10-01-02 - DREAM - I was seeing Indian names in some old nation. (not connected to any modern people)

I also saw relatives' names - no longer connected to any modern people.

I saw a collection of labels and symbols used on a package sent through the mail - but no package.

I dreamed I was working at Juneau Village, making $20 an hour, but I wasn't doing anything but walking around looked to see if everyone else was doing anything. I advised one of the bosses to use a garage 'wet & dry' vac to pick up cracked up concrete pieces. Then I left 10 minutes early to go somewhere else and felt guilty that I was being paid $20 an hour for doing nothing.


10-2-02 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere. I was with some other people. We went to a building, something like a school. Inside this building, on the ground floor was a small room, lined with upright skyblue boards.

Laying on the floor in this room and on a wood table were the bodies of a large gorilla male, female and baby.

I thought these were dead bodies and people started taking the bodies out of the room, leaving the large male on the floor.

There was barely enough room to walk around this gorilla and all of a sudden, I saw the arm of the gorilla start to move. I wanted to leave the room immediately, but the body of the gorilla was in the way.

I started to get afraid of the gorilla and finally, I had to open the door and risk getting close to the gorilla.

So, I squeezed past the gorilla's feet and opened the door and ran out and I realized the gorilla was following me through the building and I ran outside in fear.


10-2-02- DREAM - I was sitting in the livingroom of my house and the doorbell rang. My husband went to the door and let in a woman who acted like she knew me. She had a plain face and I thought I should know her, but I didn't know her name.

She came over to where I was sitting on the sofa and sat on my lap facing to my left.

She said her name was ___________Richards. (I can't for the life of me remember what her first name was. It was a short name - probably 3 or 4 letters - Ann? She said she had brought a CD over for me to listen to.

I had a CD player on the table to my left. It was white and quite large. I pressed the button and put the CD on the turntable that had slid out of a small drawer.

As the CD drawer went back in and the CD started to turn, somehow the white curtain next to the player got caught in the drawer mechanism and got wound around the post and jammed it, so the CD couldn't play.

I pressed the 'stop' button and the CD drawer came back out fortunately.

The CD now looked the size of a 33 1/3 record and had a crease all the way across the center diameter. It actually looked like a smooth mountain range that I couldn't push down and the CD/record would never be able to be played.

The woman left and then I took the turntable out of the player. The turntable was like a thick felt cloth with a metal rim around the edge with little clips around it.

I told my husband we could take it to the repair shop around the corner.

I was holding the turntable in my hands. It had the identical crease across the diameter of the circle. I could push it down but it would pop right back up. I wouldn't be able to play any other  CDs until it was fixed.


10-3-02 - DREAM - I was in a large house getting ready for a big event to occur.

Outside, there had been two large fires and I had to set the third fire myself before the work was done.

There was a door at the bottom of the rom I was in with a screen n it. Outside the screen was a stylized lion jumping up and down on its hind legs - full of anger and fury, indicating that it wanted us dead.

The second fire went out, so I went outside to set the third fire right in front of our own house.

Before the flame lit the dry tinder on the ground the whole air flashed with flame, first like it was full of gas and it was like the whole earth caught fire at once. Every little twig and blade of grass burst into flame at the same time.

It was an amazing site to see.

I went inside the house gain to keep from being burned up myself and explained to a woman that was there with me that each fire took two hours for at total of 6 hours for the 3 fires.

The third fire had to die down before the big event would take place.

Meanwhile, the stylized black and white lion was still at the screened door, jumping up and down with his angry face and shaking his head and mane at us, wishing us dead.

See: The Third Fire - Revelation


10-04-02 - DREAM - I was looking at the number 357 and 119 and then trying to figure out what that meant. I knew that it represented men in some way.

I was then in a school hallway and saw men of every imaginable size, including one I saw in the distance that had to have been at least 20 feet tall.

From Strong's Bible Concordance:

357 - 'Ayalown - ah-yaw-lone' - from ''ayal' (354); deer-field; Ajalon, the name of five places in Palestine:--Aijalon, Ajalon.


119 - 'adam - aw-dam' - to show blood (in the face), i.e. flush or turn rosy:--be (dyed, made) red (ruddy).


I guess I was right about the 'men' reference.


10-4-02 - NAP DREAM  - There was a lion or similar animal circling the house. We wanted it to go faster but it was going really too slow.


10-5-02 - MOTHER OF THE BRIDE - DREAM - My daughter was getting married and I was going to have to walk down the aisle to my seat in the procession. The dress I was going to wear was not new - it had been worn before.

I tried on the dress ahead of time. It as a little unusual in that it had two little boxes attached to the seat of the dress so that one sat down you were sitting on the two little boxes rather than fully on the chair or pew.

We arrived at the church and while my daughter was discussing some matter with her father and the men who were standing up in the wedding. I asked her for my dress which she had transported to the church in a bag that looked like a cylinder. The dress was rolled up lengthwise inside this cylinder.

I grabbed the cylinder bag and ran to the ladies room with it where there was a dressing room with a table in it.

I was worried enough about the two little boxes in the back of the dress, but what was worse, between the time I had tried on the dress and now, it had been worn by someone else and the back of the dress had somehow been sprayed with a thin coating of coconut cookie dough and then laid on parchment paper before being rolled up in the cylinder.

So the dress was now stuck to the parchment paper and didn't want to come off of it. So, to remove the parchment paper, 'they' used a small blowtorch to burn the parchment paper off so the back of the dress was now colored like tan toasted coconut.

I was going to wear the dress anyway, no matter what it looked like. I was only worried about the two little boxes I had to sit on.

There was also a small problem with the wrist band I was going to wear. There was a tag on the wristband that had some numbers written on it and pencil and someone had to go over these numbers with ink and make them permanent.

The black man who looked like R.J. from One Life to Live Tv show was the one who was going to do this.

One of the men also asked him if he could hang a door because there was a door missing to one of the rooms.

He said he would do that too - for the bride.

So, I took off my wristband and handed it to him so he could make the numbers permanent.


10-5-02 - DREAM - I was in my 66th St. house. (I rarely have dreams of this house)  I was laying on the sofa and it was Christmas time.

I started to hear the voice of NM in my head and I said to him, "You didn't call me." He said, "I know," and that took me immediately into his house. I was just an observer here and he was yelling at his wife about his car being damaged. She said she would take it to the garage to be fixed.

I've never met his wife, but seeing her disdain on his face made me glad I wasn't part of his life. (He has emphysema and is awaiting a heat/lung transplant at this time. He expects to have this done right after Christmas.)

NOTE:  He died on May 24, 2003 without getting the transplant. He was too sick to get the transplant the doc said.

