them either. 

I then spotted the TV star from American Bandstand - Dick Clark.  We sat on the sofa to talk and everyone else came up and wanted to be introduced. 

I then had to get my kids ready for the trip and do their laundry. Some of their clothes were too big and had poop up the legs. That was pretty nasty to clean up by I did it and then threw the dirty clothes into the washing machine.

There was also a baby there I was taking care of,  one of them were children who speaks way younger than you expect them to. 

I can't remember what he said , as my Joe opened the door in the bedroom and I woke up too quickly. 


5-13-04 - DREAM - I was in my apartment, trying to get ready for a wedding. I was going to be the bridesmaid.

I was standing by my closet door, looking for my dress. I looked down and saw I was wearing alight green shirt and pants the same color as my bridesmaids dress. The only problem was that I had gold-colored dust all over the front of me. I brushed some of it off, but I couldn't remove it all.

I saw that my own wedding gown was hanging in the closet and I began to wonder if it would fit me. 

The real bride was standing near me. She wasn't dressed for the wedding yet either. She was wearing a white shirt and black pants. (I didn't actually see her face, so I don't know her name)

It was 6:45 p.m. and the wedding was to be at 7 p.m. Neither of us was ready.

Then I got the brilliant idea that as long as the minister was going to be here, I could get married too.

In my excitement, I had to decide who I wanted to marry. There were two eligible men in the building I had dated before. One was Arthur and the other I hadn't know as well. He lived way down at the other end of the hall. I can't even remember his name.

I decided I would ask Arthur first. I started to wonder how suitable he was. He had been in the military and stood tall and walked ram rod straight just like he was still in the military.  That alone made him stand out in a crowd. I sort of thought that might be a little embarrassing to introduce him to my friends and relatives. He also had a little mustache. I didn't know if that was a good thing or not.

I decided I had time to go propose to him.

So I walked down the hall and knocked on his door which was #10.  I stepped back a bit, anticipating that he would answer the door, but instead, a different man came up from behind me, dressed all in black, carrying a black rectangular case. He had short curly hair and I heard someone call him Frazier. He put a key in the lock, opened the door and walked in, just like he liver there. 

He left the door open so I went in to find Arthur.

Arthur, however, came into the apartment from behind me.  I immediately recognized him as 'Tony' a guy I used to work with in Quality Control at A-C. (He got better looking and the mustache went away as I looked at him. )

He said, "I was in the basement doing laundry and I thought I heard two people up here walking around." 

I took him by the hand and said, "We need to talk. I have something to ask you."

He immediately sat down on the floor and leaned against the wall very near where Frazier was sitting. He was acting quite limp, not at all like the military man I remembered. 

I was still holding his hand and pulled on it and said, "Not here! Not in public. Not in public.!"

I didn't want to propose to him in front of Frazier.

I woke up then and didn't feel well. I didn't want to get up but I had to go to the bathroom. So when I came back to bed, instead of turning on the light and writing down the dream, I decided to take my chances on remembering the dream. 

I came back to bed and immediately fell back asleep.

The dream continued, leaving out the part of whether I proposed to Arthur or not.

I was now headed back to my apartment get ready for the wedding.

There were people wandering around the halls. Everyone's doors were open. I spotted some little boys around 7 years old going from apartment to apartment.

I walked into my own apartment and there were 4 little boys in my apartment, who appeared to be from 4 to 7 years of age, dressed in camouflage military clothes. They had found some military toys in my closet where I kept my wedding dress and they decided to play with them. 

I told them they had better go home and play with their own toys. I was saving these quite large military toys for my grandchildren.

(We have 17 grandchildren - 14 of whom are boys - ranging in age from 2 to 20)

I then discovered that I had a back door entrance to my apartment and the door was wide open. 

It was a double-wide door and had a bolt latch at the top. The door was actually a 3 quarter high door and even after I shot the bolt latch closed, I knew that any adult who could reach it could open it again and come in by themselves.

I then found out that the bridegroom and the minister hadn't yet arrived for the wedding so the wedding was postponed. 


5-14-04 - DREAM VISION - I saw a grocery store window, Painted on the window it said,   

Go to
 Dreams Project
Study.  Study.

A few minutes later these two sentences were added.

