10-1-90 - DREAM - My house burned to the ground. (I felt angry when I woke up)


10-1-90 - MEDITATION - Q. Does TMs vision of the dragon relate to the book of Revelations in the Bible? See also Sep90.htm

A. I saw my friend Dorothy asking the girl in #505 what she sees.

A. A voice - "Tell me if he answers the phone!"

A. A voice - "Pouring out of heavy acids is never safe."

A. A voice - "We are not safe."

A. A. voice - "We are not talking about growing."

A. A voice - "Our adventures."

A. A voice - "These men are fighters."

Q. Will the Chinese get involved in IRAQs side?

A. A voice - "They are already involved."

Q. When will the first bomb be dropped?

A. A voice -  "Would you like to see what it looks like?" I saw the side of a big building or wall. It was demolished. The voice said, "It is not nice to see."

A. A voice - "I am going to arrange the opportunities."  I saw a long list of names and between each one, it said, "Range".

A. A voice - "That is as close as it will come." I saw a black gun, tied back with a thick rope and is was taut.

Q. When will the first bomb be dropped?

A. A voice - "Everyone is afraid of it."  I saw a square drawn by hand, rounded at the corners, like it was a blank stamp on an envelope.



Q. Will there be an earthquake on the New Madrid Fault during the Dec. 3rd & 4th planet, sun, moon, lineup?

A.  A voice - "There will be no complications".

Q. Will there ever be an earthquake in that area?

A. He showed me a visual metaphor of a spiral phone cord that was sagging. The voice said, "When it catches, THEN look out, It's really going to be something."

NOTE: Several days prior to the alignment, there was a tiny earthquake in the area, but on Dec. 3rd and 4th, nothing at all happened.


10-4-90 - MEDITATION - Q. What will Cuba look like 30 years from now?

A. A voice - "Look in the Liquors manual."

I just stepped on the Master's toes. I saw bare feet with a little round gold bell attached to the middle toe.

I saw myself going up an elevator. A man on the elevator pressed a big lever to make the elevator go up.

A voice said, "Where is Cuba? Those are hazardous rocks!"

I was trying to explain where Cuba was. A voice said, "Well! Brilliant! Certified!"

A voice said, "I guess you could call him up. Why don't you try?" I then picked up the brown telephone to call. The voice said, "I'm getting all kinds of calls now.  605"


10-5-90 - MEDITATION - Q. I would like some information about the future for myself.

A. A voice - "What can we do about it?  Get a pencil."

He is going to give me a list of things.  I saw a woman sitting at a desk looking for a pen. She took a big beige brush and brushed off the paper. She took a bottle that may have golden ink in it. There are two women in the scene. The woman on the right has a piece of white paper. She is telling the woman on the left that she can't see it."'

I saw marks on a piece of paper. It made limits to the end of each line. Each line is longer than the one before. (There were about 7 lines.)

I saw a person turning on a light.

There is a man on the left who doesn't approve. A man on the right says that it looks like an old camp light.

A voice said, "Get rich and make money!"

I saw a man standing there wearing a suit.

Q. I would like to see the city of New York in 30 years. (I asked the question three times because I didn't get an answer.) Each time I asked the question, I felt more fear and trepidation as though I was afraid to know the answer.

A. A voice - Talking about the inundation of the low lands along the Gulf of Mexico. There will be a tragic accident on land.

A.  I saw a doorway with three suggestion baskets hanging on it for questions. They each had lids on them. A woman was very assertive about opening them. She demanded the answers. At the same time, the man who was going to answer the questions was entering a smaller door to the left of the questions. The person on the left seemed reluctant to answer.

A woman with long, long hair then opened the door with the baskets of questions, and allowed me to come inside. She said that he would be giving me the answers.

A. A voice - "To question about New York in 30 years. Oh! Mist! That's all that's out there."

I saw a girl in a red dress kissing a guy passionately. They both had head bands around their heads.


10-6-90 - MEDIATION - Q. What am I to do with my future?

I heard the number 72.  I saw a bunch of people dressed in black walking from right to left except for the tall man at the end who was wearing a rose colored shirt. I felt that these were my children grown up and their spouses. A voice said, "They are old enough for a meeting." I saw someone sitting on a chair, curled upon their right thigh.  I got the impression that I am to gather my family together and tell them that they are to move north and west.

A voice said, "I need to call Earl to get those boxes down. I'm going to do that."

I had a conversation with a woman as I was going to sleep. She may have been my higher self. She said that I was suffering from over-stimulation and over-frustration. (I had been complaining that I was too sick to lead a normal life.)


10-6-90 - DREAM - I went to work in a book store. I was shown a list of books that were esoteric. The 1st one was priced at $933. I asked for lesson 21 from a series of lessons. I picked out a library book. It was green, very thick. I had to have it and even considered not returning it. It was Volume I of a two part series called AVALON. I knew I had part II. Inside were mathematic computations and a lot of handwritten notes. I HAD to have it.


