11-1-03 - DREAM - I saw a map of the world from the perspective that I was standing on the north pole. From that perspective I didn't recognize anything. The I saw that the country of Finland was marked off with a thick black line. That helped me figure out what I was looking at.

The scene switched and now I was on the ground in my backyard.

I didn't want to believe what I was seeing. All the trees were slightly tilted, dying little by little, and I noticed that if I pushed them at all, they would fall over.

I then noticed tiny little ants crawling on the ground. They had a huge long line and every third to fifth ant was carrying a packet of white meat on its back.

I figured I'd better get rid of those ants because at the rate they were moving the meat, they could move a lot really fast.

I told my husband about the tilting trees and the ants moving the meat. His response was to take huge packages of meat out of our freezer and place them on the opposite side of the trees to prop the trees up.

I wondered what would happen when the meat started to thaw. These packs of meat were as large as a car, and there were many of them, but even so, thawing meat wasn't going to prop up the trees for long.

I went into the house and saw that my husband had removed all the unnecessary furniture, the carpets, everything we absolutely didn't need to live.

All we had now was the bare essentials. It looked really nice and clean but it sure was a big change.



11-1-03 - VISION - I saw white Eskimo boots with blue trim, going up some stairs.


11-1-03 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building I managed. I was walking the hallways and talking to people.

I was at one particular spot and sat down to visit with some people.

All of a sudden my left eye-lid closed over my eye. I noticed that the left side of my brain and head felt strange too and my left hand was tingling through I could still raise my arm and tap on my eyelid. I had feeling on my eyes, but the lid was closed.

Then the weird sensation went away and my left eye opened again. I was a little worried about it, but didn't think too much about it.

Then it happened again. My left eyelid closed and my grain felt weird and my left hand tingled. Then I started to worry that I was having a series of strokes and maybe my husband should rush me to the hospital for tests.

But my eyelid opened up again and I decided I would just look it up on the internet instead because there was a computer right there.

(Note: The right side of the brain works the left side of the body. The left side of the brain works the right side of the body. So, since the left side of my brain feeling numb and my left eyelid closing and my left hand tingling was not a stroke)

While I sat there, a man came along and asked me about an old lady who used to live with us who had wanted to go live in Texas. I told him that she had gone, but I didn't know if she went to Texas.

He thanked me for the information and left.

Then a nosy, busy baby type of woman came along and started asking me about my old teacher T.M.  She wanted to know if I had had a hot and heavy romance with him. I told her, "No!" which was honest.

Then she wanted to know if I still saw him, and again I said, "No!" which was also true.

Then she asked me if I still wanted to get together with him.

I realized that I had better watch what I said, in case she went back and told T.M's ex-wife that I wanted him - romantically speaking.

So I just said, "I wouldn't mind seeing him again." and left it at that and she left.

Then some little girls dressed in bright blue dresses came along. The littlest girl wanted to know if I would help her. She was holding a card and some artificial flowers in her hands and it looked like she was trying to thread two bright blue threads through a needle at the same time and couldn't do it. I could see her Mom standing in the background watching me, so I said I would try to do it.

When I took the card and flowers, I found that what I thought was thread was actually a thin wire. I straightened out the wire, then noticed the card was addressed, "To Dolores" and I saw that there were two holes in the back of the card and flowers, so I threaded the two wires through the two holes and tied a simple square knot with the wires to hold them together. I showed the older girl the knot in case she wanted to take it apart again.

I then straightened out the card and the flowers for the girls and saw that the cards were a giant-sized letter E which was silver on a silver dot right in the center of it with a ring around it.

For some reason I thought it was Chinese - symbolically speaking.

The girls then walked away with the card and I wondered who it was really for.

Elizabeth was my Catholic confirmation name, and my real name is Dolores, so I felt good about the symbolism, because the single dot represents the deity.

I then looked at the computer and thought of barring it on for the public to use and saw that there were two connection speeds  27 and 62. Then I remembered that if I left it connected, I would have to pay all the costs  for the connection. So I closed down my account connection, but left the computer on for others to use with their own connections.


11-2-03 -  I had two dreams where I was trying to get ready to make love to H.P. and we kept getting interfered with by other people in my apartment building.

NOTE: My friend Michelle had a rather similar dream only with her it was her and Paul getting ready to make love and getting interfered with by other people. Finally she called Dee and Dee told her to go to her grandfather's house. When she and Paul got there, Dee and Joe were there. They had bought her grandfather's house. Dee said, "Don't worry - we'll lease for awhile. But then the real estate people came to show the house because Dee and Joe had forgotten to tell them that they had bought the house.


11-3-03 - DREAM - I went to a local bar using a newspaper coupon. They had lots of products in the newspaper and I ripped them all out and gave them to everyone I knew so they could go too.

At the bar, there was a poster of a series of houses. They were called Apache dogs. They were in series of groups of 3 - large small large and small large small.

These whole posters were full of these groupings.

There was a little girl there who pooped in her high chair. But it was red war -paint when I cleaned it up.

I went out on the porch and there was a man dancing out there - who had drunk a series of 3 Russian drinks. He was really sink. The 3 drinks looked like religious glass ____ with round towers on it.  It smelled really sour.


VISION - I saw 7 Native American Spirit Keepers.

They were vertebrae bones with wings, decorated with feathers, beads, macramé, etc.  Each one was different.


11-5-03 - DREAM - (Twice) I dreamed about pirates. I had a vision of a 3-masted pirate ship in each dream. The one guy and his woman had a long name starting with Z like Zuerbreuccher or something like that but he spoke with a Boston accent.

I refused to hire him to stay the winter and shovel snow, so he got mad and got up to leave but he abandoned his baby and said he was going to Florida.

I called 911 to report the abandoned baby. Then a delivery truck came and brought boxes and boxes of books. One was damaged in that the manuscript was separated from its binding. It was a huge package. - about 10 inches thick.

The address on it had my last name Collins but was addressed to Mark Otis.

I thought I had better save all the paperwork, including address labels and invoices in case I needed to do something with it later.

When I left my house, I went to a public building like a school and the maintenance workers all came out and danced in the halls like it was Pirates of Penzance or something.

I heard the Boston accent but can't remember what he said.