It has to do  with the water situation.  Unconscious mind.

Its about the Yin and the Yang -  (Balance)


5-14-04 - DREAM - I was having a problem with the gas line in my car and getting it started, so I had to leave it overnight at the gas station on 71st and Greenfield.  (There is no gas station at that location)

A black female friend of mine who resembles the Aunt Jemima character drove me in her car partly towards where I lived. We were blocked from getting through one street where a bunch of black people were partying in the street. Some of them were sitting on a sofa along the curb. The sofa itself was stack with soda bottles. The full ones were at one end and the empty ones were lined up at the other end.

I had to get out of my friend's car and walk the rest of the way to my apartment. 

When I passed the last woman who was sitting on the Pepsi bottles, I asked her if she was playing the Billionaire game from Pepsi. She didn't know anything about it. So I told her that Pepsi was going to give away a billion dollars to people who bought their soda, so I wished her luck in the contest when it started. 

I continued walked home. When I reached my apartment building downtown, I decided I'd better pick up my mail because I hadn't done so for awhile.

My mailbox was #1. When I opened it with the key , all that was in it were numerous slips of paper telling me that all my mail was at the Post Office and to pick it up there. From the number of slips of paper, if the postman left one a day, it had been several weeks since I had picked up my mail. I hoped they were still holding my copy of the spotlight newspaper.

I couldn't pick up my mail right then so I went to my apartment. Practically as soon as I got there, I got a phone call from my ex-husband, telling me that the gas station where I kept my car had exploded.

I found that hard to believe. But as soon as I hung u, my other boss Tom from my locksmith job called and we depending on running our vans to rescue people who locked themselves out of their cars. He told me too that the garage where I kept my car for repairs had blown up.

I still didn't want to believe it could be that bad, so I decided to go see for myself.  (I dropped my keys there and get them back just as I was leaving the building.)

I had to walk past all these same black people. The streets and sidewalks were lined with newspaper including the Sunday comics. The newspaper was so thick on the street, it actually cushioned my walking so the street was soft to walk on.

I reached the corner of 71st and Greenfield where I did my banking. The gas station explosion had been so big, it even wiped out the whole block of stores and took the bank right down to its foundation. 

I was stunned to the core of the great devastation. The gasoline explosion had leveled all the other businesses too.





5-15-04 - DREAM - I was working on a large screen computer, putting together a new web page. There was a red square in the upper right hand corner. (An X there, if clicked closes your program completely)

I wondered what happened if you click on the red square so I decided to try it. I clicked on it and the whole screen went blank. I knew immediately what had happened - our who domain service was gone. 

I panicked instantly when I realized what I had done. I searched for the phone number to call them and get our domain name back before they reassigned it to someone else.

I don't remember getting anyone on the phone, but I got a whole new computer that was adjustable. The screen was 5 feet wide and two feet high. I said, "That's a little much" and went over to the side and pushed the screen in until it was a more manageable width. 

I had my browser back then and was researching domain names. I decided to stick with a name that was in the "A" names.

I deleted all the rest of the names and started to read all the domains that had the word Avebury in it. That felt right.

When I got up from the computer, my husband came in with a Dachshund puppy. He looked like a little fat baked potato. My husband said, "His name is Bon Vivant."  

He was really friendly and didn't try to bit me. I sat him down in a rectangular basket in the corner that had dirt and s ticks in it to see if he was litter box trained. It seemed he was.

I went back to my computer then to find the right domain name for us. 

NOTES:  We bought a Cocker Spaniel puppy in March of 2005.

I signed up for a new domain after we got some nasty letters from the old company that holds  I wasn't going to get stuck with no domain - just in case.


I woke up and heard my new telephone ring twice in my left ear. I was seeing a lot of sentences flash past and I wasn't understanding why I was seeing all this flash past.

I then saw a separate line and pretty blue words in a still paragraph.  It said, "The gifts are for all the work you've done in the past."

That was pretty cool. :-)



DREAM - I went to work at a house where there were quite a few young girls getting ready for a party. Each one was wrapping a baby crib mattress in a white sheet and folding it for a gift. There was also one larger mattress folded and wrapped in a sheet for a gift. 

The gifts were all placed in a pile and then the girls had to pay a price for being there. The price was $26.

