10-1-03 - DREAM - There were 4 different entrances to my house. Each entrance led to a place that had a different activity going on. 

One door went to an area where a huge elephant lived. I was really afraid of him and when I did things and they fell, he walked on them and trampled them. They weren't destroyed, but I had to rake them back up and they were in big mushy snow piles and it was hard. 

I finally ran out the door because I was afraid and I saw him again. 

So I went in a door where everything was perfect and clean and there were loving people there.

But I had a long sharp knife and I cut down into my own flesh and cut out the memories so I wouldn't have to face the elephant again. 


10-1-03 - DREAM - My old car had been repaired and my son Ken was driving it and I was the passenger on the right side. But Ken didn't know how to reach the pedals properly since it had been repaired or his legs were too long so the car acted sluggish because he wasn't pushing the pedals properly. 

Besides that we weren't on a smooth road and there was a dirt berm between us and the newly paved road. But up ahead I could see a break in the berm and we could drive through the berm and get onto the smooth highway and drive smoothly again.

I woke up just as we drove through the berm onto the smooth highway where driving was easy going.


10-2-03 - DREAM - I was listening to a show on intuition and being psychic all night that my boyfriend was doing. (George Noory show had been on all night)  He was about done and a woman was supposed to do the next show, but she hadn't shown up yet. I was laying in bed and had a vision of her coming down the hall and all of a sudden she pops in the door just in time. It felt pretty good to be psychic.

All of a sudden I had a vision of two UFOs come flying over the roof of a house and crash in a field on the other side of the house. I jumped out of bed and ran to the window and looked out and just then two UFOs came flying over the house and crashed into the field. 

I tried to point them out to Joe, big plumes of white smoke and flames were in the field, but he wouldn't even look. I finally gave up trying to tell him anything if he wouldn't even look. 

So I left the apartment and tried going up the elevator, but some big fat girls were trying to use it and it wouldn't go up. So I decided to walk up the stairs instead. 

On the stairs I met a tall female inspector. I told her to replace the carpet on the stairs because it was threadbare. As I walked into my own apartment the floor was wavy like the floorboards were warped so I decided that should be replaced as well. 

Being manager does have it advantages. But it has its disadvantages as well. I discovered I was living in an apartment between tenants and the bridal party showed up. Seven brides showed up right after the wedding. They were bringing in their gifts and I knew I had to find another apartment to live in quickly. 

I went upstairs and in the hallway, one of the tenants had set up a huge fish tank, with beautiful fish, but in the back were beautiful finches too.  wondered if she'd be willing to trade some of her finches for some of my extra ones, then I'd have even more kinds.

So I went into her apartment to negotiate with her and discovered she was a good friend of mine.

By the time I was done talking with her about her birds and fish I had to go back downstairs and find myself a place to live.

When I did, I walked into this beautiful apartment that had beautiful tanks of fish all over the place and even some gold air-breathing fish for decoration on little perches, but birds in cages singing everywhere.

A sign hanging from an archway said Happy 25th Anniversary in apartment managing. 

Then I saw Becky and some other girls with a big sign in the other room. They were all happy and pointing at the sign. 

It said, "Glen is going to give you a $200 crop circle ring for your birthday for your work with crop circles. 

I didn't know what to say. I didn't even know this Glen guy liked me, much less want to give me a ring.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad so I found the bathroom. The girls had really over-decorated and had covered the toilet with huge green lace doilies. 

I had to go really bad so I started peeing and couldn't stop and the pee filled up the toilet and started running over the edge onto the floor.

Then I noticed that the floor was a map of the U.S. and the flood of pee just kept continuing until the whole United States was covered.

Finally I was done and jumped off the toilet which was swinging in the air like a hammock. There was no drain on it.

I started running around looking for a mop because I was going to have to mop the entire United States. 


10-3-03  - DREAM - I was researching Joe's family and I saw a big black and white rose on the page.

It was too large to see the whole rose so I was trying to make it smaller to see the whole rose online.

Then I saw the date 1920 and then a whole large page of pictures of Gene Autry like he was part of Joe's family.

NOTE:  Gene Autry was advised by Will Rogers to go on the radio in 1920.  (Joe is getting ready to do the same thing) 

Just before I woke up. I saw a bookcase standing about an inch from the wall and I knew that it would be safer if it was attached to the wall. 


10-4-03 - DREAM - I had 3 lucid dreams which showed me that the 3 top football teams of this season would be 'The Eagles, the GreenBay Packers and the Colts.  

I tried real hard to see who the 4th team would be but I couldn't see beyond those 3. 


x-clinched playoff berth
y-clinched division title
z-clinched first-round bye
*-clinched homefield advantage

*yz-New England -Patriots  14   2 
y-Baltimore -Ravens  10   6 
y-Indianapolis -Colts  12   4 
x-Tennessee - Titans  12  4
yz-Kansas City -Chiefs  13   3 
x-Denver -Broncos  10  6
*yz-Philadelphia -Eagles 12   4 
x-Dallas -Cowboys  10  6
y-Green Bay -Packers  10   6 
y-Carolina - Panthers  11   5 
yz-St. Louis - Rams  12   4 
x-Seattle -Seahawks  10  6

As an added note:  For 2004 - the predicted winner is the Oakland, Ca Raiders


10-4-03 - DREAM - Three of my sons and their wives came to dinner. One son was Robert, the carpenter. The other two were adopted. One was very Jewish looking with a prominent nose and swarthy skin. His wife looked very similar with a very prominent nose. Neither of them were handsome but they were very nice to me and pleasant to be with.  The other son, who was also adopted was blonde and so was his wife. They brought with them - their blonde daughter - about age 10. She had long features, a very long face and long teeth but she was very cute and a pleasant, quiet child.

The other children whom I'm pretty sure were Bob's children, a boy and girl about ages 2 and 3. (he actually has 2 sons with dark features)
They were tiny blonde children. (They looked nothing like Bob's real life sons.) 

I asked Bob if he was working on a project. He said he was building a Merry-go-round. He produced a booklet that told all about this work, which included text, photos, and drawings. 

His wife said she hadn't seen it either. So while I looked at the booklet, she sat next to me. We sat with our legs entwined so she could see the booklet as well as I. While we read the booklet, our chairs kept turning around in a circle mimicking a merry-go-round. 

When we were done, the kids wanted some candy for dessert, but I didn't have any, so I attempted to buy some at an attached pharmacy/drug store that I was very familiar with. While I was buying the candy, I decided I wanted my name - WILKE - etched on my wallet. The pharmacist said he did that on the side. 

While I was doing that, my daughter-in-law told me in no uncertain terms that she didn't appreciate me giving them new locks and keys for their doors. she wanted much tighter security on their home and she didn't want any locks with keys. 

I told her I didn't care what kind of locks she put on her house, but knew that Bob had already installed the new locks with keys on their house. So I just smiled and let the subject drop. 

Someone rang the doorbell then, and I answered and someone said, "Trick or Treat". We ran to get a candy dish. It was a large oval baking dish - but there were only 3 pieces of candy in it. 

I went to the pantry to get more candy out, but all I found was French Fries and cheese stuck together. 

I put the dish of French fries and cheese in a small plastic pitcher that was round like a merry-go round and it also spun like a merry go round while it ran. 

My little grandson said his tummy was hurting. I said, "It's probably gas. Even babies get gas. But I'll teach you to fart so your tummy doesn't hurt anymore." 


10-5-03 - DREAM - I was working in a large office, putting together a list of information that included coordinates that had to be in the correct order.

We also lived in this place and we had to feed the women and girls who worked here.

Michele was making a salad and I was the supervisor of the food supplies. 

Most of the women pitched in to buy food, all except for one. All she had left in the freezer was a package of corn on the cob which had 6 large cobs in it. All the rest of the food had been eaten. 

I gave Mary a package of corn on the cob and a box of macaroni and cheese with which she could feed her children.

Everyone could be fed one last time and then the food would be gone. After that, only those who were working and contributing would be fed. Even Mary's young daughter was working.

While I was walking through the office I noticed a puddle of water on the floor. I looked up and there was water coming down from a light fixture where our only light was coming from. There was a great danger here - a big explosion could occur - electricity and water together in a light fixture is dangerous. 

Mary's daughter was working quite near this area. 

I called Clarence the electrician to turn off the electricity and fix the water problem. 

He came immediately, but that meant that we would have no light, no water, no heat, no cooked food, and besides that the women who didn't contribute would not be getting fed once she ate her last package of corn. 



10-5-03 - I went to sleep asking whether we should move to Lake Don Pedro, CA property. 

