11-1-01 - DREAM - I wrote some of this dream down within the dream. I didn't have any paper so I was writing it in blue on the walls and in orange on my shin on my leg. This is a bizarre dream.

I had just moved into apartment 114 at Juneau Village. Upstairs, directly above, in 214, an Indian couple from India lived. They had a son who ran back and forth across the floor making such a racket, they finally slapped him to stop him.

I called the old manager with a push button hone. Her number was F89. She told me never to call her again. I asked her what my phone number was because I didn't know it. She said it was c39 on her button. I told her I'd try to figure out what the other numbers were.

At the end, I called a woman operator in Washington, D.C. to get someone's phone number. She didn't have it and didn't trust us, so she appeared in my livingroom and I was showing her in my notebook that I had a legitimate request. I had a page for Washington D.C., a page for Israel, and a page for Marietta, GA. 

Then off to the side, I saw a small black man in a monkey suit, he turned red and hairy. Another small man next t him who was white - turned blue. 

There was a scene in which water was spouting up to water the lawn and it wasn't wet. I put my fingers in the spray and it was like white foam. Then the water went straight up and back down in the same spot and was rather useless except to flood its own spot.


11-2-01 - DREAM = I was shown a large map with a snaking river on it. I saw this twice like the snaking river was on both ends with a valley between. As I was waking up I saw the words, Valley of the K. I as l saw the number 17 but 18 comes to mind also.

NOTE: Joe say this could be the valley of the Kundalini. It doesn't match the ma of the Valley of the Kings.

The Keylontic list today was about the Shushumna.


11-3-01 - DREAM - I was knitting a large lace peach or pink curtain to hang on my window. It had to have been 12 ft by 12 ft. It was made in sections of panels and I was sewing these panels together. Someone told me I was missing a panel and I didn't want to believe them, but when I looked for myself there was a small gap where a panel was indeed missing.

It was suggested that I have two of these curtains, a white one and a pink one and change them according to the season.

I was doing laundry. My son Bob had 3 sweaters out in the garage which I had knitted for him. He had ink on the front of all three sweaters, so I took them to the bathroom to wash them by hand with blue liquid soap. 

A tell thin Russian man came to visit. His blue jeans were so stiff they looked like they would stand by themselves. I insisted on washing his clothes so I went upstairs and retrieved a blue and white bathrobe to wear while I washed his clothes. 

The Russian man made a comment, "Radio waves carry no evil." I was told by another man to write that down because it was important.

I was going to make breakfast for Debbie, Joe's ex-wife, for my husband and myself before we went to the mall. 

But Debbie made her own which was  stack of pancakes which she carried in a large C.D. case. They all had notches around the edges like they fit in a machine which would play them like a record.

I don't remember what I cooked for myself. 

I was going to drive to the mall, and took the car out into the parking lot. I was having trouble with the brakes and ended up making really wide turns so I wouldn't hit any other cars. The parking lot itself was sky blue and I laughingly joked that I should park out there in the center where nobody else parked.

But I then brought the car back to the building and went inside to get my husband. My husband was hanging high on the sky blue wall like a picture or something.

I decided I would let him drive.


11-3-01 - VISION - I heard a loud tone signal in my head.  I saw white writing on a starry black background. It said, "Announcing the secret opening of the planets  a, b, c, d - 

I then saw 'Astronaut Harold Walker' and his number 358 - (8582)

The name Altair came into my head. 

NOTE: ROV says that opportunities are coming from 'home' which will be decisions I will have to make that will be difficult and I won't want to make them. 


Star Flattened by Spin Study Proves Fast-Spinning Star
Is More Wide Than Tall
July 27, 2001 — Squeeze a beach ball and it will flatten. Now scientists have shown that a star will bulge in the middle in a similar way if spinning at very high velocity.

For a long time scientists had suspected that centrifugal force would cause the rapidly spinning star, Altair, about 15 light-years from Earth, to flatten slightly in shape. Altair spins at a brisk 470,000 miles per hour. New measurements now prove that outward spinning force around the star causes it to alter shape so it is 14 percent wider than it is tall.

Measurements have shown that Earth, and particularly the planets Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are slightly flattened by their spin. But this is the first time scientists have proven stars will also flatten with speed.

"Altair is the 12th-brightest star in the sky — you'd think that everything there is to know about this star would have been discovered already," said co-investigator David Ciardi of the University of Florida, Gainesville, in a statement. "It's a good example of the surprises you're going to encounter when you are able to look at even familiar stars with unprecedented resolution."
Two Telescopes Better Than One

To confirm the finding, Ciardi and others measured the star's radius at different angles on the sky using NASA's Palomar Testbed Interferometer, located just outside San Diego, Calif. This system links multiple 20-inch telescopes to patch together a larger, more detailed image of distant celestial objects.

The combined light from the two telescopes used to observe Altair provided an image equivalent in sharpness to one viewed by a telescope as large as a football field.

"Measuring the shape of this star, Altair, was as difficult as standing in Los Angeles, looking at a hen's egg in New York, and trying to prove that it's oval-shaped and not circular," said Charles Beichman, chief scientist for astronomy and physics at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in a statement.

After noticing the size of the star changed when viewed at different angles, the scientists were able to conclude it was not a perfect sphere. They then carefully compared measurements of the star at different angles to determine its shape.

Earth Has Slower Spin, Slighter Bulge

Our own planet, Earth, displays a similar distortion, although it is much less pronounced. Earth spins at a slower rate of about 1,000 miles per hour at its equator and this causes the equator to bulge about 12 miles compared to the poles.

The sun also has a broader middle. It rotates much more slowly than Altair at a rate of about 4,000 miles per hour and its equator measures about 0.001 percent greater in diameter than at its poles.

Beichman says understanding how forces control the shape of stars like Altair can help them better understand the Sun and its future.

Ciardi and Gerard van Belle of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory co-authored a paper about Altair's unusual shape, which will appear in the October 1 issue of the Astrophysical Journal.


11-4-01 - DREAM - I went to a house in the country. Outside, the building was super tall and the top spun around so it had a 360 degree view of the earth. 

Inside the house, it was pure white, seemingly self-illuminated. The rooms were large and the ceilings were about 12 ft. high. The owner approved. It was my son Tom. He was complaining that the lower level needed so much work, but all I saw upstairs was it's stark white beauty. 

I secretly hoped he would sell it to me if he didn't want to keep it and repair the lower level.

I went up some stairs to look for the bathroom and came out into a mall-like area. this seemed to be for men only. I met a man up there who was also looking for something. I worried I wouldn't be able to find the stairs again, but I could see the stairs reflected in the glass walls. The color of the men's floor was a light golden brown and my impression it was like a tobacco pipe shop.


11-5-01 - DREAM - Joe and I went to a television station on a tour. We decided we would participate in an experimental game show. They called Joe and Dee Dimitrius!

We entered a room like a livingroom and sat down on a couch. Our daughter-in-law Lorna's sister Dawn was with us. 

The control room was behind a wall ahead of us with a big glass window in it. 

The woman moderator was going to ask us a bunch of questions to see how we did. The questions were going to be based on Disney characters. (This would be right up Dawn's alley so-to-speak)  Then she came into the livingroom and saw that we had huge Disney posters on our wall and Disney type stuff all over the place. She sat down in the room with us and my son Tom was over on the side too then.

Then a shaggy dog came in the room and started acting up. First it started to go out into the hall and I told it to stop and it did and came back. Then it lifted its leg like it was going to pee on the couch. I yelled at it to Stop and it did.  Then it looked like it was going to throw up and I yelled, " Don't you dare!" and it stopped. Then it acted like it was going to poop on the carpet. At that point, I yelled, "That's it! The dog has got to go! Get it out of here!"

At that point the moderator said, "That's it. Game over!"

I looked stunned. That was the game?"

My son Tom said, "I was about to tell the dog to get out too!"

I thought they were mad at us for yelling at the dog.

At that point the dog morphed into a chubby red-haired woman and she asked me, "How do I do as a dog?'

I pattered her head and said, "You were a good dog," and laughed. "The joke was on us!"

