compiled by Dee Finney


by Dee Finney

10-02-98 DREAM - I was in a huge place that seemed like it was indoors and outdoors with no apparent walls or ceilings and no clear demarcation between inside and outside.

We were in the process of setting up booths to demonstrate what Christmas was all about and had booths of gifts for all ages of people and a pageant of some kind was going to be presented to all the people as well.

In the center of this mall-like area was an artificial Christmas tree sitting on top of a counter. I looked at it closely and actually part of it was still alive but the live parts were not pine needles but small growing plants of many different kinds that were green and struggling to survive. I decided to save the green growing parts and discard the green artificial parts. I began pulling the artificial branches out one by one and setting aside the green growing parts to water them and make sure they each had their own little pots to grow in.

While I was doing this I wanted to announce it to the people what has happening and as I was taking the ornaments off the artificial branches they formed rings of bells and clacking noise makers. I decided I would do a Spanish type dance where the dancer raised her arms over her head and click the clacker thing whatever it is called. I planned to do this dance and got all excited about it, but decided I didn't have enough of the clacker things for my left hand to balance out the bells I had in my right hand.

One of the booths there had baby rattles and other little toys to catch a baby's attention, so while I was trying to get an accumulation of little noise makers strung together to make a ring, another woman said she would demonstrate an exercise called "build a bridge for humanity".

That sounded great, and she had us all lay down on the ground flat on our backs. Then she put her hands under her buttocks and showed us how to do the exercise where you raise your buttocks and make your back bend backwards in an arch while your feet, head and shoulders are still on the ground.

I lay down on the ground with everyone else but I still had the bells and clacker things in my hands and didn't want to lay them down and lose them, so I didn't do the exercise with the others.

Then, when I saw how all these hundreds of people could all do the exercise with such precision together, I decided I wouldn't try to compete with her and rather slunk off backwards away from her and made it look like I wasn't part of 'them'.

While they finished up the demonstration of the 'bridge building for humanity', another man off to the left was getting ready to put on another demonstration for the people. This one was to take place outside and again it took many hundreds of people to help him put on his demonstration.

All the people left the Christmas shopping part of the building and streamed outside. Everyone had to stand in line and be registered and the people were made to line up in a maze of corridors so you could never see how many there actually were lined up and when you got to the registration place, they put a mark on your hand to show that you had paid the price.

Everyone was in a good mood because they had just all participated in the 'building a bridge' exercise, so they all lined up happily, men and women alike, and chatted with each other excitedly as the lines moved quickly along. I was amazed as to how easily this was all organized and accomplished when it wasn't part of what I had expected to happen in our Christmas pageant.

However, it must have been planned because the demonstration had to be precise.

I rather lost my place in line by making a turn to the right when everyone else went left, and never got registered nor my hand stamped, but I went outside and watched all the people empty out of the mall part out onto a sandy plateau type place.

Suddenly the man from the left got hundreds of his own people together and each one got into a small piper-cub type plane and took off all at the same time...lifting aloft a huge red, white, and blue shield with the name SCHLITZ on the top of it. It looked like a big beer SCHLITZ emblem.

There was a huge tower in the middle of the field that got smaller as it got to the top like the Empire State building or what I thought looked like a drawing I've seen of the Tower of Babylon. It went as high as the sky.

As these planes carrying the shield went higher and higher, the tower was in the way, and in order not to hit each other, these planes had to jostle for position with each other. There were so many of them in the air at the same time, I couldn't figure out how they could fly in such precision and not kill each other. then as the last few planes were passing the tower, three pink planes lost control trying to avoid hitting the tower, and rather than hit the other planes, each one did a suicide dive down into a pool of water at the base of the tower.

All the people oohed and ahhed at this demonstration of precision diving into the pool. Each of these pilots had been told they wouldn't die if thy dove into the water, but everybody knows if you dive into water from 1,000 feet up, it's like hitting concrete.

