This crop circle appeared today 08-08-08
in the area of Milk Hill, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, UK

The figure in the center of this figure 8 is most familiar to women
who work with knitting, crocheting, and craftwork as a "lover's knot".

Note too that there are feathers on the inside of the upper circle
and on the outside of the outer circle.
Feathers stand for truth.
Note that the feathers get larger along the path of the circles which
means that truth is getting more and more important.

Celtic Lovers Knot Ring

A dear friend of ours wrote today about a dream she had early this morning of 08-08-08:

Early morning dream scene and message:

Wearing a lovely bridal gown, I stood at the back of a church holding the hand of my groom.
As the people stood to leave the wedding, I said " Thank you for coming."
And then I said, "Thanks to all of you who drove here."

This is the bookend or conclusion for the weeks ago dreamspace message to me of
"Spirit and Bride say Come !" , verse  from Revelation 22:17.
The message was then repeated as 3 words, "Spirit, Bride, Come".

Friday August 8 = 160...Christ Within
As 2 x 80 = Creator
and 8 x 20...20 letter T of earlier dream symbol.
1+60 = 61...Church, Norma ( re Bride dream today )

car ( re Car = 22 )

back (of church) = 17

"Spirit, Bride, Come", which = 165...Resurrection.
Yesterday concluded the 3 day Easter sequence encoded in the past 3 date
sums, in text below.
Monday's full sum of 165 = Resurrection, thematic for 8/8/8....three

This is Friday = 63...Whole
Monday as 72 = World

Today's 8 + 89 August = 97...Through ( today is the 8 of 89 )

Conversation between Dee and Norma

Hi Norma:  This dream was 'very' important.  I've been dreaming about the wedding coming for a long.
You may not know it yet, but a crop circle appeared in England today - and in the center of the
figure 8 is what we would call a 'lover's knot'.
This is really important.  Thanks so much for sharing your dream.

To Dee:

Dee's time of post 11:11 as  22...Re Rev 22:17

Lover's knot CC suggests Tarot card The Lovers, which is #22;
17 as 1,7 is an the CC.  

Strong resonance today !  N

On Fri, 8 Aug 2008 11:11:18 EDT, said:

Hi Norma:  This dream was 'very' important.  I've been dreaming  about
the wedding coming for a long.
From Norma:

On Tue, 05 Aug 2008 09:23:33 -0400, "Norma" <> said:

8/5 is a 13...first day of the 3 day / Tarot 3 card Easter sequence relates to Good Friday.

Editors note:  Today is Friday.

8/6 is a 14...second day of the sequence

8/7 is a 15...third day of the sequence, relating to Easter Sunday, renewal principle.

This 3 day sequence is followed by the long awaited 8/8/8 date.

Monday August 4 sum of 165 = Resurrection, which set the resonance pattern for this
present 3 day Easter sequence Aug. 5,6,7.

8/8/8 is the triple 8 date this '08 year with its Transformation theme.

You posted this at 11:11, Dee.

Yes, definitely a message from Spirit...Bride is another name for malkuth / Earth.

Re Lovers knot....Tarot card The Lovers is #22, ( 11:11 = 22 )  re Rev 22:17 message !

Thanks for letting me know of the "wedding to come" dreams.
In the dream, the groom was not seen as a definite person / my actual husband of 50 yrs ago.
More symbolic "groom" in my opinion.

From Dee to Norma:

Thanks for letting me know of the "wedding to come" dreams.

That 11:11 was perfect timing.  :-)  Thanks for telling me. :-)
Here are my bride pages that I've done in the past years:

I posted about the CC at my Mind & Spirit forum few min ago....Ode to Joy playing on the radio
as I typed that, and still playing now .....luv it !!

ODE TO JOY - by Beethoven - video


In a message dated 8/8/2008 12:46:28 P.M., writes:
Dee, I always remember your dream scene of the grains or seeds sprouting
between piano keys....
piano has 88 keys.....8/8
88 as Eight Eight reads "Year Eight"
Thanks for the reminder. I even have the number 888 at the top of the page  :-)
I'll add that to the other page too.  :-)
You're a doll for remembering that one.
Love, Dee

Universal Harmonics Analysis

For Chinese the number 8 is considered lucky just like the number 7 is considered lucky in the West. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Olympic games in China start on August 8, 2008 or 08/08/08. In China you have to pay extra to have the number 8 in your phone number or license plate. In addition, home and business owners like to have the number 8 in their address.

So, why is the number 8 considered lucky in the minds of Chinese people. The main reason has to do with the pronunciation of the word for the number 8 in China.
On Friday 13th July, 2001 the Olympic committee, assembled in Moscow, chose Beijing as the venue for the 2008 Olympic Games. This announcement came just hours after Jupiter - the largest planet in the solar system - moved into Cancer, so perhaps it is fitting that that the most populous country in the world was chosen. It seems that when a planet makes its entry into a new sign, it likes to make an introductory flourish as it were. In this case Mercury joined Jupiter and they crossed the border from Gemini to Cancer hand in hand. Millions celebrated the news in China. They flocked onto the streets of the major cities, and police gave up trying to control them. Great joy was brought to the largest population on Earth.

Human Rights Issues

Human Rights groups - especially supporters of the exiled government of Tibet - were less than enthusiastic. They believe that the choice of China as venue legitimises a regime which overwhelmed Tibet by force in the Fifties, and is now well into the process of wiping out the ancient culture. There was extremely strong lobbying to exclude China for human rights abuses - they had already lost one bid in 1993 - but in the end sheer persistence paid off for China. One could argue that with one quarter of the world's population within their borders, it is simply unwise to ostracise them. When living in the West, it's always difficult to discern how far opinions are orchestrated by the cultural model of the USA and Western Powers, who have little understanding of the culture of other countries. After all, many of China's opponents in the US have a political agenda, which has nothing to do with the rights of oppressed peoples.

The Origins

In connection with the Olympics there are those who argue against the politicization of sport, and those who say it is unavoidable. In actual fact, the Olympics have always been politicized. Even at their very formation in 776 BC, the Games were seen as a way of cementing peace. The tradition was that there should be no fighting as long as the Games were on. The chart for the initial Olympics would appear to have taken place at the time of an eclipse in Leo opposing Neptune in Aquarius, so the ideals of the merging of states into a giant melting pot through games was firmly integrated into the opening chart. However, the same chart shows a retrograde Mars conjoining Uranus and opposing Pluto, so the competition was no doubt extremely fierce. War by other means. The institution of the Olympics actually lasted for 12 centuries (!) without a break, and they were only abolished in 393 AD - the 293rd Olympiad.

Gematria (a tool of Alphabetics)

Gematria takes the numeric value of letters and adds them up for comparison and analysis.  Click here to see a chart showing the numeric values for each Greek and Hebrew letter.

Straight Gematria

Iesous = I (10) + e (8) + s (200) + o (70) + u (400) + s (200) = 888

Vicinity Gematria

kurie o Theos (Lord God) = k (20) + u (400) + r (100) + i (10) + e (5) + o (70) + Th (9) + e (5) + o (70) + s (200) + 889


Brought forth by Del Washburn (  Looks at numeric values of words and phrases and compares common multiples.  Allows for some give and take, plus or minus two or three in the total.

