Nine Cosmic levels (Underworlds) that according to the only existing Mayan inscription
about the calendar end date (Tortuguero monument 6) will manifest then.
Currently we are in the eighth level (The Galactic Underworld)
 gearing up to the Ninth and highest level, the Universal Underworld.
Photo of the Pyramid of the Jaguar in Tikal by the author.)


September 9 is the 252nd day of the year, 252 adds to 9,
09-09-09 = 27= 9, 09-09-09 is the last of the single digits dates for quite a while. 1001 years to be precise, (it is also the upside-down number of the beast, of course).

Properties of the number 999





Since the number 999 is 3 digits that are all odd numbers (number 9 is an odd number) .it is the first and last 9 that represent male and female if you want to look at it that way .the middle 9 represents the human-ever-incarnating(forever incarnates/reincarnates until perfection)-spirit . . .

Since the number is in the middle it's the number 2 .

The number 2 is an even number which is logical only because the human-spirit is supposed to evolve logically (through reincarnation,
learning from our mistakes) . . .and the human spirit can and as does "work" logically, because the universe created a logical "creation" through her own power etc . . .so the human spirit is the number 2 (second digit) in 999 .

It represents the human spirit, and, the human spirit is logical .so that is why it is the middle 9 (the second digit in the number 999) .

It is the human spirit . . .

999 . . .

999 is a "holy" number .

It's something to think about . . .

This universe = Logic

FROM: http://www.ridingthebeast.com/numbers/nu999.php

Light a candle on the 09/09/09 at 9:09 am or pm in your local area. This SHOULD create a "continuous flow" of collective spiritual energy for close to 12 hours of candles being lit around the world with ONE INTENTION - to bring LIGHT to the PURPOSE and INTENTION of expanding SPIRITUAL AWARENESS that is growing EVERYWHERE around the WORLD! To the TRUTH that we must UNITE to HEAL our people and our world! We CAN be a participant in the approaching ascension of our spiritual consciousness as we move toward 2012.

We ARE spiritual BEings and NOW is the TIME to AWAKEN the WORLD to that TRUTH! WE- the LIGHTWORKERS of the WORLD are committed to LIFTING mankind! This will be our FIRST GLOBAL EVENT in LIGHTWORKERS OF THE WORLD!

WHAT and EVENT to PARTAKE IN! There are MILLIONS of potential consciousness that are going to be UNITING in a SINGLE PURPOSE!

"Universal cycle" in the Mayan calander:

The Calendar tells about 9 cycles:

16,4 billion years ago= cellullare cycle, creation of living cell
820 million years ago = organisation of cells
41 million years ago = animal cycle -apes
2 million years ago = tribal cycle-humanoids
102.000 years ago = cultural cycle - language
5125 years ago = national cycle-written language
256 years ago = planetary cycle -technology
12,8 years ago = galactic cycle (now)
9 months = Universal cycle

See details at:  http://www.greatdreams.com/mayan/mayan-calendar.htm

9.9.9. and the Mayan Calendar

The number nine has been endowed with a special significance in many different spiritual and religious traditions. Nine was the number of muses in Greek mythology and Nine were the number of worlds in the Scandinavian. Nine was the number of doors to the holiest part of the temple in Jerusalem and the month of Ramadan is the Ninth in the Muslim calendar. Moreover, the counting system used by most of the world today includes nine numbers and so the relevance of this number is much ingrained in us. Also, in the Mayan tradition the number Nine plays a predominating role. The only existing inscription from ancient times that discusses the meaning of the Mayan calendar “end date” for instance speaks of Nine “deities” that will descend then as its crucial event. This would in modern wording mean that Nine energies, or Nine cosmic forces would fully manifest then since the ancient Maya would look upon time periods as “deities”. As far as we can tell these “deities”, or cosmic forces, are like evolutionary wave movements, built on top of one another where we are currently riding on the eighth one getting ready to ride on the ninth.

