10-1-92 - Midnight - Was trying to meditate and getting nowhere. Was thinking about earlier vision of a copy machine. On the 2nd shelf under the copier was a blue flowered cloth and the voice said, "This is a gift for Sandy." I saw several women after that.

Then I saw some women surrounding me with prominent noses, witch-like. One woman had her arms full of folders and papers. She said, "I'm publishing my work."  Another woman said to me, "Good luck on Sunday."


10-1-92 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house up in the bedroom. I and a man were on the floor fooling around, getting ready to make love, when my boss Paul R. came bounding up the stairs. He had let himself into the house, using a key. I was embarrassed and said, "That's what you get for coming in without any prior notice."

I got up and he said that he was leaving for a month. He apologized when he said he could only pay me until 2/31/93 because I was now, but everyone less would get paid for a year in advance. He said that the only alternative would be to go back and do the job I had before.

At this point we were going into an office. I said, "That is no problem. I know all of the secretarial positions without any supervision. (It was an electrical company) He said that suited him. If I did not want to go back, I would not get paid for a  month and my husband was not working either.)

We went across the hall into a classroom that was having a party or celebration.

Paul came to me and asked me to dance. I was still wearing my pajamas and I felt awkward, but I danced with him.

When the dance was over, I made a grand gesture to introduce him to the people there. There were many old-white haired ladies as well as children.

I said, "This is Mr. ... and hesitated. I said to him, "What's your name/ I forget." Then I said, "Armstrong?"  Then he said to the people, "My name is Mr. Solomon... Solomon...." and he rather bowed to them.

I was shocked. They were rather impressed and pleased.

I thought to myself, "Has he been using an assumed name all, this time?"

Then he said to me, "I'm going to give you, your first overseas assignment. I'm sending you to Belgium." I was shocked again. What could I possibly have to say tot he people in Belgium who were probably all Catholic. But I knew that if I studied, I could put a C.D. lecture together for those who wanted to hear it.

I then went over to the table where the people were. They were being served plain yellow cake, the layers held together with jelly, poppy seed and a squiggle of chocolate syrup.

The students were cutting the pieces so big for the old ladies that I was afraid that there would be enough to go around and I remarked to a server my concern. He kind of shrugged and I went to the pantry to see if there was more cake.

Paul was going to leave at that point, and I walked to the front door with him. (We were in the 15th St. house). I rather romantically put my arms around his neck to thank him for coming. I told him what a nice time I had. At this point, several of my kids were hanging on my leg at the knees to get my attention.

I said, "It was nice of you to introduce yourself to the students. They were very impressed. We did a good job."

He rather pushed me back a step with his hands on my waist and said, "What is this, "we" stuff?"

I looked at him square in the eyes and answered, "Actually, I was their teacher."


10-5-92 - DREAM - I was with T.M. in a big company like AC but there were almost no people there.  We were preparing to leave and to move. T.M. boss stopped him to ask him something. Wile he was taking care of that matter. I was balancing myself and walking along narrow girders about 3 fe4et off the floor. I had no problems, but when an area was not solid, unsafely patched, I would jump down, get past it, and get back up on the girder. I finally reached the hall where the doorway was and it was time to go. I looked over to where T.M. was with his boss. T.M. said he was sorry, but he had to finish what he was working on before he could go.

I looked down and saw that I was wearing a knit dress that was a combination of light blue and silver. As I walked down the hall towards the door, I helped myself to pencils, pens, paper, and left by myself.


10-5-92 - DREAM - MEDITATION - Q. Will T.M. and I buy a house, or property together in Seattle?  A. Not in this lifetime.

Q. Will T.M. buy a house or property in Seattle?  A. No!


10-5-92 - SEVERAL DREAMS: I met men through phone calls to various parts of the U.S. and each one led to prison.

I got a job transfer and as it turned out, the jobs were identical, the old job had been purchase materials in bronze for manufacturer, the new job was to purchase materials in steel. Both bosses were jerks to work for and I had worked for both of them previously, so I knew first-hand what to expect. I said that the only difference was that I was more mature now and hopefully, I could handle their bad manners more gracefully because of my experience.

Another dream of Edward coming home and he was still drinking.


10-6-92 - DREAM - We were in the country and a huge storm came up. Our house was on the side of the hill, but still water rushed through it. We tied the children to the upright beams so they wouldn't get washed away. Then everything went still and the water drained away. We went outside and saw the clouds breaking up and a slight pink color was showing on the side of the clouds and someone quoted the Bible as "And Christ said, "The dawn is breaking",

We went to church to pray and gave thanks and at church they gave me a little prayer book. It was covered with beautiful flowers and on it, it had "Happy Birthday".  Stuck inside the book were dozens of decorated cards also that said 'Happy Birthday" with flowers all over them and many of them had money tucked inside too.

