11-1-12 - DREAM -  I was driving my car and my daughter was involved somehow.  I was trying to show her something about the gasoline and to demonstrate it, I took a necklace made of red rubies and placed it at the bottom of her car in a pocket she had to put her hand into.  She didn't want to and her husband David chided her for not pulling the rubies out because she didn't know what it was, so I eventually had to pull the rubies out myself and showing them myself.

11-1-12 - DREAM - A black woman was showing me a mural picture that was long and narrow done in three layers - one above the other, which seemed to be like a hedge of some kind hiding something behind it.  She told me to work on it and I took a broad brush or a cloth and made a sine wave across the top layer, and then the second layer -  I woke up before I got to the lower layer.

NOTE:  The mural might be what was referenced as the 'bigger picture' in my October 31, 2012 dream - yesterday.


11-1-12 - MEDITATION:  I was so tired while sitting at the computer, I was forced to go lay down and all I wanted to do was go to sleep.

As soon as I lay my head down on the pillow, a man's voice came into my left ear, and cheerfully he said, "This is Steven Bruce.  Is this Dee? and he started to talk to me, but I can't remember now what he said.

NOTE: There are 25 men by that name on Linked In, and more on Facebook.


11-1-12 - NAP DREAM -  I'm calling this dream "The 5th degree garden".  I don't know exactly where this was, but the woman I met looked like a chubby ME.   We didn't have a conversation, but I watched her in her garden, which consisted of plants growing in deep flats about 5 feet long that were moved around in brown cloth slings.  

The flats couldn't have been very heavy because she could move them herself with two hands.  She didn't need any help. 

I personally know that dirt is heavy, so I don't know what exactly her plants were growing in, maybe Perlite with fluid ______.  I didn't see what the plants were. I didn't see any flowers.



11-2-12 - DREAM 1 -  I was with Starr Manning and her Father Todd.  (They are from the One Life to Live TV show, but are now both on General Hospital as well)

It was like I was part of their life.  There were scenes in hallways and discussions about marriage and carrying on the family.  Todd and I were walking very closely together - inseparable, and we didn't want anyone else to see we were together, and every time we came to a room or hallway that had people in it, we had to hurry away so no one would see us together.

In the next scene, Todd and I were married and as my husband he was down by the road, and I was up by the house. I had a water hose, and started to water the lawn, and Todd thought I was going to spray water on him.  I promised him that I wouldn't do that, though I knew if I hit the tree with the water, it would splash on him.

DREAM 2 -  There was a dark scene in which I saw fire being sprayed from a hose into a dark forest, and I was told that all of Starr Manning's family were being reborn and would all be married, and I saw dark children all coming out of the forest - as two and three year olds, and knew they were going to marry each other and start a new generation.

DREAM 1 had water being sprayed from a hose, and DREAM 2 had fire being sprayed from a hose.



 I was watching General Hospital from 10-10-12 and got too tired to watch the whole thing, so I paused it to take a nap.  When I take a nap, it's my meditation chair, so I started to meditate and had a vision that said  'ECLIPSE 2002' 

This is it:,_2002   the map shows it going across southern Africa and south America.

I then fell asleep and went into a building that I was not familiar with, and the first door I went past had a very large window in it that looked like sunglass material - rather greyish.  Inside, there was a man playing the guitar and singing. 

I heard him call out, "If you come in, I'll share something with you."

I took that to be some kind of scam, so I passed the ladies room, and went into the next doorway, which was the office I was headed for.

Apparently I had a job of some kind in this office, but the office itself was not familiar to me, and I was meeting the women inside for the first time, however, the first woman was Starr from One Life to Live TV show - but who is now on General Hospital, along with her Father Todd - who also made the transition from One Life to Live TV show to General Hospital.

Starr got very intimately friendly with me but I stopped her, let the office by the front door, crossed the street, and then went back by way of the back door to the office because I didn't know which doorway was the front door, and eventually, I discovered that the way out of this office the easy way was through the first office where the man was playing the guitar once more and he was friends with Starr and when I left the office to go to the ladies room, he said, "I'll meet you at the next eclipse."

Starr's Father Todd was following me but I turned into the ladies room and he couldn't come inside there.

The Annular eclipse of 2012 went across the United States and through California north of where I live, so we didn't see it.

The Total Solar eclipse of 2012 is November 13th, and the map shows it going across the ocean just above New Zealand and Australia - which is farther south than the 2002 eclipse was.

NOTE:  The part of the dream where Starr got intimately friendly with me tells me that this November eclipse has something very special about it.

I'm glad its that far south, but Solar eclipses bring earthquakes, and that will not be good if it hits New Zealand again.  They have had some very devastating earthquakes already in Christ Church, New Zealand.

185 people were killed in the February 22nd quake of 2011, and 65 more people were killed in the December 20, 2011 quake.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=fd192971b54d1645&bpcl=35243188&biw=1110&bih=745

Now I wish I knew the music the man was playing on his guitar and singing.

The song I was playing on the moon page prior to going to sleep is Alive, Alive, Oh.... It's the story of Molly Malone who died of a fever in 1790 in Dublin, Ireland:  I don't know what the connection is, except perhaps the song title.

