11-1-10 Vision- I saw a stone church on a city street corner with a square parapet on one corner of it.

In that parapet was a little window high up and over that window a light was flashing like someone calling for help.

11-1-10 -I was working in a large building on 12th and Center where my high school stood.

I was working in an office and a little girl came up to me with part of a credit card that she had been given in order to get food out of a lunch machine for a meeting being held across the hall. She told me she couldn’t get it to work.

I went out into the hall where a coffee machine was hanging on the wall, but the machine wasn’t turned on. I discovered the card piece was magnetized, though.

I went with the little girl to the meeting room across the hall. When I went into the room, only one old Chinese man was sitting at a large square table that had about 12 chairs around it.

I fully expected to see more people sitting there. I showed the old man the broken credit card and told him I would take it downstairs to the executive office where the machines were certain to work.

He agreed and I headed for the front door of the building where the stairway was outside the doors in a large hallway and a stairway went upstairs both sides of the hall.

However, when I got out into the hall, I saw Erica Kane from All My Children walking by and I went outside to say Hello to her. We greeted each other, but Erica was in a hurry and went up some stairs two buildings over.

But my greeting to her left me standing in front of the library next door and someone had left some old books laying on the steps instead of putting them into the book slot in the door.

I went over and picked up the books and saw that they were very old, probably written in the 1920’s – very ornate covers and it reminded me of tales told about a little girl in trouble, perhaps like Alice in the Looking Glass.

As I picked up the books, I saw that the mail had been delivered in a pile under a larger third book, the same color and age of old red shade of color

Just then, an old lady came to the door and opened it. A little girl came up behind me and another old white haired woman came up the stairs from behind my left side.

The four of us rather hunched over the pile of mail and books, picking them up and the little white haired woman started to speak to me.

I noticed immediately that she had a purple red/nose like alcoholics get, and when she opened her mouth, I saw that she had a very large tongue and that it was twisted inside her mouth.

She said, “I like people who read”, and I smiled, and she went on, “not enough people like to study!”

And I replied with a smile, “Well, you don’t know me --- I love to do research.”

She went on and said, “too may people like to tell twisted tales and talk about serpent tales.”

I woke up.

11-1-10 Dream-I was in an upstairs room with a man who looked like Dr. Louis Turi. He was carrying a small pamphlet similar in size to a Jehovah’s Witness pamphlet

On the front cover was a drawing of the earth with an image of another very large round space object coming nearby.

Inside the pamphlet was written the typical rhetoric for how to prepare for what is coming. It also had an Indian tale of the future.

The doctor realized the Indian tale said something we hadn’t seen before---“even the turtle said it had to leave.”

We were so stunned that we hadn’t seen that statement before, we knew we had to tell others about what the turtle said.

The doctor left and almost immediately, a young black couple came to the apartment who was aware of preparing and when I told the woman we had realized that even the turtle was afraid for it’s future, she didn’t want to hear about it.

So I grabbed her by the arm and showed her the paragraph where it said that “even the turtle said it had to leave.”, her eyes got wide with that realization.

We started talking about how the people could possible evacuate if they lived in places like the Midwest, because there was no way to get on a boat and travel between Lake Michigan and the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific Ocean.

It takes way too long to go through the Panama Canal, up the East Coast to the Canal that goes across the north of the United States to the Great Lakes.

No wonder the turtle was afraid.

11-1-10 Dream-I was in this same apartment, taking care of a young child dressed in toddler type shirt and pants, but he was very small.

He signaled to me that he had to go potty, #2, so I took him to a small hole in the floor that was his potty.

He cried in fear and gripped my arm, trying to prevent me from putting him near the hole in the floor.

I told him that I could see that he had waited too long anyway, because he had baby poop oozing out the top of his pants in back.

I told him that he didn’t have to be afraid of falling into the hole-it wasn’t that big anyway, but then I realized that he wasn’t afraid of falling in – he was afraid of what might come “up” through the hole.

A little later, after the baby was changed and put to bed, there was a middle-aged black couple in the apartment with me, and they were doing laundry.

I went out into the room where the hole was in the floor and saw that the whole floor was complete – there was no hole in the floor – the black man had repaired the floor and was very proud of it.

I went over it with a wet/dry mop and told him how beautiful the floor was.

(We didn’t mention what the turtle said).

11-1-10 - DREAM - I was in an upstairs room in an apartment with a man who looked like Dr. Louis Turi.

He was carrying a small pamphlet similar to those brought to the house by a Jehovah Witness from time to time.

On the front cover was a drawing of the earth with an image of another very large round space object coming nearby the earth.

Inside the pamphlet was written the typical rhetoric of how to prepare for what is coming in the future.  It also had an Indian tale of the future by a Native American tribe.

The doctor realized the Indian tale said something he hadn't seen before - "Even the turtle said it had to leave."

We were so stunned that we hadn't seen that statement before we knew we had to tell others about what the turtle said.

The doctor left and almost immediately a young black couple came to the apartment.  They were doing the usual preparing for emergencies like some people do, for storms, earthquakes, etc, so I told the woman we had realized that even the turtle knew and was afraid of what was coming in the future, she didn't want to hear about it.

I grabbed her by the arm and showed her the paragraph where it said that , "Even the turtle said it had to leave.",  her eyes grew wide with the realization that it was real.

We started talking about how the people would have to have to evacuate if they lived where the turtles lived.

Knowing that turtles live on the coasts of islands and countries, it takes quite a long time to pack and travel to higher and dryer land, especially if one lived in San Francisco, had to go by boat to the Panama Canal, through the canal to the Gulf of Mexico, then up the East coast to the Erie canal and then into the Great Lakes and the Midwest. 

NOTE: It came to me later that the time of the boat passage is probably all the warning we will get in advance of Planet X coming through our solar system.


Panama Canal - Transit Procedures

panama map

The Panama Canal, 80.5 km long and connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, extends northwest to southeast. Three sets of locks raise and lower vessels 26 m above sea level over the Continental Divide. The Atlantic entrance is 53.9 km north and 43.5 km west of the Pacific entrance.

There are many different parts of the Panama Canal that all work together. There are three locks in the Panama Canal, Gatun, Pedro Miguel, and Miraflores. A ship entering the Canal from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean enters at Gatun Locks and exits at Miraflores Locks. While going through the Panama Canal, the ship will be raised and lowered eighty-five feet. After going through Gatun Lake and Gaillard Cut, the ship enters Pedro Miguel Locks and is lowered 31 feet. After Pedro Miguel Locks, one mile later it enters Miraflores Locks to be lowered the remaining 54 feet to the Pacific Ocean. The locks are 110 feet wide, 1,000 feet long, and seven stories high. Each time a ship goes through (a lockage), 52 million gallons of water are used. There are three lock chambers in every lock station. It usually takes a whole day (8 or 10 hours) to transit the canal from one ocean to the other.

A ship from the Atlantic Ocean enters the Panama Canal waters of Limon Bay from the breakwater at Cristobal. Upon arrival in Panama Canal waters, if a vessel is not scheduled to transit that day, it will drop anchor and wait for its scheduled transit time. Otherwise, the vessel will sail toward the first lock. The Panama pilots take control of the vessel during its transit through Panama Canal waters. The chief pilot will instruct the ship's captain as to the speed and direction of the vessel. The chief pilot also will tell the tug operators, line-handlers, and locomotive engineers what assistance they need to provide, while the pilot remains in contact with the Panama Canal TCC and each lock tower. The captain relays the pilot's instructions to his crew members, who perform the proper maneuver.

As the vessel approaches the first set of locks, another launch boat delivers line handlers to the ship. The line-handlers board the vessel and prepare to receive the cables, attached to each locomotive, that pull the vessel through each lock chamber. A Panama vessel requires 20 line-handlers, 12 locomotives (six at the bow and six at the stern, three to port and three to starboard), and one tug pushing from the stern to assist the vessel through each lock. One pilot will remain on the bridge at all times, moving between the wheel room and to either wing bridge to call out instructions, "full ahead," "rudder 10 degrees," "ahead one-third," "amidships," etc. The other pilot will move about the vessel from bow to stern, port to starboard, keeping watch on the ship's progress throughout the canal transit.

The vessel steams 10.4 km under tug assist to the Gatun Locks, the first set of locks. Three "steps" at Gatun Locks, individual chambers into which ships are maneuvered, raise the vessel 26 m to Gatun Lake. Each chamber is 34 m wide and 305 m long. This first set of locks is about 2 km long.

