10-1-11 -  THIS was more of a vision.  This was like a drum - divided horizontally into 6 rows.  On each row was a man figure - but I just see that as a head with wings.

I was told that the row was divided into 12 sections, and the man figure would move to side every three spaces which were hours at a time, but each row was 3 spaces (hours) apart and they all moved at the same time around the  clock (drum)


10-1-11 - DREAM - I was moving into a new apartment, which was wallpapered green with flowers on it..  I had left all my furniture and clothing at my mothers house.  the clothes were all in a basket in her Master bedroom closet.

I had a telephone on a small table, and it rang in the middle of the afternoon.  The caller was IEOSOUS and he asked me to go to lunch with him, but it was already 3 p.m. and I thought he was drunk so I turned him down saying that I had eaten lunch at 1 p.m.  After I hung up, I regretted saying, "No" and used redial to call him back because I didn't know what his number was. 

When I called him back, his mother answered and she said that he had already left and I had missed him.  I told her to tell him I was sorry that I had said, "No" and hung up, regretting my answer to him. e .

I then started getting female visitors who had come to see my apartment.  that was all there was to see was the empty rooms, but they had no problem with that.  My daughter was with them as well. 

I had some 'stuff' with me, and I started sorting it out, trying to decide what to keep and what to give away, and what to throw out.

I started with the jewelry, and I had a whole bowl of strung beads, some of which looked like red worms to me.  One of the girls found two sea shells she said she would keep to make a power bracelet with them. 

I'm not sure what kind of power you get from two sea shells, but I let her have them.

I had a necklace that was made of wood pieces on what looked like shoe string..  I offered that to two black women who were sitting on the floor at the far end of the room, thinking they might relate it to African tribal jewelry, but they turned it down, so I kept it.

I ended up with small jewelry tools, and I decided to keep those, because tools and screws and bolts and nuts might always have a use in the future.

My daughter said she was going to go home, but before she left, she changed clothes and left me her underwear which was pretty, so I decided I would wash it and wear it myself instead of going all the way back to my mother's house for my old clothes.  I figured I could buy all new clothing instead of making that trip back there again just for old clothes.

About that time, I noticed that I had a group of goats, and there was a box on the flood growth some sticks of wood branches in it, and one of the goats went over to the box and pooped in it.  I realized that I could save some of those sticks myself, so I ran over to the box and sorted out the good sticks from the bad sticks and decided to potty train the goats to use the box to relieve themselves in, but the good sticks were okay on the side of the box.

I then started going through a cloth bag of stuff, and found a small booklet.  The title of it was The Songs of Ruth".  I quickly flipped through the booklet, and the songs looked like Bible verses.

I woke up then, visualizing the drum/clock with the winged heads, knowing I could draw them and figure out why they were moving every three hours to a new  space around the clock.


10-4-11 - DREAM -  I was manager of a large apartment building.  My bosses office was across the hall from where I lived in the same building.  I could hear his voice from a speaker on my wall.  His name was Mr. Chancellor.  At first I couldn't always shear him clearly so I turned up the volume so I could hear him from anywhere in the building so he could tell me what to do.

I saw his address on the letterhead he had.  It was 4422 Wisconsin Ave., and I knew that was the address of the Masonic building and that he owned the building.

NOTE: That address is in Las Vegas and in Topeka, KS

There was as little boy in the hall who was crying.  He said he thought he swallowed a bug.  I noticed there was grainy yellow brown poop on the floor and then I started seeing it everywhere on the floors, ceilings, on top of furniture.  We had to constantly keep cleaning it up.

I saw a young couple surreptitiously come out of the apartment next to mine. I knew they had just moved in and I suspected the problems were from them.

Next door to my boss sat a man I had once dated and when I walked past the open door he wanted to know why I no longer talked to him.  I knew he had been rejected by another woman I knew very well. So I told him, "You can call me up any time if you need an answer to a puzzle question."  knowing that was a coded answer for something the meant something else.

Following that, I went through the building, constantly finding that yellow brown grainy poop everywhere that I had to constantly clean up, though I had help, it was a big job.



I was having lucid dreams to begin with.  I was awake, and seemingly reading about people who were 888 related, then I found another article about people who were 777's and realized that these people were different than 888 people because of their dna.  I didn't yet know what the difference was though.

I then went into a story dream.

It seemed like I and my husband were in Wisconsin.  We woke up to the arm very early in the morning, while it was still dark outside. 

I crawled out of bed, still very bleary-eyed and stumbled to the kitchen to put the coffee on the stove because we had a long trip ahead of us that day no matter how tired we were.

Within ;10 minutes the coffee was ready, and we were prepared for our trip.

As we drove along the two -lane highway, I remembered that we had to make a right turn at the intersection, and then we would make a left turn at the next intersection. I told him that we would then be on the road that went through Puyallup.  (That is in Washington State.)  We had started out in Wisconsin.   The choice was either go straight, or turn left.  There was no other way.

My husband thought I was right when I said it, but it became apparent that there was no left turn, we just kept driving straight, but it wasn't long that we thought we were going the wrong way because how we were on a one lane road, and not much further on, we were on a dirt track and then just grass with fences on both sides of the road, and finally the grass was blocked by a fence and we were forced to stop driving.

My husband backed up a bit and I saw a ramshackle farmhouse, barns and outbuildings, so we stopped t find out where we were. 


The people we met were an older couple.  The woman had a cotton housedress on that was flowered and very short permed curls.  Her husband wore blue coveralls and a shirt that looked very sturdy cotton and he looked like he worked really hard at his job as a farmer.

The woman invited me to sit down at a small rectangular table with a bench in front of it that was painted white, and my husband went off with the farmer to talk about what men talk about.

The woman explained to me that they liked living off by themselves and that when her sons talked about girls, she told them that the right girl would come along some day and not to worry about it.

After a short conversation, the woman asked me to come into the house, and it was very nicely kept inside, very neat and tidy.

She asked me if I would dance with her, and she put some nice music on - nothing that I recognized but it was nice - not one of the popular radio songs one hears every day.

We danced together like one would dance in a square dance, but with only two people and not four, it was a little awkward.

We smiled a lot while dancing, just touching hands.  She didn't want to dance the way couples dance normally, which was fine with me.

At some point during the dance, the boys started coming into the house to see what we were doing.  The first boy who came in only had one arm - the left was gone all the way up to his shoulder - similar to my own nephew who had his arm cut off by a corn shucker machine when he was a teenager. 

Following him in a few minutes were some shorter boys, all of which had very long, stick straight hair with a peculiar whorl on the left side of the top of the back of their heads where the hair was stick straight and black.  It was like their hair was normal otherwise, but grew strangely straight and thick. 

I then noticed that while I was studying the boy's hair growth pattern, the woman's hair had started to grow out, and her hair was stick straight in the arm way, and that's why she permed it. 