Of hundreds of examples that could be given:
(Greek transliterations are aproximate)

JESUS ... 111 x 8

CHRIST ... 111 x 12

SHE BORE A SON AND CALLED HIS NAME ... 111 x 24 (888 x 3)
Mat 1:25 eteken uion kai ekalesen onoma autou

OUT OF THEE SHALL COME A GOVERNOR ... 111 x 24 (888 x 3)
Mt 2:6 ek sou eceleusetai hgoumenov

THE MAN CHILD ... 111 x 8 (888)
Rev 12:5 uion arsen

Gematria Raised Value


Gematria Value


Jesus   888 888 x 10 = 8880
Christ 1480 1480 x 6 = 8880
John the Baptist 2220 2220 x 4 = 8880
Son of Man 2960 2960 x 3 = 8880
The raised Jesus 8880 8880 x 1 = 8880

(used with permission)


The Interrelated 2005 Crop Circle Formations

Note the 444 connection in the Hundred Acres formation. Interestingly, 176 is a related ancient number, as it is one-tenth of a mile in yards, and one of those "11" type numbers. 4 x 44 = 176, or 11 x 16. The "birth" year of the USA is 888 x 2 = 1776, or 4 x 444.

The name of the location, "Hundred Acres," is also suggestive of the ancient numbering system:

Acre = 4840 square yards
= 11 x 440
= 22 x 220
= 44 x 110

The numbers on the right are "A" notes in cps of the musical scale.

484 / 4 = 121 = 11 x 11

One Hundred acres = 48400
= 176 x 275
= 176 x (5 x 55)

You may know that the ancients associated the number 888 with Jesus. Six miles in feet (6 x 5280 = 31680) is the sub-lunar distance around the New JerUSAlem, and one-tenth of that number (3168) was "Lord Jesus Christ" in Greek Gematria. See:

DNA & The Apocalypse

The new crop formation at Lurkley Hill suggests the New Jerusalem plan:

Also see:

Code of the Ancients

A ball of light appeared at the first flight of the Concord airliner. I saw this in a crop circle video about 14 years ago. I looked up the word "concord," to find that it means "together hearts." This fit well with one of my "coincidental" symbols, the Unity of Hearts:


Joseph E. (Joe) Mason



Something of and interesting nature is related to the number 888 - The San Francisco earthquake in 1989 - calculated at 888 weeks thereafter comes out to 24 October of 2006.. A miracle baby, born at 21 weeks 6 days from conception - a world record for an early birth. Her name was Amellia Sonja Taylor.  21 weeks 6 days works out  to be 153 days, which relates to the fish in the net story of Jesus.  Her  That date has a symbolic connection to the theme  because it is related to the  number 888.

Article at:


A  young man named Brian sent us an e-mail that included information about the number 888. Part of this involved his personal story. I was familiar with most of the material. I am including it here, because it was the start of a coincidental sequence. This is an excerpt from Brian’s e-mail:

January 11th 1944. The duration of time between sunrise and sunset was 888 minutes. 8880 days later on May 4th 1968, I was living in Canada in a town named Port Alberni. The sunlight for May 4th at that day and location each year is 888 minutes.

Since the early Christians were converted pagans, one of the ploys the early teachers of the church used to convert pagans to Christianity was that Jesus Christ had more solar attributes than any other god. Matthew 17:2 states that His face was even reputed to shine like the sun.

Matt. 17:2 - And was transfigured before them; and his face did shine as the sun and his raiment was white as the light.

The Greek alphabet has 26 letters, each one with a different numerical value. The Greek spelling of Jesus is IESOUS. The numerical value of IESOUS = 888 which represents The Spiritual Sun or Solar Logos.

"In the beginning was the Logos" the Gospel of John states, and in the words of the Logos itself, "I am the Light of the World." All those who are born into the world is outwardly illuminated by the physical sun, but only those who turn their attention back to the world of first principles are inwardly enlightened by the Spiritual Sun of the Logos.

888 SYMBOLIZES INFINITY *The unified spiral of the physical merging with the Spiritual * Moving toward the completion of the ascension process through the energies of 222 and 444*

Early Gnostic Christians were aware enough to make this comparisons. The raised Jesus (888) was known as the Spiritual Sun.


In a dream I divined that that the three phases of the sun were fear, sharing, and love.

In the book, Jesus Christ, Sun of God, (p 264) David Fideler writes:

Those who turn their attention back to the world of first principles are inwardly enlightened by the Spiritual Sun of the Logos.

The early Christians maintained that IESOUS was 'a name above all names." Origen, the early church father, even went so far as to boast about how the name of Jesus possessed more magical efficacy than those of the pagan divinities.

In the same way that the names of Apollo, Hermes, Abraxas, and Mithras were designed to represent aspects of the Universal Logos, the values of both IESOUS (888) and CHRISTOS (1480) are obtained from 74, the most characteristic number from the magic square of the sun. (It is the numbers of the 4 corners)

It is unlikely that this is a coincidence, for, as dr. Eisler has pointed out, the name Iesous is "an artificial and irregular Greek transliteration" of the Aramaic name Joshua, designed to bring out the number 888. One can see an unmistakable parallel between the names Iesous and Christos, and the names of Hebrew planetary Spirits and Intelligences which were likewise derived from the magic squares of the planets.

As the Spiritual Sun of what was then a new age, Jesus represents the idea of the Solar Logos incarnate, the Logos as Illuminator, Healer, Mediator, and Gnostic Revealer.

The book of Urantia says: P947:6, 85:5.3 The sun god was supposed to be the mystic father of the virgin-born sons of destiny who ever and anon were thought to be bestowed as saviors upon favored races. These supernatural infants were always put adrift upon some sacred river to be rescued in an extraordinary manner, after which they would grow up to become miraculous personalities and the deliverers of their peoples.

The Greek name for Jesus, Iesous, adds up to 888. So the numbering to arrive at 888 is from Greek, not Hebrew.

I = 10 (iota)
e = 8 (eta)
s = 200 (sigma)
o = 70 (omicron)

u = 400 (upsilon)
s = 200 (sigma)

That Jesus' name in Greek adds up to 888 was mentioned in the Christian additions to the Sibylline Oracles at least as early as the Second Century.

J. Massyngberde Ford (Anchor Bible: Revelation, New York: Doubleday, 1975, page 226) writes:

Christian readers would have noticed the contrast between the number of the beast, 666, and the number of Jesus, 888... In 888 could be seen the superabundant perfection, the three-fold 7+1. On the other hand 666 indicates the three-fold failure to reach perfection, 7-1. This showed how precarious and how doomed to failure the reign of the beast must be.

The physical sun = 666 The Magic Square of the Sun In Greek Gematria, Helios, the physical sun was assigned the basic number 6. The system used the basic numbers to create a "magic square," in this case a 6 by 6 square, forming 36 smaller squares within it. The numbers 1 through 36 are then placed in the squares, so that they add up to 111 by rows and diagonals. The number 666 comes from adding all the numbers from 1 to 36. Rev. 13:18 says that the number of man is 666.