At the first lock, Gatun Lock, the chief pilot will have the captain's crew maneuver the vessel to the approach wall, where the line-handlers attach the cables of the locomotives to the vessel. The pilot continues calling out maneuvers to the captain, and the vessel continues forward with assistance from the tug at the stern. When the vessel reaches the first chamber of the lock, line handlers will attach the cables of the remaining locomotives to the vessel and draw them tight to stabilize the vessel for entry into the chamber.

Together with the locomotives and tugs and under its own power, the vessel moves into the first chamber, where miter gates close behind the vessel's stern to lock it into the chamber. Water from the second chamber flows into the first chamber and lifts the vessel to the water level of the second chamber. Once the vessel has stopped rising, the miter gates at the vessel's bow open, and the vessel moves forward into the second chamber with assistance from the locomotives and under its own power. The process repeats for the second chamber. In the last chamber, the vessel is lifted to the level of Gatun Lake. In each chamber lockage, raising a vessel requires about 15 minutes, and each lock transit will last from 45 minutes to more than an hour. Transit time, however, will vary with daily vessel traffic. Once the miter gates of the last chamber open and the vessel has cleared the gates, the cables from each locomotive are released, and the vessel steams through the tropical waters of Gatun Lake under its own power 37.8 km from the Gatun locks to the Gaillard Cut. The water in Gatun Lake pushes ships through the lock chambers, using 201 million liters of water for each ship transit.

The Gaillard Cut traverses 12.6 km through the Continental Divide of Panama at the highest point of the isthmus. Before construction of the canal, the cut was more than 123 m above sea level and 91 m wide. One portion was widened to 152 m during the 1930's and 1940's, and the remaining portions were completed by 1971. Starting in the 1990s the cut was widened to 192 m in the straight sections and 223 m at the curves to allow double passage of Panama vessels. Panamax ships were limited to single passage through the canal until the widening project was complete. The PCC conducted tests in May 1999 to determine the safety of a double passage of Panamax vessels and measure vessel performance. In June 1999, double passage of Panamax vessels began. The widening of the cut was finished by 2002 and increased transit capacity by about 20 percent.

Once past the Gaillard Cut, the vessels encounter the first of two locks that will lower the vessel to the level of the Pacific Ocean. The first lock, Pedro Miguel, has one chamber, 11/3 km long, which will lower the vessel 9 m. From Pedro Miguel, the vessel sails into Lake Miraflores and proceeds about 2 km to the Miraflores Locks, whose two chambers lower the vessel to sea level. From the Miraflores Locks, the vessel moves toward the Pacific Ocean under the Bridge of the Americas, where the pilot returns the vessel to the captain and boards the launch boat.

A complete transit takes 9-12 hours after entering the first set of locks, although a vessel may anchor in the canal waters, waiting to transit the canal, from a few hours to a few days.

  1. About 32 oceangoing vessels pass through the canal daily
  2. All ships passing through the canal pay an average of $28,000 for passage
  3. About 140 million tons of oceangoing commercial cargo are shipped through the canal in a single year
  4. Over 2.4 million tons of automobiles are moved through the canal every year, most of them being transported from Japan to the United States.
  5. Vessels using the canal come from more than 70 nations

I takes four days to make the trip through the Panama canal from San Francisco to New York City.

The Erie Canal today traverses 35 locks, as it rises, then falls and finally rises from sea level at Troy, N.Y. to 565 feet above sea level at the Niagra River in Buffalo, N.Y. The Erie Canal System is over 340 miles long.

Today's canal has 34 Locks and is at least 120 feet wide and 12 feet deep. It has a vertical clearance of 21 feet between Waterford and Three Rivers (Oswego Canal junction), and 15.5 feet between the Three Rivers and Lake Erie. The locks are significantly larger than those of 175 years ago at 328 feet long and 45 feet wide, large enough for almost all recreational cruisers as well as large commercial barges to pass through. The largest vessels can be as large as 300 feet long by 43.5 feet wide.

Two-Day Passes are issued to a specific vessel for use by that vessel only. They allow unlimited passage through locks and/or lift bridges and are valid for any two consecutive days during the navigation season in which they are issued. Two-day passes for recreational vessels range from $5 to $20 based on the length of vessel.
Seasonal Permits are issued to a specific vessel for unlimited passage through locks and/or lift bridges throughout the entire navigation season in which they are issued. Seasonal permits for recreational vessels range from $25 to $100 based on the length of vessel.

Boat Length Two-Day Pass Seasonal Permit
Less than 16 feet $5 $ 25
16 ft. - under 26 $10 $50
26 ft. - 39 ft. $15 $75
Greater than 39 ft. $20 $100
Purchase two-day passes and seasonal permits for recreational vessels at New York State Canal Corporation offices, designated locks and vendor outlets.
To obtain a pass/permit application by mail, or more information on Canal System tolls and vendor locations, contact the New York State Canal Corporation Property Records Unit at (518) 436-3175.


See:  Turtle Prophecy


11-1-10 - DREAM - I was in the same apartment taking care of a young child, dressed in toddler T-shirt and pants,, boat he was extra small for a toddler.

Her signaled to me that he had to go potty @2 and so I took him to a small hole in the floor that was his pithy hole. He cried in fear and grabbed my arm trying to prevent me from putting him near the potty hole on the floor.

I told him that I see that he had waited too long to tell me, and he already had yellow poop on the waistband of his pants in back. I told him that he didn't have to be afraid of falling into the hole because it wasn't that big anyway, boat then I sensed that he wasn't afraid of falling in,  he was afraid of what might come up from below. 

A little later, after the baby was changed and put to bed, there was a middle-age black couple in the apartment  with me, and they were doing laundry.

I went out into the room where the hole was in the floor.  That black had fixed the floor man had repaired the floor and now was complete and there was no more hole in the floor.  The black man was very proud of it. 

I went over it with a wet/dry mop and polished it and told him how beautiful the floor was.


11-1-10 - VISION -  I saw a stone church on the corner of a city street with a square parapet on one corner of it.

I saw that the parapet had a small window in it and above the window, there was a flashing light like someone was calling for help.


11-1-10 - DREAM - I was working in a large building on 12th and Center Sts. where my high school stood.

I was working in an office and a little girl came up to me with part of a credit card that she said she had been given in order to get food out a lunch machine for a meeting being held across the hall.  She told me, she couldn't get it to work.

I went out into the hall where a coffee machine was hanging on the wall, but the machine wasn't turned on.  I discovered that the card piece was magnetic though.

I went with the little girl to the meeting room across the hall.  When I went into the room, only one old Chinese man was sitting  next to a large square table that had about 12 chairs around it, but nobody else was in the room.

I fully expected to see more people sitting there.  I showed the old man the broken credit card and told him I would take it upstairs to the executive offices where the machines were certain to work.

He agreed and I headed for the front door of the building where the stairway was outside the doors I a large hallways and a stairway went upstairs on both sides of the hall.

However, when I got out into the hall, I saw Erica Kane from All My children walking by and I went outside to say "hello" to her.

We greeted each other, but Erica was in a hurry and went up some stairs two buildings over.

But my greeting to her left me standing in front of the library next to our building and someone had left some old books laying on the steps instead of putting them into the book slot in the door.

I went over and picked up the books and saw that they ere very old, probably written in the 1870's very ornate covers and it reminded me of the book about a little girl in trouble perhaps like Through in the Looking Glass.

As I picked up the books I saw the mail had been delivered and a and piled under third book that was larger and wouldn't fit through the slot in the door.

Just then an old lady came to the door and opened it.  A little girl came up behind me on the right and another old white haired woman came up the stairs from behind my left shoulder.

The four of rather hunched over the pile of mail and books, picking them up and the little white haired woman started to speak to me.

I noticed immediately that she had a purple red nose like alcoholics get, and when she opened her mouth I saw that she had a very large tongue and that it was twisted inside her mouth.

She said to me, "I like people who read,' and I smiled, and she went on, "not enough people like to study1"

I replied with a smile, "Well you don't know me ... I love to do research."

She went on and said, "Too many people like to tell twisted tales and talk about serpent tales."

and I woke up.


11-2-10 = DREAM -  I was seeing various soft shapes  and each shape had its own soft tone.


11-2-10 - DREAM - I was living in a city somewhere and both ex-husbands were living with me.  They went off together on a drunken tirade and I knew I was better off without them, because I still had my skills I had learned along the way to do what I needed to do in the future.


11-2-10 - DREAM - I was living in my father's 16th St.  house with my first husband, and my son Bill.  There was also a little girl there, and a young black woman.