First I had a vision of a little girl in a Mighty Mouse cape fly over and tackle a little boy and knock him over. I asked again and saw two birds flying side by side way up high in the sky.

I fell asleep and in the dream I was asking the same question and I saw the 2 birds flying side by side way up high in the sky. I told someone my vision and they said, "People who see things think they are messianic. (The word might have been a different one)

I was in my living room on a platform and there was a flat boat in a channel long about 4 inches of water and trying to get in it, but standing on one corner of the boat made it sink. I tried it twice and the same thing happened both times. I used a long pole to move the boat into a better position and instead the platform I was standing on floated across the living room revealing that there was more water under me than I thought there was.

I was trying to figure out then how there could be 4 inches of water in the living room and what kept it from running down into the air vent in the corner. I walked over there and looked and saw that there was a 4" dam built on the edge of the living room and that's what kept the water in it. I found myself hoping the dam wouldn't break. (Something I concerned myself about regarding the La Grange River location and the Stanislaus River, which comes out of the Don Pedro dam and reservoir)

I then had a vision of 4 people sitting side by side. Each one had a white sign in front of them. They said, "It's LOVE vs TIME!"

NOTE: So now I have my answer.


10-6-03 - DREAM - I can't remember the details of this dream - except it seems I was high in the sky  - an extra large being, and I were reaching over a fence and pushing out into extinction one wild animal after another. 



10-7-03 - DREAM - I was working in a large office. It was the last day before my boss was to come back from somewhere.

There was a lot of activity and traffic out in the hallway - like people going home. I could see out the window and it was getting dark outside and it was almost time to go home. 

In my office, the work seemed to be coming to an end. Someone handed me a large book of receipts that I had to mark off in a book of checks. I was also given a computer run-off of work done that that had to be marked off on other records as completed. 

But nobody in our office felt like doing anything. A guy named Jeff Graham came in and went to sleep at a desk. 

Several young women came in and I was going to assign them some of the simpler tasks so I could complete my bosses work before he came back, but nobody was willing to work and kept making excuses. 

I went into the house which also was an office. I looked down and saw that I was wearing purple clothes and then noticed that in every office there was three people also wearing purple and that was a good sign.

Kimber was sitting at a desk and I showed her the flower bulbs I was going to plant. She commented that she like to sit and talk to men who were interesting to converse with. I said, "I do too, but I have flower bulbs to plant." And I left to go do that.

Meanwhile, I was looking through other items, which were pictures of frogs with internet urls that the picture came from. I copied these into my computer to save them.

Since the man hadn't returned, and it was late in the evening and dark outside, I decided I would change clothes and get more comfortable. So I went to the closet to take off my suit dress and put on my bathrobe.

Just as I took my dress off, the man came back and I went deeper into the closet so he wouldn't see me without my clothes on.

But the man wasn't going to stand out there and wait - he came to the closet. Just as he reached me, my husband showed up and caught us together in the closet.

All of a sudden, the scene changed and there were 3 frogs squatting down on a moving platform down a country road 2 brown frogs were flanking a black frog.

A voice over in the dream said, "All 3 were football players".

Finally, I was given a birthday gift by one of the women. Since it was almost time to go home, I told her I would take it with me.

There were 4 colored blankets on the floor. I asked the woman if she would please fold them up, but she left the room instead. 

I had gotten my pants stained and I need them washed before I went home. I decided those blankets should be washed too.

I was looking in my wallet for 4 quarters to do the laundry and the girl left, so I decided I would have to do the laundry myself. I was wearing a long coat and high boots so nobody would see that I wasn't wearing pants.

A tall, thin woman came into the office and took a call which was for Jeff and we tried waking him up but he was dead asleep and we couldn't wake him. 

Then she handed me a formal letter that said that my boss had been terminated from his job. I was supposed to call a man on the phone and tell him this. I looked in the phone book and his name was Dale Oho. (I know a Jim Oho)

A black woman answered the phone - (maybe Heidi?) Dale wasn't there and I didn't want to leave a message so I said I would call back. 

A maintenance man came in carrying a hammer. He was looking for someone. He sat down for a moment and then left again. 

I went to pick up the blankets and when I turned around, the lights were turned off. I could see by the light from the hallway that all our desks and telephones had been removed from the office. All that was left was litter on the floor. 

I started to wake up from the shock of everything being gone and I heard a telephone ring in my right ear (where I felt a pain a couple days ago when  woke up) 

I said, "If there is a message I'm ready!"

I waited in silence. Then I had a vision of the word 'GAMES'. I then heard the voice of a female ET in my right ear and she said, "They are all over." 


10-8-03 - DREAM - I was working in an office, typing up a purchase order. A big shot man was visiting and he said he wanted to add one more item to the purchase order. I said I would need several more pages to the purchase order because description takes up more space than the item does.

He said he'd be with me in a minute to tell me the item.

I waited and waited for him and he didn't return. 


I was dating a tall, thin man with black skin - his skin was cloth. I could see the seams on his cloth skin, so I knew he was a different color underneath. 


10-9-03 - Michelle's Dream - Paul and Michelle had plane tickets.  They flew to Modesto.  

Dee came to the airport in a rickety truck. Dee was dressed in black and red, wearing a large gold pendant. 

Joe didn't come with Dee. 

We ate lunch and Michelle was pissed at Joe because he wouldn't get off the couch.

Michelle and Paul drove Dee home and found Joe on the computer to a woman named June on an IM. 

Dee made tea and showed Michelle one of the kittens outside. 

Dee apologized for Joe not getting off the computer. 


10-9-03 - DREAM - I was living and working in a large apartment building. It seemed that all the doors were open and I had access to all the rooms. 

It was near Christmas time and I was interested in getting my grandsons a couple of books for Christmas.

There was a huge display of books on a stairway and I grabbed a huge book that was at the bottom of the stairs and then ran up the stairs with it. 

I realized that young boys don't read books anymore - that they just want to play action video games. They were missing some real fun by not reading and imagining the action themselves. 

Upstairs, my grandsons were using books to walk on, using books the size of golden books like stepping stones to drive their toy jeeps and trucks around. 

I looked at the huge book I had which was about famous brothers.  The Kennedy brothers are the first that come to my mind, but there are the Bush brothers now as well. 

These pages were so large that I couldn't see the whole page at once, so I scanned them into my computer so I could shrink the pages to more manageable size. 

It was then that the characters in the book came to life and started using their weapons for real. I wasn't sure if the handsome hunk of man was a pirate or Knights Templar.

This guy pulled out a sword from a _____ and issued a challenge - the word was split into syllables separated by + like Cath +ay. 

SEE: Brothers


10-10-03 - DREAM - Influenced by the radio - I followed some people over a fence who were going to look for ETs - my husband refused to go along. We climbed over the wire fence and went down a steep hill to where a river was flowing. We walked along the river - along the mushy edges but then a big brick building were built right up to the river and we couldn't go any further. 

I went home then and went upstairs and started taking the legs off the bed for some reason. I took a big hammer and knocked off the bottom feet and discovered that the bed legs actually was made of men's shoes and hiking boots and had tread on them for walking outdoors. 

I also found flower bulbs in the lining of the mattress. They had been there a long time but  I knew I should try planting them because they looked like they would grow.

I took them outside, but it was really windy out and it was so dry on the ground it looked like concrete - even though there were clouds in the sky that looked like it might rain. 

I decided I would plant the flower bulbs inside the house in large shallow pans and if I did that I might also get bird seed and trees that hadn't germinated yet.

Then I yelled at the sky, "God- I prayed for rain and you sent fire instead. "


10-11-03 - DREAM - I went to work in an office as a secretary. Everything in it was really old. There were 2 old-fashioned telephones in it that hadn't been used in so long that they were covered in cobwebs. I asked the boss if we could order new telephones. He said, "Yes!" and that made me really happy.

Then I went to get some pencils and pens to use.

There was a small box there with pencils and pens standing in it - like a Spam can. They were all sharp but so short, one could hardly hold them.

The boss saw what the problem was and he came over and opened up a double door cabinet and told me and the others to take out whatever we needed.

Inside were all brand new pencils, colored pens, and large paper drawing pads. He told us to get the best because we were going to be drawing maps.

This was even more exciting to hear.

Then a young woman came down from upstairs and she put some music on a piano there and said she was going to play something for me.

The melody was really nice, but the left hand playing a difficult and strange staccato - all on the same note that looked like "code" to me.

I thought that was really strange and wondered if I could ever play it that well as her.

I woke up and heard a telephone ring in my right ear very faintly.

I said mentally, "I'm ready for a message if there is one."

I then saw a young man, dressed in a brown tweed suit and cap rising upward. It appeared that he was carrying a large portfolio or satchel.