If a hexagon is drawn in the lower circle, the hexagon will hold a circle which has a circumference of 192.3 and 1923 is the value of CHRIST, THE LOGOS. To represent the five loaves, five smaller circles are drawn herein. Together they have the combine perimeter of 481 units, and this is the value of 'artoi', the Greek word for LOAVES.
Length XY is 122.4 and 1224=FISHES. (p 116)

Stage Five - The provisions of the "meal" having been supplied, one final aspect of the story needs to be represented: the twelve baskets used by the 12 disciples to collect what is left over.

NOTE: When you divide 888 by 666 - the result is 133.333333333333



The "birth" year of the USA is 888 x 2 = 1776, or 4 x 444 GREEK GEMATRIA Jesus = 10 + 8 + 200 + 70 + 400 + 200 = 888
Now apply the trinity function 83+ 83 + 83 = 1536, applied again it becomes 369, then again 972, then 1080 then 513 and finally 153.

153 is special. The trinity function reveals that 153 is a self resurrecting number.

1^3 + 5^3 + 3^3 = 1 + 125 + 27 = 153


Also see:

The very important number 153 is not on the list, but its "mirror number" 351 is listed. Adding 153 to 351 gives 504, another significant Gematrian number on the list. The Pope and the Omphalos Stone at Delphi are related to 153. The number 54 is the first in-between number to have the 666 tangent. The numbers 6, 10, 36, 55, 66, 78, 153, 351 and 666 are among the "Triangle Numbers." They can be arranged in even rows like bowling pins. With the above listed numbers, the number of rows for each is 3 (6), 4 (10), 8 (36), 10 (55), 11 (66), 12 (seventy eight), 17 (153), 26 (351) and 36 (666). This also means that adding from 1 through the row number gives the total number. For example, the numbers 1 through 17 add to 153. For more information about the Biblical number 153, see:

Also see:
Jesus Christ, Sun of God
Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism
By David Fideler

By David Fideler

1-31-06 - CIRCLE OF LIGHT 

DREAM - I was working on a project where I had to create a CIRCLE OF LIGHT. 

In creating this project, written out it had to fit on a single 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper.  There were many ways of creating the project, but the words wouldn't fit on the paper if they were too large or the sentence was too long.

The letters also had to be identical in size. So all the sentences that included the name of a city or state had to be eliminated. (For example: I was shown that "The Circle of Light Starts in Indiana" had to be eliminated.  Another sentence that said, "THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT STARTS IN KENTUCKY" also had to be eliminated.  No one place was to be held above another or more important than any other. The CIRCLE OF LIGHT would be one cohesive whole.

So when all of the improper sentences were eliminated, it looked like this. 



When the project was finished and printed out, I took it to the place where I was going to play the music for the singers to sing to.

When I went to the piano, I was aghast to find out that the window had been open and wheat seeds had blown into the room and lodged themselves into crevices in the piano and they were sprouting. 

I had to quickly, but carefully remove all the wheat sprouts, which were all white and had tiny rootlets attached already, and carefully place them upright in silver trays on the floor in front of the piano so they could vibrate to the music they would eventually sing to when they became the singers.

NOTE: The fact that the circle is 8-side gives us several factors of sacred geometry.

She shape is an Octagon.

The number 888 represents Jesus in Greek Gematria

The number 888 is a Master Number.

The number 888 comes up in the following dream about the singers and the tuning. 


1-31-06 - When my piano rehearsal was over, I had to write down what had happened so others would know about it.

I was writing in my journal in a bright and sunny rehearsal hall. None of the singers or the choir director had yet arrived.

I began to write about The Circle of Light, in great detail, when I noticed out the window - an orange buildings with many windows and attached to that building was a golden ratchet handle which was to be used for the tuning of the music the singers were going to sing.

I was somehow miraculously able to retrieve the tuning ratchet handle, but then I had to make sure it didn't get lost. Nobody, not even the choir director knew that the music was going to be tuned one tone upward but me and nobody could tune the music without the golden ratchet handle. 

This ratchet crop glyph appeared in a crop in England on June 1, 2008

The formation measures approximately 300 feet in diameter

The laid barley crop in the circular elements of the glyph were noted as being swirled out from the central points in what could be considered a mathematical spiral formula, which flows to the peripheries with some elegance.

From first glance, it appears that this enormous design, near the banks of Neolithic Hill Fort Barbury Castle shows echoes of the ratchet, which was one portion of the Barbury Castle Triangle/Tetrahedron of 1991. Its  is still regarded as "the mother of all pictograms". The proportions within this 2008 event indicate a far more intricate ratchet than its 1991 predecessor.  

Many years of research have been carried out on the 1991 event, and indeed the ratchet design demonstrates the number seven, as notes within the diatonic scale. The whole structure is also a collection of numeric, musical and geometrical harmonies.  

Are we once again witnessing at this location, another formation from the Circle-makers indicating sound as a conveyed message which the ancients regarded as a prime creative force of the  Universe.    

Stuart Dike The Crop Circle Connector

David Wilcock quotes Dr. Smelykov, "

It is utterly remarkable that the Maya would be able to encode this cycle so clearly into their Calendar, with its connections not only to the linear phenomenon of precession but to an exponential phenomenon based on "phi" that has such clear energetic effects on both the material plane and the arena of consciousness. It is even more remarkable that this cycle would ratchet forward with ever-increasing intensity into the moment wherein the Earth's precessional position is in perfect alignment with the center of our Galaxy. [4] The mysteries of how and why all these cycles relate will be unveiled and integrated in our upcoming final book, The Divine Cosmos.


The singers began arriving while I was still writing and now I had to write about the golden tuning ratchet handle as well. 


Someone told me the babies hadn't yet been given their milk and I saw they were in cages and I had to release the children so they could play and then my daughter who was about 10 years old grabbed the golden ratchet handle and wanted to play with it. I had to admonish her not to lose it because the choir singers needed it. 

I went back to writing and turned the page and found that the page was already written on and dated and the page was orange like the building across the street. The title of the page was, "Jesus Allegories." 

Then at the bottom of the page was a small paragraph about another mining accident.

I didn't know how I was going to continue writing because the singers were lining up.  They were lined up in 8 rows of 8 male singers with their 8 female partners.

Robb Russo (his given name is David)  and I were the last pair in the last row.

(Robb passed away last year of a sudden heart attack at the age of 55. He had a wonderful baritone singing voice. We used to sing together for fun on occasion while I played my keyboard) 

I saw that the male singers were on the left and their female partners were on the right.

Then the choir director arrived. He was an old man with pure white hair. 

I had the golden ratchet tuning handle in my right hand and before we started singing, I had to give him the tuning handle and tell him that we were tuning the music up one tone. 

YAY!!!!  The earth is going to tune UP and not down when the changes occur.