The woman didn't introduce me to her sons by name, but they all smiled and said, "Hello!" to me.

Then my husband came inside the house and asked if I was okay.  I said that I was.  It seemed he was referring to seeing the boy with one arm and not anything else.  I assured him that I was okay and he went back out the door and I woke up.

NOTE:  It is evident that these kids with the stick straight hair were of Indian decent like their mother and the boy with one arm was quite different than them because his hair grew differently than theirs did.  The boy with one arm had hair that was more like mine, more fine and less of it.

It was certain that we had different dna in some way.


10-6-11  - DREAM - I was in the hospital.    I was laying in the bed and ready to go home.  I was actually very hungry.  I got out of bed and went to the nurses  station and told them that I didn't get my dinner.  The clock in my room said 8:05 p.m.   The head nurse said, "Oh, your clock is fast.  The clock in the nurses station said 5:05 p.m. 

I went back to my room, and met an older woman who was ready to go home.  She was in a wheelchair and I noticed she didn't have any legs at all.  She said she didn't have anyone to take her stuff home, so I told her my Dad would be glad to take it home for her.  That made her feel better.

I crawled back into my hospital bed, waiting for dinner and the nurse came in and I told her I was ready to go home.  She said, "We need to do another blood test on you first.  I told her, "You didn't even do an intake blood test on me yet, and I'm ready to go home.    But I stuck out my arm for the blood to be taken, and she left the room and I never saw her again.

so, I just left the hospital and went home.

I was sitting in my yard then with my friend Michelle and told her, "I feel like I can see the future.  I can virtually see the sun exploding in the sky. "

She wasn't surprised at all.

NOTE:  The sun did explode several days ago when a comet hit it.  See the picture at:



10-6-11 - DREAM  I was living in a one story house similar to the one I live in now, but it wasn't this one.  My husband went out behind the house to do some electrical work on something. 

I stayed in the house to do the housework, and someone knocked on the front door.  At the same time the telephone rang that was right by the front door and I answered the phone and then dropped the receiver trying to answer the door.

At the door stood a cop wearing heavy winter clothing, complaining about the electrical sound in the air which I could hear now that the door was open.  He said, "It sounds like a figment is loose."

I told him, "You'll have to go behind the house and talk to my husband. about that." 

The noise was really luminous by now.

I closed the door and woke up to the telephone ringing in real life.


5 dream1 about the bushes and Dan symbolism


, I was looking from above and marking every other bush yellow that were going to be removed.

I was watching from above and later participating in marking every other bush blue and it was hard to keep track of which bush was blue and which was yellow.

My husband went out into the yard to move the bushes and our neighbor named Dan came to help him take out the bushes and he got drunk .

My husband went out into the yard to replant the bushes and Dan came over and got drunk and rowdy. Someone came and talked me into going for a ride in a cop duster size plane so I could get used to riding in a plane in the air.

I was in the house with my husband on side by side computers and I was able to turn mine on that was marked with a M and find a crop circle to put on my blog page.  That amazed both of us.

My husband and I were in the yard, and he wanted to take out all the really big rocks and stones to relandscape the yard, and he told me I had to locate the rocks so they could be dug out.  There were a lot of them.  It would completely change the landscape.

I was cleaning the house, planning to do the laundry, and my husband told me the cops had come to the door to tell him that they had arrested Dan for being drunk and rowdy and wanted to know what he knew about that.

I wanted to tell him about my dreams about the bushes and what I had seen Dan do, but he was busy writing something on the table, so I started writing my dreams down on the wall. There wasn't enough room on the wall, so the writing turned and went downhill land the edge of the wall.

NOTE:  It came to me after I woke up that the replanting of the bushes, the tress, and moving the stones to relandscape and Dan (who is America, is about the New World Order.


10-8-11 - NAP DREAM   I was at my Father's house on 16th St.  in Milwaukee.  My Father was at work on Teutonia Ave. so I decided to go see him at work.

My Father and the men he worked with - about 24 of them , were at work in one of the basements there.

I looked down at them through a big crack in the first floor.

My Father saw me and asked me if I had gone or was gone to the IAEA retreat?

I said, "No, I haven't gone yet.

When he said, "You should go to it."  all the men in th ebasement scrambled to give him money for tickets which I was supposed to buy for them so they could go too.

I said, "Wait.  Let me go home and find out how much the tickets are in the newspaper.

So, I iran home to look at the business section of the newspaper and when I got there, another woman had just picked up the newspaper to look for something in it.

I asked her if I could pelase have the business section, and she responded, "Why don't you buy your own newspaper?"  I responded back.  It's myy Father's newspaper and he wants to know something from the business section.

When she gave me the business section, I told her there was a IAEA retreat and my Father and the men wanted to buy tickets to it, she said, "Have you seen th emovie or read the book yet?"  I said, "No!  but I found the ad and was it was a half page ad, and I was just going to look and went to turn on the light so I could see better in the diningroom.

When I flicked on the switch, the light didn't come on, so I looked at the ceiling which was quite high, there was no bulb in the fixture.  It looked more like a shower head and little blue sparks were flying out of it.

I quickly turnd the switch back off, and the other woman said, "What's wrong? and I told her about the little blue sparks.  She looked in my eyes while I was telling her about it.  She said, "The little blue sparkles are in your own eyes, You should go to my eye doctor and get that taken care of."

I woke up an d the telephone started to ring .  I was to otired to get u pand answer it so I didnt.  It rang two times.  I could onlhy guess who it was.*






**********            a   


I have missed one scene in which I was watering the garden, which had died down over summer.  I was giving it enough water to keep the plants and the bulbs alive until spring.  I noticed the garden soil was very soft under my feet, but I could feel the tips of the spring bulbs waiting to spring forth.

While I was watering the plants I turned and sprayed water into the face of the gardener who was working off to the side.   I rather laughed and said I was sorry. Later in this dream, it is likely that I was the one who caused the water to be runnning down the face I saw talking to me.

i WAS WORKING IN AN OFFICE ON A COMPUTER THAT WAS CONNECTED TO ANOTHER GUY'S COMPUTER WHO WAS IN NEW YORK.A ll i had t odo was click on his computer and whatever was on iti would appear on my own screen.

Michelle was on a computer on the right side of the room.  She said her husband was on the phhone and he had just gotten a new job.

Her husband said he was starting a new job on Monday .  It was second shift where you start workikng in the afternoon and work until midnight or a littleafter.  He then said he wanted me to come and work for him. 

His face then apPeared, floating in the air without a body.  His face looked like it was streaked with water and his hair was greyish blonde, hanging down below his ears a bit.  He looked very familiar but I couldn't place who exactly he looked like.  His face was narrow and longish.  I almost wanted to say I've seen a painting of Jesus that looked like that, but I don't want to go that far with the description, but it would belong in that category.  His face was very large, hanging in the air and he was talking to me at great length, bu tI couldn't hear his voice.  Finally, I knew I was awake but I culd still see him, and gradually his face got osmaller and smaller and moved up and to the right and II was finally wide awake.

