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Signs and Portents in the sky

About 6 months ago, a dear friend of mine who is a psychic and channeler, got a spirit visit from Nostradamus. 

He told her that IF a bird, which personifies the U.S. is killed and dies, and is reported in the newspaper, 10 days later, the 'changes' will start to occur in real earnest.

It appears that the bird, was the Columbia, the space shuttle, which just crashed. Columbia represents the U.S. and is a feminine symbol.  Statues of Columbia abound in Washington D.C.  She stands with an eagle on her right side, and a coiled snake around a pillar on her left.

Since Columbia was killed on the 1st of February, 10 days later is the 11th.

So, keep your eyes on the news and watch for the changes to occur.


URGENT NOTE:  This same person had a vision two days ago which showed a time shift, which means we don't know the time it is going to happen, but the psychic saw a nuclear blast go off in Iraq, AND in the U.S.  The place, unfortunately is not known.


Posted on Fri, Feb. 21, 2003

Condor killed


By Ken McLaughlin

Mercury News

The condor at it's re-release in 2000.

An endangered bird described as the ``matriarch'' of California condors was shot to death by a poacher last week in a remote area of southern Kern County, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Thursday.

The bird, known as AC-8, short for Adult Condor 8, was one of nine remaining condors taken into captivity after the condor population reached near-extinction in the late 1980s. She was released in April 2000 in Los Padres National Forest in Ventura County after 14 years in captivity.

The dead bird was easily located because she was considered such an important bird that she had a global positioning device attached to her.

AC-8 was thought to be at least 30 years old. She had produced 12 offspring in captivity and was recently treated for lead poisoning. She leaves behind a mate, AC-9.

``This is a senseless death that strikes a blow at our efforts to bring these great birds back from the edge of extinction,'' Gov. Gray Davis said Thursday.

Habitat loss and poisoning from eating animals that had been filled with lead shot or cyanide had threatened the birds' existence. Desperate, U.S. biologists captured all remaining wild condors by 1987 and began breeding them in zoos. Many of those condors and the chicks hatched in captivity have been released since 1992 by the wildlife service and non-profit groups such as the Ventana Wilderness Society.

The Sacramento office of the wildlife service assigned eight agents to the case. They are being aided by agents and wardens from the state Fish and Game Department.

The bird was shot Feb. 13. Coincidentally, another condor was found electrocuted by a power line Wednesday in the Ventana Wilderness near Big Sur. The 21-month-old male had been one of seven condors released by the Ventana Wilderness Society in December.

The deaths bring to 78 the numbers of condors left flying in the wild in California, Baja California and Arizona. Another 118 are in captivity at the San Diego Wild Animal Park and the Los Angeles Zoo.

Hunting groups decried the killing.

``I'm appalled,'' said Anthony Prieto, 41, of Santa Barbara, who shoots wild pigs in California and deer and elk in Montana. ``Every hunter I know knows that birds of prey -- condors, turkey vultures, falcons, eagles -- are endangered,'' Prieto said.

The wildlife service is offering an unspecified reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooter. The service has set up a special hotline number (916) 414-6664.

Contact Ken McLaughlin at kmclaughlin@sjmercury.com or (831) 423-3115.

In a message dated 2/8/2003, Dee777 writes:

Hi all: I had an intersting vision this morning - a little unsettling.

I was given two numbers and then told - Turning day into night

The numbers were 240 and 491

When I saw 240, a door opened up

It was dark inside behind the door

I looked into the bible concordance as I was told to do in a dream many years ago.

240 = weapon

The word comes from Deuteronomy 23: 13 - And thou shalt have a paddle upon thy weapon; and it shall be, when thou wilt ease thyself abroad thou shalt dig therewith, and shalt turn back and cover that which cometh from thee.

491 = widows' and widowhood

Genesis 38:19 - And she arose and went away and laid by her vail from her, and put on the garments of her widowhood.

After I saw the numbers - it said, "Turns day into night"

I hate to say it but it sounds like a nuclear blast.

It seems it's time to pray.


Dream - Surprise attack

From: http://www.etpv.org/2002/supatt.html

Surprise Attack

Marcus Simpson

I wanted to share a dream I had last night. It may be a warning, it may be nothing at all. However, I do not want to be found disobedient by not sharing a dream with others. I am a faithful Christian, American citizen, husband and father and totally committed to Jesus Christ.

In the dream, I was near a large city. I don't know what city, but I knew I was in the United States and I remember tall skyscrapers and a hazy blue clear sky. I also remember tall blue smoked window skyscrapers, a bridge and a lake or a body of water. I was in a shopping center when I heard a loud blast coming from downtown. I turned to see what it was, and saw a small white cloud rising from one of the buildings. The building was still standing as I watched the white cloud slowly shift in the breeze. It was quite a distance away, but I remember thinking it was terrorism related. Then all of a sudden, a blinding light flashed from the middle of the city. It lit up the whole sky. As the light faded, my fears were realized when I saw an orange-gray mushroom shaped cloud rise up out of the city. I watched in horror as entire skyscrapers literally disappeared in the huge fireball explosion. I watched frightened, stunned, speechless and amazed. I witnessed its wave of destruction coming toward me at a high rate of speed even though I was many miles away from the blast. I knew I only had seconds to find shelter, so I turned to run and saw a landry mat close by and ran full speed toward it. As I ran, I saw others looking at the blast, but not realizing that the shock wave was on its way. I entered the laundry mat and heard this unexplainable loud roaring noise. That's when I woke up. Visually, this dream was extremely disturbing, and I didn't go back to sleep.

