Machu Picchu - August, 2000


by Joe Mason and Dee Finney


updated 5-3-03

On December 23 1999, something rather incredible happened. It is a great example of what I call "dream-coincidence." I just "happened to find by chance" a set of dreams from 1996 that clearly (I believe) predicted the development of the recent nine-pointed star, based on Gary's Val Tenuta's alphanumeric material.

Here's the story -

In order to for you to judge the likelihood of finding the set of dreams, I need to give a little background. I have a huge collection of dreams and related material from as far back as 1977, but mostly from 1990 up to now. The notebooks and snail-mail material cover two or three bookshelves. I recorded 3.6 megabytes of the dream material on a Brother word processor. Between June 1994, to October 1996, I recorded my dreams and interpretations on audio tape. There are 84 cassette tapes, mostly 60-minute tapes, with a few 90-minute tapes. Since late 1996, I have recorded some of my dreams on my PC, and some on tapes. Also, since late 1996, I have combed the web, collecting dreams and other material. I have 2 gigabytes of material on my hard drive.

Last week, on December 21, a new audio tape recorder was delivered to the house by UPS. It was Dee's Christmas present to me, as my old recorder is worn out. The next day, UPS delivered another, identical tape recorder. We thought of sending it back, but an idea came to me on how to put it to use, so we decided to keep it. The idea was to take it to work, along with some of my old tapes. In my spare moments at work, I could listen to the tapes and make notes. Eventually, anything significant, would be put on our web pages.

The next morning, December 23, I picked up the recorder, and went to get a few tapes. My 1994-1996 tapes were in two boxes in the bedroom. I opened the box with the second set of tapes, which start with tape number 57. I thought of opening the first box, and starting with tape number 1, but for some reason, chose several tapes from the second box, numbers 57, 58, 59, and 60.

Later, at work, I was able to listen to the first (A) side of tape number 57, and part of the second (B) side. Between counter position 140 and 309, on side B, I came to a series of dreams that astonished me, as they seemed to predict events that had happened a few days before. I will type them in here, from my handwritten notes.

At 5:34 a.m. on 2-13-96 (a symbolically important day to me), I dreamed of being on a big bucket lift-like machine with two men, one younger than the other. The older man was guiding the machine. A repair had been done on the machine . . . the motor or generator had been changed. I questioned the older man about this. I asked which frequency drive he had used. I mentioned that a motor could be ruined by a wrong frequency. (end of dream)

I should mention a few things here, that I knew by 1996. In 1990 and 1991 I had a number of dreams with "electrical" symbolism. The physical reality is symbolically like a motor that is powered by a generator from another dimension. The generator is most often symbolized by a Mother Goddess figure. The Gem4 page tells of my dream of the "Gematrian Wheel," in which I made the "generator" analogy to the wheel, with its Gematrian numbers. Part of the idea is that the ten-part wheel is related to the Goddess Kali, and the Kali-Yuga time cycle, as indicated by the Bythorn Mandala crop formation of 1993, and its similarity to the Kali Yantra. The Bythorn Mandala was a ten-petal lotus, with a five-pointed star inside. A reversed (two points or horns up), five-pointed star is an esoteric symbol of the Kali-Yuga, according to Helena Blavatsky. The harlot of Revelation 17 and the related "ten horns," represent the same thing. The ten-petal lotus is also the symbol of the third chakra. Following the symbolic "logic," the next cycle should involve the fourth chakra, the heart chakra, which has the 12-petal lotus with a Star of David as its symbol. The 12 stars on the crown of the Woman With Child in Revelation 12, and The New Jerusalem in Revelation 21, also suggest the heart chakra. This apparently represents a change of generators and a new frequency.

Other dreams and coincidences connected the idea to the 1991 Barbury Castle crop formation, and a Sufi concept about how the reality is created:

Sufi Y and Triangle of Creation

Symbolically, the "Y" is the generating, birth-giving, "Mother," and corresponds to a "Wye" (Y) hook up of wires. The triangle is the "Trinity" motor of the physical reality, symbolized by a "Delta" (triangle) hook up of wires.