At the end, it was either a cop or the delivery man who said he would take care of everything, so I didn't have to confront the pirate guys myself, then he stopped to tell my red-headed relatives that the pool where she went swimming was too shady and she should go somewhere where there was more sun. She said she knew of a sunnier place and gave him the address which I can't remember. He was worried about her getting more sun.


11-5-03 - DREAM - I kept seeing two men in a cloth bag like the old-fashioned baby nightgowns. They called them 'sacks'.

I know that 1/2 in the bag means 'drunk'.

But "in the bag" means something is already set.  There is no chance to lose. 

I wish I knew which political candidates were meant. The Democrats haven't chosen running mates yet, so does it mean Bush/Cheney in the bag?

NOTE;  Since then, we have John Kerry, with John Edwards as Vice President.


11-6-03 - DREAM - I lived in a huge house with a bunch of young people. Though I didn't witness it myself, it seems that their was a rowdy party on the first floor the night before, but a work crew had been there and had painted the walls white and cleaned up the mess.

I came down from upstairs to get the mail and each time I did that and came back into the house, the mailman came back and delivered more mail. The third time, not only was more mail out in the street, a flatbed delivery truck was out front delivering a new bed.

The delivery man looked like Geraldo Rivera, who had witnessed the rowdy party the night before, he and his work crew who were all good looking young guys were delivery this new bed and I had to show them where it was going to go upstairs.

I grabbed the top powder blue quilt off the truck myself, thanked Geraldo for making my bed, which was already set up out in the street.

The delivery crew was already in the house using the downstairs bathroom. They asked, "Where do we go?" I said, "Upstairs where all the action is" and I walked past this old bed frame that had broken electric lights all around the outside of the frame. It was standing upright on its side in the hallway, ready to be taken out and they were delivering a brand new one just like it with all new electric bulbs.

As  I climbed the stairs, which were like the stairway in the theatre for the film  ________________ . They were carpeted in pink and each stair was deep enough to take two full strides before taking another stair up.

On the way up the stairs, I met two young women. One was my daughter-in-law Becky who wanted to know when to take her headache medicine and I told her to take it right away. Then we met a young girl who wanted to know who all the young guys were , who all looked like young cute movie stars and when I told her what they were doing in my house, she wanted to know if she could pay some rent and move right in at the beginning of February.

I said, "Sure!" and continued to climb the pink stairway.

At the top of the stairway were two large over-size glass mirrored doors with no handles on them, so I pushed them open and found myself on a huge balcony which overlooked the entire city which was way down below - in a valley.

I immediately woke up.


11-7-03 - DREAM - I was in a large place like a school. I was standing in a hallway with another woman, admiring some tall young men - there were three of them standing nearby who had come in to act the part of doctors in a play.

I told her which one I admired most though I was older than they were and they wouldn't be interested in me on a personal basis. But there were other young women there they would have liked.

I went outside then. It was cloudy out, but out behind the building, someone had carefully laid out garden rows in several different directions.

I started to plant seeds in the rows, then took a hoe to bury the seeds several inches deep, knowing that when the rains came, this crop would come up and grow nicely.

At the same time, I knew there were the bodies of some young men buried nearby.

When I left this place with the other young woman, we were driving on a rather narrow gravel road - the roads were laid out in a rather woodsy area like some cemeteries are  - like in a maze of narrow roads.

Coming towards us was a cop car, but in the center of the road was a vehicle labeled 'VOYAGER' and we could have avoided the cop by driving in a triangle pattern around that vehicle because the cop would have gone around that vehicle on the other side.

But she didn't want to do that so she drove backwards very fast out of the cemetery - like place to avoid the cops.

We got out to the main road - it was even darker and cloudier now and there was so much deep sand in the road, we couldn't drive at all, so we were trudging along through the sand, pulling our car behind us.

As it was, we passed a tall black woman who was going the other direction towards the cemetery. We didn't acknowledge her, nor did she acknowledge us - we just rather passed each other by in opposite directions.


11-8-03 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building and I heard a rumour that my girlfriend Nancy was going to be hurt by someone. I wanted to save her, so I started gathering young men from the building to tell them about this so they could help protect her. I started knocking on doors and sending these men to apartment 106 so I could tell them what might happen if we didn't protect her.

Then Nancy and her little girl arrived and I pulled her into apartment 106. I kept collecting more and more young men from the building and sending them to apartment 106 so that I could protect her.

NOTE:  Nancy died of a heart attack at the age of 29 in 1969. That event changed my life and caused me to study metaphysics and the spiritual realm/reality of existence.


11-8-03 - DREAM -  I was at an apartment building and my friend Dianne was standing outside talking to some woman about finding a crystal glass egg cover - because hers had gotten lost.

I told her that she should look at the Good Will because they had lots of old glassware there and that she might find a cover to match her glass egg dish which was about 9" across from end to end.

While we were talking, an outdoor exhibit of what was at the Good Will - was on the lawn nearby. I started pointing out examples of glassware patterns that I grew up with that they had. I also saw examples of large books of wallpaper and large examples of large books of fabric samples. I found that fascinating and wanted to get something like that just for fun. But I was standing n line to ask the woman in charge for a book I wanted that told about a particular author that started with the letter P who lived in Europe in the Middle Ages. But when I was standing in line, I suddenly couldn't remember what his name was.

So I was going to write his name down and it wouldn't come to mind, suddenly the man's own handwriting started to appear on the paper - coming through my own hand - I as actually channeling the man's writing without knowing what he was writing - it just appeared on the paper but I was writing it in a whole different handwriting than my own.

While I was doing this, I heard a separate thought in my head say, "Just go with the flow!" .... and I did.



Ed Dames said that the next sun event will be within 3 weeks. He calls it the "kill shot". This last one he calls the "shot across the bow".

He also said that the next big earthquake in Japan that will be larger than a 7 that will take out a nuclear plant.

This will happen in May of 2005 or shortly thereafter.

The sun destroys earth every 11,500 years.

The sun is ramping up for another one.  The earth actually fries at intervals.

To get the timing of an event in the future is to ask for a known event just before the unknown event in remote viewing.

The magnetic shield will start to oscillate. Tremendous amounts of protons are going to hit earth.

The polar ice will melt on both poles and cause the earth to wobble. It will cause waves of 2,500 feet and take out lots of people, but many will survive.

