10-1-99 - DREAM - I spend a long time working on the project. It seemed to be a newspaper ad. I placed the name of the city, 'TORONTO' inside a box made of silever x's.

Beneath the x's appeared another box with a list of all the good things about the city. After that was finished, I wasn't satisfied until I changes all the x's to *** (stars)


10-1-99 - (This dream has no basis in fact and the girl in the dream is about someone who recently met online when I used to know in person briefly and she and my ex-husband never met. The dream doesn't make any sense to me though. I understand the emotions well. The dream takes place in New Berlin, WI.

The characters in the dream were my ex-husband Jim this woman I'll call J andher boyfriend.

In the dream I was married to Jim andhe invited J to come and stay with us because she had nowhere to stay because her and her girlfriend had split up over something and she had been kicked out.

It wasn't long and I caught Jim and J tanding closely face to face and he put his hand gently on her face under her chin and she gently lifted her fact so that she was staringinto his eyes. Theyw re about to kiss when I caught them.

My emotions exploded and I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her through the house and told her to get the hell out of my house.

I put her outside and locked the door, noticing that outside stood Mel (male) (he has since left the show)  from One Life to Live and a couple other men.

Then I and my husband went upstairs. I forced my husband to lay on the bed and I lay close to his manhood by laying heavily on him and making him wince by squishing his balls with my leg.

Meanwhile J came back into the house by another door and was packing her stuff and her boyfriend also showe dup. The both demanded to know what she had done wrong.

Both of them sat on the bed with me and my hsuband I deonstrated howo my husband had cupped her face with hishand and she responded with the same goo goo eyes to me like shehad with my husband. I saw her eyes just inches from mine with a ton of mascara around her eyes, even more than Tammy Faye Baker. I started to yell at her, "You are nothing but an actress." and again told her to get out of my house.

This time she lamented that she had nowhere to go and showed me a large, handwritten biography of her life that was written in tiny writting and told me I should read the story of her life.

I told her that it didn't matter how pitiful her life was, she had no right to take my husband from me.

She said, "You don't understand what it feels like to get thrown out of someone's house unfairly."

I said, "I understand exactly what it feels like to get thrown out of the place you live because I used to live with a girl named Stella (this was true). We had a fight over the ironing board. We both used it and neither of us put it away and I got blamed for not taking care of it. So I understand exactly how it feels to be kicked out for something stupid. However, in your case, had I let this go on, it wouldn't have stopped with just a kiss and again told her to get out of my house and she and her boyfriend left and I woke up.


10-2-99 - DREAM - I was headed to a place whre I used to livein the country and get some furniture I had left behind. I got to the house and it was boarded up. I knew the furniture was still in there but there was no way to get to it. My hsuband had stopped off at the barn. I saw the cops go inthere and arrest him. Other people came out of the barn then. I was expecting them to be arrested too but the cops didn't seem to be interested in them. These people seemed peasant-like.

At first I was worried they might attack me because it was obvious I wasn't like them. But when they stopped to eat, they didn't use utensils, but used their bare hands. I was just like them, because I had to eat with just my hands too.

I needed to go home but was going to stop at the corner drug store on 17th and Center before I went there.

I parke the car and then noticed there was a big emeting going on donthe street. I walked in and saw that here were men, all dressed in blue suits. I didn't belong here either and besides that I wasn't weering nay clothes below my butt. Where my shirt ended, that was it, so I couldn't bend over.

I was about ready to go home and fund that by walking around in her, I had made myself a sand pit and I was trapped in it. It felt so good under my feet that I hated to leave it. But I climbed over the wall I had created and went over to the food table. I was going to take some stuff home because there was so much here. I also noticed that huge packages were being sent to people from here. They were almost as big as pillows.

I also saw that I had left two umbrellas here, a clear one and a dark blue one. I saw at least nine with my name on them and one with the name 'Schroeder."  I had to get home before the mail got there.

I went over to the long trestle type food table and pickd up a package of frozen carrots and a package of frozen green beans. There were in industrial type sized packages so when I stacked them up in my arms, I could barely tuck them under my chin and they were frozen, so they were really cold.