I realize that some believe that America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. I realize that some believe that America may be the whore riding the beast in Revelation. Either way, one thing is clear. We must pray for our nation, our President and our leaders for divine protection. Our might, our power cannot protect us. Only the Spirit of God can direct us in the right path. It's evident from the 2000 Presidential election that America is being weighed in the balances and I pray that what happened on September 11, 2001 IS NOT a type and shadow of what's to come. I know that these tribulation-like events are happening when the church is still here, but know that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind, and He is perfecting us (the church) everyday. Even though iniquity does abound, make sure your love does not wax cold. Peace.

Marcus Simpson


Secretly held ICBM

From: "Stephen

Date: Mon Sep 16, 2002 3:58 pm

Subject: Anonymous: Dream Of A Secretly Held ICBM

I was traveling on Air Force One with Pres. George W. Bush.

I was standing at the foot of a couch that the Pres. was lying on.

We were talking as the plane began an immediate descent to a landing.

I asked, where are we? The Lord replied "Your at a secret air base"

As the plane taxied down the runway I looked out the windows and I could see houses and buildings ect. but I did not recognize anything particular. We soon stopped I asked, what are we here for? The Lord replied "You are here with the Pres for a secret meeting. Then I recognized myself as one of the members of Presidential guard or maybe secret service. Soon the doors opened and I and others exited the plane and established a safe zone. I noticed that there were only about ten to fifteen people around. The President then came down the steps and immediately went into a small building near the edge of the runways. We continued to guard the area. Suddenly the Lord gave me telescopic vision and I could see the hills and mountains around us close-up. I could see terrorist and military units getting into position and moving all around the hills. The hills and mountains were very much like the ones I have seen on tv news clips of Afghanistan.

Suddenly the scene changed and I was lifted high above a desert area. All I could see was flat sandy desert in all directions.

Looking closer below me I could see a concrete ramp about a 100ft wide descending down at a slight angle for a fourth of a mile or so to a point that looked like about 50-100ft below the surface of the desert. At the bottom of the ramp on one side were two very large doors. As soon as I saw the doors, they opened. Out came this very large truck carrying a very large,long missile. The truck and missile were approx. 75-100ft long. I asked the Lord,what is this?

He replied "This is a secret missile that the United States does not know about, Its an ICBM". I knew then that an attack on the United States was eminent (IRAQ?)


The Eagle of Vengeance ... Interpretation

From: "David

Date: Fri Sep 20, 2002 8:43 am

Storm-Harvest - Powered by InJesus

Grewal B: The Eagle of Vengeance

Brian Grewal

Sep 11, 2002

Dear List,

Dan 2:1-4

In the second year of his reign, Nebuchadnezzar had dreams; his mind was troubled and he could not sleep. 2 So the king summoned the magicians, enchanters, sorcerers and astrologers to tell him what he had dreamed. When they came in and stood before the king, 3 he said to them, "I have had a dream that troubles me and I want to know what it means."

4 Then the astrologers answered the king in Aramaic," O king, live forever! Tell your servants the dream, and we will interpret it."

Please pray and contribute towards the interpretation of the following dream.

May the Lord bless you.



"The Eagle of Vengeance" A Dream on September 7th 2002. By Brian Grewal

I have had a strange sense of impending danger throughout the day. My spirit was provoked within in me as images of an eagle about to pounce on its prey flashed before my eyes. The feeling was so real I looked up on several occasions to see if there was an eagle in the sky. Last night I had a dream, the details are as follows.

I was standing on the outskirts of a city I'm not familiar with. In the sky above me there hovered a large eagle, it was as though I could feel the eagle's anticipation of what was about to happen. Suddenly, the eagle swooped down at great speed towards a small animal in the grass that appeared to be a rabbit.

The scene in a natural way was quite normal, but I found myself weeping for the situation. I cried out to the eagle to have mercy, but it was in vain. The rabbit began to swerve this way and that trying to evade the inevitable while the eagle continued to descend.

My eyes looked to where the animal was running and it was heading for a large group of rocks. To my astonishment the eagle didn't appear to change its course or speed. At that moment, I actually felt that it was the eagle who was in danger and not just the rabbit. The eagle reached forth with its talons and tore open the back of the animal, just as the rabbit escaped under the rocks.

The eagle was so focused on its prey, that its feet smashed against the top of the rocks as it altered its course. It then flew back to an even greater height, seemingly unmoved by its injuries. Although I was on the ground, I could see that both its feet were broken.

I looked into the eyes of the eagle, I could see the mixture of rage and humiliation. The eagle waited for the animal to emerge, there was a stirring in the grass and the eagle swooped again. This time it would have to rely on its strength to bring it down and the power of its sharp beak to kill.

The eagle was close to capturing the animal when it became clear that it was no longer a rabbit, but had in fact become a lion. I looked towards the eagle assuming it would back off, but it did not. The lion was bleeding profusely and as the eagle came within range, it turned and with one swipe of its paw, brought the eagle down.

My heart was pounding at the sight that lay before me. The lion ran towards the eagle which was stunned and unable to escape. The lion then proceeded to tear off the right wing of the eagle but did not kill it. The lion returned to the shelter of the rocks and left the eagle on the ground, bleeding from the encounter.



Storm-Harvest Ministries



From: "David

Date: Fri Sep 20, 2002 8:44 am

Subject: Fwd: Interpretation of The Eagle and the Lion dream

Storm-Harvest - Powered by InJesus

Interpretation of The Eagle and the Lion dream

Sep 17,2002

Dear List,

Last week I asked the Storm-Harvest List community to please pray and contribute towards the interpretation of Brian Grewal’s "The Eagle of Vengeance" dream.

I am happy to report that I am absolutely overwhelmed by the responses.

