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I had a strange foggy dream last night.  I never really saw anything but I had the impression that I was supposed to raise fish, but it soon came to me that if I was to raise fish, I was going to have to raise the fish food as well and I didn't know what fish ate.

I could barely wake up in the morning.  My mind was still foggy.  I couldn't let that dream go and never even journalled like I normally do.  I couldn't forget the dream and still can't.  So I eventually did a search of my own website and looked up my old dreams of fish.

Here is a list as I put them together the first time, which was in 2001 - ten years ago.  I've had many since then, and have more to say on the subject now than I did back then.



by Dee Finney and Joe Mason

There are lots and lots of flooding, raining and other water dreams. One connection to keep in mind is that the Age of Pisces (Noah) that is near its end, and the Age of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, is near. They are both "water" related signs. This seems to appear in dreams such as lakes drying up with fish flopping out of the water, and dreams of drinking or receiving fresh drinking water.

The Dreams: People have been having many water type dreams. Usually they are very scary. Many people are afraid that these dreams are prophetic and that the ocean is going to come over the land and kill everyone. However, other dreams like this portray similar ocean dreams but the dreamer just stands there and watches in awe and feels no fear.

Other dreams are about fish tanks which are broken and fish are flopping on the floor helplessly, and others where the tank breaks and water falls to the floor, but the fish swim in the air just like they were still in the water.

We have come to think of these dreams, as being prophetic, Yes! However, not that the physical world will be destroyed but that we are undergoing a spiritual change, and these dreams are messages that the Age of Pisces (a water sign) is ending, and that the Age of Aquarius (the water bearer sign) is coming in. This link is provided if you would like to read the dreams we have collected. WATER DREAMS

Mythic Origins

To fully appreciate the mythological significance of Aquarius, it is necessary to bear in mind the importance of water to our ancestors. The very existence of the ancients depended upon the supply of life sustaining moisture. During the month of Aquarius, the rains were on the land, literally poured from the heavens. In many regions of the ancient world, this was seen as the beginning the new year, a time of new life cycles. It is not hard to understand why some images depict the figure of Aquarius as a water bearing angel.

The region of the night sky in which Aquarius resides is populated by water signs. In Babylonia, this region of the zodiac was known as the Sea. Here we also find, Capricorns, the water goat and Pisces, the fish.

The ancients refer to the coupled-ages of Pisces and Aquarius in the great year as the time for the Fisherman or Merman to return from the sea. The old legends say that he will teach the people how to heal and govern themselves. (See dream of the Fisherman)

Our scientists inform us that, in the great year, we are dawning into the Age of Aquarius and leaving the Piscean Age. When someone says, its the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, that is no different then someone saying, it is the beginning of the month of July. Only, ages are around 2,150 (2160) years long, while months are made up of approximately 30 days.

In the Middle Ages during the time of Pisces which symbol was of two fishes going in opposite directions, the study of alchemy was not primarily the search for a metallurgic formula to turn lead into gold, but refer to the transmutation of a natural person into a spiritual person. The Gospel tenets are of service and sacrifice. The transformed person is often equated with wisdom, and the sacred form of holiness/wholeness.

Joe Mason

Other dreams appear to be about your own spiritual life and spiritual growth and others are about people you are helping in their spiritual growth. The metaphor of Jesus being a fisher of men is one example of this.

Dee Finney

7-26-88 - DREAM - I was chosen to give an award in church to a young man for something he had done. we were giving him a swordfish on a plaque and $800. I was giving a speech on his behalf for the first time in front of a crowd. I was copying the words which were printed in rainbow colors from a catalogue.

Many people came along who needed help and I assisted them, but when I went back to the speech, the light had faded and the words were gone so I didn't know anymore what I was to say. I knew I had to go where there was better light, so I gathered up my things and took them to the second floor of an old building. I had to go up a stairway that had rickety wooden stairs and then across a wooden bridge to an apartment where the gray carpeting was being cleaned. All the women, including myself were wearing black.


8-16-88 - DREAM - I was back on Parkway Ave. to see if I could get back in there. I knew I was dreaming and I knew I was dreaming about this to make sure I checked with them for that reason. The fish business the landlord ran was all set up, and I found all kinds of silver coins all over the floor and put them into my pocket. The dream ended when I went to the bathroom. The landlord tried to offer me $400 for the phone bill and I knew I should keep my mouth shut about the phone and how much money he owed me.


8-23-88 - DREAM - Edward, my husband, came to visit the kids. (We didn't have any kids together) He was surprised to see how many men I had with me. They were setting up fish tanks when he arrived. He sat down and I started slapping him until he said "ouch" and cried. Then he started telling me he was sleeping with a girl and how great it was. I asked him if it was only because she was new and he said, "No! I don't think so." He started to leave and said, "I really do love you," and I said the same thing to him and I couldn't let him go.

We put our arms around each other and walked down the street like we were in love. I wanted to know why sex was better with the other girl than with me and he said, "Because you haven't kissed me." I started kissing him and he seemed to pull away, but I got more aggressive and I woke up while I was kissing him.


8-28-88 - DREAM - I had a canary, a fish, and a cat, and they all lived peaceably around my feet.


11-19-89 - DREAM - I released a white fish from a green stem at the bottom of a fish tank. He was alive and growing.


1-12-90 - DREAM - I had some fish in a tank and put two pregnant females into a smaller tank for safety of the babies. As soon as I did, I noticed that there were 3 babies in the tank with them. I was looking to see which fish had given birth to the babies when one of them started flipping higher and higher in her labor pangs. Out popped the baby and flipped right out of the tank into my lap.


1-22-90 - DREAM - I was driving down Clarke St. to the grocery store on 15th St. when I spotted a house with 4 fish tanks set up for sale so I stopped to see what the price was. I walked up to the house. The man stood on a side porch on the 2nd floor. He told me that in order to see the fish tanks I would have to go up to his Father's house on the other side of the railroad tracks near 16th St. and return through the alley. He said the round trip was about 3 1/2 miles. He said that he did that to weed out the lookers from the sincere buyers.

I really wanted to buy a fish tank set up so I went back to my car to make the trip up to his Father's house and back. I saw many other people with more money than I had ...come, look, and leave again.

I got out to my car and my daughter was sitting in my car. She aid that she knew people of influence that could get me into that house, but I knew that if I really wanted to get a fish tank set up I would have to do as the man said and go up his Father's house and back the long way, the 3 1/2 mile round trip and pay the price.


2-11-90 - DREAM - I lived in West Allis and I wanted to go with my daughter-in-law Becky to look at houses to buy near Greenfield Ave. We were driving along the street and we came to a railroad crossing and the warning signal said to STOP. There was a big green engine waiting to cross the road. We stopped, then the engine pulled off of the tracks and turned the corner going around our car towards the way we had just come. It was pulling one passenger car with about 12 children in it.

I had been eating turkey noodle soup with green beans in it. A green bean turned into an alligator making the soup fishy tasting and a bunch of noodles became an Octopus and grabbed onto my hand.

I woke up with a bad taste in my mouth and my hand was underneath the pillow.


2-14-90 - DREAM - I was in a room with T.H. and T.M. T.H. (female) sat in front and T.M. (male) sat behind her. I was off to the right of both of them about 3 feet away. I had a newspaper in my hand that told the story of T.H. and how she really was versus how she appeared to he followers. I tried to show T.H. the article but he didn't want to hear me or see me. I finally had to put the article right in front of his face before he would look to see the truth. (These two people were my first metaphysical teachers)

I was then with a man and a woman. They were looking for a new house. All she cared about was that the house had a dining room and she didn't care where the house was or what condition it was in as long as it had a dining room. Finally they found a house with a dining room, but the house was located on the wrong lot to suit her and she wanted it moved to a lot two lots over to the left. A huge tractor moved the house off the lot it was on, but the new lot wasn't ready to receive the house yet and the tractor was moving ever so slowly towards a huge cliff. The people weren't paying attention and the house was going to topple off the edge.

I went over to where the house was and it was now a big fish tank with black fish in it. The tank was as tall as I was. There was a water tube in it that made the water change to clean the fish's environment. I thought I should help speed up the process by putting my hand in the water and show others that it could be done faster, but when I did, the faster movement of the water only roiled up the bottom and made the water dirtier, and edge the tank closer and closer to the edge of the cliff to fall off like the house.

I was trying to show others that quick progress was not beneficial, that it had to be done in an orderly manner. Finally, the water got so roiled up that the only solution was to dump the whole tank out and start over.


