The Interrelated 2005 Crop Circle Formations  
Part One
The Sri Yantra, Ezekiel's Four Living Creatures,
and The New Jerusalem Plan  

by Joseph E. Mason


I began this article near the end of June, 2005, after seeing the reports of the Lurkley Hill Formation, which appeared around 22 June 2005:

I posted some information to the Crop Circle Connector Forum:

Lurkley Hill Formation = Ezekiel's Wagon, The New Jerusalem

I originally uploaded this article on 26 June 2005, in order to show the diagrams in my postings to various on-line forums.

In the days that followed, I made other posts to the forum. The 2005 crop circle formations seemed to be related to one another. A number of them fit with the dream-coincidence material I have been recording and reporting for years.

I began to add the other postings to this article. The first update was 4 July 2005. It seems apparent that I may be continuing the process for this crop circle season. It is almost as if the formations are words in a language, and that we are starting to see symbolic "sentences," so-to-speak.

Rather than follow the exact sequence, I will leave the Lurkley Hill Formation report as the first crop circle formation reported. I will then report some formations that appeared prior to the Lurkley Hill Formation.


Crop Circle Connector Forum Postings

These are my postings to the Crop Circle Connector Forum regarding the Lurkley Hill crop circle formation:

Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2005 3:56 pm
Post subject: Lurkley Hill Formation = Ezekiel's Wagon, The New Jerusalem

My dream-coincidence experiences led me to find several related geometric forms that are similar to the formation that appeared at Lurkley Hill.

They were based on the 1991 triangular formation that appeared at Barbury Castle. I used four of the shapes in a simplified form to create the figures. I eventually found that the patterns are related to Ezekiel's Wagon (Four Living Creatures) and The New Jerusalem Plan. Note the central part of the formation:

Compare it to these glyphs:

Four Barbury Castle Shapes in a Teutonic Cross

Four Barbury Castle Shapes in a Pyramid

If triangles are drawn in the central area of the Lurkley Hill formation, from the center circle out to the eight circles, leaving one circle within each triangle, then the shape becomes similar to the glyph above, titled, "Four Barbury Castle Shapes in a Teutonic Cross."

The image called, "Four Barbury Castle Shapes in a Pyramid," shows the bases of the triangles "lowered down," in a foreshortened effect, into a pyramid as seen from above.

In those drawings, I left out the central circle with rings within each of the four triangles. I added them later:

Four Barbury Castle Shapes as Ezeliel's Wagon (Four Living Creatures)

Note that the shape is comparable to the Burwell formation:

It also compares to the Sri Yantra:

When the triangles from the Teutonic Cross design are moved to overlap on their centers, the figure is similar to The New Jerusalem Plan:

Four Barbury Castle Triangles as The New Jerusalem Plan

The New Jerusalem Plan

For an explanation, see:

The Lurkley Hill Formation is one of several that seem related:

Boreham Down Formation = Sri Yantra

After creating some graphics, and uploading them, I followed the first posting with this second one:

Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2005 8:10 pm
Post subject: New Article About the Lurkley Hill & Related Formations

I just uploaded a new article about the Lurkley Hill formation and related formations:

The Interrelated 2005 Crop Circle Formations

The formation seems to be related to the Sri Yantra, Ezekiel's Four Living Creatures, and The New Jerusalem Plan.


The Lurkley Hill Formation

The diagrams below are related to this the Lurkley Hill crop circle formation (see links above):

I wish to show how the formation is related to various designs that came to me over a decade ago, and reported in this article:

Humanity On The Pollen Path, Part Six

The diagrams are based on four simplified triangles of this type:

The 1991 Barbury Castle
Crop Circle Formation


Ezekiel's Four Living Creatures and The New Jerusalem Plan

Lurkley Hill formation and my drawing of the Teutonic Cross

Photo credit to the Crop Circle Connector.

