A Planetary Initiation 
Date: 10/30/2001
From: kiarawindrider@worldnet.att.net

Dear friends
I wrote this essay some time ago, and have been sitting with it for some time, unsure whether I was ready to release it.  In the next few days surrounding Halloween, we are once again moving into a Saturn Pluto opposition, a time where we could see more dire events, more drums of war. If we are to move into these times carrying with us the light of hope, it is imperative that we be able to broaden our scope, and grasp a little of the bigger picture.  Although somewhat lengthy, perhaps these reflections may assist each of us in holding our visions strong.  Please pass this along.

With blessings, Kiara

A Planetary Initiation
By Kiara Windrider

"It was the best of times. It was the worst of times!" - Charles Dickens

The Egyptian calendar pointed to September 17, 2001 as a time for planetary initiation (See Moira Timms, Beyond Prophecies and Predictions). The tragic events of September 11 unfolding with the Twin Towers and Pentagon attacks
sent ripples of shock across the world, setting off a great chain of consequences that continues to build. Could these two events be related somehow?

The Pyramid end-date is also related to electromagnetic changes within the Earth, and the balancing of long-range karmic cycles, eventually shifting from karma to grace. Could this time represent a possible choice point for human evolution?

In an astrological chart set up for 1:30 a.m. on September 17, 2001 over Giza, an interesting Star of David was formed, representing the descent of the Aquarian Age, and the ascent of the wounded feminine. It signified a major turning point in patriarchal consciousness.

A few months prior to the September 17 date I had felt inspired to send out over the media the call for a "Day of Truth", in anticipation and preparation for this planetary initiation. It was to signify the beginnings of a new global commitment to honor the rights of all living beings, including Mother Earth. It was about confronting and releasing our shadows, fears, and denials, both personally and collectively. It was a call for greater truth and accountability from our governments, businesses,
industries, and media.

Bill Moyers, Steven Greer, David Icke, and many others seem to have initiated a healthy trend in this direction, calling for full public disclosure around the chemical industry, environmental politics, extraterrestrial contact, covert government operations, and all violations of human rights, cetacean/animal rights, and "Earth rights". As we enter the Satya Yuga, the Age of Truth, we are being increasingly called on all levels to dissolve the veils of secrecy, oppression, illusion, and deception that divide us.

Along with courageously facing our personal and collective shadows, the Day of Truth was also meant to activate a worldwide call for assistance from beyond the collective veils. There are many galactic and cosmic beings, highly evolved ascended masters, benign extraterrestrials, innumerable angels and archangels, avatars, saints, bodhisatvas, and nature beings, and of course our own higher selves, that are here to assist us now if we call on them.  The World Angel Day, initiated by Diane Cooper and David Jeans on October 7, 2001, was such a call for assistance.

To the extent that we give our power over to governments, allowing them to control our choices, they will not interfere with our free will. Could we invite our governments to lift the long-held veils of secrecy, and respond to the positive assistance that has been offered in response to our ecological, social, and political crises? Or alternately, could we invite this directly as citizens of the Earth?

The Day of Truth signifies our arrival as a species at the doorway to the King's Chamber, the threshold to the chamber of initiation. If we have truly arrived at this threshold, and if the events of September 11 are related to this, what is the message we want to send out to the universe at this time? What kind of initiation do we seek? The responses to the events of September 11 were many and diverse. Many felt shocked and numb, many felt vulnerable and terrified, many banded together in solidarity with the victims, many wanted retaliation, many saw this as a wake-up call to face our own national
and collective shadows.

Tragic as these events may seem, could we perhaps look at them from a larger perspective, and see in them an opportunity for cleansing, renewal, and human awakening? The close proximity of these two dates feels more than just a coincidence to me. Could these events, and our response to them, be part of our planetary initiation? It is not the events themselves, but our response to them that reveals how far we have journeyed. The nature of a planetary initiation is such that events are set into motion which force us to come to terms with the deepest truth of our being.

What is the symbolic message of the Twin Towers? The "Tower" is one of the major cards within the tarot deck. Here is what the Glastonbury Tarot has to say about this card:

"The Tower is the great awakener. It tears away the veils, which until now, have prevented clear sight. This can be painful because somehow it is easier to hold on to illusions than face a difficult truth. The Tower indicates a time of transformation at a very deep level, often brought about by external circumstances in order to create the space in your life for a new form of energy and experience. . . . The gifts of the Tower, though they may seem harsh, open the way to a powerful, true sense of self. The question to ponder is: Are you now ready to let go of the masks which hide your true self?"