The name Samuel B Morse was impressed upon me at that point.

I started to think if there was a connection between the dream and Samuel B Morse and Morse code.

Code in music?
Coded music?

Why were we going to be drawing maps?
Coded maps?

NOTE: Joe was given an award in college for being good in sports and getting good grades at the same time by Samuel B Morse's son in 1959.



10-11-03 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee and a bunch of relatives got together just to visit. Four of the younger relatives decided they wanted to go find Grandpa who hadn't been able to come to the reunion. 

Ii hadn't been asked to go along, but I wanted to see Grandpa and where he lived also. So I followed the group through a neighbor's yard and then through a big building.

They came out of the building on a different street I didn't recognize - the buildings being all one and two story homes and businesses. It was definitely a street of small shops. 

The group had somehow gotten separated - two went one direction and two went the other direction.

I followed the two I was still behind and we headed East towards downtown.

I can't remember if this was 42nd or 12th St - heading east when we came to a building that had a buzzing, humming gadget hanging off of it.  It had a large scissor-like arm like a square tube-like affair on the scissor  -like arm and it was swinging wildly around like the protective thing. 

All of a sudden it swung around and headed right for us. We ducked low to the ground so it wouldn't hit us in the head. It was obvious it was coming in for an attack on us. One of the guys said, "What's it trying to do, get back at us for 'Fire Island?"

"Islip officials and townspeople try to stop a quarantine of ship passengers on Fire Island"
The 1892 Cholera Panic

A German Attack Off LI


10-12-03 - DREAM - I was in an old house, talking on the phone to one of the men who was involved with the Oklahoma Bombing case.

After the discussion, the man said he owed one of the other guys something. I said that I would transfer ownership of whatever item the man wanted to him. But I was the keeper of the jewels  belonging to the group. I had a list of what the group had and all I had to do was change the name of ownership on the piece of paper and that was that. Nothing ever really changed hands.

The piece of paper was known as Advertisement on the top. I had 5 of these pieces of paper - each one had a different list of jewels.

While I was working on this one of my finch chicks escaped.  I had a tiny square capture bar on a rod, but the bird was smaller than the holes in the capture bar so I had to go get a real bird net to catch him. That worked fine and I put him back into his cage.

I then went for a ride in a car with my husband. It was wintertime. There were white snow banks all along the road.

Just past a large intersection, we spotted 5 little Mexican kids sitting on a snow bank all alone.

I told my husband to stop the car which he did reluctantly. I told him we had to pick up these little kids, that it wasn't safe or healthy to be sitting out there alone.

So I opened the car door and indicated to the kids to get in the car which they gladly did, but along with them came about 20 various and sundry sized teeny-tiny grey dogs. They were adorable things to see. It was amazing that they had been all hidden behind the kids until we opened the car door.

We took them all home with us and gave them the run of the house.

Then a blonde woman came - she was young and pretty. I didn't want her to see me though, so I hid in the bathroom where I could watch her but she couldn't see me. I saw her bend down and make nice nice with the kids and I woke up.



10-12-03 - DREAM - When I arrived at work at my new job, I was at the mall at Brookfield Square. I was told that my friend Alice was working as a nurse down the hall.

When I got there, I saw that nobody had watered any of the little plants that were there, so I started watering them and putting them on small, tall pedestal tables around the large room that was being set up to feed people.

Then caregivers and nurses started coming in to work. Most of their faces were familiar but I didn't know all their names. They were of many races not all white people.

Then they started bringing in men in handcuffs and laying them on gurney-type carts. All these men were dressed in dark blue work-type outfits. The place was crowded with these guys on the gurneys. Some of the workers went from gurney to gurney to make sure their handcuffs weren't too tight.

Then I was ready to go off-shift. The place was really crowded with men and women dressed in suits and dresses by now. I said I was going to dinner and dancing at Brookfield Square at the "Lucky Pig" if anyone wanted to join me.

I'm not sure if I actually left - maybe not - because I thought I heard a familiar voice of a male friend, but then I walked back through the place.

The nurses had hung wash lines across the room and hung colorful Japanese kimonos on the line to form a series of curtains.

On the other side of the curtains, the men who had been laying down on the gurneys were now sitting up on the end of their gurneys, rubbing their wrists and looking relaxed, but wary of what was going to happen next.

There were still a lot of men in grey suits standing around. It was really crowded in the place and I woke up.


10-12-03 - DREAM - I was working in a nursing home type place. One of the nurses showed me a plastic box that was divided into 3 parts. It was just slightly larger than a cigarette pack. On the left was a set of 8 crayons. In the center was two crayon sharpeners with wonderful shapes like a compass on the back of an army tank and another one which I can't remember.

On the right side  -it was divided into 3 sections and it had 9 little colored sticks - maybe chalks - not sure.  It was a new toy for kids that just came out. I thought it was pretty wonderful.

When I left I had to find my moccasin shoes and change clothes. I wore a shiny white blouse that had about 300 tiny white buttons down the front to decorate it (Thank goodness I didn't have to button them all)

I got a ride from a guy who was visiting there. I found out later that his name was Justin Timberlake. (means 'just' ) (It didn't look like the real Justin Timberlake)

We were heading north up highway 5 or 1 in California. He was a terrible driver and I had to WILL him to get over on the right side of the road so we didn't hit anyone coming the other way. But the traffic coming the other way got worse and worse and we were forced on the left side of the road so we didn't hit these other people.

I thought maybe he could drop me off in Puyallup, WA and I could walk to my mother-in-laws' house, but we came to a bridge - somewhat like over the Columbia river - and it was so foggy over the bridge - we had to stop. It wasn't safe to cross that bridge.

So we went to my father-in-law's house, though Justin didn't know that I had lived in this house all summer. Justin didn't even know who I was.

There was another young man here and two small boys - who were obviously my relatives, but Justin didn't know this. Justin pulled out one of these crayon boxes to show it to me at the kitchen table, so I had the opportunity to look at it again and praise its ingenuity.

I then started sweeping the floor with a nice yellow broom and overheard Justin introduce himself to someone over the telephone to someone else.

The two little boys were playing with toys on the floor and while I was sweeping I was picking up golden puzzle pieces here and there and putting them on a counter. I don't know how anyone every put the puzzle pieces together without these pieces.


10-13-03 - DREAM - I was in a huge building, heading for my new office where I was now the boss, not just one of the workers.

I met Heidi and three other black girls on the elevator as they were going down and I was going up to the 4th floor.

I got to my office which was locked. I had never been in the room before. The key was one of those long bronze  keys with a groove down the center, but the end had a 3 fluted end on it.

I saw my old boss walk down the hall and I wanted to show him my new office, but he got ahead of me and I couldn't find him, so I couldn't brag about my new big office.

I went back to my door where my employees were standing, waiting for me to get inside.

The lock itself wasn't in the door, it was high up on the wall and was electronic.

I put the key into the lock and turned it all the way to the right. The door opened up and the lights went on automatically. Everyone cheered and it felt really good.

I went into the office then and everyone was seated in a circle with folders and pens in their hands, waiting for me to come and conduct the morning meeting.

I walked in and discovered that the light over my desk wasn't lit and there sat my old boss - to the side - waiting to discuss something.

I felt so embarrassed that everything wasn't perfect. I ran back out into the hall to find out how to turn on that light.

When I got out there, there was a table with a cover over it. I took the lid off and discovered plants growing underneath it and they were bent over and rather crushed looking. So I started raising up the plants so they were standing upright so I could water them.  As soon as I did that all the lights in the office went off.

NOTE:  I had a similar dream on 7-6-04

I heard my boss yell - "All the lights went off - undo whatever you just did!!!"

Again I felt really embarrassed.

I had a watering system hose which was like an octopus with over 20 small hoses on it on of each plant. I figured the plants had something to do with providing the electricity to the room.

My brother Marty came running with another black octopus set of hoses to connect those hoses like extensions onto my hoses.

Each one had to be connected individually. I woke up while he was doing that.


10-14-03 - DREAM - I was laying in bed next to Joe , but I couldn't sleep, so I started drawing scenes on a drawing pad.  I didn't particularly like what I drew which had a sky way at the top of the page and the ground way at the bottom, so I held a piece of royal blue paper up in the air and prayed that a picture would appear.

All of a sudden a face of a Rishi appeared in white on the center of the paper, then the rest of his body appeared. From his knees to his ankles, the words


appeared, and his feet were bare. The picture remained on the paper, so I woke up Joe to show him the picture that had magically appeared.

But Joe got mad about my ability and he got up, quit his job and went out drinking. He came home awhile later with two drunken couples and a third man.