I received more than fifty replies. Among those who have written are many of our friends whom Robert Holmes and I can put faces to. Robert will be traveling extensively over the next few months, and today Robert happens to be at home and I spent some time chatting with him. We would like to say a big ‘hello’ to all our friends out there: you are loved and fondly remembered. We also want to express our gratitude to all the others who have taken the time to write and whom we have yet to meet. Your contributions are appreciated. Thank you.

About the dream: Robert and I feel that a soaring eagle with outspread wings represents a prophet functioning with anointing. The rabbit represents a Christian or ministry that the prophet intends to misuse or exploit as meat. The wounded rabbit runs to hide under the Rock (Christ). The Lord later appears as the Lion of Judah to discipline His servant (mauled off one wing). It is a prophetic variation to Ezek chapter 34.

I include below a selection of other versions of interpretation of the dream. Although there is only one God we sometimes seem to hear differently. And God may intend to have more than one valid interpretation. God’s way certainly is higher than ours.

May the Lord bless you.



From: "Brian & Angela

Date sent: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 21:08:00 +1000

I believe the Lord is giving a graphic picture of what will happen if the USA attacks the nation of Iraq! The eagle speaks of America, the rabbit of Saddam Hussein.

The breaking of the eagles feet? To me this is referring to the inability of the United States to foresee the eventual fallout. In this dream, the eagle was wounded, but instead of waiting to be healed, it allowed vengeance to be its guide.

The tragic events of (9/11) ought to have been a profound wake up call to the heart of the nation. Without repentance and humility, the Lord will allow the eagle to be brought down.

The group of rocks are the surrounding Arab nations to which Saddam and Iraq will run. The initial attacks will stir up these nations and the rabbit will become the lion.

The significance of the lion tearing off the right wing? It will be a slap in the face for those who believe that God will defend you for who you are politically and morally, regardless of what you've become.


From: judahl@webtv.net (Lisa Dean) Date sent: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 18:28:52 -0500 (CDT)

It seems to me the eagle represents America going to war. The rabbit(terrorist) appeared to be an easy prey but in reality it was bait, and ran to its stronghold in the rocks. The eagle was so intent on the chase, it did not look up to see the danger it was in. It broke its feet, or the ability to wage war and defend itself(military) on the stronghold. Still it did not learn from its mistake-it was too full of emotion to think clearly. It returned to go after the rabbit which emerged as the true nature it had--the lion. The eagle had only its strength and its beak--the media, speaking forth--to attack the lion.The lion, or king, the spirit behind the terrorist organization, only needed one strike to bring the bird down, even though it was injured and bleeding. It ripped the right wing off--the right wing of American government--the conservative, Christian side-the party of President Bush. However, it did not finish the kill. I believe that was the mercy of God allowing the eagle to live though unable to fly and gravely injured. Thanks. Lisa Dean


From: "Rich

Date sent: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 13:19:02 -0500

It is interesting that this message has a practical application in my own life at this time. Let me relate it to you.

I see a couple things … God is calling for close partnership, for a covenant relationship to be modeled between foundational ministers at this time. Particularly between the embryonic apostolic and prophetic gifts He is growing up. The Lord has been emphasizing this to me for some time, but attempts to see this come about are few and far between. Recently a good friend has broken off relationship due to some non-sense opinions. This prophet friend had expressed both the need and the existence of covenant in our relationship. I valued this relationship and supported her in every way. Still, a non-essential, a variable of no consequence [at least to me] was what caused this person to break off association and our long-standing friendship. Accusations began to flow from her, rather than trying to understand. Then, it seemed everything she said and did was to defend her position in the whole matter. She said she received counsel, but I never heard from any of these people. Nobody cared to hear the whole story. I have been and continue to be shocked. Recently, this has become more troublesome. Now, it appears this person not only wants to break off relationship, but is trying to hurt me, my reputation, and the ministry by making unfounded accusations. It is really sad.

However, what I see in this dream, is how this prophet is going for some kind of vengeance, even trying to kill or destroy me. The eagle, often symbolic of the prophetic, and the rabbit/wild game symbolic of doing God’s Word and work, are really clear on this personal level. I see how it is a matter of protection to stop the attack, but it is not in my heart to do that. I would prefer to see some kind of reconciliation occur, but that is not an option with this prophet friend. We should be getting along, but it appears there is only one solution and that is to turn this over to the Lord, who I know will rise up as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and put an end to the attack. God help us.

I don’t know if this makes any sense, but hope it does. Apostles and prophets need to get along. We have got to grow up and part of the growing up will involve relationships of trust characterized by commitment to one another. Definitely we should not be attacking one another. Yet on a personal level, I have seen that happen a lot in the Body of Christ. More than I can even hope to explain. I pray the eagle will get its eyes off of vengeance and onto Jesus.

This isn’t an interpretation of the dream, but I can see how this is playing out before me, in my own life and ministry. Perhaps others will be able to articulate the meaning of it in more detail.

Keep radically following Jesus!!


Date sent: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 09:29:11 -0400

From: Peggy

This is what I heard while reading the dream...

I felt the dream was more a communication the Lord was trying to give to Brian. I felt it was for Brian to intercede in prayer for the events he was seeing in his dream...the eagle and the lion represented people or ministries or even a relationship that was under attack. I believe Brian will know exactly who the eagle represented and who the lion represented...the lion appeared to look like a rabbit at first, which I believe was a Christian moving in his own strength, but then when it appeared like a lion, he had decreased in his strength and allowed Christ to become strong in him.