I was then back home, still on the sofa . I heard someone knock on the door. They knocked three times and before I could get up and go to the door, I heard a male voice say, "She's not home."

I quickly unlocked the door and opened it and called out, "I'm here."

A tall, thin, dark-haired woman came to the door. Her face was vaguely familiar. I probably should have known who this was, but I didn't. She got a big smile on her face because she knew me, so I greeted her warmly and I saw behind her that she had her husband and two other couples with her. These people all looked Jewish and they had come for a Christmas visit. (That usually means - they look at out Christmas tree and admire it, have a Christmas drink and leave immediately.)  That's not what happened here.

I heard one of the women say that they needed to go to the laundromat. I said, "Bring your laundry in. I have a machine here that rarely gets used."

I don't recall that they did, but they had a daughter with them and she brought in armfuls of dolls and bunny rabbit toys and took them into my kitchen to play with them.

Int he livingroom, was a huge, decorated and lit Christmas tree, which we walked past and went into the kitchen.

They all sat down to visit with me. I saw that the kitchen sink was full of dishes that needed washing and the girl had all her dolls and bunny rabbit toys laying int he dish tray.

I said, "Just let me wash these dishes up real quick", - they nodded - and I moved the dolls and bunny rabbit toys to the table.

At this point, there was a baby buggy in front of the sink. It was also full of water like 'it' was the sink. It was also full of water like it 'was' the sink and I began washing 3 red shirts and 3 yellow shirts. I commend that there were blood stains on the shirts. I didn't see some spots like the child had been injured and blood spattered. The water was warm but not sudsy and I dunked the shirts up and down in the water and the blood came out, so I wrung the water out of the shirts and put them on the table one by one.

At the point, the dream changed to my New Berlin house.

One of the women as sitting by the window. I was looked at her and outside, and I saw the flash of a big explosion of flames and I could see the reflection of the flames in the glass of the window and around the edges.

I ran to the window and looked out. Outside was a tall cedar tree in flames and burning down quickly. I ran outside and saw the tree burning, so I ran across the yard to where the water hose was so I could put out the fire.

While I ran across the yard, I heard the voice of my son Ken (means 'knowledge') say to me, "Bill" put a cup and a dump-truck into he flame." Bill means 'william' which means 'Will' . (In real life, Bill is 37 and Ken is 42) In the dream, they were about 7 and 2.

He repeated it again, "Bill, put a cup and a dump-truck into the fire."

I was wondering whether the cup was plastic or ceramic because that would make a difference in the fire as to whether the cup would burn or not.

At the same time, I worried that Bill might have been burned. But I had to put out the fire.

I got out the hose. It was hooked up but there was no nozzle on the end to give the water any force at the fire.

One of the men had followed me out to the hose, and it looked like he was going to help em pull the hose to the fire.

I was about to turn on the water, then realized if I did that first, I couldn't put the nozzle on the hose. I'd have to put the nozzle on first and then turn on the water. This decision-making was taking precious time.

I said to the man, "Could you go into the garage and see if my child is burned."

He picked up the hose, turned on the water and began drinking the water from the hose.

I woke up feeling stunned.


10-5-02 - 1st Dream - There were 8 (pillars) things in grades shades of brown standing there.  8 standing stones.

The Beaker People and the Bronze Age

8 standing stones in Israel

Megalithic Wales



10-06-03 - DREAM - Dog Napping - I was living in the country somewhere.  I didn't recognize the area, so I don't know what state I was in.

I was walking down the road and my neighbor lady was outside, so she invited me into her yard. We got to talking about dog and she took me into her barn to show me how she took care of her dogs. she had several beautiful dogs, one was an Irish Setter, the others were long haired dogs, but I donn't know what breed they were.

She showed me how she did their flea treatments. She had a huge can of flea powder and a big brush about 4" across on a long handle. She dipped the brush into the can and then dusted the dogs liberally with the flea powder. It seemed like a good idea to me.

She said she had too many dogs so she offered some to me and I said, "Okay!"  So I took 3 of the dogs with me - along with their licenses which she also gave to me. They looked like plastic credit card.

So I took the dogs home with me and they got along fine with my dogs so we were all happy.

My Father came to visit and I showed him how my neighbor had flea dusted her dogs. He thought it was a pretty good idea.

I had to go to the store then to get dog food and some other things, so I got in the car and drove to the store. There were lots of people there, but few of them were actually shopping in the store. The store had an ante-room where most of the people were sitting around on benches and chairs, all wearing heavy black winter coats and hats.

one of the older teens there said that he wasn't allowed inside the store, because you had to be over 21 to go into the store.

I said to him, "You mean to tell me that I can't send one of my kids to the store for bread or milk anymore? I He said, "Nope! The law says you have to be over 21 to buy anything anymore."

I was stunned to hear this. I didn't know why all these other people were sitting in the ante-room. Were none of them allowed in the store either?

I reached in my pocket and took out a handful of plastic credit cards to mae sure I had the right one with me.

Nobody shopped with cash anymore. You had to have a credit card with your number on them. I check mine to make sure they were validated. I looked at mine and tow of them actually didn't have the letter D after the number, so I couldn't use those two, but I had plenty of other credit cards that were valid. I was one of the lucky ones.

I did some shopping and headed for home, stopping along the way at the entrance to a golf course.

There were some people standing there, wanting to go into the golf course but they weren't allowed in there for some reason. A lot of cars came out of the place in a hurry and one of their dogs got hit by a car. They quickly scooped up the blood of the dog and drank it to honor him.

The thought rather gagged me, but I thought maybe I could honor the dog if I mixed the blood with milk.  So I put a glob of blood in a pan and poured milk into the pan. I started to drink the milk, but I stopped drinking before the blood actually got to my lips. I just couldn't drink the blood of the dog.

i went back home then and went to see my dogs to see how they were getting along.

It appeared I had 6 dogs because there were two piles of 3 dogs, laying on top of each other.

The neighbors dogs were laying in a pile against the door like they missed being in their own home.

My husband took them out there having a good time, when I heard a shrill whistle. I saw a big lue pick up truck at the curb and the neighbors three dogs went bounding over to the truck and jumped in and he drove away with them.

But I had the dog's licenses now. He had the dogs and they were happy to be going home.



10-7-03 - DREAM - My husband and I met a woman psychologist who taught a course in psychology that took 26 years to study. She showed us a chart she had made up and she called this study, "Twin Brained."

She showed us a film of herself explaining the process she developed as a young woman. In the film, she showed most of the studies still written out on the chart in long-hand as she was still developing her ideas. She explained that you could become 'Twin Brained' by studying a little of her course each year for26 years.

