by Dee Finney

3-15-90 - DREAM - I was working for the locksmith. I was driving my own blue car, going north on 35th St. I turned right to go down to 25th St. to check out a job. I got there and looked around and met the boss. The secretary came into the room. I had known her from earlier in my life. She wanted to know if I knew how Nick Martin was doing. I didn't. I had to call Bob to okay a job but didn't know his home phone number, so I called Rochelle to have her call him. The boss had a piano there. The lid was down but had a transparent centerpiece where snacks were kept. It was full of potato chips. I was feeling rather nervous about being out in the car and driving alone because I hadn't done it in a long time. The woman said that I shouldn't worry because I was 100% better than I used to be. She and I went to the store to shop. We were both wearing light beige outfits. I kept hearing the same piece of music and the 3rd time they played it, I couldn't resist dancing and she danced it with me. (It was some kind of jazz or rock and roll song) Then a black man came in and said, "Let me show you how it should really be done", and went at it with real enthusiasm, and then I didn't feel so conspicuous.


8-28-90 - DREAM - I was in a taxi-cab, sharing a ride with two men. We headed up a steep hill and the driver stopped just short of the top. My destination was at the top and I planned to continue on to that house. But as soon as the men got out, the cab backed all the way back down to the bottom and I knew that if I  wanted to reach my destination at the top, I would have to pay the price  and do it all alone.

There was store window nearby and the manikin was wearing a beautiful shimmering light blue dress. I told my daughter that that was what I wanted. I had a box a potatoes and I was going to peel them, quarter them, and put them into another box. An elderly woman was watching me and I wanted to  look proficient.

As I began, I saw that under the potatoes there was a dark grey rabbit multiplying and having babies and the baby rabbits were trying to escape out a crack at the bottom which I had to prevent. Then as I started to peel the potatoes, they became pears and were very squishy and I tried real hard to impress the woman with my proficiency and it was very difficult.


5-1-91 Dream: I was with a lot of my friends and we were about to embark on a practice survival trip for 20 days. It was the eve of a big Jewish holiday. But the enemy, dressed in black came in. He offered my Jewish friends and I a drink of some liquor that was in a tall oil well shaped bottle. The stuff was bright green and as thick as clear, see-through toothpaste. I knew it was poison and if you mixed this stuff with alcohol, you could run your car on it.

I knew from the activities around us that some of our so-called friends, as soon as they saw that the enemy was real, changed sides and became our enemies, because they didn't want to die. We knew immediately that rather than being a 20 day experiment, we were now on a 12 year escape run for real survival.

In order to escape, the Jewish woman we were with offered herself up as a sacrifice to the evil man and kept his attention while the rest of us escaped by another door. We had to force our friends/turncoats to go with us or we wouldn't have been able to get away. There was one radio station in operation and I had a hand-held battery operated radio with me so we could call in with. One of the turncoats asked me what the station number was but I didn't dare tell him because he could give us away with that information. We dragged the turncoats with us as we ran from building to building.

I had a small child with me. My son. He appeared to be about two years old, but he had the wisdom of an adult. One of his shoes came off and I feared to stop long enough to put it back on his foot, but I did, and retied the knot. While I did that, he told me that he had been experimenting with seed potatoes to grow potatoes in a smaller space then was general practice in the past.

As soon as he finished telling me that, I opened the door of the building we were in and it opened onto a park with tall green trees, lush green lawns and a very narrow path to walk on, but I knew we would henceforth be safe.


2-27-92 - DREAM - I was with my daughter. I knew I was 4 months pregnant, but because I was on a diet, my stomach was flat. To reassure myself, I pressed in on my stomach and felt a big round lump nearer to my belly button as well as my uterus. My daughter then wanted to know how she would be able to tell when she was all grown up physically and I explained the details to her. Then I found out that she had a boyfriend waiting around the corner who could hardly wait for her to be al grown up.

I was in an office then in room 94 on the 9th floor. I needed to mail a package to a company with films or pictures in it. I called for the pickup and saw the truck pull up outside. I was still taping the envelope shut and I saw that the truck was gone already and he hadn't rung the buzzer. I called the office back and found out that he rung "O" for office and no one responded and he didn't know where I was so he left. Since I was the manager, there was no one to ask to find out. So, I had to ask him to come back again.