God did provide a "hiding place" and yes there was a wound to the back...which I believe represented a very deep wound this person has received from the attacking person...the eagle was partially disabled, but it's intent was to attack again....this is what I believe the dream was for....to pray for the defeat of this next attack and to "bind up" this spirit that wants to kill and destroy.

God Bless


From: "The Stubbs"

Date sent: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 07:20:17 -0400

Consider this, as I asked and sought an answer to your dream, the Lord asked me to imagine the Eagle as the Church and the Rabbit as a Prophet, the Church is so hungry for a word from God that it has broken its feet and has nowhere , noway to stand, yet the Church enraged at the prophet, has a little road rage, and as the Church comes in for the kill, the rabbit/prophet reveals his true identity, Jesus, the Lion of Judah. That's it, sorry its a bit basic. I asked why the right wing, and I felt that with one wing we don't go anywhere, and any flight would be in a clockwise direction in circles, don't understand, soon, the King is coming soon. Your friend and brother Andrew.


From: "Terry

Date sent: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 21:51:34 -0400

I would not be to quick to identify the eagle with the USA since Saddam too has as his symbol the eagle. The eagle is often displayed in the background of pictures of Saddam. The obvious is often not the true message. The eagle was the symbol of both Rome and the Third Reich.


From: "We Vines"

Date sent: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 10:11:11 -0500

Two things immediately struck me about this dream: 1) Although many may feel (and rightly so?) the eagle symbolizes the U.S., I share the following: The "eagle" is a symbol used by Iraq of their country. When you see video's of Hussein speaking formally, you will notice an eagle symbol behind him. 2) The "lion" is a symbol of Israel, and on the Jerusalem flag. Dual interpretation: Physically, I believe Iraq is intend upon trying to attack Israel. It will appear as though Israel is incapable of defending itself. First Israel will wait, and duck attempt to entrap her. Iraq will be stunned at the wisdom used to avoid entrapment, then, will go after Israel full force. But before they can fully touch Israel, she will, with the help of G-d, give Iraq a blow from which the country cannot fully recover. Spiritually, I believe the forces of strongholds in the spirit will be battling as well. Yet, it will be the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who will roar and silence all the evil rhetoric of the spiritual enemies of Israel, and of G-d.

Could it also be the U.S. will underestimate the need we have for Israel and will sell her out? Which will remove totally the hand of protection of G-d upon the U.S., our ecomomy will plummet further, and we will be impotent ourselves in the end because we cursed Israel instead of blessed her? This, too, is a possibility. But I feel strongly this will have to do with Iraq and Israel. Prayerfully, Delta Vines


From: "Ueli

Date sent: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 18:35:35 +0200

This looks very much like the relationship between the prophets and the coming apostles! Both need a heart circumcision to work together and this maybe the way it is going to happen.


Ueli , Switzerland


From: "adeptess"

Date sent: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 08:42:03 +0800

I really believe the rabbit/lion is ISRAEL. I had this really weird dream the other night myself. The whole thing was about me reading a date. October 23. That was it. Just the date.



Date sent: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 23:25:45 -

From: Cindy

When I read this, I thought of Matt 24:28 - For wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together. Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

This reference to the eagle is in contrast to Isaiah 40:31 - but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

I think about the order of creation and how God created man to have dominion over the earth which includes the animal kingdom as well and this scripture comes to mind: Rom 1:23-24 23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. 24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

I see the eagle who flies the airways in God's Kingdom as the Apostle who gives his testimony, knowledge and revelation of Jesus to the very least so that they may rise up to soar in the same heights. The motives of an Apostle's heart will cause him to pour himself out when his eagle's eye discerns a need. When a true Apostle sees a weakness, he strengthens. When he sees a wound, he binds it up. He is able to meet needs with provision.

The eagle who traded truth for lie must prey on the weak to feed the hunger of his own flesh. He rose to the heights dominating others without ever conquering the lusts of his own flesh. His authority only reaches the limits of flesh.

When the small abased rabbit received the revelation of transformation, the least became the greatest. Fear transformed into courage and strength and the rabbit exceeded the heights of flesh and through faith became a lion. The rabbit received revelation of who he was in Christ.



From: "Judith

Date sent: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 02:57:44 -0700

I often have very clear and direct interpretations of dreams/visions. However, this one could have individual application, as well as a larger application. So, I will choose the larger application, for your consideration.

One thing that is clear to me, is that seeing the eagle in the same pursuit twice, indicates this is established in the Kingdom of God. The first occurance being a vision, is established "in the Heavens". The second occurance being a dream, is "in the Earth." The first occurance, being in the Heavens, is higher than the second one; therefore, it takes precedence over the second one.

The first occurance (vision) does not show the injury of the prey or eagle, while the second one (dream) does. This means we have the option of "changing" the outcome of this revelation. The only thing that is set at this point, is the eagle's (natural) obsession with its prey.

Now, on to one of it's possible applications: The eagle is the United States, intent on (destroying terrorism/going to war with Iraq). The rocks are The Rock - our Lord, and the rabbit once torn, becomes the Lion of Judah, who brings forth judgement on the United States, because the U.S. has forgotten to look to The Creator of all things for guidance, in it's pursuit of "justice".

But, the Father has a better way, if we will but seek His will and purpose for this situation. We do not have to stand by; we can avert this desolation through intercession, through the prayer of faith, once we know His will. We must be willing to stand fast in His will and in His path, continually seeing and confessing it, in the face of all opposition.

As I write, I see a second application. (I pray that the readers will seek the Lord, that they may have ears to hear.) I see the prophets who are so intent on calling forth judgement on this nation, to bring forth repentance from it's wickedness, flying smack dab into the Rock, and having both their feet broken, and then still not getting the message, flying straight into the Lion of Judah, and bringing the judgement they have been calling for on themselves, becoming vulnerable to the enemy, because they have been speaking from their own fear and frustration, and not from the throne and heart of God. Again, through prayer for these siblings, this disaster can still be averted, or at least softened.