Unfortunately he found me laying in bed with a black man named David and two black babies.

Joe ripped the bed apart into section and went to sleep on of the sections.

David left, leaving me with the babies and those drunken people.

I walked over to the woman who was supposed to be Joe's new lover and I tried to slap her in the face, but I couldn't slap her. I tried twice and couldn't do it.

She said, "It would be better if we were friends." So we kissed each other on the cheek and smiled and became friends.

So then, she handed me her crying baby and I soothed the baby and she started painting the house white.

I found Joe in another room then, painting another room white.

Meanwhile, I now had 3 babies to care for, the 2 black ones and the white one.

Joe left again and while he was gone UPS delivered a whole bunch of Christmas presents which I put under the Christmas tree.

I figured Joe was out drinking again, so I was going to celebrate Christmas alone without him.

All of a sudden he came home and had his pants rolled up to his knees and his legs were blue. He had decided to go fishing for carp and was standing in the river up to his knees and froze his legs.

So I took a water hose with warm water and started spraying warm water on his legs to thaw them out.

Meanwhile the 3 babies were waking up. They had all been sleeping, curled up together on a high chair. Now they were all going to wake up at the same time and I would have to take care of all of them at the same time.


10-17-03  - This is one of those dreams I hate to write down. 

#1 - I saw 3 gadgets, but not very clearly - that when they opened up - they meant FREEDOM.

#2 - These 3 gadgets were installed on the rim of a toilet at a public gas station and the 3rd one killed someone. 

In this gas station which was about a block away from home,  I had installed a new toilet with the gadgets on, and an extra tall, washing machine. 

I was helping my daughter-in-law to redecorate her kitchen by putting bright yellow hand-towels down for placemats on her table. They were really pretty. 

But then her laundry had to be done and I said I would do it down at the gas station in the new washing machine.

I had loaned my sweater to someone, and it was cold outside, so a female friend said she would drive me over there so I wouldn't get cold.

Then she had trouble getting the car out of the parking lot because other girls were hitching rides.

Before I woke up, I saw two separate words    LOVE


10-18-03  - DREAM - I was living in a house with some young girls. On the floor was a wire that was cut, so I spliced it together and told one of the girls not to put it in her mouth and get it wet, but to wrap the splice with electrical tape. There were 3 gold wires on each side, which I spliced together. 

On top of the splice was an Octopus wrapped its tentacles around the wire.

In a book, in the index towards the back were the names of the 3 wires, but when I wanted to show this to a couple of men who came to the house, I couldn't find it again. I told them it was near the back near a picture of a nasty old man. 

There was a man there serving breakfast. He had a bowl of cornflakes but we were served some kind of shell with a mixture of apples and peaches with brown sugar and cinnamon. I had 3 of them. 

After that though, I saw the 3 wires splice again and where the electrical tape was supposed to be, there were not 3 black Octopus or squid wrapped around the wire.

There was a retarded girl there. She was carrying around a huge black Catholic Bible which I wanted to take to my room. She also had a ball and baseball glove and I wanted to take the glove and have her throw the ball to me, but it seemed that she lost it so we could play ball.



10-18-03 - DREAM - I was manager of a large apartment building. I was walking through the building and one of the maintenance men came up to me and handed me a large roll of tape that was marked with the word 'Demerol'.  He said he had found it in the Janitor's closet and knew it shouldn't be there. 

I thanked him and took the tape, saying that I would turn it into the authorities. After he left, I knew I was going to keep the tape myself. 

I continued walking through the halls and ended up by the lobby door where the mailman had just delivered the mail. The door was open and several women were holding it pen while they got their mail, so I decided I may as well pick my mail up as long as I was there.

I walked out into the lobby and went over to my mailbox. There were stacks and stacks of mail. The first two bundles were the small size envelopes held together with rubber bands. These stacks were three to four inches thick. A woman said she had seen a stack of #10 envelopes with my name on too. I told her that there would be a stack of magazines as well. I waited while she looked for them. 

When I got my mail, I walked outside with all my mail in my arms and as I walked down the street, I met a female attorney just arriving at her office. 

She noticed that I was carrying the roll of tape marked 'Demerol' and told me to be careful with that stuff. She said someone had told her to sniff it once and she did and almost passed out. 

I told her I would be careful - and woke up. 


10-19-03 - I had two dreams in a row about a bright orange piece of paper that had to be filed at the courthouse in Arkansas.  

It was about a place called A_____________ (I think its a river)

I thought I had to file it at the courthouse on State St. in Milwaukee by 7 p.m., then I realized that the courthouse closed at 5 p.m. on the dot and I was already too late. 

When I finally looked at the paper, it said to send it directly to Arkansas State Capitol. 

I had to go to the bathroom before I mailed it which led to other conversations with women I've known many years ago, one named Sue who I worked with in 1973 and the other one I can't remember her name who I also worked with in 1973. She aid she had worked at the courthouse on State St. for many years.

I told her my parents wouldn't allow me to work there because of how difficult it was to get there from my house on 16th St. 

She said, "I just took the bus!" Sounds so simple."

But I got back to the office where I had left my young son sleeping on a chair next to another woman's desk. (This was Elizabeth - a professor of _______law (some kind of police work)  my son had woken up and was sitting at another desk reading some text in a book. He complained that it took me so long to get back.

At the same time, I was told by another secretary that DISCOVER had called and wanted to publish my letter in their magazine.

I wondered shy they would want to publish my letter and then figured because  I was changing my filing fee on their credit card. 

They wanted to know what type style I wanted a particular word done in. I said I wanted it 1/2 inch high but narrow lettering in block style. This word was E_____________. 

On my way out of the office, I accidentally stepped on the edge of a cat's water dish and spilled the water, because I was carrying an armload of papers, books and on top was a stick sugar doughnut. 



10-20-03  - I had a series of dreams - each one I was given a tiny cute little animal that turned into a sweet fruit to eat or a useful thing to use in the house.

In another dream I went into apartment 204 where there was a man standing in the bathroom. I yelled at him, "What are you doing in here?"  He answered, "You must be looking for Chuck." like he knew that was the name of the previous tenant's name.  (The only Chuck I knew was in apartment 303) 

In one dream, a man came into my building and had a tiny brown animal inside his sweater up by his neck. I said, "Awwww! how cute."  He landed the animal to me and it turned into a pink and white sleeping cat. It never did open its' eyes.


10-21-03 - DREAM - My husband Jim and myself went to a large public restaurant to have dinner. It seemed like one of those loud pizza places. 

We were sitting at a table together and 3 really tall men in trench coats came and stood towering over us. They were older guys with craggy faces like you expect the FBI or CIA to look like. We felt very intimidated. 

The tallest, ugliest guy said to my husband, "We'll be contacting you soon." 

My husband and I were both stunned. I said, "We don't know what to do. the only time I get even a clue is when I meditate."  The man said, "Don't worry. You'll be told what to do when the time is right. In the meantime, just don't worry about it." 

We said, "Okay! Thanks!"

Just then, a shorter man in a light blue suit came running over like was going to rescue us or something. He bent over to whisper something to me and one of the tall men put his hand on the man's neck in the back and the short man's heart stopped and the man just fell over on my la p - dead. 

The man dragged the guy off of me and took him away.

Nobody in the restaurant came over to help or said anything. I figured, "They must be used to having guys keel over here and die or something."

My husband got up without saying anything and walked over to the men's room.

I want to go to the ladies room which was right next to it, but I didn't want to go in there and have him come out of the men's room and not know where I was and leave the place to go look for me, so I decided I 'd wait until he was done so he'd know where I was. 

So, I sat at the table waiting for him and observing that it looked like the pizza guys were making pizzas by heating them over running stream of hot lava.   (The only place I know like that would be Hawaii.)

But, anyway, I sat there a long time, waiting for my husband. He was taking a really long time.

Actually, I could see him sitting on a toilet over a wall. I knew it was him because he was wearing a bright green windbreaker jacket. 

He saw me looking so he came over to the wall and in 'polite words' told me he wasn't done yet.  (He actually said, "I have to squeeze one out yet."

So I sat there, watching a bunch of young girls lining up to use a free phone. Each person could only talk for 3 minutes. I was amazing that people would stand in line just to talk for free. 

Finally, my friend Irv came in and said, "Let's get out of here." (he passed away in December 2001 or 2002)

My husband still hadn't come out of the bathroom so  I said, "Okay!"

He grabbed me by the hand and we ran out to the parking lot where he had an old car in the middle of the lot - running. 

Three people, including one woman, all wearing tan trench coast, grabbed Irv out of his car, leaving the car running and the door wide pen, shoved us into a different car. 

