10-02-04 - vision
I saw a map with Israel on the right - and a bug was crawling up the map towards Israel
10-02-04  - DREAM
I was inside a large room - similar to a restaurant with booths.
There were lots of kids and babies. I had to change a baby girl's diaper and it took
two diapers to get her clean. 
After that, we went outside and my Mom was in a car by my sister Bernice and being driven home, and my cousin Shirley came driving backwards to see her quick.
I went back into the restaurant and someone wanted to use the booth I had all my stuff in. I said they could use it because I could move my stuff to another booth right across the aisle.
I moved all my satchels and cases in like 2 minutes.
I woke up and heard the voice say:

Soon again another American President will be assassinated - Bush

Another psychic says:  :before Christmas. 





Hi Dee, Janice and all,   Dee's meditation picture of the gun she was looking
down the muzzle and also Janice's about Minneapolis.  I also dreamed this
morning that a UFO guy who looked like Max on the Rozwell TV show from the 1990s
was telling me that they have metal (on his planet) as I threw some marble
sized balls I thought were bullets over a fence that looked like an electrical
beam that I thought at first was a clothesline and was hanging wet clothes on in
the three empty gaps left after someone else hung up some wet clothes. 

Then I found this article:

Updated: 02:36 PM EDT
Store Debuts Credit-Card-Sized Gun
Two-Shot Weapon Small Enough for Wallet

MINNEAPOLIS (Oct. 6) -- In a new twist on the idea of concealed weapons, a
local gun maker and gun shop are debuting a new type of firearm: one that could
almost fit in your wallet.



The gun is about half an inch thick.

It's a two-shot weapon made from a piece of metal the height and width of a
standard credit card, and about a half-inch thick. Each barrel fires seven
standard steel BBs. It will retail for $100.

''This I can see being the ultimate self-defense weapon,'' said Mark
Koscielski, owner of Koscielski's Guns and Ammo, the only gun shop in Minneapolis.

Koscielski and Patrick Teel, who makes the guns in suburban Blaine at his
company AFT Incorporated, gave The Associated Press a preview on Tuesday, a day
before they planned to officially unveil the device.

The credit card-sized shotgun is a muzzleloader, meaning it doesn't use
shotgun shells. The user has to measure out some gunpowder, pour it in each barrel,
drop seven BBs in each barrel, and tamp in a small wad of paper. A knob on
one end serves as a safety, and two buttons set into a hole in the body are the
electrical triggers. Each barrel fires with a loud pop.

Another gun salesman was skeptical of the weapon's self-defense value. Mike
O'Brien, of Joe's Sporting Goods in St. Paul, wasn't familiar with the new
devices, but said muzzleloading is a ''slow and tedious'' process.

''Us guys here would consider something like that useless,'' said O'Brien.
''A .177 caliber BB is ballistically a joke, OK? I'm sure it could cause injury
and damage, but as a self-defense weapon, no. Not to anyone familiar with

A spokesman for the Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence was also dismissive.

''It's a silly, silly idea,'' spokesman Peter Hamm said. ''I don't know that
I would want to have one of these in my pocket for my own personal safety,
never mind the safety of those around me.''

Guns that small have been around in various styles for a long time, and some
have become curiosities and collectors items, but have failed as weapons, said

''It might do damage to eyes, that sort of thing. But serious damage to a
200-pound drug-crazed evildoer, no - it'd just make them mad,'' he said.

Teel said the main value of the new gun is that it gives the owner a chance
to get away from an attacker.

''This is no more deadly than a .22,'' Teel said. ''But the difference is you
have multiple wounds, which means you'll try to get away quicker, and it will
cause more pain. ... There will be more blood, which the cops will be able to

They said the guns are meant to be used for close-range self-defense and
wouldn't be effective as offensive weapons.

''They are very effective at five to 10 feet. They're absolutely useless at
20 feet,'' Teel said.

The new guns don't count as firearms under federal regulations because
they're muzzleloaders, Koscielski and Teel said. It's illegal to carry one in
Minnesota without a permit for a concealed handgun, they said, and they both pledged
not to sell them to anyone without valid identification and either a carry
permit or a purchase permit.

Thirty-seven states have laws that require officials to issue concealed carry
permits to qualified applicants and nine others have laws that give officials
some discretion over whether someone gets a permit. Only Kansas, Illinois,
Nebraska and Wisconsin lack a law allowing some form of concealed carrying of

Hamm said the Brady Center isn't as concerned about the credit card-sized
shotgun as it is about more powerful weapons because it's less likely to be
lethal. He saluted the makers' ingenuity, but questioned whether the gun will find
much of a market.

''It sounds like having a little grenade in your pocket more than anything
else,'' he said.

