This page is dedicated to Dr. Luying Liaw, Professor of Ancient Chinese History and Master Acupuncturist.
My beloved teacher and healer.

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The Universal Knowing of the Spectral Octave of the 3rd Dimension

This is also the knowing of the coat of many colors given to Joseph by his father. This is Jacob's ladder.

The 12 tribes of Israel were seeded into the DNA of the genome of all human creations. Is-Ra-El is not Hebrew. It is the knowing bestowed to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as: Is = The I Am Presence, Ra = the Greater Light, and El = the conversion of Light into matter.

The body of Mother Earth is divided into meridians for the weights and measures of the geometries of the spectral arcs to be aligned to the apportionments into their pyramidal grids, as containment vessels. Each of the paired arcs servicing both hemispheres of the body of Mother Earth and even so, her co-creations, is on assignment to receive the directives of their harmonic co-creative intent.

Our ancients knew of these geometries and built pyramidal temples to honor their remembered directive intents.

The Speed of Light is NOT a Constant!

During each 120 minute alignment of the spectral re-generators on assignment to the body uni-verse, the speed of light is determined by its drop of points to the receiving terminals arrayed within each meridian. Know these as the G-force wind tunnels of the Chi's life light EM energies of continuum.

The Speed of Light:

When the trine of red-violet is included in the next octave its 27 cadences become the reality of Max Planck's constant of *h = 6.61 - 10 to the power of 27. The road map of continuum to Infinity.

(each acupuncture point determines the cadence for the speed of light in each of the meridians.)

The Harmonies of the 3rd Dimensional Octave

During each 24 hour time span, each acupuncture meridian is sequentially re-energized by the Greater Light's apportioned spectral frequency re-generators for 120 minutes. These are the arcs and their angles on assignment for the harmonies aligned to the 3rd dimension only. Ark Angels?

The Big Bang?

When the prior uni-verse had filled its continuum with the expenditures of its allocated energies, The need for the light's expansion theoretically initiated the Big Bang! With the ex-plosion there had to have been an im-plosion. All of the expended energies were inverted and folded into a new space where time had not previously existed. Out of the chaos came the dust particles with their DNA blueprints for the re-beginnings of a new dimensional continuum for the co-creative uni-versal thought cell, Mother Earth, and her co-creations.

Acupuncture Meridians for Red, Red-Orange, Orange, Orange-Yellow & Yellow

These acupuncture meridians are in order of their placement on the ascending octave's ladder.

Acupuncture Meridian for the Stomach

E - Yellow
Stomach meridian
Tribe of Benjamin
*lesser balance = Blue

This meridian is receiving its predominant energy from the spectral rays of Yellow. It resonates to the harmonies vibrated within the note of "E". It is grounded into the earths' co-creative programming via the Tribe of Benjamin. Its predominant harmony is balanced by the lesser resonance of the spectral energies of Blue and the Tribe of Issachar. (indicative of the physical need to increase their electrolytes with alternative therapy and blue light)

Health for the Stomach

Acupuncture Meridian for the Spleen

D - Orange
Spleen meridian
(Tribe of Simeon)
*lesser balance = Green

This Meridian is receiving its primary messaging intent from the Orange Ray aligned to the harmonics of the vibrational note of "D". It is grounded via the bio-genesis of the Tribe of Simeon. Its predominant harmonic is balanced by the lesser color of green, aligned to the bio-genesis of the Tribe of Simeon.

Health for the Spleen

Acupuncture Meridian for the Small Intestine

D# - Orange-Yellow
Sm. Intestine meridian
Tribe of Asher
*lesser balance = Green-Blue

This Meridian is receiving its enharmonic intent from the note of D sharp and the spectral identities combined with the rays of Orange-Yellow. It is to be grounded via the bio-genesis of the Tribe of Asher. Its predominant harmonics are balanced by the lesser quotient of Green-Blue and the Tribe of Gad.

Health for the Small Intestine

Acupuncture Meridian for the Large Intestine

A - Indigo
Lg. Intestine Meridian
Tribe of Reuben
*lesser balance = Red Violet

Health for the Large Intestine

Acupuncture Meridian of the Gall Bladder

F# - Green-Blue
Gall Bladder Meridian
Tribe of Gad
*lesser balance = Red Orange

Health for the Gall Bladder

Acupuncture Meridian of the Liver

F - Green
Liver filtration meridian
Tribe of Levi
*lesser balance = Orange

Health for the Liver

Acupuncture Meridian for the Triple Warmer Endocrine Glands

C# - Red-Orange
Triple Warmer endocrines
Tribe of Dan
*lesser balance = Red

This meridian is receiving its harmonic resonances from the enharmonic note of C Sharp. It's spectral identity is Red-Orange and aligned to be grounded into the co-creative earth programming via the bio-genesis of the Tribe of Dan.

Its predominant harmony is balanced by the lesser quotient of Red.

Health for the Triple Burner

Heart Acupuncture Meridian

C - Infra Red
Heart-Conception meridian
Tribe of Joseph-Manasseh
*lesser balance = Yellow

This meridian is aligned to the note of middle "C". Its spectral arcs are RED and it is aligned to be anchored by one of the 1/2 Tribes of Joseph, his son, Manessah.

Health for the Heart
Health for the Pericardium

Acupuncture Meridian of the Governing Points

HC - Violet-Red
Governing meridian/Immune fueling
Tribe of Judah

Judah, the 13th zero point turn about to recycle the harmonic octave. It is advanced to the next higher octave by the combined yin harmonics identified as Garnet.