For some reason, I opened my car door on the passenger side and scooped up something from under the car. It looked like dog food in an oval shell type of dish. I put it on the floor boards of the car by my feet and Irv stepped on the gas and we shot out of the parking lot and down the street as fast as he could go.

The street lights were on but otherwise it was dark by now. I told him to slow down a couple times. He was never a very good driver in my estimation, sorry to say. 

We got to a house I didn't recognize. I actually don't remember seeing the outside of it.

I was sitting in the corner in a living room with a bunch of women. They all looked vaguely like my female relatives, but their ages were wrong and their faces were only vaguely similar. 

All of a sudden, each one came up to me and gave me a large envelope or a box - I didn't know why they were doing this at first. Then I realized they were giving me a baby shower, but none of these gifts were for a baby. All the gifts were more like office supplies. In the last box I opened up, there was a lot of lacy froufrou stuff, wrapped around a wooden box that had 4 x 6" filing cards inside.

I got all excited over that one, figuring they would come in handy for recipes or something. 

Each woman left the room after she handed me the gift. My cousin Shirley was the last one. Shirley looked like a young girl of somewhere between 10 and 13 and was short. She only vaguely looked like her as a young girl. She came over and handed me a large yellow envelope and said, "I love you" and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

I said, "I love you too." and kissed her back and she left the room. 

Then I sat there alone, thinking about the gifts and thinking, "This is the only shower anyone gave me except my wedding shower (which was in 1957 and that was by Shirley's mother)  I had 6 kids and never had a baby shower. 

Anyway, after I opened the last gift, I walked out to the parlor which was next to the living room, where all the ladies had gather together again. 

I thanked them all for the gifts and gave them each a hug.

The woman who had given me the large box with the filing cards laughed and said, "They made me wrap the card box in all that froufrou stuff."

I started to wake up at that point, knowing that my husband and I, at some point had been to Active Witness Training School.


10-21-03 - VISION

A stack of envelopes. The prominent one was a window envelope with a hand filled out form in the window written in heavy black ink. My impression was that it had something to do with Social Security. It had a negative feeling to it. 

Vision #2 - A light blue check. Down on the right side was written the words "Pole Shift" - It wasn't where the signature was - but right above where the signature would be. It didn't appear that the check was signed ... yet.

Vision #3 - I asked for the long A word from my dream and was given Achesonnich - (I don't think that was it) Then I saw crayons and a coloring book on the floor in the living room and was told that a fact-finding file was supposed to go with that - then a manila folder appeared above the crayons and coloring book. 

Vision #4 - I asked again for the long A word and made-up words started coming to me like Abercrombie and Fitch and I said, "Take me back to my dream to give me the word."

A voice said, "Here! Look at this - if this doesn't help you remember, then we can't help you." 

I then saw a poster or large web page with a series of photos of men - The first photo was Tim McVeigh in his orange jump suit. 

Maybe it was Andreas Strassmeier!  (Just guessing)


10-22-03 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building and I was inside the apartment of an older black woman. A lot of work had been done in this apartment looked really nice. 

The woman was having her niece move into the building as well and she would be renting an apartment right down the hall.

We were waiting for that apartment to be finished being painted. 

We decided to go down the hall and take a look at the apartment so she could see what she was getting to work with.

We semi-closed the door as we left the apartment, leaving the door ajar just a couple inches. 

Then we walked down the hall and opened the door of the apartment which would belong to her niece. 

Stunned or shocked would be small words for what we felt when we looked inside the apartment which was one very large room. The entire floor was covered with cockroaches and large spiders. 

The cockroaches were bad enough, but the spiders which had hard shells on their backs and long furry legs were in the process of giving birth to more spider eggs as we watched. 

One blue spider closer to us ejected a huge mass of white spider eggs until her shell was empty. I looked at the spider's shell and she had tiny cockroaches crawling on her shell both inside and out. 

I knew we were going to have to spray and spray and spray and spray to get rid of these creatures.

I woke up knowing that this girls name started with - something like Zeilweiger. (the actress)


10-24-03  - DREAM - I was visiting a school of some kind. I was in a large gymnasium and met a teen girl and her younger brother and sisters. She looked so familiar and so much like myself at the same age. I couldn't figure out why she looked so familiar until I talked to her and discovered she was the granddaughter of a girl named Nancy that  I had gone to kindergarten with myself. 

I held my arms out to her and she came to me and we hugged. Then she wanted me to come home with her and meet her family. 

I didn't want to do that, so I lied to her and told her I was going home with some other girl who was nearby and I couldn't change my plans because she was moving and needed my help - which made the lie even bigger.

So the girl left, saying she would say, "Hello!" for me when she got home and I said, "Okay!"

I went through a doorway then and found myself in a large concrete gymnasium for boys. 

These weren't ordinary boys though. They were teens but of the troubled kind and were being watched over by a guard.

I could tell I shouldn't be there, but somehow the door closed behind me and I found myself standing in an area where a guard would stand where there were two niches where I found two large metal rings, each with a key to the boys bathroom - an area that was restricted unless you asked for the key so they knew where you were at all times. 

I grabbed these large key rings and held them both - then noticed there was a piece of opaque plastic over an opening over a small niche, which when I put my hand through the plastic, I discovered a cache of metal hooks, nuts and bolts, sharp objects that could be used as weapons against a person in hand to hand combat. 

There were 6 boys in the area being watched over by a very large guard. 

The boys saw me come through the door, but the guard was down on the other end and didn't seem to see me. 

Along with the keys and weapons were a stack of note cards with a picture of a guard on. I picked those up as well so I was holding all those items in my hands when the guard suddenly walked out of the room on the other end without ever seeing me.

This left me alone with these 6 teen boys and though I held all these sharp weapons in my hands, I still felt very vulnerable and scared. 

One of the boys came over and snatched some of the note cards out of my hand and tossed them out a barred window.

I instinctively knew I was in trouble and now found myself between this boy and the 5 other boys.

I was really scared now and didn't know what these boys might do to me, or whether they might grab these hand combat weapons and try to use them.

I knew better than to turn my back on the boy, so I started heading for the door where I had seen the guard go out and started screaming, "Guard, "Guard!", but the guard wasn't responding.

I woke up feeling a lot of fear. 


10-24-03 - EXPERIENCE/VOICE - I was listening to the radio to an interview of a man who has studied the Urantia book for 29 years.

I heard a telephone ring loudly in my right ear.  I waited for a message to come through, but I heard the radio announce - "The book of Urantia is an enhancement of the life of Jesus!"   This is the consciousness of _____________________


10-24-03 - DREAM - while the Urantia interview was still going on. 

I was laying in bed the same way I was really laying in bed.

A big brown dog like a blood hound came into the room and jumped up on the bed with me. He had a puppy that was about 1/2 an inch big. The puppy was so tiny, it got lost in the blankets and I looked and looked for it but I couldn't find it.

While I was looking for the puppy, I spotted 5 white bugs jumping around the bed post. They were white, but they were still bugs. 

I looked for the puppy again in the blankets thinking it would need to nurse on its mother in order to grow, but instead I found a large lump of green clay which I picked up and began to mold it into something else. 


10-25-03 - DREAM - about politics. I don't have all the details. 

I went with my friend to the library and while we were there, some short stocky politicians came in and tried to force us to sign some long forms that were several pages long without reading them. 

I told him that I not only wouldn't sign such a thing, I threw it at him and walked out of the place. 

In another place we went to, we met a little man who was like Michael J. Fox who was going to do some political work. We found out from him that everything one does in life goes on their record ... everything!

At the end, I was looking down into the library again and saw a lineup of maps of the United States and though Becky was telling about their son coming into the building with a bouquet of flowers, there were large splotches of black dirt on the U.S. maps, (including Texas) and I knew the next election was going to involve dirty politics. 

DIRTY POLITICS. compiled by Dee Finney. ... The largest dirty splotch was on the state
of Texas. I knew the next election was going to involve dirty politics. ...


The Changing of the Guard: Part III: Illuminati Life and ...
... Total Recall: Star power of Arnold Schwarzenegger; mind control / alternate compartmentalized identities created in Arnold through drugs and advanced technology; ...

I also had this dream about him: 

5-7-00 - DREAM - (I don't know what the theme of this dream is. It was about rebellion, small misbehaviors, avoidance, little frustrating behaviors).  There were small children involved in each frustrating scene.

One scene took place in a darkened theatre full of people.  We were there to watch a movie. There weren't enough seats for everyone to have their own seat. We had a small rebellious boy with us who insisted he had to have his own seat.  He was behind us between the seats. I offered to have him sit on my lap, but he wouldn't do it and just stood there and shrieked to have his own way.  