Koscielski was widely credited with coining the term ''Murderapolis'' when
the city's homicide rate shot up in the 1990s. He's run unsuccessfully for
mayor, fought zoning battles to stay in business and been investigated by federal

Koscielski conceded that gun opponents are likely to criticize the new
devices. But he said they're legal, will set off metal detectors and are readily

''We all have a right to defend ourselves,'' he said.

10/06/04 13:11 EDT


10-12-04 - MEDITATION:  I saw an Iraquii woman being grabbed off the street and being kidnapped.

On 10-19-04 - an Iraquii woman, who was the head of an organization C.A.R.E. was kidnapped and held for ransom.

Posted on Wed, Oct. 20, 2004


Leading Iraq aid worker is abducted

Kidnappers grabbed Margaret Hassan, director of the humanitarian agency CARE in Iraq, who has lived in the country for more than 25 years.

Knight Ridder News Service

Kidnappers on Tuesday grabbed the Iraq director of CARE International, a humanitarian group dedicated to poverty relief that has operated in Iraq since 1991.

Margaret Hassan, the director of CARE's Iraq office, stopped her car on the way to work Tuesday morning. The kidnappers reportedly called her name and told her they needed to speak to her about business matters. She walked over, and they took her.

The abduction of one of the country's leading humanitarian workers and the best-known target of a kidnapping to date occurred in the midst of evacuations by journalists, humanitarian workers, even security personnel, who said the threats were increasing.

Hassan, an Iraqi national, has lived in Iraq for more than 25 years, spending much of that time as a humanitarian worker. She also has Irish citizenship, Iraqi government officials said.

The sharp uptick in violence began last week, coinciding with the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Kidnappings, car bombings, ambushes, church attacks and mortar fire all are part of insurgents' plans to disrupt security in Iraq before the U.S. elections in November and Iraqi parliamentary elections scheduled for January, military officials have said.

Many foreigners working here said the room for any security error was decreasing by the day.


Hassan, who is in her 60s, was briefly shown on a videotape delivered to the al Jazeera satellite TV network, but the tape didn't make clear who had kidnapped her or what the kidnappers wanted.

On the tape, Hassan was seated alone on a couch. She was speaking, although the tape shown had no audio. No one else appeared on the tape, and Hassan had no visible injuries.

The video showed copies of her ID, credit cards and CARE business cards. She appeared distressed.

''As of now, we are unaware of the motives for the abduction,'' said a statement from CARE International that was released in London, where the group is based. ``As far as we know, Margaret is unharmed.''

Representatives for CARE -- Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere -- wouldn't say whether Hassan had any security guards. She was highly aware of how the eroding security situation was affecting the nation, in particular the effort to rebuild.

In May 2003 she told Knight Ridder: ``The whole place will explode if we don't have security. . . . It's a very, very serious situation, and I can't see anything moving forward until this is right.''

In November, CARE Australia received death threats, prompting the group to leave at Hassan's suggestion, CARE's chief executive officer, Robert Glasser, told the newspaper The Australian.

''I spoke to our Iraq country director, Margaret Hassan, and she has grave fears for the safety of our staff. It is simply too dangerous for our people to stay,'' Glasser said.

Part of the Iraqi police's kidnapping unit will help with the investigation, said Sabah Kadhim, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry. The British Embassy here also is investigating, he said.


A barrage of mortar shells killed at least four Iraqi national guardsmen and wounded 80 on Tuesday as they lined up for training at a camp about 25 miles north of Baghdad, U.S. officials said.

Insurgents fired up to six rounds in the fatal attack on the Tarmiyah national guard base just as recruits assembled for morning formation, a senior Iraqi Defense Ministry official said.

The official, who didn't want his name published for fear of retaliation, said the attack appeared to be revenge for recent arrests and weapons confiscations in the area.

''They are targeting the national guard and the police because they are executing operations that suffocate the resistance,'' the official said.

``They don't want the government or the security systems to work. They want to obstruct us so they can create chaos in this country.''

10-17-04 - DREAM 

not just water. There was a young thin woman sitting there who was pregnant, and this was her job, but I decided to give her a break and let her rest. I don't know who she was, but I asked her how many weeks along she was.

She said, "28 weeks".  (I realized now after I'm awake the woman looked very much like Lacy Peterson the day she died in 2000.)

I finished scrubbing off the table and by then my husband had come home. To be honest, I have no idea who this guy was, but I think his name was Thomas. 

Inside the house he smiled, but outside the house, he frowned. I wanted him to be happy so I went out of my way to be extra nice to him.

He kept changing pants as he walked through the house. My only criticism was that each pair of pants he put on was lighter in color than the one before and that the last pair of of pants was near white. I didn't demand perfection.

By that time, I could hardly carry the load of pants anymore and hoped he was done changing.


10-18-04 - DREAM - Part of this dream was lucid. I was studying the use of masters in one's life and when I came to one sheet of paper which looked extremely familiar to me, that one not only has to use a master in the proper order during your life, that they had to be the right color. I had never known that before.