I then went to visit someone with a small child. The child was in a higher chair and almost knocked over a tall glass of red Kool aid. The mother said, "that happens all the time." I said, "One of these days you'll learn to use little amounts in little sipper cups and she'll never spill again." She looked at me in amazement because she hadn't thought of that.

I then went into the other room and saw that all her daughter's toys were packed away. My kids were with me and in no time, all the toys were out and there was hardly room to walk. I looked into the cabinet and saw that she had 2 toasters, 2 big sewing boxes, glass containers as well as other things and I was trying to figure out how she had packed all that stuff in there in the first place. I knew that some toys would have to be discarded.

I then saw 2 teenagers peeling potatoes and onions for a meal. Someone delivered more of each in bags. One boy was glad, the other said he didn't need anymore, even though they had equal amounts. I had a plan to put the new ones on the bottom so they could use the top ones first and not have spoilage. I also saw in the cabinet that other vegetables needed culling before they spoiled the whole crop being put in.


3-10-92 - DREAM - I was at a big building. I was on the first floor and wanted to go to the basement, but a bunch of rowdy girls were riding the elevators and I had to watch to see what they were doing. They got off the elevator and ran up a steep stairway to the top and let a basketball come bouncing down the steps. The ball ricocheted off of several walls and crashed into a window display breaking many picture frames. I counted carefully and 20 picture glasses were broken and I thought 1 green vase was cracked but I wasn't sure about that one. I gave a written report to my cousin Shirley because she was responsible for payment. I told her it would cost at least $2.50 per picture.She disagreed and said that she only counted 10. I told her that it would be thoroughly investigated.

I then went home and was cleaning and packing clothes and put them into a big black truck.

I had to investigate a young couple who was fighting in one of my apartments. I went into the darkened apartment and the woman came out of a back room and asked if I could give her a couple more days to work things out and I said, "okay!" I went back out then and drove the big black truck into West Allis from New Berlin and delivered the clean clothing to my family. There were blue things and blue and red things along with some other colors I didn't note.

When I was done, I told my family I was going back home and asked if anyone wanted to ride with me. They all got excited and wanted to go until they saw that I was driving the big black truck. They wanted to go with their father in the little green car. No amount of coaxing would make them go with me. My daughter sat on the hood of the little green car which was mounded with piles of mashed potatoes. She looked at me and said, "I really thought you were going to slap me in the face." I said, "I can accommodate you," and slapped her. The decisions were all made then and I had to drive the empty black truck home out to New Berlin all by myself.

The thought came to me then, "I'm afraid to drive the little red car all alone, but here I am driving the big black truck and I feel no fear at all."


1-23-94 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. We were having dinner. There was a man sitting two seats to my right. He had a big face. He acted as thought he liked me, but he didn't like the food I was eating. I had mashed potatoes on my plate. He told me that they were too dry. The woman on my left told me that she thought he was good looking.

I left the dinner table and went out the front door. I walked around to the alley and walked up a green carpet where lawn would have been next to the house. My son was at the back of the house coughing violently. Then he got the hiccups. I picked him up to pat his back. The big faced man came out of the yard and tried to take my son from me, saying, "The reason he is coughing and hiccuping is from overeating." I struggled with the man to keep my son. I wasn't about to let him go. The big faced man finally stopped trying to take my son, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and left.  


12-5-96 - MEDITATION - After an hour of meditation to ask for guidance, in frustration and almost in tears, I said, "The Our Father" prayer, raised my vibrations and said, "I need guidance" I saw a young man pick up a woman and throw her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and walk on, and then a beautiful blonde woman in a picture frame like a TV set said, "Like they do!'


8-15-97 - Dream - I was walking down a sidewalk and holding in my hand, a light brown notepad type thing with squares on it. In each square was a letter of the alphabet. I was pointing my finger at the letters and attempting to read while walking. Some girls came up the sidewalk and said they wanted what I had, but when I looked up, they wanted to SELL me some Christian material. I told them that God's Word should not be sold, it should be given away freely.

