Subj: Fw: The Power to Be

Date: 04/06/2000

From: t.james1@xxx (James Taylor)

Highest greetings, as always in love and light to All.

Here's another gem from Standing Elk everyone.

As some of you are aware, I recently completed an Initiation into the Maya Deer Mystery School. Receiving the following was/is syncronistic to this event in my life, and there is a great need to share it with All.

If you resonate with, and are in a position to share this with all your friends, and/or post it on your respective webpages or digests, I'm sure we'll all benefit greatly from the jump in consciousness the reading of this will enable us, if we're individually willing to really feel and think about what it talks about, to achieve.

Till we connect again, as always, only thei highest manifest good for All In Love and Light, In La' Kech,


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From: Standing Elk

To: t.james1@xxx

Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000

Subject: The Power to Be

Dear James,

Good Morning. Here is a message from Little White Deer that you can share with your friends and others that are interested in their own personal growth.

Love and Blessings

Standing Elk

Message for April 6, 2000


The Power To Be

The Doctors are here. They are doctoring you in this circle. And, the Doctors are here healing the four nations of Turtle Island. For Little Deer is here.

There is problem within your bodies because you have forgotten the Power to Be. The Law of Nature speaks that everyone must chose Right Relationship in order to truly Be.

The Deer Nation is a Giveaway Nation for the Two-Leggeds. We are your teachers as well. With the Deer Nation come the Spiritual Doctors; for, the Deer Clan is a clan of Medicine Peoples.

The Power to Be is rooted in the Elements. The Deer Nations have long understood Right Relationship with the Elements of our world. Only when human being stepped into the unwisdom of abusing the Elements did problems manifest a dense body like youíve had. When the Two-Leggeds did disgrace the Earth through abusing the Elements, not only did the Two-Legged form fall, but so did the Relations of the world that you see.

Our Mother Earth and Our Relations, as we are known, did not even inhabit seen forms till the humanities chose to demand of the powers of Mother Earth and crossed the line of respect. So, did physical maladies, disease and illnesses of mind and body and heart come into the Peoples. As the Bird Nations and Deer Nations and the Swimming Nations were very powerful in the Spirit World before they descended with Man, still, too, are they strong nations of Spiritual Beings. We did not have to come here with you, but are here as companions and teachers and to give food to the Two-Leggeds as well.

In past times the human peoples had no need for food, except the Love of Creator. This is the plane to which everyone is ascending now. The sweet fruits of the Tree of Life which all of the Relations do enjoy will be the power for your life. You must walk again in balance with the Elements and to do this is to choose to be a wise gardener, a guardian.

For there are Seven Elemental Clans with which the human being is related. The very forms, opinions and substance of these Elemental Clans do live within your bodies. We are Related, the teaching says. And, it is so.

So Little Deer is here to speak of the Seven Elemental Clans that the Two-Leggeds can walk in balance with the Elements, the powers of our Motherís world.

The first Clan, let it be known, is the Earth Clan. The Earth Clan does find its powers and locations in the roots of you body. And from there, your feelings of the need for shelter and for warmth do come--from these Elemental Clans of Earth. You must take care of the Earth, Peoples. For even the handful of sand or the bowlful of the dirt has consciousness and healing power. For our Mother is alive and is diverse.

The second clan is that Water Clan that does reside in the bowels of your being. The Waters Clan dost make up what Two-Legged is. The Water Clans likewise can be accessed through the Sacred Chakra; (for you feel the Waters of Life through there). The Water is your Relationship to the Sacred Law of Creator. For in the Waters of the Mystery did Creator bring forth that Light.

So, too, the Fire Clans you do find through the feelinís of your liver, your Will, and that Solar Walk. This Fire nature is the spunk of your passion, is the inner light and is life that glows in all the Relations. Therefore, your prayers and your freedom are through that Fire. The Fire is Two-Leggedís friend.

The Fourth Direction and Principle Element is that of Air. And these, the lungs do provide place for these Nations, as does the voice. The Air Nations are the consciousness of all Life...[At this moment, the Wind knocked our windchime against the balcony windo - -two loud thumps - the chimes danced and sang for a long time. We sat quietly, listening to the Wind Spirits.]...and therein is the sacredness within. When you breathe, know that it is the Breath of Creator, of Spirit that has entered into your bodies. And when you honor the Plant Nations through the smudge and the smoke, do add your Prayers of Thanksgiving.

These are the Principle Four Elements of which the Two-Legged thus dance. Each is related unto a Direction. Thus, do the Grandmothers and Grandfathers guide these clans.

Understand then, O Peoples, that when you violate the Sacred Trust of these Elements, that indeed the Grandmothers and Grandfathers perceive and do enact Cycles of Karma. Yet, be comforted for Little Deer and the Doctors are here with healing power through this Universal Law of Nature.

There are three Spiritual Clans with which human beings interact most strongly. The Clan of the Ethers - the Power of Spirit - is the sacredness behind the Word, the Power of Truth. The Sacred Essence that dwells within your Heart of Hearts is of the same Spiritual Ether as the Creatorís Love. And so, Peoples, when you speak, speak your words of Love.

Little Deer reminds the Two-Leggeds that, indeed, there is such a thing as Manna. It is a Clan of the Elemental Kin. It is a way in which you can understand the gentleness and the abundant power of those Angel Kin. They are indeed bearers of the Sacred Vision that work through that Eye of Truth. O Peoples, when you think your thoughts, think of Beauty and Strength and Truth. The Ancestors of the Seventh Heaven feel, comprehend and purify your thoughts; therefore, with sincerity, think your thoughts well.

Little Deer would have the Peoples know of the Seventh Clan of the Elemental Folk. These are a clan from that place of the Fiery Waters--to you another dimension altogether—that is anchored within that crowning intelligence that dost awaken humanity and dost adorn the Deer. Within these worlds dost your own liquid presence be. Essence is the emanation of the Waters of Life of Creator: herein, the Seven Planes of Human Life are brought into understandable form by the Elemental Kin that you are.

Peoples of the Two-Legged Nations, walk with understanding that that which you perceive is in relation to who you are; that like unto a being made of many substances - EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR, ETHER, MANNA AND ESSENCE - Two-Leggeds are the walking guardians for Kingdoms of Life and are responsible to the Spirits of Mother Earth.

Therefore, O Two-Legged Peoples, walk with the Elemental Relations in Peace.

Then your bodies can receive the doctoring that we have for you. Then you will stop fighting yourselves and Peace will be amongst all our Relations.

Mitakuye Oyasin,

Standing Elk

Canku Woksape Wicasa

Mazaska Wicahpi Waste Win