A guy from C.D. showed up ... (Norbie) and told me he would carry half the load. I was grateful and thanked him.

I was about to leae and had my two umbrellas and the carrots and some mail and I spotted a potted lily I anted.

But to pick up the lily I dropped the carrots. It was at that point Norbie came back and asked me if I was still coming with him carrying half the load, I was able to pick up the lily and carry that too. It seemed that the carrots had thawed and were growing now too.  I picked them up too.

The memeting of world leaders broke up and I spotted someone I knew on sight. (I can't remember now who it was) He recognized me and we both said, "Oh! I didn't know you were here."

I walked out the front door where the bus stop was. There were so many people standing here waiting for the bus, I couldn't walk on the sidwalk. The people stretched half way up the block so to get back to my car, I had to walk in the street.

So I headed up the street. It was narrow with building walls right up to the sidwalk. A huge tank came down the street. I was able to squeeze in along the people on the sidewalk and it went by. Then another army type vehicle came along and I had to squeeze myself into about 6" while it went by.

Then a huge red tank with a big cannon on it came along. This one was bigger than all the rest and I couldn't see any way to get past this one. The cannon came around and almost hit me in the head just as I woke up. (This last one was made out of wood.) ( WWI, WWII, and WWIII, the red being Russian. )


10-3-99 - DREAM - I was living in a house that had a couple offices in it and the basement was being finished off. There was a lot going on it the same time.

I had decided to write a book about sports but nobody knew it yet. I was able to telephone my bosses to get advice from them, there were 3 phones and when the connection was made, conversing with them, actually brought them into physical manifestation into the house. I was attempting to press three outfits to wear and I had an ironing machine which did this automatically. It had a sticky cloth which was on a roller and drew the cloth upward into the machine, pressed it and the cloth came out of the presser roller on the front feeeling warm and freshly pressed.  The machine announced what it was doing in a female voice in German. It said three words one of which was 'hein" as it rolled the clothing out. One of the outfits was bright red like a silk coat.

I was also cooking dinner and while the meat was cooking, I was preparing fresh vegetables to go with the dinner. I had placed some celery into a plastic container in the refrigerator and when I got it out and starting removing it from the container, I saw that it was embedded with bugs in all stages from eggs to larvae to crawling bugs, including microscopic sized crawly things. The lettuce wasn't any better. So I had to throw it away without anyone knowing, I had planned to serve it.

My daughter-in-law Debe came in the back door and smelled the meat cooking and I knew the overall smell was wonderful though nobody knew about the bugs.

I had a narrow necked vase I intended to fill with water. I reached out the window with the vase in my right hand and had to put my left hand out the left window next to it. There was a painter standing right there working on the outside of the house. The vase I had was Etruscan with beautiful colorful figures painted on it. I dipped it into the soil at the base of the house and the soil was almost bright red and somewhat like sand. As I dumped the sand out of the vase, it broke up into sections like the figures on the vase had been made of individual pieces and glued together. I placed the figures in a row and saw how beautiful they  were, and I knew there were more vases in the soil along the base of the house and the painter assured me that the broken vase was more valueable than when it was whole.

Someone brought me a candle while I had my hand stuck out of the window. The candle had just been poured and set and the man placed the figure of a small man on top of the candle which was two inches wide and about 2 inches tall.

I decided the candle would look better with a femle figure on top of it and when I pulled the male figure off and replaced it with the female figure which was wider. I noticed that the inside was still somewhat melted and not set yet. The inside of the candle was red but the outside was a bluish color ... aqua.

Right after that my boss and I went out to the garage Somehow we both sat behind the wheel of the car. I stuck my left leg out of the window so he could see how beautiful and shapely it was. However a teenage boy went by and commented sexually on what I was doing, so I pulled my leg back into the car.

I went back into the house and the contractor's trucks were arriving to pour concrete in the basement to make a new white floor.

A young teen boy to my right said, "Oh great! When it's done I can ride my bike down there", and I knew he'd have to ride his bike in a figure 8 the sign of infinity.