So back in the present time, we questioned her about whether one could get a degree in psychology by studying her process.

At first she said, "No!", then after a moment she changed her mind and said, "Yes!" I suppose one could get a degree by studying this long."

She showed us on the chart that each type of personality trait had an assigned number such as C-1092 or C98. By studying her work, one could develop one's own mind to its ultimate potential.

I wanted to ask her about my own mind, whether I would be called psychic because if I thought about a person, I could immediately see in my mind hat they were doing at that exact moment, or just by telling my mind to go into the past or future, I could instantly see what that person had   done or would do. But I was a little timid about bringing that up.

So I just commented to her that the women who worked for her had made wonderful careers in the medical field. She smiled brilliantly and accepted the compliment with gratitude.

The gist of her course was that should/could label anyone with a number according to her charting system. That was pretty amazing if true and wondered where I fit on her chart.


10-8-02- DREAM - I was in the country somewhere. I had a job in a doctor's office. His name was Dr. Sinful Wipolate.

The doctor took care of lots of people, but in particular, he took care of orphans.

One little boy was at the point where he was trying to figure out who he was. He showed me that he had a different piece of paper for each place he had lived so far. He was 7 years old, and had 7 pieces of paper, so he had lived in a different place each year of his life.

I had a collection of these kinds of papers myself from the various places I had lived  so I knew how that felt. I showed him my papers to make him feel better because I had more papers than he did because I was older.

The dormitory he lived in with the other boys was upstairs, but one didn't go up the stairs to get there. You had to take an elevator that was just a wooden platform on a hoist which went up through a hole in the floor. Once you were upstairs you had to stay there.

The only heat in this place was an electric heater on the first floor, at the base of the elevator. The grills on the heater were red hot. My dress got a little too close to it and brushed up against it and immediately singed it brown.

I had been trying to sit on a tree stump block of wood which was the only chair there was downstairs to sit on.

The doctor had his own desk on the left in the office. I had a desk on the right. He wasn't saying anything, so I said, "You are awfully quiet today!"

He looked at me with sad eyes, and I knew he was having family trouble.

On my desk, I had a row of big 3" ring binders with looseleaf paper. That where I kept records. I had 7 of them.

Our car was rather primitive also. It looked like the cars of the 40's. It was black and the heater for the winter was portable. Someone had to hold it up i the air and I couldn't actually see the heat coming out of the nozzle - it was kind of like an oversize hair dryer.

The car windows were half frosted over because it was so cold out, but that was the only means of transportation we had.


10-9-02 - EXPERIENCE/VISION - I've been feeling kind of weak today - like I'm coming down with the flu. I lay down at 2 p.m. and had a vision that I saw myself at a bar. Someone said, "I'm your bodyguard." and the guy had a human body with a lemon-yellow roundish head - almost like a lemon head. I flipped him over the bar and over my head like a wrestler would.


10-10-02 - FREAKY EXPERIENCE: - I had the radio on to Art Bell with Whitley Streiber and Dr. Lier, but I fell asleep.

I woke up to hear Dr. Lier talking about a character in a book named Jay Low, (J-Lo... j-lough) - (I don't know the spelling) He said that seeing that name in the book struck a chord with him and he felt that it validated the work.

However, when he said that, I freaked out because I thought he was talking about me and my book and my experiences and I never gave anyone permission to talk about me. I got really upset that anyone knew about J-lough which is how I saw this name spelled. I actually started to get angry.

Then he said the name Hamilton and I realized they weren't talking about me, but Bill Hamilton.

But - what made me think they were talking about me in the first place?

I looked on my harddrive and I didn't find any references to anyone named J-lough.

What a puzzle.


10-10-02 - DREAM - I was working in a large office. On the weekends I worked upstairs and calls from downstairs were transferred upstairs so I could handle them. There would be people coming into the office and another girl would take care of them while I was upstairs.

I went upstairs to check the phone and make sure it would, but it didn't. When I tired to call the office downstairs, it just played music. I figured it hadn't been turned on yet. So I went back downstairs to call the company and make sure they got the phone turned on in time.

When I got back downstairs, the other girl was there. There was an extra white phone on the deak with multiple lines. (Our old phone number at home used to be 874-5711)

I was calling Diane W. who I worked with for many years. I dialed the number and started hearing her voice and I wondered why her voice was so clear and loud. When I looked up, she was sitting right in front of me on the other side of the desk - with a big smile on her face.

The other girl wanted to know what kind of relationship I had with Diane.

I told her that besides working together, we tried dating the same guy.


10-11-02 - DREAM - I was moving into a new apartment. It seemed that it was from one apartment to another in the same building. The new apartment hadn't been cleaned when the old people moved out, so I had to clean it before I moved in.

I've never had so much help in moving before and I was very grateful. There was a woman in each bathroom and in the kitchen, scrubbing the walls, tiles and floor - it was gleaming white.

The livingroom had white carpeting as well, which had to be removed. There were 3 carpet installers down on their knees on the carpet. I asked them if they could cut this carpet up into throw rugs so I could keep them. They said that was no problem, so as they pulled the carpet up, the cut it into nice sized pieces for me. I asked them to cut one 9 feet long so I could lay on it with my arms outstretched.

This room was huge - probably 50 or 60 feet square - looked almost like a dance studio with mirrors and a ballet bar at the end.

One of the women who was helping me was pregnant. She said, "I hope I don't fall down and lose my dead baby." No sooner did she say that and she did just that - and I watched her give birth to dead twins. The cords were wrapped tightly around their necks. The babies were a chocolate brown color and the birth scene was like watching a silent movie in computer animation. the babies came out as she lay on the floor and rolled over and over, but it wasn't like a real childbirth. There was no one helping - there was no blood or fluid - just the brown babies and cord rolling over and over. I knew they were both dead on sight.

The cleaning, carpet cutting, and painting went on as though nothing had happened. There were a lot of women and children standing around just watching the process too.

Then a new person appeared - to help. She was tall and had short blonde hair. She seemed to be a goddess of some kind.

I had said I would start cleaning at the back end of the apartment, moving gradually towards the door.

In the bedroom, there were three clothing racks, one over each other, the lowest one was on wheels so it could be rolled around. I decided I would keep that so the clothing could be hung on the triangular hangars in 3 tiers. There were women helping me with this as well.

Then,  when it was done and cleaned, it seemed that everyone left but the blonde woman and as she finished cleaning a room, she would close the door and hang a white sign on the door - DO NOT ENTER  - so nobody would disturb her work.

But I had things to do yet and one of the women who had just left came back to get her keys and we went into the bedroom where I opened the sealed door and we looked through the key sets, which were laying on a table attached to long woven leather thongs with rings on the end. But these were all my keys and we didn't find the other woman's keys.