We left the theatre because he wouldn't shut up.  So we were going to walk up 17th St. to Center St. All these same kids were with me.  We turned the corner to walk north up the street and way at the other end of the block was a woman I can only describe as humongous. As large as she was, she would have had to be 40 feet tall and 10 feet wide. To continue the way we were going, it would have been a horrible experience for all of us, for me, for the children, and for the woman.

So, I decided to take the children through a shortcut through my neighbor's yard which was located on the other side of the alley from my own backyard.  However, though most of the children agreed willingly to go this way, one child decided it didn't want to, and ran back the other way with my grown daughter running after him, giggling loudly.  

In order to go through this yard, we would have to tiptoe quietly because there was like a boardwalk between the houses and even tiptoeing our footsteps were echoing loudly in the stillness of the twilight.  Meanwhile the child was squealing loudly and my daughter was giggling so loud, there was no way this was going to work.

The dream switched to a web page with tiny black stars around the edge.  There was a line at the top that said, "Click here to see this page in Hungarian", however I was impressed with the knowledge that Arnold Schwarzeneger was to be part of this page and he is Austrian.

What a puzzle... I can only think perhaps that this page was to be about venial sins ... a Catholic word for 'small sins'.  Large sins are called 'mortal sins'.  ??????


10-26-03 - DREAM - It was dinnertime and the family was gathering for dinner. But I wasn't cooking dinner, I was sitting on the bed upstairs - knitting a sweater.

The sweater bottom was dark blue - then there were 6 yellow rows, but under the arm was a triangle of gold and that was what I was working on. 

something had happened to me and the doctor had told me to take it easy for awhile. (It wasn't anything like a heart attack or broken bones, but I don't know what had happened that I had to rest from)

My daughter came up to see me and to find out how I was doing. She was carrying a tiny baby, dressed in a bright purple hand-knit sweater. The baby was Preemie and her name was April, 1973. 

My daughter and I were then looking at a newspaper and to see where she had to go to buy something. The ad was for a tire shop, but I knew it was one of those places where you could get marijuana from someone out by the back door and they sold donuts and ice cream bars and soda from a rack inside too.

The baby was beautiful but it was a black baby with white baby features - perfectly round tiny face. I was sure it was a girl. 

I continued to knit while we talked and just before I woke up, I saw the babies name again, April Harp/1973. 



10-26-03 - Last week I dreamed about 9 birds - each one on a separate card. 

Each of these birds was someone from France.  - These were the Templars who had the treasure of King Solomon. They took it to Languedoc: 

Peaceful or not... Most Leaders were forceful personalities !

Philippe "Le Bel", Roi de France
Nicolas Fouquet, Viscount of Melun and Vaux, Marquis of Belle-Isle and sur-intendant of finance of France, hoped to become Prime Minister of Louis XIV after the death of Cardinal Mazarin.
In order to impress the King, Fouquet invited Louis to his newly built castle at Vaux-le-Vicomte. A "country house" decorated and furnished by the "greatest names" in France and where cost had not counted.
Nicolas had prepared a feast of a splendor and grandeur never before seen in all of France.
Yet instead of arousing the King's interest and approval, he only succeeded in kindling Louis' latent envy and hate.
In fact this King too, like his ancient predecessor, became jealous of this display of might, money and circumstance, which, in his way of thinking only befitted Royalty...
Nicolas Fouquet, Viscount of Melun and Vaux,
Marquis of Belle-Isle and Sur-intendant of finance of France


The Order's secret Plans.

A New Temple...

No, behind the King's and Pope's motives to finish with the Temple, lay more than the simple wish to fill their respective treasure-chests !
Their motivation had to do with the "temple-construction" in the area of Rennes-le-Château, in the Aude.
But the Templar's plan was never executed, because of Philippe le Bel and de Nogaret.
So the plan remained in the dark and might have been forgotten completely, but for the painting of "the Arcadian Shepherds".
This masterpiece by Poussin is an inexhaustible source of information and once the proper key found, it opens doors to another world; the world of Freemasonry...

Jerusalem 1118: Ancient knowledge discovered by the founders of the Order of the Temple... This knowledge did not disappear with their downfall and in 1638 it was used by the painter Poussin to hide the secret of the "Temple" (the Templars)...
Ultimately the path leads to Rennes-le-Château in the year 1886, where two priests were hiding a "Templar" secret...

The Mystery of the Temple centers around Rennes-le-Château.

The riddle of the Templeplan...

Since a long time we were intrigued, by the true grounds for the Temple-Construction we evolved and described in our first book: "The Horse of God".
In this book we developed the base-plan of a great natural temple, in part founded on rocks that were once a Celtic sanctuary and in part formed by 16 Christian churches and 8 castles.
The whole lies within the "protecting" circles of the great Boudet cromlech, a "monument" with a circumference of 16 or 18 kms.

So we continued our research, trying to find a more profound explanation for this enormous amount of work and planning.
In 1638 Poussin painted "Les Bergers d'Arcadie", this means, the hidden construction must date from before this time.
Abbé Bigou's contribution was made in the years just before the French revolution (1789) so about 150 years after Poussin...
The Abbé "consolidated" the indications, through his hidden documents and the anagram of a secret code on the tombstone of Marie Nègre.

An invisible Temple in the Land of Oc...

A spiritual Temple, built with symbolic bricks...

The Order of the Templar Knights was planning to build a "New Temple" and found a "Spiritual Kingdom", in the South of France.
The Order chooses for the realization of this ideal; Occitany, the Languedoc. The country of seven cities:
Narbonne; Carcassonne; Elne; Béziers; Maguelonne; Lodève and Agde.
In those days, part of this region North of the Pyrenees still belonged to the Kingdom of Aragon. This was once "Cathar country", those "heretics", so cruelly persecuted and exterminated a hundred years ago by a devilish alliance between Pope and King...

A medieval view of heretic saving...

The Grail-theme and the New Templar Temple.

While searching for a reason to create the "Temple-Construction", a plan conceived by real masterbuilders, we stumbled upon the notions of a "New Temple" and a "Spiritual Kingdom", that had been developed within certain circles of the Order.
We found an aspiration to convert a spiritual idea into reality.

If we hark back to the real sense of the "Grail" and forget for a moment "the Joseph of Arimathea-version", there remains a concept of pure knowledge, based on the purity of Faith as taught by the ancient Magi...
Not a belief in a wrathful and vindictive God, but in a Divine Power full of light and love.

The execution of the Grail-thought...


Back to the Cathar's Treasure !

Worldly wealth, such as gold and silver can be excluded.
The Albigensians cared little for money. To them it was only a means to subsist. Bread costs money...
And facing certain death on the slope of Montségur, the last thing in their minds was saving a gold treasure !
So it MUST have been a sacred treasure, a Spiritual Grail, they tried to secure.
Their most venerated valuables were holy books and writings. The base of their belief, the Cathar Bible, was their real treasure and worthwhile to risk lives for.
The hope, that their descendants would continue the Faith lay in this book only !



The Order is dead... Long lives the Order !

Even the darkest night, is followed by a new day...

The near invisible thread...

It seems the trace of the Templars disappear after the suppression of the Order and the death of his last Grandmaster.
Yet, that is not quite true. It is possible to pick up a thin thread running through history; beginning in 1314 and ending in 1917 with the death of the last "treasurer" Abbé Bérenger Saunière.

The tradition...

Abbé Henri Boudet, was Saunière's mentor and though their characters clashed at times, (Saunière liked to showoff and Boudet was of a more retiring nature), they worked side by side to further the Temple-thought, yet hiding it from the eyes of the world !

A message found again in the Orient, a tradition older than the Grail, going back to the days of Isis and Osiris...
The belief in God and creation, wherein man's sojourn on earth is only a passing station in his journey towards the Truth...

Boudet and Saunière took part of the secret with them in their graves, but from the silence of their last resting-place their voices still whisper...
And in the images and decorations of the church their thoughts and belief are preserved.

Underneath the altar, the place where God meets man, Mary Magdalene is still praying... She knows the secret of life and death... She was the woman, whom Jesus delivered from seven demons... She was the temptress, a sinner... She represents the woman, we wrote about, in the last temptation during initiation rites...
She is the woman trying to seduce St. Anthony in his cave...

Death and resurrection of Jesus are very similar to initiation-rites.
Part of this ritual is the "woman". Mary of Magdala was present during Jesus' death and she was the first to stand at the entrance of the empty tomb...
Because, so tells the Bible: Jesus has conquered death and rose from the grave.
Spiritually enriched, he ascended to His father in Heaven !

The continuation of the Temple Order and their secret doctrine...