But, as the three planes, one by one dove into the pool of water, and I saw the shield fly overhead, I knew this was really the start of WWIII.

My husband came and got me by the hand and we went into the shopping mall which was now empty and he told me he had been trying to buy me a present. He wanted to buy me a size 8 pair of underpants but there were none to be found. I found a tiny miniature size 8 meant to stretch into fitting anyone but otherwise there were no size 8's there. They had all been purchased by the other people.

End of Dream

NOTE: The symbols in this dream are very ominous. The first few of getting ready for Christmas and happy Christmas shoppers of artificial Christmas trees represents the false meaning of Christmas which I was trying to preserve in the green plants.

The dance I was going to do with the bells and noisemakers to get the shoppers attention never happened because the woman demonstrating how to 'build a bridge for humanity' which was just a farce to get everyone to line up and cooperate and take their minds off of what was really happening. Then while their minds were distracted they all lined up, registered and got their hands stamped with the little '666' as the book of Revelation states.

Then the real event happened. What looked like a little demonstration turned into ARMAGEDDON AND WWIII.

The size 8 underpants may be a clue into the timing of these events. Planned for 8 months from now, it may stretch out a little further as necessary.

Obviously the handwriting is on the wall for all to see if you will only see what is coming. Prepare for what is coming and don't get your hand stamped. Watch for the woman of the 'bridge building' demonstration. She is there to distract us from what's really happening.

10-06-03 - DREAM - Dog Napping - I was living in the country somewhere.  I didn't recognize the area, so I don't know what state I was in.

I was walking down the road and my neighbor lady was outside, so she invited me into her yard. We got to talking about dog and she took me into her barn to show me how she took care of her dogs. she had several beautiful dogs, one was an Irish Setter, the others were long haired dogs, but I don't know what breed they were.

She showed me how she did their flea treatments. She had a huge can of flea powder and a big brush about 4" across on a long handle. She dipped the brush into the can and then dusted the dogs liberally with the flea powder. It seemed like a good idea to me.

She said she had too many dogs so she offered some to me and I said, "Okay!"  So I took 3 of the dogs with me - along with their licenses which she also gave to me. They looked like plastic credit card.

So I took the dogs home with me and they got along fine with my dogs so we were all happy.

My Father came to visit and I showed him how my neighbor had flea dusted her dogs. He thought it was a pretty good idea.

I had to go to the store then to get dog food and some other things, so I got in the car and drove to the store. There were lots of people there, but few of them were actually shopping in the store. The store had an ante-room where most of the people were sitting around on benches and chairs, all wearing heavy black winter coats and hats.

one of the older teens there said that he wasn't allowed inside the store, because you had to be over 21 to go into the store.

I said to him, "You mean to tell me that I can't send one of my kids to the store for bread or milk anymore? I He said, "Nope! The law says you have to be over 21 to buy anything anymore."

I was stunned to hear this. I didn't know why all these other people were sitting in the ante-room. Were none of them allowed in the store either?

I reached in my pocket and took out a handful of plastic credit cards to make sure I had the right one with me.

Nobody shopped with cash anymore. You had to have a credit card with your number on them. I check mine to make sure they were validated. I looked at mine and tow of them actually didn't have the letter D after the number, so I couldn't use those two, but I had plenty of other credit cards that were valid. I was one of the lucky ones.

I did some shopping and headed for home, stopping along the way at the entrance to a golf course.

There were some people standing there, wanting to go into the golf course but they weren't allowed in there for some reason. A lot of cars came out of the place in a hurry and one of their dogs got hit by a car. They quickly scooped up the blood of the dog and drank it to honor him.

The thought rather gagged me, but I thought maybe I could honor the dog if I mixed the blood with milk.  So I put a glob of blood in a pan and poured milk into the pan. I started to drink the milk, but I stopped drinking before the blood actually got to my lips. I just couldn't drink the blood of the dog.

I went back home then and went to see my dogs to see how they were getting along.

