10-1-10  1:11 a.m.  DREAM -  I was in a house which was actually built on concrete stone pillars on 4 corners and open underneath with a lot of wild grasses. It was built on a prominent hill in the country.
Inside the house on the first floor, there was a small school in which I and some kids gathered.  We were told to read a book written by some astronauts which had some special instructions written in red in a diagram on one of the pages when we had completed the reading. 
We completed the reading and then I and a chubby girl who resembled my sister when she was younger followed the instructions in the book that were written in red.
What we had to do was take three green sticks about 8 inches long  that had the heads of astronauts on about the size of erasers and stick them through our left chest wall at the top of the breast so that they went in, in one particular spot and out in another. 
The young girl was able to do one by herself which gave me the courage to do it too, and I managed to get all three sticks with the astronaut heads on inserted in the muscle tissue.
I actually didn't feel a thing at the time and then when we were done  we had to show three other children what we had accomplished.   (Those three children looked like the kids who grew up 3 houses down from me as a child on 16th St.)
When that was done and we had shown the other kids what we had done, we could hear an airplane coming in for a landing in a field on the other side of the house.
I had the feeling that there was something wrong, so I ran outside and hid underneath the house and sure enough, the plane landed in the field of grass behind the house.
I kept hidden under the house, hiding in the tall grasses until I had no choice but to see what he was doing.  Then I saw a young man, well built, carrying a sort of fire starting lantern sort of thing that fire-starters use to start backfires on a wildfire line to control fires, but he was setting the grasses on fire under our house to burn up the evidence of what we had just done so it couldn't be proven that it happened.
I couldn't let those kids die from a fire they didn't even know was happening so when the young man came under the house with his fire starting lantern, I drop kicked him with my feet first he went rolling, dragging his fire starting lantern with him. 
By then the grass was burning under the house, but he wasn't giving up. 
I could see the startled face on him as he retrieved his fire starting lantern, and he desperately tried to complete his work at burning down our house, and seeing he wasn't quitting, I lunged at him with both hands and flew through the air, hitting him in the face hard with both heels of my hands with my fingers up to gouge his eyes if I could.
I hit him really hard, and I heard the thud in his face and he went rolling with fire licking at his brown flight jumpsuit, and before he could recover and get up again, fire was licking at his face, and I could see the fire in the grass go 'whomp' in a sound that lit up his eyes like black holes and even his eyelashes and hair caught on fire.
I forced my eyes open so I could get out of the dream so I wouldn't have to see him burn to death.
10-1-10 - DREAM VISION - In creation a feminine and masculine form pair are created with a centrifugal energy such as in a round egg thus though equal in creation, one feels above or below the other and one feels inferior or superior to the other.  When achieving cognizance of the formation - the feminine refuses to sign a compact or contract and wants to feel equal and cannot achieve the feeling of equality though in reality it is. Thus by not accepting and signing a compact or contract as a perfect pair, dark energies try to get between the pair to separate them while at the same time the pair try to achieve the  perfection of their creation and never quite achieve it. This does not mean that creation was imperfect, it is only the apparent inequality of the centrifugal energy that makes it 'seem' that way, while it is not. At certain moments, in physicality, the pair achieves a certain equality in an attempt to perpetuate themselves into a single whole entity, and then in separation, the feeling of inequality returns because the dark forces get in the way between them again. When knowing that they are a pair the feminine and masculine energies work to achieve the equality of their formation, but it is only while in spirit do they achieve that cognition. Thus when desiring physicality, the inequality while in 'time' becomes an issue once again as they feel separate while at the same time knowing they are a pair.  Thus 'in time' the attempts to perfect the pairing that already is goes on because it is an illusion that only 'time' makes apparent.

10-2-10 - DREAM - I was looking at my arms and on my arms were a series of 7 boxes which were white, except the last one which was almost white and trying to be white because it would start to itch, and I'd walked up to scratch my arm where the 7th box was.  This happened multiple times, and it itched so bad, I wondered if I got bit by mosquitoes during the night.  But I don't have any mosquitoes bites so I guess not.
10-2-10 - DREAM -  I was in a school somewhere, sitting in an ante-room with eight Mexican boys around a rectangular table that was very small and almost completely filled the room.  We were watching a group of over 100 white boys sitting around a very large rectangular table in a much larger room.  They were getting ready to graduate.  However, the Mexican boys weren't graduating yet.  So, while we watched, I started handing out white T-shirts to the Mexican boys so they would feel part of the group, and the boys were very happy with the T-shirts.  Then when the larger group of boys all stood up and were offered graduation greetings by the leader and to each other, the Mexican boys were dressed all the same.  It seemed like a happy time even though we weren't part of the larger group.

Whether this is part of the same dream or a different dream, I don't know.

I was walking down the first floor hallways of a large hotel or mall, it was raining outside and water was coming into the hotel hallways and starting to flood it.  The floor evidently wasn't very flat because the water was gathering along one edge so I could walk on one side of the hallway and not get my feet wet.  But this wasn't a whole lot of fun and people were worried about getting wet and it was raining so hard outside, nobody dared venture outdoors at all.

Then, the rain stopped and everyone went outside.  At that point, I was walking alongside a road with a ditch on one side and there was lots of traffic.  A bus came along, and I was worried about being pushed off into the ditch, so I grabbed hold of the arm of the guy ahead of me so I wouldn't fall off into the ditch.  He didn't object, so I hung on tighter.

We then started walking along the street with the traffic, and a parade started, with all white cars and long stretch limousines which all looked like they had been in storage for a long time -= for many, many years.  I remarked to the man I was hanging onto, "Wouldn't it be fun to refurbish a stretch limo like that?"  and he agreed.

Just then, a bus came along and stopped and a whole group of people came off the bus , all dress in old fashioned white costumes of the 19th and early 20th centuries, to join the celebration.

My companion and I walked along by the stretch limousine and it it was draped with a white sheet and white cotton lacy fabric, which I pulled up and wrapped it over my arm so it wouldn't drag on the street and I felt like I was part of the parade.   It was great fun.

When I woke up, I realized I didn't have a blanket over me, so I reached next to me and found the blanket and draped it over my arm just like in the dream so I was warm again.

19-2-10 - MIDITATION X 2
FIRST TIME:  I asked to see the large space craft hovering over the south pole.

I heard my spirit guide telling me it was dangerous to know too much, and then he showed me what looked like a blank invoice of some kind, and the number on it was 309

SECOND TIME:  I asked again to see the large space craft hovering over the south pole, and I was shown the inside of the cockpit.  It actually resembled the inside of a car, with bucket seats, I was inside the cockpit myself.  The front row had two seats, and the second row had three seats.  I was sitting in seat three, and next to me was seat 4 and 5.  It looked let was covered in yellow, beige and white leatherette, and looked very comfortable.

I did not however see any aliens in the seats nor in the cabinet which was around the cockpit.

I thought to myself that this cockpit was not very large.  Who knows which craft it was really in.

10-2-10 - DREAM - I was in a room, rather like an office with a waiting room in it.  I was surprised to see IESOUS sitting in the center seat facing me, but he didn't say anything to me. He appeared to be very depressed.

Other people were talking to me, and one woman asked me to show her the secret passageway to the attic where I've been many times.  But the secret staircase is strange, in that you can't climb the stairs all the way.  The last 3 feet, you have to hoist yourself up with your arms and pull yourself up into the space above.  I told her I could no long fit through that space, but I would show it to her anyway.

So, I took her and a young man who also wanted to see it over to a stairway that was very narrow, and surprisingly, someone had been there before us and stashed all kinds of birthday invitations, napkins and gifts on the stairs, so I had to remove all that stuff.  The last item was a crystal dripping in melted chocolate.  When I held it and looked through it against my dress, it appeared to be orange, and another woman nearby said it looked orange to her too. 

Several of the people around me told me to steal it, because it was covered in chocolate and I didn't even know where to put it down.  I felt guilty even thinking about stealing it, but I really wanted it.  I asked someone to give me a napkin to wrap it in because I couldn't just put down all that melted chocolate on the table nearby, so someone handed me a napkin and I wrapped the crystal in the napkin, and then when I turned around, I slipped the crystal and napkin into my right pocket when no one was looking.