Then a discussion started about what to do with the dead babies.

One of the women said, "Why don't you have them made into one of hose 5" statues and put them on display?

I wondered if that was legal and remembered seeing baby statues in other women's homes and wondered if that was a good idea.


10-10-02 - DREAM - I was walking in a mall and the character Al Holden (a handsome young man from One Life to Live TV show) was walking right behind my right shoulder.   (I wonder if Al represents EL?  like Elohim?)

I was driving towards the city and came to a large intersection where I planned to turn right. But when I came to the intersection I couldn't turn right because there was a lot of cops and traffic jammed up and it was impossible to turn there. So I was forced to go straight. Traffic was moving slowly in all the other directions. everyone was trying to see what was going on in the intersection.

In the road ahead of me two old women were walking back towards the intersection. They were right in the road, so I had to carefully drive around them on the right.

As soon as I did that, my husband or some other man who was sitting behind me, castigated me for not stopping and going back to help the cops.

NOTE: Today, on TV, a similar scene was going on in Maryland where a serial killer's van was being looked for in the intersection of a big freeway.



I was in a house somewhere. It seemed like Milwaukee.

A girl I worked with at A-C - Juanita came over. We weren't close friends but I wanted to change that, so I asked her if she would like to go shopping with me. She said, "yes!" I had to decide whether to wear slacks or a skirt and decide between shoes or boots. The weather was but not snowy.

While I was deciding, both ex-husbands came over. I put out a large platter of fresh and canned fruit with a tree of an artichoke in the center. I wasn't going to eat any because everything was s overripe it was going to spoil at any moment, but they loved it.

Then both husbands started fooling around with each other in a homosexual way right in front of me. It was so disgusting but they were laughing and giggling and Ed was calling Jim - David.

I just wanted out of there.

Ed was wearing just pink underwear and looked pretty feminine but I knew he really wasn't.

I told JIm I wanted to go shopping and he said he would take me and I didn't want to hurt his feelings by telling him I was planning to go with Juanita, so I just went with him.

He wasn't a  very good driver to start with and was always too far on the other side of the road, but then some workmen had cut down a lot of trees and there were tree trunks laying all over the edge of the road and we had to drive around them by driving in the other lane. I remembered that those tree trunks had been laying here since the last time we had gone this way and wondered why nobody picked them up.

We came to an area that was along the ocean. It was breathtakingly beautiful, sunny and bright, cloudless sky. But Jim fell asleep at the wheel. I couldn't wake Jim up, so I had to get out of the car and push it myself up the mountain road. I got the car to the top of the mountain and then the road was downhill in both directions. Either way I went, the car would go to fast to control it, so I just stopped there - and woke up.


10-12-02  - VISION - I saw 3 magazines - the extra large size. the title of each one was EXPLORE - One was golden brown, one was white and another was a color in between.




10-14-02 - DREAM - I was working at my job as apartment manager. I did a really good job of cleaning an apartment and my Father looked at it and was so proud of me for doing such a good job because he was a perfectionist and my work was up to his standards.

Then the boss came - Dan - the Jewish guy I didn't like much, but I hadn't plastered the holes in the walls (some were pretty big). I explained about my Father being a perfectionist. I knew too that my work was wroth $50 payment. But before I could say anything, he flipped open his record book and said, "Your sister cleaned and painted an apartment for $15.00" So I knew immediately he didn't intend to pay me more than he paid my sister. So I said to him, "So are you telling me that you didn't want me to plaster the walls?"

The holes in the walls were large enough  for rats to walk through leisurely). The non-answer I got from him told me everything. He didn't want anything done that would cost more than $15. I was really disgusted by that attitude.

A little while later, my friend Michelle came by and told me a story about her ET friend Hetar and a man whom she regarded as like a God figure who was a huge man. She might have told me his name, but I can't remember it.

As the story went, this God-like man was in charge of the 3rd level and they had a big meeting on the third level in a town every Thursday.

So Thursday was known as really big stuff if you ever got invited there on that day. It seemed that the big guy wasn't aware that it was such a big deal but everybody else did. If you got invited on a thursday, you were really 'somebody'.

I then got invited by my friend Juanita to go dancing. It was just girl stuff. We were all dressed in beige rain and sine coats and high heel shoes to match. It was funny to watch because we were all so awkward in our high heel shoes. We weren't used to them.

Then a man came in and sat down. They were pretty knowledgeable about things going on ad they knew about my project to do the community for people in the end-times scenario.

One of the guys started to laugh a little. He said, "Remember that project you've been working on for 15 years?"

I started to nod, expecting him to tell me something important and he evaporated right in front of my eyes.

I was stunned and shocked, so much so that I couldn't say anything.

Did that mean that all my work was for naught? All that work was wasted?

(I'm still stunned and shocked)

I then went back to work and knew that getting jobs and keeping a good reputation all depended on how full you kept the buildings. If people didn't want to live there, you might as well kiss your job good bye. You couldn't get a new job with a bad reputation either, so anyone who really cared - busted their butt for the work and did everything possible rent apartments. At this point, it seemed that these buildings had a bad reputation because there were better buildings to live at - bigger rooms, pools, exercise rooms, etc. It was a tough business and I was worried about my reputation.


10-16-02 - DREAM SNIPPETS - I took a test to see where I worked as a rocket pilot. The en I worked for at AC pump engineering were again my bosses.

I planned to sweep and scrub the kitchen and diningroom floors because there was dust and sal all over them.

NOTE: Obviously my body doesn't appreciate the extra salt I put on my food the last couple days and that I haven't been drinking much water.


10-17-02 - END OF DREAM - I was in a bathroom, looking in a mirror and a woman who looked like Rose Ann Barr came in, slapped a piece of brown duct tape on my forehead - over my third eye.

I immediately saw in the mirror, the numbers 80 and 30, followed by a short sentence like ' mass destruction'.

I immediately then passed out in the dream and woke up in bed.

80 days from now is January 2, 2003  (List)

Adding 30 more would be February 1, 2003 - (List)

There is a big controversy about Weapons of Mass Destruction not being found in Iraq and whether George Bush Jr., lied to the country to get the war started without real cause.  (Blackened Whitehouse)


10-17-02 - DREAM - I was with the same people from the previous dream, making dinner for them. I was making a roast beef and had peas and carrots on the side. I thought it was done enough, but it was a little pink in the center and started oozing blood. I had to put it back in the pot to cook it a little more, but the peas and carrots fell in too. It came to me that the peas and carrots should be cooked separately.

There was a piece of fish over to the right and I saw the number 40 by the roast beef and the number 70 over by the fish.