It appeared I had 6 dogs because there were two piles of 3 dogs, laying on top of each other.

The neighbors dogs were laying in a pile against the door like they missed being in their own home.

My husband took them out there having a good time, when I heard a shrill whistle. I saw a big blue pick up truck at the curb and the neighbors three dogs went bounding over to the truck and jumped in and he drove away with them.

But I had the dog's licenses now. He had the dogs and they were happy to be going home.

1-29-05  - DREAM - I was working in a store. An older couple came in to buy some goods and when they came up to the cashier, the woman said, "My husband doesn't have any cash, but we have these gemstones we can pay with."

The gemstones she showed us were beautiful, but on the other hand they could have been just glass for all we knew. One type was sky blue and the other one was pale green. 

I asked, "What's the name of the green one?"

The man said, "Its called Dwight!"

I said, "I never heard of that. Hold on a moment while I look it up on the internet and see what its worth."

I went to the computer and typed in 'Dwight gemstones' and no sites came up about gemstones or crystals. So I went back to where the man was standing and said, "There is no such thing as Dwight. How do you spell it?"  

He didn't know either, but I no sooner asked the question and he started making compliments about me like that was going to make me forget about that the green gemstone might only be glass.  He made a mistake though when he started complimenting another woman who came into the store.  That made his words seem worthless to me. He would say anything to get away without having to pay for what he wanted.

I thought to myself, "Glass is glass and false words are meaningless."

Needless to say, he couldn't buy anything in our store.



Smart Cards, Electronic Monitoring, Limitations on Cash Withdrawals...

All part of the plan to restrict financial freedom.

It is apparent to me that we are heading in that direction.  First we had credit cards. Then we had ATM access. Now stores want you to use Debit cards where they take the money right out of the bank. And of course, the bank wants you to deposit your paycheck into their bank without handling the piece of paper which you used to take from work, run to the bank and stand in line for half and hour and deposit the money. In some cases that paycheck didn't even cover all the checks you had mailed out the day before, trying to pay your bills on time.

Times have changed.

The implementation of electronic commerce based on e-cash as the main engine driving global economic activity will determine the future shape of society.

Virtual shopping, the digital economy, e-cash, e-commerce - these are just a sample in the range of economically-laden terms that have cropped up in recent years to accompany the plethora of new vocabulary spawned by the development and commercialization of the Internet. While most people either know or can guess at what these terms mean, fewer realize the motivations and implications that lie behind the expressions which are being thrown at us - and even by us.

Electronic commerce (ecomm) refers to any activity which involves enterprises interacting and doing business with customers, with each other, or with administrations by electronic means. It includes electronic and online ordering and payment for goods which are delivered by post or courier, as well as online delivery of goods and services such as publications and software. Also included within the definition of ecomm are activities such as share trading, auctions, collaborative design and engineering, marketing, and after-sales services.


Schoolboard OK's fingerprint system for Identifying students.

by Stephanie Warsmith
Knight Ridder Newspapers'

July 8, 2003

Akron, Ohio - Akron students will be fingerprinted beginning this fall to identify them in school lunch lines. The state-of-the art, futuristic technology is only being used in one other Ohio school district.

It also is being employed at a sprinkling of colleges, universities and business across the country. The system is part of an emerging field called biometrics, which is used by the military and includes fingerprint and retinal scans.

Student's fingerprints will be put into a scanner that will make a template of binary numbers corresponding with the unique swirls and arches of each print.

When students go through the lunch line, they will place their finger on a scanner that will identify them based on the stored template. Designers of the system say the original fingerprints will be deleted.

School board members received numerous phone calls and e-mails from parents with privacy concerns about their children being fingerprinted. And the policy has drawn attention from groups like the ACLU, which is concerned the scans are akin to "Big Brother" tracking student's eating habits.

Those opposed to the system will have the option of having their children use an identification card. Board members discuss the merits and drawbacks of the system for nearly 45 minutes before finally voting 5-2 to spent $700,000 on the controversial, modernized cafeteria system.