"The Underground Stream"...

Though in 1314, the outward power and might of the Order was broken, their ideas and thoughts lived on, like an underground stream.
It continued its flow in Scotland and at a later stage we will come back to this "Scottish current"!

The first signs of resurgence...
Nicolas Poussin and "the Arcadian Shepherds".
Few people understood the true meaning, the real message of the "Shepherds", but then, it was not meant for the "people".
It is a first sign of coupling symbolically, the original views of the Temple Order with the thoughts of Freemasonry.

How did Poussin obtain knowledge of the secret hiding place of the Templar's treasure ?
Naturally this was not a secret shared with just any member of the brotherhood. It is only known to a few "handpicked" initiated of the society.
It is absurd to think, that all members of a secret society or brotherhood, like the Masons or the Rosicrucians are initiated in all the secrets of their Order, like e.g. the mystery of Rennes-le-Château. This knowledge is available to a very select inner group only.
There are many levels of initiation, so even those introduced into the mysteries like a Debussy, a Jean Cocteau or a Salvator Dali, might only be in part acquainted with the greater secrets of the Order.

Nicolas Poussin, a link between present and past...

The secret of the Shepherds of Arcadia...

Poussin in 1638.

1314 - 1638...
The "underground stream" carrying the secret of the Order of the Temple, surfaces for a moment in 1638, through the painter Nicolas Poussin.

A secret within a secret...

A few years back, we discovered the "temple construction" with its "treasure-chamber" under Rennes-le-Château. Later we found that the reason for creating all this, lay in the new Temple plans.

Though in our book "The Horse of God", we expressed the thought that the symbolism used, had much in common with that employed in Freemasonry, we still had a long way to go before we found sufficient proof.

The mystery of a painting...

And through further investigations we found, that the "temple construction" was only part of the secret of the Shepherds...


David Teniers, the younger
according to a self-portrait

David Teniers.

He made many paintings of St. Anthony... This Saint's feast day is 17 January.
In numerology, 17 is the "secret value" of 153.




"The Star"
The 17th card of the Tarot

The ratio 9 : 8 is important in Greek mathematical speculations. It is found in their music, grammar, measurements and cosmology.

But in Roman times 17 was considered as nefarious.
Because if the sequence of the letters composing this number is slightly changed X V I I becomes:
V I X I which means: "I have died" !


Temple and Ark connected with Rennes-le-Château...

A safe hiding place in the heart of the Languedoc...

Our thesis is, that the First Nine Knights discovered the Ark of the Covenant under Solomon's Temple and somehow got hold of ancient documents dating from the days of Jesus and very likely describing His life in a way strongly deviating from the accepted Gospels.
Yet, though these secret teachings, were only for the benefit of, what we called: the "Inner Circle", it had a profound influence on the attitude towards and the position of the Order in the world...

Their headquarters were called the "Temple", a tradition still upheld by the Freemasons.


The "Temple of Rennes-le-Château"...

THE Temple of the followers of the Templars, the future Masons, in the land of Oc.

The Ark of the Covenant and the Menorah, spreading the Light of Faith, found a safe haven here..

The story of a too wealthy priest and his companion comes to an end... Nothing more is to tell.

Footmarks were set out in the landscape for those who took the trouble to follow them step by step, as described in the "Cromleck of Rennes-les-Bains", Chapter VII; IX parts, by Boudet...

The path was difficult to trace and many a time we got lost in this labyrinth, but finally it lead us to the mysterious church in Rennes-le-Château, La Madeleine, where the images solved the secret...

By entering the Madeleine, we enter the "Sacred Temple of ...................????????

Tomb of St. Martin


10-27-03 - VISION - I was shown that there were 13 Kings and Queens, but only one was a legitimate Queen and we were supposed to be able to determine which one it was just by looking at her. 

I was then shown 13 yellow Labrador puppies and again I was told that we should be able to determine which one was Queen just by looking a them.


10-27-03 - DREAM - I was laying around in my bathrobe and feeling really tired and out of it. People came into my apartment and told me I looked really tired and asked me if I was getting enough sleep.

I said that I went to bed from 5 to 10 p.m. and then again from 5 to 10 a.m. That sounded like a lot of hours, but I didn't really sleep the whole time. Some of it I was actually watching TV. 

I was managing the apartment building and was in the model apartment. 

The television was hooked up but there was someone wrong with the connection box - none of the stations were coming in correctly - it was all static.

Some engineers came through and said that it would work if we just ran a single wire through the ceiling from the TV to the generator upstairs. However, they were just going out to dinner and they would have someone do it after dinner. 

When they left, my friend Barbara came through with some new tenants to train them how to align the TV set to the sofa and how to sit on the sofa and look at the TV directly in order to see it correctly.

I left the room then so she could teach them how to watch TV without being watched by me.


10-27-03 - DREAM - I had heard on the radio that listening to old songs that you heard when you were happy would bring back good memories.

My father was visiting me - in my New Berlin house and he was just leaning to go shopping with my little son Bob. (He's actually 42 years old) 

So, I waved him down just as he was pulling out. He got back out of the car and said, "Thanks for coming to see me." 

That was an odd statement to make, but I started to tell him to stop at a used record shop to buy some old dance music that he fell in love with my Mother with.  (That would have been 1938)

I woke up while I was saying that.

My Mom and Dads dance music. :-)


10-28-03 - I had this dream AFTER I watched a conspiracy documentary.

DREAM - I was sitting at a long table like at a picnic amongst other long tables where kids and adults were in a park-like area. 

A young blonde woman was giving a lecture and noticed a book I had on the table in front of me. She pointed over at my book and said, "Now! There's a woman who knows all about the 'financial conspiracy theories in the world."

I just smiled because she was right. I did! Because I had the book about it. 

The woman went on to talk about how people are intimidated by other people who do threatening things and she made some motions with her hand like someone whipping a bullwhip. 

I told her I had even seen 5th and 6th grade boys imitating such things to intimidate the girls and smaller kids in the park.

We then left the park and got on the bus to go home.

On the bus was a group of military guys wearing blue caps. On the caps was a navy blue and white stripe which signified which branch of service they were with. All except one guy who sat up in front next to the driver. His cap had a black and white stripe and that made every know he was a spy. 

So, while the bus driver kept his attention averted, one by one, each of the guys with the blue and white stripes sneaked off the bus so they could attack him when 'he' got off the bus.

When the bus came to the grocery store, he stopped and we all - the women and kids went into the grocery store to throw this guy off the track. When the guy with the black and white striped hat came out of the grocery store, the other guys were going to capture him. So everyone went through the grocery store and bought something to munch on and came back outside.

We all gathered outside on the sidewalk in front of the store, with our Twinkies and Hostess Ho Hos, waiting for the guy to come out last so he could be captured. 

I don't know if I woke up too soon or what, but the guy never came back out of the store and he never got captured. 


10-29-03 - DREAM - My husband Ed and I were traveling through a town and we stopped at a church that was having a large meeting. They were celebrating people's wedding anniversaries and were calling out dates in August. They started at August 1st and for each date 1 or 2 couples stood up. They called August 9th and 4 couples stood up.

Our anniversary was August 10th, so we were going to stand up with whoever else shared our anniversary. They only problem was that we weren't registered at this church and couldn't prove that was our anniversary. So they called August 10th and 4 other couples stood up and so did we, so there were 5 couples for the 10th, but ours didn't count because we weren't registered.

After the meeting, it was decided that registration cards should be culled for mail, because they hadn't been checked in a long time and one had to be registered to give and receive Christmas cards. 

There was a woman there who decided I should go through every card in the registry box .and see who sent out a particular piece of plastic wrapped card. I refused to do it because it would have meant looking at every name on every card and I thought that was a waste of time.

I said I would check the registration cards of people who were still alive, not the dead people.

So I grabbed a huge stack of registration cards to go through  -starting at the year '0'.

There were lots of names on these cards, but there was nobody alive until card for year 432. Everyone prior to that was dead.

So, we culled out all those registrations and saved a lot of space on their shelves. 

After we finished that, we were walking along a street that was flooded by about 6" of water. I said that was about normal for the time of year, but when we got to the intersection, a cross-stream river was really rushing in heavily and faster than normal.

That really worried me, but we had to cross that section anyway, just more carefully. So, we started crossing the cross stream of water and I could see diving ducks underneath the water. They were black, like sharks , but I didn't want to step on them so as we crossed this stream, I walked really carefully so I didn't step on them. 


10-29-03 - DREAM - My husband and I were driving down the highway and there was a huge airport on our left. We watched this big sleek jet coming in and I realized that the baby I was supposed to be taking care of was on that plane. 

