by Dee Finney

8-29-00  - DREAM - I was in an odd place with an entity I didn't really see. It was rather like a dim workroom.  I don't know where this was.  We were using symbols to create rain. Each one was different.  Each place had their own symbol.  I can only recall the last symbol. It looked rather like a small branch with a downward hanging leaf with lightening coming down from the three tips of the leaf. The symbol was like a bathroom tile would look with a frame around it except it was colorless.

When we were done, we got in a car to go home. While we were on the road, I could see the horizon in several directions as we were up high.  The clouds in the sky looked really strange. Higher up was a large black mass of clouds and the strange thing was the white towering cumulus clouds between the black mass of clouds and the ground. They looked like wild looking cloud pillars. Arranged around at least two horizons in a semi-circle it was the oddest looking sky I ever saw.

We came over the hill to where we would cross a bridge over the river to the opposite hill where the forest was.  We came to a screeching halt as I screamed, "Oh my God! Stop the car!" There was so much water from the risen river from all the rain we had created, the bridge was washed out and the river was 10 times it's normal size. The water was raging through the valley. Anything in it's path would have been washed away and was long gone.

Earlier this year I posted these two pages:



I couldn't decide what to do with this dream. Outside of Noah's Ark, nothing was coming to mind.  

I decided to meditate on this to see if something else would come through for an idea.  I had a vision of a skinny deer, sitting on it's haunches against a tree by a road.  All I said, "Oh! How cute."  It was actually sitting there like a person would.  It then got up and walked away on it's hind feet like a person also. It was very thin.

Just a few moments later, I again went on the computer and received this e-mail.

Subject: Local comment on wildfires, CO weather

Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 15:22:36 -0600

From: "Marta St. Augustine"

John, the article you posted,

http://www.cnn.com/2000/US/08/27/wildfires.02/index.html stated:

"On Saturday, a "red flag" alert was posted, warning Montana and surrounding states to brace for a weekend of scattered dry thunderstorms -- lightning, gusty winds and low humidity -- as a cold front rolled through, according to a fire official."

John, as you undoubtedly already know, conditions are the same here in Colorado, all the way out to the plain. Here slightly east of the Continental Divide, we had a full 5 minutes of rain in all of July and about 15 minutes so far in August. Not enough to support life!

The migrating wildlife has been down here at the lower elevations since the early summer. Normally they don't come down until the middle or late fall. The deer, coyotes and fox are starving. I have sighted many groups of full grown bucks this summer in my backyard. Normally they spend this time of year fattening up at much higher altitudes for mating and putting on fat for the winter and will not come down until snow obstructs their food-finding.

Apparently there is little for them to eat up there because of dry conditions. The deer ravaged our garden in early June (unusually early) and every bud that regrows is quickly eaten by the deer. The coyotes normally disappear during summer months yet I hear them howling several nights a week in incredible numbers. They made so much noise a few nights ago I had to quit working temporarily (couldn't hear the dictation I was transcribing).

And yet, during that 15 minutes of August rain (here in Golden, CO), it rained so hard that there was flash flooding on the Golden roads. The ground could not absorb the water fast enough. Now we have a local incident where Coors accidentally dumped "beer" into our water system, killing thousands of fish. We were all told not to drink the water, not that anyone with a brain would drink it even under ordinary conditions. I wonder about the Coors timing. They poison the water supply when water supplies are already very low.

While we have dark rain clouds on most afternoons this year, they are NOT DROPPING RAIN. Normally we call this the "dry heaves" because thunder and lightening will come but no rain. But these "dry heaves" are much more intense this year than usual. They are more prominent at the edge of the plain/foothills (Denver area) and don't normally occur at higher elevations. The lightening and thunder are constant, but so little water drops from the clouds. From my perch I am able to see a wide panorama. Lightening as far as the eye can see, continually.

I was up in the mountains yesterday, pretty close to the Divide. There were tremendous, dark storm clouds forming, the kind the West is famous for. Yet they were dropping only a few sprinkles. Normally, these type of clouds drop their rain when they reach the Continental Divide.

Despite all the dryness our weather is generally famous for, we have had a most uncomfortably humid summer. Great humidity but little rain. The temperature changes between morning and afternoon are much greater this year than usual. We've had very hot, dry 90-degree mornings and evenings in the cold and damp 60-degree range.

I imagine the specifics of these heinous weather manipulations must involve creating extreme storm conditions (exploitation of the Continental Divide where competing weather systems collide). This must then create lightening in the presence of some chemical, radiation/light wave or other process that prevents the clouds from releasing rain.

Both I and the hideous Jefferson County Government Complex are only a hill or two away (10 miles or less) from the wildfires of Bailey CO earlier this year. I suppose the feds wouldn't let the wildfires reach Golden as we appear to be the location for a likely future site for the NWO.

In the six years I have lived here, I have not seen such extraordinary weather conditions here in the Denver area.

BTW, a friend of mine who is wise to these things asked me if I had noticed that many walls are quietly being built all over Denver, under the guise of reducing traffic noise in residential areas. I have seen many such walls. She then pointed out that many of them have the symbol of crossed wheat stalks carved or molded into them. She tells me this is a sacred Masonic symbol which exploits the dark side of ancient fertility rites, garnering negative energy for the powers that be. I have not seen these symbols with my own eyes (yet) but have seen the walls.

In Synchronicity,