It will include new touch-screen registers, software, fingerprint imaging scanners, staff training and maintenance.

"I think we need to enter the 21st century," said board member Linda Kersker. "We need to move forward and no backward."

Kersker said the stored templates could not be used in the same way that police rely on fingerprints.

"I do not see this as much different than a photo ID," she said. "It is simply more reliable."

The system will replace the meal-ticket method that has been used in Akron middle and high school cafeterias for nearly two decades. It will not be used - at least initially decades. It will not be used - at least initially - in elementary schools.

Board President Linda Omobien said the system will enable cafeteria workers to more easily track the number of free and reduced lunches, which they now accomplish by hand-counting meal tickets.

She said this is "ludicrous" in modern times. School leaders spent several years researching in alternative for the district's cafeteria system, which includes outdated cash registers that regularly break down.

They looked at systems that use cards or personal identification numbers. Debra Foulk, coordinator of the Akron schools' Child Nutrition Services, said these methods were less reliable and cost about the same as the one relying on fingerprinting.

She said children often lose cards - just as they now misplace meal tickets - and forget PINS. The new system will be piloted in one Akron middle school - that has not yet been chosen - this fall. It will be phased into Akron's 17 other middle and high schools during the school year.

Raymond Vasvari, legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union, said systems like the one adopted by Akron raise serious privacy issues.

He said school leaders need to take steps to ensure that the fingerprint images don't end up in the wrong hands.

"The question remains - is there information that would be useful to someone and how can you be sure this information is not shared?" he said.

Board member Curtis Walker, who voted for the system, agreed that school leaders need to keep a close eye on the privacy concerns.

"We need to watch this carefully and make sure the issue of privacy does not hurt us in the end," he said.

WASHINGTON – Money won’t be around anymore in just a few years, according to trend watchers. And the same globalist taxers that are already trying to confiscate your hard-earned money can’t wait for the cashless era to begin.

Leading the pack is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which issued a recent report hailing the prospect. The OECD is a Paris-based trade organization for industrialized nations. It has moved to stop what it calls "harmful tax competition" – i.e., low taxes

The argument is not that the welfare states should position themselves so as to be more competitive by also lowering their own tax rates. Rather it is the low-tax countries that are viewed as "unfair.” Thus, in the interest of seeing that everyone shares the misery, all countries must "harmonize” their tax policies; i.e., the low-tax countries should get with it and raise their taxes too.

This supposition by the Paris bureaucrats at OECD raises all kinds of economic and sovereignty questions. After NewsMax.com pursued this issue last year, Treasury Department bureaucrats lost out to the Bush appointees. Secretary Paul O’Neill scrubbed some of the worst aspects of the "pro-harmonization” plans left over from the Clinton administration.

The widely expected onset of a "cashless society” raises concerns, not so much because of the idea itself, but because of some of those now promoting it.

"The cashless society is coming,” says Riel Miller, an author of the OECD report. And the sooner the better, as far as he is concerned.

That in turn, has raised suspicions on the part of people who otherwise welcome the idea.

Eileen Ciesla, Warren Brookes Fellow in Journalism at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, sees some merit in a cashless society, given that we already do so many of our transactions without cash.


"But I’m a little suspect of the OECD pushing this notion, given the fact that they’ve had a history of endorsing projects favoring the EU [European Union],” at the expense of the United States, she told NewsMax.

For example, what if someone decides that a "cashless society” would lend itself to facilitating the OECD goal of getting at the wallets of those "undertaxed” Americans?

The idea of a cashless society has been around for decades. Even back in the 1960s, as bank cards were beginning to come into vogue, it was clear the trend was already on the horizon.

But the cashless society now envisioned goes beyond that. It would involve a digital system of currency where people can exchange credits and debits by computer "just as they would pass a $20 bill from one wallet to another,” explained an article June 20 in the Toronto Globe and Mail.