I was awake, but thinking about a dream I had just had, when I had this vision:

A woman appeared, wearing a long gown. (I could see her only from the neck down). She said, "Here is Tahuti!"

A man appeared, wearing a tuxedo and white gloves. (I could see him only from the neck down).  In his hands, he presented to me a jewel box approximately 12 x 12 inches of black.   He opened the box to show me what was inside. 

Inside the box, which was lined in white Satin, emblazoned at the top was the gold name  TAHUTI.  Below that in 7 rows of 7 were the largest most brilliant rubies I have ever seen.

In research of the name Tahuti, I found that it is another name for Thoth, and that Thoth's consort's name is Sesheta.

Thoth was the scribe for the God RA, and Sesheta was the record keeper and librarian. She was also a scientist.

I also found that Thoth wrote 42 books which were in the library of Alexandria which burned to the ground and all those books were lost to humanity.

The Ruby is said to symbolise love, enthusiasm and strength

Ruby has been the gem of passion and the heart's desire since the dawn of time. It is known as the "Lord of the Gems" because of its rarity and beauty.

Tahuti and Rubies are also mentioned in the Moon ceremonies of the Thelema group

History:  It was thought that rubies possessed an inner flame that burned eternally.  Throughout  the Middle Ages and early Renaissance the ruby was considered the precious stone most associated with weddings, as they were supposed to keep passion alive and promote lasting love and contentment in marriage. It was also believed they had the power to bestow peace and harmony, and protect wearers from discord and all perils of war.

Rubies comes from the Latin word ruber meaning "red," and from Sanskrit ratnaraj meaning "king of precious stones."

The July birthstone is found in Aaron's breastplate as noted in Exodus 39:10-13.

10 They mounted four rows of gemstones on it. The first row was a row of carnelian, topaz, and emerald; 11 the second row, a turquoise, a sapphire, and a diamond; 12 the third row, a jacinth, an agate, and an amethyst; 13 and the fourth row, a beryl, an onyx, and a jasper. They were surrounded with gold filigree in their settings.

Job 28

Job Tells of Earth's Treasures
    1"Surely there is a mine for silver
         And a place where they refine gold.
    2"Iron is taken from the dust,
         And copper is smelted from rock.
    3"Man puts an end to darkness,
         And to the farthest limit he searches out
         The rock in gloom and deep shadow.
    4"He sinks a shaft far from habitation,
         Forgotten by the foot;
         They hang and swing to and fro far from men.
    5"The earth, from it comes food,
         And underneath it is turned up as fire.
    6"Its rocks are the source of sapphires,
         And its dust contains gold.
    7"The path no bird of prey knows,
         Nor has the falcon's eye caught sight of it.
    8"The proud beasts have not trodden it,
         Nor has the fierce lion passed over it.
    9"He puts his hand on the flint;
         He overturns the mountains at the base.
    10"He hews out channels through the rocks,
         And his eye sees anything precious.
    11"He dams up the streams from flowing,
         And what is hidden he brings out to the light.
The Search for Wisdom Is Harder
    12"But where can wisdom be found?
         And where is the place of understanding?
    13"Man does not know its value,
         Nor is it found in the land of the living.
    14"The deep says, 'It is not in me';
         And the sea says, 'It is not with me.'
    15"Pure gold cannot be given in exchange for it,
         Nor can silver be weighed as its price.
    16"It cannot be valued in the gold of Ophir,
         In precious onyx, or sapphire.
    17"Gold or glass cannot equal it,
         Nor can it be exchanged for articles of fine gold.
    18"Coral and crystal are not to be mentioned;
         And the acquisition of wisdom is above that of pearls.
    19"The topaz of Ethiopia cannot equal it,
         Nor can it be valued in pure gold.
    20"Where then does wisdom come from?
         And where is the place of understanding?
    21"Thus it is hidden from the eyes of all living

And concealed from the birds of the sky.
    22"Abaddon and Death say,
         'With our ears we have heard a report of it.'
    23"God understands its way,
         And He knows its place.
    24"For He looks to the ends of the earth
         And sees everything under the heavens.
    25"When He imparted weight to the wind
         And meted out the waters by measure,
    26When He set a limit for the rain
         And a course for the thunderbolt,
    27Then He saw it and declared it;
         He established it and also searched it out.
    28"And to man He said, 'Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom;
         And to depart from evil is understanding.'"

One of the legends that surrounds the July birthstone is that of a Burmese king. He supposedly had so many rubies that when he took them outside to gather moonlight for them, these birth stones lit up the sky above the city!

Not only the gemstones of kings, rubies were also the stones of thieves as they were supposed to have the power of invisibility.

An ancient Hindu belief was that the color of these birth stones came from an inner fire. The fire of the July birthstone could never be extinguished or covered by clothing.

The ruby has been used as a healing stone due to the fire it carries inside itself. These gems also have a correspondence to the 4th Chakra, the chakra of the heart. Rubies are said to strengthen the physical and emotional heart, to support free flowing divine live and a courageous heart

To dream of rubies is to dream of success in business, money, and love. Rubies are also said to be good luck for gamblers.

The Burmese valued these birth stones not only for their beauty but also as a talisman of good fortune.


On the same day I was visited by Tahuti/Thoth and his consort Sesheta, a woman in Ohio was driving on the highway and a white owl dove at her car. She was frightened that the owl would get hurt, as the owl dove at her car a second time, so she pulled off the road so she wouldn't hit the owl.  The owl then landed on the hood of her car and shape-shifted into a beautiful woman who said, "I am Lilith".

The Hebrew Lilith myth:

Chapter 10: Adam's Helpmeets
(Excerpt from The Hebrew Myths by Robert Graves and Raphael Patai (New York:  Doubleday, 1964), pp 65-69.)

(a) Having decided to give Adam a helpmeet lest he should be alone of his kind, God put him into a deep sleep, removed one of his ribs, formed it into a woman, and closed up the wound, Adam awoke and said: 'This being shall be named "Woman", because she has been taken out o f man. A man and a woman shall be one flesh.' The title he gave her was Eve, 'the Mother of All Living''. [1]

 (b) Some say that God created man and woman in His own image on the Sixth Day, giving them charge over the world; [2]  but that Eve did not yet exist. Now, God had set Adam to name every beast, bird and other living thing. When they passed before him in pairs, male and female, Adam-being already like a twenty-year-old man-felt jealous of their loves, and though he tried coupling with each female in turn, found no satisfaction in the act. He therefore cried: 'Every creature but I has a proper matel', and prayed God would remedy this injustice. [3]

 (c) God then formed Lilith, the first woman, just as He had formed Adam, except that He used filth and sediment instead of pure dust. From Adam's union with this demoness, and with another like her named Naamah, Tubal Cain's sister, sprang Asmodeus and innumerable demons that still plague mankind. Many generations later, Lilith and Naamah came to Solomon's judgement seat, disguised as harlots of Jerusalem'. [4]

 (d) Adam and Lilith never found peace together; for when he wished to lie with her, she took offence at the recumbent posture he demanded. 'Why must I lie beneath you?' she asked. 'I also was made from dust, and am therefore your equal.' Because Adam tried to compel her obedience by force, Lilith, in a rage, uttered the magic name of God, rose into the air and left him.