Here is the Dubliners singing it:

Here is the song sung by some cute, drunk guys.


As long as we are doing Irish songs, here is the final performance from RIVERDANCE:

The woman are appropriately all dressed in black and the men in black and white.

Riverdance Thunderstorm

These men are all dressed in black

Here is Riverdance in Reel Around the Sun

This song, with the lyrics about coming to Earth gave me extreme chills while listening.

These dancers are dressed in black and dark brown in front of a blazing sun.



11-3-12 - DREAM -  Apparently I was at North Division High School in Milwaukee, WI in one of the classrooms.

While I was in one of the classrooms, two priests from St. Boniface Church (located at 11th and Clark Sts.) came to visit and even though I was the only one in the classroom, they told me all about their church and that they conducted funerals at their church and buried the dead in their cemetery. 

They used wide sweeping gestures to point to where the church and cemetery was, and after they left, I started to tell other people who came into the classroom about the church and how they bury the dead, using the same wide sweeping gestures the priests had used.

I even dressed for the part, wearing a pale green robe instead of the black like the priests did.

Later I found a hank of pale green yarn the same color and knew I had more in the attic similar to it, but the yarn in the attic was glittery looking and I preferred to use that instead to make what I needed for my new robe.

If I was going to lecture about the church, I needed to dress the part, and I really liked making all those dramatic gestures like the priests did.


11-4-12 - DREAM -  This all feels very vague.  It seems I was with a group of little aliens in a narrow space - like my parents attic, but that doesn't make any sense. I really don't know where it was.


11-5-12 - DREAM -  I participated in some kind of a program in which there were a group of contestants or participants.  Each one of us had ideas on how to create something for the future, and we were being judged and compared to see which one 'they' would choose.

Each of ideas was demonstrated and shown off for comparison in what looked like a dark brown colored deep dish pie plate.

That is the best description I can come up with. 



DREAM -  I was in a bathroom that had a rather modern plain bathtub.

Inside the bathtub was a smaller washtub, which I was told was ellipsoid and had been made in 1732.

To use this washtub, one had to use a paddle on a stick similar to a hockey stick, and then one stood there and moved the paddle back and forth.

It was not very useful and tiring on the arms and hands.  It couldn't be moved easily either, even when it was empty, and it didn't have wheels on it.

I had to put water into it using a bowl because there was no hose from the bathtub to the washtub.

All in all, it was rather almost useless.



11-8-12 - DREAM - I was with a group of women.  One of them gave me a pair of jean pants to put on that zipped up the side to make sure they fit me easily.  They looked like Navy pants one would swap down a ship's deck with.

After that I was given a pair of white bib overalls that fit me better to work on the ship with.

The ship was called "The Tower Ship".

NOTE:  I found this one:  A Southern Tang dynasty Lou chuan ("tower ship") fights off a Sung war junk.

Lou chuan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lóu chuán (楼船, lit. tower ships) were a type of naval vessel, primarily a floating fortress, which has seen use in China since the Han Dynasty. Meant to be a ...



DREAM 2 - I worked with a group of women who did a lot of things together - including after hours.

Our boss looked similar to Simon Cowell, who was on American Idol and is now on X-Factor.

He told me that he had to attend a class on Friday night in Scottsdale, AZ.  He then left for the class.

The women left behind were going out to lunch together to plan out their seminar which was also Friday night, where they were going to learn about how to put on makeup and what products were available.

The older, plainer woman who worked at our place asked me if I wanted her to bring back a catalog of products, and I said, "Yes!"


11-9-12 - A VAGUE DREAM -  all I can remember is that it was about Moses and a water event, which is what James McCanney has been talking about recently which he thinks had something to do with a comet going overhead at the time in the Bible the poisoned water is mentioned in the Bible.

I fell asleep quickly and in the Second dream, which was quite unpleasant, the topic was about Opera.

DREAM 2.  Joe and I were driving along a narrow two lane highway in the country.  Joe was doing the driving.

Being that the road was very narrow, I became alerted quickly that vehicles going the other way were not used to traffic going the opposite direction. From my perspective, we were the only ones going in our direction - everyone else was going the other way.

There were ditches on both sides of the road, and no apparent houses - just flat fields on both sides of the road, and I thought that if it wasn't for the ditches, we could just pull off the road if a vehicle came too close as we passed each other.

I then noticed that the vehicles going the other way also were in a hurry and passing each other so sometimes there were two vehicles facing us in both lanes and there was no place for us to go at all.  There were all manner of vehicles going the other way, including a large UPS truck that almost took up two whole lanes all by itself.

At one point, an occasion happened where our vehicle and a vehicle going the opposite direction were so close, that Joe and the other driver - a male actually touched each other as we passed.

At that point, the other man forced us to stop and come into his home and discuss what had just happened.

Joe and I sat in side by side chairs in the man's livingroom, while the man and his wife sat in side by side chairs facing us to have this discussion about the incident on the road.

The man was seemingly accusatory that we were driving in the wrong lane, but I knew we weren't, it was just that the road was so narrow that the incident occurred at all.