The moderator and dog woman went behind the glass again and I said to Dawn, "If we told anything that we saw a dog turn into a woman, they would think we were insane!"


11-6-01 - DREAM - I was working at A-C and our division was going to Peru to work on a secret project. I met my son Tom and three other people on the street. I told them to go to Peru and get jobs. We were all going to meet there. 

I met my Father and he took 4 children up to the 4th floor in a building. The children were dressed in gold. I went up there after them to rescue the children and ended up falling all the way down a stairwell - all 4 floors. I didn't get hurt but it was more like falling down into the dark.

My friend G.H. who also used to work for A-C his job was winding motors and the electricity Master. He also played the part of IEOSOUS (JESUS) in another dream. 

He drove me somewhere in a car to a mall. He was driving dangerously fast and I was afraid he was going to run into the cars, so I told him to park over further where there was more empty space. He made a huge right U turn in the parking lot and parked where I told him. 

I also had my own bright red car in another scene where I was going to wait for some people to arrive. My car had 4 headlights but two of the lights were out. The two left lights were off, the two right lights were on.

I couldn't sit there in the dark with two headlights burning so I went inside the car and turned the other two headlights off.

I went back to the office where people wee gathering, getting ready to move the company to Peru. My boss came into the office. This was Brian A.  He sat down at his desk and started fixing his hair. His hair was blonde and long and wound around on top of his head like a bird's nest. I was astonished to see this. 

NOTE: Anna Hayes is planning a trip to Peru to work on changing something regarding the particle polarity of the photons.


11-6-01 - VISION -  "Divine insight comes two hours after an event."

VISION - A cartoon page in black and white. One cartoon was of a forest. In the foreground was a turkey. Behind a tree was a hunter with a gun. The caption was , "Friends and neighbors."

VISION - A picture of Tony Blair in an office.  (From England)  (Note: I knew that Tony Blair is the return of King Arthur) (Tony means 'above praise, inestimatable, incomparable, praiseworthy)

VISION - A letter I couldn't read. 

VISION - A letter which had a line highlighted - standing shoulder to shoulder with the R.T.s. 

NOTE: King Abdullah Hussein of Jordan said these exact words in a speech in Britain on 11-7-01. 

NOTE:  R.T. means Round Table. King Arthur had a round table. King Arthur was reported to return one day.

Anna Hayes is doing 144 Rainbow Round Table ceremonies to change the polarity of the photons and the Bridge Zone Project.  

President Clinton, in his inaugural speech of 1997, talked about his Bridge Building Project to the 21st Century.

See:  The Bridge Building Deception


11-7-01 - DREAM - I was in an airport complex of buildings. On top of some long banquet type tables, some had placed 57 rabbits (which I keep saying are ducks) An inspector needed to look at them and I saw that they were all taped to a long piece of butcher-paper wit wide tape to hold them on so the whole thing would stay together and be rolled up. It seems there was something important about the 49th rabbit.  (I keep wanting to say 'duck' instead) 

My friend Donna P. came and talked to me about this. I've been wanting to see her again for a long time, so that was pleasant. 


11-7-01 - I was laying in bed next to Joe. It was time to get up. A chubby woman who looked real familiar came and stood over me. She obviously was pissed at me about something. She was going to punch me in the face and I yelled for Joe, "Help me! Help me!"

I saw a stack of purchase orders in front of me that said, "No funny stuff" on the top. Then all of a sudden Milton Berle came and pushed her out of the way and saved me. He sat on the edge of the bed and held me in his arms to comfort me. 

I saw on the clock that it was 8:20 a.m. and I should have got up at 8:00 a.m.

I got up and dressed in light blue shirt and slacks.

I then went to work and met some people I had met before. He said, "Don't you work at Kinkos?" I said, "Yes!" I was supposed to be promoted, but they are getting rid of people, so I'm lucky to have a job. 

NOTE: Milton Berle passed away on March 27, 2002

Comedian Milton Berle Dies at 93 

Wednesday, March 27, 2002 
Milton Berle, the acerbic, cigar-smoking vaudevillian who eagerly embraced a new medium and became ``Mr.
Television'' in the dawn of the video age, died Wednesday, a spokesman said. He was 93.

Berle died at 2:45 p.m. at his home after a lengthy illness, publicist Warren Cowan said. Berle's wife,
Lorna, and several family members were at his side.

Berle had been under hospice care for the past few weeks. He had been diagnosed with colon cancer last year.

``He was responsible for the television set in your home today,'' Cowan said. ``He put television on the map.''

``Uncle Miltie'' was the king of Tuesday nights, and store owners put up signs: ``Closed tonight to watch Milton Berle.'' The program's popularity spurred sales of television sets and helped make the new technology a medium for the masses.

At 8 p.m., four Texaco service attendants sang the ``Texaco Star Theater'' theme, and then came Berle, dressed for boffs: a caveman introduced as ``the man with jokes from the Stone Age''; a man in a barrel ``who had just paid his taxes.''

If the audience thought he looked funny in a dress, Berle was happy to oblige. Skits in drag became a trademark.

He was called the ``Thief of Bad Gags'' and joked about stealing quips - ``I laughed so hard I nearly dropped my pencil,'' he said of a rival comedian. He stopped at nothing for a laugh.

``Good evening, ladies and germs,'' Berle would say to his audience. ``I mean ladies and gentlemen. I call you ladies and gentlemen, but you know what you really are.''

He admitted his humor wasn't gentle: ``I guess you'd call my style flippancy, aggressiveness ... a put-downer.''

In his debut season in 1948, Berle's show was watched on four out of every five sets in the nation, and he was the new medium's highest-paid funny man.

But the magic faded later in the '50s, and in recent years, Berle and his outsize cigars played fairs, night clubs, college campuses and the private Friars clubs in Beverly Hills and New York.

In 1983, he was among the first seven inductees into the TV Hall of Fame of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Born Mendel Berlinger in New York's Harlem on July 12, 1908, Berle remembered his mother bouncing him on her knee and telling him, ``Make me laugh.''

His mother, Sandra, was a thwarted entertainer; his father Moses, Berle recalled, was a ``charming, rather helpless man who suffered from rheumatism and could never keep a job. ... He always dreamed of the big chance around the corner, but it never came.''

Berle's first chance came at age 5, when he won a vaudeville contest by imitating Charlie Chaplin. Soon he was doing child leads in films with Mary Pickford and Mabel Normand, and was the kid rescued from the railroad tracks in the nick of time in the Pearl White movies.

He appeared with Chaplin and Marie Dressler in the movie, ``Tillie's Punctured Romance,'' and with Miss Pickford in ``Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.''

His Broadway debut came in 1920 in ``The Floradora Girl.'' 
He attended New York's Professional Children's School, and as a teen-ager toured the vaudeville circuit as a stand-up comic, taking his jokes from College Humor and Captain Billy's Whiz Bang.

``I studied stars like Eddie Cantor, Al Jolson, Lou Holtz and others,'' Berle said in a 1984 interview. ``I have eight or 10 press books of bad notices from those years, but it was a good education in learning what not to do.''

In 1936 Berle was a headliner with the Ziegfeld Follies. He played a long run with Earl Carroll's Vanities and began bringing his brand of humor to radio with guest spots on humor shows. He also appeared in several minor film comedies, such as ``New Faces of 1937'' and ``Always Leave Them Laughing'' (based on his autobiography). But he never really made it on the big screen.

Then came 1948 and the advent of television.

Berle was signed as host of the first show of a variety series - the ``Texaco Star Theater.'' He was supposed to alternate with several other hosts, including Henny Youngman and Morey Amsterdam, but Berle drew so much fan mail that NBC soon gave him the spot permanently.

Berle's hour-long ``Texaco Star Theater'' began June 8, 1948, and was renamed ``The Milton Berle Show'' before it ended in June 1956.

He won an Emmy for the program, which was truly his own.

``Our star, besides performing, conducted the orchestra, made countless little changes, like revamping the dances, redesigning the costumes, rewriting and improvising one-liners and exit cues,'' recalled Goodman Ace, one of Berle's writers. ``Dress rehearsals were classic exercises in wild frenzy. He wore a traffic cop's whistle around his neck and blew the show to so many stops that a rehearsal often lasted from noon until 10 minutes before air time.''