I immediatelyy then went back to sleep and I was supposed to order some art supplies for my new job.  It had to do with screen printing something.

I called a company to order the supplies I needed, but I wasn't sure exactly what I needed but the sales man knew what I was talking about.

Not wanting to get the wrong thing, I wanted the supplies ent to a company name, not my personal name, so I wanted to invent a company name and asked some other people in th eoffice fo rideas, and nothing made sense.

My son told me to hurry because they were closing at 7 p.m. if I wanted to get my order in.  I wanted to use a company purchase order, not my credi tcard, but I couldn't come up with a company name.

It was then 7:05 p.m. and the man was gone home, but I had an invoice on my desk with the price of $300 for something that was only 1 1/2 inches wide.  Below that I saw the word  NEPHYTE

I still don't know what I was ordering.


NOTE:  i DID A LOT OF RESEARCH ON THE NAME naphyte and printed out  alot of it as well because of the relationship to the Holy Grail and the Templars.

MONDAY -  `0-`0-`` - As soon as midnight rolled around, I started having a lucid dream of using a heavy needle and weaving white thread vertically up through a fabric of white webbing.  Without knowing why I was doing this or what I was making, I got tired of it and made myself wake up and get up for awhile.

After my computer decided it wasn't going to work well, I gave that up and sat in my favorite chair to meditate.

I started having visions of doing some sewing rpojects on work I was told was BRAGELLO.




Hi: I got the answer to my dream of yesterday that Mikki's husband was going to have me work for him starting Monday.
As soon as midnight rolled around, I started having visions and dreams about doing art projects using BARGELLO which is an expensive sewing format where valuable tapestry type work is done..
The first project I saw was a scene of the Knights Templars and their ladies, and the second one was of a window scene looking out into a twilight type sky with two large planets sillouetted against the sky. The two round objects in the sky were not identified, but the scene was spectacular.
A dream ensued where I went to the fabric shop and was shown examples of BARGELLO tapestry work, where I was shown fabulous projects such as a set of chair covers that one would use on dining table type chairs. Absolutely beautiful work.

A second dream ensued in which a character named Paul/Todd from One Life to Live TV show refused to get up for work because he was afraid of his boss (the fabric lady).

So I went to where Paul worked and the only door to where the fabric lady worked had her door closed and one could only enter her fabric room by crawling under the bottom of the door like a snake.

However, in the reception room, there were other women and I was shown examples of BARGELLO     work tapestry, like sets of chair covers one would use on dining room chairs.  Everything was vbery expensive and beautiful to look at there.

Once I left there, Paul showed me that he had deliberately crashed his red convertible car, and then he took me and Tea (a female attorney) to a single wide trailer he had bought that had a cage wwith a liver dog  (brown and yellow) which kept escaping from his cage.  Tea and and I were both feeling fear s soon as we walked into that trailer.

Paul sai dhe was buying a larger house, but Tea and I would not benefit from the house whatsoever if and when he died.  That was okay with us as long as he took care of the children, so we agreed to that.

Tea nd I started climbing a hill that had a track on it like one sees on the first hill of a large roller coaster ride.  Just before we reached the top of the hill, Paul pulled up the track behind us so we couldn't go back down it if we wanted to.

We ended up at a house, where three days of mail was awaiting me.  There were three newspapers and a hwole lot of packages and loose mail.  I started going through the loose mail first.  One was from Robert Bruce which I was expecting and waiting for, another was from the United Nations and one from Aleister Crowley.  Then I saw a list of e-mails that had someone else had deemed not worthy of my reading, though they deleted them without telling me what they had deleted.  I was quite upet about that. 

I started to wake up then because toda's date was on the e-mails.


10-11=11`` - dream -  This iwhole series of dreams takes place in JAPAN. 


So I was in Japan for this whole series of dreams.

I don't know where I was, but I was near the ocean, which could be anywhere in Japan.

There was a group of kids who were bieng helped to escape Japan which was a disaster area.

I don't know specifically how many kids there were in this group - maybe about 40.

A good-bye ceremony was held, and the kids were dressed in protective gear that looked rather like a rabbit suit - very thick and warm.  Each kid was allowed to pick a stone from the land to take with him because they were going to another country and never coming back.  It seemed that some of th ekids had a smll backpack like a hobo would carry , maybe with brush, comb, toothpaste, soap, etc.  but I never saw what was inside their pack - but each one was round like the stone.  It was hard to tell  the difference wehther they had a stone or a pack.

At one point, I saw that a series of stonse were set out on the and by the ocean like they were buried half wy into the sand.

After awhile, the kids in their protective rabbit fur gear took their stones or packs and quickly made thei rway through a neighborhood towards the ocean to leave the country, but nobody wanted to be seen by the Japanese people I saw for myself living in these wooden houses, and when the people came outside, the kids would hide. 

I thought we were oging to be late for the boat that would take them away, and by the time I got to the beach, apparently all the kids had died because when I got to the beach, all the bodies were laying on te sand just like the stones I had seen earlier - all laid out in a grid-like series - and it seemed I could see their bones through the rabbit fur like the bodies had quickly decayed inside the suits.

This may have been another dream now and again I was with the kids getting ready to escape and putting on the rabbit skin fur.  But in this case, a couple of the rabbit fur covered people became taller by three feet they said after they put on the rabbit fur skin and they looked more like big foot creatures than rabbits.

Then there was a scene inside a building where my daughter and I were helping prepare the packs for othe escape, and this included nuts of various kinds to eat while on the run.  I saw that my daughter had broken a black sciossor and I accuse her of breaking it and she denied it.  I had had never know her to lie so I let it go, but a few minutes later, there was a black scissor and it was cut into pieces by a larger scissor.  Again, I accused her of cutting up the black scissor into pieces and she couuldn't lie about it.  She was standing right there.

Then the next scene, we are back in Japan, outside, driving in tandem vehicles along a one track wide road towards the ocean.  We were going quite fast, maybe 40 miles ann hjeep like open vehicles with wide baloon type tires. 

I was used to driving on roads like this became the road to our lake cottage was just like this when I was a kid, and we drove on a road just like this for at least 10 years or more of my life almost every weekend, so I was not particularly uncomfortable driving on this road.  However, I was hanging on with both hands onto the sides of the vehicle.  I have no clue who was actually driving.

The vehicle ahead of me knew hwere it was going evidently.  The raod went through freshly cut areas where the dirt was fresh between cuts in hills, and other times, we had to drive through wetlands that were swampy.  There was traffice in both directions, so I fel tfairly safe for the most part. 