I was truly blessed to have survived the storm and to be thought of by so many others, and we all gave thanks and then had breakfast together.


10-6-92 - MEDITATION - Q. Will we ever be taken aboard a UFO and taken off the planet? A. No! There will be no need to.!"


10-7-92 - DREAM - This was a long, long dream about telephones, helping people, giving messages. Everything was recorded on a paper titled, "Wausau Fight and Flight'.

I also had a shorter dream - same subject. These were tests of various kinds. I felt that I was successful.


10-8-92 - DREAM - I was at a family funeral for I. B. (He died about 30 years ago) He was laid out on the kitchen table and it was the 3rd day, the day of his destruction. His face looked kind of puckery in places almost like it was living.

We stood around him praying the Our Father. Everybody else said the Catholic version. I kept going with the Protestant version.

His head was propped against something that pulled the skin away from his teeth on one side. I couldn't stand looked at that so I asked a brother-in-law to move his head a little so the skin could be in it's normal place.

We had to leave then because they were going to blow up the body.

We then went to another funeral for a woman and stood around her body and said the Our Father. It was the 3rd day and the day of her destruction also. (I can't remember who it was).

I was then with some neighbors who were all going to be traveling. We all had traveling papers. The one man said we should all go across the street and tell the man who lived on the corner our plans. I was going to take a little boy with me, but when I looked at him, he had gotten his hands dirty and I didn't have time to wait until he got cleaned up, so I had to leave without him.

NOTE:  This may relate to the Book of Revelations, the 11:11, the 3 1/2 days.


11-9-92 - DREAM - I was on a train with glass doors on the end and specifically asked that I not get pushed because the doors opened too easily. I went on a tour of the train then and it was old western looking inside, rough boards, but it was secure when I checked. I went into a rough, western looking room, heavy winter jackets hung on a wall. I opened a door onto a mountainous panorama and shut it again, thinking about how it would be full of snow in winter.

The man whose room I was in, was having a haircut and he came back just as I was leaving. He had had his beard trimmed neatly. He asked me to read to him, but I pleaded off because I had some computer work to get done, which I did.

I was introduced to a new modern computer. I then left to go check out an exercycle. There was a long line of women waiting to try it out. I stayed at the end of the line because all I had to say was that I wanted it and it would be mine. At the end then, an orange object was presented to me that was cut to fit me and a dark blue triangle which was trimmed to fit me also.


10-10-92 - DREAM - I was with T.M. in a school and we had just finished the end of the ninth year of a computer run curriculum. It was the end of a series of children's lessons. Now came the beginning of the adult lessons we were to teach and there were 23 years of adult lessons on the computer ready to begin.


10-10-92 - DREAM - I was at AC and each morning I went in early and went to an office way upstairs and down the hall and updated computer diskettes of 9 years of lessons. I had completed them now. The lessons were buried under some junk and clothing in a junky blue cardboard shoebox inside another box. It was stuck way back in a corner.

This day, one of the men came in early and anted to know what I was doing so as soon as he turned his back to call someone else in who worked in that office, I slipped all the diskettes into a light tan purse, hung it over my arm, put all the clothes back where they belonged over the box and slipped out the door and down the hall.

I could hear the man coming so I quickly slipped into a stairwell and went downstairs as quickly as I could, suing the stairs that were being remodeled and no one else used them.

I got down to my office and was looking at a notebook where I had been keeping notes when T.M. walked in. I tried to tell him what had just happened but he wasn't really paying a whole lot of attention. He had other things on his mind. He was looking out the window toward the west.

On the notebook, was a picture of the scene taken of a westerly view overlooking the Rock Freeway from my house on Calhoun Rd. (172nd) in the picture, the clouds were darkening and gathering in the west towards Mukwanago.

There were several windsocks in the picture that were a bright pink. I took them to be like kites being flown on long strings because they were being pulled into the person flying them who had to be standing at the far right by the Rock Freeway, west of Martin Rd.

All of the windsocks and all of the words on the page below the picture were now being pulled in over to the right. I tried to tell T.M. to come and look at what was happening but by the time he came over to look, there were brilliant cartoons being displayed on the page.

I was disappointed that he hadn't seen what was happening. I got up from my chair to get ready for work and everybody was talking about what kind of costumes they were going to wear for Halloween which was just a few days away.

I couldn't get interested. There was too much going on that was important to waste my time on make-believe.


10-10-92 - MEDITATION - My TV made a loud cracking sound way over on the right hand side. It has done this dozens of times, but I normally ignore it. This time I lay down and immediately saw a door open to an empty room and some kind of brown-hairless creature, sort of semi-human or human with burned off features crawled into the room. I saw the room had a brown, painted floor. There was another room farther on with normal colored floor and furniture. I heard a voice say, "The Natchatawych spaceship used to be in charge."

