by Dee Finney

5-25-99 - DREAM - This dream had a nightmarish quality though some of it seemed normal as well. I remember all the scenes but not necessarily in the correct order.

I was with a lot of people in this dream. We were having a party, getting near to Christmas and celebrating. We were all having a good time until the celebration took on a circus quality. I heard a circus band playing instead of religious music and when I opened a cabinet in the kitchen, clownish clothes started tumbling out; mens shirts with designs you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. Some fell out that were yellow and reds; large checks and somebody tried to shove the clothes back in until a retarded-like jerky blonde kid said, "No! No! No! Those are from me! I paid for all that! It's okay!" And he gave me a sickly smile.

I was humiliated for him, if anything, but had to pretend I was grateful for his generosity.

I didn't want to be near this guy. It was so ridiculous to do this stupid thing for Christmas but it was out of my hands.

I went outside and got the bright idea to go for a bus ride. It only cost a quarter to ride to the end of the line and back. Then I asked my daughter, who was about 10 years old, if she would like to go too. I thought it would be fun and a treat for her. I calculated in my mind that it would only cost 50 cents. . . 2 quarters. But then her friend Allison asked if she could go too. I said, "Sure!" and calculated that it would only cost 75 cents . . . 3 quarters.

We missed the first bus so I hurried the girls up the street, hopefully to catch the next bus at the transfer point but the street turned into a river and it wasn't doing so well. The street was getting marshy along the edges and the further I went, the worse it got. It seemed like the river was backing up and coming upstream.

There were a lot of black women here. It seems they were trying to tell me how to get across without getting my feet wet but can't remember what they said specifically.

I then went to the bus terminal garage. This place was huge with posts every so often, holding up the roof. This place was definitely a nightmare. Instead of busses, there were huge, oversize robotic elephants and their long trunks were like steam shovels, looking for garbage to throw over their backs. They were ominous looking, made out of steel and when you came near the sight of one, it would come rushing toward you. I was desperate to get through this underground garage which it seemed to be, but there were hundreds of these robotic elephants and if you got past one, you had the next one to deal with. I had gotten past the third one and saw dozens more ahead of me.

I was feeling a little panicky when all of a sudden all the elephants were made to line up way down at the other end. It happened so fast, it was eerie and I don't know who gave the order to call them off.

I then went back to the house and I was showing apartments. I had a vacancy on the third floor and also on the first floor. An older teen wanted the one on the third floor. It was a nice apartment, but mostly older people lived up there. I was afraid his loud stereo music would bother everyone. At the same time, an older couple came and all that was left was the lower apartment, and then two of the first guy's friends, so I did some fast talking and convinced the first guy to live on the first floor with his friends in trade for letting the old people live on the third floor. Everyone seemed happy about the arrangement and I spent some time getting everyone settled down for the night and making sure they were comfortable.

I started to feel hungry then and decided to run downstairs to find something to eat. The steps were narrow and steep and I went down them really fast even where I could barely see the steps, the steps were made so that your natural rhythm of walking took your feet the appropriate stride and you couldn't miss.

I got downstairs. I remember lights blinking and I know that stupid older kid was teasing me about getting a late night snack, but all of a sudden I saw a baby in distress on the floor. He was choking and gagging and strangling to breathe. I picked him up and mushy, half digested peas poured out of his mouth. He gasped for air and started retching again and more peas stuck in his throat. I pulled a couple out with my fingernails which loosened a few more which came rolling out. He gasped for air again and then another round of retching made more peas stuck in his throat. Again and again I reached into his throat and loosened more peas and more rolled out.Each time he'd manage to get one gasp of air and then retch more peas which got stuck and I'd have to reach in his throat and loosen more whole peas which he had shoved in his mouth whole when the circus act had thrown them around when they had come to perform at the Christmas party.

I wondered who was watching the baby then. How could he have swallowed all those peas and nobody watched him?

I saved the kids life but I was angry that all this had been allowed to happen in the first place.


8-6-99 - DREAM - I had a story to decipher called, "This is the House that Jack Built". In order to do that, I had a box of peas in a pod 7 pods wide by 7 pods long.

I knew that if I took the peas out of the pod and put them in a microwave oven, they would dry out if I did it right.

I also knew after I woke up that the house that Jack built had to be Camelot because of the JFK. conspiracy from yesterday. Camelot was built by King Arthur. A real cute symbology/analogy.


9-23-99 - VISION - While I was thinking about the dream. I saw a huge 18 wheeler truck that was dark green and I even though I could only see the bottom of the picture symbol on he side of the truck. I knew it was a truck of Green Giant Peas and under the picture it said, 'SURVIVAL'.


12-12-99 - I was in a large house with a couple other women. Our husbands were working the nightshift and we were waiting for them to come home. They were late. The young woman who was Kelly from One Life to Live asked me if I wanted to go out for breakfast and I said "Yes!".