There are safe places, underground as high altitudes. The high winds will destroy more than the sun's heat will


11-08-03 - DREAM - (During the night I heard a radio show with Art Bell and Dr. M. Franks about parallel universes and how they work, which I believe is true.)  In the dream, I had just listened to the radio show and this was fresh in my mind.

DREAM - I lived next door to a young good looking young man, and I saw out the window that he was coming over to visit me. But I had other things to do and didn't want to take the time to sit and visit with him, so I tried to pretend I wasn't home and I wasn't going to answer the door. But I noticed that the lights were on and he'd be able to see in the windows and seeing the lights going off. Then I lay down on the couch with something tall in front of me so he couldn't see me, but because he was tall, when he came up o the porch I could see the top of his head, so I scrunched down even lower and hoped he couldn't see any part of me in return. So I lay there really quiet, hoping he would go away.

All of a sudden, this tiny little baby boy walks into the room, followed by a slightly larger little boy followed  by a slightly large little boy, followed by the kid next door. I pretended to have been asleep and I knew the kid next door had sent in the little boys in that particular order so that I wouldn't be afraid if he broke into my house all by himself.

So I had to act all happy and picked up the little boys and hugged and kissed them and told the littlest boy to come back when he was a teenager and I'd teach him how to kiss. He was so cute. The oldest kid next door said he came into the house because he just wanted to make sure I was okay. I told him that was nice of him to care.

The little boys said they wanted to go down into the basement and work on some projects so I said that was okay.

They all went downstairs and I decided I would go to the bathroom.

The bathroom was a yellow metal cubicle which seemed to be like a toilet in front of 3 yellow metal refrigerators on each wall and a door in front of it.

I was sitting on the toilet when all of a sudden my ex-husband Ed walked into the room that the bathroom door was facing, which I had left open.

He saw me sitting there and I saw him lay down on the couch and he asked me, "You got any liquor in the house?"

I said, "No!" which was a lie because I knew there was a bottle of some green stuff in the pantry on the shelf. But from the way he looked I was assuming he was already drunk and my memories ran the gamut of all the things I knew he had done n the past and that he would be capable of repeating in the future.

He said, "You'd better go to the store and get some then."

I knew those little boys were in the basement but I didn't want my ex-husband to know that and I didn't want to risk any of the bad stuff to happen again by remaining in the house with him. Knowing about parallel universes, I also know that all the bad thing s I had just imagined were already starting to unfold and could manifest in the physical, so my only choice was to leave the house, letting the boys stay in the basement, and take my chances that when I left the house and didn't come back, he would just go to sleep and everything would turn out all right.


11-9-03 - DREAM - I was working in an office and part of my job was to set up a card system to record the dates of events that occurred only once a year.

One of the cards that I saw was a list of what looked like French magazines and I couldn't figure out what kind of magazines they were until I saw the English words. "I saw me" after it. Then I knew the card was a list of French UFO magazine. I don't know what I was supposed to do with this list, but I planned to send the list to myself in an e-mail so I wouldn't lose the list.

One of the women there didn't like my card system because I had made at least 5 spaces on each card and she thought I should have one card for each event. I asked her if she had ever seen a pattern and where there is one line for each usage of the pattern. I showed her a pattern card and that was also in French.

I wanted to go to lunch with some of the women, but decided I shouldn't go, dressed as I was because I was wearing a full coverall apron with the name of our company on it.  (I couldn't read it though, because when I looked down, it was upside down to me and the printing was in big black letters - white on brown fabric.)

Then we went outside and there was a surprise test for the woman who didn't like my card system. There was a car in the parking lot, which was full of water and there were 5 little girls trapped inside the car, who were already under the water and not breathing and their legs were trapped by the car seats. The woman passed the test, by releasing the girls and getting them out before they drowned but then we discovered a 6th girl in the car, and she was and because we had chosen "her" car for the test because she had been hiding in it and didn't want to be found and we had found her by accident because of the test.

We then left for lunch and I woke up.


11-11-03 - DREAM - I was living in a house somewhere. I had lots of pets like kittens and birds. When I would walk from room to room they would go with me by climbing up the backs of my legs so I would have to walk very carefully so they wouldn't fall off.

I decided to go shopping then. I was wearing really high-heeled shoes - like 5" so I had to walk carefully. I didn't want to spend a lot of money - just enough so I could break a large bill and get some change.

I walked into a dime store (a 5 & 10). It was crowded with people. I immediately saw their pet section and high on the shelves they had tiny little fish tanks - only about 4" across and each one had a pair of guppies in them.

I thought about the rainbow colored fish I used to have with fond memories and I knew that my daughter-in-law Lorna had a fish tank, so I really wanted to get a couple of these little fish tanks too.

But there were two obstacles to having these fish tanks - #1 was they cost $75.00 each - that was a really high price.  #2 - I would have to carry them home without tripping and falling with my high-heeled shoes and spilling the fish out of the water.

I looked closely into one of these little fish tanks and I saw their little fish-eyes. They looked like seeds that needed to be planted.


11-11-03 - DREAM - I was going to visit someone who had birds, and to get into their house one had to cross a narrow bridge that had two narrow spirals on it that were called Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I wondered if my birds would like that spiral on their bridge too. - even if we cut the spiral a little lower - it wouldn't be so difficult to cross. 

May 12, 1997

Funny Bits: Quotes from the Conference

The STAR conference in San Jose last week was filled with informative presentations, dynamic speakers, and lots of great quotes.

"I just realized that in Jonathan Livingston Seagull [by Richard Bach], a seagull leaves his flock to pursue perfection. I left a flock of perfectionists to pursue good enough." - James Bach noting the relationship between his career choices and those of the main character in a book by his father, Richard Bach, in his presentation "Good Enough Testing for Good Enough Software."

"When we screw up in testing, it isn't because we only ran 5000 tests and should have run 5001. It's because we totally forgot an entire area to test." - James Bach

"Then there's the Earthquake model of development: the requirements shake up regularly." - Margaret Ramsey proposing other development models besides the Waterfall and Spiral model in her presentation, "The Accidental Test Manager."

"I'm going to let the steamroller of reality explain this to you." - James Bach


After listening to Maurice Cotterell about the sun spots & 2012 - which is nine years from now.

11-12-03 - VISION - I saw a tree trunk with one thin branch which had a round swirl of 5 leaves and each leaf was a different shade of green.

I saw a news page that had links to 5 separate articles about the sun. 