Then I heard a man's voice close by to me. He said something like "Come in" and 'Welcome" or something that alerted me that this was a new and different experience.

I saw and heard some things I can't recall, but it had something to do with the 23 adult years of lessons I just dreamed about last night. Then the TV cracked real loud again and it was over.


10-11-92 - DREAM - T.M. and Alice came to me in an office, though Alice remained working at a desk out in the hallway and couldn't spare the time to observe the project I was working on. T.M. came in, observed the project and gave his approval.


10-11-92 - DREAM - I was taken by a woman to a  garden where she grew potatoes between the corn stalks. She said that I could help myself to as many as I wished.

The gardens around the house were all being refurbished by gardeners with pitch black soil from the river bottoms and the flowers, lawns, trees, everything was beautiful and verdant green.


10-11-92 - DREAM - My daughter brought my granddaughter to see me. She said she wanted to have her heart checked. I listened to it and it was pounding hard from activity but it sounded regular and I thought it sounded fine.


10-12-92 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house getting ready to move to a new house before Christmas. I had ordered a birthstone ring for myself, but it hadn't arrived yet. I went next door and asked the lady there if she would watch for the mailman because I was expecting the birthstone ring and that I would give her my new address and phone number before I left.

I was then going down the street towards the post office and remarked to the man I was with that the mail was very valuable to me because I was expecting the ring and he said, "By Christmas, the mail will have zero value."


10-12-92 - DREAM - I was then in my apartment on the 1st floor where I worked and my apartment walls were all of glass. I could see everything going on around me so I could control it, but everyone could see what I was going too.

I put a stop to some minor things like a young girl who was running around at 1:30 a.m. and an older woman who was walking around the outside of my apartment.

I went outside and my brother-in-law Ralph and his son Tony were out there looking around. I was surprised to see him and he said that he liked my apartments and that he would be looking for a new place to put his mother in a couple of years and he would let me know when. (His mother died several years ago)

I then went into a recreation room where many people had gathered and they said that they were going to be teaching square dancing. That sounded like fun, but I didn't know if I would remember how and I didn't know if I had the stamina to do it now.

My nephew Tony came up behind me and held both of my hands and we started walking together as one person and the whole group started to circle the room in the same manner. We went around and around the room, more and more people gathered, creating obstacles, and we had to go faster from time to time and I didn't get out of breath and we managed to avoid all the obstacles with no problem, then suddenly we were all in a huge dance hall and there were no more obstacles and I was amazed how nice all these people looked having made it through all we had done to get there.

We were about to leave and go home and I saw a post card and it was briefly addressed to Tony who was still holding my hands behind me. Then the address went blank and the message read, "A friend will come from Geneva."


10-12-92 - DREAM - My Mom, Doris, and Helen were together. I looked at Doris and said, "She doesn't look sick to me."


10-13-92 - DREAM - I was in a big school on Wisconsin Ave. I was helping other people pass their tests and give them their grades. I had a huge piece of property that was not developed and my desire was to formalize it, but I walked across it and up a hill to the street where I met people who were playing hooky and entering contests. My two brothers were in front of a ski-shop and they were promoting a 'ski on jello" fun event for late November. I walked on up 16th St. at that point with a lot of foreign people who were on tour. I came to a pile of books that had been set outside and began to look though them.  

Some Chinese men decided to do the same. I glance through the books which were used and set them aside for the men, but I kept two well-worn math books for my children.

I then went on and helped some teenagers with some balance lessons and gain their awards for completion.


10-13-92 - DREAM - I was asked to play the piano for the choir at a church. I was wearing an pale pink suit and matching by brimmed hat and pink high heeled shoes. The hat covered my hair and my face, so nobody knew who I was and I could hear people whispering behind me, wondering who I was.

We sat down to practice together and meanwhile someone accused me of stealing something because she was jealous. I knew who had done the accusing, a woman named Gert, and I could prove that she had done it herself, so I wrote down the whole scenario how she had accomplished while I was in church, but I didn't have time to give it to anyone because I was going to play the piano for a funeral.

I could not, in good taste, wear all pink for the funeral, so I took off the jacket and not, so I was wearing a white blouse with the pink skirt. I helped another girl fit a skirt on so she looked good and some guy was immediately admiring her.

I then decided that everyone should eat something before the funeral and then I got all upset because I didn't see any regular food in the kitchen for the children. I was just about to yell at someone when I saw that someone else had already started cooking bacon, eggs, and toast over on the stove. I went over to finish it and immediately dumped a pile of salt in the middle of the pan.

Then I was yelled at for ruining the food, but I sad that I could rescue it because all the salt was in one spot. So I rescued the food and gave it to the kids on a platter.

I saw then, at the bottom of the pan, what looked like miniature antique toys and I couldn't leave those in there, so I started fishing them out onto another platter to save them. There were grandfather and wall clocks, telephones, dishes, all kinds of antique furniture, all in light-blue, then I saw wild animals and I rescued them too and the last thing out on top of the pile were grey and white striped tigers or panthers.