The issue, then, is not whether a cashless society is coming, but how it will be administered and toward what ends. Some of its cheerleaders are in fact trusted by advocates of free enterprise.

Potential for Good

In his book "The End of Money,” Richard Rahn, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, notes positive potential for a society without coins or dollar bills or even writing checks. Under this system, according to a 1999 review of the book in the Wall Street Journal, "you choose which transactions you wish to be on record and which you wish to be anonymous.”

"This world is not science fiction but the world that increasing numbers of people will come to enjoy over the next couple of decades,” the Journal stated.

Indeed, prosperous Singapore is planning to rid its system of "old-fashioned money” by 2008.

In his own comment on Rahn’s "The End of Money,” Empower America co-founder Jack Kemp says the author "persuasively argues how the coming digital money revolution will make lower tax rates and radical tax simplification inevitable.”

If it works out that way, few would have any problems with a cashless society. One can hope that when it emerges, it will be just as Rahn and Kemp foresee it.

What makes some observers wary is that others whose histories are suspect also see a cashless society working to their advantage.

Easier to Collect (and Raise) Taxes

Miller, the co-author of the OECD report "The Future of Money,” looks forward to a digital system that will "make it easier for government to collect taxes,” according to the Globe and Mail.

That raises red flags, given OECD’s obsession with boosting taxes to a level it deems "fair.”

Privacy Under Attack

Already, as Ciesla of the Competitive Enterprise Institute pointed out to NewsMax, the globalist bureaucracy has pressured seven Caribbean nations into agreeing to change their financial privacy laws so that the international bureaucrats can rummage around in private accounts. Failure of sovereign nations to bend their privacy laws, the Paris bureaucrats had warned, would result in sanctions.

The fact that OECD welcomes a plan whereby collecting taxes would be made easier and the fact that this same OECD favors the EU in its disputes with the United States are troubling for another reason: the "savings tax initiative.”

American 'Vassal Tax Collectors' for European Socialists

This scheme is described by Dan Mitchell, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, as "a tax harmonization proposal that would require American financial institutions to act as vassal tax collectors for Europe’s welfare states.”

Again, the EU wants the U.S. and other relatively low-tax countries to get with it and adopt their high-tax program.

The savings tax initiative, Ciesla told NewsMax, "sort of underlies some of the OECD’s projects. It’s sort of motivating the OECD with their own harmful tax harmonization initiative.”

Attack on U.S. Sovereignty

The Paris bureaucracy, she says, is "trying to override some of our own agencies and challenge the authority of the Congress … in the area of regulation and taxation. In that way, they’re a threat” to the U.S.

Which brings us back to the cashless society. A few questions:

Would a world without money work in favor of international bureaucrats who want to "make it easier for government to collect taxes” to get their hands on your dollars despite the wishes of Congress?

To what extent will legitimate economic, sovereignty and privacy concerns be satisfied?

Will this system make it easier for someone to plunder your bank account?

These and other questions enter the mix in the discussion of "a world without money.” As in all things, "the devil is in the details.” Advocates of free enterprise and low taxes are convinced they need to get in on the ground floor of the debate.

FROM: http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2002/6/28/181711.shtml

A Cashless Society

A one world dictatorship and new monetary system will soon prevail. Therefore existing savings may be declared worthless. Deceiving people into investing money in multinationals and banks will give the powerful greater power, and they will soon take our money and not give it back.

An individual would be better to withdraw it and use for a good purpose, such as by helping those in need and informing people of the truth.