We began to get dressed to go out and were dressing in red clothes. I actually had a choice of two red blouses which were almost identical and I decided it probably wasn't necessary to change that. Meanwhile, Kelly asked the other woman if she wanted to go to breakfast and the other woman got angry at the way Kelly asked her. So Kelly described to me how she had asked the other woman and asked me what my opinion was. I thought it was okay, but obviously the other woman didn't. She had her own opinion of what was right and wrong and wasn't going to change her mind. Meanwhile the men were later and later and I started to get worried that this was more than just being late... it seemed ominous.

Finally, the men came home from work. We didn't go to breakfast but sat down at our own kitchen table and the men were fed from food in the kitchen.

I saw that Kelly had painted the entire kitchen red, including the face of the clock. This disturbed me, so I went over to the wall and took the clock down to clean it. Everyone had a big fit that I was doing this. I pointed out to them that there was salt and grease and dust on the clock and that it had been cleaned previously and there was nothing wrong with cleaning the clock... and besides it was MY clock.

I sat at the table and turned the clock over. Underneath it, there was soil like a garden with roots coming down and little fruits like grapes, peas, corn, cherries, I pulled all these off and harvested them.

The men continued to eat breakfast. I wanted to be kissy-face with my husband and he was okay with this but instead of kissing, he would stick his tongue out like it was a sausage with cottage cheese on it and I became disgusted with this behavior and woke up.


9-20-00 - DREAM - I was in a house where other people lived. I had a small kettle of various type and size peas and beans (like lima).  Each of these peas represented an event and time. (I've dreamed this before).  All these peas and beans were in a kettle full of water. I was going to put it on the stove to cook because raw peas and beans don't count.  However, I spilled some water on the floor under the sink. I then saw that it was dusty under the sink which meant I had to wash the floor.  

It wasn't enough to just wash the floor, it had to be scrubbed. There were little indentations on the floor ... it wasn't smooth. So the floor had to be flooded and then scrubbed.  So, I had to flood the floor, then scrub it.

I didn't want to use a white rag or towel because the floor would have turned it black. But the floor was blue, so I flooded it with water, then scrubbed it with a large dark blue towel which didn't show the dust (dirt) so much.

Somehow I knew that the number of peas and beans I had meant these events were going to all take place and be done by the year 2012.


This started out as another stupid dream, but when I was thinking abou the dream later, something astounding happened.  see:

10-6-00 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere that was really messy. Toys were everywhere on the floors and things were just bascially strewn around.  I decided I would clean the house inch by inch starting at the front door in case visitors came.

However, I got interupted by a phone call.  A woman started a conversation like I was a search service. She needed the phone number of two other people.  I went to the pile where the phone books were supposed to be and they weren't there. So, I put the phone down and went looking for a phone book. I looked and looked and couldn't find one. Finally, I gave up and went back to the phone to tell the woman I couldn't find the phone book. The woman was gone. I didn't blame her. I was gone quite some time.

I don't recall any other people there, but I was presented with a paper plate which had some corn on it, cut from the cob. I was supposed to look at it and see how the quality was.  It looked pretty good to me.

On the same paper plate, where the corn was on the upper half of the plate, a black box appeared which had the word 'BLASTCHIDITIS' or something like that. I wasn't quite certain of the word.

Below the black box was a selection of peas which were arranged in size with the largest towards the black box and the corn with the smallest towards the bottom edge of the plate. I was told that the peas had some kind of disease in the shell.  

I was then shown the shell which when popped open, the peas in the pod had some kind of slimy clear substance around them. The peas themselves looked okay, but the slimy stuff was not good for us. I looked at a bunch of these pea pods and they were all similar with the slimy sutff inside. We were not supposed to eat these.

NOTE:  At this point I woke up because the alarm went off and Joe got up to go to work. I forgot the dream basically, but was trying to remember what the word in the black box was and what it meant.

After Joe left the room and turned off the light, the dream started to come back into my memory rather like a long vision. I again saw the plate with the corn and peas on it, but the box was missing.  It was the word I was trying to think of.  

Suddenly, I was looking at a computer screen, and an invoice popped up from below like it had been a page that was minimized and went down to the bottom of the screen.  Here again was the word, which I think was spelled 'BLASTCHIDITIS'.  

Then a movie screen popped up on top of the computer screen and Nancy Reagan and Ronald Reagan were standing there. Ronald Reagan had a long pointer stick in his hand and was pointing to a chart on the wall behind them like he was demonstrating something for the world to look at.

Then in front of the movie screen appeared a clear portrait picture of Nancy Reagan ... which was wider than high, like a wide movie screen picture ... underneath her face was the word 'HUNGIER'.

The end.

Peas, Beans, and Barley, Ohhhh

Ronald Reagan and the Peas Connection

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