Berle's sister, Rosalind, designed many of the costumes, and his mother was a fixture in the studio audience.

``When I started out with the Texaco series in 1948, television was brand new, and I knew just as much about it as anybody else,'' Berle once said. ``I was in charge of everything because I wanted to be. Today there are experts for all phases of the medium.... We didn't have any experts in 1948.''

In 1951, NBC signed him to an unprecedented contract calling for $100,000 a year for 30 years - whether Berle worked or not. The network agreed in 1965 to let him work elsewhere, and Berle accepted a pay cut to $60,000 a year.

In 1960, Berle lasted six months in ``Jackpot Bowling Starring Milton Berle,'' sandwiching comedy bits between play-by-play of a bowling match. He jumped to ABC in 1966 with a new variety show which died after a few months.

He made more movies in the 1960s, notably ``It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World'' in 1963. Other films included ``The Oscar,'' ``The Happening,'' ``Who's Minding the Mint?,'' ``Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows,'' ``For Singles Only,'' ``Hieronymus Merkin,'' ``Lepke'' and ``The Muppet Movie.''

In 1984, he played himself in ``Broadway Danny Rose.''

His mother's influence remained strong until she died in 1953 at 77. Berle married, divorced and remarried show girl Joyce Matthews, and they adopted a daughter, Vickie. Their second marriage lasted six years.

In 1953 Berle married former publicist Ruth Cosgrove. They had an adopted son, Billie. She died in 1989.

In later years, Berle also said he found much solace in Christian Science, and called himself a Jew and a Christian Scientist.

In 1982, he became the national chairman of the American Longevity Association, and was president of The Friars Club.

A pioneer in television, Berle always was ready to try something new.

``Too many people simply give up too easily,'' he once said. ``You have to keep the desire to forge ahead, and you have to be able to take the bruises of unsuccess. Success is just one long street fight.''


11-7-01 - DREAM - I was walking up the west side of Teutonia Ave. towards the north. Two men in black walked the other direction, going very fast.

I don't know if they said anything, but I got a newspaper about this time, perhaps from them.

I crossed the street and was then walking south on Teutonia Ave.  I saw a yellow dog running north in the the getter, heading for his owner or home.  

My son Bob asked for a piece of the newspaper. Bob was going to throw the newspaper away, when I spotted Kimber sitting on top of the a small hill, getting ready to throw, 'fire' at him. I grabbed her hand to stop her, just as she was going to release it. It was a round cylinder like a lighter, but it seemed larger. 

I yelled, 'STOP' - You can't throw 'fire' at children no matter what they are doing."


11-7-01 - VISION - As I lay my head down on the pillow to go to sleep, the whole inside of my head felt like it exploded and I saw a vision of hundreds of people jammed together. The explosion was so violent, I jumped right up off the pillow. 

I then saw a line of thick black printing I couldn't read, and then the date, Jan. 2, 2997. I figured I wasn't going to worry about that, then I thought, "What if it's a typo and it means 2007?"

In the morning I thought about it again and figured it just meant 'population explosion.'


The blow-up of humankind, as we approach T1 means that in 2024 the population would double in less than a year, which is equally nonsensical. What has not been taken into account is the duration of the human life, an interval of time that characterizes our reproductive capacity and lifespan. It is this factor that has to be taken into account to set the limits of scaling.



11-8-01 - DREAM - I was looking at a newspaper article about 22 schools and something happening to them.

The name Mary was involved but I've forgotten how it fit into the story.


11-8-01 - DREAM - I went to a highschool. I met some of the girls from my own highschool on the street, but now they were old ladies. One of them was Mary Neuens.

Behind them came some younger girls who also had stark white hair. I teased the ladies that the color must be a new fad, not because they were 'old'.

I then went into the highschool gymnasium and was directed towards the parent's section. This seemed to be some kind of graduation I was attending.

Later, I met the ladies again and it was just like old ladies hanging out, kibitzing about the nice weather, etc.

At the end, I went to get a blanket for us to sit on so we could pretend we were at the beach.


11-9-01 - DREAM - (I'm using Mexican for lack of knowledge of who these people were)

I was working at a prison, in which there were people of various ages. It seemed like it was in Mexico, or some other Central American or South American country. If not, it was in a Mexican type neighborhood. 

I didn't run the place, but it seems that I worked in the maintenance crew. There were two tall, thin black men there who I assumed who also worked here. The first job I had to do was plunge out a nasty toilet. 

A young Mexican boy came up to me to tell me about the toilet in the boy's room. (I won't describe what he said because it was too nasty, but you can imagine for yourself if you are reading this).

When he left, I went to the maintenance room to find a plunger. There was none of normal size, only two that were about 2 feet across with short handles only 3 inches and 12 inches tall. 

I then went to find the bathroom. It seems all the plumbing was in one area, side by side, the women's laundry room, the women's bathroom, the kitchen, the mens/boys bathroom and finally the men's laundry room. I found this out by going into each one. In the women's laundry room, there was a Mexican woman doing laundry. The piles of clothes were laying on the floor and the room was dark - heavy with humidity. 

Next I saw the womens' bathroom but didn't actually go into it. 

The hallway floor was ugly brownish carpet over bumpy dirt like one would find in a cowyard. I thought to myself that one would think they could at least pull up the carpet and smooth out the dirt underneath it.

The next room was the kitchen. The appliances were white metal with black trim. It was a large room with enough stoves to cook for a lot of people. It didn't look nice like a restaurant with easily cleaned steel polished appliances. It was just like old, regular kitchen appliances. 

The next room was the men's laundry and then the men's bathroom, but I didn't get that far, because a Mexican woman stopped me in the hall to tell me something. 

Her skin was bruised all over. She said the prison owner had 'eaten her'. I didn't know what she meant because she was obviously alive, though very bruised. 

Down the hallway further was the warden office and a couple other rooms. It appeared that the warden also lived here or at least slept here. 

Suddenly, I saw the warden come out of the room and go into another room. I can't even describe him except to say that he didn't appear human. He was tall and male, but he was shaking violently so I couldn't actually recognize what he looked like except that his face was 'dark'. I want to say Reptilian, though I'm reluctant to use the word and still feel coherent. 

I could see he was chewing paper because bits were coming out of his mouth as he ran past me. 

I followed him to a small room that had no furniture in it. I don't know why I can't describe him, but I watched him devour a woman and spit her out again like a snake would swallow its prey whole and then regurgitate it back out still whole. I looked at her skin after he ran from the room. It was terribly bruised like he had sucked fluid from her body.

She said it was called, "Eating her up and then eating her down."

It was horrid. I don't understand either as I'm not that familiar with how snakes eat though I've seen films of the process. I never saw a snake regurgitate though. 

The woman then showed me the man's bedroom.  I went into the room and under the bed, carefully laid out was a brown blanket on the floor. I lifted up the edge of the blanket and under there were hundreds of bright yellow paperback books, all laying face down, spread open at the center page and laying flat open.

I pulled one out and it had been eaten in bites from the bottom up, so I could see the title still, which in this case was "LIKENESS". I could see the man's teeth marks all around the edges of the bites in the book. I decided to taste the book for myself. It felt and tasted just like paper, which I immediately spit back out for fear I'd turn into a monster myself. 

I know you will ask how I know how paper tastes, but doesn't everyone at one time taste paper just for the hell of it to make spit balls or whatever? 

I then left that room and went into another room, which seemed to be the women's visitor's room.

The room was really dingy and dim. There was two women sitting side by side at a table, getting ready for a visitor for one of the women I recognized through I don't want to name her. 

I'm going to call her Karen. Karen was one of the sweetest people I've ever met. She was a Lesbian of the male persuasion. She was sweet, articulate, intelligent, educated and had masculine traits and I felt a real love of her as a person and admired all her qualities. She was spiritual as well, though not a Christian any longer. She was also what I call itinerant, she stayed in one place only long enough to accomplish a task and then moved on.  I was sorry to see her leave but she had specific  intellectual and job goals and she had to leave. We had a friendship, not a relationship and I had hugged her goodbye when she left.