10-14-92 - MEDITATION - My desire was to help the mother of my daughter-in-law's soul to get to her proper place in heaven. I saw a complete circle of people all holding hands surrounding her and a tremendous group of people all welcomed her and hugged her.


10-14-92 - DREAM - I was given a choice of 5 different healing plans to choose from for my own problems.


10-14-92 - DREAM - I was in the country and felt threatened by some scary looking men, so I ran inside a barn, avoiding all the big animals and when I saw an aisle with puppies, kittens and little children, I ran towards them because I knew I would be safe there.


10-14-92 - DREAM - I was in a big building which I took care of for other people. I was told that there would be a meeting at 8:30 a.m. and I should have the building looking good for them. When the time came, I opened the door and there was a puddle of water beneath the door. I began to mop it towards the near4est drain, but some other guy wanted to sweep it towards a different drain. So, I straightened out his thinking and meanwhile, many of my old bosses came in to have a meeting and here we were still trying to clean up the water.

I had some heavy, thick folders, full of projects to work on and they were starting to get wet. I thought about what I would do if they got too wet to work on. I knew I could start another project until it dried.


10-15-92 - DREAM - I was trying to make the bed over a bed-ridden white haired man. I was doing it for Becky, so she could stay in bed. It burned out like a comedy act of errors. The more I tried to straighten the covers, the worse the situation got. The blankets were too far to one side and when I pulled them over, the whole spring shifted over, and when I straightened the spring, he had all the blankets pulled out again. I was getting really frustrated.

A priest came to give him communion and brought a couple bags of candy. So then, I had to clean up all the candy wrappers. He got up to go to the bathroom and all the blankets ended up on the floor. There was a blue sheet on the bed. The priest brought communion to us, and gave it to me also. I was laying on the bed myself at that point, exhausted from my efforts. The communion was shaped like a vitamin pill and it was the sweetest pill I had ever tasted.

The man went to get dressed then and I saw that on the bed, there were actually two mattresses on the bed and they didn't even touch in the middle.

So, I finally got the bed made and I went into another room where the man was standing by a window, looking out. In that room also was a black man and woman. She was bare breasted and dancing for the black man.

I said to the man, "Don't ever expect me to spend all day making the bed again."

He answered, "Okay, I won't"


10-14-92 - DREAM - My back was aching really bad on one side and then on the other. Finally, I realized I had pneumonia. I tried to cough, but couldn't. My back felt so tight on both sides. So, I went for treatment at a house on 17th St.


10-15-92 - MEDITATION - I was seeing a series of numbers like in a lottery ticket. The second number across in the second row flipped over and turned black. the voice said, "This number is flipped over so the truth be known."

Then I saw a man dressed all in black, sitting in a wheelchair. He said, "This is so the truth be known."

NOTE: In Acts 1: 26, the Apostles drew lots to see who would replace Judas Iscariot.  In Mark 15, the people drew lots to see who would get Jesus clothing when he was crucified.


10-15-92 - MEDITATION:  Q. Who is going to be elected President on November 3, 1992?

A. I saw a huge white building to my right. There was a driveway with railings along it that turned off the road and formed a shallow U before going back to the road.  A voice asked my daughter-in-law Becky when her birthday is (April 4). When the date came to mind, the voice said, "Now we have something in common." and I saw two station wagons pull off the road onto this U shaped driveway and pull up to the entrance of the big building.  The second station wagon was pulling a short wagon on which a casket was laid, covered with a heavy blue cloth with a (gold fringe and a golden eagle emblazoned on the center top of the casket. The second station wagon was colored metallic blue/greenish.

Q. Is George Bush going to be re-elected President of the U.S. on November 3, 1992?

A. "Who was standing on top of the vehicle in St. Louis?"  (I had seen Clinton standing on the top of a truck bed in a parade in another vision which took place in St. Louis. )

A. "He foresees everything and accepts it all."

NOTE:  Clinton was elected to two consecutive terms (the 2 station wagons) and the problems with Clinton and the impeachment in the second term certainly could be represented by the casket with the eagle on it.


10-16-92 - DREAM - I was at work at A-C and spent time on my own to research and update data and specs for repairing castings.  I was doing this on my own time, doing more than my job required. I knew that I was earning my bosses respect.

I had rented an apartment with some 'other women' and then i met a man that I used to date many years ago. I was at the mall helping out an old girlfriend with some typing, and we were going to ask for a job in a woman's apparel store where my cousin Judy worked.

The man asked if I would like him to come over to my place at 8 p.m. I knew that he just expected instant sex because we had dated previously, but I had tentative plans with my girlfriend, so I told him that I didn't know if I was going to be home and didn't let him know in 10 minutes.