We are heading for a cashless society, where soon everyone will be forced to have a mark on their right hand or forehead to buy or sell. The Bible predicts that the Beast or Antichrist will fool the elect of many religions that he is God by doing miracles and promising peace. He will break his peace agreement and totally rule the world. He will force everyone to worship him and accept a satanic mark on their right hand or forehead in order to buy or sell (Rev 13). This will probably be an embedded computer chip. It will be better to die and be with Christ instead of taking the mark and worshipping the beast, which will cause you to be eternally separated from Christ. There is more information at truechristianity.com/prophecy

There is strong evidence that the Illuminati have well planned this system of a satanic one-world government. People will be led to believe it is a good idea, as it will save or prevent; money being stolen, credit cards being lost, paper checks, tax evasion, handling cash and currency fluctuation. (11.5d)

From: http://www.trueconspiracies.com/cashless.htm



These dreams are presented exactly as written in my journals. At the time I had these dreams, I had not studied any of the scholarly works included below. When I told these dreams to Joe, his eyes grew wide with recognition of the symbology.

The symbol of the donkey (ass) represents Typhon-Set whose name Helena Blavatsky stated was later changed to Satan.  Satan/Lucifer is said to be the most beautiful of all the angels which is one of the sons of God. The Father in the dream represents God and the credit card represents 'karma', a debt to be paid later. Lucifer is associated with the morning star  (Venus) which arises in the East.

Typhon-Set killed his brother Osiris who is pictured sometimes as a 'black' God. Typhon-Set is said to be 'the opponent force" or the 'accuser" ...not evil.

The reason Jesus decided to ride the ass into Jerusalem, was because symbolically it showed the overcoming of the opponent force.

Neither Joe nor I were raised with any religion, my own  reading of the Bible minimal. Together, through my dreams and our study of new materials being brought forth by other  scholars, we are learning a great deal of what 'truth' is and desire to share it with others.


10-22-97 - DREAM - Our house was in an apartment building. The Internic (controller of domain names) was installed on the 6th floor. All of the cable connections were on the elevator. The Internic box looked like a rainbow colored jukebox.

I went up to the 9th floor to begin collecting my mail. I had a mailbox on every floor. The same key opened all the boxes.

After that I was in the car with my Father. He drove...I was in the back seat. He pulled up to the curb on 15th and Center Streets. Two men came along the street... a man dressed in a brownish coat followed by a man in a black trench coat who put his hand in the window. I could not see what they looked like because they were so tall. My Father handed the man my credit card. The men went up some steep stairs to a house there. The men were very mysterious and scary. The man in the black trench coat didn't show his face to anyone and wore a black slouch hat. However, I did catch a glimpse of his profile when he got to the door and turned his head. He was really handsome, actually the most beautiful male face I had ever seen and had pure white skin. He was being protected by the black man wearing an orangish brown coat.

My Father and I went back to the apartment building and I met some other mysterious people. They seemed like welfare investigators or some other social workers. I had a short conversation with them. I was trying to pump them for information. I can't remember what was said.

I went back to my own apartment and knew that those two men had been in the building before and were expected back. I was concerned that they might be into the drug scene or something.

I was taking care of other people's kids as well as my own and I allowed my baby daughter and another kid to hide in the bottom dresser drawer so the guy in black wouldn't kidnap her.

I met a guy in the hall who said there had been complaints about a donkey braying in that house on 15th Street where I saw the tall man in black go into. A little later, I confronted my Father about the mysterious men on 15th Street and I told him I knew about the donkey braying there. He acted like he didn't know what I was talking about, but I knew he did. I kept telling him that the house was East of ours. I kept saying..."It's East...It's East."

End of Dream

6-24-98 - DREAM - I was at a school playground. Someone asked me if I remembered what R___ looked like. I said I did. They said, "See if you can pick her out. I looked and looked and looked. I even looked at the men in case she had had a sex change operation. I didn't see anyone that looked like R___. Then I took a good look at the person who had asked me the question. I had to look real close but it was her. I said, "The person who looks the most like her is YOU. I'm going to say it's YOU!" She said, "You're right! It's me! And this is how I did it." She handed me a big white pill and a glass of water. She said, "Take it!" And I did.

I half woke up and went right back to sleep. I was back in the same place with the same woman. She said, "My name is Paulie Chamish!" They were trying to get other people to recognize her in order for others to know they could become young again.