Anyway, she was sitting at the table, shaking violently. She had either smoked pot or took a pill because she suddenly stopped shaking and told the other woman, "Okay! I'm okay now!" and the other woman was going to leave the room so the visitor could come in. 

I woke up so I didn't see who the visitor was.

Question! Where was I?




11-9-01 - VISION - A dark-haired, mustached man and a little girl were in front of me. He said, "We're tired and weary."


11:10:01 DREAM - I had this dream twice and woke up at 12:33 a.m.

I was looking at a web page about agreements. All of these agreements between The Snake and the ____ (this name changed from line to line)  

This page linked to all these agreements. 

After I woke up I knew I'd had this dream several times before.


11-10-01 - VISION - I saw a black covered book. The Title was: "Farewell to Soldiers"


11-10-01 - VISION - I was thinking about my daughter-in-law Becky and a voice said, "Brian isn't with us anymore."

(What does that mean? It sounded sinister)

NOTE:  Brian has changed a lot since then. He went back to school and is going to graduate soon.


11-10-01 - VISION - Twice I saw a set of books that were white with colorful covers on them. They were children's stories, also meant to teach. The second book set had Lady Liberty over it.


11-10-01 - DREAM - I was in the city, maybe a small town in a park. I had some books with me and decided to read. For some reason I decided to stand beside a large bush or tree to read. I could hear people laughing and talking from there, but I couldn't see them. 

I was curious as to what was going on so I had to come out from behind the tree to see. 

By the first house, a woman had a black lab dog and two beautiful black puppies. She said that the city was going to come and scoop them up, so she was trying to give them away.

Joe was there too and he said we couldn't have a dog so I couldn't get one. Then I saw some kittens, especially an orange one which is my favorite, but I couldn't catch one because they kept running away.

I finally caught a tiny one by using my book which had turned into a big thick frilly net. Even so it was hard to hold him in the net long enough to get him home.


11-10-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office, trying to get the mail done.

Dave, whom I used to work with kept interrupting me and I had to tell him to let me get the mail done. 

I don't remember the end. 


11-10-01 - I was laying in bed, thinking about my grandson Brian and what it meant that he wasn't with us anymore and then about the books. 

I had a vision of myself sitting at the computer and I pulled out a pen to write with and knew I could write those books I saw in the vision to save kids like him.

I thought, "What a great idea!"

Then I had a vision of  HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and a list of dates below it.


11-11-01 - DREAM - It may have been Sunday. I was inside a large house which had a + intersection in it. It seemed that people drove to the house from the 4 directions and when they met at the intersection, everyone stopped to have church together. This was not a formal church, nor were these people from the same religion, it was out of dire circumstances that perfect strangers stopped to pray together. 

I had a Bible or a prayer book in my hand, as did everyone else, but each person carried their own version, so the service started hesitatingly.

I had a schedule in my hand as well. People were going to be called on to speak from a variety of religions and that part was scheduled.

After the service they were going to show a film of the Blitz from WWII.

A telephone rang at the back of the room behind me. The call was for a guy who was up near the front. As it was, he was already on the phone and talked on his cell phone and the regular phone at the same time. That took him out of the speaking schedule so that left one less thing to do in the service. 

I went upstairs for a minute. Upstairs, people were in the darkened bedrooms, making love, oblivious to what was happening downstairs. They stopped making love to ask what was going on. 

When I told them about the church service and the movie about the Blitz, they quickly got dressed to join the others downstairs. 

I woke up, got up, went to the bathroom and went back to sleep and found myself back in the church service with the schedule of speakers in my hand.


11-11-01 - VISION - I saw myself stepping into deep clear water.

I saw myself walking in clear water about a foot deep.

I saw a white bowl with beautiful fruit painted on it.


11-12-01 - DREAM - I saw a written statement of evidence of attack. I think it was by extraterrestrials. It said 8 x 15. I'm sure I've seen this before, even if I haven't published it.

I also told a woman her husband would no longer be welcome in the house. On the kitchen table he had plugged in a hot plate to heat up something that was supposed to be cold and it was very dangerous. It had a plastic cover over it so I don't know what it was.

I was also in a large hall greeting people whom I've known before. One woman was troubled and didn't want to participate. I pulled her aside to ask her why. She said she had slept with a different guy every night and was trying to change, so I left her alone. 


11-12-01 - VISION - I saw the same vision of the writing above with changes. There were 8 Time stamps highlighted. After it said, Mickey  Rooney

I knew there was another change but I missed it. I had another vision of that change. It said in small print. Life 32. (highlighted in blue)


11-12-01 - DREAM - There was something going on where a young woman had to testify about something. The question was whether or not she had ever been hypnotized. It seemed she either didn't know about this rule, but if you had ever been hypnotized, you weren't supposed to testify.

The rule was written in a text book. I needed her to know the rule, so I took the text book to where she worked. I didn't want her boss to know I was questioning her either. 

I opened the text book. It had printed music in it along with text. 

S, I shared with her, the question as to whether she had been hypnotized, to which she said, "No!" but I thought for certain she had.

So, I was trying to find the page in the book where the rule was to show it to her.

I then had a vision of her bird. It was bright sky blue, almost like a pelican, but not that large. She kept it in the bathroom with a heavy rope around its neck. The bird flew up off the floor and flew to the top of the shower curtain. It seemed to be okay there, even if tethered.


11-13-01 - DREAM - I went to visit my friend Wendy because I heard she had written 4 books on Tarot energy.

Personally, I had started to collect writings on Tarot energy, so this was really interesting to me.

When I got there, there were a lot of children around, playing on the floor and I started to get sidetracked.

I woke up, got up and went to the bathroom and went back to bed to sleep in a different direction because I felt that the dream was about to get nightmarish.

When I went back to sleep, I was in a store to buy rollerskates. I had a catalog in my hand which showed that the rollerskates were $69.99 and were marked down 60%.  That was a fabulous sale so I wanted to make sure I got them at that price. So I sat down to fill out the order blank t order the skates and I saw that doing this was like signing a contract. I felt intimidated by this.

This now meant I was working for the store. The boss come into the office where I was. It was Richard, my old boss. We had a discussion about putting the proper amount of stamps on the envelope, the we both left.

another dream - same topic:

11-13-01 - DREAM - I went inside the house and we had a visitor with a little girl who wore nothing but pink and red together. The mother told us that the girl would wear other clothes to play in, but always had to have the pink and red on at the same time. 

We followed the little girl down the hall. We went into the livingroom where my own child was playing, who was wearing yellow clothes.

I knew I saw her walk right through the glass window and come back in. I was astonished that she did this.

As I woke up I was told I now had the Tarot tarondrum. 




11-13-01 - DREAM - I was sitting in a bedroom office writing and my Father came in from out in the garage. He put a multicolored afghan over my shoulders - like the one I sit on in the car which I call 'my afghan of many colors' i made it to meditate with because it has all the chakra colors. He also brought in the mail. There was an envelope addressed to Great Dreams Publications and a roll of stamps. In the envelope was a crisp new $1 bill. I told him I had entered one of those round robin contests where I sent $1 to someone and now I was getting repaid by others. He also gave me a bicycle to ride which I rode inside of a grid-like structure full of plants.

I was then typing on my keyboard at the computer and there were beautiful vines growing in the keyboard. It was hard to type because of the vine but they were really beautiful. 

My Father also came into my yard then with a vial of water, which I used to water a fruit tree which was blooming there. The flowers on the fruit tree were white. There were some down low on the trunk as well as in the branches. I watered the tree very carefully so it would keep blooming. My Father was riding in a big old light brown car like a model T and it seemed like he had a chauffeur because he was sitting in the back seat.

While my Father sat in the office with me, I also told him my whole Ted Danson flood dream.

I'm not sure if my Father gave me a black and green striped T shirt or if it was someone else, but it was slipped on over my head, over my other clothes. I was then told to raise my right arm.

Then my son Tom and a whole bunch of other kids and older people came in. All the young people were wearing the same green and black stripped T shifts and black pants or skirts. 

Some of the older men were just watching and didn't have their shirts on yet. They were observing on the sidelines like I was. 