The third one I see, is for any individual of like obsession, who is praying out of his own heart. May he repent, before destruction comes upon him.

Judgement has come upon this nation; it will continue to come upon this nation. It has also entered into the House of the Lord. But Father does not mean this judgement for our destruction; He means it to expose the wickedness in high places, and in our hearts. He means to bring the affairs of men, the hearts of men, to His standard of righteousness, thus provoking "Satan's Last Stand", before He sets foot on this earth again.

So, enough said. May we look to Him, the Author and Finisher of our faith.




Date: 2/7/2003 9:01:07 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: alerts@twotigersonline.com

To: Dee777@aol.com

Be advised the national threat level, as defined by the Homeland Security Advisory System, will increase from ELEVATED to HIGH this morning. Check local media for more info

U.S. authorities brace for worst after terror warning

Copyright © 2003 Nando Media

Copyright © 2003 AP Online

By AMY WESTFELDT, Associated Press

National Guardsman Pedro Escobar stands guard at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on Friday, Feb. 7, 2003.

NEW YORK (February 8, 11:47 a.m. AST) - Police stepped up security at airports, subways and hotels Saturday, one day after the nation was put on heightened terrorist alert and law enforcement officials indicated New York was a possible target.

City officials told residents to be vigilant, but go about their business. Many New Yorkers did just that.

"You've got to live your life," said Jonathan Marlow, 23, walking to his job at a midtown Manhattan investment banking firm.

But city streets, and particularly traffic aboard subways, was sparse.

"This is amazing to me how empty it is," said Elizabeth Bohlen of Mystic, Conn., waiting at Times Square to board a train.

Four uniformed police officers and a bomb-sniffing dog patrolled the station Saturday. Officers were also seen guarding popular tourist spots like the Plaza Hotel and Tiffany & Co. jewelry store, while three large police vans were parked at the southwest entrance to Central Park.

The Bush administration raised the national terror alert from yellow to orange Friday. Attorney General John Ashcroft cited an "increased likelihood" that the al-Qaida terror network would attack Americans, noting hotels and apartment buildings were possible targets.

Stepped-up protections stretched across the country, from the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to the NBA All-Star Game in Atlanta on Sunday. Nuclear facilities in California and Washington state and some utilities put security plans into action.

A high-ranking law enforcement source told The Associated Press that the measures came in response to intercepted communications between suspected terrorists, suggesting New York as a target.

Investigators were especially concerned about the possibility of chemical, biological or radiological attacks and information they received raised specific concerns about attacks on hotels and subways, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Gov. George E. Pataki called up a special Air National Guard unit trained to handle bioterrorism and placed the state on orange alert. The city has remained on orange alert, the second-highest, since Sept. 11.

Security officials planned to enforce a rule at airports that bans public parking within 30 feet of any terminal buildings, said Mark Hatfield, a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration. Additional passenger screening and random car searches would also occur at Kennedy International and LaGuardia airports.

Security also was boosted at river crossings. At the New Jersey entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, a heavy presence of state troopers was evident, and trucks headed into the city were stopped and inspected, just as they were immediately following the Sept. 11 attacks.

Officials at hotels and private buildings wouldn't disclose their additional security, but said they were taking precautions. Martine Roy, security manager at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, said hotel and city police have both increased their presence.

Bohlen said she wasn't aware of the alert until she read Saturday morning papers. She and her friend, Dorothy Waglow, also of Mystic, Conn., said the threat wouldn't stop them from going to the New York City Ballet.

"I have part of a subscription," said Waglow, "so I wasn't going to not go."

Date: 2/10/2003

From: C@xxx

I woke up a bit ago with this dream. It was one of those "oversoul" type dreams where I was split into many people or my spirit was working through many men and women. I was a man and very very old...not in age but my soul was here throughout time. I had been here when Jesus was here...and before...long before He came...

I had a message that was urgent that I needed to speak but I was forced to wait my turn and I lived in a retarded or handicapped girl. Each person came forth with something to say and these men would judge and translate what was said. I was so frustrated being bound this way and not able to get my message across without limits and boundaries.

It was finally my turn and I began to speak but all that came out was "The time is nigh!" and I don't know what that even means....but what I meant was that the time is here and now. I saw a black cloud that began to grow and spread and it looked like a large mushroom shape and it was as if 1/3rd of the planet was destroyed. It was too late to change anything. I felt so frustrated at not being able to get my message across so that people would understand it... I spoke this other language but it was my soul...not my mouth that spoke it...and it would not make sense in language.

I woke up and knew I had been John the Baptist in this dream...and I know I sound crazy...but the dream was intense.


Date: February 10, 2003 at 23:37:40

From: MCYoung/Tx,

Subject: White Wolf and Old Woman and more

Awoke at 9pm(cst)from a dream/vision: Sitting accross a fire in a cave with Old Woman, the Grandmother that visits my dreaming on occasion. She spoke saying what she's said before: "The Tail of the Turtle will be broken," adding "It has already begun." Then she repeated this: "The Turtle has whispered to Old Woman. Old Woman has spoken to White Wolf. White Wolf is calling a warning to Big Bear." And this, which I'm not sure what it means, "The White Wolf is also calling to those by the side of the river." Then the dream SHIFTED and I was in a hotel? somewhere in the mountains and I was upon a 2nd or 3rd floor looking out a window and it was night. Below I saw some young boys in their late teens or early twenties. I heard a roaring sound in the distance but getting louder, before I could warn the boys below a huge wall of water and debris came flooding down from higher up on the mountains and was washing the boys away along with some cars....I felt the hotel shaking from the force of the water rushing by but the hotel seemed to be safe at least from being washed away....then the dream SHIFTED again and I was standing in the desert at night. There was one with me who said, "There is no rest for Tom, and do not seek rest under the Joshua Tree!" Then I saw a bright flash of light in the sky to the north and heard a loud clap of thunder. I woke up. It was 9:00pm(cst)....most of this is reoccurring information but the flooding, and the White Wolf calling a warning to those by the river...this I'm not sure of location.....anyone got ideas on this???....peace and prayers to you all, mcyoung in san antonio