An ugly man came along then and said he wanted what I had also and tried to grab it away from me. He had scraggly teeth when he smiled and when he put his fingers on my notepad, I grabbed his fingers and began to bite them so he let go. I did this several times. He left then, going down a sidewalk to the left where they were going to be taming the lions.

I was in a large house getting reading to do something important. My baby was very young, just a few months old. His diaper was wet, so I stripped him to change his diaper. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. My daughter opened the door and several people from high school came in. Ronald Faisch showed me a stereoscope. He said, "Remember this?" The one he showed me was red. I knew I had not used the red one, but I knew that it makes two images into one. His other friends were bringing all kinds of food into the house and cooking in inappropriate places like on the table and on the hardwood floors. There was so much going on, it was hard to keep track of it all, so I just concentrated on the baby. I went to get the baby from the toilet and found him already dressed in green pajamas and tucked into the bassinet which he had already grown out of and needed a bigger crib. I ignored my old school mates and just let them do what they wanted. Suddenly, they were gone. They had left all the uneaten food behind, green salads, orange pumpkins, golden breaded cooked chicken that was deboned, other salads. There were two refrigerators full. They also left buckets of potato chips with little party hats and paper plates and cups that were blue with star designs. While I was trying to figure out what to do next, a small dark woman came in to work with me. I didn't get her name, but she said she lived on highway "A". Then Joe came into the room and we began kissing and he sat on my lap facing me and put both hands inside my blouse and caressed my breasts. I felt like I was in Heaven.


9-27-97 - Dream; I dreamed that I made a big pot of mashed potatoes. I served some to each person who came to my apartment. Everyone raved about how great they were. A particular special man came then and wanted to taste the mashed potatoes and wanted to be served first when I had these special mashed potatoes. He was served in a separate room from the others and elevated the pot of mashed potatoes to a higher level.

10-11-97 - DREAM - (I went to bed sick with chest pains, out of breath, feeling really ill) I was at my 16th St. house and went next door to the south across the alley. I was diagnosed with a disease like CAEX15 or something like that. I knew then that I had eaten too much chicken and mashed potatoes which did not digest and was pressing on my diaphragm and esophagus. (True)


11-2-97 - DREAM - (Dream of relationships) I was in the kitchen of a house. Ed McMahan sat on the counter. He said he had a 12 Beam headache. I then had a discussion with another woman about how to heal pain including breathing in the color blue.

I was going to cook dinner but cold not find the proper pans to cook in. I wanted a particular metal rectangular pan to cook the meat in the oven. I couldn't find one - all the other shapes and materials were available but that one. My mother (a then dark haired woman) began to cook meat in a round pan on top of the stove. I became angry and threw my meat which I had in my hand into her pan. I said, "You overcook the potatoes and overcook the meat. I left the room refusing to eat at all.

I went upstairs to change clothes and had a conversation with my 3 young sons about my choice of clothes. (Words unremembered)

I went down to the basement to clean up a after some journeyers (W..G. and another woman who were homeless and passing through. I had allowed them to stay with us in our house and they had just packed up their belongings which they had stored in a basement room. A dark skinned woman was there beginning to clean up after them and I stopped her and took the broom and dustpan from her telling her it was my responsibility to clean up after the journeyers since I had invited them in.

I swept up the floor clean and dumped the garbage. I then went back upstairs to the 1st floor and went outside on the lawn. It came to me that my and Joe's Lease was up on the house and we had nowhere to go and that since there was only 3 days left, I should look to see how much rent was for another house.

NOTE: Joe and I were notified a few days later that a rental house would be available for us to move into in 3 months.


2-11-98 - DREAM - This dream was like a dream, yet not because before I feel asleep I was seeing light inside my head like when I was abducted last, but more so, and I saw a tall grey wearing a red, white, and black cowboy type shirt with blue jeans. He towered over my head like he was 7or 8 feet tall. I didn't see his face.

I was having trouble falling asleep because Joe's son T.J. had come over in the dark and knocked on the window and my heart was pounding hard because I was stressed out at the interruption just as I was falling asleep. So, I was praying like I do when I start meditating because it relaxes me real fast.

My heartbeat slowed down dramatically and suddenly I found myself outside in the dark, wearing my white granny nightgown and barefoot just like I was dressed in bed. In this whole dream, it was dark outside and I was dressed in my nightgown and barefoot and I walked from place to place.