Then I had to show the two people how to go up the secret stairway by going up it myself first to show the way, but when we got to the last part of the stairway, I told her she was going to have go alone.  I didn't tell her there was a wider stairway on the other side that went to the same place, because she wanted to experience the exhilaration of hoisting herself up through the hatchway into the attic.  I could take the easy way now that I knew it was there.

So, I let her go up there, and I went back to the waiting room and women handed me a letter that was from IESOUS.

The letter read - in part  - "I love you so much.  Why don't you tell your husband to sell his house and move out and I'll buy it and move in with you."   I thought to myself, "If you really want to buy a house, you buy a house anywhere and I'd come there and live with you.  We don't have to make my husband sell his house where he's lived half his life."   Then I remembered that IESOUS was also married.  What was he going to do about his own spouse?

10-3-10 - DREAM - I walked into the Manager's office at Juneau Village Apartments to start my first day at work, and found Kimber sitting at the Manager's desk like she had been working there all night.  So, I sat down on a chair nearby and just chatted a bit. 

Kimber's son was sitting over by the wall with a stuffed humanoid man doll laying on a roller type chair. 

Kimber left the Managers desk to go do something somewhere, so I got up to take my place and discovered that there was no typewriter on that desk, though there were 4 desks placed together back to back in a series, and there were typewriters at the other desks, the Manager didn't have one.  I didn't like that desk for that reason, so I stayed standing.

Kimber's son came rolling across the room to talk to me bringing the humanoid male doll with him that was still laying flat on its back and started talking to me.  He said that Kimber spent all her time sending for things out of the newspaper.

I couldn't imagine what that might be, but that wasn't what I planned to do as Manager.

Other women started coming into the room and started to make coffee and greeted me by name - Dolores - and that was fine, but I realized that they didn't know I was the Manager, and if there was nothing to do at the Manager's desk, I could just continue to get free rent as Manager and just make suggestions for others to do things as they seemed to like my ideas.
10-3-10 - DREAM - I was working on a web page about health.  All the body parts were listed there, but so was the word  WALL, bat when I tried to find it again, it was gone.

10-3-10 - The granddaughter of my best friend Nancy wrote to me and said she read a dream about Nancy on my website and asked me if I could tell her about her grandmother because she never knew her.

I went through some dreams I had on line about Nancy and sent them to her, then decided I would try and find out if Nancy had reincarnated since the last time I dreamt about her which was in 2004.

So I meditated, and asked about Nancy and whether she had reincarnated and if I could see her, and I was shown the number 6.0

I then fell asleep and had a dream about being in a small kitchen with an old woman who placed a tall thin candle on the stove and then she left the room. 

The floor must have been shaky because when I took a step, the candle fell over.

The old woman came back and we discussed the candle falling over when I took a step because now there was candle wax dribbled down the top of the stove that had to be cleaned off.  We didn't mention that a fire could have started from the candle falling over.
10-3-10 - DREAM -  I was standing in the parking lot of 20th St. school  (there never used to be one there, but there is now)

While I was standing there, a green car pulled up and a tall black man got out of the car and wanted to talk.  He was 6 feet tall and very thin and very black.

No sooner had he started to talk to me, a woman sitting in the car next to the green car called me and asked me if I needed any help. 

Knowing that she was worried about the black man talking to me, I started walking over toward her car, and the woman's husband started giggling and I heard him say,  "I knew you were going to have to get in the middle of that."

I started telling her the dream I had about the old lady, and realized in the dream that I had forgotten I had that dream and the whole candle dream came into my mind instead of continuing on with the 20th St. school parking lot dream.

NOTE:  I have no idea if those dreams are connected to my friend Nancy being reincarnated.
10-4-10 - DREAM -  I was at a family gathering in a house I don't remember ever being in.  My paternal grandparents were there, as were other relatives and my husband who is familiar to me but probably a TV star I can't remember his name.
During this gathering, the weather kept changing, so that when I went home, I was wearing a long sleeveless green gown of very thin fabric and the weather had turned very cold.  It had been a summer day when I arrived, and now it was as cold as winter.  I wanted to go home which meant I wasn't dressed appropriately for the weather, so I went to the closet and found a jacket like a winter weight army bomber jacket with a black fur collar, and I put that on to walk home.
My paternal grandfather was there then, and was joking around about his control of the weather, and I said that he was in control "even unto death". 
Grandfather said, "Yes!  Even unto death!"
I woke up, looked at the clock.  It was 5:06 a.m. and so dark outside, I just lay there and fell asleep again.
I was back at the family gathering, but my husband and I were in the living room.  This man, though familiar was probably a TV actor - I think it was Jack from The Young and the Restless.
My husband was fully dressed but his shirt was sleeveless and he was asleep on the sofa.  Even though I was with him, I couldn't keep him warm while he was sleeping, so I got up and went into the other room where I had been making a crocheted afghan that wasn't quite done.  So I finished it with the last few stitches to cover up my husband with it so he would be warm while he slept.   I knew I had completed two smaller black afghans but realized I had already taken them home.
So, as I picked up the afghan to take to him, I noticed that there were some marijuana seeds laying on a table with a small oval plastic dish, so I put the marijuana seeds in the dish with some seed beads that it already contained that I had been using much earlier. 
Just then, my husband appeared in the doorway and said there were a couple really expensive marijuana seeds there and to treat them carefully so he could grow them.  So, I took the dish, and we watched over it like two mothers, and I added a little water to the seed beads with the marijuana seeds on top, and wouldn't you know when I added the water to the seed beads, they all started shifting around so the marijuana seeds were now under the yellow seed beads which were now floating.
Knowing my grandfather was still in charge, I trusted that if those marijuana seeds were meant to grow - they would.

10-4-10 - MEDITATION - I just sat there and chanted mentally - Nancy Felber, Nancy Felber, Nancy Felber, and immediately saw a young woman in her 20's with fluffy blonde hair about ear length.  It didn't look like Nancy as I remember her - I'm assuming it was her as she looks now.

I was living in a house somewhere where someone had chopped the flat leaves off of a spineless cactus and left those leaves on the floor.  They weren't able to eat in any way or drink, and didn't have arms and legs to move with, but they could think.

In the beginning there was only one - an oval green leaf about 1 foot wide at its widest and about 2 feet long at its longest.

Because it could think, I felt threatened by its presence, not that I could hear it think, but I could sense that it was thinking - something that felt threatening.

Someone brought in more of these leaves, albeit smaller, they still felt threatening because they could think.

Mind you - they just lay there doing nothing, but I could sense the threat of their presence.

Eventually I saw the large leaf move across the floor - by undulating -  it almost seemed to have arms and legs underneath it and it moved all the way across the floor to the other side. 

That really freaked me out when I saw it moving across the floor - like a snail would move - only faster.

I knew if the big one could move, the little ones could move.  Who knows what they were capable of if they could think.

So, we sewed the leaves into white pieces of cloth and stitched around the edges so they were completely encased inside.  Still the leaves could think and move across the floor even while sewed into those sacks.

So , when the people started to cook dinner, the lay a track around the floor of metal, and made barbecues of small turkeys every so often to mark a border around the leaves so the leaves couldn't get over the border.

We were all within walls, within the tracks and all the garbage of living was kept within those walls and within the tracks, so it felt better, but the leaves still could think and move in between the tracks and borders.

A doctor came in and set up a small office on a desk (must have been doctors without borders?)  and he had a package of marijuana with him on his desk.  He was really good looking and I had a crush on him, but I knew he was too young for me, but I couldn't help thinking good thoughts about being with him, and I reached over the edge of his desk and handed the package of marijuana to him so he was aware that I knew he had it.  I smiled, and then wished him well and left.

However, then the borders that the leaves were kept within expanded so I could no longer see the borders and then I got really afraid because those leaves could still think, and I freaked out and woke up.
10-5-10 - DREAM - I was working in a large office building somewhere.  I  didn't recognize anyone until my friend and co-worker from A-C came walking through the office.  Apparently most of the women were out sick for some reason, so there were few women there that day.

Diane stopped to chit chat and I asked what she was up to, and she said she was working on a 'door project, which sounded intriguing so I asked her about it.  She said she was helping her grandmother get bids for a replacement door for her house.  I said, "Yeah! Those can be expensive - maybe like $150.  She said, "More like $600!"

I said, "Those must be made of heavy plate glass then!" and she nodded.  I told her I was working on the Community project for Arizona and I had researched glass windows and doors as well.