In the manifestation of these evolutionary waves we may now as we approach the Ninth level notice an amazing synchronicity. This is that the upcoming date 9.9.9 (September 9, 2009 in the Gregorian calendar) happens to coincide with the beginning of a Mayan Sacred Calendar count of 260 days. Hence, in this calendar, in use since 3000 years, the modern date 9.9.9 has the energy of Hun Imix, or 1 Alligator as its English translation reads, which happens to be the first of its energetic combinations. If we ponder what this synchronicity may be telling us the most natural conclusion to draw is that on this particular date we are called to focus on the number nine and especially the Ninth level of the Mayan calendar system, whose coming into existence we are soon about to witness.

I believe that behind these cosmic forces, whose times of activation are described by the Mayan calendar, is an intelligent plan for the history of humanity that comes from a higher source and has a benevolent intention. To realize this is also to understand the importance of the guidance regarding how to follow this plan that we may gain from the calendar of the Maya. These nine cosmic forces are influencing and in fact governing our collective consciousness and so we have every reason to pay attention to what is going on in this cosmic time plan.

Synchronicities can often be interpreted in different ways, but if they are profound they always deserve our attention. 9.9.9, three Nines in a row, may for instance be seen as symbolic of three sacred calendar rounds of 260 days that will now in three steps lead us to the completion of the Ninth level of evolution which is its highest level. To the best of our knowledge this highest energy state of the universe will be attained on the energy 13 Ahau (13 and Ahau are symbols of completion in the Mayan calendar) on the Gregorian date October 28, 2011. This highest state does not in any sense mean the end of the world, but only that all the Nine wave movements are then completed. Maybe we can use the metaphor that we are now about to climb the last hard steps of a ladder until we climb on to the roof where we will find a new stability under our feet and a place to rest.

Regardless of what this final climb will mean we thus have reasons to expect an unprecedented period of change in a very short period of time. This is partly because we are entering the final phase of the eighth level of evolution and partly because a wave movement of a very high frequency, the Ninth level, will radically come to transform the collective consciousness in such a way that we will see the world in an entirely different light. It is for this reason that in the three upcoming Sacred Calendar rounds that follow upon 9.9.9 we will need to network and focus our intentions so that they converge in the birth of a new world. This is all the more important as there are several sources that seem to indicate that the sixth night of the Galactic Underworld, beginning on November 8, 2009, may come to generate a deep downturn in the world’s economy.

The first of these 260-day Sacred Calendar rounds, the one which actually begins on 9.9.9 and goes on until May 26, 2010, may be seen as a period of build-up to the Ninth level that is suitable for prayer, meditation and mental focusing. We encourage community building, networking and spiritual synchronization in this time period, also of a practical nature. The second 260 calendar round, starting 27.05.10 will create a preliminary arrival of the Ninth level and the beginning of this will be marked by the Cosmic Convergence, July 17-18, a significant focus point for spiritual projects of a practical nature that will prepare for the birth of a new world. The third Sacred Calendar round of 260 days will begin February 11, 2011 and includes the actual activation of the Ninth level, the Universal Underworld on March 8, 2011. This may be the most dramatic of the three steps as it leads up to the establishment of the highest energy state of the universe on October 28, 2011.

I believe that through these three steps, three Sacred Calendar rounds, starting on 9.9.9: 1/ Build-up, 2/ Preparatory Ninth level and 3/ Actual Ninth level of the evolution of the cosmos, the universe is now about to deliver what it has been striving towards all along, the establishment of a new level of consciousness, a unity consciousness. I also believe that the Ninth level is designed especially to generate such a unity consciousness, which will transform all of human society. For the human race it will mean very big challenges and opportunities. These changes will however not happen by themselves and need to be manifested by the human beings themselves who may then chose to resist or welcome them. From this perspective we may thus look at the date 9.9.9 not only as a numerological curiosity to celebrate, but also as an opportunity for us to focus on and embrace the participation of humanity in a transformation process of a very large scale, the one brought by the Ninth level of the Cosmos.