10-18-04 - DREAM - (This seemed to take hours)

I was living in an apartment near the north end of A-C - but had an office on the ground floor nearby.  I was helping people with their electrical bills to make sure they were paying the correct rates. I worked with a number of people I knew. Made sure they were billed properly.

I also saw an ad for a new job on 14th and Highland I thought about apply for. 

Then I decided I would walk down to the south end of A-C and see how things were going where I used to work. Lots of people had gotten laid off before I transferred to the north end. 

I met lots of familiar people on the way and when I got to the south end of the building, I saw that they were hiring new people where the chairs had been empty before.

While I was down there, I met a good looking guy and asked him if he wanted to go for a walk during the lunch hour. He said, "Sure!" 

My intention was to walk out to 140th and Highland and apply for the new job. 

I don't know if the man intended to walk that far. I didn't ask him. I just asked him if he wanted to walk inside or outside.

He said, "Outside!"

But to get outside, we had to walk from the south end of the building to the north end of the building and thats where it got interesting.



I admit it. This scared me.
10-19-04 - I was laying awake in bed and heard a bell ring in my right ear.
I said, "I'm ready for a message"
I promptly fell asleep.
I was looking at a computer screen that showed a list of bids I made on
The dates on the bids ranged from October 1, 2003 through October 3, 2003 and beyond
The computer highlighted October 3, 2003, did some calculations and then a box appeared underneath it and the word  APPROVED appeared in it.
Then the computer did some more calculations and signed me off of AOL, and left a box beneath it for me to sign back on to AOL to activate whatever had been approved.
I went to tell Joe about it because I was scared to sign back onto AOL and activate something I didn't know what I was bidding on.
We went for a ride in the car and we found ourselves at the intersection of 172nd and Beloit Rds. in Wisconsin where I used to live. This is a purely country scene, with fields on all four corners normally.
I saw a car coming towards us going East and we were going West. I told Joe to back up across the intersection to see if we could tell what year it was.
So Joe backed up the car and we crossed the intersection backwards. I was stunned to see a brand new barn with a brand new green car parked in front of it. It was on the SE corner of the intersection.
I said to Joe, "What is the address of that building?" I saw the numbers above the door on the building change to white and they became "1011"
We were at home then, standing by Joe's desk. Joe pulled out a map and unrolled it. The map was a computer generated model map of a Tsunami - starting at one spot and spreading across the ocean.
NOTE: I don't know which ocean it was in. (Possibly SE?)
I did a search on for 1011 water ocean tsunami. This is what came up:
I also did a search for my October 2003 dreams. 
I had bad water/flood dreams on October 5th, 2003
Just for record.

10-23-04 - DREAM  - The house seemed to be our grandma's house on 8th St. in Milwaukee, WI.  (The freeway took that house out many years ago.)

I and my kids were downstairs and my cousin Shirley and her kids were upstairs.

My parents left for the day and left me outside alone, sitting in a chair on the sidewalk.

I only hoped that my Father hadn't locked the door when they left. Of all things I didn't want to be locked out.

So I took my chair and climbed the steep stairs to the porch and found that the door was unlocked.

So I went inside and found my kids watching children on TV singing songs which I found very enjoyable.

My cousin Shirley came down and she and her kids all got popsicles out of the freezer. Each one of them ate both sides - each one had a different color and my brother Marty ate a rootbeer one. But I wanted icecream and I put chocolate syrup on mine.

Then I found out that the music that we were watching earlier was really numbers and Shirley said her kids only like MTV and not my kind of music.

I was pretty amazed by that because my numbers music was way more valuable.


10-23-04  - DREAM - Radio was on with Hurtak's interview - I was working in an office and typing an answer to a letter that was from the year 3000 (BC) which was an answer to a letter written in 9 (BC) which was an answer to a letter written in 7 (BC)


10-24-04  - DREAM - I was at home with my daughter. I was a school teacher and tired of wearing black. My daughter said she would make me over, so she picked out an outfit from her closet. It had a fitted beige sweater and a blackish green short suit skirt. Then she put a white cap on my head with a long blonde wig. It looked really good.

so I went to school dressed like that.  But when I got to the school, the wig somehow fell off and I was standing there with just a white swim cap on. It looked too stupid for words. I took off the cap and tried brushing out my own brown hair but it looked terrible so I decided I would walk home to fix my hair.

When I got to the corner of 16th and Clark, I saw my husband being arrested by a cop for driving a stolen car.

It was a bright red convertible with a red fabric interior with little yellow daisies on it. My husband begged me to tell the cop that it was our car.

So I got into the car and stood in the back



In a message dated 10/19/2004 4:31:18 PM Pacific Standard Time, Dee777 writes:. This dream scared me. I hope it doesn't come true. Here are the details. ...