It seems to me I was there as an unwilling witness to events that really happened.  

When the dream started, I was outside in the dark and was feeling hungry, so I walked to this store-like place that had the lights on and went inside. I didn't have any money so I wouldn't have been able to buy anything, but I walked in and didn't see anyone. I walked up and down a couple aisles looking for something I could eat and not pay for. Suddenly the lights went out and it was really dark. I rather panicked and headed for the door at the end of the aisle. I knocked over a bag of potatoes that was on the floor leading against the counter. The bag must have been open because potatoes went rolling across the floor ahead of me towards the door. The door was wide open and there were still no people around. I kind of senses there were probably hidden cameras around and I didn't want to get arrested, so I started hollering, "Store Manager, Store Manager" as I went out the door. I saw a couple men in dark suits coming my direction and I was thinking, "Oh! Oh! They're going to arrest me for stealing something, so I continued to holler, "Store Manager, Store Manager". One of the guys got to me first, and he said, "What's going on?" I said, "I knocked over some potatoes in the store and the manager isn't there, so again I hollered, "Store Manager, Store Manager," and the guy just walked away. So, deciding I wasn't going to get arrested afterall, I shut up and walked around the building to my right.

I really got a shock, because I saw this big white jet airplane coming my direction, it's wings were folded up and it was taxiing slowly inbetween some large warehouses or hangars. I could see what looked like a cork in each of it's front air intakes, and I was thinking, "Those are silencers, otherwise the plane would be making a loud whining sound. "

The plane came to a stop and a door folded up at the back and a ramp came down. Suddenly a white car came rolling out of the plane and drove quickly across the tarmac to what looked like a warehouse or hangar in the distance.

This whole thing seemed rather ominous so I turned and went back the other way around the store and suddenly a young woman came running around the building from the other warehouse area, carrying a small blonde child in her arms.

I really felt nervous at this point because I knew I was seeing something that was supposed to be a secret.

Just as she passed, and went between two buildings, I again saw a dark suited man standing by the corner of a building. Again I feared arrest, so decided I'd pretend I was sneaking out in the dark to see my lover and hiked up my nightgown up to my knees and tiptoed quickly past the guy and went into the first open doorway I came to. I must have looked convincing because he didn't try to stop me.

I now found myself in a rather small room and there was a mattress on the floor along the wall. There was a young man standing on top of the mattress on a flat board the width of a bed slat. He looked familiar enough but I don't know for sure who he was. That was rather strange as there were other boards across the mattress but not evenly spaced.

He warned me, "Don't trip and fall", and helped me walk across the boards and then we went outside through another door into what looked like a backyard of a house.

In fact, it looked like the area where 4 yards would come together with a fence along each lot line like a + . The strange thing was that there were smashed hollow pumpkins strewn all along the fence like there had been a pumpkin war. Some of the pumpkins were green and some were orange and they weren't all the same size.

I knew I shouldn't be here either and I turned to go back inside the building and saw a young man by the doorway and guy upstairs. The guy upstairs dropped a barrel of water down on the other guy's head. I thought for sure he would be dead and I ran over there and felt that the water was warm and he seemed to be okay. The guy upstairs on the balcony said something to the guy below but I didn't catch what it was.

I again saw some guys in dark suits heading my way. I thought I was in trouble so I ducked down behind the slatted fence and hurried along towards a gate I saw. I could see too, along this area, there was a high cyclone fence right up against the wooden slatted fence, but I couldn't immediately determine if I was inside the fence looking out or outside the fence looking in.

I got to the gate just as the man in the dark suit got there and there was another man behind him. This gate was arched, all wire fencing like the cyclone fence.

I again feared arrest, but the front man in the blue suit was carrying two young girl children about ages three and five or four and six. I then saw the same blonde woman from before right behind him.

As we met at the gate, we had to pass each other closely and I tried to be really friendly and praised the little girl's beauty and said to the woman, "Little children are so precious". She beamed a smile back and agreed with me.

She nodded to some people I hadn't seen behind me, sitting on a bench. It looked like two women. They were bent over crying. The blonde woman said, "They just found out that they are losing their jobs. When we take over, they won't be managing this place anymore, we're going to be managing it from the city."