My son Tom and all the other young people formed a ring around a huge rectangular table, raised their right arms and danced around this table in a circle. It was a ritual dance of some kind. 

I was then in my bedroom and my son Tom and another young man came in and sat on the edge of the bed and again I told the dream about Ted Danson and the 450 foot flood.


11-13-01 - VISION - I saw a green apple falling. When it got cut in half, a worm came crawling out of the core.

NOTE: This is probably the death of George Michael - the Beatle.  A green apple was their logo. 


11-14-01 - DREAM - I was in a classroom and the teacher was Michelle. We were learning how to tell the difference between a star and a planet.

Michelle was using a professionally made iceball to demonstrate with and she decided to throw it at me.

I couldn't let her get away with that so I grabbed some loose snow near me, formed a snowball and threw it over hand at her. 

I wasn't very good and missed. 

There was a taller, male teacher behind Michelle and he urged me to try again, so I got to throw several more snowballs, which also didn't fly very well, but I was improving my overhand throw. 

Michelle used real iceballs and the other students were cheering me on because I was the underdog. Finally I took the time to form a real iceball and whipped it at her and got her.

The rest of the dream got wiped out when I woke up.


11-14-01 - DREAM - Joe and I were in a car riding east through the valley. I wanted to show Joe how high the hill was that I showed Ted Danson in my dream yesterday. We drove east towards the reservoir and went past Joe's mother's house. Her house was in a wooded area just before the reservoir. She wasn't home as we went by so we continued on up the road. The reservoir was just ahead and high hills were on both sides of the road, covered with trees.

Alongside the reservoir was a trail that went on through the valley. This trail wasn't a real road. It dead-ended at the end of the canyon we were in. 

On top of the canyon walls, kids were riding motorbikes. Our car was more like a jeep at this point and I was showing Joe which way to go.

We reached the end of the canyon and I could hear some young girls up ahead p on the to of the hill beyond. There were breaks in the stone wall ahead where we could climb up through. I hoped I had the strength to get up there.


11-14-01 - DREAM - I was in the kitchen with my kids. I saw some loose paint and plaster on the walls and decided to take it upon myself to peel the loose stuff off and replaster up to a certain point. I began to peel the loose stuff off the walls which meant we had to pull the poster and maps down off the walls because they were in the way. However, a piece of paper that looked like a written contract got kinda mangled in the process and I had to try to straight it out. 


11-14-01 - DREAM - This was political. I was shown who and what were all involved in the plan or coalition. This was not in English so I couldn't read any of the names. At the end, it appeared there were 5 factions with one of the factions with more power than any of the other 4. It was not equally divided.  

In the people part of the dream, I was given small chores to do by various important people, nothing important, more like window dressing type jobs that make it look better. These were all women who were asking me to do these things.

The building was large with glassed-in lobbies on both ends.

On one end, all the Russians were blocked in, in an inner lobby with glass doors. Instead of asking for help from people, standing outside who could easily have moved the bed frame holding them in, they were trying to take the doors off from inside. The people standing outside, instead of solving the problem, just stood there and watched instead of moving the frame over 3 inches on either side.

In all cases, the women were distracted by the children and the men were distracted by sexual emotion and feelings. 


11-15-01 - DREAM - I was manager of an apartment building, built in squares. It was late in the evening or during the night. I was wearing a nightgown bathrobe and slippers. so was everyone else I met in the hallways, except for two small midget-type people way at the end whom I assumed were partying, and just leaving the buildings. The whole dream had a soft feeling to it. I was picking yellow towels and other colored clothing that had been discarded by people in the hallways and planned to take it all to the laundry to wash.


11-15-01 - DREAM - My husband (unknown who) and I stopped at a grocery store to get some milk. Unfortunately we stopped at one of those places where you could get everything from bricks and lumber to food.

My husband chose a line with only one cart in front of us but it was the flatbed type. It was piled with bricks, file cabinets, toilet paper and 4 or 5 kids who were playing in the cart and restacking things as they went. 

One of the smaller kids was climbing on top of the stack where the toilet paper was and a roll fell off and hit one of the kids below. I heard the kid say, "Ooops!" when it hit the other kid. The parents were in front of the cart assisting with the checkout process and I couldn't see them. They, in turn, couldn't see their kids behind the stacked bricks and file cabinets. 

I started to write down on a pair of yellowish cards what accidents I was observing the kids doing and even went so far as to think about posting the cards at their house for when they came home, but then changed my mind and decided that their kids were their responsibility to watch, not mine, and I decided not to leave the note or keep track of their kids.


11-16-01 - DREAM - I was in the basement of an apartment building. It seemed like all the apartments were underground in this concrete block building. I saw no windows.

Four men lived together across the hall and a lesbian friend of mine lived with them. That didn't seem to pose any problems for anyone. 

The young girls all looked alike, all the same size, and wore the same clothes. There were about 24 of them, all wearing shocking pink tight fitting dresses with voluminous white and feather and fur boas around their necks and waists. The girls were rather like hung in the closet like they weren't real. They were hanging in an oval configuration all together.

This all seemed fine until the lesbian girl decided she was in love with me and that ended the dream because I wanted no part of that.

I woke up, heard a loud fog horn sound in my left ear. I said I was ready for a message, but went into the next dream.


11-16-01 - DREAM - I was working in a law office, preparing some arrest records on some young men. Then I typed up a letter which listed the arrests for the attorney. 

The opposing attorney was unhappy because he didn't get a copy of the letter, so I furnished him with a copy.

On the letter was a telephone number which any complainant could call if they had questions. The number went directly to a law school which could answer any questions. 

Someone complained about the phone number going to the law school instead of to the attorney, but when I explained the wisdom of having the school answer the question with statements of law rather than just personal anecdotes, that made a lot of sense to him.

NOTE: Point taken!


11-16-01 - VISION - 3 women dressed in silver, crowded onto a mirror-like button surrounded by a white border.


11-17-01 - DREAM - I was in a building where I was trying to get a project done, but I couldn't get all the parts I needed. I wanted to do a sewing project with hearts, but they had the template for the heart, which I could draw around and create the heart myself. 

They had two small antennas or communication devices there, that they were going to wire up for me.

Then the two antennas/communication devices fell out of the dream picture into a black and white screen below it. 

On antenna became a drawing of a set of building outlined. The other antenna became another drawings of a couple buildings, a mosque and an airport outlined.  Between the two buildings were 7 objects. 

Then appeared a small man on the left picture where the 1st set of buildings were located. A caption appeared a above the man's head that said, "Looks like germ warfare to me."


11-17-01 - DREAM - Joe and I were driving down a street and went to a mall. Inside the mall, we parked at the end of a railway or streetcar track.

I saw the train coming. It was rather toy size. There was an intersection of streets ahead of us. The train made a right turn into an impossible space because the cars individually could turn on a dime. The train went around some tanker trucks, made a huge U turn, trying to go around the tanker trucks, and came hurtling at us down the track. It obviously didn't have brakes because it smashed head on into us. 

Our car, at that point, had a heavy plow-like appendage on the front of it, so we weren't hurt.

Joe and I got out of the car to see if anyone on the train was hurt and talk to the cops.

I didn't see any cops, just a lot of military type hats. So I left Joe to talk to the people and went back to our apartment to call the cops at 911 and find our insurance papers with Western United. 

As I headed towards a door, a huge beige horse presented itself. I didn't want to go past the horse so I asked a man who looked like Richard Chamberlain if he could handle the horse. He said, "Sure!" and took ahold of the reins of the horse so I could walk past it. 

I was a little nervous, even so, and opened the door to the mall hallway. I no sooner stepped out into the hall, there stood a huge male stallion horse, with no reins, standing crossways in the hall.

I backed up and went back into the room where Richard Chamberlain and the 1st horse stood. 

A voice from out of nowhere said, "We just wanted to see what you would do when presented with something really BIG!"

NOTE:  "Thanks guys!" 


11-17-01 - VISION 

I was told this has to do with healing.
perhaps the sharp edges cut out infection and the blue and silver heal?


11-18-01 - DREAM - I was in a store with a man and woman who owned it. They made pizza bread or something shaped like that. 

They had to close the shop and I was helping to do that. 