6-28-90 Dream: I was with some people who were thinking about artificially inseminating a woman using a fish to swim up into her womb.

The egg and sperm were united and placed inside the fish which could be seen as a tiny, tiny square inside the transparent fish. The fish was placed inside a jar which was placed inside a white suitcase which I was keeping and watching to see how the egg and sperm developed. There was a chance that the baby could end up with a human head with fish appendages or human appendages with a fish head or combination thereof.


8-19-90 - DREAM - I had a new 50 gallon fish tank and I took all the fish from a small 5 gallon tank and put them into it. The larger green fish acted like they had forgotten how to swim because the small tank had been too small for them, but at least they were able to separate themselves from the black fish were hovering on the bottom.

I mistakenly put oatmeal into the fish tank instead of fish food, but it wasn't wasted. Little black bugs crawled all over it and it fed them.

I was cleaning the livingroom and there were raisins on the floor with bugs crawling all over them. I yelled at my kids to pick u all the raisins and keep the floor clean. Then I went into the kitchen and saw my daughter eating raisins and wondered how she could considering all the bugs I had just seen.

I was getting ready to go to the grocery store. Everyone was ready except my son Bob. His clothes were too light colored to go there. We were sitting in the car and I saw in the mirror that I had no makeup on, so I began to put eyebrow pencil on and I drew the right eyebrow into the shape of a goldfish. As I began to draw the left eyebrow into the shape of a goldfish, my son turned on the windshield wipers of the car and wiped the goldfish off my eyebrow instantly. I wondered why I had even bothered in the first place.


8-28-90 Dream: I was at my apartment sitting in my livingroom rocker, relaxing. I was wearing only panties. (That was how I was dressed because of the heat) I heard a loud male voices talking in the hallway just outside my door. When I got up to go see what was going on, covering myself with a small blanket, there was a young man standing inside my apartment talking through the door to men outside the door. I looked through the peep hole to see four men outside who looked like my sons. The man inside protested, but I opened the door to let them in. But the men were not my sons so I closed the door again, trying to make sure that the door was locked securely. The young man's name was Jimmy Dougherty and I thought he was a good friend of my ex-husband. The young man was in the livingroom sitting in my rocker. I went to the bedroom to get dressed and the young man went to the bathroom. I was worried that he would bother me in my state of undress but he didn't. He went back to the livingroom while I finished dressing. When I was done I went to the livingroom to ask Jimmy what he would like for breakfast. I saw that my apartment door was open. I looked into the livingroom and it was almost empty. The television set and stereo was gone, the fish tanks were gone, the sofa was gone, and the chair was gone. All that remained was a couple of end tables.

NOTE: I was extremely depressed after this dream. It was determined in meditation that the valuables taken from me by the man or men in the dream were energies, powers, virtues, capabilities, and abilities, etc.

I had to meditate longer than usual to pull all those things back from the astral and mental levels. I could see them coming back in form of particles, and flowing fluids. When I was done, the depression was gone.


12-23-90 Vision: I saw a newspaper with a picture of a man fishing off of a pier on a lake with a city in the background. I sensed that it was Seattle. A large white building in the background was toppling over.


10-30-91 - DREAM I had bought a beautiful fish two days prior. He was emerald green with a black stripe on the edge of his fins and a white belly. When I got him home, it was a bird, but I put him in my fish tank anyway because that's what I thought he was. The bird was beautiful to look at. Emerald green feathers, his wings edged in black and a white breast.

He was way too big for the tank and there were two more bird/fish in the tank and it was too crowded, but I left him there anyway.

That night, I was in bed with my ex-husband. We had gotten back together and the church people were all agog, because we had been separated for 10 years. They wanted to know how we were getting along. He said we were getting along well.

He left for work and I got up. All of a sudden the bird/fish popped out of the tank and flew to my hand and started to talk. He said only negative things. I was afraid of him and I shook him off. He flew around landing here and there and pecking at my favorite plants which I kept moving away from him. Finally he sat up on a tree branch way up high inside my house and said, "My name is .......

The dream stopped with a big green blank screen and I half woke up.

Then the dream went back into action and the bird said several words that made the initials A B J E C T . He then said, "I came to tell you about the death of T _______."

by Dee Finney


10-29-93 -DREAM - The house I was moving into was being painted. The first rooms were all white. Then I went into another room and it was exceptionally beautiful. The ceiling and walls were slate blue with white woodwork.

I went to see my fish tank and there was no water in it. I was very upset and ran to get water. I quickly poured the water in and the fish were all okay.

I went home and my Father was having breakfast. He was having cooked frozen broccoli on toast.


6-12-95 - DREAM - I was at work in an office. There was a man there who obviously had a crush on me and I deliberately avoided being near him so people wouldn't spread rumors about romance in the office.

I received a package in the special delivery mail after 5 p.m. It was a gift of an ivy sprig. It was wrapped in a large cardboard envelope with a letter written to George Olson (I went to school with a guy named George Olson) This sprig of ivy was alive and although I couldn't see any roots on it, I knew it would grow in water as it practically crawled out of my hand on the way to putting it in a glass of water. The glass of water also had a fish in it and I hoped they would be compatible. This glass of water immediately expanded into a huge fish tank and there was plenty of room for both the fish and the ivy. One thing bothered me though. I couldn't see anything in the tank if I looked directly at it, only if I got down on my needs and looked up into the tank.

I went to my office. One the door was a note written to me. It said, "Dolores! Buy Zaphkiel or Zaddielle." I thought I already had some. (I have not identified what this is yet.)

I then went back to my apartment in the same building where I was caring for a new baby. I carried him, with me, back to the office. I was so tired, I was walking with my eyes closed, feeling my way to the office with my feet. At my office, I met a young couple who had a new baby and I recognized that same tiredness in them and encouraged them in their daily tasks.


Date: 96-07-04 08:51:51 EST
From: Bldsong

I had this weird dream about candles.... basically, I was trying to light a candle as a nightlight and have it burn all night while I slept and not be in danger of burning the house down.

The first problem was, all the candles in the house were very old, and kinda dilapidated. the main symptom of this was the bottom of the candle would be worn away, revealing the wick. and, after burning for a while at the top, the bottom of the wick would catch fire, and the whole candle would be engulfed in flames. (pretty cool looking, but not the best thing for fire safety!)

I had three tall candles in a 5-candle candelabra. the whole thing fell on the floor and I tried to pick it up before it set something on fire, and also before the candles sputtered out. that worked okay, but then the 'going up in flames' bit came in.

I went to another room, and more candles were lit, and burning from the bottom up.

Then I found a pretty good candle in a coral-like holder. to make it fireproof, I had an old goldfish bowl I was going to keep it in. it couldn't set the glass on fire! but the candle wouldn't fit in the bottom of the bowl, so to prop it up, all I had was cotton balls. oh yeah, real flame retardant there. but it was the middle of the night and I wanted to get some sleep, so I couldn't bother to go get something better. also, during the whole dream, the house I was in kept morphing from my present house, to my past house, and an unfamiliar (future?) house.


09/09/96 -- DREAM - I was talking to someone and the top of my thigh was itching. I scratched and a little skin tag came off and suddenly there was a small fish under my skin, quite visible. It was perfectly formed lying on the side, about 1 inch long. It was iridescent blue and green. Then there were lots of them under the skin of my leg. There were also starfish, and sand crabs but they were not as distinctly visible. This was very frightening to me. I ran to my doctor and asked the office manager if it were possible for me to see the doctor just for a moment. She said "certainly not". He was completely booked for the morning. I showed her my leg and explained that if I became upset other things would appear under my skin. Then there was a large swelling like a ridge across my thigh - like a snake?. This frightened her and she ran to get the doctor. Then the dream went off into something else which I can't remember. When I awoke I was very disturbed by this dream and it still causes me a great deal of unease.

by anonymous


1-25-97 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. The family had an orange cat which was only nibbling on dry food and not eating enough to live on. I went to the pantry to find something the cat would like which would provide a lot of nutrients. I found a can of "AYL" which I thought was alewives (fish) That cat walked out into the kitchen and said loudly,

"Yes!" I remarked to a woman there and said the can can say, "Yes!" and the cat repeated, "Yes! Yes!" as it left the room.


By Jo Goodman on May 13, 1997

There is a woman in a prison, like a small jail. Suddenly there are UFOs hovering - which she can see, though they are outside. There is a glowing white light that fills the room. She goes into another section and someone tells her that some women have gone on the UFO. When they return they give her a feather, which she wears above her ear.