Could it be that we, as a planetary consciousness, have drawn this particular Tarot card calling for a Day of Truth? To unveil our masks means going beyond self-righteousness, going beyond the comfortable illusion of good vs. evil which has long justified all our crusades and "holy wars" since time immemorial. Could the collapse of the twin towers symbolize the
collapse of duality?

If we are to end long-range karmic cycles, we need to recognize our own part in this drama as well. The role of the American CIA in fostering terror and instability around the world is well known. It is a sad fact that we, the champions of freedom and democracy around the world, also carry a huge shadow of tyranny, genocide, and oppression. Even in our own history, the Native peoples of America were forcibly evicted from their land, and deliberately eradicated. Slavery was acceptable until not very long ago. Much of this still continues in different forms.

Can we lift ourselves to a vibratory frequency where we can acknowledge the tyrant and the terrorist within each of us? The tyranny of terrorism and the terror of tyranny are mirror reflections of each other. Without condoning violence, can we place ourselves in the shoes of the "terrorist" next door and acknowledge their own desperate need to be heard and understood for their own equally important grievances? In the wave of "patriotism" sweeping through the country, can we acknowledge that perhaps there are legitimate reasons America is feared and hated by much of the world?

And finally, can we release ourselves from this entire karmic cycle as we shift into an attitude of compassion and healing? In doing so, we invoke the law of grace, and can finally step beyond the need for karma into an Age of Truth. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind," said Gandhi. This is a strong warning. Is this what we want, or can we invoke the power of love to open our eyes, heal our past, and regain our humanity?

As anyone on the journey of life is aware, the path of initiation is not always easy, and usually involves a test of our readiness to step through the doorway. No less is this true as we approach the Doorway of Planetary Initiation. Are we ready? Will we pass this initiation that lies before us? In the confusion of human emotions generated by such an event, do we hold our balance, recognizing that it is time to move beyond war, terrorism, hatred, and blame, or do we choose to launch yet another round of karma, pain, and suffering for all?

"You don't stand a chance against my prayers," says Robbie Robertson, singing for the "ghost dancers" and for those who were massacred at Wounded Knee, "you don't stand a chance against my love." These were visionaries who could see beyond the veils of illusion to the time that the nations would rise again in harmony and brotherhood. It was a strong vision they held, and they gave their lives to this vision.

Tears come to my eyes as I echo this vision, speaking for my own people, all of us who know and remember why we came, all of us who are awakening to the beauty way, the "path with heart". Many years ago I made a ceremonial offering of my life to the life of the Earth. I said I was willing to live fully so that Earth may live, and that I was willing to give my life if
necessary so that Earth may live, and ultimately ascend. In making that commitment I was forced to examine my deepest fears in this arena, all my fears of life, and also my fears of death and extinction.

I see this commitment now being put to the test. I see that there is a deep place within me that needs to speak of balance and compassion, and courage, and hope. I see that there are many, many others who also feel this way, and are speaking our truths. Sometimes we feel like lone voices of sanity in a world gone mad; other times we become ecstatically aware that many world leaders and people in power are opening to these same visions as well. There are times I become afraid for my personal safety and for the safety of my beloved planet; other times I can see beyond the gates of fear into the beautiful new world that is powerfully emerging in our midst.

In the days of ancient Egypt, a candidate for spiritual initiation would undergo years of training before being deemed ready for their final test in the King's Chamber. Here they would be placed within the sarcophagus and left alone for three days and three nights. During this time all their deepest fears would come up to be manifested. If they held their balance, these fears would dissolve in the light of their eternal Self, and they would step into their mastery as an Initiate of the Great Light.

I believe that this is what we are collectively experiencing today as we step through the Doorway of Planetary Initiation. We are collectively at the threshold of the King's Chamber. We are lying in the planetary sarcophagus of our deepest fears. There is a vibrational template (or morphogenetic field) that humanity has carried for many long eons, based primarily on the
fear of death and extinction. I feel that this template, which is anchored into the electromagnetic fields of the Earth, is now lifting. A new vibrational template is replacing this one, based on sovereignty of spirit.  As the old template lifts, the old fears and control dramas seem to be temporarily intensified. This is part of the process of clearing. As a shaman friend of mine used to say, "Every time we get ready to clear out an old pattern, it shows up one last time in full force so we may consciously release it."

The old template is based on the 3-D polarities of good and evil, and resonates to the law of karma. The new 4th and 5th dimensional templates are based on unconditional love, and resonate to the law of grace. We recognize that God is all there is, and that there is nothing outside of God. In God there is no polarity between good and evil, and therefore all things are an
opportunity for grace. As we go through the vibrational shift from one template to the other, it changes us in the deepest layers of our collective psyche. This is what our current planetary initiation is about.