Adam complained to God: 'I have been deserted by my helpmeet' God at once sent the angels Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof to fetch Lilith back. They found her beside the Red Sea, a region abounding in lascivious demons, to whom she bore lilim at the rate of more than one hundred a day. 'Return to Adam without delay,' the angels said, `or we will drown you!' Lilith asked: `How can I return to Adam and live like an honest housewife, after my stay beside the Red Sea?? 'It will be death to refuse!' they answered. `How can I die,' Lilith asked again, `when God has ordered me to take charge of all newborn children: boys up to the eighth day of life, that of circumcision; girls up to the twentieth day. None the less, if ever I see your three names or likenesses displayed in an amulet above a newborn child, I promise to spare it.' To this they agreed; but God punished Lilith by making one hundred of her demon children perish daily; [5] and if she could not destroy a human infant, because of the angelic amulet, she would spitefully turn against her own. [6]

 (e) Some say that Lilith ruled as queen in Zmargad, and again in Sheba; and was the demoness who destroyed job's sons. [7] Yet she escaped the curse of death which overtook Adam, since they had parted long before the Fall. Lilith and Naamah not only strangle infants but also seduce dreaming men, any one of whom, sleeping alone, may become their victim. [8]

 (f) Undismayed by His failure to give Adam a suitable helpmeet, God tried again, and let him watch while he built up a woman's anatomy: using bones, tissues, muscles, blood and glandular secretions, then covering the whole with skin and adding tufts of hair in places. The sight caused Adam such disgust that even when this woman, the First Eve, stood there in her full beauty, he felt an invincible repugnance. God knew that He had failed once more, and took the First Eve away. Where she went, nobody knows for certain. [9]

 (g) God tried a third time, and acted more circumspectly. Having taken a rib from Adam's side in his sleep, He formed it into a woman; then plaited her hair and adorned her, like a bride, with twenty-four pieces of jewellery, before waking him. Adam was entranced. [10] 

(h) Some say that God created Eve not from Adam's rib, but from a tail ending in a sting which had been part of his body. God cut this off, and the stump-now a useless coccyx-is still carried by Adam's descendants. [11]

 (i) Others say that God's original thought had been to create two human beings, male and female; but instead He designed a single one with a male face looking forward, and a female face looking back. Again He changed His mind, removed Adam's backward-looking face, and built a woman's body for it. [12]

 (j) Still others hold that Adam was originally created as an androgyne of male and female bodies joined back to back. Since this posture made locomotion difficult, and conversation awkward, God divided the androgyne and gave each half a new rear. These separate beings He placed in Eden, forbidding them to couple. [13]

Joe Mason writes:

On 6 October 2006, I decided to check the number of days from the 1089 World Series earthquake and the Cosmic Trigger date. This is the result:

Duration calculation results
From and including: Tuesday, October 17, 1989
To, but not including : Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It is 6209 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

Or 17 years excluding the end date

Alternative time units
6209 days can be converted to one of these units:
536,457,600 seconds
8,940,960 minutes
149,016 hours
887 weeks

Note: 6209 adds to 17.

Adding one more week to make 888 weeks, amounts to 6216 days. This may suggest that October 24 will be a key date.

There is a connection between 888 and the 153 Fish story.

Late in the day of 17 October 2006 (California time), Dee mentioned that there was a report about a dark spot in the sun. This morning (18 October) I opened the 2012 News group report. The first message included this:

The measure of the Sea of Tiberias (also known as the Sea of Galilee)is 2448 units, which is 16 x 153.

And that is the connection between 888 and 153.

Half of 2448 times ten (12240) is a distance across the New Jerusalem:

Moon 2160 + Earth 7920 + Moon 2160 = 12240 miles

See also:

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2006 11:12 pm    Post subject: Incredible Coincidence! The Sun Opens!

On 17 October 2006, at 4:12 M, I posted a message to this forum, titled, “Remarkable Coincidence in Astrological alignments.”

At the end of that posting, I made this prediction:

Quote: from Joe Mason
Personally, I doubt that anything fantastic will happen on 17 October. But, I could, of course, be wrong. I have little doubt that there is great meaning within the symbolism pouring out on us. I would not be surprised if an event takes place on or near 17 October, such as an earthquake, for example.

Something of this nature may happen a week later, on 24 October. That date has a symbolic connection to the theme of this thread, and includes the related number 888. I will tell of this in my next post.

My next posting was titled, “The 888 Connections,” and was posted 17 October 2006, at 7:27 AM

The idea was that something symbolically significant could happen on 24 October 2006, because this would be exactly 888 weeks since the 1989 San Francisco World Series earthquake. Something significant did happen on that date, but I only learned of it yesterday, 19 February 2007.

The most impressive numeric connection of the World Series earthquake was:

13 x 153 = 1989

I mentioned the number 153 in my first posting about the Meensen, Niedersachsen crop formation. The primary idea was about the 17 spikes or long triangles on the formation, and how the numbers 1 through 17 add to 153. The many other postings followed this theme and related ideas.

The fulfillment of the prediction was the miraculous premature birth of Amillia Sonja Taylor in Miami, Florida on 24 October 2006, after a record breaking gestation period of 21 weeks and six days, a world record.

I felt the confirmation when I figured:

21 x 7 + 6 = 153 days !

Again, the date of birth was 888 weeks exactly since the World Series earthquake of 1989. Remember too, that the two numbers, 153 and 888, are related to the Biblical story of the 153 Fish in the Net found in John 21. See:

Postings in this thread included ideas about the birth process, based on the “sperm” and ball in the cup, associated with the crop formation at Fife and the similar ball in the cup in the Meensen formation. See:

The mother’s first name and the baby’s middle name is Sonja, which is a variant of Sophia, meaning wisdom. The Divine Sophia is the primary Mother Goddess figure in the Gnostic religion.

Their last name is Taylor, and the Fife formation was on the banks of the River Tay.

See the previous postings:

“Remarkable Coincidence in Astrological alignments”

“The 888 Connections”

This is the 888 weeks between dates calculation:

Duration calculation results
From and including: Tuesday, October 17, 1989
To, but not including : Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It is 6216 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

Or 17 years, 7 days excluding the end date

Alternative time units
6216 days can be converted to one of these units:
537,062,400 seconds
8,951,040 minutes
149,184 hours
888 weeks

There is still more to this story, but the telling will have to wait.