At one point, the man turned to his wife, and sang something in an operatic voice directly into her face and she sat there and listened to what he sang, which was in another language I didn't understand.

The woman's sister then arrived before I could say anything, and at that point, the two women were sitting side by side and the man moved over to a chair on our right - opposite his wife.

The women were talking about the sister's shopping trip which she had just come from, but I asked the woman, who I addressed as Mrs. because we were not introduced by name, whether she was a musician, as my curiosity arose why the man had sung opera to her rather than just spoke.

The woman replied, but I can't remember anything she said, and I felt like she was insulted by my question.

I wanted to tell her that Joe sometimes talked loudly to me like her husband had sung directly into her face, but I didn't get the opportunity, because the man spoke up suddenly and opened his mouth to either speak or sing and his entire mouth was filled with a large amount of dingy looking slime.

I woke up instantly because it was so disgusting to look at.


11-10-12 - DREAM - It seems that I was  at home in Wisconsin.  It was somewhat light outside, but the sun was not shining.

There was a couple people outside, looking toward the southeast, waiting for  a large red ball to appear in the sky.  We didn't say it was the sun, and we were afraid of it and we were in survival mode of living. It seemed that it was cold outside, but there was no snow on the ground.

I woke up from the dream, and the television was on, talking about the same thing, so perhaps I was dreaming what was on TV with my own pictures.


11-11-12 - DREAM -  I don't know where this dream takes place, but a lot of people were involved who wanted me to get together with J.R. who is a rich guy and they wanted us to work together in the future.

J. R. used to be on "All My Children" and he's now on "The Bold and the Beautiful".  He plays the same type of playboy in both shows.

When I saw J.R. I just wanted to go out with him on a date, and when he saw me, all he wanted to do was go dancing with me.

NOTE:  If this future J.R. is as rich as he is on TV, he's the one I need to meet to get the community project going at:

I've dreamed of J.R. 16 times before today:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=2ab610fefc105433&bpcl=38093640&biw=1280&bih=783

I've dream of J.R. on The Bold and The Beautiful 6 times before today,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=2ab610fefc105433&bpcl=38093640&biw=1280&bih=783

The real question is, "who is he really?" and "where is he now"?


11-12-12 - DREAM - I was at work, talking to my boss and a couple other men.  My boss was Bill who is a media mogul in the fashion industry on the Bold and the Beautiful TV show.  He was very kind to me and put his arm around me as we left the room after I told all of them loudly and at great length about how afraid I was of drowning.

Then a man showed up who was a teacher.  He was dressed in yellow and had no arms and no hands, and he told us all we had to clean up with after the comet comes is our tongues.

There was another vague remembered scene where I was leaving the building, and a woman had left her soft pink quilt on the stairs, so I picked it up to comfort myself with it.

NOTE:  That tells me there is 'nothing' we can do about the comet, all we can do is talk about it.

The comet will be seen with the naked eye on November 13th, 2013.  Right now they can see it coming into our solar system from the Constellation of Cancer.  They don't yet know how large it is.

The comet name is 2012 S1.

I've written about it on these pages:


Dr. Bill Deagle and astro-physicist James McCanney have been talking about this comet  on their internet radio shows for several weeks.


11-13-12 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere at a lake cabin made of unpainted wood.

There were a few people there, but I wanted to be alone so I could read a book.

I wandered the cabin which had very large rooms, and decided to go into the bathroom, where the only place to sit was on a very large white ceramic toilet.

This was a very fancy toilet, one that was manufactured special for the owner of the cabin.  The toilet itself was manufactured in such a way that it actually said - in the ceramic -  "congratulations President Brian."

I was astounded that someone could be that rich that they would have a toilet with your name right in the ceramic - not painted 'on' the toilet, but part of the ceramic itself.

NOTE:  There are 565,000 websites that say, "President Brian",or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=9e97e4594d097970&bpcl=38093640&biw=1262&bih=862



11-13-12 - DREAM -  I don't know where this was, but I was in my own house, which was large and had all linoleum covered floors, both on the first floor and in the basement.

When the dream started out, I was on the first floor, and all the people who had come over were in the basement having a meeting. Someone told me that one woman had bought a voodoo doll at a garage sale, and they were discussing it because the voodoo doll could talk and tell things about the people.

The upstairs was a mess..  It was Christmas time and there were Christmas tree needles all over the floor as well as paper trash.  I saw some cats outside, so I went to the door to feed them and all the cats came into the house, followed by a whole pack of dogs, and all the animals took over the kitchen, peeing in the all the corners, and all the dogs had to mark their territory as well, and then jumped up on the chairs, including my meditation chair and took over the whole area.

I grabbed a broom that was mint green and started sweeping up the Christmas tree needles, and of course, the pee on the floor and the paper, all into one pile.

There clothing and paper everywhere too so I had to get it all together in one place so I could move it elsewhere before the people downstairs came up to the first floor.

I wasn't even done yet, and all the dirt was in one pile, the clothing in another pile, when the people from the basement started coming up the stairs to the first floor.

The women were complaining that there was no organization, and no leader and it was just a hodge podge of people sitting around talking, but no leadership. 

So, I said, 'Let's all go back downstairs and get things organized and find a leader to run things."