I didn't know where I was but since I had 11 years of management experience, I thought to myself, "Gee! I could have applied for the job if I'd known it was going to be open."

I passed through the gate then and suddenly found myself laying in bed under the covers, still dressed the same.


2-28-98 - DREAM - I was with some people and we were waiting for the President to come in. One of the them had a roll of paper towels in his hand that was bright red plaid (with green) Nobody wanted to be caught with it in their hands when the President walked in, so they were tossing it back and forth like a hot potato. They threw it to me just as the President was coming in the door. I didn't want to be caught with it either, but it was too late to throw it to someone else, so I tossed it behind me onto the seat of a square brown livingroom type chair just as everyone said, "Good Morning Mr. President". (We at no time actually saw the President)

The scene switched to a huge, immense church full of thousands of people and coming down the aisle were a procession of hundreds of brides and grooms. They were ALL newspaper reporters and the one first in line was Peter Jennings. (dark hair, thin, toupee plastered across his forehead.)


3-8-98 - DREAM - The very instant I closed my eyes I was shown a typewritten statement on a piece of paper or computer screen which then scrolled down to a series of subjects. I had to deal with down to a series of subjects I had to deal with . I picked the one I wanted, curled my toes down was like I was clicking a computer mouse and two seconds later, the scene popped up that I had chosen.

When that scene completed itself, the computer screen popped back up and I chose another subject to deal with. Again I curled my toes down when I chose the subject and the scene popped up to deal with.

In one, I realized why I'm not losing weight. Someone brought me a huge plate of mashed potatoes because I looked hungry and I began eating them. When I woke up, my mouth tasted like I ate mashed potatoes.

I can't remember all the scenes anymore, but in one I was talking to my brother Marty on the phone and discussing my mother's ring size and we both had somebody come to the door and we had to quit talking and go to our respective doors.

In my case, a religious couple came to the door to thank me for contributing money in advance for their cause. I didn't intend to let them into the house because I wasn't fully dressed. I was wearing a sweater with dark blue underpants. The man just walked in and started wandering around my house. We called him to task on that behavior, then I went in the other room, got my green bathrobe and then went back to the livingroom where the woman again thanked me for paying in advance toward her cause. She was going to ask me for money when I woke up.


9-9-98 - DREAM - I was living in a house which is not familiar to me. I was visited by a short, dark, plump woman who looked familiar but I didn't know her name. She sat in the corner, half hidden by a long drape hanging from the ceiling. She asked me if I had gotten any e-mails from the REALPEOPLE list. I admitted that I hadn't and she asked if it was okay to forward some and I said, "Yes!"

I wanted to turn on the TV, but it didn't seem that I had one. I almost knocked a lamp over and saw the base of the lamp was badly damaged and that it had been given to me that way and I had to prop it up carefully in order to use it.

I wanted something to eat and all I could find was potato chips. I offered the woman some and she took only one. I said she could take more but she told me that one was sufficient for her.

I heard some paper ripping, and looked up and realized I hadn't fed my birds in 4 days. I remembered going to get the seed and getting sidetracked. So, I headed towards the kitchen to get the seed from under the sink and noticed I had two other birds in the kitchen and that they seemed smaller because they hadn't been fed either.

I then went out into the yard with my friend and the baby so the baby could play. Suddenly I realized there were 30 or 40 children playing in the yard and their parents were all there too. I was shocked to realize this.

A woman came up to me and asked me if her baby could swim in the pool. (It was one of those round kiddy pools) I said, "Yes! But you will have to watch her." So she decided she didn't want the baby to swim in that case.

I needed to go to the bathroom, so went into the house. I headed for the stairs and discovered that part of them were missing and cabinet doors were off the hinges and stuff was laying everywhere.

My baby was happily playing on the stairs. I said, "Where are Michael and Ken?" The baby said, "They are up at Grandpas!" I said, "They are where?" He repeated, "They are up at Grandpas!" and pointed up the stairs. I told him, "Well, you go up there and tell them to come down, because they are going to clean up this mess."