Posted on Wed, Feb. 11, 2003

Predawn raft sighting baffles Bay searchers

By Guy Ashley


A Coast Guard patrol boat comes in to dock Tuesday on the Bay. (Herman Bustamante Jr./Contra Costa Times)

SAN FRANCISCO - A predawn sighting of a man in a wetsuit steering a motorized raft toward the Bay Bridge on Tuesday sparked a massive multi-agency effort to explain a report that raised grave homeland-security concerns.

But after nine hours of searching San Francisco Bay with boats and a pair of helicopters, officials could offer little to explain the sighting.

The search began soon after 3 a.m., when the captain of the Alameda-based tugboat Polaris telephoned the U.S. Coast Guard to say his boat had nearly collided with a 10-foot Zodiac-style raft about a mile south of the Bay Bridge.

The tugboat's captain reported that the raft was skippered by a man in a wetsuit with a snorkel, but the vessel disappeared into the darkness before contact could be made, said U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Neil Buschman, commanding officer for the agency's San Francisco station.

A massive search was launched, Buschman said, in large part due to the heightened terrorist alert the government issued just four days earlier.

A 41-foot rescue boat was sent onto the Bay, as well as a fleet of Coast Guard cutters. Two helicopters hovered overhead in search of the elusive raft.

Crews from the state Department of Transportation were sent below the bridge deck to search for signs of tampering, and similar inspections were performed along the periphery of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco waterfront.

Buschman said nothing suspicious was found. Nor did anything turn up that could explain what someone would be doing buzzing about the Bay in a rubber raft at 3 a.m.

The tugboat is owned by Seaway Towing Co. of Alameda, and was returning from a job in Crockett when its captain saw the raft whiz past northbound.

"This raft had no lights, which looked fairly suspicious," said Dale Kline, Seaway's general manager.

"The guy (on the raft) is either incredibly stupid or he was trying to hide something. Given the world we live in, post-9/11, we actually have trained our employees to be on the lookout for anything that appears strange.

The CHP has been conducting random truck searches throughout the Bay Area, including inspections of big rigs approaching the Bay Bridge, since the level orange alert was announced last Friday.

Other landmarks have been under heightened security since the threat level was increased, reportedly on information that populated areas might be targeted in a terrorist attack.

Still, Kline was one of several people who said he believed activities other than terrorism could explain the raft's presence in the shadow of the bridge. Kline said he knows of some people who commute to work by boat on the Bay.

"It could be someone out poaching sturgeon or kingfish," said Carrie Wilson, fisheries biologist for the state Department of Fish and Game in Monterey. "It's not that unusual for poaching to be going on out on the Bay.''

Added Kline: "It was definitely suspicious, but it's not like it would stop me from commuting across the bridge."

Ministers considered closing Heathrow after terror threat

12 February 2003

Home Secretary David Blunkett revealed today that ministers had considered closing Heathrow airport because of the threat of a terrorist attack, but decided closure would have been a victory for terrorists and "catastrophic" for Britain's trade and economy.

"For those who are threatening us it would have been a victory," he said.

"Trade would have suffered and the transport of people would have been disrupted – this would have been a catastrophic thing to have done."

He added: "People can feel safer in terms of the measures we have taken than under normal circumstances where a threat had not been perceived."

Meanwhile in Manchester, Labour Party chairman John Reid said the nature of the terrorist threat to London was on the scale of the September 11 attacks on New York.

Asked if the deployment of troops at Heathrow airport was an over–the–top reaction as a war against Iraq loomed, Dr Reid angrily replied: "This is not a game. This is about a threat of the nature that massacred thousands of people in New York.

"I am not even going to take seriously those people who suggest this is part of some sort of game."

However, Dr Reid later said he wanted to "clarify" his remarks. "I was attempting to make clear this is not some sort of game, it's not some sort of PR exercise," he said.

The reference was not meant to compare New York with the current situation at Heathrow. "We are not giving a scale of the threat - this is an operational decision," he added.

Mr Blunkett, asked about the nature of the intelligence which led to the appearance yesterday of 450 troops at Heathrow, said: "The immediate threats are not verifiable therefore we are working on finding out more information."

The Prime Minister and Cabinet received the information on Monday. "We decided we needed to act on it and that was to put in place the preventative measures to pre–empt any action that was threatening us."

He urged people to be vigilant and "keep their eyes and ears open".

The Home Secretary continued: "We hope we can get through the next few days without an incident. I hope we can."

The intelligence concerned the kind of attack outlined by the Home Office in a document published last November, he said.

The paper was issued by the Home Office and then hurriedly withdrawn because it talked of strikes on railways, airports and possible use of a "dirty bomb". The paper was quickly reissued in a watered–down form.

"The measures that are being taken in surveilling passengers and the measures to protect aircraft, particularly in terms of aircraft landing, are in place.

"We were acting on a threat that was specifically concerning the kind of action we have used police, security and the military against to send a very clear signal that we are protecting people whenever and wherever they travel.