My girlfriend and I went into the store to apply for the job and when I came out, the man was gone. In his place was a note of apology for him not giving me the respect I deserved and that he was going to send me a dozen red and white roses on sunday to make up for his bad behavior.


10-17-92 - NIGHTMARES - I was in my West Allis house on 66th St. and a woman came by walking a bicycle and she was carrying a radio or electronic gizmo of some kind and a yellow robe. She told me a story about the robe and a woman who had used it and became possessed by the devil.

I scoffed at the story, took the robe and the gizmo and went to the bedroom. I threw the robe carelessly, which was rubberized inside, and on the bed and plugged the gizmo in.  I looked at the robe and saw that it had 6 little white or yellow button-type lights on the edges. One on each side by the head, two at the bottom on each side by the feet, and two more about a foot higher.

I was laughing and giggling at the ridiculous story and jumped onto the bed, still giggling and lay down on the robe and I was jiggling my feet up and down, pretending I was possessed and laughing. Sudden, from inside of me, I felt a power take hold and make me start vibrating up and down for real uncontrollably. My eyes began to bug out, anger and hate began to come into my mind and i felt like my tongue was swelling.

I still had enough presence of mind to realize that the story about the robe was true and knew I had to get off of it and stop what as happening, but I was already half possessed.

I jumped off the bed and went across to the mirror and saw my body as swollen and grotesque. I tried to break the mirror with my fist, half wanting to smash the mirror and half realizing that I had to stop the feelings raging in my head so the mirror didn't break.

I ran to the left and tried to yank the plug of the gizmo out of the wall, but something got in the way. I wanted to pray, but the words came out of my mouth, "Go away God!" I realized it was the gizmo that was at fault here and made an extra hard effort to pull the plug out of the wall and when I did, started waving my arms around wildly and dispel the evil energies in the air and begged God to help.

Gradually, the evil energies began to calm down and I realized that everything the woman with the robe had told me was true.

I woke up because the telephone rang and went right back to sleep. I went right back to sleep and was in my 16th St. house, still remembering about the previous experience.

It was time to get Edward off to work. I had a knife in my hand, making sandwiches or something. I went to the livingroom and Ed took the knife from my hand and sliced his own thumb so blood was running from it. His eyes glazed over had he held the bloody thumb towards me and waved the knife around towards me in a threatening manner. I buried my face in my hands, and started to cry, half pretending, half for real because I knew that was the response he was looking for and as long as I was crying he wouldn't do anything further. The blood thickened on his thumb and he jammed his hand into his pocket and told me to give him all my money , he would buy lunch at work.

I jumped up and went to the kitchen. There were two other people there, my son Tom and a small girl. The girl said that tom owed her 23 cents for something and I gave her the amount. She left and then I worried that Ed would be mad about not getting the 23 cents himself. I counted out the money, including all the dimes and nickels, quarters and pennies. It came to over $5.00. I gave every penny I had to him and he put it in his pocket and left for work with his eyes half glazed over.

I knew I had to pack up and leave before he came home again because he might try to kill me with the knife when he got home.  I went to the telephone to tell T.M. about the experience with the robe and the knife incident.

I dialed 383 first and then realized that was his previous number, hung up and redialed 475-4355. I could hear voices on the phone and realized it was my daughter-in-law Becky and another girl I worked with. I heard the girl say, 'the call is coming in now."  T.M. came on the phone and at the same time, two guys came from next door and one of them had a problem and needed something.  I began the story and some other people came who wanted to rent an apartment. They overheard the beginning of my story and wanted to hear the whole thing, but I didn't think it was appropriate to tell it to them.

The first guy said he would show their people the apartment. they were a tall, thin couple, full of smiles, and I knew they would be good for the building. So, as they left, I went back to telling the story to T.M. on the phone ... and my real phone rang and woke me up.


10-18-92 - DREAM - I was in an office and those purchase orders I never typed were still in the drawer and never sent out. The due date was 11-22-92.  (Why has no one ever checked on these parts from the vendors?)  In the dream, I said I was going to mail them tomorrow. All the letters I was supposed to mail haven't been typed and mailed either. (Why has no one wondered why they haven't been answered?)


10-29-92 - DREAMS  I had many little dreams and woke up frequently.

I had a baby and was laying on my side on the floor in the hospital, along with two other women who also had babies so we would bleed to death. The babies had been removed and we would be seeing them.

I had a half negro baby and that was deemed good so it could work in black neighborhoods as well as white.


10-19-92 - DREAM - I was in Elgin, IL. A friend of mine was in prison and I was preparing final records, which showed how much time I had spent on him and how much it was worth, and i had  box of other books and papers that were from our relationship. When I finished all these papers, I as going to Xerox the set, so I would have a copy and would give all the originals back to my friend and I would be done with him.