E# - the missing frequency created by the falling away from the orchestrated harmony no longer including the arc angle of Chartreuse.
*all harmonies polarized

Blue, Blue-Indigo, Indigo, Indigo-Violet, and Ultra-Violet

The Ultra-Violet Ray's primary and predominant intent is to maintain a lower vibration more compatible to receiving the higher frequency generators. Kirlian photographs of the inner light body indicate that all of the acupuncture points of all meridians are encircled by a frame of UV light. This is the methodology to restrict unlike energies from merging into un-like terminal points and creating a static field array. It also constricts the channeled acupuncture points so as, to respond only to the directives of the higher messaging intents for the interaction of the inner-light body and that of its outer physical garment known as the coat over the many colors within.

The Ultra-Violet light is aligned into the Earth's co-creative programming via the bio-genesis of the Tribe of Joseph, and even so, the half tribe aligned to his son Ephraim. (the other half tribe is aligned with the Infra-Red Ray and Joseph's son, Manesseh)

The signature of this meridian vibrates its resonances within the 3-D octave's note of "B". Its predominant messaging intent is balanced by the lesser intent of the Indigo meridian. This Yin meridian has 9 acupuncture points arrayed for further broadcast relays within its meridian for the other bodily organisms it services.

Acupuncture Meridian for the Lungs (Indigo-Violet)

A# - Indigo-Violet
Lung Meridian of G-forces
Tribe of Zebulon
*lesser balance = Yellow-Orange

The Indigo-Violet Meridian maintains the G-forces of the Chi energy via the inhalations and exhalations of the lungs. Its enharmonic vibratory signature resonates in the 3-D octave's note of A sharp. It is aligned into the Earth's co-creative programming via the Tribe of Zebulon, and its predominating intent is balanced via the lesser like intent of the ray of Orange-Yellow and the Tribe of Asher.

This is a Yin energy having 11 acupuncture terminal points as receiving stations arrayed within its meridian.

Health for the Lung

Acupuncture Meridian for the Kidney (Blue-Indigo)

G# - Blue-Indigo
Kidney Meridian
Tribe of Naphtali
*lesser balance = Indigo-violet

This meridian is aligned to the filtration system of the Kidney and is receiving its enharmonic messaging co-creative intent via the arc of Blue-Indigo. Its harmonic vibration resonates in the 3-D octave's note of G sharp. It is aligned into the earth programming via the Tribe of Naphtali. Its lesser intent is harmonized by the arc of Indigo-Violet and the tribe of Zebulon.

There are 27 points aligned to the re-broadcasting terminals arrayed within its channeled meridian.

Health for the Kidney

Acupuncture Meridian for the Bladder (Blue Electrolytes)

G - Atomic Blue
Bladder meridian of electrolytes
Tribe of Issachar
*lesser balance = Ultra Violet

This acupuncture meridian is receiving its co-creative messaging intent from the arcs of the Blue Ray. Its harmonic vibrations resonate on the 3-D octave in the note of "G". It is aligned into the earth programming via the bio-genesis of the Tribe of Issachar.

It is a Yang energy having 68 acupuncture terminal points arrayed within its meridian. It is the service provider to the Bladder organism, where the electrolytes are manufactured and forwarded via the many streams of bodily fluids, specifically transmitting the electrolytic re-charges to the synapses upon the neural threads of the brain. Each synapse is aligned to a specific acupuncture point to maintain the remembered harmony required for each of the bodily organism.

Its predominance receives its harmonic balance via its association with the Ultra-Violet Light. Volumes could be written about the active importance of this Blue Ray's assistance to the physical embodiment during its dis-easements.

At the present time it is recharging the parking places upon the chakra ladder.

Health for the Bladder

Acupuncture Meridian for the Pericardium

Pulse-Sex circulation constricter
B - Ultra-Violet
Tribe of Joseph-Ephraim
*lesser balance = Indigo

The Twelve Meridians

Characteristics of the Meridian Flow

Distribution of the Twelve Meridians in the Body



Huangdi (Yellow Emperor) and Yandi (Yan Emperor) are generally regarded as the ancestors of the Huaxia race. His surname is Ji and he is called Xuanyuan. He is the son of Shaodian.

It is believed there were many tribes settled down near Yellow River and engaged in farming about 4,000 years ago. Huangdi was the chief of a large tribe lived around Ji River. As the legend goes, at that time, Yan Emperor disturbed the other tribes in the region and Yellow Emperor defeated Yan Emperor at Banquan. Later the tribes lead by Huangdi killed Chiyou, a troublemaker, who was the chief of a large tribe in the east. Then he became the leader of all the tribes.

It is also believed there were many inventions originated from the time of Yellow Emperor, such as characters, ships and carts, medicines, music, sericiculture and some daily utensils. His wife discovered how to weave silk from silkworms. Huangdi was said to be the founder of Chinese civilization.

Huangdi is also regarded as the central god among the five gods in the heaven in Chinese mythology.

China's Yellow Emperor 'killed by meteorite'

The official Chinese media have reported the discovery of a 5,000-year-old meteorite that could explain the death of the man celebrated as the mythical founder of the Chinese nation, the Yellow Emperor.

According to historical records, the Yellow Emperor Huangdi died in a cataclysmic shattering of the land - and local legends speak of nine dragons breaking up the ancient town of Huangling.

Now the China Daily reports that the remains of a meteorite found in north-western China's Shaanxi province could explain those stories.

The Yellow Emperor is said to have reigned from 2697 BC. Although his status is part-mythical, thousands of Chinese flocked to a mausoleum erected in his memory to pay their respects last Friday on annual tomb-sweeping day.

Mysteries of the Yellow Emperor

The Rainbow of Creation

Healing With Sound

The Bio-Genesis of the Children of Light