The young black woman wanted to play loud music, and I wanted to play a game on another TV that made no noise and I could play with a remote from a distance, but she didn't like what I was doing, so she fiddled with the TV channeler changer and brought up the state station that shows only politics.

I told her I wanted to play the game and she got mad and left the house out the front door.  I went over to the TV and I couldn't change the channel and get my game back because now the channel chnnger had a short in it and it was flashing blue, so I turned the TV off.

By then my husband and the kids had all disappeared out the front door too.  I didn't know where they went.

All of a sudden, I heard the kids at the back door, yelling that some guy wanted to pick up the tank, so I went out the back door, and at the back gate was what looked like a UPS truck, with a guy sitting in it, and at the same time I could see another guy talking to him on the telephone from my Mother's conservatory where we grew plants all the time.

I went up to the UPS truck and told him I didn't know what tank he was talking about and perhaps he had the wrong address.  He admitted that maybe he did.

The other guy somehow got into a big green truck and drove along the alley and slid into a big tree on the other side and then both trucks drove away really fast.

I went back to the back door to go back into the house, and I had trouble raising the panel on the back door to crawl inside underneath it, and all of a sudden, Bob the painter appeared at the door, and then I saw him  at the basement door too.  First time I've seen two Bob the painter at the back door in any dream.


11-3-10 -  DREAM PORTION  This was the only important part.

I was in a hospital waiting room and a woman walked by wearing a long pale green gown, obviously pregnant, and I could tell she was going to have twins.

Later on in the night, I saw brown write up of this same part of the dream.

Later on, it came to me that the woman in the pale green gown was the 'earth'.


11-3-10 - DREAM -   I was in a house somewhere and Bob the Painter showed up.  He had to go to work and put on a heavy winter brown coat  and before he left, I followed him down stoma stairs to the door and I knew it was 6:35 a.m.  and I told him I wanted to kiss him goodbye, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek and wished him a good day, and hugged him closely and said, "I feel very close to you."

and woke up.

NOTE: I'm wondering if he died today.


11-4-10 - DREAM = I was in a doctor's office somewhere, wearing a long boat, waiting to be examined by the doctor because I was 9 months pregnant and wasn't having the baby yet.

The doctor came into the room behind me, lifted up his coat, whipped out his penis, lifted up my coat and stuck his penis into me from behind and said, "This will get it started,"  and I felt it come into me and labor started.

The bad part of that was that was that my other kids were in there watching this happen.

 We then left the examining room and went into a larger room that had places to lay down that were larger, but they were beds - more like narrow trays, and the tray were lined with 3 foot long Christmas calendar pages which were beautiful.

I lay down on one of the trays to have the baby, saying, "We have to hurry this up because we have wedding gifts to buy." evidently the doctor and I were getting married???

Some other men were walking around bare armed with long scratches on their arms they said were from tree branches scratching them - when they went to get the Christmas trees.

They weren't bleeding too bad, but those were some nasty long scratches down their arms.

There was no sign of the baby yet when I woke up - still waiting.



11-4-10 - DREAM - I don't know where I was. I only know it was near a foundry where a lot of poor people lived.

I sat down to rest because life had become very overwhelming and I needed as much solace as everyone else, but a woman came by and saw my old white hair and said, 'Our beloved sister has left us. Could you just sit here and bless the children as they come by."  So I did.

The first boy who went by was so crippled, he couldn't even stand up, his feet were together like a mermaid and swam on his back up a narrow canal (gutter) next to the street.

Little children started coming by and I put my hands on their heads and told them that God would bring them Peace on Earth and in Heaven.  Soon there were hundreds of kids coming for a blessing, and one little girl named Kathy brought me all her little toys so I could see them.

One little boy said he didn't have a Mammy, and I told him that if he didn't have a family he could come and live with me.  I didn't have a clue how I would be able to take care of such a young little boy, but I'd figure it out if he didn't have anyone - at least until they came looking for him. 

Then several other little children came along, who were trying to talk on a cell phone of some kind. I was able to put one cell phone face to face with another phone and someone saw me do that and said, "Allace is back".  They were all so happy.

Then someone brought some kittens out, but they had strange long hair on their heads, and one little boy said it was a puppy, but it was obviously a little red-orange kitten with long silky fur.  I loved it so I picked it up and put it on my lap,

and I woke up because the phone rang.



Counting from today is 777 days unt8o the end of the Mayan calendar, and my e-mail name for 16 years has been Dee777.

11-5-10 - DREAM -  You need a very good imagination to view what I was dreaming.

First visualize many hundreds of lines and rows of colored squares in a matrix - no two alike that goes on and on.  Then you are challenged to add a row in the center of it that will not interfere with any of the colors already visualized either across or down.  See if your mind can handle that task. 

to make that a little simpler:

Take a can of mixed vegetables - imagine them as layers, an inch of orange carrots, an inch of white potatoes, an inch of yellow corn, an inch of green peas, an  inch of beige lima beans, an inch of pale green celery, an inch of reddish beets, and any other color vegetable you can think of.

Then dump the can of vegetables out onto a plate so they are all mixed up.  Next step is line them up so there are no two alike together in rows and columns so there are thousands of them lined up - no two alike.

Then picture above this a balcony where the singer/actress Barbara from As The World Turns TV show which is no longer on the air as of September 2010 -  She is singing to an audience that is the colored matrix - and she sings in an operatic voice, "Hello Wisconsin, I am here to sing to you a beautiful song."  and just then, a man dressed in a military uniform comes on stage with a big black machine gun and shoots down into the matrix of colored bits and the bullets rip them into shreds.

Here are the matrix pages Joe and I have either dreamed or written about in the past:

There are 243 of them:


11-6-10 - DREAM -  There was a lot of color in my dream - I was waving plates of various colors around like semaphore flags. I don't know why.

I went to visit my friend Donna at her home and some old man was giving her singing lessons and she couldn't sing, so I went in the room and reminded her that we used to sing together.

The whole thing was that she wanted to be with her boyfriend and she ran out of the house to be with him.

I yelled after her, hoping to get a ride in her car to the bus stop, but she wouldn't wait and left me behind with no way to get home.


11-6-10 - DREAM - - I fell asleep and found myself outside in the yard looking at  the car.  My friend Michele was sitting in the passenger seat of our black car and the door was open on the driver's side - waiting for me to get in.

Michelle was looking at Joe walking Beau on the leash across the driveway.  She said, "Oh, poor Beau. His nose is bleeding.

Joe turned around and came back across the driveway with Beau on the leash and Beau had blood spurting out of the left side of his nose.

and I woke up.


11-7-10 - DREAM - I was in charge of putting together a huge dancing/acrobatic pageant by hundreds of teenagers.

We got them all rehearsed, back into place, ready to perform, then had to feed them, and get them back into place for the final performance.

The hardest part was feeding all the kids without making a mess so the costumes were still wearable and the grounds clean.  So we had   to forbid potato or corn chips because they made crumbs and were messy.

So they could have fruit and sandwiches (I made the mistake of saying hamburgers but they couldn't eat anything cooked)  It had to be 'ready to eat'.

I woke up just as everyone got served.  It was going to be quite a production.


11-7-10 - DREAM -  This took place in a business building.  I was rather forced to take part in a sales advertising business while I was doing my regular job.

I was told to meet them on 124th and something street and instead they all came to my office, which wasn't prepared fro strangers.

A whole group of women came in first followed by some men, and I was supposed to sign contracts without even knowing what was going on and I ended up kicking out some workmen who had no business being there in the first place.

I felt successful by the end of this messy encounter with these people.


11-8-10 - DREAM -  I was at work in a large office building on the first floor.  There was a school built next door to us, and in the driveway between the buildings a large crowd of people gathered, and the announcer of Dancing with the Stars introduce Melissa Crouse (sp?) who came up the driveway dressed in a beautiful white gown.  She was a very small petite woman.  She was accompanied by a short dark-skinned man, I assume was her piano player accompanist.  He was not introduced.  He looked like ________

The anno9uncer took her into a glass cubicle that was also draped in white where she was going to either speak or sing from with a microphone to the crowd outside. 

She was introduced as a famous woman, but in the dream I didn't know who she was.  In real life I have heard the name many times.

I never did hear her speak, but I met her later and she was either selling or demonstrating shoes.  She came up to me in the hallway and asked me how much I thought they cost.  They looked like sturdy well made shoes, black high heeled pumps. 

I didn't want to say anything too high or too low, so I said, "$20"!