From what we may understand of the Mayan calendar the unity consciousness will set an end to all forms of dominance of one human over another and especially those generated by the left brain. What this likely will mean is that instruments of dominance, such as the current financial system, weapons, national borders and many other structures upholding authority in this process will come to crumble as an effect of this unity consciousness coming into existence and so conclude with the birth of a new world where a divine harmony characterize the human relations. This end to dominance will also affect the relationship between the genders on a global scale that as a result will profoundly shift. Needless to say, there will never be any return to business as usual. Instead we will need to approach the birth of the new world consciously and with an intention of co-creating it in a positive sense and not just react to the various difficulties that lie ahead. I believe that such a collective intention of co-creating the new world will be the best way of easing the consequences of these difficulties.

Although what is starting on 9.9.9 is only the build-up phase to the Ninth level, this date is nonetheless a very important focusing point since the timing of the continued preparations for the emergence of this level are of the essence. From this follows that the more practical projects that will start to manifest in the Cosmic Convergence, July 17-18 2010 as the name implies, will have to be based on an understanding that the very framework of the human existence and of consciousness will be dramatically expanded. The expansion of human consciousness is what will bring the socio-economic transformation at a time when the hardships of the old systems may be expected to be painfully felt also by nations that currently may been considered as wealthy. As the Ninth level is finally activated our identities will come to be defined in a much expanded spiritual framework.

This article comes much too late to encourage people more broadly to focus and intend together for the future. Nonetheless, many will celebrate the 9.9.9 date regardless (see for example http://www.fredpajorden.se/sida21.html ). The purpose of my present article is then only to inform those that will be celebrating this date anyway, that indeed this is not just a numerological curiosity in the Gregorian calendar, but that the date plays a profound objective role in the cosmic plan as we may understand this from the Mayan calendar directly leading up to the birth of a new world through the Ninth level, 9.9.9. It is an ideal time to participate in prayers and meditations with the focus and intention of co-creating a new and better world. Additional tools for networking and communication with the focus on the Cosmic Convergence, July 17-18, 2012 will be developed as we go along. 9.9.9 may be seen as an initial and modest initial call for the co-creation of the birth of a new world.

Malmö, September 6, 2009 (11 Edznab)
Carl Johan Calleman

FROM: http://www.calleman.com/content/articles/999_and_the_mayan_calendar.htm






Channelling by whitefeather from Merlin 29/08/09

“The Portal of 9-9-9”

I come at this time to speak with you all and to bring your attention to the perfect time to begin your own alchemical process of transmutation, and one which can heal yourself and your Earth Mother.

The Sacred Geometry of shapes is mathematical, and being of such, it involves number that are sacred vibrations that can be used to anchor into yourself and into the Earth Mother, much positive and potent energy and light at this time.

The number nine is a humanitarian number, it is about bringing things together within the circle, but it is also about endings. But dear ones, endings are not the finality with which so many of you associate the word. An ending is merely an alchemical process that allows for a transmutation - or change, to occur. Change is powerful healing.

This can be aided and assimilated through use of Sacred Geometry and Numerology, both of which are ancient and well used principals. Coming soon in your Earth calendar, is a very sacred day of 9-9-9, a triple nine is a three fold ending which has the ability to work on the individual as well as on the Earth Mother on three distinct levels. The physical, the emotional and the spiritual.

Now children, if you open yourselves to these energies at this time and work to bring the energies into the Earth Mother, then you will be automatically and substantially, healing yourselves also. I have stated many times, you are all connected to everything so you will experience this no matter where in your life you may be at this point.

It is a time of greater energy frequencies as a portal opens from the Earth Mothers Core up and into and from the centre of the Universe. This heralds a significant shift towards the ascension process of the planet. Now, there is much talk of the activation of the Nine Crystals of Atlantis, but Atlantis is not something wholly believed by the masses, and so we feel cannot be activated fully until a critical mass point is reached. Critical mass is a numerical figure which brings to the Scales of Themis, of Libra, balance. Yes Balance dear children. This sacred time must be used wisely by those working as Lightworkers to assist in this anchoring of light into the Earth Mother and subsequently into the hearts of humanity, through the Crystal Grids placed upon the Earth at ancient and once sacred sites and places all around the globe.