I saw hundreds of people, like in a subway tunnel. They were all in a panic and crushing into each other in their fear.

DREAM -  I was sitting in a car with my 5 sons and my 5th son (Bill) got out of the right side of the car and came around to the  drivers' side of the car to take a nap. He hit the heater switch because winter was coming, but  I told him to turn it down so it wouldn't get too hot in the car.

DREAM - I was putting my 5th baby son (Bill) to bed and he slipped off the mattress and went beneath the mattress where I couldn't see him anymore.


11-12-03 - DREAM - I was visiting someone's house and I needed to go to the bathroom. The door was loose so I had to prop it open in the doorway, but because it was loose, all these kids came in to get a drink of water. There were 5 girls and each girl had to go home with her own glass with flowers in it.

I got a huge blister on my lower lip. It got so huge, I finally asked a black woman who came into the bathroom to prick it with her hat pin which she did.

There was a man there who said, "That is nothing compared to the hard yellow growth tumour you get in your mouth. I had to agree with him on that one.

Outside, there was a ceremony where the girls were lining up for something. I proudly pinned flowers and ribbons on the back of my daughter's head so she could participate. 


11-13-03 - DREAM - I was working in an office where all the women were temporary employees. Some worked just one day, some worked two days. I had been there for awhile but I was still considered temporary.

I was a rental agent apparently  -a middle-aged couple came in and asked me if we had any two bedroom apartments available, so I got out the chart, and the chart showed that  I had a really nice two bedroom apartment #101 on the southeast corner of the building. So we walked down the hall. I had the keys to this apartment, but when we got there, there was a black family already in the apartment. There was a glass door on the apartment, so I knocked on it to get their attention, but they wouldn't answer the door. I could see them moving around, even moving furniture. I tired asking other people nearby how long those people had been there, but nobody knew. 

Then it became apparent that these people were squatters in the apartment and I would have to get them out somehow. I continued knocking on their window door and gradually, the people left, taking all their belongings with them. It was then I saw that there were no outer walls on this apartment, these people had actually been living outside. 

I looked at the wall foundation and they were all broken down and being beaten on by the ocean that was encroaching on the walls. I knew the walls could be rebuilt, but how long could they stand with the water rising and beating on them? 

I told the people I didn't know how long it would take to rebuild the apartment so I couldn't rent it to them right now.

I woke up just as I saw a sign that they were the L.L. Leaders.

I knew this meant El El Leaders.  (El=God)  EA/ENKI, and ENLIL


11-13-03 - DREAM  I was trying to buy some property. The piece I wanted was taken, but there was one left. It was beautiful, but it was all sand and the ocean was encroaching on it. Someone brought in a load of sand to fill it in, but it was still sand and it would wash away too.

NOTE:  The two above dreams seem to be about Global Warming, but I don't know what that has to do with EA/ENKI and ENLIL.


11-14-03 - DREAM - I was in this mall-like place and this young woman wanted me to try on some new fashions and they looked like red checkered pajamas. I told her I wouldn't mind them so much maybe if they were striped or something - but there were lots of red dancing skirts hanging on the clothes racks that were more feminine.

We decided to go to the bathroom and when we got in there, there was no toilet in there, it was like a little waiting room with benches and chairs and there were little old ladies sitting in there.

While I was there, a little boy came in and he was crying a little. We asked him what was wrong and he said he had a pain in his chest by his heart and he thought there was blood leaking down inside his chest and he was afraid it was going to show on his underwear.

He was so said, we said we would look and see if there was blood on his underwear and we opened his belt buckle and he was wearing men's pants that were way too big for him and they were dirty from the knees down like he had been crawling in the dirt. We asked him how he had gotten his pants so dirty and he said he had been digging some fishing worms for a guy who was going fishing at 8:30 a.m. in the morning. 

We told him not to plan on going back to dig more worms because the guy could dig his own worms - we were going to make sure he just rested awhile until he felt better and we would wash his pants meanwhile so they were clean when he was reading to put them back on. So he just lay down on a cot to rest in the room next to the waiting room.


11-14-03 - DREAM - I was living in a big house and a Jewish scholar or professor came to stay with me. I put him in a large bedroom right off the dining room that had a tricky triple door on it.  A double door fit the opening but this third center door attached between those two with pegs on the side and had geometric shapes on the one side of it.

(I think the Jewish man is a lightbeing)

The Michelle flew in to help me deal with the Jewish man.

The Jewish man and Michelle sat at this long dining table across from me and I read my dream from the journal to her, which was about her father. Then I realized as she was sitting there with her short curly hair that I hadn't even hugged her.

So I got up and walked around the table and gave her a big hug. It was then I realized she was way taller than I was. I also realized then that Michelle looked very much like my old friend Nancy who died in 1969. She had always told me how short she was.

When I turned around, I realized that my fish hadn't had any water in some time and they were living in tall wine glasses instead of the big tank they were supposed to be in.

I started putting water into the wine glasses for the fish then realized that the fish tank was full of water , it was just dusty on top. I asked how water could be dusty on top, but it was - it was covered with pink dust. 

So I got out the vacuum cleaner with the long wand and suggested that anyone who felt like it could vacuum the dust off the fish tank. 

I then realized I was still wearing my long pink bathrobe over my clothes and I hadn't combed my hair yet, so I went to my bedroom to take care of that and take a tranquilizer. 

I ended up taking 1/2 a tranquilizer because I dropped half of it on the floor while trying to drink water from a shot-glass and it was hard to get enough water to swallow a pill from such a small glass.

I started to hear a vacuum cleaner going while I was in the bedroom and realized it was probably Michelle vacuuming the top of the fish tank to get rid of the dust because Michelle couldn't sit still for 2 seconds if there was something that had to be done. 

I came out of my bedroom and discovered the Jewish professor's door was open and I looked at his room and saw his beautiful pale green King Size bed. The covers weren't straight so I went in and straightened the covers. 

As I came out of the room and noticed that the third door on the room had come apart from the other two and was leaning on the wall with the geometric shapes showing in pastel colors.

I was somewhat upset that the door was broken and the door wide open. 

The Jewish Professor was standing there with two very tall companions who were about 7 feet tall. I told the professor that I was sorry, but I preferred that the door to the bedroom be closed.

I would get the door fixes. My son was a carpenter and I was certain he could figure out how that third door was attached.

He said, "Are you sure you don't want that door closed just because I'm Jewish?"