I helped the girls get their money together which looked little grey stones in a pouch. Each pouch held 4 stones worth 25 cents each. The price had to be paid down to the last cent. 

The girls went out to play then and I stayed to pick up all the toys that were laying around. 

I started sweeping the floor with a broom, wondering why these people didn't have a vacuum cleaner. 

A young man came in then and told his mother, who looked like Erica Cane from All My Children that he had tried to pay two debts with checks and they were returned as unacceptable.

I told her I would help them pay the debt. so I took the bad checks from the young man and clipped the checks together with each bill and put them on my dresser because there was more cleaning to do.

Some men came to the house then. They looked mean. They were like bill collectors. I knew I had the checks on my dresser.

Nighttime came then and everyone went to bed but the young man couldn't sleep and he sat up all night feeling melancholy and sad.

Toward morning, I got up too and saw the young man sitting there, so sad, so I went over to comfort him, and he leaned against me. But when the children got up and began to play, all the young man could do was lay there with his hand in my lap and watch the children with the saddest eyes I have ever seen. 


5-19-04 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee at my 16th St. house. The people across the street had an accident with their big white car right in front of the house. The car skidded sideways and the accident threw black stones all over our lawn from the side of the road. 

My husband and I knew we were going to have to pick up each one of those stones and put them back down by the street. That was a lot of work.

Nobody ever came to move the car and my husband said, "I wonder how much they would want for the 1963 Chrysler? (It looked a limousine. It was a long car.)

The neighbor came over with a wire rack wheelchair - he called it. It was similar to a short shopping cart or child's buggy and was meant to haul the rocks in, so we didn't have to carry them all individually. 

The man came into the house to inspect our remodeling job. We had plastered the whole inside of the basement with bright white plaster. I saw that my husband had missed a spot and I fixed it by plastering the crack down by the floor with one finger. That's all it took.

We all went outside to pick up the rocks and pick them and put them where they belonged. They were rather decorative rocks - all about 6" in diameter. 

After we went back into the house, my friend Kimber came over and I told her that I had written an e-mail tot he guy I bought my radio antenna from. We looked on the computer and saw a response from him on the screen which said that a filament from one component wasn't in yet and not to expect shipment until October 23rd. Kimber said that gave me the right to cancel the order, that I should have to wait that long, so I started looking for a place to cancel the order.

NOTE: I've been waiting for a week and a half for my antenna and the guy hasn't answered my e-mail about whether it has shipped yet.  - (It shipped on Friday)


5-21-04 - DREAM - I was with my cousin Dennis and my daughter -in-law Becky.  (The don't know each other in real life) They were playing a game with each other. Each one had marks on both sides of their faces that marked their interactions with people. They looked like fingernail scratches. There were two here and three there like you would mark a winner in a game to keep track.

I was told that if you played the game wrong, you would figuratively be cut off at the knees and you would have to start over.


5-21-04 - ANNA HAYES - DREAM - I was on a highway being driven from work to somewhere else to work. I had already put in a 24 hour day at the place like A-C where most of the employees were working equally long hours. I was working in the purchasing office.

I left at about 2 a.m. In the elevator a black woman confronted a white woman and we knew a fight was coming. As I and another black woman got out of the elevator and left them standing in the elevator arguing. 

It was pitched dark at 2 am. when I saw the owner leave the building. It was just starting to drizzle rain, so I ducked back into the building rather than walk in the rain. 

I tried walking up the main stairway that had a female side and a male side. The male side was blocked by a criss-cross grid-work of copper rods. I needed guidance to get out at the top by a young man.

He was the one driving me down the highway. It was now daylight but the road was wet.

I saw an odd-shaped rectangular police car slide sideways and half tip over behind me. Then I saw a small yellowish car skid to a stop behind the stopped police car.

Someone said, "That's Anna Hayes."

I jumped out of the car to help as she had three small children in her car. Anna was completely bald and very petite. I pulled her out first. I told her I would pull her out first so she could help with the children.

Next I pulled out a light as a feather small girl who was blonde. I sat her on the high chair that was behind me. On the right side of the car was a young boy who managed to get out by himself. 

In the back seat of the car was a bay who was covered up but strapped in by a multicolored ribbon off the top of his head attached to a thin rainbow colored sheath covering.