It semed like we had gone about five miles or more and we came to a snother swampy area and I could see another vehicle coing towards us.  There was no way for us to pass each other because there was no ground to move over on the side and let the other vehicle get by us. 

iT seemed that the vehicle ahead of me speededup and got a little farther ahead of me than I was used to, maybe he was trying to get to higher ground in order to get past the other vehicle, and he hit the water area, and instead of just getting the wheels wet like in th eother spot, I could see him go down into the water like the bottom was washed out of the road.

Because he was going quite fast, I expected to come up out of the other side and he didn't.  Many other vehicles had gone both directions on this road before us, so I was shocked that the vehicle didn't come back up out of the water.

Both the vehicle coming the other way, and mine stopped before we hit the water, while we waited for the other vehicle appear but it didn't.

I got out of my vehicle, standing by the water, looking for bubles coming up to show that the driver was struggling to come up and there was nothing .....  both the other driver and I stood there, looking for some kind of movement to come out of the water   and the water just was deadly silent -  and finally I woke up with my ehart pounding.....   stunned.  I havew no idea what happened.


19-12-11`` - DREAM -  I don't know what city I was in, but I was in a Cathedral and was the asistant choir director.  At least I was their cheerleader, if nothing else.  My job was to pep them up and emotionalyh prepare them to perform in the FCathedral at noon on that day.  I was telling them to smile pretty when they came out to sing.

At that point it was about 5 minutes to noon.

Right at noon, when I went to open the door to tell the fchoir it was time to come ou tand line up to sing, some young men came to the door of the church in front and started waving guns around.  They scared all the people who ran into the church to be safe. 

Right after the men came in with their youngs, some young boys about 6 and 7 also came into the church vestibule with guns and were waving them around.

A blonde three year old boy also came into the vestibule.  I don't know where the parents were - perhaps in the church itself at that point.

The 6 and 7 year old started shooting theiri guns at the three year old.  It looked like the guns were shooting catsup - not bullets, so I thought they were wate4r pistols, but the three year old ended up with blood or catsup all over him.   He looked like a little angel with big blue eyes and blood all over his lower face and chest.  He looked like he was asking fo rhelp, but wasn't saying anything.  His sad eyes said it all.


10-15=11  = DREAM   I was with a small group of people I determined must be a musical group and they called themselves Merry Meetup.   I thought I must be in England but they said they never use that word.  One of the women looked a bit Chinese, the others were caucasian from what I remember.

When we left the place and went out into the parking lot, one of the guys said his truck was missing, but we found it in a different spot in the lot and a couple of the women were sitting in the back of the pick up truck eating something.

I went home then and a little old lady came to visit me.  She was quite frail and she sat on the sofa and said that she had made several afghans like mine.

After I woke up, I identified her with the woman who was the mother of Sherry who died two years ago.  I haven't seen her quite some time since she sold the house to another couple.

I don't know why I dreamed this.



I don't know what city I was in, but I looked 18, with a beautiful body, and wore beautiful silk robe4s while in my little apartment or hohtel room.

I went to see a friend and while there, I stole a thick bok from her, that I found out later back at home while sitting on my narrow bed, eating potato cfhips, that the book pages had videos of scenes I had filmed myself of drug dealers who were not the little street thugs one imagines, but the big monied drug pushers of the world.  While looking at these embedded videos, I thought to myself, how the heck does the authorities identify these men?

A few minutes later, a really nice guy in his 50's comes to see me.  I had hidden the book before I answered the door.

This man was in his 50's and had a series of hats he liked to wear and while he was there, AI wetn to the window and there was little white cat perched betweeen thh eouter and inner window like he was frozen there, and with him was a statue of the Madonna, tall and very thin. 

I asked the man if I could keep the white cat and opened the window and brought him into the warm room air to warm up.

While I was doing that, in my minds eye, I was again looking at a picture in the book of a doorway, which was captioned, the temple of ..... (can't remember the name)  and it had a fancy carved door on the building, and while I looked at this doorway, I was sho

hwn a series of older doors the building used to have and then finally, there was a narrowo alleyway that went between brick building back into a grotto that was carved into a solid rock cave.

While I looked at that cave that looked like the womb of a mother, on the back wall were carved various pictures of Jesus and I knew that's hwere the Templars worshipped.

Then another man came ot the door of my apartment to meet the man I was with.  He had to make a trip by airplane to another city to deliver drugs, and while I looked at him, I saw a video ofo another guy who said, "In seconds I could have 50,000 of your loved ones, relatives, and neighbors all poisoned.

Packages started to get delivered to my door for the man to take to the airport with him.

Then annthe rman came to the door, and I was introduced to him.  While the men talked a moment, I found another little black book in my hands with maps of cities of the world, and I hid the book behind the cushions of the sofa there.

Then the man I liked so much was aying to the other man, "She's just a sweet, underprivileged girl" and then he aid, "Tell the man who you realy are dear,"  and I said sweetly,  "I'm 5'10" tall and I'm 72 years old.

I looked at the man with me, who was wearing a fedora type hat made of cotton, and p;utu it on my my own head to look cute, and I put my hand on his arm and said sweetly, "Please don't ever leave me."  and in an instant he changed to this fat, portly, old man with a grey/ white beard resembling Santa Claus, and I could see in his eyes the worst evil imaginable, and he sotod there smiling evilishly at me and his face was embedded in my memory as I woke up with a pain in my heart like I would have a heart attack.


10-17-11 - DREAM  Iwas living in my Father's house on 16th St.  It was 8:30 a.m. and I had to walk to school.  One of omy son's said he couldn't go to school because he felt sick. My daughter said she was too tired to go to school. 

I wanted to take a lunch to school with me but couldn't find anything to take with me.  I lookedd for popcorn and couldn't find any.

I looked for my wallet so I could buy lunch and couldn't find my wallet either.

My psychologist friend was there, and she finally found an old chickbook of mine under a sofa cushion.  There were no ochecks in it. 

I was at a loss as to what to do.


10-18-11  DREAM  -  I was living in a community of people.  When I went to the front door, there were small hhouses across the street and I knew there were houses on my side of the street.  I saw men outside working in the yrad, taking care of the grass.   I noted that my house was a little uphill from the road, but not a lot.

I noted that off to the osuthwest was a huge black cloud like a storm coming our way.

I saw two tall black men walk by that I didn't know and I asked one of the women out in the yard to come into the house and stand next t ome and I held her hand to feel safer.

The men continued to just walk by, and the woman and I went into the house and in one room was a small store (which is against the law in Scottsdale)  I saw food being sold at a counter, but a woman who looked like Nora the attorney from One life to Live TV show had added some other counters, where she sold nickel candy like Tottsie pops, greeting cards, comic books, and some othe rsmall items that a drug store might carry  (not drugs though)

I started picking out candy, counting what it was costing me and I dropped a couple on the floor, I was counting 5 c, 10, c, 15 c, 20 c, 25 cents, and thought that I was going to spend all lmy money in there.

As I woke up I wondered if there should be fences around the individual houses, o rjust in their back yards to keep pets and kids safe.