In order to see clearly what has been hidden in the collective psyche, we may experience more polarization for a while. There might be more chaos to follow in the wake of these events, especially if we choose a path of escalating retaliation and war. We must see this battle for what it is-not a struggle of good vs. evil, but an evolutionary impulse to release the chains
of density and oppression for all people around the world.

For many years I have been hearing about the role of the "secret government" , or the "Illuminati", a small but very influential group of people that has been orchestrating world events for many generations towards the eventual goal of creating a New World Order based on world domination. There is incareasing speculation that the events of September 11 were masterminded by this elite group of people in order to incite an atmosphere of fear where the people of America and around the world would be induced to voluntarily give up our civil liberties. As concerned as I am about terrorism in America and around the world, I am even more concerned about the steady erosion of constitutional freedoms that has followed. We are dangerously close to an Orwellian "police state".

I do not consider myself a political activist, and my intention has always been to speak for peace, healing, and the unified vision. Yet this does not mean hiding my head in the sands of denial. If the Illuminati is truly involved and the truth eventually comes out, it will be with great surprise, shock, and anger that we will come to realize how cleverly we have been
misdirected, and the grand scale of oppression, manipulation, and injustice in the world today.

The American people have as much to lose here as anyone else, and perhaps more. The prevailing strategy has been to use the mass media to incite enough fear and nationalistic fervor that we willingly turn over our lives and freedoms to the Big Brother agenda. The truth is out there, but each one of us needs to decide what and how much we wish to see. In context of "The Matrix", are we ready for "the red pill"?

My call for a Day of Truth includes speaking up for those who don't have a voice, and speaking up against any form of enslavement of the human spirit. There are many who are courageously doing so in these times, often at the risk of their own lives and the lives of their loved ones, because the truth is becoming too costly not to speak.

I have had to look very carefully at my own fears of speaking out in this way, and I realize that if my life is committed to protecting and healing the Earth and her people, then I do not have the choice not to speak. Constitutional freedoms are too important to me. Saving the Earth for future generations is too important to me. And the process of planetary ascension
is too important to me.

We must remember the bigger picture, however, and keep our balance in the midst of all these changes. It is God who is ultimately in charge. We cannot fight evil with evil. We must keep our minds open to the truth, but we must not give our power over to fear. Instead, we are asked to extend the hand of forgiveness and love to all our brothers and sisters in ignorance and darkness; a forgiveness that arises from compassion, a forgiveness that comes from being able to see the bigger picture, a forgiveness that comes from deeply understanding ourselves and our own shadows, a forgiveness that
embraces all the tyrants and terrorists of the world, including the ones within.

We are all one. The days ahead will be a test of courage, sovereignty, and self-empowerment. Somehow I feel a deep peace with all of this. We are at an evolutionary crossroads where the old control paradigm is ending. As a new paradigm of limitless possibility and freedom for all emerges from the ashes of the old world, we will come to experience for the first time in recent ages our true humanity.

Moira Timms speaks of three things we might expect at the ending of the pyramid calendar. In addition to the balancing of long-range karmic cycles, and a planetary initiation, she also speculates that there could be a shift in Earth's electromagnetic fields relative to the Sun.

What are the implications of this? We have been experiencing more solar flares than ever before in recorded history, as well as gamma ray bursts from deep space. The magnetic polarities of the sun have already switched, and some scientists are indicating this could soon happen on Earth as well. The Earth's magnetic fields hold our collective thoughts, feelings, and
consciousness. Could the shifting of the magnetic fields perhaps be mirroring the revolution of human consciousness that we are currently experiencing? Could it perhaps also have to do with our entry into the "photon belt", which in previous cycles has indicated quantum shifts in planetary evolution?

Our collective psyche is intimately connected to the body and consciousness of the Earth. As we go through our initiation, we may be assisted by shiftings within the body of the Earth. The Earth's tectonic plates are constantly in movement, and she herself is moving towards higher octaves of expression. We may see some Earth changes in response to this, whether it is in the form of earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic activity, or pole shifts. Whether this is gentle or intense may depend on how much we choose to consciously make our own "shifts".

As sovereign beings of light we have the power of choice. As birthers of reality, we walk between the worlds, and allow the seeds of a new creation to burst forth among us. As we face our moment of initiation, perhaps it may serve us to look at the life of one of the greatest initiates who ever lived.

As he entered the "sarcophagus" of his final test, Jesus embraced his own death, knowing that death was the ultimate illusion. As he walked through the gates of illusion with a steady heart, he was enabled to overcome the cellular programming of extinction, and shift into his own resurrection and ascension. In doing so he also seeded this possibility into the planetary grids.