I assured him that wasn't it, because I had Jewish heritage myself. I just never mentioned it. I was just concerned about the broken door.

He accepted my explanation and I woke up. 


11-15-03 - DREAM - I got a new job working as a secretary in a 2nd story walk up office. I don't know what we did there exactly, but some magazines that were left in the center drawer of my desk were over-size glossy magazines all advertising about DESIGN. I never saw such beautiful glass photographs of flowers in my life. I set them aside to read as soon as I had time. 

Meanwhile, they were hiring a receptionist and she was picking out what kind of jeweled rings on her fingers as appropriate to her position. I pointed out to her that the rings she was choosing were masculine because they were so large. A black woman looked at my right hand and all my rings were huge glossy inlaid Tiger-eye and gold. All of them were brown tones. 

She told me the I couldn't wear that color - that only brown-skinned people could wear those gemstone. I said, "What if I have brown hair and wear a brown suit and brown shoes? She was aghast that I would even want to and she hesitated and said, "Well maybe if the brown color went down your leg too and I assured her that I would wear either brown stockings or brown slacks.

She acceded that maybe I could them were brown gemstones too.

After the boss left, we started going through boys of stuff that other office tenants had thrown out into the dumpster. There were lots of extra-large plastic bottles one would use in a dishwasher dispenser.

None of us had a dishwasher dispenser, but we still had to wash dishes so we stuck those bottles under the sink and I gave away some smaller ones to the people who had done the dumpster diving. They were worried whether someone was going to see our trash when we threw it away and I assured him we would throw our garbage in someone else's dumpster so nobody would know we did dumpster diving.

I asked someone to start vacuuming the floor then even though it was 9:15 p.m. at night so that our office was nice looking in the morning.

I noticed there was a gouge in the blue wallpaper behind a chair in the reception room, so I  had to make a note to call a wallpaper repairman in the morning. If we were going to be an upscale office, we had to behave upscale as well.

I had to go to the bathroom then. I walked in there and saw that everything was powder blue and decorated with lace. Or Englishman accountant came in the room too and said he had never used a 'loo' like ours. He had his back to me and when he went pee, he screamed out loud. I don't know if he dipped his wicket in cold water or what, but he sure didn't know how to use our toilet. 


11-16-03 - DREAM - I was on the east side of the city. (I think it was Milwaukee, WI) where I had to pick up some lesson material for a group of people I was teaching.

To go home, I had to drive up to the big intersection on Capitol Drive and then all the way out to the west side of the city to 172nd street and then all the way south to my home. It was a long drive. Many miles.

I was just pulling up to the intersection in heavy traffic (heading north) and a huge storm came up and it rained so hard, traffic came to a dead stop.

I decided I would pull around the semi-trucks ahead of me and make my left turn and keep going. That was not only illegal, it was totally dangerous, which I realized as soon as I did it, so I made another dangerous move and made a big U turn and ended up driving off the road in mud, along with a bunch of other cars which had pulled off during the storm. This was another dangerous situation, so I pulled back up on the road and headed south.

Ahead of me was a valley with a bridge over it. There was no traffic at all. I thought I would be smart and cross the bridge and the valley and go home a different way. I realized my mistake before I went very many feet, because all the water from the storm was still running downhill and making the river rise. 

It was a good thing I was paying attention, because the river was rising almost fast enough to catch me as I backed up from the rising flood. I basically ended up right where I had started.

So I was sitting there in my car and a couple of friends came along - a woman drove up - coming south and I showed her my lesson page and I told her I had to make 7 copies of each one because there were 7 people in my group. That meant 49 copies since there were 7 sheets. She didn't think that was too bad, so I stopped complaining about the cost of copying them.

Then a man friend of both of ours came along and walked down the road to check the flood and decided there was no way I was going to drive home. The river had risen to within 100 ft. of where I had started.

So, the man got into our car, they pulled a shield down (like a convertible hood) which covered me and all of a sudden we took off straight up and now we were flying in a silvery white space-ship that held just the three of us.

We were not flying very high and I wondered how we could fly so fast and still miss all the electrical and telephone wires. When we reached the country, we flew a little higher and flew through a couple of small clouds which I watched disperse behind us from our speed of passing through them.

We landed in a farm field near my house and as we walked along, there were a couple pairs of orange cats there. I commented, "It must be spring,"  I grinned and went into my house to contemplate all that had happened.

I was talking to myself and at this point and I said to myself, "How else would things happen in the netherworld?" 

That freaked me out so much to think like that , I decided I had to wake up and so I did.


11-17-03 - I had three dreams in a row on the same topic - UFO Researchers.

On the list I was shown in dream #1, the name that was highlighted was Brother Blue. (His website has disappeared for the second time)

In dream #2 - I was trying to make a copy of this list and the paper in the copier was too large and it kept wrinkling so I couldn't read it nor distribute it or recopy it. Another woman came over to the office copier and showed me that there was a stack of paper that was smaller - but this paper was too small and it had pictures on one side. It was used for dinner, menus for church socials. One for each Sunday of the month. so I couldn't use that to copy my list of UFO Researchers either.

As I woke up, I was seeing an animated vision of a tall young man walking fast down a street, smiling at a shorter, older woman who was turned away from me. She was looking up at him. Since this was a non-color vision - I can't say what color clothing these people were wearing, but her hat looked black and her suit looked grey and so did his suit and I will swear on a stack of Bibles - she was Queen Elizabeth.


11-18-03 - A POOP DREAM

My long time friend E.H. who calls himself IOESOUS in many dreams came to live with us. There seemed to be yellow poop everywhere, and it was dried on blankets and on the walls, so I had to clean all this. While I was working on the walls, I noticed as I washed them, there was a series of 4 of 5 layers of faces on the walls. (reincarnational lives?)

He called me 'mother' as a term of endearment. He was not necessarily interacting with my family - just living there.

When I went down into the basement, past the furnace and hot water heater, I noticed there were no adjustment knobs on them, so whatever temperature they were, I couldn't change it. I was hoping he would fix that, because was the electricity master. 


11-19-03 - DREAM - I rented a room in a large house in a small town. The owner decided she'd figure out how much I should pay later. It depended on how much help I was in the house, how many people shared my room, etc. There were lots of kids in this house so I was always doing something and watching someone. Later, a guy asked me how much rent I paid and I had to tell him I didn't know yet, which was true, but it was an uncomfortable feeling just the same.