10-19-11 - xenon poisoning


I  don't know hwere I was but everythinng was really strange.  I was in what seemed like a school for boys.  There were three year old size boys whoh were being trained by their Dads, how to use the potty and how to ploay games, but these boys all had bald heads which were perfectly round, and the game they played was how to get a small ball into a cup.

I then went outside where the mothers were, and I was handed a gorgeous purple sequinned piece of cloth decoratin that was shiny and parkly and was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen -  there were designs with hearts of puprple seq uins every few inches.  After I lookied at it, one of the women helped me hang it up on the wash line.

I asked to meet the woman who had designed this exq uisite piece of cloth, and they took me to a older dark-haired woman and I asked her who had designed this cloth because I wanted to ask eprmission to make a copy of it for myself.

She looked at me and started to laugh.  She said, "Turn around andn look at that photograph!"

So I turneda round and she pointed out that it was a photograph of myself in my wedding dress and the very edge of the dress was the exact design she had copied from my white wedding gown.

I was astronished.  She had copied my dress and I didn't recognize it because she had used sequins instead of thread.

I was then taken back into the school where there were older boys this time, about the ages of 16 through 19.

These boys all were exactly like the younger boys, they were all bald and no body hair, wearing only little black shorts.  They were alll sittiing on little chairs in rows, still playing the little ball game how to get the ball itno the cup.

I asked who these boys were, and I was told that that these were the future bridegrooms of the girls who were coming along in the next generation.  They all had Xenon poisoning and that was the result of it.

It was horrifying to see.  Who would want to marry a bald, hairless man-child?  Ugh!

I was really disgusted by it.


10-19-11 DREAM I was standing about half way up a very steep hill in a small town somewhere.  I sawa green car coming down  the road from the top and it made a screeching fast left turn at an intersection about half way up the hill from me.  I expected it to flip over and fall down the hill but somehow it managed to stay on all 4 wheels and keep going.

I went home to a house that was being remodeled.  Everything in the kitchen had been removed.

A woman came over to look at the kitchen and pointed out to me a spot along the wall where she had a piano in her house.  I said, "That's where I would have had the refrigerator. "

The refrigerator was along anothe rwall and I couldn't keep the door shut tight and somehow a long-haired red weiner dog got into the refrigerator and grabbed a large roasted turkey leg and started runing around th ekitchen with it.  It almost looked like the dog had the turkey leg half way down its throat.

Thedog chased around th ekitchen, slamming into the walls everywhree and nothoing slowed it down foro oquite a while.  It was making quite a mess because bits and pieces of the turkey were flying off of it.

Finally the dog stopped running because there was nothing left of the turkey leg.

I had to clean up the kitchen then that was littered with red bits of the turkey everywhere.  It was hard to sweep it up because the mess was stickey even though the pieces were small - like sand bits.


10-20-``  DREAM   This is just part of a dream.  Apparently this is part of something that is true and going on, on another planetary system other than earth.  I saw many nude women, each one had their heads covered so I couldn't see their faces.  They were large women - not really fat  and they were naked with no body hair.  Each body was marked with red dots in specific places - close to sexual places on the body.

I found out on the 21st that the women who make up the council on this other planet never wear clothing, have no body hair and there are 28 of them.


1-21-11 - DREAM -  This was a lucid dream.  I was looking at a piece of knitted cloth in a beautiful pale blue-green.  Embedded on this knitted clothwere words knitted into the rows.

I found out later from a friend that about 150,000 years ago a prophecy on this planetary system where the council resides, knew a prophecy and she knew that a bad person was coming to steal the prophecy, so instead of writing it on a piece of paper or something, she knitted the prophecy into the knitted shawl she was making.  When the bad man came, he tore up the house looking for the prophecy and didn't find it.  He told her that her knitting was ccrap and didn't bother looking at it, so he never found out the prophecy.

NOTE:  These two things blew my mind, and when you add these two dreams to some of th eabove dreams about the Templars and Jesus, they all go together.  It's just incredible to dream this way - though I sure would like to know how to nalyze dreams like this.   Maybe in the future I will.

HERE ARE MY OTHER KNITTING DREAMS,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=620ef3067229a09d&biw=1236&bih=653


10-21-11  NAP DREAM   This drea, fee; sikilar to the turkey dream above because of the hill in it.

I was in a very large house and when I looked out the window, I could see a beautiful lake that reflected a very pale blue sky.

There was some kind of party there and afterward I was cleaning up and collecting all lthe books and magazines the people had left behiind.

I stoped to talk to my son-in-law Michael when it was over.  He was sitting on the stoop outside before leaving.

After he left, I was standing on a very steep hill, walking backwards down the hill next to a large parking lot, but looking up the hill where I had come from.  Several brown cars came racing down the parking lot, determined to cut me off beforee I reached the driveway that came out onto the road just before the next intersection.  For some reason they decided they couldn't beat me to the driveway entrance and they stopped just short of it.

For some reason then, I was somewhere, preparing to do a dry run of a court questioning, like I was an attorney, and there was a dark haired girl getting ready to testify.

I said t oher, having forgotten what her name was that she told me, and I was holding a magnifying lengs in my hand that was oval - taller than it was wide, and when you looked into it, it made your eye (I=ego?) look 1,000 times larger than it really was -  and I continued,,  "Did you say your name was Candace?"  Are you ready?

She saw the lense in my hand, and said timidly, "I guess I'm not ready yet." and started to get up to leave.


10-22-11 - I don't know where I was living, but when I went outside, I could tell that winter was coming on.  People were starting to wear their winter clothing, and the dogs and cats were getting their winter fur, and 4 orange cats were sitting on a warm air vent coming out of the house.

I noticed too that I had gained about 10 pounds, and putting on a winter coat covered that up.


10-22-11  I was driving up a hill on a two lane highway with a man I didn't see right then so I can't identify him, and I saw some long white logs come flying through the air from behind some trees and they bounced onto the roadway, some of them flying back up and into the forest on the other side of the road, but some of them lay in the roadway.  I told the man, "Hey!  I dreamed that this moring - we shohuld stop so we don't get hurt.   So, I stopped the car and backedup so we ddin't get hit by those flying logs.

When the logs stopped flying, we went home to an apartment building. 

Before I even got to my apartment, people were coming out to complain abou tall kinds of o things.  They guys who had just moved into 101 complained about the lady in 401 who had a big dog.  I told them that she had the dog to protect herself from guys like them.

They had some blue paint marks on the side of their doorway, and every time I went past their apartment, it was a little cleaner, but then they threw 4 blue rags out into the hallway and I had to pick them up and wash them myself.

I went outside where the maintenance man was sitting under a picknic table, and people were going under the picinic table, but I talked to hiim standing up and he proceeded to tell me that one had to be careful not to breathe in the pollution caused by remodeling old houses because there were things one could breathe in and hurt their lungs.  I promised them that everyone who did such work would wear face masks.