10-18-02  DREAM - I was living in a house high on a hill. My Father was repairing two windows high up on a wall. I could see two large fires burning beyond the next hill.

There was a beautiful blue pool on the roof of the house, but when the kids jumped in it, they splashed water everywhere so I couldn't stay up there.

There was a young man there who was going to stay for a week. I gave him a 1/4 lbs. stick of oleo for the week and told him he should divide it into 7 parts - 1 part of each day  and he would be fine.


10-18-02 - DREAM - I was staying at a place that was like a home and second hand shop. A woman came in and looked around and found a small crystal vase. It sounded like it had a pearl bracelet in it because of the noise it made inside the crystal vase. the price of the vase was $31.80 which she paid to the clerk who was a Father (not my own Father)

My husband was there and told some kind of story about someone leaving some money in a store and couldn't get it back, so before he left, he put a dollar bill on the cash register and the Father/clerk gave it back to him in a mock transaction.

When my husband left, he looked angry, but I wanted him to take me somewhere, but by the time I found my own winter boots and put them on and went outside, he was already gone.

I went back inside to ask the Father if he knew where my husband went, but then I saw the other boots there that belonged to my son and my cousin Shirley. I knew I could always ask them if I needed to go somewhere and stopped worrying about where he went.


10-18-02 - DREAM - I made a phone call to my mother-in-law in Washington State and the woman who answered the phone was a Sheriff on an investigation.

I asked her if she ever heard of and she got all excited and told me how much she loved that website. I could hear my mother-in-law in the background. She was all excited to know that I was famous.

NOTE: My mother-in-law died in Jan. of 1996 and we didn't start the website until late 1997.

The phone number 219-262-2195 came to me but I don't know if I called it or not.  The number is not a valid phone number. Adding all the numbers together comes to:  39 = 12 = 3


10-19-02 - DREAM - Joe and I were out driving together and came to a piece of property that we had once thought of buying, but didn't because it was too expensive for us. The property was never developed with a log house and a huge garden. I wondered if I would have the energy to  grow a garden like that.

We went home then and a woman who looked like my friend Kimber was laying on the couch/sofa. Joe jumped on the couch and lay down next to Kimber and they were holding hands.

I got really angry and pulled off my glasses and threw them at Kimber.

I ran out of the house and went down the street, followed by Joe and Kimber. We didn't go very far and Joe and Kimber were arrested and taken away.

I was still angry when I met my friend Rochelle who was out spraying for bugs along some bushes. I told her not to spray me. She took me into her house and told me she was going to take me to the Valley of Forgetfulness.

I wasn't sure if she meant the valley outside the window - or the basement steps we came to.

I woke up wondering which it was.

Valle of Forgetfulness and Reincarnation


10-19-02 - DREAM - My husband was acting all mysterious . He never liked playing the lottery, then all of a sudden he came home and showed me that he was playing the Illinois lottery and had bought 3 tickets in Chicago. The numbers were 1, 2, 3.

I was laying in bed and he had to go somewhere by himself, so he brought the baby in and lay him on the bed with me. It was Bill, our youngest.

Bill crawled up by me and we cuddled nd went to sleep.

The next day, we went for a ride in the car. This is the second time we had been to this place.

The man's business card had the name Majorstar Overlord, but this was the Jair farm. These people grew everything from scratch themselves.



10-20-02 - DREAM  This took place in a large building somewhere. Six different kinds of linoleum were installed in a large room.

The pieces were about 12 feet x 12 feet - the sections were side by side - 2 x 3.

Then two men came in wearing tap shoes with large cleats on them - toes and heels and they spun around on the linoleum sections, making ugly marks on the floor. This was to demonstrate which piece of linoleum was best.

Then I watched linoleum floor being constructed in smaller tile pieces in another demonstration.

Finally we went up a rickety wooden elevator to another floor where plastic and wooden tables were brought in to demonstrate which was best.

All this was done because they wanted to have only the best.

Finally, they were making such a fuss over what I deserved to have I said, "It doesn't make any different, it doesn't make any difference."

Then a bunch of female dancers came in to show me how good they were and even I participated in the exercises to see how good they were and just do the exercises. It was kind of fun.


10-20-02 - DREAM - This dream took place in a huge building that was part apartments and part offices.

the people in this dream were supposed to be my ex-husband Ed and his relatives but the people only vaguely resembled the real people and Beverly R was my mother-in-law, which she never was.

For some reason, beverly and I went to some man's apartment on a higher floor than my own and I was having visions and seeing things written on the wall there. There was also a newspaper with headliners on it - (none of this was remembered after the dream.) She was so upset she called a psychiatrist to have me committed and put away and we had a big fight and threw stuff around the room. The psychiatrist came and said I was just going into menopause and left.

We went back downstairs where life was more normal, but I forgot about cleaning the guy's apartment. When he came home from work, he called the office to complain about the mess in his apartment and I had to apologize and explain what happened.

Then Edward came home. He only vaguely looked like Edward and was too nice to really be him.

Beverly was supposed to be his mother, which she wasn't really.

She showed him two letters she got which she said were from Germany and Georgia, Russia.

I pointed out to Ed that it was really Georgia, USA, and showed him on the map where it was. I think the zip code on the letter was 20080.

She decided she wanted to go somewhere with him and some other young blonde woman and get away from me and tried to sneak out of the apartment and leave me standing there.

So I followed him out of the apartment and called him aside and in an office area, I explained to him that it was fine that she wanted to go alone with him somewhere, but she didn't have to sneak or treat me like I was stupid. He agreed and we started walking back to where we had left her. Along the way, there were guards sitting in chairs half asleep. One of them woke up and tried to make a pass at me. I said, "No thanks!" He said, "Well! I gave it my best effort." I said, "Well! It wasn't your best effort, but it was an effort."

I then went back towards where my apartment was and saw that there was a whole other wing to this building that looked identical and all the walls were painted dark green.

If I hadn't met someone with a familiar face, I would have gone the wrong way and been lost.


10-21-02 - DREAM - I was in a variety of places in this dream, but basically was at work in a house.

The most important issue of this dream was a discussion of the AIDS virus and why the virus passes from person to person the way it does.

I said, "When the AIDS virus was first known, people though you could catch it just by shaking hands or touching a person, but that was proven not to be true - it could be caught during sexual contact or through actual blood transfusions.

I said, "What comes to mind, the reason for this is most likely that the inner tissues of the body without being too graphic here, are larger receptacles for the virus than the outer body tissues, and therefore more receptive to the virus.

I then showed an animated map of the boroughs on Long Island that showed certain areas of the boroughs had many more cases of AIDS than did other ones for some reason.