I also knew then I wasn't going to write my book about sports, but about the 'danger's of sports'.


10-4-99 - DREAM - I was creating a web page about the assassination of JfK.


10-4-99 - DREAM - (I don't remember how this started)

I was in an office or other place where many people came. Two young men challenged each other to see how much they could drink without stopping. Each one had a bottle of brandy or some liquor that was light brown. They opened them, tilted them up and placed the opened bottle up to their opened mouths and with their heads tilted back, began pouring the liquor in. We were all astonished at how much they could swallow. They were almost done with the bottle and I knew they would want more, so I went across the street to the bar and told the bartender to prepare for a large crowd because they would be over shortly to continue the contest. I asked him then if I could stash some wrapping paper to wrap the gift I would be giving to the winner of the contest. So I took a roll of Christmas wrapping paper into the next room which was like a store and put it behind some racks to wait for the winner of the contest to emerge. The roll was 7 feet tall and really pretty.

I then went into another room which rather looked like a church. There was a tall pulpit-like structure on the far wall of the room which was empty, not even any furniture. Three nuns in modern garb stood beind the pulpit and one said to the other two .. "maybe we should give gifts too!!"  I thought to myself, "A real church automatically gives gifts to those who believe."


10-4-99 - This might belong to the previous dream. I was looking at a series of tests everyone had to complete and saw that the number had been doubled from 4 to 8.

I was going to walk to 50th St. but realized I would also have to walk all the way back again, so I didn't go.

My husband (Jim) showed up and said he would drive me home. I got into the car and he said he knew of a shortcut and made a right turn onto Highway 120 which I had never been on before . I assume he knew the way home. There were large semi-trucks and cars going the other way so I wasn't concerned at first about the road. But as we wetn along, it would appear that the road ended and we'd get close to that point and the way would become apparent and although the road was narrower, it continued on. The farther we went, the more beautiful the scenery became and the taller and greener the trees were so I wasn't worried.

Finally the scenery got so beautiful and so green I was awestruck and thought to myself, "Oh! My God! I would love to build a house here.

Just as I thought that, the road came to an abrupt end amongst the beautiful green rees and we drove off into a verdant green meadow.


10-4-99 - DREAM - I was working in a large office. Nobody was there at the moment but me. I had ordered a lot of office supplies including a signature stamp of my bosses name because he was rarely there and we didn't like to wait around for him to show up and sign papers to approve things, so this dark haired man with the dreadlocks told e to order the stamp. I wasn't really expecting the stamp to arrive with the rest of the supplies because it took 3 weeks for signature stamps to get done.

There was nothing to do while I was waiting so I got up and went over to my bosses desk which was black and I began to straighten out a junk box he had on to of the desk. He had a lot of fingernail files in the box. I really needed those, so I was planning to help myself t one.

Just then the other women who worked in the office came in and the office supply delivery arrived at the same time. I was glad they arrived at a time it looked like I was actually working.

A maintenance repairman named Joe came in then to get a grid he was supposed to work on. We didn't know which one was supposed to be repaired because there were 4 of them. There were 3 together standing upright against the wall and I had the 4th one standing up by another wall and I stood there with my hand on it.


10-5-99 - DREAM - I was in a very strange old brick house. I didn't feel like this was myh house, but I was admiring features inside of it, got a tour of it, did some chores, and was shown something very mysterious.

October 17, 1999  (I can in no way do this dream justice, since it happened twice within the dream, then the 'actors' appeared a third and fourth time and there were conversations in all parts, but here goes)

I was working in a large office and my boss was bringing in a couple from Russia and he asked me to play the part of a sophisticated woman and help make a delivery of some important papers so that the woman wouldn't be frightened off by a big scary American man.

They dressed me up in a long beautiful yellow satin gown with a long satin cape over it and brought in a hair dresser who cut my long hair and combed what was left into a pouffy upsweep using all kinds of wonderful haircare products and sprays, and then pinned it all together in the back with little short pins somewhat like staples because they were square but a lot like the old fashioned hairpins.