Anna started screaming. Where is the baby's crown, where is the baby's crown?"

I had seen the crown. It looked like a pink knitted Yamaka, but it wasn't on the baby now.

She handed me the baby to hold while she looked for the crown. 

The baby was a boy. He was very heavy for his age. Anna said he weighed over 20 pounds. The baby was very handsome from I could see from the side. He had a lot of dark glossy hair. 

I wanted to see his face and look in his eyes, and said to him in baby-talk, "Look at me. Look at me!" but he wouldn't turn his head to the sound of my voice. He kept his eyes on Anna.


5-22-04 - DREAM - My husband and I decided to go out into the country to a church sale where the women had made their own Christmas gifts. 

It was a long way, and we started out very early in the morning. After some driving, we decided to stop at a bar some water which we hadn't taken with me.

Considering the early morning hours, those were quite a few people in the bar, including others who were going to the same place we were. 

We sat there for a few minutes and then I suggested that we go somewhere for breakfast. After I said it, I realized that this bar also served food so they had a stove and sink behind the bar. I felt embarrassed because the bartender heard me and I hadn't intended to hurt his feelings.

We still didn't exactly know which way to go to this sale either and someone suggested that we lay out a map and make arrows on it as to other peoples suggestions of which way they were going and then we should go the direction the majority of the arrows were going. 

That sounded like a pretty good idea to me.

While my husband got the map and started putting arrows on it, someone started playing music and I wanted to dance.

As luck would have it, Danny DiVito was there, who only came to my waist, and a Jewish Attorney who was his friend who wasn't much taller. 

The dance called for a lot of twirling and of course their arms were too short to go over my head, so I did a lot of twirling under my own arm. It was still fun though. 

One of the women there looked like Joy Bayhar , the comedienne. She was going to this sale too and she couldn't decide whether to get there in the beginning to buy the Best stuff, or get there at the end and buy the cheapest stuff they were trying to get rid of. The problem with going at the end is, all the good stuff is gone and the pickings are few.

We really like each other so I asked for her phone number so we could talk more later. she said, "Oh! I'm in the book."  Then we realized I didn't even know what city she lived in so couldn't even know what book to look in, or even have a book like hers. So, she decided she would have to write down the number and give it to me afterall.

Meanwhile, my husband was finishing up the map. Since we were all going to the same place, it amazed me that people were going in all four directions, but most of them were going East, so that was the way we were going to go also.


5-22-04 - DREAM/VISION - I was listening to a radio interview of Dr. Mallove on the show with George Noory and I started dreaming of large leggy spiders and stinging long legged bus. It rather freaked me out, so I turned off the radio.

Dr. Mallove was killed by robbers on May 15, 2004. The recording was a re-run from last year. 

See: Dr. Eugene Mallove - Cold Fusion Expert
... It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Gene Mallove, ... We believe that Gene Mallove will one day be recognized as one of the greatest ...


5-22-04 - SPECIAL MEDITATION. (This is about the book my spiritual teacher is writing.)

I went to the High Mental Level to ask my questions.

A. "There is a fly in the ointment."

Q. What is the fly?

A. "The book is not for you."
A. "The book is astounding and comprehensive."
A. "The book is for the very few who will comprehend it."

Q. Will the book make money?

A. "No! But that was not the purpose was it?"
A. The book will be well received by the few."
A. "There are few who have raised their spirituality to this level."
A. "It could be the new Bible. But not for Christians."

Q. Would the Bahá'í receive it well?

A. "Sorry to say that few Bahá'í have reached this level of spirituality."
A. "Everyone should have a copy so they can refer to it when they have questions. Even a study group on the book would be good. That
       would   be preferable and taught by the 'teacher' of course. A study guide could be written for the book as well and very helpful."


5-23-04 - VISION - I saw 3 heifers laying in my bedroom on their bellies. A black one lay on the floor. A white one lay non the corner of the bed. Another one lay across a large hassock and was rocking back and forth.


... The tiny heifers were adorable - but hidden behind the mothers. ... Red heifers are rarely born in Israel; perhaps only one time per generation. ...


5-23-04 - VISION - I saw myself, looking like Cher, with long black hair - the front edge of my hair on both sides had grass or twine wound around it, almost like braids.