"The nature of the threat was in relation to the kind of facilities that I outlined in November's document, namely where people are travelling and gathering in large numbers.

"I hope people, without being in any way frightened to go about their business, will see that it was necessary." There was a heavy military presence at Heathrow again today, as the massive police operation to guard the airport and reassure worried passengers entered its second 24 hours.

Reports of a possible terrorist rocket attack on a low flying plane were clearly on the minds of many travellers, with the presence of troops the main topic of conversation in the airport's cafes and the subject on the lips of those talking on mobile phones.

Several units of soldiers with armoured cars had again been stationed by the model of Concorde at the main entrance to Heathrow, while military trucks were positioned outside key buildings. Small teams of soldiers and police officers, all armed with rifles, walked side by side, patrolling the entrances to the main car parks and airport terminals.

In contrast to early yesterday when the operation had just begun, it was difficult to avoid the troops this morning who were providing a clearly visible deterrent.

Police stop–checks on vehicles also continued on approach roads in towns and villages around Heathrow, in a bid to eliminate the risk of terrorists firing a missile at any jets arriving at or leaving the airport.

Any terrorist attack on the capital will probably involve "a small device", London Mayor Ken Livingstone said today.

He urged Londoners to remain alert but described the move by the US government to tell Americans to stockpile food and buy tape to help seal their homes against possible chemical attack as "over the top".

Saying that it was like a throw back to the US war preparations of the 1950s and 1960s, Mr Livingstone told a press conference: "We are not advising that in London.

"There is always the danger of a catastrophic attack by al–Qa'ida, we think something less than September 11 considering the battering his (Osama bin Laden) organisation has had.

"Much more likely in London it would be a small device like we saw for 30 years in the IRA campaigns."

Mr Livingstone said he had been told of a "potential threat" to Heathrow airport "some weeks if not months ago".

Of the Government's deployment of troops there, he said: "What we are seeing at Heathrow airport is an attempt to saturate an area with the security forces so that it makes it impossible for a terrorist to strike.

"We had no immediate intelligence that this is about to happen. We have always been aware that Heathrow airport is a very high profile target.

"Londoners should not be stockpiling food but you should remain alert."

12 February 2003 10:46

Warnings trigger a run on disaster supplies

Wed Feb 12, 8:41 AM ET

Gary Strauss USA TODAY

Americans skittish about the latest terrorism alert hit stores and the Internet on Tuesday to stockpile food, duct tape and plastic to be prepared for a possible attack.

Monday's recommendation by the Department of Homeland Security to stockpile a three-day supply of food, water and medicine and to have duct tape and plastic sheeting to seal windows and doors appeared to be taking hold around the country.

The buying seemed more intense in New York City and Washington, D.C., widely considered the most likely targets for terrorists.

The purchases came amid stepped-up security across the country since Friday, when the terrorism threat level was raised from yellow to orange, indicating a ''high'' risk of attack:

* Airports. Random car searches continued at most airports. But at least three airports declined to conduct the random checks: Minneapolis-St. Paul, Seattle and Spokane, Wash.

''We want to balance the traveling public's need for security with an individual's civil rights,'' said Tim Anderson, deputy executive director of operations at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

In Washington state, airport officials said they were heeding tight restrictions on random searches spelled out by the state constitution. But officials will still stop suspicious cars, they said.

Transportation Security Administration spokesman Robert Johnson said that airports can modify their security plans, but that random car searches are legal. ''We believe we are on firm constitutional ground, given the threat that exists,'' he said. Some airports, including Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, are abandoning random searches because of possible congestion, he said.

* Bridges. The Coast Guard scrambled to search the waters near the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge before dawn Tuesday after a tugboat operator reported that a man wearing a wetsuit was buzzing around in an inflatable boat without lights. After an intense search, no one was found.

Meanwhile, anxious customers piled into hardware stores around the nation's capital. In Reston, Va., shoppers argued over emergency supplies.

''Does anyone know what else I need?'' investment banker Michael Hawkins asked. ''Bottled water, a battery-operated radio and masks,'' a shopper responded. Another steered Hawkins away from a nearby supermarket that had sold out of bottled water.

In New York, stores saw a similar pickup. ''We've been having a steady stream of customers buying dropcloths and duct tape,'' said Jonathan Jeffries at Vercesi Hardware. ''Most are coming because they saw it on the news . . . (and are) just trying to be prepared. But New Yorkers are always trying to be prepared.''

Jon Terzis purchased a $595 ''domestic preparedness kit'' at Quark International Limited. The kit contains a gas mask, alarm, latex gloves, a flashlight, a multipurpose emergency tool and a chemical protection suit. ''Look, I don't know if any of this stuff is going to protect you, but there is a certain peace of mind,'' Terzis said.

Consumer fears and purchases varied by region:

* At Central Ace Hardware in Miami Beach, long a prime source for hurricane supplies, calls came early. ''A guy wanted a dozen rolls of duct tape,'' manager Jack Terplicki said. ''He wanted to make sure he was prepared for the security alert and was afraid it would sell out. Normally, in hurricane season, all you need is one roll for the house. People are real scared.''

* In Fremont, Neb., Deb Gaudio was buying water, canned food and a radio. ''We tend to buy in bulk anyway. And so what we did was purchase an extra quantity of things that we would use either way.''

* In the San Francisco area, ''people have emergency supply kits because we have unreliable power and we live in earthquake (news - web sites) country,'' said Henry Nesmith, owner of Los Altos Hardware in Silicon Valley.

Internet sales also have gone up.

Long Life Food Depot, based in Richmond, Ind., said sales of military-style MREs (meals ready to eat), were up 100% since the threat level was raised. Popular orders: cases containing 240 meals ($1,080) and 72-hour emergency kits ($112) for four people.