There were some other people in the office when I came back out looking like a queen. There were some dark moustached men, a tall blonde guy who looked much like Sam Rappaport, the attorney from the TV show 'One Life to Live', and some other women.

Then the Russian couple came in.  The man was rather short, about 5'5" tall and his wife was rather portly/stout about the same, maybe an inch taller because of her shoes.  They were both dressed rather plain looking with peasant-like clothes, her in a plain flowered cotton dress, and him in just regular men's casual clothes, like gabardine pants and a plain brown shirt.

They brought with them a large medium green envelope which had another smaller envelope inside which was also green of the same shade which had writing on it, and in that envelope had another smaller white envelope with something secret inside.

It was my job to get these people from the office which was around 50th St. to somewhere on the East side without them getting scared off, and then come back to the office.

These people spoke some English so there was no language problem. Before we could go though, I had to go to the bathroom.  Several other women had to go to the bathroom also before me and one toilet had a lid and one didn't. The one that didn't also didn't flush, it just sat there with a little clear water in the bottom, so there was no way I could use that.  

I also didn't want to get my gown dirty so I took off the gown, and went into the dressing room part and looked into the mirror. Here, I saw that my hair was getting messed up and I took it upon myself to take the pins out of my hair, recomb and spray my hair, but it came out nowhere near as nice as the first time, but it was adequate. This all happened in real time, all the combing and spraying was normal except that the spray was foamy.

Then I had to have help getting back into my gown and I needed someone to zipper the dress up and everyone else was busy with their own problems. I managed to get back to the office and now the envelopes had changed, and instead of carrying just paper, one of the envelopes was much larger and contained a small typewriter.

The Russian woman who was originally in the room, was replaced by another woman who was an actress. She was much younger and cuter and played her part well. I knew she was an actress, but she remained in the Russian character with the Russian man.

I suddenly had a vision of myself holding a small brown platform block, the size of a domino, but brown. On top of this platform, all the pins I had taken out of my hair were standing on top on their legs. They were square on top and began to do a slow dance with each other, changing positions and the legs changing like people with knees would move their legs up and down while dancing. This was all in slow motion.

When the vision was over, it went into the next part of the dream.

Instead of leaving right away, we went into another room where music was playing and the men decided they wanted to dance and have a drink and relax a bit before they continued their duties.  

I ended up dancing with several men briefly and was introduced to one man who looked much like Ross Perot and he came out of character long enough to acknowledge that he was really an Englishman and he had long admired me.  We hugged and then another man in a grey suit asked me to dance.  

I was not wearing shoes at this point, just my yellow gown with panty hose and the way he held me I barely had my feet on the floor and he never once stepped on my toes, the rhythm and the dance was so perfect he didn't want to stop. He kissed me in such a way that my heads was somewhat twisted to the right. Our mouths remained together during the entire dance. The music went on and on and other people were commenting about the dancing and when the music was about to end, someone made a comment about me being the perfect 120 pound woman.  (Little did they know I weighed twice that) But I was an actress in this part and I did the part well obviously.

The dance ended and it was time to make the delivery of the package. I was told that if we went downstairs, a limousine would drive us to the destination.  However, before we went, I had to check to make sure the laundry or something was okay in the basement area, and I went down there. The door opened at the bottom of the steps, and inside was the original Russian woman, all her children and their toys scattered all over the floor.  I had to make sure she took care of all that before I could make the delivery and this took some time.

I went back upstairs and the play-acting Russian woman was there and she started to come out of character and be herself. She had a bad cold and started sniffing and coughing. My dress had become unzipped and I need someone to zip it up. I couldn't even reach the bottom hem to get it started.  

We got out to the street, and were going to cross the street to another building to where the limousine was, but it started to downpour with huge drops. I could see the building on the other side, which was on the corner, had an arched alcove where we could run under. The woman who was going to drive the limosine was encouraging us to cross the street in the rain and run for it.