I'm on an airplane and hoping my husband arrives before take-off, it seems we had forgotten about the trip, and that we are to meet other people we are traveling with. I sit down beside a man who has a drink. I look out the window and see that the plane is sitting on a beach. I can see into the water and I see what I think are long orange fish. Then I realize these are the legs or tentacles of a huge sea creature like a squid. A woman comes onto the plane and I recognize her as being with our travel group. I start to follow her, then we are back in the airport, going to the plane. I go down steps, along a corridor and when someone asks my name, I wake.

I'm sitting at a wooden table talking to two other women. I see that beneath the table is a large snake. Then it disappears and I am surprised to see two small snakes take its place.


8-27-97 - Dream: I was going to ship a white tropical fish to someone. The fish was quite large and was laying on the kitchen counter by the sink. I was trying to figure out how to ship the fish because I couldn't ship water in a bowl and he was drying up. The fish began to suffer so I put water on him to make sure he wouldn't die. Suddenly a huge fish tank appeared on my left on the sink counter. It was about 4 x 4 feet high and wide. The person with me check the water to make sure it was safe. The white fish was now refreshed and standing up and I asked the other person to please put the fish into the tank.


9-5-97 - Dream - I was in an apartment building. I was wearing a pink nightie that had two layers and one layer was longer than the other. I was trying to suck in my fat stomach because I had to walk past some men to get to my apartment. I went into my apartment to get dressed. My bedroom was on two levels, one higher and one lower. On the higher level, a young woman brought me a large water ball with a white scene in it. (I have one just like it with Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus in it.) This one seemed to have some trees in it. The waterball morphed into a round fish bowl with two fish in it. I took it to the kitchen to do something with the water. The bowl fell on the floor and all the water spilled out and their were many female guppies flopping on the floor. I thought about scooping the fish back into the bowl but was afraid I'd injure their scales. There was a man to my left behind me. I thought maybe he could do it better. Then a big orange cat appeared and towered over the flopping fish. I looked on the kitchen counter and saw a fake mouse toy I could have distracted the cat with, but decided to let the cat have the fish so I wouldn't have to clean it up. (I felt guilty for doing that after I woke up)


100 Foot Long Fish 09/08/97

Near a lake we see a large and strange green water turtle on a bench. Man tells me of his grandpa or someone who uses his boat to fish. Telling me how he does it to catch lots of fish. Tells me of other fish (doesn't take many when they are 100 feet long). He had a thing that I saw as if it were in the water and it was a line with cans on it. Cans like food cans with both ends cut out of them. These cans were all up and down that line that went from the boat to the bottom of the lake.


Fish represent people generally. The larger the fish the more important the person that is being represented. This importance is frequently directly related to the power directed by the individual being represented by the fish.

Grandpa, something of a "grand father" which is also a "God" symbol in many of my dreams. Catching a big fish.

What are all these cans on the line ? Think, two cans on a string. A phone of sorts. The cans all attached to one line going from the surface of the water to the bottom. Each one being a link.


10-13-97 - DREAM - I went down into the basement where work was going on. A man asked for some special tape and I told him which storage closet it was in. I saw a little tiny orange kitten on the floor and then someone came by with a rectangular fish tank with amniotic fluid in it with several other stages of pre-born kitten embryos in it.

I went up to the second floor where a package was delivered that had a new blue sewing machine in it, and from there I went to my own room and modeled some new blue clothes and a french beret on my head.. I looked incredibly good.

I went down to the first floor where I worked. The phone rang so I answered it. I didn't know the man they asked for. His name was Cabot. I went into the bosses office where a meeting was going on. It looked more like a wedding ceremony where many, many people were standing around a large rectangle table wearing beautiful pastel clothes. Nobody responded to the name when I asked if Mr. Cabot was there. I went into the next meeting room which was all men covered with dark blue and dark green sheets. Nobody there responded to the name Cabot either. I went back to the telephone to tell the woman I couldn't find Mr. Cabot. The woman on the phone said her name was Mere and she wanted to speak to Susan (from the previous dream.) I went upstairs to ask about her and was told I wasn't even allowed to know if she was there or not. I went downstairs to look for Susan but when I walked through sand, my shoe prints were wide going in one direction (left) and narrow going in the other direction, (right) I looked at it myself and even tried walking through the sand again and couldn't figure it out. I went back to the phone and the phone was already hung up.

I went outside then and all those people form the meetings came outside too like they were tourists. We were on 13th and Wisconsin Ave. A tall fountain was spraying water on the sidewalk and we were ducking so as not to get wet.

The people started stripping off their clothes and reveling in the sunshine like they had never seen the sun before.

Tourists came from the left from foreign countries. They were all in 3's and each country had a different type outfit on (like you see in the Olympic parade)

We went a little further over where it became more crowded and a big, heavy women were pushing huge puppet theatres around to put on shows for the public.


10-26-97 - VISION - I saw a series of 9 boxes under water into which I was steering fish into each box. The 2 center boxes had smaller fish they were growing as I watched


Oct 27, 1997 A recent animal dream.

I have a job removing trash from a zoo. I am to take the trash and dump it in a garage space in a building which I drive to in a large truck. When I dump the first load I realize I've neglected to put a container under it and it spills all over. I notice that in the trash there are several live critters. They are aquatic so I find a tank and fill it with water and put them inside. There are frogs, sea turtles and beautiful tropical fish. I have rescued them but they don't seem too healthy.

Then I am in a restaurant where a female friend works. I want to talk to her but she won't acknowledge me because we went out once and she felt hurt by something I did. I really want to talk to her about it but she refuses.

Then I am back in the garage and I discover that all the critters have died because I forgot to put the solution in the water to neutralize the chlorine in the tap water. I feel very sad about this. End.

When I looked at this dream I realized that frogs, fish and sea turtles have all been under assault lately and dying from polluted waters around the world. The "zoo" is our current way of containing and marginalizing wild species. We also are erasing them with little thought, treating them like unwanted trash. We don't acknowledge the pain we are causing the earth. We have destroyed our relationship with her because we've stopped listening.

by anonymous.


10-29-97 - VISIONS - I saw a spiral ladder of knowledge, "Tree of Knowledge". It was all about animals and their survival. Each rung was placed over the one below it as placement to appear like a spiral.

I also saw a small book about 25 pages thick, pale yellow which was also about fish and how to catch them, clean them, and cook them. This was about survival for mankind.


11-17-97 - DREAM - I was inside my house and I went to the first door on which hung my personal symbol on a string. It was two triangles, points facing left, intertwined with a candle standing up on the lower edge and going up through them.

They were hanging on an 18" string which made them too low to see properly.

I looked into a mirror then to see my face. It was cartoonish and clownish. The face was too low to see my mouth.

I then went out to get into my car. It was black. At first I was not driving it. I sat in the back seat and a man drove it. After going a ways, I wanted to turn right, but there was a high wall on the right and we couldn't see that way. Cross traffic from that direction was coming from that way too fast to make the turn safely.

We stopped at that point and I saw some things on the highway next to the car which belonged to me that had fallen out the last time I had been through this way.. I asked the driver to pick up the window wiper which actually looked like a shoe horn. There were three other little black boxes but I didn't ask for those.

We went a couple more blocks straight ahead and I again asked to turn right. When we did, we had to go over some huge rocks. At that point I had to get out of the car and there was an old-old man there calling his hotel for messages. He told the operator his phone number was 000-000-0000. When the operator answered, he had to give his password. It was 377-7777. He explained to the other two men with him, "I could never remember my phone number when I traveled so they gave me this number instead.

I decided to continue driving at this point, but I was outside the car - alone. The driver had stayed behind with the old-old man and his companions.

The car, as it went farther along, got farther and farther away from me. I found that I was also at a fixed point with the old-old man. I had to drive with one finger on the wheel tracking some red stuff that looked like fish food flakes.

My driving got more and more erratic as the car got farther away from me. I made a couple really bad left turns across traffic which I had to correct quickly. Finally, I lost control completely. The car turned right and I lost sight of it. It had gone too far right to see from my perspective o the corner with the old-old man.

I woke up and could only remember the dream if I faced right, the way I had been sleeping. If I rolled over, face up or left, the dream was instantly gone out of my head. When I rolled back to the right, it came back in clearly. I experimented with that three times. I was astonished at the experience.


