by Dee

I was called to meditation in the new way, which began three weeks ago, whereby when a message is going to be given to me, I feel a tightening of the scalp around the temples and across the forehead. I start to feel dizzy and tired, and if I don't respond, it becomes more and more overwhelming until I am forced to close my eyes and lay down.  Fortunately, I have learned quickly, that I may as well just go do it when I first feel the call, as I will eventually have to do it no matter what I think about it.  

I have posted my original messages which began in quite dire terms of forewarning of possibilities of events to come. Others have recently been given equally dire messages.  Fear runs rampant in many circles.  I, myself, have seen many of the dire circumstances in visions and dreams, which can, have, and will hit the earth from time to time.  I have no doubt of that.  I have seen too many of my prophecies come true to have doubts.  

On the other hand, I have also been taught what positive co-creation is and KNOW without a doubt, that what we think about and dwell on becomes reality.  My life-time partner Joe and I are together now because we learned this.  We may have learned it late it life, however, we learned it well, and are ecstatically happy because we learned it.

Our goal in life now, is to show others that they too can have whatever it is they want and desire if they think about and dwell on the good things.  You will get what you want, no matter what it is.  Have no doubt of that.  It is in the manner of thinking and knowing and wanting that your reality is created.  You can see how this works by looking at the section we created at  POSITIVE CO-CREATION.   It is our success story.  


Now that I have given you a brief background on why I am here speaking to you, let me continue with the message I received this morning at 8:00 a.m.

I lay down and relaxed and closed my eyes and saw a cute little blonde boy held in his mother's arms. She said, "Nobody pays much attention to him, but he is so cute."

The little boy then said, "The door is open now. It once was a major entrance."

He continued, "It is the custom. Come hither. It's not so far. I AM coming soon. The reports are many. I AM the one they seek. They do not recognize me because I am so small yet. One day they will respect me for who I am.

I AM the ONE.  I am yet a child. I am watched. You have seen me before ... in 1991. "

(See  .  Click on "THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST" DATE: 3-8-91 - posted Aug. 5, 1997 at 19:19:30)  

"I was yet but an infant. I have grown...and am growing. It is too soon to speak out, but I will have much to say. It shall come forth.  I AM the Messiah.   You shall see.  You are the chosen one, but so are others. I will speak to many...those who will hear.  It will not be easy.  People are used to 'kooks' as they call them. False prophets!  There are many. Too many who wish to be known."

"I AM ONE.  I AM many. I AM them! I AM the one they call Jesus, but I am not. I was "Appolonious" as they say. They will not recognize me as such. Perhaps better that they do not know. However, you may say so. And those who will know me, will recognize as such what I say as coming forth from the mouth of babes as they say.  There are many who see what I stand for. As you , in your wisdom are seeking the truth. As such, there are many who are the same. They will realize this as you go along and search for them and they for you. You will be pulled together such as like magnets. Those who do not will find as they respond to negative searching...that they will find instead.  Those who are wise will seek me and truth and will find success and love as much as they want of same. "

"There are those who are 'wishy-washy' as they say and  will be kicked out of my mouth as such. They say they do not care one way or another and these will not get anything at all. "

"We are the same. Such is the way it is. The LAW works for all the same. It is for this reason that those who seek truth will find it. I will be seeking those out who seek me as truth. It is theirs.  Let us seek them by day.  They will find me and I them.  For such is the way of seeking.   It is full of success as one wishes for it to happen. For once someone seeks and finds, they realize that is how it is done and continues to find success in that way."

"We shall remain the same and be along later as time permits as I am still young and still studying mankind to see where they stand. There is still time to seek and such...I shall be time.  So long as they seek, they will find.  So long as they want to find me, I shall be there. So long as they tarry, I shall not."

"Be good and faithful and true. I AM yours as I AM theirs. Be good and kind to one another.  I AM.  Be well!  I shall return in time.  Thank you and thank God!  We are ONE!  All are ONE!  Be wise. Pass along this message. Tell them I am coming.  In time, in their time, I will Peace, harmony and beauty. I AM theirs. All theis. And yours. Be searching. Be looking. I AM always there. I AM the ONE. WE are ONE!"

"So long as we all shall live in eternity, that shall be true. Be of ONE heart. Be of ONE mind. We shall be there in time. As time exists not, however it shall be as ONE, we all are and shall be eternally.  We are ONE eternally. Be good and kind. We shall be back in your time as you know it."

"I shall return soon. A word that has no real meaning for you...such as your experience has taught you, yet, it shall be in one way or another, you have what you need as such as will others as they want whether negative or positive. They get what they wish for."

"Disaster! they know not yet what that word means. If they wish for it, it shall be theirs as they desire. It is only because many do not, has it held off so far. Others must God to stave off disaster. You do not need it, you do not wish it, then it shall not happen.  Those who wish it shall have it. It is the LAW. You get what you desire and work for. Be ONE, be of ONE heart. I shall be yours and theirs. Be good!  Be wise! I shall return!  As ONE...we ARE!"


If felt the message was complete and got up to work in the kitchen, but was called back while in the middle of cooking my breakfast and the message started before I could even get to the paper and pencil to write it down.

"We have more to say!  For those of you who feel that you are not good enough to spoken to, such is not the case. We have spoken to many. Many dismiss the messages out-of-hand as they don't deem themselves worthy of such messages. "

"Be forewarned!  We WILL be speaking to all, and according to how you receive us and respond, such will be your fate in your future. Your doubts of worthiness, your doubts and fears are the killers of society."

"Such, as I may bring up the subject of the tragic murder of those children yesterday. They were forewarned and did not listen. They too deemed themselves as unworthy for messages from spirit and dismissed the messages as 'fol-de-rol'...ridiculous dreams and thoughts.  Be forewarned now.  We will come to all. Before you know what is happening, you will be told. Your response is up to you. If you desire to ignore the message, then your fate is in your own hands as you wish. Your fear and doubt WILL kill you. In the end, it is only LOVE and desire for good that wins."

"Do not doubt the messages. They will come to all...each in their time. Such is the LAW and will be obeyed, as the LAW excludes no one. Be wary!  Be certain! The message will come knocking on your door as well.  Listen carefully...only as you listen will you know what is in store for you."

"If you wish LOVE, if you desire LOVE, if you desire success in all things, then it will be yours. Watch, listen, and be wary! Do not wish for the disaster, for then it will be yours."

"Wish for the LOVE! Work for the LOVE!  ALL is ONE and ALL is yours as you learn and KNOW that there is enough abundance for everyone. Have no doubt of that. Be wise...not foolish! We shall return in glory and that glory will be yours as you desire it."

"BE in LOVE!  BE in ONE heart!  BE in LOVE!


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