I was still getting the papers together when my friend Alice called on the phone. She was all upset. She had just seen a Christmas card that another woman had designed. Ever her husband was upset about it. She wanted to come down to Elgin and show it to me because the card meant two things . #1 - that she had no imagination and #2 and that she was planning to live a long time.

Alice and I were huddled together on a green lawn watching the ran go into the ground that watered the little plants that were growing. Alice said, "I'm worried about something else too."  I said, "What's that?"  That she is going to drive T.M. to kill her, because she won't die on her own."

I thought about that for a moment and it rather came to me that perhaps that was why I had so much experience with people in prison, the T.M. was going to be in prison for the rest of his life for killing the woman and I would be visiting him every day and I wouldn't be afraid to do that.

Then I wondered if the woman was aware that T.M. had so much insurance on her and every aspect of their life so that when she died, he would have all that money.


10-18-92 - MEDITATION - Spirit said, "Who is Daniel Amax?"   (Daniel means "God will judge")

Spirit tweaked my nose really hard and the vision came in.  Spirit then said, "Dolores! What are you doing?" (I think I was trying to meditate on what the purchase orders for 11-22-92 are for.)


10-20-92 - DREAM - My daughter-in-law Becky was learning mall photography and taking a series of pictures of the same person. The guy training her said she was pretty bad, but that she would learn.


10-21-92 - DREAM - Two dreams about working for Paul (my real boss)  We were all like family and it was nice. In the last dream, Paul was talking about the company having just moved to Milwaukee and mentioned that they had been in Alabama previously.

I wondered if that meant that I might be able to travel with the company. One girl was very uptight about when another person was going to do something and threatened to quit over it. I just said, "What do you care when he does it, just so he does it."  Then I walked into an office where Paul was cleaning a floor and my nose was all snotty and I needed to blow it. I told him that I felt as though I as coming down with a cold. He said that I probably picked it up from someone else. I saw a whole pile of peeled oranges on a place and knew that I had better eat at least one.


10-22-92 - DREAM - My son Tom, my grandchildren and I were studying up on how to capture UFOs.


10-23-92 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building. My apartment was on the 1st floor. there were many stairways in this building and it was kind of like on 30th and Wisconsin Ave. I heard that there was some type of rapist attacker loose in the city and then that he was in my building.

I went out in the hall and someone told me that the attacker was upstairs. I didn't know who or where he was, but I was going to find him. Suddenly, a stranger came in the window and I confronted him, grabbed him, and rolled backwards taking him with me.  When he landed, both legs broke under him. I was up and out of there in a flash and down the stairs 3 and 4 at a time. I had to get back down to my apartment to call the police. When I got downstairs, someone said there was a fire.  I ran outside and saw a lot of smoke. Someone said an apartment was on fire. I thought it was in my building, but there was so much smoke, I couldn't tell. Finally, I saw that it was a building on the other side of the street and not my own.  (The fire department called our area 'paper roof row."  I wanted to get back into my apartment, but I had come outside without my keys so I had to go around the front. I figured someone would buzz me back into the building but I didn't know how I'd get back into my apartment and I hadn't taken my locksmith radio and figured that my boss Tom would be mad because I wasn't manning the phone either.   People were huddled on the streets, trying to sleep, afraid to go inside and when I got inside, people were sleeping on the stairs, afraid to go to their apartments.  Someone loaned me their ring of keys and I went up to the front door. I was amazed because, for such a young person, they carried a ring of keys as big as my own.


10-23-92 - DREAM - I was at home in new Berlin and we had all the bare ground covered with red and white stones. The last truck driver made a comment as he delivered that  last load that 'you really know you made a mistake when you turn around and the red and white load is coming out green."

There was a part where we went to the grocery store and had to have the cars fixed too. I wanted to go home quickly because we had three rectangular pizzas with a lot of meat on them and I was afraid the meat would spoil. I packed soda cans around it but they were really cold enough to help.

I was in a livingroom, looking into my fish tanks. One little tank had a little red fish it made out of red and yellow feathers and another had plastic balloon type fish, brilliantly painted. R. R. came inn. I was exclaiming how cute they were. He tried to get on the couch with me, but there was no room and he was breathing in my ear. He said, "Move over in the astral", like that was going to make room on whatever level we were on.

Then I went to another room and i was told we were having company. I needed to change clothes. My Mom came in and I told her right back and continued through the room. My husband's whole family had gathered were cooking together and setting the table. I felt guilty because I wasn't ready or helping with preparations.

Then someone's big black dog came in and was smelling my crotch and I yelled at someone to come and take it away. Someone else told a story about a young girl who had played roughhouse with a puppy at a farm and then gone home for the winter months. The girl came back the following summer. The dog remembered her joyously, but now he was full grown and more than twice as big, but he didn't know that and jumped all over her. Naturally, she was frightened and they had to remove the dog to his great dismay.