11-12-98 - DREAM - I was working in an office and had a stack of purchase orders in front of me and each one was for PCs and potatoes.

(Logically, I know that you don't buy PC's and potatoes from the same place so I don't understand this.)

I then went out into the hallway to talk to other employees. There were three young black women there who looked unappreciated so I went out of my way to say, "Thank you" to them and asked them if they would like to be treated to an ice cream. They said, "Yes!" so I told my boss I'd be back in half an hour intending to drive to the nearby place where they had ice cream. When I got to the door, there was a stairway that ended in a big drop off and below that hundreds of little children were sitting, waiting for something. I jumped down the drop off which was about 3 feet. I told the girls I would meet them either at door #1 or door #2 (of the same building I had just come out of door #3) I wasn't sure which door the ice cream sales were.

I entered door #2 and there was a long line of people waiting. I wasn't sure what they were buying so I walked up to the counter. There was a separate line for cones or for cups of ice cream. I decided to get cups, then went back to the end of the line. They must have been buying in groups because each time a sale was made, several people in line ahead of me left and I was quickly at the front of the line. I bought 4 ice cream, but have no memory of giving it to anyone.  


1-8-99 - DREAM - I was working on a web page and came across one that had a border of the  sun and the moon alternating. It was gorgeous so I borrowed the border and put it on my own web page. When I moved it, the sun and moon were mere words instead of pictures and no amount of work could make the words look like pictures, so I began to delete them again.

I was at my New Berlin house. My son Michael was given a pullover shirt of green, orange, and yellow. He was going to give it to someone else but it was a perfect fit for him. I told him he could keep it if he wanted to.

Then I went outside and was sitting in the back seat of a white car. I was helping somebody with a project and I washed some 'nuts' in water. My hand began to itch and then form huge blisters under the skin that got so big they burst and my hand ended up shredded mass of flesh. My hand was swollen to twice its size by that time and I was appalled.

I was then in a car driven by my mother. She drove so fast, she went right through a wire fence. I was shocked and expected to be sliced into a dozen pieces, but we didn't even feel it. I wouldn't try it myself though, and the next fence we came to, we went through an opening in a gate and not right through the wire.

I was then in a house with some teens. We were rather sitting around talking and there were dirty dishes around.. big pots with spaghetti sauce on the edges. It was nearing dinner time again. I asked if there were any potatoes, thinking I could start peeling them, but another woman was making spaghetti or Lasagna and potatoes weren't needed, so I began to wash dishes instead. One of the teenage girls just went to her room to wait for dinner while the other one pithed in with the work. I told the girl who went to her room that she wouldn't get any dinner unless she worked. She acted like it was a racist statement because I was white and she was black, but another black man standing there who was a guidance counselor in a boys group told her I was perfectly right. He said, "If you don't work, you don't eat."


DREAM - 1-22-99 - I really enjoy gardening so when I had the opportunity I went to a farm to help out. When the chores were done for the day, we were in the barn. There was a pile of dirt in the corner where the crops were kept fresh.

I started digging in the dirt pile and found some potatoes. I told the old woman farmer that I'd try to get enough potatoes for dinner. She said, "Okay!" and I started pulling potatoes out of the dirt. One potato was particularly large and when I pulled it out, a huge hole was left in the pile.

I decided to look down into the hole and saw a beautiful amber light fixture buried down there under the dirt. It was so pretty, to look at. While I was thinking about taking the light fixture out of the hole for the other people to see, the large potato fell back into the hole and broke one of the fluted light covers.

I was so upset, I apologized to the old woman who was now a withered old black woman. (KALI) I told her I was concerned about the broken glass, that someone might get cut on it.

She said, "Don't worry about it." She brought out a long green hose and began washing away the dirt pile. She washed away all the dirt, leaving a clean, concrete floor. I didn't know what to say. I didn't expect her to use so much water and wash ALL the dirt away.

Outside, I looked down into the valley and saw that the water in the river was rising. It rose higher and higher. The water felt warm, so I was wading in the water. I thought about strolling in the water from place to place, but it was getting higher and higher.

My brother told me he was going to go look at the river too, and I said, "Okay!" The water was getting up past my knees now and I started to get concerned about my own safety. I decided I was wrong to tell my brother to go ahead and look at the river with its fast rushing water and began to call him back.