In the rest of the dream, I was getting ready for work and wanted to wear brown slacks. I put on a pair I had worn before and saw that the left side of my left knee was dirty from a fall or brushing against something, so they had to be washed, so I had to wear a different pair of brown slacks and hoped they weren't the same as my bosses brown slacks.

Later in the office, I sat next to my boss and looked at my bosses slacks and was thankful we weren't dressed alike. His brown slacks had a 3D pattern on them of little circles about the size of a dime all over them which were shiny silvery brown. They were really gaudy.

At the end, I was outside with some young women and I was demonstrating that some women were really good athletes and was fling a  woman around on a ring at the end of a long pole. She never lost her grip and hung on no matter how I swung the pole around. She was really good.


10-22-02 - DREAM - I was at a picnic at a park somewhere. The people had eaten their food, and were getting ready to leave, so I decided to help pick up the garbage and carry it to the dumpster cans.

Two older women had brought a 2 layer rectangular sheet cake. about 3/4 of the to player was eaten off and most of the frosting was eaten off the whole cake, but even what was left of the cake looked pretty good. So when I got back near the dumpster area, there was a black man there serving chocolate two layer cake so some back kids. I asked them if they wanted some white cake and set the white cake in front of the chocolate cake, pushing it back a bit. They all said, "No!" they didn't want any white cake.

Just as I sat the white cake down, I saw that the two layered par of the cake was divided into squares. One piece in the second row was labeled SNIPER and all the pieces along the front row were labeled SHOOTER and a quick vision showed em that the shooters wore army green mottled bandanas around their foreheads.

There was some little girls parading around at this park and one was wearing a long stringer of beads around her neck made of real turquoise. She didn't know what she was wearing was valuable so I wanted to get it from her so I offered her a gold and aqua fake 4 string necklace in its place and I exchanged necklaces with her, keeping the real gemstones beads for myself.

There was also a scene by a stairway where there was a tiny beige dog with a multi-layered harness cage around its body. I was supposed to swallow this dog, but instead, I snapped its harness off and let it run around loose on the floor.


10-24-02 - DREAM - I was working in an old-age home of some wort, but these people were'e invalids, they were quite active.

The way my job worked, I spent 1/2 day in the office and then went out and visited people in the afternoon. I worked in tandem with another woman, who visited people in the morning and worked i the office in the afternoon.

The company had just hired someone new and I hadn't met her yet.

One of the women in the home, posted several sheets of paper on the bulletin board with the names of the participants of a 30K race that was being run. I could see form the list that some of these people were related to each other. There were 5 or 6 or more of each name.

After the race, there was a gathering of the partiicpants and relatives to give an award to the winner of the race.

I peeked in the door of the room when the award was given. The winner was the youngest woman - she appeared to be in her 20's or 30's and she had married into the family.

The applause wasn't very loud. Few people clapped and it was apparent she wasn't a popular woman.

I also noted that this was the woman I was going to be working with.

I wondered too how she was going to handle changing poopy diapers on my baby.


10-24-02  NOON NAP DREAM - I went to work in the Engineering office where I worked in Purchasing like I did an A-C. My job was to send out inquiries for manufacturers to bid on making our parts for our projects and move the patterns from company to company.

In the case, the boss 'Richard' was gone on vacation and a rush order came in which couldn't wait for him to come back. So another boss gave me not only the file with the purchase order and blueprints, he gave me the inside clips from the drawer.

I knew Richard would be mad that I had all that, but this couldn't wait.

I got right to work and then discovered I was still wearing my blue flowered kerchief on my head, so I took it off and put it underneath where the typewriter stands folds down into the desk.

It was lunchtime (noon) (the same time I was having the dream) I overheard one of the women complimenting another woman for what a great job she did helping some people, as we were walking outside.

Right against the building was like a short 4 car train with black windows, waiting to take us somewhere.

The other woman said in return, "I tried to tell you that when we worked together in Uganda."

I could see the two women then, they were in their 40's and looked familiar. I want to call them Pat and Joanne, but I'm not sure of their names.

See:  uganda-women.htm


10-25-02  DREAM SNIPPETS - I was on a rubber raft on a pond. It was rather like in a stone quarry. There was messages etched in the stone.

When I woke up, some guy was o the radio talking about the message given to Billy Meier.

I was in an apartment with Becky - my daughter-in -law and some other women. Becky was in the process of miscarrying a baby so I told her to go to bed and rest.

After Becky closed the door to the bedroom, we heard a scream, so we rushed to the door and found Becky on her knees, carrying a cross into her mattress at the foot end of her bed.

I asked her what she was doing and she handed me a cluster of green grapes that had a wire at the end and told me to plug it into the tape recorder and play the messages that were given to her by Steven- supposedly an ET.

Did you ever try sticking the wire from grapes in a tape recorder?  Pretty dumb, huh?


I was driving a car in the city. I made a right turn from a side street into heavy traffic. The road was rather snowy and slippery and I couldn't stop in time to avoid crashing into the cars at the next stop light, so I had to drive between the lines of cars in order to stop at the red light.

So I got out of the car and go tin line, behind two other people instead. The man in front of me suddenly stepped out of line and went behind me.

That made me nervous, so I turned around to see what he was doing and he was whipping out a chain attached to a leather strap to whip me with. So I grasped the end of the chain when it came toward me and I started playing tug of war with him - though it wasn't playing on either side. The tighter the grip I got against him, the uglier his face got. I was winning the struggle, but I wanted to raise up my right foot and push against his stomach and I couldn't manage to do that.

All of a sudden I realized it was a dream and forced myself to open my eyes because I was getting scared.


10-26-02 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building on the side of a hill somewhere in Waukesha County.

As it turned out, I was living with 3 young women, but I didn't realize that until later.

I went to a high school football stadium, where the fathers of the football players played a game of football and the mothers of the cheerleaders were the cheerleaders. The fact that there was no audience to watch didn't take away from the fun. I was rather oblivious to this anyway because I had a psychic prediction to make - that 85,00 natives were going to be jobless soon. I just didn't know who I was going to announce or tell this too yet. People were going to be upset I knew that much too.

I was walking away from the football field when I ran into H.P. who was walking along with another woman. It looked like they were going on a date. But the other woman got busy doing something and H.P. decided he would go home with me instead. He even waited for me at the top of the next hill, sitting ona rock like 'The Thinker".

It was so natural to be with him again, but it was exciting too and I took him home with me, feeling young with a spring in my step.

We went into the livingroom and I was a little embarrassed because the floor had a lot of kids toys on it and the canary in the cage had brackish water.