We were walking along the building outside by then, and we noticed that some workmen were building a bridge at the second floor level from one building to the other and it was about 3/4 of the way across, but not completed yet.

I looked up there and thought how dangerous it must be to walk up there and that I wouldn't want to fall off.

Just then, a workman came out of the building on the right and promptly fell off the bridge down to the ground but he didn't hit the ground - something prevented him from hitting and he just barely touched the ground and then walked off.

No sooner had that man fallen and walked away, a really fat man fell off the bridge and the same thing happened to him, as he fell, I could see waves in the air that seemed more blue than the air and he didn't hit the ground either, he touched down really gently, and walked away in the opposite direction.

I said to Diane, "Did you see that?  A forcefield prevented him from hitting the ground."

Diane got this look of shock on her face, and turned and ran away as fast as she could.

I turned back around and saw the fat guy a little farther away but headed towards me.  His T-shirt was really tiny on his upper body and his belly was swollen way bigger than normal and he was headed right for me, so I turned and ran away as fast as I could around the corner of the building.  I just knew he was coming after me - and not knowing why, I didn't want to talk to him. It was just too weird to talk about.

I ran as fast as I could, my shoes loose, feeling like they were falling off the back of my feet, and instead of running into the first doorway, I ran all the way around the building and went into another entrance that I knew had a stairway that went down into the basement and I could avoid meeting that fat guy and talking to him.  I knew that hallway had a hall that went the length of the building all the way down to the other end. I had been in that building many times before.

So, I opened the door and headed down the stairway so I could get away from him and woke up.
10-6-10  DREAM -  I dreamt that I was trying to get through life with balloons wrapped around my arms.  I had to pop half of them before I could do anything.

NOTE: I think that was because that was the first time we had blankets on all night because of the weather.
10-7-10 - DREAMS

I was lookiing at what appeared to be a web page that was unfinished - and it was about golden mystic wisdom.

I was working in an office where there was almost nothing to do.  A woman gave me a couple of purchase orders to type for machine parts and then my boss came in with nothing to do but read the newspaper.

I was in a house and my mother-in-law brought in several bags of food about 5 feet wide by 5 feet long to make salad or Mexican stuff with.  I found some large cans of chopped tomatoes. Maybe I was supposed to make a Mexican dinner.  I had no idea how to cook what she brought me, nor how many people to cook for

NOTE:  This is the third dream in a month I've had about the Golden Dawn Organization.

10-7-10 - MEDITATION - My new tangerine quartz crystal arrived today.  See dream above about orange crystal.

I held the crystal in my left hand which was very cold in the beginning.  Then it started to warm up from my hand and I started to feel prickling sensations into my hand from the stone.

I then saw a man come from the left, open a white curtain and hold out his hand to a young blonde woman who joined him on the stage.

I asked if there was a further message and didn't get any, but before I stopped meditating, a male voice said, "I don't know if you noticed how the burke went around, but my burke only takes up a certain space."

I'm hoping he didn't mean burka - I don't know what a burke is.

Tangerine Quartz carry the same healing properties as your clear quartz crystal - along with their own special healing qualities.  Tangerine quartz is naturally coloured (no dye is used to give it this orange shade).  It is an excellent stone to use after shock or trauma and especially at the soul level.  It can be used to heal after a psychic attack.  This gem can also be used for past life healing.   Tangerine Quartz activates and harmonizes the sacral Chakra and helps to stimulate the flow of creative energy.  It can take you beyond your limited belief system into a more positive vibration

Legend says that ages ago the Mountain people believed that their gods and spirits lived inside palaces made from crystal. It has been well renowned over the centuries as a popular healing stone. The word Crystal actually comes from the word "Krystallos" which means "Clear Ice" in Ancient Greek or celestial water from the heavens that the deities froze so it would never melt.  Another legend is that Hercules drooped the crystal of truth from Mount Olympus and it shattered into millions of pieces that we find today as clear quartz.    In the Orient, crystal quartz was regarded as the essence of the dragon and was considered to be pure Chi or life force. Quartz Crystal has an enlightening effect on all the Chakras and helps to eliminate negative energy.  Often used as a “cleansing” stone to restore positive energy and used in meditations.  It raises energy and aids concentration.  It is the stone of the sun, of health, wealth and happiness.  This stone absorbs energy from all around us and can draw down the divine light.  It will store and concentrate this energy to be released in healing, magic or pure vitality.   Some use this stone for divination, building psychic abilities and helping during meditations.  It also amplifies any innate psychic or healing powers and is used to increase the power of prayer (especially for healing).  It will also act as a channel for spirit guides.


10-8-10 - DREAM -  I don't know where I was specifically, but I was in a doctor's office with several other people.  I was shown shelves of gallon containers of gasoline with fruit in it and it was telling me that the energy comes from the fruit.  (That probably means human energy)

There was a female reporter sitting on the ground talking, and I found a chain of blue seed beads that belonged to her, and I decided I would keep them myself because it might give me 'her' reporter energy.

I then saw a large magazine - the size of LIFE - and I told myself I should get a subscription to that magazine because it had a page about large earthquakes which showed a 7.3.  The map on the page showed the Pacific Ocean and the entire west coast of north and south America from the north pole to the south pole, and I knew I needed to keep track of that.   (I do that already on  )

I was with Charlie from One Life to Live TV show, and he was suffering terribly - not from drinking but something of the heart and his report was written in green (which makes sense)  so I left him there.  There was another man sitting in that same dimly lit room suffering from the same thing. I can't identify who he was - assuming he was also from a TV show.

Charlie told me I didn't need to wear my white towel-like attachment I had on my skirt, so I took it off because it hung longer than the skirt. I put it into the laundry for the next time I did laundry.


10-9-10 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere and a bunch of people gathered together.

I don't recall how this happened, but we were pulled out unto space amongst the stars, but it wasn't pitch black like one would expect it to be. space actually glowed a little with a myriad of stars all around us, but we kept getting pulled even farther and we passed a line of stars into another galaxy where the line of stars was different than before, and I knew we'd never get back to the original galaxy without help.  We'd never be able to get there all by ourselves.

After I woke up, I felt a sharp pain on the back of my shoulder, and I discovered an "L" shaped cut there.  since I was wearing a clean shirt I had put on after sitting on the bed, there is no way that glass could have gotten inside the shirt to cut my skin.

DREAM 2 - I was standing in a kitchen - supposedly my own but not where I had been before.  There were huge moving boxes everywhere like some moving company had packed the stuff, not the size boxes I would have packed myself. 

There was a group of men standing in the kitchen and I knew I had to feed them, but all I could find was two cans of spaghetti, two cans of some kinds of rice and tomatoes, and a can of something else that was in that same family.  I could put this food into a baking pan if I could find the butter and the baking pan.  Then I discovered the boxes were too close to the stove and I couldn't even open the oven door.

I guess that's time to order pizza, huh?

10-9-10 - DREAM - Just as I was waking up, I looked at my hand and there was one of those bomb-like stickers attached to the palm of my hand at the base of my little finger on my right hand.

NOTE:  When I woke up earlier and went to the bathroom, there was a gouge in my shoulder that had an actual flap of skin torn out of my shoulder that hurt like fire.  Sure would like to know what is going on.
10-10-10 - DREAM - I was working in a large factory with a group of men.  We were waiting for the right delivery of some very fine wire which was the right thickness to use - very fine wire.  We had large buckets of wire - but we needed the finest wire.

Eventually the finest wire arrived and I used it to string a necklace of pearls - the pearls were quite large - white, with just a hint of pink on their surface. 

I made the necklace and took it to a young man who knew the value of pearls, and when I found him and presented him with the pearls, someone else had already given him two other necklaces made of white pearls -  and he got all excited when he took the pearls from me that he was going to show them to Hank Aaron (the baseball player)
10-10-10 - DREAM -  I was with another group of people.  I've forgotten what we were doing, but at the end, my new license plate was delivered and on it was a large number  -   2012.
DREAM  - I first saw him in the hallway at the doctor's office -  I never saw that doctor before so I don't know who he is.
Then this man (name unknown) showed up at my house and started showing me carpet samples he liked - gaudy stuff - and I wanted desperately to show him the afghans I had crocheted and knitted - especially the thick blue and black masculine one.

He sat down at the kitchen table and people started coming into the room - two women selling book subscriptions, two women selling greeting cards, and two women - one of which was a witch and her little blonde female companion. 