I saw two cops tell my brother he could go no further and made him turn around and come back. By now, the water was thigh high and it looked like the entire valley was covered with water.

I was getting more and more concerned for the safety of everyone, so I headed up the stairs into my apartment building where I felt safe.

When I got there, I went on the computer and began working on computer pages about disaster and preparing for survival.


Here are some pertinent pages I've prepared for everyone to use, if they deem necessary.






3-6-99 - DREAM - I was sitting on a couch with Joe and bunch of little kids about 4 years old and younger. A Siamese cat, full grown came into the room and climbed up on the couch. I said to Joe, "See! That's the color of the puppy I dreamed about." The siamese cat was now a dog and came walking across the couch towards me. I could see his intention was to snuggle up to me and I already was holding a young boy child on my lap and chest who was sleeping. I told the dog to "Sit!" and he dropped instantly.

On the couch, a yong sturdy boy about 4 years old said he had been working on the roof. I was amazed. He was making his own lunch. He had 1/4 orange squash, and riced some potatoes into it and then placed something on top of it. I'm thinking 'cheese' because that sounds good to me, but it may have been something else. He then sat on the floor with it and was floating it in a box full of water. Nobody could understand why he was floating it in water. Me either.


5-21-99 - DREAM - I don't say this was a contest but I was asked to do an artistic work of Jesus sayings which were like on stone and then I was asked to present them in color.

I spent a long time transferring colored background which I worked on, then I noticed there were words missing in the middle and knew I'd have to go back and search for them so we didn't miss them.

I was then trying to work up a genealogy of the owners of our house which I managed to do all right. There were more than I thought though my neighbors were able to name them.

We went to the store then to buy potatoes, we already had some but were searching int he back room where we weren't supposed to be and I spoke up and said, "Do you have any American Standard potatoes?" He got all excited and came up with numerous bags of reddish potatoes he said his sister and he were trying to breed along their driveway. He was all excited that we were going to plant them too.


6-2-99 - VISION - I was calling Lady Nada and I saw a hand holding what looked like a potato masher with a bent over handle.


7-18-99 - DREAM - I found a real-life computer program which was as large as life itself and it showed all the various levels of existence. What was so interesting was that you could click on one of the levels and actually go there and experience it.  I went through a few of these myself, then wanted my friend Michelle to see this incredible program.

So I got Michelle to look at this program and we clicked on some of the levels and experienced them together. In one of the levels I was shocked to find out that the ground under our feet was solid potatoes. There wasn't even any ground between them.

A Father and his grown son were there and the son took a shovel and dug down into the potatoes to show me it was real.

I was so excited about this program, I wanted everyone to be able to see it. So I had it set up on my own computer.

In one last scene I was going to sing a duet with another woman and all my former singing teachers walked into the room to listen. I was so surprised I didn't know what to do. I never expected to be heard.

Subj: [SO] Pleiades Potato Plot Proven!
Date: 01/06/2000
From: SHnSASSY1@aol.com


Pleiades Potato Plot Proven!

By Robert Roy Britt

Senior Science Writer

The Pleiades star cluster is one of the brightest in the northern hemisphere.  It consists of many stars that formed in a cloud of interstellar gas. The blue haze is due to fine dust which reflects light from the stars. Credit: Mount Wilson Observatory UC Davis

Cultures of the Andes


El Nino -- Southern Oscillation

For as long as there has been human imagination, the stars above have been thought to presage and preside over the seemingly inexplicable. But mysticism hasn't always jibed with the science of things.

When it comes to potatoes, however, the stars are perfectly clear. Or, in some years, they're exceedingly fuzzy. Either way, it all makes sense to the farmers high up in the mountains of South America.

For centuries, Andean villagers have looked to the stars each June for clues about rainfall several months hence -- during the growing season -- so they could decide when to stick their spuds in the ground.

If the cluster of stars known as the Pleiades was bright in June, Peruvian and Bolivian farmers knew the rains would be plentiful and early, and the potatoes went into the ground at the beginning of October. But if the stars were dim during several pre-dawn observations, then it was clear that a dry spell was coming, and wise farmers held off their planting.