5-23-04- DREAM - I went outside to look at my flower garden. A lily that had been growing there was dead and broken into 3 sticks. I noticed that the 3 heifers had been there and had their 'business' in the flower garden and I wondered where they were.

Look at link above. They actually did come into my yard and flower garden.


5-23-04 - VISION - I looked out the window and all the trees and bushes had roses on them. Then the roses on the trees lost their roses - vanished and only the bushes had roses.  (President Bush?)


5-23-04 - DREAM - I was in a second story apartment preparing dinner for some people.

I wanted a big silver kettle out at the sink, then place 3 whole chickens and a beef roast on the top shelf of the oven and set the temperature to 350 - lowering it from 400.

Our guests were Carol (Lorna's Mom) and a man (don't know who) We sat in the living room and every so often I would hear an animal roar. I suspected the man was making the noises, and it was freaking me out. When he wasn't looking, I spotted 3 toy tigers half hidden. An orange and black toy tiger was in each window and a black and white tiger cub was behind his head.

Carol said she was going to go outside and wait for dinner. She now looked rather like Cher - dressed all in black and very thin. At the end I decided to change clothes just like her.


5-24-04 - DREAM - I worked in the purchasing office. It was about noon on Christmas Eve. There was nothing to do. I tired cooking some blue meringue, thinking it would melt like chocolate, but it didn't, so we ate it the way it was.

A young boy came to the office and one of the girls said he had won a prize. She gave him a copy of every CD we had there. There must have been over 1,000. I was surprised he could carry that many. The CDs looked like white paper disks.

The boss found out I had two orange dogs and even though they weren't attached to me, he said I could go home.

As I was leaving, a young man in the hallway, who was standing by his locker door, said that he had heard that I not only was a good worker, but that I also worked faster than I was expected to. That made me feel good.


5-25-04 - NAP DREAM - I was working in an office. I was given the key to my own vehicle, which was a large SUV van, the key to my husbands vehicle. I locked my jewels inside my vehicle. They were in a round bowl in the 2nd row of seats. 

The mailman went by just as I locked my vehicle. My husband's keys were hanging n the lock of the vehicle next to mine.

I was then given the keys to the mail boxes of 
4 musicians
4 writers
5 ???
4 events
4 animals


5-26-04 - DREAM - about things being yellow and gold. I was told as I woke up that this was about golden statistics.


5-26-04 - DREAM - I was somewhere with a group of people. Bob the painter was there. He determined for some reason that I needed a smallpox shot.

My arm already looked like I had had 4 smallpox shots, now what does a lay person know about smallpox vaccines, so he convinced me to go get one.

In order to get the smallpox shots, a person had to buy tickets to a fair. Children stood in one line and adults stood in another line. You couldn't get into the fair without getting the smallpox shot, no matter if you got tickets or not.

At the head of the children's line, there was a partial portable wall that someone dressed  in rabbit fur jumped out and scared the kids and then they would get their shot. I didn't see the whole costume, but I saw enough of the white rabbit fur to know what they were doing.

In the adult line, I turned in my ticket and went up to the guy who was supposed to vie me my shot, but he was busy experimenting on something and he knew Bob the painter and they were friends, so I just stood there wondering if I was ever going to get another smallpox shot or not. Because they were friends, I didn't need to get it anymore.


5-28-04 - DREAM - I was with someone - perhaps my husband. We drove past a race track and saw an abandoned shell of a car - similar to a model "T" but more modern. There was no motor or wheels under it.

We stopped and took a look at it, to see if it was worth taking home and using it ourselves.

We were then at some point later presented with a questionnaire of sorts, showing a picture of this vehicle.

Under the picture were a series of lines to fill in to describe the various parts of the vehicle.

We were told not to use this vehicle but we had to come to that conclusion ourselves.


5-30-04 - DREAM

 3 dreams go together

I was working in an office of a company and we were doing inventory. One item we couldn't find was a Dragon's tail candle.

There were supposed to be 3 of them. I could find only one. No one seemed to know where the other two were. We continued searching for it and could find them anywhere.

Dream #2 - I was working in the backyard of a brick building. It was just starting to rain but I wanted to finish what I was doing.