I, and the other Ascended Masters, as you choose to call us, but remember we are only another you, are working with very many people at this moment in time to bring this about. If enough people can gather together in groups at the 9-9-9, and on other sacred days, 10-10, 11-11, 12-12, Solstices and Equinoxes, Cosmic influenced days, then the activations can begin to work on the Crystalline structures deep within the Earth Mother and so help to anchor the higher frequencies into and onto the Earth. Crystals act as transmitters and receivers and when placed in sacred geometric formations at sacred and special places with humans who are working to awaken their own sacredness within themselves, then what you are doing is creating a powerful portal for the energies of the Divine Cosmic forces that will raise the vibration of every soul on Earth who is open and awakened at this time, thus serving as a catalyst for those who are only now becoming ready to awaken and will need help in adjusting and accepting.

You are all connected to all that is, and so cannot avoid this powerful ascension process, yet you all have choices, as I have said so often of late. You can choose to welcome and embrace the adjustments, and when you do, you will find your lives becoming freer, easier and happier. It is only when you deny yourself the connections, fight the changes, that life becomes chaotic and traumatic. Use this time dear ones, to align yourselves with these powerful energies so you can accept the alchemical processes taking place and step into your own transmutation process, become who you were born to be, to become your destiny, for you all have one. Some may seem greater than others, but only in your own minds, for us, for the universe, you are all divine beings and all have the monument us ability to become your own destinies.

Why oh why you create problems, (sighs), because you think you are seen as less than someone else. You are all perfect, all are divine love, and each purpose and destiny is as significant as another’s, why else would you be incarnated on Earth at this time, if there was not some divine purpose to your being ? Stop comparing yourselves to others, stop blaming others for your own feelings, thoughts, problems and difficulties. Wake yourselves up to yourselves and get on with building your own destinies, in so doing, these problems you perceive will disappear and you will realise you are another them, another us, another part of the whole. You are the problem and you are the cure.

Now, the Crystals, I spoke many moons ago regarding the return of Atlantis, rising once more and I spoke also that Atlantis would not rise as a physical structure but as a wave of spiritual aspects from deep within the consciousness of humanity, and this would be the experience of many. This is happening now. Sacred Geometry and Alchemical processes are all part of the rise of Atlantis once more. The Crystalline structures of the Earth Mother have become dormant from lack of reverence, respect and proper use, depleted by the atrocious abuse upon the Earth Mother.

But now the waves of light are revealing that enough critical mass of spiritual energy has arisen again upon the Earth Mother and within the hearts of Her human children, to allow the Crystalline grid to begin to stir and vibrate once more.

Your participation dear ones is much needed to keep the momentum flowing so their original purpose of anchoring light into the Core of the Earth mother and into your own DNA structures can begin to take place once more. No matter what your path or calling in life, what station of living you enjoy - or not as your choice may be at this time, you are all capable of being open and aware of these potentials and energies for change.

Accept your own capabilities, do not measure them against another, against your level of material wealth, these things are unimportant, just accept them as they are for you at this time, then embrace the sacred 9-9-9 day as a day to commit yourself to working with that change at whatever level you are able to.

Many of you are being called to gather groups together for special ceremonies at this time, if you are one of these then please continue to do so, soon more and more will come to you, gather your families, friends and all those who show potential to work with the ceremonies and sacred energies. Continue to teach and spread your light wherever you go for what we are gifting you at this time is of utmost importance that they are carried out.

Do not be despair if you are not receiving direct communication or instructions at this time, it does not mean that you are any less than these light workers, it simply means your true soul work lies in other area’s at this time on the Earth, such as reformation in the work place, bringing spirituality to the working fields of your material plane, or perhaps in working directly with the land or the creatures of the land, sea and air. There are many roles upon this Earth at this time and not all will be seen as spiritual, but please know that they are all of the utmost importance at this time. But I heed you to hear the calls of the light workers and join your energies with those that gather in ceremonies, it is important that you do so to bring energies together in a powerful circle.

There is no place now for separatism, for working alone, it must be in the past, it is important you are all working together in powerful groups, the larger the gathering, the stronger in power the energies will be, all the better for the Earth Mother and yourselves. Let go of petty disagreements, ego inflations, jealousy and issues of fear, greed and lack, let them go and join together. The darkness and chaos many of you are experiencing is because you fear and fight change.