They had cakes decorated with announcements which I can't recall. 

The woman had a beautiful house. She was doing her own vacuuming because she had fired her Spanish housekeeper for charging too much money. She had asked for $200 just to vacuum a stairway of Royal blue color. It was stairway shaped but actually was more like a slide divided like stairs with separations like an open stairway. They only wanted to pay her $20.00.

In the center of the house was a side by side elevator/tomb. It had a sign over it that said, "Good King Reilly or Good King Lei. 

It seemed to me that he had been killed and the evidence hidden.

The mail then arrived which I took and began to look at. It looked normal until the last piece on the bottom.

The envelope was about the size of a white graham-cracker, written on the front was the number 1104 or 1904 and an empty throne in chartreuse yellow/green chalk. I had my fingers on the chalk and got scared like it was Anthrax. 

NOTE:  The Bible concordance has this for 1104:

1104 - gnesios {gnay-see'-ose} from 1103; adv AV - naturally 1; 1 1) genuinely, faithfully, sincerely

1904 - Hagar {haw-gawr'} of uncertain (perhaps foreign) derivation; n pr f AV - Hagar 12; 12 Hagar = "flight" 1) Sarah's Egyptian slave girl, Abraham's concubine, Ishmael's mother


11-18-01 - VISION - I had a job, working to stop the rain. I pulled a little book off a shelf. It had the picture on the cover. 



11-19-01 - DREAM - (I was planning to forget this dream but it hung in there anyway.)

I was in my mother-in-laws house and  overheard my mother-in-law Lucy and my sister-in-law Mary talking about me behind my back. I got very angry and that felt so terrible, I decided to go for a ride in my car.

However, when I went to look for my car, it wasn't where I left it.  I finally found it in the garage.  My Father was trying to fix my car which was my old brown cop car because Tom had been driving i and got hurt in it. Tom showed me his right knee was all scraped. I asked him if the rakes had gone out on the car. He said, "No!"  A house fell in the road right in front of me and I couldn't help but drive right into it. 

I was then with my daughter-in-law Lorna and noticed that the sweater I as knitting had yellow and white stitches alternating. Lorna looked at it and thought it was pretty and I agreed that it was, but it was supposed to be pure white, so I would have to take it apart all the way to the edge and start over and re-knit all the rows that had yellow in them. 


11-19-01 - DREAM - Not all remembered. Seems to be a continuation of the above dream.

I saw the Pope sitting on his throne. He was being electrocuted by lightening strikes coming from above like he was sitting in an electric chair. 

Someone came and gave me an armful of carrots of various sizes which had been dug up. My job was to replant them.

The garden had already been prepared for me.  All I needed to do was to dig the hole for each carrot, stick it in the ground and water it well and watch it grow. 

I placed all the carrots on the ground next to the garden, then went to get a shovel to do the job.

However, I got distracted by a woman who had a lot of problems. I didn't mind helping her but she was keeping me from planting the carrots, so eventually I just had to tell her that I HAD to get the carrots planted and I left her. 

As I went to plant the carrots in the garden, I came to an old tree stump. I looked at it closely and saw that the tree was made of carrots which was where the carrots I was planting had been taken from.

As I walked by, the carrot tree spoke to me and told me that because I had been diligent in getting the carrots planted, it was going to trust me to keep the old carrot tree watered as it was re-growing more carrots from the old stump. Next to it was a tiny carrot tree also which had one tiny carrot in it. So I took the water hose and began watering the carrot tree which it seemed I was possibly overwatering. Then I noticed that where the small carrot was planted, the water was just running past its roots and it needed to be reset in the soil properly.  So I had a big job ahead of me.

Then I went back to the house where I was holding a woman's baby. It's teeth were erupting. They were really pretty and white. The baby opened her mouth for me so I could see all the teeth. Inside her mouth, all the teeth were set into 2 perfect circles. All the small teeth were in a circle right in front of the tongue and all the molars were set in a larger circle in the front of her mouth. Not all of these teeth had erupted yet. It would be quite a mouthful of teeth by the time she was grown.

Her mouth was shaped like a crocodile inside. When she was grown, she would be very powerful.


11-20-01 - DREAM  I was working on a computer screen with information on Osama bin Laden. I copies and pasted it on another page and saved it to another file. All the type was in white.


11-20-01 - DREAM - I was at a large apartment building, sitting at long tables like a banquet table. My friend Diana W. from A-C was sitting at one of the tables on the other side of the hall by herself. Because there were so many people around, I didn't pay much attention to her. Then an announcement came over the loudspeaker that there was a phone call for her. I looked over to where I had seen her last and she was gone. I asked my companions if they had seen her leave and one of the men said they had seen her walking slowly out of the place towards the west.

I looked that direction and it was all dark. I asked a male companion if he would go look for her but nobody did. It was so dark that way, I didn't want to either. I was afraid I would find her dead on the sidewalk. 

My companion and I went upstairs then because he had to get ready for work.  He put on a summer UPS suit, brown with shorts. Before he left, he took a rotten potato and cut it into pieces, eating just the rottenest part.

He got all that rotten potato stuff into his mouth and teeth, then he wanted to kiss me goodbye before he left. I didn't want to and avoided him as best as possible.

Ii then changed clothes myself to go to work. I managed the apartment building, but I joined the maintenance crew in the basement to see how things were going.

In the laundry room, the washing machines were used for doing laundry and playing a slot machine at the same time. There was a kid there feeding the machines quarters and I told him not to waste his money and all of a sudden he won and quarters, nickels and dimes started pouring out of the machine for him. 

Along with the money came cedar shavings. He said that some people didn't like sorting the money from the savings, but he said he didn't mind. He took all the money which he dumped into a bowl outside of the machine.

Inside the machine, I found two red burlap footies that a man might wear and two red burlap bags -like potatoes come in. 

I fished around in the barrel but found only a copper penny and a bent nail at the bottom of the barrel.

I met some of the maintenance crew who were remodeling an apartment across the hall. They didn't know how to install the bed which was permanently affixed to the wall. The framework was called a 'bat'. I explained to them how the tall 'bat' framework was affixed to the wall. Then I briefly looked at the apartment which was being remodeled from a schoolroom with greenboards on the wall to a regular apartment.

One wall was greenboard, one wall was all windows, so we must have been on the lowest level, but not the basement. 

I couldn't figure out where they were going to hang the 'bat' to affix the bed so I left it to them to figure out and I left. 

Outside in the hall were barrels of sawdust and tree shavings and I saw that there were rotten potatoes laying around by some huge rocks laying there. I scraped the rotten potatoes into the barrels of shavings, while overhearing a conversation about how some women didn't mind doing this kind of work because there was a reward at the end. I wasn't exactly minding it. 

At the same time I found a lot of colorful plastic parts made in Japan and moved them to another barrel. A Japanese person came and got those. She was glad to have them. 

I then started to walk down the hall to go upstairs and I saw some guys and a huge guy n a bear costume came out of one apartment, crossed the hall and went into another apartment. Then they started teasing me if I wanted to meet him. 

I said, "No thanks!"  I went a different direction. I didn't want to meet the "bear' costumed guy.

In the other direction, there were guy sleeping on pallets in the hallway, waiting for that apartment to get done. There was red sawdust on the floor all around there so I started sweeping it up. 

Then a phone rang in the apartment. I answered it and it was for one of the guys who was going to live there. Today was his birthday. I determined that one guys name was Cliff, one was John, and I didn't get the third guy's name.

But the guy whose birthday it was, wasn't there. Finally I said, "Which one of you guys wants to take this phone call?"

I handed the phone to the guy on the pallet, then decided I would go upstairs to the office.

I noticed that one of the women cleaning ladies had placed little pink paper footprints on the floor, like they were pointing the way to go.

So I followed the little pink footprints, picking them up at the same time. I planned to tell the office that it cost too much money to place these little pink footprints on the floor when an exit sign was fully visible. Every day these pink foot prints had to be swept up and replaced That was way too costly and unnecessary.

I started going up the stairs, picking up the footprints as I went. Just before the door to the first level, there was a whole pile of pink paper footprints. I bent over to pick them all up and started to feel sick. I was determined to pick them all up though.