I told my husband we had to turn around and go back the way the airplane had gone to get the baby.

He reluctantly turned the car around and he no sooner did that and my husband said, "There he is!"

I looked over to where he was pointing and there was a big old man, dressed in a big old two-piece medium green loose outfit, dumpster diving by a yellow house.

So, he pulled into the driveway by the yellow house so we could talk to the old man.

We pulled up by the dumpster and the old man wasn't there any longer, so we went into the house. 

We didn't see anyone in the house at first, so we started looking around.

We went into the bedroom and there was a bed there, piled high with stuff, including the old man's two piece green suit. (It was like green cotton pajamas)

On the bed was a huge book like an Atlas. I expected it to have maps in it, but the book flopped open and there was a picture of a huge open bleeding heart. 

I knew I should take that book. I was meant to have it. 

All of a sudden there was a little baby by the bed. He could walk and he came over and started kissing me. We kissed and kissed and kissed, little tiny dry pecks on the lips. 

The baby was wearing cute little white baby pajamas.

I started looking at the stuff on the bed. Right on top was a huge green bath towel that was mended carefully. I thought I would take the towel and use it myself until I saw the mend in it. Then I realized that this stuff belonged to someone poorer than myself. 

I decided to go into another room and when I opened the door to the living room, a woman was standing there.

At first I thought it was Michelle, because Michelle was going to move into this house. But the woman began morphing into different faces and sizes and she flew across the room and became a really short blonde girl. 

I asked her what her name was. She said, "My name is Peg. I work for the bank. 

Then I realized that Peg was helping get the house ready for Michelle to live in. 

Peg started picking up clothes and taking them into the bedroom where my husband was with the baby. But all of a sudden, there was this chubby boy about 10 standing next to me. He was like giving me a guided tour of the rest of the house. 

There was a bed in every room. In the living room was a huge black lacquered bed. I told the boy. "You have the largest bed of all."

He just smiled and showed me all the other beds in the house - one in every room. 

All of a sudden there was a man in the house. He may have gotten out of one of the beds. He went over to a little sink, dropped his pants to the floor and started peeing into the sink. 

I could only see the guys butt, but I figured it was time to go home.

I avoided looking at the guy's butt as I walked back to the bedroom to retrieve my husband and the baby.

On racks by the wall behind the door, was 3 rows of long black robes on hangars, hanging on a rack neatly. My impression was that they were witchcraft robes.

I looked over at the bed and there was Peg, my husband and the baby, each one wrapped in their own quilt - sound asleep, side by side.

It irritated me that my husband had gone to sleep, but since they weren't under the same blanket together, I could forgive him.

Somewhere in the dream, I saw 3 birds that weren't in a cage. So I picked up the first bird to put him in a cage, and he bit me on the finger, but it didn't hurt that much so I slipped him into a small cage. I did the same with the second bird. The third bird looked a small green parrot. I just left him alone.  (The cages were like cuckoo clocks)


10-29-03 - DREAM - Paul's mother/brother-son-Grant Hughes called to tell him about but the math didn't work out. 


10-29-03 - DREAM - I was working in the office. Michelle owned the company but each person thought they were the boss.

A ghost appeared - about age 14. It was a girl. She said, "I just died yesterday."

I was able to put my hand through her. She said, "My step mother poisoned me. I didn't know she didn't even like me. She wanted to use my funeral expenses for a tax deduction."


10-30-03 - DREAM - I was making a web page about Native Americans and collecting all the photos on the internet. When the page got as long as I could make it, there were still more photos, so I collected them in more files, so they would always be available.


10-30-03 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building. I got called to the office early to interview someone for a maintenance job.

My friend Mary's mother sat there, wanting me to hire her son Mateo for a job to paint ceilings in our building. 

When I asked for her phone number so I could call her, she refused to give it to me. Instead she gave me Mateo's previous bosses phone numbers.

Because she refused to give me  her phone number, I got angry and walked out and went back upstairs.

I wasn't feeling very well and decided I needed to go on a diet and lose weight so I'd feel better. 

I then saw that I had a pot with a lot of eggs in it and they were being cared for by 2 grey cats.

The cats got in the pot with the eggs and made a slurry of scrambled eggs with the 2 cats swimming in it. 

It sounds nasty, but for some reason that sounded perfectly reasonable to me. 


10-31-03 - A FUN DREAM - I was in an apartment building lobby - sitting on a chair like a meeting had been going on.

a really handsome guy sat near me and I rather moved my chair so I was near him and sidled up to him so that our arms were touching a little and there was a good energy exchange there. 

He rather liked that so he asked me if I'd like to go to lunch. 

I said, "Sure!" and we decided to go to a mall. 

On the way out of the building, he was practically running and I didn't want to go that fast, so I said, "Darn! I forgot my purse. I'll meet you there" and I turned around and went back to get my purse.

He continued on with some other people. 

I then went home on 16th St. to change clothes. I went upstairs and I saw him laying in the bed in the master bedroom.

I got some frilly, silky underwear out of my maidenly bedroom and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, fixed my hair, and put on my sexy underwear. 

Then I went downstairs to meet 'him'. 

Instead of my Mom, a woman who looked like my friend Alyse or my Mom's cousin Helen was there and she said she wanted to make lunch for us.

We said, "Okay!" We determined that she had a nice ham in the refrigerator and we said we would go to the mall to the deli and pick up some egg-salad and we'd make sandwiches. 

As we were heading down the hallway of the apartment building again I could see huge storm clouds in the north and rain was already coming out of them, so I suggested we go to a different mall that wasn't in line with the rain and he agreed. 

We were walking down and came to the door that wouldn't open - it was supposed to lift up and it didn't. I joked about it and let it slip that I used to manage this building to impress him a little. 

While we were struggling to open the door, some other people came along and I said, "Hi" to them because I knew them.

The 'guy' whispered, 'That was Tom O _____ , the famous singer."

I said, "Yes!" The man actually looked like Buddy Holly with dark black rimmed glasses. 

We continued on through another hallway and went past a place where huge yellow cranes and yellow army tanks were being manufactured. This felt really ominous and it seemed like the cranes and tanks were following us.

I tried making light of it by picking up a toy tank and rolling it along the hallway with my hand so the wheels made a sound like a song. I did this for quite a ways, so instead of actually walking with the guy. I was acting like a kid with this toy tank being lighthearted and singing the tune.

He said, "Do you know you look like Loretta Lynn?"

I said, "No!" I was thinking it was more like Loretta Young."

Then he started humming the tune too, and I asked him, "Do you sing?" He pretended to sing badly , but he hit some really good notes and I knew he was just pretending to sing badly. 

So I let the toy tank go and stood up and put my arm around him and we walked along, heading for his car and feeling really good. 


10-31-03  - Michelle's Dream - She was in an amusement park in the mountains. There were 7 rides for kids. It was pouring rain.

The next day they went back and there were fewer rides. It poured rain again. 

We tried to get our money back and were refused. The only person who got a rain check was a woman who drove all the way from France.

I stopped at a New Age hotel - up a gravel driveway. It was up on a hill. The moon was shining and it was huge and went horizon to horizon. Someone was going to explode part of the moon to mine crystals.

Dee said, "Read your tarot cards to see if the moon is going to survive."

Michelle pulled out the deck and there were pictures of the Empire State building on them. They were Bob Lowrey cards. There were some cards missing. There should have been 93 cards. 3 were missing - so there were only 90. This meant there would be errors because the deck wasn't complete.  (A normal tarot deck has 78 cards)  (Aleister Crowley said that 93 was the number of the new Aeon in 1904)

Dee said, "he isn't dealing with a full deck," and laughed.

Dee then invited Michelle to look at an old barn. There was a machine there - a star divining machine. The machine was like a piano with big keys. It also had cogs and gears on it. The tape on it was about this divine machine. It showed a blue star and a yellow star - a binary system. The blue star was under the yellow star. They were born together. The yellow star was dying. 

Then the tape showed swans flying south - past the stars. They flew 'over' the stars. 

The machine had mathematical properties that were infallible.  The warning system was missing - because the cards were missing. 

Dee had these tapes:  "Lunar Lies and Misconceptions and Dees personal rampages." 

Michelle's daughter was going to take Karate lessons. The teach was named Bob Lamentina. 

He said there were 3 pitfalls to true spirituality. His proof was in a box, but he didn't to into the pitfalls.

In the box were 3 sticks like lollipop sticks, a tarot deck with the City of Chicago on them. 4 cards were missing - so there were 89. , and there were 3 pies.  (Pi's?)

After seeing that, Michelle went back to the amusement park and  said that she didn't want her money back after all.