We all traipsed back down to the basement, and I stood in the middle of the room, and the men all sat on one side of the room and the women on two sides of the room - there were a lot of people down there.

One woman had a small 3 ring binder, so I suggested that she pass it around and let everyone put down their names and addresses and phone numbers.

They all started doing that, and I sat down and promptly fell asleep.

I woke up to find the room completely empty of people, and stuff all over the floor they had left behind.

I panicked and ran up stairs to find everyone now in the kitchen, sitting and standing around in the dirt and clothing, and one woman said, "Did anyone bother to change the baby this morning?"  and no one answered and she said, "Well, at least I did!" feeling proud of herself.

I'm not even sure whose baby it was - it could have been mine, but right then, I didn't know.  I was just about out of it, having just woken up and finding all these people standing around in the dirty house.  There was more pee puddles in the corners from the animals as well.

One of the men there must have been a garbage man, and he had a dumpster with stuff in it, and I asked him if he needed any help, while I was sweeping up all the stuff so the people didn't have to walk in it.

He answered, "I have a bad back.", so I started putting all the stuff into big bags and picking it all up to help him out.

While I was doing that, all the people disappeared again.  Whether they went back downstairs or left the house, I don't know ... I just woke up.


11-14-12 - DREAM - I think this dream took place in Wisconsin.

I was in a wooded area in a cabin. 

The gist of the scenario is that a man would send instructions in an envelope to another man that contained $500,000.  The man who received the money and accepted it would to an old wooden organ in the cabin and play the note of C sharp, which would reverberate a particular tone - frequency - and would raise that same tone in the man's body and it was of a sexual nature.

Whether blackmail was involved, I don't know, but the thought arose within the scenario.

I was reminded that it had been a long time since I had been on Highway 49 which I knew ran alongside the river on the opposite side from where I was in this cabin and I remembered how scary it was on that side of the river because nobody went there without  a specific reason to do something sexual. I also knew that highway 49 connected back over to the highway on my side of the river at the next intersection as well as the one I could see nearby the cabin. I would NOT willingly go on highway 49 for those reasons.

A dark skinned man stood near me while I played C sharp on the organ to see what it sounded like and he said, "Um hmmm, Um hmmm, Um hmmmm." in a very sexual manner.

When I woke up, the news  was playing on the TV and they were talking about Patraeus, and General Allen who are very much in the news about their sexual cheating ways recently.


The Cheops pyramid and its relation to C sharp:

The mathematics of music:

Musical cents:

Musical tones - Input Options:

Musical tones - Input Options 2:

Quarks and fine structure:

Tones of Creation:

The Khufu Pyramid - quartz stone frequencies:

< Unique Divisions of the Scale Let us see what we have: Ax) (E flat''', D double flat, C. We should start again and count forwards to complete this set: (E flat''', D double flat, C, B sharp, ...

Proportion  (1)-(36) is table sequence for location purposes and division of series. C sharp to C'' sharp is. The Harmonic System of 15 chords in the Diatonic Mode ...


Acupuncture Meridian for the Triple Warmer Endocrine Glands

C# - Red-Orange
Triple Warmer endocrines
Tribe of Dan
*lesser balance = Red

This meridian is receiving its harmonic resonances from the enharmonic note of C Sharp. It's spectral identity is Red-Orange and aligned to be grounded into the co-creative earth programming via the bio-genesis of the Tribe of Dan.

Its predominant harmony is balanced by the lesser quotient of Red.

Health for the Triple Burner

Philosophical Scale Debates
1(E)....9/8(Fsharp)....81/64(Gsharp)....4/3(A)....3/2(B)....27/16(Csharp) ... 31.13.1. "which represents the note C, if one adds to it the interval of a whole tone, or the ...

Planets and Music
Venus- C. 3. 7. 4. 1. 5. 2. 6. Earth- D. 4. 1. 5. 2. 6. 3. 7. Mars- E. 5. 2. 6. 3. 7. 4. 1 .....One more Yang, one less sharp: only three sharps now, (F,C,G) and have F# ...

99.59.7 Turkish Maquam System (luigi) - Electrons and Mythologies
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Dee Finney's blog - October 28, 2011 - page 59 Jacob's Ladder ...
The thirteenth fifths would logically be a B sharp; but B sharp is nearly identical to C, to that C which is found seven octaves above the initial C of the series; the ...

California State Route 49 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Highway 49 is numbered after the "49ers", the waves of immigrants who swept into the area looking for gold, and a portion of it is known as the Gold Country ...
Route description - History - Major intersections - References

Complete Map of Historic Hwy 49
historichwy49. Map of Highway 49 Gold Country. Travel tips Business Directory · Home | Hwy 49 Map | Cities Directory | Business Directory ...
Cities Directory - Cool, California - Sierra County - Historic Churches


California 49, CA
California State Route 49
State Route 49 is a north–south state highway in the U.S. state of California that passes through many historic mining communities of the 1849 California gold rush. Wikipedia
Length: 295 miles (474.8 km)


11-15-12 - DREAM -  I don't know where I was, but I was with a group of military men in air force tan flight uniforms.