I started to open the door to the 1st level and woke up. My heart was beating slow and hard, my mouth tasted nasty and I had pressure in my chest like my stomach was full of gas. I rolled over and started to feel better, my heartbeat when back to normal.

Sheesh! I hate that. 


11-20-01 - VISION - I saw two black books. The large one was about Healing. The other one was in gold print.  'Gods Precious Treasure'.


11-21-01 - DREAM - (This seems really bizarre and is totally symbolic)

I was on the side of a hill on a city street and put on a demonstration for everyone to see. I took some chickens and some cats with me, then I hit one of the chickens on the foot so it looked like it had a rabbit foot, placed it in a plastic bag on the sidewalk, then watched to see how the other chickens, the cats and people reacted to it. 

I then went into the next scene which took place on the side of another hill and turned on the water sprinkler. No matter which way I turned the water, it started to run downhill and began to create a river that wasn't supposed to be there. I tried several times to control it, but it was to no avail.

I went inside the house and another woman came and turned the sprinkler on too and then the water began coming through the cracks in the corner of the window and spraying in the livingroom, but the river outside continued to run unabated.  The people outside began to react to this situation as well.

The word 'goddess' came to mind here like I was the one who sat these two actions into motion.


11-22-01 - I think this is about healing studies and the obstacles that get in my way. My computer got completely wiped out shortly after this dream:

DREAM - I bought a new car. It was bright green and built like an arrow like a speed racer. I decided to drive it to the mall. It drove really smooth and powerful. It was really nice to drive. On the way, however, I discovered twice that I was driving against traffic and had to make a turn to get out of other people's way. I got in someone's way when I was going to park and had to move along. I had to jump the car over two big holes in the ground that suddenly appeared and drive through 3 more obstacles, including a dead tree with branches that were growing right up through the road. There were 5 obstacles I had to overcome before I got home again. I never did get to the mall.

Then when I got home, I was going to make coffee for some guests. I not only couldn't find the coffee pot or the coffee, there were no coffee cups, only chili bowls, and soup bowls. I thought maybe I should use them because they were bigger. 

I was also shown twice in two different ways that the aliens are coming. in the last picture, an old man was showing me what I remember as a map with red lines on it. I don't remember if those were streets or highways. It went by too fast, but it was a 'good' thing.


11-22-01 - VISION - I was standing in water - thigh high in fog by ???

I saw a notebook journal with black writing.


11-22-01 - MICHELLE DREAM:  - I saw a book with the title:


by Dee


11-22-01 - DREAM - I was at home in New Berlin or Milwaukee. I had two purchase orders to type which had notes in them that someone else had already typed.

I lay them on my typewriter and went to get a book out of the bookcase which had notes written by T.M.

I went back to the bedroom and was reading the esoteric notes in this small black books, when my daughter came in to ask about something.

I was going to tell her about the notes and asked her to bring the papers (purchase orders) to the bedroom.

She brought a couple different pieces of paper so I asked her to go back and bring me the two pieces of paper that were right on the keyboard.

She didn't, so I went to get them and found that she had gathered every esoteric piece of paper I had ever written with Masters names, prayers, instructions, etc. and placed them ALL on my keyboard of the typewriter.

The two purchase orders were buried somewhere in the stack of paper.

I confronted my daughter about this and asked her why she had done that. She blamed me and I got angrier and angrier at her.

We were now in New Berlin and she went outside by a neighbor's pond.

I went there and confronted my daughter again. I was crying almost hysterically about what she had done. I finally told her, I'll never hate you but I don't like you very much."

I then started walking back home, up the steep road in high heeled shoes and it was very difficult. I was still upset about the lost purchase orders.

A car went by and stopped at the neighbors house, then came back and stopped beside me.

A black woman got out of the car and asked me if I could call her at the house on the hill she indicated at 12:40 p.m. It was in regard to a meeting. I asked her for the number. She said she couldn't give it to me - it was written in the notes on the purchase order. I asked her if she could call me - I would give her the number. She said, "No - You have to call me."

Then another car pulled up. This car also had a black woman in it. She wanted to change my appointment to 11:20 or possibly before 11 to discuss insurance.

By now I was hysterical, standing in the ditch with the two cars on the road above me.

I was being expected to make decisions based on insurance matters when I was all upset and I was crying hysterically, hanging onto the edge of the road.

A young boy came by and said, "You can't expect her to make a decision in her condition."


11-23-01 - DREAM - I was on the 2nd level of my apartment building. I went down to the lobby because I was expecting the delivery of a new bed.

I got downstairs and there was a blonde woman and two guys in the lobby. I asked the guys if they would help carry the bed from upstairs. They said, "Yes!" and headed for the elevator. They beat me to it so I had to wait until the elevator came back down to get me.

I saw on a glass window in the lobby that there were 5 things on the 20 levels.

One of those was 'dreams'. I could not remember the other 4.

I went up the elevator and saw that my apartment door was open. The woman who lived next door to me;  her door was open as well.

I discovered that she had taken my girl baby to give her a bath in her own apartment. I saw my baby in the woman's bed. I don't think it was a bathtub, but it could have been a huge bathtub.

I woke up frustrated that I couldn't remember all 5 things listed on the window, so I asked for them again. I was shown in vision the 5 things again, and said, "Oh yeah! That's what they were, but when I opened my eyes, the 4 things were again gone and all I could remember was 'dreams'.

NOTE: 20th level search on the Internet came up all about the game Dungeons and Dragons.


11-23-01 - I was thinking about Michelle and saw her face right in front of me.


11-24-01 - Some details are missing

DREAM - I was with G.H. a long time friend, who announced in a recent dream that he was IOESUS/JESUS.

I don't remember why this happened, but he transformed into an object like a pumpkin or orange gourd, which then transformed into a blue ball of cord, which I separated into 3 long blue cords.  (The trinity?)

I was working in my office and was told to set up a meeting in the conference room for 9 p.m. That set up a situation where nobody had the correct form to fill out, as everyone who attended the meeting would have to sign the form. I was shown a variety of forms including a contract and finally I said I would design my own form using a ruler.

At noon the next day, I met with a couple of other women. We were supposed to go to school. Out in the backyard of the business where we worked were 3 schools, each one farther from the building. the first one was brick and glass, the one farthest was dark brown and I knew instinctively I didn't want to go there.

A woman with long blonde hair arrived in a car. The guard asked who she was. She didn't seem to be able to describe herself. I then became her and I was sitting there I the car working on untangling my hair so I could think better.

I was walking down a long hall, smuggling a black gun and black purse in the large black bag. As I ran alongside another woman who was helping me, the gun turned into a communication radio with an antenna and the black purse turned into a white purse and the large black bag turned into a white one.

Sounds like 'transformation'.


11-25-01 - DREAM - I was writing about water and floods and making preparations for same so others would know about it.



11-25-01 - DREAM - I was preparing rat poison and wanted to place it so it wouldn't hard the pet dogs. Nobody seemed to know where a good place would be.

I noticed that the people who lived in the house had extraordinary huge and beautiful teeth.

Then I saw some strange looking monkeys I had never seen before and was told they were from Madagascar.

Here again, there was talk of flooding and that the Christians knew it was coming.


11-27-01 - VISIONARY DREAM - I was seeing vaguely a man driving a stagecoach and he was downloading writes to me via Powerweb on a laptop to me.


11-28-01 - DREAM - I was looking for my old schoolmate Dorothy. This was not like real. I was looking from a distance. She was dressed in a white spacesuit and was like a Jedi-knight with the ETs.


11-28-01 - DREAM - I was moving across the street - seemingly in Milwaukee, but across the street seemed like Tacoma, WA.

My son Ken was driving the car which was more like a bus because I didn't know the streets very well. There was a big sweeping curved road that joined the city from a lower part to an upper part - like part of the city was low along the coast of a large body of water and then up that curving road, was an upper city on top of the hill.

I felt more comfortable in the upper city because the streets were laid out more comfortably for me to find my way around.

I lived in the upper city. Ken was complaining that he and Debe were giving up eating goodies because Debe's mother baked too much and fed them too well.