We went inside a shopping mall then, and I picked out some pretty clothes to wear. I was going to put it on a credit card so t wouldn't seem so bad. I ran into a couple women from One Life To Live. "Dorian" was attempting to steal some clothes by putting them in a big black gym bag and slip them out to the car without paying for them. She pulled some piece of green cloth over her face so nobody would see her face. I knew she was going to walk out with the bag of stolen clothes, but I asked her to take my green and white bathrobe which I had been wearing earlier. I had it stuffed into the shopping bag I was carrying. I handed it to her and said, "Here! Do you mind putting this in the car?" and she put it over her black bag and pulled the green cloth closer over her face.

I walked down the mall, worried that I spent too much on clothes. I pulled the clothes out of the cart and looked at them. There was a skirt and a blouse which I had spent $36 and $42 for. And there was a veil/scarf of see-thru gauze thread in red/green which I said only cost a couple of pennies and I realized that I hadn't spent too much afterall.

I put it in the shopping cart and started to push the car around in a circle to go back the other way. I almost ran into a man's legs. I apologized and then backed up and almost ran into a black man and his child. I started to laugh. I said, "I'm sorry. I really don't have very good control of this thing." The man laughed with me as I headed back towards the parking lot, trying to remember that person's name, "Paulie Chamish."

7-12-99 - This is also the end of a dream - There were 3 purchases made. The last one was by the mother and father. It was to be made by credit card. It was written on a piece of paper with two bent lines standing up. The paper was placed into a brown envelope and a voice said, "When the mother and father make this purchase, it will be the sign of the death knell."
5-19-02 - DREAM - I realized it was Thursday and I was supposed to be at work and I was hoping they wouldn't fire me for showing up without an excuse by noon. So, I was in a hurry to get things done in the house before I left for work. I looked in the closet and discovered that the slacks I wanted to wear are wrinkled from laying around too long, so I needed to dampen them and iron them or throw them in the dryer.

There is another woman helping me - a shorter, dark-haired young woman. I didn't know who she was.

I spotted some paperwork I had to take care of - there are 4 certificates for circumcisions I need to send in to some office. I don't' know why this is, but I have to get them registered. While I'm messing around with this, I hear the voice of Cary L. in the yard, and I think to myself, "Oh my God! The house is a mess and I jumped up to start cleaning. All of a sudden Cary walked through the hallway, astounded at the mess.

I followed her into a galley kitchen which is dimly lit. Around the corner from the galley kitchen, is a larger kitchen with white curtains and drapes with large red roses all over them. This kitchen is more brightly lit because of the window, but it too is stashed high in the sink with party dishes.

Cary volunteered to help with the dishes and for some reason I started to take down the heavy winter drapes which covered the lower half of the wall around the sink, leaving thinner curtains with the exact same pattern on the windows.

Now I realized I had to wash the drapes before I can put them away and there are large hooks in them which have to be removed first. But at the same time, I see the whole room is full of beautiful green plants and vines.

But before I washed the drapes, I spotted a piece of paper which is my credit card bill for a circumcision charge and I think it says $35.34, but in a vision it shows me, it was $34.32 and the last 2 turns around and becomes a 3. So, it would have cost $34.33. I'm thinking this was the cost of a 5th circumcision.

NOTE: I woke up and realized that since I had 5 sons, that would make sense. I don't know why they had to be registered, and the cost was probably not correct in real life as they occurred over a 10 year period of time.

FROM: http://www.greatdreams.com/imprisoned_and_freedom.htm

10-19-03 - I had two dreams in a row about a bright orange piece of paper that had to be filed at the court house in Arkansas.

It was about a place called A _____________.

I thought I had to file it at the court house on State St. in Milwaukee, WI by 7 p.m., then I realized that the court house closed at 5 p.m. on the dot and it was already too late.

When I finally looked at the paper, it said to send it directly to Arkansas State Capitol.