I was talked into getting onto an airplane with one of the men, and he jumped out of the airplane, and when he did an explosion happened somewhere.

The plane landed, and then we picked up a whole bunch of other uniformed men in tan flight clothing.

When we were airborne again, each of those men jumped out of the airplane, and again, as each man jumped, there was an explosion somewhere.

After that happened, I was told by the pilot of the plane that the military was joined to a group of aliens, and that's why this was all happening.

I didn't want to believe that, but it happened nonetheless.


11-17-12 - DREAM -  I was near a large body of water, and there was a fish shanty there, so old and weather beaten, the wood was black.

The door to the fish shanty was open, and some large cats went into the door opening and each cat dragged out a large fish by the tail, and these must have been older fish because the skin came right off and I marveled at how perfectly the body of the reddish bodied fish looked, each fish so perfectly formed with muscle and flesh delineated into small sections.   I figured the fish had to have been getting rotten to come out of their skins so easily.

I woke up suddenly and a voice in my head said,"10 SHOCK!"


11-17-12 - MEDITATION DREAM - I was sitting at my computer, watching this video; and started to feel like I was going to pass out, so I quickly paused the video and walked to my meditation chair and lay my head down and closed my eyes.

In mere seconds, I was unconscious and dreaming that I was walking through a very large building with a friend, probably the person who sent me the video, and I was seeing a lot of writing about something, which feels like 'balance'.  We were stopped half way through the building by another woman who told us to be careful and I felt the need to get a green long sleeve sweater and tie it around my waist by the arms and let the rest of the sweater hang downward behind me like I was shielded by the green sweater.

I woke up as I thought about 'energy balance'.

Here is another video by the same Mayan teacher:

Watch all the Ac Tah videos on that page.

NOTE:  It's very difficult to find the right vehicle for what I dreamt.

This might be one:

Harmonic Convergence | Shift Frequency
Aug 20, 2012 – This energy shift was predicted to be powerful enough to change the ... We are engaged in fulfilling this global shift the entire year of 2012, ... When you maintain inner and outer balance, you emit greater vitality, with an electrifying force. .... with the night vision camera, viewing the green glowing anti-aircraft ...


11-18-12 - DREAM - I can't say I was lucid or knew that I was dreaming, but I knew that the family I was living with in a big old multi-story house was in danger from what was coming because they had the wrong designation as magazine owners from a dream I had once.

I tried every which way I could to change the situation and get them to be safe, but I couldn't tell them why.

NOTE:  I also could not find the previous dream in my journal, however I had a dream later during meditation in which Joe's son TJ was in and the dream was about the magazine family:

I had a nap dream about the magazine family again, and Joe's son TJ was in it and he told me he was leaving at 5 p.m. tomorrow to go fishing, and I knew I was going to be very lonely because I would be the only one home.
That seems to tie him into the fishing dream that had the 10 SHOCK voice after it.
I redid the magazine/family search on google (on my own website) and added the name Thomas to it. That brought it down to 555 pages, and I saw Thomas Jefferson quite a few times. Lots of Thomas's mentioned in reference to magazines.
That, at least narrows the field down a bit - so it seems it might be a political shock, which is what I was expecting on November 28 from the meditation I had earlier that showed me the date with the word BLACK.
This is getting more and more intriguing.
It could also refer to the Anti-Christ because I saw that quite a bit in the search as well.
Curioser and curioser. :-)



11-19-12 - DREAM - I was in a large house with my friend Lee Chin who is elderly - 6 years older than myself, and will turn 80 on her next birthday.

She got a female visitor, a rather buxom, but not fat older woman in a orange print dress.  We were not introduced, but I liked her and wished I could talk with her.

Then I got some visitors, some old high school friends who had gotten married to each other in their 30's.  It was Marge and Roger.  Marge told me she was worried that they were being endangered because newspapers were dumbing them down.

The people then all left, their visits being brief, just to bring those messages to us.

I still felt the need to talk to the woman in the orange print dress who had visited my friend Lee.

I heard a noise at the door, so I went to open the door and an orange striped cat came in and jumped up on the same chair that the woman in the orange print dress had sat on earlier. 

The cat said, in perfect English, "My name is Toila".  (It sounded like Twila)

and I woke up

NOTE:  Nobody is saying what the name Toila means, but it is a surname, that might mean 'grace of god'.

I found a nice page about TOILA - TEMPLE OF ISIS

It is in Los Angeles, with very pretty pictures.





11-17-12 - DREAM -  I was near a large body of water, and there was a fish shanty there, so old and weather beaten, the wood was black.

The door to the fish shanty was open, and some large cats went into the door opening and each cat dragged out a large fish by the tail, and these must have been older fish because the skin came right off and I marveled at how perfectly the body of the reddish bodied fish looked, each fish so perfectly formed with muscle and flesh delineated into small sections.   I figured the fish had to have been getting rotten to come out of their skins so easily.

I woke up suddenly and a voice in my head said,"10 SHOCK!"



11-20-12 - DREAM - I was in a city, on the wharf next to the ocean.  I was there to help teach a prominent man, whom I believe was a doctor of some kind to sew a white goat to the wharf.  Apparently, it was his turn, and he was the last one to learn to do so.