David Fideler also wrote this:

Gnostic Jesus or Jesus the Sun behind the sun

  • 16-Jul-08 at 6:51 AM



8 August, 2008, 8-8-8
Arkansas (USA) : Blue Crystal of Knowledge 8-8-8
The Blue Crystal of Knowledge, located in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas, would be the first activated The frequential triple date portal of the 8-8-8 it will launch into half strength and in so doing will also trigger the 144-Crystalline Grid into two-thirds functionality. The 8-8-8 activation of the Blue Crystal will trigger a sequential surge of axial tonal energy networking to the other eight.
(from -
best regards, Richard
- - - - - - -
AA Metatron Channel via J Tyberonn
The OM Crystal of Shasta
"Greetings beloved! I am Metatron, Lord of Light. And so again we speak of Shasta. Indeed its importance is tantamount to the expansion of the Crystalline Field.
Now, far beneath the expanded massif of the mega portal that is Shasta, stands an amazing crystal of Atlantis, a crystal of Arcturian origin. It glows in a silveresque hue of argentum, emitting the frequency of crystalline platinum and etheric gold.
It once stood in the great Temple of One on the Atlantean Isle of Poseida, and was formally called the Crystal of Om. The Atlantean scientist- priest, the Atla-Ra referred to it as the Crystal of Multidimensionality.
Indeed, this sentient crystal is omnipotent in its frequency and holds within its structural alloy of platinum, gold and hyper-quartz , the ability to fold, concentrate and amplify that which you term light, space and time.
The Platinum Ray
The Om Crystal draws to itself and emits what is termed the Platinum Ray, an omnipotent energetic beam of multidimensional resonance. The Platinum Ray is essential to the balance of the coming Ascension. It holds within it what may be termed the code of Universal Law, of the Cosmic Axiom. It holds within its frequency Universal Truth, multidimensional Truth that expands and migrates into every aspect of the Cosmos. I
t has the nurturing feel of the feminine frequency, yet it is in fact the optimal balance of both the female and male vibrancy. The Platinum Ray is one of unity and balance that in fact lessens the differential between left and right aspects of the brain. It unifies consciousness and helps create a great synchronicity of mind within duality.
The magnificent crystal of Om is one of nine enormous and potent Templic crystals that were saved from the deluge of Atlantis before the fall and crash of the crystalline spherical satellite, termed the second moon of Atlantis. The Crystal of Om was and is the most complex of all of the Atlantean Crystals, second only to the great crystalline satellite in its omnipotent capabilities and technical intricacy. Indeed it was the most prized and first of the magnificent Templic crystals to be sought and relocated in the chaotic final days of Atlantis.
The Crystal of OM
The crystal masters of Arcturius constructed and fashioned the Om crystal in an alchemical process that involves a liquid conglomerate of synthesized quartz and diamond, termed hyper-quartz, amalgamated into a silvery clear alloy with crystalline platinum, gold and mercury. The living composite was fused with life force and manifested into a stunning geometric form, whose crystalline structure encompassed the golden spiral of all within the Metatronic Cosmos.
Accordingly it is in harmonic oscillation with every dimension, every universe, and every parallel in the Cosmos. It operates both in carbon-based life systems and in bio plasmic systems, tying together and existing as both matter and anti-matter.
It has 144 facets fashioned in equitable concave and convex indentures around the circumference of its cylindrical length. Its dual points are angled at precisely 51.8 degrees. Indeed this specific angle is significant, and was utilized in the construct of the Great Pyramid.
This pyramid indeed represents the a frequency of the earth plane, intended to be a representation of the spherical Earth, the height corresponding to the radius joining the center of the Earth to the North Pole and the perimeter corresponding to the Earth's circumference at the Equator.
The number 144 is a very complex frequency as well, it represents the code within the golden spiral of all the geometrical base units, termed atoms, in your universe. Your universal matrix contains within it, a living geometric constant that has always been, it expands and contracts both in matter and antimatter in regular measures. The very geometry produces a distinct tonal quality , which is tuned by the mathematical proportions of all celestial spheres.
The Golden Phi
The golden ratio is a constant ratio that offers the key to the Cosmos, it contains within it the vibratory resonance of all matter, and indeed propels the doorway into parallel dimensions and planes of anti matter. Your own scientist have proven, seen and experienced, that the developing in a fractal manner of the golden phi spiral is a geometric pattern that is repeated at every scale, from a cell to a star.
Simply put, the golden ratio is where the ratio of the small to the large is equal to the ratio of the large to the whole, so it is in your universe. As above so below applies. It offers many doorways that have not yet been explored by your current level of knowledge.
The great crystal of Om, beneath the matrix portal of Shasta, incorporates the golden mean, and the universal frequency. It does so by the resonance of its intricate faceting and angular design. It exist in the now and is contained within that termed the past and the future. Can you imagine that? It does so to a large degree, from your reference, by its utilization of the golden mean and its frequential pulse.
Now, the earth plane, your planet as you know it is a specific focal vector for consciousness. At your level you think your planet is divided into areas of land and water, continents and oceans. The awareness faculties of humankind, indeed your consciousness, are tuned into frequencies of perception that give you that impression. But from a Metatronic perspective, your planet is also faceted into frameworks of time and probability areas, termed parallels. So all time, all parallels co exist in greater reality.
As such all of your epochs, all of your time eras, all of your many civilizations co-exist at once. Indeed, from this extraordinary panorama, time is simultaneous, so all eras of earth history are embedded in time and clearly exist in the eternal NOW along with your current time vector. Within the golden mean, within what you term portals there are certain bleed-throughs, certain apertures that allow for movement. The Om Crystal is capable of tapping into these and harnessing their utility.
In the truest sense, your now, your present moment is a psychological platform. This is true whether you can grasp the concept or not, and we realize it is an enormous leap of understanding. Accept it as an axiom, and indeed so doing will assist you in managing the understanding of your true multidimensional nature.
The Crystalline Network
So clearly was the Om Crystal the most complex in its construct and utility of all the magnificent Temple Crystals in Atlantis. This is not to say that the other Atlantean crystals are not of enormous capability, complexity and purpose, indeed they are.
We have told you that nine utilitarian Atlantean Temple crystals, stunning specimens of Arcturian and Sirian construct, were transported through the hyper dimensional capacity of the inner earth tunnel system and relocated to specifically chosen areas.
We have also told you that the Blue Crystal of Knowledge, located in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas, would be the first activated. Indeed it has been rebooted, and surged into the first tier step-up into approximately 25% power on the June solstice of 2008.
We tell you that on the frequential triple date portal of the 8-8-8 that it will launch into half strength and in so doing will also trigger the 144-Crystalline Grid into two-thirds functionality.
The 8-8-8 activation of the Blue Crystal will trigger a sequential surge of axialtonal energy networking to the other eight.
Four of these are scheduled to come on line on the 9-9-9, September 9th, 2009. These are the Om Crystal of Multidimensionality in Shasta, the Emerald Crystal of Healing in Arkansas, the Golden Crystal of Healing & Regeneration in Brazil, and the Sun-Moon Crystal at Lake Titicaca.
Indeed, what may be termed a Crystalline Network is tuned to the activation of the 144 Grid and correlates with the function of that termed the Golden Sun Disc. The activation schedule is as follows:
Arkansas :
Blue Crystal of Knowledge 8-8-8
Emerald Crystal of Healing 9-9-9
Platinum Crystal of Communication 11-11-11
Bimini Bank:
The Ruby Fire Crystal of Energy 12-12-12
Gold Crystal of Healing Regeneration 9-9-9 (Mineas Gerais)
Violet Crystal of Sound 10-10-10 (Bahia)
Mount Shasta:
Om Crystal of Multidimensionality 9-9-9
Tiajuanaco-Lake Titicaca, Bolivia:
Sun-Moon Crystal of Light 9-9-9
Crystal of Thoth 12-12-12
The Atlantean Temple of ONE
Near the Temple of One was what may be termed a center for advanced learnings, an exclusive university of sorts, for the select of the initiates of the scientist priest. It was called Atla-Ruum. Ruum is a word from the sacred frequential semantic of the Atlantean Golden race, a term meaning 'Mystery Initiate School'.
The tonal qualities of this term will open memories of many of you who were among the Poseidons, especially those of you who were among the Atla-Ra. This wisdom school taught advanced mathematics, physics, sacred geometry, hyper dimensional geometry, crystalline chemistry, alchemistry, energy dynamics as well as the disciplines of astral travel and achievement of multidimensionality.
Most of the faculty were of the Golden Race, yet included Ascended Masters such as Thoth, and Masters from the Pleiades, Arcturius, Andromeda and Sirius A and B. The Golden Race were tall beings, ranging in height from 9 to 12 feet by today's measurement. They were direct descendants of the Pleiadian Masters, and were very gentle, peaceful beings of an extremely high intelligence and resonance.
The Temple of One itself was located on a granitic mound located at the northern portion of Poseida in the sanctuary of the scientist priest, the Atla-Ra. The Temple of One was built to a very unique dynamic of sacred geometry, and the location was carefully and specifically chosen for its natural energy field, and celestial grid alignments.
The Om Crystal was situated in the center of the amazing Temple. It did not set on a base, indeed both ends of the Om Crystal are angled into points. It was held in suspension within a series of spinning rings that spherically surrounded it. These were of a metallic alloy, which condensed an antigravity field that suspended the crystal.
The entire apparatus could be angled for specific celestial alignments. The crystal itself attracted and emitted the plasmic anti gravitational plasma field. Sound, pure tones were used to both activate desired aspects of the Crystal as well as to calibrate the requisite density of the plasma. Differing tones and their correlating plasmic densities created specific oscillating colors within the antigravitational field. The crystal itself glowed in a silver hue that at certain angles and intensities changed to a white platinum violet shade.
The Atla-Ra adepts were able to utilize the Om Crystal for what is termed dimensional travel and time-travel. It served as a celestial cosmic port. Indeed it will amplify the ability of humans to seek travel in the astral and well beyond. Mount Shasta is already quite prolific in that capacity. Indeed the Om Crystal will exponentially increase that potential for all who seek such experience there.
Base Twelve Mathematics
While the cylindrical body of the crystal has 144 altering convex and concave facets, the two points are different. The base point has 1728 facets and the upper point 12 facets. Thus the sequence of 12 , 12 squared and 12 to the third power, as Atlantis and the Atla-Ra used the base 12 system of mathematics.
It may surprise you to know that the conversion to base ten mathematics, which occurred in most societies after the fall of Atlantis, was chosen because humans count with their ten fingers! The exceptions were the Sumerians and Mayans who used base 60 and base 20 respectively. It is interesting to note that human's still measure time within the duodecimal remnants of the Atlantean Base 12. Do you not count hours in phases of 12, as well as the months of the year?
We will tell you that in the future mankind will change the base system of mathematics to more closely align to the changing cycles of time. We have told you previously that time sequence is speeding up due to the altered ratio of inner core counter-spin to the earth's rotation. The time unit cycles occur more rapidly now, and are no longer in alignment. Your cycles are faster, but your measurement has not shifted as yet.
Now, as we have spoken about time cycle acceleration and the need to convert to a base twelve duodecimal mathematical system, the channel has queried as to the current validity of the triple number dates, which we have told you before are numerical portals that activate the major dodecahedronal facets of the 144 grid.
Activation of the 144 Crystalline Grid
Before we answer, let us review the activation process of the 144-Crytsalline grid. The grid is a complex geometry, the double penta-dodecahedron, which by specific design includes 144 pentagonal and triangular facets in a symmetrical crystalline matrix. The double penta dodecahedron is stellated, which means that each of the major twelve facets are raised in the center to form five sided pyramids. Thus there are 12 pentagonal pyramids.
Each facet in counted both on the base and pyramidally raised portion. So if you consider that each pentagonal surface contains 5 isosceles triangles and one pentagon, you have 72 facets. Additionally, each of the twelve stellated aspects have 5 triangles and one five sided pyramid, thus you, combine the surface and stellated portions to achieve the Master Number frequencial of the twelve squared-144. Do you understand?
Now the aspects of the triple dates, is quite interesting. After the millennia, there is a unique sequence of dates that occur from 2001 to 2012. The triple dates are numerical frequencies that uniquely occur in this abbreviated format, occur sequentially for twelve years as :
1 January 2001, 1-1-1
2 February 2002, 2-2-2
3 March 2003, 3-3-3
4 April, 2004, 4-4-4
5 May, 2005, 5-5-5
6 June 2006, 6-6-6
7 July, 2007, 7-7-7
8 August, 2008, 8-8-8
9 September, 2009, 9-9-9
10 October 2010, 10-10-10
11 November, 2011, 11-11-11
12 December 2012, 12-12-12
The grid significance is that the frequency of each triple date portal is designed to be the 'activation trigger' of one of the 12 major dodecahedrons surface base plates of the grid. Accordingly this axiom infers that the 144-Crystalline grid is launched into functionality by one twelfth each year from 1 January 2001 up through 12 December, 2012 when it achieves full programming input.
In the interim between 13 December and 20 December, it integrates full programming, and reboots into full launch on the winter solstice of December 21, 2012, the heralded and prophesied Ascension.
In aspect, a key piece of what takes place on the triple frequencial portal dates is around the 'human - grid' alignment to the Crystalline 144 grid. That is why these dates are being recognized by empaths as important dates for spiritual alignment gatherings across the planet. Indeed it is not specific astrological alignments that specialize the triple date portals rather it is the vibrancy of the numbers themselves that correlate to the 144 grid.
This kinetic is also impelling the renewed 12-strand helix of the Sun Disc to furbish a design schematic into the 144 grid, that provides, what may be termed the DNA programming of the pentagonal facets of the double penta dodecahedron.
Now, we have not forgotten the question raised by the channel, as to the current validity of the triple number dates, when talking into account the acceleration of time cycles and the need for a base 12 duodecimal measurement of mathematics. The answer is this, your measurement of the annual solar return is already in an approximate base 12, twelve-month system. And the count of the triple days is a 12 count, there are twelve of them. So in brief, yes the triple day portals are indeed valid.
The Speed of Light is Increasing
But we will add the caveat, that the full throttling of the 144 grid itself, on December 21st, 2012, will in fact increase the disparity , the difference between the quickening time unit cycles and your measurement of them. For not only will the new grid, upon its completion accent the time sequence ratio between the inner spin and outer rotational spin of the planet, it will also enable a greater velocity of light to bath the planet. Light will increase from its current approximated speed of 186,000 mps to well over 210,000 mps.