I had to go to the business office for an interview for my new job then. I tried to say, "Hello" when I arrived but no real sound came out of my lips and then the secretary berated me for not speaking to her when she spoke to me and I tried to explain what happened, but she said, "You mean you tried to speak and no sound came out?"

I just nodded and she accepted my apology, which I didn't really make - just an explanation, but she understood anyway and then I felt better too.

While I sat there, my daughter and a guy who was supposed to be her husband came in to apply for a job. They sat down and filled out papers.

A few minutes later, my landlord - a woman kind of like "Our Miss Brooks", came and spoke to me out in the hall and whispered, "I like your daughter, but I don't much like her husband." So I knew my daughter would get hired, but not her husband,, so I got my daughter aside out in the hall and she was then taller than me and had light brown skin like a light-skinned Negro woman and I couldn't figure out how that had happened because I knew her father wasn't a black man as far as I knew. I had to tell her what my boss/landlord had said, and it was very uncomfortable, especially now that my daughter seemed like a stranger to me.

When we walked back into the waiting room, my sister was sitting on a chair eating lunch. We greeted each other and then it was time for me to leave.

I tried to get out of the place, but a young girl stopped me and said that the boss/landlord wanted me to take some food with me. She handed me a white plastic bag with 3 heads of leaf lettuce. They were really beautiful - different shades of green. But before I could leave, I ended up with a white cooler that had the lettuce, 2 loaves of large-sliced Italian bread, a loaf of dark bread, German bread  and a chunk of bologna that was labeled Columbo, which tasted rather like liverwurst and I and several other people really couldn't identify it.

I then also met my son Tom and his oldest son Brian at the door. We were surprised to see each other, but it felt good to see him again and I had to explain how I got all the food. 

Then I met a man who was hungry and I offered him a sandwich which he was glad to get but we still couldn't identify what kind of sausage it was. Several of us tasted it.

I woke up and I can still taste it. It tastes like the beans from my chili yesterday. :-)


11-20-03 - The radio was on with a radio interview about lost ancient civilizations.

In my dream,  I was listening to the radio about ancient civilizations. The big question was how many civilizations had there been before ours and where had they gone.

I looked at the radio dial for the schedule, because the known civilizations were listed there by channel. The first 27 channels were blank. Human beings weren't mentioned until Channel 35.

Had there been that many civilizations before us? What happened to them? Where did they go? Could this happen to us in the future too?



11-21-03 - VISION - I had the radio on - listening to the radio about the assassination of JFK. I shut off the radio to go to sleep and almost as soon as I closed my eyes, I saw a white empty head on a background of electric blue. Then it change and now there were 4 white empty heads where there had been one. (A prediction for 4 more Presidential killings?)  (Or were there 4 shooters?)


11-21-03 - VISIONARY IMPRESSION  - The cover of my next book showed the drawing of the one-eyed sun. 


11-22-03 - DREAM - I was somewhere where kids were being picked up for school at a bus stop. The bus came to a stop and I told the bus driver to let two little handicapped kids who couldn't walk very well to be allowed to go to their seats first so they didn't get knocked down by the other kids rushing to find a seat.

My old boss Ralph then was going to drive me to work n a big blue pick-up truck.

We were driving along for quite awhile in silence without saying anything to each other and then he said, "Did you say that God told you about the A ____ it' program?  Which was a government program about aiding handicapped bus riders?

I replied, "I didn't say that God told me a program name!"

He said, "Oh!" but obviously I hadn't known there was a government program like that either. It was just using common sense.

We drove around a corner and ahead of us, 12 older teens or college-age kids had placed a huge tree trunk balanced on a ledge of an apartment building on the left side of the street to a ledge on an apartment building on the right side of the street. They were very exuberant in using this innovative way to cross the street without having to deal with traffic, but it was 'very' dangerous.

It was not only dangerous for the kids crossing the street on the tree trunk, it was dangerous to drive under the tree trunk as well. 

So we stopped - not driving under the tree trunk - almost holding our breaths.

finally, the last kid got from the left side of the street and crossed over the right side of the street safely and I breathed a sign of relief.

We still didn't want to drive under the tree trunk and nobody else was either. We got out of the truck and I thought it might be better to go inside the building on one side of where the tree trunk was and come out of the building on the other end to avoid the danger.

Just then, a woman dressed all in black was coming down the street from behind us, and before I could say anything to warn her about the danger of walking under the tree trunk, the tree trunk let loose on the left side of the street. 

Not knowing what appendage the tree trunk was hanging on, now it was even more dangerous. 

I decided I'd better go into the building and alert the Management to the danger and have them call the city to bring a crane to safely remove the tree trunk so it didn't hurt anyone.

I knew the executive office was on the second floor, but the Manager's office for rentals was right by the door, so I decided I would go to the Managers office because speed of telling someone about the dangerous tree trunk was so important. 

So, I knocked on the door and when it was opened I was astonished to see hundreds of  men and women inside the office in absolute chaos, all talking at the same time. I told the woman who opened the door that I needed to speak to the manager or someone higher right away.

While I was speaking, I heard a man say loudly, "What we need to be doing is 'fishing."

Then the woman closed the door in my face and I didn't know if she was calling the Manager t the door or not so I could alert them to the danger of the tree trunk hanging on the side of the building.

See: right-left.htm


11-24-03 - DREAM - I had two beautiful girl babies, and I left them upstairs in their crib when I went downstairs to welcome guests.

Downstairs, Joe's aunt Effie came to visit and brought with her a beautiful girl baby.

Then my Mom arrived and she saw Joe's aunt Effie's baby and she picked her up and started dancing around the room with her.

I wanted to say, "Wait, you haven't seen my tow babies yet. That baby you are kissing isn't even mine."

(This has to be about genealogy because that is what I've been working on for several days.)


11-23-03 - DREAM - I was with Irv and he was walking me home along a really difficult stretch of terrain. We were walking along the side of a mountain and the pathways were really narrow. Finally the pathways ended and we had to climb up and over a stone precipice. (it really felt like foam cardboard). I managed to pull myself up to the top. It felt good to be successful.

I then went to work in a building, getting ready to move, but before we could move, I thought I should do the laundry first. I started pulling out all the light colored clothes first. I noticed that all my Father's clothes were hanging in the closet yet and they were all blue and green. There was quite a bit to do yet.