From: starzwish

I have two visions that I will share with you today. Understand that I do not claim to be of any religion in the world today, when it comes to an inner teacher I have always seen this as being Jesus Christ. Just of no religion in the world today. I see inside myself as no one knows the real true religion and when the day come for us to see this then we must be able to discard all things in which we think are true.


Jesus Christ took out a map to show me. As he unrolled it he showed me a line in which ran from 1/4 from left hand top to about 3/4 bottom right hand. About 1/2 to 3/4 of the way down he pointed to a particular place.

That in which I perceived as being a river. At this point I perceived him showing me that the fish in this place would become ill. Spreading illness among all the fish in all the waters. For anyone that partakes of this fish will become ill.


The Day becomes night. I then see what this is. I then see a large volcano. After this I see a bridge , a giant wave is about to flood through it. Then I am taken somewhere above our earth. There are two beings, made of pure white light. They both turn to look at me, then they turn back to what is in front of them. A big round circle. In which I perceive as being our earth and everything connected to it. At the very top center something like white glowing fire spreads evenly around covering the whole earth leaving a clean clear pure earth.

With all the love



By Joseph E. Mason

On December 14, 1997 my little four-year old granddaughter, Taylar, came into our computer work room and asked about what we were doing. We told her about our gathering of dreams. She then told us about her recent dream.


I was riding on a big, green whale in the ocean. My mom and Dee were riding on green whales too. Everybody in my family and our friends were riding whales. Some of the whales were black and white. All the whales had green and pink spots with hearts in them. The whales were saving us.

by Taylar Mason


I was reminded of a dream that Roberta told me in 1992 -


I was swimming in the ocean. Seven whales came and started swimming in a counter-clockwise circle, which created a whirlpool, that pulled me down. I knew I was going to die. I went all the way to the bottom. But, it was like landing on a feather bed, and I could breathe fine under the water.

I looked up, and saw the whales swimming above. A light beam came down through the center. Then, the whales swam away, and I swam up to the surface. I swam to a dock, and climbed the ladder. Then, wow! All along the dock, there were dolphins standing on their tails! I petted and hugged them on my way down the dock.


I reminded Roberta that I had sent her an article that mentioned dolphins. It was in a crop circle newsletter. Researchers interviewed some Native Americans and asked them about some of their symbols that seemed to match various crop formations, such as the dolphin-like patterns. The dolphin, they were told, symbolizes salvation.

In "The Power of Myth," Joseph Campbell said something about a man fishing for minnows in the ocean, not realizing that he was standing on a whale.

Dee and I were so thrilled with little Taylar's dream. We just HAD to share it!


A dream of turning into a porpoise. THE RIVEN DREAM


A Dolphin Dream foretelling the future?

1997 Dream: I had the most freakiest dream that I have ever had. I was on the way to a guy's house and then all of a sudden we were playing hockey with some other people I can't remember. But when we got done with the hockey game we started heading over to the apartment and all of a sudden this old guy comes up to me. I don't have any clue who he was. Then he yelled my name and I went up to him. He said, so (name withheld) how's your dreams? How's your ocean? How's your dolphins? I had no idea what to say. and then my dream stopped.

About a month later I heard that in Galveston, TX they had red tide in it and later found twenty dolphins washed up on shore. I was very mad and then freaked out about my dream.

by anonymous


5-90-98 I read the prophecy on your web site by Hayda on the Prophecies of the North. I have been having recurring dreams for over two years now involving water. Everything from tidal waves, rivers, lakes, ponds, bays, water gushing out of a wall and water gushing out of solid rock.

About half of these water dreams involve fish of gigantic proportions. Several months ago they involved orcas. In one dream they were in a large pool. In another dream one popped its head out of a narrow gorge of water along the bank and flipped my cat into the water.

Last night I dreamed of a huge multicolored fish hundreds of feet long swimming in the sky with a smaller fish in front of it and a still smaller fish in the lead. The big fish ate both of the small fish and in the air I saw the blood gush out of the big fishes mouth .

I don't know how to stop these dreams. I don't know what they mean either. For a while I went to a psychiatrist about them and all he did was heavily medicate me so I wouldn't have them. I quit taking the medicine and just accept the dreams for what they are. I just wish I understood why I keep having them.

Maybe you could share my dream with the old lady if she still lives or someone who might be able to interpret it.

One last thing. Since I was a child I've occasionally had dreams of walking or hiking for several hundred miles. In my dreams I always hike to the North as if this was a safe place. Although I live in Florida I am not talking of North as in Indiana or New York. I sense that the far Northern parts of Canada are somehow a safe haven for earth changes.

by anonymous


More dolphins.....

7/2/98. DREAM: I was on a dock with my wife and a dolphin brought up a small brown dog from the bottom. He was in shock and my wife does what she always does, grabbed a blanket to wrap a shock victim. She wrapped him up and the dream continued through a maze of events.

NOTE: Three days later we're driving through New Mexico ( we love I-40 ) and we enter the Port of Entry. A small brown dog is walking down the middle of the ramp. We have to stop, he looks up with the saddest eyes. She says, " Look, he's all wet ". I couldn't tell if it was wet or dread locks. Then we saw another. Maybe his sister or brother. When we approached the booth there was a large sign which read, " please don't ask about the dog ". It wasn't until later I remembered my dream and realized this was the dog that the dolphin brought too me. This should be giving you chills. Anyway, I love dolphins. When I went to Alaska I had a welcoming committee of dolphins. Two greeted me as I arrived to a small cove in a place called Loring. It was so cool. They are so intuitive. Your dolphins will come back to you. Don't worry. But, use your intuition to find them.

They are there............^

by anonymous


12-19-97 - DREAM - I was having a dream-vision of words that could be used to explain a dream. I chose the word "DENIZEN" to explain the fact that my dreams come true and I could post them there. I wanted to tell Joe this but he was sleeping and I fell asleep again trying to send the word to his computer with my mind.

In the dream I was in school, idolizing the teacher and I didn't even know his name. I would stare at him adoringly and I noticed he was doing the same back to me.

After class I as at home where I lived with some other people. I took a rectangular glass bowl and was filling it with water from a long black hose, stretching from the kitchen faucet to the dining room. The two old women there marveled at what I was doing. I was going to use this small bowl for fish to swim in, yet I noticed I had a real fish tank standing there empty that was 4' x 4' x 4' .

I kept thinking about my teacher and finally went to another class. He wrote his name on the board RICHARD RICHARDSON. (Means powerful ruler, son of powerful ruler) I was infatuated with him and I knew he was with me too. After class I desperately wanted to call him on the phone just to hear his voice but I didn't know his number. He showed up at my house to visit and like magnets, we were drawn together.

We sat on the sofa side by side, his arm around me and I had my head on his shoulder. An older woman came into the room and started scolding the teacher in a political poem that rhymed and said it was a scandal that he was seen cozying up to Dolores in class.

I was absolutely tickled that others had noticed his attentions towards me because he treated me like I was 17 and that's how he made me feel even though I was nearing the age of 60. He didn't see me that way.

When the woman was done yelling at him, he got up and moved to a chair over to the side. He was wearing a brown suit and I noticed that his penis was sticking out of his pants and it was pure white on the end. I was either shocked and told him to stick it back in his pants to hide it.

He, for an instant morphed into a clown, dressed in a pink clown suit trimmed in blue and yellow and his penis was painted to match his clown suit and it looked really cute. I understood then why it was the color it was, that the clown was his real self and the brown suit was his physical realm disguise. He morphed back into the brown suit and I managed to get him to tuck his penis between his legs so the other women wouldn't see it.

I desperately wanted his phone number and began asking him in a soft voice but he didn't hear me, so I said it louder and louder until her heard me. But he lectured me then. He said, "You ca call me between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. or from 7 p.m. to 11p.m. but keep in mind that I have to teach my class and if I miss any time I have to pay THEM and it costs $1,075 a month."

I wanted desperately to ask him to accompany me to visit a house I wanted to rent which was a place where I would live with an old woman in a huge square Victorian type house. I had seen the place once before but hadn't given her any money to formally rent the place. I suddenly realized I had to move in 3 days and I had to be out of my current house by December 8th when my Lease ran out.


1-6-98 - DREAM - This may have been a series of small dreams.

I was driving a car. Strange thing is, I was laying down in the back seat so I wouldn't be seen. There was nobody behind the wheel. R. (a female friend) sat in the front passenger seat. J. (her boyfriend and my maintenance man) sat in the left rear seat. I almost couldn't stop at the first stop sign. I was half was you t in the intersection by then. I don't know if I turned left, but saw some girls on bicycles ahead of me, they were weaving back and forth across the road from lane to lane and I almost ran into the last one in line.

