Subj: [earthchanges] Re: RADAR RING AUG 26

Date: 08/26/1999

From: (Deuce)


HAARP . Here are the links if you want to read about them.

Scroll down to the radar chart and read about it.

This page has a very extensive library of radar rings. I also send them to him when I find them. Lately since I got ahold of the military radar page-I have been finding 2 kinds - one that looks like a bulls eye target and the other plain ring that looks like a donut. I have found out that there seems to be earthquake activity within a couple days of finding the bullseye type.

For example: Here is the bullseye type I found on Aug 24. Tuesday of this week . I just got an earthquake bulletin in e-mail today a few minutes ago about an earthquake in the New Madrid area. To see the ring over Alabama see The second type is like the last one I sent. They seem to be signatures of the electromagnetic pulse that they set off. I have a lot of them. Flash also has quite a collection. Also Kent Steadman at Orbit .He also has them on his site. This is the one I sent Tuesday.

Here is a link from Orbit

On this link-scroll down to where it says TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT and you  can read about it.

This is what they are doing with it also! I had an article somewhere that says that every car after 1984 has a chip in it somewhere and with this chip they can stop the car cold. So there you go. From what I have been able to gather-they punch a hole in the atmosphere and heat the upper atmosphere(Ionosphere) and then they zap the ground to get control of the energy. They can produce Tornadoes, Floods, , All kinds of stuff with this . Here is a page FULL of links about it.

Here are very good ones dealing with the Ionosphere

Here is the URL for discussion of the Tesla Shield and triggering earthquakes and tornadoes.

Flash Radar Archive Site

Credit goes to  Retha Rutherford <> for doing the research!