10-8-90 - MEDITATION. Q. Where am I going to live?  I called Babaji for the answer. I heard a voice say, "And I was home. I did recognize the Universe."  I saw myself in a house. Babaji was coming in from the porch. A little girl in a white dress was excitedly getting ready to greet him.


10-10-90 - MEDITATION - Q. What are the Tarot cards to be used for?  A. A voice - "To raise the consciousness of mankind."

Q. Who should I use them for?
A. A voice - "For the general public."


10-14-90 - MEDITATION - Q. Are aliens making super-babies to improve the world?  A. I saw a lot of people, dressed strangely, pushing and shoving, trying to dodge the issue or something.

Q. Are aliens trying to create a race of super-people on earth?

A. I saw 5 black people, one man was sitting on top of a thick wall. The woman was accusing him of not wanting to tell me anything.

I called Babaji. I saw a man sitting to my left. He tossed something across the room and exactly where the object landed, I heard a noise in the TV set.

Q. Are aliens making super-babies on earth?

A. A voice - "When you ask a question, I have to think about it one day!"

A. A voice - "The consciousness will land."

A. A voice - "I will feed it to myself and then talk to you by telephone."

A. A voice - "We are entering outer space and you are the pilot."

A. A voice - "Are you recycling?"

I answered that it was dangerous to save the newspapers in a building like we lived in.  He answered, "At least you could save the cans."

Q. Do I have a super-baby?

A. A voice - "Sometimes. .. . more so!"

A. A voice - "Thurgood Marshall!"

I saw him with a list of names. I asked him, "Can you read the list to me?"

A. A voice - "No! I can't read it!"

Q. Can I read the list?  I was looking for popular names I would know.

A. A voice - "You can!"

Q. Then you are admitting that there are super-babies?

A. A voice - "I can't talk about it!"

Q. Show me the City of New York - year 2005.

A. A voice - "What a waste."

A. A voice - "We are sorry, we had the baddest chunk."

I thought I was talking to the girl in apartment #600...K.M. She said, "I can only go up a little ways."  A voice said, "That's all you can look forward to."

Q. Show me New York in the year 2005.

A. A voice - "It was near 57th. It was 66th"

A. A voice - "We didn't tell your friends yet."

A. A voice - "What a waste. What a waste."

A. A voice - "What a waste of time."


10-14-90 - MEDITATION - I called Babaji. A voice said, "You have me and Theresa!" I also saw a man named Colton was there. The woman said, "Get on with it!"

Q. Are aliens and Walk-ins the same?

A. - A voice - "I am a failure!"

I saw a woman fall. She was upset because no one came to comfort her. Then a man came from the right, got down on his knees by her and hugged her.

There was a lot of upsetedness about the oil in Kuwait.

Q. Are aliens and Walk-ins the same?

A. A voice - "Don't be surprised."

I saw myself inside of a round spherical hallway. The colors were red, orange, and yellow.


10-14-90 - DREAM - I was at my 16th street house upstairs. In my mother's bedroom, the ceiling was starting to cave in. I evacuated everyone from the house. we got a couple hundred feet away when I heard a loud crack and whole house fell in like a deck of cards.


10-15-90 - DREAM - I received photographs at my desk from people in California. One was of a man with a pointed hat on. He was holding a cat.

My boss who was my mother, got upset because I was not working. She took the photo of a man and the cat. The cat became real and began attacking her. My mother complained about the cat. I said that I would take care of the matter, but then the cat turned vicious and starting attacking me too. I used a chair to fight him off, then I grabbed him and slammed him up against the wall, until he skull was cracked open.

A doctor came and examined the cat's brain and said that the brain was deformed. It should have had a hollow in it and it did not.

I then went back to my boss to ask her what she wanted me to do next. In my desk drawer were some thick books about 3" thick.


10-15-90 - DREAM - I was taking care of a little girl baby. The phone rang and it was Marcella. (A friend) I asked her what she wanted of me. She said she was going to pay me all of David's debt to me and then have an abortion.

A nurse came in to examine the baby. The baby flipped over and started to crawl. The nurse was shocked. I said, "She can talk too and she's only 6 weeks old." I knew she was a super-baby.


10-15-90 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house sitting at the kitchen table. A man went out into the back yard and brought it back in. It was a greenish tinged apple. He said it was called a Wisconsin Grayling. He offered me a taste of it. It was so sweet.


10-15-90 - EXPERIENCE - Five times during the night, I was told I was going to be initiated into special mastership. The doorbell rang also. I didn't let them in for fear that they might not be who they said they were.


10-15-90 - EXPERIENCE - I did a physical healing on a friend. The patient had a headache in his forehead. I stood behind him and lightly rubbed the skin on the forehead as I pulled in the color blue from the Universe. I told the patient to breathe in the color blue at the same time.  The headache went away within two minutes.