I was then in a large building, standing in a large room. There was an office with a large glass wall and a glass door right behind me. By my feet there were several little cute furry animals running around having a good time. They may have been guinea pigs, but not certain, just that they were cute and I think they were happy and maybe smiling.

Because of their activity, I bumped into a fish bowl that was on a table just inside the glass office. I knocked it to the floor. It spilled the water and fish on the floor. The bowl was round on top, but flat sided.

The fish did not all die or flop around though some of them did. some actually swam in the air as though surrounded by water and some were swimming behind the glass wall like water was in the room.

I was very distressed because I had done this bad thing even though I knew it was because the animals which belonged to my kids were so frisky. So, I made my kids pick up the animals and take them in the car. They had difficulty rounding up the 3rd one, but we did get them all in there to take them somewhere else.


1-8-98 -NOTE: This dream was so real, I still can't believe it was a dream.

DREAM: I was working on the computer, then laid in the bed while Joe got ready for work. Joe left for work and I went back to sleep. Suddenly, Joe was home again and asked him why he wasn't working. He sad he had gotten to work and felt like being with me and making love, so he made an excuse and came back home just to do that. He got a little penlight because the light was low in the room and used it to look at my nipples in foreplay.

I looked at my nipples too with him, and it was such a turn-on to look at them so closely with the light while he touched them. Then be began more serious foreplay and I told him I wanted to go the bathroom and wash up a little, so I went to the bathroom and there was someone sleeping there on a little bed. I managed to get the washrag wet and soaped but felt the need to be in private to wash, so left the bathroom to find privacy. Everywhere I went in the room was another person, either sleeping or awake and I couldn't find anywhere to be alone.

I saw a little fish tank with a fake tree in it and it seemed to have bluebirds sitting in it's branches. The bluebirds both hopped and swam in the water being both bird and fish. they were so beautiful, I was mesmerized by them. The tree morphed into a white boat shape or there was another fish tank next to it and there were lines of bluebird fish swimming through this tank and it felt like love and the feeling of love came over me.

I finally got to the kitchen in my16th St. house. (This might be a separate dream) It was more like an office than a kitchen. there were several women there. It wasn't quite 9a.m. yet so we were talking about hairdos. One of them knew how to cut hair so we started talking about cutting hair. I looked in the mirror and I was wearing a big, tall, poufy dark wig of curls and the other woman said they loved my hair that way. One of the other secretaries came in on her way to her upstairs office. She was wearing a semi-short white lace wedding dress which was draped with lace on one side, white stockings, and flat heeled shoes.

I thought to myself, "maybe that's how you should dress when you work for the President." She left and went upstairs and the rest of us went back to talking about hair cutting. One of the other girls decided to have her hair cut too.

Another woman came in then, wearing along white wedding gown. She had gotten married the day before and wanted us to see her dress. We admired her dress and then as she was leaving, another woman came in, also wearing a wedding gown she wanted us to see. She wanted to know what we did in the office, and she sat down on a couch like this was the foyer or waiting room. It was now 9 a.m. and I asked what I needed to get my hair cut and the girl said I needed a sterile brush and comb and a scissors and a wash bowl with water in it. I said, "Okay," and went to the pantry to get the supplies. As I entered the pantry I gradually woke up and heard Whitney Houston singing, "I love you" and it was exactly on the physical clock too.


1-15-98 - DREAM - I was in the kitchen of my 66th St. house. Joe went into the bathroom which was adjacent to it and started screaming at me about how filthy and disgusting the kitchen floor was. He said, "There are bugs and mice running all over in the corners. I hadn't seen it, so I looked and he was right. It was horrible. I saw bugs and spiders and little tiny baby mice all over the corner of the floor by the stove. Then I noticed all the other trash on the floor including blankets. I swept all of it into the corner. Then I asked who was brave enough to pick it all up. We had a bed in the kitchen at this point and there was junk all over the bed too. So, we started a cleaning campaign and cleaned off the bed. A man was in the pantry and asked permission to throw away some trash from there too and I said, "Yes!"

Then we called in a "trash" woman and she came in and took away all the trash and tied the blankets in a knot with all the mice and vermin inside.

I looked then to see if all the mice and vermin were gone and they were, but I saw a little purple fish. I ran and got a little silver kettle and put water in it and we put the fish in it but it just swam right back up into the air again. then, I looked up and a whole row of purple fish were swimming in the air up by the ceiling and the front two looked like Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse and they were carrying little bouquets of yellow flowers and leading the parade and they came away from the wall and headed towards me.


2-23-98 - DREAM - I was on top of the mountain and decided to drive back down into the valley. I got into my car and headed down the mountain. It was steeper than I thought it would be and much curvier, so I drove all the way down with my foot on the brake so I couldn't go too fast and be out of control. When I got home, I was by a river and a girl child spotted some dead fish in the water and wanted to pull them out. I looked at them floating at an angle, their open gaping mouths at the surface. They were white on the bottom and around their mouths, but their backs were bright red. I realized then that these fish were poisonous and couldn't be touched or you would die.

I tried to figure out how to get the fish out of the water. At this point, the fish were now in my white bathtub and I decided I could siphon the water out of the tub. I got a straw to siphon the water and noticed that the fish were different sizes from very large to very small. There was one fish that looked golden and I thought I would cook it for dinner. I picked it up and cut off the right fin. Then I noticed that this fish was not really golden that its back was turning red. I quickly dropped the fish back into the water and went to wash my hands of any possible poison. I then took my straw in my mouth to start to siphon the water and the smallest fish was so tiny it stopped up the straw and stopped up the water. I saw that this baby fish was golden and it was alive and stopped siphoning the water and let the fish live.


7-6-98 - DREAM - I went to visit my friend Alice who had moved into a retirement type rooming house with two other women. Her room was on the 4th floor so I climbed the stairs to her room. She didn't go with me. She told me her room was the 1st one on the right at the top of the stairs.

When I got up there, the 1st room on the left was the bathroom and someone was in it using it. Directly across from the stairs was a small room, which seemed to be decorated all in gray. That's the way I more or less expected a retirement room to look.

To the right, there were two humongous rooms that were barn-like and not very enclosed from the weather it seemed, more like porches.

The 1st room seemed to have kitchen-like appliances in it and narrow table covered with a white cloth. I was curious to see what the view was from the porch. I worried that in winter it would be very cold and in summer, very hot.

When I reached the railing and looked over, I saw that it didn't overlook an outside scene, but an inside game preserve type place which was 4 stories down. It was all enclosed and provided more or less natural habitat for exotic birds and fish.

There may have been small animals also, but when I saw the exotic birds and tropical fish which were multitudes of other-worldly-type colored feathers and scales. I was enthralled. The vastness of the animal preserve to be indoors was thrilling to see.

At that point I was thinking that people on the first level could see this exotic place and how fortunate they were.

But, my reverie of thought was broken by some men who pushed their way in behind me and next to me. They had long guns like rifles and took extreme pleasure in using these exotic animals and birds and fish which were one of a kind, for target practice.

These were not the type of birds or fish one would raise for food, but just to enjoy their exotic beauty.

I was appalled to see this happening and that it was allowed to happen. As I was thinking this, some birds with long yellow beaks like ducks came up from below and started attacking us in the only way they knew how...with their beaks.

I got bit on the butt by one and the only way I could prevent another bit was to hold the bird's beak shut with my hand as I ran to get away from the place.


9-10-98 - DREAM - I was in my apartment, seemingly on Jackson St., in Milwaukee. My son Tom came to visit for the day and asked if he could bring a couple psychic friends over. I thought that was pretty exciting and would be fun so I said, "Okay!"

First a young blonde woman came in and we started to converse, but I wasn't hearing what she was saying because the radio was on, so I went to turn off the radio which was on the other side of the room. I came back and sat down and as soon as she started to talk, the radio was back on, so I had to shut it off again. As soon as I came back and she said two words, again the radio was playing. This time the radio next to my right shoulder was playing. I shut that one off and that ended the problem.

By now, Tom had brought several more people in. Two guys were over 7 feet tall. Tom is 6'6" tall and these two guys were way taller than Tom.

Two of the women also came in who were psychics and Tom explained that he had wanted the older women psychics to examine the two guys who were seemingly telepathic with each other.