Then two old ladies came into the yard, carrying a tall tank of some kind of gas and put it into a plastic barrel.  I knew the barrel would melt if they set off the gas tank, and sure enough it started to melt instantly and the maintenance man went over and and put out the fire and the tank of gas, and the women built a bonfire in a silver washtub instead to roast hot dogs (which aren't good for humans either) .




In the dream I thought I was in Milwaukee, but not certain.  My daughter-in-law Becky (REbecca) asked me to go out for a drink with her as a celebration and I agreed.  Ii then remembered I didn't have much money with me, and decided I should go to the bank and get at least $100 for this venture.

I was then headed down the street toward the corner bank when I met a tall man in dark clothing who was taller than I and I was intimidated by him.  I didn't want him to know where I was going so I opened the first door I came to which was apparently a restaurant.  It had a very heavy metal door on it. 

Inside this restaurant, it had a very long linoleum tiled hallway, so I couldn't see anyone nor what kind of restaurant it was, so after a moment, I went back out the door, hoping the man was gone.  He had gone around the corner of the restaurant, and I didn't look to see where he went, but resumed my walk down to the conrer bank to get the money I needed.

Whether I did that or not, I can't say, but found myself walking up in a car being driven by Becky.  We were at that time going up a small hill and there was a lot of traffice in front of us and beside us.  I didn't look behind but assume it was the ame bheind us.  Most of the cars and vans had bicycles tied to the back or tied to the top of the vehicles.

I was surprised to find that we were driving and asked, "Where are we?" 

She answered, "Where do you think?"

I was looking out the window to my right and sawa big lake with hundreds of people riding bicycles on the beach and roadway by the sand apparently racing or watching the bike race.

I was thinkinig that perhaps we were nearing Madison, WI because I had been asleep so long.

We then stoped at a restaurant and went inside.  I didn't see anyone.  We sat in a booth waiting for a waitress to come and ask us what we wanted.

A woman then came up to us and sat on a stool in front of the booth, and had paper and pencil and I thought she was going to ask for our order, but she looked more like an attorney.  She wore a silk mint green dress that fit her beautifully, and on her head, I could tell if she had mint green hair or was wearing a ear lobe length scarf of mint green silk.

She sat there and said, "Excuse me while I cough." She then shook her head and I wokek up.

I sat in my cozy chair with myy hand knitted afghan over me (color is various shades of blue and green)  I then head Joe say, "I'm going to McDonalds to get a book."

I said out loud, "I didn't know McDonalds had books."  There was no response.  I don't even know if Joe heard me or if he was even in the house.

I then fell asleep again.

I found myself walking up to a house and I opened the door and hollered inside, "It's Dee!"... and waited for someone to respond but no one did.

Ahead of me was a white ceramic tile floor that went the lenght or width of the house the same width as the door.  The tile also went up a curving stairway to the first stair that was carpeted, not exactly in plaid but various colors of orange, yellow and brown that was very attractive.  As I got closer to the stairway, I noted that th elivingroom carpet was the same yellow-orange brown squares.

I came to the stairway then, and on the stairs sat a pretty woman, who looked very familiar.  She was wearing the ame coloro dress and scarf around her heavy blondish hair that the carpet and stairway were colored in the yellow-orange-brow nsquares.

She said, "Don't you just love McDonalds?"

NOTE: insists that I have to spell it McDonalds, but I'm not inclined to do that.  However, some of McDonalds signs are just a written M that says, "I'm lovin' it!"

Joe says there was a girl in hiis  childhood school that was named MacDonald.


kitty brucknell   - a singer


10-23-11 - MEDITATION - DREAM -  I was meditating to call Dr  LUKE who was JESUS' physican back in the day, who has come to give me a healing before.  This time, I went into a dream, and the man I was looking for was away working during the day.  I said to a woman who was nearby, "Where are all the men when you need them?"  I was told that what I needed was an electrical machine for my problem and they had the parts at an electrical shop on 3rd St. 

I said, "I can go get it myself," and proceeded to the shop down on third street.

When I got into the shop, I found the instructions and diagrams with no problem, but it was obvious to the man in the store that I really didn't know what I was doing, because I was holding them upsidedown, considering the pciture of a man in the instruction booklet was not right side up on the page. 

I was told then to call "Metatron's group"  and woke up



A large group of people gathered together at a lodge which was built on a high hill for a purpose.

I could see my Joe coming home from work way up the street.  Even from a distance I could see he had a heavy chain draped at the belt of his baggy loose work jeans.

We were all in pairs, but in the practice run down the hill, we could hold hands only part of the way and at a certain point everyone had to let go of their partner's hands with a loud call "BREAK" and make the leap over two wide and deep chasms that were dug across the hill by a large machine. 

The grass was neatly growing even in the chasms so I knew this was not a natural chasm but p[lanned this way for practice.

We all gathered at the bottom of the hill, then climbed back up to the lodge.  I didn't notice the chasms on the way up the hill, only on the way down.

We all practiced going down this hill land leaping over the chasms at least four times before I woke up. 

We werer never told the reason why we had to do this - we just did it because we were there.


10-25-11 - DREAM  Apparently I was near Milwaukee, WI and went to visit my neighbor's house, where I discovered a red water tank that had come apart which was supposed to oxygenate water, but couldn't because it was broken.

I went inside the house and started playing with their computer remote control which I put into my pocket when my neighbor came home.

My neighbor turned out to be my daughter-in-law Debe (name meaning       ) who is married to my son Kenneth (name meaning       )

She caught me playing with the remote control to their computer but wasn't upset by it, but while I was standing there, dust started coming down from her ceiling and when we took the loose tiles off her ceiling, we discovered that the entire space  - about three feet thick was full of dirt between her ceilinig and the floor above which belonged to the 4th Century Pope (name        )

The Pope being long dead couldn't clean up all that dust, so she had to do it herself, which she wasn't happy about.

I had other things to do, so I went home and took the compute rremote out of my pocket and my grandson (Ken's son Steven - name meaning      ) caught me and reminided me that it belonged to his mother, which I apologized for and said I would return it to her.

I then got a cell phone message from my spiritual teacher who asked that I write to him and tell him of my success in life considering all that I had to do there.

At that point, a little black girl approached me and while she stood in front of me, her fingernail on her right thumb split in half lengthwise all the way to the  quick. There was no way I could fix there because it required surgery.

The little girl's mother then appeared, looking for her daughter and fouond out her daughter had to have surgery, which meant the mother needed comforting while the little girl was in surgery. 

I held both the mother and the little girl in my arms and the three of us huddled together while we were waiting for the surgery room to be preapred.

The little girl thought I would feel better if I held a lily stem in my hand, and she wanted me to have one of hers.  As it turned out she had many lilies in various stages of blooming in her house, but she wanted me to have a special one which was in her china cabinet.  She opened the door and on the top shelf was a tiny little lily underneath what looked like a white shell held over it to protect it.  The hwole hting was standing on a ceramic base and was  quite beautiful.  She took it out and handed it to me and I treasured having it.