However, besides that I wanted to drive myself and the other three women who were going with me, and my car was parked in the garage over on 57th street and we would have to walk there. That was about 7 blocks away.  Either way we would get wet and my dress wasn't zippered and I was trying to keep it wrapped around my legs, and I had about 5 bottles of these wonderful haircare products I was no way leaving behind.

At the last second, I saw the tall, blonde Sam Rappaport character, standing in a slight alcove. He looked at me with a smile on his face, and then his face contorted into a wicked grin, and his tongue began to come out of his mouth and elongate until it was about 4 feet long. He continued to grin at me.

I woke up at this point, feeling like I had been drugged and was just coming back into consciousness. I wanted to write down the dream but I was so relaxed, I just lay there and thought about it. While I lay there, I had a vision of the the tall blonde character who played Sam Rappaport on the TV show One Life to Live. In front of my eyes, he started to morph from the tall blonde man, down into a three foot tall grey alien.  I was too relaxed to be astonished, but amazed and wondering if that was true went through my mind.

I went back into a dream before I realized it.  I was now in my own apartment, doing normal things. I had all the envelopes from the first dream and was laying them out on a long low table and looking at them.  I noticed that there was two small side by side windows in the door to the hallway, and the faces of the same people from the previous dream would appear in the window with their hands up next to their eyes like they were looking in to see what I was doing and then would go away again.

I opened the door and found two of the guys out in the hall with a pile of groceries and several six packs of beer. They were laying back on their elbows on the floor, ready to start drinking the beer.  I asked them what they were doing out there and they said that they were never allowed to drink at home because they got too rowdy.  But laying out in the hallway was not a good idea either, so I invited them in and told them they could take all the beer into one of the bedrooms and drink it in there.

I closed the door after the guys came in and went back to the sink where I was peeling potatoes and making dinner.  Again, another guy came to the door and looked in, so I went to the door and the guy was walking away.  I hollered at him, "Hey! Why didn't you just knock?" He looked at me rather strangely. At that moment he was wearing a grey sweatshirt and gabardine pants and he stepped inside the next door for less than a second and I could see his shirt and pants change in less than an instant into bluejeans and a red and black large checked shirt and he grew a moustache in that less than an instant as well.  (It was like watching Superman change from Clark Kent to his Superman costume)

He came into the apartment and I tried to pretend I hadn't seen what just happened.  I went back to my potato peeling and he came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders.  I was still cutting the ends off of french fries and cutting them into smaller pieces. I said, "I'm sure glad I'm my normal self!"  

He said, "Are you sure you are?"

and I woke up.

October 20, 1999 - I had a brief dream about a web page on which I was writing the history of Ancient Mexico from 775 AD to 1075 AD. It was written in two divided sections and then it ended.  

October 20, 1999 - I had a brief dream about a web page on which I was using links from a previously written page about Ancient Mexico history and it included the story of the calendar they created and how time ended in 2012.

October 21, 1999 -  DREAM - I was in an apartment, wondering about the dreams I had had about ancient mexico and discovered that my maintenance man had written a play about ETs and how humans had morphed into little short white suited ETs which flew off to save another planet from destruction.  There were songs in it like a little pretty one about angels having their souls saved, and another one that was cute with a black man singing his deep voiced  'boom boom boom boom' under the other voices.  I had it written in a black loose leafed folder and was carrying it around, trying to keep it from prying eyes while getting ready to submit it to the same guy that Michele's book was taken from for the HBO movie.  It came to my attention that I had been keeping receipts and records of business that had been going on, but hadn't written it in a book and neglected that part of my job.  I then got a new TV set about 12" and plugged it into the back side of another 12" TV set and I was going to use that to watch this new play I was writing.

October 27, 1999 - DREAM -  It started out at home, that I had forgotten I had a job and was walking around in my green and white striped bathrobe. (This is my own). After I remembered that I had a job, I was making excuses in my mind that other people get sick and don't call in and one missed day wasn't so bad, etc.  However, once I remembered I had a job, I had to go in which I did and then tried to pretend that I had been there all the time, they just hadn't seen me.

I was on my way to my office and kept getting waylayed by various people who wanted me to look at this or that and give my opinion on it like it really counted.