I tried to get upstairs so I had changed clothes, but the stairway had disappeared and there was only a window in that spot, so I wandered around, trying to find the stairway upstairs until I woke up.


10-24-92 - DREAM - The deliveries are now beginning to come in on the purchase orders that had dates of 10-28-92. These are the nuts and bolts and other connectors. One larger piece came in. It was an electric box called a Furnizalator. None of us know what that was. It was the size of a stereo component, maybe a little wider, with a brown wooden cabinet and a lot of buttons on the front.

Most of the purchase orders pulled from the file drawer were marked with a big black letter 'F' over the vendor's name. One part that came in was a "Hectare". (A hectare is  a metric unit of area equal to 10,000 square meters. A meter is approximately 39.37 inches ...  so the hectare equals approximately 2.471 acres. ) Three of the people in the office were trying to get help to move. The youngest secretary is moving on the 10th. One on the 13th and the oldest one on the 14th. One of the men was moving up from Chicago to get closer to work.

Meanwhile I was trying to get job interviews for myself nearby in an office building that had many different types of companies in it.


10-24-92 - MEDITATION - Spirit said, "You should buy men's shaving cream called 'Paulo's delight" and one vendor will be in Canada Refrigeration Components"  Parts should be requested for beginning deliveries for (translated over) Oct. 14, 1993.  Communications should be done by mouth, not by belt.

One you start the project, you'll have to keep on top of it every minute. Pay $.00 /per hour rather than $8 which you wont be able to keep up with. You're going to need 3 different kinds of solder.  Go home and get some sleep now Dolores!"

NOTE: I didn't do anything with this.


10-24-92 - MEDITATION - Voice "We're looking for pictures."  I saw a book open up. There was Alaska on the top half of the page and Europe on the bottom half. They were covered in black.  The voice said, "The black means they are covered over ... capped so to speak. " There were bright grooves along the coastline going inward.  I asked what that was.  The voice said, "That where the destruction is."

NOTE:  The last large earthquakes in Alaska were in 1957, 9.1; 1964, 9.2; 1965, 8.7.  The large quake in Alaska moved the land towards the coastline by 70 feet.  It caused millions of dollars in damage as the quake not only damaged buildings and land, but it caused a huge tsunami which came back in and slammed every building and pieces of debris which destroyed many other buildings as well. The earthquake was felt over approximately 7,000,000 square mile of Alaska, and portions of the Yukon Territory and Canada. The tsunami wave left serious damage along the Gulf of Alaska, Canada, Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States.

In Europe, most of the other quakes occur in the Alpine belt, which cuts across Europe and Asia from Burma to southern Europe and North Africa.  This prophecy follows along with the previous one from 7-24-89 where France, Spain, and Portugal were given.  

In the book of Isaiah, Chapter 24, a similar prophecy was given against Tyre in Egypt. If one looks at a map, it follows the same earthquake fault and is directly across the narrow mediterranean from Europe.

"The earth is completely broken down; the earth is totally rent—the earth is moved exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; it shall fall, and not rise again. And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Eternal shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth. They will be gathered together as prisoners in a pit; they will be shut up in a prison, and after many days they will be punished. Then the moon will e confounded, and the sun ashamed; for the Lord of hosts will reign on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem and before his elders he will manifest his glory." (Isaiah 24:19-23).


This dream followed my ex-husband accident where he cut off all his fingers from a wood saw.

10-24-92 - DREAM -  I was in a house and I heard sirens. I looked out and firemen were climbing in a basement window of the house across the street. They shone their lights around and didn't see anything but smoke, so they ran all the way to the attic and that's where the fire was. They opened the window and I could see the reflection of the fire on the ceiling of the attic room. All the people in the house were evacuated and all the people from the upper levels of my house were evacuated too.

A couple firemen came to my house and watched from my vantage point so they could see what I was seeing.  I looked out the windows in the other direction and saw hundreds of people in the streets watching not only the fire, but watching me walking through my house. I figured they were wondering how I was reacting to the fire and what I would do.

The fire was put out and my whole family gathered in the livingroom. The kids were all rolling around and playing on the floor.

One of the firemen remained to watch all the rest of the engine and crew left and the people could all go home. One of the women said that I could have put on an act for the people to watch, but I said that wasn't the way I wanted to be.

NOTE: My ex-husbands fingers were all re-attached and he's going to be okay! Thank God!


10-25-92 - DREAM - I was at a house and saw that the ocean outside was drained. Many people were in ships that fell over, many were rescued, but many died.

I didn't know what caused this, but people were out there digging graves on the ocean floor,  knowing that the water would come back. I didn't understand why anyone would do that either.

The Pope showed up and came in the door, then the minister of my old Lutheran church arrived, dressed like a priest and began trying to kiss the Pope on the face and the neck, in a homosexually -looking way.