I got to my new apartment. It had nothing in it yet and I was cleaning it so I could move in.

I decided to go across the street and clean my old apartment. I was going to move the bedroom furniture first.

I was moving from the 3rd floor to the 3rd floor. My old apartment number was 311.

As I made my way out of the new building, I had to go out an upper door and down some steps where engineers were sitting, waiting for a lecture . They seemed more interested in women watching than engineering.

A friend of mine who seemed to live in the building was going to follow me across the street and help me move, but I didn't wait for her. She was cleaning in the garage when I left.

I crossed the street to the building where I was actually living and where my furniture was.

The yard of the building was planted with huge gardens of the most unbelievably beautiful flowers and incredible colors.

I tip-toed through her apartment quickly and climbed the closest stairway. At the 3rd floor was a rack with names of schoolmates on blue cars. I was going to look at their reports cards, but decided I probably shouldn't.

I crossed the hall to my apartment 311. I had the key in my hand. It seems that the doors had been changed but I had the keys to the lock. There was actually 2 doors, both highly polished wood, which were back to back.

I unlocked both doors and went inside.

The apartment was HUGE. It was painted yellow. The rooms were HUGE. I was admiring it, wondering why I was moving out of it. I could hear a woman describing the apartment to someone who was going to be renting it after I moved out.

I didn't know why I would move out of such a beautiful place just to move across the street.

NOTE: Somewhere in the dream, I met a man and woman who were Elvis Presley's shunned brother and sister who wanted to be recognized by the world. The man was a doctor, but nobody knew him.


11-28-01 - MEDITATION - I was meditating and had a flash vision of Michelle and a cop in a blue uniform. There was a 3rd person standing there too , but I couldn't see who that was.

I worked on getting more information, and saw her talking to another person.

NOTE: I called her on the phone and told her this. She said she had been stopped by a cop when she was i the car. It was about road construction and the cop got pissed off because the tried to drive around him.


 11-29-01 - DREAM - I was living in a house with other people. I was writing notes about my own experiences, then mailed them to myself so they would be considered copyrighted.

My friend, a young blonde woman with curly hair ran a restaurant. I told her I would help her until I had to leave for work, but I was more of a nuisance than a help, because I had a bathroom accident she had to help me clean up. Actually the customers came in before we were even done cleaning up my accident.

One man sat at the counter and said, "You think I could have 1/2 a hamburger on a pork chop? I was astonished he would ask for such an odd combination and repeated it back to him.

He said, Well then, how about a cup of coffee?

I looked over at the coffee pot and all we had was 1/2 a pot of yesterday's coffee. The woman who ran the restaurant said, maybe we could just heat up yesterday's coffee and he won't notice the difference.

I thought to myself, "that would be like serving mud."

At the same time I was washing the furniture with big white towels, a carpenter was working on the door to the restaurant, but he only made 1/2 a door and then make some connection on the door so it couldn't be close out of wood.

I brought this to his attention and he told me he was only 1/2 done, but he wouldn't be finishing the work today.

I said, "Well then, I'm outa here." It was 1/4 past 4. I found out my dirty wash water , which got all over the floor so I had to wipe that up around the kids nd dogs my friend had.

Then I was holding a new coffee pot that was blue, red, and yellow, and intended to serve coffee in that.

I was told that the blue was cobalt, but the colors I was looking at were more like sky blue, magenta and yellow, not the bright primary colors.


11-29-01 - DREAM - I was in my new house and we were getting ready to paint it. The men, my Father and another man were going to paint the 1st floor. I and my daughter were going to paint the 2nd floor. Everything would be white.


11-29-01 - DREAM - I and my daughter were in New Berlin I think. This was not like reality. We were blue. We were having a good time riding in vehicles and even riding backwards in wheelchairs for fun. I and my daughter and our vehicles were blue, including our skin. We were laughing joyously while we were doing this.

But then we were in the house in the 2nd level room. I was standing, still facing west, and my daughter came in the porch door. She was coming towards me across the room. The floor was divided into squares. If she moved one square, everything was fine, but when she moved forward two squares, a blue man came through the door behind her without opening it. He had a sign on his chest that said, "northwest".

I'm calling him the 'Boogie Man' because it seems like though he was tall like a man, he hand an animal-like face, but he was all blue also.

My daughter took a step forward one square and he didn't move, but when she stepped forward two squares, he also moved forward two squares right behind her.

She moved forward one square towards me. He didn't move, she moved forward towards me two squares and he moved right with her.

He was getting closer and closer to me. He couldn't get around her because there was a wooden counter next to her, he could only follow her, two squares by two squares.

I had to wake up to stop her forward progress because I was afraid what would happen if she got too close to me.

NOTE: Northwest airlines has a blue beanie baby bear that stands.

Bank of the West has a bear logo that is sometimes blue also.

NOTE 2: I started to think a bout the dog-faced man who tried to mate with me and all of a sudden I felt like an electrical zap in my head and heard a bell ring like in a boxing ring. I had been thinking that it might have something to do with Anna Hayes.


One Big Cheeseburger
The Blue man wants one big cheeseburger, but Grover recommends two small cheeseburgers.


Grover the singing telegram deliverer
Grover comes to the door, says he has a singing telegram for the poor blue man, and sings it. It doesn't mean anything to the guy, so Grover then sings ones that goes (to the tune--sort of--of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star") "Twinkle, twinkle, Mrs. Starr/ Do you want to buy my car?" The blue man says, "Do I look like a Mrs. Starr to you?" Grover: "In this light? Not really." The blue man gets upset and slams the door on Grover, who begs and pleads with him to give him one more chance. The blue man relents when Grover promises that this time he won't do a singing telegram. "You won't?" Grover: "No, sir. This is a singing *and* *dancing* telegram: Mr. Johnson, ho ho ho/ I met you once in Buffalo/ I found your hat the other day/ Come and get it..." (Grover pauses and tap dances furiously for a moment) "...right away!" The blue man is astounded. "That's it!" he cries. "My name is Johnson! And I lost a hat in Buffalo! My favorite hat! Quick, tell me who it's from!" Grover, meanwhile, is exhausted, and says, "(pant pant) What?" Blue man: "Who's it from? Who sent me the telegram?" Grover: "Oh, but sir! I remembered all those telegrams, and I remembered the singing and dancing cannot expect me to remember *everything*!!!" Blue man: "What! But...but...oh never mind!!!" And he slams the door. Grover: "Another satisfied customer."


11-30-01 - DREAM - I was in some city. My mother was with me. I as going to take her shopping but instead I left her in a home with a lot of old ladies because she would be happier there.

Then I went to a country-western bar where I hear some music and almost made a date with a strange guy but he wasn't dressed properly.

Then I was going to test drive a bright green car. There was a sign on it that said, "80. I figured I could afford that until I found out that that was the cost of a can of oil to keep it running.

Then my ex-husband Ed showed up and I knew I had to get the baby away from him. I strapped the baby into a sleek long stroller that looked like a bright green race car.

Ed kept telling me stuff to keep me from leaving with the baby, but while he was talking, I walked around the corner with the stroller. I was going to grab the baby out of the stroller and run up the stairs into a house where they did meditation and other esoteric practices, but I knew that's the first place he'd look for me.

The next place on the street was where they used babies to test them for cigarette smoke. The toys were bright primary colors, and green and blue. so I took the baby out of the stroller and took him into that bright place with the colorful toys and left him in that horrible cigarette smoke rather than take him back to Ed.


11-30-01 - VISION - I was thinking about the dream, then I saw a TV set with Geraldo Rivera on it and the idea was that Geraldo should turn on his TV if he wanted to see what was going on.

NOTE: Geraldo left CNN and went with Fox news and then went to Pakistan to cover the war there.


11-30-01 - VISION - After a few minutes went by, then I saw what looked like a big Russian guy walk into the room towards me. His name was real long and Russian and started with a B and a C.


11-30-01 - VISION - I saw the words TORAH MIZRA.

(Torah Mazra is a prison in Palestine)

NOTE: George Harrison of the Beatles died of cancer yesterday. The symbol they used was the green apple. (There is a previous dream of the Green apple symbol previous to this.)