On the ground, in the corner of the lawn, someone had dug up and perfect square about 2 ft. square. The soil was perfectly black which told me there had been something there that had been pulled out and the soil smoothed over.

The way it was raining, old dead leaves were washing down into that corner and starting to cover up the evidence. I decided I'd better stay there while it was raining and keep the area clear.

Dream #3 - I was back in the building and every time I looked at something someone was working on. I would have a vision of a huge pile of gambling chips of various colors. (This happened twice)  There were two men sitting at a card table, working on something mechanical, but I couldn't figure out what it was.

I didn't know why this was happening, but then a tall man in a light grey suit came walking by even though I didn't see his face, his voice was unmistakenly President Clinton.

I overheard him say to the last young man, Kroenitz, "Use the Dragon Tail candle."

My ears perked up and I said to Clinton, "Can I quote you on that." Can I use the young man's name?"

Clinton said, "You'll have to ask his parents."


5-30-04 - DREAM - Joe and I were driving around looking for a new place to live and came to a subdivision where all the buildings were brick. They were large buildings and all mostly alike. I was trying to figure out if they were condos or duplexes. Then I saw there were 4 narrow entrances on each building. 

I didn't know where this place was or what it was called, but we kept driving around in this subdivision and finally came to the Manager's Office. There was a sign that said 'Manager' and some huge bushes with lavender flowers in front of that building. None of the other buildings had anything but grass.  They were very stark looking. 

I was driving the car and was going too fast to read the sign for the name of the place, so I intended to go down to the corner and turn around and go back but I couldn't find a good place to turn around.

Down on the corner by the highway, a couple young girls were standing next to a horse. I thought that was nice thing and was driving slowly past them. As I came up to them, I saw that there was a narrow ditch all around this subdivision. I stopped to talk to the girls and the girl who owned the horse told me the ditch was 11 feet deep.

The ditch looked very dangerous  that a person or a horse could step in it and hurt themselves - break a leg or something and maybe even fall in. I wondered how cars could drive over it and I saw some placed where cars had tried and failed. It was a little too wide for that too.

I drove home and after that I got a phone call and the man on the phone said that he had found a book with a map of this subdivision in it and would bring it over and show me. 

So the man came over with the book and showed me the map which was on page 189 of a book that had 205 or 212 pages.

The subdivision was in the corner of the picture which was at the top of the page and I mention this because, once I saw the map I couldn't find the page again. In fact, I was teasing the man about how bad the map was - just a black and white drawing - and I wanted to show it to his wife and the book refused to allow me to go to page 189 a second time. 

There was a small square electronic button on the book to turn the pages and I tried getting to page 189 that way and it would go right past it without stopping.

This was getting very upsetting so I carefully turned over pages one at a time and was going backwards through the book and came to page 190. I carefully turned the page to where page 189 should be and the map page was now the center of the book and clearly said 38 at the top with a tiny bolded number 5 in front of it which was not part of the page number. 

I finally was able to look at the map one more time and saw that the subdivision had an odd shape - it wasn't round, nor was it square. It had a rather horseshoe shape with no center space in it. That's where all the streets were. 

I had a feeling that once I close the book, I'd never find the map again because something or someone kept changing the page numbers in the book.

NOTE: I don't know who the people with the book were, but the wife looked familiar - dark short hair and a thin face - medium build - about in her late 30's or early 40's 


5-31-04 - DREAM - The date was Feb. 14th - Valentine's day.

I was in an apartment building. A woman brought me my mail. Right on top was an envelope sent to me by Ellen DeGeneres (the comedienne) The envelope was ripped open across the face of the envelope and I could see that the envelope was full of copper pennies (cents?)

I went to my apartment and I wanted to tell my friend G.H. (IOESOUS) that ETs exist but he didn't want to believe me.  I decided I would show him that there was money involved in the UFO business. I opened the closet door and showed him a card table that was covered with thousands of copper pennies.

G.H. had a young boy with him. They were sitting at a different card table.

Later, I was at G.Hs' ex-wife's house. She had a young boy with her. I assumed the boy belonged to G.H. but he could have been from her new marriage.

I was expecting G.H. to come and visit her and I figured it would give me another opportunity to prove that ET's existed.