I thought I was working either for or with my sister but then my brother Marty showed up and it appeared I was really working for him.

(I can't remember the details of the end of this. It had to do with choose what wine bottles to take with us.)


11-24-03 - The reason why humans are prevented from interacting interdimensionally with spirits:

DREAM - I was in a house, laying in bed and there was another family living in the room next to me.

There was a woman in the next room whom I could see through the wall as though it didn't exist.

The woman in the other room reached out her arm through the non-existent wall to touch me.

I didn't want this woman to touch me, so I jumped over about 6" in the bed - but I woke up and actually jumped over the same 6" in my bed in the physical.

Since I was awake and could no longer see or feel the woman, I felt really stupid for jumping over in my bed.


11-25-03 - DREAM - Feelings in Dreams

I was in a large building, interacting with various people I knew well. I went out into the hallway and met a man I didn't know, but when he came close and looked in my eyes, there was a lot of sexual energies flying between us. He started discussing what good feelings there were and I started to wonder if he as going to want to develop a relationship with me, and as soon as I thought that, a young, pretty girl came along the hallway and the young guy caught her eye and started doing the same thing with her.

Lesson: Sexual feelings don't make a relationship.


11-26-03 - DREAM -  I was at home in New Berlin. There were some other people in the house including a nice white-haired woman.

We weren't doing anything in particular that I can recall. I saw a purchase order with the number 3213213 and mentioned it because it was an interesting number. I also saw the number 4217 on another one. 

There were a bunch of black and white cats in the house including one all white one and I let them all out of the house.

Then the white-haired woman drove me to her house which was right down the road past the two churches on the hill right before National Ave.

As we drove past the park, there was a lot of traffic coming out and some near accidents, but when we got to the woman's house, there was another woman there who thanked me for mentioning the number 3213213 because it was the license number on a car she was behind and when that car which was a white station wagon rolled over in an accident she was able to avoid the accident.

She said the rolled-over white station wagon was in the parking lot of the church.

My ex-husband was there working on drawing of Indians for a project he was working on.

I told him that the perfect number for Indian dances was 8 and he thanked me for that information.

The white-haired woman and her husband cooked something to eat, almost burning a bunch of paper on the stove. I saved the papers from burning. She and her husband didn't offer me anything to eat and then disappeared into their bedroom with the door closed.

Another woman there was mixing clay and water to make a statue of something. She splashed a glob of it on me and I ate it and it actually made my stomach feel better. I mentioned that to a doctor who was there and he thought that was a good stomach remedy.

A young man was heading down the road towards my house so I asked him to give my daughter a message that I would be home shortly because I had forgotten to tell her where I was.

He said he would do that.

Meanwhile I was still standing there waiting for the white-haired woman to come out of her bedroom. I could hear her vacuuming an cleaning now, so I figured I would wait a little white longer because I expected her to drive me home again.

I stood there where a two-piece pen in my hand, opening and closing it over and over, while other people were working on their projects and then leaving.

Finally it was 6 p.m. and I couldn't wait for the white-haired woman to finish cleaning, so I decided I would walk home by myself.

She was still vacuuming the hallway when I left to go home.

I walked out the front door and headed south.  I took some shortcuts through the yard of the church and I saw what looked like an evil crocodile in the bushes of the church across the street and I heard something in the bushes of the church whisper the word "Bitch" at me as I passed by their blue garbage cans in their yard. 

I saw that the landscape between where I was at home was brilliant green and there was a multitude of clumps of red berries on the bushes and they were beautiful. 

What I enjoyed most though was the pen in my pocket which I had been opening and closing while waiting for the white-haired woman. I was going to use that sharp pointed pen in the future.


11-17-03 - VISION - 

Dan Winter



11-27-03 - DREAM - I was working in an office, working on a brochure. 

The product was square - made of stainless steel. It was fully enclosed and had 4 faucets like valves inside.

Brochure 534H
Model EU
American Union M_______

The brochure had been reissued twice since the men had originally purchased this product. 

When I answered the phone at this company, the men called me Linda. He had a pleasant voice, but I could tell he was older - like he had white hair. He told me he was experienced and could install this product himself with no assistance.

The product appeared to me to be easy to install since it was a self contained square box one might just slip into place on the machine that used it. 

There was a child who seemed to be about 5 years old and he was turning evil. When I tried to discipline him, he turned on me and tried to attack me. I grabbed him by the arm and he dropped to the floor at my feet and a brochure-like piece of paper opened up on his shirt and it had all the same numbers on it that the brochure above had on it. It had a list of additives on it that were 5 letters long like TWXYP, etc. There were 5 of them as well as many numbers. I told someone we were going to have to kill the child before he killed us.

A vision reminded me of what I saw in the dream. This product controlled 4 additives that were added to something that was used in a very large city with many tall buildings that were lit all night like New York. 

VISIONS:  A scene in the dead of winter in farm country with snow. 

The name "Hoffman Associates"


11-27-03 - DREAM  - I was in an office.  The teacher was in the back room and I wanted to share with him the information I had, but our friend Alice was on the phone and other people started coming in the office. There was a set of 4 x 6 cards in the lower left-hand drawer of the desk on which dreams were corded. I needed to see 501D. I managed to get the 5 cards, but as soon as my attention was distracted, the cards vanished. I rather prayed to get them back and found them in the lower left-hand drawers, I got a second chance to look at them.

Then the mail was delivered and there was a large grayish-brown envelope in the mail with more material and writings. I needed to look at it. But there were so many people in the office and I couldn't share this with them. I had to hide it amongst the newspapers and other papers I needed to work on for the day and other peoples mail that I couldn't look at it right away.

One of the girls who was part Native American said that her father was coming in to visit and when he did he called himself by his Indian name which I can't remember, but I was led to know him that he was also of several heritages so he had no legal political standing with the government. 

I said, "I hate politics."

I had to water a variety of little plants in the office and started to do that and caught a little Koala bear in one of the plant boxes. He was cute but I had to shoo him out of the box anyway. 

I heard some voices outside, so I went out on the balcony and saw there was a large farm out there where some men were teaching young dark-skinned boys to plant potatoes. 

The machine plowed the ground and each boy had a potato plant which he stuck in the ground at the appropriate moment. There were 8 boys, so 8 potato plants got planted with one swatch of the machine. Then it moved on to the next row where the machine plowed the ground and 8 more potato plants got planted.