We too are seeding new possibilities into the planetary grids. If we are on the verge of a planetary initiation, this demands responses from us that are outside our familiar boundaries of reality. How do we reverse the deep programming locked into our very cells, the fear of extinction? Is this perhaps the basis for our separated ego self? As we allow for the possibility that all things are in perfectly unfolding divine order, could we perhaps move through this same doorway of initiation, going beyond all distinctions of polarity into our own experience of resurrection and ascension?

Could we reframe current events as the best of all possible outcomes? We have been rapidly spiraling towards ecological extinction, and perhaps this is our wake-up call. Can we respond to this call with maturity, courageously facing and healing our shadows, or will we repeat some of the saddest chapters of our planetary history?

Initiation begins on the inner planes and gradually outpictures itself into the external world. My own deep sense is that we have already "made it" on the inner realms. There is a struggle still being played out on the outer levels, and it may intensify for a while, but although we have yet to choose the timeline we walk, the outcome is clear. The Doorway to Eternity stands
before us, and we are being asked to step through as a species and as a planet. The next two or three years will bring unprecedented changes, opportunities, and choices into our lives. May we keep our hearts open, our minds clear, and our spirits strong!

These are the times we are born for. If we choose to be warriors of the light, our power lies in the realization that we are all connected. As we release our fears, judgments, and projections (no matter how justified), we are stepping out of the limited vibrational field of karma. As we intentionally attune to the new vibrational template, we become co-creators and midwives to our own birth, awakening to our gifts, remembrances, and life missions. We activate the laws of grace, using love and unity consciousness to reprogram the Earth's grids. In doing so, all the legions of light, through many dimensions of space and time, join with us. We can then align our lightbodies with the consciousness of Gaia, gently and compassionately seeding beautiful new possibilities into collective birth.

I would like to end this with a message from the ascended master, Babaji, spoken shortly after the events of September 11, 2001:

"Dear ones, you are at the threshold of a planetary birth. Old forms are dissolving; new forms are arising. You have been conditioned on this planet to believe that birth is something painful, and so it is for you. Even so, the moment of your birth has arrived, and will be truly a wondrous sacred event. You are aware of the convergence of many cycles of time, prophesied through ancient calendars and scriptures all over the world. Just as a mother knows when her time is coming, and her labor begins, so is Mother Earth now pushing to birth a new consciousness, a new Age.

Would it help you to know that, difficult as these times may seem to you, the promised new Age will surely come? There are those locked in duality consciousness who would seek to prevent this, and there will be for a time a great struggle of increased polarization.

This is all in divine order. Please know that the Brotherhoods of Light have long prepared for this time as well. In the times ahead, no longer will it be possible for anyone to sit on the fences of indifference, apathy, or denial. The fences are being taken down! A planetary wake-up call has been issued. The last trumpet has been sounded.

Great karmic dramas will be played out. As hearts and souls awaken, cries of freedom will grow from within, and the bands of fear that have enslaved humanity for long eons will be lifted. As the bands of fear are released, a new Earth will be birthed. The Kingdom of God has always been within you and among you, and now will be revealed through the waves of light, love, and freedom that sweep through the planet in this moment of birthing.

Many of you are asking, what do these recent events mean? Are we heading towards a global war? Is the world about to end? Please realize that the discordant energies that fueled the events of this day have been brewing for quite some time. Billions have already suffered around the world in a war on the human spirit. This will only end as deeper truth is brought to light. And so it shall be.

You are aware of the symbolic calendar coded into the measurements of the Great Pyramid, ending on September 17, 2001 at the doorway of the King's Chamber of initiation. Just as the life of a caterpillar ends only so that it may cocoon into a butterfly, so as you stand at this threshold of initiation, a great portal of light now opens before you.

Life on this planet will never again be the same. The events of September 11 are directly linked to these calendar measurements, signifying a planetary initiation the likes of which has not been witnessed in recent ages. The Hopis called this the Day of Purification. Some call it Armageddon; you may also call it the Day of Truth. This is indeed a wondrous time, a time for light to shine into all the dark places of the human heart, so that all that was hidden may now be revealed and transmuted in the great cauldron of humanity's awakening.

Hold this vision strong. Do not give in to despair and polarity consciousness, no matter what the appearances may be. Visualize the Earth as already healed. Earth needs your joy right now. When waves of fear, dread, or anger come up, transmute them in violet flame, keeping in mind the bigger picture, and know that you do this not for yourself alone, but for the collective. Continue calling on the realms of light for assistance. Trust the process. Eventually all fear will transmute into ecstasy and light. If you could see these times from the perspective of the Age that follows, you would truly be dancing in the streets in profound gratitude for the openings that lie before you. A new world soul is being created among you, and the
time for its birthing is at hand. Step boldly forth into the Fifth World!"

(Excerpted from Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension, available through http://hoep.org or by calling 530-918-9264)


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