I was so busy trying to find my afghans - and I found many I actually haven't even made but will in the future I'm sure - I just couldn't be bothered with those women, so when I came back into the kitchen - they had left cards and samples and I was so glad they were gone - except the witch woman and her companion were still there.

At one point, I bent down to pick up something from the floor, and he came and bent down behind me and kissed me on the bare skin between my shirt and pants - OMG - that is sexy ....  Yikes. 

Then, the witch woman came up to me to give me a hug goodbye and shape-shifted into him.  She hugged me so tight my leg was between her legs, but I thought it was him and I wanted to feel his manhood and there was nothing there and I was so disappointed.  We were kissing each other on the side of the face and on the neck and when she pulled away and I saw who she really was again, I felt so disgusted with myself - how could I make that mistake?

But, he was still sitting at the table, and when I walked by, he said, "OMG - you are so damn gorgeous!"  and I instantly felt beautiful except I wanted to lose 25 pounds instantly. 

He started following me around the house, and I adored it and him, and I couldn't help myself if I brushed up against him just to feel his presence.

He verbally admired my work ethic and enthusiasm, and I was flattered but said, "You just haven't known any secretaries before", and smiled but feeling really good that he noticed.

There were other people around including my husband and I didn't care if he saw me flirting with this guy - I couldn't wait to be alone with him. 

We were starting to get ready to make dinner, and he suggested that we go out to a restaurant for dinner - just him and me - and I told him that we were already getting ready to make dinner but he didn't care, he wanted to be alone with me.

He was standing in the aisle between the counter and the table, and I whispered in his ear as I passed him by and said, "I have a secret to tell you."  and he whispered back, "I hope its naughty!" and grinned.  I wanted to tell him that I fell in love with him the very second I saw him in the doctor's office.

I came back into the room, ready to go to dinner, and passed by the little curly haired blonde girl who had come in with the witch woman and I patted her on the top of her hair, and he did the same thing.

I woke up as we went out the door - and I couldn't stand being awake - I wanted to go right back into the dream and be with my dream man -   and I did, but I have no memory or the second encounter.  I just didn't want to come back to this world without him.
NOTE: I realized that the man was probably Nate Burkess from a new TV show that just started and It think he might be gay - but I love his enthusiasm and compassion for people and his sense of joy -  and I don't care that he might be gay - he's just so adorable.

10-11-10 - DREAM - I was sitting with Joe and he was showing me the basic shapes of color, which were like the insides of a hollow flower - the white one was square, the second one triangle, each succeeding color had one more brace to hold the inside of the flower open -   there is nothing on the internet to match this -

10-11-10 - DREAM -  I met Dr. David   ___ (from All My Children TV show)  in the hallway of an apartment building.  He wanted to be loving but didn't seem to know quite how to do it.  He showed me the pieces of a red and white checkered shirt he wanted sewed which apparently had been already sewed together and taken apart to make the pattern for another one, which he needed sewed together.


10-11-10 - DREAM - I was working in a large building - probably an apartment building.

I was working on some small puzzles, and working on some small potted plants with lace doilies under them

My husband decided to work on one of the puzzles up on the wall, but when I looked at it, the puzzle was of North America and he was fitting pieces into southern Alaska and over away on Canada at the same level.  I decided to let him finish that by himself and get back to my plants.

I moved a couple plants out in the hallways and then decided to water them with a pink spray bottle of water.

I went into another room where there was a young black woman sitting, working on something.  She saw the doily I had and laughed, and said, "I know today is "H page day" - and I know all about soft porn.

I didn't know what she was talking about at all.  (the internet doesn't either)

Then my friend Barbara came in and started telling me her troubles about when she was taking her son to school, she almost hit a small animal pulling up behind another vehicle, and she felt dizzy and dropped the motorcycle over sideways onto the ground and broke some things off on that side.  She and her son were okay.

I was going to suggest that T.J. could fix her bike, then remembered he had moved 400 miles away and could never get her back into her schedule overnight. 
I think the following dream was brought on by watching the Chilean miners being extracted from a collapsed mine after 2 months, and trying not to cry every time another miner emerged.

DREAM - I was in a house somewhere next to a river.  The river flooded suddenly, and I could feel waves of water hitting the house.

My sons were in the next room, laying on cots, face down - they had left their footprints in the dust when they went to bed.

10-15-10 - a 555 dream

DREAM -   I was in a kitchen of a house that had a small office adjacent to it.  The number 5 was on a series of food menus relating to meat served from the kitchen.  All the varied meats were in the oven at the same time being kept warm.  The number 5 meat was like a sausage about 4 inches in diameter and about 1 foot long - like ham.  I saw it listed 3 times - 5 5 5 on three different sheets of paper - all different menus.

Apparently Joe's son T.J. was the cook.

I wanted to ask T.J. a question, but he left the kitchen and went upstairs to talk to a young man who was laying on a double bed in a bedroom off the stairway.  I followed T.J. and heard him ask the man, "Where is the oil for the motor of the car - I really need that Quadralene."  It's the golden oil. "

I never heard of Quadralene, so that name stuck in my mind.

The other young man didn't know where the Quadralene oil was, so T.J. went back downstairs to the kitchen to take care of the meat.

I went back into the office, and on the desk was a clipboard with a few sheets of paper on it.  The top sheet contained very small handwriting which I recognized as Joe's and it contained a lot of numbers listing instructions to himself how to find HOME which was at the bottom of the sheet.   I found out from my sister-in-law from Wisconsin named Phyllis that the way HOME was very difficult and contained roadways that almost went in a circle in some places through swampy areas, so the way HOME was not easy.

Underneath that sheet of paper, was some blank sheets of paper on which I decided I could use to write down my dreams and notes about things I wanted to remember, such as the menus with the 555 on and the name Quadralene -  because later I heard T.J. say that he couldn't get home until he found Quadralere.

As I was writing my dreams down, I put the page numbers on the upper right hand corner -  39 and then 40. While I was doing that, I noticed that a man named David was watching me write them down from behind my right shoulder.   I didn't know why he was so interested in what I was writing, but apparently he wanted me to remember about the golden oil Quadralene.

Quadralene Ltd, Cleaning Chemicals, Ultrasonic - Cleaning

Quadralene Ltd, Liversage Works, Bateman Street, Derby, Derbyshire, DE23 8JL. ... Quadralene Ltd. All Industry · Business Services · Chemical, Oil & Gas ...






10-16-10 - DREAM - Joe had the TV on about aliens and UFOs, and I fell asleep, and I was dreaming the movie at the same time  the movie was on. 

In my dream, the NSA was around, so were neighbors, and I rather felt like I was one of the aliens in human flesh.  I and my children were all dressed in light weight T-shirt fabric - very tall, long, and slim - the T-shirt fabric was not striped lengthwise, but manufactured that way so it looked like it was very wide pleats.  (I don't know how to describe that fabric)    But we were all dressed in pale green.

I woke up and saw that it wasn't even yet midnight, so I went back to sleep and I was wearing the same fabric, T-shirt material, and still pale green, and I had a baby son and a young daughter.  My daughter had to go to school way out on 167th and Greenfield.  Her elementary school was on 147th and Greenfield, but we lived on 16th St. in Milwaukee.

The bus picked the kids up on 16th and Center and took them way out to 167th St., so I decided I would drive her myself.

We had already walked to 16th and Center and were standing there, and I realized I didn't have my car there so we had to go back home and get my bright red purse and bright red car in order to drive her to school on 167th St.

Meanwhile, I had to put a larger light green T-shirt on the baby, and put a larger light green T-shirt on my daughter before taking her to school.  She was studying her school work, laying face down on the bed with another girl who was going to go to school with her.  She was wearing a white T-shirt of the same light fabric - just a lighter color.

When I finally woke up from that dream, it was still only 1:30 a.m. and I was done sleeping.

10-17-10 - 3:33 a.m.  SUBMARINES IN THE VIETNAM WAR

I was living and working in a large military building somewhere. I lived on the 4th floor, and worked on the 1st floor. My cousin Judy lived with me.
It was early morning and we were just getting out of bed.  Judy mentioned that it was her 25th wedding anniversary so I made a mental note to get her and her husband a 25th wedding anniversary card and get something with the number 25 in white to put in her office. 