(I know in reality this is not how potatoes got planted)

While I was standing on the balcony, I was standing under a trumpet vine and my hair kept getting stuck in pink trumpet-shaped flowers which I plucked out of my hair and threw off the balcony to whoever was below me whom I couldn't see. 

Then I went back into the office whereupon the boss Ralph was in the office. I told him about the boys being taught to plant potatoes and he took everyone out on the balcony to watch them. He said, "I'm always willing to learn something new."

So while he was gone, I tried to get to the mail and see what was in the envelope, but they all came back too soon and I had to hide it again amongst the other work I had to do on my desk.

The boss and some others went over by the window to talk, but the shade was pulled all the way down to the floor. So I went over to the window to raise the shade and let some light in the office and when I pulled the shade up, I discovered that the wall was missing under the window - which needed to be repaired immediately. 

Then I went over to the sink and decided to pour myself a glass of orange juice instead of water into a small paper cup. When I placed it on the desk, it immediately fell over, spilling orange juice on the desk and floor. 

I grabbed a yellow and white apron to wipe it up because that's all there was to clean it with. As I wiped up the juice on the floor, I saw that there were rows of seeds laying dried up on the floor. One of the young guys who was trying to help me clean up the juice said, "that's where Neuman always sits so I don't take the blame for all that."

and I woke up. 


11-28-03 - DREAM - I was the wife of Oswald,  Kennedy's killer, but Oswald was in jail and going to get out eventually. I knew there was no way I could ever live with him again so I planned to move to where he didn't know where I was, get a job and divorce him. 

However, meanwhile, I didn't want anyone to know I was married to Oswald and when the people met to have a meeting as to what they wanted to do with him, I had to go along and participate so they wouldn't know or find out.

So, when they gathered together, I went with them, and they went into a church or school where there was a star-shaped stairway and they started building a brown and gold star. 

Each person had a piece of a stair and it was built up in layers and I put my piece of the star down just like they did. 

I woke up before the star was completed - they were waiting for a woman who was the governor or mayor to put her piece in place.

I woke up feeling absolutely terrified that they were going to find out who I was and that we had a teenage son who was with me.


11-28-03 - DREAM - I was in the living room working on the computer and Kent Steadman ( appeared before me. I didn't think I could touch him, but I reach out and was able to grab his shirt (blue denim work shirt) and hang onto it just like he was real. 

I proved to Joe that I could touch Kent, but Kent evaporated into thin air anyway. 

Then Michelle's daughter Melanie appeared in the room along with a tall, thin woman. Neither one of them knew how to work my computer and they ended up getting cartoons on my computer instead of information about my eye infection which I needed to know.

Then I realized I had two little girls upstairs in bed and they hadn't been fed yet today.

I went upstairs and they were both laying in cribs in separate bedrooms, sucking on empty bottles. They were both beautiful blonde curly -haired girls wearing pale green dresses. I carried them downstairs, intending to feed them, but as soon as I got downstairs, they started to run around and play and I got busy with my computer and manifesting objects instead of feeding them.


11-28-03 - DREAM - This dream took place in a house that was several blocks long, along a busy street. It had several entrances along that street as well on both ends and there were people coming and going from all the doors. It must have been a rooming house as well because I took money from a young boy and a young man as I was waking up. I don't know if it was a $10, $20, or $100 bill, but I know for certain it was for rent due that day. 

One exciting scene was 3 sales people came in one of the side doors - really handsome solid looking business people, dressed all in black winter coats and hats and they wanted to sell me something to do with a television show. They were each carrying large black satchels that were rectangular shaped. They were all jovial and the central woman was so nice, she was one of those people you become instant friends with and want to be with forever. She wanted to go up to the front of the house and sit in the front parlor so she could get some ice-cream from the shop across the street when we were finished talking. I thought that was a great idea. I planned to go with her.

Meanwhile, I wasn't properly dressed to do that and the two guys she came with had locked themselves out of their car, so a locksmith I knew well came through the house and gave them some new car keys.

In changing my clothes, I had to go from room to room, from level to level, up and down stairs along the side of the house facing along the side street.

In going down a set of stairs, my kids were mixing up some concoctions to bake something and it was all over the stairway and I almost stepped in it. When I got to the kitchen, I heard some buzzing and I looked on the counter and three mixers were turning in the air with long objects in them like wooden spoons or something. I could hear them buzzing before I saw them. I managed to pull the plugs out of two of them, but the third one, the plug and cord was strung across the room and through the basement door and my daughter said that some nasty guy had done that and then jammed the door shut so we couldn't get to the plug. 

I didn't have time to fool with it, so I left it to her to deal with. 

On the way back up the stairs, I finally found a pair of red jeans to wear with my red and white flowered top. I quickly put them on and headed back towards the front of the house to continue my discussion about the TV proposition and to get some ice cream, when the two young men gave me the rent money and I woke up. 

Darn! I really wanted to continue this dream. 


11-29-03 - DREAM - I was watching videos of various scenes of the J.F.K. assassination on a huge wall-size computer. It felt like someone was watching us and I started to feel scared and shut down all the pictures and quit watching it. But it was too late, we had to leave there and get different cars to get away from whoever was watching us. We went out into the parking lot and we moved our stuff out of one car into a bright blue car , but we weren't allowed to turn the lights on to see inside the car, nor the headlights. I was told to watch out when I turned the ignition on because I might get shocked.

I found the key in the ignition okay, but when I tried to drive the car in the parking lot, it would only go backwards very fast and one tiny light came on when I stood on the brake to keep from crashing into other cars in the parking lot.

I woke up before we could get out of that scary parking lot.


11-30-03 - DREAM - I was in the backyard of a building and 6 large beetles came over to my table and shed their chevron -shaped wing covers on the table in front of me. I cut the wing covers open and inside the wing covers - they were covered with a white pearlescent mother-of-pearl like coating and design.

Later, I met a male psychic and I told him what had happened and he congratulated me and told me how fortunate I was to get such a gift.

I then started visiting people in an apartment building who were all looking sad. Then when I asked for help from them, the got all enthusiastic to have some cleanup work to do and they found purpose in their lives. Someone suggested I needed to get my apartment building job back and I knew that the manager's office was right around the corner.