She held them up for me again and said, "NO! They are actually $59.95"

That was not an outrageous price for a sturdy pair of shoes either.  I've seen many with higher prices than that for shoes that looked like junk and these were very sturdy.

That was the end of the conversation, and suddenly I was in bed with her and the dark-skinned man, and I was more or less laying on top of him.  He had his eyes closed, and I told him to speak to me or I would sit on his '....."  which I didn't say out of politeness.

All of a sudden we were all back outside in the driveway, and there was problem with the sprinkler system, and it was blowing hot water all over everyone and they couldn't seem to turn it off.



11-9-10  DREAM -  I was in the hospital, wearing a menstrual pad with spots of bright red blood on it.

The problem was that I was 4 months pregnant.

I went up to the nurse and told her I was miscarrying my baby. 

The nurse told me to go sit down and relax because she had four patients ahead of me.


4-9-10 - DREAM - I was in a very small room where I was using one of those ironing tables that had a hot cloth steam iron on it.

I was in the process of ironing men's blue jeans.

My husband came into the room who looked like  Doctor Ray from The Young and Restless TV show. 

The pants I was ironing were made from two old pair of jeans and sewed back together using the good parts.

I tried to convince him to wear a pair of jeans where one leg was green and one leg was blue, but couldn't convince him.  But he took a pair that was made of two old blue pairs.

A fat older brown man came along who wanted a new pair of pants to, but wanted to wear shorts.  I found a pair of pants for him, but couldn't convince him to wear the blue and green jeans either.


4-9-10 - DREAM - I was in a school and needed to go upstairs several floors.  There was another young woman who also wanted to go upstairs, but she wanted to use the elevator instead of the stairs like I was going to do.  But she couldn't get the elevator to work.   I was in a hurry, so I went up the stairs by myself.  

At the end of these dreams I saw the bottom of a contract with the date 8/11   on the bottom left corner.


11-10-10 - DREAM -  I was in pain in my stomach and was trying to figure out what was wrong. I woke up with terrible gas pains.


11-10-10 - DREAM - I was living in the country and I heard a sound coming from the south.  I was hearing the voice of an opera singer coming from a field in the south..  I looked that direction but couldn't see anyone.

11-10-10 - DREAM - I was living in the country and I heard a sound coming from the north.  I was hearing the voice of an opera singer coming from a field in the north.  I looked that direction but couldn't see anyone.

11-10-10 - DREAM - I was living in the country, listening to music on the radio - just regular popular songs, and my young son came in the room and asked me to turn off the radio.  His father came into the room behind him. 

I said to my son, "Is it your birthday or something?"  not understanding why he wu9ld be concerned what I was listening to on the radio.

He just smiled and my husband said the inspector was there to watch in case we dug any holes while he was remodeling our house.

I could understand that an inspector should be called when you dug a hole in the ground, but we weren't planning to dig a hole, we were building 'up', not down.

I went outside to see what my husband was doing, and found a pamphlet the inspector had dropped.  In the brochure was a map of North America, showing all the holes that had been dug thus far.  Each one looked a black round pit.  Most of them were in Canada, but many were along state lines in the U.S. as well.

I didn't see on this brochure specifically what these holes were, but they looked ominous and quite large. So I understood his concern.

I looked up at our house wondering why the inspector had showed up in the first place, and I could see the shape of the addition my husband was adding onto the house - it wasn't just up or to the side, but both, and the addition to the house was in the shape of a large snail that curved around as you went up.  

Apparently we had to go visit one of those holes, and we had gone north because the snow was deep alongside the road, several feet deep and the road was very narrow.  I could tell we were in a bright yellow school bus.

and I woke up.

DREAM EXTENSION?   I was in the same house.  My husband packaged up rice packets in pre-measured amounts and put them in a tool box with see-true sections in it, which seemed like a good idea.

The radio was now sitting on the sink and I couldn't use there and do the dishes at the same time, so I decided to move the radio into the dininigroom, but found something else already against the window - seemingly another toolbox, and I noticed that my son Michael was sitting inside the upper window cubicle of the other upper dininigroom window, and saw his white shoes.  He was re-wiring something in there.

so, I decided to put the radio into the window of the livingroom the faced north.  The radio had originally been in south facing window.

Now, I found that the curtains were too long, so I gathered up the curtains to prepare to cut them back so accommodate the radio

and the phone rang and  woke me up.

Lots of symbolism there regarding the curtains - Michael , which could represent Archangel Michael and rewiring something in the window.



  4. 888 - 08-08-08

    The number 888 comes up in the following dream about the singers and the tuning. DREAM - THE SINGERS ..... THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT THE SINGERS ARRIVE 888 ...

    THE SINGERS ARRIVE. THE ANCIENTS RETURN. 888. compiled by Dee Finney ... The number 888 comes up in the following dream about the singers and the tuning. ... -

    THE SINGERS ARRIVE. 12-17-07 - 7:21 a.m. DREAM - I was in a school somewhere where a concert was going to be held. I was in a small auditorium, and 21 young ... -

    THE SINGERS ARRIVE. 12-17-07 - 7:21 a.m. DREAM - I was in a school somewhere where a concert was going to be held. I was in a small auditorium, and 21 young ... -

    THE SINGERS ARRIVE. 12-17-07 - 7:21 a.m. DREAM - I was in a school somewhere where a concert was going to be held. I was in a small auditorium, and 21 young ... -

  10. 10-17-06

    THE SINGERS ARRIVE 888. On 6 October 2006, I decided to check the number of days from the 1089 World Series earthquake and the Cosmic Trigger date. ... -

    ... we arrive at a notion at once extremely complex and extremely vague; it seems, ... They are poets and singers. They dance and create works of art. ... -


11-11-10 - DREAM - I'm not sure if this is all one dream or several dreams.

Apparently I was working at A-C in West Allis, the way it used to be - on the 4th floor.  People were getting ready to go home and it was already dark outside and I was wearing a brown winter coat.  

There was a ruckus of some kind out in the hallway, and being nosy, I went down the hall to find out what was going on.  Apparently one of the men had moved a refrigerator into the building and was storing his own food and when they discovered it, they fired him on the spot.

I can remember refrigerators being in the building where a group of people brought their lunches in to keep them cold, but nobody had their own refrigerator, so I understood that they would be very upset over that.

I went back to my office and told the others what had happened and nobody was upset about it.

I had been writing about the future myself, and on the screen of my computer, I was coming up with ideas for the future, and several names came to mind about who would be a good leader for the world - people I already knew personally with strong personalities and people skills, and leadership qualities and good survival instincts, but when I typed up the paper, I put in th enamel "William Henry" and the rest of the page pretty much filled in by itself, so I started to read it.

William Henry is already popular person, writing about religion, spirituality, and mythology mixed together, so that didn't seem like a likely person to run the world in the future, so I deleted his name, and put in a woman's name whom I know lived in Canada and I've been acquainted with for a long time.  As soon as I did, the whole rest of the page vanished, so I had to delete her name and put William Henry back in at which point, the rest of the page came back as well. 

One of the other men was still in the office and I asked him about the name William Henry, wondering if the name William Henry was perhaps a partial name, that maybe it was someone like William Henry Clinton. 

NOTE: William Henry Clinton was a General in the Napoleonic Wars. President Clinton is William Jefferson Clinton.

The man in the office didn't have an opinion.

Just then a woman who worked across the hall from me came and asked me to come into her office which I did, and she asked me to sit down at a desk across from hers.

There was a typewriter on  that desk, and I saw that she was writing in a journal by hand something about the year 5012 and that seemed intriguing, and thought maybe she wanted me to type what she had written, but as soon as I sat down, the typewriter fell right off the desk, so I assumed I wasn't going to be typing on it.

She invited me to her home then, and I was glad to go with her. 

Somehow it wasn't winter at her house and the sun was shining, but weakly, and she invited me to sit with her in a shady area where some old ladies were sitting at small white round tables and crocheting and chatting.

I crochet a lot, so I wasn't uncomfortable with that, but I still had no idea why I was invited to sit with them there.  It's not exactly a fun, exciting time to sit and crochet with old ladies (even though I'm currently one of them - in the dream I was much younger)

This may be another dream.  I was in a car with a man, driving west out of West Allis, WI, and Highway 59 which is Greenfield Ave, suddenly disappeared to the west of the city.  A new, very busy highway was going underneath the road, with very heavy traffic, apparently confusing drivers who weren't used to all that traffic.

