The Works of Jerry Iuliano
 Ancient Numbers Revealed in Scientific Formulas  

Compiled by Joseph E. Mason

Index of Jerry Iuliano's Articles

Aztec Hunab Number 378 and 82944
The Roman Measures

Feigenbaum Alpha and Delta Constants and Fine-Structure

(Theory Of Everything)

Cheops Pyramid Face Angle

Quark Masses and Pi

Planetary influences on the fine-structure constant

New Formula for Electron/Planck Mass Ratio

Sunspot Cycle and the Collective Unconscious

Nollert's Constant and Loop Quantum Gravity
(Black Holes and the Beast 666)

The Great Pryamid and the 153 Fish in the Net
(Includes the Biblical story in John 21)

The Antikythera Mechanism
Converting To Ancient Gematria Numbers

The Four Fundamental Forces and the Electron-Proton
One of Nature's greatest secrets is revealed through the beauty of exquisite
simplicity via the form of only two equations, one for the electron mass
and one for the proton mass. The factors are the predictableness of Nature.
The origin of the proton is through the electron, not as a partner,
atoms and molecules, but as the origin of mass itself.!!!


Help Pages

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The fine structure constant, a 20th century mystery

The Mysterious 137

What is the fine-structure constant?

A Constant that Isn't Constant

Planck's Constant

LEP Physics Glossary

Glossary of High-Energy Physics Terms

Math World

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by Livio C. Stecchini
". . . all important units of weight and volume exist in
two varieties related as 24:25 or 96:100."

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Charles Johnson

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Code of the Ancients

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