Part of this light acceleration will be contributed by the activation of the Atlantean crystals. Particularly will the Om Crystal of Shasta and the Sun-Moon Crystal of Light of Titicaca effect light velocity. Both of these are activated in 2009.
When all of these crystals are activated and networked in 2012, the effect will be prolific. Although this cycle will not reach its pinnacle until your year of 2020, because certain of the crystals activated in the twelfth phase of the 12-12-12, specifically the Fire Crystal of Bimini, will require up to eight years to fully activate.
Now we will add, that while there were nine omnipotent crystals relocated from Atlantis, there are others that were already in specific locations, and did not require movement. These have been in a state of semi dormancy and some in states of dysfunction. These will come into full power in 2012, triggered by the rebooting of the Crystalline Network.
Now these, with the exception of the crystalline units in Roslyn, Sri Lanka and Tibet, are not as large, technically complex or omnipotent as the nine originally located on Poseida. The major of these are located as follows:
Lake Baikal, Russia
Roslyn Scotland
Araphat Turkey
Montserrat Spain
Sri Lanka
South Pole
North Pole
There are also secondary, or what may be termed satellite crystals in many other locations including, Tasmania, New Zealand, Glastonbury, Argentina, Canada, Himalayas, Tanzania, France, Greece, Capetown, Chile, Arizona, Easter Island, Moscow and Greenland. To name a few.
These are less in size dimension and capacity yet none the less are connected to the major crystals and an intricate part of the network. These receive energy from, and are somewhat dependent on the axialtonal radionic frequency broadcast from the major crystalline units.
Activation of the Crystal of Om :
In a manner of speaking, these great crystals are akin to your computer systems, of course exponentially far more complex and potent, but there are certain similarities in their function. The great crystals will each go through something similar to a reprogramming and rebooting.
This process of programming and reboot, are specific to the increase of frequency and dimensional access of the earth matrix. It is not occurring to the aspects of the crystals and their higher networking that exist in other aspects of multidimensionality you see. In a sense what is occurring is a reformatting for the changing earth matrix.
The new moon of August 30, 2008 will begin the formatting and programming of the Om Crystal. The process will take just over 12 months for this complex crystal. It will go into what may be termed a warm- up phase, an idling stage, with specific programming during key astrological periods, including September 10-13, 2008, the equinoxes of 21 September, 2008, March 21, 2009, June 21, 2009, and the full lunar eclipse in July, 2009. It will launch into 25 percent power on the triple date portal of 9-9-9.
From the date of September 10 - 13, 2008 there are a cluster of five astrologic septiles, the most important being Saturn-Chiron. This is an important Portal Connection and Saturn facilitates materialization. It significance to the Om crystal is that the septiles angle is 51 degrees, exactly as the angle of the great pyramids and the Om crystal itself.
During these warm up phases, prior to activation it is well for humankind to direct their alignments into the Om Crystal. It is not for mankind to align or anchor the crystal per se, rather to align themselves to the energy of the crystal through the process of visualization and the sending of the vibration of love.
Tapping into the Crystal of Om
Now many of you may ask what is the effect the Om Crystal, indeed the Ascension itself, will have on me? How will the change from the 3rd to the 5th dimension effect me? The effect will be one of a sense of unity. There will not be a tangible sense of differentiation between the planar frequencies of the 3rd and 5th dimensions. It will rather be a blending. You will have a greater sense of well-being, a feeling of being more supported, and indeed of supportiveness within the self.
By 'tapping' into the Om crystal, you will feel a greater sense of balance; you will feel more joined to aspects of your multidimensionality, and indeed within physicality. The mind will access more freely its own compartmental aspects as the dimensions become melded. There will be less of doubt, less of feeling lost and fragmented, less of the internal questioning of what is right and what is not.
The mind will become unified, more integral. There will be less polarity per se, within duality. But it does not mean no duality, no polarity. Those that say the Ascension will end wars, will end hunger, will end fighting and greed, no that is not the case. But Dear Ones, all of those will lessen to visible degrees, the arc swing of duality extremes will be shorter.
The pendulous movement between extremes will somewhat vacillate. Choices will be clearer, pathways more succinct. The way of impeccability for each of you that choose to tap into the Om, to actively and fervently seek your own Ascension, will be more obvious to you than it is currently. In a sense a new paradigm, a new system of Knowingness will become available to you and will offer itself to all that seek it.
The effect then, is that you will find it easier to be fully present within the NOW. And always, the NOW, the eternal moment of the present NOW is the fulcrum of power. It may seem to be paradoxical from a 3rd dimensional perspective that by merging the many facets of multidimensional aspect, one is afforded greater focus within duality. But it is so.
It is so because it is the wholeness of multidimensionality that brings the integral nature of your true self, and within that wholeness is ones true causal self and therein exist more clearly Universal Truth. Within the Now of multidimensional time and geometric consciousness you are more creative, and you are more empowered and less at effect.
In that geometric field you are not at the effect of untoward issues, of stress, of problems. You are in the field of solution, of resolution, you see. You are at the control panel of your experiences.
Is there work to be done? Yes, of course. But tuning into the Om, into the higher dimensions, into multidimensionality offers the tools of mastery. Many of you have the notion that the soul is at 'rest' on the other side of what you term, the veil. Your epitaphs are inscribed with 'Rest In Peace'.
Dear Ones, there is peace, but it comes through work. Ascension to the celestial realm, Jacobs Ladder, in your metaphor, is not static! Dear Ones, you are either moving up or you are sliding down, its one or the other. By design consciousness swims upstream, or it gets moved downstream by the current. Consciousness is not stationary! And so, we offer no hope for the lethargic, so you see your pillowed concept of eternal rest is somewhat erroneous.
However, through traveling within yourself, you will discover the unity of your consciousness with other consciousnesses. You will discover that multi-dimensional love and energy charges consciousness with dynamic exquisite energy and movement to all things. This will invigorate the SELF; it will not lead you to want to sleep on the proverbial marbled steps of Heavens Gate. It will, instead, inspire you to take a better hand in the job of creation. For indeed there are 'energy packets' that offer extraordinary impetus to you as you ascend to each new level.
Consciousness is ever expanding, and so at every level, there is still another one higher to ascend into. And while from your 3rd dimensional stance within duality this may appear burdensome, it is not. That could not be further from the truth. Growth in consciousness is in fact embellished in vital streams of vigorous joy, such is the nature of consciousness, such is the complexion and disposition of 'First Cause'.
Indeed there are points of review, points of recharging, but these are not stagnant, indeed there is great activity and profound validity within them.

Dear Ones, the great crystal of Om, of Multidimensionality offers an incredible energy, that once launched on the 9-9-9, will have myriad effects on the Crystalline Grid and on the Ascension itself. The ability to 'tap - in ' to its energy will depend to a large degree on the light quotient of each individual. Its initial effects will be subtle, and graduate each year. It will indeed be in full motion by the 12-12-12.
I am Metatron, and you are Beloved! "
And so it is.
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