NOTE:  White goats were used in the Bible for sacrifice.


11-20-12 = NAP DREAM -  After lunch I was watching part of Dancing With The Stars,  taped last night and marveling at how great dancers they were, and I got really tired and paused the show to finish watching and closed my eyes to take a nap.

I found myself walking through a large city with either my Mom or a friend, and came to a very large intersection - very wide and very busy with traffic going 4 different directions.

I was standing on the corner, waiting for traffic to stop so I could cross the street in the same direction I was going, and a woman who was standing on the diagonal corner, yelled over at me, "I couldn't park any closer because the street was blocked, and I forgot to lock my car, could you walk down to the parking lot 2 blocks down and lock my car for me?"

I didn't know the woman, but she trusted me with her keys and I didn't have anything in particular to do, so I said, "Sure!"

She came diagonally across the intersection and handed me 'all' her keys, and said, "Its' the blue car in the parking lot, 2 blocks down" and pointed down the street towards where it was blocked by a huge tree laying lengthwise in the street.  (It looked white to me like it had no bark on it.) 

I deliberately looked at the entire ring of keys to pick out the key that might be her car key, and saw one that had a high ridge of jagged bumps on it in the center, and decided that one looked like a car key, so I held that key in my hand and let the others dangle on the large ring of keys.

I began walking towards my right, down the street with the felled white tree (which I never really got to - it was always in the distance like it was being dragged down the street ahead of me.

I went past lots of houses, and finally got an area that looked like it might be a mall, so I went inside, and there was a long hallways with rooms off to it and there were lots of people in it.  I finally got down to what seemed like the other end where I thought I would find the parking lot, and pushed open a door, and found what looked like an exit door, but it was like a lobby and I pushed open the door on the opposite side and found myself in a room where children were playing under the watchful eye of a skinny old man.

The skinny old man said, "There is a camera on in here to prevent theft, so watch out for it."  I saw a red light on the wall and assumed that was the camera lens.

I walked through the room and pushed open the next door, and found myself in another room that had little girls playing in it with an older woman watching them play.

One of the little girls who had dark skin said, "There is a camera on the wall watching us to make sure we are safe.  President Obama is coming here next week to see us and give us some money." 

I don't recall if I said anything to her, but there was another door and I pushed it open, and instead of finding a parking lot, I was back on the street.

Once I reached the street again, a woman came up to me and said, "The road is blocked and I can't find my car.  If you see a yellow car up there ahead of you, can you call me at 606-0666?"

I said, "Sure!"  and kept walking, looking for the parking lot that I never got to.

and woke up.


11-21-12 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere with the radio on.  At the time, I was researching the topic of tin manufacturing. They announced on the news that Israel had been hit by 30,000 bombs.

Immediately I had to get in a bathtub of warm soapy water to decontaminate myself and then the house.  Next to the bathtub was another bathtub, and all I had to move the water from one bathtub to the other one was a small sponge.

From the bathroom door, I could see an old grandmother sitting at the kitchen table, and my boyfriend - a middle aged man.



11-22-12 - DREAM -  I actually dreamt this twice because the first time I was going too fast and was confusing myself.

I was looking at and printing out a booklet I had written about how to survive a tsunami.

Yikes! Are you kidding me?





11-23-12 - DREAM -  In the beginning of the dream, I was introduced to a man, who was dressed all in white, very dapper, with darker skin than myself, and a face that was seemingly oriental.  He was to lecture in seminars on earthchanges and what was coming.  I wasn't given his name, but I was to help him write a book on survivalism for what regular city people could do in the future because of the coming events that were possible.

The building I was working in was very large, with marble hallways, and many rooms, and there were people working there 24 hours a day in some of the offices, particularly night guards who were all female, not the same one every night, but in the same outer office with large windows that one could see outside from the first floor.

I didn't know the names of the night guards, female - wearing green uniforms, but occasionally I got to go into that office when no one was in there, and this particular night I went into the office, and looked in the center desk drawer and found some pink starred gift wrapping paper with little pieces of paper in them.  One package had a pink background and the other package had a light blue background.

I didn't have time to read the notes that were wrapped up in the gift paper, so I grabbed the packages (there were two of them - one with little pieces of square paper, (the blue package) and the other one had odd-rounded shaped pieces of paper - (the pink package) like they were cut out with a sewing pinking shears - and each one of those pieces of paper had multiple numbers on them - each of the numbers was about 8 digits long it appeared.  I wanted to read those numbers to find out what they were and try to figure out what they meant, so I took those two packages back to my own office which was on the same floor and stuck them in a corner of my own center desk drawer.  My intention was to look at each of those pieces of paper and try to figure out what the numbers meant.

I managed to get those two packages of papers into the corner of my desk drawer but didn't have time to read the numbers and get the packages back into the night guards desk drawer before she returned.

I got up to walk down the hallways, and behind me I could hear two women talking, and assumed they were talking about me, when I heard the female night guard, say to the other women, "I don't know if I can trust her."

NOTE:  I have a strong sense, that the little star shaped pieces of paper were the sightings of what stars were in the sky each night - stars are numbered.