The science of it

Only now has modern science figured out how they did it, and it turns out the Andean imagination isn't so wild. Somewhat unwittingly, the farmers have deciphered a stellar connection with atmospheric conditions, all tied to upcoming effects of El Niño.

Benjamin Orlove, a researcher at the University of California, Davis, explored the ancient Andean ways, looked at potato yields, measured rainfall and then studied ocean temperatures. His work appears in the Jan. 6 issue of the journal Nature.

From about June 15 to June 25, a group of Quechua-speaking farmers observe the brightness of stars in the Pleiades, which it turns out is affected by low-density, high-altitude clouds that are not visible to the human eye. When these cirrus clouds are present in June, El Niño conditions often prevail, Orlove and his colleagues found, and that portends drought for the Andes during the subsequent October-to-May growing season.

"The rainfall in El Niño years is about two-thirds of what it is in La Niña years," Orlove told space.com. "Potato yields fall by a similar amount."

El Niño's role

El Niño is a periodic warming of water in the tropical Pacific Ocean. Warmer water fuels intense thunderstorms that pump energy high into the atmosphere, altering large-scale wind currents and weather patterns around the globe.

The opposite oceanic condition, La Niña, was found by the researchers to be related to clear Andean night skies in June, later driving increased rainfall during the growing season. The farmers, of course, already knew that, or at least they knew the parts they needed to know.

The decreased visibility related to El Niño is caused by an abundance of high-altitude water droplets that distort incoming light rays. Though the droplets have formed clouds, they're not the typical puffy, visible variety.

(Any backyard astronomer knows the frustration of a seemingly clear night that turns out to provide lousy viewing.)

"Think of looking through water at the bottom of a stream or lake," Orlove explains. "How obscured an object is depends on the clarity of the water and the distance of water through which you are looking. Air works similarly."

Long before Orlove figured out the science of the Andean method, farmers had used it to determine the planting time for potatoes, their most important crop and one that is particularly vulnerable to drought at planting time. By delaying planting four to six weeks when drought is expected, farmers increase the odds that the potatoes will sprout during months that typically experience more rainfall.

Orlove expects that the divining of the Pleiades has been going on for four centuries. He notes that the Incas, who were conquered by the Spaniards in the 1500s, worshipped the cluster of stars.

How accurate is the method?

The ongoing work by Orlove and his colleagues seeks to integrate traditional and modern scientific knowledge to make forecasts, and it may help scientists study regional effects of the El Niño cycle.

Regarding the groups of farmers that were studied, more data is needed to come up with a precise calculation of how often the method is accurate. But Orlove offered this: "The forecasts are accurate around two-thirds or three-quarters of the time."


"A Spud Tale"

We know that all potatoes have eyes. Well, Mr. and Mrs. Potato had eyes for each other, and they finally got married and had a little one - a real "sweet potato," whom they called "Yam". Of course, Mr. & Mrs. Potato  wanted the best for little Yam, telling her all about the facts of life.

They warned her about going out and getting half-baked, because she could  get mashed, get a bad name like, "Hot Potato," and then end up with a bunch of "Tater Tots." Yam said not to worry - no "Mr. McSpud" would get her in  the sack and make a rotten potato out of her! But she would not stay home and become a "couch potato" either. Moreover, she resolved that she would get plenty of food and exercise, so as not to be skinny - like her shoestring cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Potato warned her about going off to Europe -and to watch out for the hard boiled characters from Ireland and even the greasy guys from France, called the French Fries. They told her, also, to watch out for the Indians, when going out West, because she could get scalloped. Yam replied that she would stay on the straight and narrow and wouldn't associate with those high class Blue Belles, or the ones from the other side of the tracks - who shamelessly advertise their trade on all the trucks you see around town, with signs that proudly proclaim, Frito-Lay.

Well, Mr. & Mrs. Potato obviously wanted the best for Yam, so they sent her to "Idaho P.U." (That's Potato University) where the big potatoes come from. Then, when she graduated, she'd really be in the chips. But one day she came home and said she was going to marry Peter Jennings! Mr. and Mrs. Potato were very upset and said she couldn't marry him, because he's just a .....

(Now, wait on the punch line, as you continue to scroll down.)