I was planning to take a shower and be all fresh and smell nice, but H.P. didn't want to wait and all of a sudden we were doing it. At one point he said, "So much for 90 seconds.", but at that point, my roommates walked in and sat on the couch behind us like an audience. I said, "Oops!" and pulled my red shirt that I had been carrying and covered our butts. But H.P. didn't disengage and the girls didn't move either.

So I just lay there, thinking about the old days when we had been together before , how exciting it had been and that it had been a 30 year friendship and it was still there and had never really ended.

H.P. finally fell asleep and I hated to move, but I finally did and went out to the kitchen, leaving him sleeping on the bed.

Out in the kitchen, a couple other girls were cooking something for their kids. They lived in an apartment down the hall, but all these young girls hung out together.

I asked the girls if they had a newspaper, but they only had the second section and the main section was in their apartment way down the hall.

So I went outside to get the scoop on the news and found out that the big hotel conglomerate had bought the entire hill, including our apartment building, which they were going to tear down to put up a bigger hotel.

So I climbed the hill again, lamenting the fact that I was going to have to move again and get another job.

I was going to tell this to H.P. who was still sleeping on my bed and hadn't woken up yet.

I still hadn't told anyone about the 85,000 natives going to be jobless either and I still needed to clean my apartment.

I woke up, feeling perfectly relaxed - it was wonderful to feel that way again.


10-27-02 - DREAM - (I can't say I understand this)

I was in an apartment I was managing. My friend Loretta asked me to come to her room because she wanted to show me something. So I went to her room and she showed me a hand-held gadget that had a cartoonish sex film about people have sex in a tub of fruit cocktail.

While I was there, Loretta's friend, a guy who looked like Seinfeld came and he discovered that she had shown me the film. He was kind of surprised because he thought that was just between them.

While the 3 of us were sitting on her bed ina triangle pattern, a 4th girl came and sat on the edge of the bed and she was envious that the 3 of us could talk about sex so freely because she felt very inhibited about the subject.

I got a phone call from a man who sounded like the TV report Geraldo. He asked me if I was interested in meeting someone for a job interview and I said, "yes!"

He told me to go to a particular underground bar (which I've dreamed of before). H said to go down the stairs and straight ahead into the bar where the 3 mirrors were hanging with the letters P.P.P.

I said I knew where that was.

He said I needed to bring my highschool transcripts with me.

I said, "Okay!"

The logistics of this make it seem like it was Milwaukee near Teutonia and Center because that's where I went to highschool.

I had to tell my boss (a female who looked like a cross between Carole Burnette and Our Miss Brooks the TV teacher.

I told her I wouldn't be gone long, that I was going north 2 blocks, but first I had to go south 2 blocks to get something, but I would be right back. She said, "Okay!". I had pointed this out to her at the window so she understood the directions.

So I went to my highschool which was on 12th and center. That was right down the street to my right about 1/2 a block.

I went into the school and a girl approached me and started acting really stupid and school girlish, giggling and walking weird and she went on down a long hall to the south by herself.

After that, every person I met started mocking that girl. How they knew about her I don't know, but they all acted the same way.

So I walked the rest of the way East through the hall and made a right turn to the south to see Mr. Bendlin, my old music teacher. I had to apologize to him for not being in class but that I needed a transcript of my grades.

That was easier said than done, because there was a whole line of guys there ahead of me doing the same thing.

I managed to squeeze into line about third, so I wouldn't have to wait so long and woke up.


10-28-02 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin, but the people I dreamed about were never there in real life.

It was early morning and Becky said she was hungry and went to the refrigerator and ate the last piece of cheese there was.

The phone rang there and my husband, who resembled Ed said, "Don't answer it. I programmed it to say you weren't home." But at the same time, he picked up the receiver and put it to my ear so I could listen.

At first, there was silence, but then a voice said, "Hello? this is Sandy! I was hoping someone was there so I could talk about my sighting."

So I finally said, "Hi Sandy! I'm here."

But I didn't have time to have a long conversation, only long enough for him to tell me that he had seen a big bright white light the night before."

I hung up the phone and my husband wanted to go to the store and by some more cheese.

So we got into the car and Ed said something about closing the house up for the year, but I knew we weren't the only ones living in the house, and I saw a group of people, weaving white coveralls, dive into the woods by the side of the road and lie perfectly still next to fallen logs. We were running a special training camp here.

So, we drove down a long one lane dirt road towards the highway and we saw headlights coming our way. That means both cars would have to drive off the road into the grass to pass each other.

Ed said, "Darn1 I didn't want to meet anyone, I wanted time to tell you about my UFO sighting last night."

The lights turned off the road long before we got to it; even though there was no road off of the road. That was odd.

Then we got to the sore and picked out a large piece of cheese. It must have been Swiss cheese because it had big holes in it, oddly like a vague skinny face of an ET.

I looked at Ed who was standing there, leaning back on the counter and his face looked exactly like the cheese face.


10-29-02 - I didn't feel real well when I went to bed. I was having some stomach trouble and my heart wasn't beating strong and steady. It felt like it was weak and tripping over itself. All I wanted to do as g oto sleep and end the discomfort.

DREAM - I was in a school with some young boys. I was carrying a ball of light green yarn.

While I was standing in the hallway sand one of the boys snagged onto one of the threads and ran off down the hall and into the basement with it. I followed after him and saw him winding the yarn around pipes in the basement. The yarn was strong like rope so there was no danger of it breaking and he started swinging on it wildly. The yarn snagged in the middle and he slid dangerously fast down the yarn and he got scared. So I pulled the yarn taught so it was in a straight line so he couldn't fall.

I woke up instantly with a voice telling me, "This is to show you the importance of alignment"

But at that moment, I had a terrible headache up the back of my skull, the back of my neck was aching, my heart was jumping and thumping in my chest at twice its normal speed and I was gagging on something in my throat. I also had to pee. It was a terrible way to wake up.

I noticed then I was sleeping with my head bent backwards at an angle which caused the neck and head pain and the misalignment of my spine cause the other problems.

Lesson learned!


10-29-02 - DREAM - I was in a house or apartment and noticed that the floor was cut in half. One side of the cut was supported, but the other side wasn't and when my friend Diane walked near the cut, the floor dipped down several inches.

There was no danger of the floor falling in, but could cause nasty falls or whatever if someone tripped over it. I could see that it was necessary for that area of the floor to be supported.

NOTE: I woke up knowing that this might mean that again my spine was out of alignment and weak in one spot. Again correct!

VISION: This looked like a bone with nasty twisted projections at the end, but am not sure -

Another health problem I'm sure - the twisted things might represent nerves or blood vessels. I don't really know.


10-29-02 - DREAM - I was in a house, sitting on a blue sofa. I can't recall now if there was dirty laundry on the sofa or it was cooked brussel sprouts, but I moved it all to one end to either work or throw away - but I had to do something with it.