10-16-90 - DREAM BY T.M. - T.M. and I were together in Montana at E.C.P's ranch. T.M. told the teacher that all these truths they professed were just garbage. What's more important is LOVE. He told them that after you demonstrate love, then you can study truth.


10-17-90 - MEDITATION - Q. Will the Pope offer himself as a hostage to Iraq for other hostages for peace?

A. A voice - "They are copy-cats."

A. I saw a UPS package being delivered. It was addressed to Dolores Wilke. It said, "CONTENTS - BIBLE"

Q. Will the Illuminati finance the Anti-Christ?

A. A voice - "It already has."

Q. What country is the Anti-Christ to come from?

A. A voice - "He resides in Europe"

Q. What country was he born in?

A. A voice - "Atlantic"

Q. Where was the Biblical Anti-Christ born?

A.  A voice - "You cannot know yet!"  I saw two people going up a stairway.

Q. Has the Biblical Anti-Christ been born yet?

A. A voice - "July 15th, 19_ _."  I saw two black men being dragged into the room from the stairway.

Q. When was the Biblical Anti-Christ born?

A. A voice - "Two more years."  I saw a woman with glasses get up from a chair. She was holding a child about two years old. She brought the child to me.

Q. When will the Biblical Anti-Christ be born?

A - A voice - "The Monsters of monsters?"

Q. When will the Monster of Monsters be born?  

A. I saw green and yellow plants in a dish planter. The voice said, "Are we going to end their pain or are we going to start it all over again??


10-23-90 - MEDITATION:

Q. T.M. heard a voice, "The smell of death is near."  December 12.

(12:12 1990)

A. VOICE - "This refers to the martyr"
A. VOICE - "Christ...Christ, Christ!"
A. VOICE - "We must be very careful here!"
A  VOICE - "December is 'chalkmeened!'"
A. VOICE - "There is a big legged creature!"

Q. Is the death going to occur in Wisconsin?
A. VOICE - "Probably! Yes!"

Q. Will the death be in the Milwaukee area?
A. VOICE - "Yes! It will be expensive!"

Q. Will it be the death of someone we know personally?
A. VISION - I saw T.M. There was a woman standing behind him, pulling him backwards with her hands.

Q. Will it be a C.D. member?  (This is a group we belonged to)
A. VISION - I saw what appeared to be like a coffee can lid over my head and felt an increasing pressure on my forehead. A voice spoke, "There is a safety lid on this question. Another voice spoke, "There will be no death referring to C.D."

Q. May we have the name of the person?
A. VOICE - "No! We prefer not to."


10-23-90 - DREAM - I was sitting in the livingroom and saw the mail lady making her deliveries. She opened the mailbox and took out two pieces of cake someone left for her. She handed me my mail through the window. She said, "I see you've been to Reicke..Starke on Kenilworth. (There were two bills from them) One large package was addressed to Bill Huff. I opened it and it was three awards given for dancing. A book was in the package and it was like my high school annual with pictures of guys that graduated a year ahead of me. Then I opened a package addressed to me. It was a beautiful green plant. The stems were all little green beads. The woman said, "The women in the southwest hate this plant and are trying to kill it off because it is spreading out." i couldn't imagine why because it was so beautiful. I stood it up on the floor and on the end of one branch was a paper parrot that was beautifully colored. I was so grateful to have this plant. My friend David was standing behind me supporting me at this point.


10-24-90 - DREAM - I was helping out a woman who was probably my daughter/best friend. We lived together. I supported her and gave her all my money. She wanted more money so she left me and then called the cops on me to have me arrested for selling drugs. I turned off all the lights so the cops wouldn't know I was home, but when they arrived, I let them in anyway. They didn't find anything. But now I had no money and I was feeling weak and tired. I had had a baby 5 months  earlier and received a vitamin shot then and had felt good, so I decided to go the hospital on Teutonia Ave. for another shot. I thought too that I might meet a man there. I did! He sat down next to me at the lunch table. We began to get acquainted and Norman came along and interfered. He made comments of a personal nature that made the other man go away. Then I sat on Norman's legs and fake cried that I didn't have any money and couldn't take care of myself. He wanted me to be there, but he didn't provide any firm support either.


10-27-90 - DREAM - My ex-husband Ed came home from work and wanted to buy a cabin that was for sale 15 miles out on Hwy. 47. This was a special one time thing. I couldnt imagine why anyone would even want to sell such prime property, must less so cheap at $2,000.


10-28-90 - DREAM - A doctor examined the veins on my right leg and told me that I need to be wearing support hose.


10-29-90 - DREAM - I was with my girlfriend from High School, Donna P. she was eating bread or a muffin. It got stuck in her throat and she couldn't breathe. I attempted to pull it out with my finger down her throat but it was too wedged in. I woke up just as I was going to stick my finger down her throat to push the bread past her windpipe so she could breathe. I attempted to get back into the dream but was unable to. So I imagined myself pushing my fingers down her throat and my thoughts affirmed that she would be all right.