Children, you are all the same matter as everyone else, as everything else, you are a vibration, a frequency of sound and light. Step into your own oneness, then you will begin to realise your oneness is the same oneness as that resides in all peoples, all creatures, all stones and plants. Believe this or not as you choose, but it is so, for you are all part of one vibration and that vibration can be heard in your own physical heartbeat, in the heartbeat of your physical Mother and Father, in your neighbours heartbeat, your children’s heartbeats, your pets and familiars and those of the wild creatures, the sound can be heard in the Earth Mother Herself, the Great Goddess Gaia, you are no different. Why fight with yourself ? - which is what you do when you fight with another.

The light from the Sun that warms your land, the light from the Moon, gentle and soft, from the Stars and Planets, it is all the same light as the eternal flame that resides within you all and can be seen glowing in your own personal energy fields.
Why do you all think you are so different from each other ? “ he is this, I’m that, she’s got this, I have not “ You are all the same, and when you awaken to this fact you will achieve the alchemy state because you will realise there is nothing “better” or “less than” to strive for or avoid.

This is the Ruby in the Emerald Sky that has been prophesised. The Emerald is you own heart centre and the heart centre of the Earth Mother. The Ruby is the blood that courses through your veins and your heart, a blood you share with every other heart that beats inside a physical form upon your Earth. Awaken it now dear ones as we awaken the Earth Crystals, accept the challenge of this 9-9-9 portal and step up and take your place upon this great day of awakening.

Many Blessings to you all, Merlin.

FROM: http://www.rainbowserpent.co.uk/forum/topics/merlin-channelling


The Ascended Masters, Angels and Light beings are focusing their light in abundance and with
devotion onto the Earth now. Their energies are synthesising to create a tremendous light wave
which will anchor on 09/09/09 and continue throughout 2010 to help us move into the next phase
of our spiritual development and advancement, as individuals and as a civilisation. Understanding
the energy wave, the consciousness held within the light and its purpose is essential in order to
anchor this sacred light into your body, energy, soul and reality. When you work with the energies
and tools sent from the soul of the Creator, even in a world that is constantly changing, you will
find that everything flows with greater ease; you are able to remain balanced and guided by the
will of the Creator.

The energy wave of abundance and love which anchored on 08/08/08 will now be integrated with
the new energy wave of 09/09/09 creating a new source of teachings and motivation for us to
discover and understand. The key focus of this new energy wave is acceptance; this is to accept
positive energies into your being and to allow negative energies to flow away. The 09/09/09 energy
of Acceptance helps us to exist within our souls as beacons of peace, harmony and balance as
change occurs around us. Those not aligned to the energy wave may feel insecure and confused
because of the changes that are occurring on the Earth due to Mother Earth’s deep healing
process. By connecting with this energy we are taught to exist as unconditional love while
mastering an element of detachment necessary for ascension.

This is a unique channelled workshop that will help you to understand the 09/09/09 energy wave,
offering tools and comprehension that will aid you in your everyday spiritual practices. You will be
guided to anchor the energy of abundance and love from the previous energy wave so that you
may take these sacred energies with you into the new phase of ascension that is due to manifest.

While the workshop focuses on the new energies anchoring onto the Earth to aid the
manifestation of the love or heart of the Creator in 2012, it will also help you to activate your inner
truth, soul light and wisdom, gain healing, accept light consciousness, gain connections with the
spiritual guides that work devotionally with the Earth as well as experiencing the energies of the
Ascended Masters, Angels and Goddess energies of the Creator’s soul.
All energy and light vibrations, wisdom and meditations will be channelled through Natalie who is
noted for her ability to channel a variety of light beings and guides in order to aid the growth of
humanity. Natalie channels personal communications and acts as a spiritual mentor to numerous
clients worldwide.  The focus of her work and life is to assist others in awakening to the light of
the Creator, sharing wisdom and enlightenment to aid emergence of the divine energy within the
physical body and the Creator’s universe.

Channeled from  http://www.natalieglasson.com/Workshops.html

Also see:  http://www.greatdreams.com/numbers/9_9_9.htm