My own driver was confused too, and I suggested that we go around to the right and find out where all those cars were coming from but there was no longer any road that went that direction, nor did highway 59 continue west.  We had to stop the car because there were piles of rocks ahead of us and live brown bears standing around outside the car.  I had no idea which way we should go from there.

  1. William Henry

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    EXPERIENCE THE STARGATE OF ANCIENT EGYPT with investigative mythologist and author William Henry, the world's expert on ancient Egyptian stargate symbolism ...


11-12-10 - DREAM  - It was getting on towards winter time, and I went to the store with my daughter-in-law Becky to buy winter jackets for two little girls, my granddaughter, and another girl who was probably my great-granddaughter or a little girl in the neighborhood.  She seemed rather poor in her looks and upkeep.

I paid $1200 deposit on one jacket, and Becky paid a deposit of $1300 on the other jacket.  They cost way more than that but we didn't know the exact price. 

The male clerk at the store let me use his telephone to contact the manufacturer to find out the final cost.  The phone was push button but not like a regular phone - it was more of an internal store phone with bars rather than buttons on the front of the phone.

While we were waiting for the information from the manufacturer, my cousin Robert was brought in for a visit. I was introduced to him and to my surprise he was only three feet tall because he was crippled.  His knees bent backwards so that he actually was standing on the back of his knees and his feet were extraordinarily large and all webbed together like a seal would have.

He was in his 20's apparently and talked with a man's voice so his mind seemed normal.  It was just his legs that were extraordinary.

NOTE:  I've never dreamed of my cousin Robert before in my entire life and I know he is abnormal human being, married with a family.

I don't understand this symbolism.

duck” because she has webbed feet. In Ireland, she’s the Bean Nighe. She washes the grave clothes of the dead and is a portent of death. You don’t want to catch a glimpse of her at work.

Cannard Noz

The last water-spirit of Brittany is the cannard noz. She’s the Washer Woman common in almost all Celtic mythology. In Breton, her name means “night



11-13-10 - DREAM - I was at my mother-in-law's house in northern Wisconsin.  I had just put on  a pair of well-used jeans in order to go shopping for clothes because I didn't have any.

I met Bernard, who was a family friend.  He lived with my fiancé in  Milwaukee for a time and dated my roommate Stella.  Stella became my bridesmaid. I can't remember if Bernard was in the wedding party or not.  I don't have any of those photographs anymore.

Bernard stood in the hallway and said something about Wisdom and then his face began to quickly age and get wrinkled, until his face was just one mass of wrinkles and I woke up.

St Bernard speaks on Wisdom:

The Book of Wisdom:


More Wisdom


11-13-10 - DREAM -   In the dream, I was laying on my back on the sofa and all of a sudden, my friend Mikki showed up next to me.  She had come to check up on me and see what was going on.

I asked her simply, "What would happen if I took a hold of your hand right now and we went back to your house.?

She answered, "It's not that simple.  While you are traveling, you would be assaulted by all the thoughts of guilt and shame of everything you've done wrong in your life. "

I responded, "You are assuming that I'm a worse person than you are."

The conversation ended because another young woman came into the room, and we decided to make kind of goodies for the children to eat. I had a choice between already baked  cake, pie, or free will pizza, and we decided to make pizza and we even served the baby a little square piece about 3 inches across.

The baby got some cheese stuck onto his teeth, which took our attention away from any conversation, and I didn't get any pizza at all because apparently I had made the pizza in the motor section of my vehicle at the curb on the street, and had to shift the oven racks from one place to another so I could close the hood of the car, and close the door on the car so other people could walk between the cars safely.


11-13-10 - 11:35 P.M.  DREAM =-  I was living in my father's 16th St. house with my family.

I was standing on the front porch and watched three orange cats cross the road to the other side, followed by my son who was just a small toddler.

I knew the light was going to change on north avenue. which was three blocks south of us and cars would come roaring down the street going north..  So I crossed the street to the east side myself to get the baby and the cats back to safety.

When I reached the other side of the street and turned around, it was like 20 years had passed and I came back across the street to the west side where there were now three large lion cages, and my grown son Michael was herding three full size female lions into individual cages just s I got there.


11-13-10   3:23 am -- What do you do in the middle of the night when you are already done sleeping by 11:35 p.m. and there is a long night ahead. You type the dream you already had, check your e-mail and delete the junk advertising - see if anyone needed some question answered, go back to your room and try to decide what to do.  So you turn on the radio, and find that the show is how to be a hostage negotiator which is well and good, but not what I'm looking for, listen to a CD that is already in the player - a channeled message by Malcolm Bell from Aranuth about the earthchanges and how humans are here to raise their consciousness level.  When that is over, you turn on the TV looking for something positive and find lots of junk - paid programming shows selling all manner of things.  You find Richard Pryor doing a long self-deprecating monologue about himself and how it was when he was a druggie and the horrors of it he now sees as funny.  It really was funny - he was a sad funny guy when he was alive.  Then the commercials came and I decided to try to sleep and find something going on in the astral worlds.

This is what I dreamed:

I found myself in a church, and someone started playing the piano, and then an organ joined in and here and there an audience member would stand up and sing a short stanza about what it meant to be a butterfly.

I was so intrigued by that song, I decided to write it down for future reference when we get our community going and that song could be part of our spiritual service.

I couldn't find anything to write with, and tried painting the words on a chalk board which didn't work because the paint was too dry, and I couldn't find a pen that would write on a chalk board.

I went into our bedroom which seemed like my 66th St. house which I haven't lived in since 1960. I decided to move the bed to a different wall and when I did the room seemed a little bigger.  I decided there was room to get a bigger bed - maybe a queen or King size.  When I looked around the room, there was a double bed which I and my husband slept in, a single bed over to the right, and now there was room enough to put a single bed at the foot of the bed with plenty of room for the little kids to play on the carpet between the beds.

My husband, who turn ed out to be Ed, (who never lived in that house) and his friend came in, and they tried to change the clocks as it was daylight savings time, but they couldn't make the clock change its time, so I offered them a silver paper clip to bang on the clock a bit, which didn't change the time either.

The friend left and Ed got into the bed, and I was now on the floor picking up little things off the carpet I had missed when I moved the bed, like paperclips, little pieces of toys that had been under the bed, and I saw a pile of tiny stuffed animals in the corner of the room that the baby had played with and decided that was a good spot for the baby to play because it was safe there, and tossed a little tiny blue bear into the mix and continued to pick up the little toys I could toss into a box or drawer that were too little for the baby to play with.

I then mentioned to my husband who was laying on the bed, "You didn't say anything about me moving the bed ", and he answered, "I know!" and I woke up.








11-14-10 - MEDITATION - I was thinking about the Council of Mem while I was praying and raising my vibrations, and suddenly I was saying I would like to speak WITH - and this pure white being came swooping in eye ball to eye ball with me, so close all I could see was a pure blue eye up against my left eye - like my right eye was closed.

Immediately then, someone said, "Take a look at this berm" and I was looking at three square flower beds up on pedestals and admiring how straight in line they were, and then an older woman in a modern flowered dress appeared. She looked to be perhaps in her 50'1, and behind her were two shelves with what looked like sconces or candle holders in the one behind her and on the other one were all statuettes of African men.

NOTE:  Evidently, the Council of Mem (Catholic) in ancient Greece wrote to the Bishops of Africa


 11-15-10 - DREAM -  My husband Ed came home from jail and I was living in an upstairs apartment.  His parole officer brought him home and she sat on the far side of room scared half to death at my dogs who were sitting under a round table next to her.  One was a police dog, one was a big shaggy dog, and there were also a couple of smaller dogs.  She was terrified of them.

Ed sat at the kitchen table next to me, and the first thing he said to me was, "You look like you gained two pounds." 

I thought to myself, "And you gained 40 pounds", but I didn't dare tell him that.

A young man who lived at the far end of the hall came to see Ed and they started making plans to do something together, so Ed went to take shower and he came back all clean, much less hair, clean clothes, taller, and thinner.  I thought to myself, "He cleans up pretty good." but I didn't tell him that either.

The parole officer noticed that there were tiny black and white kittens trying to get outside, so I helped them get out the door, then I had three small snails in the garbage pail I had to get rid of too so they wouldn't ran around the house.

While I was doing that, I noticed that there was heater coil type thing along the baseboard that looked like it was made of rubber squares about 4 inches across.  I can't remember why I paid attention to that.

Ed and his friend left, and I went to church, taking my purse, all the groceries in bags, and some other precious things I wanted to make sure didn't disappear while I was gone from home.

My family started coming into the church too, but they sat somewhere else. Nobody wanted to sit with me even though I saved space for them.