(In real life, Judy's husband died of a heart attack while scuba diving on their anniversary trip so it was a very sad memory for her)

I was cleaning the apartment to make it look more presentable.  Then when I went out into the main 4th floor office, I started to meet the other people who worked there and there were quite few young women in military uniforms but without their jackets on, just in shirt sleeves and skirts and black shoes.

While I was standing there observing, an older navy officer came down the hall with an even older retired military guy and I overheard them talking about their careers.  The younger of the two men looked very familiar (James Cagney) and I heard him say he had written a book.

He also showed the older man his favorite painting and it was of a submarine coming up in the Mekong Delta in the Vietnam war with grass huts built on the river.  It was a very intimidating looking painting and mostly green and yellows with the swell of water in the shape of the submarine between the Vietcong huts.  He was very fond of the painting, probably having painted it himself.

 Another co-worker - male - came up then and I decided to engage the important military man in conversation so I asked him what category of education was his favorite.  I believe we mentioned four  - I decided to surprise him by discussing a book in the most difficult category.

When our conversation was over, he invited me to dinner and I accepted and then said I had to go down to my office on the 1st floor and report in, then I was going shopping for an anniversary card for Judy and going to buy a large white number 25 if I could found one.

At that point, the older retired military man reminded the younger one that since it was his 25th anniversary, he would be expected to write a book.

I overheard the young man say that he was going to pretend that he had never written a book before and he was going to enjoy asking for help because there was a lot of nice young titties in that office.

I looked at his painting again of the submarine coming up in the Mekong Delta again and smiled at that he was planning to do with these young naive military women.

I then grabbed a company cart like a portable shopping cart with two wheels to take downstairs with me and it was bright green and red plaid and I noticed that a lot of things in our office upstairs were red and green plaid, and I moved a few other things around in the office to make it look neater and then left to go downstairs to the 1st floor and woke up.

1969 - Operation Barrier Reef began in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

The military condition deteriorated, and by 1963 South Vietnam had lost the fertile Mekong Delta to the Vietcong.

March 7, 1968 - Vietnam War: The First Battle of Saigon begins. ... May 22 - The nuclear-powered submarine the USS Scorpion sinks with 99 men aboard ... United States and South Vietnamese forces launched a new operation in the Mekong Delta ...

The Mother of All Maritime Links: Page 43 of 47

Bottom Guns and Targets (Don Shelton's submarine and navy pages) ... to the Army and Navy men who served in the Mekong Delta during the Vietnam War) ...


    A nation overwhelmed by the Vietnam War and the other cataclysmic events of ..... The last mission of the nuclear submarine USS Scorpion included various ...
  2. The USS Scorpion Buried at Sea » HistoryNet

    Officially, the sub USS Scorpion sank due to torpedo malfunction, but new evidence ... Unknown to the families of the crew, the submarine's failure to break radio silence by late morning ... Instead, it may have been the outcome of a deadly Cold War confrontation between the U.S. and .... Vietnam War · World War II ...


DREAM -  I was visiting a female friend of mine who was very fundamental.  She didn't believe in aliens and I was always trying to prove that aliens were real.  Her husband was always in the background laughing.  Whether he believed in aliens or not , I don't know, but he enjoyed listening to our banter when I visited her.

In the kitchen, she had some kind of necklace she said she used for meditating.  It was similar to a Catholic Rosary but she wasn't Catholic, and this chain was very fine gold and pearls with a strange medallion on the bottom - not a cross or crucifix.   She had it hanging up in her kitchen on a hook and when I touched it, she yelled at me to keep my hands off of it. 

I respected that, but I told her, "If I can prove to you there is even one alien, I'm going to have that!"  and she grunted her disapproval.

While I was there, I was doing some very fine sewing for her, using very fine needles and very fine thread.  It was hard to keep track of the needles because they were so small. 

When she left the room to go do something, I noticed she left her smock-type apron hanging on the back of a kitchen chair and I noticed she had a very small book in her apron pocket. 

I was very curious as to what she was reading that she had to carry it with her while she worked, so I picked it out of the pocket with two fingers.  I only got a glance at the title before I heard her coming back.  It said in very large letters  -  'GLOAN'.

I managed to get the book back into the pocket, but as soon as she left the room again, I picked the book back out of the pocket because I wanted to see what the book was about.

The second time I took the book out of the pocket, I picked it up and turned it over to look at the other cover and it clearly said, "BOOK OF DEVILS'.   I quickly opened it up and inside was very pretty pastel colored pages with slightly darker pictures drawn at the upper edge of strange characters with beards and wearing various colored caps that were triangular shape.

On every page were pastel colored Arabic letters - 5 across and 10 down.

I have no idea what those letters meant, there was no English translation on those pages.  Whether she meditated on those letters or what I have no idea.

This time she caught me with the book in my hand and I quickly put it back into her apron pocket, and I said glibly, "Oops!  My incessant book curiosity came over me!"

She didn't say a word about it, and I woke up.

10-1710 - MEDITATION - I saw a map of Canada Convection currents.  Instead of coming only from the west and going southeast, they were coming from both the west and the east and criss crossing going over and under each other before moving south in the United States and at both ends and moving towards the center.

A later vision showed me something about Russia - with lots and lots of books all labeled Russia on the tops of the pages.
Perhaps something similar will happen there too.


10-18-10 - DREAM - I was working at home in my own office, and was looking at some biblical verses on a special topic, and I got a phone call from my boss "Tom" who asked me to participate in the Bible Study.  Whatever verses they were studying, it was about future war and the Bible verse said, "Do not go past the border." 

I woke up before I found out which Bible verse it was.

10-19-10 - DREAM -  I was working on a computer and my job was to click on numbers one at a time, in order 1 thru 17 and then I had to go on this little hand-held machine and input people's start dates.  My own was the last date.  It was either 1-1-01  or 1-1-11.  I'm not certain of the last number.


10-20-10 -DREAM - I was somewhere where there apparently was  a stage and on this stage a woman's body and then a man's body was created.  Both bodies were well rounded - not your ordinary person.  Then while I was watching, I saw the words 'hologram body' appeared, followed by a name - Robert  ______  the last name I couldn't read.  I'm assuming that was the creator's name.

INTERESTING CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THE HOLOGRAPHIC BODY,25522,25981,26425,26637,26992&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=Hologram+body++robert&cp=18&pf=p&sclient=psy&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=Hologram+body++rob&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=7ebb199fec51e780

10-20-10 - DREAM - I was living in a very large house in the country.  I was sitting in a large comfy chair in a second floor sitting room with my husband Joe Mason, wearing a red and black checkered jacket laying across my lap watching TV.  I didn't actually see the TV being on, but that's what he was doing.

To my left, on a sofa was an older man, wearing a similar jacket, and on another chair between the sofa and myself, sat an older homeless man who they were entertaining and letting him be warm and cared for.

On the third floor, we rented out bedrooms to young couples with young children, and apparently they had opened up their child's Christmas train and I could hear the train going around and around on the tracks.   I thought to myself, "hopefully they won't be running that train too long, or I'd have to say something to them, or let my own sons get out their train set in retaliation. 

Joe got up to go do some chores, so I also got up and went downstairs to the combination kitchen-recreation room which was a terrible mess.  The kids and their friends had taken over the place and were doing a multitude of things, none of which were bad, but they were very messy.

There were clothes everywhere, and papers, and cardboard, most of which were wet and soggy.

The elementary age boys in the room were looking for and finding small bud vases and placing rose bush twigs into them to root them.  One little boy said there was soap in his bud vase as it had bubbled up when he put water into it, so I went to the sink and rinsed it out again, and didn't see any bubbles, so pronounced it clean and gave it back to him.

I saw three younger elementary boys sitting in white and yellow utility mop buckets full of water and they were soaking themselves in it, and they were enjoying themselves just sitting in the buckets, and I thought to myself, 'At least they are clean." and smiled and went outside.

Outside in the yard, my sons and other teen age boys were messing around and I saw a metal stake sticking out of the ground and told a few boys they needed to get that stake out of the ground because it was dangerous to have that stake sticking up where it was for no reason.

On the other side of a wire fence, I saw my son Michael who was about 17 jump down into what looked like an open dry cistern, but then saw that it wasn't complete and had loose dirt on one side yet, and wasn't really a deep hole in the ground as one side was level with the rest of the ground which was level with it.  But I yelled at him not to jump down into holes in the ground and saw some other holes in the ground that did look like dry cisterns.  I certainly didn't want anyone to get hurt or have dirt fall in on them once they jumped into a cistern.