The older women started with the younger girl. They went to stand in front of a large mirror and the younger girl started talking like a young child. I could barely understand what the child was saying. (Cannot remember either) Then she started speaking like an older man with a foreign accent. (Cannot remember the words) By now I was wondering if she was going to examine me too.

Meanwhile, one of the tall guys was writing on my wall in blue chalk. There was a date of March 1, 1996. He wrote under the date, "When you had the dream of the baby on this date, did you become more psychic?"

I knew I was going to have to check my dream journal and see what I dreamed that day.

Then I noticed that the same guy had drawn the outline of a huge mural on the wall in my livingroom. It was huge and covered the whole wall. In the background was a huge oriental temple and in the foreground were trees and flowers and in the center were 3 different beasts of burden. I was hoping it could all be painted in.

I was really excited by now, but I had to go to the bathroom. I went down the hallway, but one of the guys was already in the bathroom, so I started searching for another bathroom. I remembered I had a second bathroom inside the bedroom. When I got there, a young blonde woman was in there and just about to come out, but when I indicated I needed to close the door she moved aside but on the inside of the door, so that when the door closed, she was still inside the room. I was thinking to myself how stupid that was and I opened the door again and had to physically grab the woman by the arm and steer her out the door. Then I noticed that when I grabbed her arm, the girl had no lower arms or hands. I tried not to cringe when I touched her and hurt her feelings, but it was hard not to cringe.

I went outside then and an orange cat came along with a big yellow tropical fish in his mouth, like a triangle with a black stripe on it. The cat wanted to go into the building so I opened the door for it. I knew that was a mistake right away because the cat ran up the stairs and began eating the fish and immediately the fish oil began dripping through the ceiling onto the floor where I was standing and seeping through the wall.

The stairs and walls were all brown wood and I started climbing the stairs to get the cat and when I got half way up the stairs, the stairs disappeared and there I was, standing in the air against the wall way up high. I started freaking out and sliding back down the wall, but I mentally remembered where the stairs were and again started climbing them because I believed they were there.

When I got upstairs, I was seemingly back in my apartment but there was no furniture and no people and it was all brown wood. The room started flipping back and forth from real looking to cartoon looking, to real, to cartoon, back and forth. I knew it was time to get out of there and woke up.


9-25-98 - DREAM - This was a series of short vignettes, seemingly disconnected, yet all connected. Each vignette was a seeming gift award ceremony, each one receiving a gift relating to success in life and one indeed was the gift of a two white boxes labeled LIFE'S SUCCESS, and the last vignette was about Joe who was learning to fish. A woman told us that if we ever wanted to know how to really fish well to just ask her husband. I don't know what kind of body of water we were at, but we were fishing and the woman's husband was there. I saw a small box in the water and pulled it up with my hand. It was a tall, narrow and thin box and on it, it showed a picture of someone fishing who was holding a box of someone holding a box with a picture of someone fishing, holding a box of someone with a box with a picture of someone fishing, etc. I got so excited I hollered, "THIS IS REAL SUCCESS!"


9-28-98 - DREAM - Most details are gone from the beginning of this dream, but this is the ending.

It seemed I worked and lived in the same building. An old lady needed to do her laundry and was carrying it to the laundry room. I saw that other people had left colorful sheets all over the floor so I moved them all aside so the old lady wouldn't trip and fall.

In a big dining room, there was a discussion going on about what kind of food to serve. One guy had three tall tubs of something from a restaurant, and we discussed whether it was good or bad, but can't remember what it was. I had a strong vision of a fish fin, it looked like a shark. It was triangle shaped, dark black but not shiny, and 3 graduated slots in it.

I was then working in an office with David (he was in a purchasing job) We had to take turns going to the bathroom so there was always somebody there to man the phone.

I don't know if this was a separate dream or not, but I found myself inside of a 3 person airplane, sitting on the floor with a skinny teenage boy. The pilot was showing us how it felt to fly (I've never been in a real airplane)

The kid had been up with him before and I was quizzing him on the terminology of the various parts. It felt incredibly wonderful to float on the breeze like a bird, tilting and gliding smoothly between objects as we were pretty low to the ground. The pilot started flying higher then and I was anticipating seeing what the ground looked like from higher up. From my vantage point, I could see only the sky.

Then the pilot took the plane straight up and instead of screaming in fear, I just closed my eyes and experienced the feeling. When I opened my eyes again, I could see the pilot parachuting down off in the distance. He had jumped out of the plane and left the kid and I alone in the plane and the kid had never even soloed. Neither one of us was even a seat, we were sitting on the floor behind the tall stool where the pilot had sat. So, I stood up and picked the teenager up under his armpits and place him on the stool and I sat on the floor next to him. I told him to tell me if there was anything I could do to help.

He said there was nothing I could do. Next thing, we came swooping in to land. It appeared we were coming in to land between two bridge railings and I saw that there were no wings on our plane and we were sliding in on one of those rocket sled test things like they have in the desert. I seemed to be outside of my body watching from a different vantage point and we were sliding backwards strapped into these sled seats. First, when we crashed into the barrier that was meant to stop the sled, I saw the teenagers face for all distorted and then mine went all distorted, my mouth flew open to scream my tongue protruded and my eyes went all weird. There was no pain, and I woke up instantly.


10-4-98 - DREAM - I was living in a house that had very little furniture in it. I had a little fish bowl and went to clean it and put in a small fish net and accidentally killed a black fish that was long and skinny. It was smashed into pieces. I felt so guilty and broke it up into several more pieces knowing the other fish would eat it for food. Finally, after a big fish on the bottom (a shark?) with a huge wide mouth at most of it, all I could see still floating in the water was the black fishes' shining eyeballs. I felt terrible and almost felt that I should be punished for killing this fish, but other people starting coming into the house and bringing furniture and lumber. I couldn't figure out what was going on. This was the opposite reaction that I had expected.

I heard a big truck coming down the street and looked out into the driveway. My grey car was in the way and the truck needed to get into the driveway. Before I could get outside, the truck just pulled in anyway, filling my car up with something that looked like wood slats rolled up into a bundle like snow fence.

I went back to the livingroom and all kinds of people were there. They had more or less taken over what was happening. One little boy asked me, "Are you into future generations?" I said, "Yes!" He said, "I'm not!" I said, "What are you into?" He said, "Hurricanes!" I said, "Ah yes! The winds of change!"

I went over to where the bedroom was, I was trying to figure out what to do with the beautiful bedroom set that was being brought in. My son Tom was there. I asked him what was going on. Even outside I could see activity. Someone had put up a new storage shed and the men out there were preparing to add onto the house to accommodate all the furniture.

Tom said, "I made a big gamble and won. I went to this guy's house and shot dice with him and when I won, the guy said, "Take it all. Get it all out of here." Tom imitated the guy's voice it was booming and unbelievably low pitched. Tom continued talking in his normal voice. "So I needed a place to put it and you are getting it. All of it!"


10-15-98 - DREAM - I had a small canning jar with a couple small fish in it. I took it upstairs to the bathroom. I intended to just sit the jar in the bathtub, but when I got there, the bathtub was full of water almost to the lip. (The tub was rectangle and only 4" deep) The jar slipped and the fish fell out into the water. Then I saw that there were all manner of colors of tropical fish. They were swimming around in the water but some of them flipped out onto the floor and were flopping around. I tried to scoop them up and get them back into the water, but I couldn't do that without hurting them. But then I saw that they could get back up into the water all by themselves by climbing up a vine that was hanging on the edge of the tub. Seeing that, I decided to leave them alone, but then a huge triangle shaped bug jumped out of the viney area. He was so big and nasty looking, I ran out of the room to get a fly swatter.

For some reason I went to my neighbor's house to get the fly swatter. I was wearing my blue bathrobe and black penny loafer shoes and that's all.

When I got there, I forgot about the fly swatter and was told that a psychic David Bondi was in the basement meditating. I ran down there to see him. He was in a room across from the door and was more or less leaning up against the wall covered with a brown blanket with just his head sticking out. (I never heard of someone named David Bondi)

I began talking to him like he knew who I was and I told him the prophecy of the young Mrs. Kennedy losing her child and demonstrated with my hands how pregnant she was when it happened - 4 to 5 months. When I did that I noted that my own stomach looked kind of pregnant too but not as far along.

As soon as I finished telling him the prophecy, he turned and walked away like he wasn't interested and didn't care, so I did the same and went back towards the stairs. By the stairs was the door to the laundry room. However, the doorway was blocked by boards and bricks with only an opening a few inches high. Certainly not high enough for a human being to get through.