One of my youngest kids came in and laid on the floor. He said he was sick, and it felt like he had lead in his stomach.  I told him to drink sips of water and little bites of cracker if he could handle it, and he laid on a white towel and suffered.

I heard later that Ed and his friend got arrested again, so we all went back home because we were safe again.


11-15-10 - DREAM - I was living in my 16th St. house.  I was outside with my little girl, and I saw what looked like a yellow squirrel in a tree, then it looked more like a monkey, and I watched carefully7y, trying to identify it.  Then it jumped over into the neighbor's tree just as the new tenant came out on her upstairs porch. 

I asked her if that was her monkey, and she responded. "No!  That's a Lemur".  Maybe it belongs to the woman across the street.

I told her I didn't think so as she didn't have those kinds of pets.

This woman looked so familiar to me, and I thought maybe I had met her at a Friday night church gathering, but I couldn't be sure.

I then went into the house, and I realized it was Monday and it was almost 1 p.m. and I felt guilt that I hadn't gone to work.  It had been quite a while since I had been there and I remembered that I worked for John Reich (that was in the late 80's)  but I really didn't feel like going to work and I only worked part-time when I felt like it, so I didn't go.

I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with myself - going to work seemed like such a drag.

I went into the kitchen to make myself some coffee and discovered that my son Robert had already drunk the coffee, so I thought about making some more for myself.  I didn't want to fuss over making fresh coffee because it would be so hot I couldn't drink it anyway. I just wanted lukewarm coffee.

As I thought about it, I could see into the house window next door, and there were tow women and their husband doing something in their kitchen too.

I decided since it was almost 1 p.m., I would just turn on the TV and watch One Life to Live, and just then, the woman from next door came in and she said she had just been to the hospital, learning how to tie belly bands on a new baby because she was expecting.

I said, "That must be exciting. My daughter-in-law was learning how to put on diapers on a new baby too."

Then the woman's friend came in too and she said, "Why don't we watch TV", and my new neighbor and I both ran to the TV to turn it on and choose the channel we wanted.  Since it was my TV, she didn't know where the buttons were on my TV so I beat her to it, an t beat her to the TV and turned it on and chose the channel.

We sat down to watch the show and I said, "I was supposed to go to work today, but I just couldn't make myself do it."

She asked, "Ho come?"

I said, "I just don't find it fun anymore. Maybe I need to do something else, like start my own business."

and woke up


11-16-10 - DREAM -  I was working as a reporter for a newspaper.  While going through some nooks and crannies where old things were stored, I came upon some folders that had the date  Aug. 17, 1947 and the word FIRE on it. 

I showed these folders to my boss and he said he wanted me to do a follow-up article on it.  I told him that there was enough stuff in those folders to do a museum diorama on it.  He replied,  "DO IT!"

Then, in that folder I saw the date Oct. 17, 1928.  I didn't know what that referred to but I should be able to find it with a little research.

When I took the folders back to my desk, John McBain (the detective from One Life To Live TV show)  asked me if I wanted to go see the neighborhood, and I said, "Yes!"

We put on our winter coats and we both had heavy woolen scarves around our necks to hold off the city winds.

As we left the building, we looked out a north-facing window and there was a huge statue of a woman with stone spikes on top of her head.

I was awe struck to see that and we stopped to look at it.

John Said, "Whatsa matter with you?  Haven't you ever seen that before?"  and I said, "No!  I never come this way normally."

and as we stood there and he pointed out that the facade of the statue was made of limestone brick - very white - an earthquake started to occur and that limestone started to crumble and grind upon itself, and became sand.

As we left the building, a big German Shepherd dog followed us out, and I thought to myself, "that's alright! He's knows his way around the city.

It rather reminded me then of the statue sticking out of the sand in Planet of the Apes movie at the end.




11-17-10 - DREAM - I went to a wedding reception.  I was in a small room where some test equipment was on the floor.  These beige metal machines looked like large pencil sharpeners standing on end with plastic caps on the opening that said Mikiup on them.  One of the pieces of test equipment had a metal cap on it by mistake and it was getting hot, so I asked for a cotton towel to take the cap off and replace it with a plastic cap.

I then saw another piece of equipment o a table that looked just the ones on the floor but standing on its side, looking exactly like a pencil sharpener.  I wondered if that was supposed to have a cap on the opening as well.

and woke up.

11-17-10 - DREAM -  I went to the Mikiup wedding. 

There were 5 black people in the wedding party, all chubby, and wearing casual clothes with heavy light brown leather boots - something like farmers would wear.  The groom had a similar colored shirt on and light green very baggy pants that were tucked into the tops of his boots.

There were two doors in front of me like mens and womens bathrooms with white hospital like gowns hanging on them.

The bride and groom went over and stood in front of the white gowns hanging on  the doors to say their vows.

and I woke up.


The computer ate my dream from 11-18-10



11-19-10  DREAM  I was at work on 70th and Greenfield, on the 1st floor, when a doctor and a nurse came in and told me I had to have surgery on my chest to break all my ribs and reshape my chest.  I would have to be in a body cast from my neck to my waist for months.

They then told me that my husband had to have a similar operation except that his chest had to be opened up on the left side which was way more painful and then he too would be in a body cast for months.

I wasn't asked if I wanted to do it - just told that it was going to be done, and I was not allowed to tell my husband that they were going to open up his chest on the side.  That was to be kept from him.

The next day, the entire family, including extended family of my husband, which was really large gathered in the first floor offices where I worked and then we were going to go over to the nearby hospital together.  Nobody knew about the extra surgery for my husband but me, and I didn't want all my ribs broken and reshaped either.

So, when things got settled down, I took off my shoes and noticed that the flesh on my right big toe was way wider than normal - it actually looked like my feet had originally been webbed and cut apart leaving way too much skin on the outside.  I looked at everyone else's feet to see if they looked similar and nobody else had feet like me.

It was getting close to the time to go to the hospital, and I started to freak out.  I couldn't allow anyone to break my ribs and force me to wear a body cast for months. Nobody asked me if I would agree to it and I just wasn't going to do it.

So, I stood up and ran down the hall, unfortunately forgetting to take my purse with me, so I had no money.

I ran across the busy street, dodging traffic, and ran into the first store, which was a dime store.  There were a lot of people in it and a lot of young boys were stealing cookies from the cookie department.  I used that distraction to get further back into the store, but I couldn't figure out how I could get my purse.  I couldn't buy anything or go anywhere without money.

Finally, I ran back out of the dime store, and immediately next door was a bar that had a stairway that went downstairs to a speakeasy type of place, plus there was an underground garage with a back entrance, and nobody would expect me to into a place like that, so that's where I went - where nobody would suspect me to go.

Actually, when I got down there, I saw a woman who was very short who worked where I did, and I wondered if I could trust her to go get my purse for me.  She wasn't part of the family and nobody would suspect what she was doing because we weren't even friends.

I was just about to ask her to please get my purse for me as a favor when I woke up.

It was 3:51 - the exact same time I woke up yesterday from a dream.

Joe reminds me that 351 is 153 backwards -  the number we've written about many time relating to Jesus and the fish story.

This dream too obviously was about making more room for the heart.


11-20-10 - DREAM-  I don't know where this took place but it was very emotional.

I was living in a nice house and some nice women gathered together and talked about having a women's home party - something like inviting other women - and selling some product.  I said to the woman next to me that if she had the party at her house, I would come to it, and we became best friends.

I then went into another room and saw that all the plants and flowers needed watering, so I set about to take care of that.

I then went outside, and saw that some neighborhood bullies were terracing the smaller kids, so I went outside to defend the smaller kids and when I did, the older kids mother came along to yell at me.  So, I grabbed her by the hair and threatened her and told her that these boys would some day be soldiers who would defend her country and the American flag, and she saw the error of her ways and started to cry, and we became best friends.

However the smaller boys still needed defending, so I went with them while they rode their bikes to make sure the bigger boys didn't bully them again.

I came to a Y intersection where there was all new pavement laid down and because I would have to follow that road into a new area I hadn't been in yet, I decided to do that the next day and went back home - and woke up.

NOTE:  This dream rather symbolizes the events I've been through myself this week where people have been calling me on the phone and acting like bullies, and trying to make me do things I wasn't ready to do yet. 


11-21-10 - DREAM - I was working at what looked like AC.  There were no men in evidence, just a few women working.  I was asked to deliver some mail down the hall quite a ways - to the 'H' section.

The woman gave me a brown envelope to deliver to H and a folded newspaper.