Here is dawn sky on November 25th

Saturn - dawn - 11-25-12

Last night Jupiter was bright in the eastern sky, incredibly outstanding.

Here is what the sky will look like on November 28th coming up.

jupiter nov 28 2012

The other three visible planets – Mercury, Mars and Saturn – never drift far from the sun’s glare this month. Mercury passes into the November morning sky just after mid-month and will put on a good morning performance (for the Northern Hemisphere) in the final week of November and the first two weeks of December. Mars remains an evening object all month long, though this faint world appears low in the southwest sky after sunset and sets around nightfall. Saturn returns to visibility in the morning sky around the time of the Leonid meteor shower. If you’re diligent, you should be able to catch all five visible planets this month.

The planet Jupiter is always bright, but in late November and December 2012 it’s at its brightest. That’s because Earth will pass between Jupiter and the sun on December 2. Jupiter is the brightest object in this wonderful photo by EarthSky Facebook friend Carlos Colon Sr.

Whereas Jupiter shines in front of the constellation Taurus for the rest of 2012, Venus starts out November 2012 in the constellation Virgo the Maiden. These two planets continue to part ways in the starry sky. Jupiter stays rather close to the bright star Aldebaran throughout the month. But Venus meets up with Saturn near the border of the constellations Virgo and Libra on November 26, and then enters the constellation Libra the Scales a day or two thereafter.

Jupiter and moon on October 31, 2012 captured by EarthSky Facebook friend Mohamed Laaifat in Normany, France. Thank you, Mohamed.

November 2012 should be great for telescopic observations of Jupiter. With only a modest backyard telescope, you can easily see Jupiter’s four major moons – Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto

Jupiter with moons  August 15, 2009

Photo is dated August 15, 2009

: November 2012 presents all five visible planets, although only Jupiter and Venus are clearly visible all month long. Mars appears but briefly after sunset, and the morning planets Mercury and Saturn won’t be readily visible in the predawn and dawn sky until the latter part of the month. Venus appears in the morning sky shortly before dawn. Venus and Jupiter rank as the third-brightest and fourth-brightest celestial bodies after the sun and moon. But as far as November 2012 is concerned, this is really Jupiter’s turn to shine because this brilliant world, which is far brighter than any star, beams in both the evening and morning sky!


Variable star designation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Variable stars are designated using a variation on the Bayer designation ... the number of variables piled up quickly, and variable star names soon fell into the ...
Star Designations - OPT Telescopes  For other naked eye stars, the Bayer designation is often preferred. 


11-24-12 - DREAM - I was working with a man who was writing a book about preparing for earthchanges, and he was very serious about the book and HAD to get it done quickly.  Each chapter of the book had a paragraph about the reason why it was being written. The title of each chapter was written in RED TEXT.

This man was not oriental, and not dressed in white.  This man was Caucasian and we were in a very small space to do the writing. It was like we were perhaps in hiding or at least in a very controlled area already.


11-25-12 - DREAM - I met some people I had never known before, and I got a job working on a book that had rainbow colored text and pretty pastel pictures, and it was all so pretty, and I was falling in love with the tall, dark-curly-haired man who was involved with publishing this book. 

I finally got his personal attention and we were going to go on a date, and we were walking along the street, with our arms around each other's waist and were stopped at a restaurant type warehouse, and a chubby man asked us to come inside and see what he was selling on an incredible deal which we could share with all our friends.

We politely went inside to see what the deal was, and the man was selling blocks of frozen shrimp and you had to buy cases of them.  The deal seemed really good, but we didn't know that many people to get rid of so much shrimp, and so we were about to leave, and I saw the title of the next chapter in the book.  It was called THE DARK PICTURE!

and I woke up, feeling really confused.

NOTE: In real life, this past month, I was offered a deal by a man on the phone, with the initials J.G. and he offered me the opportunity to get in on the chance of lifetime with a company in California and for $10,000 I could get 40,000 shares for a minimum purchase.  They were selling Talapia fish and shrimp.  When I read their website and then checked what they said against state law, I discovered that other people in California also sold the Talapia fish, when J.G. had told me they were the only county in the state to do so, I knew their competition was a lot greater than they told me, and it gave me a good reason not to invest with them, and I told him, "No!"  J.G., who had told me he had done his due diligence in getting into their business, had only been with them 3 weeks, and didn't know that seven counties had people selling the Talapia fish and shrimp.

Due diligence was the keyword there.  I did mine, but his due diligence didn't go far enough.



I was in California, talking to my son-in-law Michael.  I had completed writing the books about the earthchanges preparations and now we were gathering together all our stuff and moving north.  We were all moving together, including Joe's kids and grandkids.

There was a large white box truck parked outside, and stuff from the closets was being carried out to the truck.

In the hallway was a 5 foot bookcase full of books that had been given to me over the years, including a 4 volume set of medical dictionaries and instructions with pictures of the insides of bodies, etc. and how to medically cure people. I grabbed all 4 books and carried them with me out to the truck.

I woke up and promptly fell asleep again.

I was again with my son-in-law Michael.  We were all moving still and packing the truck.