Behind the stairway was an opening that was higher, but not a doorway, just a hole with broken boards. I was glad that mine was done because nobody else was going to be able to do theirs if it wasn't already done.

I then went back upstairs. At this point I had some large fish I was supposed to cook for dinner and they fell out of a brown paper bag onto the sidewalk. Dismayed, I bent over to rescue the fish and saw that one had been cut open and it's guts were hanging out. I was so disgusted, I couldn't bear to cut up the other fish, so I left them lay on the sidewalk for the birds to eat. They were all dead already so it didn't seem that I was doing anything bad.

I then gathered up my robe around me and started walking back across a big field to my house. I saw three women coming down the front steps of my house so in order to catch them and see what they wanted, I only glimpsed a peek at the carnival rides being set up in the field that told me it was almost the 4th of July. I also noticed that fresh ground had been laid out for this event.

I ran up to the women and told them who I was. They said that they were interested in buying a house in our subdivision. I explained that I didn't know which house was the model house or where the office was but I assured them that there was one and indicated that it was up the hill and around the corner. (Our street was curved and uphill)

I went up the stairs on the porch to the front porch (door #1) . It was colored brown and locked tight. So, I went around the corner of the porch where there was another door (door #2) This door was white and wide open, so I went into the house.

I entered the livingroom and started walking through the house. Over in the corner, I saw water pouring out of the ceiling. I just screamed, "Oh my God!, the bathtub is running over." I ran up the stairs to the bathroom. Where the tub had been was now a bed and my daughter and her friends were jumping on the bed. I told them to stop and was going to ask about the water and the fish when my daughter's friend (Allison) said something sarcastic. (Her face was small and triangle shaped towards the bottom and just the sight of her made me feel angry) I can't even remember what she said, but I was so incensed by her attitude, I slapped her face. I didn't slap her hard and I know it didn't hurt her, so I slapped the other side of her face too. It wasn't hurting her so I was getting madder and madder. I grabbed her and held her upside down and started slamming her head on the bed. I still wasn't hurting her to my satisfaction and in my increasing anger, I felt like I wanted to kill her. I finally threw her down and walked out of the room with my daughter and told her, "You are never to play with her again. Understand?"


11-29-98 - I had a vision of a blonde woman wearing a long sleeved gold animal print shirt with a fishing pole. I'm assuming it meant she was a fisherman like Jesus Christ.


12-1-98 - DREAM - I was sitting in a large room at a table that was covered with a pure purple table top that was round. A man sat to my right and I saw that he had written a math equation on the table top. I got so distressed that he had marred the table top and that he was gong to write more that I offered to loan him some paper. I had my dream journal with me so I grabbed two pages to give to him but they had already been written on completely so I couldn't give him those.

So, then I wanted to know if he really ended MY paper instead of providing his own, so I looked in HIS box of writing materials and all he had left in it was one single sheet of formal typing paper and I knew that was too good to be used for scribbling math equations so, feeling sorry for him, I went to get him two sheets of paper he could use and of those two, one was already written on and the other one was not a complete sheet. It looked like the end of a roll where it hadn't been finished. I didn't want to give him imperfect paper ether, so I had to sacrifice two good sheets of my journal book so he could write his math equations.

I then went outside and found that there was talk of this whole place being moved elsewhere. I looked on the ground and saw all my plants, flowers and vines growing so well, I didn't want to move and go through the distress of moving all my plants and risk losing some.

I got inside a yellow car a sat there with my head down, eavesdropping on other conversations about the moving and while I sat there, a huge yellow bulldozer came whizzing by the car and I wondered if he'd push my car right over if I didn't move it.

I went back into the building then to go to work. It would appear to others that I was late, because I was just coming in the building, but I knew I had been there long before anyone else and had gone outside to see what was going on.

I had two offices separated by a high wall, a new inner one and an old outer one. I went first to the new one thinking and hoping that no one would be there and I could slip in unnoticed.

I was hoping that the boss wouldn't see me coming in late. I had caught a glimpse of him out of the corner o for my eye so I knew he was there. I walked into my office which was set up more like the livingroom of a house and all the furniture was purple colored. To my dismay, there was another man there, a medium sized chubby guy and he was repairing a golden colored fishing rod. The only thing he had left to do was wind up the line on the reel. I decided I'd better go to my outer office for awhile so I wouldn't tangle the line by tripping over it.


1-2-99 - DREAM - (The beginning of this dream is missing from my memory) I was going to go out to buy lunch and thought I needed to go to the bank to get change for the machine but I looked in my purse and had plenty of silver coins including dozens of silver dimes. I was very happy.

I was then out in the country. The same color green sky was reflected in a river I was walking along. I met a friend with a trailer. She turned around to go the same way I was going.

The river turned blue like the clean water was flushing the green away. We knew there were fish up ahead up river if one wanted to fish. My friend Heidi came from up river and turned around and walked back up with us also.

I was walking with someone on my right named Mike O'Connell. His mother 'Cassie' from One Life to Live rode by on a bicycle hollering at him for being with me. But when the dream was over I was told that he would do very well in life.


Bob Dale’s boat with a new Engine 1/23/1999

I wasn’t even going to write this down but after Dee managed to send me the message above I thought I would write it down before we go to Sams to get some things.

I was walking along a sidewalk like thing, a path through the woods when I met Bob Dale. He was telling me about his boat with the new engine on it. Then we came to some water. The path went from concrete to new wood boards. Then the path went right off into the water. I looked to the right and I saw a boat dock just floating there with water all the way around it. It looked as though the water level had come up and the only way to get to the dock was with another boat, swim or fly to it.

The water level was right at the top of the bank at this point where the path went into the water. There was a steep drop off there. I went into the water and around the boat dock until I was behind it where I saw there was a pile of old style propane tanks stacked between a tree and what looked like a small travel trailer. The boat dock was floating just to the right of this place. The water was lapping up around the building and the tree and one of the tanks, an empty one broke loose and started to float away. I caught it and found what appeared to be three broken dog chains and I linked them together to tie the empty tank to the tree so that it would not float away. All this while I was standing about nee deep in water.

Then I went back onto the water and started to swim the other direction. I saw my wife and girls there and they were also playing in the water now. I swam past them until I came to a place where the path was once again above the water. I climbed out and started walking on the path again until I came to a place that was like a bridge. On the left side of the walkway I saw a huge perch working in the gravel on the left side of the walkway. I called to my family to show them and they came to see the huge perch.

Some people call them bluegills and this one had the little blue spot on the gills. This one was working its way down into the rocks between to very solid rocks and was working the loose rocks out from between the larger rocks until it had reached just about as deep as it could go. In real life a male bluegill or perch will make the nest in the rocks to attract the female.

I’m not sure what this bluegill was doing but it was the only one in sight. I remember telling one of my girls in the dream that many times fish in dreams represent real people. Then she went into the water to get a closer look at the fish. The fish moved away from her and beached itself on the far side of a nearby tree. When I went around the tree (still standing on the path) I saw the fish had legs and stood up on the gravel bar almost like a frog. When my daughter came near it, it jumped back into the water again and returned to the place between the rocks where it once again set to digging its hole.


The atmosphere of this dream was crisp and clear. It was real time in feeling and appearance. All colors and everything were vivid. The colors of the fish were vivid and the water where the fish was, was clean and clear. The water around the boat dock was not clear, it was murky but not really muddy. It felt like and I swam in it as if it were real water.

What is this dream talking about? I have had a winter cold and my mind is not 100% but my feelings were that this area was literally being flooded.

When I dream of propane tanks I usually get them as sound-alike symbols that relate directly to physical illnesses or something being wrong. The word “pain” stands out in the word. But I tied up the empty one. Does this mean the end of something or controlling something like an illness?

Boats in my dreams and all others I have tracked so far represent jobs of different kinds. This boat was not a new boat but had a new engine on it. Engines represent “motivation” for particular dream subjects. This boat was never used in the dream, it’s just there for us to see. Tied to the dock and doing nothing. This represents a job that someone has done in the past that now has renewed motivation but is not yet doing that job.

Walkways in many dreams are symbolic of the path that people travel at the same time they show implications of time passing. The direction you walk in the dream is symbolic of time moving forward in your future. The things you pass along the way are symbolic of events that happen at certain times during the manifestation of the event.