On the way down the hall, I couldn't figure out who to give the newspaper to, so I gave it to a secretary who said Hello to me and was friendly.  She appreciated it.

I went home then, and found my husband laying on the upstairs hallway floor, very ill. He said he was dying. I asked him if he wanted me to call an ambulance, and he said he wanted a piece of "Wildflower gum" and a cigarette.

I went into the bedroom and found the gum and the cigarettes, but only took him the piece of gum.

Another man upstairs decided to go for a ride in some kind of a round yellow vehicle that looked rather UFOish, and he drove it down the hall towards my husband.

I found out later that my husband died at the age of 134.

By then I was sitting with some people I will call 'ugly'.  They were fat and not attractive in any way, but I liked them because my self worth felt higher with ugly people than pretty people.

That's ego for you.


11-22-10 - All my dreams were about past-life regression

Twice I saw a panel of white lights - I would guess the panels were about 7 lights wide x 12 lights down

Then I was in a office hallway in front of a bank of elevators with my friend Mikki who does channeling and energy work.  She had a large brown leather chair with her that had large gold studs embedded in the arms on the front.

Mikki said that she was going to do past-life-hypnosis for $50 on the elevator.  I responded, "I'll be first!"

I then met a group of people who were taunting me that I didn't know what to do with the lights.

I dreamed that one twice.


11-22-19 -DREAM - I was living in a first floor apartment somewhere  -evidently where I work but never go into the office apparently.  I was really out of it - lacking so much energy when I woke up that I could barely articulate words.

People started coming into my apartment without knocking or using a key.  Even the attorney Jack came in either using a Master key or the door wasn't locked. I couldn't figure it out.  He didn't talk to me. I just saw him coming down the hall in my direction.

Several other women came in, one to tell me her dreams of the night, and showed me a poem she wrote called Woman to Woman which was quite nice, but I wasn't comprehending anything at the moment.

Another women from All My Children also came in.  She brought a beautiful little blonde girl in with her who wanted nothing but to smile and play and be loved and be kissed.  She loved little colored teddy bears, and I hugged her and kissed her little face and she was happy.

The woman said that we were going to a class on Tuesday night like we did the year before, but I shouldn't be upset because she had to give a ride to someone named Lundgren but I could just ignore what he said.

I was too out of it to question who Lundgren was, but I knew it wouldn't be pleasant.

I had to clean up the floor of the apartment. There were papers and junk everywhere, so I started doing that and a young man came in and wanted to know if I had anything to feed him.

On a small round table were some goodies, someone else had brought in and I offered that to him to eat.

I knew it was time to go to work because it was almost 9 a.m. and I had to get ready for that. I hadn't yet been into the office and other women were running the rental part, but I was responsible for the maintenance and the inspections and I needed to get that done for the day and find out what vacancies there were to look at to make sure they were okay to rent out.

The little girl got all sad when I said I had to go to work, but the other woman said she would take her with her plastic yellow stick to the playground across the street, which was a good idea.

My husband showed up then as I was going outside, and I saw the playground which was fabulous for kids. There were trees to climb on, tubes to slide inside of and climb into, sand to play on, and a whole group of kids with the yellow tube sticks they swung around.  I don't know what the purpose of those were.

Against the building, a huge old tree was being repaired so it wouldn't rot and the men did a beautiful job of that. AT the same time, across the street, a huge old tree was being moved out of the way of the children.  The men were doing a good job of that too and nobody got hurt when they swung it through the air.

Seeing that everything was going well, I went back into the building to start my job for the day.


11-23-10 - FISH AND RATS - DREAMs

The first dream showed me a big fish tank full of colored fish of all types and colors

The second dream showed me animals in a kitchen.  There were rats on the floor, but one rat was really mean and was attacking the other rats, so I picked up that rat and put him on the floor with the other animals and a big rabbit bit the mean rat on the bridge of his nose and killed him.

I was shown a small fish tank that had two gold fish and a black fish - I think these were angel fish.  The black angel fish ate one of the goldfish.  I forced myself to wake up because I couldn't bear to see him eat the other one too.


11-24-10 - DREAM - I was moving into a new house for me - but someone else had lived here before.

Our in the yard, was a long patch of vegetables and flowers that were ready for harvest.  They were beautiful, but since we hadn't planted them and the mother of the people across the street, (across a small valley) who were also just moving into that house had planted the vegetables and flowers, we thought that out of the kindness of our hearts, we would call them over and let them have whatever they chose.  Then we stood there watching, feeling good about our generosity while they took everything there was, leaving nothing for us, which made us feel bad about their selfishness and changing out feelings of generosity to thinking bad things about the neighbors.

Inside the house then, we looked at the bare wood floors, thinking how nice they looked, but they would look even nicer if we put another coat of varnish on them.  Since a can of varnish was already sitting there, we poured some varnish on the floor and spread it out with a long brush on a stick. It looked really pretty.

While the varnish dried, I went into the kitchen and went over to the stove, which was electric. 

I decided that I should turn on all the burners for awhile to burn off any old crud that was on them.  Making sure there was nothing close to the burners that could burn or melt, I turned on all the burners.  I can't remember how many burners there were, but more than the normal four. 

The burners got really red hot and I watched the stove to make sure there were knobs I could reach such that I didn't burn my fingers when I had to turn the stove back off.  So far - so good.

I went back to ,look at how the floor was progressing while it was drying and I saw that the heat of the kitchen was melting something in the walls that looked like honey or something and it was running in streams across the floor in rivulets that were about 4 inches wide and about 1/2 an inch deep. It was doing this in multiple places.

I about freaked out, but I got that brush on the long stick and started directing the flow of yellowish melted stuff on the floor and saw that it was destroying the varnish we had just put on it, but destroying the original finish as well, and eventually I saw that it was bleaching the wood to white too.

I wanted the floor to look nice, so I kept spreading out this melted stuff so that it covered the whole floor, but the floor wasn't turning all white, it was mottled and messy and the varnish was globbing up in little patches and looked nasty.

My husband came into the house then, and when he saw the floor he wanted to help and I saw then he was barefoot and he walked right on the wet nasty messy floor with his bare feet, so I yelled him, "That's acid", and told him to go wash his feet off 'Quick", and woke up.

Question: What does this symbolize?  I have no idea where this was.



This dream took place in my New Berlin house.  I came down into the kitchen which had been really messed up and T.J. and Jason were cleaning up the floor. Jason was scraping grease and grime off the floor, and not doing a really good job, so I got down on my hands and knees and using a kitchen table knife, I started at the south end of the floor and started scraping off the crud Jason had missed.

T.J. complained that his Dad had promised to take him somewhere.  I said, "He's sleeping, but go wake him up.  So T.J. left to get his Dad.

My ex-husband Jim came down from upstairs, and within 5 minutes he was sleeping again on the kitchen floor.

I managed to get him off the floor and he and T.J. left, but while my attention was not in the kitchen, Jason revarnished over the entire floor so I couldn't tell where the grease and crud was, because he varnished over it.

At the north end of the floor, there was a picture of Bob Hope on the floor, so I scraped his picture off the varnish, and someone mentioned Frank Zappa movies, and by then I was back at the south end of the kitchen, starting all over again, scraping all the varnish off the floor.,_Frank/Filmography/



This was a dream within a dream.  I was dreaming that the cat box needed cleaning, but I didn't want to do it, so I put a sign on the door that I would pay someone to clean the cat box.

I woke up and told my daughter the dream about offering to pay someone to clean out the cat box, whereupon she went to school and told all the kids that I had a dream about offering to pay someone to clean out the cat box.

A few minutes later, I had kids coming to the back door offering to clean out the cat box for pay.  Hundreds of kids came to offer to do the job.

I thought that was so funny because we didn't even have a cat box to clean. Our cats all lived outdoors.

I went into a hallway on the side of the house, where there was a window where two teenagers were laying on the floor waiting for customers to show up and order pizza.

I leaned on the counter in the window opening and tried to tell the teen age boys what happened about the dream about cleaning out the cat box but they couldn't be bothered to listen to how funny that was to me.

One of the boys got up off the floor to take my order for pizza, but the other kids just laid there on the floor ignoring me.

I finally walked away feeling disgusted that the kid couldn't even bother to get up off the floor much less listen to what I had to say, so I didn't order any pizza and went into my living room instead.

I no sooner got into the living room when I saw a woman come to the front door wearing a bright blue jacket. 

I went to the door, and before I could even ask, a young man holding a Bible like a Jehovah Witness pushed right in front of her to preach to me.