Lurkley Hill formation and my drawing of The New Jerusalem Plan

Diagram credit: Bertold Zugelder

The New Jerusalem Plan

The New Jerusalem Plan was developed by John Michell, based on Saint John's description in Revelation 21. The basic pattern has been found by dowsing in ancient sites, such as Stonehenge and Avebury. The basic pattern was also dowsed within a crop circle formation prior to 1990. John is the author of many books:

Books by John Michell

The total square footage of the circles in the 1991 Barbury Castle crop circle formation was 31680. This is associated with the sublunar distance, in miles, around The New Jerusalem, corresponding to the length of the circle drawn above through the twelve small "moon" circles. The box drawn around the "Earth" circle (above) is also 31680 miles (4 x 7920). The base ten harmonic, 3168, is Greek Gematria for "Lord Jesus Christ."

The New Jerusalem Plan follows the camp positions of the Tribes in Numbers 2. There are four quarters, with a major Tribe in each, and two minor Tribes. The people of the Tribe of Levi are in the center, with the Tabernacle.

The four major Tribes correspond to the Zodiac signs, and to the solstices and equinoxes during the Age of Taurus:

Judah - Lion
Ephraim - Ox or Bull
Reuben - Face of a Man
Dan - Eagle (now Scorpio)

It seems clear that the four large circles in the outer portion of the Lurkley Hill formation correspond to the four major Tribes in a Grand Cross of the Zodiac, and that the eight smaller circles correspond to the minor tribes and the other Zodiac signs.

The Four Living Creatures are mentioned in Ezekiel 1 and Revelation 4:6-8. The New Jerusalem is described in Revelation 21.

The Teutonic Cross pattern also has a Maltese Cross within it, like those used by the Knights Templar.

When the bases of the four triangles in Teutonic Cross design (and the "wings" of the Maltese Crosses) above are "lowered" and foreshortened into a pyramid as seen from above, the shape becomes:

Ezekiel's Four Living Creatures as
Four Barbury Castle Triangles

Each of the circles at the corners contain a pair of circles from the Teutonic Cross design. Four overlapping sun symbols are in the center. This is the design that fits very well with Ezekiel's description of the Four Living Creatures.

The patterns can be placed in 3 x 3 grids, thus:

Lurkley Hill Formation
as a 3 x 3 Grid

Maltese Cross as a 3 x 3 Gird

Such grids became a theme this year.


Predictive Quote from the Lazarus Article

Sacred Numbers to Resuscitate the Dead -
Lazarus and Awakening the Giant


Clue to the 11:11 association with Lost Tribes.

 "In that day the Lord will extend his hand yet a second time to recover  
 the remnant which is left of his people, from Assyria, from Egypt, from  
 Pathros, from Ethiopia, from Elam, from Shinar, from Hamath, and from  
 the coastland of the sea."

On March 11, 1992 ,a voice spoke in my dream, saying, "Cycle of time . . . [long pause] . . . to identify the Lost Tribes." I saw an image of a circular swirled pattern.

Seven years later, on July 4, 1999, a similar pattern appeared as a crop circle formation near Hackpen Hill, near Broad Hinton, Wiltshire. It was called the Crescent Vortex. The geometry of the formation was similar to a pattern developed by Wolfgang Held, showing the zones of total solar eclipses over a period of time, called, "Saros-Cycle 145."

I have found that other people have had dreams about the Lost Tribes.

On August 11, 1999, an amazing solar eclipse took place, along with a "Grand Cross" alignment of the planets. The "Diamond Ring Effect" happened at 11:11 AM over Cornwall, England. Coincidentally, there are many legendary connections to the Lost Tribes related to Cornwall and Great Britian.

The terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 also seemed to be a symbolic event. The 11:11 was one part of it. The Lost Tribes were another part.

Part of this symboic story relates to Joseph Smith and the Mormons, along with the city of Salt Lake, Utah. Great Britan and the USA symbolically represent the two sons of the Biblical Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob.

This is the end of Part One of this series of articles. The next part (Two) will cover some of the crop circle formations that appeared prior to the Lurkley Hill crop circle formation, reported 22 June 2005. The Lurkley Hill formation seemed to set a theme which has continued into the season. It is now 29 July 2005. On this day, I have separated the original of this article into three parts. The third part of the article, at this time, contains graphics and notes that will be included in articles pertaining to the rest of the 2005 season, after about 22 June.

The themes include the New Jerusalem and Ezekiel's Wagon types, crosses, and 3 x 3 grid types.

Continue to Part Two:

The Interrelated 2005 Crop Circle Formations - Part Two


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