Afterward, I went home to write to my spiritual teacher on an oval piece of paer that surrounded the picture of a naked infant curled up on the left side.  It was quite difficult to write on that piece of paper and I endedup trimming around that baby more than once and ended up using a different piece of paper which I put over the baby picture so I wouldn't write on it too.

NOTE.  The 4th century Popes were: 

29. St. Marcellinus: June 30, 296 - ?

When Marcellinus became pope Diocletian was already emperor but he had no yet begun his infamous persecutions of Christians. Gradually, however, the tolerance turned to intolerance.

30. St. Marcellus I: May or June, 308 - 309
Due to confusion and problems resulting from the persecution under emperor Diocletian, there was a four year gap between popes before Marcellus I was elected.

31. St. Eusebius: April 18, 310 - October 21, 310 (6 months)
Pope Eusebius suffered the same problems and the same fate as his predecessor, Pope Marcellus I. Eusebius tried to take a conciliatory attitude towards the lapsed Christians who sought to return to the Church.

32. St. Miltiades: July 2, 311 - January 11, 314 (2 years)
Miltiades was pope when the Roman Emperors Galerius and of Constantine and Licinius published Edicts of Toleration, each marking improvements in the relationship between the Roman government and Christianity.

33. St. Sylvester I: January 31, 314 - December 31, 335 (21 years, 11 months)
Not a great deal is known about Pope Sylvester I - the material in the Liber Pontificalis is mostly a record of gifts supposedly conferred by Constantine the Great to the Church. It is strange that the details of his reign would be so unknown even though the reign itself was relatively long. Apparently he didn't even attend the First Council of Nicea.

34. St. Marcus: January 18, 336 - October 7, 336 (8 months, 20 days)
Pope Mark's pontificate was uneventful - we really don't know much of anything about it except that, perhaps, his reign may have still been affected by the tremors caused by the Council of Nicea the previous decade.

35. St. Julius I: February 6, 337 - April 12, 352 (15 years)
Pope Julius I was an important defender of the orthodox doctrines established during the Council of Nicea. This was particularly significant because, at this early date, not everyone accepted the Nicene teachings and Julius was required to help and even shelter bishops and other clergy who held to the Nicene position...

36. Liberius: May 17, 352 - September 24, 366 (14 years)
Pope Liberius has the dubious distinction of being the first pope ever not to be canonized by the Roman Catholic Church.

37. St. Damasus I: October 1, 366 - December 11, 384 (18 years)
The reign Damasus I was plagued with controversy which began immediately with his election. At the time, the Church was not united and a powerful faction supported another person, Ursinus, as pope.

38. St. Siricius: December 384 - November 26, 398 (14 years, 10 months)
Pope Siricius was a strong supporter of the doctrine of papal authority. He was the first of the popes to issue decrees in the same style as imperial edicts and the first to use the title "pope" in the modern sense.

39. St. Anastasius I: November 27, 399 - December 19, 401 (2 years)
Anastasius I is perhaps best known for the fact that he condemned the works ofOrigen without ever having read or understood them.

note from dee:  apparently Popes ddin't live very long back then, or were old when when they started theiri position as Pope.




10-27-2001 - I don't know where this was taking place, but I was at a very large party with just many women and girls.  There were no men or boys there.

My  daughter was raising a very large pig in a dark room off the kitchen and it was making a great deal of noise so she went into there to find out what was wrong and take care of the pig.

Meantime, I decided to practice flying and I began flapping my arms like a bird would flap its wings, and I actually floated in the air the whole time.  Nobody really paid attention at all,  I wasn't flying from place to place, but I was definitely floating about three feet off theh floor as long as I flapped my arms.  When my arms got tired, I floated back down to the floor.

My daughter came back from taking care of the pig so I decided to try flying agian.

Again, nobody paid any attention to me except a little girl.  My arms were tired to begin with so I wasn't floating quite as high this time, but I could still do it.

The little girl was wide eyed and standing right next to me, maybe wondering if she could do iti too.  I said to her, "Believe what you see,  Believe what you see."


10-27-2001 - DREAM -  i don't know where I was, but everything seemed rather primitive.  I was with a few women and men who looked familiar, but everything was made of wood and cloth, and we were practicing how to take off in a space ship using a wooden, sinew mock up of a ship.  We did everything by the book.  Everything was in perfect condition.  We did a check before hand to make sure nothing had holes in it or was wornn out.  Then we all got into place and did an actual take off except there was no motor noise, but nobody acted like they were pretending - it all seemed very real except we didn't go anywhere that I know of.



10-29-11 - nap dream - I was in West Allis, WI at the crossroads of National and Greenfield which looks exactly like Times Square in New York City.

Someone else was driving and we couldn't cross the intersection even though the light was green on Nnational Ave because a whole line of school kids was crossing the road in a long line. 

As soon as the school kids went across the street, we still couldn't go forward because three really lonng red ladder type fire engines went the opposite way past us. 

As we crossed the intersection, we found out that those kids were afraid that the fire engines were coming to their school.


In scene one, there was a group of bushes, that walked through a park and I could see that the bushes had mens feet with shoes on.  When they got closer I could see that the bushes looked like bears - the typpe you see on TV with cartoon faces.  The people

10=29=11 - DREAMM -  There were two separate scenes that were almost identical.


I saw some bushes moving through the park coming toward me. I could see they had menn's feet at the bottom.  Then I saw that there were cartoon bears inside the bushes and the people  then ate the bears with a spoon after they fell linto a shallow ditch.  I recall seeiing the color blue in the ditch.

In scene two - the bushes were dressed like bears with shoes on and I was told that at first the city council didn't like paying taxes on the bushes, but the second time the City Council go to decide how much they were willing to pay the bear-bushes and the bushes were allowed to stand in the park and be paid what the city council had decided and everyone was happy to have the bear-bushes stand in the park.


Ok two things--Bushes as in past presidents. Bears as in bear market--economic conditions.

The people ate the bears which were bushes with men's feet. The people "ate" or bit what they were told by the Bushes --ie "war on terror" after 9/11. because of buying the story, the nation fell into an economic ditch due to all the money spent on the various wars since 1980 or going back all the way to the 40's when everybody "bit" the stories they were told to get us into the wars.

The Bushes are still being praised and immortalized by presidential libraries which display all the good things that they did during their presidencies. The libraries are in parklike settings. Several Congress sessions have gone by dealing with taxes incurring to pay for the excessive military spending during those years and extending to the present day.

This all hit me at one time!