He hadn't even started talking when another Jehovah Witness pushed in front of him to preach to me.

I had to assume they all heard that I dreamed about offering to pay money to clean the cat box too.  Everyone knew about it by now.

But were they there to offer to clean the cat box, or were they there to preach to me about dreaming?  Some religions are against dreaming.


11-25-10 - VISIONS

A black haired pretty smiling girl with an old fashioned dress on - like Snow White.

A group of dwarves (gnomes?) all wearing tall black hats and outfits like Snow White dwarves.

A blank time period of a few minutes.

A gong sound of higher pitch  followed by what looked like a calendar with many round bright blue perfectly round balls on many of the space.

A gong sound of higher pitched followed by what looked like a calendar page with many round bright blue perfectly round balls on many different spaces.

A gong sound of higher pitch followed by what looked like a calendar page with many round bright blue perfectly round balls on other many different spaces.

A gong sound of lower pitch followed by what looked like a calendar page with many round dark grey blue balls and some odd shaped objects that are impossible to describe accurately - rather like black binoculars in some spaces.  On the right side in about two or 3 spaces was a large bomber-like unmarked  silver airplane.  It was surrounded by these grey orbs.

a gong sound of higher pitched followed by what looked like a calendar page with many bright blue perfectly round balls on many spaces.

I waited a few minutes to see if there would be more and there weren't.


11-25-10 - VISION - I closed my eyes, and there stood a white alien and a sign came up behind him - GREY ALIEN


11-25-10 - DREAM -  I was walking to someone about my mother-in-law (deceased in 1976 -  then I got a phone call from my brother-in-law, and he said, "Remember how Mom was last Sunday - dizzy?"  and I answered, "Yes". and he went on, "She has to take blood pressure medicine now."

Someone else was talking in the background - I assume another brother-in-law and he interfered in the conversation so I've forgotten what else he said, but I assured him she was going to be alright.


11-26-10  - DREAMS - I was seeing a game board on which I had to deal some cards and when 3 cards came up with the same number, I could move three dots together on the board and have a quick dream which I could never remember.  This happened several times.

I was tired of playing that game, so I opened my eyes long enough to I could quit the game.

I fell asleep again and had a dream in which I was carrying a container of spaghetti about 1 foot wide by 4 feet long down a hallway in my apartment building and it was hard to keep my balance, so I kept bumping into the wall and leaving small spaghetti marks along the wall.

One of the other residents told me that a guy down the hall was going to be mad when he saw that so I knew I had to clean it up quick.

I ran into my apartment with the spaghetti and set it down, then went into the closet to get a wash rag, got it wet and went back down the hall with the wet pink wash rag and wiped the spaghetti off the wall.

When I got down to an area in the center of the building where people could sit and chat together in front of some windows and look outside, there was a man sitting on a leather sofa in a stream of sunlight full of dust in the sunbeam.

I took my wet rag and held it in the sunbeam that was shining on him and picked up the dust floating there. 

At first he was mad that I came so close to him with the rag to pick up the dust, but then he realized that I cleaned the sun beam of the dust and he was amazed.

He apologized and said, "I'm sorry I got angry!  You reminded me of my wife when I wanted to go out, she would say, "I have to clean first!"

I smiled and continued to dust off the sofa.

He said, "There is a flower bed downstairs that could use some work too." evidently thinking I was the cleaning lady.

I said, "Sorry! I don't take care of the 1st floor, only this one."

All of a sudden I had a vision.  In the vision I saw a book title.  ' PEOPLE WE LOVE' BY SKYE CROCE.

NOTE:  There is a woman by the name SKYE MARIA CROCE, but I didn't find a book by her.











11-27 - 10 -  The first dream was how to choose raw salad vegetables.

The second dream was how to mix salad dressing with pickle relish and mayonnaise, and get to the school bus stop by 8:30 a.m.   In this dream, I had to choose the most comfortable sandals with long string ties on them, make sure my red purse had plenty of quarters in case the school bus driver realized I didn't have a valid school bus pass.  I was carrying one large green school book.

We just made it to the school bus on time.



11-27-10 - I got two spirit visits in this dream.  I have no idea where I was, but I was in a room somewhere.

A tall man wearing long soft beige and cream colored robes cams to teach me. There were very intense feelings of relationship between him and me when he stood that close.   He showed me a rock carving on a wall on which there was a large outline of something surrounding carved lines of geometric shapes.  He tapped on the markings with the back of his hand and his fingernails which were longer than normal for men.  He said, "Herein is where you find the mysteries of life." 

A minute or so later, both my Mother and Father came to talk to me.  My Father said, "You need to write a book about your community.  You need to write it like you originally planned it - about survival."

I said, "I already wrote that book - our consciousness has changed."

I said, "I wrote that book under the name Dolores Ann Bauer". 

I remembered that book as a thin black book and I knew I had it in my book case somewhere and that if I needed more copies, I could just go on the internet and order some more copies.

I also realized that I had already written that book in a similar way under the name Dee Finney and it is still for sale on  about the pole shift and the community I planned in Washington State.

I went to the computer to look it up and woke up.

NOTE:  After I woke up, I went on the internet to look up my name Dolores Ann Bauer and found this:

  1. The relationship of modernist discourse to the history and the ...

    Number of similar titles: 1. Copyright Claimant: Dolores Ann Bauer. Notes: 10 selections. Names: Dolores Ann Bauer 1938- Terrence M. Murphy 1935- ... - Cached


11-28-10  DREAM  I was in a house somewhere and my daughter was STARR from One Life to Live TV show. She ran outside after her boyfriend Cole (also from One Life to Live TV show.  My Father ran after them but didn't get there in time, and even though she said nothing happened, my Father went to the hospital with her and when they came back she announced that she was pregnant.

I gave her a hug that meant "I understand what you are going through." but otherwise there was no emotion, no yelling, no lectures from my Father.

I started cleaning off the top of a small desk for her, telling her that I was going to have to put her stuff on her dresser in her bedroom, and she said, "Okay!".

I went into her room which was perfectly clean and felt bad that I was messing it up.  Then I discovered that when she cleaned her bedroom, she had thrown everything onto the floor of the next room, and she was sitting on the floor in that room sorting things out.

I went back into the first room, and a short man about 5 feet tall came in, looking like he had just come in from living in a coal bin. He was that dirty black.  I stopped him and asked who he was. He didn't say a word.  I asked him again who she was and he didn't answer. He just stopped dead in his tracks while I was talking to him.

My Father came into the room then and handed the dirty black man a pitch black box that looked like a large box camera.

My Father then came over to me and asked me to go to the store, telling me I had done this before, and he gave me the name and number of a battery which was 12R.  He showed me the old battery, which was copper and it looked like it screwed into a socket in the black box.

I was afraid it was a bomb, but when your Father asks you to do something, you do it, and I headed for the door to go buy the battery at the store around the corner where I had bought it before.

NOTE: I didn't find a comparable battery to what I saw but a 12R is a 12 volt battery.

I also didn't find a previous dream with the dirty man, though I do remember him from another dream.


11-28-10 - DREAM -I was in a house somewhere and looked out the window towards a building that was one story and had a tin roof.  A woman behind me said that the way they counted their customers was to count the rain drops that hit the roof of the dentist's office.  The number was 540.  Evidently, each rain drop was counted as it fell.

I didn't understand how that made any sense and still don't.


11-29-10 - DREAM - -  I was either sitting or standing in the back of the spiritual center in the community, in a dome shaped building.  Evidently the entrance was at the rear center.

As I watched, two women in white entered the spiritual center from behind me and individually they walked very fast, first one, then the other, to the front of the pews, then way to the right where separate pews were - also facing the stage - and sat by themselves.  They were wearing long white coats, very slim, with white pants down to other shoes.

I knew that these women both belonged to our new Director Doc!


11-30-10 DREAM -  I listened to conversations of give different characters I a play through three generations of living.  I remember none of the conversations, but when the play was over, the names were alphabetized and replayed one by one by character.  It was very boring that way - relistening to the same characters talking out of context.

11-30-10 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house, standing in the kitchen listening to relatives voices down in the basement, describing the changes in the house through 100 years of living in the house.  I wanted to run down there and participate because I remembered things about the house at various ages too, but I was fascinating listening to people I didn't even know well describe the history of the house.


11-30-10 - VISION - I saw my black cat BeBop pregnant.  (Be Bop is a boy!  Maybe his girlfriend was also black?  I don't know.  Be Bop left home a year ago and didn't come back.