Even in the dream I told my girls that fish represent people. The nature of the fish is directly related to the laws and rules of the clean and the unclean that was given to the Israelites in the Old Testament. A bluegill is a clean fish and so if this fish in this dream represents a person it represents someone who is spiritually clean. The size of the fish also represents something to do with the character of that person. This person should be easy to see. They may be rich and in public view. But if this is true then what are they doing digging a hole for themselves?



6/7/01 11:30 PM by the skin of my skirt.

By Sheila:

7 AM Starts out, I find myself pulling in to the driveway at work -- wearing my T-shirt I sleep in, barefoot, hair not combed -- out of bed. Marina is cleaning up the parking lot, boxes, with Linda, but they go inside. I don't know why I did that, I'm calling in sick, turn around. I'm even in the old building Northrop sold. Someone with me in the car. Then I'm inside the building and they are having breakfast or coffee break with pastries, cash register. I go to my office and it has been divided in half diagonally with a metal pole and has four or five turnstiles for various exits from my cube that I never noticed. You can get in by crawling/lying flat and sliding also, through a small hole down by the floor. I wonder if someone is moving into the other half. I walk into a windowless room with huge vertical fish tanks -- the one Apollo gave Shyami -- the black goldfish with the white belly is fighting. There is huge goldfish waving its fins in swimming motions on the white tile floor. Aisha picks it up, can't reach the tank to put it back in. It is warm in my hands, fish are cold blooded. Aisha finds a small goldfish on the floor and throws it back in the tank, banks it off the wall. Behind that tank is a new one, built from what used to be cabinets, with two huge fish with peacock tails. There is another tank with more dinner plate size flat black fish with orange leaves all around their edges. They turn on their sides so they disappear, there are three or five of them. There are beads on the floor and sewing pins, when I pick them up, they get mixed in with the rice for breakfast. A woman comes up and tells Aisha there's a sale on Hommas or Homes brand. I decide to go to Robinson street school for a class or lecture. Voice, "where did Pat go?" She went somewhere else. When I get to where I thought it was, on a main street (really off Longfellow) the parents are working in a hole in the ground, metal girders. It's a long ways down, to cut across, this can't be the right place -- at the left end some boys are crawling under a girder. I pass a diner where great books are read, readers welcome -- TV maybe (aloud). I see a school off in the distance across a fence and a cliff. I ask a man if he knows where Robinson school is -- it is probably too late now. I says, "right through there", and something else I forget but I try anyway. Then I'm inside a red brick courtyard, it says "Mission" on the exit. I see a man reading in his room, there are a lot of rooms. There is a little hole near the floor to slide out, but a regular door appears. A short (four feet tall maybe) thin blond guy in an orange shirt and white pants gets my attention. He has a red bird that looks like a sparrow or canary that is red attached to a ribbon -- short stubby beak with a long red ribbon tied around the beak. I take the ribbon to play with it but it crawls away. The ribbon is snarled in a notch in it's foot and I fix it and the bird flies in the other direction with me following holding the end of the ribbon. It begins to look like a toy bird, then it turns into a clear transparent -- real, then toy fish with blue and pink particles embedded in it. The fish/plastic has the consistency of jelly. It is a jelly fish. I perch it on my finger -- flat like manta ray or snail. The thin blond (crew cut) guy hunkers down on the ground and his legs are bare now and are very tan (orange makes you look tan). He tells me he doesn't have long to live. I think he is too weak to walk like I am in dreams and I offer to take his arm and make it easier like other people do in my dreams. I take both arms at the biceps to give him courage and he is rubbery feeling -- depressed or something, no energy. If he walks me home, I'll have to drive him back. As I turn to leave, a tall man I have to look up at, with curly dark hair comes up and gives me advice. He tells me to put on my boots -- I have knee high rubber ones with soft sheepskin lining. I was barefoot. He also tells me other things but I can't hear him -- he's so much taller I can't see his mouth from the right angle and I forget what I did hear when I have to talk to tell him I can't hear. He says, too loud. [Dannion Brinkley is blond, works with the dying, said on Art Bell he doesn't have long to live.]

NOTE FROM DEE:  I don't want to repeat everything I've said before because you can read this oon the web, however, I'll list some of the pages I've done before which you can go to if you wish.


Mark 1:17 And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men. Mark 1:25 And Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold thy peace, and come out ...

The Bleeding Heart of Jesus - My Funny Nose -

The Apostles were often referred to as "fishers of men". Followers of Christianity were called Pisciculi; the root of this Latin word is "fish".


"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." (Mark 1:17) NIV. Following is a listing of just a few examples of 153, 17, and 170 found in both ...


will prophecy, Your young men will see visions, Your old men will dream dreams." ... Jesus - The Fishers of Men. Twelve faces of the Zodiac, Mazzaroth. Brotherhoods.


(Both of these men are about 5' tall) The two men went into a side office ... This was established through the Fisher Kings. The Knights Templar ...

The Great Pryamid and the 153 Fish in the Net

Men and women were admitted equally, they took vows of celibacy and all ... The height of the piscis is 1060, which is the gematria value of "fisher's coat."


11 And they smote the men that [were] at the door of the house with blindness ... Now when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he girt [his] fisher's coat [unto ...


The "Fisher Kings" in this tradition, represented a unification of the two aspects ... its seals; for Thou wast slain, and didst purchase for God with Thy blood men ...

Robert Graves from his book titled The White Goddess was quoted as stating that the uneasy chair is the ‘perfect chair’ in Caer (Castle)
Sidhe - ‘the Elysian fortress’, Isles of the Blessed, where the Cauldron was housed, and according to John Matthews in his book titled
 The Household of the Holy Grail (1990) “in the course of literary transmission, the home of the original Grail story … it is revealed that
the Grail Castle is established in Ireland. The Fisher King dwells on the island in
one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

The Healing of the Omphalos - Our Dome of the World ...

He wraps his fisher’s coat around him, and jumps into the water from the other side ... we don't need men ~ men are pigs . and i guess he was demonstrating pigdome the ...


"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." (Mark 1:17) NIV. Following is a listing of just a few examples of 153, 17, and 170 found in both ...


He told them to follow him and become fishers of men, and Simon, whom Jesus renamed Peter (from the Greek word meaning "rock"), and Andrew became the first two disciples.


... will never see that court till men speak more worship of me than ever men did ... Fisher King: Galahad. Ganhumara: Arthur's queen, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth.

The Yatesbury Field Spiral Crop - DREAMS OF THE GREAT EARTH ...

According to Hunbatz Men, 'Ku' is sacred, God. 'Kul' is coccyx, the base of the ... the two are sometimes combined in a single person, as Priest/King, or Fisher ...


The Fisher Kings of the Grail tradition were a combination Priest King. The two olive ... early. scholars also contend that the Gospel account of the three "Wise Men ...

10-09-09 - TWO DREAMS - IDENTICAL - I was working on a computer, putting together a dictionary/encyclopepdia about fishing. One keyword on each page was created a link to the next topic to explain that one keyword. Each page was quite lengthy explaining that one keyword. I was considering whether or not to create multiple links at the bottom of each page rather than forcing people to go from keyword to keyword. Apparently it linked to no other pages - just the topic of fishing.

NOTE: My impression is this is about esoteric fishing - not smelly fishing in a lake.

  • The symbol of the Fish , was actually a symbol the linked back to the 'Fisher Kings,' and the ancient brotherhoods of the past. The ancient mystery schools which Yeshua was a part of. The fish symbol is very old and has been used for millennia worldwide as a religious symbol associated with the Great Mother Goddess. This simple design was easy to draw and used by early followers of the teachings of the apostles, the ancient Nasorean 'Way' of Yeshua Ha Mashiakh (Jesus the Messiah) before there was a formal 'Church' established at Antioch, by Peter. There were two branches of Essenes - the Ossaeans and the Nasorean. The southern Ossaeans were known as the B'nai-Zadok, or "Children of Zadok." The northern Nasorean were known as the B'nai-Amen, or "Children of God.")

NOTE: The Essenes was a University - completely self-sufficient in all things - they were not a religion.


There were two men standing on step ladders in the living room with lights in their left hand inspecting and ceiling and touching up the ceiling paint to ...


... Grail symbolism the two are combined in the Priest/King, which were called the Fisher ... Two men were on the right side, an older white haired man and a younger man.


THE MEN. Prieure du Sion. Parzival. Geoffrey of Monmouth. The Golden Bough by ... The Fisher King. The Glastonbury Abbey Burial Cross: The Nanteos Cup