The Y is also related to the Triple Goddess, as a composite of three feminine "consorts" to the Triple Male Trinity. The two men and myself, in the dream, may be related to the Triple Male Trinity. With the Star of David, the up-pointing triangle can represent the feminine aspects, and the down-pointing triangle can represent the male aspects. Dee and I find many dreams with hints of this. See:



The next dream on the tape was recorded at 10:21 p.m. the same day. A voice spoke, saying, "Dark Wednesday . . . ha ha ha."

I knew this referred to the midpoint of the week, as expressed in Daniel 9:27. It is one of many verses that refer to the 3 1/2 midpoint of the chakras. The primary one to me is Revelation 11:11, where the two olive trees stand up after 3 1/2 days.

The next dream on the tape was recorded at 5:26 a.m. on 2-15-96. In the dream, I was with two other people. I became separated from them. They were going up a hill. There was a communication problem between us. We left telephone messages. I arrived in another town. I checked the messages at the hotel desk.

The scene changed. I was in a busy street area. I saw about half a dozen people standing next to a wall. A Salvation Army-like woman was amid the group. She was waiting for me to deliver a mailing. She held a special little thin shopping bag with green and white stripes. The bag was about 8-10 inches long and about 6 inches wide. I saw a triangle with numbers (on the bag, I think). On the top of the bag were letters inside squares.

An item was in the bag, which I had sent in, similar to how photographic negatives are sent in to be developed. I had sent the item in to be identified. It was about a way to hook up the wires of a motor. I had the motor, but did not know how to hook up the wires.

I could see the item somehow, even though it was in the bag. It looked something like cardboard, like a half-circle, but was like the devices (which were round) put into old-fashioned, plastic, handheld viewers. There were little squares on it, with letters, symbolized by different colors, something like red, blue, and yellow. There was meaning in the marks on them. There was something like a color code beside each one, which I could kind of see through, like transparencies of colors. Next to them, a certain letter or number was put. This told how the wires were supposed to be hooked up. Each colored part represented wires on the motor. (end of dream)

After recording the dream, I fell back to sleep. At 5:47 a.m., I dreamed of a voice saying, "The colors went beyond those that are disting wishable."

On the recording, the strange word sounded like "disting," but may have been another word. I fell back to sleep, and awoke again at 5:51 a.m. with another voice message: "In reality, what you have to do is . . . remember your own dreams from the future."

I became fully awake at 6:07 a.m., and made a few comments. I spoke of the generator-motor analogy . . . about the red, yellow and blue primary "light" colors used on television sets . . . about the "Light behind the light" (Celtic), and the "Light beyond all colors" (Tantric), as the God-Source . . . and the creation-manifestation analogy of the rainbow of light manifesting when the Single White Source Light passes through a prism.

The two people at the beginning of the dream, and myself, may also symbolize something about the Trinity, which has many forms. The "communication" problem is often associated, not just in my dreams, but in the dreams of others. I believe this is saying something about our separateness during the time cycle from aspects in another dimension.

The synchronicity of finding these dreams that seem connected to our recent e-mail exchanges is amazing. Many such things have happened over the years, but few are as convincing in terms of dreams predicting the future.

The exchanges started with Gary's post about "Crowley" and "The Aiwass Code" on December 19. On the same day, I sent a post, subject titled, "Crowley's Aiwass Code," where I spoke of the numerological "cross addition" method (reducing numbers). Gary posted a reply on December 20, attaching his 3 x 3 color-coded number square based on the reduced numbers from the alphabetical numbers ONE through NINE. He gave a link to his page, where he had mentioned a 3, 6, and 9 "gap space" idea. He was amazed that his material fit with the work of Marco Rodin. I was also amazed.

After I read Gary's material and looked at the 3 x 3 color-coded number square, the idea came to place them on the points of the nine-pointed star. I found my drawing from March 20, 1996. It was based on an idea about music frequencies. The original drawing has three overlapping triangles inside a circle. Each triangle has the "Y"-shape in it, i.e., like the Barbury Castle triangle. Dee scanned in the image, and I reduced it down to just the star, because the circle did not show up properly. I printed the image, then looked for some colored pens to mark the star points, to correspond to Gary's square. The closest colors I could find were blue, yellow, and pink-red. Dee scanned the image, and I attached it to my December 20 e-mail.

Three days later I listened to the tape. One of the dream voice messages included the words, "remember your own dreams from the future."

Folks, I do think we have a lot to learn about "reality." It could be just coincidence, but I think not.




Dreams of the Great Earth Changes

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