My husband then took me for a ride in a big blue dump truck and we went past a really long house that was built in sections. It was all painted bright blue except for the very ends which were painted bright green. I thought that was beautiful.

NOTE: Again, I think that represented my body because I was pulling and receiving the color blue and green into my body to heal it before I fell asleep.


10-29-02 - DREAM - i was seated at a desk and it had so many different things to do on it, I started to forget what it all was for. There were two decks of cards on the desk. One was for tarot and one was for something else. I had already forgotten what.

Someone said, "You should be writing down all the things you are doing to keep track of them."

NOTE: Good idea!


10-29-02 - DREAM - I was in a house. It was early morning. I woke up and went into the livingroom and saw Gen H. (IEOSOUS) laying on a bed asleep and I didn't want to disturb his sleep, so I went over and sat on the sofa to write in my dream journal.

I woke up at 7 a.m. and Gene didn't wake up until 8 a.m. As soon as he woke up and saw me sitting there, he came over and lay on top of me.  It felt so comforting and I rubbed his shoulders lovingly and asked him if he was hungry and told him all the things I had in the kitchen to feed him. I told him I had eggs, bacon, several kinds of cereal, toast, maybe yogurt cranberry juice and orange juice - he could pick what he wanted.

He asked me how long I had been up - I said, "I got up at 7" and he said, "and what time is it now?" and I said "8". He then jumped to his feet like an acrobat. (He was wearing beige pajamas) Then he lay on the floor next to the sofa. He said, "That shows you don't really need me anymore."

That wasn't my thinking at all. I just hadn't wanted to disturb his sleep.

My son, a baby, then crawled into view in the next room and saw Gene and shrieked with delight, so Gene went to play with the baby, out of sight in the next room.

It came to me that Gene wanted that kind of reaction from me when I saw him - the reaction of "delight and excitement" - not just 'Loving care."

Oh - forgot to mention - when he rolled off of me and lay on the floor, I said, "Well! Go to hell then," and went back to my writing. He said," You should have been a doctor."


10-30-02 - DREAM - It was Thanksgiving Day. I was in my new apartment and Robb/David came over to visit.

I was looking at  a magazine and towards the back was a photograph of a famous movie star with her mother.

I looked at her and thought she looked really ugly, so I showed it to Robb/David and he thought he could make her look better if he gave her some advice.

So he invited her over and told her if she didn't dress so casual, and dress up more she would look better.

In the photograph, she was wearing a white ski outfit, so how that fit, I don't know.

It was late afternoon and we all walked to the road to watch someone go by - someone famous.

We got out to the road and I saw a curly tail of a calf laying by the side of the road.

I thought it was dead and detached from the animal and I was going to pick it up and take it home, but my cousin Shirley was there and said, "It's still attached to the calf". and sure enough it was.  The calf was laying down by the side of the road and it was big.

When I saw that, "I said, "Oh my God! It's alive." and when I turned around, I saw that the cows had broken down the whole fence to the pasture and all the cows had gotten out and were milling around on the road.

Now I was really scared and ran back to the house, carefully running behind the cows so they didn't see me.

I ran inside the house, all in a panic, slamming the door behind me.

It was cold in the house and I saw that Robb/David had left a fan going full blast, so I turned it off.

I saw then that Robb/David had moved a potted tree over and one of the branches broke, so I pulled on it and the branch came off and debarked he tree.

Doing that left a nice pattern on the tree, so I saved it and saved the ranch for decoration on the coffee table.

A voice in my head said, "The snake plant is dangerous and kills the cedar tree."  I wasn't even aware I had a snake plant.

I looked at the clock and it was 4:20 p.m. and it was dark out.

Now I felt really alone and thought I hould have invited Robb/David to Thanksgiving dinner, but it was too late, he had already gone home.


10-31-02 - DREAM - WASHINGINGTON'S PICNIC - I was on a farm and there was a man there with a big machine, digging up a tree to move it. When it was replanted into a new spot, it was covered with mulch, but the mulch was so deep, I couldn't find the tree in it.

Then I looked up in the sky and saw a small red car coming across the sky, followed by 3 red cookie-cutter stars rolling.

Then I looked up into the sky and saw a tiny red car with 3 people in it, one behind the other. This was followed by 3 bright red cookie-cutter stars rolling across the sky, end over end, and that was followed by 3 bright red cookie-cutter battered appearing squares. These were also rolling end over end. I was then shown in the sky that these people were Kruchev, Elizabeth Taylor and the Pope.

I walked over to an embankment which had been built over an area that was marshy and sandy, on the edge of the ocean. I looked at the water and saw that it was rising fast and it would soon inundate the land.

Before I woke up, I was shown a plain white page with the words WASHINGTON'S PICNIC at the top.



10-31-02 = DREAM - The family was helping my mother move. All the furniture and stuff was gone from the house and my Mother and I were standing by the window in the upstairs bedroom at the end of the day. She had no teeth in her mouth and she said, "I want to go home."

I thought that was a strange thing to say, because she was standing in the house that had always been "home".

NOTE: I know she's getting ready to die because she is 87 and has full-blown Alzheimers and had several strokes.


10-31-02 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin and we were moving to another house that had an extra unused house attached to it with a huge double-ide attic in to stash unused stuff we weren't using every day.

The truck had already left but there was still stuff in the house. My sons were in the 8 to 11 age range.

One closet was still full of stuff - like a linen closet. I thought I could probably put that stuff in dresser drawers to move them.

My husband was mad at me and not speaking to me. The baby was sick so he took time to to feed him - He was sitting on a bench in the yard.

I went outside to talk to him because he didn't realize everything wasn't out of the house yet.

He said, "I don't blame you for being mad at me for stopping to feed the baby."

I said, "I'm not mad at you for that, I'm mad because you don't listen to what I say. you hear the sound as it floats past your ears, but you aren't really hearing what I'm saying.

I had a piece of paper with some words on it and crumple it up and turn to fling it towards the trash cans on the other side of the fence.

The paper went through a tunnel that had been made by someone artificially in the yard.

I could see all the way through the tunnel and could see the light at the other end, but I refused to walk through it. It was scary looking, even though I could see that the ground in it was well-traveled.

I went back into the house to get the rest of the stuff.

Tom was about 9 or 10. He found a little brown bottle with some stuff in it and got all excited because he still had something to play with.

I went into the bedrooms nd there was still a bed with 4 pillows and a whole stack of blankets next to it.

I started stacking the blankets to move them down to the back door and planned to go through each room one by one and close the door behind me as I was done with it.

NOTE: There is another dream up this page that a woman is doing the same thing.