I decided to go look for Joe who was probably in the barn, so I walked over that direction, and when I got there, I saw that the door to the barn was way down a long covered walkway, covered on both sides so nothing would get wet while being unloaded, but it was so long, I decided to run to the other end so it didn't take so long, so I took off running down the length of that tunnel-like structure, and slowed down just before getting to the door, expecting my heart to get some exercise at the same time.

I woke up, expecting my heart to be racing from being in the dream running, and it wasn't.

That surprised me.

10-20-10 -  DREAM -  I was taking a nap in our current house, and someone was pounding on the front door and calling my name.  I went to the door and opened it and there stood Beverly - our neighbor from across the street.  It was pitch black outside, and the whole air smelled like leaking oil or gas from a furnace. 

I then saw a fireman wearing a rain slicker go running across our lawn heading toward her house, and she turned and ran toward her house.  I kept calling her name to come back but she continued on toward her house, and I knew that a spark could ignite that oil in a flash.

NOTE:  This dream couldn't have been more wrong.  As real life turns out, that house is all-electric and doesn't use gas or oil.
Plus the house was sold within the last two weeks which I didn't know about.  So why was oil or gas delivered to that house?

NOTE:  on the evening of 12-23-10, Beverly called me on the phone, in a panic that was just like in the dream. She told me that the alarm had gone off in the house across the street, and that the alarm company had called her to tell her that the alarm was going off.  Joe and I ran to the door and could hear nothing.  It was pitch black across the street, just like in the dream - no lights were on, it was raining hard (remember the fireman with the rain slicker on)  Joe took his binoculars and saw a LED light blinking in a window across the street. Otherwise it was silent.  Beverly said that the alarm company called the Sheriff, but we never saw or heard them if they did show up.  Beverly thought perhaps someone had tried to get into the house from behind. That's what they have done in the past.

10-21-10 DREAM,VISION.  I saw a large green frog sitting on a pink lotus blossom floating on the water.
I saw this seven times in a row.    I saw the words:  POWER TRANSFORMATION  each time.

10-21-10 -  DREAM -  I was on the ocean in a boat with a man. I didn't see any oars, but we were bumping along the shore against the rocks with no way to steer.   I began to see a harbor and safety - but it was like a pencil drawing and I knew it wasn't real.
10-22-10 - DR4EAM - This was my first day back as manager as Juneau Village Garden Apts. and I was as happy as can be.

I spent the whole dream cleaning the lobby and the front hall and meeting the characters from All My Children TV show.

J. R. who is a billionaire on the show, was so poor in his apartment, he said he could only afford to use one light bulb which is what he did.

Instead of using a vacuum cleaner, it was argued what size to use - one that was powerful enough to pick up paper the size of a magazine, I picked up all the tiny little pieces of paper by hand on my hands and knees.

When I got to the lobby which was humungous in size, on my knees, I used two large combs and combed the threads of the entire rug all by myself.

I was living in joy!

10-22-10 - DREAM -  I evidently was unconscious and woke up in the exam chair in my eye doctor's office.

The doctor and his nurse were sitting on chairs in front of me and a young chubby girl was sitting next to me.

I was rather shocked to wake up in the eye doctor's office, and I asked him, "How did I get here?"  because I didn't know.

He said, "You were brought here by ambulance, because no one knew what was wrong with you."

"What happened? I was just taking a nap on the sofa at home."

He said, "You were channeling Jesus and point up toward Heaven," and he pointed up toward the corner of the room, which would have been south-east .

The little girl asked, "What is the last thing you remember?"

I said, "I was taking a nap on the sofa and indicated how I was curled up laying sideways on the sofa leaning against a pillow.

Again, I asked the eye doctor how I had gotten there, and he repeated, "You were brought here by ambulance."

Nothing made sense to me.

Then my husband walked in, and it was Jim from Wisconsin - who was brought up strict Catholic. 

Maybe that was why I channeled Jesus.  I really don't know.

Then I was wheeled outside on a chair, and we were in the front yard of the eye doctor's office.

I was surrounded by plants that had been uprooted and brought with me for some reason.

I looked at the plants closely and saw that they were lilacs in full bloom.  I decided I wanted to take them home with me, so I asked for a scissor to cut the flowers off the stems that still had roots at the bottom.

I was given a large curved scissors one would cut flowers off of bushes with, which was easy to handle, and I sat there and cut lilacs off the long stems so they could be put in water.

All of a sudden, a fluffy dog was there, and I was also cutting pizza squares and what looked like coconut cake squares and setting them aside and the dog and the little girl were eating those as soon as I put them on a plate. 

The little girl wanted to ride her bicycle but there wasn't room for her, so I lifted her up and set her down on my right side so she could ride her bike.

I woke up cutting lilacs and wondering why I was channeling Jesus and what he had said.

NOTE: I had fallen asleep while having a mental conversation with my eye doctor, explaining to him that there are more ways than surgery to cure illnesses.

The other day I meditated and was told by a message on a brick wall not to go to  LORGEN - LOVE BITE

Today I got an e-mail about internet dating

By Bob Strauss, Friday, October 22, 2010

Despite what you've been taught in school, that small voice in the back
of your mind isn't necessarily your conscience — it may be the last
fully functioning piece of your brain, desperately trying to tell you
that the guy or gal you've been seeing isn't even close to being your
soul mate.

As unwelcome as this conclusion is, isn't it better to come to it by
yourself rather than being lectured about it by an expert? No? Well, in
that case, read on for a list of signs that it's time to get back into
the trenches and continue that trudge toward true love.

1) Your date is devoted to another. "On a regular basis, he spoke to his
mother more than he did to me," says Bethany from Minneapolis. "He
talked to her every day, and then he would compare me to her. She has
him on such a short leash that he hasn't ever made a major decision
without her!"

2) Your spending habits don't match. "If she shops to make herself feel
good, and he feels better when money is saved for the future, look out:
irritation, frustration, and arguments can result," says Rita Benasutti,
Ph.D., a therapist in Boca Raton, FL. In other words: Get out now, while
your credit-card balance is still manageable.

3) Your politics are too different. Although there are some famous
liberal/conservative couples out there, "If you have opposite
ideologies, it's usually a deal-breaker," says John Seeley, author of
Get Unstuck! The Simple Guide to Restart Your Life. So, "if you find
yourself saying things like 'I can't believe you voted for him' or 'I
can't even kiss someone who likes that person,'" it's time to move on.

4) Your sweetie just doesn't get your jokes. Take it from me: If that
obscure Monty Python reference provokes polite but uncomprehending
giggles on a first date, it'll be met with frosty silence six months
down the road. The same formula applies if she thinks Garrison Keillor
is hilarious, but you're more like Homer Simpson banging on the TV set
and shouting, "Be more funny!"

5) Your love interest isn't ready. "I met someone over a year ago, and
we really hit it off," says Michele from Atlanta. "He would call me from
work daily, saying that he missed me and couldn't wait to see me again.
But the closer we got, the more he started to pull back. Finally, I
threw in the towel, realizing that even though we were compatible in
many ways, he was not emotionally ready for a relationship."

6) Your honey wants kids and you don't (or vice versa). "Often, a person
is so happy to find The One that he or she assumes love, marriage and
having children go together, but for the other person, being a twosome
and being in love is enough," says Dr. Benasutti. "It's a good idea to
have a serious heart-to-heart talk with your potential mate to
understand his or her perspective."

7) Your tastes are too different. "The number-one reason for failed
relationships is what I call 'refinement incompatibility,'" says Zannah
Hackett, author of The Ancient Wisdom of Matchmaking. "Some of us are
content to go camping, while others can't survive outside a Ritz-Carlton
hotel room. Some things are negotiable, but refinement incompatibility
is not one of them, no matter how magnetically attracted you are to each

8) Your lifestyles clash. If you're a corporate executive pulling in six
figures a year, you've probably figured out by now whether you can
tolerate a guy or gal who earns an order of magnitude less in terms of
salary. No harm, no foul: ending things now is better than leading
someone along (or unexpectedly sticking your date with the tab at that
expensive restaurant).