We went into the house and saw where the water had been shut off and released it, but saw it wasn't clear water, it was dirty and polluted.

Later, I was given an award letter , but refused the gifts that went with it. Then I saw another letter on the bottom it said, "Change of mind." The award was a box of fresh menstrual pads I could use.

NOTE: The last gift was interesting because I had a bleeding problem for 6 years due to using estrogen drugs for so many years.


10-26-92 - DREAM - I sold something to an Indian that was pale blue and yellow. Someone said that blue and yellow weren't Indian colors. I said, "They are now!"  He just bought them from me.


10-26-92 - DREAM - I was working at A-C. I had about 4 desks. I was pretty sure I had all my work done, but I needed to check to be sure. As I did this, I found a rag to wash off the tops of the desk where it was dusty. I went to a ladies washroom and got the rag wet, went back and cleaned one desk, but the rag dried too fast to use it on a second desk, so I had to go back. In doing so, I noticed that the south half of the building was all dark and nobody was in int.

I ended up on the second floor, found the ladies room and warm water as pouring from the ceiling. I wanted to go upstairs and find out the problem, but when I went to the stairs, it only went up to the top of the counter. I thought to myself, 'when you're on the 2nd floor, the stairs only go to the 2nd floor.  If you want to go higher, you have to use the elevator."  

I went to the end of the counter and found a pile of office notebooks and other things. They all appeared to be mine. One was a project folder that looked like either the Ray Book or the Energy Boo. I took them with me back to my office.

Bob Hope was sitting at a desk there. He said, "Remember, you promised to bake me some cookies if this coffee is any good."  He poured it out and it was at least day old, and looked awful.  He dumped it out and admitted that he couldn't drink it.  I wiped up the desk and thought, "I've worked for 2 celebrities in my life, Bob Hope... and I couldn't think of the other one's name, but I could remember his face. He played in may musical comedies.

NOTE:  I didn't type this up until the year 2001, and by then I had dreamed about many celebrities. My favorite dream was about Jay Leno.  I also dreamed about Jerry Lewis, Robin Williams, Hitler, several about Bob Hope, several other comedians and celebrities I couldn't think of the names of... 'sorry guys'... :-(   I've also had numerous dreams with the characters from the television show One Life to Live which I watch every day ... for about 30 years except when I was working every day.


10-28-92 - DREAM - I was sitting at my disk in the office and my boss gave me a stack of computer data cards to go through to verify names and addresses because he planned to give substantial raises in rent to eliminate the riff-raff types.

I riffled the cards and saw several address of 1971 and several 1473. There were others, but I didn't note them.

I though there had been more cards the previous year, but I wasn't sure. They handed me a wallet that had more cards in it on the side. I opened it up, but there was only a check in it,a nd some store coupons. I was thinking that my bosses wife had lost the cards somehow, but I didn't make any big deal out of it.

Then I was at home and my mother was helping me plan my birthday party. It was supposed to be a dance and there were to be 25 couples invited. I didn't know 25 couples I told her, so she was helping me to come up with an address list of my friends.

My Dad came in then and called me aside. He said,  "Come into the livingroom. I want to give you your birthday present now, because I'm taking your mother to visit your grandparents up north for Christmas and you can't come along."

He handed me a money order folded up. It took me a minute to figure out which way to hold it, so the writing was right side up and read the amount on it. It was for $15,575.78 with 62 cents withheld. I was shocked at the large amount and I woke up before I could say anything.


10-29-92 - DREAM - I was chanting the Our Father on a single note with a little trill at the end of the sentence.

DREAM - A man with sparkly silver skin told me that there would be a Saviour of the world.

I took a young boy into the basement of 20th St. school for the preview of a show like Rummage-O-Rama, One of the booths had a question and answer machine. One of the questions was , "Will the Saviour of the World be  DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICAN, OTHER.

The little boy hit DEMOCRAT by mistake and the machine flashed in red ' ERROR'  , ' ERROR'.


10-30-92 - DREAM - I was approving many different species of animals.

DREAM - I was okaying many people's passing of test grades.

DREAM - I was in the hospital. A doctor, dressed in blue came in, listened to my heart with a stethoscope. He said, "You're fine!" smiled broadly, and said, "I'm outa here."  i assumed he would sign my release papers at the desk and I could go home.

DREAM - I was in an office and had a list of books to read and thing to be done, which I wanted to retype so I'd have my own list to refer to.


10-31-92 - DREAM - I was with a group of people in New Berlin, standing on the edge of a field, standing on sand. A police car was going by and they were watching us. we were trying to decide if we should be standing all in a line or if it was all right to face each other half and half.

A brown skinned black man on my right commented that the black, black woman standing at the back of the group didn't fit in because she was different. I pointed out to him that each of us was different and unique each in our own way. Then we lined up across from each other so we could communicate better.