Someone cleaned out their closet, which included plastic packing material, a huge amount of dog food, and a huge pile of jute dark brown cloth. (burlap)

Once it was out of the closet, all that got packed into the moving truck as well.

My husband was there and he had a doctor appointment at 11 a.m.

Michael went to the telephone to call his Mom (Debra) and she started arguing with him about another woman who was going on the trip, and Michael said to his Mom, "That's why we married her."

and I woke up


11-27-12 - DREAM -  I was in an office room somewhere.  In the office were 5 people and 5 computers.  I was the only female.

I was told to compile a numerical list of everything I had ever published, which is what I was working on my computer with. I had to look at all of them to see exactly what they were as well.

While I was doing that, I created a computer disc of all this information which could be looked at on any computer - not just mine, and I felt really proud of that for some reason. The computer disc was square and about 3 1/2" square - like the old type we used to have before CD's were invented.

In the midst of that work, a nurse came into the office to 'test' us all.  She gave me 4 shots of something and three implants that were the smallest dots I've ever seen, in my left wrist. 

I expected to feel some reaction from this, but I didn't. 

The nurse told us that we shouldn't touch the area for at least 24 hours.

I had the feeling that within 24 hours, we wouldn't see the implants either because they were so tiny.

After she left, I walked around the room looking at the other computers and feeling proud that I could put my disc into any one of them, but nobody spoke to me about anything.  The young men were all busy working at something on their own.

Just before I woke up, I found a slick bright green covered magazine on one of the desks, and I opened it up and saw that all of the numbers I had assigned to my published work, and had spent all night looking at on the computer, had been published in this magazine.  They were all in numerical order.

I didn't pay much attention to the name of the magazine, but I think it was simply "COSMIC".


  11-28-12 - DREAM - I had a horrible nightmare with a crazy man in it who was after people in a school of some kind at Christmastime.

I started to try to hit him and that is always difficult in a dream, especially when you are half awake, in and out of the dream.

My cousin Judy was in the dream, dressed rather like a gypsy, but only about aged 20 or 25, teaching people to sew, with a red handkerchief scarf over the top of her head, but forward towards her eyes. 

She had quite a crowd of women watching her, including me.  She spoke to me but I don't recall exactly what she said.

I was always afraid the crazy man would return.

Joe and were woken by a picture of his kids falling off the wall, the sliding of the wood on wood, and then hitting the floor right next to the bed.


I just recalled that Jupiter, the moon and Aldebaran are side by side in the sky tonight.


11-29-12 - DREAM -  I don't know where this took place, but it might have been the future.

I was publishing a magazine about people who were on the run from another group of people.  The backs of the pages had a plant embedded into it that was edible if necessary.

Later I met a group of people were on the run and they had to have vehicles that don't look like normal vehicles.  These vehicles were upright like dark green mailboxes or refrigerators.  I managed to find a vehicle for my boyfriend that looked like a large cigarette ashtray that was dark green.  All the fake vehicles were dark green. 

When my boyfriend saw this large dark green ashtray he was really happy because people would come and sit on it and talk and he could find out their secrets.


Rice grown in America is grown on land that used to grow cotton and the rice picks up arsenic from the cotton that was grown in past years.  These people who eat those rice products have a higher rate of cancer than others.  Rice grown in Thailand is the safest to eat.

People who live at the end of runways of airports are sicker than most people.

People who feed their children eat foods too early in life get food allergies to that particular food.  Children should be breast fed as long as possible.

Some of those foods create Aspurgers disease as well.


11-30-12 - DREAM -  I was working on a computer program that logged airplane flights.  It was my job to fill in the spaces between the statements with straight lines with hooks on the end, one after the other.  It seemed like I was doing that for hours.

It wasn't until the very last line, I saw that this page was about airline crashes and I saw the number flight 70 in Chicago.

I am arriving at Frankfurt Terminal 1 from London Heathrow by Lufthansa early December 2012 and transferring to a flight 70 minutes later by ...
Chicago. One-stop service is available from Pittsburgh to Omaha. - Return service will be through. Pittsburgh with Flight 70 departing at 8:30. p.m. and arriving ...
Jul 9, 2011 ... next morning!" A somewhat similar experience was re - ported by the pilot of Chicago and Southern Air. Lines, Flight 70, St. Louis to Chicago.
Championship Flight: 70: Jim Aughtry; 73: Robert Surratt, Randy Peck, Tim Woodward; 74 Joe Jaspers; 75: Michael Bailey; 76: John White; 77: Jeremy Boggs; ...
... flight 70, which delivered a critical NASA communications satellite, TDRS-G, to orbit. .... is on exhibit at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago.
Aug 11, 2012... 116 105 98 319 sophomore flight 12 Jim luebbers 95 89 98 282 nelson Livingston 120 127 118 365 flight 70 77 Everett Egbert Belgrade 78 84 ...
restricted flight (70h) was similar to that of the two control groups with low forager age (5days on ...... Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. Fitsanakis, V.
Retrieved 30 June 2011. ^ "Concorde 001 Makes Its First Atlantic Crossing". Chicago Tribune, 5 September 1971. 5 September 1971.


11-30-12 - MEDITATION:  I suddenly saw the numbers  47.47  which Joe reminded me was 11:11