20-39-22 - MEDITATION

I sawa  clickable link  THE PLACE OF GOD (it'S THE GREAT CENTRAL LSUN -- KOLOB)

a couple lines further was


I saw a Knights Templar on horseback galloping

'however, she's pregnant - oops




10-29-11 - DREAM - This again was a scene in a park.  There was a very long but not very wide shelter where three people were throwing baseballs.  At first one boy stood at both ends of the shelter and the girl stood in the center and the boys threw the baseball back and forth past the girl.  Then they offered to alow the girl to throw the ball as well, and when the girl threw the ball it bounced on the ground and rebounded back towards herself.

Nobody could figure out how she did that.


10-29-11 - DREAM -  i  was in the bathroom in this current house.  It was dark outside and it was cold in the house.  I peed in the toilet and then flushed the toilet. However, when I flushed the toilet, the water  now yellowish brown started rising up in the sink and wouldn't go back down.

I freakedout and yelled for Joe to come into the bathroom because I couldn't open the door.  I was really freaked out and asked Joe how long have we lived in this house 20 years?  Shouldn't we be having the septic field pumped out.?

I felt raelly sick about the situation.


10=30-11 DREAM -   It seemed I was in a place like Africa.  The trees were definitely Africa, but the rock outcroppings nearby could have been Arizona but they weren't as red as I would have expected.

There were black people around and for a time I was carrying a cute little two year old boy until a sudden rain shower came up and we had to run for the big old wooden house nearby. 

I had been watering a neglected garden space near the house earlier before the rain shower came up which seemed likke a rare thing because nobody was expecting it.

In this area was a collection of what looked like it could have been limestone with drawings of some ancient people on it, predominately men, which the people there wanted to display for th epublic to come and see.  A few men had tried this before but the rock slabs were too heavy to travel wtih and needed t obe displayed in one spot and have people come to see them. 

I don't know what position I had, but it was one of importance and I was helping decide who should be in charge of the speaking and describing what we were seeing and how old they were.

At one point, I entered a place like a hotel, and a man came up to us who looked rather like Bob Hope/Red Skelton.

At first I thought it was Bob Hope, but he was much taller than I expected and he intimated that he was gay and I'm sure Bob Hope wasn't gay as he was married to Dolores Hope for so many years. 

This man was about 6 1/2 to 7 feet tall it seemed at first, and he was so nice and well spoken and I felt so comfortable around him and the other men of importance I was with.  I felt very privileged while they discussed how these rock slabs with the drawings on could be displayed for the public.

I was sorry to wake up.  I really liked being there.


10-30-11 = DREAM - I was in what seemed like a school for boys.  It was very large and the floors were made ofo marble in the hallways.   I saw girls later, but just boys inside the school.

They were trying to come up with a sport program that was similar to racing on surf boards with wheels on them.  I don't know what they were called actually.

Apparently they wanted to have a race course that made these vehicles that would be laid on and go through areas of dry ground but also mud puddles, and the boards had to be washed off afterward as it was so dirty a venue t obe in.

I was watching them practice riding these boards and later on they discussed whether girls could also particpate in the sport but separately as the skill level for girls was so hard and dirty to be in.



10-30-11 - DREAM -  I was sleeping in a chair in the livingroom and across the room, a handsome man named David was sleeping in another chair.  (The name David means LOVE). (This particular David is a character on the TV show One Life to Live)

We had a visitor who sold water treatment machines.  I think he might have been gay, but in any case he was always looking in the mirror to see how his hair looked because he wanted it to be perfect.  Unfortunately, I had to help him pat down the tuft of hair he had at the back of his head because it stuckk up in the ai rlike Dagwood from the comics Dagwood and Blondie. 

Because ofo this guy, I was trying to sell water treatment mahcines by mail to people around the country and they had to sign contracts for the mahcines so they too could sell the machines.

I had folders on my desk with paperwork to keep track of who I soldl mahcines to.  One of the folders had a lot of paperwork in and there were two unsigned contracts to two guys who lived at 373 Thera St. in Chicago ,IL.  I knew I was going to have to contact them again to see why they didn't sign the contract.

Then I looked in another folder and found that a woman who just happened to live at 373 Thera St. in Chicago had signed a contract and purchased a water treatment machine. 

I thought to myself, "Aha!  These guys had their roommate sign the contract instead of themselves.  Problem solved."

I felt really good about that, but I still had David to deal with. So, I invited him to lay on the bed and see how he liked it.

However,, when he did, I could see a problem. 

I stood on the end of the bed on the mattress, and on the sheet (there were no blankets)  I saw needles with thread, pins, carpenter tacks, nails, and large carpenter type staples, all sticking up to prick and poke at anyone who laid on the bed.

I quickly started picking up all those sticking tools and apologized to David, and he kindly said, "That is why I never wanted to lay in your bed because that's the way you are - always workinng in bed."

So, thats the way I dream - about all kinds of prickly things and events.


10-31-11 - DREAM -   I was at an apartment house I didn't live at.

Outside in the dark, I could see a dark brown long horn steer bull standing out in the dark.

I rant into the building for safety.

Inside the building, I could see my spiritual teacher and a preacher standing side by side, facing away from me.  I could see matching dark dirt marks on the rear of theiri butts and on the back of their shirts like they had been laying side by side out in the dirt. They were not talkinig to each other.

I then saw my son Michael from the back and he had a dark mark on the back of his T-shirt just below the edge of his neck,and I couldn't tell if iti was dried blood or dirt.

I went past the open door of an apartment and heard a woman screaming in fear. Inside her apartment, I could see the dark long horned steer bull standing there.

I ran to another apartment for safety and there was no door on it.

Inside the apartment I could see an old small mattress laying on the floor, and a new larger mattress leaning up against the wall.  I figured I could throw the new mattress down on top of the old mattress and be okay, but there was no door on this apartment. 

Three men came and stood in the doorway and started screwing some round sections of wood together in a long pillar.  I didn't know if they were building a door or a bed post.  It seemed too tall for a bed post, so I had to assume the door might attach to what they were building, but there was no wood for a door.

I could see the dark brown long horned steer bull standing in a room across the hall glaring at me.

NOTE:  The steer bull is related to the econnomy


10-31-11 - DREAM -  I was in a city somewhere at an intersection and a Chinese guy in a 5 sided cart threw a little black box into the parking lot.   Those of us standing there, thought it was going to explode but it didn't.

I tried to tip the Chinese guy out of his cart, but because it had 5 sides, it wouldn't tip over.

NOTE:  On 11-4-11 - I heard one of the commentators on TV tell his analysis of something that happened at the G-20 conference being held in Cannes, France.

He aid, "The Chinese offered a gift box to the G-20 telling them they had good economy so they could be invewssted in. Everyone expected the Chinese gift box to explode but it didn't.

Obviously  this dream was related to the G-20 conference.

On 11-4-11 I had another dream related to the G-20 conference which I didn't even know was happening.

In that dream, my check book was pictured on TV - the number 4 was on the left and the number 9,000 was on the right. I have yet to find out why that number 9,000 was given, but I know I will at some oint.