I had to go the bathroom before I mailed it which led to other conversations with women I've known many years ago, one named Sue who I worked with in 1973 and other one I can't remember her name who was an executive secretary whom I also worked with in 1973. She said she had worked at the court house on State St. for many years.

I told her my parents wouldn't allow me to work there because of how difficult it was to get there from my house on 16th St.

She said, "I just took the bus."

Sounds so simple, but I recall my father not allowing me to take the bus when I was young because he was afraid of the danger of busses having accidents.

But, I got back to the office where I had left my young son sleeping on a chair next to another woman's desk. (This was Elizabeth - an professor of criminology law) My son had woken up and was sitting at another desk reading some text in a book. He complained that it took me so long to get back.

At the same time, I was told by another secretary that DISCOVER had called and wanted to publish my letter in their magazine.

I wondered why they would want to publish my letter and then figured it was because I was charging my filing fee on their credit card.

They wanted to know what type style I wanted a particular word done in. I said I wanted it to be 1/2 an inch high but narrow lettering in block style. This word was E________________ (Maybe Elizabeth - the criminologist)

On my way out of the office, I accidentally stepped on the edge of a cat's water dish and spilled the water because I was carrying an armload of papers, books and on top was a stick sugar donut.

NOTE: When I researched the symbols in this dream, I found an Arkansas law magazine that published all new court cases and it was called the Orange Pages.

See: http://www.applieddiscovery.com/lawLibrary/courtRules.asp

FROM: DIRTY POLITICS - http://www.greatdreams.com/political/dirty-politics.htm

2-16-03 - DREAM - I was at 20th St. school - walking south on the 4th floor with my husband. Our son was with us. We were going to check in with some people on the other side of some double doors who knew about some information we needed to know.

We told our son to go home to our 16th St. house and we would meet him there.

There were some classrooms with kids lining the wall because they were so crowded.

There were also adult teachers, principles, etc. in the hallway, going the other direction to go home, because it was the end of the schoolday. We greeted those people and kept going.

In a lobby-like area, just before the double doors, there were two girls and a boy, selling Christmas decorations. There were quite a few empty boxes, but they still had some bright blue and bright green things to sell.

I asked one little girl if they had made any money and she admitted that they had, but we didn't attempt to buy anything.

All of a sudden, one of the girls gave me a small Christmas tree, along with a tiny gift. I took it form her and thanked her.

Then at the last second, her sister also offered me a small Christmas tree and a tiny gift and I knew that the gift was a tiny bottle of expensive perfume.

I knew that those gifts equaled all the profit they had just made.

Then my husband and I went through the double doors and into a classroom on the right. There, from a computer, we received two printouts that had white roses in the background of the paper.

The print was in blue color but some of the words that were important were highlighted in brilliant gold. The one word I noticed in particular was COVENANT.

I then decided I would call my friend Marge because she belonged to that group. (She was Lutheran) I decided we should go see her on the way home.

When I got her on the phone, she was arguing with her mother about going to the dentist on Saturday. She didn't have any money to go and her mother wouldn't pay for it. She argued that she could earn the money and pay it back on Monday, so I said I would loan her the money from my credit card.

NOTE: credit cards symbolize karma



Revelation 11:11

... It may be related to the mark on the forehead. ... A photograph was shown in the article of a pattern that appeared on the back of the hand of a UFO/ET contactee. ...


... or we can create a world in which physical affluence of the spirit go hand in hand. ... Brief History Of MK-Ultra British Telecom and the Mark of the Beast!


... The knowledge I wanted and needed was already at hand, in my dreams and visions ... It is the mark on the forehead given to the 144,000 thousand in Revelation 7.


... Other dreams and coincidences indicated that the mark on the forehead is ... ... insisted that the god Tyr put his right hand in his ...


... I am merely writing down my dream and analyzing the symbols and speculating on what all that means. ... `If you have credit card numbers stored on your Web server ...


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