9) Your first connection fizzles. "When we first met, the chemistry
wasn't there," says Lauren from New York, speaking of a relationship she
had high hopes for ... at first. "Sometimes that attraction develops as
you get to know a person and sometimes it doesn't, but it's very
different from instantly having that sizzle of chemistry when your date
glances at you for the very first time."

10) Your relationship has you on edge. "I believe that The One
strengthens you, lifts you up and does not produce anxiety," says
Kathryn Alice, author of "Love Will Find You."

"When something isn't right, your intuition keeps trying to let you know
by putting nagging doubts in your mind as well as continual anxiety.
This is a gut thing, and your gut is rarely wrong."

10-23-10 - DREAM -  I don[t know what city I was in, but I was managing an apartment building.  I was going to show someone a newly available apartment and the person didn't show up.  One of the little girls who already lived in the building said she wanted to see the apartment, but she was so young, I told her I couldn't show it to her without her mother.  She was very disappointed.

I went outside then and got on a bus to go somewhere.  The fee was 25 cents, and nobody who got on me had a quarter, so I paid for all of us.  One of the woman who got on the bus with me was Judi who currently lives in Florida so maybe that's where I was.  I don't .  Otherwise we were both spirit traveling.  She looked just like she does now from her latest photo I saw.  That was kind of cool and we hugged and chatted a bit.

I then went back to my apartment where I was going to write the story of my life in three episodes.  I was going to write part 1 to my long time friend Donna, but I couldn't think of anything good to write - it was just all too sad.  So I couldn't write anything.

10-23-10 - DREAM - I don't know what city I was in, but our green car was parked in a parking lot and it was a convertible.
I stood next to the car with my son Bill who was about 2 1/2 or 3 years old.  He bent over and picked up a handful of sand and put it right into his mouth and tried to eat.  It tasted nasty and he started to cry his little heart out and I yelled at him, "I told you not to eat dirt", and quickly wiped all the dirt out of his mouth, while another woman who was older than me watched me undo the mess he had just made.

Then he picked up a black cat and tried to put it into the car, and the cat didn't want to get into the car.

so I put Bill into the car, then walked around the back of the car and saw a red-orange cat, so I picked up both cats so they only saw each other and not the car, and dumped both cats into the back seat of the car so that they were lookiing at each other and didn't notice they were inside the car.

The scene changed and I was inside the back seat of the car which now had a top on it.  I wanted to get into the front passenger side of the car, but I didn't want to get out into the street where the traffic was, so I opened the door on the sidewalk side and got out onto the sidewalk.    Then I noticed that all the vehicles parked along the street were all the same shade of green, and the car right behind us had a guy sitting in the passenger seat with a round microphone held in his right hand, and he started broadcasting on the radio.

I knew instantly that I needed to have my own radio show like his.  The guy parked behind us wanted to get out of his parking space, but we couldn't move forward enough for him to get his car out, and we couldn't get out of our space either.

Finally the vehicle in front of us got out of the parking space, and we were going to move forward into his space, but a green pickup truck drove into that spot too fast, we couldn't move forward either again.

So, then I walked all the way to the front of the row of cars because I couldn't fit between any of the cars to get through, and I got around the whole row of cars and made my way back to where my husband was parked, I heard him say, , "The O _____ doesn't work in the engine, and all of a sudden a huge section of black dirt and snow mixed in it in layers fell out from the engine space so it freed up the o ____  and we could drive the vehicle again.

10-24-10 - DREAM - a very complicated accounting system was set up for 'things people did' or attended, and how many times they did it.  Then we hired people to keep track of that.


10-24-10 - DREAM - DON'T GO SHOPPING AT MIDNIGHT.  Apparently my husband was working second shift, and he suggested that I do my grocery shopping late in the evening at a particular store in a not so great neighborhood, and he would pick me up when he got off work.

So, I went to the store, which was quite large - one of those places that doesn't have all matching linoleum on the floor and the floor undulates a bit - not flat.  It had a lot of food when I got there, and a lot of Mexican and or Puerto Rican women walking in the aisles. 

I didn't need much, just late night snack type things, and when my husband arrived, he said he wanted a steak. 

I went over to the meat counter and didn't see any steaks, I saw lots of hamburger, sausages, roasts, etc   but no steaks, and the longer I looked the less the counter had and finally, the meat counter was empty completely. They had put everything away.

So, I went down to the other end of the store where they had a restaurant open, and I found a counter where they were making meat ball sandwiches, and I bought a couple of those, then went back to the other end of the store, where the pie and cake counter was still open, but the goodies were disappearing just as fast.  I finally picked out a couple pieces of cherry cheesecake, and the clerk shoved it all into my purse for free because it was the end of the night.  I thanked her emphatically.

I was looking for the check out line, when my husband decided to lecture me from a brightly lit window.  I don't remember what he said, but it was not to do something, and do something else.  He said it very loud from a distance and I felt very embarrassed, but I didn't say anything.

So I went to the check out line and couldn't find my purse.  I finally found two of my purses on the floor, a red one and a black one, neither one of them had anything in it so I couldn't pay for anything I had picked out in the store.

At that point my husband was still standing by the door, so I hoped he was going to pay for what I had picked out and was putting on the check out line.

They were checking out four people at a time on one check out line, and I don't know if I even got my own stuff.

By the time I followed my stuff to the other end of the line, my husband was gone, and they just handed me my stuff and I was carrying both empty purses with me.

I had to walk through this large empty undulating grey linoleum floored hallway to get outside, where I found a large parking lot with a bunch of cars in it, and 3 of the cars were yellow and lit up inside. 

I thought I saw my husband sitting in one and he looked mad because I took so long, and he drove off before I got to him without even lookiing my direction.

Another yellow car was empty and didn't look like our car, but there was another yellow car with 5 bearded guys sitting in it waving to me to come on over to them.  I thought it was my sons at first, but then I wasn't sure because my eyesight isn't all that great, so I was afraid to go closer and find out that it was someone else, so I couldn't move my feet to go closer and woke up.

`10-24-10 - VISION - I was looking at a long page of instructions, which I co9uldn't really read.  At the bottom of the page, it said  "Group leader"  Start here:  and then the page had to be turned -  but in a dream you can't turn a page and the whole page faded out.

10-25-10 - DREAMS -  None of this makes any sense to me.  One dream was about a fat black woman, and the other was about a fat white woman.  Neither dream took place any place I've ever been before.

There was no room in the car for me and my white woman friend so we had to ride in tandem.  We were on a mountain top or high hill and our car was stuck in snow.  We managed to get out of the snow, then went down into a valley where there was no snow.  Must all be symbolic.

The fat black woman wanted me to teach her diction, and I was typing the date  June 2, 1992 in pink on several sheets of paper for her.  I never found anything positive so far for that date on the internet.  I'll look again.

In one scene, I made sure I had my stash of Xanax with me for what was coming.  That's not a good sign.
10-25-10 - DREAM -  I was in my house and my mother-in-law Lucy Bauer called on the phone.  I recognized her voice because my husband had her on speaker phone.  She was talking about a young man who was ill, (I don't recall what disease it was)  but she said, "He takes a walk outside every Saturday night.  He was telling me about the Israelite Process"

My mother-in-law passed away in November, 1978.

Though my mother-in-law was a strict Catholic from Austria, this is the only thing on the web that fits what she said:   It is the Israelite process of death and dying.


Earlier I had a vision of a contract with the black date 1973 on it.


10-26-10  - DREAM -  I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car somewhere in the country.  The hills were quite high in the area, but the house was in the valley.  I was wearing a long blue bathrobe while sitting in the car, but I couldn't get out because there was huge yellow colored bull standing next to the car peeing.

The bull was tethered to a really tall stick with a rope attached to it, so he could go where he wanted as long as he was tethered.

He finally moved away from the car on the other end of the property so I could go into the house where some men were doing business on the phone as well as in person.

I was ignored like I wasn't there, but I could somewhat figure out what they were doing business over was other countries, not just products.

I noticed that in the kitchen, a cooked turkey carcass was sitting on a chair partially carved up and some pieces of turkey meat was on the floor under the table but even the two dogs there - a blonde dog and a black dog didn't even want the dried up turkey meat.

I walked into the hallway where Donald Rumsfeld was talking to a man who was standing behind my left shoulder so I don't know who he was. 