D.C. Air Defense Tightened Due to Threat

Wednesday February 12, 2003 5:50 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) - Air defenses around the nation's capital have been strengthened amid a heightened terrorism alert and a warning from CIA director George Tenet that al-Qaida attacks could occur as early as this week, defense officials said Wednesday.

Avenger anti-aircraft missiles have been stationed around Washington, along with extra radars, and the Air Force has stepped up its combat air patrols over the capital, they said.

In testimony Wednesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee, meanwhile, Tenet reiterated that the danger of attack is rising.

``If given the choice, al-Qaida terrorists will choose attacks that achieve multiple objectives, striking prominent landmarks, inflicting mass casualties, causing economic disruption and rallying support through shows of strength,'' the CIA director said. ``The bottom line here, Mr. Chairman, is that al-Qaida is living in the expectation of resuming the offensive.''

Tenet said on Tuesday that new intelligence information led to last week's raising of the national terror alert level to ``orange,'' the second highest level of five. The information came from ``multiple sources with strong al-Qaida ties,'' Tenet said without providing details.

``The intelligence is not idle chatter on the part of terrorists and their associates,'' Tenet said Tuesday. ``It is the most specific we have seen, and it is consistent with both our knowledge of al-Qaida's doctrine and our knowledge of plots this network - and particularly its senior leadership - has been working on for years.''

The information pointing to imminent attacks was gathered in the United States and overseas, said FBI Director Robert Mueller, who joined Tenet and other intelligence chiefs to brief the Senate Intelligence Committee in an annual public session on threats to national security.

The CIA director said the information suggests the attack may involve a ``dirty bomb'' - a weapon that spreads radioactive material over a wide area - or chemical or poison weapons. Officials last week worried the attack could be timed to coincide with the hajj, a Muslim holy period this week.

Mueller and Tenet said the U.S. government has no specific information pointing conclusively to where, when or how terrorists would strike. They said raising the national alert level - and taking security measures at government and business centers - makes it more difficult for the terrorists to carry out an attack.

Mueller and Tenet said al-Qaida is damaged but still dangerous. Mueller called it ``clearly the most urgent threat to U.S. interests.'' It has a strong presence in Pakistan and Afghanistan and is developing a presence in Iran and Iraq, Tenet said.

The FBI suspects there are ``several hundred'' Muslim extremists in this country who focus mainly on fund raising, recruitment and training, Mueller said. But he said the greatest threat to Americans at home are ``al-Qaida cells in the United States that we have not identified.''

Some of these cells have probably been in the United States since well before the Sept. 11 attacks, he said.

``The enemies we face are resourceful, merciless and fanatically committed to inflicting massive damage on our homeland, which they regard as a bastion of evil,'' Mueller said.

Tenet had little information Tuesday morning on a new audio message attributed to Osama bin Laden, which aired later in the day on the Arab television station Al-Jazeera. Some previous recordings of the al-Qaida chief have served as preludes to terrorist attacks.

The CIA chief also repeated many of Secretary of State Colin Powell's statements last week to the United Nations regarding Iraq's efforts to acquire chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, and linking al-Qaida supporters to the Iraqi government. Tenet said the key link between Baghdad and al-Qaida is Abu Musab Zarqawi, a senior associate of bin Laden.

He said about two dozen of Zarqawi's followers remain in Baghdad, where Zarqawi spent two months last summer. All are members of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group that has merged with al-Qaida, Tenet said. But he said he has no evidence suggesting Iraq has any operational control over Zarqawi's group or al-Qaida.

Echoing Bush administration policy-makers, Tenet and the other intelligence chiefs offered little hope that U.N. inspections would prompt Iraq to disarm, saying Saddam is intent upon and capable of circumventing the inspections.

Tenet also said U.S. intelligence has given U.N. inspectors all of its information on what it believed were Iraqi weapons sites. CIA officials declined to say how many of those sites the inspectors have visited.

Vice Adm. Lowell E. Jacoby, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, predicted Saddam would lash out in many directions if attacked.

``I expect him to pre-emptively attack the Kurds in the north, conduct missile and terrorist attacks against Israel and U.S. regional or worldwide interests - perhaps using WMD (weapons of mass destruction) and the regime's links to al-Qaida,'' Jacoby said in prepared remarks. ``Saddam is likely to employ a scorched-earth strategy. ... We should expect him to use WMD on his own people.''


Associated Press writers Ken Guggenheim and Curt Anderson contributed to this report.

Grenade found at airport

By Michael Mcdonough in London

February 14, 2003

A LIVE grenade has been discovered at a major British airport, while in a separate incident two men have been arrested near Heathrow.

Metropolitan Police said a 37-year-old Venezuelan national was detained at London's Gatwick when officers found a grenade in his baggage after he arrived on a British Airways flight from Colombia.

Officers evacuated part of Gatwick airport and suspended flights from its North Terminal as part of a security alert.

A spokeswoman for the airport, who did not explain the nature of the threat, said all passenger areas in the North Terminal were closed and police were on site.

The Metropolitan police also said they had arrested two men in Hounslow, just east of Heathrow airport.

Metropolitan Police said a 37-year-old Venezuelan national was arrested at Gatwick when officers found a grenade in his baggage after he arrived on a British Airways flight from Colombia.

The Guardian newspaper reported Thursday that the security alert was sparked by "high-quality" intelligence that Islamic extremists had smuggled Sam-7 anti-aircraft missiles into Britain from Europe. Police refused to comment on the report, which said the intelligence was the most specific information of an imminent threat since the Sept. 11 attacks.