I had to walk through an auditorium/lunchroom type place and I was still changing clothes from my bathrobe to office attire. I was naked from the waist up, but holding two short sleeved sweaters in front of me, one beige and one white one. I was trying to pretend this was normal and everybody did this.  

I saw someone was taking care of my baby daughter and feeding it some milk from a bottle. Other people were keeping me so busy I couldn't do this myself so I relented and allowed others to do this. I tried to keep my eye on who had her, but finally I lost track of her completely. A lot of the people had left and I had no idea where she was.

I went into a closet like area where other clothes were hanging on hangers and pulled one of the sweaters over my head. However, when it came down over my body, it wasn't at all like the sweaters I had been carried. This outfit was green, orange,and yellow and was like a Halloween costume and it seemed Chinese. It went all the way down to the tops of my shoes.  I started to laugh because I had never seen anything like this before.  Some men came by and asked my opinion on something they were doing and I showed them my outfit while laughing, and they laughed too, but as they walked away, I heard one guy say, "That really wasn't funny at all."

At that point, a woman came near me and showed me that her skin was hard like stone. However, she was walking around okay anyway like everyone else.

A moment later, I was nearing my office and a woman, dressed like a detective with a slouch hat pulled half way over her face and a trench coat on, came up to me and told me that my baby had been taken to the hospital.  It had been found out that someone who had been feeding her, had put liquid chalk into the bottle and was attempting to fill my child's system with chalk to make her like stone and kill her.   However, they were able to pump her stomach at the hospital and that she would be fine.  

I thanked the woman and continued on towards my office. I passed by my bosses office whose door was open and I could hear him talking to someone on the phone. I sneaked past his door and got to my own door. There was a mailbox on the outside wall there and there were gifts and flowers all over the place. I couldn't even get in the door without picking them all up and carrying them.  However, other women were still asking my opinion on things and stopping me from actually going into the office.

At this point, I started having visions within the dream, rather superimposed over the scene. The first one was "The Chinese Phonic Afterlife".  

After I got into my office, there were stuffed animals all over the desk and I had to rearrange them on the floor behind me. There was a big colorful rabbit and one was a white elephant pulling a white two wheeled cart behind him.

I finally managed to turn around to begin work and saw another vision as I woke up, it said, "The Phonic Life".


Note: I've probably forgotten some details... like the things I was asked my opinion on, but the visions of the Phonic Life were very prominent towards the end and I know they are correct.


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10-30-99 - DREAM - I was looking down into a long hallway which was in an apartment building. There were silver mailboxes along both sides of this hallway... like a lobby.

On the floor of this hallway, printed on the floor within the shape of an oil tanker ship, were the names of countries where crop circles have been seen in the past. I can recall reading Greece and India. ... but I don't know for certain if crop circles have been seen there. There weren't enough countries named to fill up this shape, so the names of these countries became larger and larger until the sapce was filled.

At this point, it felt like the names were either printed on a piece of paper or on a computer screen, and they were right in front of my face... close up. I felt like I was holding the paper in my left hand.

Then I was told by a voice that, "Embedded in the floor, three feet inside from the edge", of the outer shape that, "in 76 hours a bomb will explode." This would be 3 feet in from the lower edge.

I then went upstairs where a painter was painting the walls white, but he was sloppy and getting paint on the door of my apartment which was light brown oak wood. I called him to clean off this paint... his name was Michael.

I went inside the apartment where I received a phone call from a man whom I've known since I was 18 years old... a lot of years. He and I  talked at great length about the crop circles and the bomb. When the conversation was over, I could not remember anything except the word 'bomb'.

I told him I wished I had a tape recording of that conversation. He said that the conversation was indeed recorded in the length of copper wire that the conversation had passed through and he would see what he could do about it.

Note: If you count 76 hours from 6 a.m. today, it comes out to be 10 a.m. on November 2nd, 1999. Tuesday


NOTE:  Egyptair Flight 990 dove into the ocean off of Long Island, NY

within 13 hours - 7+6 = 13