The man behind me said he wanted to buy a cow but the price was too high.  Donald Rumsfeld suggested that he just buy half the cow, to which the man agreed, and he suggested that Donald buy the other half of the cow.  But Donald Rumsfeld said, "I don't think so.  I wanted the same half of the cow. you wanted."

A few minutes later, I was playing cards at the kitchen table with two other men - younger than middle aged, but not too young.

Apparently I was the dealer in the game, still wearing the same blue bathrobe. The man across from me, played his card, a blue King. The man to my right said who I didn't actually see said he didn't have a card to play because he had been left out of the deal in the last round. So, I played my two cards - I had a world card that looked like the South Pole, and a country card, and I played them both. I didn't recognize what country it was though. I assumed my world card and country card beat the King card.

What country was it?  It wasn't the United States.

The new Israel - Argentina / Chile - called Patagonia


10-26-10  -NAP DREAM   I was in my 16th St. house, and I got a visitor with pitch black dyed hair.  At first I thought it was my friend Michelle, but she was gorgeous, flipping her hair around wildly.  She said she had gotten drunk the night before and had passed out on the street corner.  She wanted to know what herb I recommend for being drunk - maybe like what is in pizza or something.

I said, "Oregano?" 

She said, "Yeah!  Like what is in pizza. "

We went into the pantry, which instead of having dishes and food, all I found was tons and tons of makeup, mirrors, and things to look beautiful with.  I told her to turn on the light so I could see better, and I couldn't find any herbs in there - just makeup.


10-27-10 - DREAM -  I met a young woman, dressed in pink, who was in the military but was on leave.  She said the kept a daily diary and I thought that was a great idea and that I should do that too. 

Right after that, I was looking out the window and saw the man's section of the military - probably Navy because the man was wearing a dark blue uniform, and he walked full speed through a large clear pond in the middle of a field full of bushes and grass.  The water was up to his chest, but that didn't slow him down, expecting everyone else to do the same.

I don't know if he even saw the water because it was so clear, but everyone else did.

Later, I was in the house with my young son and there was a political discussion going on that wasn't positive and my husband told the boys, "nothing they heard inside the house had nothing to do with Obama outside the house.

Later, I was in the bedroom and I heard a loud wooden cracking sound and discovered that at the corner of the bed frame had broken that held the box spring and the bed spring had fallen in.  I figured I could put the same box spring on a narrower bed frame.

10-28-10 DREAM -  I was in the living room of my Father's 16th St. house with my daughter-in-law Lorna.

We were discussing whether we or not the United States paid for private property outside the United States and she said told me that we sent money to Germany.

We were sitting at a computer next to the window by the alley.

She said, "In fact, the Ambassador to Germany is here and you can ask him yourself.

So, as the man walked by, I said, "Excuse me sir! Could you tell me if the United States pays for private property in Germany?"

He answered, "Yes Maam!  And very willingly so," and as he said that, his face shape-shifted into a hairy snouted face like a dog. 

10-29-10 - DREAM VISION - I was looking at a page like chart, made up of pastel colored soft and wide dashes -each followed by a 5 digit number. I knew that this had to do with healing.

It came to me that the pale green ones were Human-ETs and that the white ones were angels. The other colors were pink, blue, and silver.

I saw this about 5 times, and just before I woke up, there was a message at the bottom of the page that said,
"These are the POSNER results."

Hi Dee:

Michael Posner is Professor Emeritus at the University of Oregon and Adjunct Professor at the Weill Medical College in New York (Sackler Institute). He is currently engaged in a project with Mary K. Rothbart to understand the development of brain networks underlying attention. This work explores the interaction of genes and experience in normal and atypical development.
The link also shows his e-mail address.

The silver color in the dream reminds me of the cord that connects us for traveling in 
other dimensions (like in Jose Arguelles' 1988 book Surfers of the Zuvuya).

Interesting dream.

Sharon 444



I was working in an office.  We had two types of desks - the normal brown ones and some crystal clear ones that were made of glass - 6 feet long x 3 feet wide with a red rim around them.  I have no idea what they were for, but we got a request for one and delivered it down the hall.

I was moving into a new office - everything was brown, including my clothing.  Everything seemed rough - nothing was polished, and my boss's boss had his inner office to the side of ours, and he apparently didn't want me to do his work. He was waiting for my friend Alyse to come back from vacation to do his work. 

I was babysitting our neighbor's house and for some reason I parked my car in the hallway of their bedroom.

That night I was going to their house to retrieve my car, and I saw a string of headlights equally spaced coming from the right, and I got concerned and went into the house to take my car home.  I walked into the bedroom hallway and couldn't find my car. I walked around and around in that area of the house, stunned that my car wasn't there.  So, then I walked into the living room that was brightly lit, and there sat the couple on a hassock, the mother holding her baby - and I screamed at the top of my lungs and then started crying out of built, shame, whatever emotions I had in me for doing the wrong thing - and they just sat there and watched me cry until I was done crying and they didn't say a word.  They knew I was expressing all those emotions in my crying and tears.

I recall seeing her baby dressed in a onesy that was black and white striped, and she let me hold him.

I was sitting in the passenger side of a car, listening to music.  I looked over at the window and the speakers were hanging on the window itself and the window was open about 1/2 an inch - just enough to hang the speakers on the glass.

I suddenly felt like I didn't have enough air to breathe, so I used the electronic window opener to open the window a bit more so I had more air and was choking and gagging from not enough oxygen.

Lowering the window another 1/2 an inch didn't help, so I lowered the window another 1/2 an inch, watching speakers bouncing on the moving window, bringing the sound closer to me.

I still couldn't breathe very well and was choking and gagging and I woke up choking and gagging because I had mucus stuck in my throat.
10-31-10  DREAMS

I was looking at a WWII ship that was painted beige.  All the soldiers were wearing beige uniforms too.  The ship number was either 41 or 57.  I saw both numbers.  commissioned Dec. 21, 1941  launched June 7, 1941  (the number 41 wasn't found on this page)

I was then in a house and the crowd of people wanted to meet my sons, especially Michael because he was such a large young man in his early 20's.

Once they met him, they decided to preserve his face for posterity and just peeled off his skin and put it on a manikin.  (There was no blood)

The people then did the same thing to my friend Marilyn and her boyfriend John who was sitting next to her.

After they did that, they set up a shrine in the dining room, using pine branches.  Each branch was weighted with either a hip bone (it was round) or it was a stone, and each branch had this object tied to it so the branch stood upright.

After that ceremony, I was with some women who had to clean up what looked like watered down blood off the floor and they were using just paper towels and there wasn't enough of them to sop it all up.

The last thing took place in an office where some documents were being shown - very messily typed - and each document started with the letters  t m which was the typists initials.  I was sure that it was Marilyn who had typed them. 

The documents had something to do with WWII and activities during that time period. 

I didn't see them, but my bosses were the same ones I had in purchasing in the 70's.

10-31-10-  DREAM -  I was living in a large 1 floor apartment on the corner of 16th and North (where I used to hang out in the library).  Lots of people were coming and going all the time, mostly women and girls, but one special guy came to see me all the time when I was there.  His name was Ryan from All My Children TV show.  He is a yummy guy. 

In the dream, I realized we never had sex together, but we liked to hold each other because that felt so good.  I don't know if he ever looked at my face to see what I looked like, but I didn't care. Holding him felt that good.

In this house, I discovered that I had three bird cages, with different size birds - rather like parakeets, but when I looked at them, they didn't look like hook bill birds, and each one a different shade of blue or green mixed with white.  They didn't sing like canaries - just cheeped a lot.

Actually  they were so quiet, I forgot they were there, and once I bought the first two birds, I never fed or watered them.  Maybe my visitors did - I don't know, but I know I didn't and I remembered coming back to town in 1997.  That's a long time to exist without food or water.

Some of the birds were actually outside the cages hanging on the outside, but none were flying around the room wildly.  They were very well behaved birds.  All I wanted to do was put them inside the cages so they were safe and start to take care of them.

I captured some of the birds with my hand, grabbing them behind the neck with one hand and sticking them inside the cage door. 

Once I captured all I found outside the cages, I counted them inside the cages.  The top cage had 27 birds, the second lower cage had 34 birds, and the bottom most cage had 57 birds in it.

After I counted them, I went to the front door and told the women and girls out on the street that if anyone was looking for a gift for someone, I had birds to sell. 

and then I woke up.